31 Aug 2008


Very interesting choice of picture for Diario to use with the article below. They do say you have to speculate to accumulate and this looks to me like a load of printing Gerry had done, did he use his Mastercard for that, knowing he would be well reimbursed. Let us not forget this couple used the Fund monies to pay their mortgage, that seriously smacks of fraud and also a couple whose finances are not exactly in good order. Clearly one would normally expect such a couple to have several thousand pounds in reserve and definitely not need to be dip into a fund ostensibly to find their missing daughter. Remember Gerry's furious remark that they were ultimately being forced to use the Find Maddie Fund, to find Maddie!! given the PJ were only looking for her body. Gerry McCann has another criminal trait I have noted that is not an endearing one either, a clear sense of entitlement, he says what is going to happen, what the agenda is and then reacts with fury when the Police are far too intelligent to agree with him! That sly smug look is omnipresent and she clings to her stage prop, reeking of eau de corpse, not nice Kate, time to tell the truth!
The report below gives me cause for concern. It is understandable that the PJ wanted to know about cash withdrawals, use of his Mastercard and the amount of time spent on his mobile by Gerry McCann both before and after the disappearance of Madeleine. I do not think it was at all "disproportionate" for the PJ to want details of the transactions on Gerry's Mastercard for a period of six months. On the contrary in a major criminal investigation apparently involving fraud or financial problems being the motivation for murder it would be perfectly normal for police to scrutinise all financial transactions for a period of years, let alone months.

What are the British Police and the Home Office about? On the one hand there are so many indicators that they are taking this seriously and wish to pursue the McCanns. I particularly took heart when reading the comments of the barrister for the Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police in the High Court action the McCanns commenced demanding disclosure of all files held by LP in an action they themselves apparently started within days of Madeleine disappearing making her a Ward of Court. The barrister stressed that this case was very much still under investigation and there were operational reasons for not disclosing such details to the McCanns. But on the other hand this report is another example of where there does seem to be a clear failure to co-operate with Portuguese Police which does seem to have motivated them to abandon their own enquiry. I think there are two ways of looking at this, one there is a cover up by British authorities and a clear denial of relevant information to the Portuguese. I know a lot of people favour this view. The second is that in the UK serious investigations are dealt with in an extremely confidential way, information is not leaked to the newspapers, unless it is a strategic measure in relation to certain information to further the enquiry, generally where a direct appeal to the public is being made for help and information. Therefore there may have been concern that ultimately, whatever we disclosed to the Portuguese authorities could either be revealed to the McCanns and the general public via the Portuguese press or, ultimately, via the opening up of the investigation as has now happened. Have we therefore deliberately held vital information back to further our own enquiry into the conduct of the McCanns? Increasingly, I feel this is a very real possibility. I have read that the specialist Economic Crimes Unit at LP have also been investigating this case. This is very pertinent to the facts of this case and IMO always has been. It has been abundantly clear from a very early stage that amassing large amounts of money are very important to the McCanns and that they used Madeleine as a marketing logo employing a number of firms specialising in this area to further that aim, like Mr Halligen for example. He has no expertise at all in finding missing children does he. The McCanns are clearly worried that his name has come out in the press and the fact that this man has apparently been "axed". It would seem he was not assisting in protecting the McCanns' image at all and therefore he had to go! Quite why that is of so much concern to their DG pal remains a mystery but I have a view as to why he may be involved and so concerned. In fact it would seem, even seeking to placate Mr Murat for the wrong done to him by the false accusations.... of paedophilia, something the apparent supporters of Kate and Gerry McCann do not think we should be discussing on here. Well that clearly tells us something. However, I sometimes wonder whether they really are on Kate and Gerry's side. Their blogs are such sick and sinister places with the comments filled with hatred, venom and very perverse thinking which would not occur to a normal person. Could they really be trying to demonstrate, by association what Kate And Gerry are really like, as they so accurately portray : sinister, sick and evil!


Request for research on the accounts of Gerry is disproportionate British authorities saw no reason to justify research bank to the father of Maddie

The Portuguese police have asked the British authorities to investigate the collaboration of Gerry McCann bank accounts under the disappearance of Maddie. However, this request was considered excessive by the British authorities, since they covered a period of six months. Initially the authorities requested a clarification to the public prosecutor Portuguese, who best explained the reasons for the request: to identify whether there was some unknown reason behind the disappearance of Maddie and whether there is any individual or individuals responsible for their disappearance. The English authorities did not accept the request for clarification of Portugal and, in its letter of reply, sent the June 16, voicing concern about the reasons that led the authorities to request information on banking operations for six months, the credit card of Martercad Maddie's father. The counting of this period of time began to April 1, about six weeks before the disappearance of the child. Despite the official explanation of the Portuguese authorities, British police also took into account an unofficial explanation provided by the research team which visited England. At the time the police said Gerry McCann from Leicestershire which had been seen to raise cash in machines and talk to the phone. The Portuguese police wanted to know whether this action could be related to the disappearance. Kennah Francs, head of UK Central Authority, explains that after weighting in the application of coercive measures, the office, sees no reason to grant the permit requirements, whereas the request is not justified and seem disproportionate. The British authorities seeking clarification new to Portugal, however, this is not sent and the case is filed just over a month later. Without evidence that the couple McCann has committed any crime, the MP decided to close the case. On July 21, Kate and Gerry, along with Robert Murat, views raised the status of accused.

25 Aug 2008



The above is further details of what Kate and Gerry told the Police which Atardi found, thanks:-)) All carefull worked out on the covers of Madeleine's story books no doubt, they knew she would not be needing those any more :-((((


Hearing Gerald Patrick McCann The hearing takes place the day after the disappearance of Madeleine, 04/05/2007 at 11.15. It begins by explaining the fact that Gerry is British and, therefore, did not understand Portuguese, either spoken or written. Under what is called an interpreter "jury" name: Natalia. Its function is to translate accurately, the language of the declarant to the country's official language, words, feelings, images, phrases and verbal family used. To avoid any misinterpretation ... In 1994, Gerry McCann had already visited Portugal. He stayed in an apartment on the outskirts of Albufeira. The desire to know Portugal was due to the fact that the country is known for its excellent conditions for golf. The trip is now conducted by the suggestion of a friend David Payne who reserved the OCEAN CLUB, after making an investigation on the Internet, for the declarant, his wife and the rest of the group. Altogether, a group of nine adults and eight children including child Madeleine disappeared. The group consists of people that the declarant known for some 5 or 6 years. They travelled in two separate groups. One composed of declarant, his wife Kate and their three sons, David Payne and his wife, his two sons and his mother-in-law. This group came from the local airport from Leicestershire and another group from London, comprising four adults and three children. The meeting point was the Oceania Club in Portugal. The declarant's group arrived at 14:30 on April 28 with provenance of Faro airport by a small bus to the airport services. The other group came the same day at 13:00. After "chek in" the declarant, his wife Kate HEALY, his daughter Madeleine and her pair of twins two years, and SEAN Amelia, settled into an apartment G5A. The apartment consisted of two beds in the first room, plus two others in another room, where the company provided two cradles, in addition to the bathroom and kitchen. GERALD Kate and slept in one room and on the other, slept her three children including twin beds in the "baby" and Madeleine in a normal bed. The remaining bed was empty. Between April 28, arrival date and time when it disappeared Madelei the declarant indicates not have noticed anything unusual except that a morning of May 3, Madeleine asked his dad, Gerald, why had not the ido room while the twins crying. The declarant had not heard anything and did not move up the room. It was the first time that Madeleine had this kind of comment. In regard to the facts routine reads: On Sunday, took the breakfast, between 07:30 / 08:30 at the bar of the Ocean Club a few metres away from the apartment. In the following days due to the remoteness of the bar, began to buy food at the supermarket located in the same artery that the apartment. After breakfast the children remained in a nursery club called "Club Kid" where they engaged in various activities such as painting, collage and so on. this until 12h30, under surveillance for several employees at a ratio of one supervisor for every three children. At 12h30 iban parents looking for children and lunch at the apartment after making purchases of supplies. After lunch, at approximately 13.30, children stayed near the pool club, supervised by parents, for about 45 minutes while playing and got the sunscreen. After this time, children were returning to the "Club Kid" until around 17h00. Time to which dinner, at the bar, under the supervision of parents. After dinner of 17h00, parents gave them a bath and before preparing them for the night, leaving some time in an area of games annex to the tennis courts, always under the supervision of parents. About 19h30 / 20h00 children slept until morning routines that described above is restarted. While the children were in the "Kid Club", GERRY playing tennis with Kate, past or were "jogging". Yesterday (Note: Day of the disappearance), after the daily routines, Madeleine and the twins were sleeping in their beds at 19h30. Parents stayed in the apartment was relaxed and drinking a glass of wine until 20h30. Having found that children slept, parents, accompanied by other adults, headed towards the restaurant "tape" about 50 meters where all had dinner together. As usual, every half hour and because the restaurant was near the apartment, the declarant or his wife iban to check whether children were well. 21h05 Thus, at 21h05, the declarant entered the apartment with the help of his key because the door was closed, and headed toward the room of children, found that the twins Madeleine and were well. Then went to the toilet a few moments. He left the apartment and crossed a person with whom he had played tennis and started a small conversation, then returned to tape. 21h30 At 21h30, a friend MATT (group member) went to his apartment where they were their own children and went through the declarant's apartment through a sliding door that was always open and located on the side of the house. Entered into an apartment, saw the twins and found that Madeleine was okay. Everything was normal, blinds were closed and the door of the room was among open as ever. Then MATT back to the restaurant. 22h00 At 22h00 Kate went to check on children. Entered into an apartment through the door with the help of your password and saw that the door of the room was completely open, the window was also open up the blinds and curtains open. The doors were closed except the rear as mentioned earlier. Faced with this situation, Kate found that the twins were in their respective bed unlike that Madeleine had disappeared. Having looked carefully at the apartment, his wife, frightened and dismayed, went to the restaurant to warn the declarant of the disappearance. Immediately the group headed towards the club and searched all facilities, pool, tennis and so on. As well as an apartment, with the help of employees of the Ocean Club, and at the same time, contacted authorities. 21h10/21h15 He wants to emphasize that one element of the group, Jane, around the 21h10 / 21h15, when going to his apartment to see her children, saw about 50 metres into the artery that goes to the club, a person carrying a Children in pyjamas. Jane may clarify this situation better. Madeleine As regards to Madeleine, is described as of Caucasian race, skin white, 4 years (12/05/03) and about 90 cm in height. Delgada, dark blond hair, smooth and even shoulders. Left Eye blue and green the right however, that, with a brand of brown. It also has a small distinctive badge on your skin, brown, on his left leg. You have no scar. When disappeared, wearing a white pajamas with some pants with floral motifs and whose top had short sleeves, mainly coloured pink with a drawing of blue and ash with the inscription "Eeyore." As regards to the girl's personality is extroverted, hyper active, he can talk, cunning with a great ease of connection with other children. She never would go with a stranger. The declarant is not suspected and no one finds no reason for this act, has no enemies, neither he nor his wife. His daughter does not suffer from any illness and does not take any medicine. The declaration authorizes that a reading of his mobile phone. Apart from Kid Club, and the apartment were only once to the beach with Madeleine and the twins but during a very short time, because weather conditions were unstable. It only took an ice cream and returned to the apartment. Apart from what has been said, Madeleine and other children's Kid Club went to the beach, five minutes walk from the club for an hour. This output was organized by the company itself. Monitoring and organization were in charge of the club, the declarant and his wife were not present.

24 Aug 2008


Brian Kennedy, what exactly is he paying for personally and why? What does he have to hide? How can he make decisions about the Find Madeleine Fund?
Hi all, as will be seen from the three articles below, we now have a remarkable volte face from Kate and Gerry McCann in relation to instruction of private investigators to find Madeleine. Presumably in order to shield Kate and Gerry McCann we are told the decision to axe them was taken by Brian Kennedy who is underwriting the fund. If the Fund consists of public donations and under the control of a board of directors how can Brian Kennedy be making the decisions and why would he do that?

Immediately after the release of the files on 22 July you will see the third article from the Liverpool Echo announcing their private investigators will take over from where the PJ left off and of course we had endless hype about this from their spin doctor, Clarence Mitchell. Then in the Telegraph as recently as 13 August it is announced the McCanns have instructed an American firm to lead the hunt. But now, just a couple of weeks later they announce this firm has been axed. Clarence told us the Fund only had £500,ooo left but now it seems that is one of the reasons being offered for this firm to have got the chop, but it also says the firm have drained £500,ooo!

Well I would like to put forward another reason. The McCanns only like private investigators who pursue their bizarre agenda, that Madeleine is alive and can be found, in spite of the police concluding 'it is inevitable Madeleine died in the apartment on 3 May'. So the compliant Mr Marco stayed the course without offending against Gerry's agenda even after his ridiculous outburst last December which had he genuinely been on the trail of Madeleine would have quite obviously either led to her death or further concealment.

As ever, we are getting conflicting stories from Team McCann, did they hire the American investigators six months ago or did they hire them just a few weeks ago as the two earlier reports clearly suggest. Did the American investigators tell Gerry something he just did not want to hear, we think you are responsible based on our enquiries and there are no leads to follow from the PJ file in relation to any abduction. I am thinking it just has to be something like this for such a complete turnaroud in the space of a couple of weeks. They told us in these stories they would never stop looking for Madeleine, but apparently on the decision of someone who is not even a director of the fund, do precisely that a few weeks later. Why is there all this confusion about the role of Brian Kennedy and what he is paying for? If the money for the investigators was coming out of the fund as the article suggests how can he conduct a review and axe them? Why is Mr Kennedy involved at all, what does he have to hide? I am going to keep asking this question and I would really like to know what the police wanted to talk to him about, exactly, but I suspect I can keep waiting for the time being. Rest assured there is something seriously wrong here!

The McCanns have half a million pounds to "look for Madeleine" donated by the public for that precise purpose but they are not spending that money doing so any longer it would seem and have wanted to make this decison very public although shielding themselves from blame for actually making it. Why all the sickening lies from Clarence Mitchell ...our private investigators will be following up every lead etc. I predict that something big has happened (involving the police investigations) and the McCanns are running very scared. Seeking donations from the public and frittering their money on private investigators who are clearly never going to find poor Madeleine is a very serious criminal offence. I do not blame the Americans for getting out!

Viv x

The Daily Mail, another very McCann friendly paper.....

Madeleine fund in chaos as private eyes are axed after draining £500,000
By Daniel Boffey and Miles GoslettLast updated at 10:14 PM on 23rd August 2008
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The fund for finding Madeleine now has only £500,000 left in its coffers
A team of private investigators working behind the scenes to find Madeleine McCann has been axed after being paid £500,000 from publicly donated funds.
The Find Madeleine Fund quietly engaged the services of a US-based company which was awarded the lucrative six-month contract earlier this year.
The company, Oakley International, which boasts former British security service and FBI contacts, was hired to monitor the Madeleine Hotline, carry out detective work and review CCTV footage of possible sightings of the missing girl around the world.
A source revealed that the company had also spent resources in an attempt to infiltrate a paedophile ring in Belgium.
However, the company’s contract will now not be renewed. The Mail on Sunday has learned that double-glazing tycoon Brian Kennedy, who has been underwriting the fund’s search for Madeleine, has conducted a review of the agency’s work and has become unhappy with the progress it was making.
The deal was abruptly ended following a meeting last week after the fund brought in independent monitors to assess how the money was spent.
The cost of employing the agency - run by a Briton, Kevin Halligen - has drained the Madeleine fund and there is now less than £500,000 left.
The development is likely to dismay the thousands who gave to the appeal, and raise questions about how the fund has been administered.
Mr Kennedy, who owns Sale Sharks rugby club, was said to be ‘angry’ because he believed Oakley’s bills, estimated to be more than £80,000 a month, were too much for the results they achieved.
A source said: ‘There is a sense that they were meaning well but hadn’t got as far as they should for the money involved.
'Brian Kennedy thought their work was far too pricey and wanted to know where the money was being spent. He wasn’t satisfied with their answers and the contract was not renewed.
‘Madeleine’s parents, Gerry and Kate, have been kept informed all along and agree with the decision. A lot of people were asking questions about where the money was being spent.’

Kate and Gerry McCann agree with the decision to drop Oakley International
Oakley International won the contract after an introduction by another company, Red Defence International (RDI), based in Jermyn Street, Central London.
Listed as being involved with both companies was Mr Halligen, 47, a communications expert. He is given as the ‘contact name’ for Oakley International Group, a company registered in Washington DC as the manufacturer of search and navigation equipment.
The company says it has annual sales of £33,000 and only one employee, who appears to be Mr Halligen.
The address given for the company is 2550 M Street NW Washington, which is the downtown office of Patton Boggs, one of the largest and most powerful law companies in America.
A source at the law firm said last night that the lawyer who represented Mr Halligen was unavailable for comment.
RDI, formed in 2005, bills itself as ‘an experienced provider of crisis prevention, management and expertise’. It claims to have a presence in Washington DC and Virginia and representation in the Middle East, Africa and Central America.

Brian Kennedy, who has underwritten the search for Madeleine, is dissatisfied with the agency's work
However, its latest set of accounts is two months overdue and it faces being fined by HM Revenue & Customs.
Among the main players working on the McCann contract were Mr Halligen and Henri Exton, 57, who headed the Greater Manchester Police undercover unit until 1993. He then worked for the Government before moving into the private sector.
One day after a crisis meeting last week with the Madeleine fund administrators, Mr Halligen resigned as a director of RDI.
Mr Exton, of Bury, Lancashire, has the Queen’s Police Medal and an OBE. During the Seventies and Eighties his work included uncovering organised crime rings and recruiting supergrasses.
He also infiltrated football gangs, at one stage becoming a leader of the Young Guvnors, who followed Manchester City, and was forced to take part in organised incidents to preserve his cover.
Previously, the McCann fund had employed a Spanish detective agency called Metodo 3. However, the fund lost confidence in them, especially after they announced they would find Madeleine by last Christmas.
She had disappeared from the resort of Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007, nine days short of her fourth birthday.
A spokesman for the McCanns said yesterday: ‘Kate and Gerry, the fund and their backers have always sought to employ the very best people and resources in the ongoing search for Madeleine.
‘Kate and Gerry, via the fund and the backers, continue to employ many such resources and it is true that Red Defence and Oakley were part of those resources.
‘I simply will not comment on any personnel, financial or operational details whatsoever.’
No one could be reached for comment at Oakley International or Red Defence International.
Mr Kennedy, estimated to be worth about £250million, became involved after being moved by the plight of the McCanns during the period they were made formal suspects – arguidos – in Madeleine’s disappearance. Portuguese prosecutors dropped the couple’s arguido status last month.
The 47-year-old made his money in double-glazing and home improvement ventures with companies including Everest windows. His Latium Group business empire has an annual turnover of about £400million.


Madeleine McCann's parents hire US private investigators
Madeleine McCann's parents have hired a US private investigator firm made up of former CIA and FBI agents and special forces veterans as part of a renewed push to find their missing daughter, it was reported.

By Aislinn Simpson Last Updated: 8:47AM BST 13 Aug 2008
The team are said to be taking over primary responsibility for the investigating into Madeleine's disappearance, although the Spanish firm Metodo 3, which has until now spearheaded the search, will continue to follow up information from Spain and Portugal.
The news comes shortly after Portuguese police shelved the case and released a 30,000 page dossier detailing their investigation.
The dossier has revealed thousands of potential sightings of the three-year-old following her disappearance from the family's rented holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve on May 3 last year.
The US firm, which has not been named, is said to have been offered a £500,000 six-month contract by the Find Madeleine Fund, which has received donations from several wealthy benefactors and wellwishers around the world.
However, according to previous reports, there is only £500,000 left in the fighting fund.
A friend of Kate and Gerry McCann said of the hiring: "It was felt that a truly international firm was now needed to lead the inquiry. These really are the big boys."
Last month, the couple, both doctors from Rothley in Leicestershire, had their status as suspects in the Portuguese police inquiry lifted.
The release of the police dossier revealed that police tried to elicit a confession from Gerry McCann by telling him that conclusive DNA evidence that been found linking his daughter to a car the family hired after her disappearance.
The dossier also included details of sightings around the world, including in the Caribbean, Belgium and Holland.

Liverpool Echo, presumably printing just what the McCanns want them to print..

Madeleine McCann: Private detectives take over search
Jul 22 2008

Yesterday’s announcement that the inquiry is being shelved is a milestone, but not the kind the McCanns wanted.
But they have privately expressed dissatisfaction with the Portuguese police for some time and pursued their own investigation.
The couple felt the search for Madeleine had stalled while they were at the centre of the inquiry.
This is one of the main reasons why they have since September employed their own private investigators to look for their daughter.
Now the police have stopped actively investigating Madeleine’s disappearance, these detective agencies will lead the worldwide hunt for the missing child.
At present they are not short of resources - the McCanns have several wealthy backers and a “fighting fund” with a healthy balance.
And these private detectives will receive a major boost when the family’s lawyers gain access to the Portuguese police files this week.
This will give them both an idea of what has been ruled out and many new avenues for investigation.
Mr and Mrs McCann have vowed that they will never give up looking for Madeleine.

22 Aug 2008

Contradictions of Kate and Gerry

From Diario 5.8.08

Contradictions of Kate and Gerry Young said details on the different night when the child disappeared. Parents zangaram (argued I think!) up the night before the disappearance of Maddie and Kate slept in the child's bedroom By: Claudia Lima da Costa / and Patricia "Lawyer of McCann sees no reason to prosecute State " (better shut up then Clarence or do you know better than the lawyers??) Kate insists she never touched the windows but only her fingerprints..They do not want to explain why they argued and Kate slept alone on 2 May, I have a feeling it would be to do with all those bruises she was sporting and his interest in others (adults) /himself more than her!

"Maddie: the tracks unfulfilled The McCann gave contradictory versions about the facts of the night of the disappearance of Madeleine, in particular, regarding some details of his daughter. Also a zanga(argument) on May 2 is described by the couple in a different way. The behaviour of parents was examined by the Judicial Police, that a certain height, in the course of research, qualifies as strange.

One of the main contradictions in the testimony of McCann, which took place in early September, is the way the daughter was lying down that night: Kate ensures that left Madeleine obscured, under the blankets. (The pictures of Maddie's bed do not seem to show that it had been slept in, it is just turned back) In turn, Gerry gives a contrary information: when was seeing children, before leaving for dinner, says that he saw Madeleine lying on the left side, totally destapada: lying on top of colcha with manta and with the plush turn .
Never mexeu in the window: fingerprints contradict The fingerprints contradict the testimony of Kate McCann: the mother ensures that never opened even saw the window blinds of the fourth Maddie raised from the day we arrived at the Praia da Luz, however, the only fingerprints found in the window are Kate. The sleep habits of the Madeleine are not counted by parents equally. Gerry said in testimony that the date of disappearance, the child slept well. However, in 2006, created the habit of twice a week, agreed by the 23h-24h and go to their parents' room. In turn, and despite assume that the daughter had problems with sleep, Kate ensures that it raised between 2 am and 3 am. The zanga of Kate and Gerry Kate will not have liked the way it dealt with Gerry on May 2, on the eve of Maddie disappear. This was acknowledged and described by the six days in September, when it was heard in the Judiciary of Portimao. On May 2, after dinner at Tapas, the group of friends Tuesday will be directed to the bar in the same area of restoration. Allegedly Gerry ignored Kate and she does not like. You have chosen to sleep in one quarter of children in retaliation. While admitting that even if deitou next to the husband, turned out to raise and spend the night in the fourth of the children. It is recalled that the possibility of there having been a zanga between the couple is placed by Gonçalo Amaral, the first time that vai apartment to the beach of Light, May 4, and is facing the layout and details of the rooms, which describes in his book "Maddie the truth of lies". Gerry after day September 7, confirmed the incident and admits that the night before the disappearance, Kate slept in the child's bedroom, held in bed to the window. However, says it is unable to specify the reason, suggesting only that the blame would usually resonate. The strange behaviour of McCann The inspector appointed to liaison between Police and the Judicial couple McCann describes, in the process of the case 'Maddie' strange behavior of parents, especially after the diligence of dogs British experts, who identified the corpse in apartment odor. There are complaints about the PJ give more importance to other avenues than the possibility of abduction: the reaction of Kate, when it is notified to come to the Judiciary in September, was even questioning whether the PJ was not being pressured by the government to stop with the investigation, and that their parents and journalists would think of the situation. Or even the stubbornness of Gerry deliver in this inspector letters and e-mails, which received from people with mental capacities and mediums, with information on the disappearance of Maddie, and that he had selected. Without evidence that the couple McCann has committed any crime, the MP decided to close the case. On July 21, Kate and Gerry, along with Robert Murat, views raised the status of accused.

16 Aug 2008


Happy 4th Birthday to Madeleine - there just are no words to express this macabre spectacle really, are there? Was it the thought of the scene below and what fame and riches it could bring him that gave Gerry McCann such pure joy? Plain evil.


Could these be the trousers the PJ refer to, with the death scent on them? Kate looks very unwell in this pic..

The McCanns in the early days in PDL, clearly devastated over the loss of their daughter but comforted by the Paypal donations flooding in and their "online shop".

Gerry loudmouth McCann, wishes the worst for his daughter within just a few hours of her er apparently being snatched by a network of paedophiles. The files reveal a British tourist overheard him actually saying this on his mobile. Was he out looking for her, no of course not, he was glued to his mobile setting his sickening money spinning schemes into action. Was Kate out looking for her, no she was not as she confessed in the original interview with Jane Hill, BBC. She sat on her bed on her mobile and of course they had to prepare a script of what each member of the TAPAS would say, again, as she told Jane Hill, they were very busy. How weird Gerry just happened to have some large prints of Madeleine handy to give to the police at 2 am, where did those just come from!! But no doubt the best for the gruesome twosome as they seek to cover her death and rake in a load of cash with their disgusting claims. Even 15 months later, the couple from hell, who simply have no shame, persist with their repulsive claims. Of course he does not wish to comment on the clear evidence that Madeleine died in their apartment, well why not Mr Loudmouth? Why don't you blog about that, we would all be keen to hear your comments/.

This report also mentions details of concerns being expressed in the investigation about David Payne having an unnatural interest in children. I remain absolutely convinced the British Police and all other agencies working on this case will not be filing this case. I believe they have quite naturally taken over this serious investigation from the Portuguese authorities and a great deal of the information they gleaned from the investigation has not been made public, for very good reason, because it continues to be investigated. I say this to the McCanns, you know your daughter is dead, we know your daughter is dead and we are sick of your lies and cashing in on her death. It is time to start telling the truth or just shutting up and crawling under a stone, where you belong.


Viv x

Correio de Manha

August 16, 2008 - 00:30 am Research: PJ followed track of 150 paedophiles Prime suspect was in Iraq The disappearance of Maddie on May 3, 2007 the Judicial Police led to hundreds of clues linked to paedophilia. The officers followed the steps of 150 paedophiles and perpetrators of crimes of a sexual nature, without, however, could establish a link between the disappearance of the child and a sexual predator. The first suspect to be followed by PJ early in the investigation was a sexual abuser of children, nationality English, fled the UK in 2005, with links to a bar located at 150 meters from where the fourth Maddie disappeared. However, the PJ to establish contact with his stepfather, who would tell investigators that the couple was in Iraq. The English authorities confirm this information and track would be abandoned. At the beginning of research, the British newspaper 'The Sun' reported that the Algarve is a refuge for paedophiles British, living in the region 130. Some came to be being interrogated by the PJ. Also a couple English suspicious about the relationship of David Payne (friend of McCann) with children, but only in October is that the British deliver information to the PJ, leaving nothing proved a link on the doctor. In the same month, following the operation 'Predador', experts from PJ observe the faces of hundreds of children on sites for paedophiles looking for a runway. GERRY EXPLICA DESAPARECIMENTO WITH PEDOFILIA A few hours after Maddie had disappeared in Praia da Luz, Algarve, her father, Gerry McCann, said in a telephone conversation that the girl English, then in three years, had been the victim of a kidnapping by a network of paedophiles. Gerry's words were later told by another English citizen on vacation in Ocean Club to Judicial Police. The tourists heard the call without that if Gerry saw their presence. PROTECTED DATA POLICE INGLESA REFUSAL The British police chose to maintain the confidentiality of the list of paedophiles referenced in the process. PRIVACY PRESERVADA The disclosure of the identities was considered an intrusion of privacy. Nothing was proved against a paedophile involvement of ears. NEW INTERROGATÓRIO Some British newspapers gave yesterday to preventing the prosecutor to a new interrogation to McCann. PRESS SKY NEWS Gerry McCann launched new call on the authorities to deliver data to help find his daughter. 'THE SUN' Official notes that research has found that the more likely it is that Maddie is dead.

10 Aug 2008


This is the area behind the sofa in the McCanns apt - given that firstly a very excited Eddie had signalled cadaver odour (also in the McCann bedroom near the wardrobe and the patio outside their bedroom, to a lesser extent flower bed underneath the patio - remember Rebelo's officer jumping up and down on this) secondly Keela signalled blood, the tiles were very carefully removed by a FSS officer and taken to the lab in Birmingham for analysis. As we know the result of those tests were that the blood found was indicative of it being Madeleine's but not conclusive. See my second post below as to what Goncalo has to say about this, clearly both dogs would not signal so clearly if Madeleine's corpse had not been there, stringent checks were made to see whether anyone else died in the apt - negative. Therefore the clear assumption was made by the expert present that Madeleine died there. It was because of British intervention the McCanns were made suspects after the PJ asked for our specific forensic assistance.
As is usual in case where a child has been abducted the McCanns were allocated a British Police Liaison Officer. Some, including myself, may not be surprised to read that by the 14 May the Liaison Officer was saying to Kate McCann "where is Maddie". Particularly following the release of the PJ files we are increasingly coming to see Kate McCann for the petulant, rude and arrogant person she is. She lost her temper and this Liaison Officer lasted just a week! But then again liaison officers are provided to parent victims as in the case of Holly and Jessica, clearly this liaison officer realised they were anything but victims. They strode around smiling and laughing, holding press conferences, jogging and playing tennis. Using Madeleine's image, as Gerry so accurately said, as a good marketing ploy. Marketing is done to raise cash. This is what has always enraged me about this couple, they went against police advice and put her life in danger to sell her, clearly knowing she had already lost her short life. Being responsible for the death of your child is quite bad enough, cashing in and making money out of it to defend yourself and improve your lifestyle is quite another, it is grotesque, as are all the ridiculous claims about sightings in Amsterdam and nearby Belgium. I reproduced last night day 34 of Gerry's blog, 6/6/07 where he points out that managed to fit in a visit to their dear friends in Amsterdam who were campaigning vigorously on their behalf. They still are, but as Docmac has just demonstrated by providing a link to comments on Virgin, the public have just about heard enough of this couple's ridiculous and shambolic lies. It seems they even want to go back on TV again, on Crimewatch, I will be telling the BBC what I think if they allow them to do this and would urge others to do the same!

I would also stress again this article in Correio de Manha confirms the British Police are most certainly not on the side of Kate and Gerry McCann. We just need to be patient! They changed the type of officer they wanted out there from a Liaison Officer to support a couple of rogues to Mark Harrison an expert in homicide detection techniques sent to help net a couple of rogues. We used technology and spared no expense. We do not care about the costs in such a case. Please remember that.

Viv x

August 10, 2008 - 00:30 am Research: Experts asked where was Maddie Police annoyed the English McCann The parents of Madeleine McCann desentenderam with the English police the early days after the disappearance of the girl. On May 14, Kate Healy proved to be shocked and frustrated with the British official liaison to the family. The cause of disagreement have arisen when researchers asked where Kate was his daughter. Police officers from the United Kingdom with the mission to provide support for the McCann family are professionals with specific training in abductions and kidnappings. Its task would be to give support to McCann, establish a bridge with the Judicial Police and work together with other British agents installed in the Algarve. At its presence in Portugal, the investigations indicated the thesis of kidnapping as the most consistent. According to the former coordinator of the process Gonçalo Amaral, liaison officers from the family "did not come to last more than one week in their duties", after the disagreement with the family. The difficulty of communication between the couple and the researchers never was, however, officially communicated to the Judicial Police. The withdrawal of Portugal for the specialists in kidnappings and abductions occurring two months before the same British authorities suggest the Judicial Police greater attention in view of the child's death on the spot, a possibility which until then was a secondary level of research. For Portugal is then sent the forensic expert Mark Harrison, adviser for national searches of all the police agencies of the United Kingdom to the level of homicides and missing persons. It is Mark Harrison who recommends the use of dogs to detect smell the corpses. Interpol SEGUIU MORE THAN EMC PISTAS IN BELGIUM In Belgium, 107 people claim to have seen Maddie. However, Interpol in Brussels had not revealed any success in the collection of evidence leading to the child hostage. Also in the squad from Leicestershire, where they live the McCann in June last year, the detective John Hughes drew a little encouraging result for searches. Meanwhile, the Spanish private detectives reported that the Method 3 will prosecute the British newspapers that accused the Mafia. The Spaniards say now that their participation in the search was "low". STRONG MEANS HIGH-TECH British spared no efforts in using technology to find Maddie. TASK PORTUGAL In PJ of Portimão, the British mounted a room of research known as Task Portugal. PROFILE OF RAPTOR Several British experts collaborated to trace the profile of possible raptor. USE OF DOGS Dogs Englishmen had already participated in over 200 operations. PRESS 'MIRROR' Official reports that Portuguese police have attempted to do surveillance at the house of McCann, but judge refused the request. 'THE SUN' Apparitions of girls similar to Maddie again arise in Belgium.

4 Aug 2008


The PJs log of the contents of McCann hire car. Proof if any were needed that someone, or maybe two is an alcoholic!

I cannot figure out what the horrible thing is that looks like a blood bag! Who carries rice crispies in the boot!!

PJ carefully logged stains to floor and walls of McCann apt.

Is this the one the nanny supposedly printed! Or was it sly Gezza at home circa 20.5.07 on his paint pro kit! Maddie does look a real good marketing ploy there, I think! Check out the spiky fringe, whoops Gezza!

Within a few days of 3.5.07 a 69 year old design engineer, Mr Fleck, a man with a good eye for detail, I am sure, gave this e-fit picture of a suspicious man he saw hanging around the McCann apartment just before Madeleine disappeared. He says he had short dark hair, strong athletic build and aged 30-40, height about 5'8". I agree with everyone on the 3 Arguidos this is Gerry McCann and I am frankly flabbergasted the McCanns seem to be carping this image was not released! If we can think, hang on a minute that looks and sounds just like Gerry McCann then you can bet your bottom doller that's what the PJ thought too. No wonder they did not release it to the world or to the McCanns!! As I believe Goncalo has confirmed the McCanns were always under suspicion and rightly so! There is another e-fit said to be a ringer for OB but it seems to me this could be another witness again describing Gerry although it is not such a striking likeness. Anyone who actually saw OB could not have failed t notice his striking height and there does not seem to be mention of this, we keep hearing the same over and again, including from Jane Tanner, short dark hair aged 30-40, 5' 8" in other words, Gerry McCann. I have always said his behaviour in calling that woman to the table at 9.30 was quite deliberate. IMO at this stage OB was missing and had taken over and Gezza was making sure he was not in the frame, but the thing is now we have yet another witness who saw him in addition to Smith. As we know from the Barry George case though such identification evidence is not good enough, there were nine people in that case who put George at the scene but this evidence was trashed by the defence, even in broad daylight some witnesses account were shaken. In this only one person saw Gerry carrying Maddie and he did not say it was Gerry until September when he saw him getting off the plane on TV, carrying Sean. The other man seeing him hanging around would not be good enough to corroborate this. So many pointers but just not quite enough at this stage to actually get them, but they will!

Gerry normally combs his hair across the front leaving no fringe but on this pic and the really evil one to the right you can see that sometimes he is not so groomed leaving that short spiky fringe. Maybe someone who got a lot of alcohol down them and had a lot of adrenaline flowing would not be quite so careful about the comb. I know he is an immaculate and fussy man as a rule. Rigid timekeeper etc, it fits his personality.

Well, if the McCanns thought the allegations against them were suddenly going to stop, just how wrong they were! Another example of how the McCanns staged Madeleine's "abduction".

PJ believes that McCann changed evidence The Judiciary Police has no doubt that the parents of Maddie changed the provision of furniture and objects from the apartment where Maddie disappeared the night of May 3, 2007, in the Algarve, thus manipulating the scene of the crime to better justify the thesis of abduction which has always advocated.

and as though that were not bad enough of course 0n 1 August Correio gave us those 48 questions that Kate refused to answer:

Kate McCann - defensive, petulant, arrogant and rude. Not exactly a woman searching for her beloved child, is she?

She just wanted to "increase the political pressure" on those who sought to investigate her..

Viv x

Research: What the inspectors wanted to know the PJ The 48 questions that remained unanswered September 7, 2007. Kate McCann entered the Judicial Police of Portimão in the morning and interrogation had been to night. It was heard as a witness, but the tension in the air was clear. For the first time, popular concentrated to the door of the premises of PJ and murmuravam words of defiance against the couple. That day the CM noticiara that the dogs had detected the odor of corpses clothes of the mother of Maddie. A proof that the authorities wanted to use as a trump card in a hearing that only the next day changed direction after the PJ not see clarified their doubts. Kate began by answering all the questions, but to be formed defendant left to speak. Remeteu to the silence, in the company's lawyer, provocatively and accepted all the suggestions. Less than 48 hours later, Kate and Gerry travel to England with the twins, leaving behind the investigation to the disappearance of their daughter, which has now had four years. Garantiram after we return if it were necessary - which they never did, but had not been formally intimados to return - and are no longer defendants for suspected involvement in the concealment of the body of the child. Today the CM shows him the 48 questions that Kate did not want to respond in questioning and reflecting the concerns of researchers. More than a year after Maddie disappear, many of these questions remain unanswered. APUPOS FOR THE COUPLE MCCANN The way Kate and Gerry McCann of the premises of PJ of Portimão marked a turning point in the relationship of popular with the couple: the curious who passed on the street apuparam mother and father of Maddie, particularly criticising the "absence of visible suffering" of Kate. It also marked the foreign press presence in large numbers. PASSA PROCEDURE FOR PUBLIC NOW FROM tomorrow As from tomorrow the whole investigation to the disappearance of Madeleine will be made available to defendants, witnesses, lawyers and journalists, because it is a case of manifest public interest. The process, which was filed on July 21, will also be accessible to the general public, a situation that will allow real scrutiny of the work done by the Judicial Police. This decision, which ultimately was surprised because it is a case involving a child, has only just been announced, after the Portuguese lawyers of the family McCann, Carlos Pinto de Abreu and Rogerio Alves, have requested the Court of Portimão priority in access to the file . Already last Wednesday had asked the court to all parties who had previously requested the consultation on file to leave a CD in office since the process will be provided in digital format. The archival research to the disappearance of the girl, occurred on May 3, 2007, in the Algarve, precipitated the lifting of the secrecy of justice, which had been extended until precisely the month of August. APONTAMENTOS OF KATE MCCANN "All policemen dressed informally and smoking. There was demonstrated sympathy. It was far from reassuring." -- May 4 "Left message to Gordon Brown to call us to increase the political pressure." -- May 23 "How do you dare to insinuate that our daughter could be in danger for our cause?" -- June 17 NOTES KATE: SENTADA ON BED The Judicial Police was asked to Kate during the searches on the night of the disappearance was sitting in bed, Maddie without moving. Do not been answered. PRESSÕES: GONÇALO AMARAL The former coordinator of the event, Gonçalo Amaral, account in the book 'The Truth Lie of' the pressures incurred during the investigation, confirmed by Kate in their notebooks. PORTIMÃO: JUDICIAL The process focused on the Judicial Police of Portimao. The interrogation of September 7 forced the special security measures outside the building. 48 THE QUESTIONS OF WHAT TO JUDICIAL KATE NO RESPONDEU 1 - On May 3, 2007, by 22:00, when entered the apartment, which saw, as he did, where sought, which manuseou? 2 - An inside the closet of the room of the couple? (said he did not respond) 3 - (Views two photos of the closet of his room) may describe its content? 4 - Why the cortinado behind the sofa opposite side of the window (whose photo he was shown) is mexido? Someone went behind that sofa? 5 - How long did it take to search the apartment after the detection of the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine? 6 - Why said from the outset that Madeleine had been kidnapped? 7 - On the assumption that Maddie had been kidnapped, that the twins left alone at home to go to Tapas to raise the alarm? So because the alleged raptor could still be in the apartment. 8 - Why not asked the twins, at that time, what had happened to the sister or why not asked them later? 9 - When the alarm has in Tapas specifically what I said and what the words? 10 - What happened then to the alarm in Tapas? 11 - Why was tell their friends instead of shouting balcony? 12 - Who contacted the authorities? 13 - who participated in the search? 14 - anyone outside the group, in the minutes following, was to learn of the disappearance of Maddie? 15 - Some nearby it offered aid after the disappearance? 16 - What does the expression "we let her down"? 17 - The Jane said you have seen a man with a child that night? 18 - How were contacted authorities and that police force was warned? 19 - During the searches, and already with the police presence, where local Maddie was sought, how and in what way? 20 - Why is not the twins agreed during the search or when they were in the upper deck? 21 - For those who telephoned after the facts? 22 - Ligou for SKY News? 23 - I knew the danger of turning to the media because it could influence the raptor? 24 - asked the presence of a priest? 25 - What is the method of disseminating the face of Madeleine, where photo, if other? 26 - It is true that during the search was sitting in bed, Maddie without moving? 27 - What is your behaviour that night? 28 - It sleep? 29 - Before the trip to Portugal made any comment on a pressentimento or a bad omen? 30 - What is the behavior of Madeleine? 31 - Maddie suffered any illness or taking medication? 32 - What is the relationship of Madeleine with brothers? 33 - What is the relationship of Maddie with brothers, friends and colleagues of school? 34 - On your life, in how many and which hospitals worked? 35 - What is your medical specialty? 36 - Trabalhava shift in emergencies or other services? 37 - Trabalhava daily? 38 - In a time no longer work? Why? 39 - The twin children have difficulty in sleeping, are irrequietos and this causes him intranquilidade? 40 - It is true that at certain times felt desperate for the behaviour of their children and that the left much intranquila? 41 - It is true that in England came to mind Madeleine surrender the custody of a family? 42 - In England, gave medication to children? What kind of medication? 43 - In the self you were shown films of inspection cinotécnica, as a forensic, where you can see the mark by these indications of odor on the human body and blood also traces of human and only human nature, and all comments the expert responsible. After viewing, and after signalling the odor of corpses in his room next to the closet and behind the sofa against the window of the living room, said he could not explain anything more than has already stated? 44 - also noted, the dog detection, human blood behind the sofa, said he could not explain anything more than has already stated 45 - Assinalado the smell of corpses from the rented car that one months after the disappearance said he can not explain anything more than already said? 46 - Assinalado human blood in the trunk of the vehicle said he can not explain anything more than has already stated? 47 - Faced with the result of collecting DNA from Maddie, whose analysis was carried out by a British laboratory, behind the sofa and the tailgate of the vehicle, said he can not explain anything more than has already stated? 48 - took some responsibility or intervention in the disappearance of her daughter? Question that said: Are you aware that failure to respond to questions calls into question the research, which seeks to know what happened with your daughter? He said that yes, if the research does so.

1 Aug 2008

Large diffused stain of SUPPOSED sightings

Well guys I think this report confirms those sightings do not have a lot of credence for the PJ and will put set aside as they say for further investigation, which I guarantee is ongoing!
This I predict will be what really hangs the McCanns, fraudsters get carried away with their over-zealous efforts to con and manipulate and as we now know, this is also coming directly from Kate McCann and has done since the very outset. fOR gER
NUIPC-201/07.0 GALGS
4th Brigade
Inspector João Carlos
Denouncer/Offended – Judiciary Police
Denunciated/Arguidos - Robert James Queriol Evelegh Murat,
identified and questioned at pgs. 1170, 1947 and
*Gerald Patrick McCann, identified and
questioned at pgs. 2569.
*Kate Marie Healy, identified and questioned at
pgs. 2557.
Witnesses/Persons inquired – see Index
Type of Crime – Unknown
Time and Place – Between 21H05 and 22H00 of the day 3 May of 2007,
at the G5A apartment, located at the touristic resort ‘Ocean Club’, Vila da
Luz, Lagos.
Apprehended Objects – see Index (all the apprehended objects were
given back to the owners by means of term)
Examinations done – see Index
***Final Report***
These documents relate to an occurrence which describes the
disappearance of a minor of British nationality, Madeleine Beth McCann,
daughter of Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate Marie Healy, on the date with
three (almost four) years old.
According to the Time and Place, the facts occurred on the day 3 of May of
2007, in a temporal hiatus, understood to be between 21H05 and 22H00
(being certain that after 17H30, only Gerald and Kate had contact with
Madeleine) at the resort named ‘Ocean Club’, located in Vila da Luz, Lagos,
place, where the minor’s family, along with seven other persons, with
whom they had a friendship relationship, where enjoying some holidays,
with the duration of one week.
The arrival of the group from England, at national territory, via Faro’s
airport, took place on the 28 of April 2007.
They travelled in two separate groups, since they live in different locations.
The trip from the airport to the place of Luz was done in a mini bus,
provided by the resort management company ‘Mark Warner’.
Upon check-in, they were placed into several apartments, all located in
block G5, next to each other, which was an imposition, or at least a
suggestion, made by the entire group.
They were all lodged in the ground floor, except the PAYNE family (David,
Fiona and Diane Webster), which was lodged in the first floor.
The MCCANN family was given apartment G5A, which is located on the
left end of the residential block (seen from the front) and therefore, it can
be said, the most accessible one and with facilitated visibility from the
This is a group where seven of the elements are medics, from various
specialties, which adds to the fact that all of them have under-age children,
which accompanied them. The MCCANN family was composed of the
parents, as well as MADELEINE and the twins SEAN and AMELIE, these
being two years old, at the date of the facts.
This trip was organized by the PAYNE family, namely by the male element
of the couple, DAVID ANTHONY PAYNE, who had knowledge, as a user,
of the tourist resorts that belong to the “Mark Warner” company.
The group shared among themselves a friendship that existed before this
trip, based on professional relationships and other holiday trips.
It is pointed out that this was the first time that the elements of the group
were on holidays at this resort on national territory for the first time, and
that the group’s will to carry out the trip was planned approximately one
month before it took place.
On the other hand, nothing indicates that any of the participants had any
previous connection to Vila da Luz or that there resided or stayed any
person related to them.
The group’s daily routine implied their movement, for dinner, to the Tapas
Restaurant, which is located at the resort (although outside of the specific
area of the apartments and without permitting a complete visual control of
the latter), while their underage children remained alone – supposedly
asleep – in their apartments while the dinner was under way.
According to the group’s common version, the checking of the children was
done through regular visits by the adults to the apartments, with an –
approximate – spacing of half an hour, with the exception of the children of
the PAYNE couple, that possessed a technological system of self control,
via intercommunication (“baby listening”).
Constitution of the group:
DAVID ANTHONY PAYNE – apartment 5H (first floor)
The aforementioned persons were interviewed carefully and in great detail,
on various occasions (see index), with the intention to collect all the
relevant elements that could help the investigation to uncover the truth
regarding the facts.
The analysis of the grouping of these inquiries emphasized the existence of
important details which were not entirely understood and integrated, which
needed to be, from our viewpoint, tested and compared together
[concatenated] in the actual location.
As such, a concrete understanding of the lack of synergy of some aspects
of elevated relevance should be attempted through a processed diligence
via the reconstitution of the facts, which, due to a lack of collaboration of
several relevant witnesses, was not able to be accomplished, in spite of all
the force brought by the authorities.
Further ahead, in this report, the necessity of this diligence will be better
* * *
The investigation, during more than 13 months, followed all the credible
indices related to different hypotheses and, in an impartial manner,
continued to analyse, correlate and synthesize them, looking for an
explanation for the happenings of the night of 3 May 2007.
Assuming that the minor’s disappearance was due to the acts of third
parties, the PJ explored various lines of investigation, not excluding any
hypothesis considered plausible or hypothetically acceptable.
From the documentation, you will observe that during the investigation
various possibilities were contemplated.
As such, consider:
1. abduction, for sexual exploration or other (e.g, later adoption, child
trafficking, organ trafficking), without homicide;
2. abduction, followed by homicide with (or without) hiding of the
3. accidental death, with later hiding of the corpse;
The Hypothesis 1 and 2 were considered in the double notion of the illicit of
abduction (if that happened) that could have had occurred due to feelings
of revenge by the
Kidnapper(s) towards the parents (intended abduction) or by taking merely
the opportunity of the child being at a vulnerable situation (opportunity
As a remote hypothesis, the possibility of the minor leaving the apartment
by her own means was explored – that would be highly unlikely physically
– and after, because of an accident or by a third person intervention, she
would have disappeared.
* * *
As to the present report, and for a better understanding, it will be divided
in to 5 major areas, to know:
- Generic diligences for the localization of the minor, entwined in the main
body of the Inquest, done by the Judiciary Police, the Maritime Police and
the G.N.R.;
- Thematic Appendixes, in a total of nine (sub-divided into 55 volumes)
referred to the pgs. 3528-a, whose creation allows to complement the main
body of the processes and to follow up all the information received and
- The suspicions about ROBERT MURAT, and his status of arguido;
- The Cadaver Dogs Units searches and the subsequent establishment of
the parents of the British minor, GERALD MCCANN and KATE HEALY as
- The forensic and laboratorial exams, done at the Forensic Science Service
and at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, from now on designated
as the FSS and INML, correspondingly;
Even though there is this division in to sub groups, the present report will
be done by order of occurrence or information, without the obstacle of
joining by themes, when the chronological order it is not sufficient.
* * *
As stated before, it was done a presentation of the intervenients in the
process and a brief introduction of the facts. Following, we will do a more
detailed explanation, where, likewise, the various intervenients will match
and the actions done by them will take on a procedural relevance.
* * *
Relative to the appendixes, in a total of nine, where divided thematically as
Appendix I – Forensic Exams – where all the exams and forensics that
were carried out by scientific and technical entities, specifically those who
are destined to the detection, collection and traces analyses that could lead
to the understanding of what happened and to the discovery of the culprits
in the disappearance of the minor.
Appendix II – Analysis of communications – where all the inventory,
analysis and pertinent correlations, which were possible and eventually
relevant about the communications and movements that were made before,
during and after the facts, were made;
Appendix III – Inspections, canine, maritime and air searches –
where the specific diligences that were carried out in an attempt to
physically locate the minor, especially in the surrounding areas, are
Appendix IV – Searches/apprehensions, direct exams,
delivery/deposit of goods – where the set of diligences that were directed
on goods or items that could eventually be connected to the disappearance
are listed;
Appendix V – Supposed sightings and localizations – where the news
that had some credibility and signalled the alleged presence of the child in
various locations worldwide, as well as the hundreds of diligences that were
carried out to confirm or dismiss them, are listed.
As it is known, the disappearance of the British minor, under the
circumstances that were described, implied the action of diverse entities,
with special relevance for the intervention of the Polícia Judiciária, which was
joined by other forces of criminal police. In parallel, this disappearance
concentrated an unmatched dynamics from the media, both national and
foreign, namely and with more emphasis in the United Kingdom, which filled,
for days in a row, their news at prime time with live transmissions from
Praia da Luz, and special programmes that were dedicated to the issue.
On the other hand, the parents of the minor redoubled their efforts to
make the most diverse contacts and appeals, releasing pictures of
MADELEINE, at the same time that the British Authorities opened a
specialised and permanent contact line to receive all the information in
connection with the disappearance, as well as information coming from
Interpol and similar police agencies.
This activity (dissemination of information), apart from news provided by
the media, was aimed at obtaining, in the shortest possible time,
information that would aid the investigation in 2 different ways:
finding MADELEINE alive and retrieve data about the circumstances of her
disappearance and about a potential criminal involvement by a third party,
having to that end been requested the committed cooperation of the
This collaborative approach resulted in many leads being passed onto the
police, by the most diverse sources and by the most unusual means, most
of them made directly to the police.
From 04/05/2007, the day after the event, initially at an enormous rate,
thousands of sightings were reported to the police, from everywhere in
Portugal and the most diverse foreign countries, from neighbouring Spain
to the distant Indonesia and Singapore, being the missing minor
"recognised" in the most diverse locations and companies to the extent
that she is suposedly seen on the same day in places 4000 Km apart.
Some of the information did not merit, due to the circumstances
surrounding it, the least credibility, leaving those, at the other extreme,
which required a more solid and effective systemization and treatment.
Those which, by their geography and time-space relevance, seemed
credible were thoroughly explored and included in the documentation and
this appendix.
There remains a large, diffuse stain of supposed sightings and localizations
– some receiving notable emphasis, such as those in Belgium and Morocco
– which had few, vague, discordant, incompatible or incongruent elements,
which deserved a treatment with a view towards their infirmação or set
aside for the future, should solid elements arise, which all are herein
Appendix VI 1 – Information/Lists of Suspects of Sexual Crimes –
where you will find a detailed reviews, from the perspective of the
possibility of encountering correlations with suspects with sexual motives;
Appendix VI 2 – Diligences and Exploration of Information related
to the aforementioned – in which, in conformity with that already
expressed and in order to provide a better consultation, were gathered the
information collected about residents in the surrounding areas – temporary
and permanent – as well as a listing of local crime (break-ins and others)
and crimes of a sexual nature. The information provided came to this Police
by individual knowledge, through British authorities or by other sources;
Appendix VII - Letters Rogatory – outlining the diligences performed,
at the request of the Portuguese judiciary, in foreign countries;
Appendix VIII – Transportation, Movement and Location of
Sightings – in this appendix are collected and analyzed the information
related to possible means of transportation/flight, by land means (road—
trains), sea and air. Also explored were information related to the delivery
of photographs from individuals in the area for holidays and obtained by
the Police, along with various hotel chains, whose examinations yielded
nothing useful;
Appendix IX – Juridic Actions
In addition, and in spite of its irrelevance, there were meanwhile added 22
“dossiers” with notifications of a speculative or clearly incredible nature,
such as psychic visions or divinations, which will not be included with the
documentation, but which you will find carefully organized, in the
eventuality that they may need to be consulted in the future.
* * *
The present documentation originated from a process elaborated by this
Police, having received notice of the disappearance of a minor of British
nationality of three years of age. The occurrence was communicated by the
GNR at 00h10 on 4 May 2007.
According to that police force, the disappearance would have occurred at
22H40 (later on it was verified that the detection and the subsequent alarm
of the same, in reality happened, between 22H00 and 22H10 of the day 3 of
May of 2007, in one of the apartments of the tourist resort ‘Ocean Club’,
located at Vila da Luz, Lagos, where a family composed by a couple and 3
children under aged were staying.
Topologically, the apartment is composed by two bedrooms, a kitchen, a
living room and a bathroom, with easy access to the street, from the both
the front and the back, where there is a small balcony and a sliding door.
At the time of the disappearance, the children were alone in the apartment.
However the couple, during dinner, went two times to the same, one of
those times being the one where the mother (KATE) noticed that her oldest
daughter was no longer there alerting all for that fact.
Aware of this fact, the police squad went to the place, to initiate the relevant
investigative steps, at that moment.
Immediately they proceeded with the identifications of the progenitors,
GERALD MCCANN and KATE HEALY, as well as of the disappeared minor,
MADELEINE BETH MCCANN, born on the 12 of May of 2003, in the United
Kingdom. Besides MADELEINE the couple has two more children, twins, with
two years old, at the time of the facts, who were also staying in the same
bedroom from where the child disappeared.
Informally, GERALD MCCANN said that he was on the resort since the 28 of
April 2007, on vacation, for a period of time corresponding to a week. The
day after their arrival, 29/05/07, they started doing their meals at the
‘Ocean Club’ restaurant, which is distanced a few meters away from the
apartment, with the company of three other couples, who had also travelled
with them.
Specifically to what is relative to the day 3, he alleged that:
- they woke up around 07H30, had breakfast in the apartment, going
out at around 09H00;
- soon after, they left their children at the nursery, until 12H30;
- around 14H30, after lunch, they put their children back at the
nursery, this time until 17H00;
- at 17H30 they did the children’s hygiene, and settle them in their
respective beds by 19H30, all in the same bedroom;
- at 20H30, the couple went out to the restaurant;
- at 21H05/21H15 the father went to check the children, noticing that
all was normal, the window and the blinds were closed, however the
door to the room seemed more opened than when he had left;
- at around 9.20 p.m., a friend from the group, JANE TANNER, when
heading for her apartment, noticed an individual who carried a child in
his arms, walking down the road. She described him as aged 30 to 40,
with dark hair and wearing light coloured trousers;
- at 9.30 p.m., it was the time for another friend, MATTHEW
OLDFIELD, to go to the MCCANNS’ apartment to check on the
children, but he only saw the twins, given the fact that he did not
enter the room. In order to see MADELEINE’S bed, he would have to
go inside. He detected nothing out of the ordinary;
- at around 10 p.m., when KATE went to the apartment she verified
that MADELEINE had disappeared, and that the window and shutters
of the bedroom were open.
Apart from that, and according to what was established within the
investigation in the meantime, the witness MATTHEW OLDFIELD assumes
that, at around 8.55 p.m., he went near the outside of the window of the
bedroom where MADELEINE was sleeping – a window that was closed – in
order to verify if there was any noise in the inside that might indicate that
the child was not asleep. He heard nothing, therefore concluding that
everything was well.
Due to its relevance, on that very night the Maintenance Director, SILVIA
BAPTISTA, was asked for a list of the resort’s guests and the check outs on
the 3rd, as well as the identification of the crèche workers, where the
children stayed during the day.
It should be emphasized that the entire apartment had been searched and
rummaged by an undetermined number of people, with the contamination
that it brings and the difficulty that it raises for the collection of residues.
On that very night, the surroundings of the apartment, and Vila da Luz
itself, were intensely searched through, both by the GNR members and by
members of the public.
Concerning that and other searches on subsequent days, the proof is given
by the report that was written by the GNR from pages 3491-a to 3525-a,
with the latter being a cartographic remission. The same procedure was
made by the Maritime Police, according to the report from pages 3867 until
On page 06 the air registration of the luggage pertaining to the MCCANN
family was appended, as well as the passport that belongs to the missing
From pages 12 to 23, we can observe the photographic coverage of the
location of the facts, which were collected on that night, as well as a layout
of the apartment.
On page 26 the report that was written by the GNR can be found, on page
30 the photograph of the minor that was given by the parents, taken from
a memory card and revealed on a printer that belongs to one of the
nannies, as will be seen further on, and the press communication, on pages
It should be pointed out, in terms of the media knowledge and divulgation,
that witness RACHEL MAMPILLY, at around 2 a.m. on the morning of the
4th, assumes to have contacted the official British television BBC, through
someone that she knew, reporting the disappearance and asking for it to
be broadcast.
First thing in the morning on 4 May, and already within the framework of
heavy media coverage, an interview of the entire group took place, pages
34-83, interrogations which were repeated later.
From pages 86 to 118, there are included details relative to the identity of
the nannies (CATRIONA BAKER and STACEY PORTZ) and all the officials
of the establishment, with the two that dealt with the MCCANN children
being heard informally; nothing unusual having been reported by them,
they were formally interviewed again later.
In subsequent days, with the participation of over a hundred researchers
from the PJ, the enormous collection of diverse notifications about the
disappearance was reviewed, having been already completed innumerable
contacts resulting from the ongoing processing of information.
The collection of notifications was transmitted by a wide variety of sources,
coming to the PJ by various means, requiring the installation of a
permanent police post within the Luz village.
The result of such efforts is found in the documentation and the various
appendices, having been spent thousands of hours of work in its
It should be noted, also, the receipt of an enormous quantity of fantastical
notifications, devoid of any credibility, which forced the research into
constant and considerable clarification efforts, all the more important as it
was known that time was of the utmost importance in the fundamental
goal of finding the missing girl.
* * *
Resuming the factual description, it is noteworthy that from pages 119 and
forward, the witness JEREMY WILKINS, affirmed that he saw an individual
with a strange appearance and behaviour. This was eventually confirmed to
be a guest, who participated in the searches, page 124.
From pages 127 and following, relates the the sighting of a child, with a face
similar to MADELEINE's, in a gas station. When the images from the gas
station were shown to the parents, they peremptorily affirmed that they did
not represent their daughter.
On page 134, is reported a situation, once again resulting from physical
similarities with MADELEINE, later verified as not being the child. In
addition, an attempt was made to locate an individual referred for sexual
abuse of minors, later coming to verify that at the relevant time period, he
was no longer in Portugal.
There was a inquest to DENISE BERYL ASHTON, pgs. 136, which reported
the presence of two individuals, who she could not identify or recognize,
which, alleged that they were conducting a petitioning in behalf of a
children’s institution, which would be fraudulent. Despite that this situation
took place on the day 03 May, we could not relate it with the disappearance
of the British minor, nor the description corresponds to the sketch
widespread in the media by the press officer of the MCCANN couple, issue
that will be addressed next .
From the Pgs. 140 to 144, it was reported an alleged sighting of the minor,
which, after several diligences, was proved, again, to be another child.
A witness, DEREK FLACK, heard at page 200, reported the presence of a
suspect, who was allegedly looking at the target apartment, near a white
truck, pages 145 and following pages. It was not possible to identify this
person, despite having been made a portrait-robot, page 205. However, we
believe there are very strong possibilities of being construction workers –
who were there making small works - a gardener (pgs. 973), or
BARRINGTON NORTON (pgs 833), inquired at page 704. The latter is a
regular of Praia da Luz, engaged in the activity of musician on the streets of
the town. Nothing was found relevant to the investigation.
From the page 161 to 197, NUNO JESUS, reported a situation connected
with his daughter, with clear similarities with Madeleine, which was the
victim of an alleged attempt to kidnap (qualified by himself) by a Polish
couple, whose registration of the hire car and used in national territory, he
provided to the police. They were approached when going back to their
native country, nothing was detected that could incriminate them, pages 214
to 216. The car and the place where they had enjoyed their holidays was
analysed in a laboratory, but once again without incriminating results
It was near the report at page 148, where it’s described the approach doorto
door taken in 443 houses, all of them in Praia da Luz, which is
demonstrative of the gigantic work that would be carried out. Such approach
included the physical entrance, with the agreement of the inhabitants, in
many just to verify completely the eventual presence of traces of the minor
LANCE PURSE, inquired at page 208, did equally a sketch of an individual,
page 210, which possessed similar characteristics similar to the one related
by another witness, who also didn’t identify himself.
At pages 211 and 212, it is reported another occurrence relative to an
individual referenced for sexual abuse of minors, who, after the approach of
the same, nothing of relevance was brought to the present investigation.
“Mutatis mutandis”, [literally "changes changed", from Latin, in this instance
someone who changes constantly of mood], relative to a guest from the
female gender, who revealed a odd behaviour, but with no vector of
correlation to the disappearance of MADELEINE MCCANN.
At page 220 the hearings of the resort employees started, from there
nothing resulted as being relevant or useful for the investigation at course.
From the hearings there were no elements collected which allowed to follow
any line of investigation.
Inquired Mark Warner employees: -----
Also several G.N.R. Military, belonging to various areas, patrols and
binomials (sic) were heard in declarations - list of names
In the path of the diligences of localization, it was requested the entry
registrar of the Marina de Lagos, place who does not have a system to
collect images, usually called by CCTV, page 290.
Information was also collected that the road known as A22, usually known
as “Via Infante de Sagres”, does not have images available either, to
match the period of time that would be of interest.
Diligences were carried out to try to locate and discover the routines of
individuals that are related to criminal practices of a sexual nature, pages
293 to 300, 448 to 451, 452 and 453; nothing was discovered that could
be characterized as relevant.
From pages 309 to 311, and because it could be important, we mentioned
the only register of a repair that was carried out in the apartment that was
used by the MCCANN family, without major relevance.
* * *
The situation concerning the first suspect, ROBERT MURAT, will now be
approached, thus following a line of the succession of the facts, without
prejudice of returning to the description of occurrences further ahead.
A few days after the facts took place, suspicions were raised concerning an
individual that resides approximately 100/150 metres away from
apartment 5A, identified as ROBERT JAMES QUERIOL EVELEIGH
These suspicions arose initially due to the formulation by a British
journalist, who found the special commitment and curiosity of MURAT in
this case to be strange, which had reminded her of another [case] that had
taken place in the United Kingdom with similar outlines and where the
guilty persons had actively participated in searches.
The reasons for said suspicion are duly listed within the information that is
contained in the process, on pages 308, 328, 442, 461, 957, 960, 961 and
986 to 1000, being certain that they ended up being reinforced, some time
later, by elements of the holiday group that asserted, contrary to what
MURAT said, that he had participated in the searches on the evening of
the disappearance.
In an initial phase, before the investigation was deepened, this individual
gathered the conditions to be pointed out as a suspect. The conditions that
are intrinsic to his suspect status, can be analysed, as stated before, on
the routine reports that were mentioned above.
In order to confirm or dismiss the suspicions about ROBERT MURAT,
searches and telephone surveillance were requested, pages 995 to 1013,
both on the suspect and on the individuals with whom he directly or
indirectly interacted, namely with whom he met almost daily and
maintained telephone contacts.
Despite the exhaustive and methodical investigation into MURAT and the
persons close to him, no elements whatsoever were collected to relate him
to the crime that was under investigation, and it should be noted that
contrary to what witnesses within the group stated concerning his
hypothetical participation in the searches on the night of the
disappearance, other witnesses (like SILVIA BAPTISTA and elements of
the GNR) asserted that they had not seen him during those diligences.
Beyond the communication interceptions and forensic exams of the
computers belonging to them, which pointed to nothing useful, several
searches were also performed in the suspect’s home, as mentioned earlier,
with cino-technical assistance and exploration of the subsoil, both
physically and by technological detection means, which also did not allow
for the collection of exact evidence.
Be aware that, in relation to the utilization of very advanced technological
means, in the area of the detection of strange bodies in the subsoil or
enclosed [walled in], these were performed specifically by technicians from
Aveiro University, using equipment that allowed a detailed search of the
This [research] continued in the same way in relationship to all the vehicles
of the group, with no results.
The homes and vehicles were examined in great detail by the Scientific
Police Laboratory, without finding any relevant vestiges.
The analyses of the telephone and electronic communications (reports in
appendix II) and the resultant correlation, had the same results.
In the interrogation headquarters, the suspect denied any involvement with
the process. The interviews with all the elements, with personal and
professional relationships with ROBERT MURAT, also did not deliver
anything of value as evidence.
In truth, in the unfolding of the searches, several objects were
apprehended, for later analysis, without having obtained any incriminating
evidence, which you can better observe in Volume V of the documentation,
where the processual pieces related to the searches are found.
* * *
Returning to the sequence of information which has some relevance related
to finding the minor, there came forth information about the presence of a
sack [bag] near a cliff in Ponta da Piedade, Lagos, pages 316 to 327, whose
contents revealed nothing of importance.
Page 463, reveals information related to an individual who spoke in
Castellean, whose involvement was not able to be discovered.
Pages 524 to 531, 740 to 749, provide information about supposed sightings
of the minor, all of them disparate amongst themselves.
On page 800, the interview with TASMIN MILBURN SILENCE is presented,
who saw on two occasions and on several other days, an individual
observing the apartment from which MADELEINE disappeared. A photo-fit
was created based on the witness' indications . . . diligences were performed
which led to the identification of MICHAEL ANTHONY GREEN, who was the
target of diverse diligences without incriminatory results, pages 632 to 726
of Volume III, Appendix VI. Beyond this individual, there were other
diligences performed at this level, also without useful results for the
investigation, as is explained throughout Appendix VI.
Still on Appendix VI, pages 504 and in the following, it was investigated a
situation relative to two individuals, NEIL BERRY and RAJINDER BALU
(complementary inquests requested in the letter rogatory), specifically
relative with the first one, whose information was crossed with the above
aforementioned witness, TASMIN SILENCE, namely to what concerns the
photo-fit, having this one made clear that it was not that same individual.
This occurrence was targeted due to an information given by an employee of
the resort, pages 504 and 505 of the Appendix VI, where a somewhat
peculiar situation was reported, supposedly to do with NEIL BERRY.
However, in spite of the diligences done, inclusive in the letter rogatory,
nothing was established that connected him to the disappearance of the
British child.
At the pages 801 and the following, an information was worked relative to a
sighting done by a professional taxi driver.
Also relative to the individuals who do this type of professional work and
who have their headquarters in Praia da Luz, page 818, we talked with them
but nothing of relevant for the process was determined.
At the pages 820 to 822, an information from the maritime police was
added, creating several diligences, however had no results.
From the page 825 to 830, we added a report of the G.N.R. police action.
Nothing of pertinent value was deducted.
For the analyses and dismissal of eventual relevant situations, traffic reports
were requested in the places considered of higher interest, page 823,
relatively to the days 2, 3 and 4th of May of 2007, and that was object of a
highly detailed analytical report (see Appendix II), though without criminal
At page 835, a report of a diligence done in a gipsy camp was done, nothing
useful was gathered.
At page 848 and following and from pages 856 to 857 a synopsis of the
interrogations done to the resort employees was made.
At page 859, it’s related a situation eventually suspicious which leads to
nothing of interest for the process.
At page 868, an occurrence is reported (about a couple who had an
argument, where is mentioned the disappearance of a child), after
investigation this did not lead to relevant elements.
From page 870 to 883, it was done the reconstitution of the places outside
the nursery, where the British child and her nanny went.
At page 884 and the following, it was added the lophoscopy [study of
fingerprints] report where only finger traces of KATE HEALY were found,
namely on the window’s frame who would have been opened at the time of
the disappearance, and at page 967, another report describing the same
type of exam, this time without any match, though the diffusion done at an
International and national level, page 1470. Later on we verified that that
trace wasn’t of author (sic), page 1480.
On pages 886 and following, a typed report can be observed, which was
elaborated by the holidaying group after a detailed joint meeting, that recalls
that steps that were made on that evening, describing the facts both in time
and space.
On page 993, there is a report listing the apartments that were subject to
searches, with special attention on blocks 4 and 5.
On pages 983 and 984, the preservation, for visualization purposes, of
images from several petrol stations was requested, but nothing out of the
ordinary was observed, page 3191.
On pages 1101 and following, several pieces of information from Interpol are
listed, alerting towards supposed sightings of the minor, in several European
countries, but absolutely nothing was found.
Diverse information concerning other suspects of crimes of sexual abuse of
minors and paedophilia, page 1246 and following, which, after due analysis,
did not contribute with anything of interest for the investigation.
On page 1398 there is an answer to the question from page 1400, informing
that there are no other images from the GALP station, apart from those that
were already delivered.
On page 1592, a divulgation, appealing to the person who on the 3rd of
May 2007, at around 9.30 p.m., in Praia da Luz, transported a child in his
arms, to identify himself, in order to dismiss the situation that was
narrated by witness JANE TANNER.
Further on this issue, the testimony of MARTIN SMITH was considered,
pages 1606 and following, reporting the sighting of an individual carrying a
child, in one of the streets that lead to the beach. It was said that the child
could be MADELEINE McCANN, although it was never peremptorily
stated. Some time later, the witness alleged that, by its stance, the
individual who carried the child could be GERALD McCANN, which was
concluded when he saw him descending the stairs from an airplane, pages
2871, 3991 and following and 4135 and following. It was established that
at the time that was being mentioned, GERALD McCANN was sitting at
the table, in the Tapas Restaurant.
The workers that carried out construction works in Vila da Luz were heard,
pages 1650 and 1651, who did not detect anything strange, during their
works of excavation and placement of plumbing (also see pages 3983 to
3987), although they carefully verified, on the day that followed the
disappearance and before they started the works, if there was a body
hidden next to said works.
From pages 1811 to 1827 we appended two lab tests and the
corresponding reports, which turned out to have no evidential interest for
the process.
On pages 1846 and following, a situation of fraud was reported, concerning
misleading and fraudulent information relating to the whereabouts of
MADELEINE McCANN. This individual, who was the author of the fraud,
was detained, and confessed to know nothing about the facts, after
detailed and pertinent diligences were carried out by the authorities of the
Netherlands, within the frame of a Rogatory Letter. The main report, which
comprises the diligences that were requested and carried out by the Dutch
Police can be found in the corresponding appendix.
On page 1897, a Spanish journalist was heard, who was to have
information about the alleged abductor. Once again, nothing was supplied
that allowed for the substantiation of such suspicions.
An attempt was made to obtain identification elements from users of
computer equipment in two establishments in Luz, which was not possible,
as explained on page 1900.
On page 2006 and forward, is found the report of an identical occurance to
one that had happened in Holland, coming to be found to pertain to, once
again, untrue information about the child. With the prestigious
collaboration of the Spanish authorities, Grupo de Sequestros de Madrid, it
was possible to identify the couple responsible for the false information,
with only the male being detained under the auspices of an outstanding
detention mandate.
* * *
Now the question related to the performance of the British dogs will be
covered, along with the consequent quality assumed by the parents of
MADELEINE, once again with the ability to revisit the description later in
the report.
In this way, from pages 1989 and following, one can read the full report by
MARK HARRISON, whose specialty is the search for missing people or
homicide victims, including catastrophe scenarios. He provided the use of
canines, specialized in the detection of vestiges of human blood and human
cadaver odor.
This is an inspection technique commonly used in the United Kingdom,
frequently with positive results, consisting of the utilization of two especially
trained dogs.
One of the dogs is trained to detect cadaver odor and the other to detect
vestiges of human blood, with existing knowledge that their prior usage had
resulted in significant results, principally in the detection of vestiges, which
had then been, later, confirmed in the laboratory.
After a positive joint meeting with the British police, it was decided to use
this capability and a large number of objects and locations were examined,
with these diligences being recorded in films which are included in the
documentation (appendix III).
In some of these locations and objects, the animals exhibited the behaviour
of identification and “signaling”, including:
1 - Apartment 5A, of the resort ‘Ocean Club’, place from where the
child disappeared.
- cadaver odour dog:
*in the couple’s bedroom, in a corner, close to the wardrobe;
*in the living room, behind the sofa, close to the lateral window of the
- blood dog:
* in the living room, behind the sofa, close to the lateral window of the
apartment (exactly as it was signalled by the cadaver odour dog);
2 – Area of the backyard, close to the apartment 5A:
- cadaver odour dog:
* in a flowerbed, commented by the dog handler the lightness of the scent
3 – Apartments where the rest of the elements of the group stayed
* NOTHING was detected by any of the dogs;
4 – House of the MCCANNs at the date of the inspection [second
* NOTHING at the house, was detected by any of the dogs;
5 - In the area of Vila da Luz
* NOTHING was detected by any of the dogs;
6 – In the clothes and belongings of the Family MCCANN
- cadaver odour dog:
* in two pieces of clothing belonging to KATE HEALY
* in a piece of clothing of the minor MADELEINE
* in the plush toy, possibly belonging to MADELEINE (it was detected
cadaver odour, when the plush was inside the residence – at the date
occupied by the family)
7 – In the vehicle used by the MCCANN family
- cadaver odour dog:
* signalled the key of the vehicle;
- blood dog:
* signalled the key of the vehicle;
* signalled the interior of the vehicle’s boot;
8 – In the vehicle used by a friend of the family, who stayed in the
same resort, matching some of the holiday days.
* NOTHING was detected by either dog;
9. In all the vehicles that were used by arguido ROBERT MURAT and
persons that are close to him;
* NOTHING was detected by either dog.
(in a total of ten vehicles, the cadaver odour dog and the blood odour dog
only signaled the vehicle that belonged to the MCCANN family, which was
rented on the 27th of May)
On the locations and the pieces that were marked and signaled by the blood
dog, forensics tests were performed, especially at a reputed British
laboratory (Forensic Science Service – check Appendixes I and VII – FSS
Final Report) but also, some of them at the reputed National Institute of
Forensics Medicine (check Appendix I), whose final results did not
corroborate the canine markings, which is to say, cellular material was
collected that was not identified as pertaining to anyone specific, and it was
not even possible to determine the quality of that material (v.g. whether it
could be blood or another type of bodily fluid).
But during a first scientific approach (pages 2617 and following), the
possibility of a match between the DNA profile of MADELEINE and some of
the collected residues (among which those that existed in the Renault Scenic
that had been rented by the McCANN couple were abundant) was raised; a
match which, as can be verified in the aforementioned final report from the
FSS, failed to be verified, after the execution of long and complex testing.
On pages 2461 and following, the translation of the comments that were
made by the dog handler, during the inspection actions, was appended.
Based on the action of the canine team and the aforementioned initial
scientific approach, which revealed the possibility of the existence of a
cadaver inside the apartment and in the vehicle that was used by the
MCCANN family, and in order to allow for GERALD McCANN and KATE
HEALY to see their position within the process safeguarded, they were made
arguidos, in face of the mere possibility of their involvement with the
possible cadaver. During the questioning as arguidos, they denied any
responsibility in the disappearance of their daughter.
It may be questioned that KATE HEALY was not immediately made an
arguida, but rather inquired, as a witness, and only afterwards, following
said inquirition, did she assume that quality.
Therefore, the constitution of KATE HEALY as an arguida was made when
she was confronted with concrete elements that might lead to her
incrimination, a fact that, within the terms of the penal process law, would
officiously force that constitution.
Returning to the description of the pieces of the process, on page 2294,
there is a note of the delivery of four (04) photographs, which were printed
by an employee of the resort, AMY TIERNEY.
Page 4193, she clarified that the photographs were made on her own
printer, which allowed her to use photographic paper and cut to size
(10x15), which in this way, reduced any suspicion related to her possession,
on the part of the parents.
Nonetheless, before her interview, the photographs were examined, as
related on pages 4155 and following, and pages 4197, in which it is alleged
to not be possible to determine with complete confidence if the printer is
compatible with the photographs, but it seems to us, by the laboratory
results (merely indicative) that these photographs were printed there.
On pages 2305, 3195 and 3212 is the detailed report, relative to the
laboratory exams done on the apartment from where the disappearance
occurred, which took place on 4 May 2007.
On page 2327, is the report of the exams of the home and some of the
vehicles of ROBERT MURAT and, on page 2348, the report of the exam of
the car belonging to SERGEY MALINKA, an individual of interest given his
relationship with ROBERT MURAT, not having been uncovered, however,
anything of a criminal nature.
On pages 2360 to 2371, is the report of the vehicles belonging to LUÌS
ANTÒNIO, with whom, also, ROBERT MURAT had an acquaintance.
Nothing suspicious was found.
On page 2383, is the report of the exam done in the apartment retained by
the Polish couple and, on page 3230, the detailed report of the exams done
on the vehicle rented by the McCANN couple.
All of these exams, for now, allowed nothing to be inferred relative to the
exact understanding of the facts.
On page 2396, is a file, which was attributed an inquiry number, which
alludes to a supposed sighting. This occurrence was duly discarded, after
several diligences, outlined from pages 2739 to 2762.
On page 2412, is the interview with PAMELA FENN, who relates several
details, of which, though not clarifying the facts, are elucidating. PAMELA
FENN lives on the first floor of the residential block, above the apartment
occupied by the McCANN family. She related that, on 1 May 2007, two days
before the disappearance, at about 22h30, she heard a child crying, which
by the sound was MADELEINE. The child continued weeping for one hour
and 15 minutes, until the parent’s arrival (she heard the door sounds), at
about 23h45. This witness places in cause the allegation (by the parents) of
the daily routine of visits every 30 minutes to check the children who had
been left on their own.
She also added to the files, that her niece, CAROLE, on the morning of 3
May 2007, had seen an individual observing the child’s apartment. This
individual was not identified, but could have been a gardener. An interview
with CAROLE was requested in the Letter Rogatory submitted to the UK
authorities, with nothing relevant having been discovered.
On pages 2426 and following, the forensics report was attached,
concerning the residues that were collected on several locations, with
results that did not attain the desired purpose, which was to establish
elements that conducted to the author or authors of the facts.
From pages 2771 to 2869, the final report was added, concerning the
action of the canines and the searches, carried out by the British experts.
A new occurrence was explored on pages 2876 and following, concerning a
crematorium, where according to the press, the cadaver of the British
minor could have been placed. The crematorium was closed and sealed,
according to what is explained in the aforementioned report.
On page 2897, the copies of the contract for the vehicle that was rented by
the McCANN family were requested, and added from pages 2900 to 2937,
as well as the registers from anterior rentals, including the last user, who
was heard on page 2997.
On page 2945 and following, some situations concerning movements by
the McCANN couple and episodes involving the press and private
detectives are reported.
On page 2962, the holiday group’s flight data is added, in its entirety.
On pages 3148 and following, the sighting of an individual with a strange
behaviour, though not substantially founded, who sometimes was
motionless and other times spoke on the phone from a cabin, is mentioned.
That individual, according to witness statements from pages 3150 to 3156,
had some similarities with the figure that was described by JANE
TANNER, page 3157. Nothing was established that could relate him to the
All the garbage bins that exist in the Vila da Luz and surroundings, in a
total number of 188 (one hundred and eighty eight), were searched and
inspected, yet nothing relevant was found, page 3183.
According to what is documented in the process, on the afternoon of the
3rd of May, the group, with the exception of the McCANN family, were in a
bar next to the beach, named “Paraíso”, and the images from the video
surveillance system were appended, pages 3266 to 3273, which did not
supply any further clarifying elements.
On pages 3893 and following, several inquiritions that came from the
British Authorities, and the corresponding translations, were added, with an
informative character.
On pages 3922 and 3923, a summary of the financial situation of the
group, constituted by nine persons, can be found.
On page 3924, due to the tight connection with the McCANN couple, the
priest who practises in Praia da Luz, Father JOSÉ PACHECO, was
questioned, but did not add anything relevant for the investigation to the
On pages 3928 and following, another summary of the sequence of events,
executed by the holiday group, was added.
The report on page 3998 and the inquirition on page 3459-a refers to two
telephone communications that were received on the night of the facts by
KATE HEALY, from a bar that is located in Vilamoura. It was possible to
verify that it was a common friend/client between both.
In the same perspective that motivated the appending of the registries of
users of the vehicle that was rented by the couple, the appending of the
register of occupants of apartment G5A was carried out, page 3417-a.
The wife of the Anglican Priest, SUSAN HUBARD, was questioned, as she
had a relationship of some proximity to the McCANN couple, during their
stay in Portugal. Once again, nothing that can be reputed as important was
On page 3418-a YVONE MARTIN was questioned, who offered some
information, which, despite its pertinence, did not show any relevance,
pages 3421-a and following.
Information was collected from a Spanish detective agency, named
“Método 3”, which was hired by a British citizen, to benefit the McCANN
couple. This contact was solicitated by this agency, and the information
that was given was subject to analysis and dismissal by this Police, pages
3434-a and following. It revealed itself, all of it, as speculative and without
fundament, focusing particular attention on ROBERT MURAT.
From the tests and inspections that were carried out, a biological residue
was collected which supposedly carried identificative value. Faced with this,
the same residue was sent to Interpol, in order to be compared with the
compatible databases, page 3467-a.
Following the aforementioned canine action, after the constitution and the
questioning under arguido status of GERALD McCANN and KATE HEALY,
these would end up abandoning the national territory, returning to the
United Kingdom, where the remaining elements of the group already were.
From this moment on, it became necessary to request from the British
authorities the performance of a set of diligences, that had the purpose of
helping to clarify the facts and to establish what type of crime had been
committed, as well as the responsibility of the corresponding authorship,
pages 3528-a and following.
Therefore, from page 3705-a to page 3792-a the Rogatory Letter is
appended, that was elaborated by the Public Ministry, based on what had
been reported by the Polícia Judiciária, and from page 3795-a to page
3822-a, a second rogatory letter, this time elaborated the solicitation of
From pages 3928 until 3931 the statements from a witness, who helped
during the searches for the child and who decided to give a voluntary
statement, were appended. It did not point out anything of substantial
From pages 3932 to 3937, another witness alleged that she had seen
GERALD McCANN, in Avenida Descobrimentos, in Lagos, near an ATM
terminal, at around 2.26 p.m. on the 7th of May 2007. According to the
witness, the father of the minor was talking on the phone, saying “don’t
hurt Madeleine, please”. She was not peremptory in affirming that it was
GERALD McCANN. It seems unlikely to us that it was GERALD, given the
fact that on that day, he only activated antennas in Praia da Luz, adding to
the fact that, at around 2.16 p.m., he activated an antenna in the centre of
Praia da Luz, which we consider to make it impossible that he was present
in Lagos ten minutes later.
On pages 3943 and forward, is the request for a comparison of the DNA for
MADELEINE McCANN, with the genetic profile of a child’s cadaver found
on the coast of the USA, victim of a homicide. It was verified that they
were incompatible.
From page 3948 to 3964 an intercalar report was elaborated, giving an
account of the diligences meanwhile performed and the results obtained, as
well as explanations of the same.
* * *
Now in an advanced phase of the investigation, pages 3965 to 4113, there
arises, related to the private investigation developed by the McCANN
couple, and publicly announced by their spokesman, CLARENCE
MITCHELL, the alleged existence of a suspect, which, supposedly, was
undertaking a collection in Praia da Luz, at the time of the disappearance.
A fotofit was created of this individual by a witness – GAIL COOPER – who
saw him, page 3979.
From the beginning and immediately, this was compared with the photo-fit
from JANE TANNER, and despite hers not having a face, page 3977, she
alleged they were the same person, with an approximately 80% certainty.
In order to assess the credibility of the description and of the drawing, it is
important to highlight that the witness GAIL COOPER, was heard for the
first time and in a very detailed fashion [emphasis in the report], by the
British authorities (see page 3982), then affirming that she saw this person
only one time , in a collection done at the door of the residence she was
occupying during her holidays.
However, a few months later, in a new deposition, the same witness
affirms that she saw this individual three times (one of which he was
watching, in a strange way, the children at the Paraíso Restaurant), during
her stay in Luz, information which she did not supply at the time of her
first deposition to the police in the UK.
With the publication of this portrait, a myriad notices about sightings of this
individual arose, most from the UK, but also from Portugal (see pages
All of this information received due treatment and evaluation in regards to
credibility, of which nothing has come until now, in spite of innumerable
persons approached, supposedly of similar appearance with the “suspect.”
Apart from other investigative actions, said persons were photographed
and their mobile phones crossed with the antennas that were activated in
Vila da Luz, during the period that is comprehended between the 2nd and
the 4th of May 2007, without any connection resulting from it.
On page 4116, a situation that was related to an individual who had been
referenced for sexual abuse of minors was explored, whose inquiry was
under process in this Department. There was no information whatsoever
concerning his involvement in the present investigation, yet, as it referred
to a sexual crime against minors, several diligences were carried out,
whose result, for this case, was fruitless.
On pages 4147 and following, an information was received, and duly taken
care of, concerning a new supposed sighting of MADELEINE McCANN. It
was once again verified that it was a child that resembled her.
On pages 4163 to 4165, the situation that involved the abduction and
murder of a minor of gipsy ethnicity, in the city of Huelva, Spain, was
considered and duly correlated with the disappearance of MADELEINE
McCANN. After several contacts were established with the investigation
that was ongoing in the neighbouring country, it was concluded that the
occurrences are disparate among themselves.
From pages 4167 to 4182, the forensics report from the National Institute
for Forensic Medicine was appended, whose conclusions do not allow for
significant advances in the investigation, but which identify several
different haplotypes, some of which match intervenients in the process and
others without any identificative value.
Immediately, the question concerning the differentiating value of some
haplotypes [haplotype (Greek haploos = single) is a combination of alleles
at multiple loci that are transmitted together on the same chromosome]
was raised, namely concerning JANE TANNER, page 4175, which was
located in a residence in Burgau, which, in our understanding, would not be
viable and logical, or to say the least, would be very strange. Therefore, in
order to clarify this situation, a clarification was requested from that
Institute, pages 4320 and following, which, in its reply, is peremptory in
stating that there are haplotypes that are identical among each other, in a
percentage that is still significant, pages 4325 to 4328. This means that
the hair that was found inside that residence, while possessing the same
haplotype as JANE TANNER, belongs to someone else.
Still within the area of collection, treatment and analysis of residues, the
identification of a stain on the cover of one of the beds in MADELEINE’s
bedroom (not the one she slept in), which raised some suspicions, should
be pointed out.
Duly analysed, the stain configured a biological residue (saliva) that
belonged to a child – CHARLIE GORDON – that had been on holidays,
earlier and with his parents, in the same apartment.
On pages 4200 and following and pages 4204 to 4212, two events were
reported, which once again, were subject to treatment, and their
importance to the ongoing investigation was immediately dismissed.
* * *
Summarising the diligences that are reported in the process and that were
carried out or coordinated by the PJ, the following should be mentioned:
- de factum preservation of the location (despite the fact that it had
already been rummaged by countless persons), several collections
and exams on the existence of possible residues, as well as a
circumstantiated photographic report;
- installation, within the first 24 hours, of an extensive operational
scheme, including the participation of several police forces and civil
protection services, in a total of over 130 elements;
- reinforcement, within the next 24 hours, of said operational
scheme, with the mobilization of over 300 elements from police
forces and public entities;
- the operational mechanism that was implemented on the terrain
included, among others, and as soon as possible, the installation of
posts to control the roads and the southern terrestrial frontier with
Spain, the usage of canine detection teams, the usage of exceptional
search and rescue means
– aerial, terrestrial and maritime -, alerts and broadcasts all over the
country and abroad. Just as an example, it is mentioned that during
the following weeks and in permanence, two helicopters, four ships
and several off-road vehicles were used, apart from airplanes and
private ships;
- in the same manner, the investigative operations were coordinated
with the specific search operations, and hundreds of diligences were
carried out, like the identification and hearing – both formally and
informally – of citizens, the execution of door-to-door searches in the
residences and tourist resorts of Vila da Luz and surrounding areas,
the identification and search of vehicles, and searches on the terrain,
in an area that was initially of 15 square kilometers, and then was
progressively enlarged until 30 square kilometers (where special
attention was given to locations like wells, passages, tunnels, dams
and lakes);
The magnitude of this operation exceeded, right from the first moment, the
dimension that is commonly used in similar cases, a fact that was made
public, having been notoriously and widely publicized by the media.
On the following days, over 700 persons that might possess any relevant
information about the disappearance were formally and informally
questioned, the PJ having used, for that task, over 100 employees from
several departments in Portimão, Faro and Lisbon, which worked on a
consecutive basis of 24 hours per day.
Equally, all the locations where images that could be related to the case
might exist, were consulted (like, for example, restaurants and petrol
stations) and telephone lines from the permanent services of the
departments in Faro and Portimão were made available, and a mobile
police post was installed in Vila da Luz for the collection of information.
Beyond the already mentioned identifications and domiciliary door-to-door
searches, the identification, contact and interview with known suspects in
the area that had previously been connected to sexual criminality over
minors was carried out.
Also, regarding the missing child’s parents, the PJ was careful to schedule
periodic meetings with them and to designate an Official Liaison to the
family as support for a permanent relationship, with the accompaniment
and active collaboration of the Royal British Consulate in Portimão.
Shortly after the beginning of the investigation, continuous relationships
were created with the Leicestershire Constabulary which sent, in support,
various of their members to Portugal, having, equally, the PJ sending
employees to the UK.
It is emphasized, specifically, that the level of cooperation and of
understanding between the PJ and the Leicestershire Constabulary
achieved, always, very high levels, united in the common pursuit of the
missing child and the truth.
As such, the Portuguese authorities engaged an enormous and expensive
panoply of technical and human resources, in the attempt to discover the
missing child and the understanding of the explanation of the
The PJ never disregarded any information or credible elements – as will be
seen in this criminal process – that could have led to the realization of the
disappearance, and there have been completed, during these months,
more than 2000 diligences, formal and informal, in this regard.
As an example, we refer to the international cooperation, especially with
Spain, the Netherlands and the UK which led to the detention and
identification of individuals who tried to introduce deceptive information
about the hypothetical destination or location of the child.
All of the information with any major or minor level of credibility was
explored, nationally and internationally, by the PJ, with special relevance
given to dozens of supposed sightings or localizations of the child, most of
which, in fact, were widely publicized in the press.
The PJ, as in probably no other investigation in Portugal, withheld no effort,
in the sense of providing exceptional technical means, manpower and
financing towards the discovery of the child and the determination of the
truth of the facts, having been completely accompanied in this effort by the
Leicestershire Constabulary, the police department headquartered in the
city of Leicestershire, from where most of the elements of the holiday
group are from.
As another example, just the scientific exams alone cost many tens of
thousands of euros.
Addressing now, and specifically, the question relative to the diligence
known as the “reconstitution of the facts” (Article 150º of the Penal Process
Code), which was not performed due to the refusal of some of the integral
members of the holiday group to return to our country (as documented in
the Inquiry), the same would have clarified, duly and in the location of the
disappearance, the following extremely important details, amongst others:
. The physical, real and effective, proximity between JANE TANNER,
GERALD McCANN and JEREMY WILKINS, at the moment when
the former passed them, and which coincided with the sighting of the
supposed suspect, carrying a child. It results, from our
understanding, as unusual that neither GERALD McCANN nor
JEREMY WILKINS did not see her, nor the alleged abductor, despite
the small dimensions of the space;
. The situation that concerns the window of the bedroom where
MADELEINE slept, together with the twins, which was open,
according to KATE. It would be necessary to clarify whether there
was a draft, due to the fact that movement of the curtains and
pressure under the bedroom door are mentioned, which would
eventually be clarified through the reconstitution.
. The establishing of a timeline and of the effective checking of the
minors that were left alone inside the apartments, given the fact
that, believing that said checking was as tight as the witnesses and
the arguidos describe it, it would be, to say the least, very difficult
that the conditions were reunited for the introduction of an abductor
in the residence and the posterior exit of said individual, with the
child, namely through a window with little space. It is added that the
supposed abductor could only pass that window holding the minor in
a different position (vertical) from the one that was visualized by
witness JANE TANNER (horizontal).
. What happened during the time lapse between 5.30 p.m. (the time
at which MADELEINE was seen for the last time by a person that
differs from her parents or siblings) and the time at which the
disappearance is reported by KATE HEALY (at around 10 p.m.).
Concerning the result of the diligences that were requested from the British
authorities, as earlier mentioned, despite the fact that they were almost
completely carried out, nothing new was added to the process and,
consequentially, to the investigation.
The questioning of the holiday group merely corroborated what had already
been established during the investigation, without any detail that could
have been reputed as especially relevant being brought forward.
In conclusion, it results from everything that has been done, despite the
efforts that were made and all investigation lines being explored, that it is
not possible to obtain a solid and objective conclusion about what really
happened that night, and about the present location of the missing minor.
On the other hand, it should be referred that this investigation moved itself
under conditions of exceptional media exposure, with the publication of
many “news” of imprecise, inexact or even false contents, which did not
help, in the least, the discovery of the truth and created, many times, a
climate of unusual commotion and of lack of serenity.
Therefore, as we do not envision, at the present moment, the execution of
any other diligence within the process that might produce any useful result
for the process, I submit it to your consideration, for you to determine
whatever you may see as convenient.
* * C O N C L U S I O N * *
Portimão, 20th of June 2008