31 May 2008


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Hi All, Bath theory referred me to the case of Eugene Zapata who murdered his wife over 30 years ago but has recently received 5 years (three to serve) on a plea deal rather than face a second trial for murder. The prosecution case largely consisted of circumstantial evidence given the body could not be recovered. Cadaver dogs provided the break through in the police case in 2004 but the reason the jury could not reach a verdict is because the judge ruled the dog evidence unreliable and so they just did not know about it, it was kept from them. This has extraordinary similarities to the McCann case where the police were struggling to gain evidence until Eddie and Keela were brought over from the UK and made their amazing findings.

What is even more extraordinary is this is the very same case that the McCanns lawyers wanted to use in their defence, at the stage where the judge had ruled the dog evidence inadmissible. As we know, McCann supporters have looked to other murder cases and sought to suggest these people were actually innocent in some bizarre attempt to excuse the McCanns. Demonstrating that justice prevails this man has now confessed anyway rather than face a second trial and the dogs have of course proved to be correct. This must have been a truly devastating blow for Kate and Gerry McCann, who just like Zapata, wanted the case "shelved".

It is very sad that Zapata's children were divided over this, his son argued for the defence and his daughter argued for the prosecution. She now says she forgives her father, her mum has truth and justice and she can start to grieve. I am absolutely certain little Madeleine McCann will not have to wait for 30 years for justice and truth or for the world, friends and relatives to know the truth. Kate and Gerry have a choice, face the truth and accept what you did or face a much bigger sentence.

In the end Zapata realised he had no choice. He was an obsessive man, I have read other reports where he kept a "stalker's diary" about his wife, even detailing her menstrual periods and what oral contraception she was on, searching her trash etc, following the break up. The ruling that he could only be in the home for just two hours to see the children clearly indicates he was not safe. Stalkers are known to be highly dangerous people. Domestic violence statistics confirm that when women try to get rid of an abusive partner who then starts to stalk them, these are generally the partners who finish up actually being killed and they get killed following separation because the partner has lost the control he needs to exert. In a furious rage this man made absolutely certain no one else was going to have his wife.

What follows below are extracts from various press reports.


Jeanette "Jean" Zapata sent her two teenage daughters and 6-year-old son to school shortly after 8 a.m. Oct. 11, 1976. They last saw her as she sat at the kitchen table in their East Side home near La Follette High School wearing blue corduroys and a striped top.
The 36-year-old flight instructor - who was divorcing her husband - was never heard from again.
According to a search warrant executed by police in August but kept sealed until Thursday morning, dogs trained to detect human remains reacted to two locations connected to Eugene Zapata - a crawl space in the couple's former home and a storage locker in Sun Prairie.
Two days after Jeanette Zapata's children saw her for the last time, Ivan Norton, an accountant at Frickleton School of Aeronautics, reported her missing because she hadn't come to work.
"If she told you to make an appointment at a certain time, she was there ahead of schedule to make sure it all went right," Norton, 69, said Thursday. "She was very nice and very prompt and that was the whole thing that was concerning us. She was like a time clock."
Immediately after she disappeared, her purse and other belongings, including her new car, were found at the home, but a .30-06 rifle was missing.
Investigators said in the search warrant:
Officers have questioned Eugene Zapata several times over the past 30 years and he sometimes provided contradictory statements.
Zapata told police he argued with his wife over visitation rights to their children a few days before she disappeared. The day she vanished, they met with the La Follette High School principal to discuss their oldest daughter. One time he told police he called the morning of Oct. 11 to cancel the meeting. On another occasion, he said he went to the house at 9 a.m. to pick her up.
Jean Zapata had obtained a court order that restricted his time with the children in the home to two hours on Saturday mornings.
His employment records at the state Department of Transportation indicate he worked from 7:45 to 8:45 a.m. the day she disappeared, was off work the following day, Oct. 12, and then came in to work at 12:30 p.m. Oct. 13.
He told police he took Oct. 12 off to care for his children at home, but investigators verified the children were at school.
Zapata did not respond to messages from the State Journal asking for an interview. In a 1987 State Journal article, he said he believed his former wife ran away.
"It may have been just the pressure of it because I filed for custody of the kids," Zapata said then. "She was a very strong-willed person. If she made up her mind that she wanted to disappear, she could do it."
Investigators suspected Zapata, but lacking leads they had shelved the case.
It was reactivated a year ago
after one of Jean Zapata's childhood friends called asking about its status, Snyder said.
New detection techniques, including "cadaver dogs" that can find faint odors of human remains, pushed the investigation forward.
According to court documents, dogs twice signaled that they had found the scent of human remains in an unused basement crawl space at the Zapatas' former home on Indian Trace, and a human hair was excavated. Police will not say whether test results indicate that it belonged to Jean Zapata.
Eugene Zapata sold the house in 1997. In 2001, he moved to Nevada. He rented a storage facility in Sun Prairie that year and listed its contents as "boxes, mixture of son's and parent's stuff."
According to the search warrant:
On April 13, 2005, police left a message for Eugene Zapata with his wife in Nevada. The next day, the locker's key was returned to U-Store Mini Storage in Sun Prairie. The empty locker remained locked until Aug. 10 and 11 when police opened it.
Dogs detected the scent of decomposing or decomposed human remains inside and around the locker, the search warrant indicates. That prompted a search of four acres in rural Juneau County owned by Zapata since 1978.

Eugene Zapata was arrested for allegedly murdering his wife Jean Zapata, who disappeared from their East Side Madison home 30 years ago.
The investigation into what happened Jean Zapata was dormant for years. The 36-year-old Madison woman and mother of three disappeared in 1976, but the case only returned to the spotlight in December 2004.

Here is a timeline in the investigation:

December 2004: Cadaver Dogs Search Former Home
Two cadaver dogs searching the basement of Jean Zapata's former home and indicated hits of human remains. A human hair was taken from the site, police said.

August 2005: Cadaver Dogs Search Storage Locker
Two cadaver dogs separately indicated hits of decomposing human remains at a Sun Prairie storage locker that Eugene Zapata had rented.

August 2005: Cadaver Dogs Search Juneau County Lot
Police also used cadaver dogs to search a 4-acre lot owned by Eugene Zapata in Juneau County

December 2005: Police Call Case "Foul Play"
Madison police officially called the case "foul play" and named Eugene Zapata their one and only suspect.

February 2006: Eugene Zapata Denies Connection To Wife's Disappearance
In a telephone interview with WISC-TV from Henderson, Nev., Eugene Zapata denied any connection to his wife's disappearance.

March 2006: Police Search Juneau County Landfill
Madison police conducted a week-long search of the Juneau County land-fill near Mauston. They said that they are searching for Jean Zapata's remains and containers that they believe belonged to Eugene Zapata.

August 2006: Eugene Zapata Arrested For Murder

He had faced first-degree murder charges. A jury deadlocked on a verdict, and a second trial was scheduled. If convicted on that charge, Zapata would have faced life in prison.
A second trial seemed less likely after reports surfaced earlier this month that a plea deal had been struck.
As part of the agreement with prosecutors, Zapata had to tell authorities how he killed his wife and where her body was hidden, WISC-TV reported.
During Monday's proceedings, Dane County chief prosecutor Bob Kaiser asked the court to accept an amended charge of homicide by reckless conduct. Kaiser earlier told the court that the deal with Zapata includes a statement to police about why Zapata went to her house, how and why he killed her and what he did with her.
Kaiser said that Zapata confessed to police and that he believes Zapata's statement will be truthful and complete.

The grim facts he finally admitted when faced with a second murder trial
Prosecutors said that Zapata told police that he went to his wife's house in 1976, had an argument and "snapped." He told them that he grabbed a metal draftman's tool and hit her in the head multiple times. He said that she then dropped to ground and he strangled her. He apparently told investigators that he "strangled Jeanette Zapata manually until his hands hurt." He also wrapped a cord around her neck.

Body dumped in numerous places over 24 years as police continued to probe
Zapata said that he wrapped her body in a tent and drove it to an area near Highway 151 and Reiner Road, where he hid it in some underbrush. He transferred her remains a short time later to some Juneau County land that he owed. There, he buried her body -- which remained there for 24 years -- before moving her remains to a Sun Prairie storage locker, where it was eventually cut into pieces and later disposed of at a Mauston landfill. He moved the body from the Juneau County because he planned to sell the land. Blanchard said because Jeanette Zapata's body was dumped in numerous Dumpsters at the landfill, there is no way to recover her remains.

Truth and Justice..a chance to grieve..Mum deserved the truth
Linda Zapata, the youngest of Eugene and Jeanette Zapata's three children, gave a statement in court. She said that she was torn over testifying against her father earlier, but she's glad that he agreed to the plea deal. She said his confession is "a gift."
"By confessing to Mom's murder, you have given me and others a precious gift, a chance to grieve, mourn and heal," she said. "Mom deserved no less than that Mom deserved the truth about what really happened that morning, and I thank you for finally giving her that."
She added that she still loves her father and forgives him, although she doesn't condone what he did.

No comment from 69 year old Zapata, over his lies for 30 years where he denied the murder of his wife, as he is led away for three years in custody following a plea deal

Eugene Zapata declined comment in the court. He was later taken away in handcuffs after his sentence was imposed.
Kaiser said that he thinks the agreement is the best possible option for "truth and justice." Likewise, Blanchard called the resolution to this case a huge achievement for justice.

30 May 2008



Detectives wanted to stage a reconstruction at the Ocean Club complex where the McCanns were dining, leaving Madeleine and her younger siblings in the unlocked apartment nearby.
But the couple, from Rothley in Leicestershire, have decided not to go back. (TRUTH IS WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE PAYNES AND DIANE WEBSTER NONE OF THEM WANT TO GO BACK, TOO MUCH TO HIDE, TOO MUCH TO LOSE)
A source close to the McCanns said: “There are no plans for Kate and Gerry and their friends to return to Portugal. They have all indicated their intentions to the police.
“The reconstruction will only take place if Kate and Gerry and their friends agree to take part. If they don’t agree it will not happen.
“Kate and Gerry have had grave reservations about the value of it. If the reconstruction was going to help Madeleine, nothing in the world would stop them taking part.
“But Kate and Gerry and their friends cannot see the point of all the disruption it would cause to their busy work schedules and families if, as they believe, it will do absolutely nothing to help find Madeleine.”
The couple’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Kate and Gerry and their friends remain committed to doing anything to help find Madeleine.
“I don’t want to comment on what they have told police (FEAR OF BEING ARRESTED/MADE ARGUIDOS, CLARENCE DOES NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT) but, if they do not return to Portugal, it is because they feel it offers no value and no assistance in finding Madeleine.” (THEY KNOW BETTER THAN THE POLICE AND THEY KNOW WHERE MADELEINE IS)
Mr Mitchell said that if the reconstruction was televised (THEY LIKE TO BE ON TELLY TO PUBLICISE THEIR LIES) with the chance of bringing in new leads (JUST LIKE M3 HAVE) the McCanns and their friends would agree to do it.
He went on: “They would welcome a Crimewatch-style reconstruction which is properly broadcast for millions of people to see and could generate (A LOT MORE FALSE SIGHTINGS AND A LOT MORE MONEY FOR THE MCCANNS "SUPPORT")important new leads and fresh information.”




according to the report from 24 Horas below, because they themselves feared prosecution and could not secure a guarantee that they would not be. ..PARTICULARLY IN THE CASE OF THE FIRST TWO, HARDLY SURPRISING!

HONEST HELPING THE POLICE - THE PAYNES AND DIANE WEBSTER - STORIES CHECK OUT ..NO LONGER SAYING HE VISITED MCCANN APARTMENT AND SAW MADELEINE ALIVE AT 7 PM AT THE TIME THE PAYNES DEMONSTRATED THEY WERE MORE CARING PARENTS AND THEY DEMONSTRATE THEY ARE DECENT PEOPLE NOW, GOOD FOR THEM! I wonder if Mr Payne's mum Diane Webster had a few words to say to him, I always knew she would tell the truth, she sat there stunned, refusing to move, she knew! Not fooled by screaming Kate McCann, wise, calm, serene, Diane x

The Paynes and Diane Webster are the only ones who offered to return. Now what is really curious, I think, is there is no mention of Mat Oldfield, either as refusing or agreeing to go. Now why is it, he just does not get a mention at all? Is he the one who helped the police last year but it got leaked to El Mundo he was fearful of the power of the McCanns but did want to change his statement. He said that he saw the twins safe around 9.30 but did not notice Madeleine. I do not think he checked the children at all and has probably admitted that, if he also admitted Kate and Gerry asked him to lie, at a crucial time when Gerry is getting him and Kate an alibi at the table that could be very helpful to the police.

However, this article states that the testimony of the Paynes and Diane Webster is crucial to the allegations the prosecutor is currently working on against the McCanns. Now I am thinking the McCanns had a big fall out with the Paynes. What Mr Payne said was particularly crucial as he claimed to be the last person to see Madeleine alive aside from the McCanns themselves after 6 pm. He stated he saw her at 7 - It appears from this article he had NOW RETRACTED THAT and said no one saw Madeleine alive after 6 pm, which was odd because she loved to play etc. if he admits to the police that was a lie, that is absolutely fundamental to the police case -no one saw her alive at all after 6 pm when she was with Kate and Gerry and this leads to an irrestible inference that sometime from then on, until they went out at 8 pm they killed her.

If the Paynes were quite happy to go back to Portugal then it suggests they are confident they would not be prosecuted because they have decided to tell the truth, presumably Fiona has been prepared to admit, she may have been mistaken in insisting she saw Murat hanging around. Of course they are the only couple out the group who had a baby monitor which would make it far more difficult for the police to accuse them of negligence, although personally I dont think that was safe. But my children are grown men, no doubt baby monitors are a whole lot better than they used to be!
I think it is good that Tanner, O'Brien and Rachel have been named and shamed as preventing this from taking place. Their own negligence should not come into the equation of finding out what happened to Madeleine, if they had co-operated I think the chances of them being prosecuted for that are slim, there is an ulterior motive, I believe but wise Mat Oldfield is doing nothing at all to risk his own career and lifestyle. How disgusting to demand five star accom and private jets just to make sure they did not have to go. Shame on them. I wish the British press would follow the Portuguese lead and show these three up for what they are, shameless protectors of a couple of child abusing killers. If you had neglected your own children abroad but one of those little children just disappeared would you refuse to co-operate in the police investigation to know what happened to her? Of course not, no decent person would countenance such a thing. What could be more important than the life of a little child, ask some self-serving lieing adults, like JANE TANNER, RUSSELL O'BRIEN AND RACHEL OLDFIELD and you may get the bizarre answer.


3 versions consistent Researchers from Judicial Police assigned Maddie the process, a team led The coordinator higher Paulo Rebelo and headed directly by Deputy National Director Guilhermino Incarnation, have already examined the Key testimony which were collected in Leicester, England. The they have consistency, the second 24 hours found from legal sources, are those of David and Fiona Payne, and Diane Webster. All other have several contradictions or not ahead of anything relevant to the case. Of anyway, are still being analyzed testimonials from over 50 people now vacation in Ocean Club, on that date, and that living in England. According to the testimony those three friends of McCann, provided that the 18.00 never saw anyone the small Maddie, despite that it is extremely active and enjoy to be with the group. A only person who says that was to see little children after the 21:00 is the own father, Gerry, that confessed to having been conversation with a friend at the door of house during several minutes, then only the woman, Kate, who gave the alarm of the disappearance Maddie, already after the 22:30. The authorities were only alerted close of 23.45 that day. FOUR FRIENDS OF MCCANN RECUSARAM TO RETURN TO PORTUGAL The other two couples who left their children in Ocean Club were scared that the law Portuguese predict umapenadeprisão up to ten years who abandons minor facts CALMA. Diane Webster, 63 years, was the most peaceful person the group. After Kate enter the Tapas Bar shouting "they took it," the mother of David Payne was impávida and serene. RESERVE. The reservation of the apartments -- the Internet - in the Ocean Club was made by David Payne, one of the witnesses who was available to return to Portugal.

Janne Tanner, Russell O'Brian and Rachel Oldfield (below) boycotted the idea of PJ Text ● Carlos Thomas Two couples refused to to return to Portugal to collaborate with the Judicial the reconstitution of events of 3 May, when Madeleine McCann disappeared from a apartment in Praia da Light, in Lagos, Algarve. And among the reasons for denied, found the 24 hours, was the fact that Jane Tanner, Russell O'Brian, Rachel and Matthew Oldfield have fear also be made defendants. The group of nine people that jantou in Tapas Bar in night of the disappearance, beyond the parents of Maddie, these were the couples who had children. And they let alone minors in the apartments of Ocean Club - which, according the art. 138. Of the Code Criminal, is a crime that can be punished with ten years of exposure chain and neglect. "They have made many requirements, provided an aircraft to jet to stay in a hotel of five stars. The last that we were not asked made defendants, while McCann demanded precisely the opposite. In light of our legislation, it is impossible to guarantee ", explained the 24 hours a law officer attached the process. According to testimonies collected by researchers PJ's in Tapas Bar, Russell and the only O'Bryan p to the M & i d d d i e, G and r and r McCann, left the establishment during the 19:00 and the 22:00, when the authorities estimate that the girl disappeared. "The refusal of friends to return to Portugal is unbelievable. Just three said coming, " David Payne, his mother, Dianne Webster, and Fiona, the woman, said the same source. It should be noted that the testimony both of Fiona Payne and the husband are taken as fundamental to the development of the accusation that is being completed by the prosecutor. ■ Fear of becoming the defendants 3 versions consistent Researchers from Judicial Police assigned Maddie the process, a team led The coordinator higher Paulo Rebelo and headed directly by Deputy National Director Guilhermino Incarnation, have already examined the Key testimony which were collected in Leicester, England. The they have consistency, the second 24 hours found from legal sources, are those of David and Fiona Payne, and Diane Webster. All other have several contradictions or not ahead of anything relevant to the case. Of anyway, are still being analyzed testimonials from over 50 people now vacation in Ocean Club, on that date, and that living in England. According to the testimony those three friends of McCann, provided that the 18.00 never saw anyone the small Maddie, despite that it is extremely active and enjoy to be with the group. A only person who says that was to see little children after the 21:00 is the own father, Gerry, that confessed to having been conversation with a friend at the door of house during several minutes, then only the woman, Kate, who gave the alarm of the disappearance Maddie, already after the 22:30. The authorities were only alerted close of 23.45 that day.
FOUR FRIENDS OF MCCANN REFUSED TO RETURN TO PORTUGAL The other two couples who left their children in Ocean Club were scared that the law Portuguese predict umapenadeprisão up to ten years who abandons minor facts CALMA. Diane Webster, 63 years, was the most peaceful person the group. After Kate enter the Tapas Bar shouting "they took it," the mother of David Payne was impávida and serene. RESERVE. The reservation of the apartments -- the Internet - in the Ocean Club was made by David Payne, one of the witnesses who was available to return to Portugal.

28 May 2008


Hi all, Ratonthebeam referred us to these two pictures on the posts below and I just had to include them from 3 Arguidos. The one below is him going into the the police, he looks sly, very shifty, arrogant and slightly worried, but when he comes out he looks absolutely gutted, in fact almost in tears. I remember commenting about this one before, the one and only time I have seen Gerry look really worried and upset. Now this does not have anything to do with losing his daughter, it has to do with the one thing Gerry just cannot cope with, not being in control. He even tried to rush off but had to be held back by the solicitor to face the cameras, now funnily enough he does not normally have a problem with that, does he¬!

The child the McCanns just did not want and never thought of how much misery and harm they caused to little Amelie and Sean by taking their big sister away from them, for ever.

The saviours of Madeleine Beth McCann and her little brother and sister, from wicked parents, Goncala Amaral and Paulo Rebelo. When things go wrong for defenceless little children there are devoted police officers who will fight for victim's right. We honour them and all their hard work to bring this couple to justice, against all odds and in the face of appalling abuse, from those who sought to defend a couple of child abusing killers. May they hang their heads in shame for their racist abuse and total lack of concern for little children and their right to safety, to life.

Gerry in July 2007, when he believed his revolting plans were going to bring him fame, fortune, and the right to mix with some of the most important people in the world, his prison cell awaits.

Gerry, caught like a caged animal, in about October 2007 when reality was beginning to dawn and showing what he is really like...

Having run away from Portugal the McCanns start to show the strain of being hunted

The McCanns triumphant in the early days in PDL having killed Madeleine and started to cash in from a massive fund, where they made Madeleine "an icon". Wicked, despicable, evil. Kate cynically carries her press prop "Cuddlecat" which reeked of Madeleine's corpse.

The final picture of Madeleine Beth McCann on 3/5/07 with bruises to her wrist and legs

Sweet little Madeleine Beth McCann makes her final journey McCanns last desperate attempt to proclaim their innocence by stating they wish to be the saviour of children, how sickening, how perverse. Public defender, Clarence Mitchell

Hi All, in the brief newsflash in Correio de Manha it is announced that there is now an Order not covered by secrecy of justice that the McCanns are now to become DEFENDANTS for the crimes of murder, exposure (to risk of serious harm) abandonment and concealment of Madeleine's corpse. This has also been confirmed on Portuguese TV and also in the newspaper 24 Horas.

It seems to me the Portuguese Prosecutor is quite determined this couple will be convicted, hence all charges that may lead to a conviction being made against them. The second charge relates to the fact that they placed her at risk of being taken by a kidnapper. In this respect, in an attempt to save themselves, they provided further evidence against themselves. They initially said the window got jemmied and the shutters were damaged. When this was shown to be false, they said, well we left the door open. By stating they left the door open this clearly left them wide open to a charge of gross negligence. I always thought this aspect of the evidence was absolutely fundamental and crucial.

So, Clarence was not making a slip of the tongue when using the term "defendants" rather than arguidos for the McCanns, he was obviously announcing the inevitable, that they are about to be charged, it looks like, by July. I presume, the McCanns and their friends have refused to co-operate with the proposed reconstruction for fear of further incriminating themselves but they cannot say they were treated unfairly by being given the chance to come and explain. There is no way they can explain.


God Bless her and may she rest in peace, safe from further harm with the Portuguese people, who have always sought to save and protect her x

Ana and Claudia have kindly stated they will update as soon as further news breaks but no doubt you will all be looking now we have finally got what we always wanted!

May 28, 2008 - 00:30 am Order: McCann defendants for death, abandonment and concealment of corpse Prosecutor takes murder It is the first court order not covered by the secrecy of justice that assumes that research to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann closing the suspected crimes of murder, exposure, abandonment and concealment of corpses. About all developments in the case of the disappearance of Maddie in the Wednesday edition of the newspaper Correio da Manha.

Please see also this video of Kate and Gerry McCann being interviewed on the anniversary of them murdering Madeleine where Gerry describes her as an "icon" and claims the Police cannot prove a "negative". Well they can, and whilst his indictment for murder may be a negative to him and his wife, it is very positive to us, for justice for a dear little child, done to death by her own parents and her body disposed of like rubbish, a truly wicked crime that they must pay the price for committing and seeking to cash in and make her an "icon" in death, inspired by just how much money the Diana Princess of Wales Fund made following her own tragic death. There are no real words to describe their despicable behaviour.

Please read the comments of my dearest Portuguese friend Claudia, below:

Cláudia said...
In that interview, Gerry aks how people can prove a negative, he states it is not possible to prove they aren't in any way involved in what happened because anyone can smear other people. You know what, Gerry, it's true, anyone can smear anyone. However, parents of a missing child should certainly be more worried about finding her and what happened to her than concerned about what people say and think. As for proving a negative, Gerry, you know, there is a very simple way to start doing that. What about doing EVERYTHING to help authorities, Gerry? What about answering ALL questions, Gerry? What about returning to the place where your daughter went missing, Gerry, when authorities ask you, after you stated for the whole world to see that you would return as soon as requested? What about starting there, Gerry? What about not sorrounding yourselves by PRs, spin doctors, and double teams of lawyers both in Portugal and in the UK, some of them specialists in extradition matters, Gerry? What about getting on a plane as soon as it is reported your daughter has been seen somewhere in this God's world, Gerry? What about not planning an anniversary event almost a year ahead, Gerry? What about staying with your children instead of leaving them to meet your friends, Gerry? What about that? You see, proving a negative isn't as hard as you think, Gerry. Unless you're lying, of course. That can make things a bit more complicated.
Wednesday, 28 May 2008 00:15:00 o'clock BST

25 May 2008


If looks alone could kill, this one would surely do it! I think it says you put me here and I really dont like you..
I will never forget a post made by Rosiepops in about October on the Daily Express. She said that the McCanns had to immediately patent Madeleine's image, just like they had to immediately patent Princess Diana's image, after her death, because they did not want people using Madeleine's image to be used to produce "Madeleine dolls" and stopping the money from going to the Fund, Kate and Gerry McCann's fund. Clarence, on their behalf has angrily defended their right to ensure that all Maddie profits go to them and the comparison with the Fund for Princess Diana is utterly sinister, especially when you look at sickening Kate McCann, below, doing a Princess Diana, she soils the memory of a wonderful woman, who was genuinely devoted to defenceless little children.

Hi All, The article below from The Times follows the assumption that all of the friends children were in the McCann apartment that night. This is taken from 24 Horas, a paper I simply do not trust. When you read it, the assumption comes from the fact that all witnesses independent of the TAPAS crew stated that only the McCanns apartment was visited by any of the TAPAS crew that night.

I think the explanation for this is clear and simple. The TAPAS crew simply did not bother about checking on their children. We know that from the fact they were at Chaplins the previous night and Madeleine cried from about 10.30 to 11.45, well over an hour, when clearly she was not checked.

The reason witnesses saw members of the TAPAS crew visit the McCanns apartment that night is because they were assisting in cleaning and removing Madeleine's body from the apartment. It is also confirmed again, Kate and Gerry did not go out at about 8.30 or 8.40 as he suggested in Panorama, they went out at 8 pm and as he said the restaurant was virtually empty at that stage, because it was early, I would suggest. Remember he said there was one other couple when they arrived and when they left they were alone until other people started to arrive.

I think Gerry needed to get Kate out that apartment as quickly as possible (for obvious reasons) and start preparations for the clean up. OB was the main one who was going to help out here, going missing just as Gerry made sure he was back at the table at 9.30 and called the woman over to prove it. By this stage Gerry had an hour and a half to start putting his plans into action and when OB took over he was exchanging texts with him. Someone saw someone looking like Gerry with a child, near the church around 9 pm. The description of the man Jane Tanner gave to police is a description of Gerry McCann. I think he knew someone had spotted him removing Madeleine, initially to the beach area.

Remember also forensic evidence of Madeleine was found in another apartment, I would suggest, probably the OB's right next door. Perhaps the body was initially moved there, perhaps OB was working on Maddie trying to save her? He is an accident and emergency consultant, an obvious expert to work on a child who got battered or overdosed.

As Eco points out the genuine last pic of Madeleine, the tennis balls pic, shows her with many bruises and she just looks like an abused child to me in that pic, this is why the McCanns did not want to use it. Gerry went home for two days and three weeks later produced a fake last pic of Maddie by the pool. Anyone can see she is aged about three on that pic, not four and her hair is blonder and shorter. I have always believed it is very possible that he and Jane heard more commotion, domestic violence, as happened the previous night, which Mrs Fenn heard and went around to see what was going on and found Madeleine dying. OB tried to save her and that is how he got dragged in. Jane also got dragged in providing false evidence of Madeleine being abducted.

I was interested to read that Dr Rebelo is the man who cracked the Casa Pia paedophile ring in Portugal and then he is brough in to investigate this case. Something tells me there is a link here. I think Madeleine was a seriously abused child. People who have sought to support the McCanns have made the most scurrilous and lurid claims about Madeleine being taken and abused by paedophiles. I just get this awful feeling they were seeking to deflect attention from what the McCanns themselves may have been involved in, in relation to a daughter they showed not the slightest bit of love and concern for, ever but I may be wrong about this. I just think there is so much about this case we do not know and there are terrible revelations to come out. The McCanns have always wanted to use Madeleine to make themselves lots of money, that is very sinister and terrible and certainly does not point to her being accidentally killed by them. However, I do understand the difficulty for Portuguese and British Police, the vital piece of evidence little Madeleine, they got rid of, but little forensic traces of her got left behind. True the police may never be able to prove murder or manslaughter but I definitely feel they can prove more than enough to put this couple away for a very long time and the twins will be accommodated with people they can be safe with. Sometimes it is only one child in a family however who is in real and terrible danger from the parents, that child was poor little Madeleine. Nevertheless their defensive behaviour and their attitudes together with what they actually did, mean they should not be allowed to be anywhere near those twins. In a few months time, I think they will not be anymore.

Viv x

McCann children 'were not alone in apartment'
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David Brown
3D model 'casts doubt on Madeleine abduction'
Significant new evidence about the night Madeleine McCann disappeared has been uncovered, it was claimed, as one of Portugal’s most senior detectives took charge of the investigation.
Paulo Rebelo, an assistant national director of the Polícia Judiciária (PJ), took over responsibility for the case last night. He made his name in the investigation into Portugal’s most notorious paedophile ring.
His appointment was made amid reports in Portugal that detectives have evidence contradicting Kate and Gerry McCann's version of the events of the night that they reported their daughter missing.
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3D model 'casts doubt on Madeleine abduction'
Madeleine evidence inconclusive
New detective to lead Madeleine case
Police believe that Madeleine and her twin brother and sister may not have been alone in the McCann holiday apartment, but that the children of seven British friends who were on holiday with the McCanns were also present when Madeleine disappeared on May 3, the 24 Horas newspaper claimed.
The McCanns, from Rothley, Leicestershire, have insisted that Madeleine was with only her two-year-old twin siblings, Sean and Amelie, while they dined with their friends at a tapas restaurant at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz. The group has claimed that their children were in their own apartments and that they made checks on their own children and those of their friends during the evening.
However, a source within the investigation was quoted by 24 Horas as saying: “It’s not only the collected evidence that points to the fact that there were more children inside that [the McCanns'] apartment.
“Evidence also exists, following the interrogations to the other people who that were at the Ocean Club, that only the McCanns’ apartment was visited by the people who attended the dinner.”
The children had visited each other’s apartments regularly in the six days that they had been at the Ocean Club. The newspaper does not explain how any forensic evidence could be pinpointed to the evening of Madeleine’s disappearance.
The newspaper also casts doubt on claims by one of the McCanns’ friends that he was looking after his unwell daughter when he was away from the restaurant on the evening Madeleine disappeared.
It says that Russell O’Brien, a hospital consultant from Exeter, left the restaurant at 9.35pm and returned at 10pm, just minutes before Mrs McCann discovered that Madeleine was missing. Mr O’Brien has strenuously denied any involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance and has never been a formal suspect in the investigation.
24 Horas reported: “The British man guaranteed he took that long because he visited his sick daughter, and she vomited. He says he asked for the sheets to be changed, but the staff at the Ocean Club assured the investigators that nobody asked for any bedsheets to be changed that evening.”

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Mr O’Brien’s partner, Jane Tanner, told police that she had seen a man carrying a girl away from the McCanns’ apartment at 9.15pm. However, another witness has insisted that she was not in the area at that time.
A source within the PJ is quoted by 24 Horas as saying: “In face of so many contradictions and in face of the forensics results that we already hold, we have very few doubts that the girl died inside that apartment, and we only have doubts about who concealed the corpse.”
The report follows claims in the British media that although tests on samples discovered in the McCanns’ apartment and hire car do not prove that Madeleine is dead, they have strengthened the theory that her parents were involved in her disappearance.
A source at the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham, which carried out the tests on behalf of the Portuguese authorities, is reported to have said that the results showed police were right to make the couple arguidos, or official suspects.
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3D model 'casts doubt on Madeleine abduction'
Madeleine evidence inconclusive
New detective to lead Madeleine case
However, the McCanns’ British law firm, Kingsley Napley, has brought in its own forensic team to explain why the samples may be totally unconnected to Madeleine’s disappearance.
The couple insist that any DNA found in the Renault Scenic hired 25 days after Madeleine’s disappearance could have been transferred innocently from their daughter’s clothing when they moved to a new apartment.
Clarence Mitchell, the couple’s spokesman, said today: “Kate and Gerry have nothing to hide at all. They are perfectly happy to answer any of this, if it comes to it. There are wholly innocent explanations for anything the police may or may not have found."
Mr Mitchell said the couple were unable to grieve for Madeleine because they did not know yet what had happened to their daughter. “They need that knowledge whether Madeleine is alive or dead - let’s face it, she might be,” he said. “They need to know, before they can move on, before they can deal with that.
“In the absence of that hard information, they are doing what they can to, one, clear their names of these dreadful smears and, two, to actually get on with the job of finding her. That is the message we want to go to police in Portugal - ‘find Madeleine’.”
The couple hope that the appointment of a new head of the investigation will refocus the inquiry on finding their daughter. Mr Rebelo was appointed last night after the demotion of the previous lead investigator, Gonçalo Amaral, who had claimed that British police were being manipulated by Madeleine’s parents.
Mr Rebelo made his career at the Central Directory for the Investigation of Drug Trafficking before being appointed one of four associate directors of the PJ. He was head of the Criminal Investigation department in Lisbon when it uncovered a notorious paedophile ring. The “Casa Pia” ring had been abusing boys at state-run children’s homes for decades before being uncovered in 2002. Those alleged to have been involved included senior politicians, a former ambassador, celebrities and wealthy businessmen.
Mr Rebelo was described by colleagues as “highly regarded internally, he has done some excellent work for the PJ, he is nice and a good communicator”. He is close to the PJ’s national director, Alípio Ribeiro.

21 May 2008


Khyra, in happier times, before she was starved to death
Khyra's aunt Valeries Frances speaks to the press about the death of her niece
Hi All What a shocking and sad case of six children enduring unimaginable suffering, costing little Khyra her life, the police just too late to save her. From reading this story it seems that everything was OK until last December when something must have happened in the mother's life and she started to severely neglect her children. Both the mother and step-father are remanded in custody on neglect charges but clearly further charges may follow in relation to the death of Khyra. It highlights again that sometimes family circumstances change for the worse and children start to suffer terribly because of it. It is very difficult to imagine how the children could have suffered like this for about five months without either school or neighbours feeling there were concerns that should have been raised earlier. Tragically it highlights that even in this modern day and age children can be suffering the most terrible ill-treatment but no one comes to their aid or rescue. I read earlier Hope suggesting that perhaps the time has come for all children under about twelve years to be very regularly checked by authorities to make sure they are safe and well. No doubt this would be expensive, but surely our little children are worth it, if it prevents any more children from suffering such a terrible fate. Even for those who have survived, they can be fed and given proper medical care but the terrible blight on their childhood will no doubt always be with them. Statistics confirm that pre-school children are at even greater risk and they do not even have the benefit of the school keeping an eye on their welfare, much greater focus should be placed on careful monitoring. No doubt this mum had very young children too. It is also often the case that parents with a large number of children just give up trying to properly care for them, again, birth control, education, monitoring, encouraging neighbours to speak out at an early stage, in confidence and without fear of reproach are needed to prevent further tragedies like this. When are we in the UK, finally going to learn the lessons. How many more children have to suffer? Why dont we have public service ads?
Viv x

Couple charged after daughter, 7, starves to death and five brothers and sisters are forced to eat bread left for birds
By Daily Mail ReporterLast updated at 7:51 PM on 21st May 2008
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A seven-year-old girl has died of starvation after police found her and five other children in an emaciated state and living in squalor.
Khyra Ishaq died soon after she and her siblings, three boys and two girls, were rescued from their home and taken to hospital.
Police had been tipped off to their condition by neighbours who spotted them eating bread that had been left out for the birds.

Tragic: Khyra, 7, starved to death
A man and a woman, believed to be their mother and stepfather, appeared in court today charged with neglect and were remanded in custody.
Police swooped on the house in the Handsworth area of Birmingham on Saturday to find the severely ill girl in squalid conditions.

She was taken to hospital but pronounced dead shortly afterwards.
The five other children, who were lying on mattresses, were suffering from starvation and were also taken to Birmingham Children's Hospital.
A hospital spokeswoman refused to comment today, saying: "We cannot comment because of the criminal investigation."
A neighbour who lived near the family described seeing children at the home grabbing bread which had been thrown out for birds.
Post-mortem tests to confirm the cause of death are due to take place.
A statement by West Midlands Police said inquiries into the girl's death were continuing.
"Her cause of death has not been confirmed at this stage," it added.
A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said: "We are deeply saddened by the death of this child and our sympathies go to the child's family and friends at this difficult time.
"This death is now the subject of a police inquiry and Birmingham City Council are fully supporting their investigation."
The door and ground floor windows of the house at the centre of the inquiry in Leyton Road were covered with metal shutters today.
Neighbours claimed the children's mother had recently converted to Islam and that she had split up from her children's father several years ago.

Starving: Khyra Ishaq, 7, was rescued by police from this terrace in Birmingham but died of starvation shortly afterwards

Lilian Costello said she had known her well and used to speak to her almost every day until December but had not seen the children for months.
She said: "I saw her on Christmas Eve and I wished her a Merry Christmas but she said she didn't celebrate it, she celebrated Eid.
"I didn't see her for another four months after that and when I saw her again at the beginning of May, she said she still lived up the road.
"I asked how the children were and she said they were alright. She seemed very devoted to the children and I am very surprised.
"She used to let the children come out to play with the other children and she always stood at the front of the house watching them.
"There were three boys and three girls and they were a nice bunch of kids, very well-mannered. It's just so sad knowing that one of them has died."
Other residents in the street were visibly shocked when told of the charges which have been brought against their former neighbours.
Sales worker Amarjit Ram said: "I am just shocked to be honest - the mother looked fine to me.
"I would see them in the street and I think they had lived there for a couple of years."
One neighbour, who did not wish to be named, added: "We would never expect something like this. We knew they were going through some trouble about a year ago.
"Before that we used to see the children and they looked happy and normal, but after that we didn't see them.
"They seemed like normal, happy kids, but then they disappeared. The house wasn't very well kept. It's not the cleanest of places. We only live a few doors down. It's shocking."
He said police had been outside the house for up to four days after the raid on Saturday and described an ambulance arriving in the middle of the night.
Other neighbours told ITV that three of the children were seen in recent months looking "extremely thin".

All six children were taken to Birmingham Children's Hospital, above. A man and a woman have been arrested and remanded in custody.
Mohammed Khalil, who lived nearby, said he used to see some of the children in their uniforms on their way to the nearby Grove School but that he had not seen them for months.
"The children's father, he didn't live there. He was living there but then he moved out," he said. "I think there was another man living there. I saw him a couple of times."
Parents collecting children from the primary school tonight were handed a letter informing them of Khyra's death.
Signed by the school's headteacher, Pamela Matty, it read: "Dear Parents, We have been informed by the police that a child in Handsworth has died.
"As a mark of respect for the family and the community, we are postponing tonight's music concert to a future date."
Police wearing protective forensic suits had been seen removing furniture and carpets from the house over the weekend.

18 May 2008



HI all I was very interested to read this report posted by Dolores on the blog today from 24 Horas. It tells us that in the rogatory letters UK police were asked to re-interview a vast number of British tourists with their statements being forwarded on to Paulo Rebelo as each became available. It is clearly established from 50 tourists who were in the area at the time that Madeleine was not seen by anyone after 6 pm on 3 May. From this it is concluded that contrary to what Kate and Gerry McCann have always sought to insist, it simply cannot be said that she disappeared at 9.15. There is simply no evidence whatsoever, to support that view. This clearly intimates once more that Jane Tanner and Co are a bunch of fantacists in their claims. The PJ have clearly sought to be stringently clear about this. They not only interviewed all these people at the time, they have now got Leicester Police to do so again. This also serves the purpose of preventing either the McCanns or their supporters from seeking to suggest the PJ themselves are lieing or seeking to set them up. There are still certain statements missing that the PJ require, hence the ongoing secrecy required, in addition of course to the wish to hold a reconstruction now they are in possession of all of this verified information. When you think about it carefully, there are over 50 witnesses, just in the UK that are going to contradict what the TAPAS 9 say..that is very bad news indeed for them and just shows what a hair-brained scheme it was from the very outset. Jemmied, not jemmied and a reliance, solely on Jane Tanner, versus hordes of other witnesses. What were the prospects of actually convincing the police they speak the truth. Jane Tanner could not even be clear about whether she was coming or going, understandable really!

I was interested to see the time that Kate starts screaming they have taken her has now changed to 10.30..this is very different to what we have always been told. Maybe it is because none of them had their watches on:-))) Kate has never been able to explain exactly who "they" were...would she want to explain she meant Gerry and O'Brien? Guess not!

The friends do not want to go back and help the police..now could this be to help Kate and Gerry because that would prevent the reconstruction taking place, or could it be it is because they also fear being arrested? Bit of both I suspect..The report concludes that all will be revealed in time..I just have the feeling there will be no further extensions beyond August.

Viv x

Timeline of the McCanns put in question 24horasWitnesses say that they didn't see Maddie after the end of the afternoonText Carlos Tomás 17/5/08Little Madeleine McCann was not seen from 18.00 on the 3rd of May 2007, meaning almost four hours before the mother, Kate, gave the alarm in Praia da Luz, Algarve. That is the conclusion drawn from the correlation of information given to the British police by more than 60 tourists that were at the Ocean Club on the day of the disappearance. The authorities of Leicester have been sending this information drop by drop to the team of Paulo Rebelo. "None of the more than fifty persons that were in the tourist resort saw the child from 18.00 hours onwards. The several interrogatories made at the time of the disappearance and more recently in England prove that the girl was no longer seen in the end of the afternoon", said a judicial responsible connected to the investigations to 24horas.This data led the judicial responsible to assume that "contrary to what the parents always claimed the hour that the disappearance occurred is yet to be defined and it might not be after 22.00 hours but much earlier".There are still depositions missingThe team of the PJ are not yet in possession of all the depositions that were requested to the British authorities, made in the rogatory letter sent to that country at the end of 2007. The principal depositions of the McCanns' friends have already been evaluated scrupulously.FACTSAlarm Kate McCann entered the Tapas Bar after 22.30 screaming "they've taken her". She was never able to explain to the authorities who "they" were. The GNR arrived at the location in less than 20 minutes and the PJ one hour after. In the apartment were the twins and there was not found any sign of a break in.ImpositionsThe 7 friends that dinned with the McCanns in the Tapas Bar are putting conditions to the Public Prosecutor to return to our country. They are invited to cooperate in the reconstruction of that night, a proceeding considered very important to clarify the facts.Reconstruction without dateThe PJ continues to wait for a reply from the McCanns and their friends to schedule a date to the reconstruction of the facts that occurred on the 3rd of May 2007: "We have not received any indication from the Public Prosecutor about this issue. We are still waiting that the McCanns and their friends to decide when they want to come to Portugal. We cannot oblige them, they come if they wish", said the same source.Guilhermino Encarnação, responsible for the Department of Faro, maintains that "in this phase there is nothing to say" and as soon as relevant data of public interest connected to this media case occurs "it will be revealed by the competent authorities".The McCanns say, through their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell that they are willing to return to our country but they do not take responsibility for the decision of the friends with whom they dinned.

13 May 2008


Hi all I have just updated with this pic which Dolores sent to me of a foreign couple being driven to police station on 10 May by PJ - does anyone know any more about who these witnesses may be? Viv x

CREEPY: Gail saw weirdo 3 times writes the spellbinding News of the ~World ummmmmm and they told us she is 50...what a hard life eh?

Hi All and what a remarkable turn around for Clarence Mitchell. As soon as he realises the negative impact of his announcement the McCanns will not celebrate Madeleine' birthday we get a contradictory headline saying they will, but Gerry has some appointments. This must rate as one his least slick performances in the press to date! "Sadly for them it is just another day without Madeleine" was meant to make us feel sorry for THEM! Wrong again, Clarence! See the way these two completely contradictory headlines come up on a news search..is this really what you call manipulating the media Clarence!

I was beginning to think M3 got the push, but in the second article it would seem they are the mystery investigators continuing to follow up "potential" leads of Madeleine's "apparent" abduction. Since September 2007 I have yet to see any potential leads emanating from M3 or the rest of Team McCann. Of course Clarence does not want to go into detail about all of these leads...Now I cannot imagine why not...(!!)

Although their new hotline does sound like an attempt to pervert the course of justice by interfering in the police investigation, it seems to me it will not, because, as ever, the McCanns only want to talk to people who can give information to feed their fantasty investigation about "abduction" so the proper police witnesses will not be bothering to call. I am sure that by now both Leicestershire Police and PJ have learned to completely ignore this rubbish and not be distracted from the proper investigation. This has as much to do with the McCanns wanting to rubbish Portuguese Police by stating they did not follow up leads from celebrity grabbing hoaxers such as Gran Cooper..maybe they had something better to do!

McCanns will not mark Maddie's birthday
Sunday, May 11, 2008

Birthday: Maddie McCann
The parents of missing Madeleine McCann will not mark her fifth birthday today – describing it as 'just another day' without their daughter.
Kate and Gerry McCann vowed to not do anything special on the grim milestone and continue to search for their little girl.
'Gerry will be at work and Kate will be at or around home,' said their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell.
'Sadly for them, it is just another day without Madeleine.'

The McCanns believe the intense publicity which has surrounded their daughter's disappearance will fade away after her birthday.

McCanns hold 'low-key Maddie birthday party'
Monday, May 12, 2008
Maddie McCann
Madeleine McCann's parents were marking their missing daughter's fifth birthday privately at home today.
A low-key party was being held for the benefit of her younger brother and sister, three-year-old twins Sean and Amelie, yet it was "just another day without her" for Gerry and Kate McCann, said their spokesman.
He said: "Obviously, without Madeleine home yet, this is sadly just another day without her in many respects.
"Gerry and Kate will, of course, mark her fifth birthday, as much for Sean and Amelie's benefit as anything else, but they will do this privately within the family."

Relatives were expected to visit the McCanns' home in Rothley, Leicestershire, today.
Mr McCann, a consultant cardiologist at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital, has a number of clinical appointments but he and his wife were due to be together at home for some part of the day.
"They will not be doing anything in public other than reiterating the need for anybody with information to please come forward
and contact our new phone line launched earlier this month - 0845 838 4699," said Mr Mitchell.
"We have had a very, very good and encouraging response so far. The emails have run into thousands and there have been hundreds of calls."
After more than a year of potential leads and reported sightings of their daughter, the McCanns take news of fresh information in their stride.
But Mr Mitchell said Metodo 3, the private investigation firm working on their behalf, was following up several promising leads, submitted after the campaign launch, "with some degree of urgency". He would not go into detail about those leads.
The McCanns want anyone with information about Madeleine to call them on 0845 838 4699 or email investigation@findmadeleine.com or anonymous@findmadeleine.com.

The couple could, however, report that their recent appeal for information has drawn thousands of emails and hundreds of phone calls.
Latest news bulletin
Today's top news headlines
Their new campaign, launched ahead of the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance, urged anyone who has spoken to the Portuguese or British authorities about her apparent abduction in Praia da Luz to now call them.
The response has thrown up several "promising leads" which are now being probed by their private investigators, said their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell.

11 May 2008


Gerry's photoshopped fake where he adds Madeleine, aged approximately 3 not 4 years and see below for Docmac's photoshopped version..where at least the face is aged 4. Rather spooky but shows how easy it is!
Docmac spent 5 minutes photoshopping up to date facial image of Madeleine (from the tennis balls pic) onto that fake picture, just to show how easy it it..he even messed around with hair and shadows et voila!

HI All I do think it is helpful to look back because the McCanns change tack so much. In October the psychologist, Corner, Philomena and Gerry gave an interview to Vanity Fair where he admitted there was only a very slim chance of finding Madeleine. Miraculously, months later, this has now become a very good chance. I would be interested to learn why everyone took part in this with the exception of Kate McCann, did she feel she just could not pull it off, so soon after being named an Arguida but Gerry was not going to let that bother him. After all he needed to fight right back and carry on making lots of cash. Strange though that Oprah Winfrey's offer to go on her show in June 07 never got accepted, that would have been a lot of cash but perhaps did not fulfill Gerry's other requirement - that he writes the script.

The whole of this article confirms that Kate and Gerry McCann sat all night ringing their friends and family including Corner the media man.. telling them they left the door locked and the shutters got trashed and the window jemmied. Clarence Mitchell subsequently was forced to admit there was no sign of any break in and of course the McCanns quickly changed their story to make themselves look even more negligent, better that than admit killing Madeleine, they figure. Negligence one can negotiate with the police, murder or manslaughter...non-negotiable!

What I find really interesting about this article is the comments of Jill Renwick a woman the McCanns had worked with at a Scottish Hospital 10 years previously. Well how odd to give her a call at 3 am to tell her their daughter got abducted! I have never been able to figure out why Gerry made a check at 9 when it seems patently clear to me they made checks every hour, not every half hour. Gerry is the sort of person who would very much be influenced by the clock, he needs set routines, order and control, and as we know, is never seen without his watch on. Following what happened the previous night as Kate says they were going to keep a closer eye on their children, what by checking them every hour instead of leaving them to cry all night! Jill very plainly says they went out about 8 NOT 8.30 and so checked at 9 and then again at 10, every hour on the hour! Wilkins partner says he saw Gerry around 8.30, I think he went back to do some work, after some of the others arrived so he could leave Kate, otherwise she would have been alone, as they arrived early. I recall the way he slyly said, there was only one couple there when we arrived and then they left so we were on our own..maybe they needed another drink. I am wondering whether he did a 9 pm check at all or whether he was missing most of the evening (in between 8.30 and 9.30) until he returned to the table at 9.30 and called a woman over to prove he was there... confident in the knowledge O'Brien has taken over for him and of course keeping in touch with all those texts to co-ordinate matters, again typical Gerry, everything had to be precisely timed and got right. The abduction was originally "timed" to take place in between 9.30 and about 9.45 and this is the time Gerry gives in Panorama (before the end November strategy meeting at the Rothley Hotel which would be bug free guys) hence he had to make sure he was back at the table when "it" took place so he could not be implicated. I knew I was not mistaken in being confused whether Jane was supposed to be just going out or going back to do a check because there are two different versions for this also. I have read tonight, at 9.30 she was rushing out to meet her friends. The preferred version they finally seem to have settled on now is that Tanner went back to do a check at 9.15 and that is when Madeleine was taken. Maybe silly Tanner told Police the wrong time in the first place and she had to stick to that.. Given the police have all these contradictory versions of where they were and what the time was it is little wonder they want them to do a reconstruction and pin them down to what they are now saying. I wonder why they are now sticking with Tanner's version, and contradicting the time he gives in Panorama, it seems to me the woman must have been foolish enough to stick to her guns on this when interviewed and given no one else can corroborate her sighting no one can actually call her a liar, can they? Well I will:-) I think the trouble is with them having all this time to get their stories straight that is exactly what it looks like, and no doubt what the police were banking on. If you know you are in trouble and one lie you have told can be proved to be a lie, you just on and tell another one, desperately seeking to get out of trouble, that is if you are a lying criminal, desperate to get yourself out of a lengthy spell in jail and proceeds of crime stripped from your bank accounts... not something either of them would relish given all the effort they went to amass a nice little fortune. Shame they could not go ahead with the film, Prosecutor/Judge/ PJ's just extended their arguido status for another three months! How annoying for them!

Viv x

From The Times
May 5, 2007
Parents checked sleeping child every half-hour - but still she was abducted
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David Brown in the Algarve and Rajeev Syal
A desperate search for a three-year-old British girl continued last night after she disappeared from an upmarket beach resort in Portugal while her parents dined near by.
Despite their half-hourly checks on her as she slept, Madeleine McCann went missing from her parents’ rented holiday apartment in the Algarve on Thursday night as they ate tapas only 50 yards away.
Relatives claimed that she had been abducted from the Ocean Club resort, run by the holiday company Mark Warner, in the seaside village of Praia da Luz.
Her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, both 38-year-old doctors from Rothley, Leicestershire, were being comforted last night by friends and consular officials.
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Resorts are popular because of childcare facilities
Madeleine, known as Maddy, vanished after being left to sleep between her brother and sister, two-year-old twins.
Mr McCann and his wife, who was clutching Madeleine’s pink teddy bear to her chest, made a public appeal last night for the return of their daughter.
Mr McCann said: “Words cannot describe the anguish and concern we are feeling at the loss of our daughter Madeleine. We now request that if you have any information about Madeleine’s disappearance, no matter how trivial, contact the Portuguese police so we can have her back. Please, if you have Madeleine, let her come back to mummy, daddy and her brother and sister.”
The family have moved to another apartment 150 yards from the one from where their daughter is said to have been taken.
The McCanns went to Portugal last Saturday with a group of eight couples, friends said. Mr McCann, a cardiologist, and his wife, a GP, went out for a meal at a tapas bar within the complex at 8.30pm on Thursday, leaving Madeleine sleeping between Sean and Amelie, the twins. The couple checked on their children every half an hour and ensured that the doors were locked, it was said.
The resort offered a crãche service but the McCanns chose to leave the children sleeping at the apartment, taking turns to check on them. Between their checks at 9.30pm and 10pm, the apartment was broken into through a window and Madeleine was taken, according to her aunt. Trish Cameron, Mr McCann’s sister, from Dum-barton, near Glasgow, said it appeared that someone had been spying on Madeleine and had targeted her for abduction.
“The front door was open, the window had been tampered with, the shutters had been jemmied open and Madeleine was missing,” she said. “Nothing had been touched in the apartment, no valuables taken, no passports. They think someone must have come in the window and gone out the door with her.”
Police were called at 10.20pm as Madeleine’s parents became increasingly anxious. Soon, fellow guests were notified. About 60 staff and holidaymakers searched until 4.30am, while police notified border police, Spanish police and airports.
Three police vans and three police cars were at the scene as officers searched the family’s apartment. Others searched the beach 200 yards away.
Specialists fingerprinted the windowsill of the apartment. Sniffer dogs were brought in by Portuguese detectives and unconfirmed reports indicated that Madeleine’s scent had been picked up.
The resort caters for 1,000 holidaymakers and is set in lush subtropical gardens. It is made up of self-catering villas and apartment blocks and has several bars and restaurants.
John Hill, the manager at Ocean Club, said that reports that the flat had been broken into had yet to be confirmed.
But Jill Renwick, a family friend, told GMTV that the McCanns were certain that Madeleine had been abducted.
“They were just watching the hotel room and going back every half-hour and the shutters had been broken open and they had gone into the room and taken Madeleine,” she said. “They went out about 8, went back in at 9, they were fine, went back in at 10 and she was gone.”
Ms Renwick said that it was the McCanns’ first holiday of this sort. “They are very, very anxious parents and very careful, and they chose Mark Warner because it is a family-friendly resort.”
A spokesman for Mark Warner, which has run the resort for two years, said that looking after the McCanns was their priority. “If necessary, the company will fly other family members out to the Ocean Club. We are all hoping that she is asleep under a bush somewhere and we will find her soon,” he said.
Guests are being asked if they saw anyone acting suspiciously in the area, he said, adding that Mark Warner had never had cases of missing or abducted children before.
He said that Mark Warner offered a baby-sitting service. “Those facilities were available but, for whatever reason, they were not being used,” he said. Another spokeswoman for Mark Warner said that in the Algarve, unlike most of their resorts, the company did not supply a “room listening” service, where nannies regularly listen at the door of sleeping children.
John Stephen Buck, the British Ambassador to Portugal, travelled to the Algarve yesterday, as did Craig Mayhew, Mark Warner UK operations director, and a counsellor. The McCanns remain at the police station in Portimão, helping police to piece together what has happened.
A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman said that the Serious Organised Crime Agency was liaising with British and Portuguese police. He added that two officials from the British Consulate in Portimão were with the family.

8 May 2008


Penelope sent me this shot of Madeleine and I agree it certainly looks like a more recent one, before their holiday. The fringe has had to be pushed to one side as in the tennis balls pic below to stop it from going into her eyes. Whereas in the one that Gerry produced three weeks after she disappeared after a home visit, she looks far better groomed with her hair cut into a neat bob and much shorter. My eldest son is not interested in this case but was here this afternoon 10/5 and I asked him to comment on the two pics below without prompting him. He said it looks like the same child but the one on the left looks much younger, I think this is what we all see. Gerry went home to get a suitable image to photoshop into the holiday pic that was taken of him and Amelie. He did not want to use the tennis balls pic, because she does not look quite so cute, it could not have been photoshopped to fit into the pic he had in mind (look what a nice happy family we are) and Madeleine not only looks less well cared for, she has nasty bruising on her wrist. WE were told the delay in producing this pic was because Kate had got the time wrong on the camera, well what difference would that make when you need to rush out an up to date picture of your child, and why did she need to change the time when Portugal has UK time anyway..WE waited three weeks for this, come, come Gerry we waited till you made a trip home. I have read on 3 Arguidos intricate details about reflections in his sunglasses, I think it is a lot simpler than that, does Madeleine actually look the same as genuine photos when aged almost four, getting on the plane, holding the tennis balls, in her football top, is her hair not much blonder and shorter..in the so called last pic of her this is Madeleine aged 3, not almost four.

In what looks like the only recent picture they had of Madeleine prior to going on holiday she looks so sad, like something is really worrying her, note how long her hair is, just like the tennis balls pic. What on earth happened in this little girl's life to transform her from the happy little child she clearly was, when she was younger, the pictures the McCanns want to show us...

Above is another genuine picture of Madeleine in PDL sent to me by Penelope, again demonstrating her hair is darker and longer than the supposed last pic of her below. I believe that when Gerry went home for two days, three weeks after Madeleine's disappearance he photoshopped Madeleine into the poolside pic and then two days after his return to PDL released it proclaiming it was the last pic of Madeleine...she looks so angelic and cute (very marketable) and I believe was aged 3, not almost 4 ...perhaps a shot from a holiday abroad the previous year. WE have been bombarded with pictures of Madeleine when she was a lot younger. See also the genuine shots below of the tennis balls pic and Maddie getting onto the plane, again showing darker, longer hair...an older child aged almost 4. Gerry had dug himself and impossibly deep hole to try and climb out of and should give up!

Mr Alex Woolfall says in a report in The Times he helped the McCanns upload pics off their camera which included the famous tennis balls pic which is undoubtedly a genuine pic of Maddie on that holiday and I would say the last one of her. Above there are also pics of Maddie getting on the plane and again it can be seen her hair is really dark. Three weeks later and following a 2 days trip home Gerry McCann produced the poolside pic and claimed this was the last pic of Madeleine. Not only does she look a lot younger her hair is blond - I believe this picture is most definitely a fake. Quite likely a genuine pic of Gerry and Amelie but he has included an image of Madeleine from the previous year when he went home. On the tennis balls pic Maddie has a nasty bruise on her arm - is this why he does not wish to admit this was the last pic of her - would we have ever seen this pic if it had not been for Mr Woolfall?

What a difference being ARGUIDOS makes...desperate..hopeless..the end of the road.. reality starts to dawn? Why did they think they could get away with it? Did they really believe the Portuguese Police are the "Keystone Cops"..well more fool them..My compliments to the new boss of the PJ and commiserations with Clarence Mitchell for a truly hopeless and utterly sickening and despicable "campaign". In the bottom pic you can almost read Gerry's mind .."see I told you I could fix it, didn't I...now you believe how rich and happy we are going to be, don't you?" He clearly believed it when he stood like a child in a sweet shop, outside the Whitehouse too but then we saw the look of pure rage..look right! Judging by the look on her face above, she does not look any too convinced..not now anyway. The camera never lies unless of course Gerry did a home trip..to produce the last pic of Madeleine, three weeks later..all part of his cunning "masterplan". What a foolish narcissist he is with his grandiose schemes, only the narcissist himself truly believes that he can carry them through.

Hi All, the article below confirms the PJ's continuing wish to stage a reconstruction with the presence of Kate, Gerry and the other "protagonists" but a European Arrest Warrant could not be issued to compel them to attend. This could only be issued for their actual arrest upon a decision to charge. John McCann says they want to know what the point of it would be, well the point is they have always said they will co-operate with the police and they want their daughter back! If they are not happy with the investigation then surely "reconstituting the facts" could allow their own claims to be re-considered, if their is any valid claim there of course, we have to assume there is not, given their continuing blatant refusal to co-operate. Their Portuguese lawyer, Rogerio Alves, seems to be at odds with the couple by continuing to state they will attend and co-operate. Clearly he realises the inferences that will be drawn against them, should they fail to do so.

Prior to resigning Mr Ribeiro stated the PJ continue to investigate and nothing is certain as to whether the couple will be indicted (charged) or not. Now Dr Rebelo has the support of another police officer I feel confident his hands will no longer be tied.

At a mass held at the local Church in PDL the McCanns, via Gerry's sister Pat, asked God for their daughter back. She is in his care and clearly cannot be physically re-claimed from wherever they dumped her. The report flags up the McCanns only offer a message of support to the locals a full eight months after they fled without any personal word of thanks to any of them. I notice that Philomena was not one of the family representatives..John McCann took the opportunity to publicise the new telephone number asking for all police witnesses to contact them. Somehow this seems to reflect what the family's visit to PDL was all about, getting to the locals to try and discredit the police case, put on a media show and see what further manipulative steps they can take to exculpate themselves. I hope that locals in PDL are no longer as trusting towards this couple and remember secrecy of justice. I found John McCann's excuses for Kate and Gerry not being there quite appalling, all the media interviews have left them exhausted and wanting to spend time with their children. Well why did they do all those media interviews and is Madeleine no longer one of their children? At least he tacitly accepts the McCanns also still neglect their other two children. There is no reason why they could not have also travelled to PDL.

Kate and Gerry stayed at home with friends on the anniversary...at a local ceremony Kate implored people to "pray like crazy for Madeleine". I do wonder at this woman's sanity. At no stage are we ever told that Kate is spending time with her parents. I believe there is disharmony here and wonder what responsibility her parents have for the daughter they raised. There is overwhelming evidence that children grow up to be the product of their upbringing.

John McCann admits that the fund total amounts to almost one million pounds..what are the McCanns going to do with all this money? I think it would be best they save a lot of it to repay the Daily Express..because at the end of the day, just like Lord Archer, they may well be asking for it back, plus interest!

Given we have this new contact telephone number can we take it Metodo 3 have now been quietly dropped but we did not get to hear this from the McCann media circus?

When asked about Madeleine's fifth birthday Pat Cameron burst into tears..it seems she feels the terrible pain and anguish of knowing another milestone in little Madeleine's life will never be reached, unlike her parents. No doubt there are other reasons for her tears also.

Gerry continues to rant on his blog that he knows nothing of the progress of the investigation. I remember a comment he made in PDL that he wanted to stay and influence and control the investigation..now he wants to stay as far away as possible from that investigation. Things have changed in his own mind. His natural instinct is to control and he feels invincible. Now he is a very worried man and an angry one, being in control is very important to Gerry McCann and his sense of well-being. Don't spend that money all at once, Gerry.

Viv x

May 04 2008 - 12.30 Procedure: Law does not require spouses to return PJ still considering rebuilding night of May 3 The reconstitution of the evening on May 3, 2007 at the Ocean Club with the participation of the couple McCann and friends who spent holidays with them in Praia da Luz, is to be done. The Judiciary Police has launched the idea in April in Leicestershire during the interrogations to friends and a Portuguese Advocates of the couple said that Kate and Gerry are available to return to Portugal. Ultimately, the completion of the investigation depends on the will of the protagonists. The director of the National Judicial Police said yesterday that it is' very important 'the presence of the couple in a possible reconstitution of the disappearance of Madeleine. 'If steps were taken to justify the presence of parents in Portugal would be very important that they accept such participation within the law Portuguese' said Alípio Ribeiro. The lawyer and former bastonário Rogerio Alves, who represents the McCann in Portugal, ensures that the couple is willing to work, but adds that the restoration involves more people, which will also own free will. John McCann, brother of Gerry, said yesterday not see utility in a reconstitution of the facts a year later. But said at a press conference in Praia da Luz that 'if someone convince Kate and Gerry that will be useful they will come [to Portugal]'. The fact is that the recovery depends on the will of McCann. judicial sources contacted by CM advanced that 'for conducting a due diligence you can not go arrest warrants valid abroad. " And an arrest warrant would, in the opinion of the same sources, the only way to reclaim the presence of McCann in Portugal for the possible reconstitution. Hardly PJconseguirá to carry out the restoration, but the investigation is not closed. 'The Judicial Police continues to collect and analyze all the evidence that may exist', said yesterday Alípio Ribeiro. The national director of PJ added that 'nothing is certain at this time regarding a possible indictment or dismissal "of the process.

LIDA Mass MESSAGE DURING THE BEACH OF LIGHT Patricia Cameron, sister of Gerry, read a message from the parents of Madeleine during the bilingual Mass held at the end of the afternoon yesterday in Praia da Luz After the ceremony, Patricia, Sandy, John McCann and Michael Wright launched green and yellow balloons in the lobby of the Church of Our Lady of Luz 'In the days after the abduction you all were in a rock where agarrámos. Your strength was our support. " Começava so the message signed by Kate, Gerry, Madeleine, Sean and Amelie, read by Patricia during the Mass on the first anniversary of the disappearance of Maddie. 'We want to publicly acknowledge gratitude ", wrote the McCann. 'We still full of confidence and ask God that our beloved daughter back. The journey to this day will be easier to feel you on our side. " The message of thanks comes eight months after a hasty departure for England which was commented by many in Praia da Luz displeasure with the lack of a word of recognition of the support given to the couple by the local community. At the Mass, priests led by Jose Pacheco and Haynes Hubbard, prayed to by Maddie but also by Rui Pedro and all missing children. Then there was a passage of slides with images of Madeleine and banda sound. John McCann protagonizou a symbol of hope to circulate a círio paschal candles lighting up the present. In the end the McCann family have launched balloons outside the church, under a rescue of palms.

'WE ARE HERE FOR PEOPLE TO AGRADECER' John McCann, brother of Gerry and administrator of the fund Find Madeleine, Patricia Cameron, sister of Gerry, her husband Sandy and Michael Wright, cousin of Kate, were yesterday in Praia da Luz, where he gave a press conference to "thank the people in Portugal who supported the family in difficult times. " John McCann took yet to disclose a telephone number to collect information (08458384699). 'Please help us. We are ordinary people, but we need to support unusual. " The brother of Gerry reaffirmed that the family still retains the hope that Madeleine is alive and that could be recovered.

KATE AND GERRY PASSAM DAY IN ROTHLEY Kate and Gerry McCann passed on the first anniversary of the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine 'with [the children twins] Sean and Amelie and a group of friends arrived at home' in Rothley, said John McCann, brother of Gerry. The couple arrived to attend a short religious ceremony in the Anglican church near his residence. During the ceremony, Kate read a message of support to the community and asked the congregation to continue to pray, 'pray like crazy' by Maddie.

'In ideal circumstances,' said John McCann, the couple had travelled to Praia da Luz, but the hectic week in commitments to the media has left them tired and with desire to be with their children. 'It was not an easy decision', stressed John McCann, but the choice of refuge family overlapped to the return to a place that "has involved much pain."

CAN BE AS DESCUBRA' The Attorney-General of the Republic said yesterday that a possible failure in the case Madd ie must not ashamed to Portuguese police. "Our police made what would be no police. You may discover that even if we will wait until the end. But if it results in failure, is nothing that envergonhe the Portuguese police, 'said Pinto Monteiro. The magistrate stressed that England has one thousand such cases and that the success rate is 20 percent.

DETAILS A MILLION The fund established by McCann has a balance of 850 thousand pounds, equivalent to around one million euros. The number was yesterday raised by administrator John McCann.

BRACELETS AND PINS Patricia Cameron distributed yesterday in Praia da Luz yellow bracelets and pins depicting the search for Madeleine. The same objects were distributed within the church of the village. The purpose of family is recover the momentum of hope. In recent days there was an increase of traffic on the site of the family background and the phone number for information.

ASSOCIATION One element of the National Association of Missing Children participated in the Mass yesterday in Praia da Luz and read the claim by 'Madeleine, Rui Pedro and all missing persons'.

ANNIVERSARY The date of the fifth anniversary of the Madeleine is here eight days. When questioned yesterday about the family plans to mark the moment, the aunt Patricia Cameron discarded up in tears, not advance any plans, saying only that one day will be very difficult. VIDENTE Connie Sonne, visionary Danish, was yesterday in Praia da Luz She says that Maddie is alive and in Portugal, detailing who in December was in Esmoriz. It argues that parents are involved in the disappearance and that 'everything is a question of money. " NOTES DAY OF EMOTION AND LÁGRIMAS The Praia da Luz was yesterday the scene of emotions. In addition to tears, many messages. More visible with a doll representing the Madeleine church COMPLAINT TO KNOW NOTHING OF In the blog Gerry regrets the fact that both he as Kate does not know what has been done and what remained to be done during the investigation THE YEAR LONGER Gerry describes the period without his daughter as "the longest years of our lives' and says that Maddie is still part of the lives of twins NEW HOME IN THE BLOG Gerry McCann pointed out yesterday in his blog the first anniversary of the disappearance of her daughter, who qualifies as' crime '