25 Nov 2009


I thought it would be good to gather together all reports about the McCanns and their dodgy detectives. If anyone wants some more put up here please put a link below I will get it and add it. I thought this one, that the London Evening Standard had Carter Rucked, but not on here, was a good one to kick this collection off.

Meanwhile it would seem smooth talking Irishman, Mr Halligen (no, not Gerry silly) has been arrested in UK for failing to pay his hotel bill and on an extradition warrant back to the US for massive fraud. Strange the way smooth talking Gerry does not come out making an official complaint about the half a million Mr Halligen had from the Find Maddie Fiddle, whoops I mean Fund.

MONEY LAUNDERING MONEY LAUNDERING MONEY LAUNDERING MONEY LAUNDERING MONEY LAUNDERING.com (if you need this webpage urgently contact Gerry McCann of Rothley or Brian Kennedy of Cheshire)



By Mark Hollingsworth
Issue: Friday 28 August 2009

Disillusioned with the Portuguese police, Gerry and Kate McCann turned to private detectives to find their missing daughter. Instead the efforts of the private eyes served only to scare off witnesses, waste funds and raise false hopes. Mark Hollingsworth investigates the investigators.

It was billed as a 'significant development' in the exhaustive search for Madeleine McCann. At a recent dramatic press conference in London, the lead private investigator David Edgar, a retired Cheshire detective inspector, brandished an E-FIT image of an Australian woman, described her as 'a bit of a Victoria Beckham lookalike', and appealed for help in tracing her. The woman was seen 'looking agitated' outside a restaurant in Barcelona three days after Madeleine's disappearance. 'It is a strong lead', said Edgar, wearing a pin-stripe suit in front of a bank of cameras and microphones. 'Madeleine could have been in Barcelona by that point. The fact the conversation took place near the marina could be significant.'

But within days reporters discovered that the private detectives had failed to make the most basic enquiries before announcing their potential breakthrough. Members of Edgar’s team who visited Barcelona had failed to speak to anyone working at the restaurant near where the agitated woman was seen that night, neglected to ask if the mystery woman had been filmed on CCTV cameras and knew nothing about the arrival of an Australian luxury yacht just after Madeleine vanished.

The apparent flaws in this latest development were another salutary lesson for Kate and Gerry McCann, who have relied on private investigators after the Portuguese police spent more time falsely suspecting the parents than searching for their daughter. For their relations with private detectives have been frustrating, unhappy and controversial ever since their daughter's disappearance in May 2007.

The search has been overseen by the millionaire business Brian Kennedy, 49, who set up Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned, which aimed 'to procure that Madeleine's abduction is thoroughly investigated'. A straight-talking, tough, burly self-made entrepreneur and rugby fanatic, he grew up in a council flat near Tynecastle in Scotland and was brought up as a Jehovah's Witness. He started his working life as a window cleaner and by 2007 had acquired a £350 million fortune from double-glazing and home-improvement ventures. Kennedy was outraged by the police insinuations against the McCanns and, though a stranger, worked tirelessly on their behalf. 'His motivation was sincere,' said someone who worked closely with him. 'He was appalled by the Portuguese police, but he also had visions of flying in by helicopter to rescue Madeleine.'

Kennedy commissioned private detectives to conduct an investigation parallel to the one run by the Portuguese police. But his choice showed how dangerous it is when powerful and wealthy businessmen try to play detective. In September 2007, he hired Metodo 3, an agency based in Barcelona, on a six-month contract and paid it an estimated £50,000 a month. Metodo 3 was hired because of Spain's 'language and cultural connection' with Portugal. 'If we'd had big-booted Brits or, heaven forbid, Americans, we would have had doors slammed in our faces' said Clarence Mitchell, spokesperson for the McCann's at the time. 'And it's quite likely that we could have been charged with hindering the investigation as technically it's illegal in Portugal to undertake a secondary investigation.'

The agency had 35 investigators working on the case in Britain, France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. A hotline was set up for the public to report sightings and suspicions, and the search focussed on Morocco. But the investigation was dogged by over-confidence and braggadocio. 'We know who took Madeleine and hope she will be home by Christmas,' boasted Metodo 3's flamboyant boss Francisco Marco. But no Madeleine materialised and their contract was not renewed.

Until now, few details have emerged about the private investigation during those crucial early months, but an investigation by ES shows that key mistakes were made, which in turn made later enquiries far more challenging.

ES has spoken to several sources close to the private investigations that took place in the first year and discovered that:

* The involvement of Brian Kennedy and his son Patrick in the operation was counter-productive, notably when they were questioned by the local police for acting suspiciously while attempting a 24-hour 'stake out'.

* The relationship between Metodo 3 and the Portuguese police had completely broken down.

* Key witnesses were questioned far too aggressively, so much so that some of them later refused to talk to the police

* Many of the investigators had little experience of the required painstaking forensic detective work.

By April 2008, nearing the first anniversary of the disappearance, Kennedy and the McCanns were desperate. And so when Henri Exton, a former undercover police officer who worked on M15 operations, and Kevin Halligen, a smooth-talking Irishman who claimed to have worked for covert British government intelligence agency GCHQ, walked through the door, their timing was perfect. Their sales pitch was classic James Bond spook-talk: everything had to be 'top secret' and 'on a need to know basis'. The operation would involve 24-hour alert systems, undercover units, satellite imagery and round-the-clock surveillance teams that would fly in at short notice. This sounded very exiting but, as one source close to the investigation told ES, it was also very expensive and ultimately unsuccessful. 'The real job at hand was old-fashioned, tedious, forensic police work rather than these boy's own, glory boy antics,' he said.

But Kennedy was impressed by the license-to-spy presentation and Exton and Halligen were hire for a fee of £100,000 per month plus expenses. Ostensibly, the contract was with Halligen's UK security company, Red Defence International Ltd, and an office was set up in Jermyn Street, in St James's. Only a tiny group of employees did the painstaking investigative work of dealing with thousands of emails and phone calls. Instead, resources were channelled into undercover operations in paedophile rings and among gypsies throughout Europe, encouraged by Kennedy. A five-man surveillance team was dispatched in Portugal, overseen by the experienced Exton, for six weeks.

Born in Belgium in 1951, Exton had been a highly effective undercover officer for the Manchester police. A maverick and dynamic figure, he successfully infiltrated gangs of football hooligans in the 1980's. While not popular among his colleagues, in 1991 he was seconded to work on MI5 undercover operations against drug dealers, gangsters and terrorists, and was later awarded the Queen's Police Medal for 'outstanding bravery'. By all accounts, the charismatic Exton was a dedicated officer. But in November 2002, the stress appeared to have overcome his judgement when he was arrested for shoplifting.

While working on an MI5 surveillance, Exton was caught leaving a tax-free shopping area at Manchester airport with a bottle of perfume he had not paid for. The police were called and he was given the option of the offence being dealt with under caution or to face prosecution. He chose a police caution and so in effect admitted his guilt. Exton was sacked, but was furious about the way he had been treated and threatened to sue MI5. He later set up his own consulting company and moved to Bury in Lancashire.

While Exton, however flawed, was the genuine article as an investigator, Halligen was a very different character. Born in Dublin in 1961, he has been described as a 'Walter Mitty figure'. He used false names to collect prospective clients at airports in order to preserve secrecy, and he called himself 'Kevin' or 'Richard' or 'Patrick' at different times to describe himself to business contacts. There appears to be no reason for all this subterfuge except that he thought this was what agents did. A conspiracy theorist and lover of the secret world, he is obsessed by surveillance gadgets and even installed a covert camera to spy on his own employees. He claimed to have worked for GCHQ, but in fact he was employed by the Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) as head of defence systems in the rather less glamorous field of new information technology, researching the use of 'special batteries'. He told former colleagues and potential girlfriends that he used to work for MI5, MI6 and the CIA. He also claimed that he was nearly kidnapped by the IRA, was involved in the first Gulf War and had been a freefall parachutist.

Very little of this is true. What is true is that Halligen has a degree in electronics, worked on the fringes of the intelligence community while at AEA and does understand government communications. He could also be an astonishingly persuasive, engaging and charming individual. Strikingly self-confident and articulate, he could be generous and clubbable. 'He was very good company but only when it suited him,' says one friend. 'He kept people in compartments.'

After leaving the AEA, Halligen set up Red Defence International Ltd as an international security and political risk company, advising clients on the risks involved in investing and doing business in unstable, war-torn and corrupt countries. He worked closely with political risk companies and was a persuasive advocate of IT security. In 2006, he struck gold when hired by Trafigura, the Dutch commodities trading company. Executives were imprisoned in the Ivory Coast after toxic waste was dumped in landfills near its biggest city Abidjan. Trafigura was blamed and hired Red Defence International at vast expense to help with the negotiations to release its executives. A Falcon business jet was rented for several months during the operation and it was Halligen's first taste of the good life. The case only ended when Trafigura paid $197 million to the government of the Ivory Coast to secure the release of the prisoners.

Halligen made a fortune from Trafigura and was suddenly flying everywhere first-class, staying at the Lansborough and Stafford hotels in London and The Willard hotel in Washington DC for months at a time. In 2007 he set up Oakley International Group and registered at the offices of the prestigious law firm Patton Boggs, in Washington DC, as an international security company. He was now strutting the stage as a self-proclaimed international spy expert and joined the Special Forces Club in Knightsbridge, where he met Exton.

During the Madeleine investigation, Halligen spent vast amounts of time in the HeyJo bar in the basement of the Abracadabra Club near his Jermyn Street office. Armed with a clutch of unregistered mobile phones and a Blackberry, the bar was in effect his office. 'He was there virtually the whole day,' a former colleague told ES. 'He had an amazing tolerance for alcohol and a prodigious memory and so occasionally he would have amazing bursts of intelligence, lucidity and insights. They were very rare but they did happen.'

When not imbibing in St James's, Halligen was in the United States, trying to drum up investors for Oakley International. On 15 August 2008, at the height of the McCann investigation crisis, he persuaded Andre Hollis, a former US Drug enforcement agency official, to write out an $80,000 cheque to Oakley in return for a ten per cent share-holding. The money was then transferred into the private accounts of Halligen and his girlfriend Shirin Trachiotis to finance a holiday in Italy, according to Hollis. In a $6 million lawsuit filed in Fairfax County, Virginia, Hollis alleges that Halligen 'received monies for Oakley's services rendered and deposited the same into his personal accounts' and 'repeatedly and systematically depleted funds from Oakley's bank accounts for inappropriate personal expenses'.

Hollis was not the only victim. Mark Aspinall, a respected lawyer who worked closely with Halligen, invested £500,000 in Oakley and lost the lot. Earlier this year he filed a lawsuit in Washington DC against Halligen claiming $1.4 million in damages. The finances of Oakley International are in chaos and numerous employees, specialist consultants and contractors have not been paid. Some of them now face financial ruin.

Meanwhile, Exton was running the surveillance teams in Portugal and often paying his operatives upfront, so would occasionally be out-of-pocket because Halligen had not transferred funds. Exton genuinely believed that progress was being made and substantial and credible reports on child trafficking were submitted. But by mid-August 2008, Kennedy and Gerry McCann were increasingly concerned by an absence of details of how the money was being spent. At one meeting, Halligen was asked how many men constituted a surveillance team and he produced a piece of paper on which he wrote 'between one and ten'. But he then refused to say how many were working and how much they were being paid.

While Kennedy and Gerry McCann accepted that the mission was extremely difficult and some secrecy was necessary, Halligen was charging very high rates and expenses. And eyebrows were raised when all the money was paid to Oakley International, solely owned and managed by Halligen. One invoice, seen by ES, shows that for 'accrued expenses to May 5, 2008' (just one month into the contract), Oakley charged $74,155. The 'point of contact' was Halligen who provided a UK mobile telephone number.

While Kennedy was ready to accept Halligen at face value, Gerry McCann – sharp, focused and intelligent – was more sceptical. The contract with Oakley International and Halligen was terminated by the end of September 2008, after £500,000-plus expenses had been spent.

For the McCanns it was a bitter experience, Exton has returned to Cheshire and, like so many people, is owed money by Halligen. As for Halligen, he has gone into hiding, leaving a trail of debt and numerous former business associates and creditors looking for him. He was last seen in January of this year in Rome, drinking and spending prodigiously at the Hilton Cavalieri and Excelsior hotels. He is now believed by private investigators, who have been searching for him to serve papers on behalf of creditors, to be in the UK and watching his back. Meanwhile, in the eye of the storm, the McCanns continue the search for their lost daughter.


viv said...

Madeleine ‘fraudster’
is nicked By TOM WELLS

Published: Today
A DODGY "detective" on the run accused of swindling the Madeleine McCann fund out of £300,000 was nicked last night - thanks to The Sun.
Kevin Halligen, 50, was led from his bolthole in handcuffs after our investigators staked out a luxury Oxford hotel then tipped off cops.

The fugitive whined to police: "How did you find me?"

Alleged serial fraudster Halligen was just about to fly the coop when police swooped.

Detectives had been hunting him for months.

Handcuffed ... Kevin Halligen – thanks to The Sun
BILLY GRIFFITHSBut it was Britain's No1 paper that finally found him.

Our team tipped off police that he and his lover were about to flee after we staked out their bolthole.

Halligen, who touts himself as a private investigator, is accused of cruelly targeting the fund launched to find missing Maddie so he could swindle it out of more than £300,000.

Last night cops who found him and his girlfriend with their bags packed were holding him over his unpaid bill at the plush Old Bank hotel in Oxford.

It was said to run into tens of thousands. But that, and the cash he is accused of taking from the Maddie fund, are the least of his worries.

Fund ... MadeleineHe faces extradition to the US over an even BIGGER alleged con.

The Dubliner is wanted by the FBI for a £1.2MILLION fraud.

Halligen got involved with anguished Kate and Gerry McCann a year after the 2007 disappearance of their daughter - then aged three - on a family holiday in Portugal.

He had set up his own investigation firm Oakley International in Washington and claimed to have worked for MI5 and the CIA.

Crucially he boasted his "contacts" in the US capital could provide hi-tech satellite imagery to help the search.

Luxury hideout ... Old Bank in OxfordHe won a £500,000 contract as the McCanns, both 41-year-old doctors from Rothley, Leics, prayed for clues.

Much of the cash is said to have gone on luxury hotels, chauffeured limos and first-class flights as he lived the high life.

Last night his bill at the Oxford hotel he checked into three months ago - under the alias Richard Stratton - was said to top £14,000 in drinks ALONE.

A source there said: "Halligen had actually packed his bags and was making arrangements to leave in a cab when the cops finally turned up.

"His face turned ghostly white - he got the shock of his life."

Torment ... parents Gerry and KateThe Sun had watched just minutes earlier as he and his lover casually smoked a cigarette on the hotel terrace before their planned exit.

We previously spotted him in the bar, where he ordered a glass of wine for an elderly guest, barking: "Stick that on my room - it's on me."

Minutes later he whispered to another guest: "Of course, I have to keep a low profile.

"I'm a former member of the secret services so I can't attract attention."

Creditors are chasing him over £3million he is said to owe.


Halligen is said to have even conned an ex-director of the SAS. Major-General John Holmes, a former SAS commander, introduced him to business contacts - now said to be counting the cost.

He claimed: "We were all taken in."

Another alleged victim is Henri Exton - former national head of police undercover operations. He is said to be owed £100,000.

Washington lobbyist Andre Hollis claims to have lost £50,000 and top London lawyer Mark Aspinall is said - along with his company - to be owed £450,000.

Staff at the Oxford hotel told how Halligen loved to regale them with "hush-hush" talk about MI5, MI6 and the CIA.

The source said: "We just thought he was a bit of an eccentric."

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2745269/Maddie-McCann-fraudster-Kevin-Halligen-is-nicked.html#ixzz0Xt83aVWk

viv said...


Published: 22 Nov 2009
A CONMAN thought to have pocketed £300,000 from the Madeleine McCann fund has disappeared and is being hunted by the FBI, reports say.
Security expert Kevin Halligen was brought in on a £500,000 contract to help find the missing girl, but apparently failed to pay the investigators he hired.

He has since vanished and is on the run from the US authorities in connection with a separate £1million fraud probe.

The talented trickster has pretended to be a secret agent in the past and is even said to have faked his own wedding two years ago.

Halligen's private detective company Oakley International, which is based in Washington DC, was called in by the Find Madeleine Fund a year after the three-year-old's disappearance.

But teams of investigators he hired claim they have found it difficult to get the money owed to them by the businessman.

Henri Exton, a former national head of undercover operations for the British police, is owed more than £100,000, according to reports.

Halligen had promised Kate and Gerry McCann that he would monitor the phone hotline, sift through CCTV footage of possible sightings and carry out investigative work.

He met with the couple several times and even visited their home.

However, while he was being paid by the fund he was reportedly living a life of luxury, splashing out on first-class flights, chauffeur-driven cars an pricey hotels.

When the contract was not renewed in October last year, the 50-year-old left his offices his Washington and never returned.

He had a holiday in Rome and was last seen at the Royal Crescent hotel in Bath staying under and assumed name.

Last week the US justice department issued an indictment on behalf of the FBI seeking his arrest in connection with a £1.2million fraud.

It is claimed Halligen bought a £1million mansion with the money he allegedly defrauded from Dutch firm Trafigura, the company accused of dumping toxic waste in Africa. He was meant to be lobbying for the release of two executives from the company who were arrested in the Ivory Coast.


The McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: "Oakley International was contracted to help with the search for Madeleine. Due diligence was carried out at every stage and payment was only made for work properly carried out.

"It was only towards the end of the six-month contract that question marks were raised about delivery in some areas and the contract was terminated."

In 2007 Halligen "married" a Washington lawyer in an extravagant ceremony. He told his bride that his spy masters would not allow him to use his real name on the wedding documents. In fact he was already married and the priest conducting the ceremony was an actor.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2741049/Maddie-PI-was-conman.html#ixzz0Xt9ZHj4u

viv said...

Businessman hired to look for Madeleine McCann arrested

Kevin Halligen had been staying at the hotel under an assumed name
A businessman hired to help look for Madeleine McCann and wanted by the FBI on fraud charges has been arrested at a hotel in Oxford.

Kevin Halligen had been staying at the Old Bank Hotel for several months until a member of staff recognised him from a newspaper report.

Police said a 48-year-old man had been arrested because of a "discrepancy over his hotel bill".

Madeleine, then three, vanished from an Algarve holiday flat on 3 May 2007.

Mr Halligen, from Surrey, was hired by Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry, as a security consultant.

His Washington-based firm, Oakley International, was paid about £300,000 for the six-month contract, which saw the company hire other private detectives, set up a hotline and process information.

The firm had initially been awarded a £500,000 contract but the McCanns terminated the arrangement before paying any more fees.

A spokesman for the McCann family said: "Our association with Halligen and Oakley International ended well over a year ago.

"Given that an arrest has been made it would be inappropriate for us to comment."

'Well-behaved guest'

Mr Halligen was arrested on Tuesday afternoon and remains in custody in Oxford.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: "He is going to be kept in custody here until tomorrow when he will be transferred to the Metropolitan Police area for an extradition hearing."

David Harris, finance director of the luxury hotel in Oxford's High Street, said: "On Tuesday, the manager of the Old Bank contacted local police concerning this man called Kevin Halligen.

Madeleine was days short of her fourth birthday when she disappeared
"He was known to us as Richard Hall. He had stayed at the hotel for several months with us.

"He had an outstanding bill of less than £5,000. To us, he was just an ordinary, well-behaved guest until the newspapers disclosed more at the weekend."

He would not comment on reports that Mr Halligen had been staying at the hotel with a girlfriend.

The US Department of Justice had issued an indictment for Mr Halligen earlier this month, alleging he tried to defraud a London law firm of $2.1m (£1.2m).

The indictment alleged: "Halligen falsely represented to the law firm that these funds would be used to pay expenses incurred in the United States to help secure the release of two executives of a client of the law firm who were arrested in the Ivory Coast."

Mr Halligen is accused of using the funds for his own benefit, including buying a mansion in Virginia.

viv said...

above BBc, this one Mirro

Madeleine 'fraudster' held at hotel 25/11/2009

A businessman once hired to help look for Madeleine McCann who is wanted by US authorities over an alleged fraud has been arrested at a hotel, according to sources.

Kevin Halligen, 48, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon at the Old Bank Hotel in Oxford, following a discrepancy over his hotel bill and is currently in custody in the county, it is understood.

The US Department of Justice issued an indictment for the Briton two weeks ago alleging he tried to defraud a London law firm of more than two million dollars (£1.2 million).

His firm, Oakley International, was used by Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry for around six months last year to look for their missing daughter.

He is being held in custody in the city, and it is understood a court hearing relating to an extradition matter could take place later.

hope4truth said...


Oh dear oh dear oh dear this cant be good for team McCann can it???

Clarrie has said the fund was not duped and this crook did a good job and he is not even a detective????

I wonder if someone from M3 has spoken out???

This man will be looking at ways to avoid being sent to the USA I would hate to go to jail but if I had the choice would rather be jailed here....

I wonder what he will have to say about his investigation if asked???

How can the McCann's be happy with his services when it was all bassed on fraud???

Months ago people were saying he was dodgey and we know Team M monitor all we say if they were genuine surley they would have at least checked him out a bit more then gone to the police???

They have a chance to tell the world how let down they feel this evil man stealing money from the fund etc...

if they do he has nothing to loose he can tell all about what happend to the money...

I could be wrong and they may have had a good service but as Clarrie has already told us they were not conned McCann Towers must be a very frightening and worrying place tonight...

viv said...


inappopriate to comment eh!

Kevin Halligen, businessman hired to look for Madeleine McCann, arrested in Oxford
Businessman Kevin Halligen, who was once hired to help look for Madeleine McCann and is wanted by US authorities over an alleged fraud, has been arrested at an upmarket Oxford hotel.

Published: 8:00AM GMT 25 Nov 2009

Photo: PA Halligen, 48, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon at the Old Bank Hotel in Oxford, following a discrepancy over his hotel bill and is currently in Thames Valley police custody.

The US Department of Justice issued an indictment for the Briton, who is from Surrey, two weeks ago alleging he tried to defraud a London law firm of more than two million dollars (£1.2m).

Related Articles
McCann consultant in £1.3m fraud row
Madeleine McCann's siblings 'want to fight' person who took her, parents say
New Madeleine McCann video His firm, Oakley International, was used by Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry for around six months last year to look for their missing daughter.

Thames Valley Police said in a statement: ''We arrested a 48-year-old man yesterday morning at the Old Bank Hotel in Oxford. It was a discrepancy over his hotel bill.''

He is being held in custody in the city, and court hearing relating to an extradition matter is expected to take place soon.

The US Department of Justice said Halligen had been charged in his absence earlier this month, accused of "wire fraud and money laundering" over a contract with a London-based law firm.

Court papers allege Halligen took £1.3m from the law firm, claiming he could help secure the release of two executives from the Dutch company Trafigura imprisoned in the Ivory Coast in 2007 followed the alleged unloading of toxic waste.

Halligen is accused of using the funds for his own benefit including buying a mansion in Virginia.

Washington-based Oakley International was paid around £300,000 by backers of Madeleine McCann's parents to help look for the child after she went missing from an Algarve resort in May 2007.

The six-month contract saw the firm hire other private detectives, set up a hot line and process information, but was not renewed.

''Our association with Halligen and Oakley International ended well over a year ago," a spokesman for the McCann family said.

''Given that an arrest has been made it would be inappropriate for us to comment.''

viv said...

Hiya Hope

Just noticed you there as I am gathering up all this news.

I think we were commenting at the time on here how dodgy this guy obviously is, funny it took the McCanns so long to erm realise.

Typical piece of evasive behaviour, our relationship ended a year ago, erm I dont think it will be that easy to walk away from this, serves them bloody right.

Again, we have often said the dodgy financial deals would hang em out to dry


Now tell us what you did with her!!

hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

If Jane Tanner has any sense at all (and she really may be as thick as two short planks)but even an idiot would realise that this will fall down around them one day... She should really think about giving her side of the story to someone and making a deal...

I cant help but feel sorry for her as I belive she was used to give Gerry an alibi after the Smith sighting or to set up the fact there was a real abdictor...

Gerry has already made her look stupid in their strange documentry by telling her she was wrong about where he was stood??? She looked shocked he was arguing with her as no doubt she was only going along with what she was told to say...

Madeleine is missing and out of respect for her memory someone has to come forward and stop this farce.

Christmas is comming again the thought of not being with my girls because I was covering up for people who are having a ball a few days after it all started would convince me I had made a grave error and as terified of comming forward I could not go year on year carrying such a huge burden...

I think the papers no full well what happend to Madeleine as they keep dropping huge hits and say they are trying to help poor Gerry and Kate by bringing in scotland yard re opening the case and now showing us all their last crack detective was a crack crook nothing more nothing less yet the McCann's were not conned and say he did a good job???

hope4truth said...

Please forgive my weired spelling and words being where they should not be (and I know, know is not spelt no lol) but this bloody e book keeps jumping and words end up everywhere!!!!

Di said...


Lol I love your spelling.

Did you get my earlier comment on the last thread about my Grandson getting on much better.

Sorry, I could be missing something here but who is the London based law firm, are we talking about Carter Ruck?

viv said...

Hiya Hope, thanks for a lovely post regardless of your jumping e book. I find my keyboard jumps a bit when I do as I did this afternoon, a little terse with builders, a large glug of port, no lemondade, orange juice with bits poured in. Although it was a weird mauve looking configuration it calmed me down a treat for the next time he phoned.

I have even been nice enough to go and fill a large hole around a new light switch with putty which was quite thereapeutic as I vaguely wondered whether it was dangerous moulding it to the electric cable. Only felt the slightest buzz:-))) But my holiday manicure is trashed and skin feels like sandpaper.

Anyway, yes, how can Jane Tanner live with herself. I am sure she must be very depressed because those tears in PDL when filming Cutting Edge did look spontaneous and real.

I do think she is covering for her husband and Gerry. That is why Gerry felt able to ridicule her with impunity and it just shows what an evil piece of work he really is.

I still believe she did see something she was not meant to see but later than when she claims, she was briefed by the three who were frantically scribbling out the timelines prior to the PJs arriving, Gerry McCann, Russell O'Brien and David Payne. If we want to know exactly what happened to little Maddie I am sure they could tell us .

I still have this feeling that maybe Madeleine is being held alive somewhere and both kate and Jane fear that if they open their mouths .....!

Nevertheless they should both get themselves really excellent family/criminal law female solicitors, tell them the absolute truth and then go and place their trust in the police.

They should learn to put Madeleine first, then they would know the right way forward.

There will be no normal life for them unless and until they can face doing the right thing. If Kate had an honest word with her mother, told her the truth,no matter how hard, I feel she would get sensible advice and support.


viv said...

Hiya Di!

I am glad to hear your little grandson is doing better.

In among all those reports I did see the name of another firm of solicitors (but cannto recall offhand) so maybe I made a wrong assumption there. No doubt they are trying to keep their name out of the press whoever it is!


viv said...


I just meant to say yes, I am sure you are right the press know what happened to Madeleine. But in cases like this whilst they know, they are simply not allowed to say.

They are dropping big hints and putting the pressure on Kate and Gerry saying they should go to Scotland Yard (knowing that is the very last thing they would want to do) and every single UK press is running with the Halligen story and making the clear link to Maddie and how he also defrauded the Fund the public so generously created with THEIR money.

The papers know the public are plenty smart enough to work out, well hang on a minute, if they are innocent and have nothing to hide, why are they not recovering that money to look for Madeleine now they have Halligen in custody. Instead we get the comment that criminals like to give, I am making no comment. They have not held back on commenting re Goncalo Amaral! Is it right that they should allow M3 and Halligen to fleece the Fund for hundreds of thousands and then seek to sue the investigating officer to get the cash back? I hardly think so!

If only Goncalo had not stuck his neck out quite so far...

hope4truth said...


We have read the files and read GAs book which IMHO repeats most of what I have already read in the files with his opinion thrown in.

The T9 make themselves look guilty through their own actions and bloody strange accounts of what they did, did not do that week and the behaviour and explanation for the 3rd of May to me say's they are covering up something evil or they just dont care about maddies fate????

We now find that another set of detectives were dodgey withthe words money laundering being banded about again...

The papers are using words about the fund being ripped off and the pink plonker is telling everyone that this firm has not let them down at all in fact they were pleased with what they did???

How can this be the credentials that must have impressed them so much were fake....

So we have M3 a fraud detective agency and now Oakley headed by a fraudulant Man???

This whole case from the first moments Kate left the twins to go all the way back to the bar to tell everyone there "They have taken her" is fake and every story spun a joke!

The fund we are told is nearly empty and they do another round of TV but I have to wonder what the hell the last lot was about as it fizzled out and helped no one least of all Maddie and made more people doubt them..

Out of the whole fund they have spent very little on actually searching for her and now we find for the second time the detectives they hired were not fit for the job yet they are still happy they wasted so much money?

Time is running out for the T9 the papers know what happend are hinting all the time by using facts and saying things that the McCann's should be saying.

Scotland Yard should get involved the case should be reopened the McCann's have been conned??? Yet the McCann's dont want the first things to happen and Clarrie says they were not conned...

I would guess 7 people are wondering how they can cover their own backs this week and 2 people are wondering just how long the other 7 will stay quiet?

Whoever talks will become the victim and will be in the best position to move forward they all have children they must have some feelings for them and would not want to be apart from them for years in jail...

I guess if something evil was going on within the group they are stuffed anyway but people outside thier group know what happend and will eventually be able to prove it.

I guess they cant speak out against Oakley as they also know what they were really hired to do!

Enough is enough the many beaming happy photo's of Kate and Gerry convinces me they thought they had got away with what ever happend on her 3rd Birthday the relief was very evident on their smiling faces and if she was really missing they would sadly know no relief until the day she was found.

hope4truth said...


I am so pleased your Grandson is better... he will love all the spakly lights and tinsel at christmas xxx

viv said...

great post Hope.

I just watched a documentary about Jeremy Bamber who killed his mum, dad, sister and her two little children because he wanted his half a million inheritance now!

He is labelled as psychopathic, narcissistic, seriously reminds me of Gerry McCann. Even at the funeral when he thought no one was looking he was smirking.

A few weeks after his killing spree all the ready cash had gone and so he decided to try and sell some pornographic pictures of his sister to the son. The reporter rang his Editor for advice. The Editor said let's nail the bast... being clear he was the killer.

Now what a strange coincidence, The Sun are leading with this McCann story. I think the end is in sight for Kate and Gerry McCann.

The Police got Bamber's girlfriend to talk. She knew he planned to kill all of his family and did nothing to save them and after the killings carried on enjoying spending the money with Bamber. She says she was afraid of him, but when he dumped her, she went to the police. Whilst I think she most definitely should have been looking at prosecution, it is horrific she could have saved that family, in another respect, I can understand her not being prosecuted. Bamber thought he had committed the perfect crime, the police lacked evidence. Without the girlfriend's testimony he would not have been prosecuted and convicted. So come on Jane TAnner, there is hope for you yet. Maybe even you too Kate?

Bamber's sentence was altered by the Home Secretary (when they were still allowed to do that). The Judge recommended he serve a minimum of 25 years. Now he has a whole life sentence, but still he denies it. A forensic psychologist said that he probably even believes himself he is innocent now. He is trying for his third appeal against conviction and his lawyer claims he could not have done it, it was a government conspiracy. What, the government even bloodily gunned down little children.

The garbage some expect us to swallow.


viv said...

MADDIE McCann "fraudster" Kevin Halligen tried to SUE the FindMadeleine fund for £150,000, The Sun can reveal today.

Conniving Halligen was sacked by the charity - which had already paid him £300,000 - after bosses began to suspect he was a conman.

But he then had the nerve to threaten to sue for half as much money again, claiming he was still owed it as part of a three-phase contract. A source close to the fund said: "There were a series of letters between our solicitors and his.

"He said he was going to sue us for what he claimed he was still owed and our message was basically, 'See you in court'."

Unknown to the fund, when Dublin-born Halligen started work for it he was ALREADY wanted by America's FBI for a £1.2million fraud in the US.
Halligen - arrested in Britain this week - appeared in court in London yesterday over the US fraud and was remanded in custody. He is expected to be extradited to America later.

Halligen, 48, who also uses the name Richard, was nicked on Tuesday after The Sun traced him to a swish hotel in Oxford.

He and a girlfriend had their bags packed and were preparing to leave behind a £5,000 unpaid bill at the Old Bank Hotel.

Police found a glossy brochure for another lavish hotel - which he was believed to be planning to target as his next bolthole.

Hunstrete House near Bath is set in 71 acres and rooms cost at least £135 a night. A source said: "He might not have been found there for months."

Halligen is chief executive of his own firm Red Defence International - itself a UK arm of his American company Oakley International, through which he staged the alleged US fraud.

The Maddie fund hired him after he was recommended to multi-millionaire Brian Kennedy, who has donated to the search.


A source said: "After he was hired, at first everything was good. He set up the FindMadeleine hotline and did a lot of work in phone-tracing data.

"But then he started failing to deliver on things and we realised he may not be all he seemed.

"He claimed he was an ex-secret agent and lived a James Bond lifestyle, saying he was being bugged.

"He accused the McCanns' official spokesman Clarence Mitchell of being an undercover MI6 agent sent to spy on him."

Much of the work Halligen claimed he did was actually done by other private eyes he sub-contracted - who are now owed a fortune in unpaid fees.

The source added: "When we terminated his contract he went mad and said he was going to sue us in court. We told him to take a running jump."

Family spokesman Mr Mitchell said: "We are glad this man was tracked down. It is distressing someone would seek to make money out of Madeleine."


viv said...

ummmm sacked by the CHARITY? Which charity would that be then, the Kate and Gerry McCann private limited Maddie Company where they can launder all their cash and avoid paying any tax on it?

I expect they are planning to relieve Goncalo of his cash and then er make a large tax free "donation" to the Fund, compliments of Goncalo.

Kate and Gerry need to remember, dreams visions, some of the best laid plans, do not always turn out quite as planned. I just have this feeling they will get no more from Goncalo Amaral.

viv said...

Just love BigL, this caused me to shed real tears again and wanted to share it with it is so flipping funny and bang on the point as ever, bless him, I love him!

the one and only big_l on Wed 25 Nov - 19:41

.its with great sadness that i have came on to blog about the revelations about the fraud today regarding a detective firm NSU hired in our never ending quest for margaret,firstly i would like to shed a bit light on mr Halligen .it wasn,t our fault he was hired it was all down to mr cleaning windows HE hired him we only eh paid him .we were told the guy was like a secret agent and was very trust worthy ,i myself was impressed by his credentials infact nearly as impressed when clarence said we were getting M3 (true i did think at first we were all getting a bmw).all this distraction is getting to poor kate ,infact she even broke a nail removing the pudsy bear stickers from the maddie buckets we sent sean and amelie out with on children in need night (true it was dark, but fuck it was only the village and they knew where the pub was if they needed us).
it seems that mr halligen has screwed me eh eh the fund for over £300,000 or in real terms auntie phils greggs bill for a month,whilst this is a vast amout i have no doubt you grannies and demenia suffers will give graciously to the fund in our time of need (paypal/crisis loan/provi it all counts).
i would also like to say that kate and i have heeded your concerns about using carter ruck all the time SO the board of directors have this time decided NOT to use litigation in this case ,this being in the best interest of both the fund and margaret.
in finishing i would like to assure you that kate is still dilligently going through the case files 8 hours a day and will continue to do so till every piece of evidence is covered up eh uncovered so our detectives bootsy and snudge can find new leads and i don,t mean those fucking dogs sandra.
finally please remember its your generous giving thats kept our arses out of court so please continue, remember people christmas is not just for giving its for our fund too.

viv said...

erm tut, I ommitted BigL's heading for this masterpiece:

GERRYS NEW BLOG 25 11 2009

hope4truth said...

Hello viv

LOL dont ya just love BigL!!!

Jeremy Bamber is all those things and more a very controlling sick smug man.

I dont think Julie Mugford can be blamed for what happend (she was only 19 when it happend)she may have been concerned about what he said he was going to do but who would ever think the love of their young life would go through with it.

Once it was done what then he had fooled a police force (if they had their doubts and shared them with her she would still have been worried she was wrong)...

Bamber had convinced her he was not lying and I bet she was terified this was the police of the 1980s and they were not all PC like they are supposed to be today. She probebly thought if she told the truth she would go to jail and if she was wrong she would hurt the man she loved and could send him to jail when he was the victim....

I think the police found a tiny spec of sheila's blood on the silencer from the gun cabinet and this proved sheila could not have killed herself as the lengnth would have been too long for her to pull the trigger but it took them a long time to find this.

Bamber has convinced many people he is innocent and there is a campaign to clear his name. If well educated people can support him and believe him then a 19 year old loved up young woman did not stand a chance....

If I thought my Husband was involved in Murder I like to think I would report him yet I love and trust him and what if I was wrong and there was an innocent explanation??? Our life together would never be the same again because of my doubts or he could go to jail an innocent man because of my evidence....

Then again he could be guilty and should be there????

Blimey when I think about it I am not sure what I would do !!!!

Wizard said...

Hi All,

LOL – Big L certainly tells it as it is – I’m still smiling.

I’ve just read that Robbie Williams has proposed marriage to a woman …. well what can I say …anything is possible, fact can sometimes be stranger than fiction. Oops…I must close or Carter Ruck will be after me.

hope4truth said...

OI Wizard

Dont you go ruining my special day!!!! when Rob asked me to Marry him i was so excited...

it is enough of a dampner that Mr Hope has to move into the garage dont you go making me doubt his intentions !!!!!!!!


viv said...

Hiya Hope

I do accept what you say about Julie and know many women genuinely are so terrified they will stay in a violent relationship for fear of their lives, their childrens' or their pets which is often a threat.

But if she was convinced enough that he did it to give evidence against him she surely should have let the police know immediately the killings happened, at the very least. I think it was seven weeks later. When you compare what happened to Maxine Carr who was certainly not aware in advance of murderous/sexual intentions towards children it seems kind of unfair. But she did put him where he belongs and witnesses do escape becoming defendants for that reason. I am sure this is, in part, why others members of the group were not made arguidos. They were given the opportunity to tell the truth.

I think the onus is very much on Tanner and Kate to do the right thing but it is possible they are just as culpable, somehow I doubt that.

Erm Robbie Williams has proposed to a woman, what can I say, erm, I would say it would last about a year, at best. I mean I could be wrong but....


Di said...

Hello all

I remember telling you all in the past, a very close friend of mine stayed in a violent relationship and pretended all was well to family and friends, even me who saw her at least three times a week and suspected nothing. It all eventually bacame too much for her, the children were saying things at school, and the teachers were starting to ask questions. She was given a safe house with the children away from her husband.

TM let this be a lesson for you, children talk.

viv said...

Hiya Di

A family member of mine was similar, isolated by him and not telling any of us what was going on. Eventually the violence got so terrible she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and then the break and divorce finally ensued after 18 long years of suffering.

Domestic violence is a terrible scourge in our society and I am sure we all know someone. Additionally I used to work with women who had suffered this, oddly (but many would say not so odd really given the job gives them power and control which they crave) finding police officers and ex army to be some of the worst offenders. A violent police officer even threatened me at court!

It is also rather common that those same men who need to control women also sexually abuse children.

You know what I think !


Wizard said...

Hi All,

Di that was interesting and yes children do talk and are well known for letting the cat out of the bag despite parents telling them to keep quiet.

Just an aside here following my comments about Robbie Williams. A spokesman for him now denies online marriage proposal as genuine. Well there’s a surprise - LOL

hope4truth said...


He seemed genuine when he got down on one knee and gave me a huge diamond!!!!!

does that mean Mr Hope can come out of the garage now???

Di said...

Hi All



Di said...

Hi Viv

The sad thing is, many women including my friend, fall into exactly the same trap again, but cannot see it at the time, no matter what anyone says.

Thankfully, she is now married to someone who absolutely adores her, and cannot believe she was so stupid in the past.

hope4truth said...

hello Di

You can laugh but I dont know what to think now???

Actually Robbie lives a couple of miles away from me maybe I will have to knock on his door later and ask if he was serious or not!!!

Pleased your friend has found happines it amazes me when people put up with scond best when they are worth so much more....


Wizard said...

Hi Hope,

Let Mr Hope out of the garage. I think you are barking up the wrong tree with Mr. Williams. LOL

hope4truth said...

Hi Wiz

I will go and let him in then although all the Cristmas Alcohol is in the Garage so it may be hard to convince him to live in the house again!!!

Di said...

Hello Hope

Mr Hope, stay where you are, it is safer :o))

hope4truth said...


Funny thing is I am already Mrs Williams so Rob would have been handy I would not have needed to change my passport for our Honeymoon xxx

Di said...

Trust me Mr Hope

Stay where you are, she's barking!!


hope4truth said...

No Di really I am Mrs Williams and Mr Williams is in the garage singing jingle bells (It makes him feel it is ok to drink the Christmas stash)he had better not be munching through the Quality street!!!!

I will wait the Other Mr Williams make up his mind you may see me on the news tomorrow outside his house chained to the gate waiting for an answer!!!!

My Mr Williams will no doubt be working his way through the wine rack and the cases of Stella (drowing his sorrows in case he looses me) LOL xxx

hope4truth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wizard said...

Hi All,

A two page spread in the Mail about Halligen’s antics during the Madeleine McCann investigation.

It reads like a carry on film it needs to be seen to be believe!



Wizard said...

I’ve just heard a Portuguese lawyer is suing an English woman for 50,000 Euros as she made a written complaint to the Portuguese equivalent of the law society about him. The 50,000 euro’s was for deformation. Reporting on BBC News.

Apparently the McCanns can say what they like for the world and their mother to hear about Amaral et al but no such charges are brought against them. Hmm…..

Di said...

Hi All


You're right, it is like a carry on film nobody could make it up.

TM are very quiet are they not!

Why are they not giving interviews at every opportunity to apologise to all the kind donaters to their fund, cough, Madeleine's fund. Why are they not saying sorry for being fleeced, not once but twice!!

Hmmm quiet yes, I wonder why?

Joe said...

Are we really supposed to believe that the poor McCanns( and hands on very clever McCann who happily allows £500,000 to leave the fund), or the window king Kennedy, knew nothing of who they were hiring??Give us a break. Such a guy as Halligen would have a track record as long as the M25. His CV clearly suited the agenda, but like all thieves he got greedy. There is more to this methinks but whether it will be allowed to surface is another story. Do not rely on The Mail to investigate it though. I will bet if one picked up the yellow pages at random and looked for a detective agency one would get a dozen or more reliable detective agencies, but the McCanns get 2 crooked ones in sequence, despite all the experts on their team. what are the chances of that? All I can say is that neither agency were hired to search IMO, but to give the impression of doing so and whatever else.

viv said...

Hello guys, like the posts, they are full of Christmas Cheer:-)))

Hope you sound like me, concerned not to buy a stash of booze and chocs too soon otherwise Luke gets a little carried away.

Took him for a meal earlier as my way of saying thank you for doing so much clearing up etc. We then went to his nans where he consumed five donuts, then when we got back I could hear the microwave. Talk about hollow legs!

Di, that is good news, sometimes women are quite late in life before they realise they are attracted to the wrong type of man. What superficially appears ultra charming and even a bit dare devil/full of fun, turns out to be something quite different when they feel the charm offensive is no longer necessary. Just like your friend my relative is now married to an accountant who treats her wonderfully.

Wiz, going off to read the Mail but one thing I feel sure of, they are not meaning t be helpful to Team McCann!

Joe, good to see you back again.
I am glad you mention half a million because that was certainly the figure we were told in 2008, I think that has been massaged downward a little to suggest £300,000 which does not sound quite so bad.

I think it is important to remember that it was found the McCann investigators were so aggressive with witnesses many of them no longer wished to speak to the police. How convenient! Remember when Mr Hogan was the British arm of M3 and he too sued for defamation. What a strange thing for a private detective to do.

Then we had the man (name escapes me now) who was arrested for trying to nick millions of pounds worth of cocaine. The M3 operative who Clarence admitted was paying witnesses. Of course most people know and certainly British Courts that a paid witness is not worth listening to.

For a fund that must have had about 3 to four millions drip through its hands, in addition to money from millionaires like Branson and Kennedy,, it would be extraordinary for the McCanns to have employed the people they have, if they were innocent. Of course they are not. Those detectives only had one aim in mind, protecting the paymasters.

viv said...

Wiz, re the Pt lawyer suing an English woman. I remember Goncalo saying a Pro McCann blogger had been tracked down.

Now of course Rosiepops used to brag about how many letters she was firing off. I would not be the least surprised to learn she / he complained about Goncalo's lawyer in the criminal proceedings. It is plain that Rosie feels he should have been given ten years hard labour, in fact it was promising us he was going down.

So sad Rosie.


Wizard said...

Hi All,

Just in case you haven't heard this piece of news I copy below article from Jornal de Noticías today.

"The McCann Couple should be in Lisbon, on the 11th of December, when the complaint against the former Judiciary Police Inspector will start to be tried.

by Alexandra Serôdio

The Lisbon Civil Court will begin to judge on the 11th the interlocutory proceedings which oppose the McCann family against former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral. The process further involves a book publisher [Guerra e Paz, Editores, SA], a TV channel [Prisa's TVI] and a media production company [Valentim de Carvalho].

Kate and Gerry McCann should attend the first day of trial, given that they are committed to continue the search for their daughter Madeleine who disappeared on the 3 May 2007, from the room where she slept in the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz (Lagos). A presence that is not confirmed by the Portuguese lawyer, Isabel Duarte, but by sources close to the couple who affirm their presence as certain.

The trial has as basis the interlocutory injunction brought in May by the McCanns and on behalf of their three children, Sean, Amelie and Madeleine, which intended to remove from the market the book "The Truth of the Lie" and the documentary based on the same book. As well they seek to put an end to the commercialization of the book copyrights by the publisher company Guerra e Paz abroad, and also to prohibit the now retired from the Judiciary Police, Inspector Gonçalo Amaral, to speak publicly about his theory of the case.

Justifying their temporary injunction with the fact that they wish to «guard themselves against future injuries of their rights, or the worsening of the already injuries», the McCann allege that the divulgation of the book and the DVD «deepens their suffering» and «harms the search for Madeleine».

The allegations made by the McCanns, led a judge of the 13th Civil Court of Lisbon [judge Amélia Puna Loupo] in September to decree the banning of the book and DVD sales, as well as to prohibit Gonçalo Amaral to make any comments, written or verbal, that defend the thesis of Madeleine's death or the concealment of her body by the parents.

Opposing to the interlocutory proceedings, Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer, asks for its revocation, arguing that «the prohibition is based on facts that are not truthful» and that «were deliberately misrepresented in order to achieve the desired outcome measure».

According to António Cabrita, the former PJ Inspector «does not defend the thesis» of Maddie's death nor the concealment of her cadaver by her parents. «At no excerpt or passage in the book does Gonçalo Amaral attribute to Kate or Gerry McCann, or to anyone else, the homicide and the cadaver concealment of their daughter Madeleine», nor «in any of the interviews given by him does he ever emphasizes that Maddie's parents killed her or concealed her body».

The lawyer said that the thesis put forth in the book «does not attempt against the image, the good name of the McCanns, let alone treat them in a way that could be considered degrading, cruel or inhumane». He also said that Amaral only comments on the results of the investigation already divulged through the CD made by the Prosecutor's Office in Portimão."

viv said...

Thanks Wiz

So now we know why it was cynically leaked that Kate McCann would like to return to Portugal for Madeleine just before Christmas. Nothing to do with Madeleine as we suspected, everything to do with seeking to make a huge pot of money out of Goncalo.

It looks to me that if Goncalo had just written the book, nothing would have happened. It was probably a bit iffy, legally as to whether they would have had a case against him because it seems very accurate to the investigation and does not seem to make direct allegations. Although I confess I have not read the whole thing because it is really so similar to the investigation files we have.

Of course it is very likely the McCanns just sat back and waited for Goncal to make a mint and then dived in, avariciously waiting for him to make futher allegations that would amount to a legal case. Unfortunately with the documentary I think he gave them what they had been waiting for, when he said, I will prove. He did not prove Madeleine's death in the apartment at all and in fact I think what he was suggesting happened was rather fanciful. I think there has always been an element with Goncalo of him holding back on what he really thinks for fear of exactly what he is now facing anyway.

I would not like to predict what will happen but do think it is just remotely possible the court may find the book was not defamatory but factual. But if they take the conduct of Goncalo in going one step further in the documentary and categorically stating in interviews the child is dead, it does look very bleak.

I would imagine a Judge would also seriously take umbrage with his comments that he wanted to entice the McCanns to Court. In a way, seeking to have a criminal trial in a civil court. This kind of conduct is just not going to get him any sympathy at all from any Judge.

The McCanns seem to be using the International Convention on Human Rights (Article 2 or 3 cant remember both UK and Portugal are signatories) that Goncalo has inflicted inhumane and degrading treatment upon them and the children. I seriously think they are stretching it here if that is right because that is normally used to rule against very serious torture for which the State as a whole is responsible This is clearly not comparably with Goncalo's treatment of them.

viv said...

I meant European Convention on Human Rights, it is article 3 and you will the wording they are using comes direct from that:

No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment.

viv said...

I have just read the McCanns lawyer claims Goncalo was and may continue to "deepen their suffering".

Is this the terrible suffering they displayed in pictures just days after Madeleine disappeared, laughing their heads off and playing sport.

How could they have beared to be in public laughing like drains on her fourth birthday?

What "normal" parents would have done that, Kate posing with colour co-ordinated bloody flowers.

There can be an issue as to liability in a court case. Did the person sued do wrong, in answer to that, well yes, Goncalo probably did.

But then the other big issue after liability is determined is quantum. Well then what do these wrong people deserve in damages. Now that is where Goncalo's lawyer would need to produce those photographs and show just how sorrowful they actually are, even days after her disappearance.

How Kate and Gerry did not want to bother to check videos etc of possible sightings (waste of time because they know where she is) and were bitchy and rude to the police. If you were being taken by the police in their car to see if they had a video of your abducted daughter, would you complain, as Kate did, about them driving fast. Or would you expect to be blue lighted at 100 mph plus, I would! If you were on a jury, how much in damages would you think this couple actually deserved?!

Di said...

Hi Viv

How much if you were on a jury would you actually think this couple deserved?

Zilch!!! and I am serious.

They are the ones, along with their supposed friends, that have hampered the whole investigation. It has appeared to us all that Madeleine was a side issue and saving their sorry necks was more important. IMO, they know exactly what has happened to Madeleine or where she possibly is. If Madeleine is alive and safe, I along with many would be absolutely thrilled. I seriously doubt this to be the case, but one lives in hope.

I have always believed, where money is concerned, put nothing past people to take advantage where an opportunity arises, even if it affects family.

In my husbands line of business we have seen this happen so many times to our absolute shock.

Some people have no conscience!

Joe said...

Well if the McCanns are turning up in person there must be money in it. The result must be guaranteed already, and they will be there to count the money. I am not optimistic that Amaral will win this one as money and influence seem to count in PT not logic and free speech.

hope4truth said...

Deepen their suffering what about Madeleines suffering left alone to cry for hours while her parents went on the lash...

I am sick to death of the Mccanns they are scum nothing more nothing less pond life who I hope one day are caught out in their wicked evil lies and the smirks are finaly wiped off their evil faces...

To bring this case in the names of their children is sick and twisted the money is for them to pay more dodgey people to take the heat off of their own actions...

We have seen how happy they were on Madeleines 4th Birthday we have read all the jolly blogs by her father and know her mother thinks so littl of her daughter she wont answer a single question for her...

How they have the nerve to take action against a man who was looking for their child is discusting they may not be happy with what he wrote but they have no idea what happend to their child and the fact they say they know she was abducted is far fetched...

They were not there so they cant know or were they and that is how they can be so sure no one will ever find out the truth?

the papers dont belive them and now the public are backing away from their lies...

I just hope GA has his say in court and our papers print what he says thinks happend...

How the hell did two parents who boasted that they neglected their children ever get the chance to make a couple of million blood money from the child they left to rot????

Lets look at the victim Madeleine and give her the respect her parents have taken away from her...

Wizard said...

Hi Viv and All,

Viv thank you for your legal view on Amaral's position in the forthcoming court case.

In Britain I have heard of people getting 1p in damages with no costs – so 1 euro sounds fine to me – well we can live in hope.

The McCanns' have unmasked themselves very clearly now. They have both come from working class background, through diligence and studies have become doctors. With both of them working they had a very good income.

Medicine is a hands on profession and it would be impossible for them in the future, due to their notoriety, to be in a position to maintain their income let alone improve on it within the confines of the medical profession.

Whatever happened to Madeleine (and you know my views) places the McCanns' at fault something as hard as they try cannot be overlooked other than the most ardent pro McCanner.

They use the case of JonBenet Ramsey as a template to silence everyone who speaks out against them. Quite frankly this is the only ploy open to them at this point.

Their remorseless zoning in, attempting to silence people, clearly indicates to me a couple who know exactly what has happened to their daughter and therefore they priorities their own and their remaining children’s future by the actions we see.

Whilst they can use the law and the press they may at one level be able to succeed and achieve some kind of financial security for their comfortable life style.

People who are too clever by half often become over confident and make cock ups as we have witnessed in the past - so perhaps……..

hope4truth said...

Well said Wizzard

last night fianly tipped me over the edge their smug smiles and lack of co operation makes me think they know exactly waht happend to Madeleine and the more they protest the darker my thoughts become about what they did to her....

It must be hard for their family but to be honest if anyone either side of that family loved Madeleine then they should be speaking on her behalf Kate especialy showed her true colours when she refused to answer...

Sick and evil to the core the pair of them and I hope they get exactly what they deserve very soon and any money left is given to children who really need it instead of being syphoned off somewhere through con men pretending to be detectives...

Joe said...

A couple of things struck me about the McCanns in recent months. Him when he said some months back that" we are learning to live without Madeline". This struck me as totally insensitive in view of his claims that Madeline is out there. So poor Madeline if she saw him on TV saying what he said would be devastated to hear that her family are learning to live without her, thus dismissing her. Not the sort of message a kidnapped child would want to hear.

The second is Kate McCann at the time they got the injunction re Amaral's book. She was asked had she read it? "No, why would I?". The point here is why seek an injunction against a book that you have not read and are therefore not in a position to judge if it is defamatory or otherwise.

hope4truth said...

Hi Joe

blimey I never knew gerry said that about Madeleine he has said some terrible things but that is unforgivable as you say what if she heard that???? I always thought if she ever saw how happy they were on her 4th Birthday it would break her heart to hear him write her off like that as well could destroy her...

Kate sounded like a spoilt child when she said she had not read the book and why would she.... they are like the idiot popular kids at school no one is allowed to say anything they dont sanction and if you dare to say anything they dont like then they will wait for you after school and get their gang on you....

I truly belive their time will soon be up the papers have hardly any news and need to make money the fall of the McCann's would make them a fortune for months if not years...

It is only a shame that our social service department and police dont think a 3 year old child deserves to have anyone fight for her.

This started with 8 parents and 1 grandmother who say almost proudly that they neglected their children night after night to go to a bar one of them even saying in interview she smelt through the door to see if her ill child had soiled herself???

These 9 people are not fit to be parents if they really left their children alone yet are pandered to and looked after while Gerry is proud to say they are getting used to living with out Madeleiene....

If this was a film and we were watching this behaviour we would hate the McCann's and be cheering every time someone questioned them...

this blog is well named Justice for maddie and the twins 3 innocent children who are now named in the law suit against Amaral so their parents get more cash..

well lets hope Amaral has something up his sleeve to wipe the smug smiles off their faces or Portugal arrest the pair of them when they enter the country and use the unreleased pages from the files to prove what they did...

viv said...

hiya all

Some interesting comments again.

Joe/Hope, I think Gerry's comment that they are learning to live without Madeleine is another example of a man that has no normal feelings or emotions. He needs a script editor before he opens his mouth.

Again Joe, good point, if you are affronted by a book, how can you know that and know it is causing you harm/ the search for your daughter, if you did not even bother to read it, extraordinary! Quite a damaging admission for Kate to make and I hope Goncalo's lawyer uses that one!

Wiz, I think Grobelaar got about £1 damages and hit with a massive legal bill. The situation is somewhat different here in that the McCanns are asking for an account of profits from the book and the documentary, but the basic principle is the same. Do they deserve any money? and if they were so concerned about the book harming them and the search for Madeleine why did they cynically wait such a long time to do something about it? I think Goncalo's lawyer provides a good answer to the book but regrettably it is not answer to the documentary.

I have seen some pretty sexist comments on Missing Madeleine emphasing that the female judge was unfair. I do not think that she was. Goncalo was insisting the child is dead and they disposed of the body. She only had to look to the official police investigation to see there was no basis for him continuing to insist upon that.

I think the furthest the evidence takes us is to be able to say with a fair degree of conviction they were telling lies and were obviously involved in her disappearance. There are clearly aspects of the evidence that suggest Madeleine may have died but it does not in any way come anywhere near the criminal burden of proof, beyond reasonable doubt. Goncalo would have known that.

I think he would have been safe if he had simply said that based on the evidence he had seen in his opinion that was most likely what happened. Clearly there was an extensive investigation to look at that possibility with the McCanns being named as Arguidos...it is a bit like Bennett, the 60 Reasons Booklet was bad enough, but delivering it to the McCanns neighbours, with Goncalo, to be fair, I think his book was pretty factual and accurate but in the documentary he went into the realms of pure supposition and stated he would prove it. That was a no go area and he knew that. So does he have something up his sleeve? In view of the pretty lame comments of his lawyer I do not think so.

Wizard said...

Viv and Joe,

This is a very good point if KM says she did not read Amaral’s book but takes task with it what is her argument based on - hearsay? Is that admissible in court?

Joe said...

Hi Hope,Viv and Wizard,

I agree with Viv that Amaral does not have anything up his sleeve. He would have used it by now. He may be perfectly right in his thesis but alas he would have to prove it and that he cannot do. I think that Amaral stuck his neck out and has been hung out to dry by the authorities in his own country and he has been steamrollered by the McCanns legal team. I may be wrong but that's the way it appears. I hope that he at least gets to have his say and he should offer to have the offending part of his book amended, as most of the rest of it is in the process. No reasonable Judge would refuse that?

viv said...

Hiya Wiz, In UK most hearsay is now admissible in civil proceedings and although the rules are complex it can also be admitted in criminal proceedings, at the discretion of the judge. Of course we are not talking about criminal proceedings here.

For me the issue is not about the rules on hearsay, it is more simple than that. She has made a statement that seriously damages her pleaded case. Again it shows a laissez faire attitude, not only to this case but towards the welfare of Madeleine. Any concerned mother would have avidly read that book, that is for sure!

She would sit there thinking well I know this guy thinks we did it, but we did not, so what is in there that can help me?

Kate increasingly, I am afraid to say, comes across as a very arrogant and dismissive personality and it is not at all difficult to perceive where her true interests lie, in court proceedings that can net them cash. She hasnot once set foot in PDL, but there again, what would be the point of her troubling to do that? She never even got on her toes and looked for her little three year old who she left alone the very night she went missing. Kate cannot be bothered to do anything unless it is going to net her something. I have to say I often think she is every bit as bad as him.

viv said...

Joe, your 20.44, just could not agree more!

Di said...

Hi Viv & All

Sorry to see Pamalam has been Carter Rucked, with what I have read so far though she should be ok.

The McCanns are pulling out all the stops now to try to shut us all up. The trouble is, it is going to be a long and hard slog. For every site they threaten another site will open. Their only hope is if the internet is shut down, something which will not happen.

Obviously they are very worried about what the twins will read in the future, but this is not the way to go about it. Children talk that is their main worry, school friends.

Wizard said...

Hi All,

This is a turn up for the book. (No pun intended) This comes via Astro on JM.

In a new book, Amaral attacks everyone who wants to silence him
by Rute Coelho and Miguel Ferreira source: 24Horas, paper edition, 04.12.2009

It is called “The Gag” and the launch, which will be handled by a Spanish editor, will be a major event. In his book, Gonçalo Amaral focuses on the McCanns and on everyone who has an interest in his silence

From his hasty exit from the Polícia Judiciária following the Maddie case and the nuisances with Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, who accused him of torturing his client, passing through the more present situation of the injunction that was requested by the McCanns and the consequent arrest of his assets. About all of this – including notes from his personal life – did Gonçalo Amaral write in his new book “The Gag”, that is published by a Spanish editor and will be launched soon, as 24horas was able to establish.

“The Gag” is the name that was chosen by Gonçalo Amaral for his news book that is launched by a Spanish editor. The McCanns’ injunction will be opposed.

“Gonçalo Amaral has explained to me that he is not authorised, due to the contract that he has with the foreign editor, to speak about the book or about its launch. The editor wants it to be a major surprise”, 24horas was told by António Cabrita, Amaral’s lawyer. Apparently gagged even by the editor, Gonçalo Amaral can say nothing about the new literary “bomb”.

His lawyer only advanced that it will be a “book about the right to opinion and to freedom of expression” and added that Gonçalo Amaral “counted on the support of a jurist that helped him with certain concepts”.

Thesis about Maddie is left out

António Cabrita stressed that Amaral could not make any considerations about the disappearance of the English girl in the Algarve. “Due to the McCanns’ injunction on the book ‘The Truth about the Lie’, he is forbidden from divulging the thesis that Madeleine died from an accident in the apartment and that the parents were suspects in concealing the cadaver”, the lawyer said.

Forbidden from speaking about the case, Manuel S. Fonseca, head of Guerra & Paz – the editor of the book “Maddie, the Truth about the Lie” that takes part in the opposition against the McCanns’ injunction – could only confirm to 24horas that the new book will not be published by his editing house.

Cabrita stressed the “financial suffocation” that Gonçalo Amaral has suffered through the McCanns’ injunction. This is due to the Lisbon Civil Court ordering the arrest of profits that are obtained from the sale of the book “Maddie, the Truth about the Lie”. All profits from sales of the book will be arrested for the eventual payment of a compensation of 1.2 million euros that has been demanded by the English couple.

“We have opposed the compensation request but not the arrest of assets, because Gonçalo has not been notified of the fundaments for the decision yet, so he can oppose it”, said António Cabrita. The lawyer defends Amaral for free.

Witnesses heard on the 11th

On the 11th this month, the 13th Civil Court of Lisbon is going to hear a series of witnesses that were indicated by Gonçalo Amaral and by editor Guerra e Paz and the producer Valentim de Carvalho (which produced the documentary that was based on the book), the parties that are involved in the opposition to the McCanns’ injunction, Amaral’s lawyer confirmed to 24horas. Gonçalo Amaral does not have to attend the session, only the witnesses that he indicated. According to an initial information that was advanced by a source close to the former PJ coordinator, the book launch would be scheduled for that date. But neither Amaral nor his lawyer confirmed that information.

Wizard said...

Hi Di,

So Pamalam has been Carter Rucked. I haven’t been on that site for sometime now but when I did I can’t remember seeing anything too contentious to arouse Carter Ruck.

I may be wrong but I thought Pamalam was located in America. Do you know the reasons why Carter Ruck were able to take down the site?

hope4truth said...

the McCann's will never shut me up I will stick to facts as they have told them...

Maddie was abducted while they were getting pissed with their friends who had all neglected their children as well...

They did not bother to search for her the night she went missing as it was too dark even though Maddie could have been hiding somewhere frightend after the abductor had hurt her.

They were happy not to do a reconstruction as their friends were more important than Maddie and it would not matter if something important was discovered their friends could not be bothered and that was ok...

Gerry posted so many happy blogs about just how good life was...

Kate could not give a toss about her daughter as she refused to answer a single question for her...

And I will say all of this wearing a T Shirt of the happy couple on what would have been Maddies 4th Birthday a mear 9 days after they told the world she had been taken by a peadophile ring....

gerry and kate you are scum you are not fit to be parents and I hope you make a fortune because your greed will be your downfall you are happy to have wasted 300k on detectives who were not detectives and no one belives you....

If your child is really missing you are up there with the worse child abusers and neglectors this country has in jail and sadly for you people can see right through your black hearts and soul...

Di said...

Hi Wizard

Pamalam's provider is in America and they have ignored CR's threat, they apparently passed it on to Pamalam. Full report on Maddie Case Files. I won't copy it over, as I am not sure what is allowed. They are talking about copyright on pictures etc.

I would love Viv to read the letter and report whether they have a case!

Off to watch TV, back later.

viv said...

Hiya Di, Well I have had a good look but it seems that letter is no longer available.

But Pamalam is clearly not in breach of any court order because she was not a Respondent to the action brought by the McCanns. So she is right to tough it out. I think the strategy being employed with bloggers is to merely send them a letter and hope they succumb to that. Pamalam's situation is very different to Tony Bennett's. Firstly he in the the McCann's jurisdiction and did not just breach civil law, he gave them a criminal cause of action against him for harassment. Begs the question why they did not go with that, but I suspect the McCanns are none too friendly with British Police. They use their lawyers to bully, or extract the cash, but they have never wanted anything to do with the police. We know that, hence the teams of highly dodgy "detectives".

All that Pamalam is doing is reproducing Goncalo's book on her blog and I can think of no legal reason why she cannot do that. Of course the fact that it annoys the McCanns and perhaps the twins can now read and access the internet must be a great worry for them. They display the typical lack of consequential thinking skills that most criminals suffer from. Those twins always had to grow up and presumably will be pretty bright.

Of course the other thing that Pamalam is doing is displaying Gerry's retracted blogs on her site. Again I can think of no legal reason why she should not do that. They are on here too! I am sure Gerry is worried in fact probably bloody petrified that he put a blog on specifically supporting Halligen, not to mention all the other drivel. Whoops, again, Gerry, reckless psychopathic behaviour, lack of consequential thinking skills. Par for the course:-))) (and dropping the Mask of Sanity).

Wizard said...

I have just been listening to the verdict in the Meridith Kershaw murder case. Knox was found guilty as charged and got 26 years imprisonment.

Hours after the murder of her alleged friend Knox was seen outside the police station kissing and canoodling with her boyfriend. Later in the police station she does cartwheels.

It is reported that her behaviour was arrogant and totally inappropriate to the situation she found herself in.

Hm… she of course is a lot younger than the main players in the case we are interested in but there does seem to be a similar pattern of behaviour. Could it be a ‘high’ caused by the appalling gravity of the situation and a denial and blanking out of what really happened making a surreal and heady situation? Or just drug induced highs?

Her parents, family and friends believe Amada Knox is an all-American Miss Perfect – a devoted daughter and diligent scholar.

But in court it was learnt that Knox is a cold hearted killer who is fascinated by dangerous sex and harbours dark fantasies of rape.

Very few people are as they seem to those closest to them. Can’t see the wood for the trees comes to mind

Joe said...

Hi Wizard,
I saw that case and the verdict on the news re Meredith Kircher. The strange thing about that is the behaviour of Knox and her boyfriend. Her family hired an aggressive Seattle PR agency to promote her image and undermine the credibility of the prosecutor, by smear, lies and innuendo. Sound familiar?
Even the local barman was accused in the police station by Knox, so much so that he is to be paid 40K damages for defamation. I do believe that there was/is a pact between Knox and her co-convicted accomplice. On reading the various articles one would be expected to believe that the Kircher girl was responsible for her own death. Not one of the 3 will admit to the killing yet all 3 did it.

viv said...

hiya Wiz and Joe

I saw the news report on BBC. Meredith's sister said, their lives had been on hold, now they can move on. It is agony for the victims and I am pleased with the sentences they have received for such a terrible crime.

It will be interesting to learn what pscyhologists make of Amanda Knox, arrogant, no concern, no sorrow only for herself when the verdict was read out.

We did not see Kate squeeze any tears out until after she had been made an Arguida and Gerry never even bothered to try.

They truly are the parents from hell and currently engage in a desperate bid to stop their little twins from finding that out. Futile. I suppose Gerry just does not want the twins to read the matter of fact rubbish he was writing on his blog just days after little Maddie went, I can understand him wishing he did not write that.

viv said...

As this post is the McCann dodgy detective files thought I should include this report about how the McCanns other detectives M3 are being investigated for attempted murder and extortion whilst working on the Maddie case.

What strange people they mix with, maybe we should also remember the now disgraced Mr MuckMillan Scott who took these two tow rags to Brussels parading as concerned parents. They did not fool us however. We think it is best, as a parent, to make sure you bring your children back from any proposed holiday by properly caring for them, that includes supervision.


McCann detectives are suspected of attempted murder.

The private detectives hired by the McCanns, belonging to the Catalan detective agency Metodo 3, are suspected of extortion and attempted murder in the course of their work for the British couple. The case is under investigation by the Department of Criminal Investigation (DIC) of the Faro PJ (Algarve), which is also responsible for the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

This is not the first time that Metodo 3's methods have been called into question: Antonio Jiminez, one of the private detectives working for the McCanns, was arrested for involvement in the theft of 400kg of cocaine in the port of Barcelona. The information, an SMM exclusive, was confirmed by the, "Tribunal de Première Instance de Martorell (Barcelone)" (I don't know what court that is!) which remanded Antonio Jiminez without bail, accused of corrupt practice, corruption, bribery and corruption of public officials and associating with criminals.

Working for Metodo 3 since 2005, the detective was responsible for, "special operations," in the context of the work carried out for Kate and Gerry McCann. According to a source from Moroccan Security, it was he who paid witnesses in Morocco and arranged the interviews of those witnesses with a few British journalists.

viv said...

21 Mar 2008

Charred wreck: Malinka's torched Audi A4 with the word fala (meaning speak) written beside it

Given this happened in March O8 and the report is dated July, the timing seems to be about right.

How about lots of PR work to make sure the public name and shame a suspect, and let's face it, Rosie really did a number on Malinka and Murat and then arrange for them to die? Case solved, McCanns can get on with their life and cash in big time, as planned.

Moving on, as Malinka was another failed scheme to exculpate themselves from responsibility, enter one evil dying paedophile Hewlett, given to us by the McCanns latest entirely credible detectives, oh that did not work either, enter Australian yachting millionaires. All entirely credible stuff!

Wizard said...

Good Morning All,

Here we go again - today’s offering from the Express copied below.


Sunday December 6,2009
By James Murray
DETECTIVES in Britain have passed details of several possible sightings of Madeleine McCann to their Portuguese counterparts following a worldwide internet appeal.
Police in Leicestershire – the county where her family live – were fed information about the sightings after the unique appeal by the London-based Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre last month.
Pictures of how Madeleine, now aged six, would look were featured in the 60-second film called A Minute For Madeleine, which has has been seen by more than 10 million online.
Its aim was to prick the conscience of someone close to Madeleine’s kidnapper. The Leicestershire officers sifted through the information before deciding what should be relayed to Portugal. Detectives there said they would work only on credible new information because they did not want to waste any time on fruitless endeavours.
But the Sunday Express can reveal that evidence they gathered has not been put into the Home Office Large Major Enquiry System (HOLMES) by Leicestershire police.
Last night former Scotland Yard commander Dai Davies said: “I find that unbelievable that key information from Portugal has not been processed.
“To get the full benefit you should input all available information on the crime. It is common sense to provide as many pieces of the jigsaw as possible.”

viv said...

Morning Wiz

"But the Sunday Express can reveal that evidence they gathered has not been put into the Home Office Large Major Enquiry System (HOLMES) by Leicestershire police."

I am not clear how the Express claim to know this, but if they are correct, there can be only one reason for them failing to use this system which is used on all major inquiries to try and find the suspect. They already know full well who the suspects are!