27 Sep 2008


I think this must be Mr Smith's e-fit of Madeleine's abductor oh I mean predator (stick to really emotive language, it all helps) and it just reminds me of someone..Just like that e-fit Mr Flack gave to the PJ, strange that!

Hi All, I have just tried to search online about Oakley International who the McCanns claim are private investigators working for them. The article in the Daily Mail has been removed and they are clearly concerned making a statement on their webpage. As we know this one man band is run by Mr Halligen and he does NOT actually profess to be a private investigator. He resigned the directorship of his other company Red Defence International following a meeting with the Directors of the Find Maddie Fund, how odd is that! I think the only thing that is international about Mr "Halligen" is his involvement with worldwide fraud!

I have also noted the controversy in relation to Madeleine's character. Gerry says she was an extroverted child. But this is a child, who, as the article below confirms was dumped at every given opportunity in the creche along with her siblings, not something the rest of the TAPAS group did. The McCanns were not with the rest of the group for a meal on that fateful night either. So why would Gerry describe Madeleine as extroverted when the nursery staff say she was the complete opposite - the shyest child in the group. I am sure psychologists would provide us with the answer but again, it demonstrates what a liar he is. Nursery nurses are trained professionals in assessing children and clearly would not describe a so called extroverted child as "shy". I believe she was a neglected and unwanted child and even the twins were not treated much better, but the major difference is they are still alive, sadly still with Kate and Gerry McCann also.

Justice for Maddie x

We will not forget xxxxxx

Updated: 27 August 2008

MADELEINE FILES: Madeleine spent most days in Kids Club
CHILD CARERS working at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz noticed that the McCann children spent the maximum time available in the care of the resort’s kids club according to police files released to the media surrounding the case.The usual routine of Gerry and Kate McCann was to put the children in the nursery facility at about 9am and then pick them up between midday and 12.30pm to give the children lunch before bringing the children back at 3pm and returning at the end of the day between 5pm and 5.30pm.Other children in the tapas nine party would not spend as much time away from their parents. The other parents in the group, the files reveal, would normally leave their children with the baby sitting service only in the morning sessions.The police files also gives details about Madeleine’s personality as described by her father, Gerry and those that spent time with Madeleine while they were on holiday in the Algarve.Madeleine was described by Gerry as being an extrovert, very active and having happy relationships with other children.She would never go with a stranger and he states clearly that she was not taking any medication.In a statement made by one of the nannies working at the Ocean Club, Madeleine was described as being a calm, beautiful and happy child.However, she was portrayed as being more shy than the other children at the kids club.Meanwhile, reports in the British media have claimed that there is now less than 500,000 pounds sterling in the Find Madeleine fund.The private investigation agency Oakley International has reportedly cost the fund half a million pounds sterling, despite not yielding any concrete results.This had led to Brian Kennedy, the British double glazing tycoon who has donated large sums of money to the Find Madeleine campaign, voicing his dissatisfaction in the investigators.A statement was issued on behalf of the McCanns on Tuesday countering the claims in the press concerning the status of the private investigators via the website http://www.findmadeleine.com/. “We appointed them (Oakley International) several months ago to investigate the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. We continue to work with them to this end. The working relationship is managed by Brian Kennedy, who also confirms the relationship with Oakley International continues to be good and that it remains entirely focused on the search for Madeleine.”

20 Sep 2008


I have long felt that the McCanns have a purpose in visiting America - to mobilise support and some of that support is very perverse and responsible for much of the sickening blogging, here are some examples, this man certainly preaches the gospel, according to Gerry McCann, a man, self-confessed, who only found religion, just when it suited him!

Note the abuse of "fat people who ate all the pies", myself included apparently! See first post on here "anon" from ST's blog, a blog that quotes American law, a blog that to the average person in the UK is depraved and sick, I think you may have been rumbled "Mr John Wearne". I would also point out that UK people are well aware of just how many cranks and thieves posture in America spouting "religion"! We are also well aware of just how racist such people can be!


“my husband has always refused to sit around from nine to five in the comfortable chair in his office???????//” — that’s because he was at the diner across the road gorging himself on pies instead of looking for our beautiful Madeleine!!!
Amaral is a disgrace and very representative of the pj.
International day of prayer for madeleine sept 19th 1-2pm and 10.30-11.30pm 10000 people onboard…….lets get madeleine home people…please join us in prayer for madeleine.
john wearne

ASSIST News Service (ANS) - PO Box 609, Lake Forest, CA 92609-0609 USA Visit our web site at: http://www.assistnews.net/ -- E-mail: assistnews@aol.comThursday, September 11, 2008 Circle of Prayer for Missing Madeleine McCann Holds Second Worldwide Day of Prayer for Her Safe ReturnBy Michael IrelandChief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service
UNITED KINGDOM (ANS) -- Five-year-old Madeleine Beth McCann was abducted in Praia de Lux, Portugal, while on vacation from Great Britain in May 2007. She was taken while sleeping in the same bedroom as her sister and brother.
Her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, were dining close by, but regularly checking on the children. Since her abduction there have been several sightings of her, most notably in Morocco, Spain and Portugal.

A photo of Madeleine taken in May, 2007.Since May 2007, there has been a worldwide search for her and an investigation into her disappearance, which continues to this day. Madeleine is distinguished by a mark in her right eye.
Now two friends of the McCann family are organizing a second Worldwide Day of Prayer for Madeleine, to be held on Saturday, September 19, 1.00 - 2.00 pm and 10.30 - 11.30pm.
"The idea for the day of prayer came from two individuals, myself and Nina Jones," said Madeleine Prayer Circle organizer John Wearne.
"We met via a website and both have interests in her disappearance as well as many Christian contacts in the world that involve their own circle of Christian friends and churches in prayer these days," Wearne told ASSIST News.
"In the last prayer session on August 8, we had reached out to thousands of people and approximately 6,000 people prayed for Madeleine and other lost children during the August event," Wearne said.
"As yet there is no website supporting the prayer event directly, although this is planned before the next event," he said.

Another photo of Madeleine in May, 2007
Wearne said it is believed that Madeleine was 'taken to order' by a child trafficking network and is currently being held by a European pedophile network.
"Belgium and its surrounding countries are a hot topic at the moment with a belief that she may well be hidden in this region," he said.
"The McCanns are Christians and pray as we do for her safe return. The McCanns recently campaigned for the introduction of the 'Amber Alert' system in Europe," Wearne added.
Wearne was asked what is the current situation regarding the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance?
"The investigation team is pursuing a line that Madeleine was abducted and is still alive (no proof contrary to this) and being held by a network somewhere. They have several investigation teams involved in looking for her," Wearne said.
Wearne said Madeleine's parents, "both have faith, and there is support via the church and from their close family and friends."

Madeleine Prayer Circle logoThe main goal of the Day of Prayer is to unite Christians throughout the world in prayer for Madeleine and other innocents held by child trafficking networks.
"We feel that the battle is spiritual and by going through prayer that God will listen to the cries of His people and that this will sway the spiritual balance in Madeleine's favor," said Wearne.
"Everything is done through God and there is total belief that one day Madeleine will one day come home. God may have a greater plan for others and may well be using Madeleine in that plan. We petition God always for His will to be done and ask that Madeleine be brought home," he said.
Wearne cited two Bible verses the Madeleine Prayer Circle is basing their hopes upon.
Mathew 18:19(New International Standard Version) says: "If two of you agree about anything you request, it will be done for you by My Father in Heaven."
Colossians 4:2-3 (New American Standard Bible) states that "praying at the same time will open up a door for the Word."
Widespread Problem of Missing and Exploited Children
Wearne explained that in the US there are almost 1 million children reported missing each year; 60,000 children are victims of non-family abductions (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children). In Italy, 2,000 children go missing each year (Labor Online, 2005). More than 1 million children are missing in India, he said.
"The problem is worldwide. The problem is that due to the power involved in child trafficking the numbers are hard to ascertain, but the figure would probably be around 6 million children that go missing every year. In Spain and Portugal there are also serious concerns. The prayers are needed not just for Madeleine, but for these other innocent children," Wearne said.
Law enforcement bodies worldwide are involved in the search for Madeleine.
"There are approximately four or five different investigation teams working on the case, including Interpol. The use of Madeleine-related websites get the message across to people and there are affiliates that help the family to find Madeleine by working to their agenda," Wearne said.
Please feel free join the Madeleine Prayer Circle group for the second worldwide prayer session to be held September 19, 2008 between 1.00 - 2.00 pm and 10.30 - 11.30 pm to pray for Madeleine and all the children held by criminal networks throughout the world.
Wearne concluded: "We truly believe that the battle for the return of Madeleine McCann is a spiritual one and we would welcome anyone and everyone to join us.
"Prayer is the way forward for us now, rather than active involvement," he said.
The following is a suggested list of Prayer Points for those interested in interceding for Madeleine and the many other children being held against their will by those who seek to do them harm.
Prayer agenda:
1) For the Holy Spirit to be with Madeleine -- to fill her, guide her and protect her so that she feels God's presence at all times and for the Holy Spirit to likewise be with all missing and exploited children around the world.
2) For God to actively intervene in Madeleine's life and for her whereabouts to be revealed to the world and for Madeleine to be returned to her Mother.
3) For God's perfect wisdom to guide and direct Gerry and Kate McCann in everything they do.
4) For the revelation of the truth of Madeleine's disappearance to the world and the imminent exposure of any falsehood that has served to obscure the truth and prevent Madeleine being found.
5) A miracle for Madeleine. For the Holy Spirit, God's supernatural power that only comes through the Lord God Almighty, to intervene in Madeleine's life.
6) For God's miraculous intervention in the lives of all missing and exploited children and their loving families.
7) For the downfall of all criminal networks involved in child sexual exploitation, slavery and torture, and the downfall of the protection afforded to these by corrupt authorities.
8) For all children held in slavery and abuse by criminal pedophile networks to tangibly experience God's divine protection, perfect peace and love and that no matter what is done to them, they will NEVER be separated from His love.
9) For God to reveal the truth of these children's experiences to the world, for the motivation of His people to actively stand up for these children and put an end to this system of evil, and for the delivery of His justice to ALL the victims of these criminal networks.
For more information, contact John Wearne at: johnwearne@hotmail.co.uk
** Michael Ireland, Chief Correspondent of ANS, is an international British freelance journalist who was formerly a reporter with a London newspaper and has been a frequent contributor to UCB Europe, a British Christian radio station. Michael's involvement with ASSIST News Service is a sponsored ministry department -- Michael Ireland Media Missionary (MIMM) -- of A.C.T. International at: Artists in Christian Testimony (A.C.T.) International.

** You may republish this story with proper attribution.Send this story to a friend.

15 Sep 2008


Although there was no odour of death detected in the childrens' bedroom the PJ file points out the McCanns staged an abduction by placing Cuddlecat on her pillow (below). When the UK Police and PJ searched the McCanns rented villa in July, Eddie signalled the death scent outside this cupboard, inside was Cuddlecat (yes, Kate was supposedly carrying it everywhere with her, turns out there were three!). To be certain the police took the toy outside and let the dog loose again, where he again marked cuddlecat. I think this just shows the most deplorable low cunning, and total lack of love and concern for little Madeleine, even using this toy that Maddie clearly had with her as she lay dead, as a staged prop in the bedroom and for good marketing shots of Kate McCann, even pictured sniffing it. Strange then that in her diaries she now tells us she had to wash it because it was "smelly", surely a retrospective entry Kate, as you desperately try to distance yourself from this incriminating evidence. You did not wash it prior to Eddie smelling it and you did not bother to deny the death scent on this and your own and Madeleine's clothing either, you, a one and a half day a week locum at a GP surgery (not a hospital morgue) encountered no less than six dead bodies, pull the other one!

I would be interested to know when this picture was taken where Kate looks in another world, suspicious? afraid? hunted? and wearing those trousers that were subsequently marked as having cadaver scent on them, along with cuddlecat of course. I wonder if this was the next day, below Kate pitifully tells us she got no sleep, and decided to start searching for her daughter a full eight hours after she noticed her missing at 6 am! Strange that, I was looking for my PARROT immediately and I found him at 4.30 am!

I also find it strange that we were clearly told by Phil McCann that she advised Kate to start keeping a diary for Madeleine to read when she is found again. We have also been clearly told that accordingly there is no entry for 3 May but now there is! I just get this feeling that increasingly the McCanns are wanting to start telling us that yes, there was an accident..Kate tells us how she left the children to go and have a shower..This only reinforces my view, that as the barrister for the Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police pointed out, this case is very much still under investigation by them. Could it be that the McCanns know something we do not, the net is closing in around them? So, having abused and ridiculed Goncalo Amaral they now wish to accept his lenient view of the facts, that there was an accident? As we know prosecutors and other police officers have not taken such a lenient view, clearly stating they feel it is a case of homicide.

When reading through this diary that she knew fully well would one day be published, it is full of sickening platitudes, goodnight sweetheart etc, just like we saw repeatedly written by a certain person on the Daily Express, who is still omnipresent, vituperative and hateful. It is also full of just how much she is suffering, there is no indication of genuine guilt or emotion for her situation at all IMO. There is also virtually no mention of Gerry, this seems to fit with the picture I have of this man, unsupportive, cold, calculating. Willing to clean up the mess but no thought of a shoulder to cry on. Even so, Kate tells us she mostly managed to get to sleep by 1 am as though this is late. I consider it very early for a woman who I would not expect to be able to sleep at all, unless she had tranquillisers.

There are some venomous and sarcastic comments, a paedophile was there, that was nice.. I hate the person who took my Madeleine, who has caused all this trouble, now who could that be?

Devout catholic? Well not according to her own family and friends!

Gerry's favourite newspapers, THE NEWS OF THE WORLD

Well, Gerry, I hope you are enjoying the reaction you are getting from your latest publicity stunt! You reap what you sow! As for you Kate, have you shame? No guilt? No remorse? Do you truly believe this contrived "diary" actually demonstrates that?
Viv x

Read Kate McCann's diary
For the first time, the heartbreaking truth that destroys the lies of the Portuguese police


PRAYERS: McCann family visit church in Praia da Luz

HAPPIER TIMES: Madeleine on the day she vanished
By Daniel Sanderson, 13/09/2008
TODAY we reveal the secret diary of agonised mum Kate McCann—penned over months as she and husband Gerry struggled to deal with their daughter Madeleine’s abduction.
Her words destroy the litany of lies told by Portuguese cops to paint them as cold and calculating. Kate wrote: “I can’t bear being without Madeleine. It’s like torture— a slow painful death.”
FOR months the Portuguese police leaked carefully selected extracts from Kate McCann’s secret diary, chosen to deliberately paint her and husband Gerry as the ice couple—cold, dispassionate and emotionless in the face of three-year-old Madeleine’s abduction.
Now, for the first time, the News of the World can fill in the blanks and nail those lies. The 135-page journal covering April 28, 2007 to Tuesday, July 31, was passed to us by a reporter in Portugal appalled by the sickening smear campaign against the McCanns.
Kate’s log of the dark days after Madeleine vanished from their holiday flat reveals the true picture of the tortured woman behind the calm, brave face she had to portray in public, as initial disbelief and numbness gave way to desperation and rage. Often she includes touching messages of love to her missing daughter. It confirms the strength Kate drew from her devout Catholic faith—and frankly admits the doubts the trauma forced her to face.
THE entry for the fateful day Madeleine McCann vanished—May 3, 2007—makes chilling reading in her mother’s diary, because it started out so NORMAL.
Mum-of-three Kate, 40, records that it began much like any other since the family arrived at the Mark Warner Ocean Club in Praia da Luz on Portugal’s Algarve coast—one long, happy round of swimming, tennis, kids’ club, games and fun.
But knowing what is about to befall them turns Kate’s simple account of the children’s evening bedtime routine into a tense drama...
THURSDAY, MAY 3: Milk and biscuits for the kids. I left them with this and books and games and went to have a quick shower/wash my hair. M (Madeleine) tired—sitting on my lap—I read the story of Mog (favourite children’s book).
Brush teeth. To the bedroom with the kids. M pulls away and puts her head on pillow. Kisses goodnight for M. Pulled the door to as far as possible without shutting it. Silence.
Dry hair. Put make-up on. Glass of wine. Restaurant.
(During dinner nearby with friends —dubbed the Tapas 7—the group took turns to check the children. At 10pm Kate discovers Madeleine gone. The McCanns and helpers frantically scour the area until 4am.)
FRIDAY, MAY 4: No sleep, Gerry and I started looking through the streets around 06.00 as it was starting to get light. Nobody around. Why not? Desperate.
Minutes seem like hours. Outside of the apartments masses of people asking questions about that night and for descriptions of Madeleine. Long day.
(Then Kate, Gerrry and their seven friends were taken to the Policia Judiciaria, or PJ, headquarters in nearby Portimao to give statements.)
Nobody from the police introduced themselves. Nobody offered us a drink or food. All the police dressed informally and smoking. No sympathy was shown and far from inspiring.
I believe my statement would have been around 15.00 and such. They allowed G (Gerry) to come in with me but seated behind me. Translator present.
The police officer who took us by car to the station was the one asking the questions and afterwards typed the answers on a typewriter. Morose.
We left the police station around 7.30pm to 8pm. After 15 minutes we received a call from the PJ saying we had to go back but they didn’t tell us why. We turned around and flew back at around 200 kilometres an hour. Once again frightening. Did they find her? Please God. Is she dead? Prayers. We arrived—they showed us a photo of a girl they’d forgotten to show us from the close circuit TV footage. Not M. Devastating.
SATURDAY, MAY 12: (Madeleine’s birthday) Madeleine is four years old. Day at resort with holiday group. Special Mass for Madeleine at 18.00 in Praia da Luz.
MONDAY, MAY 14: I slept well last night after a not very good end of the day, frustration with the FLO (Portuguese police family liaison officer) asking me where would my little M be.
I got up at 06.50. I dealt with some trifles and got myself ready for the statement to the press at 08.00.
I tried to put on a slightly more presentable and “healthy” air. Gerry again gave a great performance.
Following on we answered about four questions. I almost responded to the first one asking how we were, but I didn’t. I did answer a question on our possible return home. I replied that obviously I didn’t even think about that. Anyway, it seemed to have gone well. After breakfast and our having left S and A, (twins Sean and Amelie, then aged two) we went to church to pray in silence. Very good, calming.
After getting back I decided to go running—for the first time since THE day (already 11 days ago). I knew that it was going to be physically difficult, but I also knew that I wasn’t going to give up, because it was for Madeleine and also because the level of pain is far higher now.
No cameras or journalists, which was great. I went running towards the beach and then along it and again climbed that hill so steep —without stopping! (I carried a photo of M in my hand to keep me going.) On the last hill past the tennis courts my legs completely weak, but I managed to keep myself walking. I managed to reach the apartment then time to stop—to think—I felt really quite calm.
WEDNESDAY, MAY 23: Gordon Brown (then Chancellor and PM in waiting) called and spoke with Gerry -very kind and giving encouragement.
Feeling a bit emotional afterwards.
SATURDAY, MAY 26: We went to an amusement park with the kids. Some phone calls, emails etc. Not a very good day for either the two of us—some dark thoughts/ frustrations/ desperation creeping in. Some tears.
(Then in a moving little message to Madeleine) I love you so much XXX
SUNDAY, MAY 27: Clarence (Clarence Mitchell, Foreign Office family liaison at the time) spoke to us about a possible trip to the Vatican. It seems that it really is going to happen—main story on the news!
Spoke to Dad. I went for a walk to the beach with Sean and Amelie. Frozen. Beach—slippery, wet feet.
We all had dinner when we got back to the apartment.
We have to keep looking. We have to find you beloved xxxxx.
(Kate signed off the day’s entry by drawing a heart with “I LOVE MADELEINE” inside.)
WEDNESDAY, MAY 30: (After trip to see Pope detailed above) The kids went to bed again around 9pm!!! Low point of tonight—becoming desperate/without hope because of the lack of information. They are acting like they have no leads at all. Very worried.
Tomorrow it will be 4 weeks since Madeleine was taken. Four weeks since we saw our special little girl. We are not certain that we will ever see her again, but know that we have to keep up our hope and strength—for the others, at least. Exhausted.
I love you so much, Madeleine. You must come back! X
FRIDAY, JUNE 1: Quite fed up...I can’t stop thinking about Madeleine, about her fear of pain. How can I go on knowing that her life could have ended like this?
This week I have been quite overtaken by black thoughts. Please, God, bring her back.
Bedtime is becoming more and more of a challenge.
SATURDAY, JUNE 2: I can’t remember today (which is now yesterday!). The morning was spent doing paperwork. I wrote a letter to JK Rowling, asking for her help in keeping M in the public eye. She has a new Harry Potter book which will come out in July. I asked if it would be possible to do something like a bookmark with M on.
An enjoyable afternoon—I never felt so relaxed. I felt it was wrong. S and A had fun and that was important. I also worried about what people might think, like “How can they manage to...?”
It seems that Sean is liking the beach more these days. We had tea in a nearby restaurant—good, despite still thinking that I had to do normal things without feeling guilty. We left around 7.30pm and the kids were completely exhausted.
Fed up again —poor M. Once again it took a long time before S and A were sorted. Finally went to church for 10 minutes.
Private worship (despairing!).
Cried again in bed—I can’t avoid it. I need her close to me. Thinking about her fear of pain breaks my heart. Thinking about paedophiles makes me want to tear at my own skin. I was never in favour of the death penalty, but these people should be kept in a secure place. I wouldn’t even complain if it was in nice surroundings, but, certainly in the case of paedophiles always distanced from any type of contact with children.
Whose human rights are more important? Those of a paedophile or of a vulnerable, defenceless child?
TUESDAY, JUNE 5: Woke up relatively late again, around 7.30am, with a good morning wake-up call from S and A. Adorable!! I just wish it had been all three of them that came into the room. After a shower and breakfast, I took S and A to the Kids’ Club. I asked if they could make birthday cards for their Grandma and Gerry—today is his birthday but I had forgotten which is not surprising!
THURSDAY, JUNE 7: The Press conference went well. People are always asking how we are managing to cope, how we can manage to run a campaign, as if we are strange because we are able to appear calm and controlled and aren’t going under all the time. They know so little. Nobody should judge or criticise because, unless they have already been in this situation, they have NO IDEA how they would be and certainly NO IDEA how painful it is. NO IDEA AT ALL. I love you so much Madeleine xxxx
I can’t bear this. I can’t bear being without Madeleine. It’s like torture—a slow, painful death. I hope her suffering, if she is suffering, is much less. Please God.
SUNDAY, JUNE 17: Cherie Blair (then the Premier’s wife) phoned to find out how we were.
We talked about everything in general, including about them leaving Number 10. She agreed as well to make a 20-second video clip for our broadcast on YouTube about Madeleine and children who have disappeared.
I also had the chance to speak to Tony (then Prime Minister) who told me that we weren’t to hesitate to ask him if there was something he could do to help.
On Sky News tonight they suddenly said the Portuguese police had stated that the crime scene had been contaminated—because of us—and that fundamental evidence had been lost. How dare they insinuate that our daughter’s life could be put in danger because of us. Very angry. Very upset.
I want to speak to someone now, but it’s too late.
I changed my mind and I sent a text message to Ricardo (Portuguese police family liaison officer). I don’t know if was a sensible idea but I feel really annoyed.
My darling little Madeleine, you know that we wouldn’t do anything to put you in danger.
I love you very much and I am in agony right now.
I only have to hope that God helps us all now and that he brings you back to us, safe and sound, very soon.
I need you to come back Madeleine. You are the best thing in my life that has ever happened to me. XXXXX
I ended up feeling very upset. Everything overflowed. Terrified that we might not get Madeleine back. I simply cannot face that. Tears, despair, rage, helplessness. I spoke to Gerry, recited prayers. Please God, bring her back XX
I fell asleep after 1am.
MONDAY, JUNE 18: I spent a few lovely hours with Sean and Amelie building a sandcastle with a moat, getting big hugs from Sean, ice creams.
Shower, lovely meal and a little playtime with the kids.
(But as night closes in Kate’s anguish returns.)
I can’t stand living like this. It’s so painful and distressing. Dear Lord, PLEASE answer our prayers. PLEASE send Madeleine back to us. PLEASE.
I love you so, so much Madeleine, more than anything XXXXX.
TUESDAY, JUNE 19: Last night I didn’t manage to get to sleep until around 1am because I was so upset again. It’s so painful to be without Madeleine and I can’t stand to think that it could be like this forever. This simply cannot happen.
Good night, good night Madeleine,I’m longing to read you a bedtime story again. I love you my little darling X.
I’m longing to read you a bedtime story again. I love you my little darling X.
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20: There is still no sign of Madeleine. I didn’t feel like it so I decided not to go running.
Went to pick up Gerry from the airport. It was so good to see him. Just before we reached the apartment we saw a man lying in the middle of the street, so we stopped the car and got out. It was no surprise to see that he was drunk (we’ve all been there!) but he recognised Gerry and me immediately. Gerry walked him round to his apartment.
THURSDAY, JUNE 21: I went to the church around 9.20pm to pray a bit by myself, in peace. I got a bit annoyed, I don’t understand why God doesn’t answer my prayers. I think I need a sign of some sort. I miss her so much. It is so painful and I don't feel my life is complete and I won’t ever feel it is complete, if she doesn’t come home. Gerry came down later on to be with me.
Apart from a glass of wine, chocolate and this diary, there’s nothing much else to tell.
FRIDAY, JUNE 22: I miss Madeleine loads and that’s a real understatement. Sometimes I think I must have done something so bad. (Then Kate recalls the IVF treatment she needed to get pregnant) It was so difficult and painful ‘trying’ to have Madeleine and now this!!!
Why??? Bad luck??? A sick joke??? And then I think I don’t want to think about me—I’m an adult, but Madeleine, dear, sweet, vulnerable, beautiful Madeleine... and I just feel like screaming. WHY?
Dear Lord, I continue to ask, continue to hope, continue to try to have faith in You. Please help us. Put an end to this nightmare. Please help Madeleine. PLEASE LORD.
Madeleine, I love you with all my heart. You are part of my being and I will never feel whole without you. I hope and pray for the day, hopefully soon, when we will be reunited and together again FOREVER. I miss you so much. I need you. I love you. XXXXXXXXXXX
SATURDAY, JUNE 23: I woke up after 7am hesitating (again!) about going running but eventually I built up enough enthusiasm to convince Gerry that we should go. He ran quite well and without a doubt it was worth us going.
Will we see her again one day? How can this end well now? She’s so precious. God I need you to do something soon. I’m so desperate and suffering so much.
This evening I felt quite low again. It’s the awful uncertainty, helplessness and worry. It’s really unbearable. I only want to be able to hide or hibernate until this is all over and Madeleine is back. Please make sure she’s OK.
The usual—dinner, a few drinks and emails. Good night. Good night my darling, longing to lie down...
SUNDAY, JUNE 24: Oh, Madeleine, I find the nights so difficult and only God knows how things are going to find you. I just want to say, once again, that you have been the most special and amazing thing that ever happened to me.
I’ve never felt such love for another person. I hope and I trust that God and Mary are protecting you and I only know that Dad and I and all your wonderful family and friends will continue to search for you, and we all long for the day when you will be back with us again— FOREVER! XX
Good night. Good night darling. I love you XXXXXXXX
TUESDAY, JUNE 26: I went for a short walk to the shops nearby. I had heard that there was a paedophile there. Nice, isn’t it?
If people informed us about these criminals of course we’d be more cautious and we’d feel safer!
Unfortunately I read two books of messages that had been delivered... There were three horrible ones. One from a former Met Police officer—very insensitive/ cruel and far from constructive! Another said “R.I.P. Maddie”—how appalling!
Well, not surprisingly I was very upset and I went out to the rocks on the beach. I cried a lot and spoke to Madeleine and to God. I was still not ready to go but Gerry was calling me. The police had arrived, as planned, at the apartment. I calmed down and went to the meeting with the police. Everything seems to be so slow. We finished at around 7pm so I went to be with the kids and tell them bedtime stories. I had dinner, had a few drinks despite having said I wanted it without alcohol!! We talked some more.
My darling Madeleine, I feel such fear and dread when I think of you. Every day and every night, it is TOO MUCH. I can only have hope and trust in God and Mary to look after you and bring you back to us soon.
I’m so sorry if I/we let you down. I hope you know how fond of you we are and that we would NEVER do anything intentionally that would put you in danger—of any kind. You are so precious to me. You make me so happy and I miss you so much. Please God, please Mary, keep watch over our sweet Madeleine. Keep her safe and sound and bring her back to us soon! X X
MONDAY, JULY 2: (The day the McCanns had to move from the Ocean Club apartment to a rented house.)
I started to put everything in the suitcases and then I took S and A to the Kids’ Club around 09.20 and then I came back to pack the cases. We moved everything to the house around 10:30. Although now I think that it is a good thing to move to the house—with a bit more privacy—everything feels wrong and painful without Madeleine. I cannot believe that this has happened. She is so loving and I desperately want her back. Sean and Amelie appeared very excited about the “new house” especially with regard to their room. After lunch on the terrace, Gerry filled the Jacuzzi with cold water and the children enjoyed themselves immensely in their “swimming pool”. I went to look for Chinese food for 4.
Oh dear Madeleine, where are you? Are you nearby? Please keep well and be strong, my little one. We are desperate to find you. We love you very much. You are so special. I long to give you the biggest hug in the WORLD!! I miss you so much. I love you so much my dear Madeleine.“
THURSDAY, JULY 5: I got up at 7.15. Gerry went for a run.
NOTHING is or will be as good again without Madeleine.
I am thinking about you a lot, dearest Madeleine, and praying a lot so that we find you soon—alive and unharmed.
Stay strong—you know that we all love you very very very much XXXXX.
FRIDAY, JULY 6: (The day a man was arrested in Holland for a cruel hoax intended to extort £1.3million from the McCanns in return for details of the kidnappers and Madeleine’s location.) I wrote my emails and finished our statement for when the story broke about the Dutch man’s extortion near lunchtime.
He’s 39, unemployed, says that he was bored and wanted to play with our emotions. Bastard. David Miliband (the new Foreign Secretary) phoned Gerry to offer support.
SATURDAY, JULY 7: We had breakfast and got the children ready as usual. At 10.30 the four of us went to the Algarve Shopping Centre.
The plan was to buy sandals and some other things for the children. However the journey was a disaster. We had to stop three times on the way there, since Sean and Amelie were crying alternately.
I began to f

PAIN REVISITED: Kate and Gerry McCann talk ahead of the one year anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance
eel that it had been a wasted day, even though Sean and Amelie had some good goes in Noddy’s car and Popeye’s boat. The return journey was slightly more bearable.
I had a “moment” while we were having lunch. I saw a woman who looked pregnant and I began to think about when I was pregnant with Sean and Amelie. And then it hit me. (Kate then remembers a touching scene from the past.) Madeleine was coming to visit us later that evening, the look of wonder on her face, and afterwards she got in beside me in bed. She was and is so adorable—a real jewel, a real gift. And I painfully miss her.
At around 18.00 went to church. It was good... there was nobody else there. Later Gerry turned up and joined me and we went down as far as the rocks on the beach and talked a little about Madeleine. But I began to feel slightly pessimistic and fearful. Please, my God, prove to us that we are not wrong. But I was feeling worse. Please, my God, let this have a happy ending.
I have been thinking a lot about you today, Madeleine. I am so worried and frightened for you. I can only hope that God has you in his hands and brings you back to us soon. Please, my God, help us, help Madeleine.
We love her and we need her so much, and she loves us and needs us. Please, please, please make it so that we have some good news soon. Good night darling. I love you. (I can hardly wait to say “See you tomorrow.”) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
THURSDAY, JULY 12: I hate the person who took my Madeleine—the same one who has caused all this trouble, who made us feel worthless and mistrustful and mainly who has frightened my beautiful Madeleine. I will never forgive that person/those people for this. Never.
Today I washed the Cuddle Cat (Madeleine’s favourite soft toy and a constant comfort to heartbroken Kate). I was hoping not to have to do it until Madeleine returns, but it was now quite dirty and smelly, unfortunately without the smell of Madeleine on it. XX
TUESDAY, JULY 17: Finding it very difficult to talk to people from home, unless they are directly involved. It is difficult to show an interest in other people’s lives and children at the moment. I know it sounds horrible, selfish and egocentric, but at the moment I can only think about Madeleine. I don’t want to hear about anyone having babies or getting pregnant (mainly because it was all so very difficult for us). I’m worried about turning into a bitter, angry woman, that would be horrible. Please God bring Madeleine back and let this nightmare end.
Please don’t let our lives be destroyed by this. Please don’t let them hurt Madeleine.
Earlier today I found Amelie in our room looking at photos of Madeleine and she said: “I miss my sister. Where’s my sister?”
I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t realise Amelie’s vocabulary and use of words was so good. I just said: “I miss her too. We’ll find her soon.” What a little sweetheart!
We took turns jumping into the water with the kids, which was great fun. After a DVD and a story it was the twins’ bedtime which didn’t take too long tonight. Madeleine, we are all with you darling.
Keep strong, be patient, we’ll keep on going till we find you. I love you so much. We hope and pray we’ll see you soon.
Goodnight, my darling. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
WEDNESDAY, JULY 18: It was suggested that Madeleine is dead and buried in an area close to the beach, behind the cliff.
What can I say? I feel my body’s on the verge of collapse. How much pain and emotion can one body take? I had a bad afternoon. I was very worried, desperate, extremely on edge. I don’t think I can take any more of this, I really can’t. How much longer will this suffering go on? I need Madeleine ALIVE.
SATURDAY, JULY 21: I continue to feel very low. I miss Madeleine so much. It’s as if a ray of light has disappeared from my life. There’s no doubt that Madeleine is that ray and I miss her more than words can say.
We just wrote our blogs/diaries. Once again those dark thoughts returned, linked with feelings of anxiety, fear and worry. How much longer will we have to cope with this pain?
My poor, poor Madeleine. Why, Lord? My heart aches with so much love for you, Madeleine. I just hate being without you.
(Kate then relives the last time they saw Madeleine in the Ocean Club apartment.)
If I could go back in time, I would. I have clear recollections of that night. You were so tired. After your baths, you sat on my knee and put my wedding ring on your finger. We (me, you, Sean and Amelie) read “Mog” in the living area and then “if you’re happy and you know it”. We all sat down on your bed.
Then you counted the squares on the last page. You were always counting things on pages...always laying your head on your pillow at the same time every night. Madeleine you make me so happy. I just want you home. I love you so much. XXXXXXX
MONDAY, JULY 23: I got up at 7.00 and went running. I was surrounded by a pack of dogs (more or less 12)—it really wasn’t a nice experience. I went to the flat, high part of the cliff as I felt really alone and a little frightened. Please God, don’t let Madeleine be buried here. Please God, make sure she’s alive. Please God, bring her back quickly to us.
I took S and A to the Kids’ Club at 9.45 then I went to church to pray a little on my own.
Every single moment of happiness with Sean and Amelie, who are both so delightful, is mixed with deep sadness. All I want is Madeleine to be safe and happy again.
I spent some time on the internet reading about Sarah Payne (Roy Whiting), Eliz. Smart (Brian Mitchell) and the Peter Voisey case (he abducted a six-year-old girl from the bath in North Tyneside). Really horrible.
Night, night sweetheart. I’m trying to be positive. I need to be because I need to believe that you’re going to come back to me, so I can go back to being truly happy. I love you XXX.
TUESDAY, JULY 24: Sean and Amelie had lots of fun in the Jacuzzi—laughter galore! Carrot sticks and crisps were had by all at teatime.
Oh, darling Madeleine. It pains me to think of you—it causes me such sorrow and I have no idea how you feel. I pray to God that you are well, that you are not hurt. I pray that God keeps you safe and sound and that you’re not afraid, nor in pain.
Please God, answer my prayers and please, please, please bring Madeleine back to us very soon, for our own happiness. Please God.
Madeleine, sweetheart, I love you so much. I can’t stop saying it. Night, night darling. We will keep hoping and having faith in God. XXXXXXX.
WEDNESDAY, JULY 25: I received some bad news last night. A friend has breast cancer and has just received her first dose of chemotherapy following surgery. Horrible. I will include her in my prayers.
At around 15.30 I went for a run. I had begun to feel restless and worried about Madeleine. It was hot and hard work, but I felt better for having gone.
We returned at around 18.15—the children’s dinner and baths, our dinner.
(and the children’s once again!).
Madeleine, sweetheart, you are the most important thing, the only thing that matters. Words cannot describe how I feel about you nor how restless, tormented, alone, sad and incomplete I feel.
I will continue to hope and pray that you come back to us soon but I don’t want to think about how good it would be to feel something like that—not yet, at least.
I love you so, so much darling. I remember sitting watching you through the glass window when you were having your swimming lessons on a Saturday morning. There you were with your yellow swimsuit, ever so pretty and you were smiling and waving at me, and the tears rolled down my face!
I was and am still so proud of you, Madeleine, and my love for you is never-ending. I can’t stop saying how much I love you dearly. I’m going to try and stay strong for you and you have to do the same. You know we love you and we are going to keep going until we find you again.
All my love, Madeleine. Night, night. Sleep well. May God protect you. XXXXX.
SATURDAY, JULY 28: I got up at 7.30 after a late and disturbed night of sleep.
At around 16.20 we had a dip in the Jacuzzi. Sean and Amelie loved it. After tea I went to the small church. I was a little tearful.
It’s really hard for me not to worry about the small things. I wonder does anyone brush her teeth? She looks so happy in that photo taken on that last day.
I know I’m repeating myself but I can’t stop myself from saying how much I love you, Madeleine. I’ll say it as many times as I need to. You’re so, so special. XXXXX.
TUESDAY, JULY 31: (The day before police seized the diary) I got up early after another late and very disturbed night.
I dropped by the church. I feel better after these short conversations.
I cooked my first meal (since they took Madeleine!!) for dinner tonight.
Please God—make me right. Please God—protect her. Please God—bring her back to us soon!
Night, night Madeleine, by dearest little angel. My sweetheart, my darling, my love, my companion. I love you more than anything. Lots of hugs my darling. I’m going to dream that I’m lying by your side—moments I’ll always cherish and I long to have again.
Sweet dreams my little one. Be strong. Mummy XXXXX.
Pope was so gentle and so sincere
DEVOUT Catholic Kate’s nerves were on edge as she and Gerry prepared to meet the Pope at the Vatican on May 30.
On May 28 she wrote: “I felt somewhat concerned. This is going to be a little too much, I only want Madeleine back and to return to our normal life.”
Two days later her diary recalls: “Pope Benedict XVI arrived in his “pope mobile” waving to everyone. It immediately became clear that he recognised us. He took hold of our hands and he was so gentle, so sincere.
“I thanked him for having allowed us to be there with him. He said he would pray for us and that he would continue to pray for Madeleine and for her safe return. I gave him the photo of Madeleine—he blessed it (with the thumb)—something that we would be able to keep for ever. A shy man but very friendly.
“Very emotional, very positive, very important—charming.
“Please, God, bring back to us little Madeleine. We love her so much and we miss her so much. Please Lord, help us to be united once again shortly as a family.
“Later on, Clarence (Foreign Office family liaison) told me that, before that (meeting the Pope), a butterfly had flown above and had landed on the bow on my hair.
“Following on, it left, but it came back and landed on my lapel. An omen, we hope.”

14 Sep 2008


The Interviewer: A big welcome to you . I first became aware of your interest in this case via your well thought out posts in Internet Forums. What was it that made you become so interested in this case?

Mr John Doe

John Doe: More or less from Day One, I thought there was something very odd about the case.

For a start, I heard the parents were checking their children ‘every 15 minutes’, then ‘every hour’, then ‘every half hour’ etc. The idea that they would all be getting up in turn to check on their own children like that during a meal or drinking session struck me as strange behaviour.

Then I saw them on TV gallivanting round the world, meeting the Pope, going to America, being interviewed on German TV and so on. I wondered if their young twins were with them on these trips, and I discovered that mostly they were not. I saw one clip of the McCanns taking two very quiet and submissive-looking twins to the nursery in Praia da Luz so that the parents (their own words) could ‘carry on campaigning’. I would have thought that having lost one precious child, they would want to spend every possible moment with the other two.

I thought no more about it particularly until journalists started asking questions and watched the McCanns’ nervous reactions. Then as there were rumours about the McCanns becoming suspects, like tens of thousands of others I became interested in the case and wondered if the police, the Pope, and the public had all been victims of one almighty hoax. I noted that Gerry McCann was already talking about ‘a long-term political campaign’ and ‘a ‘wider agenda’ and again this seemed strange, as if he never expected to get his daughter back.

Since, I’ve researched the Madeleine McCann case avidly, and pretty soon realised that the parents - and probably their friends - knew exactly what had happened to Madeleine on 3rd May -but had perpetrated a cunning hoax on the media and the public.

The Interviewer: Do you think Kate and Gerry McCann should be prosecuted for their neglectful attitude towards all of their children?

John Doe: It is not so much their ‘neglectful attitude’ as the facts of what happened during their stay in Praia da Luz. According to public statements on TV, on the radio and in the press, and indeed in Gerry McCann’s own blog, the McCanns left their children night after night on their own in Praia da Luz whilst they were out eating and drinking. Six nights in a row, and no mention of ‘checking every half-hour’ -until we get to what is claimed to have happened on the evening of 3rd May. These were three very young children, all aged under 4.

Anything could have happened. They could have woken up and become frightened. They could have had a fall, wandering about in the dark. Fire could have broken out. In many similar cases, the parents have been prosecuted and either fined, placed on community service orders, or even imprisoned. I cannot understand why Leicestershire Social Services and Leicestershire Police have failed to prosecute in this case.

British law which covers this is the Children and Young Persons Act 1933, which covers such things as leaving very young children unattended. Various categories of neglect are classed in this Act as ‘child neglect’ or ‘child cruelty’. You can get a copy of it on the Net.

In recent weeks in the U.K, parents were successfully prosecuted for leaving a toddler alone in a car for just half-an-hour. In another case, the parents went out all night drinking leaving a 9-year-old on his own .He was found wandering the streets the next day looking for them. Again, they were successfully prosecuted. So why not the McCanns?

The Interviewer: Do you think Kate and Gerry are receiving top-level support from the upper echelons of British society?

John Doe: Well, we know for certain that Gerry McCann had several conversations with Gordon Brown about his missing daughter, just before he became our Prime Minister. And we learnt that it was ‘only after an intervention by Gordon Brown’ that the Portuguese police - most reluctantly and perhaps against their better judgment - allowed Gerry McCann to make that strange announcement of a possible description of an abductor.

Virtually all we were told by Mr. McCann was that the abductor was a man of about 5′ 7″ of medium build. The Portuguese police wanted nothing to do with it, as this description was based entirely on a dubious description given by his friend Jane Tanner which lacked credibility for a number of reasons. Yet it was Gordon Brown’s initiative that persuaded the Portuguese police to go along with Gerry McCann giving out even this scarcely credible description.

More recently, our new Home Secretary, the inexperienced Jacqui Smith, called on the Portuguese police to ‘find Madeleine’ and ‘focus on the search for Madeleine’ etc. instead of bothering the McCanns. I found this most odd, given that the McCanns are prime suspects in what may turn out to be a suspicious death, and that the McCanns had refused to answer the police’s questions, despite repeatedly maintaining to the world that they had ‘nothing to hide’.

Why did she not simply say: “I advise the McCanns to co-operate fully with the police and answer their questions”?

We than have to consider that two high-profile millionaires, Sir Richard Branson and Brian Kennedy, have promised large amounts of help towards the McCanns’ legal fees. On top of that, the British media has totally failed to analyse this case properly and seems to lean favourably towards the latest press releases and ’spin’ from the McCanns’ PR man, Clarence Mitchell. Again, another cause of concern is that prior to helping the McCanns, Mr. Mitchell was the Head of the Media Monitoring Unit at our Foreign Office.

There may be much that we don’t know going on behind the scenes of this compelling drama being played out before our very eyes. But it might be a reasonable guess that the British government for one reason or another might be putting pressure on the Portuguese police to drop this case.

After all, Gordon Brown admitted he had discussed the case with the Portuguese government when he was in Lisbon for the European Union summit in October.

The Interviewer: Do you have any thoughts or explanations as to why the McCanns would have wanted to hire Michael Caplan QC?

John Doe: Michael Caplan Q.C. became famous as the lawyer engaged to represent General Pinochet, the former dictator of Chile. He was in Great Britain and the Chilean government wanted him extradited to Chile on account of those killed or missing during the repression under his government. Caplan is an expert in extradition proceedings. It is possible that the Portuguese government may require the McCanns to return to Portugal for further questioning, or to face trial.

In that case, under internationally-agreed European Union procedures, they would issue what is called a ‘European Arrest Warrant’. No doubt Caplan would be about the best person in Britain to help the McCanns to resist such an application.

The Interviewer: If the McCanns are charged and subsequently found guilty, what are the implications of that for the Madeleine Fund?

John Doe: The ‘Find Madeleine Fund’ was founded on the basis that it was to help find Madeleine and then to help other abducted children. It was set up not as a charity but as a private limited liability trust - the Find Madeleine Fund Trust. It is therefore technically answerable to no-one, except that it has to file a summary of their accounts at Companies House each year - nothing too onerous.

After the McCanns had already collected a large amount of money from private donations, they then announced that the Trustees had decided that the Fund could be used to ‘help the McCann family with expenses’. This has already been used to pay two of the McCanns’ mortgage payments on their house, amounting to £4,000, emphatically NOT what people gave the money for.

As I understand it, the running of the Fund would be basically unaffected if they were charged with an offence; after all, you are deemed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But if they were to be found guilty of murder, manslaughter or even lesser offences like disposing of a body or perverting the course of justice, that would suggest that the whole of the Find Madeleine Fund had been a deliberate fraud from the word ‘go’ (as I personally believe today).

In that case, I would expect the McCanns to be prosecuted in this country for ‘obtaining money by deception’. And it’s a large amount of money too. About £2 million has been donated to the Fund to date.

The Interviewer: From your own independent research have you found any anomalies you’d like to share with us?

John Doe: One point that sticks out a mile is the number of straightforward contradictions in the case - and the number of times the McCanns and others have had to change their stories. These are two tell-tale signs of dishonesty and a cover-up of the truth.

In recounting events of any one incident, there may of course be minor inconsistencies in people’s recollections, one always has to allow for that. But not major contradictions.

To give just one example, the McCanns originally claimed to their relatives and to the police that the apartment shutter had been ‘jemmied open’ by the abductor. The McCanns and their spokesmen claimed at the time that the abductor climbed in through the window, after forcing open the shutters, and then unlocked the patio door and walked out of that with Madeleine.

But when it became abundantly clear from what both the police and Mark Warner’s said about the shutters NOT having been forced, the McCanns craftily changed their version of events to say that they now thought the abductor came through the patio door (which they now thought was unlocked rather than locked), and climbed out of the window with Madeleine.

Moreover, Gerry McCann now claims that when he supposedly checked on his children at 9.05pm (I am personally doubtful that he did), he popped his head round the door but couldn’t recall if he saw Madeleine sleeping. He now adds that he thinks the abductor was hiding behind the door, quietly, as he checked (!).

Unbelievable, really, but this change of theory was really forced on the McCanns when their original claims that the shutters had been forced open were exposed as untrue.

Either their first story was untrue. Or the ‘new’ story. Or, of course, both.

There were reports in September that the Portuguese police were trying to work out where Madeleine was during a ‘missing six hours’ between about 2pm in the afternoon and 8pm that evening. I’d advise those looking at the anomalies in this case to consider that all the reported ’sightings’ we have been told about by third parties concerning Madeleine that afternoon may be untrue.

We cannot even be certain that Kate McCann’s ‘last photograph’ of Madeleine, reportedly at 2.29pm, is genuine. There have been claims that Madeleine may have been ‘added in’ using Photoshop techniques, from another photograph, and even that the time may be a forgery. Nothing is quite what it seems in this bizarre case.

I would also advise that there is a high degree of probability that most of the statements made by the McCanns and the rest of the ‘Tapas 9′ about events from 8pm to 10pm on 3rd May are untrue. There are many tell-tale signs that their stories are made up.

Look for example at Jane Tanner’s original ’sighting’ of a man with an egg-shaped head, possibly carrying something in a blanket. Then, three weeks later, to suit the needs of the McCanns, she comes up with a sudden recollection of far more details than before - a child in pink pyjamas etc.

And I don’t for one minute buy Dr Russell O’Brien’s excuse for why he was so late at the table that night. He says that his child was vomiting so badly that he had to make sure she was all right - and order a change of sheets. Then, we are told, he comes down to the Tapas bar, to join his mates in a drinking session. Either he is lying, or he is a cruel man. And I would like to know the REAL reason why there had to be a change of sheets that night.

There are many many more anomalies in this case. Sadly, there is much more good quality information about this case on Internet blogs and forums than there is in our newspapers. No wonder their sales are plummeting.

The Interviewer: Thank you Mr. Doe.

7 Sep 2008



The Expresso interview
Article by: Raquel Moleiro and Rui Gustavo
06 September 2008
Thanks to 'astro' for translation

Maddie case: In their first interview since they quit being suspects in the disappearance of their daughter, Kate and Gerry McCann spoke about the re-launch of the investigation, the fear that they felt in Portugal and the unshakable certainty that Madeleine was abducted"Nothing in the process says that Madeleine has died"Q – What are you presently doing to find Madeleine?

Gerry – We have had private investigators working with us for several months. Now that the case has been archived, it's easier because we accessed the process. We carried out new interviews with those that had already testified. And we interviewed others who approached us and had never spoken before.

Kate – As we didn't know what the PJ had done, we repeated everything that seemed important to us.Q – Do the new witnesses offer clues about the disappearance?

Gerry – Some report sightings, but it's not likely that they lead to our daughter. We are more interested in people that offer credible information that can be verified through photographs or in another form; people who know who may be involved.Q – What impression did you get from the process? Were you shocked over its contents?

Gerry – We were investigated into the smallest detail. There are entire volumes about us. We can jump those. It must be disquieting information that will not help us to find Madeleine.

Q – Don't you think that everything that was possible to do, was done? The investigation reached Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, Morocco…

Gerry – Morocco is a good example of what went wrong. A sighting was reported and it was said that there were cameras at the petrol station. When the inspectors went there, they concluded that there were none. The truth is that there were none in the pump area, but in the shop. And when the PJ returned, the tape had been recorded over.

Kate – It's difficult to describe how it feels to have our daughter taken away… We want to see action everywhere. We wanted spotlights, we wanted helicopters, we wanted everyone on the street, searching.
Q – If Madeleine had disappeared in England, would things have been different?

Gerry – If it had happened in a British city, I have no doubts. But I don't know if it would have been different if we had been in a small village in Scotland. Clearly, the English police are more experienced in abductions, they are more alert.

Q – If you have an important clue concerning Madeleine's whereabouts, will you transmit it to the Portuguese police?

Gerry – If something needs to be done in Portugal, we'll have to. We cannot go around breaking doors down or arresting people. But only when we feel that we cannot advance any further on our own.
Q – Do you trust the Portuguese authorities, after having been considered suspects?

Gerry – We wouldn't mind if we had been investigated at the beginning, if they thought that could help. But months later, when the evidence had been lost? It's that once the suspicion is installed, we can never prove our innocence again.

Q – Didn't you find it strange that the dogs found traces of blood in your room and in your rental car…

Gerry – There was no blood found! The indicia are worthless if they are not corroborated by forensic information. And they were not.

Q – 40 apartments were investigated and the dogs only marked yours. Ten cars and they only reacted to yours.

Gerry – These dogs' frailty was proved by a study that was carried out in the USA, in the case of a man that had been accused of murder. They had ten rooms, and in each room four boxes were placed, containing vegetables, bones, trash. Some contained human remains. They stayed there for ten hours. Eight hours after the boxes were removed, the dogs came in. And the dogs failed two thirds of the attempts. Imagine the reliability when these dogs test an apartment three months after the disappearance of a child.

Q – Were you surprised when you were made arguidos?

Kate – It was not surprising after weeks with the media saying that we were suspects. And there we have to ask why the information that reached the media was disfigured. Why do the newspapers say that blood was found in the apartment when the police report does not confirm it? Why was it said that the DNA that was found in the car was a 100% match with Madeleine's?

Gerry – In a way, we would like to have been accused so we could defend ourselves openly. Now, reading the process, there is no evidence that justifies the suspicion, apart from the dogs' action. There was never a sustained explanation. And the questioning: 'What happened to Madeleine? How did you get rid of her? Who helped you? Where did you put her?' All fantasy! If they had found DNA – so what? And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment – why would that be our fault?

Q – Do you investigate information that point towards Madeleine's death?

Kate – We want to find her alive, but if she is dead we want to know.
Q – Do you still believe that she's alive?

Kate – There are great possibilities that she is alive, aren't there? There is nothing in the process to indicate that something bad has happened to her…

Q – But there are no indicia that she has been abducted, either.

Gerry – We firmly believe that she was abducted by a man, minutes after I went to see her in the bedroom. There are two independent witnesses that saw a child of around four years of age being carried that evening. Our friend Jane Tanner and also the Smith family.

Q – The PJ discredits Jane Tanner's testimony. They say that when she saw said man with the child, you [Gerry] were chatting nearby and it was impossible that you hadn’t seen him as well…
Gerry – I didn't see her because my back was turned to the location where she passed. I was talking to a friend. And there is also the couple with children that saw a man carrying a child with pyjamas that were similar to Madeleine's, blond hair, the same age.

Q – Later on, that family stated that the man they saw was Gerry…

Gerry – At that time I was at the restaurant. The fact that we became suspects has probably influenced the Smiths' testimony.
Q – Was it a coincidence that you were made arguidos on one day and returned home the next day?

Gerry – They questioned us on that day because the PJ knew about our return.

Q – Were you afraid of being arrested?

Kate – Obviously. At a certain point we didn't know very well what could happen.

Gerry – From the information in the newspapers, of course we were afraid. It was scary.

Q – Being in England, you would not be extradited anymore.

Gerry – We asked the inspector that was in charge of the case if he had any objection: the answer was no. It's obvious that we were afraid that people might think we were escaping, but it was better not to be in Portugal at that point in time.

Q – Why?

Kate – Because of the hostile environment. We couldn't even leave the house.

Q – Why did Kate refuse to answer questions during your interrogation, that Gerry accepted to clarify the next day?

Kate – I was advised by my Portuguese lawyer not to reply.

Gerry – I received the same advice but decided to disobey. My plan was to remain silent, but the first question was: 'Are you involved in your daughter's disappearance?' It was nonsense and I decided to answer. From there onwards, I replied to all of them.Q – Why didn't you authorise the police to see the messages that you sent and received on your mobile phone on the eve of Maddie’s disappearance.

Gerry – Nobody asked to see my messages. On the day before and on the day of the disappearance I did not receive or send 16 messages. I could hardly write a text message. I received three or four phone calls and two were from work. After the disappearance I received hundreds. And when the police asked me for the registry, I told them to ask the service provider. My phone only registers the last ten.

Q – The chief inspector in the case, Tavares de Almeida, writes a report where he says that your friends lied to save you, that Maddie died in the living room, and that you hid the body.

Gerry – What can we say? You will have to ask the police chiefs why they wrote that, why they saw us as suspects.Q – The majority of crimes where the victims are children are committed by the parents.

Gerry – Not in the case of abducted children. And this is a case of an abducted child. It's an exceptional case.

Q – When he archived the case, the prosecutor said that the investigation can be reopened if a new clue appears. Do you think that is possible?

Kate – Of course! It could happen at any moment. All that it takes is for one person to make the phone call that we wait for so much. We know that she was abducted in Portugal and we vehemently believe that someone knows or suspects something.


"Mr Amaral's behaviour is a disgrace"They have not read the book that is a best-seller in Portugal. And they don't spare the author and former PJ inspectorQ – Former inspector Gonçalo Amaral remains convinced of your involvement in Madeleine's disappearance. Did you read 'The Truth of the Lie', the book that he wrote?

Kate and Gerry – No.

Kate – Why would I?

Gerry – I won't learn anything from reading it.

Q – It was a success in Portugal.

Gerry – Was it? How many copies did it sell?Q – Approximately 200 thousand. Next week, it is released in Spain.

Gerry – That is what can be called illicit enrichment.

Q – Your English lawyers already have a translated copy and they are analysing it. Do you intend to sue Gonçalo Amaral?

Gerry – At this moment we are focused on what we can do to find Madeleine and not in suing anyone.

Kate – All that I am going to say about this – because I'm not going to waste any time on Mr Amaral – is that as a professional and as a person his behaviour has been a disgrace.

Q – Aren't you curious to know what the book says?

Kate – What for? It must be nothing but a load of rubbish. It is so secondary… It certainly won't help to find our daughter. My consolation is that on the cover he calls her Maddie, the name that the media have invented. We never called her anything like that.

Q – But you do know the theory that Gonçalo Amaral defends: Madeleine accidentally died in the Ocean Club apartment and you concealed the body.

Gerry – It really is a waste of time. And we need all the time that we can get to analyse the investigation's documents, which contain a lot of information that we didn't know about.

Kate – You just have to cross, loosely, his theory with the process in order to understand that the facts that he reports are not correct.
Q – There is a theory that defends that the coordinator was removed from the investigation due to British political pressure.
Gerry – Who dismissed him?Q – The PJ's national director.

Gerry – Then you have to ask him if he was pressured. Or if Gordon Brown discussed the case with him. He surely didn't.

Q – He also resigned. And largely due to this process.

Gerry – That was not what I was told. Apparently he had a vision of the police itself that was different from the one held by the Justice Minister.

Q – In a final analysis, they both left the PJ because the investigation failed.

Gerry – That's not our fault. I do not criticize the authorities over not trying to find Madeleine. It doesn't matter anymore. Now all that matters is that we do everything to try to find her, through our own methods.

Q – Did you ever get to know Gonçalo Amaral?

Kate – The question is the other way around: did he get to know us?

There are photographs of her all over the houseGerry has returned to his work as a cardiologist. Kate did not exercise medicine again. Twins Sean and Amelie fill up her days as a mother.Q – How has your life changed with the disappearance of Madeleine?

Gerry – Independently of what happens, it will never be the same again. If you talk to the parents of other abducted children, they also mention this parallel life which we entered. Sean and Amelie, being so young, force us to introduce a certain normality in our lives, to make it normal for them. And it's them who, for moments, make it normal for us. But it will never be normal for us. They are aged three and a half, and they are very, very happy.Q – Did you explain to the twins what happened to their sister?

Kate – They perceive Madeleine's absence perfectly. I have no doubt whatsoever. But they don't know the details. They know that she disappeared and that we're looking for her.

Gerry – We were advised concerning what we should tell them, how and when. Larger explanations are kept for later. We realise that they miss their older sister. They know that her not being with us is not a good thing, and they hope that she returns.

Q – How do you keep Madeleine present in your lives?

Kate – There are photographs of her all over the house. And we speak about her with the twins every day – it's an important part of their lives. Sean and Amelie talk about her and still include her in their playing… If they receive sweets, they say "Let's keep one for Madeleine". Or "When she comes home I'll give her this or that". It's endearing and it makes our days less difficult.

Q – Did you fear that you might lose custody over Sean and Amelie because your behaviour was considered to be negligent?

Gerry – We were not negligent, we did what any reasonable parent would do. But we deeply regret what happened, because in our action, someone saw an opportunity to take Madeleine. I'm an optimistic person. I never thought that something like this could happen.Q – Did you change the manner in which you deal with Sean and Amelie?

Gerry – We are more protective and less trusting. We never left our children alone again and many families will never do so again because of us.

Kate – Now we think about everything that can happen, about predators, abductors. We don't even let go of them in the shopping centre.

*€1.200.000The McCanns say that the fund has spent €1.2 million with the private investigation. But the reward of €3 million still standsQ – How much have you spent on the private investigation so far?

Gerry – Approximately one million pounds, over the past ten months, paid with money from the Find Madeleine fund. A substantial sum was also spent on our defence, but two benefactors have covered that expense, which means that the fund was solely used in the search for our daughter.Q – Do you maintain the offer of 2.5 million ponds to whoever finds Madeleine?

Gerry – We do not control that reward, but everything leads me to believe that it still stands. And that there will also be money available for whoever supplies credible information.

Kate – It's a lot of money, but we cannot set limits, a child is priceless. We'll pay whatever is necessary.

Q – Is there still money left in the fund?

Gerry – There is still some money left. Recently, British newspapers ('Express newspapers') paid us compensation of 550 thousand pounds, which fed the fund. That had an important impact. And there are still donations, people who send money directly.Q – But less than in the beginning, before you were made arguidos.

Gerry – Of course! Those who were in doubt stopped contributing. Many write to us asking for forgiveness because they believed in our guilt. We know that we have to make an effort for people to know that there is no evidence that Madeleine is dead and that we were not involved in the disappearance.

*Other issuesDogs – "We read everything that we found about these dogs that detect cadavers. It was due to them that we became suspects"Clues – "The sightings continue. Since May we received one thousand phone calls and an equal number of emails, some containing relevant data"Media exposure – "Appearing in the media was never good. We did it to publicise Madeleine's face and to find her. We failed"Background

Details of two hours of conversationKate and Gerry are different. More relaxed, or conformed. It is difficult to tell. "The twins force us to a certain normality", the mother explains. It's been 16 months and the mystery of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann remains unsolved.

The parents have already been victims of a tragedy and suspects of a terrible crime. The process was archived, but they are judged every day. Gerry agrees: "From the moment when the suspicion is installed, we can never prove our innocence".

This is the first interview since the process was archived, on the 21st of July. It is scheduled in Rothley, a small village in the British Midlands where nobody suspects the McCanns' guilt. Even less the owner of the Court House Hotel, which is installed in a medieval building and where the interview is held, in the late afternoon last Monday. There is tea with milk and biscuits. There is no guide and there are no forbidden questions.

In almost two hours of interview, Kate and Gerry, both 40, clearly state the intention that supports their availability for the conversation. "We believe that in Portugal someone knows about Madeleine, that it is where the solution for our daughter's disappearance lies". And they want that person, whether singular or collective, to know that they search for him, that they ensure his anonymity and that they will even give him 2.5 million pounds if he tells them where Madeleine is.

Every day, in their very British house of little bricks, they study a little more of the process of the Polícia Judiciária's investigation, which they personally consult as it is being translated. They understand "nothing" of Portuguese. From a first reading they reinforced their hope of finding Maddie alive. Nothing tells them that she is dead. The volumes about themselves, from the time when they were made arguidos, have been put aside. "We do not intend to read them".

They remind them of the days when they were afraid of being arrested in Portugal, accused of Madeleine's death.

Gerry McCann buried Madeleine's body on the beach, Portuguese detective says, 06 September 2008 (Note: This article was removed within hours of appearing online)

Gerry McCann buried Madeleine's body on the beach, Portuguese detective says Telegraph

The Portuguese detective who was sacked as head of the team investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has accused her father of burying her body on the beach near their holiday apartment the same night that she was reported missing.

By David Harrison
Last Updated: 5:56PM BST 06 Sep 2008

In the latest of a series of extraordinary claims about the case, Goncalo Amaral, says he believes that Maddy died accidently in the McCann's rented flat as the result of a fall and that her father disposed of the body.

The disgraced detective - who has sold 120,000 copies of a book he has just published a book about the case - says an Irishman had claimed that he had seen Mr McCann with a child in his arms walking towards the beach on the night that Maddy reportedly disappeared.

The McCanns dismissed the claims, made in an interview with a Spanish newspaper, as "ridiculous".

Clarence Mitchell, the family's spokesman, said: "As Kate has said today Mr Amaral is a complete disgrace.

"His comments are grossly defamatory and utterly without foundation."

Mr Amaral, who has now retired from Portugal's Judicial Police investigation force, says in the El Mundo newspaper: "The Portuguese police, like the British [police], and also the prosecutor, who has now changed his opinion, thought the same. We are talking of a death involving third parties, not of homicide.

"In the bedroom blood and the smell of a body were found just below a window where there was a sofa. The father was there for a short time just outside this window having a conversation with a friend.

"The parents said the girl did not have a bad dream. Maybe the girl heard the father and climbed onto the sofa under the window. But the parents had pulled it away from the wall. so that the girl would not get out, and Madeleine could have fallen."

The former policeman talks about the Irish witness seeing Mr McCann carrying a child towards the beach and about sniffer dogs finding traces of blood and the scent of a body on the wall of the apartment and in the boot of a car the couple hired 23 days after Maddy disappeared.

This prompts the interviewer to ask: "Gerry McCann buried his daughter on the beach and then disinterred her and put her in the boot 23 days later?"

Amaral replies: "We don't know. The Irish witness I have spoken about saw on television Gerry with a child in his arms arriving in the United Kingdom and declared it was the same image that he had seen in May in Portugal. This man went two days without sleeping when he realised what he had discovered."

The interviewer says that Amaral's claim implies that the Tapas Nine - the McCanns and their friends who dined together on the night of Maddy's disappearance - had all ageed to lie.

Amaral says: "All of them. Because, in case you don't know, British legislation covering negligence in caring for children is very hard...In the United Kingdom, if you leave a child alone for half an hour you will lose custody. After the death of Madeleine, if it had been made public that it was an accident, all of them would have lost custody [of their children]."

The former detective describes how on one occasion during a meeting Kate McCann had lowered her head and seemed to be totally distracted for several seconds before coming back to being her usual self. "It appeared that she had escaped from the role that she was interpreting," he says.

Asked how she reacted when she was asked if Maddy had been killed by falling from the sofa he replies: "She didn't say anything, she just lowered her head for a moment as if she was on the point of fainting. She had an emotional crack that lasted for just a moment."

Amaral adds: "For me, Gerry hid the body of Madeleine on the beach. And after some days he transfered it to his car. We were working in this direction.

"We lacked establishing the date, some details, but we were on the way. The Irishman was on the point of coming to Portugal, but it took too long, and there were external pressures. In the end he didn't make a statement to the [Judicial] Police."

A friends of the McCanns dismissed Amaral's claims as "nonsense and legally extremely dangerous", and said that Kate and Gerry would sue Amaral if he published his book in the UK.

Mr Mitchell said: "Mr Amaral needs to be very careful in repeating those allegations. Kate and Gerry's lawyers are watching his words very carefully.

"He is also completely at odds with with his own Attorney-General who, in lifting Kate and Gerry's "arguido" - official suspect - status, made it clear that there is no evidence to suggest they are guilty of any crime whatsoever."

4 Sep 2008


HI All, have not had time to be around much I am working so hard whilst the house is being done up, but thought the reports below from Correio were interesting. Clarence Mitchell was supposed to be going on to work for the DG man, first we hear he sacked their private investigator and then, it would seem, he sacked Clarence Mitchell too. I am not sure why the new firm think he is good at media spinning but I guess he did take on an almost impossible task. If this means we do not have to hear any more from him that will be a relief, and maybe the McCanns finally listened to what I am sure must have been legal advice offered, shut up. Does anyone think they will be demanding to have the process re-opened, well I am not holding my breath! Oh, and a Spanish lawyer, eight months later, um I get that feeling of deja vous again, or am I just dreaming? Clearly I should be:-))

Nite x

Viv x

Claim: prosecutor obliged to investigate Lawyer force reopening Manuel Jiménez Maysounave seeks the resumption of the process of Maddie McCann to be investigated a new runway that he provides. The Spanish lawyer says he saw a couple with a girl, "apparently Madeleine, in the bus station of Santander, about eight months." The registered letter with this information, which the CM had access, the judge should arrive today. The letter begins by explaining that took eight months to reveal this information "for not knowing that PJ spent his time working to support the hypothesis wrong to blame Kate for concealment of a corpse nonexistent." The lawyer who is identified with the number 118 of the College of Lawyers of Alava in the Basque Country, writes after having seen what it says on January 18, 2008, during a trip by bus, which fell by Santander. "Doing time in the bar of the season, came the surprise. A girl of four to five years, beautiful, seemingly Madeleine, came with a couple of 45 to 55 years. It was an unforgettable flash. I thought:" You are already found. " Manuel Maysounave describes the girl as being in "good health, happy and well dressed." About the couple, says he "was British" and not be felt "pressure" on the child. It describes a man with "white beard and little" with about 1.80 meters tall, after saying that no photographs of the accused knew Murat, leaving the air an insinuation that it could be that the raptor. Francisco Pagarete, the Portuguese-British lawyer, ignores the letter and says: "It is very strange." The spokesman for McCann, Clarence Mitchell, also says nothing know. Rogerio Alves, one of the couple's lawyers, ensures ignore this new data and ensures that they will consider what to do. Order left QUESTIONS IN AIR After months of investigations and to avoid suspicion arising from the formation of accused to remain forever in the air, the prosecutor of Portimão eventually opt for closing the file. However, the order is far from close certainties. The magistrate of Portimão in the air has left many questions about the behaviour of parents, also by removing virtually consider unlikely the possibility of abduction. The same had already made the PJ that, however, not managed to find the evidence of the death of the child. DETAILS CATALOGUE OF CRIME One of the claims of Spanish lawyer is set up wizard in the process. However, the law which clearly defines the crimes where anyone can do, which is not the case here. In the case of the disappearance of Madeleine, only the parties as the child's parents, may request that procedural quality. The running TIMES Archiving the documents happened in the last days of July. As the case has not accused prisoners, not the time went on vacation. It is still possible for players procedural challenge the closing of the prosecutor. The McCann are in a position to do so. GONÇALO IN SPAIN Goncalo Amaral, former coordinator of research to the disappearance of Madeleine who left the PJ at the end of June, was yesterday in the neighbouring country to present the Spanish edition of the book 'The Truth of the Lie. " The Portuguese edition stays on top of sales. 02 September 2008 - 00:30 am New Runway: Lawyer Spanish threat to popular action Young look like Gerry, Murat and Payne The Spanish lawyer who now revealed a new clue about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann moves further details about the couple who accompanied an English girl like Maddie, on January 18, in Santander. Contactado by CM, Manuel Maysounave says the woman who saw the bus station "was similar to Gerry, father of Madeleine '. The lawyer says that only after seeing more attention with some photos of those involved in the process, managed to see that woman's face, Gerry McCann. 'I think it could be any family. Although use of dark glasses, was very similar to Gerry 'said Maysounave. As for man, approximately 50 years, the Spanish say 'could be Robert Murat or David Payne, a friend of McCann', who was with the couple on holiday on the beach of Light and whose involvement was considered suspect in several moments of process. Although the two men are physically very different, the lawyer insists that could be one of them, 'perhaps changed in appearance. " These are details that Manuel Maysounave either report to the process and, if not called to testify, admits even proceed with a class action. 'I said before because I did not want to upset', argues the lawyer, who now calls, in a letter to the judge of Instruction of the Court of Portimão to reopen the process Maddie. 18 DE JANEIRO THERE ARE MISSING 260 DAYS Maddie was missing are 260 days when the Spanish lawyer says he has seen this girl. SECRECY OF JUSTICE The day before, had been revealed that the process would be in secret of Justice until September. MARI LIGHT The disappearance of Spanish girl was the target of all the media. KETE TELEFONA The case revived the case Mari Luz Maddie. Kate McCann telephoned parents of children Spanish. Paul Marcellin The house has two bedrooms, living room, kitchenette and a bathroom with two hits and is mobilada03 September 2008 - 00:30 am Algarve: Apartment Ocean Club costs of 200 thousand euros Casa da Luz to venda For a little over 200 thousand euros anyone can at this time, try to buy the apartment 5A of the Ocean Club, where the small Madeleine disappeared in Praia da Luz The price, according to the Correio da Manha found, is considered the area as placing in the "middle market". The owners, Britons, recently cut relations with the Ocean Club, which until recently held the administration of the property, and chose a building in Praia da Luz, the Houses & Homes, to promote the venda sadly famous T2, to the detriment of agency directly linked to the resort group's Mark Warner, also located in that the county town of Lagos. The house, comprising two bedrooms, living room, kitchenette and bathroom, comdoisacessos (a main door and the other by a small garden on the side of the pool) and furnished, has attracted the interest of many buyers - and journalists - but So far the deal has not been achieved. According to local sources, it was with some relief that the management of the Ocean Club saw him be withdrawn responsibility for the apartment that the family chose McCann for a holiday. 'The owners were very unhappy with everything that happened. We seek the keys of the house and tried everything particularly, without the intervention of the resort ', said. The Houses & Homes describes the apartment as a 'good home, beautifully situated and can be rentabilizada'. However, curiously, was not placed so far in the building or in its vicinity, any card with the words' sells itself 'and the contact number of promoter, which suggests that the business is being prepared with the utmost of discretion, either by the owners or the real estate company. DETAILS INVESTIGATION Since the night of the disappearance of Maddie, the night of May 3 last year, the apartment was the responsibility of the Judiciary but came to be twice occupied by individuals. He then be under the responsibility of the PJ. LOCATION At about 300 meters from the beach, the apartment is inserted in an urbanisation built over 20 years. It is twinned and a house located in the ground-floor. It was this house, rented by parents for holidays, which disappeared Maddie McCann. ODOUR According to the report of PJ on the case, was in the apartment that the dogs cheiraram smell of corpses and traces of bodily fluids. The former inspector Richard Amaral, who wrote a book about Maddie, believes that the child died in the fourth. 04 September 2008 - 00:30 am Casa Pia: Descuido the trade union association has been corrected Judges show behalf of minors The Association of Judges revealed the names of some of the minors allegedly victims of sexual abuse at Casa Pia in Lisbon. The disclosure was accidental and happened after that trade union body Tuesday disclosed the full judgement that the State opposed to Paulo Pedroso and that led to the conviction of error for the first crude in its temporary custody. "It was a mere oversight that already made. During several hours of the names of two witnesses were visible. But these elements would never identify people. The situation has been corrected," said the CM Antonio Martins, president of the Association, explaining that being the public process the lapse is minor. The neglect has created some discomfort in the legal operators. As the witnesses alleged victims of sexual abuse, his identity is protected. And the fact that the name is not complete does not mean that others involved not to identify. This, however, is not unprecedented. Recently, when the case concerning the disappearance of Maddie McCann was in secret of justice, the ratio of Évora released on its website a judgement. The identities were cut, but quickly understand if people were involved. A few days after the judgement was deleted.