29 Apr 2008


Cheers for a great thread LGC, these are just a few pics Luke and I took today on a rainy day and when it was pitch black tonight which I thought turned out rather arty Viv x

Viv has asked me (LGC) to start a new thread about a cheeky Dutch connection...

...many people who have espied Madeleine on her travels all over Europe and North Africa have turned out to be from Holland. Are the Dutch particularly well-travelled? Haven't they got homes to go to? Or could there perhaps be the teensiest link with the McCanns who used to live there and who (presumably) made many Dutch friends?

I posted extracts from this the other day. It's from the 3As, written by PolandGuy. It's longish, but worth following through to the end.


Poland Guy writes:-

I always find it useful to take a peek at the “Properties” of Word or other documents. It never ceases to amaze me how careless some people are. In the new HTFM website, http://helpingtofindmadeleine.org you will find downloadable Word documents in the news section.

The document “Statement Morocco” reveals its properties to be that of:

Author: Isabelle, Company: St Johns Chambers. A quick google search reveals St Johns Chambers to be a Bristol-based legal company, http://www.stjohnschambers.co.uk/:

Welcome to St John's Chambers. From Commercial & Chancery to Family, and from Public & Administrative Law to Personal Injury, St John’s Chambers provides one of the most comprehensive sources of legal expertise and advice in the South West. We have over 60 respected Barristers, with six Silks, including many nationally renowned specialists, often working on high profile cases that are of national importance.

Our client base includes many major regional and national law firms, representing prominent businesses and private individuals requiring representation and advice. In all cases we seek to make our services accessible, flexible and focused on the people that matter most – our clients.

And a key employee is indeed Isabelle Mills, http://www.stjohnschambers.co.uk/client_service/

Isabelle MillsIsabelle Mills, Office Manager is responsible for the Administration of Chambers as well as providing assistance to Mr. Richard Stead, Head of Chambers and Mr. Vincent Denham, Chief Executive. In addition, Isabelle is also currently responsible for chambers marketing activities, public relations, co-ordinating the website, seminars and roadshows for our practice groups. Isabelle also manages our client satisfaction feedback programme.

It is possible that Isabelle Mills is a lone loony, using her office computer to generate material for the HTFM website. However, the fact that St Johns Chambers specialize in the areas of:

Child Abduction http://www.stjohnschambers.co.uk/child_care/

and Clinical Negligence http://www.stjohnschambers.co.uk/clinical_negligence/

and Holiday Litigation http://www.stjohnschambers.co.uk/holiday_litigation/

suggests the possibility of a broader commercial relationship between themselves and the Tapas group, or members thereof. If this were true, then Mills' role may be to generate public support for the McCanns via her HTFM activities, thereby making possible litigation against the PJ and/or Mark Warner more likely to succeed and/or successful prosecution by the PJ more difficult. It would certainly fit in with her role in the company of being "responsible for chambers marketing activities, public relations, co-ordinating the website...

"It is also worth noting that one of Isabelle Mills' functions is "providing assistance to Mr. Richard Stead, Head of Chambers". The website informs us as follows:

New Head of Chambers at St Johns. We are delighted to announce that Richard Stead is the new Head of Chambers with Susan Jacklin QC and Leslie Blohm QC as his Deputy Heads.

It is a remarkable coincidence that there is also a Richard Stead who owns a villa in Praia da Luz:http://www.ownersdirect.co.uk/portugal/P4567.htm (see bottom of page)http://www.villa-praia-luz.com/ Richard Stead of St John's Chambers has since contacted the3arguidos.net, denying that he is the owner of the Algarve villa.

Finally, the other Word document on the HTFM site, on "Spain, Ceuta, Melilla Islands", is by "Godelieve”, but no company is given. However, a quick glance at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/prot ... tures.html, which is an online petition signed by Isabelle Mills, suggests that “Godelieve” is surely Godelieve Koelma. Godelieve Koelma seems to be a web designer and all-round funky person, as her website http://www.lieveke.com/Default.htm reveals.

She also has a myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/lieveke_dot_com

A Dutch connection!

Note: during the course of the afternoon of April 24th, after this thread had been running for several hours, the Word documents at the original addresses above were pulled from the HTFM site, and replaced by identical .pdf documents, with the properties listed above removed.However, the original Word documents with their original properties were saved, and can be viewed here together with their .pdf equivalents:1. Dec Doc: http://www.tapas9.info/content/htfm_statement_morocco.doc2. Feb Doc: http://www.tapas9.info/content/febstatement.doc3. Dec PDF: http://www.tapas9.info/content/htfm_statement_morocco.doc4. Feb PDF: http://www.tapas9.info/content/feb14_2008_statement.pdf

LGC continues...

Dolores posted this on another thread:-

Truth and Lies April 29, 2008

The police denied the information published by Sky News. The PJ said to be unaware of an attempted abduction of a minor Dutch in the Algarve as publishes Sky News. The case involve a suspect whose description is similar to that given in the disappearance of Madeleine. An official of the Judicial Department of Portimao reported to the Portuguese press that the PJ was unaware of any situation of this kind and there was no ongoing investigation on this matter.

According to Sky News, the young Dutch 15 years returned home, to 18.00 on 11 March, after going into a supermarket nearby. It was followed by a man in black jeep, tinted windows that would open the door of his car to prevent the teenager to continue his path. It would have then tried to force the girl to climb on board. The Dutch will be discussed and reportedly managed to escape the clutches of her attacker. The young man described about 40 years, long hair, gold ring fingers.

According to Sky News, the description coincides with that of the man that Kate and Gerry McCann believe they have abducted their daughter. For the record, the man was wearing robot prepared in case McCann was identified in his time and absolved of all suspicion in this case. The father of the young Dutch wished to remain anonymous. Elements disturbing.

It is noteworthy that the Netherlands are frequently since the beginning of the disappearance of Madeleine. In fact, Gerry has worked in the Netherlands and many relations. The woman who saw Madeleine in a gas station in Morocco lives or has lived in the....The woman who claims to have seen Madeleine in Belgium is ...Dutch. The girl who reported seeing Madeleine dancing in a restaurant in France is ...Dutch. The girl's article Sky News is ... Dutch.

Simple coïncidence? In all cases, these elements are disturbing. Some people, convinced of the first hour, "against winds and tides" of the innocence of parents have come to wonder: "If the parents are innocent, why the machine communications Clarence Mitchell seeks, sometimes quite awkward , To doubt the public? "

And, as Dolores points out, weren't the twins born in Holland? (Do they have many Dutch Uncles??)

Is there a Dutch connection connection?

28 Apr 2008


Just before we apparently see Kate McCann shedding real tears for herself as the PJ prepare to charge her, let us recall how many tears she was shedding for Madeleine, back in PDL ..Gerry too. Does this look like a devastated couple? Where are the twins?

Thanks for the Pic Swedishmum, I have a feeling I will be using this, time and again!
Viv x

A 120 metre walk, via a circuitous route around the pool. To check on all the sleeping children required a meandering detour that almost doubled the distance between the bar and the McCanns' apartment. From the tapas bar, only the very top of the balcony of the McCanns' ground floor apartment 70 metres away across the pool is visible. A large whitewashed wall and thick bushes obscure the view from the poolside tables. So, the McCanns could not even see their apartment, let alone see or hear their little children, from where they sat consuming vast quantities of alcohol. It was nothing like being in the back garden was it? As Kate herself says in a statement she gave to private detectives, the night before, little Madeleine and Shaun were crying their eyes up for a mum (and dad too, he is just as bad), who sat drinking and just did not care. It meant one of the party would have to walk from the bar around the pool, and out through the security gate of the Ocean Club, a distance of some 60 metres.
Once out of the complex, they would have turned left on to Rua Dr Francisco Gentil Martins, a public road, and go a further 60 metres up the hill, through a three-foot high gate which cannot be locked, up a flight of steps and then in through rear patio doors, which were not apparently locked.
The apartment is not inside the Mark Warner complex itself but sits on the corner of two roads. On the corner of two roads, and right next a large pool, but Kate McCanns says "why did I think that was safe". Well yes Kate, why?? The front door of the apartment is on the other side of the building from the tapas bar, on Rua Dr Agostinho da Silva. The rear patio doors through which the adults would enter to check on the sleeping children faces on to a walkway, again open to the public.
With two entrances - neither of which can be seen from the restaurant where the McCanns were dining on 3 May - the apartment is impossible to monitor from the tapas bar. Now they want us to feel sorry for them and understand they just made a mistake in leaving their children exposed to this night after night. I dont understand and what is more, I never will..Kate says in Panorama we all knew what we had to do..apparently meaning this so called system of regular checks on the children. I do not think that is what she was talking about at all..

I have been looking at the Panorama transcript again. Bearing in mind this was a programme put out by the McCanns, months later, where they had chance to perfectly synchronise their stories there is one thing that has always seriously baffled me, the lie that Kate McCann lives and breathes. That some predator broke into that apartment and " stole Madeleine out of her bed".

If you just look at the two extracts below Gerry says after his check he went back out through the unlocked patio doors, but Kate says just the opposite. Even when they are putting on a show to defend themselves on the most fundamental issue they just do not agree. This is the nub of this case isnt it, there was no break in, there was no predator. There were no damaged shutters or jemmied window. Mark Williams Thomas, an ex police constable and media spokesman now claims in The Times some opportunistic predator just took Madeleine, trouble is according to Kate he broke in and "they" had been lurking and spying on them, not that they would have seen of course. Thomas changes his tune almost as often as I change pants and is certainly no "criminologist" as he claims. Gerry knows what he told his relatives cannot be right so he changed his story. How could anyone take this couple and their contradictory lies, right from the off, seriously or indeed Justine McGuiness or Mark Williams Thomas? Do reports in the media just before the "anniversary" from such people change the basic facts and that even Kate and Gerry cannot agree because they know their story is like a sieve? Well no, of course they dont!
KATE: It's not about us, you know, we were bobbing back and forwards several times and I wanted to see the kids so.. you know, it's not about us. You know, I think that the problem is it's a predator basically who's been watching us, which gives you the shivers anyway, and broken into the apartment and taken Madeleine out of her bed.

Gerry McCann says he went at just after 9 to check on his children. He says that their bedroom door was more open than usual so he goes in. Gerry McCann has told Panorama he remembers looking down at Madeleine. He spent a moment thinking how beautiful she looked and how lucky he was. He says this was the last time he saw his daughter. He closes the bedroom door and leaves through these unlocked patio doors.

27 Apr 2008


As he did from the very outset, Gerry McCann reads from a carefully prepared script. Strange the way this couple never seemed to be capable of just speaking to reporters spontaneously...... if you had nothing to hide you would not need to prepare a script, particularly if you happen to be Gerry McCann who never appears to be short of something to say! When did we ever hear Maddie, we really love, we want you back, we are out in our hire car every day looking for you. Oh but they never bothered to hire a car until 25 days later did they? Instead we get the formal " our beautiful daughter Madeleine" sometimes mentioned as a clear afterthought, having pointed out how much he and Kate are suffering and how they want to get back to normal. I am sorry to say this but calling her their beautiful princess etc so many times, did seem very much like marketing her to me. All children are beautiful but not necessarily in a physical way, materiality, putting on a show...clearly very important issues to Team McCann. No warmth, no love, no empathy, certainly no spontaneity. Everything is contrived, carefully planned for manipulative and self-serving reasons and they and their sickening investigators have never been serving Madeleine.

I see former employee of Kate and Gerry McCann Justine McGuiness offers the latest piece of regular Sunday spin in the Daily Mail which again seems to be focussing on let's feel sorry for Kate, where quite bizarrely at the end of this sprawling and quite detailed piece about the McCanns she calls for the media attention to end!

Interestingly she talks about Kruger and says his investigation went cold, like the search ended right there and there was nowhere else to look. It did, didnt it, right on the beach..

She points out that she was interviewed by Gerry McCann for her post in June 2007. At no point does she seek to explain in this latest article why she so suddenly stepped down, immediately they were made arguidos. She does however, seek to point out on the one hand, how Kate continued to put her children in the creche every single day, but on the other, what a lovely mum she is....... how she dotes on her children. Justine confesses she is not a mum herself, that is good then, we can forgive her for making such a bizarre observation.

Justine McGuinness has a google blog herself, no mention of the McCanns and virtually no posters (!), but she does have a link to quotations which immediately took me to this one placed on her blog funnily enough on 26/4/08 :

Your theory is crazy, but it's not crazy enough to be true.
Niels Bohr, to a young physicist Danish physicist (1885 - 1962)

Think about it, Justine... or did you already~!

I thought it would be helpful to look at an article also in the Daily Mail about Justine but way back in September 2007, this, I think, tells it a bit more like it was...(and still is)"political campaign masterminded by public relations expert".

WE do not think you are much of an expert, Justine. There is no place for spin doctoring when the police are investigating very serious criminal offences where the parents are implicated in the death and disappearance of their own little girl.

I prefer the Police Officer's account, who investigated this couple, Goncalo Amaral.. they accidentally killed her and then they dumped her body in the sea. Then Gerry McCann challenged "well find the body and prove we killed her". I would say, knowing full well the impossibility of doing so.

Another police officer took over this case in October 2007, a serious and very senior man, Dr Paulo Rebelo. He undertook a thorough review as you would imagine he would to completely get to grips with a complex case and satisfy himself all options had been properly researched.

Having done that, 7 months later, he still maintains the McCanns arguido status and this was approved by a Portuguese Judge on 3 January. No doubt it is just about to be approved again. This is the clearest vindication of Goncalo Amaral that their could be. Of course the Portuguese police have to continue to cope with the frustrating delays, it would seem they now have phone, bank and credit card details for the McCanns and some of their friends to pin down their whereabouts and the nature of purchases at vital time, interestingly before the disappearance, as well as after, but records for three of their friends are still not to hand, could they be O'Brien, Payne and Tanner by any chance!

Portugal would not maintain this couple as suspects with all the heartache that would bring if they did not have clear evidence that this a status they richly deserve. They need the records above, to fit the final pieces of the jigsaw together and be certain they have all the pieces in the right place.

Neither would we, the UK authorities, allocate a Detective Superintendent and a team of 30 officers to continue to investigate the McCanns conduct here in the UK unless there was a very powerful reason for doing so, there is and it is an investigation the McCanns consistently refuse to co-operate in, claiming it will incriminate them, yes of course it will! Clearly not the actions of innocent parents who genuinely hold out hope their daughter may still be alive.

I recall the huge amount of money Justine McGuinness was paid from the Find Maddie Fund after her rather brief stint as an employee of Kate and Gerry McCann. I wonder how much they paid for this piece in the Daily Mail, I am not thinking she would have done it for nothing..

Politics and the investigation and prosecution of very serious offenders should always be kept separate and apart. The horrible thing about this case, has always been Gerry McCanns wish to politicise his daughter's disappearance, for his own very sinister motives. In UK law we are supposed to have very separate powers under our unwritten constitution that together form the State. They are the legislature/politicians in the House of Commons; The Executive/PM/Cabinet and finally the Judiciary and the operation of law. One should definitely not interfere with the other. Are the McCanns even seeking to re-write our Constitution so that when they have to face the criminal law they can seek to use political tools such as spin doctors to get them out of trouble? Has Gordon Brown failed to get a grip on this situation, like so many others? I am afraid even I am turning against him, and I have always sought to be a staunch defender! If the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law are not seen to prevail under Gordon Brown I do not think he deserves much support. Criminals being investigated under the criminal law, should have exactly the same rights as any other criminal, the rights enshrined in the criminal law itself encompassing human rights law, there is no right to political interference in that process which Gerry McCann was demanding from the very outset.

Viv x

Lib Dem hopeful behind McCanns' campaignLast updated at 23:56pm on 8th September 2007
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PR expert Justine McGuinness: behind the McCanns campaign

The campaign by the McCanns to find their daughter has been masterminded during the past two months by public relations expert Justine McGuinness.

The 37-year-old former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate, who finished second to Conservative MP Oliver Letwin in the race for the West Dorset seat in the 2005 General Election, was selected by the McCanns via a headhunter.
She was chosen for the position specifically because of her background in politics and is paid a 'notional' salary from funds raised by the campaign.
McCanns 'to face judge in days over Maddy's death'
If the McCanns' hire car is vital evidence why are they still driving it?
Madeleine: 'Fatal flaw' over test that found DNA in parents' hire car
Madeleine: Are Portuguese media smears a police tactic to break the McCanns?
Why aren't the McCanns more keen for their friends to speak out on their behalf?
I know how Kate feels - it happened to me when my daughter vanished
Since taking up the post she has acted as the McCanns' personal spokeswoman and organised events to keep the hunt for Madeleine in the public eye.
These have included a succession of interviews and photocalls with the couple, and Gerry McCann's visit to Washington DC in July on a fact-finding mission about the latest techniques for tracking missing children.
But she has been criticised for adding to the sense that the campaign has become an overly slick, and cynical, PR operation.
Recently, she reportedly had to be dissuaded from arranging a photocall for Kate McCann at a Portuguese orphanage.
Prior to McGuinness's arrival in Praia da Luz, the McCanns' media handling was run, in an unprecedented move, by a team from the British Government.
To help the family cope with the enormous level of interest, first Sheree Dodd, a former Daily Mirror journalist, was dispatched to Portugal by the Foreign Office.
Then Clarence Mitchell, an ex-BBC news presenter now working as a senior government spin doctor, became the voice of the McCanns.

26 Apr 2008


Hi Folks after last night's moving tributes to Team McCann I thought I would follow up with the last four or five days news reports from Portuguese news Correio de Manha which makes an interesting and informative read. Goncalo and Kate of course feature heavily in those reports.

Viv x

April 26, 2008 - 00:30 am Mystery also in film Maddie: Inspector vai disclose the whole puzzle What really happened the night of May 3, in Praia da Luz, where Madeleine McCann disappeared, one of the passages will be more 'explosive' of the book that the inspector's PJ Gonçalo Amaral is you want to write and, later, transformed into documentary. Know all the details in isolation, in the edition of 'Morning Post' this Saturday.
April 25, 2008 - 00:30 am Research: Data explosives reported by the inspector Gonçalo Amaral Green unveils Maddie case The inspector of the Judicial Police, Gonçalo Amaral, who coordinated the team that investigated the disappearance of Madeleine, already has title for the book on the case: 'Truth of the Lie. " In that CMapurou, the book is almost completed and contains elements explosives on research to the disappearance of children English in Paia da Luz, Algarve, disappeared on May 3 last year. In addition to important data on what happened in the fateful night in the Ocean Club, will show 'the various manoeuvres of counter-information "surrounding the case more media in recent years. 'No vai be somewhat speculative but factual, with reports of someone who lived the case to one hundred percent ", said the CM Paulo Santos, lawyer for the defence of the Judiciary Police still inspector (PJ), which is currently in the process of pre-retirement. The defender of Gonçalo Amaral, seconded only to defend its image after the controversy surrounding his departure from the coordination of Maddie case, confirmed the CM that there is already a publisher interested in publishing the book. 'Untying PJ and the lifting of the secrecy of Justice on the process still ongoing at the Ministry of Public Portimão are currently making the publication of the book', stressed the legal representative of Gonçalo Amaral. The book tries to put an end to the case Maddie. AMIGA OF JUDICIAL ATACA MCCANN One of the friends who have spent holidays with the couple McCann in Praia da Luz yesterday broke the silence and, in an interview with BBC radio, attacked the 'shameful' conduct of the Judicial Police in investigating the disappearance of little Madeleine. In the interview broadcast yesterday, Rachel Oldfield, who with her husband, Matthew, joined the group that jantou with Kate and Gerry on the night of the disappearance of Maddie, accused the PJ to be part: 'They left out information and rumors that have circulated in last year. We have the laws of secrecy, on which told us that we could be jailed for two years if the violássemos'.
April 24, 2008 - 00:30 am Reform: He wrote to the director of national PJ Mágoa in the output of Amaral It is with feelings of regret that Goncalo Amaral, the former coordinator of investigaçãodo disappearance of Madeleine, and also
the case Jeanne, vai abandon the Judicial Police, after 25 years of career and retire. The request for retirement, which counts more than 38 years of service to the state (started working for the Army at 14, and there she won years of subsidy), was asked just over a month. But the CM knows that the decision was taken shortly after the removal of the post of coordinator of the Department of Criminal Investigation of Portimão, in early October. Gonçalo Amaral was replaced by Paulo Rebelo. The move has never been well digested. At that time, Gonçalo Amaral, who completed 48 years, began to think in another way. The CM knows that Gonçalo Amaral conveyed its dissatisfaction to the director of national PJ, Alípio Ribeiro, a few days, since the application for retirement was accepted by the National Directorate of PJ and the Caixa Geral de Aposentações. "He does not come out happy with the treatment he gave in recent years. The institution does not defended in many situations, especially in the last two cases in which was involved, which destroyed its image, "the source confided to BC PJ. The future of Gonçalo Amaral can now go through a place of leadership attached to Justice or the private security. The CM knows that received an invitation to lead a team of security of a private enterprise, but has not yet decided whether vai accept or not. Officially, the PJ does not confirm nor deny the retirement of the coordinator. "Only it is that you can answer. It is a personal matter, "said the director of the CM PJ of Faro, Guilhermino Incarnation. Amaral came on holiday to March 5 and returned to service only one or two days during the month of April because, legally, could not be more than 22 days of vacation. Already should not return to service in PJ. "I do not know if the leaves Gonçalo sad or happy. If you want to keep a few more years or not. He is in life is to think of it. I would do the same, "believes Carlos Anjos, president of the Association of Staff of the Criminal Investigation PJ. The manager says that it is "more of the dozens of elements of PJ you want to leave this year because it meets the conditions for retirement." PROFILE Gonçalo Amaral is 48 years. Married for the second time, the former coordinator of PJ of Portimão has three daughters. The youngest is four years - the same age of Madeleine McCann - and the oldest 23, the first fruit of marriage. He left the course of Engineering in Coimbra in 1981 for joining PJ. He courses in sociology, psychology, psychiatry and the Criminal Investigation Police School of Lisbon. Having studied law. In functions in PJ for 17 years, rose to the rank of inspector - Head in 1998. Conducted several investigations of murder, and in the case Jeanne - which earned him a case in court in which it accused of failure to report the alleged assaults on Leonor Cipriano. The disappearance of Maddie was the last major case in which was involved. MCCANN CALLED UPON TRANSMITTER Gery and Kate McCann asked the Ocean Club to use an intercom system to hear their children while jantavam in a restaurant at 50 meters from the apartment. As the unit did not have such equipment - the venture is too large to operate the radios - the parents of Maddie felt that was sufficient to see - the half-hour. The McCann refused the service of day care, decision of who repent bitterly. According to the newspaper 'Daily Mail', this revelation in the documentary about the disappearance of Maddie that vai be displayed on ITV channel on Wednesday. PJ DEZENAS OF ELEMENTS OF THE REFORM Besides Gonçalo Amaral - who performed the duties of coordinator of the regional sections of the Banditismo and Combat Trafficking in Narcotics Investigation of PJ in Faro - should to retire during the first six months of this year, about thirty criminal investigators. According to BC said Carlos Anjos, president of ASFIC, "with the entry into force of the new law of retirements, which facilitates the processes, applications for reform increased considerably." Now "if the trader is not old enough (55 years), but length of service vital records (36 years), it is best to ask the retirement soon, because otherwise you can only do five years later." Accordingly, in the last three years have left the PJ about 230 researchers. According to Carlos Anjos, "in most cases are proposed to go to other functions in private" and leave the police. The union leader pointed out that "last year almost all the inspectors who investigated the cases of FP25 reformed itself" but are still elements that are lacking the institution. PARENTS CAMPAIGN IN WORLD The documentary with the ITV wants to point out. 1 year of the disappearance of Maddie shows the campaign for the adoption of a European alert system.

April 17, 2008 - 00:30 am Polémica: Testimony of the detectives Kate PJ of Portimão processes spokesman for the couple McCann Statements of Kate McCann to recall a conversation with his daughter Maddie, on the day it set on the fact that the night before to be left to cry in the room, not in the official process to guard the Judicial Police, found the CM . They were reproduced by Spanish television Telecinco, the journalist Nacho Abad says it has evidence that is true - but Kate will be clarifications provided by the private detectives. The process continues in secret of justice, but 'the day which is open to the public, will be easy to prove that those statements are not there', states a source close to the investigations. So, this leakage of information could never have arisen from within the Judiciary. 'The Day that the situation be properly clarified,' Clarence Mitchell should be the target of a case for damages against the image of the elements of the Department of Criminal Investigation of Portimão, after having been "unfairly accused" by the speaker of McCann to pass information on the case to the media. Incidentally, the police britânicatambémsabeque those statements, Kate, on its relationship with afilha sometimes difficult, nãoconstamno process. When the Spanish channel was reproduced as a delegation of PJ in Leicester, in the period emqueforamouvidos oscasaisamigosdos McCann, and the English authorities confirmed to be a testimony of Kate to private investigators. This is a company that worked for the couple before the Method 3 and ultimately printed a report in which these sentences. According to our sources, only three shares were left with copies of those documents: a company, the McCann and the British authorities. Osproblemascoma imprensainternacional do not stop here and yesterday was the Telegraph avançardeclaraçõesde Guilhermino the Incarnation, the output of a meeting with the prosecutor, which would have said that 'this case will be resolved, donates to hurt anyone. " responsible source close to the PJ from Faro to BC ensures that none of this is true. DETAILS ASFIC SUPPORTS Case Contactado by 'CM', the chairman of the Association of PJ, Carlos Anjos, ensures be 'available for the entire legal aid' that researchers need case of Portimão understand process Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the couple McCann, for damages against image of the department. RECONSTITUTION Carlos Anjos believes that the controversy created around the declarations of Kate, with objections to the PJ by any leakage of information that descredibilize the couple, 'is a trick not to cooperate with the Portuguese justice'. At issue is a reconstitution of the crime, but sought by the PJ that, according to the spokesperson of the couple, will only happen if they are no longer defendants.

25 Apr 2008


Now look here everyone shut up and listen to me, Kate believes in me and you should all follow her lead ..
Kate, International defender of childrens' rights, apparently, gave poor Cuddlecat another bad hair day..I think she is even mean to a soft toy.

Rosiepoops, says, look at that dirty, disgusting, paedophile pervert, I think she means to the left.. Word has it this chap has a penchant for tennis and jogging but I dont know where I got that silly idea from..

GerryGod looks down on his servile maidens..The Pink One (who also believes he has godlike qualities gets taken in hand and brought down to normal size by a rather nice chap whose face could even have been modelled on Chinadoll'sx I believe, another Docmac original piece of art. x

People have commented that Chinadoll got left out the group shot, and so I have tried to capture her for you here x

I think this is an excellant memento and tribute to Team McCann, who have unashamedly taken the blows and did it their way. For this we Honour them with this Excellant Team Photo and a great and fitting tribute to them, I think you will all agree.

One can just feel the personalities shining through I think when you check out the body language and facial expressions, the photographer has used great skill here in capturing this>

It is notable that many professional people often have other great talents, which may be very different to their chosen career.

I wonder if anyone can hazard a guess as to who produced this excellant piece of work ?

Luv Viv xx

23 Apr 2008


We will always support you Goncalo!! Lots of Love to you and your family from the UK, Portugal, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Spain, South Africa, Italy and other nationalities who contribute to this blog which is international in its support of you and what you worked so hard to achieve:


Message from Gonçalo Amaral

As you can understand, I can't do any comment about the investigation on the "McCann Case"... (I have omitted the next part, in the interests of privacy but this did not in any way compromise the judicial secrecy laws)Looking towards my freedom of speech, I asked for my retirement last month.

All the insults, false accusations and lie's from the past year are now being brought to court from my lawyers (the very last one is from Daily Mail, yesterday).

I would like to say thank you to the thousands of persons that every day, for the last year, are supporting me all over the world. I would like to answer all the phone calls, emails and letters, but is not possible...there are so many!

As you can imagine, most of the days are not that easy, and these messages have been a great support not only for me, but also for my family. Once again, thank you all!

You're allowed do display this message on you site, and I thank you for that.

One last thing:*Soon, very soon the world will know the "Truth about the Lie" and "we will gain truth and justice for a little girl who has no voice", dead on the evening of May 3rd at apartment 5A, Ocean Club, Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal"*Best regards,Gonçalo Amaral

22 Apr 2008


Hi All

I though today I would have a look at how the latest McCann campaign (forgive me) is being played out.

Firstly, as the article below confirms the statements that were leaked of both Kate and Gerry McCann were actually those given to their private investigators, Metado 3. It has been categorically confirmed they were not police statements from the official investigation.

So, the reality is quite shocking. On the very same day the McCanns headed to Brussels they also cynically leaked statements themselves in an attempt to discredit the PJ so they would have an excuse to avoid the reconstruction they had been asked to attend as the PJ's were arriving in UK to further investigate their fellow conspirators.

Is this what they call desperately seeking Madeleine and co-operating with the Police? Just like the lie detector test, we hear how they will co-operate but when they get the chance to do so, they run a mile (next Easyjet flight please and an immediate home visit from a very expensive extradition lawyer). There is no question here of an innocent couple wanting to clear their name either, is there?

Emphasis is very much being placed on Kate in all the latest spin. Why could this be? Two thoughts spring to mind, the most obvious being if it is clearly put into the public domain that Kate herself is being treated harshly and unfairly by the PJ, it is calculated this is far more likely to engender public sympathy than Gerry McCann.

Dumb Clarence Mitchell, on behalf of the increasingly desperate Kate and Gerry seriously believes he has come up with another cunning plan. First, they leak a statement where Kate is openly admitting serious negligence, then we are told this is what she will be prosecuted for. Clarence must believe we are just a load of old sponges. When leaking the statement of course it opens up the way again for an "abduction" and of course the leaker, very conveniently located, in Spain, tells us this " proves they are innocent". In short more of what they have been trying to tell us from day one. Yes we neglected our children and that is why Madeleine got abducted..

It has probably been cynically accepted the public like Gerry less still. At the same time as the leaked statements, we were also told by "friends" how "emotionally fragile" Kate is. She is unwell, she in vulnerable, why are the wicked PJ just picking on her? This, I believe, is the impression they seek to give. The other possibility of course is that Gerry, ever the manipulator, seeks to distance himself still further from accepting any personal responsibility.

Kate joins this circus and allows herself to be used, is she really so weak and fragile? Why does she not just do the decent thing, go to the police and tell the truth? Does she really care what the public think about her? It would seem not, the only thing she cares about is trying to avoid prosecution.

Continuing with the let's get sympathy for Kate theme, in the most lying rag, I think that graces the Sunday press in UK, and featured on Rosie's blog, although just for a change admitting it came from "The People", (because he/she has learned I would point that out!) on Sunday 20 April, tell us the perverse tale that PJ have no evidence to proceed with more serious charges and are therefore set to prosecute Kate, alone, for child neglect/abandonment (we lost but we will get them for something).

Not only is it too late for the PJ to prosecute her for this, there being a 6 month period when they must bring charges, and let's face it, they were not lacking in evidence, why on earth would they just prosecute Kate? From a legal point of view this is utterly perverse, both parents took the decision to keep walking out the door and leaving those children. Then of course, what of the remaining TAPAS who did just the same? The truth is from a legal point of view, the PJ had to investigate the whole case and then bring appropriate charges at the end of that process. There is no way, in law, they could have just prosecuted them for negligence and then proceeded to prosecute again for something far more serious arising from that negligence e.g. sedating their children so they could go out and leave them. If that is what happened, that is not neglect it is manslaughter or maybe even murder.

This same story, that Kate is to be prosecuted for neglect/child endangerment is then repeated in 24 Horas, a Portuguese newspaper, but one, as I have often reported clearly linked to American media, and often printing the rubbish that Clarence Mitchell gives them to print, in fairness, among other things.

What utter rubbish! Madeleine was not just neglected, she died, the parents are responsible for that and wickedly disposing of her body and that is what they are being investigated for and what they will be charged with. Quite posssibly also, very serious fraud.

I am sure we all recall, Detective Superintendent Prior of Leicestershire Police actually specialises in fraud. What is more, within about 10 days of Madeleine going missing the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency were called in by Portuguese Police to assist in the investigation. Senior UK detectives also immediately flew out to Portugal and have been involved ever since.

So much for Portugal, apparently, not asking for help! They have always wanted our help, and it has always been given. That is only natural when it is two British subjects, not without considerable means and intellect who even at that early stage it was obviously quite apparent, may well be involved in the disappearance of their own little child.

Remember the ridiculous lies they immediately told to the two Portuguese GNR officers who were first at the scene. They were utterly bemused to be told that a "predator" (pick the most sinister sounding word Gerry) had damaged the shutters, jemmied the window and stolen Madeleine. The reasons for their bemusement being quite obvious, absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any such break in. Silly Gerry had been glued to his mobile for two hours, telling all his friends and family just the same thing and of course Philomena gave Sky News a scoop for which they have always demonstrated their gratitude.

It is high time Kate and Gerry McCann stopped their sickening campaign and faced the reality of their situation. Sensible people the world over are not convinced by their self-serving propaganda or the "evidence" of their friends.

Jane Tanner, has simply made herself a laughing stock with her constanly changing bizarre tales. Initially describing a man of the same age, height and build and even clothing of Gerry McCann himself. Very interesting indeed. We have seen the pic of Gerry sitting on a sofa giving one of their many interviews wearing that dark jacket and beige trousers, but of course in later accounts he not only changed direction to head directly for Robert Murat's villa, he later even developed a face and grew long hair, he became a bizarre looking swarthy Moroccan with huge teeth, but immediately after the event, she could not put a face to this mystery predator. You could not make this stuff up unless your name was Jane Tanner and someone was pulling your strings who maybe knew some witness spotted him.

As we were recently reliably told from Portugal, justice will soon bring its results, no matter who it hurts.

We know that and I would just say one thing to Clarence Mitchell, Kate and Gerry McCann, they gave you the rope, you used it. We find your conduct repulsive. If PJ do actually sue Clarence Mitchell, it just serves him right and the Daily Mail too, who ran the most sickening story, also on Sunday 20 April.

Finally, it has been reported Robert Murat may get about £2M in libel damages from UK press who have joined the sickening campaign against him and the Portuguese Police. Good luck to you Robert and decent people in the UK understand what you have been through and think you deserve every penny. If the press want to print false propaganda then there is clearly a price to pay for that.

Viv x

PJ of Portimão takes legal action against McCann’s spokesmanControversy: Kate's statement to detectivesThe declarations of Kate McCann remembering a conversation with her daughter Maddie, on the day in which she disappeared, on the fact that in the previous night Kate left the girl crying in the bedroom are not in the official process secured by the Judiciary Police, established the CM. They were reproduced by the Spanish TV channel Telecinco, the journalist Nacho Abad says to have proofs that they are true - but in fact, they are accounts given by Kate to private detectives.The process continues in secrecy of justice, but, 'on the day that the process is opened to the public, it will be easy to prove that those declarations are not there ', said a source close to the investigations. Therefore, this leak of information could never have appeared from inside the Judiciary Police.'On the day in which this situation is clarified accurately ', Clarence Mitchell will be the target of a process for the damages caused against the image of the elements of the Department of Criminal Investigation of Portimão, after they had been 'unfairly accused' by the McCann’s spokesman of passing informations that are part of the process to the Media.Besides, the British police also know that Kate's declarations, about her difficult relationship with the daughter, are not in the process. When the Spanish TV channel reproduced them a PJ’s team was in Leicester, in the period in which the McCann’s friends were heard, and the English authorities confirmed to be Kate's account to the private investigators. It is a company that worked for the couple before the Metódo3 agency and, in the end, they printed a report where these sentences are in. According to our sources, only three parts kept copies of these documents: the company, the McCanns and the British authorities.The problems with the international press do not end here, yesterday, it was the Telegraph turn to advance 'declarations' from Guilhermino Encarnação, where after a meeting with the Public Prosecutor, he would have said that ‘The investigation will bring its results, whoever they hurt', a source close to the responsible of the Faro's PJ guarantees to the CM that none of this is true.DETAILSASFIC SUPPORTS PROCESSContacted by the 'CM', the president of the Criminal Investigation Officers' Union, Carlos Anjos, guarantees to be available for the whole legal support that the investigators of Portimão need if they understand to sue the McCann’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell, McCann, for damages against the image of the department.RE-ENACTMENTCarlos Anjos believes that the controversy created around Kate's declarations, with accusations to the PJ for the eventual leak of information which damages the couple credibility, 'is nothing more than a stratagem in order that they do not have to collaborate with the Portuguese justice'. In question there is a re-enactment of the crime, requested by the PJ but that, according to the couple’s spokesman, will only happen if they stop being arguidos.Source: Correio da Manhã

20 Apr 2008


Hi All

One of my posters reminded me that we are currently all getting caught up in a vicious battle the McCanns are currently waging against the Portuguese Police. On Sunday, 20 April 2008, the Daily Mail published a thoroughly libellous article against them, but was then forced to withdraw it the same day. I hope the Portuguese Police take appropriate action against the Daily Mail. For too long they have allowed themselves to just be used by Kate and Gerry McCann to put out the most sickening propaganda. They have a moral duty to their readers to fairly and accurately report the news and a legal duty to ensure what they print is fair and accurate, it will be no good blaming Clarence Mitchell or Kate and Gerry McCann when the libel writ arrives.

Whilst all this is going on we lose sight of what this is all about and the real victim, MADELEINE BETH McCANN. A little girl who her mummy says at breakfast time on 3 May 2007 said, mummy me and Shaun were crying for you last night where were you?

On that same day, little Madeleine disappeared never to be seen again. As early as June, her father was acknowledging this with comments such as he wanted a major one year anniversary event. A spectacle I think most of us actually dread. We are entitled to believe in the police case that her parents were involved in her death. Her father even ranted "well find the body and prove we killed her".

I have seen emails written by both Goncalo Amaral and Leicestershire Police in which they write in the most heartfelt way, this case is about a little girl that went missing and we are trying to find out what happened to her. That is what they are doing, and I hope all decent people will recognise that and focus on the real issue in this case, a beautiful little girl lost her life and her parents admit they seriously neglected her and caused terrible distress to her and her even tinier little brother.
Let us not forget either little Sean and Amelie who lost their beloved big sister and will be deeply traumatised by that no matter how much her parents may try to deny it.

I have also posted an article about another forgotten victim in this case, Robert Murat, only made an arguido on the basis of false evidence provided to police by friends of Kate and Gerry McCann that he was hanging around, or that someone looking like him and heading in the direction of his villa was carrying little Madeleine off. No one can imagine the terrible trauma and fear this man has had to endure or that of his girlfriend Michaela, a mother herself.

Whilst thinking of some more victims that Kate and Gerry McCann have created let us also spare a thought for Fr Pachecho, formerly a happy man living with other Priests and known in the community for his sunny personality. He befriended Kate and Gerry McCann, he believed in them, he offered them the keys to the church. They used him and left without so much as saying goodbye. He was reprimanded for handing them the keys and becoming too involved. He feels shattered and betrayed. He now lives a reclusive life having moved back in with his parents and living with the terrible trauma of knowing how his trust was so badly misplaced.

Let us also think of Pamela Fenn an elderly lady who thought she had moved to a beautiful place for her retirement, but she has listened to the cries of Madeleine, the cries of Kate McCann and must now be a police witness to terrible events that happened. How can we imagine how she must feel?

Let us also think of all the relatives of Madeleine and their heartbreak and torn loyalties between a little girl who they loved, but who died, and her parents who stand accused of causing that death. Life must be horrible for them too.

Lastly, I used to be married to a policemen. Policemen, just like any normal person get very distressed when a child loses their life. I remember ny husband attending a road accident and cradling a little boy in his arms as he died, and trying to console my husband about this. We had little boys at the time and he was inconsolable. Let us try and imagine how the Portuguese Police officers must have been feeling as they frantically hunted trying to find little Madeleine and how they ultimately had to come to terms with the fact the only thing they may find is her corpse. This is devastating. They are parents and grandparents themselves and suffer, the anguish and sadness, just like we all do. Do they actually deserve what has been written about them? I really do not think so.

I hope we can all try and focus on the real issues in this case, the loss of little Madeleine McCann who we have all come to love because we have seen so many pictures of her and built up an image of what a lovely little girl she was with her whole life ahead of her. Let us not forget all the other victims as well.

Viv x

From The Times
August 25, 2007
The forgotten victim in the McCann case
Our columnist on the disgraceful hounding of Robert Murat
Matthew Parris
Do you have a mother? Have you ever shared a house with her? Might you have dealt with anyone a couple of years past his teens who (for all you know) could have boasted to someone else about seducing an underage girl? Might you be separated from a spouse and conduct another affair? Might you love your daughter? Might you have a cellar in your house? Might you assist local efforts to trace a missing child?
Well watch out, because if any toddler should go missing anywhere near you, and you were to be (not unreasonably) questioned by police, the British press could have had you hanged, drawn and quartered by Monday.
A life has been destroyed after the abduction of Madeleine McCann. Perhaps two, for we do not yet know Madeleine’s fate, and perhaps we never will. But for Robert Murat, the one-time suspect whom much of the British newspaper industry and parts of the Portuguese media casually decided to convict, a life lies in ruins. There is no redemption for Mr Murat now, not if the Angel Gabriel should appear on television to exonerate him. The name alone brings a shudder.
But nobody closely involved with this case believes any longer that Mr Murat is anything but an innocent man. For the rest of the world, however, glancing in passing at headlines and skimming news reports over its coffee, the name Murat is now synonymous with “creepy oddball and obvious suspect”.
function pictureGalleryPopup(pubUrl,articleId) {
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Madeleine McCann: the key questions
Why are the "Tapas 9" key to solving the Madeleine mystery?
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· Pictures: searching for Madeleine
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His reputation will not now be rescued even by the arrest and conviction of anyone else. Imagine today giving your name at a hotel reception as Robert Murat — or Colin Stagg, or Sally Clark. Linkages between a crime and a name are set up in the public imagination and persist even after the story has changed direction. “Robert Murat — wasn’t he the one suspected of taking Maddie? Or cleared of it? Whatever. Mixed up in it anyway.”
For the record, Robert Murat is an Anglo-Portuguese man in his early thirties who has separated from his English wife, has a girlfriend estranged from her own husband, and is sharing a house with his mother, not far from where Madeleine McCann disappeared. After her disappearance he volunteered to help. He hired a car for a few days. His house has a cellar. He has a friendly business connection with a 22-year-old
Russian IT operative, Sergey Malinka, who was (it was reported) claimed by a workmate once to have boasted about underage sex. Mr Murat and Mr Malinka have spoken to each other on mobile phones. And Mr Murat has a four-year-old daughter who (somebody says) looks like Madeleine. Oh — and he’s blind in one eye.
Allegations have swirled around about computers on which pornographic websites have been accessed; but as a large proportion of computers worldwide would answer to that description and the claims have been neither confirmed nor elucidated, I shall not pursue these.
Now watch the British media at work. Exercising a courtesy not extended to Mr Murat, I shall name neither papers nor reporters. Let the headlines (in italics) and reports that follow provide a handy journalists’ guide to assassination-by-innuendo.
“ MADDIE SUSPECT BEHAVED JUST LIKE HUNTLEY: Kidnapping has weird echoes of Soham case. The prime suspect in the kidnap of Madeleine McCann interfered in the investigation as soon as the search for her began, it emerged yesterday. Briton Robert Murat, 33, even tried to comfort Madeleine’s distraught parents, Kate and Gerry, in the hours after she was snatched . . . One holidaymaker said: ‘There was a feeling that his behaviour was similar to that displayed by Huntley.’ Murat was said to have volunteered to act as a translator . . .”
“ Maddie: Russian ‘pervert’ quizzed by cops. A Russian computer ace linked to suspect Robert Murat was being quizzed last night . . . Sergey Malinka, 22 . . . who helped Murat, 33, set up a website – was picked up in a police swoop . . .
“ HUNT FOR MADDIE: POLICE IN NEW VILLA SWOOP COMPUTER RAID. . . Malinka, 22, said he . . . worked on a computer owned by the one-eyed Briton . . . Meanwhile it emerged there is an underfloor chamber at [Murat’s] home, 100 yards from where Maddie, four, was snatched as she slept in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz a fortnight ago . . .”
“ Revealed: The cellar in suspect’s villa. . .‘There is a hole in the floor that we used as access when we were putting all the pipes in, so it’s big enough for a man to get down inside.’” “ His girl is the spitting image of Madeleine. Robert Murat has been pining for his four-year-old daughter Sofia, a ‘spitting image’ of missing Madeleine, friends revealed yesterday . . .”
“ Sex secret of Madeleine suspect: Briton ‘shared’ the wife of pool cleaner at villa. While friends and relatives portrayed suspect Robert Murat as a devoted family man, a darker picture emerged of an irritating oddball who loves to be the centre of attention. A one-eyed estate agent, former car salesman and turkey farm worker . . . it also emerged that Murat was caught up in a bizarre love triangle . . .”
“ One minute the Murats were happy with their new life in Portugal, the next their marriage was in tatters . . . his wife never said why it ended FAMILY FRIEND: Friends of Robert Murat’s ex-wife told last night how she suddenly walked out on him — but she would not say why.”
“ A PHONEY ALIBI? 11.40pm call on the night she went missing. Murat told police he was at home in bed” . . . Detectives are said to be concerned that though Murat and Malinka claim to be only business acquaintances they were captured on CCTV speaking animatedly . . . Murat also rented a hire car for three days after the abduction, possibly after he realised he was under police surveillance.”
“ The police haven’t told the family what is on Murat’s computer. They want to shield them. . .” . . . And so it went on for about a week: a week in which Mr Murat saw his good name torn apart. The damage done, a cautionary note then crept in . . .
“Despite the discoveries, nothing was found to connect Briton Murat to Madeleine . . .”
And, months later, nothing has been. There is speculation that the Portuguese police will formally exonerate Mr Murat soon. I don’t even know he is innocent. But I do know that, though “innocent until proved guilty” is a counsel of perfection, and though it is sometimes impossible to write useful reports without fingering guilty and innocent alike, there are still limits — cloudy though they must necessarily be. Reporting in this case has smashed right through them.
The whole disgusting business, the whole media-driven infatuation with this little girl and her parents, the whole sick, morbid, sentimental campaign of news generation and news manipulation, has been a disgrace to the British media.

18 Apr 2008

Kate gets some comfort..

A friend emailed this pic of Kate getting some comfort from Mat Oldfield, what do people make of this? does Kate drop the controlled guard she has to put on when ~Gerry is not about and get comfort from someone a little more loving, concerned and human? VivX and thanks Atardi for your post below. x


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The owner of the holiday flat where Madeleine McCann vanished wants to rent it out, it was claimed yesterday.

Ruth McCann - who is no relation - is said to be asking £19,500 a year from tourists for the Ocean Club property in Praia da Luz, Portugal. The two bedroom flat has been empty since August.

A local paper claimed it will not be available until June because police need it for a reconstruction. Ruth McCann refused to comment.

17 Apr 2008


Hi all

In the toughest talk I have ever seen from the PJ and the Chief, no less, we are promised the investigation will bring results whoever they hurt. This obviously leaves the way open to others being prosecuted besides Kate and Gerry and is wonderful news!

I also post an article from The Lawyer where it is explained London law firm have launched libel action against 11 media outlets including the poor old DE again! It promises this will be the biggest we have ever seen, sounds like it too. Mr Murat is going to be a very rich man:-) Again, fantastic news, for fairness and for justice. The way that Robert and his girlfriend were castigated in the press and by the likes of Rosiepops and Christabel unedited on the comments forum (Now removed) calling him a paedophile and a pervert etc was an absolute disgrace)
Viv x

Madeleine McCann mystery will be solved, say policeBy Bonnie Malkin and agencies
Last Updated: 11:15am BST 16/04/2008
Portuguese police have insisted they will solve the mystery of Madeleine McCann's disappearance.
In full: The Madeleine McCann investigation
Faro police chief Guilhermino Encarnacao, who is in charge of coordinating the investigation into the missing girl, has brushed off criticism of his force.

He insisted the to insist the case was moving forward.
Madeleine McCann investigators have been locked in a war of words with the four-year-old's parents and their press spokesman Clarence Mitchell following the leaking of the couple's police statements.
Last week Mr Mitchell demanded an inquiry into how the McCanns' witness statements - given shortly after their daughter vanished - had been leaked and claimed it was another attempt to smear the couple.
In a rare public statement, the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) then criticised Mr Mitchell for his "baseless intervention".
Dr Encarnacao, speaking after a meeting between public prosecutors and police who travelled to Britain for fresh interviews with the McCanns' holiday friends, said: "Everything's going well.
"The inquiries carried out in the UK are progressing in the best way possible."
He said the police were not "vulnerable to pressure" from any party involved.
"The investigation will bring its results, whoever they hurt."
The pledge came as a clairvoyant claimed Madeleine McCann died in an accident.
Last week it emerged that Robert Murat, the British expatriate made a formal suspect over the disappearance of Madeleine, has begun one of the largest libel claims in the history of British media.
The 34-year-old, who lived close to the Portugal apartment where the missing girl was last seen, has launched libel proceedings against 11 newspapers and one television network.


Simons Muirhead launches libel action for Murat
Nina Goswami
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Simons Muirhead & Burton is launching one of Britain's largest libel claims on behalf of Robert Murat, the man named by Portugese police as a formal suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
The firm, in a statement, confirmed it was representing Murat in respect to libel actions against 11 newspapers and one television channel. The firm declined to comment any further.
Almost a year since Madeleine's disappearance in Praia Da Luz, Portugal, Murat is seeking formal public apologies and damages for his treatment in the British press.
One relative said the media's treatment of Murant resulted in "unfair stains on the name of a man against whom there is not a shred of evidence".
The news comes less than a month after media firm Carter-Ruck ensured Madeleine's parents received apologies from Express Newspapers for suggesting they were responsible for her death.
This included front page retractions in The Daily Express and Daily Star and the newspaper group has paid £550,000 to the Find Madeleine campaign.
Publications facing libel action from Murat:
SkyThe Daily ExpressThe Sunday ExpressThe Daily StarThe Daily MailThe Evening StandardThe MetroThe Daily MirrorThe Sunday MirrorThe News of the WorldThe SunThe Scotsman


The interview that caused a Spanish Psychiatrist to say Kate cries with the face of a poker player..and certainly has much to hide..certainly looks like the makeup artist done a good job here..."beautiful". It has never been my experience of crying to keep the makeup perfect. Black mascara streaks and a shiny nose spring to mind!

Hi All, As I posted back Kate was clearly intimating she would not wish to go back for any reconstruction because she was feeling "emotionally fragile" but then managed to go and face a host of Euro MPs with press flash bulbs and then a press conference as well. Some might think that would be an impossible feat for someone who was feeling fragile. We also noted Clarence's concerned look for Kate with her heavy case, and no doubt considerable trepidation as Gerry just bounded onto the train ahead of her, without so much as a backward glance. Like her knight in shinging armour, Clarence now lays into the PJ over the alleged leak of their statements. But the PJ are hitting back just as hard, confirming they have done no such thing and that Mitchell is just inventing excuses for them not to return. People have suggested to me Mitchell himself leaked these, and I kind of rubbished the idea, but, if they are forced to go back for that reconstruction in accordance with their Arguido status, chances are they will be arrested. So even though leaking the statements is very damaging indeed to the McCanns maybe actually he did, because what could be worse than them being arrested? That is what they so desperately seek to avoid, quite obviously, that is what their "campaign" has been about. Who seriously believes it has been anything to do with finding Maddie? Maybe it is a last ditch and very desperate effort to save the McCanns by highlighting just how apparently unfair and underhand the PJ are..I wonder when we will get 'how can we get a fair trial now'. You can almost bet it is coming.

The article below certainly got me thinking again. The other handy suspects given the leak was made in Spain and perversely the leaker said they are innocent is Metodo 3. I could not get my head around why something so damaging would be leaked and yet the leaker would say but they are innocent. I think I got it now!

Do you remember back in October when Clarence was blasting off the McCanns may sue the Portuguese Police but the Portuguese lawyers were explaining that was hardly credible..posted a good article about that too, underneath from The Daily Mail. Looking back at many of their articles it perhaps is a little unfair to say they have always been on the side of Kate and Gerry!

Oh one last thing, I am sure I am not the only one to notice, the DE removed all their articles, but left the comments, now the comments have gone as well. What a pity, I loved to go back and spend the odd 10 minutes checking "Rosiepops" almost 8000 posts:-) Family member, too right, if not, what incredible devotion to a cause..in the most aggressive McCann type of way, that is. But "she" seems to have lost heart in her own little blog now, wonder why?

Viv x

Portuguese police accuse McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell of 'lying through his teeth'Last updated at 12:16pm on 15th April 2008
The hunt for Madeleine McCann was engulfed in a war of words yesterday as Portuguese police criticised her parents' spokesman.

Detectives denied Clarence Mitchell's claims that police had deliberately leaked statements from Kate and Gerry McCann and said they regretted his 'baseless intervention'. In an astonishing attack today Portuguese police union chief Carlos Anjos told respected Portuguese daily Jornal de Noticias: "Mr Mitchell wants to discredit the Policia Judiciaria and invent excuses so the McCanns do not come to Portugal to participate in the reconstruction of the night she disappeared.
"He lies with as many teeth as he has in his mouth.
"Finally we know what side truth is on.
"While the Policia Judiciaria were fulfilling their duty of investigating what happened to Madeleine, her parents' spokesman was manipulating public opinion."
"He needed to find an excuse for the McCanns not to take part in the reconstitution, saying that he doesn't trust the Policia Judiciaria."
In an extraordinary turn of events, Anjos told Jornal de Noticias his union was offering advice to officers who felt they had been identified by Mr Mitchell's leak claims and wanted to take legal action.

Yesterday, in a rare public statement - only the fifth in the 11-month investigation - the Policia Judiciaria said Mr Mitchell should not have spoken out, because the police operation had reached a 'significant' stage. But last night Mr Mitchell insisted he stands by his claims that the statements were 'shamelessly' leaked to overshadow the McCanns' high-profile visit to the European Parliament to promote a missing child alert campaign last week.
Coverage of the visit was dominated by the revelations that on the morning of May 3, just hours before she disappeared from the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz, Madeleine asked her mother: "Mummy, why didn't you come when we were crying last night?"
Mr Mitchell said: "I'm not retracting a word of what I said. The Portuguese police have yet to explain how these statements came to be leaked.
"Their criticism of me doesn't explain how that confidential material came to be made public, and with very curious timing."

He warned police last week that 'the gloves were off' following the leaking of the couple's police statements, and branded the leak 'brazen, shameless and cackhanded'.
Detectives hit back yesterday after a meeting between the head of the investigation, Paulo Rebelo, and public prosecutor Jose Cunha Magalhaes e Menezes.
In a statement posted on the force's website, a spokesman said: "The spokesman for the couple, Clarence Mitchell, publicly expressed the view to diverse media outlets, that he was certain the Policia Judiciaria was responsible for the leaks.
"The PJ want to make it clear that it is entirely false that this report included material from the inquiry, which is covered by the secrecy of justice.
"The PJ regrets the baseless intervention of the spokesman, above all at a moment when significant moves were being made in the investigation."
The police refused to reveal what was meant by 'significant moves'.
nah let's get The Daily Express instead! but we better leave it a few months to bump the cash up..There was me thinking libel was to protect your reputation and you were supposed to immediately demand they stop the publications. Not the McCann way, you watch and you wait, while your money goes up! Like Clarence kept telling us the other million from kind little old ladies and people on Income Support they scammed was running a bit low..Enjoy your 4 x 4 whilst you can, Gerry x
viv x
McCanns may sue Portuguese police for £1m if Madeleine investigation is closedLast updated at 11:32am on 9th November 2007
Comments (24) Kate and Gerry McCann could sue the Portuguese police for failure to find their daughter, it was claimed yesterday.
The couple could sue for an estimated £1million if the investigation is closed, it was reported.
Their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said it was something the couple's legal team might consider in the future.
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Kate and Gerry McCann could sue for an estimated £1million if the investigation is closed, it has been reported
Madeleine: Changes in evidence from Tapas Nine could 'dramatically change investigation'
Kate McCann screamed 'They've taken her' from the balcony, police insist
One of the Portuguese lawyers acting for the McCanns, Rogerio Alves, told the newspaper Diario de Noticias: "What has to be done will be done in due time."
A second member of their legal team, Carlos Pinto de Abreu said such a move was "technically possible" but would be difficult in practice.
It would rely on the McCanns being able to prove that Portuguese police had failed to act on information which could have led them to Madeleine.
One of the witnesses who claims to have seen the four-year-old in Morocco has told how police refused to investigate her sighting, saying: "It can't have been Madeleine because we believe she's dead."
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Madeleine McCann has been missing since May 3
Other witnesses have complained that Portuguese police never returned their calls or investigated their sightings.
Mr Pinto de Abreu said: "You would have to prove that it was intentional. It is very, very difficult, almost impossible to do.
"Only if you had information that someone had said they knew where the child was and the police had taken no action.
"It wouldn't be easy but it would be possible."
Asked if it was something he would consider on behalf of the McCanns, he said: "I cannot think about it."
The lawyer said it would not be possible for the couple to sue the Portuguese state for defamation over the decision to make them suspects in their daughter's disappearance.
He said: "The officials have always said that all lines of the investigation remain open.
"That is quite a cautious opinion. That's all they've said."
The couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "It is something for their lawyers to consider further on down the line.
"The only way this case will close for Kate and Gerry is when Madeleine is found safe and well."
There has been speculation that the case could be closed as early as Christmas

16 Apr 2008


For the months that the investigation of Madeleine’s dissapearance has been going on, we have been reading from the papers and hearing from TV interviews and press conferences given by CM, a lot of contradictory information. Here is a list of the contradictions that I have noticed and which I wish could be explained. If any of you recall other contradictions, please feel free to edit the present list.


A window has been jemmied, but then it seems that no jemmied window was found;

doors were locked, and later claimed that a door was left unlocked in order to facilitate the checks on the kids;

the appartment 5 A could be seen from where the group was, but that was proven not to be true; in fact it was quite concealed by a high wall and trees, etc.;

checks were made on the kids every 30 minutes, but later said that it was every 20 minutes or so;

cuddle cat was placed high on a shelve, but from pictures of the room seen in the media, there was no such a piece of furniture; lately it emerges that cuddle cat was more or less where it was before Madeleine vanished;

the Tapas bar was a few steps away, but it was more that a few steps away;

they would never leave Portugal without finding out what happened to Maddie, but left as soon as the picture turned a little darker;

they were the first to arrive at the Tapas bar, but their buddies stated otherwise, that they were the last to arrive there;

a lie test would be taken, but then they changed their mind;

bundle man was like this now, but later he was like that;

bundle man was heading to the beach, but later he was walking in another direction;

fund money would not be used for personnal expenses, but used it to pay mortgage;

they were paying for Retardo's fees, but their money provider did say that he was paying for it;

Retardo's contract would not be renewed in March, but it was;

there are wholly innocent explanations for everything that the police may or may not find, but yet they don't offer up such explanations;

there was no pact of silence, but later one of the group apparently said that in fact they did and it was nobody bussiness;

some sort of normality was wanted for their lifes back in the UK, yet almost every single day there's something new that they are letting out thorough CM;

they want to go back to Portugal and help the investigation, but they are as fast as the wind in the hiring of extradition lawyers;

Gerry reported on the initial stage of the investigation that a blue tennis bag went missing, but later he denied that he ever had such a bag;

PJ offered Kate a deal if she confessed, but their lawyer said that there has been no offer of any deal by the police;

they would do anything to help the investigation, but then they are now saying that they will not go back to Portugal for the reconstruction of the night of 3rd May 2007 (what happened to the affirmations that if asked to, they would go back anytime?);

Kate was too fragile to go to Portugal for the said reconstruction, but then off to Brussels they go, with Kate looking pretty and healthy…in fact, never seen her looking so fit!

they were loving and responsible parents, BUT WERE THEY?


Do battered women who kill their husband's deserve leniency under the law, what about battered women, who kill their children?

The evidence in the case of Sara did tend to suggest she was pretty abusive and heavy drinking herself! I think she served about 6 years. Ahluwhalia was an horrific case both in terms of the extreme violence she suffered and the manner in which she killed him, throwing petrol into the room as he slept and then setting light. The law has always favoured men in relation to the defence of provocation in that they tend to react immediately and judges can see oh well they were provoked, but when mental ill health has been caused to the wife and she is in terror there can be what is called a slow burn of rage until it suddenly erupts. Then judges were saying oh you could not have been provoked, you sat and thought about it for weeks and then you killed him, that was murder. The law has become a little more compassionate, a strict application can bring some harsh results. It is a difficult moral dilemma, on the one hand the law has to make clear you cannot take the life of another, but on the other hand also has to demonstrate compassion which it does not always manage to do. Far too many judges are white, Oxbridge etc, are they the right people to be forming a view. Diversity brings differing views, women other cultures etc. The law has a long way to go!

Viv x

Criminal law - provocation
Battered women who kill - Part 1
Mary Luckham, Lectuer SPR; Visiting lecturer, College of Law

During the 1990s “Justice for Women”, a group which began as the “Free Sara Thornton” campaign, together with the Southall Black Sisters, led high profile media campaigns in support of the appeals of Sara Thornton, Kiranjit Ahluwalia and Emma Humphreys – three women who killed their husbands. Justice for Women has since then consistently supported other cases involving women who have been systematically subjected to domestic violence and have killed their abusive partners.
Students of criminal law will be familiar with the names “Ahluwalia” ([1992] 4 All ER 889), “Thornton” ([1992] 1 All ER 306 and (No. 2) [1996] 1 WLR 1174) and “Humphreys” ([1995] 4 All ER 1008). These three cases concern the defences of provocation and diminished responsibility, defences which are only available to charges of murder. A successful plea of either of these defences will result in a conviction of manslaughter instead of one of murder. The advantage here – in addition to the defendant not bearing the stigma of a murder conviction – is flexibility in sentencing. Murder carries a mandatory penalty of life imprisonment whereas for manslaughter, life imprisonment is the maximum penalty. This enables the judge to take all the circumstances into account and sentence accordingly.
The defence of diminished responsibility was created by Section 2 Homicide Act 1957. It requires that the defendant was suffering from an abnormality of mind – which can arise from a number of conditions – which substantially impaired his or her mental responsibility at the time of the killing. It was introduced into English law in response to the Royal Commission on Capital Punishment (Cmnd 8932 1949-1953) which had recommended an extended insanity defence.
Capital punishment for murder was not finally abolished in this country until the passing of the Murder (Abolition of Death Penalty) Act 1965 which substituted a mandatory penalty of life imprisonment. There had been a number of notorious cases where it was felt that the death penalty should not have been imposed. One of these was the case of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in this country. She was hanged on the 13th July 1955 at Holloway Prison despite much public sympathy. The newspapers had clamoured for a reprieve and one of them paid for two defending barristers at her trial.
Ellis had shot her lover outside the Magdala pub in Hampstead. She had been sexually abused by her father and subjected to violent physical abuse by her lover who had ultimately rejected her. Although her case is credited as being one of those which led to the creation of the defence of diminished responsibility (it seems she might have been suffering from battered woman syndrome and could therefore, today, plead this defence) the evidence led at her trial indicated the defence of provocation. However, Mr. Justice Havers, the trial judge, withdrew the defence from the jury stating that he considered there to be insufficient evidence of provocation and, effectively, told the jury to find her guilty which they did, after deliberating for 15 minutes.
Of course, at that time a judge did have the power to withdraw the defence from the jury where he considered there to be insufficient evidence of provocation. In 1957 the common law defence of provocation was modified by Section 3 of the Homicide Act and the position now is that where there is any evidence that the defendant was provoked to lose his self-control then the question of provocation must be left to be determined by the jury. (See also R v Doughty [1986] Crim L.R. 625)
This defence requires, firstly, that the defendant was provoked to lose his self-control and, secondly, that the reasonable man would have been provoked to do as the defendant did. So far as the first criterion is concerned, the jury must consider that, at the time of the killing, the defendant might have been provoked to lose his self-control i.e. was so subject to passion as not be be master of his/her own mind: “Indeed circumstances which induce a desire for revenge are inconsistent with provocation, since the conscious formulation of a desire for revenge means that a person has had time to think, to reflect, and that would negative a sudden temporary loss of self-control which is of the essence of provocation.” Devlin J in Duffy [1949] 1 All ER 932 .
The second criterion is that the jury must be satisfied that the reasonable man would have done as the defendant did. This was seen to be an “objective” test based upon a hypothetical reasonable person. For a long time, the only characteristics which could be attributed to the reasonable man were age, sex and any personal idiosyncracies which were “relevant” i.e. had some degree of permanence, set the defendant apart in some way and were characteristics against which the provocation had been directed. (See Camplin [1978] AC 705 HL and Newell [1980] 71 Cr App Rep 331).
Both of these criteria have given rise to problems for battered women as will be seen below.
Kiranjit Ahluwalia, who after enduring many years of violence and humiliation from her husband, threw petrol into his bedroom, whilst he was sleeping in there, and set it alight. Her husband died six days later. She was convicted of murder at trial, her defence of provocation having been unsuccessful. The trial judge had directed the jury in accordance with the classic definition in Duffy (above) that provocation required conduct: “…which would cause in any reasonable person and actually causes in the accused, a sudden and temporary loss of self-control.” It is likely, in view of the facts, that the jury did not consider that she might, at the time of the killing not have been master of her mind – it was not an instantaneous reaction.
She appealed to the Court of Appeal who affirmed the judge’s direction to the jury but allowed evidence of endogenous depression at the material time and confirmed that, as it was a major depressive disorder that it could come within the ambit of Section 2 Homicide Act 1957 – diminished responsibility. The Court of Appeal held that, given the medical evidence which had not been properly pursued at her trial, the conviction of murder was unsafe and unsatisfactory and ordered a retrial at which she was convicted of manslaughter. Her sentence reflected the number of years she had already spent in prison and she was released.

Criminal law - provocation
Battered women who kill - Part 2
Mary Luckham, Lectuer SPR; Visiting lecturer, College of Law

Emma Humphreys, who had had, since childhood, a history of cutting her wrists went to live with a man at the age of 16. He lived off her earnings as a prostitute and consistently beat her. On the night she killed him he and his friends had mentioned the possibility of a “gang-bang” and, later, when he taunted her that she had not made a very good job of cutting her wrists she stabbed him, killing him. She was convicted of murder having failed with her defence of provocation but on appeal the Court of Appeal quashed her conviction and substituted one of manslaughter holding that characteristics of abnormal immaturity and attention-seeking were relevant and could therefore be attributed to the reasonable man on the basis that they represented a permanent condition from which she suffered.
Emma Humphreys had spent a long time in prison. Leave to appeal had been refused in 1986 but she renewed her application in the 1990’s perhaps because a more liberal approach to the defence of provocation was, by that time being demonstrated. Arguably, by then the erosion of the objective, or the reasonable man test had already begun.
Sara Thornton, who suffered from a personality disorder had been assaulted violently on a number of occasions, by her husband who was an alcoholic. On the final occasion, she went to the kitchen, sharpened a knife and stabbed him, killing him. She was convicted of murder. Her defence of provocation was not accepted by the court.
On her first appeal, the Court of Appeal, as it had in Ahluwalia, approved the dictum in Duffy that there must be a sudden and temporary loss of self-control. However, the court did confirm that a history of provocation could be taken into account – i.e. cumulative provocation. Nevertheless it was held that even though there might have been a history of provocation, if the evidence was that the defendant had not been provoked to lose his or her self control at the time of the killing then the defence would fail.
On her second appeal against conviction in 1996, the Court of Appeal quashed the conviction on the basis that it was unsafe and unsatisfactory, battered woman syndrome and the personality disorder from which she suffered not having been left to the jury as characteristics to be attributed to the reasonable person. The court ordered a retrial which took place at Oxford Crown Court where the jury convicted her of manslaughter. She was sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment. However, as she pleaded both provocation and diminished responsibility at her retrial it is impossible to say whether the jury necessarily accepted that her defence of provocation was made out. The jury may have reached its verdict on the basis that she was suffering from diminished responsibility.
These cases and others during this period have highlighted anomalies in the law. A man might receive a comparatively light sentence for manslaughter, where his self-control had snapped and he had killed his wife after years of constant nagging and taunting or where he had discovered that she was having an adulterous affair, whereas a woman subjected to years of physical and mental abuse would be likely to receive a mandatory life sentence because none of the defences available following a charge of murder would be wholly appropriate to the circumstances in which she killed. Women being smaller and physically weaker are less likely to respond in the same way as men, especially where they have already been subjected to violence. They fear it happening again. Both Ahluwalia and Thornton, for example, killed their husbands whilst they were asleep, appeared to be in control and, in the case of Ahluwalia, had planned the killing having purchased the petrol a few days beforehand. In situations like this it is very difficult to assess after the event whether a killing was out of despair and/or ‘slow burn’ resulting in a woman not being master of her own mind or whether it was a planned revenge attack.
Battered women have not normally raised the defence of self-defence (a complete defence) and have been frequently unsuccessful with the defence of provocation. Such women have, at least since Ahluwalia (where the Court of Appeal confirmed that battered woman syndrome was a condition which could come within the ambit of Section 2 Homicide Act 1957) been more successful with the defence of diminished responsibility. However, to raise the defence of diminished responsibility is to admit to mental abnormality, which although preferable to an admission of murder is not one that is necessarily appropriate to or desired by these women.
It has long been argued, that the law on provocation and self-defence, being based upon male standards of behaviour, and perhaps more appropriate to bar-room brawling than to the plight of battered women, results in injustice.
The defence of self-defence in some states in the United States has been interpreted to accommodate these women. So far as the law for England and Wales is concerned, self defence is a justificatory and complete defence – a successful plea resulting in a complete acquittal, unlike provocation or diminished responsibility. It is also a general defence and not just available where the charge is murder. The requirements are that there must be a need to use force and, in addition, any force used must be “reasonable” although pre-emptive strikes are permissible where the threat is imminent. Although it could be argued that, where such women are concerned, the threat is always imminent, juries will be disinclined to return a not guilty verdict on the grounds of self-defence where, for example, the defendant poured petrol over her sleeping husband and set it alight (Ahluwalia) or stabbed her husband to death whilst he was lying down, drunk and unarmed (Thornton). Such force is unlikely to be seen as “reasonable” in the circumstances.
Unless, therefore an excusatory defence of excessive force could be used in cases of murder so as to enable a jury to return a verdict of manslaughter in situations such as this, self-defence is unlikely to benefit many such women. The House of Lords in the case of Clegg [1995] 1 AC 482 said that any such change in the law was a matter for Parliament to consider. In the more recent case of R v Martin (Anthony) [2002] the House of Lords ruled that although the jury could take into account in relation to self-defence the physical characteristics of the defendant, in deciding whether excessive force has been used they were not entitled to take into account whether the defendant was suffering from a psychiatric condition which might make him perceive any circumstances as being a greater threat than would the normal person. The policy behind this decision is that whereas provocation only applies to murder, self-defence applies to all assaults and it is a complete defence and according to Lord Woolf CJ: “There is also the undoubted fact that self-defence is raised in a great many cases resulting from minor assaults and it would be wholly disproportionate to encourage medical disputes in cases of that sort.”
To be continued