28 Apr 2010

Here we go again...

Gerry McCann is furious with both British and Portuguese Police, neither will start to believe his version of events and do his demanded "review" of the case to agree he is innocent.  

Not so furious here, Gerry was off to Portugal on a ONE MILLIONS POUNDS gold digging trip. 

Kate appreciates they have cynically used the anniverary of Madeleine to plead their innocence and do a bit more cashing in, so she now explains how it is actually Madeleine's birthday that really gets to her, well this is how you looked on Madeleine's 4th birthday Kate, just days after you got rid of her.  Celebrating it would appear.  How good of you to tell us you spend some time with the twins, did you know that is what normal parents generally do?  Pity you did not consider that an appropriate thing to do when dragging your three children on holiday with you to PDL, there were your tennis lessons and jogging during the day, then there was the TAPAS at night.  Your children just did not feature did they, dumped, dumped and dumped again.  Day and night. 

The previous post on here emphasised how last year Gerry was returning to Portugal emotionally (incredible I know) seeking to get the Portuguese to re-open the case and look for Madeleine, well guess what, this year,  it is the turn of the British Police, apparently. 

Quite how they have the audacity to refer to their own two million pounds search I do not know.  A quick scan of the accounts will suggest greedy lawyers and media spinners have had the lion's share.   Then of course the calibre of so called investigators used, Metodo 3, Mr Halligen, is this really the best they could do for their daughter with that committee of people sitting on the board deciding how the money should be spent?  If they tried really hard to pick the worst, they could not have made a better job.  I will pass no comment on Edgar and his apparent attempts to interview dying Hewlett who British Police actually confirmed they were simply not interested in, in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine.  Of course we were spun that West Yorks police (those with particular responsibility for Hewlett, deceased) were conducting this "review" the McCanns so earnestly crave.  Could that be because British Police know one thing for certain, they do not need to review their files to know who is responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine, the same couple who could not even be bothered to look for her the same night she mysteriously disappeared.  No point, they knew exactly what they did with her.  

Of course we have been treated to endless spin of late, the sequel to the third anniversary event, constant attacks on British Police and CEOP and perversely those same people indicating they are "protecting" Kate and Gerry.  Well that seems very strange to me, given this couple say they will not even seek to protect Maddie.  Of course we know whose job that was.  We also know there is nothing wrong with British Police and CEOP, they just do not have sufficient evidence to charge them at this time and regrettably still have no managed to find Madeleine, but I am sure it is not for lack of trying.  


Quite wicked of the parents to suggest there is any wilful failures from both Portuguese and British Police, don't you think?  I don't think its right that we as "parents", I could think of another adjective Gerry, and that is just on the basis of what you and your wife actually admit to.  You just need to drive your car paid for out of the Find Madeleine Fund down to the nearest nick and start telling the truth for once, that would seriously drive the search for Madeleine, absolutely no doubt about that.  

23 Apr 2010

Gerry's "emotional" return to build bridges and look for Madeleine/PARENTS SUE

Gerry McCann returns to Portugal to relaunch investigation into Madeleine's disappearance

By Matthew Drake
Last updated at 9:22 AM on 14th January 2009
Gerry McCann has made an emotional return to Portugal in an bid to build bridges with authorities and rekindle the search for his missing daughter Madeleine.
It was his first time back in the country since he and his wife, Kate, flew home from the Algarve on September 9 2007, four months after their daughter disappeared.
Mr McCann, 40, met with lawyers in Lisbon acting on his family's behalf in a bid to determine what can still be done to trace his child.
Gerry McCann, pictured with wife Kate, has returned to Portugal to resume the search for his missing daughter Madeleine
Speaking to a Portuguese news agency, the doctor from Rothley, Leicestershire, told how he wished to 'work with the (Portuguese) authorities as much as possible in the ongoing search.'
Madeleine was almost four when she was taken from her parent's holiday apartment in May 2007
'We think there is still a very good chance Madeleine could be found alive and well, and that's why we want the search to continue,' he said.
'We want to stress our desire to continue to work with the authorities as much as possible.'
Mr McCann confirmed he had no plans mount legal action against the Portuguese media or the police who named the distraught couple as 'arguidos' or formal suspects in the investigation in September 2007 before clearing them last July.
He said: 'I want to make it clear that what happened in the past stays there, and we really want to focus on what can be done to continue the search.
'That is our priority and always has been.'
Madeleine was just three when she vanished from her parents holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3 2007.
Still hopeful of a positive outcome, her father said he still hopes to find her alive and was determined to 'focus on what can still be done for the search.'
Mr McCann was met in the Algarve by officials from the British Embassy then flew to the capital Lisbon for a meeting with the Portuguese authorities.
He said it was important 'not to duplicate steps that have already been taken and not to waste resources.'
One of the last pictures taken of Madeleine before she disappeared
In an interview with Portuguese press agency Lusa he added:  'It is the first visit to Portugal, but I hope it's the first of many over the coming months.
'The aim is to see what can still be done in the search for Madeleine.'
British and Portuguese police continue to receive 'information' and 'possible sightings' from different sources he said.
He added:'Like all parents of missing children, we want all the information to be investigated.'
Mr McCann said he was unaware of how mush money remained in the Find Madeleine Fund but admitted his family had 'scarce resources and did not want to waste them.'
Last night a close friend of the McCann's said Madeleine's father, who will return to the UK today felt the visit had been 'very positive'
The friend said: 'Gerry is very pleased with his trip and in future, when the time is right he may well return with Kate, as a couple together.'
The case was shelved by police in Portugal last July as detectives suspended any search for the youngster.
Mr and Mrs McCann have since trawled thousands of pages from the police files that were painstakingly translated into English.
They continue to analysis them and it is understood they are being assisted by a small team of retired senior British police officers.
Mr McCann said he expected his visit to Portugal would be 'the first of several' over the next few months.
He also indicated a desire to improve relations with the Portuguese authorities.
In an interview with Portuguese news agency Lusa, Mr McCann pledged to work 'as much as possible'  with officials in Portugal to look for Madeleine.
He went on: 'We want to make it absolutely clear what's gone on in the past is, by and large, done and we very, very much want to focus on what can still be done for the search.
'That's what our priority is and it always has been, really. So any of these things are just not really relevant at the moment.'

Madeleine McCann's parents sue Portuguese detective over book claim that their daughter died in tragic accident

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 1:22 PM on 18th May 2009

Defiant: Detective Goncalo Amaral is looking forward to his day in court when he will face layers acting for Kate and Gerry McCann
Kate and Gerry McCann are to sue the detective who led the Portuguese investigation into the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.
The couple say Goncalo Amaral has defamed them with his 'absurd and deeply hurtful' claims that Madeleine died in an accident and that they concealed her death.
Mr Amaral has repeated the claims about Madeleine, who vanished aged three while the family were on holiday in Praia da Luz in 2007, in newspapers, documentaries and in his book about the case, titled The Truth About The Lie.
The McCanns say the former detective, who was forced off the case after criticising British police, has caused 'indescribable devastation and suffering' to their family and his claims have 'obstructed' the search for their daughter.
But a source said the McCanns could be forced to give evidence in court in their action against Mr Amaral – presenting him with a stage from which to attack the couple.
His publisher, Mario Sena Lopes, said he was ‘looking forward’ to his day in court.
He is seeking a British publisher for his book after selling 250,000 copies on the Continent, including 175,000 in Portugal.
An English version has already been produced for America.
The McCanns also want to make sure a documentary produced by Mr Amaral for Portuguese TV does not win a wider audience.
Their defamation case, lodged yesterday in Lisbon, alleges that Mr Amaral has damaged their reputation ‘causing indescribable devastation and suffering’ and put in danger the well-being of their children, twins Sean and Amelie, four, and particularly Madeleine.
Mr Amaral was forced off the inquiry in October 2007 for criticising British police.
He was partly responsible for making the McCanns arguidos, formal suspects, in the case.
His book claims Madeleine, then aged three, died in a ‘tragic accident’ in the holiday flat on the night she disappeared.
Mr Amaral has never claimed that heart surgeon Gerry and GP Kate, of Rothley, Leicestershire, killed her.
Mystery: Madeleine disappeared two years ago aged just three
He has reportedly said his only regret was failing to carry out a reconstruction of events soon after Madeleine vanished, but says he was put under ‘serious pressure’ not to.
The McCanns said they were taking action over Mr Amaral’s claims ‘that Madeleine is not only dead but that we, her parents, were somehow involved in concealing her body’.
They said it was ‘a disgraceful thesis that we are somehow involved in the disappearance of our much loved daughter Madeleine’.
They added: ‘We can no longer stand back and watch Mr Amaral try to convince the entire world that Madeleine is dead.’
They included their children as complainants in the action as ‘Sean and Amelie require protection as they prepare to start school this autumn. Madeleine requires protection from those who are obstructing the possibility of her being found’.
Mr and Mrs McCann have hired one of Portugal’s top libel lawyers, Isabel Duarte, 54.
They can force the book off Portuguese shelves and bar the country’s TV stations from repeating his claims if they can prove that he has accused them ‘even in the form of a suspicion...of something which is offensive to their honour or esteem’.
Enlarge   Kate and Gerry McCann
Still searching: Kate and Gerry McCann in Channel 4's documentary about the search for their missing daughter
Mr Amaral must show he had good reason to believe his allegations were true and he made them in good faith.
Unlike in the UK, the McCanns would be eligible for only nominal compensation. But a source said their motivation in suing Mr Amaral was simply to ‘censure him’.
‘He has been publicising his book across Europe and they just think enough is enough.’
Last month Mr Amaral announced plans to start his own ‘international’ private investigation to solve the mystery.
He intends to send his findings to judicial chiefs in Portugal with a request to reopen the case.
His publisher, Ms Lopes, said: ‘The conclusions of the book are also the conclusions of many Portuguese and British police involved in the inquiry.
‘We are looking for a publisher in the UK, but the McCanns have a very powerful influence in British society and a lot of pressure is being made to prevent the book being published. We have had a lot of letters from UK people who want it published there.’

14 Apr 2010


Typically the sort of bruise that can clearly be seen to Kate's elbow, arm holding phone, is caused in domestic violence cases when someone shoves you backwards with considerable force into a wall. I wonder if that is how Kate got it? She also had bruising to face, visible split over her eye, and grab mark bruising to the arms. This certainly suggests there was considerable disharmony between Kate and Gerry around the time Maddie disappeared given these pictures showing the bruising were immediately after that sad event. Looking at the build of Gerry and Kate it is not at all difficult to see who would be on the losing side. Neither is it difficult to see this man has a very abusive temper. Of course there are a lot of bloggers who will very aggresively tell you she is no poor domestic violence case, they will also tell she killed Madeleine. But I can tell you he is the type to dish out a bit of domestic violence if anyone should dare to disagree with him and he is also the type to have bloggers posting for him. A discussion of such clear evidence in the case should not really provoke an aggressive reaction from "normal" people, should it? I do not think these "Pro Gerry" bloggers who pretend they are something else could be described as anything like normal. Pointing out Kate was covered in bruises, something Fiona Payne ultimately sought to make excuses for several months later, is not making excuses for her, it is simply pointing out a fact. But there are people who simply want you to ignore the facts in this case and listen to their sickening spin. They are men and it is not just women they can be abusive to, but children as well, like little Madeleine.

That vicious look with angry pursed up lips at Kate, as they hold their posters in this stage managed world publicity campaign to make Gerry look like some innocent man says it all really, he cannot hold his vile temper long enough to ever look innocent. That look says "you blow this and God help you and your kids".

'British police said McCanns should be investigated after Madeleine went missing'

By Vanessa Allen
Last updated at 7:30 AM on 11th February 2010
was made a suspect in his daughter Madeleine's disappearance after a British expert said he should be investigated for 'homicide', a Portuguese court heard yesterday.
Criminal profiler Lee Rainbow recommended that police on the Algarve investigate the doctor and his wife Kate because of 'contradictions' in his statement.
The report by Mr Rainbow, of the National Policing Improvement Agency, was sent to in June 2007, a month after the three-year-old disappeared.
Kate and Gerry McCann
Kate and Gerry McCann outside court in Lisbon yesterday. They are suing Mr Amaral for libel over his allegations that the couple faked Madeleine's death
It was dramatically produced yesterday by lawyers for a disgraced Portuguese detective whose campaign of vilification the McCanns are trying to stop.
The couple want Gonzolo Amaral to be legally barred from accusing them of being involved in Madeleine's disappearance.
The detective was sacked from the investigation after he made an outspoken attack on English police, accusing them of failing to investigate the McCanns. He has since retired from the police force.
His lawyer Antonio Cabrita, reading from a Portuguese translation of the previously- confidential report, said: 'The family is a lead that should be followed.
Gonzolo Amaral
The McCanns want Gonzolo Amaral (pictured yesterday) to be legally barred from accusing them of being involved in Madeleine's disappearance
'The contradictions in Gerald McCann's statement might lead us to suspect a homicide. This is a lead that should be investigated.'
The lawyer added: 'Portuguese police had only considered the abduction theory. It was British police who said they must consider homicide as well.'Well indeed, whether they had her abducted or whether they killed her
Mr Cabrita did not outline what ' contradictions' had been found in Mr McCann's statements and refused to give any further details after the hearing.
Mr Rainbow, 37, leads a team of five criminal profilers at the NPIA, and specialises in sex crimes and murders.
The Home Office agency, which describes itself as 'part of the police service', aims to improve police use of information, evidence and science and to support operations.
It is understood to have provided Portuguese police with a 'checklist' of how to proceed.
A spokesman said last night: 'In disappearance cases it is common for the NPIA to advise officers to consider the possibility of the involvement of family and close friends.
'This is good practice for investigating cases. The NPIA gave similar generic advice to Portuguese police.'
Mr Rainbow, who has worked on major investigations including the Ipswich prostitute murders and the disappearance of , did not say there was any evidence the McCanns were involved.
But his confidential report appears to have been a turning point in the Portuguese investigation.
Madeleine's distraught parents were named as official suspects a few weeks later, despite Portuguese police failing to find any evidence against them.
Madeleine McCann
The report by Mr Rainbow, of the National Policing Improvement Agency, was sent to Portugal in June 2007, a month after three-year-old Madeleine disappeared
Mr and Mrs McCann, both 41, listened intently as Mr Cabrita said Mr Amaral should be allowed to repeat his claims that they were involved in Madeleine's disappearance.
The 50-year-old ex-detective has alleged in a new book that she died in a 'tragic accident' and her parents faked an abduction.
Lawyers for the McCanns say he is using the book and the court case to take 'revenge' on them for the end of his career.
Mr and Mrs McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, are suing Mr Amaral for libel over his allegations and are seeking £1.2million in damages and compensation.
They have won an injunction which bars him from repeating his allegations but he is trying to overturn it, claiming it affects his right to freedom of speech.
The hearing ended yesterday, and the judge will give her verdict next Thursday.
, a former GP, admitted last night that she had found it painful to listen to three days of evidence in the court. But she insisted the couple had been right to take legal action.
She said: 'I think this will truly help the search for Madeleine and that's why we have gone through with it. It hasn't been easy but if it helps, then we will go through anything.'

13 Apr 2010



Home Office launches secret review into Madeleine McCann's disappearance
The Home Office has secretly begun a review that could lead to a fresh police inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
Says who? Clarence Mitchell?

By Robert Mendick
Published: 9:00PM GMT 06 Mar 2010

Missing Madeleine McCann Photo: PA The move follows the release of 2,000 pages of evidence last week which Portuguese detectives are accused of having failed to fully investigate.

According to sources close to the McCanns, Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, has ordered officials to examine the 'feasibility' of British or Portuguese detectives looking afresh at all the evidence.

'Madeleine McCann leads ignored' Kate and Gerry McCann met with Mr Johnson last year to plead for help in their search for Madeleine, who vanished without trace in May 2007 from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

The couple have also met with John Yates, the Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner, who has headed up a number of high profile inquiries in recent years.

He is said to be "sympathetic" and to have made "general offers of assistance".

The source said (Clarence Mitchell presumably): "The latest we have heard from the Home Office is officials are undertaking a 'scoping exercise' to look into the possibility of a review of the case.

"They are looking at all the options. It is basically a feasibility study.

"Kate and Gerry met with Alan Johnson to request a review is done. Hopefully any political intervention can unlock obstructions that might be in the way."

Pressure is now being put on Portuguese authorities to agree in the first instance to a three-day review of the case that could be held at Interpol's headquarters in Lyon in France.

The McCanns will hope the Home Office can persuade their Portuguese counterparts to co-operate in a case review.

The review – were it to go ahead – would involve British police working with Portuguese counterparts as well as experts in child abduction across other European forces.

The Portuguese police have been heavily criticised for their handling of the case which led to detectives naming the McCanns, both doctors from Leicestershire, as arguidos – or suspects – in the case and accusing them of involvement in her disappearance.

Their arguido status was subsequently lifted and the police investigation shelved.

But with the senior officer in charge Goncalo Amaral now widely discredited and facing financial ruin after being sued for libel by the McCanns over a book he wrote, it may become harder for the Portuguese to refuse the request for a thorough review.

The revelation that possible leads – many passed to Portuguese police by the McCanns' own private detectives – had apparently been ignored will add to the clamour.

Last week, details emerged of a series of possible sightings of Madeleine, who was just three when she vanished.

Guilhermino Encarnacao, who was in charge of the Policia Judiciaria in the Algarve, died two weeks ago from stomach cancer.

Mr Encarnacao was convinced Madeleine had died in her parents' apartment and was a major source of a series of off the record briefings to journalists against the McCanns.

A Home Office spokesman said: "We can confirm that the Home Secretary had a private meeting with Kate and Gerry McCann.

"Leicestershire Police stand ready to co-ordinate and complete enquiries if further information comes to light in the UK; or if requested to do so by the Portuguese authorities, who continue to lead on the overall investigation."

The spokesman refused to discuss what talks took place at the meeting or whether there was the chance of a review of the evidence at Interpol.

The spokesman added: "We are not going to comment on the outcome of any private meeting with the McCanns."
Then we had a series of articles in the Yorkshire press saying West Yorkshire Police were to take over the case and then we get this:

By Lucy Panton

British police are to launch a new probe into missing Madeleine McCann after massive failures were found in the Portuguese investigation.

Our top child protection cop Jim Gamble has completed a fresh look at the three-year-old investigation for the Home Office.

He told ministers there were huge holes in the original inquiry that need to be revisited if they want to "come close" to reaching UK standards.

It will come as a bitter pill for Portuguese investigators who have fended off criticism since Maddie disappeared in 2007.

But parents Kate and Gerry McCann, both 41 and both doctors, are "delighted" at the move.

Failures in the original investigation are said to be "so gaping" that British authorities feel it is their duty to look at it again.

This time police will review all the leads using technology and standards expected in a homicide or kidnap case in the UK.

Mr Gamble, head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, found a basic failure to collate information and join up links that should have been made.

Telephone records were not properly analysed, missing early opportunities for leads.

And Kate and Gerry McCann were named as Arguidos, or formal suspects, by Portuguese police - something that the review says would not have happened if the probe had been carried out in the UK.

Mr Gamble found no evidence sufficient to make them suspects. His findings have now been formally submitted to the Home Office with recommendations to re-investigate.

The damning review has now set the Association of Chief Police Officers the difficult task of trying to decide who takes on the mammoth task. It is already predicted to be "an extremely costly" investigation that, even if done properly, will probably never be solved.

A source said: "It is something that has to be reviewed. It is only right that the McCanns are given the satisfaction that everything that could be done has been done. It now comes down to who is up to the job."

The Home Secretary Alan Johnson is expected to announce that the new probe will NOT be carried out by Leicestershire police, the McCanns' local force. The review has highlighted failures within their handling of the case and ruled them out of the review.

Instead ACPO are now asking around their top cops to see who could take on the very difficult and complex investigation.

The source added: "It will be extremely costly and sadly is unlikely to result in a positive outcome.

"As much as we would all like this to end with good news for the McCanns, the fact is there have been a lot of missed opportunities and no-one will ever be able to reclaim the time and evidence lost."

Two thousand pages of evidence released earlier claimed Portuguese detectives failed to follow up leads.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson ordered officials to examine the "feasibility" of British detectives having a fresh look at all the evidence back in March.

Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, met Mr Johnson to plead for help in their search for their daughter who vanished aged three from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

in: News Of The World, 11.04.2010


12 Apr 2010


As though the above performance on little Maddie's 4th birthday, just 9 days after they caused her to just disappear were not quite bad enough...
The McCanns were avidly looking at this reported £10M money spinner in January 2008 when they were still formal suspects in the Portuguese investigation (there has always been an ongoing British one).  I notice this is a very popular post to this blog, it is when the public well and truly lost respect for Kate and Gerry McCann, any semblance of doubt they previously had just went.  That is a position they have not been able to recover from and the recent article in the News of the World once again attacking both British and Portuguese Police is hardly going to help them.  Even though they do not claim responsibility for it their conduct and dislike of the police is now obvious to everyone.  Only hunted criminals have such a passionate dislike of the police and a need to instruct their own "investigators".  Something the McCanns were doing from day one, with other peoples's money!



When average posts on the Daily Express run at around 1000 how odd this excellant article got just 12 posts! Clarence Mitchell has, on two occasions, recently referred to the Daily Express in an angry and exasperated way - I think he has fell out with them. Consistently we see the Pro-McCann stories (or so they believe!!) appear in the Daily Mail but even they are printing the public's comments with about 95% against the McCanns. The heyday when Clarence used to obtain sympathetic press seems to be well and truly over - I wonder if his increasing anger and aggression has really helped his relationship with the press - why has he got so personal about it all? Viv x


Kate and Gerry McCann
Saturday January 12,2008
By Anna Pukas
Have your say(12)
As it is revealed that they are considering a film about their daughter’s disappearance and their campaign sheds leading supporters, a growing section of public opinion appears to be turning against the McCanns...
On New Year’s Day on the Costa del Sol, 15-year-old Amy Fitz­patrick set out on the 10-minute walk to her home after babysitting for family friends. She never arrived and has been neither seen nor heard of since.Since Amy vanished, her distraught mother and stepfather have made only one public appearance. At a brief press conference five days later, they appealed for her safe return and for any information that could help bring that about. Since then they have been resolute in their refusal to say anything more and have turned the media away, saying: “Don’t make this another Maddy.”It is a most revealing – and in some ways chilling – comment on the Madeleine McCann case from people who are better placed than anyone to form a view.

Kate with cuddle cat
Like Madeleine McCann, Dublin-born Amy Fitzpatrick disappeared while in a foreign country. Like Kate and Gerry McCann, Amy’s mother Audrey (she is also the same age as them, 39) has had to place her trust in a foreign police force and foreign laws operating in a foreign language. Unlike the McCanns, however, she has not mounted an extensive publicity campaign to find her daughter. She has not placed posters bearing Amy’s picture in shops or stuck them on the walls of the gated housing complex near Fuen­girola where the family lives. She has not, and will not, give interviews about Amy to tele­vision or to glossy magazines.

All the sorrow I felt for them has vanished

The reason she has not done any of those things is because, in her own words, she does not want the investigation into Amy’s disappearance to “turn into a circus”.In all probability, Audrey Fitz­patrick intended no slight to the McCanns but given her situation and its similarity to that of the McCanns, could there be a more damning indictment of the McCanns’ conduct over their daughter’s disappearance?The messages posted on the various websites devoted to discussion of Madeleine have always provided a wide spectrum of opinion on the case and, more particularly, the comportment of Kate and Gerry. While there is, broadly speaking, still deep sympathy for the anguished couple there is also a considerable cynicism over their high profile.


Rightly or wrongly, some believe they have become rather too fond of publicity – a view that this week appears to have become even more entrenched. First, extracts were published from an extensive interview which Gerry McCann gave to the prestigious American magazine Vanity Fair, in which he stated that he bitterly regretted leaving Made­leine in their holiday apartment while he and his wife went to dine with their friends. He also conceded that the past two months – the length of time since the Mc­Canns were named arguidos, or suspects, by Portuguese police – had “clearly polarised people”.

The McCann's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, faces the TV cameras
Then it was revealed that Father Jose Manuel Pacheco, the Portuguese priest who comforted the McCanns in the aftermath of Madeleine’s disappearance, has cut off contact with them, reportedly refusing to respond to phone calls and texts from Kate. He now says he regrets getting involved with them and felt duped when they were named arguidos. And earlier this week it emerged that TV presenter Esther McVey, who is a long-time family friend, has stepped down as a director of the Find Madeleine Fund. Ms McVey, who has known Kate McCann since their college days, insisted she was quitting because she wanted to concentrate on her political career (she hopes to become a Tory MP) and her studies for an MBA degree.

The McCanns and the twins on the way to church in Rothley, Leicestershie
The McCann family spokes­man, ex-BBC reporter Clarence Mitchell, also insisted the parting was “very amicable”. Nonethe­less the timing is unfortunate, to say the least, coming as it does hot on the heels of the most contentious development so far – the putative “Maddy movie”.The McCanns have been app­roached by IMG, the biggest entertainment agency in the world, and last month a meeting took place with their representatives, including Mitchell. IMG owns Darlow Smithson Produc­tions, which made the award-winning documentary Touching The Void, about the fate of two British mountaineers following an accident in the Andes.

Madeleine's great uncle, Brian Kennedy, talks to the world's media
It can be assumed that a film about Madeleine would use the same format of extensive interviews with the main “characters” in the story interwoven with dramatic reconstructions. How­ever, the use in some reports of the description “movie” has led to the belief that the McCanns are sanctioning the making of a Hollywood blockbuster. Mitchell was swift to try to dispel the notion of fictionalisation of Made­leine’s story. “Our objection is to the word ‘movie’,” he said. “We had a discussion with IMG a month ago and that’s as far as we’ve got. We discussed a film in the broadest terms possible. It may or may not happen. A similar meeting was held with ITV about some kind of factual drama, with actors playing Kate and Gerry. We get approaches from all kinds of media all the time.” The film could form part of a package, with book and TV broadcast deals, worth a reported £10million, but Mitchell emphasised that all money earned would go into the Find Madeleine Fund, which was launched a few days after she vanished last May. It quickly topped £1.2million but is seriously depleted. With £80,000 spent on a poster campaign, £300,000 on Spanish private investigators and thousands going on fact-finding trips to Spain and Morocco and living expenses (including two months of mortgage payments), the fund stands at less than £400,000. Donations have dried up. “Money is needed to search for Madeleine,” said Mitchell. “A film would be made on a percentage basis, with part of the profits going to the fund. “None of the money would go to Kate and Gerry. They are absolutely not trying in any way to profit out of her name.”Gerry McCann, meanwhile, denied that he and his wife were co-operating with any kind of film. “We can categorically deny that we are considering a movie about Made­leine’s disappearance. This is simply untrue,” he wrote in his blog on Wednesday. “Sadly, his denials and Mitch­ell’s clarifications app­ear to have had little, if any, mollifying effect on public perception.“It’s an absolute disgrace that these cold, calculating, child-neglecting, sorry excuses for human beings should have a film made. They should be arrested, not given the opportunity of more publicity!” That, from a message board correspondent named Pam, is typical of the ferocity of opinion. Another, Ken, writes: “If a film is made it will be endorsed by the McCanns. They will give permission so they can make even more money out of this. They left them kids alone most nights – why do you have sympathy for them?”Eileen ponders: “What next? Gerry writing a newspaper column and Kate launching a fitness video? This news does not surprise me in the least. That publicity-mad couple have and will continue to do anything and everything to keep THEMSELVES in the spotlight in their vain and (thankfully) failing attempt to detract from their own irresponsible actions.”And from Geoff, there was: “All the sympathy and sorrow I had for them has now vanished. How could any genuine grieving parents be looking for this sort of money-making venture so soon after Made­leine’s disappearance?”Meanwhile, a correspondent named Peter mused: “Am I the only one fed up with listening to people involved with the Madeleine McCann case, like Clarence Mitchell, and their ‘holier than thou’ attitude? To keep saying that her parents had nothing to do with it is complete nonsense. Had the McCanns been an ordinary couple from a poor council estate and not been professional people, the two remaining children would have been removed from them by social services.”Here, on the Daily Express website, more than 60,000 comments have been posted about the case – nearly three quarters of which are hostile to the McCanns.Gerry McCann was all too right when he wrote in his blog: “This is the worst publicity we have had since Kate and I were declared to be arguidos.”Since the McCanns left Portugal in September and returned to Rothley, Leic­ester­shire, their lives have taken diverging paths. In November, Gerry went back to work three days a week as a cardiologist and as of this week is working full time. He plays golf once a week, pops into a village pub and takes twins Amelie and Sean to play in the park. Kate rarely ventures from home; she takes the twins to nursery twice a week and attends mass on Sundays and Tuesdays.Though their relatives and friends insist that, as a couple, they are as united as ever, they admit the one point on which they differ is publicity and handling media. Kate finds it too painful – she was unable to answer a single question for the Vanity Fair interviewer – and she feels that a lower profile would be more prudent. Gerry still sees the media as a tool to be used. In this, even his advisers say he has sometimes been too assiduous and his blog dis­appeared from the Find Madeleine website for a time.Handling the public is, however, another matter, as Gerry is finding out to his cost in a week that may come to be seen as the week the Mc­Canns’ grip on the nation’s heart slackened.** CLICK HERE NOW TO SEE THE MADELEINE McCANN STORY - TOLD IN PICTURES**

11 Apr 2010

Oh Whoops I crittered again - Mr Martin Smith a "Dubliner", lol!

"Psychopaths are so convincing. You cannot understate the way these people present themselves. They have a lifetime history of presenting the face that is required."  Dr Boon, speaking about Ian Huntley, above Gerry is seen making one of his many polished performances in Strasbourg, then there was the Commons Select Committee.  Never underestimated you at all Gerry.  Neither have the police, I am sure!

But when things started to go seriously wrong for him, his action against Goncalo was not going according to plan, when faced with the diminutive little Sandra Fileguieras, he struggles to keep control of his rage, lunging forwards at her as he tries to shut her up.  That is the thing Gerry, when that mask of sanity slips!
Psychopathic behaviours of Ian Huntley included participating in the search and commenting "to think I was probably the last friendly face they saw".  Gerry McCanns tells us he was the last person who saw Madeleine and looked down and thought how beautiful she is, he had a "proud father" moment or so he would have us believe.  Dr Boon continues, "you cannot underestimate they way these people present themselves", have a look at the video of Gerry presenting himself so carefully to the Commond Select Committe (no sign of Kate!), Dr Boon could just as well be speaking the words below about Gerry McCann.  And just when the whole world is not believing they "neglected" Madeleine and Jane Tanner saw her "abductor", two weeks later, up pops fellow Irishman, Martin Smith, if we check on the McCann files it can be seen that he repeatedly spoke to the media with his varying accounts, again in January 2008 just as things were looking so critical for Kate and Gerry,  of course when the police turned up to get Martin Smith's so called account account his wife did not want to be interviewed, how very wise of her!   There was no neglect that night and there was no stranger abduction, that is just what Gerry has wanted to present to the World and he continues to use the News of the World to that end, he had already gotten rid of his lovely little girl, before they even went to the TAPAS that night.  It is clear from looking at the case files, it is that early evening period British Police were heavily focussing on and Dr Rebelo, who had taken on from Goncalo Amaral, who his colleague Ricard Paiva commented, "prevented other theories from being examined".  That was very unfortunate for the investigation and possible saviour of little Madeleine who may even have been still alive at that early stage.  We just don't know.  But what we do know is what Mr Menezes also told us at that recent hearing, the McCanns could have been charged with kidnapping and trafficking Madeleine, there is much evidence to support that view. 
"I have sympathy with the people on the interview panel," says Dr Boon.

"Psychopaths are so convincing. You cannot understate the way these people present themselves. They have a lifetime history of presenting the face that is required."

 Madeleine McCann was treated as a "commodity" by the UK press, her father Gerry has told MPs.  "We realised the abductor might do something to her eye, but it was a good marketing ploy". (McCann G).  That is just one of numerous remarks that confirmed marketing Madeleine, trademarking her and making huge sums of money from that  trademark, jealously guarded by henchman Clarence Mitchell was actually terribly important to Gerry McCann.  
See the eloquent and polished performance of Gerry McCann before the Commons Select Committe here, and just in case he failed, he had taken along both Adam Tudor of Carter Ruck and Clarence Mitchell, so crucial was it to him that he got this right.  I do not think you did though Gerry!
From Joana Morais blog
08/04/2010 00:20 Anonymous said... 142 BEWARE OF VIV @130 VIV @130 Your link to the express is meant to mean what?? This article as well you know is from the sunday express APRIL 12TH 2009 (NICE SLIMEY TRY) Regarding MR Martin Smith: Again as you well know your distorting the facts. Mr Martin Smith did not make any comments to the trashy mailin early january 2008 or at any other time for that matter. The Real Facts are there for all to see in the MC Cann files website click on The Smiths sightings heading and Eureka its all there, but of course you are well aware of this but for the record let me state some of the real facts here. 1.MR Martin Smith has never courted the media or indeed gave any comments to the mail at any time. 2.Mr Martin Smiths Lawyers sent letters to SIX Tabloids/papers and ALL papers printed an Apoligy to Mr Martin Smith. 3.Mr Martin Smith Never helped in any photo fits etc Recquested from him by Brian Kennedy . 4.Mr Martin Smith with some members of his family returned to Portugal(unlike the tapas gang) and made and signed statements on the 26th of May 2007 . 5.MR Martin Smith contacted his local police in september 2007 very upset, when after viewing on all the uk news stations, Gerry Mc Cann stepping off the plane from portugal carrying one of the twins Stating with an 80% probability that the man he had witnessed carrying the young girl on the night of May 3RD 2007 was in deed Gerry Mc Cann. 6.MR Martin Smith made and signed a further statement on January 30th 2008 Confirming Gerry Mc cann as the man they had witnessed that night carrying the Child and that his statement signed on May 26TH 2007 STILL STOOD. Beware of Viv some times she Lies through every tooth in her head!! A.Dubliner
Anonymous Christabel said...
Well Marcos another dirty little trick that will backfire, from the "BEAST OF PORTIMAO" It was nice of him to buy one of our books though, so he could copy ONLY SOME pages for the Law Society to read. Maybe an idea to send the full book to the Portuguese Law Society to read for themselves before the 19th May, as he wouldn't copy the beating of his wife and her complaint to the PJ pages would he? How can he say you are a co-author of our book intended only to defame him!!! Because he's bent and corrupt he thinks everyone is. Nice to know he is still up to his dirty tricks, and who is watching over him, and his buddy's . You know what these Moles are like, they get everywhere. What a disgusting FAT, SLIMEY BEAST he is. BEASTGONCALIAR!!!!
7 April 2010 19:37


As Facebook begin to buckle by adopting a panic button but not on the main page Jim Gamble is joined by top UK cops in condemning the site's lamentable attitude towards nicking child abusers and safeguarding our children.

When we read about the Little Ted's Nursery case, tiny tots, mostly less than 18 months old being seriously assaulted and then the sickening images shared on Facebook, thousands of times and the ringleader demanding yet more "messages", just what does it take to get them to act responsibly and try and stop people who abuse children in such an horrific way? The panic button to CEOP will mean that the Police do not stumble upon these hideous people by accident when some shocked person finds the images on a computer, they will have positive leads to those abusers direct from the children they are seeking to abuse.

This is what Jim Gamble wants to do, he wants to go after those child abusers and get them with potentially hundreds of leads every single day. Now what normal person could criticise him for that?

All these sick Kate and Gerry supporters have just used this as a stick to beat him with, because he wants to aggressively protect children, that figures! They never say anything about little Maddie, other than perhaps well she is dead!

He also wants the panic button to as as a deterrent to positively protect children, commenting:

“They need to make some decisions. Do they want to be the website of choice for bullies, for dangerous individuals, for rapists and murderers?”

If I was running Facebook I would not allow any commercial interests to override that obvious decision that needs to be made, and it is exemplified in the McCann case, childrens welfare just has to come first, before money and before adults

Police tell Facebook: your efforts to combat paedophiles are not enough

Site is criticised for failing to adopt a panic button that would allow users to report concerns

By Mark Hughes, Crime Correspondent

Wednesday, 14 April 2010
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There are 24 million Facebook users in the UK


Facebook has come under attack from Britain's most senior police officers, who have criticised the social-networking giant for refusing to adopt a "panic button" which would allow victims of online sexual grooming to report their concerns directly to the authorities.

The social-networking site yesterday announced that it would adopt the "button", designed by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), on one page of its site – a page which appears when users have already decided to report abuse. But it is still refusing to adopt the button on every page of its site, as requested by Britian's online protection agency, because it claims that to do so could create "additional complexity" and may result in fewer people reporting grooming.

Yesterday, in a letter signed by chief constables from 43 police forces across Britain, senior police officers said that the steps taken by the social-networking giant are not good enough.

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Facebook's announcement came after Jim Gamble, the chief executive of CEOP, travelled to Washington DC to discuss the implementation of the "button" on each page of the website, allowing Facebook users to report suspicions of sexual grooming directly to the authorities.

After the four-hour meeting, which both sides said was "constructive", Facebook said that it would introduce a link to CEOP's reporting system which would appear when users decided to report abuse via the site's own measures. It also said it would invest £5m in education about how to stay safe online – a relatively tiny amount for a company valued at more than £9bn.

While acknowledging the concessions, Mr Gamble said the situation was still not satisfactory. "The critical issues remain unresolved," he said. "We believe that – without the deterrence provided by direct visible access to the CEOP button on every page – children will not be empowered, parents cannot be reassured and the offender will not be deterred.

"During yesterday's constructive meeting with Facebook they did not say 'No' to the button. We are hopeful that, once theyhave considered their position, they will take the critical final step to make their environment safer by adopting the direct CEOP link."

The police officers' letter, sent to Facebook, said: "In the real world we do not filter reports through another organisation or company; the individual simply picks up a phone or visits their local police station. The 'CLICK CEOP' mechanism offers such a reporting service for the 21st-century citizen."

The argument over whether the button should be adopted by the site came up again last month when Peter Chapman, 33, was jailed for raping and murdering 17-year-old Ashleigh Hall after luring her to her death by posing on Facebook as a 19-year-old boy. Mr Gamble pointed out that other social-networking sites such as Bebo had introduced the button and he could seen no reason why Facebook would not.

And, last week, Mr Gamble said that in the first quarter of this year CEOP had received 253 reports concerning grooming activity on Facebook, yet only one came from the Facebook team operating its own internal reporting mechanism.

Previously the website's stance has been attacked by Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrats' home affairs spokesman. And yesterday's letter includes the signature of Sir Paul Stephenson, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and Britain's most senior officer. Mr Gamble said: "If they don't adopt the button we are simply not going to go away. We need to protect the children of the UK."

Last night Facebook defended its new measures and insisted it was committed to protecting its users from online paedophiles.

Richard Allen, Facebook's director of policy for Europe, said: "We completely accept that our users should be able to report abuse directly to CEOP but we disagree on the best design solution to implement that.

"From our experience, 'buttons' produce less good results in terms of people actually reporting abuse. They intimidate and confuse people. We think our simple text link is a far more effective solution.

"All we are saying is that when it come to the specifics of how to design online reporting systems we have considerable expertise."

Panic button: The supporters


Founded in 1884, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is one of the most recognisable child cruelty charities. It is also among the largest, employing around 2,500 staff. It merged with Childline, another big child welfare charity, in 2006.


An anti-bullying charity focused on helping youngsters lead campaigns in their schools and communities. It says its work has reached 700,000 young people in the past five years.


The Association of Chief Police Officers is an independent body uniting the most important members of every police force in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. An umbrella organisation with the status of a private company, ACPO unites all 44 police authorities. Its 349 members all hold the rank of Chief Constable, Deputy Chief Constable or Assistant Chief Constable, or their equivalents.


The UK Council for Child Internet Safety was established by the Government in the wake of Dr Tanya Byron's report into digital child safety – it brings together representatives from across the UK internet safety industry in an advisory capacity. It does not have lobbying power as such; instead, it brings together groups dedicated to the protection of children, aiming to inform policy.

In numbers

£9.1bn Estimated valuation of Facebook as of January, at a share price of £21 each

400m The number of "active" Facebook users.

100m The number of people who access Facebook from their mobile phones worldwide.

60m The number of status updates posted each day.

£42m Paid to Divya Narendra and Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss after they accused the site of stealing their ideas.

24m The number of Facebook users in the UK.

29m The number of people worldwide who play the third-party Facebook game "Farmville".

25 The number of complaints about Facebook received by Ceop in the first three months of this year, 99 of which were reported instances of grooming.

Complaints about grooming and bullying on Facebook quadruple

Facebook has been accused by police of “arrogantly” ignoring children’s safety after it emerged that the number of complaints of alleged grooming and bullying on the site have almost quadrupled this year.

By Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent

Published: 7:00AM BST 09 Apr 2010

A total of 252 Facebook complaints were made to police in the past three months Photo: AP Jim Gamble, the senior policeman responsible for child protection online, said that officers have seen a significant increase in complaints from parents and children reporting alleged paedophiles, bullies and hackers who are exploiting the site.

But he disclosed that Facebook’s own checkers, who insist they have a secure internal system, had failed to report a single alleged paedophile to police themselves.

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Facebook snubs government demands for panic button

'One mistake' cost teenager her life Mr Gamble said he had “real concerns” about the internet giant's work to protect children and condemned their refusal to embed a "panic" button to each user’s profile page, which he claimed would deter paedophiles and protect children.

Speaking in London yesterday, Mr Gamble, who leads the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop), said the button was used on other sites and backed by campaigners, expert online groups and charities such as Childline.

He said: “Is Facebook so arrogant that it does not mind what the collective child protection community think?

“They are experts commercially, but I do not see them as being experts in child protection.

“What Facebook do not understand is prevention, and acting as a deterrent.”

Mr Gamble is flying to Washington DC on Monday where he will present a “dossier” of evidence to Facebook bosses.

“We are going to tell them to do the right thing for child protection,” he said.

Speaking about social networking website in general, Mr Gamble added: “They need to make some decisions. Do they want to be the website of choice for bullies, for dangerous individuals, for rapists and murderers?”

A total of 252 Facebook complaints were made to police in the past three months – at almost quadruple the rate of complaints last year, when 292 were received in 12 months.

Mr Gamble said: "None of these complaints came direct from Facebook.

"If their system is so robust and they are receiving so many reports and concerns from young people, then where are they?"

Facebook has more than 400m users worldwide and recently overtook Google as the most visited website in the US. It continues to grow rapidly - attracting 23 million new users in January.

The issue of its safety came to a head last month following the conviction of a serial rapist for the murder of schoolgirl Ashleigh Hall.

Peter Chapman posed as a young boy on the site to lure the 17-year-old to her death in Sedgefield, County Durham.

A spokesman for Facebook said: "We take the issue of safety very seriously, and recently met the Home Secretary to discuss online safety.

"We are due to meet with Ceop next week to talk them through our safety strategy. We will wait to have this meeting prior to sharing our plans more widely with the public soon afterwards."

9 Apr 2010


Above:   Talk us through your feelings when someone says they have definitely seen Madeleine, Sky ask the McCanns, interesting reaction!  They both look down as if to access the creative side of their brains, but Gerry just never does manage to hide that psychopathic smirk at all the wrong moments. You did it on Paxman as well Gerry when he commented about your media circus and how you use the media just when it suits you.  Involuntary I am sure. 

And as for Martin Brunt being a typical example of the McCann friendly media, I think some bloggers have been at the Wacky Baccy!

Oh look there is one of a matching pair of blue bags, where is the other one?
 Aside from David Payne very nearly putting his foot in it here and saying a a (child /body) before recovering himself or trying to mid sentence and pointing out they had nothing you could HIDE a tennis raquet in , have a look at the last words of the police officer there, and it would be the same for Kate, yeah yeah.  So when we see this blue bag in the wardrobe it was one of a matching pair I reckon, and one of that matching pair had gone missing.  This is the police grilling Payne at his rogatory interview and this is the police quite clear that missing blue tennis bag was vital.  Martin Brunt is perfectly correct when he quite categorically states Gerry McCann's blue tennis bag is missing.  The Martin Smith "evidence" is I say again, a Gerry Fake!  Maddie went from that apartment before they even went to the TAPAS that night, in that missing bag, quite obviously the police know that.  Watch out Martin Smith, you are in big trouble too!  It still cannot clearly be said that she was dead inside that bag, but quite obviously drugged, at the very least,  as her little brother and sister were in the early evening when Kate insists they were just too tired to go out and play that night.  Not that they had even been down to the beach.   Think of Kate telling us how she gave Maddie a story, milk, cookies, sat on lap, cuddles and Maddie told her it was her best day ever, and then think just what sort of "mummy" Kate McCann really is.
David Payne
"Virtually. Do you know whether they took their own tennis kit out?”
00:03:23 Reply "Err no they didn’t.”
1485 "They didn’t take the kit out?”
Reply "No.”
1485 "But when I said…”
Reply "Oh sorry when you say the tennis kit…”
1485 "When I say kit.”
Reply "I’m talking about the, err racquet and b*lls they didn’t take.”
1485 "Kit in, you know, kit in general is gonna mean the attire and…”
Reply "Err, did they have any specific tennis gear? You know (inaudible) I don’t, I, I don’t recall that they had anything specific you know to play, you know, we all have what we ha, call tennis gear you know, not the stuff that you probably go swimming in and you know…”

"What about a kit bag? Would they have a kit bag with them?”
Reply "Err he certainly didn’t have a great big tennis bag or a, you know, err I mean I used to be a squash, a semi-professional squash player and you know they certainly didn’t have anything that I would call a kit bag from days when I played…”
1485 "Yeah.”
Reply "You know, a lot of sport, err if they had a rucksack with some water in that would be, you know, about as big as it got, you know a small rucksack. But it certainly wasn’t a big tennis, you know, things that you could put a tennis racquet in.”
1485 "Yeah.”
Reply "There was nothing of that size that you could hide a, a tennis racquet in or anything like that, it would have been just purely, if they had anything…”
1485 "Yeah.”
Reply "It would have been something that had their water in.”
1485 "So as opposed to a bag it’d be something like a rucksack, if at all?”
Reply "If, if at all, yeah.”
1485 "Yeah.”
Reply "Yeah.”
1485 "And is that the same for Kate?”
Reply "Yeah, yeah.”

HiDeHo Today at 5:54 am (thank goodness there are some honest and serious posters about!)

From this it can be seen they are for the most part giving some pretty unhelpful and vague answers but Jane Tanner, it seems to me is wanting to put the boot in for Gerry, he had plans for tennis and did take his kit! Mat Oldfield is incredibly slimy and evasive, "what on holiday" but then admits yeah we took the raquets...I am not sure if Gerry and Kate did (in short I do not want to commit myself to a lie, but I do not want to drop them in it either) but for everyone else he can clearly say they did not. How come the memory fade with Kate and Gerry then Mat? Generally, the clear impression given is that people want to save Kate or fail to admit there was another tennis bag. But Payne has already admitted, see above, she did have her own kit.

Matthew Oldfield
4078 “Well not at the beginning, at the beginning of the evening, you mentioned that you went back, after you had been to the beach, you went back to the room and got your tennis equipment?”
Reply “Yeah”.
4078 “Had you taken tennis equipment with you?”
Reply “On holiday?”
4078 “Umm”.
Reply “Yeah, yeah, so we had took trainers and sort of, you know, the kit and the tennis racquets”.
4078 “Okay. Do you know whether the rest of the group had taken equipment or was it available to hire there?”
Reply “It’s available from the hire, I mean, definitely, I’m not sure if Gerry and Kate, I think everybody else didn’t take tennis kit and hired it, and I know for a while we had two tennis racquets sitting in one of the buggies that were owned by the, erm, by the MARK WARNER complex. Erm, they have been returned since, but they were definitely, at least two. I don’t think Dave and Fiona and I don’t think Russell and Jane and I’m not sure about Gerry and Kate, whether they took the stuff with them”.

00:06:32 4078 "Okay, I think we also spoke about, and I specifically asked you about the tennis equipment that the MCCANN’S may have had.”
Reply "Yeah, and I don’t recall seeing that they had some err I think they’re more likely than Russell and, and Dave to actually have their own tennis gear because I think they were more serious about their, their sport in some ways err I know Russell definitely and I think err both Russell, Jane, Dave and Fiona all borrowed equipment from the tennis people. Gerry and Kate I think borrowed as well err and I can’t remember having their, their own kit but I didn’t specifically notice it and it didn’t remember seeing err tennis bags but I wasn’t in the apartment and we didn’t travel together at the same time so I may be wrong about that.”

PC: "So I’m assuming you didn’t have your own tennis equipment?”

DW: "No, no, it was the club’s equipment.”

PC: "Do you remember about the others, whether they had their own equipment?”

DW: "Err no I think it was all the club’s equipment. I don’t think err I don’t think anybody had any, I don’t, as I say I don’t know about, I know Gerry was playing tennis but I don’t know if he had his own tennis racquet but I know that Kate didn’t, she, we were all borrowing, using the club err racquets and b*lls.”

4078 "In relation to the activities that you sort of signed up for and that were available to
you, did you have to take equipment with you or was it available to hire?”
Reply "No, it’s all to hire.”
4078 "So from your point of view, you and Russell didn’t take tennis equipment.”
Reply "No, no.”
4078 "Or sailing equipment.”
Reply "No.”
4078 "Whatever you’d need for that.”
Reply "No, no.”
58.16 4078 "And what about the other couples?”
Reply "Err I don’t know whether Kate and Gerry took, they might have taken racquets
because I think they’d always, they’d always been planning to do the tennis,
especially Gerry. Gerry had always been planning to do the tennis so I don’t know
whether he took a tennis racquet or not, but no, I mean we didn’t, I hadn’t really
thought about doing the tennis until we got there and thought, so we did a taster

session then thought ah yeah I’ll do that. But I’m not that keen on water.”
4078 "So you’d turn up and just take the equipment that was available to you?”
Reply "Yeah take what was available, yeah.”
4078 "Would that have been the same for Rachael as well, as far as you know?”
Reply "Err, again she’s played more tennis than me but I don’t think she took her
equipment, it was just what was there.”
4078 "But you think that Kate might have come with a racquet?”
Reply "I don’t know about Kate, I think Gerry might have done but again, I don’t know, I’m
just surmising just because they’re keener tennis players.”
4078 "Right. You can’t picture seeing him or her at any stage with a full bag of tennis
equipment or?”
Reply "No.”


00.42.07 1578 “Did you play tennis yourself”?
Reply “Yes, erm”.
1578 “Did you take your own equipment”?
Reply “Yes”.
1578 “Did anyone else in the group take their equipment”?
Reply “No”.
1578 “When I say group, sorry I mean racquets and so forth”?
Reply “Racquets and stuff, yeah, yeah we took our racquets, nobody else did, erm then we booked a private lesson, erm which we supposed to have on the Wednesday but I was ill on the Tuesday night, erm so on Wednesday, actually on Wednesday it was raining anyway, so I think all, all the tennis lessons and everything were cancelled, erm but so I was ill so, I was in bed”.
1578 “And when you say we, you’re referring to yourself and Matthew”?


Gill Renwick revealed how panicking Kate sent her a text saying: “I need help

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article27512.ece#ixzz0kYccDAr6

This article also reveals the early stories being put forth by Kate and Gerry, the shutter got jemmied, the abductor broke in that way and exited via the door.   We have Mark Warner spokesman John Hill immediately saying there is absolutely no evidence of any physical breakin and the McCanns failed to use the resort facilities to care for their children. 

Why did Kate text her mate Gill Renwick and say "I need help".  In the above circumstances and with SOCA and British Police going over maybe she did not know which way to turn.  Maybe she knew she could not just phone Gill and explain why she so desperately needed help.

Given Kate's continuing lying performance, even if that help was offered by Gill Renwick, that is if Kate could bear to tell her the truth about what had been happening to Madeleine and how they had gotten rid of her,  Kate decided not to take that help that she knew she needed.  I am sure she does regret that now.

There is a Paul Moyes mentioned in this and many other articles from Cheshire, who was there with his wife Susan and owns an apartment in the block the McCanns were in, he says they were woken at 11.30 to take part in the search.  I do not see any mention of this couple on the PJ file and just wonder how the police knew Gerry had a missing blue tennis bag.  I am sure there are many Brit witnesses on UK files that we just do not know about.   I believe that between Dr Rebelo and Stu Prior (and others no doubt) what information was going to be released was very carefully selected.  Not to help Kate and Gerry in the further investigations of them, but to hinder them in their money grasping ventures, in that respect it clearly worked and we heard about how angry John McCann was about that.  AFter all this eager chap gave up his job to work full time for what he perceived would be an everlasting Fund.  Did he provide some drug samples to Kate and Gerry for them to drug their kids with? 

As will be seen from this similar article below, British Police were arriving in force 3 "liaison oficers" for the McCanns, two of whom Kate went on to get the sack - they asked her "where is Maddie"?   The  PJ are clearly saying they believe Maddie was abducted and they have a suspect in mind, could that suspect they were immediately "profiling" have been Gerry McCann? Guilhermino Encarnacao must have had intelligence at that stage that led him to believe Madeleine was still alive and to have a specific suspect, when it is the parent it is understandable he refuses to say but in tandem with a barrage of UK cops arriving...
May 6, 2007

Britons join search for lost toddler

Police profile abduction suspect as hunt for missing toddler widens

She should have returned home safely this weekend. Instead, on the boulevards and whitewashed apartments of the Algarve yesterday, pictures of Madeleine McCann’s three-year-old face were fluttering in the warm coastal breeze.
Along with her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, who are both doctors, and her close-knit extended family, it seemed that everyone in the resort of Praia da Luz was keeping a vigil for her safe return. They were praying that she would be home to blow out the candles on her birthday cake next Saturday.
“Everyone knows what it’s like when a child goes missing for a short while and you worry like mad,” said Brian Kennedy, Kate McCann’s uncle. “As the days go by it gets harder because you start by hoping for the best and then begin to start fearing the worst.
“Friends are planning a party for her birthday on Saturday and baking her a cake on the Dr Who theme because it’s one of her favourite programmes. I’ve told them to continue with those plans. We’ve got to remain optimistic.”
Guilhermino Encarnacao, head of the judicial police in Faro, said that Madeleine had been abducted from the Ocean Club complex on Thursday evening. She is believed to have been taken as she slept alongside twins Sean and Amelie, her two-year-old brother and sister, in their apartment in the Mark Warner complex. Her parents had been dining with friends at a tapas bar nearby, checking on the children every half hour.
An image of a suspect was being drawn up by police. Encarnacao believed the three-year-old was still alive. Searches were going on including at two campsites a few miles away.
In a televised statement broadcast across Portugal yesterday, Gerry McCann, a hospital cardiologist from Leicestershire, appealed for the safe return of his daughter.
“Words cannot describe the anguish and despair that we are feeling,” he said. “Please, if you have Madeleine, let her come home to her mummy, daddy, brother and sister.”
McCann and his wife, both 39, yesterday walked hand in hand through the apartment complex. They had lunch with the twins at the same tapas bar as the evening before. McCann returned alone to the apartment, emerging with a suitcase and a bucket and spade for the twins.
A friend at the resort, who did not wish to be named, said: “It’s a nightmare. Every time the parents see Madeleine’s face on television they fall apart. We all do. We haven’t slept for 24 hours. Please God they find her. The longer it goes on, the worse it is. All we can do is pray.”
Police were conducting checks at airports and more than 150 officers were searching the area. Hundreds of tourists, British ex-pats and local Portuguese were also helping with the search.
Madeleine’s relatives and crime experts now suspect that she was targeted by someone who had been watching the family during their holiday. Roy Ramm, a former Scotland Yard commander, said: “This is somebody who has planned this abduction quite carefully. He has probably looked and observed this child during the day.”
McCann, a consultant at Leicester’s Glenfield hospital, and his wife, a part-time GP, were on a week-long holiday with three other couples and five other children when Madeleine was abducted shortly before 10pm on Thursday.
The children could have been left in a free crèche in the complex. A babysitting service was also available for between €12 (£8) and €15 an hour.
But the McCanns were eating only about 150ft from their apartment. It is thought they felt they were close enough to watch over their children.
Hotel sources said the apartment’s french doors – which faced the restaurant where the McCanns were eating – were unlocked by the couple. Their line of view was, however, obscured by bougainvillea and palm trees.
At 9.30pm Gerry McCann checked his children and they were sound asleep, with Madeleine lying with her comfort blanket. Thirty minutes later his wife returned and found Madeleine gone and the shutter of the rear window open.
Trish Cameron, McCann’s sister, said: “Kate came screaming back to the group crying, ‘They’ve taken her, they’ve taken her’. Gerry was crying and roaring like a bull.”
John Hill, the Ocean Club manager, said the alarm was raised by the family between 10pm and 10.15pm: “The staff, many guests and the best part of the village started looking right away, a total of 40 to 65 people. The police were called and started taking details from the family and then took the decision to escalate the search.”
Silvia Batisa, head of administration at the complex, helped to comfort the family and interpret their interviews with the police: “The parents were devastated, in a panic. They wanted more police and dogs immediately. Kate said all the time, ‘Please find my daughter’ and ‘Madeleine is beautiful’.”
She recalled that the twins were still asleep in their two cots and there was the small, bright pink wool blanket that Madeleine likes to hold when she sleeps. “We walked out quickly so as not to wake up the twins. The parents immediately said, ‘She’s been kidnapped’,” said Batisa.
Paul Moyes, 58, from Middlewich, Cheshire, was among those who helped to look for the missing child: “At 11.30pm there was a knock on the door and there was a distressed gentleman saying that a child had been abducted and could we help with the search. Everybody got involved.”
It is not known how the abductor entered the flat. Staff believe it was likely that entry would have been through the french doors because the shutters would have been damaged if they had been prised open.
From the outset, the McCanns were convinced their daughter had been abducted. There have been complaints from relatives that the police were slow to respond to the situation.
Speaking from her home in Glasgow, Philomena McCann, Madeleine’s aunt, said: “The local policeman was doing very little. The area was not cordoned off for hours and hours. Kate and Gerry [were] frustrated at the lack of activity. [The police] tried to downplay the enormity of it and said Madeleine had perhaps wandered off. That is the most ridiculous suggestion.”
Nigel Ragg, head of marketing at Mark Warner Holidays, defended the police operation. “It was felt by our staff that the police reacted quickly. The search was escalated throughout the evening,” he said.
The McCanns, who are both Roman Catholics, met as medical students at Glasgow University and were married nine years ago. They spent a period working in Holland and moved to their home in Rothley, Leicestershire, about two years ago.
Father Keith Tomlinson, the priest who baptised the twins a year ago at the Sacred Heart church in Rothley, the family’s church, said: “They are a lovely family. This is a terrible time and our hearts here are with them. We will be praying for them.
“They came here most weeks and brought Madeleine. She is a nice bouncy happy little girl. They are friendly and open and obviously love one another and you sense that this is a husband and wife who are united in love and who adore their children.”
Julio Barroros, the local mayor, said: “We all hope that Maddy will come home for her family and that England can breathe when she appears.”
Additional reporting: Will Iredale
Child watch
British law does not set out the minimum age when parents can leave children alone, but it does stipulate that it is an offence if doing so might put them at risk, writes Jonathan Leake.
Experts are divided on just what this means in practice. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children believes that babies and toddlers should never be left alone, whether asleep or awake, even for a few minutes.
Madeleine McCann, the three-year-old apparently snatched from her bed, was in an apartment in a Portuguese holiday complex while her parents dined and checked on her at least every half hour.
“It doesn’t take long for unsupervised young children or babies to injure themselves,” said Chris Cloke, head of child protection awareness at the charity. “Put simply, it is too risky to leave them alone at all at such a young age.”
Other experts take a more flexible view. “It’s the context that is important,” said Professor Carolyn Hamilton, who runs the Children’s Legal Centre, a charity concerned with law and policy. “This couple had . . . clearly made a responsible assessment of the risks and decided that they were minimal. They could not have predicted the possibility of abduction.”
Accidents are the biggest cause of death for children over the age of one. In 2005 about 250 children aged under 15 died in Britain and more than 2m were taken to hospital, with about half of accidents happening in the home.
However, many accidents happen while children are under supervision and are caused by, for instance, lack of stair gates.
Ben Needham, who vanished on the Greek island of Kos in 1991 aged 21 months, was being supervised by his grandparents who lost sight of him for only a few minutes. He has never been found.