8 May 2009


compliments of Joana Morais, the truth about the twelve year old witness and what she really saw as opposed to the rubbish on "Madeleine was here" Did Kate prepare this comedy e-fit loosely basing it on Gerry, if so, good subliminal message Kate, now get to the point! I wonder how much Kate is paying her very own little keystone cops? Funny it took Kate nearly a year to find this in the PJ files, it took Joana Morais just a few hours, I think and she even got the real e-fit!

Deposition of 12-year-old girl according to case files

Deposition of T. M. S., aged 12, a resident in Luz, on the 9th of May 2007, 4 p.m.
Page 800-804, volume III of process 201/07.0GALGS

"Comes to the process as a witness. Understands the Portuguese Language, as she has been living in Portugal since the age of two months (approximately eleven years ago). Still, an interpreter is present [name withheld].

Her parents are separated, she initially resided in Monchique, and now in Praia da Luz, since 2005, at the address that is stated above, with her Mother.

She also mentions that she lived in the apartment where the missing child was staying, that belonged to her Grandmother, who is already deceased. That she didn’t actually reside there, but spent extensive and repeated periods of time there, with her Grandmother and her Mother. The apartment was bought in 1994 and sold in 2002 and therefore she knows it perfectly, both from the inside and from the outside.

She wishes to clarify. On the 30th of April, Monday, at around 8 a.m. and when she was walking to the bus stop for the school bus that leaves at 8.15, a path that she walks every day when there is school, she noticed the presence of a male individual, at the back of Madeleine’s house, on a little pathway to the apartments that exists there, looking in an ostensive manner at the house’s balcony. This happened when she was walking down the street, on the left side, which was right in front of the balcony, and the distance between them was the width of the road. That when she was walking down she decided to look at the pathway, because as she lived there, she likes to watch the house and the neighbouring garden. She walked with her mother, that she is certain she didn’t see the man, and she was walking two dogs on a leash, which forced them to cross the road, a bit further down. At that moment she saw the man more closely, as they crossed the road, and then lost visual angle when they finished crossing.

Says that the man didn’t see the deponent, because he was staring at the balcony.

She presumes that nobody was on Madeleine’s house’s balcony, but she cannot state it beyond doubt.

After crossing, she caught the bus and went to school and her mother went on the beach to walk the dogs.

When she returned from school, at around 5.30/5.40 p.m., after leaving the bus, she walked a different path, because the bus has a stop on the street where she lives, and therefore she doesn’t need to walk down to the ‘Ocean Club’. She didn’t see the man again at that time, nor did she see him again until the 2nd of May, Wednesday, after the bank holiday.

That on that day she didn’t go to school because she was sick with an infection in her right ear. Still, and feeling somewhat better, at around noon she left on her own, as her mother was at work, with the dogs, and went to the ‘Alisuper’ supermarket which is located on a perpendicular to Rua Direita, where she bought chocolates for €3,63. Then she walked to the pharmacy, which is located below the ‘Baptista’ supermarket, on a lateral perspective, where she bought a box of tampons for her ears, to prevent water from getting in, and spent €4,55. Then she went to ‘Baptista’ supermarket to buy cereal bread, because they don’t sell it at ‘Alisuper’. She left the dogs tied at the back entrance of ‘Baptista’ and went in to buy the bread. She paid, left ‘Baptista’, collected the dogs, and walked across the supermarket’s hall to the main entrance, approximately four/five metres, which exits to the street where she had seen the man. She started walking up the street on the left side going up, and saw the man, this time in front of the ‘Ocean Club’s’ reception, once more looking at Madeleine’s house in an ostensive manner, where he stood he could observe, she thinks, the house’s two side windows and part of the balcony. She thinks that he could also be looking at the other residences that are located in the same direction.

That as she was walking up she walked right in front of the man, and observed him directly, an action that he did not retaliate, because he never looked at the deponent. The distance that she observed him from was the width of the road.

After walking by the individual, she walked towards her house, through the road to the right, and never looked back to the man, or turned around to observe him better.

After that day she never saw him again.

As she said before, she left home at 12 p.m. and returned at 12.35 p.m., which means she crossed with the man at around 12.25/12.28 (the rest of the walk takes about seven minutes).

On the next day, Thursday (03.05.2007) she walked the same path as on the 30th, at the same time, but didn’t see the man, and never saw him again, as she said before.

Concerning the individual, she describes him as being: Caucasian race, light skin, so he wasn’t Portuguese, but could be British, according to her criteria. Approximately 180 cm tall, thin complexion, 30/35 years of age. Short hair, like shaved with 1 cm of length and fair, but she isn’t sure if it was blonde because the sun was reflecting, and made perception more difficult. She didn’t see the eyes because he wore dark glasses of black colour, with a structure of mass, a thick frame. He had a large forehead. Nose of normal size, a bit pointy and sharp. Large ears, close against the head. Mouth with thin lips, she didn’t see his teeth. Chin pointing up, which stood out on a face that she describes as sharp. No beard, no moustache, a clean shave. No other special signs, apart from some small pimples on the face as a result of shaving. He looked ugly, even ‘disgusting’.

The first time that she saw him he was wearing a sports style jacket of thin black leather, with a zipper and several pockets also with similar zippers, in silver. She saw no label or inscription. The jacket was open, therefore she saw a white t-shirt, with a dark blue label near the waist, which she cannot identify very well.

Trousers, she thinks, of blue jeans, worn out. Sports shoes (trainers) in black and grey, with a wave, maybe ‘Nike’ in a colour that she can’t remember.

The second time, he wore the same jacket, this time zipped up, because the day was colder than the first one, windy. She didn’t notice the rest of the clothing. She says that on that day he had a pen with a string attached to one of his pockets.

The first time, he was leaning against the wall against his hands, and the second time, he had his hands in his pockets.

She never saw him with any photo camera, or any mobile phone, although the second time, he might have a device in his pocket, which she detected by the shape.

When asked, she says that she saw no vehicle near the man, only a few vehicles, but near the ‘Baptista’.

When asked she says that she saw Madeleine once, on a day that she cannot indicate, on the balcony where the man was staring at, the first time. She even waved at her because it was a small child, in a caring gesture.

A map of the area is added, where A is the spot of the first sighting and B the spot for the second one. The ‘Baptista’ supermarket and Madeleine’s apartment.

She said that she can recognise the man both personally and photographically, and create a photofit.

Therefore I interrupt the present deposition and show the deponent photographs of individuals with similar characteristics.

I resume the deposition where it is consigned that the diligence resulted negatively, according to a report that is annexed.

She didn’t say anything further. The deposition is read and approved, ratified and signed together with the interpreter that assisted.

The present deposition is written and signed."

What an excellent and honest critique on the drip feed from Team McCann of just what they want us to know and nothing else. Channel 4 were hardly Cutting Edge here!

They also exemplify the clear marital rift between Kate and Gerry with Clarence their spokesman refusing to comment!

Let us hope the British Press are going to continue to wake up and look at the reality!


From The Times
May 8, 2009
Cutting Edge: Madeleine Was Here; Tim Teeman
Cutting Edge: Madeleine Was Here (Channel 4)
There is a very macabre dance around Madeleine McCann, as we mark the second anniversary of her disappearance. There are no law enforcement agencies on the case. Instead, alongside Kate, Madeleine’s mother, two retired detectives are poring over recently released Portuguese police files. Last night’s Cutting Edge was called Madeleine Was Here and — to keep yesterday’s pre-transmission front pages furnished — revealed a suspect from deep within the files; a man who was, according to witnesses, watching the McCann’s Praia da Luz apartment.
Gerry returned to the apartment block and some reconstructions were filmed. Last week, the McCanns appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show with a computer-generated image of how their daughter would appear now.
To keep the chances of finding her alive, the McCanns have to keep the story alive, and Cutting Edge observed the McCanns at home: a picture of determinedly amiable domestic life emerged. But the family is uncomfortably beached between a desire for privacy and a desire for as much publicity as possible to find Madeleine.
This presents a problem for them, and for documentary-makers and journalists. The dripfeed of information (like the new suspect) and access to the McCanns is controlled by the family and their press representative Clarence Mitchell. The journalism of the Cutting Edge documentary was thus skewed to whatever the McCann’s agenda was. It was hard to see what material Cutting Edge had uncovered itself: it seemed to just record whatever the McCanns wanted us to see.
Oprah quite reasonably asked them how their marriage had survived the last two awful years. The documentary, despite its access and illusion of family intimacy, didn’t dare ask such things. When I asked Mitchell and the documentary-maker the same question at a screening on Wednesday, I received a curt dismissal: that wasn’t the intention of Madeleine Was Here, apparently.
But that doesn’t mean my question, or indeed any question is invalid just because it doesn’t fit with the McCann/Mitchell agenda, especially when TV cameras have been invited into their home to show how jolly nice everything is under the circumstances.
Kate and Gerry McCann may well feel their privacy has been invaded, but then they want the media to do their bidding on their terms. It’s a mess — a very unhappy, tragic one. The McCanns need the media and the media needs the McCanns, but it’s a scrappy, compromising relationship for both sides. Let’s hope it yields the desired result.
ER (More4)


viv said...

Whilst imagining how all these babies and chldren have suffered, what another wonderful job by the Police as 70 have been targeted and 8 of those have just been convicted in Scotland. More to come I am sure!

Eight guilty in child abuse case
Colin Slaven, Craig Boath, James Rennie, John Milligan, John Murphy, Neil Strachan, Ross Webber and Neil Campbell
The accused were (top, left to right) Colin Slaven, Craig Boath, James Rennie, John Milligan, (bottom, left to right) John Murphy, Neil Strachan, Ross Webber and Neil Campbell

Eight members of a paedophile network have been found guilty of a catalogue of charges relating to child abuse and indecent images of children.

Neil Strachan, 41, was found guilty of the attempted rape of an 18-month-old boy and James Rennie, 38, guilty of sexually assaulting a three-month-old.

The Edinburgh men, and three others, were also found guilty of conspiring to get access to children to abuse them.

All eight men will be sentenced at a later date.

Colin Slaven, 23, also from Edinburgh, Neil Campbell, 46, John Milligan, 40, and John Murphy, 44 - all from Glasgow - Ross Webber, 27, from North Berwick in East Lothian, and Craig Boath, 24, from Dundee, were convicted of various charges.

All of those involved in the investigation and prosecution of the case have been profoundly affected by it
Morag McLaughlin
Procurator fiscal

Single image uncovered network
Betrayal by a trusted babysitter

The jury returned the verdicts at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Two of the men, Strachan - who was jailed for three years in 1997 for abusing a boy - and Rennie, the chief executive of advice centre LGBT Youth Scotland, were convicted of sex attacks on children.

Strachan and Rennie were also found guilty of conspiring to abuse youngsters, as were Webber, Boath and Milligan.

Campbell was also accused of conspiracy, but he was cleared on that charge after the jury found the case against him not proven.

All eight accused in the 10-week trial were convicted of possessing and making indecent images and seven of them were found to have distributed images.

A charge of distribution against Slaven was withdrawn by the Crown.

How the eight men were brough to justice

The men were traced through their explicit internet chats about sexual fantasies involving children after the discovery of an indecent image of an 11-year-old boy on a work computer.

Nearly 125,000 indecent images were seized during Operation Algebra, which uncovered what is believed to be Scotland's biggest paedophile network.

It has also emerged that Strachan was diagnosed HIV positive in June 2007.

In statements issued on behalf of the families of the abused children, the mother of the child referred to in court as Child JL said: "The anguish I feel towards Mr Strachan is indescribable.

"I will never be able to forgive him for the sick acts that he committed against my son.

"I feel that no matter what punishment given to Mr Strachan it will never be able to compensate for the hurt, devastation and great deal of stress brought to me and my family."

To subsequently learn that he abused our son, and invited others to do the same, has been devastating
The family of Child F

Abuse families react to verdict

The family of Child F said: "For a year and four months now we have had to live with the impact and haunting consequences this has had on our lives.

"For over 15 years James Rennie seemed the closest of family friends, and it is hard to put into words the extent of the betrayal he has exacted upon us, as many of the details may identify our family and son.

"To subsequently learn that he abused our son, and invited others to do the same, has been devastating."

Speaking after the verdict, Morag McLaughlin, area procurator fiscal for Lothian and Borders, said: "Tens of thousands of photographic and video images of children being sexually abused were recovered.

"All of those involved in the investigation and prosecution of the case have been profoundly affected by it."

Criminologist Professor David Wilson on tackling paedophilia on the internet

Det Supt Allan Jones, of Lothian and Borders Police, said: "It is every parent's nightmare that their children have been abused and they knew nothing about it.

"Despite that, the families have been a source of unwavering support throughout this investigation and it is our sincere hope the children will flourish and they will be able to enjoy the normal family lives they rightly deserve.

"What everyone must remember is that behind every image is a child who is being abused - it is definitely not the victimless crime some would like to portray it as."

The Operation Algebra police investigation to track down the men has uncovered dozens more suspects around the country and worldwide, many of whom have already been charged.

OPERATION ALGEBRA - SUSPECTED PAEDOPHILES Total - 70 targets identified to date.
Avon and Somerset 2 accused identified and charged in Bristol
Metropolitan Police 3 targets identified in London
Greater Manchester Police 2 targets identified in Manchester
West Yorkshire Constabulary 3 targets identified in Scarborough, Ilkley and Driffield
Cambridgeshire Police 1 target identified in Chatteris
Surrey Police 1 target identified in Croydon
Sussex Police 4 targets identified in Gosport, Bexhill-on-Sea, Worthing and Brighton - 1 accused charged to date
North Yorks Police 1 target identified in Huddersfield.
Devon and Cornwall 3 targets identified in Newquay and Plymouth
Thames Valley Police 2 targets identified in Reading and Newport Pagnell
Merseyside Police 1 accused identified and charged in Liverpool
Hampshire Police 1 target identified in Fareham
Essex Police 1 target identified in Basildon
West Midlands Police 1 target identified in Birmingham.
Northumbria Police 1 accused identified and charged in Sunderland.
Lincolnshire Police 1 accused identified and charged in Spilsby.
Staffordshire 2 targets identified in Stoke-on-Trent
Lancashire 1 target identified in Darwen
Strathclyde 13 targets identified in Glasgow, Motherwell, Paisley, Dumbarton, Cambuslang and Larkhall. 7 accused charged to date
Lothian and Borders 3 targets identified in Edinburgh and Livingston. 2 accused charged to date
Central Scotland Police 1 accused identified and charged in Alloa.
Tayside 2 targets identified in Dundee.
Grampian 1 target identified in Aberdeen
Northern 1 target identified in Inverness area.
Dumfries and Galloway 1 target identified in Dumfries.
Northern Ireland
PSNI 1 target identified in Northern Ireland
United States of America 2 targets identified. 1 accused charged
Netherlands 1 target identified. 1 accused charged

viv said...

Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, claimed only £147.78 in food.

(from The Telegraph unveiling expenses scandal)

Well I have always been his dad's number one fan and Hilary said no more badgers should be culled apart from his incredibly modest expenses claim. Lovely family!

It really does anger me when reading of this dishonest greed, even from Gordon Brown. When working as a probation officer I had to supervise hard up people who had fiddled state benefits and been taken to court and given a criminal conviction for it. When the money ran into thousands they were lucky if they avoided custody. Now I ask, what is the difference here?

Theft is theft and this lot ought to have a criminal record the same as poor people get, who have far more of a good reason to fiddle!

Jack Straw et al have paid the money back, but when it comes to ordinary people offering to do that makes no difference you still get done for theft, Justice Secretary? Try handing out some justice to people much worse off than you mate!

viv said...

Sion Jenkins, he needed to control events and when they did not go his way..(he rips the mike off and bounces off in a rage, swigging on his beer can for example)Gerry even said they needed to stay in Portugal to "control the investigation". Little bit of self awareness creeping in there for a change, or maybe not, just one of his Freudian slips that he is prone to make.

and how about this one for another dead ringer for Gerry McCann, just like Jenkins he is seriously cocky and also of course furious with the bundling police (confess to being a bit bored with brazen Gerry McCann, want to get to the end phase, arrest):

Others fake their grief and concern before news conferences in the cocky belief that by being brazen they will escape justice.

How Do Killers Fake Tears?

by Don Mackay , Adrian Shaw

THEY are the killers who weep for their victims to save their own skins.

Sobbing fathers, husbands, mothers, wives and lovers beg before the cameras for help in tracking down the murderers of their loved ones.

But theirs are the crocodile tears of those with blood on their hands.

Sion Jenkins - jailed for life on Thursday for bludgeoning to death 13- year-old foster daughter Billie-Jo - is the latest brute who tried, and failed, to con the world.

But, like others before him, was he trying to throw detectives off the scent? Or was the knowledge that he had killed a young girl so appalling he could not admit to himself that he was guilty?

Some crimes are so awful those who do them blank out any responsibility. Paedophiles are notorious for transferring the blame to their victims.

Psychologist Ray Wyre said: "To them, there is no crime. It is all the child's fault for being in a certain place at a certain time, or for smiling at them in a certain way."

Others fake their grief and concern before news conferences in the cocky belief that by being brazen they will escape justice.

Edinburgh-based forensic psychologist Ian Stephen said: "It's similar to someone who joins the search for a missing person they have killed. You are 'invisible' by being there and believe it will throw people off the scent."

But the ruse rarely works. Those pictured below thought they'd get away with murder. Now they are behind bars.


TEACHER Sion Jenkins appeared with wife Lois before the cameras just hours after he battered to death his foster daughter Billie-Jo, left, in a frenzy of rage.

Apparently struggling to hold back tears, he said: "As parents our sadness drives us to work closely with police to find her killer. We are totally devastated."

It was a cruel charade and once police began investigating, Jenkins' claims of innocence were exposed as a sham.

But to this day no one knows if the 40-year-old deputy head from Hastings, East Sussex, was putting on an act or denying the truth to himself.

Police said: "He needed to control events and when they didn't go his way he'd resort to violence. He has never accepted this."


BRUISED and weeping, Tracie Andrews had all Britain fooled as she publicly pleaded for help in catching the road rage killer of her boyfriend Lee Harvey, right.

Holding the hand of Lee's mother Maureen, 28-year-old Andrews told a news conference: "I saw the man hit Lee. I went over to him and we had a confrontation. I told him to leave us alone and he called me a slut. He had starey eyes. I can't say he seemed drunk but he seemed like he wasn't normal."

Psychologists said her graphic description was the product of a tortured and guilt-racked imagination. Andrews, of Alvechurch, Hereford and Worcester, stabbed 25-year-old Lee to death in a vicious row. She was jailed for life at Birmingham Crown Court in July last year.


TECHNICIAN David Howells appealed for help in "nailing the animal who has destroyed our lives" after wife Eve, left, was battered to death.

Unable to live with Eve's bullying Howells, 46, of Huddersfield, had organised the killing with sons Glenn, 17, and John, 15. He was jailed for life at Leeds Crown Court last year.


STUDENT John Tanner was so confident after he strangled girlfriend Rachel McLean, right, he took part in a televised reconstruction of her last movements.

Violent Tanner, 22, later confessed he had murdered 19-year-old Rachel, an Oxford University student, hiding her body under the floorboards of her home. He was jailed for life in 1992.


GORDON Wardell tearfully pleaded for the capture of a gang he said had killed his building society manger wife Carol, left, in a robbery. He said: "I saw a man threatening her with a knife."

But Wardell, 42, of Meriden, Warwicks, carried out the killing himself even tying himself up in a bid to fool police. He was jailed for life at Oxford in 1995.


BLACK widow Jean Daddow, who paid a hitman pounds 9,000 to kill financier Terry, wept as she declared on TV: "I thought the world of my husband."

Daddow, 53, of Northiam, East Sussex, despised Terry, right, but realised if she divorced him she would lose out on his pounds 300,000 fortune. She was jailed for 18 years for plotting murder.


TWO days after his nine-year-old stepdaughter Zoe vanished, Miles Evans and wife Paula made an emotional public plea for her return.

Sobbing with "distress", army driver Evans said: "Zoe, we really want you home. We love you. You're going to get loads of hugs and kisses and there's a puppy waiting just for you."

Detectives looked on as he spoke, having already marked the burly 24-year-old as a prime suspect. Soon afterwards the body of Zoe, left, was found near her home in Warminster, Wilts. Evans had beaten and suffocated her.

The reason Zoe died remains a secret. Evans, a sullen loner, has always denied involvement and only once faltered under intensive questioning before recovering his extraordinary self control. An officer said: "Only he knows why he did it."


MASS killer Jeremy Bamber put on the greatest acting performance of his life at the funeral of five members of his family who he massacred. Supported by girlfriend Julie Mugford, he wept hysterically with his face contorted in a mask of grief

Months earlier in August, 1985, the 23-year-old monster had shot dead his adoptive father Nevill Bamber, 61, and, pictured right, his mother June Bamber, 61, half-sister Sheila "Bambi" Caffell, 27, and her six-year twins Nicholas and Daniel.

Bamber, who wanted a pounds 436,000 inheritance all for himself, tried to make police believe it was Sheila who carried out the murders at the family home in Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex, before killing herself. He was jailed for life in 1986.

Wizard said...

Last nights channel 4 documentary.

Tanner says to GM – “Kate was worried you were gone so long she thought you were watching the football on the TV”.

Jane Tanner was talking to GM about their inconsistencies about where in the road he was talking to Jez Wilkins.

The conversation with Jez only took a few minutes so why was GM gone so long.

Amaral told us recently the aroma of a corpse can be detected by dogs minutes after death and not an hour and a half as previously thought.

Is it possible whatever happened to Madeleine happened when GM returned to make his 9.00pm check – rather than earlier in the evening?

Wizard said...

Morning Viv,

The Times review is quite good – it highlights if the media do not dance to the McCann agenda then they get no opportunity to dance at all. I think that was quite clear from last nights programme.

At times I found the programme embarrassingly used as a mouth piece to promote the McCanns innocence by one sided reporting.

As for the new suspect well - how anyone could tell that story with a straight face I don’t know.

The use of the Madeleine fund again comes into question when we are told £100,000 was paid for the translations of the pj’s files. What did all this spent money achieve acne man!

viv said...

Tanner says to GM – “Kate was worried you were gone so long she thought you were watching the football on the TV”.

Great point Wiz. Gerry was I think initially saying he was quite a while because he also spent a long time on the loo, but in the docs of late he seems to be really playing it down and saying he only spent about five mins chatting to Wilkins. Again it sounds like he was up to something and he wants to cover that. I am sure that is why the sighting by Tanner got brought forward to much earlier when Wilkins could actually alibi him. Russell I believe was missing all night. I quoted a piece from Payne's original stmt to the PJ on 4.5.07 on 3 As last night. He said that during the evening Gerry Mat and Jane made checks on the children. He just does not mention Russell at all, his partner in crime I would say!

I do not know whether you can help me Wiz but I seem to recall discussing with Doc a long time ago that Gerry and Russ were in mobile contact with each other during that evening. This was way back when I did think Russ or Gerry were involved in actually killing Maddie that night, I mean maybe they did but I just do not think so now. I think there was a clear plan to do just as Gerry tells us, abduct her from her bed. But it was Russell and Gerry facilitating this, who knows maybe Payne too!

I am starting to think that maybe Kate did find the windows and shutter open because perhaps Russell had staged that for her to find. IMO there can be no doubt this was all very carefully planned by Gerry. To my mind there is no way they could have just accidentally or even in fury killed her that night and so quickly just got rid of the body.

Oh but Wiz what about Payne and Gerry going back out again at 4 am? If that is true that does sound much more like there was a body somewhere. I am going to keep my options open even though you know which one I favour. If Maddie is dead I just donot think kate knows that and this is how Gerry keeps her quiet, by saying do as I say or you will never see her again. It is just so bizarre that he seems to just be working on a timescale to suddenly produce Maddie again and there is no rush at all, it will happen when Gerry decides. I think he is quite far gone enough to even believe he could pull that off and con the police his detectives just found her or something, alternatively, I am afraid find her body and try and blame some fantasy abductor having move on to a few more they decide to accuse since Murat, who was just like David Payne. I do think that was very significant and I also think it is quite likely Payne and Gerry went on a previous jolly to Portugal in 1994. Gerry admits he went that year.
Fiona says Payne went "11 years ago" Pretty Close huh, but just distant enought to separate the two perhaps, sly Fiona!

viv said...

Oh Wiz that documentary, I thought it wouldbe a lamentable joke, but somehow even I was shocked. It was mostly what the Lady Kate was up to, as though we find her quite fascinating. I think Clarence just gently pointed out to Gerry she makes much better telly than him and if she is just telling lies, I have to say, she is a much better liar.

We were all expecting a reconstruction. People have picked up the American actress to play Kate, did not play Kate. So what happened there, is there a sequel? Did Kate get angry and say I am not having that? Clarence piped up when the actress said it is really not up to me to say. Something about she is not allowed to actually talk about the case, it was blatant and pretty rude. Like a rottweiller on guard duty!

Kate definitely does seem to relate well to the twins. Gerry well he had to say I know let us make a milkshake to try and get any response. Clearly a pure act from him of throwing off coat and dropping to his knees to play withkids soon as he walks in. I bet he chooses a different room, keep them quiet I am busy!

Wizard said...

Yes Viv, what happened to the American actress? I can only think when they changed the reconstruction to accommodate some kind of reply to Amaral’s allegations the actress was cut.

I really do think that O’Brien was involved hence Tanner’s need to see an abductor at 9.15pm suggesting the abduction happened before O’Brien was away from the table – that is of course if he was ever there to begin with. With this lot you never know.

Can’t help with the telephone calls - its possible you are right - but not sure. If you are right, it means they imo were co-conspirators.

Wizard said...

The cosy domestic scene with Gerry making milkshakes. Well….it seems to me the kids go to bed so early Gerry never sees them other than at the weekend.

That’s of course if golf, tennis etc, etc do not get in the way.

Di said...

Hi Viv, Wizard

I have to say it was not much of a documentary about Madeleine's disappearance but more about changing the publics opinion of Kate. Making Kate out to be the perfect mother and poor Kate having to spend hours searching the files because those dreadful PJ have given up on Madeleine.

I notice JT was not happy about having to back down to Gerry regarding where Gerry & Jez were standing, and I was very surprised when the private detective stated it did not matter where they stood. I would have thought it would have mattered a great deal.

I see Joana Morais has unearthed the 12 year old girls statement, which has a completely different description of the person she saw watching the apartment, but more importantly he was traced, named and eliminated. Why was this not picked up by TM's private detectives, it is clearly in the files for all to see. It would appear these two detectives are yet another waste of the funds money, when is this all going to stop.

viv said...

Yes Wiz, I do think we were right a long time back to pretty certain OB was involved in all of this, and after the alarm he was racing around like Gerry's little lapdog. I just don't know how he did all that printing and all that searching and all that timelining, superman, not:-))) One thing is for sure he does not want to show his face any more does he, but the cheeky so and so was one of the three who went back to PDL July 07 along with phonecrazy Rachel and little Miss Fi. When you think about these women are covering for their men, that is certainly the way it looks. How could they hold their heads up and work as doctors or whatever again, if they admit, oh yes we have our kiddies with our kiddy lovers. Pretty sick huh, Fi? I think Jane really shows the strain, both on Panorama where she looked/sounded like she was on tranquillisers and on that reconstruction where she was clearly crying and upset, although for precisely what reason we can only hazard a guess. I suppose it is the whole sorry mess as The Times would say.

I remember when Rachel got filmed with Russ and Fi on the trip back to PDL and she looked like she just saw something really terrible. It was only the press cameras Rach.

viv said...

Di, it is sad in a way, how Jane just had to back down to Gerry because I think although she is one very frightened woman and has told lies, in her way she is trying to help and be as honest and accurate as she can, without completely dropping them in it. I am sure she is completely torn between doing what is right for Madeleine and being frightened of the men, what may result if she is not careful. But she should think long and hard about what will result if she does not start to be a bit more honest. I am seriously wondering if Kate and Jane will one of these days, just think right, we had it, now let's do it. But I do wonder if they are torn by tales of Maddie maybe alive?

Well Joan Morais she is a clever little tinker isn't she, I reckon the Mucks and Co must really dislike her. I am surprised Rosiepotty did not give her a going over too. TB seems to be getting the most just at the moment although since I put that thread on about their ridiculous book, littered with spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, even the intro too it, they have gone very quiet. I think they maybe wonder if they put their wellies in it now:-))

I will be interested to have a read of the 12 year olds story later. I thought that Irish detective just sounded utterly weak and pathetic anyway, no doubt the reason he got the job! What a stupid plonker eh? Took Joana less than 24 hours to completely ridicule him and his silly Katespeak. I hope they pay him well because I cannot see anyone else falling over themselves to hire him xx

Di said...

Hi Viv

Just looking back in.

This is what I don't understand.

We can all see the many discrepancies in this case so why can't our journalists.

Everyone I have spoken to that watched the docu last night have said the same thing. Kate looks broken and ill.

My daughter who has always been suspicious of everything, actually said to me, why is everyone having a go at Kate, she has lost her child, whether Madeleine has been abducted or not Kate has lost her child. My daughter then said Mum, if anything like this happened to me would you let people attack me.

I didn't have to think for long. No, I would never let anyone attack my daughter, but I know she would never leave any child alone.

I do think Kate will have received sympathy from last nights documentary and that is exactly what it was meant to achieve.

Di said...

Of now but just had to post this.

May 08, 2009

Gonçalo Amaral: The truth about the charges

by Nigel Moore

Two days ago, Martin Brunt, Sky News Crime Correspondent, decided to use his blog to reveal the contents of an email Sky News had received from Gonçalo Amaral's agent.

The private email stated that it would cost 80,000 euros to facilitate an interview with the former PJ co-ordinator.

With unsurprising relish, Jerry Lawton, of The Daily Star, has today regurgitated the information contained in Mr Brunt's blog into a full-blown article.

Speaking exclusively to mccannfiles.com today, Gonçalo Amaral revealed the reasoning behind the decision.

He said: "I want you to know that I made the decision to get paid for any interview given to any British media, but that doesn't apply to anywhere else in the world.

"Its quite simple. I have given so many "free" interviews to the British media that were never published. They were censored and thrown to the trash. Next time they do it, I'm sure they will think twice about the money they pay."

Only this week, in Amsterdam to launch the Dutch version of 'the Truth of the Lie', Gonçalo Amaral and Sofia Leal gave their time freely to members of the public and press. In a 'question and answer' session, scheduled for 30 minutes, they stayed for 1 and a half hours discussing the case.

Mr Brunt, who has published details from a private email, and Mr Lawton, who, like so many Britsh journalists, is unable to write the name of Gonçalo Amaral without prefacing it with 'axed', 'disgraced' or 'shamed', need to question what they are doing to help find the truth about what happened to Madeleine. And how much do they get paid for doing it?

Clarence Mitchell raged in The Daily Star: "It is scandalous that anyone should seek to make money out of Madeleine's abduction?" But should a man currently taking wages from Madeleine's Fund - which, let's not forget, draws from the pocket-money and savings of children and pensioners, and was donated in good faith - really be adopting such a high moral tone? And why do the McCanns even need a PR person? Can they no longer speak for themselves outside of a scripted TV studio or film set?

And, as Columbo would say, one final thing...

This interview with Gonçalo Amaral didn't cost one penny. Or euro.

in McCann Files 08 May 2009

Just a personal note to my friend Nigel: Amaral has a wicked sense of humour.

viv said...

Your fried Nigel Di, I am intrigued!

Clarence Mitchell really is the most dreadful hypocrite, he is getting paid because of Madeleine, can he not even be honest with himself?

If the McCanns go down and he does not, does he really expect us to believe he will not seriously continue to cash in, because we know you will, Clarence. In a perverse sort of way, being close to the most infamous couple in the world, seriously makes him feel important.

I hope Oprah gets somewhere with Kate, I think she was much maligned over her wish to interview them.

But Channel 4? Shame on them!

We have got a very good piece from The Times Di, short of delving into the investigation which they are not allowed to it is as good as it gets. I just focus on what the McCanns get after a court case!

and I still believe in



viv said...

di, thanks for referring me to Joana and Astra printing the real e-fit and details from the 12 year old witness. I think the McCanns should just hang their heads in shame.

Put it on the top where it belongs.

Gruesome twosome with some paedophile mates to boot


Soda said...

Morning ALL

I posted the below yesterday on Janz site and thought the documentry made them look so much worse... I found Kate very false with the children it was IMHO all for the cameras... I am not saying that she is not a good Mum and would like to think I am one but she was acting like I used to when other children came to play... By that I mean when it was just the 3 of us they would go off and paint I would do what I needed to do and things would get done in a rush with Dinner thrown together etc... When they had friends round I turned into Mary Poppins and so did thier friends Mum's we used to say better put my Mary hat on if they are comming over and I swear we hummed a spoonfull of sugar LOL...

Subject: Re: Hardly A Reconsruction Yesterday at 8:47 am


All Liars elaborate what they want us to belive. I have just watched the documentry and Kate lies in the first few seconds... How do I know this??? she say's "I just stood and thought all was quiet and nearly diddnt go in then I noticed the door was open wider than we left it" Gerry had been back to do a check so how the hell could she know how far open the door was when he left???

The walk to the Tapas is too far away they have zoomed in on the apartment which is not clear to see at all....

As for the people of PDL having hearts of stone they were not laughing on your daughters 4th Birthday Gerry that was you and your wife the people of PDL were upset for you for Madeleine and had searched and searched for her while you and your wife watched them from your balcony because you never searched and why??? It was too dark...

Poor Madeleine she could have wandered off and been terified alone in the dark but you never thought to look for her....

Thanks for the documentry the darkness and the distance you had to walk from the Tapas also the lighting that shows faceless egg man would been about the best she could have seen to see the pink frills on the Pjs would be imposible...

Very nice play acting with not knowing where each person was with a well timed there are bound to be inconsistancies from the detective is badly acted... As for JT and he did not look like a standard tourist what the hell are you on love give it up now Madeleine deserves no more than the truth....

As for your children Jane how the hell could you leave them alone to go to a bar your apartment was out of site (well so was Gerry's)...

The Tapas 8 should all be under social service care they are not fit to have children...

Soda said...

Hello It's hope4truth here the above post is mine but has changed my name to Soda (how the hell did that happen) and why did it let me post with a new name????

Oh I have no dustbin either to get rid of it LOL...


Soda said...


Good point about Mitchel...

This lying leach has had his fair share of blood money out of Madeline but seem's to belive no one else should make any...

Good on Amaral to make or press pay for his time... they have stamped all over Madeleine to fawn over parents who are doing nothing to find her...

I dont know how much longer this farce will go on but watching the McCann's team of crack detectives was sickening...

There is no evidence of an abductor other than Kate saying the shutters were open when you know Gerry told everyone the shutters were forced in the first few minutes of this farce you have to ask why did he need to lie and why was it so important they believed in the abduction???

If I were to think the McCann's had nothing to do with what happend to Madeline the best I could come up with would be she woke up and went to look for them and fell into the sea never to be heard of again...

That is a tragic thought and of course they would want to explore all possibilities who would not hope for her safe return... But had this been the case they would not have started this mass media manipulation and would have been out searching from the second she was missing. Not opening windows leaving the twins alone and walking back to a bar that was too far away for them to see her leave....


Wizard said...

Good Morning All,

I am currently reading Andrew Marr’s book ‘My Trade’ and came across this interesting quote from him on investigative journalism.

“When papers find it so easy to get sex stories, the impulse to mount expensive and legally risky investigations into people who might bite back recedes”.

Marr goes onto comment the day when reporters were out on the street gathering information and following up stories is something of the past. Now they tend to sit in their office tapping away at their computer copying out religiously press releases without making the necessary phone calls to check if the facts are correct.

I think the McCann case shows clearly how true Marr’s words are.

viv said...

Hiya Hope or Soda, Di and Wiz

I do not know what happened there but at least you can still post.

It is like the more the McCanns keep messing trying to put their lies right the worse it gets and I do think this will be their ultimate undoing.

As you say, within the first few minutes Gerry has decided on his story, the shutters got jemmied and that is how the abductor got it. But no jemmying, no forensic evidence and there would have been so much of it. Fibres caught on the window, scrapes in the lichen, footprint on the bed which he would have to land on right below the window.

So now we have Kate telling us well the window and shutters were open folks, but the abductor did think to shut the curtains again! No attempt to explain the lack of any forensic evidence as to how this window got opened. Well if it did Kate, we know, it had to be someone who could just walk in that apartment and do so. Just like Gerry could just walk in and take Madeleine without leaving any additional forensic evidence because obviously he is supposed to be there.

Sometimes when you have told a lie and it was a hopeless one, perhaps the best thing would be to just leave it alone, but the McCanns show how desperate they are!

Even more ridiculous, they now have ex police officers who are so stupid they cannot make any analysis of this, that is not what they are paid for.

As Rosiepoops would say, you just could not make this up!

Di said...

Hi Viv, Wizard & Hope

Viv, no I don't know Nigel that was part of the post.

I agree those two ex police officers did not come across well, especially when they were not really interested in how the reconstruction took place. I wonder just how much they are costing the fund, plenty I am sure.

Here we go again, many more sightings, well at least the PJ won't be wasting their money this time.

How the press can also run with this spotty abductor theory, when it has been so easy to find out that he has been named and eliminated is beyond belief. Sloppy journalism at its best.

Di said...

This is intresting from Paul Reis.

Off now enjoy your evening.


Wizard said...

West Ham 0 – Liverpool 3

Liverpool’s star player Youssi Benayoun strikes the ball and it just misses the net – oh, oh, just a minute – I’m off to phone Leicestershire police. Acne man is no other than premiership footballer Benayoun.


Di said...

Hi Viv

Just out of interest, who is Nigel Nessling?

Di said...

I think astro sums it all up.

This was his response to NOTW reporting that new leads have been revealed by the two private detectives employed by team McCann.

I must be having a déjà-vu moment. I was reading this article and kind of waiting for the moment when the British ex-cops would say 'we know where Madeleine is and we'll bring her home before Christmas'.

Does anyone still believe this rubbish?

Is there still a single person out there who believes that if there was a genuine investigation searching for a genuinely abducted child who is being held captive by a genuine kidnapper, said detectives would give away their leads, potentially telling the abductor that they are on his trail, and ultimately driving him and his prey underground, or even worse, putting pressure on him to terminate the situation?

Of course, I must be forgetting that this is a Portuguese illiterate brute who lives in an isolated village in the mountains of the Northern Algarve, without tv and radio and British newspapers (bless him!), along with a handful of other Portuguese illiterate villagers who have somehow managed to stay put in said village for the last two years, and not heard a word about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The McCanns continue to insult the intelligence of the public and the memory of their daughter. I personally find it telling that - as far as I am able to evaluate - the only newspapers who are still prepared to print their propaganda are the British tabloids. The incredibly xenophobic tone of said articles is more than a clear sign of the McCanns' desperation, in my opinion.

They are going around in circles, unable to find anything truly innovative, and resorting to their old tactics of appealing to the most basic (in)human instincts, like hatred and fear of strangers.

Di said...


I have googled Nigel hmmmmm not sure what to think. Oddball, nutcase or wum.

viv said...

Hiya Di,

Apparently Nigel Nessling is a man who posts on Rosie blog and I think has one of his own under the name vee8. Some pretty extreme stuff, he often sounds even barmier than Rosie, if that is possible

Found his blog and a picture of him!


viv said...

oh di looks like you found him did not notice your other post!

His comments on Rosiepoops site are certainly pretty extreme!

viv said...

Di, I did comment on 3 As last night these two nits seem to be the new version of M3 and talking to the media telling exactly where they ho hum supposedly think Madeleine is just as pathetic. Clearly no sensible detective would do that.

Any reputable detective who was conducting a serious search would clearly tell Kate and Gerry I am not part of your media machine, I either investigate this in the usual way or I do not do it at all. This man is just doing what he is paid to do, be a part of their stupid media circus. If he had any reputation or integrity at all, he certainly blew it now!

It is the usual garbage of recyling what has already been thoroughly investigated and found to be completely irrelevant, just like their new detectives.

I also wonder how he claims to have a database of 18 sex offenders in UK, that database belongs to the Police and is not open to those conducting private investigations. If one could even call it that!

viv said...

Wiz, I am sure LP will send all the top brass immediately to sort out acne man:-)))

I hope we get a comment from the PJ about the McCanns new comedy, pretendy investigation!