31 Jan 2008

What do I think of Clarence lecture - not a lot!

I see the DE gave it another full page spread. He is speaking as a publicity man. So when he says he had a briefing with Leicestershire Police and CEOP - he means he got them to agree to links to Find Maddie on their webpages which they have. Funnily enough Leics police do not suggest you should ring Metodo if you have any info about missing Maddie they suggest you ring your local police.

Would Claris have had briefings with either about the guilt or innocence of the McCanns - well of course not. If any Leicestershire police officer had private briefings with him in connection with the criminal investigation into the McCanns - he would be disciplined for being in serious breach of duty. CEOP are to protect children from exploitation - paedophilia etc - they would not know anything at all about the case IMO.

What do I think of this then - RUBBISH - the only thing he would get them to agree a briefing for is to put publicity on web pages - dont get above yourself Clarence - oh and er how come you only just mentioned Leics Police say they are innocent - YOU ARE NOT JUST LIAR BUT A JOKE!

Another Daily Express headline we will very quickly forget - like all the rest we have seen lately. Desperation...





Viv x


I saw Kate and Gerry McCanns’ despair and if they were acting they deserved an Oscar
The PR expert who advised Madeleine's parents in the first weeks of her disappearance offers a new insight into their state of mind
Dominic Kennedy
Gerry and Kate McCann’s on-screen composure in the days after their daughter disappeared was at odds with their turmoil and dread behind the scenes, a witness says today.
The couple swung between uncontrollable distress and a determination to do what was needed to help to find Madeleine. They gave no indication that they thought she had been snatched, let alone by a paedophile. Their early assumption was that she had wandered off and had an accident or been taken in by a well-meaning stranger.
Alex Woolfall, a public relations consultant for the holiday resort where the child disappeared, was with the McCanns regularly for that first fortnight and is convinced that they are innocent. “That they could be involved and in any way be guilty - to me they would have to win every Golden Globe and every Oscar ever awarded,” he told The Times.
Mr Woolfall has provided the first detailed account by an insider of what happened to the McCanns during the desperate days after Madeleine disappeared. He is an expert in crisis PR at the communications group Bell Pottinger and flew to Portugal as part of the Mark Warner holiday company’s emergency response team on Saturday, May 5. Madeleine vanished on the evening of May 3.


Madeleine McCann: the key questions
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He met the couple for the first time at their new apartment. “They were behaving exactly as I thought someone in that situation would be,” Mr Woolfall said. “They had not slept. They were trying to work out what to do that might help generate images of her. They were desperately keen to publicise her face.”
The McCanns had photographs of Madeleine on their digital camera, which Mr Woolfall began transferring to a laptop computer. “I said to Kate, ‘Let’s try to identify pictures where her face is visible’. Downloading the images was a very difficult process for them. It was upsetting.
“They were trying to do two things at once: one, emotionally deal with what was actually, really happening to them; two, operate in some sort of logical way to help get her back.”
Mr Woolfall transmitted the photographs to the Press Association in London, from where they were distributed to the media. The portfolio included the now famous image of Madeleine wearing a hat on a tennis court.
The McCanns wanted to do more. “They were exhausted and despairing but thinking, ‘Should we go outside and say something that might get her back?’ They said they wanted to head downstairs and talk to the media. They were very tired, but that was one thing they were determined to do.”
Mr Woolfall went out to alert journalists and returned to the McCanns. “They wrote down what they wanted to say and went out and gave a short statement. After that, they were completely spent. You could tell there was nothing left.”
Mr Woolfall was surprised by the reaction of British viewers to the couple’s demeanour. “I was struck at the perception of people who had watched Kate and Gerry: that they were very controlled and perhaps were not responding in a way people thought would be more natural. They were not at all controlled. When I was with them, they were between being completely distraught and trying to do what they felt was the right thing.” Armchair detectives have leapt to wild conclusions based on the few alleged details of the case to have emerged. One bone of contention has been whether Mrs McCann, when raising the alarm that Madeleine was missing, screamed: “They’ve taken her.” Some have questioned why a mother would leap to the conclusion that a child had been abducted.
Mr Woolfall says that he heard no suggestion in the early days that the girl had been snatched. “Certainly I did not hear any discussion that this could be a paedophile or an aggravated robbery. All the time I was around it was whether she could have wandered off and had an accident or somebody had actually taken her in, perhaps not with ill-intent.
“During the first 48 hours the word being used was ‘missing’ rather than ‘abducted’ or any link with a paedophile or any sort of crime. Towards the end of the second week I detected a shift towards there being a consciousness that she had probably been taken rather than wandered off, just on the assumption that anybody would have found her by now.”
Many theories have emerged from the claim that Madeleine’s twin sister and brother, aged 2, failed to wake or cry when she vanished. Mr Woolfall said he had not heard of the twins’ alleged silence until he read about it in a newspaper in Britain. The claim was attributed to the Portuguese police.
There has even been a suggestion that Mrs McCann carried her daughter’s Cuddle Cat soft toy because it would look good on TV. “For that to have in any way validity, it would cancel out the fact that these two people hadn’t got a clue about PR or the media,” Mr Woolfall said. “To suddenly be that sophisticated . . . I noticed Kate often had this toy with her. It was Madeleine’s favourite toy and she would go to bed with it. Kate had it with her when she went to church. She had it in the apartment.”
A lingering puzzle for many is why the couple left three children in the flat. “When I first got to Praia da Luz, I asked Mark Warner to put me in the chair at the tapas restaurant that they had sat in and show me where the apartment was,” Mr Woolfall said. “It never struck me that it would be a particularly odd thing to leave your children in that apartment, given that it was so close.
“It is incredibly sleepy and quiet in Praia da Luz. There is no traffic noise. One day when he was standing on a balcony, Gerry was saying how they felt when they first came to the resort. The pool was close, supermarket round the corner. They felt everything was a stone’s throw.”
The McCanns have sometimes irritated observers with the fervency of their do-it-yourself campaign. “When I came back there was criticism: why is this couple out there publicising this, doing interviews, going in front of cameras, going through photo opportunities? If you look at what would have happened in the UK, you would have had, probably within hours, a proactive intervention by British police, who would have said this is the process we now need to go through.
“Kate and Gerry have been largely left to get on with it, with no support in the initial stages, or guidance. They realised the media were a huge potential ally.”
Mr Woolfall recalled how the bewildered couple gradually began to recover their composure. “In the first week they were not thinking. They actually did not think. They were in shock.
“In the second week, Gerry behaved very much like a doctor would do. Doctors are analytical. He started to have much more strategic conversations with me about what they might do. They became more aware that getting Madeleine’s photograph widely distributed in Spain and possibly North Africa was sensible.
“Gerry said to me, ‘We don’t want the awareness that Madeleine has gone missing to disappear overnight, and that we are a family whose child went missing on holiday and that is the end of it. We want to try and find her.’ When I left Portugal, the beginnings of the idea of having a campaign were probably forming.
“They were actually quite hopeful - far more in that frame of mind than despondent and downbeat. They had gone 360 degrees several times through all the different emotional states, but they soon got some good control on things.”
Mr Woolfall left after a fortnight working from 5am to 1am, fending 200 calls a day from journalists as far away as Norway and South Africa. He warned the McCanns that they needed a press officer. “Gerry, I think, spoke to the Consulate and said ‘Can you help us? Because there is a lot of media interest and we cannot manage.’ As a result of that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office flew out Sheree Dodd [an experienced government spokeswoman].”
At first, journalists treated the McCanns with great respect, but there was a free-for-all when the couple took their first unscheduled walk along the beach. “Freelance snappers started to get quite close to them and one or two questions were thrown at them. That was probably the very early stages of the change,” Mr Woolfall said. “It reached a crescendo when the McCanns tried to take their kids to the crèche and were bombarded by snappers and freelancers.”
When the McCanns were made suspects, Mr Woolfall was bemused. “I thought it was ridiculous. I couldn’t believe it. Completely ludicrous.”
Did you suspect them? “My God, no, absolutely not in any way at any stage. I walked into that apartment and just saw two people who were frantic that their daughter had gone missing. Nobody could possibly, if they had anything to do with that, behave in that way for so long.
“It made me laugh rather than be exasperated. From Day One they could not move anywhere without 100 flash bulbs going off. The whole idea that they could have done any of thethings the police were suggesting was farcical.
“You could not pick another couple on the planet that would have had that many cameras trained on them.”
The McCanns’ helpers
Alex Woolfall Head of crisis management for the Bell Pottinger Group. Flew to Portugal on behalf of Mark Warner on May 5.
Sheree Dodd The former Daily Mirror journalist and long-serving senior government spokeswoman was deployed as a media liaison officer for the McCann family.
Clarence Mitchell The former BBC News reporter was sent in by the Cabinet Office in May to provide “consular support”. He became the McCanns’ full-time spokesman last month. His £75,000 salary is met by Brian Kennedy, a millionaire.
Justine McGuinness The Lib Dem activist was the McCanns’ first campaign manager. She is understood to have been exhausted by the 24-hour demands of the job and stood down in September.

30 Jan 2008


What an interesting article - and verbatim from Trish Cameron she was phoned at 10 pm and told he came in through the window and out through the door. Plus I know I also read this in an early BBC article Maddie's PJ's were WHITE NOT PINK.


PS Docmac - is that enough new article for you - 4! - I do my best :-)))


'Maddy was abducted and we have a suspect in mind' Last updated at 16:09pm on 29.10.07

Portugese police believe three-year-old Madeleine McCann has been abducted and have a suspect in mind, a police chief said today. The toddler vanished from her bed at a holiday resort when her parents were in a restaurant only 40 yards away.
Guilhermino Encarnacao, director of the judicial police in the Faro region, said they were hopeful she is still alive and believe she is still in Portugal.
But he refused to reveal any more details for fear of endangering Madeleine's life.
Footage from the Praia da Luz Mark Warner resort
Madeleine's parents plead for information about their daughter
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Vanished: Madeleine McCann, three, was asleep next to her twin brother and sister
The three-year-old's great uncle, Brian Kennedy said the family "fear the worst but we are hoping for the best."
British Ambassador John Buck was with Madeleine's family this afternoon. He confirmed that three family liaison officers from Leicestershire Police had now arrived and were with the family.
Kate and her husband Gerry, a consultant cardiologist, have told family and friends they suspect their daughter was snatched while her two-year-old twin brother and sister were sound asleep in cots on either side of her.
Madeleine, who was born by IVF treatment, disappeared from the family's ground-floor holiday apartment at the 'family friendly' Mark Warner holiday complex in the Praia da Luz resort as her parents ate at a tapas restaurant close by.
The child's aunt, Trish Cameron, yesterday described the frantic telephone call she received after the couple discovered their daughter was missing around ten o'clock on Thursday night.
"It was my young brother Gerry distraught on the phone, breaking his heart. He said: 'Madeleine's been abducted, she's been abducted'.
"They kept going back to check the kids every half hour. The restaurant was only 40 yards away. He went back at nine o'clock to check the children. They were all sound asleep, windows shut, shutters shut."
Kate then went over to the two-bedroom ground-floor apartment and 'came out screaming', said Mrs Cameron. 'The door was lying open, the window in the bedroom and the shutters had been jemmied open.
"Nothing had been touched in the apartment, no valuables taken, no passports. They think someone must have come in the window and gone out the door with her."
Portuguese police yesterday sealed off the three-storey block and forensic specialists fingerprinted the ground floor window of the McCanns' apartment. All airports, ports and border posts have been alerted.
But despite a massive search throughout the night by police, sniffer dogs and dozens of holidaymakers, there has been no sign of Madeleine, wearing white pyjamas when her parents put her to bed with twins Amelie and Sean in the bougainvillea-clad apartment.
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Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry McCann
Intriguingly, a Briton who runs a company in the Algarve has told police he spotted a couple carrying a young child early yesterday.
George Burke, from Liverpool, was driving home from nearby Lagos around 6am when he caught the two people in his car headlights. "I couldn't see them clearly because it was dark and windy. They scurried down a side road and out of sight."
Last night, as police helicopters and launches scoured the sea, beach and village, Madeleine's family issued a statement which read: "This is a particularly difficult time for the family and we are all comforting each other. At this time all the family's focus is in assisting the UK and in particular the Portuguese authorities in securing Madeleine's safe return."
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A family torn apart: Parents Kate and Gerry McCann with Madeleine and the twins

Ray of light: Madeleine is described as active and chatty
Mr McCann, a consultant cardiologist at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital, and his wife Kate, a GP, had chosen the up-market resort because it was family-friendly.
A friend of the couple, Jill Renwick, said: "This is the first time they have done this. They are very, very anxious parents and very careful."
She said Madeleine - known as Maddy - was 'gorgeous, active and chatty and intelligent, not shy. She is four next week and starts school this year.'
The McCanns, who have been married eight years and recently moved into a £600,000 detached house in Rothley, a suburb of Leicester, were on holiday with a group of fellow doctors and other young children, paying around £1,600 for a week.
In the evenings, Mark Warner offers a drop-in creche service enabling customers to leave young children with staff while they enjoy a relaxing dinner.
Customers may also pay for individual baby-sitters but the McCanns, both 38, chose not to use either service, instead taking it in turns regularly to check their three young children themselves from the restaurant on the other side of a swimming pool from their apartment.
After Mrs McCann raised the alarm, Mark Warner said it immediately launched a search of all areas within the complex and the peaceful, 1,000-population fishing village.
Resort manager John Hill said: "As well as staff, we had guests helping, also the majority of the Praia da Luz village.
"Police were informed at the same time as the alarm was raised. They arrived about 10.45pm and after statements were taken from the family police decided to escalate the situation."
Paul Moyes, 47, from Cheshire, and his wife Susan own a holiday apartment in the same black as the McCanns. He said: "There was a knock on the door at about 11.30 from a hotel guest telling us a girl was missing and asking us to help in the search.
"There were uniformed police, plain clothes and even off-duty local officers. The search went on all night, people were using torches.
"We searched the beach and the hotel grounds with scores of people. Quite a few of us own holiday homes here so it's a close-knit community and something like this is terribly shocking." Michael Hannar, from Pontefract, Yorkshire, owns a ground floor apartment close to the McCanns.
He said: "I don't believe a three-year-old child would have been strong enough to open the window or shutter.
"Mine are difficult to open, especially if the window is fully closed. The shutter is also difficult to open."
Family friend Mrs Renwick said the McCanns - who met while training at the Western Infirmary at Glasgow - felt let down by police.
"I spoke to them this morning and they said the police had done nothing overnight and they felt as if they'd been left on their own."
Resort manager Mr Hill said: "We're in a sleepy fishing village and manpower for the police, I agree, was low at the time. After the CID were involved more police were called."
In Leicester, neighbours spoke of the loving, protective parents.
Tracey Horsefield, a 32-year-old nurse, said: "They never let those children out on their own. I have never seen Madeleine without her parents."
Mr McCann's mother Eileen, 67, from Glasgow, said the couple had been desperate to have children and eventually underwent IVF treatment.
"Madeleine made their lives complete when she came along. The three children were very close and I don't know how they will cope - how any of them will."
Madeleine's uncle Michael Healy said: "There has been some negative spin put on this, with people criticising them for leaving the kids.
"But it's nonsense, they were close by and eating within sight of where the children were and checking on them. No one was rip-roaring drunk."



Jane HILL DID visit PDL AGAIN after this initial interview- I am tracking down her further report.


Aside from an extremely good first interview with the McCanns where Jane Hill looks frankly disbelieving (understandably so) there is a further report from another BBC reporter in PDL concerning Murat and the PJs concern about false leads and how the investigation was moving in a different direction - in the very early stages away from Murat - we know where it was moving to!
2345 has come under sustained attack on the Daily Express for talking rubbish about "supposed Jane Hill reports" even a nasty little poem from one of Rosie's alter egos "mum21". It is most unseemly to attack people in this way for simply speaking the truth - no matter how unpalatable it may be to the McScams who seek to deny everything and castigate honest UK citizens exercising their right to free speech and the Portuguese police for having the audacity to investigate them.



Luv Viv xxxxxx

29.01.08, 11:40pm
I do not understand why this person keeps getting mentioned on here. She is just a news presenter on the BCC.Did she actually go to PDL or did she simply present a programme put together by someone else?Although in greater scheme of things it matters not, it is her interpretation of events, that same as we have had Martin Brunt's and several others etc.They are all speculation at the end of the day.The odd things is no one else seems to have seen this programme other than 2345 and even she can't tell us where we can find it
• Posted by: Rosiepops


Also in the behaviour of Maxine Carr and Huntley - appeals on TV? Maxine lied for a man she was frightened of - I believe that to be true - what some women will do when in fear...

I simply pose the question. Try googling post traumatic stress disorder, bereavement (stages of) emotional numbness - it may help to understand Kate a little more, perhaps?

Viv x

Extract from: http://www.septicisle.info/2006/09/tragedy-of-maxine-carr.html

The bodies of the girls were not found for nearly two weeks, and Huntley was not arrested until the day that they were. During that time both he and Carr had appeared on television, making pleas for them to be returned safely. Newspapers offered tens of thousands of pounds for clues. Hundreds of people joined in the search, coming from across the country to help. The girls' bodies were found on August the 17th, partially burned and badly decomposed, in a ditch close to the RAF Lakenheath airbase in Suffolk. Their proximity to the base has led to predictable conspiracy theories that it was a serviceman who killed the girls, rather than Huntley.The discovery of the girls' bodies led to scenes almost reminiscent of that after the death of Princess Diana. Thousands of bouquets of flowers were left outside a church in Soham, coverage around the clock was available on BBC News 24 and Sky News, and dozens of rather ghoulish misery tourists descended on the town. The funerals of the girls were later televised. Meanwhile, the media almost as a whole set about gathering as much information on Maxine Carr and Ian Huntley as possible, the more salacious the better. They were vilified, and when Carr was eventually taken to court in Peterborough, protesters were waiting for her. Placards called for the restitution of the death penalty, grown women screamed abuse at the police van, and for a horrible moment it almost looked as if they might overwhelm the police. That Carr had nothing to do with the murders, was in Grimsby at the time and had only been charged with perverting the course of justice and assisting an offender, the latter of which she was cleared of doing, made no difference to the lynch mob. The next time she appeared in court was via video link, appearing white as a sheet and close to collapse. Carr had provided Huntley with a false alibi, believing his claims that he had not murdered the two girls. There's a distinct possibility that she was trapped with Huntley in an abusive relationship, which may well have contributed considerably to her behaviour


Tony Blair needed Alistair Campbell over Iraq.. the McCanns are the first couple to feel the need to defend themselves in this way by turning to political methods to convince the public their leader did not quite do something he probably did do! I like that! Trouble is, although we know that Gerry has big aspirations he is not our leader, just Kate's! Why have the McCanns chosen to play their defence out in public ...well I came into contact with six corpses before we came on holiday so that would explain why I smell of corpse...well we carried dirty nappies and rotting meat in the boot of the car... well ...7 months later we had drug tests done on the twins and guess what no drugs ...oh and we had drug tests done on Kate guess what...well we had tests done on the hire car (after it had been completely swept of all forensic traces and guess what... I struggle to imagine how Clarence Mitchell could bring himself to make such comments but hey that is his job.
Did he, or Gerry McCann really figure we were going to accept these er defences to all the evidence against them? Having put us through several months of "sightings" and just when we think we really cannot take any more and yes, a full 9 months later following all the "compelling" witness evidence against Murat - is it nine or ten? we get a series of creepy men from Granny Cooper who surely must be kidding when she tells us she is 50 - never mind the rest of what Gerry whoops sorry I mean she tells us (oh and IRONSIDE ARE THEY RELATED????) .....the McCanns want to make films, do documentaries.... lecturing us on the lack of a proper alert system in Europe and be paid millions for the privilege...Kate does not want to be a GP any more she wants to work for a Childrens Charity (unbelievable I know) to say we are all spun out and can hardly bare to read the "news" any longer would be something of an understatement and we find it all rather er staggering... Surely we can be forgiven for pleading - oh when are those PJ's coming - oh please, please just shut them up! We just want them put on trial for what they did to little Maddie, we did not like Alistair Campbell, we do not like Clarence and yes I am afraid, we do not like the McCanns either - so stop ramming it down our throats PLEASE. And PLEASE - STOP PERSECUTING INNNOCENT PEOPLE - DONT YOU THINK YOUR CREATED ENOUGH VICTIMS? Come on Kate - stop the spin and start telling the truth..for little Maddie's sake. PLEASE?

I wonder - will any other criminals get themselves a real life Alistair, will the public pay for it? I wonder...

Which paper gets the prize for the most McScamming stories big surprise folks - The Daily Express - as Rosie would say - we just need to defend ourselves we are not being abusive...who is "we"?

Profile Alistair Campbell - Claris's role model and mentor (what a couple of lovelies - I wish I was bestest friends with them too :-)))))


oh and Claris gets his own BBC profile too:
(that should boost his ego and help him to feel worthwhile useful and very important - sue me or try The Job Centre for a fresh start )


Viv x

Spin is not the answerBy hiring their very own Alastair Campbell, the McCanns have fuelled the doubts they seek to allay Mark LawsonFriday October 26, 2007The Guardian

The pattern was familiar from politics: following a major interview, public and pundits dissect the answers given and not given, while the official press spokesman for the interviewee takes to the airwaves to explain what the responses really meant.
The latest subjects of this strategy, however, were not politicians, but Kate and Gerry McCann. Listening to Clarence Mitchell answering on their behalf on numerous news outlets yesterday morning, it struck me that one of the most remarkable aspects of the Madeleine McCann case is that her parents are the first private citizens to have their very own Alastair Campbell.
And yet, listening to the phone-in callers piling in with still more sceptical derision after their Spanish television interview and Mitchell's glossary on it, I also felt that their decision to respond to family tragedy with political methods has been a terrible error. By using manoeuvrings designed for vote-grabbing, they increasingly risk the treatment that politicians receive: the belief that they are public property and that everyone has a right to an opinion on their character and veracity.
Admittedly, in one way the McCann case has gone far beyond the political model. The two most celebrated image-manipulators of modern politics - Alastair Campbell and James Carville - had a rule about the attention span of the media. They believed that there was a limited length of time - Clinton's man first put it at nine days, Blair's at 11 - for which the same story would stay on the front pages before other events provided a distraction.
The disappearance of a four-year-old on holiday, though, has shattered these calculations. The name of Madeleine McCann has now appeared on the front pages of the Daily and Sunday Express for getting on for 180 days now, with most other mainstream papers of all kinds coinciding for at least half of those. Judged by sheer unanimity of coverage across all titles, the last equivalent story was probably the second world war.
Some of this has happened because of a change in media priorities: a retreat from serious political events towards the kind of news that could plausibly be the storyline for a Hollywood film - the obsession with Princess Diana, who has occasionally been allowed to share an Express front page with Madeleine, began this bias in reporting.
But, above all else, this domination of the front pages has happened because the McCanns have encouraged it and their financial backers have funded it. The reason the nine-day/11-day rule has not applied is that Campbell and Carville were working on a model in which the subject of the journalism wants the coverage to stop, and therefore adopts tactics - of silence or diversion - which encourage reporters to look elsewhere. If the events in Portugal were to have a clear ending of any kind, Madeleine's parents would share the usual human desire to halt media interest but, for the moment, their desperate desire to keep the public looking for their daughter has led them to court publicity.
It was presumably for this reason that the McCanns became the first doctors to have a spin doctor. Previous civilians who have attracted public interest, usually through sex with a celebrity, have had Max Clifford speaking on their behalf, but his role is not usually spokesman but broker, placing their revelations in a single paper for a slice of cash. Clarence Mitchell, in contrast, briefs universally for free in the style established by the White House and followed by Downing Street.
It's easy to see how the McCanns fell into the trap of getting a press spokesman. Though firmly protesting their innocence of the insinuations by Portuguese press and police, those suggestions of guilt have caused them to believe that they need their own counter-voice.
The problem with this approach is that the traditional purpose of spin doctors is to convince people that a leader hasn't quite done what he probably did. The more often the press guy comes to the podium, the closer his boss's career is to being over.
Another difficulty is that Mitchell is usually commenting on events of which he has no firsthand knowledge, so his briefings tend to elide fact with assertion. And his habit of answering one question but then deflecting the next on the grounds that a response would break Portuguese judicial rules may be legally necessary but transmits a sense of slipperiness.
The biggest drawback, though, is that the McCanns have turned to spin and media manipulation at the precise moment these arts are most discredited in politics. What they say in an attempt to keep their child's face in people's minds has the effect of turning a daily spotlight on them. Anecdote and phone-ins suggest these appearances increase the resentment and suspicion they are aiming to defuse. Their tragedy is becoming a public relations disaster.
October 26, 2007 2:57 AM
The 'spin' has turned into to out and out propaganda. I started doubting the McCanns the day they hired highly powerful lawyers but when Clarence Mitchell was hired, they really made a huge mistake. His daily blatherings are tiresome, now even predictable. What parents of a missing child hire literally teams of people unrelated to search efforts? I really don't understand the love affair the UK has with the McCanns. Madeleines parents need to speak more about what they personally have done to find their daughter rather than printing posters, releasing balloons and selling Madeleine merchandise on their website. Something is very fishy with this whole Madeleine mystery and I hope, in the future, the McCanns back off with all the publicity stunts.

28 Jan 2008

Does Mr Bennett bat for the McCanns?

If this man is a qualified solicitor then he would have know that these parents were being investigated for homicide, not simple child neglect. Therefore any summons in the Magistrates Court would have been doomed to failure. There is no way in a complex criminal investigation they were going to allow details of this case to start being unpacked before unqualified magistrates. Details of the evidence against them is precisely what the McCanns want so desperately. Why would they want it so desperately if they were innocent - they would know there cannot be any. So who was trying to give them a helping hand? Mr Bennett! Some may also consider the McCanns would give their eye teeth simply to be prosecuted for child neglect but again any qualified solicitor would have known that such a prosecution was impossible in the UK. The offence of child neglect was committed in Portugal and therefore the UK has no jurisdiction to prosecute them. The UK does have jurisdiction to prosecute them for the much more serious offence of homicide however - by virtue of a clause in the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 which clearly states that any UK citizen who has committed homicide abroad may be prosecuted in the UK. Such prosecutions have gone ahead. It was no good the McCanns thinking rushing back to the UK was going to let them get away with murder - but it was going t let them get away with neglect. However, it seems to me that if the McCanns did not kill Madeleine by assaulting her, then they killed her by neglecting her - so the neglect is part and parcel of the offence of manslaughter by gross negligence in leaving her alone, possibly also, drugged up.

If Mr Bennett does not bat for them - then he is just an attention seeked who "wants his 15 minutes of fame" and in my view, should be ignored.

The question of parents going to the pub and leaving children unattended simply will not be put right by bringing in yet more laws - what difference would this make? The law is already there - you go to the pub and leave your kids and as a result one of them dies - you are on a manslaugher rap. If there is lesser harm - the law is also there - Children and Young Persons Act 1933. This is a social issue. We need to make it clear it is socially unacceptable to leave your kids alone. We need to make it clear the Portuguese way of not dumping their kids in bed but treating their children in an inclusive way and having their meal with the adults is the right way. This is about education. We re-educated the public that it is socially unacceptable to drink and drive by media campaigns. This is the way forward with rotten parents who do not know how to treat their children properly. Simply having yet another law on the statute book would not make a jot of difference.

Viv x


Clearly nothing is done without a reason and none of us have failed to notice the concerted effort to try and get forums shut down - I wont say any more on that! Let us stick to the point - when are we going to get Justice for Maddie?

So I have been wondering what is the sudden sense of urgency. The only reason I can think of is that Eurojust are fast-tracking the Portuguese request for legal assistance in progressing this case. What the Portuguese particularly need assistance on (that I know about!) is one - seisure of Kate's diary and two UK police assistance to interview witnesses /suspects in the UK.

As the Portuguese Police already have a photocopy of Kate's diary there can be only one reason for wanting the original. They would need this to tender in evidence in a prosecution. Therefore it seems obvious to me the prosecution file of evidence is now being prepared to commence a prosecution and the date when Kate and Gerry actually get charged draws nearer - but could still be several months away because there is so much further work to be done.

Decisions will need to be taken on who else is to be charged and evidence against them procured. We know that in Portuguese law there is a step that is taken prior to actually charging someone - they are warned they are a suspect rather than a witness by being made an arguido - to ensure they have their human rights protected - the fundamental right to be treated fairly when suspected of crime. This is essential because it can mean loss of liberty by imprisonment - sometimes for many years and all the attendant loss of home, income, reputation that that brings.

Who are the two most obvious people that could have their status raised to arguido? In my view that would have to be JT and RB. The McCann machine has publically put out in the media of late that they do not consider Murat is involved in the abduction of their daughter - but who framed him for this and got him arguido status. Jane Tanner changed her original story to not only describe him but say he was walking in the direction of Murat villa. Realising she was in serious trouble for this, she went on Panorama and emphatically stated she was not trying to blame Murat and a photofit was issued showing the suspect with long hair, rather than short. It seems to me that in her case the police have overwhelming evidence that she has lied by trying to frame Murat and then when realising how much trouble she is in - attempted to extricate herself. The amount of time wasting, expense and frustration of the real enquiry into the McCanns by her false evidence is inestimable but there will, in my view, be a hefty criminal sanction for her behaviour.

Why did she do this? We know that this couple (JT&OB) are the ones who are really close to the McCanns - we heard JT was even present at the birth of Maddie because Gerry was not! We also know that they stayed in the apartment right next door. My own theory is that when Maddie was seriously injured perhaps the OB's heard the melee (and Mrs Fenn heard quite a bit on 2 and 3 May) or perhaps they were called by K or G. Either way, this, I believe, is how JT and OB were drawn into this terrible set of events. Out of some misguided sense of loyalty and immediately being made accessories - Gerry? I will not dwell on OB other than to say his involvement in cleaning up and disposal of little Maddie's body seems clear. A waiter is certain that the tall man was hardly at the table all night. His excuse for not being is totally incapable of belief i.e his daughter was vomiting - he changed the sheets and left her alone again. No change of sheets requested.. No, I am afraid, I do not accept even the worst of parents would do this, let alone a doctor. Take the parent who pops back home from the pub just to see if the little ones are OK finds one is ill and vomiting - changes the sheets and goes back to the pub - absolutely unbelievable! I think Docmac's view is that he never went back to the table at all. I think he did - just before 10 and this was Kate's signal to go and make the grim discovery.

So, to get back to the point of this post - why the sudden rush to wreck public discussion? Well, we know the strategy is to convince the public the McCanns are innocent - or at the very least, raise considerable doubts as to their guilt and gradually, bit by bit, bring the abduction theory back into the press. Clarence has succeeded in this mission - take a look at the papers! My own view as to why they are doing this - does not seem to get much notice taken but I will continue to say it! The McCann machine know for a fact they are going to be prosecuted. The Fund Directors will not allow them to overtly use the money to pay for solicitors- the public backlash would be too damaging. We hear nothing any more of Mr Branson and his millions or should I say billions! What right minded businessman who cares about continuing to trade in profit is going to foot the bill for a very expensive defence of the McCanns - what would this do to his reputation? Only £100,00o for the defence fighting fund was in the pot at the outset - that will have gone. We hear nothing of the McCanns continuing to instruct the top London lawyers - only Mr Smethurst and this would not be costing his boss very much! I believe Clarence has manipulated the media into reporting on abduction theories and his next step is to close down public discussion - I know he has mighty high aspirations - that do not necessarily succeed but this is his plan. Let's face it folks, there is no real news on the genuine investigation being conducted by PJ and Leicestershire Police is there ? The only "news" we are getting is what the McCanns are putting there from the quack "investigators". However, I predict there will be some very damaging and genuine news for the McCanns in the very near future. The PJ will arrive, question OB and JT and make them arguidos. Prior to the happening Clarence wants the press all in his favour and the public right to reply - silenced! Then they will bleat on about breaches of the McCanns human rights, failures of the police to even bother to investigate all these creepy man they are currently harassing with the aim of convincing us they are being treated very unfairly and actually do need countless millions to fight the unfair behaviour against them and get back to the business of finding the real criminals who have little Maddie.




27 Jan 2008

Pictures Kates injuries on various dates

9.5.07 strange mark chest - NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS! ; bruising (fingertip grab marks) upper left arm - about three
similar shots - Gerry always keeps hand across injured area of upper arm on some
spotted bruising visible just below armpit - very typical domestic violence picsof woman grabbed and trying to break free or being dragged.
May 31st Bruising back right arm, right eye swollen,
Hair blown off cut above right eye which is normally covering it up. Further mark under right eye? Scar/old injury?

May 11th - covered up: tension in neck, look of repressed rage or is it fear on
Kate's face?

May 19th - ? two bruises left clavicle area /next strap

shows a severe bruise on point of elbow, bruise just above and to upper arm. ~Grabbed and flung - landing on elbow?


Alroy has changed his name many times on the Daily Express but his style as one of the Chief McNasties is unmistakable -- to the other Chief McNasty Rosiepops. So, the McCanns dream of being taken to court by the PJ, being acquitted and becoming multi-millionaires - well tell us something we don't know Alroy! Trouble is they are NOT GOING TO BE ACQUITTED...SO DREAM ON!

I have read the rant several hours long concerning me, as though I am actually on that site - these people have very vivid imaginations and very unpleasant personalities but I have sent a lengthy letter to the Daily Express telling them just what I think about it all. As for handing "Assasin" the stuff I "nicked from her webpage" - what flaming webpage? I have seen the stuff she writes on the DE about being armed with an axe and a knife etc - would I wish to copy anything this person writes...well no, actually, I most certainly would not!

Viv x

26.01.08, 8:32pm
How right you are Rosie, but as they are still Aguidos they are not in Portuguese law allowed to take part in any TV interviews, but they should in fact not jump in at the deep end now but wait and see what develops. Should there eventually be a court case and they are declared innocent they would then be in a position to name their own price. Worldwide media, both Newspaers and TV would go banana's trying to secure a deal with them, they will become the hottest property since "sliced bread" Good time i believe for them to wait and see which way the wind blows before making any sort of money decisions!
• Posted by: Dobywalah
26.01.08, 8:12pm
They should ask for two million, the TV company's can afford it and it would save having to earn some more and running the gauntlet of people that have no idea what it is like to have a child missing from home and no money to pay people to find her.I would do it in a blink of any eye and I am honest enough to admit it.
• Posted by: Rosiepops


2345 - I hope you dont mind me copying your post here from the Daily Express - it is excellant and very informative - what a pity there is not written record of Jane Hill's report. If you have the full detail of it I would be extremely grateful if you could post it THANKS Viv x
26.01.08, 11:44pm
You state - "PJ not doing their job properly and for completely messing this investigation up".Facts: The McCanns phoned PJ and asked for their assistance in finding their daughter. Mayor of Luz confirmed 3 Police forces were deployed for 24 hour two week search, together with locals tourists etc., on foot, bicycles, horsebacks, vehicles and boats - search included the harbour. The father was so unconcerned he didn't both to help the Police - he instead played tennis.PJ's suspicions led them to deploy British Police specialists with cadaver dogs; due to the expense they do not fly abroad without just cause. To cut a long factual account short, the forensic evidence pinpointed by cadavers, removed by British (not PJ) Police, handed to the best forensic laboratories in UK were handed directly to PJ on completion of analysis.Despite your complaints of Jane Hill's report, the forensic evidence - briefly transposed as commensurate with a certain type of broken larynx and cerebal fluid, indicative of broken neck or fracture skull, was factual information handed to Jane Hill for live TV broadcast the day the McCanns were named as suspects. PJ presented the forensic evidence to them.PJ, with the invaluable assistance of British specialists were, therefore, able to confirm to the parents that Madeleine was not abducted - their daughter died in the apartment on or around 3 May.Wasting Police time and/or perverting the course of justice are both chargeable offences in Portugal and British Law. I make no apology for repeating relevant facts to substatiate points because all my comments are based on substantiated information released by the Police.Where evidence of death is confirmed, Police forces worldwide do not waste time or money looking for that person in a "live" state. Your criticism of PJ is, therefore, uunwarranted and unjustifiable. All those who consider forensic evidence irrelevant have no genuine interest or concern for Madeleine's fate in the apartment.
• Posted by: 2345

26 Jan 2008

Hey Docmac "Assasin" a dumbo on the DE says you are not a Doctor!

I wondered if you would care to reply to this -attempts were made by various posters to point out to him the correct terms are cerebral fluid or cerebrospinal but he knows best..."loss of body fluid after death" does not quite state what goes on does it! ..he does not have the brain to differentiate between the two different types of fluids that were reportedly found - one in the apartment and the other in the hire car he has them all mixed up! A spontaneous loss of er cerebral fluid sounds really frightening to me!!

I see you have been the star turn on the DE for the last few days and when they are not talking about you they are confidently insisting I am there (and far worse, of course) - in Laz's case it sounds like wishful thinking!

It does make an amusing read though... How weird that neither of us are on the DE but they never stop talking about us - seems we upset the McNasties ...which is nice!

As they are obviously intently reading my "crap blog" I am sure you can explain one more time in your own words, rather than the "assasin's". Some assasinator! Still at least he admits he replies to himself LOL ...BARK! yap yap yap yap....(!) I see Rosie was doing that at 3 am - old habits die hard...but Alsabella stayed to keep her and her imaginary friend company - Bless you, Alsabella darling, you are so charitable! ooooops must remember to put all my commas in because according lightning brain mum21 that is a dead give away for me...God they are so paranoid - the PJs really giving them a little dose of the jitters..

Luv Viv x

PS What do you think about the McCanns entering into a £1M Dutch auction for an interview with Barbara or Oprah? My own thoughts are probably unprintable but perhaps I could just say they are obviously determined to get that "defence fighting fund" one way or another !

The suggestion they dont talk about it because of their status is laughable - when did they ever shut up ...lurking predator waiting to seise the window of opportunity - oh yes Gerry that must have been you!

SASSY/BEDREST25.01.08, 10:09pmi was being humorous sassy:-)bedrest. yep. In a reply to myself...i was discussing the loss of body fluid after death with another poster, we were talking about normal body fluid after death at the time.docmac came in and said it was cerebro fluid, not normal, there is no proof it is cerebro fluid they found been released to date, we only know it is body fluids, but he said that couldnt come from the nose and he also suggested cerebro fluid could only come from trauna blow, and i think he states elsewhere a couple of post operative things - incorrect, cerebro fluid loss can happen spontaneously. albeit the most common causes are from trauma and post surgery etc• Posted by: assasin

24 Jan 2008


Hiya, it would be great if you could post new information here to keep us all updated - as it is the only way we get some decent news! We could just keep this running so that people know where to come!

Hope you see this and can help.

Viv x
24/1/08 18.21


As can be seen below they announce on Sunday Cooper man is the "probable abductor of Madeleine" - the exact words used on the official Maddie web page! but by today the PJ have confirmed they interviewed this man 20 days into the enquiry, and, as a result of the McCanns press release have interviewed him again and formally dismissed him as a suspect, once again.

The Find Maddie fund is spending countless thousands of pounds on all this time wasting rubbish - seeking to tell us the McCanns are innocent. The more they do it - the more convinced we are of their guilt.

Who paid for Cooper's airfare to PDL? Pretty soon they will tell us as this cash has gone on these ridiculously ill-judged publicity stunts - it is simply criminal! So the McCanns do not want to go back to Portugal to help the police with their enquiries until their arguido status is lifted - what difference should that make!! If they were innocent - ALL THEY WOULD CARE ABOUT WAS FINDING MADELEINE - NOT SAVING THEIR OWN MISERABLE NECKS.

The last article copied here goes through some of their other ill-fated ventures to persuade the public these two child abusing liars are innocent. No way!

The charging of these two cannot come soon enough for me.

They could have salvaged just some vestige of public forgiveness if they had said OK we accept Metodo 3 are a complete waste of time - we are donating the rest of the money to a childrens charity- they could not even manage that.

They deserve everything they get - particularly you Gerry McCann. Shut up and accept you are going to be charged and you are going to prison - where you belong with all the other criminals - but none of them could be as bad as you! Just how much more of this rubbish do you plan to come out with - wasting peoples money that they donated to help you find Madeleine - you always knew she could not be found - you despicable man! How dare you just keep hounding innocent people - the public will never forget your vile behaviour. NEVER.


Correio de manha 24/1/08
Picture-robot: Police out any connection to the case CM discovers man picture-robot village in the Algarve Alessia Pierdomenico / Reuters Image was published by McCann earlier this week based on the description of a tourist who was in Praia da Luz in April The man "appalling" that Gail Cooper described as suspicious, giving rise to the portrait-robot released this week by McCann, was contacted by the Judiciary Police twenty days after the disappearance of Madeleine. After publication of the image, the Judicial again speak with him and, today, removes any connection to the same case.
Correio de manha 23/1/08
Four women Maddie linking the suspect to-robot Witnesses key certify portrait Alessia Pierdomenico / Reuters Several British say have seen the man in the design Four "key witnesses in the investigation of the disappearance Madeleine," according to the 'Daily Mail', have already confirmed a face identical or approximately between the portrait-robot released and the man who suspect they have seen. The move in the blinds of the apartment, with the child after the colon; also with Robert Murat and, finally, in the mountains of Morocco. First Amanda Mills, of 34 years, have said that there are "major parecenças" with the man who had, a week earlier, forcing the window of Room for Maddie. Then it was Jane Tanner, friend of McCann: You "80 percent sure" it is the man who, on the night of May 3, witnessed with a girl in her arms. Charlotte Pennington's, a babysitter who have seen Murat with another man, also ensures that corresponds to the picture. And Isabel Gonzalez, tourist that 'saw' a girl in Morocco, it is recalled this face. The design, it is recalled, was inspired by Gail Cooper, another witness who claims to have seen the suspect around the Praia da Luz
Correio de manha 22/1/08

Picture: Dozens of witnesses ensure that the views Suspect on all sides Alessia Pierdomenico / Reuters The portrait commissioned by McCann was done according to the indications of an English now vacation in the Light and the man described estranhou Dozens of phone calls were received by detectives who are working for McCann, following the disclosure of the robot-portrait of a possible suspect. "We received many calls that do not say anything of importance," admitted the CM Clarence Mitchell, port - voice of the family, "but at the same time also received dozens of phone calls with important information," he added. Clarence Mitchell does not specify from where the calls come, as are British who were in Praia da Luz or residents in the area, but ensures that "many people they have seen the man on the spot." Despite yesterday in the light, nobody will remember the individual, the door to the press - voice of McCann ensured that there is a girl of 12 years who remembers the man. Clarence Mitchell, however, did not want to put this witness who is mysterious. The detectives of the agency Spanish Method 3 that are working for the McCann are now to examine all avenues that have reached by telephone. "We can not say that we will find the man but we are trying," said the CM still Clarence Mitchell. "Nor do we say that is suspected of kidnapping but want to know if you have anything to do with the disappearance," he added. The portrait-robot is seen as "one of the most important clues that the detectives of Method 3 are working," concluded the spokesman of Kate and Gerry. Meanwhile, PJ still awaiting the response of the British authorities to the letters rogatory sent to England, where he is asked to be made new interrogation to the group now vacation in Praia da Luz "Although there is no novelty," confirmed the CM source linked to the research. About this issue, Clarence Mitchell assured that "officially there is no information to back that PJ wants to ask Kate or Gerry." Nevertheless, "they are willing to cooperate with the authorities so that the investigation proceed," the spokesman continued, "they want to show that Portuguese police have nothing to do with the disappearance of their daughter." Clarence Mitchell admitted knowing that there is a request from the Judiciary in Eurojust (the European agency which is the connection between the departments of Justice of the European Union countries), "but I do not know whether they want to ask Kate and Gerry, the group of nine friends or just some of them. "

Maddie: Picture at the request of the couple English McCann open to hunting suspect Kate and Gerry McCann began a real hunt for man, in the wake of pictures revealed before the spokesman for the couple. Clarence Mitchell, at a press conference, revealed that the designs were made by the team of investigators hired by the parents of Madeleine, based on the testimony of Gail Cooper. A British woman, 50 years old, ensures that have seen strangers, with the apartments of the Ocean Club, on the beach of Light, in the Algarve, who walked to ask for a nonexistent orphanage. "This information came from Gail Cooper who gave his testimony to the police in May. Since then has never been done a portrait based on his statements," said Clarence Mitchell, during a press conference, at which the World revealed the designs made by a retratista trained by the FBI: "Our researchers worked with Gail Cooper to make these pictures. believe that he may be involved in the disappearance of Madeleine. We want to know, as soon as possible, who and where you are." In the same meeting with journalists English, Clarence Mitchell was convincingly to the new suspect, requiring that "if not linked to the disappearance of Madeleine, the least we have to do is come to prove it public, so that is discarded. " The emergence of these portraits is contrary to the testimony of the friend of the couple Janne Tanner who, in November, said to have seen a man carrying a child to the lap dressed with a pijama equal to the Madeleine McCann. NEWSPAPER RECUPERA gallery GAIL COOPER Gail Cooper has been found by the newspaper 'News of The World', according to the testimony of an editor to the television station Sky News, who explained the process. "We read all the testimonies that were in the public domain. Thus we find Gail Cooper. Then pass the information she has given to researchers hired by McCann, "said the journalist of the 'News of The World'. Gail Cooper, writes the newspaper, had three meetings with the new suspect in April, days before the disappearance of Madeleine. The English newspaper cited the man called 'the beast'. THE FIRST ROBÔ Traders in Praia da Luz reconstituíram of memory to the CM the portrait-robot that PJ them Exhibited on May 10. Shows the oval head of the suspect - hair smooth, risk right, fringe remote to the sides. According to PJ, compares with the head of paedophiles referenced by the British police. MAN AND CHILD EMBRULHADA The couple McCann revealed on November 25, a portrait of the potential robot raptor, Maddie, done by an artist on the basis of the description of the friend of the couple, Janne Tanner. A friend of McCann said have seen a man go on the night of May 3, with a child embrulhada a blanket. The man would have between 35 and 40 years old and about 1.70 m, and the child use a pijama similar to that of Maddie. LAST SUSPEITO BE NORTH OF AFRICA The new suspected of the abduction of Madeleine appears to be North African - Tunisian or Moroccan - have yellowish skin, between 38 and 45 years of age and speaks a little English. The design, made from the report of a tourist staying in the Ocean Club, shows a man with a bigode tired, teeth and long hair desgrenhado. PJ DESCARTOU SUSPEITO TRAIL BY FALSE The portrait-robot commissioned by the couple McCann concerns "one of dozens or hundreds of people" who may have passed on Praia da Luz - a man viewed as suspect only on the basis of information "without any consistency" and that the PJ long already descartou, ensures the CM source connected to the process. The goal, eight months later, will be "the ever: more a maneuver of fun ..." NOTES AVISTAMENTO FALSE IN MOROCCO In September, a couple of Spanish tourists released photos taken in Morocco, where he sees a child on the back of a blonde woman. It was not Maddie. Track Belgian TINEA NOT BACKGROUND In late July, a new track: Maddie had been seen in Belgium, in the company of a couple. He was released the portrait of the man-robot would be with the child. Similar to the DNA of a slamico proved that it was Madeleine. A MEASURE IRRESPONSÁVEL Portraits-robot in Portugal, without strong evidence, "could compel the authors similar to compensate people," said the judicial source CM DESENHADORA THE FBI According to the newspaper 'News of the World', the design was the work of Melissa Little, a specialist British trained by the FBI

Two more articles there if you want to read them copy the link - get the story and then go to google language tools and translate from Portuguese to English.

20-01-2008 - 00:00:00 Novo retrato de suspeito do rapto de Madeleine
18-01-2008 - 00:00:00 Mari Luz foi raptada por conhecido

23 Jan 2008


As the extract from the Telegraph article 26/9/07 below confirms a senior judge warned at that time their diversionary tactics in employing private investigators could see them charged with obstruction of justice.

They have gone a step further than that now by actively pursuing their own "suspect" in Portugal. It would serve them right if this also gets added to the list of charges they should face.

They have no right to behave in this way by pursuing a man who has clearly done nothing wrong.

It could be said that if this man actually exists, they are placing him at risk of serious harm, by suggesting he has kidnapped Madeleine - this is all the vigilante type need to hear to take the law into their own hands as the McCanns are clearly doing. Their behaviour as prime suspects in their daughter's death is outrageous. I urge the PJ to do more than simply criticise their conduct.

Viv x

Meanwhile, Mr and Mrs McCann were accused of employing “diversion tactics” by hiring private investigators to help find their daughter.
A senior judge warned that the move could see them charged with the obstruction of justice.
Under Portuguese law, it is illegal to carry out independent inquiries into a case while a police investigation is ongoing.
But it emerged this week that Mr and Mrs McCann have been in close contact with Control Risks Group – which specialises in kidnap, hostage and crisis management - since the end of May.
A source close to the couple’s legal team insisted the company was only working in an advisory role and not present on the ground in Portugal.
But Control Risks, and other independent private investigators, are thought to be focusing on Spain and Morocco.
Antonio Martins, president of the Association of Portuguese Judges, said private investigators were not legally recognised.
“It is still up to the state to carry out criminal investigation,” he told the Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas.
“That kind of activity has no legal standing.
“Anything that results from private investigation has no substance.”
Mr Martines said these investigators and even the McCanns themselves could be accused of “obstruction of justice”.
Carlos Anjos, the head of Asfic, the Portuguese equivalent of the police federation, was equally damning.
“This can only be another diversion tactic from the McCanns,” he said.
“It’s another strategy by the couple, who today say one thing and tomorrow something completely different.
“Private detectives who intervene in criminal cases cannot exist.”
Today, reports of another sighting raised hopes that Madeleine was still alive.
A Spanish woman claimed she saw the four-year-old with a Muslim woman in the town of Zaio in the north of the country at the end of May.
She said she was sure it was the little girl when her hat blew up in the wind, clearly showing her face.


Miss you my friend - notice you are not on the DE either - please drop in and say hi - just to let me know you are OK. Remember - there are no bannings here!

Luv Viv xxxxxxxxx

21 Jan 2008


Hi All, I have been keen to find this article again in the News of the World - pretty damaging stuff from Gerry's favourite paper and certainly far less favourable to what they are writing now! As will be seen it claims that Kate and Gerry say they arrived at 8.30 but friends statement say no - it was just before 9 pm. If memory serves Gerry offered another time in Panorama 8.40 (let's split the difference!). I think this must be one of the major discrepancies the PJ are talking about as between the friends and Kate and Gerry - now why would the McCanns state they arrived early before everyone else - he certainly says this on Panorama also. If someone is lying there will always be a reason for this - maybe they had a little unfinished business. Again it raises the anomoly why would Gerry go and check literally within a few minutes of arriving as he clearly did - Wilkins saw him. I wonder.. do the friends now want to say to PJ - sorry we got that wrong - actually they were the first to arrive..

I note it was reported on BBC News 24 Jane Tanner wanted to go back to Portugal and help the PJ ..but they have ignored her...carry on panicking Jane ...we understand! Those big bad PJs like to leave you to sweat dont they - how awful...

Viv x

By Lucy Panton
PORTUGUESE police are concentrating on what they claim is a missing half hour in accounts of the night Madeleine disappeared.
The McCanns told detectives they believed they arrived at the Tapas restaurant at 8.30pm.
But months into the investigation, Portuguese detectives now allege they did not turn up until almost 30 minutes later.
Friends' statements show there may be differences of opinion over what time Kate and Gerry arrived with some of the pals stating it was just before 9pm.
Police want to quiz the couple again over what they call the "missing half hour".

A police source said: "We believe the timetable of events that evening is crucial to the inquiry. We want to know how they could make such a mistake over the time they arrived."
Early on in the investigation the McCanns said they got to the restaurant at 8.30pm.
Based on arrival timings given by their dining companions, that would mean the tragic couple arrived first before their friends.
But police sources say statements given by those pals show the McCanns arrived just before 9pm—and that by then all of their friends were already there.
The statements claim that Russell O'Brien, Jane Tanner, Matthew and Rachel Oldfield were first to arrive at around 8.45pm.
At 8.55 David and Fiona Payne were said to have turned up with Fiona's mum, Diane Webster.
Some statements indicate that the McCanns turned up two or three minutes after the Paynes.
If these new timings are accurate police are questioning why Gerry would go back and check the children just 5 minutes later.
He is reported as saying he checked the apartment and all three children were sleeping at 9.05pm.
This was confirmed when on his way back he stopped to speak to Jeremy Wilkins, another guest at the resort he had met playing tennis earlier in the week.
At 9.10pm Jane Tanner said she crossed Gerry's path on her way to check her own children.
Around that time she says she saw a man carrying away a child she now believes was Madeleine.
She describes the man as aged 35, dark-haired. wearing beige trousers and black shoes. She said the girl, who appeared to be sleeping, was toddler age, bare-footed and wearing pink pyjamas like Madeleine's.
No one else out that night reported seeing this man.
Portuguese cops have piled on the agony for the McCanns by retracing their steps and naming them both as official suspects. They believe the couple may have been involved in the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine. And they think one may be covering up for the other.
Officers are probing a "three-hour window of opportunity" on the theory that during this time Madeleine was killed in the apartment and her body hidden somewhere nearby.
It starts the last time the children were seen alive by anyone but their parents and ends when Kate and Gerry were seen in public.
The last time Madeleine was seen alive was by staff at the Ocean Club creche at 6pm.
The McCanns were then alone with their children for almost three hours at the most if they did arrive at the Tapas restaurant at 9pm.A police source said: "The couple are being monitored to see how they react to every new piece of information they receive.
"The pressure has slowly been mounting on the McCanns over the last month as new information has been fed into the inquiry." Sources say the couple have been kept under surveillance following the discovery by a dog of the smell of death in their apartment on August 1.
Police now claim they have detected blood in a Renault Scenic car hired by the McCanns 24 days after Maddie's disappearance.
During questioning, GP Kate was asked why she had washed Madeleine's favourite toy "Cuddle Cat". Cops believe she has was trying to hide forensic evidence of her daughter's death.
The police claim the smell of a corpse was found on Kate's T-shirt, jeans and on Cuddle Cat.
Kate says she washed the toy on August 5—four days after police dogs picked up "the scent of death".
She insists she washed the toy simply because it was covered in dirt and sun tan lotion.
Portuguese police are relying heavily on a Cracker-style profiler who has been studying the McCanns' behaviour. The profiler has reportedly claimed that he suspects that the couple, from Rothley, Leics, could be "distracting" themselves from the horror of what they might have done by getting involved in the massive media campaign.
Doubts have also been cast over the lack of emotion and the controlled composure of the couple since their daughter disappeared.
The profiler has told cops that this matches that of a couple who are united and focused in a bid to cover up a tragedy.
But former Chief Inspector Albert Kirby, who led the hunt to trap the killers of toddler James Bulger, said: "There is very little time for the McCanns to have murdered their daughter and disposed of her body.
"And they would have had to carry her body a short distance away and concealed it without anyone spotting them. The body would have also had to remain concealed and unfound for a long time despite the police search.
"The Portuguese police must believe that one of them managed to conceal the body in a flat or a bush."


20 Jan 2008


Granny Gail Cooper aged just 50 - really??

Ah - an investigation by the News of the World - better than the PJ/British Police then! Now the Metodos have a real suspect to hunt down...She saw him on the beach and it was pouring with rain - conveniently no one else was about... then he knocked her door and it was a "warm afternoon"..

I am not sure from what they write how this mystery "North African" man can be described as a stalker or why it is believed he kidnapped Madeleine given this woman claims to have seen him two weeks before the McCanns even arrived. What "chilling encounters". This is the same story we have heard before isnt it about a mystery man peddling charity but with a few bits added? If her adult daughters also saw him, how come they do not corroborate her story .... so he knocked their door two weeks before the McCanns even arrived - big deal! Massive manhunt...McCann family source claims "stunning breakthrough" - that would not be Gerry by any chance. Oh a "source at the heart of the probe" says its a "stunning breakthrough" as well - that would not be the Retardos by any chance would it? Gerry and the Retardos then agree it was a stunning breakthrough- yea sure we believe it!!How the heck does it 'tie in uncannily with Jane Tanner's description' given she did not give one! The original BBC article clearly says that Maddie was wearing white PJs - how come they morphed to pink? If the PJ and British police were genuinely investigating this there is no way they would allow an appeal for the public to contact the Retardos....what a load of utter guff! What will these prats come up with next? The NOW "probed" her evidence further ummmmmmm I think the NOW could do with a bit of probing and the people they are handing money to for this tripe - I would hazard an educated guess Gerry McCann and this youthful looking 50 year old who would probably like to go to a Health Farm with her cash!

Viv x

Witness reveals chilling clues about Maddie suspect
World Exclusive by Sara NuwarThis is the man suspected of snatching four-year-old Maddie McCann.
It is the FIRST detailed likeness of a stalker thought to have kidnapped the toddler. And it's based on sensational new clues unearthed by the News of the World.
If you have any information about the man in this new picture contact the confidential phone line 0034 902 300 213 based in Spain now

As a massive new manhunt began last night a McCann family source said: "This is a stunning breakthrough.
A British woman who came face to face with the suspected Maddie McCann kidnapper revealed last night: "He made my blood run cold and gave me the creeps."
Granny Gail Cooper, 50, was staying just 600 YARDS from the McCann family's Portuguese holiday flat when she had THREE separate chilling encounters with the moustachioed mystery man.
After the News of the World probed her evidence further, McCann investigators analysed her detailed description.
It tied in uncannily with descriptions by family friend Jane Tanner of a man seen carrying a child in pink pyjamas from the resort of Praia da Luz the night Maddie vanished.
Based on Mrs Cooper's evidence an FBI-trained police artist produced the the FIRST detailed likenesses of the stalker—pictured above.
And last night, armed with the new pictures, detectives in Portugal and Britain were joined by Interpol in a desperate race to trace the suspect.
The man is 38 to 45, with sallow skin, lank dark hair, distinctive droopy moustache, large teeth and speaks broken English.
As the dramatic development raised the McCann family's hopes a source at the heart of the probe admitted: "This is a stunning breakthrough. We now have a manhunt. Where is this man now? We need to find him as soon as possible."
Over the last seven days Spanish private eyes Metodo 3 and the Find Madeleine campaign worked round the clock after the News of the World conducted a detailed review of the case. We studied all material in the public domain homing in on witness reports we felt had been overlooked.
When we spoke to Mrs Cooper at length it soon became clear vital clues were buried in her account of a "creepy man" loitering at the resort.
Two of her sightings were also witnessed by her husband. And we can also reveal that a NEW witness, a 12-year-old girl, has come forward to back up her story.
Mrs Cooper first spotted the man on the beach at Praia da Luz on April 20 at about 1pm when she went for lunch with friends at the Paraiso Restaurant.
She said: "He was wandering about on the beach alone even though it was pouring down with rain. There wasn't another soul about. I watched him for a few minutes before I went back to chatting to my friends."
Later that day, at around 4pm, Mrs Cooper was startled to find the stranger knocking on the front door of her holiday villa.
She said: "He must have seen my husband leaving because the bell rang only seconds later.
"He flashed what he said was an identity card but it could have been anything.
"He seemed really strange. It was a warm afternoon but he was wearing khaki trousers or joggers, a T-shirt and a bomber jacket. He said he was collecting for an orphanage in nearby Espiche that was caring for three children whose parents had recently been killed in an accident on the main coast road.
"It just didn't add up. Everyone would have known if there had been a tragedy like that.
"The man was rambling and becoming agitated. He really unnerved me even though my two grown-up daughters and two grandchildren were with me.
"I thought he was a conman trying to pull a fast one."
CREEPY: Gail saw weirdo 3 times
Mrs Cooper also said her eight-year-old grand-daughter had been playing on her own in the pool near the villa and was clearly visible from the road.
She added: "This man was very unpleasant and creepy. I'd put his age at 38 to 45. He was very scruffy and had a 70s-style black Mexican moustache.
"He wasn't Portuguese—I think he was North African, either Tunisian or Moroccan."
Mrs Cooper, a community healthcare co-ordinator from Newark, Notts, added: "In my job I have to assess people and make a judgement.
"My judgement is that this man was very suspicious and could have been the kidnapper everyone is searching for.
"I'd recognise him immediately if I saw him. His appearance has really stuck in my mind."
We can confirm the orphanage does NOT exist and that there is no evidence of the fatal car crash. Mrs Cooper saw the man a third time, two days later on April 22, as she lunched with her husband Jonathan at Bar Habana on the beach.
There was a children's outing there from the Mark Warner Ocean Club at the same time. The man was again alone and standing near the group of youngsters. Mrs Cooper said: "He looked odd and out of place."
TIE-IN: Jane saw man with child
When Madeleine arrived at the resort just a week later, the youngster went to the beach three days in a row with the children's club, including May 3, the day of her disappearance.
Although Mrs Cooper rang police on May 7 and gave a statement at her home on May 21 she heard no more. But it is now clear how important her account—and the facial likeness built from it—may be. On the night Madeleine vanished from the apartment while parents Kate and Gerry—both Leicestershire doctors—were dining at a nearby tapas restaurant, family friend Jane Tanner saw a man carrying a child away from the apartment on foot at 9.10pm.
Jane has now told the McCanns: "The man in the new suspect picture strongly resembles the person I saw on May 3rd."
The sketch by qualified police artist Melissa Little, bears an uncanny resemblance to an earlier picture, based on Jane Tanner's story.
Last night the McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said the new image had been passed to officers from the Leicestershire Constabulary, Portuguese police and Interpol. They hope the hunt will also be joined by forces in Spain and Morocco.

Metodo 3 believe the kidnapper may have had accomplices in Praia da Luz who helped spirit Madeleine away to the Moroccan hills.
If you have any information about the man in the new picture contact the confidential phone line 0034 902 300 213 based in Spain now. A specially-trained team will take your call in any language.
Mr Mitchell said: "We urgently need to know who this man is and where he is.
"For Madeleine's sake, we urge anyone with any information about him to come forward right away."

19 Jan 2008

29/10/07 Rebelo Inspects 5a

Rebelo tries to open patio door from outside..

Testing weight of patio entering patio door

Hi Ironside - re your query on other thread as you will see the inspection took place on 29/10 and officers were seen bringing the drum to the apartment. I wonder if it was some material to conduct further tests? Viv c

This series of pictures show Paulo Rebelo examining the patio doors at the rear of Apartment 5A.

These pictures originally appeared in The Sun newspaper on 30/10/07.

Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha made the following report on Rebelo's visit (translated from Portuguese):

Correio da Manha - 30 October 2007Paulo Rebelo was yesterday for the first time at the apartment where Madeleine disappeared from, in Praia da Luz. The new coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Portimao led a team of six investigators who, throughout the afternoon, tested several scenarios and even made a possible reconstruction of what happened on the evening of May 3, in the apartment no. 5A of the Ocean Club.In the company of the team members that he brought in from Lisbon - composed of two homicide inspectors, one from sexual abuse, another that is experienced in robberies and two specialists in technical analysis - Paulo Rebelo tried to find details and loose ends that may open new leads or confirm the existing ones.The investigators entered the apartment around 3 p.m. and soon after opened the shutters of the window to the room where Madeleine was sleeping with her siblings on the night she disappeared. Next, they passed a blue blanket through the window, folded like it was covering a child's body.Paulo Rebelo was even one of the elements of the team who payed most attention to the window, having risen and lowered the shutters several times, apparently evaluating its operation. Moments later, the team turned their attention on the rest of the house, and on the veranda and the garden that is located on the back side of the apartment. Here, the inspectors analysed the height of the bushes and the firmness of the balcony, as the leader of the investigation entered and left the apartment several times. One of the inspectors brought a drum into the house, containing a liquid that was not possible to identify.Halfway through the afternoon, Paulo Rebelo crossed the street into the direction of the area that gives access to Robert Murat's house, as if he were evaluating the distance between the villa and the apartment. When Correio da Manha asked him what the purpose of that diligence was, he just replied he "was working".It was 5.45 p.m. when the team left the Ocean Club: Rebelo and one inspector then walked into the direction of the Praia da Luz belvedere - walking past the church - where they stood in observation for approximately five minutes. But they did not walk the fastest path, choosing instead to walk down several pedestrian streets of the village.

Alsabella - I beg to differ!

Xenophobia - means a fear of foreigners - this is simply not the correct term for the sort of insults hurled at 'stupid Portuguese' or 'useless Portuguese police" etc by British Pro-McCann suppporters on the DE. It was often used - but quite incorrectly - these people were not expressing fear! They were insulting specifically because they are Portuguese clearly implying that British Police are better because they are British or Portuguese people are stupid purely because they are Portuguese. They were expressing a judgmental and superior attitude that everything British is superior. This is racism pure and simple which, is, put at its simplest discrimination based upon race. Portuguese and British people are two separate races - it is not, as you suggest, that we are the same because we are "caucasian" and so race is not an issue - race is the very issue these posters are referring to. Highlighting a difference in skin colour is but one example of racist behaviour - it certainly does not encompass racism per se as you suggest. Hitler was a racist:

Racism or racialism is a form of discrimination based on race, especially the belief that one race is superior to another. Racism may be expressed individually and consciously, through explicit thoughts, feelings, or acts, or socially and unconsciously, through institutions that promote inequality between races.
In the 19th century many legitimized racist beliefs and practices through scientific theories about biological differences among races. Today, most scientists have rejected the biological basis of race or the validity of "race" as a scientific concept. Racism, then, becomes discrimination based on alleged race. Racists themselves usually do believe that humans are divided into different races.
There are two main definitions of racism today. One of them states that racism is dicrimination based on alleged race, the other - newer - one states that racism has started to include also discrimination based on religion or culture.

Types of racism There are many forms of racism; two infamous historic examples are South-African apartheid and the Anti-Semitism of Hitler's Germany. Racism could be divided in three major subcategories: individual racism, structural racism and ideological racism.

Viv x


I disagree. People do not seem to know the difference. Every time there is a "spout" between Portuguese and British, for example, many use the word racism. It makes no sense to say this was racist, or I am not racist in this situation.It may be surprising to some, but the Portuguese are also Caucasian. Therefore, the question of race does not put itself. Any fears or prejudices would be based on xenophobia and not racism.It should not be relevant towards this case, jakirla, but it sometimes is, as this forum has brought out the best and worse in people. And yes, we have seen examples of xenophobia, and even of racism posted on this forum.I thank Nanda for explaining the difference. If we are on here debating so long, we may as well learn a few things while we are at it.
• Posted by: alsabelIa