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The original full sized last photo. It includes Gerry, Amelie and Madeleine.


On Thursday May 3, 2007 at 2:29pm, Kate McCann took a photo of husband Gerry and daughters Amelie and Madeleine. On the first version of the official Find Madeleine website we were told:
Gerry and Kate McCann have released the last photograph of their daughter before her abduction in the Algarve three weeks ago.
The picture is of Madeleine sitting by the swimming pool on the day she was snatched from her bed.
Kate took the photo of Madeleine at 2.29pm on May 3 – Mrs McCann’s camera clock is one hour out so the display reads 1.29pm. Less than eight hours later, before 10pm that night, Madeleine disappeared.

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08 03 Outros Apensos VIII vol III Pages 543 to 548
(in English)
Hampshire constabulary

Witness Statement

Statement of: Stuart William Martin

Occupation: Detective Constable 1755

Date: 9th May 2007

1. I am employed by Hampshire Constabulary as a Detective Constable and am currently stationed in the Hi-Tech Crime Unit. I hold a Batchelor of Mechanical Engineering and Management degree from Liverpool university. My duties include the retrieval and examination of evidence from computers and other digital media and the investigation of computer crime. I have successfully completed two courses held by Guidance Software Inc in relation to their forensic software tools.

I have also successfully completed one course held by Access data Corp in relation to their forensic data tools.

2. On 8th May at 21.00 hours, the following was delivered to my home address by PC 178 Barham, requesting they be examined to establish if they contained pictures and video footage of a hotel complex in Praia da Luz.

ID ref Description
NALF/1 Video tape from Sony Handicam Video Camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07

NALF/2 64 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07

NALF/3 32 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07

3. Video tape from Sony Handicam Video Camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 1)

On 9th May 2007 at 08.30 I delivered this video camera in the sealed bag number CD 48113 to the imaging unit at Hampshire Police Support headquarters, Netley for examination. I conducted no examination of this bag and contents.

4. 64 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 2) and 32 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 3).

On 9th May 2007 I commenced my examination of a sealed plastic bag seal number CD48115 with two exhibit labels attached marked 64 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 2) and 32 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 3).

5. This bag contained a power lead and cable, a black camera case which contained an Olympus C50 camera and a memory cad holder which contained one card.

6. I identified NALF/2 as the memory card which was installed in the camera and NALF/3 as the card in the memory card holder.

7. NALF/2 is an Olympus XD 64 MB memory card number MXD64P3L922905RN9 0223 MAD.

8. NALF/3 is an Olympus XD 32 MB memory card number MXD32P3RO34505RN20235 MAD.

9. I imaged NALF/2 using Guidance Software Inc computer forensic software called Encase version 5.

10. I imaged NALF/2 using Guidance Software Inc computer forensic software called Encase version 5

11. I examined the data from the two cards and located 43 pictures in the live area of the two cards.

12. I produced these pictures as identification references SWM/3019/01 to SWM/3019/43.

13. On checking the camera I found that the time and date was not set on the camera and it was recording the time and date as 0000 hours on 01/01/02. This did not change during the examination. None of the pictures SWM/3019/01 to SWM/3019/43 have any created dates recorded. The last written time and date for each of them is recorded as 0000 01/01/02.

14. Last Accessed represents the date the file as last examined. Whether the Last Accessed Date is triggered depends on the nature of the examination. Opening a file will trigger the Last Accessed Date, as will looking at the file properties and browsing the file structure with Windows Explorer. Examining a file on “write protected media” such as a floppy disk will not trigger this date, neither will examining a file on a compact disk or DVD.

15. Last Written represents the time and date that the contents of the file was last changed. The Last Written date and time is unchanged by the process of copying a file from one drive to another.

16. The creation date and time of the file is usually when it is written to the surface of the disk, subject to the accuracy of the computer clock that was used to perform this task. When this date and time is seen to be after the last written date and time it shows that the files has been transferred from another media.

17. Starting Extent represents the physical location of the starting cluster of the file.

18. Using my forensic software I was able to locate 73 pictures files in the unallocated clusters which had been deleted and were no longer accessible to the camera user.

19. I produce a report containing each of these picture identification reference SWM/3019/01 to SWM/3019/43.

20. I produce a compact disk SWM/3019/44 containing pictures SWM/3019/01 to SWM/3019/43 and report SWM3019/45. I have also copied the pictures and the folders as they appear on the cards, to this disk.

21. Unallocated clusters

22. Unallocated clusters are clusters on a drive that are not currently assigned to a file. Also called free space. A file may either occupy one or more clusters. The clusters that a file occupies are not necessarily contiguous. Some of these clusters may still contain data from files that have been deleted but not yet overwritten by other files.

23. When the data is extracted from the unallocated clusters there are not imes and dates or file names attributed to the data. My forensic software therefore saved the data in file format and named the files according to the location of the data within the unallocated clusters.

Statement taken by: Self


23 Jul 2010


Bulger killer Venables jailed over child abuse images

Police handout in 1993 of Jon Venables Jon Venables was given a new identity upon his release from prison in 2001
One of the killers of James Bulger has been jailed for two years after admitting downloading and distributing indecent images of children.
Now 27, Jon Venables was 10 when he and friend Robert Thompson murdered the toddler in Bootle, Merseyside, in 1993.
The images were found on Venables' computer after he alerted his probation officer when he feared his new identity was in danger of being revealed.
James's mother Denise Fergus said "justice had not been done".

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Her spokesman said the two-year sentence "was simply not enough to meet the gravity of what this person did".
Sentencing Venables, Mr Justice Bean said he had "colluded in the harm of children".
The judge said it would be "wrong" for his sentence to be increased because of his previous crime. But he said Venables would not be automatically freed after serving half of his jail term like any other prisoner and it would be for the Parole Board to determine when or if he would be released.


Court 14 was packed for this extraordinary moment of justice as Jon Venables spoke clearly and strongly to declare he was guilty of the three offences.
But this was no ordinary plea thanks to the unprecedented steps taken to protect Venables' identity.
The screen in front of presiding judge Mr Justice Bean was set at such an angle that he alone could see the convicted murderer's face - and any flicker of emotion that may have been apparent.
All that those in court, including James Bulger's mother Denise Fergus, could hear was a disembodied voice.
She sat impassively, but her partner shook his head as he heard the details of the offences.
Lawyers for the media asked if the rest of the court could see the screen. They argued it was "a very serious departure" from the principle of open justice and the first time such steps had ever been taken for an adult criminal defendant.
But the judge refused their request, saying the risk of Venables being identified and later attacked justified the decision.
Venables was also banned from using a computer or the internet for five years and will be placed on the Sex Offenders Register for 10 years upon any eventual release.
He pleaded guilty to three offences under the 1978 Protection of Children Act. The first involved downloading 57 indecent pictures of children between February 2009 and February 2010.
The second involved distributing three indecent photographs of children in February 2010, while a third involved distributing 42 images in February 2008.
Venables and Thompson were released in 2001 with new identities and it was the fear that his had been discovered that led Venables to contact his probation officer.
When the officer arrived, Venables was trying to delete files from his computer and remove the hard drive, prosecutors said.
He was subsequently taken to a police station with the machine where it was examined by officers, they added.
Louis Mably, prosecuting, said eight of the images were at level four, the second most serious category of child pornography. Two were level three, three were level two, and 44 were level one, the least serious, he added. The images involved children as young as two and some showed the rape of young girls.
Edward Fitzgerald QC, representing Venables, said his murder conviction had cast a long shadow over his life, and he had been living a "wholly abnormal" existence, punctuated by "vilification, demonisation, and threats to his life".
He said his client had held down a job ever since his release, but it had been difficult for him to form a relationship with a woman because it was a condition of his licence that he had to tell anyone he was in a close relationship with his true identity.
James Bulger's mother Denise Fergus and her spokesman outside the Old Bailey Denise Fergus said two years in jail was "simply not enough" for Venables
Venables was arrested for affray in September 2008 but the charge was dropped. He claimed he had acted in self-defence, but was given a formal warning that his actions had breached the terms of his release.
Mr Fitzgerald said Venables had also become addicted to drugs, including cocaine, and was cautioned for possession in December 2008.
James's mother said after the hearing that she was "surprised and concerned" that Venables had not been recalled to prison following those incidents and called for Justice Secretary Ken Clarke to investigate the actions of the probation service.
The Ministry of Justice said a review would be carried out, but "the direct responsibility for these offences must lie with Jon Venables".
Mr Mably said Venables' computer "indicated the defendant had an extensive history of searching for and downloading indecent images of children using the internet".
In a statement made to police in March, Venables said he considered it "breaking the last taboo", but insisted he had "no intention" of having sex with a young girl.
James Bulger James Bulger was killed a month before his third birthday
The court also heard that in online communications Venables claimed to be a 35-year-old married woman called Dawn Smith who abused her eight-year-old daughter, and offered to sell access to the child.
In a statement read to the court, Venables said he was "genuinely ashamed" of the offences.
Venables and Thompson abducted two-year-old James while he was shopping with his mother at the New Strand Shopping Centre in Bootle on 12 February 1993.
The toddler was beaten with bricks and iron bars and his body left on a railway line.
His killers were detained at Her Majesty's pleasure, the usual substitute for life imprisonment for juvenile offenders.
In 2001, when they turned 18, both were freed, despite public outcry.

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Kate and Gerry McCann to meet Home Secretary Theresa May in a bid to reopen Maddie case

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 2:45 PM on 4th July 2010

Kate and Gerry McCann will meet with Home Secretary Theresa May amid speculation a new investigation could be opened into the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.

The Home Office confirmed Mrs May will meet with the couple to discuss how the search for their daughter, who has been missing for more than three years, is progressing.

The couple requested to meet with the new Home Secretary as part of their push for a review of all the information in the hands of the British and Portugese authorities.
The search continues: Kate and Gerry McCann are calling for a fresh probe into the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine

The search continues: Kate and Gerry McCann are calling for a fresh probe into the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine

Former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson last year ordered an internal review of evidence and an outline of how a new investigation into Madeleine's disappearance might work.

It is understood the report is almost complete, and could pave the way for a fresh probe into the case.
Meeting: Theresa May has taken a close interest in Maddie's case since becoming Home Secretary

Meeting: Theresa May has taken a close interest in Maddie's case since becoming Home Secretary

But the Metropolitan Police said it had no plans to reopen the investigation.

Madeleine was nearly four when she went missing from her family's holiday flat in Praia da Luz in the Algarve, Portugal, on the night of May 3 2007 as her parents dined with friends nearby.

Despite a massive police investigation and huge publicity worldwide, the little girl has still not been found.

The McCanns, from Rothley, Leicestershire, believe she was abducted from their rented holiday apartment while they ate dinner with friends at a nearby restaurant.

They travelled back to Portugal ahead of the third anniversary of her disappearance to ask police to reopen their investigation, which was shelved in July 2008 when the couple were formally cleared as suspects.

The couple have spearheaded a high-profile search to find their daughter, but have told of their frustration that no police force is actively looking for Madeleine.

In a poignant message to her daughter on the May 3 anniversary, Mrs McCann said: 'We love you very much, Madeleine, and we're not going to stop what we're doing.'
Madeleine McCann

Missing: Madeleine McCann has not been seen since May 3, when she disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal

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They should try a Psychic Detective. There are thousands of missing children and why should the Police spend to much time only looking for their daughter. It is their fault that she was left alone.

- Charlie, London, 04/7/2010 15:53
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I wonder how you get to meet the Home Secretary. I hope Theresa May will give all crime in this country as much time and attention as she gives the McCanns .I understand why the McCanns feel they can never give up on Madeleine, but if only they gave their little girl this much attention before she went missing.

- Jenny, Hants, 04/7/2010 15:52
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According to the Home Office's Mr Ian Lister an investigation is already underway..why is there the need for another one?

What I find interesting is that the McCanns have had ample opportunity to request that the Portuguese re-open the case, they have thus far declined to do so. This leads me to believe that this latest proposal is nothing more than a white wash. It has always been clear that any such investigation must be conducted under the terms and conditions of the McCanns and a number of establishment figures. This is why Snr. Amaral was removed from the case; he failed to conform.

- Bradford, Japan, 04/7/2010 15:42
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Not again!! What about all the other 1000's of missing kids throughout the world - none of those parents are continually looking for publcity.

- commonsense, Alicante Spain, 04/7/2010 15:41
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Of course the Metropolitan Police has no plans to reopen the investigation because it is not their investigation to reopen. It remains the decision of the Portuguese authorities (and not the Portuguese police) to reopen the case if/when new, relevant and consistent information is received.

We also need to be clear here that what the McCanns want is a review into the whereabouts of Madeleine (i.e. a review of the 'search/sightings') - NOT for the whole case to be reopened to look into the circumstances of Madeleine's disappearance.

In a recent interview with Portuguese TV, in March this year, the McCanns were asked whether there were any of the publicised sightings of Madeleine that made them feel that it could really be her. Gerry, despite initially saying that "there's been one or two I've looked at twice", when pressed, could not remember a single sighting and Kate only remembered that "There was one, wasn't there? Errr... I don't know if that was Amsterdam or Brussels."

- Nige, UK, 04/7/2010 15:40
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Well lets just hope if this case is looked at again, the WHOLE case is and not just bits.

The whole sage needs looking at from the very beginning. Lets get this case re-opened and finally find out what did happen to that little girl. Someone knows something in my opinion.

- N Williams, UK, 04/7/2010 15:39
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Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1291889/Kate-Gerry-McCann-meet-Home-Secretary-Theresa-May-discuss-Maddie-case.html?ito=feeds-newsxml#ixzz0skOdNVlM