31 Oct 2009

McCanns favourite manipulators The Carter Fuckwits, by Private Eye

Trafigura have been Carter Fucked chortles Ian Hislop of Private Eye, we salute you Sir xxx

What all the fuss was about: The clean-up in Ivory Coast after
a ship chartered by Trafigura dumped a cargo of toxic waste



MESSRS Carter-Fuck, London’s most vainglorious solicitors, tout for business by boasting of their matchless skills in “reputation management”. But after the Trafigura affair, which has put them on a par with Nick Griffin and Jan Moir as the most reviled people in Britain, potential clients may wonder about that.

If Carter-Fuck can’t even manage its own reputation, why should anyone else entrust theirs to it?

At last Wednesday’s Commons debate on super-injunctions, MPs queued up to denounce the Carter-Fuckwits. “In past years, people who sought to gag parliament or were held to have behaved inappropriately in relation to parliament were brought before the Bar of the House and in some cases sent to prison,” thundered Denis MacShane MP. “Do we not need to see Carter-Ruck’s partners before the Bar of the House to apologise publicly for this attempt to suborn parliamentary democracy?”

Still striving to defend the indefensible, Adam Tudor of Carter-Fuck issued a press release. “Despite suggestions to the contrary in certain quarters,” he harrumphed, “neither Trafigura nor Carter-Ruck has at any time improperly sought to stifle or restrict debate in parliament or the reporting thereof.”

Yeah, right. Perhaps he’s already forgotten the letter he sent to the Guardian on 12 October after learning that the paper intended to report a parliamentary question tabled by Paul Farrelly MP which mentioned the secret Trafigura injunction. “The threatened publication referring to the existence of the injunction would… place the Guardian in contempt of court,” he wrote. “Accordingly, please confirm by immediate return that the publications threatened will not take place.” What was that, if not an attempt to stifle the reporting of parliamentary proceedings? It certainly stifled the Guardian, at least for a day – though the Eye went ahead and published the MP’s question anyway

Silencing the Speaker
Later that week Tudor sent a letter to the Commons Speaker, John Bercow, with copies to all MPs and peers, repeating his claim that the Guardian would have been in breach of the injunction had it quoted Farrelly’s question, even though it was on the order paper and on parliament’s website. He also argued that a parliamentary debate on the subject should not go ahead because the case concerning the injunction was still sub judice. If that wasn’t an attempt to “restrict debate in Parliament”, what is? Ah yes, Tudor would say, but it wasn’t “improper”. Furious MPs thought otherwise. A day later, Carter-Fuck bowed to the inevitable and agreed to lift the injunction.

Ironically none of this would have happened but for Carter-Fuck’s decision to go for a super-injunction, whose very existence cannot be reported. When Farrelly submitted his question, the clerks in the table office did their customary checks on high court records to see if the case was sub judice, in which case they would have ruled it out of order. They found no record of the Trafigura injunction because it had been “anonymised” as RJW & SJW v. The Guardian & Persons Unknown – and so Farrelly’s question was allowed.

‘Censorship by judicial process’
Carter-Fuck can expect plenty more grief over coming weeks, as the select committee on culture, media and sport prepares its report on libel and privacy. Giving evidence to the committee in May, alongside Ian Hislop, Alan Rusbridger of the Guardian said that he hadn’t been hit with the kind of chilling super-injunction that the Eye’s editor called “censorship by judicial process”.

Rusbridger has now written to the committee chairman, John Whittingdale MP, confessing that he spoke too soon: “This process of casually granting these secrecy orders appears to be spreading.” When Trafigura obtained its high court order, he reveals, the judge was told that the Guardian must be muzzled from publishing anything about the injunction because otherwise it might run a story accusing the company of, er, muzzling the press.

Rusbridger appends a chronology of the “prolonged campaign of legal harassment” by Carter-Fuck against the Grauniad and its reporter David Leigh, but his brief summary omits some of the liveliest exchanges. According to other documents seen by the Eye, in May this year Leigh sent Tudor an email accusing them of bullying and misleading the Guardian. “We shall continue to put allegations to you prior to possible publication, in order to continue to behave as responsible journalists,” Leigh concluded. “But will you behave as responsible solicitors?”

Tudor fired off a letter to Rusbridger protesting at this implicit slur on his firm’s integrity, which “verges on the hysterical”. It was, he wailed, “extraordinary” and “unprecedented” that a journalist “can feel it even remotely appropriate to behave in this manner”.

Hateful Bullies
Worse was to come. In August, one of Carter-Fuck’s spies told them about a Powerpoint presentation given by Leigh at the Centre for Investigative Journalism’s summer school. Apparently he had shown the audience photographs of three Carter-Fuck partners (including Adam Tudor) and described them as “bullies”. He had then told the audience: “I don’t want you to think I’m being completely unbalanced when I say I hate these people. But I do hate these particular people.”

“What this episode illustrates yet again,” Tudor complained to the Guardian legal department, “is that Mr Leigh’s actions are not those of a rational, responsible journalist.” Henceforth, he declared, Carter-Fuck would not engage in correspondence with Leigh, since “we can no longer be expected to tolerate his increasingly unreasonable (and, at times, abusive) approach”. Poor diddums!


Wizard said...

“Covering up the unspeakably horrible, that is what the McCanns want from the Carter Fuckwits.”

Quite right Viv.

PE quote: “MESSRS Carter-Fuck, London’s most vainglorious solicitors, tout for business by boasting of their matchless skills in “reputation management”.

Reputation management hmm.., the pink ones spin on this of course is its all to do with the search for Madeleine. You can clearly see, by who the McCanns select to cosy up to and go to bed with i.e. CF, Pinkie etc, exactly what they are about.

This is of course, if anyone should be in doubt, all about saving their bacon.

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

I think you will be on holiday soon and miss Dr Kate’s blitz on the TV. Below is an article from the Sunday Express that tells all.


By Tracey Kandohla and James Murray – Sunday Express 01:11:09

“KATE McCANN will take part in a round of heart-rending TV interviews this week appealing for anyone who has knowledge of her daughter Madeleine’s kidnapping to come forward.

The 41-year-old mother has been keeping a low profile for months but has now decided that she wants to take a more active part in the effort to find her daughter, who would now be six.

Madeleine vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve on May 3, 2007.

Kate will join her husband Gerry for a series of face-to-face interviews with the BBC and ITV.

And in a new move they will also speak to several Portuguese TV journalists who are flying to London later this week to interview the couple.

Kate and Gerry, of the village of Rothley in Leicestershire, hope that emotional appeals broadcast in Portugal could persuade someone to come forward with vital information and have employed a Portuguese press officer to help them get their message over.

The woman press officer is also helping the couple deal with the Portuguese press over their long-running legal battle with former local police chief Goncalo Amaral, who is being pursued for £1million damages over a book he wrote about the case, which has been banned.

Last month Kate travelled to Lisbon to meet her Portuguese lawyers and also gave a brief interview to Portuguese TV, saying she cried every day for Madeleine. It was her first trip back to Portugal in two years.

Both she and Gerry intend to make a ¬private visit to Praia da Luz in the coming months.

Now that the McCanns’ twins, Sean and Amelie, are at school, Kate is finding she has more time to spend on the hunt for Madeleine.

She works closely with their private investigators David Edgar and Arthur Cowley, who believe the answer to the riddle lies within a 10-mile radius of Praia da Luz.

“Kate has renewed vigour to get involved,” said a source. “She realises emotional appeals from her have a powerful effect and could provide the breakthrough in the case.

“There is a greater awareness now on getting the Portuguese media involved in all the initiatives they do.”

The findmadeleine.com website has been changed to carry a poignant internet appeal which says: “Imagine if she was your child, imagine the pain and grief, imagine if someone like you never came forward.

“If you stay quiet you are as guilty as those who took her.”

viv said...

Thanks again Wiz and you are right, I am off early in the morning for a 9 am flight, back 16.11.

It just fairly takes your breath away, "if you stay quiet you are as guilty as those who took her".

This, from the woman who not only refused to answer official police questions into the disappearance of her daughter, but whose story was so utterly fantastic, the American actress, hired to play her, for the Channel 4 Cutting Edge documentary, never got around to playing her!

Now, come, come, Gerry, why was such a vital part of the re-enactment missed out? You and your mates refuse to attend the official police version and do not even include the central character who supposedly found Maddie missing in your little televised version?

I just wonder how many more supporters the McCanns have now lost, given they cosy up to reputation management firms. Not only Carter Ruck, but the equally expensive Angus McBride, although we do not hear so much of him now. Of course his speciality is defending criminals and their reputation at the same time. The McCanns do not accept they are criminals. But even on their own story, they most certainly are.

Her own parents say they knew she and her siblings cried due to being left alone on previous nights, and on this night, Gerry checks her at 9.05 and Kate at 10 pm. Of course when it comes to the second version of the timeline they hastily prepared for the police that night, a further check by Mat Oldfield gets inserted. Do we believe he made such a check?

The PJ can see that Madeleine went from the apartment in that time period and it is quite impossible to accept that Jane Tanner's sighting at 9.15 actually happened. If it comes to believing witnesses, I would certainly choose to believe the Smith family, Mr Smith says he saw Gerry McCann carting Madeleine off at 10 pm. How strange they say they raised the alarm at 10 pm eh?

Ms Kandohla has repeatedly demonstrated herself to be a very poor excuse for a reporter. As the Select Committee heard, it is more about selling newspapers than telling the truth. It would seem that she feels Kate McCanns sells papers, I cannot really disagree with her on that one.


viv said...

It is amazing how many newspapers with very adverse comments for the McCanns have not been attacked by them:

McCanns evidence 'doesn't add up' Stewart Maclean In Praia Da Luz Stewart.Maclean@Mirror.Co.Uk 18/10/2007

EXCLUSIVE THE HUNT FOR MADELEINE Brit team questions Kate's reaction

A team of British crime specialists who have scrutinised the Madeleine McCann case claim there are inconsistencies in her parents' version of events.

The retired experts believe there is a question mark over Kate's response when she discovered the four-year-old was missing.

Forensic scientist Professor David Barclay, part of the four-man team who reviewed the case for Channel Four's Dispatches show, said: "We examined all of the available evidence and the conclusion we came to was that there appeared to be some significant inconsistencies.

"One thing we looked for was any sign of 'staging', the term we use for the actions of someone who has committed a crime and wants to 'stage it' to appear someone else has done it.

"The first words apparently spoken by Kate McCann when she discovered Madeleine had vanished were significant. She is supposed to have said 'They've taken her, they've taken her' - which seems a strange choice of phrase.

"I don't think that would have been my first reaction if my child had gone missing."

Prof Barclay also questioned the McCanns' claims that an abductor got into their Praia da Luz holiday flat through the back shutters.

He said: "We checked the scene of the crime and it struck us immediately how unlikely it would be for anyone to try and access the apartment through the back windows. The shutters there were firmly shut and couldn't be opened and the car park behind the flat was overlooked.

Advertisement - article continues below »

"We're not saying it was impossible to have gained entry that way, but with all of our collected years of experience to us it seemed highly unlikely and a very implausible scenario.

"It could be that claim is consistent with staging, but without full knowledge of all of the facts in the case it would be impossible to say for sure."

Prof Barclay visited the crime scene along with ex-Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Stevenson, the man who caught Soham killer Ian Huntley and psychological profiler David Canter.

The will seen on tonight's show visiting key sites and seeing footage of the police in action.

Prof Barclay, 62, added: "There has been a tendency to criticise the Portuguese police but on the whole they did a pretty good job.

"However, they made two big mistakes. Firstly, they did not seal of the crime scene anywhere nearly quick enough. Secondly, in my opinion they were not aggressive enough with the McCanns in the first stage of the investigation.

"It is actually for the parents' benefit in cases like this that the police tackle them robustly and demand a comprehensive account of their movements during the relevant timeframe."

viv said...

and here is another one from the Telegraph, no less, and so from everyday chaps who read the Mirror to those who read the Telegraph, they are all given one impression by the papers, they were involved in what happened to little Maddie and have told inconsistent lies:
That must include a broad spectrum of British Society..and no Carter Rucking, people can still read these articles.

HomeNewsUK NewsMadeleine McCann 'died from overdose'

By Gary Cleland
Published: 7:00AM BST 14 Sep 2007

Madeleine McCann Madeleine McCann died from an overdose of sleeping tablets, reports in a French newspaper claimed yesterday.

Tycoons withdraw support for McCanns
Madeleine's parents seek top PR figure
In full: The Madeleine McCann case
Guilhem Battut, an investigative reporter for the French tabloid France Soir, said Portuguese police had given prosecutors a file detailing how they thought Madeleine had died.

Related Articles
Anna Nicole Smith's life story to be staged at the Royal Opera House
Sleeping pill GP Iain Kerr guilty of misconduct
Battut - an experienced journalist who has worked on a number of major inquiries - claims police believe that evidence found in the McCanns' hire car will "prove that the little girl had ingested medicines, without doubt sleeping pills, in large quantities".

A source at the newspaper claimed: "We are not simply repeating rumours carried in other papers. This is not a theory, but a fact contained in hard evidence in the hands of the Portuguese authorities.

"It is all very well putting theories and opinions forward, but in the end this case will be decided on evidence. As journalists, we have been trying to establish what evidence is available."

DNA evidence which has reportedly been found in the hire car includes hair, blood and bodily fluids which match Madeleine's.

Police are said to want to examine the vehicle again. It is currently being kept in a safe place by the family who are considering having their own tests carried out on it as they strive to prove their innocence.

Portuguese police are said to be drawing up a list of 40 new questions that they want to put to Mrs McCann. But British forensic experts expressed doubts over the claim.

Alan Baker, of the independent forensic science organisation Bericon, said: "These samples are likely to be far from ideal. If it is just a smear or dried deposit you could detect the drug but not how much."

Last night friends of the family dismissed the latest speculation. Gerry McCann reportedly told a friend: "There are large craters in every one of these theories, in these ludicrous accusations.'

"As far as Kate and I are concerned there is no evidence to suggest that Madeleine is dead. We are 100 per cent together on this, not one grain of suspicion about each other."

A close friend of Mrs McCann's said: "She is a gentle mother who loves her children very much.''

viv said...

Off to Sharm el Sheik at 9 in the morning guys, will miss you and look forward to seeing you all when I get back on 16 Nov prob late evening

Viv xxx

Justice for Maddie!

hope4truth said...


Have a lovely holiday xxx

Joe said...

I presume or maybe I am naive but will Kate McCann be answering any or all questions put to her in her more pro-active search for Madeline? Its just that the BBC, ITV or the Portuguese journalists could ask some or all of the 48 questions( if they had the bottle) that she failed to. That would be a good starting point IMO. No doubt any interviews will be the same tame prearranged questions , a few tears and a cheque in the post. The Express week in and out pay lip service to the McCanns. Its pathetic like a fading soap TV show that has fallen in the ratings, so wheel out Kate McCann (as we are tired of the other one) to try and boost the ratings. Nobody believes their BS and we all know that they are celebrity wannabes. Have they ever thought about an audition for the X factor show?

Di said...

Hi all


Sorry I missed wishing you a good holiday. Enjoy xx

Hi Joe

I am not holding out any hope for these supposed interviews. I am sure all questions will have been submitted by the McCanns and their answers will be rehearsed to a tee.

I will be absolutely thrilled if Sandra Felgueiras is coming over and allowed to ask questions, she has a certain way, shall we say, which gets Gerry very agitated. I am not holding my breath though, somehow I don't think she will be invited.

Joe said...

Hi Di,

No doubt you are correct. A rehearsed
farce if it ever happens as you say.

Joe said...

Well the interviews have been and gone and the new video released. As was expected just another photo op and little else. The impact seems to have been minimal and it appears forgotten already. The rhetoric from Gamble might have been a little discomforting for the Tapas.

Wizard said...


I was just looking at the Sandra Fegueiras’s interview of the McCanns today – it really hits the spot. Here is the link for those who have not seen it:-


Ms Fegueiras is certainly not frightened to pull her punches. A first class piece of journalism from this Portuguese writer.

Very well done!

Wizard said...

Gerry McCann from the Felgueiras interview when asked about the evidence of the dogs and the scent of a cadaver says:-

“Dogs are incredibly unreliable and it has been proven so.”

A little bit of a sticky moment for GM but he comes back with this incredibly unreliable piece of misleading information suggesting the dogs findings mean nothing.

A lot of sticky moments for the Mc’s during this interview and a lot of evasion in answering the questions directly. I suppose for Felgueiras as least GM did not walk out.

The McCanns did not look easy during the interview and were utilising displacement activities to the maximum not to answer those sticky questions.

Obviously Ms Felgueiras hasn’t received her ‘super injunction’ yet! lol

Di said...

Hi Wizard

Sandra's interview with Kate & Gerry was brilliant, she asked all the questions we would all like answered and ones our own reporters are afraid to ask. Oh how Gerry squirmed and Kate looked, at one point, as if she wished she was anywhere but there.

If it is true Gerry would like to become an MP, he certainly has all the credentials of avoiding to give a direct answer to any question. I also liked the question about the dogs and Gerrys reply "ask the dogs" and Sandras quick retort "I am asking you"

The one thing I like about Sandra is when no answer is forthcoming to a question, she just ploughs straight back in a asks again, which really rattled Gerry.

If only someone here would have the guts to show the interview in its entirety, I think many people would be surprised at how they came across and that Gerry intends to spend every penny of the fund.

Wizard said...

Hi Di,

I have to agree with you I just loved it when JF ploughed on with her questions despite the Mcs efforts to change the subject.

Great stuff!

Joe said...

Why are they still so guarded then if they have nothing to hide? He does not appear to be able to explain much when asked any questions. Adversity turned into advantage. This is their life now, forever defending themselves wherever they go and its their cross, no matter what trappings they gain. There is always a price to pay. I for one would not interview them unless they agreed to be frank in their replies, otherwise what is the point, but then again its about getting what they want across not what the real facts are.

Di said...

Hi Joe

I agree Kate & Gerry are both so guarded. IMO they are determined the truth about what happened to poor Madeleine will be stifled at all cost.

I thought it interesting when SF asked the question are Richard Branson & JK Rowlings still on board, Gerry & Kate were all over the place and did not even give an answer. Therefore I assume the answer is NO, they are not on board.

I am still hopeful, the real Police, not the pretendy cops, are quietly working away in the background and interviews like these speak volumes to them.

I know, I live in hope, but I am hopeful as so many more people are now asking questions.

Wizard said...

Morning Di & Joe,

Have you seen this article which I copy below from JM's blog.

“Target ... the Madeleine Foundation blames parents Gerry and Kate McCann for their daughter's disappearance


FRAUD cops are probing the bank account of a campaign group which says Maddie McCann is dead - and aims to blame her parents.

Controversial lawyer Tony Bennett helped set up the Madeleine Foundation, but its account is now frozen.

Detectives want assurances over tens of thousands of pounds sent in by people supporting his warped aims.

Bennett, 62, ran the account from his home in Harlow, Essex.

Much of the cash came from the sale of £4 books blaming the McCanns after the three-year-old vanished in Portugal in 2007.

The couple think many people may have mistakenly donated believing they were funding the hunt for Maddie.

The account holds £2,700 but Mr Bennett is thought to have £90,000 in private accounts.

A rift had developed between Bennett and foundation chairwoman Debbie Butler. Police stressed the case was still only an investigation and no arrests had been made.

A source close to Gerry and Kate McCann said: "This foundation is now in meltdown. They can't wait to see the end of it."

Wizard said...

Well….I would think a man of Tony Bennett’s age and profession would have £90,000 in the bank. None of which would have anything to do with fraud from the Madeleine Foundation.

However I have no ideal whether these allegations are true or not. What I am bemused about is the alleged police investigation into this suggested fraud.

It’s a great pity the police in this country do not chose to investigate the Mcs fund activities, which are based on the assumption that Madeleine is alive and the parents are innocent of any involvement, rather than Mr Bennett’s activities which are based on Madeleine, being dead.

Mr Bennett is after all just a minnow in this particular saga.

The almost psychopathic cutting out of people who query the McCanns versions of events is quite chilling. Surely this can only be the act of guilty individuals vent of silencing the opposition?

Lawyers will sell their sole to the devil for handful of silver but at the end of the day they have to be instructed by clients first.

Di said...

Hi Wizard & Joe

I wonder how this article reached the papers in the first place, who passed on the information. The article makes you think the Police have frozen the account, but in fact it was Debbie Butler who froze it as she was not getting satisfactory responses from Tony B.

Something in all of this does not add up. It has been said that Debbie and possibly Steve have been in talks with the McCanns, why? is what I want to know. Now we have Steve saying he is about to puslish The Truth of The Lie in America, which Joanna has stated will harm GA considerably.

Is this what these people really want and we have all been fooled into thinking they want justice for Madeleine, when in fact they could be working for the McCanns. It is a pity Viv is away as I know she had her doubts about TB from the very start.

Di said...

This is part of Tony's statement on JM site. According to Tony the blame lies with Debbie.

On 26 October, for reasons best known to herself, Debbie Butler, Chairman of The Madeleine Foundation, decided to launch a strong personal attack on a public internet forum, ‘Missing Madeleine’, which included many false allegations against me.

Due to this and many other related issues, the Committee of The Madeleine Foundation was left with no alternative by Monday 2 November but to expel her from membership under Paragraph 6 of our Constitution. On the same day, our bank was notified of a dispute, notified that one of the signatories to the account had been expelled, and informed that a members’ meeting would be held on 14 November when new signatories would be appointed.

Wizard said...

This is strange – what exactly is going on. Stevo is publishing a book in America which I thought was similar to that of Amarals and it certainly wasn’t pro-mccann.

But if JM is now suggesting it will harm Amaral what exactly is in it?

I’ve always thought with TB that he would make his money out of the case later when he published a full length book on the subject. (Perhaps Stevo’s has beaten him to it and stole his thunder?) In the meantime he was willing to play devil’s advocate and raise people’s awareness of the T9’s claims that just do not add up. Stirring the waters a little.

He has of course been Carter-fucked so currently is quiet because he hasn’t much option. Now there appears to have been a falling out in the ranks and allegations of fraud are being bandied about.

Debbie Butler, Chairman of The Madeleine Foundation, has been given her marching orders with a meeting to be held on the 14 November to discuss the matter.

“The couple (McCanns) think many people may have mistakenly donated believing they were funding the hunt for Maddie.” Yes - right

“FRAUD cops are probing the bank account of a campaign group which says Maddie McCann is dead - and aims to blame her parents.”

Are these real police officers or pretendy ones employed by the McCanns?

Imo what we are seeing is the surgical removal of anyone who dares to suggest other than the scenario put into the public domain by Team McCann.

Wizard said...

By the way it is quite clear who gave the Sun this exclusive and it is also quite clear why.

Joe said...

Hi DI & Wizard,

One would think that Stevo and Debbie Butlers were moles? Or just opportunist money makers? Anything is possible in this ever murkier business. It could be two other reasons 1) a woman scorned in the case of Butler wreaking her revenge on Bennett and in the case of Stevo, simple greed, being bought off to stop him publishing his book? Its incredible that the true facts in the process cannot even be laid out in a book form for the reader to draw his/her own conclusions, if the latter is true, without legal threats or being bought off. It is very sinister indeed. If they get Amaral out of the way ie permanently gag him both verbally and financially then IMO they can carry on regardless for as long as they wish.

Di said...

Quite honestly I feel sickened by all of this. Is there no person out there who wants justice for poor Madeleine, an innocent child caught up in this fight of egos.

As parents K & G you are in my book, despicable.

Wizard said...

8 NOVEMBER 2009 JAMes Murray, Investigations Editor – Sunday Express

SCOTLAND YARD should be brought in to take ¬control of the investigation to discover what ¬happened to Madeleine McCann.

Kate and Gerry McCann want the Yard’s ¬renowned kidnap team to assess an avalanche of new information after last week’s emotional internet appeal, which ¬generated five million hits from around the world.

Portuguese ¬police, the Sunday Express can reveal, have failed to set up a new phone line for callers to ring with information.

Last night there was fury over the dismissive response. Interpol and Europol are among 163 ¬forces worldwide that have committed to help with the appeal.

Portugal’s Policia Judiciaria is still ¬in charge of the Madeleine case because that is where she disappeared over two years ago.

It would say only that if credible information comes in by fax, letter or email, it would be passed to senior officers if it was deemed “significant”.

There were also reservations last night about Leicestershire Police, who are aiding the ¬investigation from this country ¬because the McCanns live in their catchment area, at Rothley.

Last night former Scotland Yard chief Dai Davies said it was time to let the Yard take over.

The former royal protection head said: “Madeleine is a ¬British subject and she deserves the best, which the Yard can provide. It is time to put any daft police protocols to one side and get on with the job of finding her. It is a solvable case.

“It is astonishing and disgraceful that the Portuguese have not assigned a specific team to scrutinise leads which could provide a breakthrough in the world’s biggest child abduction case.

“It is frankly outrageous that the parents of this poor child should be hiring private detectives to conduct an investigation which should have been taken on by the Yard in the first place.

“The Yard has a kidnap squad with a brilliant success record, and access to the best Holmes computer technology, forensics and investigative techniques in the world.”

Holmes, which stands for Home Office Large Major Enquiry System, is a state-of-the-art data system designed to deal with the huge volume of information major crimes ¬generate.

Sources claimed last night that Leicestershire detectives have not been inputting all their information on Holmes.

Police forces across Britain have cracked scores of tough cases using the system because it can be programmed to ¬highlight suspects and analyse the value of myriad leads.

No one was available at ¬Leicestershire Police yesterday to confirm or deny the claims.

On Tuesday, Kate and Gerry, both doctors aged 41, made new television appeals via the UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

They urged: “Please take a minute and help us bring Madeleine home. Let’s hope and pray this message reaches those who know who took Madeleine and they find the strength to do the right thing.”

On Friday, a Leicestershire ¬Police spokesman said any new i¬nformation from the CEOPC ¬initiative would be passed on to the Portuguese who would consider credible lines of inquiry.

Requests from the Portuguese to carry out new inquiries in the UK would be co-ordinated by Leicestershire Police.

New images of Madeleine, who would now be six, were shown in a video in English, Arabic, ¬Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

One showed how she might ¬appear if her skin had darkened and her hair had been dyed brown to make her look like¬ ¬other children if she is being held in Morocco or Tunisia.

Another time-generated image showed how she might look now with her natural blonde colouring if she is being kept in ¬Northern Europe.

While Kate and Gerry McCann believe Leicestershire detectives have worked hard, they feel ¬Scotland Yard’s experts on ¬kidnap, forensics and offender profiling could bring much ¬needed impetus to the inquiry.

Madeleine vanished, aged three, from the family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve on May 3 2007.

Wizard said...

Hi All,

Imo the Portuguese and Leicestershire police know exactly what the score is and that’s why investigations are not being continued.

The parents of Madeleine have to use private investigators to search for her because despite their assurances that they want to work with the pj, it is of course, only on their terms.

In reality it would be extremely dangerous for them to work with the pj considering the pj’s views on the matter.

So is it likely Scotland Yard will be brought in – no of course not - the crime happened in Portugal and even if the yard worked with the pj at this late date they would simple come to the same conclusions as everyone else in their right minds.

I do however like the Express article for highlighting why the McCanns have to use private investigators – i.e. their version of events is not believed.

Joe said...

I think the ceux of the matter is that the LP and PJ know what happened but proving it in a court of law or to even lay charges needs irrefutable evidence. It like the phrase "the Police are not looking fro anyone else" ie they have their suspects, just no case. Its a bit rich IMO this Scotland yard guy talking about protocol in view of the fact that much needed info was not provided to the PJ by LP and others. Start there then talk about protocol. Just another paid ex cop mouthpiece. It all sounds good but we know it will never happen.

Di said...

Hi Wizard & Joe

Thanks for the article Wizard.

I agree with you both, also anyone who has read the files would have to admit, the evidence points in one direction only.

IMO K & G have to muddy the waters at all costs. Dai Davies must be wearing rose coloured glasses to not see the obvious from the files, the question is why?

Time will tell but something has changed, are the DE slowly but surely getting their revenge, or is it just wishful thinking on my part.

Wizard said...

UK police chief hits back at Portuguese detective’s claims

The head of Leicestershire Police has rejected claims from a former Portuguese detective that his officers withheld a witness statement from the Madeleine McCann inquiry.

Chris Eyre, the Temporary Chief Constable, said “I can assure you that at no time were statements withheld and not passed on.”

Goncalo Amaral, the Algarve detective who was removed the inquiry early on, made his claim in a book, which is now banned.

Mr Eyre responded after Freedom of Information requests were submitted by the Sunday Express.

A team of Leicestershire family officers went to Portugal on 5 May 2007 to support the McCanns.

It has also emerged that the Foreign Office has withheld details about the investigation so as not to damage relations between Britain and Portugal.

An individual submitted Freedom of Information requests to get details of negotiations by John Buck, Britain’s former ambassador to Portugal.

The then Information Commissioner Richard Thomas refused in case it caused Portugal to lose trust in Britain’s discretion.

Wizard said...

This is a strange article because it opens with the police denying withholding witness statements from the pj and ends with the Information Commissioner admitting that they could not release certain information because it might upset the Portuguese’s trust in Britain’s discretion.

I know Viv has a lot of faith in the Leicestershire police and wish I did. The police in general imo catch no higher percentage of criminals that could be put down to chance.

In the London Borough I live in, for example, only 7% of burglaries are cleared up the rest go unsolved – not exactly reassuring.

Wizard said...

The Gasper’s statement, I understand, took the LP 6 months to pass onto the pj.

So … very relevant information withheld for an exceptionally long time. Why?

The Express is out for revenge and rattling a few cages. Have they the b*lls to see it through?

Joe said...

Why would the LP hang on to the Gasper's report for 6 months, in view of the urgency at the time? There is absolutely no justification IMO unless it was to delay and obfuscate proceedings, which it did. What else did the LP not pass on? Another thing is the LP claim they went to PT in May 2007 to support the McCanns. What was going on in view of the fact the a child was/is missing?

Di said...

Hi Wizard

Also not fogetting Kate & Gerry having access to a Police manual whilst in PDL. This manual could only have been provided by LP WHY?

One theory going around is Masons pulling in favours! now where have we heard that word before? I am inclined to go along with the FM being involved and favours being called in. The question is why?

What hold has Gerry got on the Masons, perhaps not Gerry but a family member maybe.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi Friends

Make what you will of the e-mail warning I have received today:

"You might like to hear of the following scam :----

I received a call from a 'representative' of BT, informing me that he was dis-connecting me because of an unpaid bill. He demanded payment immediately of £31.00, or it would be £118.00 to re-connect at a later date.
The guy wasn't even fazed when I told him I was with Virgin Media, allegedly Virgin Media have to pay BT a percentage for line rental!
I asked the guy's name - the very 'English' John Peacock with a very 'African' accent - & phone number - 0800 0800 152.
Obviously the fella realized I wasn't believing his story, so offered to demonstrate that he was from BT. I asked how & he told me to hang up & try phoning someone - he would dis-connect my phone to prevent this.
AND HE DID !! My phone was dead - no engaged tone, nothing - until he phoned me again.
Very pleased with himself, he asked if that was enough proof that he was with BT. I asked how the payment was to be made & he said credit card, there & then.
I said that I didn't know how he'd done it, but I had absolutely no intention of paying him, I didn't
believe his name or that he worked for BT.
He hung up..
Did 1471 & phoned his fictitious 0800 number - not recognised.
I phoned the police to let them know, I wasn't the first! It's only just started apparently but it is
Their advice was to let as many people know by word of mouth of this scam. The fact that the phone does go off would probably convince some people it's real, so please let as many friends & family aware of this.
This is good but not that clever. He gave the wrong number - it should have been 0800 800152 which takes you through to BT Business. The cutting off of the line is very simple, he stays on the line with the mute button on and you can't dial out - but he can hear you trying. (This is because the person
who initates a call is the one to terminate it). When you stop trying he cuts off and immediately calls back. You could almost be convinced! The sad thing is that it is so simple that it will certainly fool the elderly and vulnerable."

Wizard said...


Many thanks for the warning.

Wizard said...

“Whisper it, but I leave my children home alone (and don't dare condemn me... thousands of others do, too)”

This article appeared in today’s Mail.

I just wonder what others think.

Di said...

Hi Wizard

The link is not connecting, has it been whooshed?

Wizard said...

Hi Di,

I think the article is there as it is still under discussion on the Mail forums. Unfortunately it’s probably under the name of the journalist - whose name I have now forgotten.

Well – things are very quite at the moment, no further information on how Amaral is getting on with his defence and after last weeks ‘blitz’ the McCanns remain quiet.

I am waiting for Sunday to see how the Express are progressing their angle on this story.

Wizard said...

Well…..what are Carter-Ruck up to at the moment - according to this weeks Private Eye……

“When Wright and Pendlebury first revealed that Mireskandari was a convicted fraudster with bogus legal qualification, the bent solicitor had turned to London’s most vainglorious and bullying solicitors, Carter-Fuck, in his search for redress. How sad to report that their relationship has turned so sour that Carter-Fuck is now having to go to law itself, begging the courts to make Mireskandari hand over their outstanding [sic] legal fees1

Carter-Fuck started eagerly enough on Mireskandari’s behalf, threatening the Mail and warning other newspapers not to follow up its investigation. But then it began to have second thoughts.

Maybe the news that the Law Society had suspended Mireskandari while it investigated accusations of dishonesty and malpractice against him raised some doubts. Perhaps the high court order that Mireskandari may pat £300,000 towards the cost of failed legal actions against the Law Society caused Carter-Fuck to think again. And the accusation from the Solicitors Regulation Authority that Mireskandari had transferred money from clients’ accounts can hardly have helped. In any event, Carter-Fuck decided it not only wanted to drop Mireskandari as a client but it also wanted a court order confirming this.

Days after it got its order, Carter-Fuck then billed its ex-client for £150,143.05p, with a balance of £118,180.05p due within a month. Mireskandari failed to settle the invoice, Carter-Fuck alleges. So now it is suing him for £118m180.05p as well as interest amounting to £388.65 and continuing interest of £25.91 a day. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer legal firm and client….”

Wizard said...

According to Private Eye (see above article) a bent solicitor and fraudster went for legal help to Carter Ruck who initially embraced him.

Is this a pattern I see developing here in Messrs Carter Ruck's clientele? They don’t care who they defend?

Di said...

Hi Wizard

I agree things are very quiet, which generally means the McCanns come back with a new sighting, or another suspect that needs to be caught.

As for Carter Ruck no I don't think they care who they take on, which is exactly why Kate & Gerry went to them in the first place.

I am pleased to see on Joana's blog that all the Portuguese papers are talking about the petitions surporting Goncalo Amaral and that many people are behind him. I very much doubt our papers will report the same, but I live in hope that they will realise that this is what people want to read, and that is the truth.

Di said...

Last part of sentence should have read -

and that is, the truth!!

viv said...

Hello guys, been back a few hours and just had a read of all your very interesting posts.

Seems to me the Express continue to back the McCanns into a difficult corner.

Enjoyed Sandra as ever, bless her, she certainly made them squirm!

I note TB is as perverse and pompous as ever, ho hum!

Had a lovely break and thanks for all your good wishes, nice to be back too.


Di said...

Welcome back Viv, glad you enjoyed your hols.

I am not sure what is going on between TB and Deborah, but apparently we won't have to wait long to find out.

viv said...

Hiya Di and good to hear from you again!

I read MM last night and it would seem TB has spoken to a journo or written an email disclosing confidential info about Debbie's child. Debbie says she is waiting for a libel writ from him. I would take that threat with a big pinch of salt. He is very good at threatening absolutely everyone with legal action but as we saw clearly cannot even advise himself as to the correct way to behave.

It would also seem the bank have frozen the Foundation bank a/c due to Debbie not feeling able to sanction cheques he wanted to write.

Amber is now publishing all sorts of info about his various money making scams, what an inveterate little leaflet writer he is.

My opinion remains the same, he never once demonstrated any concern for little Maddie, all he wanted to do was sell a sensationalised story that she is dead. Horrid!


viv said...

I would just add that in that respect he is no better than Gerry McCann who clearly loves the money he is and has made out of people saying Maddie died.

Both really good at bullying cashing in and threatening, thugs!

hope4truth said...

Welcome home Viv

Hello Di

I always thougt TB was on the side of team McCann he gave them the victim status they feel they deserve and showed the world all of us evil bloggers are just spiteful hate filled people...


Di said...

Hi Viv

I know you have always had doubts about TB, also his reasons for taking an interest in Madeleine's case.

Hello Hope

Long time no see!!

I know you along with Viv have thought that TB was working for TM, quite honestly after all I have read in the last couple of weeks it would not surprise me one bit.

Is there anyone trustworthy in this case anymore?

I do wonder.

hope4truth said...

Hi Di

Everytime I logged on it was ages since someone had posted so I read and left...

I think we can trust each other and a few others...

If as I suspect TB was on the side of TM then they have shot themselves in the foot he needs attention and would sell them out for an interview...

How is your lovely grandson???


viv said...

Hiya both

I have always had a really bad feeling about those whose main concern seems to be money and selling a story, rather than Madeleine. The McCanns, Tony Bennett, but there are others too.

It seems awful that out of such tragedy, there are shades of human nature who can just abandon a little girl and the sweet innocence children represent, they just show us the very worst side of human nature.

I still hope that if Madeleine is alive, she can be recovered and I still feel there will be more than enough decent police officers involved to have that single minded aim. Maybe the change in senior management at LP will see a renewed focus.

It cannot be denied that Kate and Gerry make no British appeal whatsoever, not to the British press, the British people or the perhaps most importantly, the British Police. What would you do if you were Madeleine's parent?

The Daily Express suggest getting Scotland Yard involved, that is difficult for Kate and Gerry because that is exactly what you would be expecting them to be demanding. The British and Portuguese Police know a great deal about these two and asking for the help of the police is not an option for Kate and Gerry. But we can continue to have faith they work for the victim, little Madeleine.

viv said...

Something else I also found incredibly odd, that there was this supposed political plot to exculpate a couple of child abusers and their ilk.

I do not believe it, I never did, it is pure rubbish, but the propaganda worked, many did. I think all of this has been about selling brand Kate and Gerry and where Madeleine has never meant anything more than a trademark, a piece of intellectual property. There is the link to a paedophilic attitude, children are, apparently, just tools to be used for the pleasure of adults.

I always wondered, why would Tony Bennett and Clarence Mitchell speak to each other on the phone?

But are the McCanns just manipulating this man for their own ends, is he a fully fledged memeber of Team McCann. Would you trust the "integrity" of Tony Bennett? How long would it be before he was threatening to sue Gerry McCann!

hope4truth said...


Just reading on another site and in a re print from the press it said something like...

"The Police belive Maddie was taken by a peadophile"

The police never jumped to that conclusion it was the McCann's who had no way of knowing what happend to her if they really had been in the Bar and she was in bed asleep when they left her who solved the crime on behalf of the police...

I am swinging round to the idea that the negelct was a cover for something far worse as they are almost proud to admit time and time again just how neglectful they were that holiday.

Looking at it from my point of view if I had negleted my children and JT is the only one who saw the abductor and her husband was missing for most of the meal would be she was involved.

she said she walked past Gerry and Jez yet they never saw her this makes her a liar and as a parent I would want the pair of them investigated...

But they trust their friends my only question is WHY WOULD THEY???

viv said...

Hiya Hope

You raise some interesting points there.

The issue for me is why has it always been that this group as a whole needed to present a group timeline. Why on earth did an educated man like Russell O'Brien hand the police their typed up version at his further interview on the Saturday after Maddie went missing. He would have known full well, the police did not want the so called group's evidence, they wanted HIS evidence.

As you say, he was missing at the time Maddie went missing. Additionally he did not attend for a meal at all on Tuesday 1 May the night Mrs Fenn heard Madeleine crying for one hour and fifteen minutes. As you also say, Jane Tanner provides not only a cover for Gerry McCann in claiming she saw this so called stranger abductor but also her own husband. Gerry has to say he did not see her because Gez Wilkins is an honest witness and is categoric she did not pass by that small space, he would have seen her. Neither did he see any so called abductor passby just above.

So when you put it into the melting pot, why do this group revel in explaining how badly they neglected their children. What is the secret that binds this group and causes them to all tell lies.

Why is it that here on this blog I have outright accused them of paedophilia and there is not one single threat to sue?

Why is it that Kate and Gerry only want to defend themselves in interviews rather than talk about Madeleine and who may have her?

Why do they not tell us they are demanding the British Police look for the missing little Ward of Court. Why do they not seek to defend themselves from the clear allegations against Gerry and Payne of paedophilia by their own former doctor friends?

I do not think I have been harsh in my assessment of this situation. There is no reason in the world that the McCanns could trust Tanner and O'Brien so implicitly in the circumstances is there, and there is no reason for Russell O'Brien to have got so angry about the prospect of being considered a suspect and attending for a reconstruction, unless of course, he genuinely had something to fear.

Rachel Oldfield even tells how she left her baby steeped in diarhorrea. One hardly needs to be a doctor to know, no normal person would remotely consider leaving such an ill baby alone, or would not even realise that baby could have died, had it been as ill as Rachel Oldfield described.

To me there can be only one form of child abuse this lot seek to cover up, the very worst.

Wizard said...

Hi All,

Viv I hope you had an enjoyable holiday and nice to see you back.

Hope – I was just reading back - LOL be careful mentioning ‘swinging round’ in the same sentence as the McCanns et al.

Viv – what indeed are they all covering up for? In my mind Tanner is covering for O’Brien hence the reason she gives a description of bungle man which is the complete opposite of O’Brian. She seeks to ensure no one puts the father of her children in the frame for this crime.

I would think her sighting gives also some support to GM and she must be quite miffed that he does not collaborate her story by saying he saw her.

They are all covering up for child neglect and inventing timelines to validate they checked on their children regularly when imo they all had them sedated and they felt there was no need to keep checking - the kids were not going anywhere – accept Madeleine of course.

hope4truth said...

Hello Both

Good point about the "swinging" whoops LOL

I must admit the longer this goes on the guiltier they all look... No way on earth any loving parent would trample all over their child to get publicity for themselves...

Every apeal is to show how they cant possibly be involved as they know she was abducted by a Peadophile...

The simple truth is if she really was missing when they returned and they had no involvement in it they would know no more than any of us as they were not there...

As the natural conclusion that neither Gerry or Jez saw Jane why would she need to make up an abductor??? The only conclusion I can come to if St Kate and St Gerry are innocent is she was covering her own sorry ass and that of her husband...

If it is right he was missing the night Mrs Fenn heard Madeleine crying as well well that should be ringing alarm bells loud and clear in the McCann's heads...

The fact that it dosent once again confirms they know exactly what hapend to their child the only thing that confuses me now is why they are walking around free???

If this country gives a damn about it's children then for all their sakes people should stop supporing this evil couple who want the world to give them money and do nothing to find their missing child????

Audit the Fund and trace every penny spent give the results the same publicity the McCann's have had on the farce to find Madeleien and lets see what any of their supporters think of them then...

Di said...

Hi all


I agree with what you say but don't forget Kate's mobile was pinpointed at the apartment the night Mrs Fenn heard the crying.

Mrs Fenn thought the parents arrived home and Madeleine stopped crying.

IMO, as I have always said, someone probably left via the patio doors.

Whatever the theory, what a sad outcome for Madeleine, and the fact that her parents are only interested in making money out of her name. Something that will not be forgotten.

See you all tomorrow.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz and thanks I did have a lovely break. There is something truly wonderful about being in the delicious warm Red Sea with the most stunning tropical fish swimming around you, we were in the habit of getting some bread and feeding them which was the most fantastic spectacle, they would literally eat out of your hand, as the water just boiled with them! It is just the most adorable way to exercise and relax, hot sun on your back, swanning around looking at Tirana Island a huge mountainous pile, stunning.

Getting back to little Maddie, I take drugging of the children as a given fact in the McCann's case, even Gerry acknowledges that happened, presumably because he knows the police have some evidence to prove that. His ear pulling performance/smirk also said it all.

So, you are right, it is definitely possible that the guilty secret is this bunch of malcontents actually used their kit bag on their own kids to go on the piss. They had to have a pact of silence because they were all doing it to save bothering to act like normal parents and either be with them or ensure there was a proper babysitter looking after them. I often wonder why the Pt Police once let slip that they thought all the children had been bunked up on the one room. That would have actually made sense, put them altogether and just pay for one babysitter, bar the fact there were rather a lot of them for one sitter to look after, waking each other etc.

But there is something very odd to me in the McCanns actually being willing to sue on the basis of people insisting Madeleine died, but, completely ignoring allegations of paedophilia. If they were so concerned about allegations Maddie died, Gerry would not have stopped Mr Meyer from intervening with the press. That clearly indicates he wanted the Daily Express to carry on so he could cash in. It also seems to indicate to me, it is just not true.

But it has to be one or the other IMO.


viv said...

Hiya HOpe

That is the point, yes, they would not have a clue what happened to Madeleine because according to them, they left her alone with the door open.

The GNR immediately knew they were telling lies, insisting someone BROKE in there and stole Madeleine. When you read the PJ file it was that absolute immediate insistence she had been abducted that put them in the frame. It really was not very clever of them to start saying that, even Kate, they have taken her. I think the obvious assumption would have been my God, how bloody half soaked have I been, I can run, I am fit and I am going to bloody run and look for her. But Kate never looked at all, she knew exactly who had taken her and that would be a complete waste of time.

Di, I agree with you, Mrs Fenn's story about hearing the patio door going and Madeleine immediately shutting up, Mrs Fenn assuming that was the parents coming back, sends an absolute chill down my spine. Particularly given the very angry Mr Russell O'Brien did not present at all that night.

I think someone left the apartment and hence Maddie stopped crying, someone was making her cry. I do not believe it was Kate McCann. Just because her mobile registers to being in the apt at that time does not mean she was there.


viv said...

DAILY STAR front page: “MADDIE ‘HELD’ BY MURAT – Amazing NEW sighting is revealed”

Friends of the McCanns claim they saw Robert Murat “running from the seaside apartment”. Says Robert Murat’s lawyer: “Rubbish”


Two of the Tapas Seven say they saw Murat flee the holiday complex. Portuguese paper 24 Horas, quoting a judicial source, says Jane Tanner and her partner Russell O’Brien “fingered British expat Robert Murat during a face-to-face meeting in May”

The insider tells the paper: “They said Murat was the person they saw next to the apartment where Madeleine was sleeping when the alarm was raised”

Says the Portuguese tabloid: “This is the same couple said to have indicated to Portuguese public prosecutors they intend altering their statements after it was made public that they could become official suspects”

viv said...

DAILY TELEGRAPH page 13: “McCanns friends pointed Murat out to police”

“Two of the so-called Tapas Nine - the name given to Mr and Mrs McCann and the seven friends who dined with them on May 3 at their Algarve holiday complex - allegedly pointed out Mr Murat to police, a Portuguese newspaper claimed”

Says the source: “They were all placed in the same room and two people that had left the restaurant pointed to Robert Murat. They said he was the person they saw next to the apartment where Madeleine was sleeping around the time the alarm was raised”

viv said...

Dr Christian Ludke - Criminal Psychologist
By Uta Keseling
7 September 2007, 18:11
Translation by Nigel Moore

The forensic psychologist Dr. Christian Lüdke leads a company in Essen which supports the victims of robberies, kidnappings, accidents or disasters. He spoke with WELT ONLINE about the possible motives of the McCann couple in the tragic case of the abduction of Madeleine.

WELT ONLINE: You have warned, since early on, that the behaviour of Gerry and Kate McCann indicates their involvement in the crime. What has made you feel that way?

Christian Lüdke: I have, in recent years, cared for many parents who lost their children due to acts of violence. Most of them were under severe shock, feeling helpless, desperate and withdrawn. Many also quarrelled. They blamed themselves hugely for not having looked after their child adequately.

WELT ONLINE: It was different with the McCanns?

Lüdke: They live very differently. In public, they are harmonious. Already, after only a few days they went jogging, as if that was a normal thing to do, always appearing together. These parents took matters into their own hands instead of leaving matters in the hands of the police. They distanced themselves from their two other children by going on a European tour, that to me is very strange.

WELT ONLINE: Maybe it was an accident?

Lüdke: No. In such a case, after the first shock, they would have trusted the police. Both parents are doctors, in case of an accident they would have tried to get help. It is even more unrealistic that of all people two doctors would leave 3 children alone in a strange environment, even more at night. I have many doctors as patients. As professionals they know all that can happen to children, and as parents they are overly protective.

WELT ONLINE: What could have been the motive to cause their own daughter's disappearance?

Lüdke: There are parents who have little or no emotional bond with a child. Often such a child is considered a burden that must be dealt with in a brutal or perverted way. The best known is Münchhausen Syndrome by Proxy: The mother tortures the child until it is almost dead and then calls for the police because she herself has a great desire to receive attention.

WELT ONLINE: Do you think it is possible that Madeleine's parents have killed Madeleine and together hidden her?

Lüdke: I believe both parents know what happened.

WELT ONLINE: It means, the McCanns planned the death of their daughter?

Lüdke: Yes, it is possible that they planned this a long time ago, they must at least have played it through in their minds many times and they must have spoken about it together. Otherwise they would now be contradicting each other.

viv said...

WELT ONLINE: When parents are guilty of killing their child, do they block this fact out of their minds?

Lüdke: Unlikely. Both have clear consciousness, give interviews, travel. It is easier for them to lie than to speak the truth. One can probably exclude a psychosis. Many things point toward a mental disorder. The children of the McCanns were conceived artificially; that can lead to problems in parenthood. Maybe there were self esteem issues that were not openly addressed. Maybe the child had to die due to a problem that had lasted many years.

WELT ONLINE: But the McCanns seem perfect and loving parents.

Lüdke: That public image can be due to a guilt mechanism, like doing a media campaign, to distract attention away from the real problem.

WELT ONLINE: Why do they not go back to Great Britain?

Lüdke: That also speaks against them. When someone loses a child they want to be with their loved ones in a secure environment. By continuing to stay at that resort, where something terrible happened, the worse that can happen to a parent - that is, to lose a child - indicates a survival instinct. As in a mental cinema, these pictures would be constantly running over again. That the McCanns do not return home, where they would have memories of the beautiful times spent with their child, can be seen as an evasive action, in order to avoid having to deal with what they have done.

WELT ONLINE: The world thinks it is impossible that these parents can be guilty.

Lüdke: The media have possibly been taken in by the McCanns. They very quickly attended only after them, instead of around the child. The parents were accompanied like the Beckhams. In his Internet diary, the father writes almost daily about that and other irrelevant/banal things, the shirt he was wearing, what the weather is like. No father in despair could do this. Statistically 70 percent of all the violence against children is caused by the parents, family members or friends. That has unfortunately, to a large extent, not been looked into. The Portuguese police were attacked unfairly when they tried to refer in that direction.

WELT ONLINE: They have already expressed suspicions about the parents, when hardly anyone wanted to know about it. Have you been criticized for it?

Lüdke: Yes, very severely. There were open letters, a campaign on the Internet with professional associations. And I have done no more than look at the whole thing as an outsider.

Wizard said...

Good Morning All,

I have just been reading back. It surprised me that Tanner and O’Brien fingered Murat saying they saw him fleeing from apartment 5A.

So this is another attempt by Tanner to push blame for Madeleine’s disappearance onto a stranger. I think they must be involved hence the need to deflect and distract from themselves.

As far as I’m concerned Tanner’s bundle man sighting (at least at the time she gave) was false and again the Murat sighting I think has been proved untrue. So why lie – I think only one conclusion can be drawn.

The Welt online article is interesting. I’ve always thought the McCanns overstayed in PdL to be at the hub of the police search and know exactly was going on. Perhaps they were expecting their daughter to be found. I rather like the Ludke explanation that rings true when he says:

Lüdke: “When someone loses a child they want to be with their loved ones in a secure environment. By continuing to stay at that resort, where something terrible happened, the worse that can happen to a parent - that is, to lose a child - indicates a survival instinct. As in a mental cinema, these pictures would be constantly running over again. That the McCanns do not return home, where they would have memories of the beautiful times spent with their child, can be seen as an evasive action, in order to avoid having to deal with what they have done.”

viv said...

Hello Wiz

I had not read that before either that Russell and Jane immediately pointed Murat out in a room. I know Jane was taken by Det Super Bob Small to try and identify Murat.

It is interesting that Rachel, Russell and Fiona, effectively one from each group even went back to
PDL in July 07 for a PJ organised confrontation with Murat. Curiously also there is not a mention of this in the official files that we have been allowed to see. I think any detail that throws suspicion on other members of the group has been carefully concealed because the police would not wish them to know they overtly consider them suspects. I think it is for that reason that there was a lot of talk emanating from Portugal, who are clearly more open, that Tanner and OB were changing their statements and were to be made arguidos. This suddenly got hushed up, I am sure at the request of the British Police, who do not like to forewarn and forearm. So long as they continued to treat them as witnesses, rather than suspects, they were obliged to answer all questions. Suspect status would have enabled them to claim the right to silence which clearly would not have helped the police, apart from them knowing the police are on to them. Of course they do know, given they all were allowed to take lawyers with them and the angry comments from Russell at the rogatory interviews.

I think the comments of Ludke are really helpful in aiding understanding. At first he does not seem to say they killed Madeleine, but he is clear they are involved. "Like doing media campaigns to detract attention from themselves". It has just been one campaign, months apart, one after another with the emphasis more so in the past (they learn by their mistakes) keep insisting the money is running out and they need more.

I continue to believe this was a premeditated disappearance, Madeleine was a seriously unloved and abused child, and their main motivation, apart from a cold lack of love and concern was money. But they have had to reign in their fame seeking ways, it is all about the image they create, but they have received disastrous advice in that regard. I wonder if that is why Clarence Mitchell seems to have more or less got the push.


viv said...

this is the bit I am referring to Wiz, he avoids actually saying they killed Madeleine, I think like me, he is considering something potentially even worse and it was carefully planned. I believe due to Madeleine's age and the prospect of going to school, that could not be allowed to happen. Notice at first the McCanns did put out a parrotted story to the police, clearly carefully rehearsed but they made a fatal error in disagreeing about which door was used. They are now far more smooth and practised, giving themselves several months in between appearances to perfect their latest slant/presentation.

WELT ONLINE: Do you think it is possible that Madeleine's parents have killed Madeleine and together hidden her?

Lüdke: I believe both parents know what happened.

WELT ONLINE: It means, the McCanns planned the death of their daughter?

Lüdke: Yes, it is possible that they planned this a long time ago, they must at least have played it through in their minds many times and they must have spoken about it together. Otherwise they would now be contradicting each other.

viv said...

Interesting he rules out psychosis, but says that mental disorder is clear. I could not agree more. That is the problem I have with people who try to normalise the McCanns behaviour and explain this in terms of an accident. I am sure it was no such thing.

The McCanns are clear and lucid, but even so, utterly perverted in their speech and outlook. Very distorted thought processes. I have always thought that with Kate, there may also be depression or bipolar and PD, but with Gerry he is just pure narcissist/psychopath (a high risk strategy, um hum, Gerry)

Di said...

Hi all


I think they stayed in PDL because they were being kept ahead of the investigation by a mole, not sure whether PT or LP police but someone was definitely feeding them information.

The fact they were more than happy to leave the twins, when a supposed paedophile was lurking about, said it all to me. They knew the twins were not at risk imo.

hope4truth said...


I think Jane Tanner had better watch herself because she is looking like the prime suspect in this...

After reading that she fingered Murat...

"The insider tells the paper: “They said Murat was the person they saw next to the apartment where Madeleine was sleeping when the alarm was raised”

Very strange that she should see egg man leaving with Madeleine then says Murat was next to the apartment (why would he go back as she had seen him leave already???)

If I believed a word Gerry and Kate said and I was a pro banging the drum for the poor victims I would firmly believe that Jane Tanner and her Husband were the evil people who took Madeleine and wonder when the buck will be passed in their direction...

well I guess it depends what they know and I hope for their sake and liberty they know a lot....

I think Ms Tanner had best start thinking of her children and tell the police what happend that night because she is up to her neck in it and all she may be guilty of is lying through her teeth...

As for the Welt interview of a profesional the below....

"WELT ONLINE: They have already expressed suspicions about the parents, when hardly anyone wanted to know about it. Have you been criticized for it?

Lüdke: Yes, very severely. There were open letters, a campaign on the Internet with professional associations. And I have done no more than look at the whole thing as an outsider"

As he says he has done no more than look at it as an outsider and I am sure other parents have been arested on far less odd behaviour than the McCann's have displayed....

Dont get me going on the whoosh clunked blogs by the loving father!!!

Mary said...

Rosies book slated!

Euro Weekly News 27th August - 2nd September 2009
by Jennifer Leighfield, Editorial Manager


It was quite a coincidence that I received a copy of "The Madeleine Investigation: Incompetence or corruption"?. On the same day it was reported that the Madeleine Foundation had posted leaflets listing 10 reasons why they think the MCCanns´version of the events on the night of their daughter´s disappearance don´t add up. According to Debbie Butler, chairman of the Madeleine Foundation, 10,000 of these leaflets are being printed every day, as part of a nationwide and international campaign. They are part of the 64-page book "What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann? Sixty reasons which suggest she was not abducted ´ by former lawyer Tony Bennett, which, wanting to read all versions of the story, I have also read. The McCanns were said to be very upset by the distribution of these leaflets, but Debbie Butler says the foundation is quite within their rights to do so, especially as what they are ultimately trying to achieve is that the case be reopened, which can only be a good thing for the person who really matters in all this: Maddie.

Debbie also told us that the recent publicity about the leaflet led to hundreds of thousands of hits on the foundation´s website, many messages of support and requests for copies of the leaflet, plus orders for 250 more 60 Reasons booklets. Having mentioned here that I had read Goncalo Amaral´s book "A verdade da mentira" one reader strongly recommended that I should read the other side of the sotry, in the form of a book written by the members of the Justice for all the McCann Family Forum. Hoping to find some facts which would clarify the disappearance, and some information coming directly from the family, I immediately ordered it online and was very happy to receive it within just a few days. Unfortunately, I was soon disappointed. The front cover claims it contains "previously unseen pictures and documents", which it does, but not directly regarding the McCann case. They criticise Mr Bennett for using sources from the internet, but most of the text in this book is from previously written press articles, blogs and some of the content is quoted as having been taken from Wikipedia. Not a very reliable source to back up a criminal case!

There are pages and pages of questions, accusations and criticism, mainly directed at Goncalo Amaral, but very little in the way of answers. The authors openly insult anyone who doesn´t share their point of view, calling them uneducated, and probably one of the most annoying things for me as a translator was that to translate a passage from Amaral´s book, they didn´t even bother to hire the services of a professional, but obviously put the text through an automatic translator which failed to even recognise some words.

The authors claim that they will not receive a penny from the sales and that all profits (minus costs) will go to the official Find Madeleine Fund, a sentiment which I do truly admire, but having seen the poorly structured way it has been put together, I think they are actually doing the McCanns few favours apart from contributing funds, as this book will do little to change the opinion of anyone who has any questions about their story.

They had a great opportunity to get their voices heard and, to quote the reader who suggested I purchase the book, "set the record straight", but unfortunately failed to make the most of it. Some of the questions presented in the book do make you wonder about how well the investigation was allowed to be carried out, but what good are they without answers? But perhaps the most worrying part comes near the end, where it seems that they would rather tag Portugal as a dangerous place to visit with an incompetent police force, and make excuses for leaving children unattended, than encourage people to take better care of their children, wherever they may be.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Mail story:

Madeleine McCann detective facing £1m fraud charge
Last updated at 10:15 PM on 21st November 2009
Add to My Stories

Missing: Madeleine McCann vanished in May 2007
A private detective whose company was paid up to £500,000 from publicly donated funds to find Madeleine McCann has been charged with fraud.
Kevin Halligen, 48, is wanted in America by the FBI for allegedly conning a law firm out of £1.3 million by claiming he could help free two men jailed in war-torn Africa. It is claimed he instead spent the money on a mansion.
However, he has not been arrested because US officials do not know where he is.
In another case, a US court has ordered Halligen to repay a loan of £2million to a business partner. And a British lawyer is claiming £1.3million after investing in Halligen’s company but receiving no return on the cash.
Halligen’s firm, Oakley International, was hired by the Madeleine Fund but was dropped after six months over claims he was making little progress and spending too much.
Halligen, who claims a wealth of contacts in the British security services and FBI, said he had infiltrated a paedophile ring in Belgium. He regularly visited Kate and Gerry McCann to give updates on the hunt for Madeleine, who was three when she vanished from a holiday flat in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007.
In the months after Halligen was ditched four investigators demanded another £200,000 from the fund claiming they had not been paid by him. Halligen’s indictment is likely to dismay thousands who gave money to the Madeleine Fund.
A document filed in the District Court of Columbia claims Halligen took money saying his firm could help secure the release of two executives from the Dutch company Trafigura imprisoned in the Ivory Coast in 2007. The men were arrested following the alleged unloading of toxic waste.
Halligen is said to have proposed a rescue operation by flying in South African mercenaries but it was later cancelled. The men were freed a few months later following a reported £120million payment.
Halligen was last seen in Italy and has allegedly left a trail of debts in America. The Madeleine Fund received more than £1million in donations after her disappearance but was hugely depleted by Halligen’s services. There are concerns the fund will be empty by the end of this year.
The McCanns had previously hired Barcelona-based detective agency Metodo 3 on a reported £50,000 a month. But the company lost credibility with the couple when its head of operations claimed he knew who had kidnapped Madeleine and hoped to have her home by Christmas.
After Halligen, the McCanns hired two former British detectives, David Edgar and Arthur Cowley. In August, Mr Edgar appealed for sightings of an Australian ‘Victoria Beckham lookalike’. But a Mail on Sunday investigation revealed the detectives had failed to make the most basic of inquiries in Barcelona where the woman was seen.
The McCanns’ spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, insisted the fund had not been duped. Two phone numbers previously used by Halligen were answered by a man who said he had no idea who Kevin Halligen was.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1229919/Madeleine-McCann-detective-facing-1m-fraud-charge.html#ixzz0XXyJ2SCe

Same story carried by other news papers and agencies.

hope4truth said...

Hello Mary

I think the problem with writing leaflets that are not researched is you end up looking like a prat...

The Madeleine Foundation's leaflet had more holes than a tea bag and the second you can pick something apart you loose all credibility and look nasty...

As for RPs book well that hate fulled woman /man is the only reason I still post as it is obvious to anyone that something is being covered up when bullying tactics are used to try and shut people up who have done no more than say something is not right....

The McCann's have been ill informed by those around them about what to do. This has been a huge media campaign from day one and much of what they have done just is not normal....


Hello lovely to see you again xxx

You have just proved one of my points re the above post...

M3 and Oakley were dodgey and did a good job at trying to invent evidence to show that the parents are not guilty of killing / removing Madeleine...

Yet if my child were missing I would be frustrated if the police thought it was me because they would be wasting time searching I would do all I could to help them and make sure the selfish people with me on that holiday helped as well....

Now we find out again about dodgey goings on by shadey firms and it does not ring true...

Madeleine has pulled at all our heartstrings and there must be 100s of people retired with years of experience of searching for missing children who would have volunteered to help and maybe just take expenses from the fund....

But no they waste 1000s of pounds on crooks....

Audit that fund and publish how much the Directors have been paid (and name them) then follow the money trail and see if any of it has been laundred back to the McCann's....

Uncle John giving up a well paid job less than two weeks after Madeleine went missing is one of the strangest things I am sure he would have been given an extended holiday by his firm (lets face it if they refused to do this for him how bad would they have looked?) yet he jacked it in and was paid by the fund???

My girls have two uncles and if they offered to help and then took a wage out of a fund set up to find them I honestly think I would never forgive their greed as every penny would be to find my child...

And I would have to refuse anyway as I would be convinced my child would be home any day and they would need thier job...

All the papers need to make a lot of money now when there is not much news out there is publish the fund again with a bit more investigation and put the happy snaps of the griveing parents on the cover with the date they were taken for all to see and Team McCann will collapse and we may finaly get to the truth...

Madeleine the victim deserves nothing less...


Wizard said...

Hi Di,

The ‘Mole of Praia da Luz’ – a good title for a book don’t you think? LOL

I think insider information was and still is being fed to the Mc’s; probably I would have thought from a Portuguese source. It fits in with Ludke’s analysis of ‘survival instinct.’ It’s all about the McCanns survival and not about their missing daughter and we have seen so much of this to believe it true.

Viv you say: “Interesting he (Ludke) rules out psychosis, but says that mental disorder is clear. I could not agree more.”

You are right in my book it clearly points to denial and survival. I think as non medical observers we can also rule out psychosis as the Mcs are too organised to be considered by any yards stick of diagnosis to be psychotic. Denial of course is a psychological trait and many people go into this mode to cope with life.

Mary – Thank you for the article. The author says:-

“There are pages and pages of questions, accusations and criticism, mainly directed at Goncalo Amaral, but very little in the way of answers.”

This is the strange thing about Rosiepops et al – never any answers just blind faith. The McCanns say they had nothing to do with their daughter’s disappearance and that is good enough for them, they never question or explore the evidence it’s almost like a religious cult. Or perhaps more cynically - paid PR.

viv said...

Morning guys and what a lot of interesting posts again! Brill!

Mary, Welcome, it is lovely to see someone new posting on the board and I hope you will stay with us.

Thanks for the interesting article about Rosie's book, you know I sometimes wonder whether Rosie is Gerry, it is clearly such an obnoxious person whose foul comments could hardly endear the public to the McCanns. I say this because it has certainly seemed that the McCanns are behind a lot of the nastiness on the internet that is designed to put people off reasonably discussing their culpability in this matter.

It is true to say, imo, that Gerry is so personality disordered he just has no conception of how his comments and conduct are going to affect the public. In the first place kate genuinely looked devastated but within just a few days he had her acting every bit as amused or aloof as him.

On other occasions I wonder why Gerry does not pay Rosie to just shut up, but do not think he has the brains for that, I can imagine that man sees a place for aggressive abuse!


Once again Mary welcome on board, and ICTOAN, lovely to see you back again as well and of course our regulars Di, Wiz and Hope who keep this blog going, thank you so much

Viv xxx

hope4truth said...


Gerry cant pay Rosiepops to shut up as I am no doubt he got her to start posting in the first place...

Remember when we all said they were controlled and we had visits from the girly gang accusing us of being scared of you???

This convinced me that was exactly what was happening on thier vomit enduced forum full of rainbows and flowers as I knew that no one was controlling me and I was not recieveing threats by e mail and to be honest none of us knew who each other were at that point and dont know much more now...

Yet they went off for their cuppas and no doubt got told via msn or skype who to attack and try and take down next...

It was no coincedence they all came back singing from the same hymm sheet both here and the DX...

Their mission was to bully us off the web...

And what happend next Sassy get's kicked off her own forum (she set it up if I remeber rightly) and she sets up her own blog and tells us all that we were right they were phoned and told to post on their blog and controlled...

So RP did a very good job for the McCann's in so much if she had not created the charactrers such as Mandz Tinkerbell Mum21 and all the other evil scumbags I would have got boered and given up a long time ago...

oh I forgot dear sweet chinadoll that nasty little dreg gave me the wake call i needed after having a reasnoble conversation with it new years day at about 1 in the morning she tried to twist what I was saying and use phsyco bable to make me feel bad... She did make me throw up during that conversation as I could not belive what I was reading but hey she also made me realise just how guilty the McCann's are...

Someone cant remeber who said they thought that was Kate I bloody hope not because a nutter like that should be no where near children...

If any of this vile bunch are traced back to team McCann Kate and Gerry themselves or the T7 or close family god help them they will have convicted themselves more than any court could!!!!!!!

viv said...

Oh lol Hope, I do remember them trying to brainwash you all into believing you were terrified of me:-0))

I also remember the girl gang seemingly get drunk on a friday night and then launching into a full scale attack on me that often went on until 3 am!

As you say, it has really had a very negative effect for Team McCann, because it has just made us more determined to stick around and oppose that foul scum. I actually only opened this blog because they twice got me banned on the Daily Express and had absolutely no intention of shutting up on the subject.

I think Sassy was a more decent person who Psychopops recruited, maybe she just did not believe in the death theory and in that I can certainly sympathise because it has been a long time since I have been convinced of that although I certainly would not rule that out as the way the McCanns did get rid of Madeleine.

I recall speaking with Chinadoll here on this blog one night in her mission to get me to stop blogging on here. I realised I was definitely talking to someone with a pretty serious mental health problem, someone who is almost obsessive compulsive about hygiene telling me how filthy Nanday was etc, someone who clearly dislikes animals intensely, someone who is determined, manipulative and intelligent. I still believe that could well have been Kate McCann.

It certainly made my flesh creep to think how utterly mad she was as she ranted away to me constantly in the most obsessive way. I think one exchange is still there on the pets page which she clearly hated.

One way or another Rosie would not have made the concerted effort he/she has unless it is paid, family or one of the T7 as you suggest. I always found it odd the way it described itself as a man on the Daily Express yet insisted it was a woman. Clearly has considerable internet skills and yet claimed could not change the sex back to woman on the DX, it was apparently just a mistake, I do not think so. Also glass half full person who likes to sit and watch the birds. As we know that is the very antithesis of Rosie, I could imagine it pulling the wings of butterflies and birds and trampling over flowers.

Yes, and the opposite to me and you who clearly do love wildlife and plants!

Looking forward to much Farden Centreing in the Spring:-))))


hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

LOL I forgot Nanday was about to electrocute on the wires you had left lying around (still not sure how speaker wires can electrocute anyone my chinchilla chewed through ours years ago and he lived till over 12 years) It was all about taking us down...

I was often told I was not a nice person even though I tried pretending I was???

I know who I am and I think they assumed I was weak but I am all for fair play and peoples rights and would normaly be really upset for any parent of a missing child yet from day one something did not ring true...

As much as I worry about parents of missing children I also worry for the missing child something none of them seem to worry about....

I forgot about Maureen (was it maureen???)who kept insisting that there was a listening service that was her job to make us think there was silly cow was always accusing me of saying things other posters had said even that I was a man as I was taking my wife away that made me laugh a lot....

The idea was not to make me laugh though it was to make me run away somehting I have never done...

If I could be bought I would have written them a campaign that would have them well in the clear now but people like me dont sell our soul to the devil to protect the guilty...

No they had to choose a team that were as sick as they were and from statemnts "I bet Madeleine is giving them her tuppenceworth" to "The situation Madeleine finds herself in" have made the gullible public wake up and think WTF

Di said...

Hi all

Viv, Hope

Your two last posts have just put a smile on my face, I had forgotten what we have all been through over the last two and a half years, and we are still here which says it all.

Rosie and all her/his troops have tried their best to stop us, have they suceeded, NO.

Mary Welcome :o)))

Di said...

Hi Wizard

Could the mole be the Officer first on the scene, who had, how much was it, in his bank account!!!

hope4truth said...

Hi Di

It is funny to think we are here at all really I have never blogged before and what a way to start LOL


I have been spending time in the farden centre lately they have loads of Christmas stuff I love it !!!!

viv said...

Hiya Di

I can remember a time when the non stop insults did used to upset me but also more determined, my response was to write / publish an even more anti McCann stance.

I think in the fullness of time and it did take about 18 months or so, as thick as they are they realised that personal attacks on me were a very retrograde step for Team McCann and I remain quite bemused that absolutely nothing is said concerning my own strongly held views that this case involves one of the most serious forms of organised child abuse, paedophilia. Have they been told to lay off me and go quiet on that particular subject?

ICTOAN'S headline from The Daily Mail is just pure agony I am sure for poor Kate and Gerry:

Madeleine McCann detective facing £1m fraud charge

They are directly making the link to the McCanns even though the fraud charge is not actually to do with that. I think the Mail are very anti McCann and in a perverse way, the DX too, but they can always say er what did we do to Carter Ruck and it would be very hard for them to say well you are just taking the piss out of my clients are you not:-)))

These two papers hold centre England, a massive and influential readership between them, it is just not good for McPropaganda.

The article details M3 the fraudsters who claimed they knew were Maddie was and would have her bome by Christmas 2007, Halligen the fraudster and the latest two idiots and their Beckham lookalike disaster campaign which clearly also makes them look like a couple of helpless fraudsters. Then we have Tony Bennett apparently also being investigated for fraud. How long is it going to be before all these fraudsters fleecing the Maddie Fund, bring the heat where it really belongs?

Clarence insists the Fund has not been duped. No I do not think it has, these fraudsters were Gerry's choice, of choice employees. As Mr Marco honestly explains, he was the only agency who believed in Gerry's tale of being quite certain paedophiles had taken Madeleine. Of course we are just waiting for Gerry to explain to the world and the police how he is so certain about that, given he claims he did not remove Madeleine himself, he was, ahem, sat at the dining table, just like Russell O'Brien was er not!

i think Gerry was practising his accomplished jogging skills, blending back into the "search" on his return taking advantage of the Kate induced chaos...

viv said...

Hope, you have inspired me, I will get down to my Farden Centre, get some nice potted bulbs, baubles and generally soak up the lovely atmosphere, INSIDE XXXX

Just need to get decorators electricians etc and dust out me hair xx

viv said...

Di I remember it seemed pretty categoric news that the Pt Police efforts were being hampered by the work of a PJ Mole feeding directly back to the McCanns, perhaps by M3.

Odd that Kennedy and M3 got a private meeting with them purely to feed some fantasy rubbish sightings etc.

It has gone very quiet on the GNR officer first on the scene who apparently received was it about £100,000 by instalments. Ho hum, no wonder the PJ were so fascinated by Gerry's Mastercards!!!

viv said...

Seriously I am sure McCann bribes from the Fund were channelled in a more sophisticated way than direct from Gerry's Mastercards (funny he needs them in the plural).

Doc always agreed with me that those massive monthly payments to M3 were a form of money laundering. I think much of that money was to fund the payments to bribing witnesses and also of course the Pt Police.

Remember what an odd spectacle it was when we had Kennedy claiming he was settling M3's bills but then Clarence insisting the Fund were also paying them and the Fund would run dry in months (told this early 2008 if I recall).

That certainly sounded like a need to be getting rid of huge piles of cash from the Fund and that is something Kate and Gerry have been singularly successful at. I suspect it has not just gone on Botox for kate.

It is a form of laundering in itself to set up a so called not for profit company that gets off with paying Income Tax and then channel all their income including hefty libel awards into it. That has saved Messrs McCann an awful lot of money to the Inland Revenue which flipping annoys me given the money they have wanted in relation to my own case at 40%. And they say it pays to be honest??

Joe said...

If both Metodo 3 and Oakley International are fraudsters then the McCanns dealing with them has to raise questions, particularly as one employs the services of an agency to do a certain job.We know for a fact neither are real detective agencies. In this case it cannot be dismissed that the payment of fees were purely a way of getting money out of the fund to be paid back to whoever in cash or Swiss bank accounts under the guise of course, of legitimate expenses or bills. It would be ironic if the latter stung the fund for a big sum only nothing could be done legally as it never happened. If the FBI is involved then there are serious questions to be answered. It would be jolly interesting to discover what actual detective work either agency did for the fund?

hope4truth said...

It is beyond belief that the McCann's have never come out and told the world how devestaed they are that 2 firms hired by them have ripped them off and done nothing for their money...

Poor Madeleine is missing and these evil crooks have stolen her money how bloody dare they...

Yet the McCann's stay quiet the same way they have stayed quiet about how awful their friends are for not attending a reconstruction and how quiet was Kate during her interview...

The fund may be the very thing that brings this lie crashing down...

viv said...

On the 31 July 2007 'Eddie' The Enhanced Victim Recovery Dog ( E.V.R.D.) searched the grounds of Aptartmant 5A and signalled to a scent in the garden area / flowerbed directly underneath the Veranda .

Between 21h49 and 22h00, in the garden adjacent to apartment 5A, accessible from by way of the veranada and steps, the cadaver dog alerted in a garden-bed directly below the veranda.

As a result of Eddies alert in this area a Forensics team appear to have taken samples on 1st Aug. from the shrubbery and fibres from that area as well as 11 hairs found in that spot .

The Genetic and Biological Forensic Service appear to have sent this sample , - 1 labelled envelope with delivery note n' 420D/2007-CR/L:
Vestigio: ( Vg25 ) - "Sundry head-hair" - 11 hairs , along with the samples of shrubbery and fibres to the FSS for analysis ...

Tests for blood were done on the shrubbery and fibres and nothing was found . What the fibres were and whether they were compared to any other know reference samples does not appear to have been done , or if so I have yet to come across them .

The capillary roots of the 11 hairs found in the garden area directly underneath the veranda of Apt 5a were damaged ( not good quality ) so a DNA test was not carried out , it appears no further analysis of these hairs were done , no Morphology analysis of the hairs or mtDNA tests done to try and determine who they may have belonged to .

It is to be hoped that these hairs were not the last remaining traces of Madeleine Beth McCann !

01 August 2007
2. Bushes from the garden of apartment 5 A, OC.
Conditioned and to preserved at SPL:
3. Fibres.
4. Hairs.

following the examination carried out by a British specialist dog team. Delivery note no. 286/2007 –CR/L):
21. Fragments of bushes.
There follow photographs of the outside of the apartment from where trace evidence was recovered as well as the detail thereof.
After the above there proceeded the collection of several branches of the climbing
plant in the garden they having been encased in a paper package referenced as trace evidence number 21 and of possible fibres on a wall of the apartment garden, next to the climbing plant, using six Crystal-Tabs appropriate for this they having been referenced as trace evidence number 26.

http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z10/ ... II3200.jpg

http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z10/ ... II3201.jpg

Photos 17 through 19: Pictures of the garden area from which the above evidence was collected.
On 1 August 2007 the following trace evidence was collected from [the apartment and garden] as better described in the report:
[the list of collected items is repeated] ....

From John R Lowe's report -" 286/2007-CRL (21) Fragments of bush/shrubbery
Insofar as it relates to this sample, the examination performed was aimed at the detection of the possible presence of blood, no trace thereof having been found. Particles from the superficial surface layer were recovered and preserved in a way similar to that of hairs and fibres. In my opinion, the capillary roots were not good quality as they were not adequate to perform DNA profile tests. " ....


viv said...

Re: Case Files discussions
viv Today at 0:26

.what a fascinating report, I have not seen this before.

I do recall Rebelo and his men in October 2007 testing the weight of the verandah and apparently there is a service void underneath which could clearly have been a hiding place for a child's body. Particularly, if, as some think and I tend to agree it is certainly possible, Gerry intended to remove the body just after nine, I recall Claudia saying that is when it goes really dark in May. But as he came out he noted Wilkins, so quickly dumped the body under there and brazenly went out to chat to Wilkins.

But the other striking picture that this report seems to be saying to me is there is a climbing plant going up the wall, is it near a window, did Madeleine climb out of the window and try to climb down the plant? They were looking for blood and fibres on the wall by this plant suggesting to me anyway ( I may well be wrong) they thought Maddie might have fell off the plant scraped on the wall and fell down to disaster. I recall a report a long time ago, the police thought she may have suffered a catasrophic head injury on the steps. I am struggling with this in my mind's eye, not knowing the exact geography, but I wonder.

My eldest son Martin in recent years admitted to me that whilst my husband and I were watching TV at the front room end of a large through lounge he and his little brother used to climb out of the upstairs bedroom window, down the drainpipe and Martin would actually lean across the rear dining room window from the drainpipe to view me and my husband watching TV to make sure the coast was clear. They could have fell down onto the slabbed yard and suffered a catastrophic injury. The younger one, Neville would have only been about four or five at the time I believe. I was horrified when I found out, they used to go up the garden, climb over the wall and go off onto the hillies where they liked to play, a wild area, frogs, squirrels owls etc.

I just wonder if that is what happened to Madeleine, this report makes it look a possibility to me. The McCanns would have realised they would have been charged with gross negligence manslaughter, four year olds do things like this, even when their parents are right there!.

viv said...

Hiya Joe and Hope

Reaching into the cells for some recall of contract law. If you contract with someone to provide a service and they fail to provide it, then you can of course sue for breach of contract. But, you cannot sue if the contract itself was for an illegal purpose.

So there is the odd thing, the McCanns get seriously ripped off time and again by bogus detectives, they are very litigious people who do not hesitate to sue when they can find a cause of action. So, we have to ask ourselves as you say, why is it the McCanns are not complaining about being defrauded of the Fund'
s cash and why are they not suing for recovery of the monies?

I think you are right Hope, this is all going to come crashing down on their heads! Roll on!!


viv said...

McCann investigator indicted on charges of wire fraud & money laundering - Mike Hitchen
Annabel Yesterday at 10:58


Sunday, November 22, 2009
Madeleine McCann: McCann investigator indicted on charges of wire fraud and money laundering
On Nov 12, 2009, Kevin R. Halligen, 48, of Surrey, United Kingdom, was indicted on charges of wire fraud and money laundering by a grand jury sitting in the District of Columbia.

Halligen, who reportedly claims a wealth of contacts in the British security services and FBI, was one of the many questionable private detectives hired by Kate and Gerry McCann to allegedly investigate the alleged abduction of the daughter they left alone each night while they wined and dined in bars around Praia da Luz, Portugal.

From the very moment Madeleine was belatedly reported missing by the McCanns, they had access to some of the finest legal, business, media and diplomatic brains in the country. One of Britain's richest businessmen Brian Kennedy, readily offered the services of his company's in-house lawyer.The McCanns' boast teams of lawyers and PR companies in Portugal and teams of high profile lawyers and media advisors in the UK. They have more teams than the English Premier Division.

When I hire a service provider, it is a matter of course that I check them out thoroughly before committing myself. I make sure they have a proven and demonstrated track record in their particular field.

Yet despite having access to some of the finest business and legal minds in the UK, Team McCann have hired a series of private investigators with no proven or demonstrated track record in the area of missing persons or missing children, and were taken for a ride by both Metodo 3 and Halligen - both parties having dubious histories prior to working for the McCanns, and their methods called in to question while "investigating" Madeleine's disappearance.

viv said...

A detailed analysis of the McCann's private detectives can be seen in an excellent article published in the Daily Mail.

I can supply the names of several international, highly regarded, highly professional and discreet agencies specializing in missing persons, yet the McCanns consistently overlook such agencies, preferring instead to hire a rag-tag-army of second rate chancers doomed to failure, "kicking down doors" and searching for Victoria Beckham look alikes.

Why have the McCanns not utilized their vast resources to enlist the assistance of skilled professionals boasting long and proud histories in the field of private investigation?

Below is the announcement of the allegations made against Halligen. The information is sourced from the FBI's Washington Field Office

Department of Justice Press Release

For Immediate Release
November 12, 2009 United States Attorney's Office
District of Columbia

United Kingdom Man Indicted for Fraud

Washington, D.C.—Kevin R. Halligen, 48, of Surrey, United Kingdom, was indicted today on charges of wire fraud and money laundering by a grand jury sitting in the District of Columbia, announced Acting U.S. Attorney Channing D. Phillips and Joseph Persichini, Jr., Assistant Director in Charge of the Washington Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The indictment alleges that from November 2006 to January 2007, Halligen engaged in a scheme to defraud a London-based law firm of $2,100,000. The indictment alleges that Halligen falsely represented to the law firm that these funds would be used to pay expenses incurred in the United States to help secure the release of two executives of a client of the law firm who were arrested in the country of Ivory Coast.

Contrary to these representations, Halligen, the indictment alleges, used the funds for his own benefit including purchasing a mansion located in Great Falls, Virginia.

In announcing the indictment, Acting U.S. Attorney Phillips and FBI Assistant Director in Charge Persichini praised the work of the FBI Special Agent who investigated this case. They also commended Paralegal Specialist Mary Treanor, Legal Assistants Jamasee Lucas, Sabrina Brown, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Vasu Muthyala, who is prosecuting the case.

An indictment is merely a formal charge that a defendant has committed a violation of criminal laws and every defendant is presumed innocent until, and unless, proven guilty..

viv said...

Oh My Goodness, Two Trafigura executives held and a London law firm gave Halligen pots of money to try and spring them from the Ivory Coast. Now hang on a minute we know the Carter Fucks act for Trafigura, this just gets better and better!

This is definitely looking very pear shaped to me, it will be such a shame if Adam Tudor wasted that first in jurisprudence at Oxbridge! I wonder if Gerry is best mates with these nice toxic waste guys at Trafigura?

hope4truth said...


How can anyone believe these two so called parents is beyond me...

M3 was always an odd choice of people to use as they specialise in fraud in fact if they had been hired to look at the "Fund's" books it would have made more sense as they had never searched for a missing child...

As for Oakely we had a big song and dance about them and they turn out to be dodgey as well...

Are the Directors of the "fund" a bunch of loosers who would not know how to run a game of bingo???

I know if they were employed in real business they would have all been fired for gross incompetence not just wasting loads of money on one waste of time agency but then doing it all over again???

If my child were missing and I had paid either of these firms I would be totaly devestated and would find it hard to understand how I let it happne twice and would fire the idiot who sugested it...

Money Laundering is what springs to mind and if the FBI are involved (and to be honest I dont think the Americans think anything of Gordon Brown) lets hope for the first time this is investigated properly...

At the end of the day this money has been swindled from a missing 3 year old child we have nothing to say she ever got to be 4 apart from the trash spouted by her parents who if she really is missing should be keeping a real close eye on wher her fund is being wasted and hanging on to every penny to make sure it is used to find her and bring her home...

Wizard said...

Good Morning All,

I have raised these questions before but in the light of the current investigations into the McCanns' PI’s its worth saying again.

What are the chances of being duped by two detective agencies?

Are there no private investigative agencies in the world that are above board and do a reasonable job?

Is it really such a complete lottery whether any PI agency proves to be a charlatan or kosher professionals?

Brian Kennedy a millionaire businessman made these selections no doubt under advice - if his judgement is so flawed how did he make his millions?

How long can the McCanns’ play the victim card and still be portrayed as the innocent party in these shenanigans?

hope4truth said...

Morning Wiz

You said...

"Brian Kennedy a millionaire businessman made these selections no doubt under advice - if his judgement is so flawed how did he make his millions?"

Exactly he would not be the rich man he was if he did not have good judgement where business is concerned...

As for his people skills he must have very poor judgement as the McCann's have shown so little respect or grief for their missing child it is just very odd...

I can understand Richard Branson getting involved and JK Rowling and all the other celebs who have tried to help them. When a child is missing anyone who is able to help in any way would surley do so...

The telling thing is they have all backed away from them now as even if they belive the abduction story the McCann's self obsessed behaviour and their own lack of co operation is just plain evil...

I note they are not pushing the line "those who stay silent are the most guilty of all" hope it wasnt something I said that made them realise that Kate by that line is the most guilty by dancing all over her childs life by refusing to answer questions for her???

viv said...

Front page of The Sun

Halligen nicked for £300,000 con on the Maddie Fund


hope4truth said...


Should that not read he was given £300k from the fund as the McCann's have such a good team of Directors who are also taking money from the fund this is the second firm they have used who are not what they seem to be....

People were talking about this in forums months and months ago yet they kept on paying them I cant see anyone wanting to employ the directors when this is all over they could not afford the losses on bad calls....

The fund needs to be thoroughly audited now after all a 3 year old little girl is missing and her Daddy she is in the hands of a peadophile ring I know he says she has not been harmed but that cant be right peadophiles are evil...

They have to know where she is and who she is with or know for a fact she is dead because now I seriously belive if she is missing they shold be no where near the twins as they are spinning and playing games with their childs life...

Di said...

Hi all

This whole Halligen saga is quickly becoming another farce.

The Sun apparently staked him out and tipped off the Police that his bags were packed and he was leaving. He was subsequently arrested for not paying his Hotel bill. Now forgive me if I am missing something here, but how can you be arrested for not paying your hotel bill when you have not yet left your hotel room?

A McCann spokesman says they were happy with the service Halligen provided, and as far as I have read Halligen is not being charged with anything remotely connected to the McCanns.

Halligen is due in Court this afternoon to be extradited to the US. Viv would things happen this quick?

Something tells me TM would be more than happy to see Halligen disappear, I am sure he has much to say, which would not be at all helpful to TM.


My Grandson is doing much better now, thanks for asking. x

Wizard said...

Hi guys,

The Sun article reports that Halligen…..

“Two weeks ago, was indicted in the US on charges of wire fraud and money laundering over a false contract with lawyers acting on behalf of Trafigura.”

I remember reading from a trusted blogger ‘Ironside’ that Metedo 3 were known in Spain as money launderers.

Is it possible that the McCann have employed 2 money launderers – by mistake of course …….Hmm…?

viv said...

Hiya all

Di, it seems to say was subsequently arrested for not paying his hotel bill, so yes, I think the police could have picked him up for that. But just as likely picked him up because the US want him.

I do not pretend to be any sort of legal expert on extradition but do think it is possible that a hearing could be listed that quickly, but he will probably have the right to appeal if he is a UK citizen which I think he is, formerly from Surrey. But I am sure the law in this area is a complex minefield, so do not quote me! As we are so friendly with the US I am sure we have reciprocal arrangements with them that are not in favour of the person being extradited.


I agree with you and Di, the article in The Sun appears to be deliberately misleading with its headline. Halligen appears to have been picked up on a US extradition warrant and from what Di says, failing to pay his hotel bill in UK which is clearly theft under our Theft Act but no doubt we would let that lie on the file and send him to US to face the more serious fraud charges.

It is interesting Kate and Gerry do not take the opportunity to make a formal complaint of fraud to the police. I think that says it all. Remember that blog entry I featured here from Gerry supporting Halligen/Oakley International?

I think you are right, M3 being arrested investigated etc and now there other "detectives" also, these people have been picked for a specific purpose and the McCanns cannot complain about either for fear of what they would tell the police. But that does not stop the police from asking them, now does it!

I am still very interested in the fact that Carter Ruck are lawyers for Trafigura, OK they may well have other lawyers given Carter Ruck specialise in defamation and this is not the area of law and ordinary business would need, but even so, it is mighty odd, that they are the same firm acting for Kate and Gerry. I am sure there is a link here somehow.

I am also sure this is really turning up the heat for Kate and Gerry and the British Press are going at them in a lateral way, by attacking their choice of detectives, rather them personally, net result, the same. But nothing the McCanns or British Police investigating them could complain of. The press have top notch lawyers and know exactly what they are doing!

viv said...

Put up new thread, please give me your links to add to the McCann Dodgy Detective Files, I think this is the way forward guys and would not like to be in their shoes!!


viv said...

um, that was meant to be kiss, kiss, not I am going for an afternoon nap, lol


noticias said...

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noticias said...

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Número de Pedido: 200912004686
Estado: Aberto
Data: 29 Dez 09 20:48
Assunto: [Abuse] > [Portal SAPO] > [Notícias]
Nome: levante.111
Email: levante.111@gmail.com
Prioridade: Informação

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