8 Sep 2010

McCanns Want Amaral's Family Home

Copied from Jo Morais, this is just too shocking for words, they cannot afford their own mortgaged to the hilt home and so they set their sights on the home of the officer who investigated them, what utter vermin. 

8 September 2010
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Sofia Leal & Gonçalo Amaral have been married for the last eight years and have two young daughters

“I will not get divorced. That would be a fraud. Our family lives in full communion [unity].”

Sofia Leal, who has been married for the last eight years with the former Judiciary Police coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, reacted indignantly upon being notified with a citation requested by the McCanns, to proceed with a separation of assets in order to allow the arrest of a house in the municipality of Olhão, within the scope of a 1.2 million euros claim.

By Paulo Marcelino

The claim made by the McCanns is based on the contents of the book “Maddie - The Truth of the Lie” (written by Amaral, in July 2008) concerning the investigation into Maddie's disappearance, the McCann's daughter, in Praia da Luz (Algarve), back in May 2007. The couple alleges that the former investigation coordinator accuses them of being responsible for their daughter's death and persists on the abduction thesis.

The interim measure [injunction] was filed at the 1st Civil Court of Lisbon in June 2009 and was allowed. The McCanns gained all the still due book authorship rights, half of Amaral's retirement pension as well as his “share [moiety, half] of their rural property” in Olhão. In July this year, the house division in two parts at the registry office was refused on the grounds that it affected a common asset.

The McCann couple via their lawyer [Isabel Duarte] applied for Sofia Leal to execute a separation of assets, as foreseen by law. She refused and in August the court carried into completion the full arrest. “My husband and I have never abandoned our daughters, or allowed paedophiles in our circle of friends. I am shocked that a couple who affirm to be religious is seeking out to destroy our family”, said Sofia Leal.

British Rule Out Abduction

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) does not held Madeleine McCann's disappearance recorded as an abduction, thus accepting that there is no evidence to suggest that a crime of that nature has taken place; exactly what was concluded by the Portuguese Judiciary Police investigation initially led by Gonçalo Amaral and that is mirrored in the book “Maddie - The Truth of the Lie”.

In a reply to an investigator, who requested [FOIA PDF here] information regarding British missing children abroad, the Consular Directorate of the Foreign Office - dated December 14, 2009 to which the CM had access - affirmed: “The FCO filed the case in May 2008 [Ben Needham]. You will also be aware of the Madeleine McCann case. Both this and the Needham case are categorised as a missing persons, rather than child abduction cases, as there is no evidence in either case to support whether the children were or were not abducted.”.

in Correio da Manhã 08.09.2010


Exclusive Video: McCanns Press Conference February 2010

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Wizard said...

Well, well would you Adam and Eve it! No wonder the Mc’s are winding down the fund. The money they hope to gain can go straight into their pockets.

In the light of the Funds sudden shifting of staff perhaps it isn’t only me that thought the Mcs recent antics a step too far.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz, Not just the Fund's directors who have resigned, but Leicester Police also, who have removed Madeleine from their webpage.

I have never said that what Goncalo did was right, judges will punish a wrongdoer if they receive a complaint but their actions are just repulsive to any right thinking person.

Even on their own set of admitted facts, they are wholly responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine in leaving her and her even tinier siblings alone with the door open, even after she apparently complained. Since that time they have done nothing but lie, bully and cashin. They are a disgrace to humankind.

S.B. said...


Yes indeed, they are a disgrace to mankind.

However as always being an inveterate cynic I should prefer to see confirmation of this story from an official source, not just a press report renowned for being unreliable!

Audacious as they have proved to be I do not think they are in a position to proceed with a claim for damages against Mr Amaral. Think what damage the last attempt made to their reputations ~ would even they dare to go forth and expose themselves further? Certainly I imagine their lawyers would strongly advise against it!

viv said...

hiya SB

This story comes from Correia da Manha, a respected Portuguese newspaper and one who accurately reports based on me reading them now for about three years.

It seems that they have already been awarded compensation when the injunction was confirmed.

It may be that the house is a second home Goncalo bought with the proceeds from the book.

In UK law, as you may know, there are two ways in which property may be owned. Generally a married couple will hold the property as beneficial joint tenants. That means that they each own the whole of the property and so when one of them dies the other one automatically becomes the outright owner, there is no need to leave it by will.

The other way that it may be held is in shares which can be of any proportion, generally referred to as "tenants in common". It seems to be from reading this that Goncalo and Sophie owned the property in the normal way UK couples do, i.e. she owned the whole of the property, as did Goncalo. So what the court were requiring her to do was execute a deed to state that in fact she only owned half the property so that Goncalo's half could go to the McCanns. From reading it, she refused to do that and so the court have taken the house, they may then order its sale and probably account to her for half of the proceeds of sale.

I hope this is not what is happening but half of his pension also, it sounds incredibly draconian. The court are effectively leaving the other half for Sophie and the girls but taking Goncalo's. They clearly take a very dim view of what he did and the punishment is quite draconian.

The McCanns as ever, have simply stood on their technical legal rights. If they can prove facts to the court that demonstrate he has breached their civil rights, that is an end to the matter really. The law, sadly, is not there to be massaged and moulded to suit the case, judges just apply it. This was never going to be a criminal trial of the McCanns as people had hoped. That just could not happen.

As The Guardian so eloquently stated, it is a pity we have judgments and apologies etc in favour of the McCanns before we have actually had any legal judgment as to what happened to Madeleine. The manner in which it was worded clearly implied the McCanns are guilty, just like Archer was who they specifically mentioned. Getting civil damages does not mean you are criminally guilt free, especially if you are as corrupt as these two and "Lord Archer".

I think it is hard for people to understand just how harsh the law actually can be. From a moral point of view people obviously see that Goncalo was on a crusade. But he could have pointed to all the genuine evidence that would have made life very uncomfortable for Kate and Gerry but not got him in the situation he seems to be. In short stick to the evidence and avoid the positive conclusions!

Had a British Police Officer have done what he did, UK Judges would probably have hit him just as hard, in fact he would probably have been facing a criminal action for breach of the Official Secrets Act.

It is just a very sad situation and I do have enormous sympathy with him and his family.

viv said...

In fact what seems to be happening is just like our own law of "unjust enrichment" which always involves a further procedure after that, a tracing action to follow the money and get it back.

What the McCanns are saying is, we are entitled to be considered innocent until proven guilty (which of course they are) but he is saying we are guilty of disposing of Madeleine's corpse. He has written a book saying that an profited from his wrongdoing, that has caused us harm and so we are entitled to an account of the profits he has wrongly made. And sadly, they won!

viv said...

What a pity that did not do as I suggested, an unjust enrichment/tracing action against Halligen and gone for that one million house he has in the STates. No doubt that would have been too unformfortable for them, but clearly, if they actually were innocent, that is precisely what they would have done!

viv said...

I checked last night and Leicester Police did not have Maddie on their missing persons list, but Jo Morais just pointed out she is now back again.

How very strange!

viv said...

If this is correct from Claudia, it is extremely good news. Let us hope so, but the McCanns are clearly spending money in legal costs pursuing this? If they are not yet able to use Goncalo's money, it is currently only "arrested" by the court, whose money are they using?

Re: McCanns/Amaral
Claudia79 Yesterday at 18:21

.This is kind of a preventive measure and it is quite common especially when it is suspected people don't have enough money to pay in case they lose. In that case, any assets are 'reserved' or 'seized' to ensure there are some values to use in case the person loses in court. If these things weren't done, people would simply get rid of everything they own to ensure that there was nothing left in case they lose in court.
I know of someone who had his car 'frozen' because he had no money and there was a case against him because he had called his neighbour a drug dealer and his neighbour sued him. The case was later dismissed and his car 'unfrozen'.

Di said...

Hi all

I do hope Claudia is correct and this is a normal formality. However, I still think the McCann's should think long and hard about what they are doing. I believe, according to Joana, that Sofia was expected to divorce Goncalo to split the assets, and she refused, good on Sofia for standing up for Goncalo and her children, as any loving wife and mother would naturally do.

I just hope there is one paper in this country willing to print the truth about what is happening to an innocent mother and children. This whole situation is a disgrace and someone needs to put a stop to it now.

S.B. said...


Well, I've allowed a 24 hour lapse since my last post but still I have seen nothing official to corroborate this Portuguese news article. There have been observations made on technical points of Portuguese law elsewhere but that does not authenticate the information.

In view of their past performance I should think that the British press would revel in such a snippet so why total silence? Surely not that 'pact of silence' again! Just think of all the abuse that could be heaped upon Mr Amaral and family irrespective of whether or not the story has any foundation ~ after all the Mccanns and their devoted (?) friends love a fairytale don't they!

By the by, I'm cooking sardines for dinner later which I shall have with a glass of vin rouge ~ does that make me a sardine munching, booze guzzling slob? Or is that epithet only applicable to retired Portuguese police officers?

viv said...

Hiya both

I think Claudia is seriously looking on the bright side. The court found a number of very adverse facts proved against Goncalo and on that basis, it would seem ordered very substantial freezing of his assets.

Playing the litigation game just as mean and nasty as it could possibly be played, this does make sense to me.

I understand in Portugal that findings of fact cannot be appealed, an appeal can only lie on a point of law, in fact this often applies in UK also.

So firstly they sneaked in and got those facts proved and effectively all of his income arrested by the court. That will starve him of the ability to pay a lawyer to defend their case of libel. To me, that does explain why they have been in no rush.

They want to just make life hell for Goncalo and his wife and force him to give in. He has a law degree and if I were in his position I would say stuff the lawyers and get on and prepare his own case. But it is very grim for him. I think he somehow needs to demonstrate that he has not libelled them by his book, they have ruined their own reputation by their conduct.

But I suppose there is no getting away from the fact that he took an operational scenario and insisted those were the facts....Maddie died. That was a lamentable error.

Why did he not just stick to the jemmied shutters etc! What could they have said?? To me this proves beyond any doubt they were involved in her disappearance, telling lies and orchestrating a botched cover up where they then had to backtrack on those lies, mainly emanating from Gerry McCann.

I am always going to struggle to see how it is seeking justice for a child to just keep on insisting she is dead. Surely concern for her would mean looking at all the evidence and keeping an open mind, i.e. the conduct of David Payne.

In the back of my mind I just keep saying to myself, I know LP have on file details of the court case in Portugal, they have said so and this is among the details they are not going to release. Knowing, as they surely do, the guilt of the McCanns, in, in some way, being involved in the disappearance of Madeleine, how on earth can they stand back and let the McCanns take all of this money from Goncalo. I just hope and pray their will be such divine intervention before they completely hammer him in court.

viv said...

SB I do not think the McCanns would want their actions to get their mitts on the Amaral property and even his pension in the British Press. That would surely create yet more mistrust and dislike of them.

Instead it seems to me they are intent on creating more positive vibes. Yet another private investigator has emerged, slating Goncalo, insisting Maddie was abducted and saying, worldwide if we (univeral private investigators) get together we could surely help find Madeleine.

Another desperate ploy in the McCann's game plan, I think so.

As between the two warring sides, I hope and I pray things are every bit as bad for Kate and Gerry in UK as I believe that they are. In that situation Goncalo and family just need to hang on in there.

viv said...

Hiya Di

I do not believe any judge would suggest that Sofie should divorce Goncalo. This would undermine the sanctity of marriage and render the judge responsible liable to serious censure for such comments. I believe that is confusion, the judge is referring to a separation of the assets, so that Goncalo's half share can be available to satisfy any judgment, not a divorce!

viv said...

I was just watching Panorama again, so interesting after such a long break, things can be seen more in context.

Mr Corner filming the McCanns in PDL. I would say ready for Maddie the Movie. He says he did not influence the McCanns, they just shot an awful lot of film, I just let the cameras keep rolling. Yes but WHY Mr Corner?

I think the Portuguese police officer is called Mr Costa, he is pleasant and seems sensible and non biased, just wanting to carefully analyse the facts. He is speaking at a time when Mr Rebelo has taken over. He says that the forensic evidence did not give any conclusive matches to Madeleine, it was no more than indicative, therefore they could not say that Madeleine died because that could be wrong. That should have been a sensible bit of advice for Goncalo Amaral.

He also said something I found particularly fascinating that I had not picked up before, they felt a THIRD person may have been involved. I believe that person is David Payne. Say he killed Madeleine, or helped to arrange her abduction, now why would the McCanns cover that up? There can be only one reason for that. They were complicit in what had been happening to her.

Both Kate and Gerry's facial expressions and underdeveloped acting skills at this stage are particularly damning. Kate is so incredibly matter of fact and Gerry like a naughty little lying school boy.

Panorama point out at the end, the McCanns will not be able to clear their name if there is no criminal case for them to answer, how right they are!


Wizard said...

“My husband and I have never abandoned our daughters, or allowed paedophiles in our circle of friends.”

Sophia Leal Correio da Manhã 08.09.2010 hmm….

Wizard said...

A.I.C Fresh Appeal For Madeleine McCann A.I.C Legal Services Ltd

Posted 8 September, 2010

After some of the worst Investigations and botched enquiries ever seen, this little girl still remains undetected. The Portuguese Police should hang their head in shame, especially one retired Detective who wanted to announce in a book that she was dead. We, like the rest of the public find it absolutely unforgivable that someone would seek to make a fortune off the back of a book, with no regard to the McCann family who live with this horror everyday.

A.I.C Legal Services Ltd are calling on ALL Private Investigators all over the world to use all the resources open to them and all their contacts to raise the profile of this case again. We are calling on all Investigators to work together voluntarily to try and make a difference in finding this young girl and bring her home to her family.

If all the Private Investigators across Europe and the world were to join forces along side the Police and other agencies, then we are certain we can make a difference. We will put our Ideas to the ABI and WAPI with a suggestion that this course of action be co-ordinated by them.

Over the next few days we will search our archives for all our contacts, we have many retired Police Officers, Firefighters, British Army, Close Protection Officers etc who are situated all over the World and send them an e-mail with our suggestions. Hopefully this will be a chain e-mail that never gets broken.

May God protect her wherever she is.

Wizard said...

The above item is courtesy of the Maccannfiles.

“We, like the rest of the public” – what gives these people the right to suggest what the public think and blatantly promote an opinion that is incorrect. What is the likelihood of private investigators working on this case free of charge? More McCann window dressing imo.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz, I read that company was only incorporated towards the end of 2009. It was just the same with Eddie's company.

The McCanns have the most cynical means of operating that any person who watches this case can so easily spot. Oh we need some new media manipulators to "look for Maddie"...

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

It is interesting that Sophia Leal is now alluding to possible crimes of abandonment and the involvement of paedophiles in the actual circle of friends of the McCanns.

I think she gets just a bit nearer to the point.

S.B. said...

Hi Viv......,

You say that the Mccanns would not want their mercenary little scheme to be plastered across the UK news headlines but they know better than we that such news, if authenticated, would certainly be reported in the Portuguese press and anywhere else in the world that cannot be controlled by them. There is no way they can prevent such explosive news from circulating, in particular across the internet ~ as we have seen over the past months.

In addition the very fact that Mr Amaral has a law degree would indicate to me that he would not deliberately jeopardize his career and personal well being by such a crass action as the publication of a book containing false information. Let's not forget, the content of his book was based largely on the investigation case files and again if he publicized an opinion as opposed to an established fact within said book, I fail to understand how he can be persecuted for voicing an opinion based on the investigation in so far as he was personally involved. He certainly did not contravene the Portuguese 'investigation security' code of practice because the particular case details had already been made public.

I am not pretending to be an authority on the subject but I remain sceptical as to the authenticity of this story, at least until such times as the details are substantiated by an official source. I think we’ve seen and heard enough of these bizarre theories to be swept away by the moment……..

viv said...


I do not think anyone has suggested Goncalo provided false information in his book in relation to details of the investigation provided. From reading it, it seems to be it compares well with the investigation files we have been allowed to see.

I think the major problem is the conclusions he draws which were not supported by the Portuguese Attorney General and the fact that any citizen, whether in UK or Portugal is entitled to their good reputation ahead of any criminal conviction indicating guilt. In short, even Kate and Gerry are entitled to due process of law, not a finding of guilt in a book or a pamphlet or a newspaper, that is what they have complained about, and I do think that is distinct from people merely expressing their opinion on a blog or forum.

Have you read the court judgments when granting the injunctions? It pays to remember although Goncalo is now in a very bad position and does have adverse findings of fact against him, he has not actually lost any libel case as yet. As you have pointed out, the McCanns still have to come up with the sheer brass neck to take it to the next stage and I have said before, if I was Goncalo, it would be no holds barred!

Which bit of the above report do you not accept? Are you saying you think the quotes from Sofia Leal are actually false?

viv said...

Hiya again SB

The law and its application is not something we can change, even if we do not like it or those who seek to abuse it.

I think a more positive way to look at this is perhaps the McCanns seek to make sure Goncalo's half share of that house is in place to satisfy any judgment because otherwise the costs outweigh the gains.

That is often a problem with complex litigation. If you start a big action against someone and you cannot do it yourself (as most people cannot because they do not have the legal skills) you need to seriously speculate to accumulate. The bigger and more complex the action is, the higher those legal costs are going to be.

We can get an idea of just how huge those costs are when we see Isabel Duarte talking about consulting with the rest of the McCanns "legal team".

It is ok saying you are going to sue someone for £1.2M but before you get to that stage:

You are going to have to incur massive legal costs particularly in a case that is being run in a different jurisdiction

You have to be sure that having spent all those costs and won your case, the person you are suing actually has the money to justify all those costs you have spent. It is often the case that the costs far outweigh any gains that can be made. What is half of Goncalo's pension worth and the rights to books that they do not wish to be sold, not a lot I would not have thought! So, in desperation perhaps they have to try and make sure they can get their hands on this property, but I read it is only valued at around £200,000, so half of that would easily be swallowed up just in legal costs.

This is probably the issue the McCanns are facing, aside from the very obvious one, just what else will the world find out about this gruesome group. I think Sofia Leal is already dropping them a gentle hint.

viv said...

Imagine if you were a director of the find Madeleine Fund and you truly believed that is still capable of being found.

But the two lead directors of that Fund are adamant that the last few hundred thousand of that fund must not be spent on engaging proper investigators to look for her, instead they are adamant that money must be spent on yet more lawyers to go after Goncalo Amaral.

If you were a person of conscience, concerned to look for Maddie and spend the fund in a reasonable way, would you walk away from Kate and Gerry McCann, just like Gerry's own brother firstly did and then his boss>?


S.B. said...

Hi Viv...,

I think the Mccanns themselves suggested that Mr Amaral provided false information in his book vis a vis the assertion that Madeleine died in apartment 5A on 3rd May 2007, otherwise there could be no justification for their libel claim. I was careful to identify Mr Amarals claim as 'an opinion based on the investigation' rather than a statement of fact ~ which I believe is how it was intended to be interpreted.

Yes, I have read the court injunctions but alas I am ignorant as to Portuguese law so I cannot pretend to comprehend the implications of the courts decision nor can I be sure that I am not missing something important through imperfect translation from Portuguese to English. I should imagine that only a few pundits are conversant with Portuguese law and even then a thorough knowledge of any one case would be necessary in order to form a valid opinion so again we are reliant on acknowledged facts rather than as you rightly say pamphlets, newspapers or books.

I distinctly recall you correcting me on one occasion when I expressed confidence in The Times accuracy of reporting. Rightly or wrongly if one can cast doubt on the UK's most respected newspaper I fail to see how we can trust the accuracy of any source of the news coverage worldwide, hence I express a desire for this report to be corroborated by an 'official' source.

I am not personally acquainted with Sofia Leal so I know nothing of her character excepting that I acknowledge her support for her husband which in the circumstances is understandable. I am not disputing what is reported to have been her actual words, I am querying whether or not she actually did say the words and if so when and where. Mr Amaral has undoubtedly been discredited time and time again directly or indirectly through the hands of the Mccanns, I can therefore entirely understand his desire for redress. As I before said, Mr Amaral is qualified in law and I doubt he would be fool enough to leave himself wide open to a lawsuit without good reason. If this aspect of law is not his particular expertise he would certainly know where to look for advice before irrevocably committing himself. Since being compromised as an officer of the Portuguese police I have maintained the belief that he has a ‘long term strategy’ with the distinct intention of eventual justice for little Madeleine Mccann.

Let’s face facts ~ the Mccanns are not the only ones who can play dirty are they?

viv said...

Hiya SB

In some respects you may have a point, the comment "I will not get divorced" is pure nonsense, no one would be asking her to!

I do not think you really need to be au fait with Portuguese law to understand the findings of fact made by the Judge, amended slightly and confirmed from the first time.

I have always said I am not sure what Goncalo is up to, but one thing I do feel pretty strongly, he surely does not believe the version of events he gave on the documentary in any way equates with the reality. It is simply not possible.

I have always found it interesting that he called Mr Menezes as a witness to support him. And yet, Mr Menezes stated there is a 50:50 chance of Madeleine still being alive and that the McCanns could have been charged with kidnapping and trafficking Madeleine.

I like to think that Goncalo is so clever he called that witness and knew exactly what he was going to say and brought the real truth, but without being blamed for doing so. He is clear in his book there are things that he knows that he will not mention and in no way does he wish to damage the ongoing investigation.

I do not want to get into a heated debate about him, because at the end of the day, come what may, I want him to win!

viv said...

I am bemused to see that there are still people insisting either the McCanns or the court are requiring Sofia Leal to divorce Goncalo and some incredibly bizarre interpretations of what the relevant law may be.

Married couples almost always own the matrimonial home as beneficial joint tenants, meaning they each own 100 per cent of the home and if one of them dies the property passes to the other. There is no need for a will.

One of the first things a divorce lawyer will advise is that the joint tenancy should be "severed", this can be done by simply serving a notice with the appropriate wording and then means that each party will own 50 per cent of the property each or such other share as the court may determine on divorce.

But couples do not need to be divorcing to hold the property in this way, they can choose to own it with specific defined shares. Imagine the case of a rich woman marrying a man who has children. She wants him to be a joint owner of her property but she does not wish the whole of her property to pass to him on her death, she wants to leave most of the property to her children via her will. She does not even want to give him half, she just wants him to have a 25% share, when she marries she can have a deed drawn up for deposit at the Land Registry doing that.

I think this is where the confusion is coming from in this case. So that they can get their hands on Goncalo's half share of that property they have been insistent that Sophia should sever the joint tenancy so that she only owns half, rather than the whole. She, in turn, is referring this to the usual situation on divorce, but this is not the reason the McCanns are requesting this. But in order to defend her husband I think it is perfectly understandable for her to state that they are in union on every issue and that includes both owning the whole of the property as any normal married couple would. She is not prepared to indulge in an act that is clearly hostile to her own husband and generally only done in contemplation of divorce.

I wonder how the McCanns would actually feel if the boot were on the other leg and someone was insisting they should sever their joint ownership of the home. Of course in their case their beneficial interest is not very much. After sale of their home and paying off the mortgage probably only about £50,000 each, that is why they are so intent on always trying to grab someone else's cash. They are big spenders on defending themselves, via bent and hapless private detective, media solicitors, media monitors, media advisers.

And where would they be without one of the most bent people of the lot, the owner of Gerry's two favourite newspapers, Rupert Murdoch, who does not want to talk about his former Editor of the News of the World, bugging high ranking labour politicians. There is only one reason the tories got in, being backed by murky Murdoch, and even then, they did not get a majority!

viv said...

The reason a divorce lawyer may advise on severing the joint tenancy is just in case the client should die before the divorce proceedings are settled by negotiation or by the court. It would mean that the surviving partner got all of the house and someone who is keen to divorce may be keen to make sure that cannot happen.

Di said...

Hi all

I hope this post goes through I keep getting error 503 whatever that means.

I admire Sofia for speaking up and standing by Goncalo. The pressure on them all as a family must be terrible, especially when their assets have been frozen as well. I hope Viv you will be right with what you said a while back, that if Goncalo does lose the McCanns will get a punitive payoff.

Take a look at what himself has to say on his blog.

Di said...

Glad to see I can again post.

Should have said Himself is not talking about Goncalo.

viv said...

Hiya Di, not being a technical person I have no idea what is wrong with the blog, other than hazarding a guess:-))

But it is great to see you posting again!

I think we have spoken before about all the other victims the McCanns have created. As you say the pressure on this family must be immense and it is bound to have implications on their family relationships.

Sofia is a loyal and brave wife, not only to try and stand firm against this but also to openly speak out about the insidious conduct of the McCanns. It almost beggars belief that major suspects in the disappearance of their own child, who they freely admit to shamelessly neglecting, should finish up browbeating and threatening the officer who investigated them for nothing more than money. Why should the McCann children be enriched and the Amaral children have to suffer? That just explains the nature of Kate and Gerry McCann, children and their wellbeing are the furthest thing from their minds.

Maddie is clearly way beyond the situation where mere money can help her and it is dreadful for the McCanns to attempt to pass their grasping vindictiveness off in this cynical way.

I do recall Clarence Mitchell being clear in the early days, that the only people who could earn money out of the name of Madeleine were her own parents. Nothing has changed in that respect.

I believe their meetings with both the Labour and Conservative Home Secretaries, boss of UK Police, leave us in no doubt they have just as much emnity towards the British Police who pursue them, but of course, no cause of action has given them any chance to cashin. Leicester Police and others in UK have every right to investigate the child abuse they and others engaged in.

Their action against Goncalo seems to straggle different areas of law, an account of profits for money wrongly earned on the one hand and libel on the other. That is complex to try and understand when we do not know the strategy behind all of this. But I still wonder if they are fearful of taking that final step and actually going forth and positively seeking to make out a case of libel. IMO, it probably is technical libel to insist the little girl is dead and that happened in their apartment, because he simply cannot prove that to be the case and it is long established you cannot just make serious criminal allegations against anyone. But looking at any measure of damages, even if they do get that far, I do hope a judge would take the view they are responsible for their own poor reputation and Goncalo did little to add to that. Far more harm was done to them by the true opinions coming out at Goncalo's appeal. Most notably they lied coming from the lips of the Chief Prosecutor. It is hard to imagine how parents who tell lies about the circumstances under which their own daughter just disappeared can claim they are entitled to libel damages.

I am sure that Goncalo and Sofia will stay strong and if the worse comes to the worse the court may take the view the publishers should bear the brunt of any damages claim. Given the McCanns are putting in so much effort just to get a house worth only £100,000 (Goncalo's half share and legally this could be less still because costs on sale would have to be deducted) they seem very desperate to me. In fact just out to cause misery.

I do think the court would take a dim view of his conduct as a police officer and that led to the injunction, but substantial damages for the McCanns, that should be a different issue. The average maximum award in UK only stands at £250,000, in Portugal I would have thought that figure would be less still.

viv said...

viv said... 38 (on Jo Morais blog)
I think it is in Goncalo's book, a remark from Stuart Prior "I have arrested people for less". But that surely has to depend upon the person. It is just the same in UK, first you have to have reasonable grounds for arrest and if you wish to put specific allegations to them, they must be arrested and given their legal rights, including legal representation and the right to silence - they do not have to incriminate themselves, it is up to the police to gain the evidence and prove their case.

In relation to the creche, I find it interesting that the holiday only included creche for the morning session. Additional afternoon sessions were chargeable at an extra £150 per child. So the McCanns paid another £450 to get rid of their kids all day every day. Now why did they do that? I believe that Tanner and O'Brien were also getting rid of their child the same age as Maddie during the afternoon also, but the rest of the group, including the Paynes were only putting their children in the creche in the morning.

Why were Kate and Gerry additionally isolating their children from the rest, mealtimes eaten alone in their room, breakfasts likewise? Some have suggested fear of photographs being taken, that maybe part of the answer.

Why would Kate make such a heartless remark to Madeleine about missing out on the afternoon at the beach, that very day, I am sure she intended her to miss it.

I do believe that every single thing that happened on that holiday was planned by Gerry and quite possibly by Kate also.

If British Police have caught a petty crook driving a stolen car, he is just arrested and taken to the police station, interviewed and then charged.

But if they are investigating intelligent and sophisticated offenders who may be involved in very serious child abuse, those investigations can even go on for years, until the stage is reached where the police case against them is so overwhelming, no matter how clever and manipulative they are, no matter how good their lawyers, the police got them.

British psychological profilers were available to analyse the McCanns. This was a very serious crime where it was clear from the very outset, they would leave no stone unturned to cover up. There was no way they were going to admit to anything at all, purely on the basis of the dog video. Why would they do that? The forensic results were unsatisfactory, the gun was jumped IMO, the cat well and truly out of the bag. Far more can be achieved with such an offender by depriving them of what they clearly craved, knowledge and information about precisely what they police did and did not know. Once offenders are interviewed the police have to let them in on that.

Kate and Gerry have made repeated appeals to the Home Secretaries of both the Labour and Conservative governments. The Home Secretary is the boss of the British Police. What can it be that British Police are doing that Kate and Gerry are unhappy with? Investigating them and ignoring what Gerry admits he wanted to "get into the investigation", his own Metodoed garbage. The Home Office have again just confirmed they will not speak about an ongoing case due to the risk of preventing a prosecution, now whose prosecution do you think they are referring to?

Wizard said...

Hi All,

I was just thinking about the McCanns response to Amaral's book. We have speculated in the past on GM and the possibility of him having a narcisstic personality disorder (NPD).

For a moment let’s assume we are right. Can you image the personal turmoil Amaral’s book must have caused GM? Amaral highlights the McCanns as being culpable in the disappearance of their daughter. Although professionally and legally damaging what might be a lot worse for a NPD sufferer is not being believed. Amaral has the nerve to suggest GM has told the pj and the world a lie and not just one lie but many.

How dare someone who is quite clearly inferior to GM question his word? How dare he, how very very dare this sardine munching Portuguese twat suggest this! People with NPD when their inferiority is highlighted become very dangerous and will stop at nothing (no holds barred) to destroy the person who has injured their fragile ego. A person with NPD might see a day in court as a showcase to allow them to display their superiority. Could this be what we are seeing in the court action against Amaral or is it just innocent people trying to stop malicious lies being spread. Ho hum – I know what I think.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

You make some good points there.

I think it would pay us to remember that Goncalo is really insisting that they are involved in the disappearance of Madeleine and sets out in considerable detail in his book the strange behaviour of Gerry, Kate and their friends to prove that point.

In the book itself I think it is fair to say he did no more than put the accidental death in the apt theory forward as a possible hypothesis, bait if you will.

When Gerry did not take the bait, in the documentary Goncalo went further still, some could say that was goading a person to the point where Goncalo, knew, knowing Gerry as well as he does, that he would be so furious, frustrated and angry, he would have to respond.

Gerry does demonstrate the typical very rigid thinking of this type of offender. He sees things in very black and white terms, never mind all of the rest of the evidence Goncalo pointed to, he is honing in on the dogs and the death in the apartment because there was no satisfactory evidence to back the markings of the dogs.

I think his action against Goncalo was partially malevolent rage that someone who, as you say, he would see as very inferior to him, was demonstrating what an abusive liar he is. But also about Gerry's need for power and control, control over the information concerning his missing daughter, control over Goncalo and what really makes people like Gerry happy, lots of money which he would naturally equate with power and control.

But I think in true narcissist style, he did put those blinkers on, he raged in, convinced himself he could not lose. He would humiliate Goncalo like he has humiliated him and makes lots of money, all in one fell swoop.

But when he stormed off home, that was Gerry's typical reaction to having to face the fact his controlling schemes for domination and humiliation do not always pay off. This is very hard for him to handle and makes him very angry. He could not hide or control that anger when facing Sandra Filegueiras and Co outside the court. His actions in storming home was just the same as him ripping the mike off, or sullenly announcing I am not going to answer that question (does he know Robert Murat) prior to grabbing Kate and marching her from the scene.

If he cannot immediately have what is so important to him, dominance and control, he will react with anger and the need to promptly leave the scene.

I have often thought the calm, intelligent and contemplative Goncalo, plays with Gerry, it is really him who is pulling the strings, but he has gone a bit far to make the point, he was getting away with it, until he made that documentary which was in much more certain terms. I think Goncalo knows full well that is not actually what happened to Madeleine, but he just had to draw Gerry in.

viv said...

How much has it cost the British taxpayer to host the Pope here and ensure he is "safe from harm". Why did the Queen have to shake his hand?

This is the man who actually admits a systematic coverup, including by him, going back as far as 30 years of serious child abuse by catholic priests. What did the Pope do about that? Did he report the abuser to the police? Did he heck, he moved him to another area so that he could freely go on to victimise and abuse another set of innocent kids.

I think the Pope really stinks and the sooner he clears back of home the better. I hope the Queen had her gloves on.

viv said...

Listen to British reporters trying to ramp up the visit by the Pope and try and turn a real negative into a positive? Is this what British journalism has descended to, telling us about "pilgrims" making the journey to pay homage to the Pope? The man who sanctioned and covered up thousands of children being raped and abused?

I would like to say to these people you are not christians, you are not pilgrims, you are just outrageous hypocrites paying homage to a man who sanctions such appalling abuse of innocent little children.

You are hypocrites just like Kate and Gerry McCann, who kissed his hand and thought it a good idea to tell us what devout catholics they are. Another of their infamous media cock ups. But I am sure that in many respects they do stand for everything the Pope does, serious child abuse.

viv said...

Stephen Fry, bless him, is proud to wear the badge

"Hated by the Daily Mail"

Good for him!


Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

I have to agree with you 100% regarding the Pope. I am appalled at the amount of coverage the BBC are giving him – as you say the quicker he goes back home the better.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

It is that falseness and hypocrisy that is so annoying, we have seen an East Midlands reporter from the BBC go to the lengths of seeming positively biased in favour of the McCanns version of events.

I can accept the BBC cannot print or state the sort of remarks that I can, but there is a clear lack of balance and an impression being given that people like this are feted by the British media. It is not good for our reputation.

I think a balance could be struck between being reasonably polite but also properly reflecting decent morals and public opinion.

When a visitor is considered so important they are afforded a state visit the Queen has no choice about having to play host. That is also so false, why should she have such characters foisted upon her without being able to express any preference.

If we take a look at the sheer joy on her face with Nelson Mandela compared with her look with the Pope, at least we get to see what she really thinks.

Di said...

Hi all

Viv & Wizard

I could not agree more with both of you re: The Pope's visit. They estimate that the final bill to the taxpayer will be around £50M, unbelievable when this country is in such a mess.

The coverage by the BBC is totally one sided, nothing new there, then we get a little sweetener, the tv license will not go up for another year.

When I read the horrific abuse to children, the Pope willingly covered up, and worse let it continue and brushed it under the carpet, I am appalled he has had the gall to even set foot in this country.

Throughout history the catholic faith has much to answer for. As for K & G being devout catholics I think not.


Your above post is very interesting.

viv said...

Hiya Di

Well what a massive bill for the taxpayers to pick up.

You would have thought that with the government looking to make major cuts, this should have been the first thing to bite the bullet. They could have even promoted "family values" at the same time!

viv said...

Interesting snipped from the Daily Mail, concerning Gerry talking to publishers, wanting to put across the "wider issues" and answer back to Goncalo Amaral, oh and I nearly forgot make a million in the process. HO hum, out one scheme to fulfill his "objectives" and in comes another, but all, I would say doomed to what Gerry actually deserves, failure.

viv said...

Gerry's mother insists she was always certain Madeleine, then three, was abducted from the couple's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve.
She told the Sun: 'Somebody came into Maddie's room, carried her out in her pyjamas and we just don't know where she is. It's the stuff of nightmares. Whoever did this is a monster.'
Her comments came as it emerged the McCanns are planning to write a book about their 'year of hell' without their daughter.
Publishing sources say they could be paid up to £1million.
The couple's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, stressed they wanted to raise money for the dwindling Find Madeleine appeal and to counter a campaign of smears by Portuguese police.
Scroll down for more...
Madeleine's parents are considering writing a tell-all book about their ordeal since daughter Madeleine vanished a year ago to raise money for the Find Madeleine campaign
Several publishers have approached them and there is every possibility of a bidding frenzy.
Last week it emerged that the former head of the Madeleine investigation, Goncalo Amaral, has written a book about the case with the working title The Truth of the Lie.
Insiders said it will contain 'explosive' details about the police inquiry and the decision to name the McCanns as official suspects, or arguidos.
Mr Mitchell confirmed that Mr McCann, 39, had talked to one publishing house and been approached by several others.
He said: 'The idea of writing an official book at some point is appealing. It's a legitimate way of raising money for the fund but would also give them a chance to put across their side of the story, and to talk about some of the wider issues.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-562371/McCann-twins-pick-phone-day-ask-Where-Madeleine.html#ixzz0zj6LNif8

viv said...

What a devoted mummy believing every word Gezzy boy tells her, like she gets a choice?

viv said...

Hello Eileen its The Sun here, Gerry said we could have a chat with you...

Strange really because if my son had told me that is what happened to one of my precious grand daughers, I have this vision of seriously giving him the third degree, keeping all options open and even suspecting him and his wife.

viv said...

Given Eileen has been silent for such a long time now, maybe she finally realises, it is her own son who is the monster who carried Maddie out.

viv said...

Bit more from that story dated April 2008, they wanted yet more money as they squandered half a million on the amazing Mr Halligen, they wanted to put their side of the story as British and Portuguese Police continued to investigate THEM

This is all it has ever been about, them, how they can get away with, and how they can live very richly ever after, with poor Kate having "retired" rather early from her role of GP and the attendant responsibilities to protect children from serious harm.

viv said...

But publisher Patrick Jenson-Smith said it could be difficult to sell 'a story without a conclusion'. The McCanns have considered a series of ways to fund their continuing search for Madeleine, who disappeared from their holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, almost a year ago.
The little girl, then three, had been left with her two-year- old twin brother and sister while their parents went out for dinner nearby.
The couple suffered a public backlash when it emerged that their representatives had begun negotiations with the giant IMG entertainment agency over selling the film rights to their story. There were also discussions on bids from the Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters U.S. TV shows.
The McCanns, of Rothley, Leicestershire, are desperate to raise money for the Find Madeleine fund amid fears that £1.2million raised in donations from the public will run out within months.
The independent television production company Mentorn Media has made a £10,000 donation to the fund in return for the couple's cooperation with a two-hour documentary to be shown on ITV1 on Wednesday.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-562371/McCann-twins-pick-phone-day-ask-Where-Madeleine.html#ixzz0zjCgYwih

viv said...

How strange the £1.2M raised from the public, I am sure it is just coincidence that is the same figure they expect to scam from Goncalo Amaral.

Anyone making money out of this little girl will always leave a very bad taste in my mouth.

viv said...

Hang on a minute, April 2008, how strange, that is when they scammed, I mean sued the Daily Express for half a million.

The the McCanns, getting rid of their own little girl must have been like a licence to print huge sums of money, oh, the books, the films, the court cases, the rich Beckhams and Bransons and oil sheiks and Rowlings , oh this is just fab.

Well tough Gerry!

viv said...

Charities target very wealthy people directly.

Gerry does think he is a charity case.

I wonder, in a direct appeal to the Beckhams did Posh write him a nasty letter back, guess what Mr McCann, either me or David are always with our kids and on the occasions we are not, they have a nanny or trusted family member to care for them.

Enter the posh spice lookalike who nicked Maddie, I would not put anything past the vindictive Gerry McCann who always has to have a go back to those who, quite rightly, just cannot stand him.

viv said...

Ordinary Investment rates in the period 2007-8 could be as high as 8 per cent. So just in interest alone, in ten months that Fund would have increased by about £80,000 and yet ten months later it had all be Metodoed and Halligened, apparently and then there were the media advisers and the very expensive lawyers.

viv said...

I think you (Guerra on Jo Morais blog) blame British politicians and British Police for what you should be blaming Kate and Gerry for.

Like it or not, the British Foreign Office provides a consular service to those in trouble abroad, and that does include criminal suspects and making sure they are being treated fairly.

I am not aware of any British Police Officer or politician who created a media storm. The McCanns most certainly did and additionally British reporters were feeding on news being given to them in Portugal. British Police officers know only too well that if they brief the press in any case, without authority, let alone a serious one, they are in for the sack and worse.

I find your comments British Police were sent to Portugal to help the couple astounding given British Liaison Officers asked Kate McCann where is Maddie and perhaps even more pertinently it was British Officers and profilers etc who considered Gerry in particular a suspect and brought over the NPIA with the dogs and it is because of those British Officers and British dogs that you are so convinced that Maddie died!

Given the absolutely terrible press the McCanns were getting in 2007/2008 I also find it astounding that having read that you would find them innocent, even the Daily Mail and The Times wrote the most incredibly damning articles about them, let alone The Daily Express etc.

Do you not think that if the Labour Party were anywhere near as bent as you proclaim the conservative party would jump upon that with alacrity? In the final analysis, we actually see that those who are close to and helping Kate and Gerry in the political world are in fact all conservatives. McMillan Scott, Mitchell, and the former Editor of Murdoch's News of the World, now right hand spin doctor to David Cameron.

At the investigative stage UK justice is not open justice, that is not to say there is anything wrong with procedures in Portugal, it is just that is not how things happen in UK. It is not some special procedure for Kate and Gerry. The Chief Constable of Leicester Police and even our Attorney General were quite happy to fight it out with Kate and Gerry in court if need be, to stop them getting their hands on British Agency files. If they were as helpful as you say they would have just handed them over, but I can only stress again, that is not the way it is done. Even convicted offenders are still not allowed to access the entire police file.. Only the witness evidence that was actually used against them in the case. The police file would contain substantially more than that.

This should not be about blaming police or politicians it should be about blaming a couple of scheming criminals and their paid hangers on. Neither should it create divides between British and Portuguese Police, the reality is they are on the same side, Madeleine's I would not have it any other way.

viv said...

Hi Angelique

I find it very unlikely that Gerry has changed the way that crime is investigated in either Portugal or UK in its most basic sense. But police forces are always open to learning with the benefit of hindsight. It is difficult to plan for encountering someone quite like Gerry McCann who even got his mates to trample the crime scene and mess with the shutters. I suppose the most obvious learning is, always treat parents from the very outset as prime suspects in a suspicious disappearance of a child, particularly when they claim to be adamant about exactly what happened but say they were not there!!. It is easy for UK officers because we get so much crime from parents for them to learn from, it is far less common in Portugal. I think Goncalo does say in his book that UK procedures should be adopted and much learning in Portugal can be taken from that.

He has undoubtedly set out to change public perception, not just of himself, but of Portugal and its police officers. I think there will be Sun readers who soak that up like an old sponge, but in the main, reasonable people see Gerry for what he is, cold, obsessed with very large sums of cash, manipulative, odd in his behaviour and therefore highly suspicious. For me, the fact that he feels the need to just keep on doing this, just makes him even more suspect. It is far beyond the norm of what anyone would expect from a parent who lost their child, but actually hopes they may be still alive. As police officers have confirmed his own media seeking activities would have signed her death warrant were she genuinely with a dangerous child kidnapper unknown to the McCanns.

I think people are confused about the legal situation and the question of overlapping jurisdictions. Given the crime happened in Portugal they obviously had primary responsibility to thoroughly investigate that and try to find out what happened. Whilst they did find quite a lot of evidence, highly adverse to Kate and Gerry McCann and clearly suggesting their involvement in some way, that evidence did not reach the stage of providing any clear trail as to what actually happened to Madeleine sufficient for them to charge anyone with any specific criminal offence. Having taken that investigation as far as they reasonably and economically could with no less than two senior officers heading up those inquiries it was shelved in Portugal. If some stranger took Madeleine from Portugal then only the Portuguese Police have the jurisdiction to take that investigation forward and prosecute the offender. This is why they repeatedly say to Kate and Gerry, bring us further relevant and CREDIBLE evidence of this and we will re-open the investigation.

But what people wrongly assume is that meant the inquiry in UK was also shelved. IN our own law and procedure that just could not happen where it is felt that British parents offended against a British child abroad in a very serious way. Because Kate and Gerry are specifically living in England and Wales they are governed by the law and procedure in that specific area. That means that if they were responsible for the homicide of Madeleine in Portugal, under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 British Police must pursue for that when they return to the jurisdiction (or they can request their return or the foreign police deal with them) and they must prosecute them for that offence when they have sufficient evidence, even though it happened abroad.

Likewise under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, if Madeleine was being sexually abused abroad the police in England and Wales have jurisdiction to deal with Kate, Gerry and any others that may have been involved in those offences.


viv said...

IMO, this is why the Home Office do not want to say very much other than the case continues and of course Leicester Police have said they intend to bring the offenders to justice. The reality is that if what Kate and Gerry say is true, they have no jurisdiction to do so, only if it was them or their friends that actually offended against Madeleine. Hence we have Gerry, via his lawyer saying they want the case re-opened in Portugal (because that would tend to suggest they are innocent) and he wants a "review" in UK, because he does not want British authorities, including the Serious and Organised Crime AGency specifically investigating him!

The clue is in the title of the agency that is involved, this was a serious and organised crime, and I think it is quite obvious, one of the prime motivations for it was the huge amounts of money Gerry could make out of it.

viv said...

I see Gerry managed to cut to the chase at the end of his latest blog, his brother and boss are just not good strategists and he feels the need to defend himself so he organised them out. That figures!

Let us all "help and support Gerry in different ways" :-)))

Day 1233: 17/09/2010 Friday
Update September 6th 2010
As the Summer draws to a close, I’d like to thank everyone who has helped with our Summer Campaign by using Madeleine luggage tags, displaying posters, wearing Madeleine t-shirts while on their travels and of course for remaining vigilant. Thank you also to all the students who are helping with our ‘Students for Madeleine’ initiative. I have no doubt that it all helps. Keeping Madeleine’s image out there greatly increases our chances of finding her. It is a reminder to people that she is still missing and to please keep looking for her. In addition, we know that somebody knows where Madeleine is. One more reminder of her may be all that it takes for them to finally come forward and let us know.
Despite the summertime being a relatively quiet period for everyone, our work to find Madeleine continues. There will be some changes and development in terms of strategy and ideas as we endeavour to leave no stone unturned in our search. This will include some changes to the board of Madeleine’s Fund, simply to try and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of what we are doing. It has now been three years and four months since Madeleine was taken from us. None of us ever thought we’d still be in the position we are today. Inevitably there has to be change for a variety of reasons but importantly, this will also allow people to help and support us in different ways. Regardless of change, everyone’s focus, commitment and desire continues to be that of finding Madeleine.
Thank you for your ongoing support.

viv said...

Note the wrong date on the Update.
Update September 6th 2010
Maybe they meant to write yesterdays date 16th and put 6th instead.
Although the Update was only added today the 17th

Backdating hardly helps Gerry much in suggesting hey I am not bothered look I am telling you, because even on 6 September, that was a considerable time after his brother John resigned on 23 July and then his boss on 24 August.

But backdating is a typically dirty trick I have certainly come across many times from those with a less than honest outlook to life.

viv said...

I just want to acknowledge the above are posts made by Pamalam, trusty keeper of any single blog Gerry McCann ever made. I believe she has been threatened by Team McCann.

Moral Gerry, if you do not want to incriminate yourself, do not write, do not speak, swop places with little Maddie and just make yourself disappear.

Wizard said...

Posters of MBM seen in the streets of Dusseldorf as the German police search for a missing 10-year-old boy yesterday. (McCannfiles 17:09:10)

The Dusseldorf police say. “We are not aware of any connection of the case (MBM) to the case in Dusseldorf.” The German police are right but the connection does seem obvious to me. When a genuine abduction takes place, the McCanns jump on the bandwagon and link into people’s minds genuine cases to their own. A task meant to indicate their missing daughter was a victim of a stranger abduction too and to alleviate the pressure on her parents who despite what they say remain the prime suspect.

Wizard said...

Hi Viv - I was just reading Gerry’s take on the recent board changes of the Fund. He tells us, they took place, “simply to try and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of what we are doing.”

“Inevitably there has to be change for a variety of reasons but importantly, this will allow people to help and support us in different ways.”

So what can be read into GM’s explanation, brother John was no longer efficient and effective in his board role and was dismissed. Hmm.

I hope brother John isn’t expecting a job reference from Gerry sounds somewhat acrimonious to me.

Wizard said...

I was just reading about the News of the World's tactics in gaining information which made me think of the McCann case.

It could be asked - is information wrong when a libel action by someone prevent further unbiased reporting from a newspaper or the media in general on the topic. In the McCann case the press find it impossible to speculate further without 100% proof and now target someone else involved in the case and speculate on them. This appears to have happened in relationship to Amaral – the media can no longer speculate on the McCanns involvement in their daughter’s disappearance but the ex police officer can be targeted.

Amaral whose investigation concurs in the main with their own original reporting is now a target for libel and the media’s original arguments are turned on their head as they are only allowed to print favourable thing about those that raised the libel action. Libel action does protect the innocent but it unfortunately also protects the guilty.

What I’m rather clumsily trying to say is because something is libellous does not mean it is not true only that it cannot be proven to be true. After all, there would be little to write about in the press if everything they wrote had to be proven 100% in a court of law before publication.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

In relation to the people Team McCann pick on, to target, as in some way, being involved in the disappearance of Madeleinee for the disraction effect this can have.

As you say, it does tie in with very well with libel law and you can see that strategy, the wider issues, the longer term aims are very important to the boss of Team McCann, Gerry McCann.

What is it about these characters that he picks upon as being responsible? A couple of gay male child killers already in custody. Is there any "business risk" in terms of suggesting it may have been them, bizarre as that maybe given they like little boys? Do they have a good reputation to protect? NO? Do they have the means to start a libel action against Team McCann? NO, they are in custody!

I am sure Gerry adopted the same careful thought processes when adopting Hewlett as a suitable vehicle for him to latch onto. Simply no possibility of any retaliation. It does not matter what he says about Hewlett, call him a paedophile who takes children, including Maddie, the former is actually true. Make a further smearing link in the public's mind, he is friends with gypies who stole Maddie to order, it has taken him just three and a half years to perfect this theorem. Did brother John think that Gerry's "strategies" stink? One thing is for sure you cannot libel a dead man or one that never had a good name in the first place and it is critically ill.

Did Gerry cynically use Hewlett as part of his strategy of defending and deflecting? I think so. Are Team McCann doing anything at all to find Madeleine by making these links with various undesirables and do The Sun newspaper actually convince that is the case. I think the average Sun reader should liken themselves to some dirty old bath sponge, soaking up pure rubbish, and long past it sell by date. Maybe they should also think about how many times they have been grateful for the help of the police and if they were in Portugal, would be grateful for the help of the Portuguese Police, had their daughter genuinely been abducted by a stranger. In that way they can place in context the comments they have read in The Sun and the News of the World about the Portuguese Police and Goncalo Amaral. Maybe they should also remember that saying, I am not a racist, I have a foreign friend, does not change the reality about you!

In appealing to the ignorant to get his message across, Murky Murdoch will use every dirty trick in the book, and that does include stirring up prejudice, knowing that among his Sun readership, it is rife.

We are never going to get the answer as to what happened to Madeleine from Team McCann or the bent detectives they employ to latch onto another good witness they can bribe or another sick peadophile they can blame.

But neither are we going to get the answer by attacking the Police in either UK or Portugal or the respective governments. It is a nonsense to suggest that any of these people would wish to see scheming Gerry McCann just get away with it. The truth is they do not have Madeleine or her body and they cannot clearly prove what he did with her.

But as you so clearly state Wiz, winning a civil libel case never did make you innocent, it is the guilty, the fraudulent and the downright greedy, that use this law so much in UK, Gerry is no exception. Living in a big mortgaged house and having a degree does not make you any better than the man who lives in the gutter if you cannot even care for your own child and use that child to cashin and bully, as your own personal cash cow. In fact many would say that makes you a whole lot worse.

Wizard said...

Halligen was up before the Horseferry beak today the extradition hearing continues on 3rd November.

viv said...

Thanks Wiz, certainly sounds like a complex case, the time it is taking!

What I find complex is why is it Kate and Gerry did not complain to the police themselves or start a civil action or both, or did they?



viv said...

What a great post. This has always been the bottom line for me from the earliest days when I used to post on the Daily Express. These two parents lied and covered up what happened to Madeleine, they consistently ignored police advice and failed to co-operate with them, preferring to run their own "media circus". They go on TV and admit the most shocking neglect of children who simply should not have been alone with the door left open. Regardless of what exactly happened to Madeleine and that includes stranger abduction, they have always put their own self interest ahead of hers. That is simply unforgivable and I fail to see how anyone who has read the files in this case, could actually be "Pro McCann". By definition that has to make them anti child protection and anti the rights of little Maddie McCann.

Re: "The Windows Have Been Jemmied"
widowan on Sun 19 Sep 2010, 9:04 pm

.Also, I just went for the first time to PFA2 today. Big post from someone about whyhe felt McCans could not and did not get rid of their child's body, to which sans souci heartily agreed. Much was made of the fact that the "expert" dog handler said that the dogs could only indicate a presence and it had to be verified etc etc as we've all heard. He the poster wished to believe the "expert" and then went on spuriously to claim that since experts - the police - could not find how McCanns had done it, they must not have done it

I wonder why they ignore other experts such as those statement analysis people or other profilers who state that the story told and statements given by McCanns - just the obvious ones not even the deep PJ reports - find that it is most liekly that McCanns DID have something to do with this. They the experts find nothing odd about parents staging abductions to cover for child murders. It occurs with great frequency and like actual abduction often results in the body not being found. They the experts in profiling do not turn a hair at the fact that not being able to discover HOW anyone did it is a justification for the belief that no one did it.

To extend this poster's logical, since the PJ found no way or no evidence that an abductor did it, it is then also impossible that this occurred. Logically, then, Madeleine was neither removed by her parents nor by a kidnapper. This doesn't seem to advance our case or understanding of the facts any further. Since we know she didn't disappear into thin air and someone must have removed her, it is equally likely (and I belive this is the bottom line of the police report) that either one could have happend. Of the two scenarios, only th parents have evidence against them - the dogs, their lies, and their behavior after the fact.

I also wonder how these "pros" can continue to be pro McCann when, if in fact the child was abducted due to their negligence, they then refuse to help reconstruct, answer questions, and in fact dragged their heels with their child in the hands of a pedophile - even insisting that there is NO PROOF that she was harmed.

if she was kidnapped, ipso facto she was harmed, particularly if this was done by a pefophile ring as they insist, Their insistence on putting Madeleine's welfare second to their own need to cover their asses for neglect makes me even more "anti" McCann than if another scenario had taken place.

how do you behave as they have done with your child out there in that situation? They either disposed of her or knowing she was kidnapped protected themselves rather than furthering the search for her.

WHich parent do YOU want to be "pro"?

To me Pro McCann means, you are for them - whatever occurred. I cannot countenance that, in either case..
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viv said...

I also agree that it is absolutely absurd to insist that because the police cannot prosecute on what the believe to be the case, that means it simply did not happen.

We can find any number of murder cases that are resolved many years later when further evidence comes to light. Very often the police knew all along who the killer was but did not have sufficient evidence to prove that "beyond reasonable doubt" in court.

I am not wishing to suggest that is what the McCanns actually did with Madeleine, but they were clearly involved in her disappearance. The simple fact is the police quite open spent over a year investigating them and that investigation continues in UK. To suggest the police do this without having very good reason to consider people suspects in the first place in naievety it its extreme.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that confirms this parents guilt in the disappearance of little Maddie. Not least the fact they needed to tell the most incredible lies about it from the very first moments. The complete antithesis of what innocent parents would do, who had nothing to hide and just wanted to do everything to help the police recover her.

But what did Gerry immediately say the fund was so helpful to them for:

"It has enabled us to get a really good team of lawyers together"

I would like these pro McCanns to explain to me just how that makes him an innocent parent wanting his little girl back!

Wizard said...

Morning Viv,

Whilst sitting drinking my morning ‘mochofrappelatteccino’ lol I read your quote below:-

“I also wonder how these "pros" can continue to be pro McCann when, if in fact the child was abducted due to their negligence, they then refuse to help reconstruct, answer questions, and in fact dragged their heels with their child in the hands of a pedophile - even insisting that there is NO PROOF that she was harmed.”

I wonder not! They are delusional or paid!

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

I recall seeing items on the McCann accounts like "poster campaign" and "awareness raising".

Could that be paid posters, well yes I think so because these people clearly are delusional. Some are not professional, they are just idiots recruited to the cause by the likes of "Rosiepops".

I note on MM Sans souci continues to put up with the most incredible rudeness and bullying from other posters. People have speculated who this may be.

I am quite certain this person is legally trained, Rachel Oldfield would fit the bill.

viv said...

Oh what a fantastic post, MM do still produce some very good ones! I would just like to add, I would be happy to contribute also!

Re: New Find Madeline Update
pennylane Today at 12:57 pm

.If the McCanns are running out of money .... as a taxpayer I would willingly contribute to their living expenses, just as I once did for both Jeffrey Archer and Jonathan Aitken!

Wizard said...

Daily Mirror reports on yesterday in court re:Halligen’s extradition:-

“Private detective accused of ripping off Madeleine McCann fund wanted in the US over alleged £1.3million fraud 21/09/2010
A private detective accused of ripping off the Madeleine McCann fund is also wanted in the US over an alleged £1.3million fraud, it was revealed yesterday.

Kevin Halligen, 49, is being sought by the FBI for allegedly conning UK law firm Waterson and Hicks out of the sum by claiming he could help free two staff of a client, oil company Trafigura, jailed in the Ivory Coast over a 2006 chemical spill.

Westminster magistrates remanded Halligen, from Surrey, in custody until November 3”.

The McCanns who were also clearly ripped off by Halligen stay silent but.....may be just may be Halligen’s antics fitted the bill.

Wizard said...

Pennylane's post today is spot on!

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

I just wonder if you know a little about extradition laws. I know it’s not you area but to me the Halligen case doesn’t seem logical. Halligen is currently resident in England and America is asking for extradition of him to the USA from the British.

If he was born in Eire, shouldn’t the British be shipping him back there and let them pay his legal fees to fight extradition? Why do the British have to pay for foreign nationals problems?

Wizard said...
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viv said...

hiya Wiz

I do not think it matters much where you were born, it is more a question of where you are habitually resident. Halligen's UK address is Surrey I believe.

viv said...

and erm maybe Gerry should try the same one, and tell SOCA and LP to get right off his case, lol!

viv said...

Vatican bank chief investigated over money laundering claimsIn unprecedented move, judge freezes €23m held in account at financial institution with close church links
(126)Tweet this (33)John Hooper in Rome guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 21 September 2010 13.23 BST Article history
Under investigation: Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, president of the Istituto per le Opere di Religione (IOR). Photograph: Emanuela De Meo/AFP/Getty Images

The head of the Vatican bank has formally been placed under investigation in an inquiry into a suspected violation of Italy's money-laundering laws, judicial sources said today.

At the same time, a judge in Rome ordered a freeze on €23m (£19.5m) held in an account opened by the Vatican bank, the Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR), at another financial institution in the Italian capital. It was thought to be the first time such action had been authorised against the IOR in Italy.

Since last September, the Bank of Italy has classified the Vatican bank as a non-EU institution whose dealings with other banks are thus subject to especially close scrutiny.

The sources said that last Wednesday, on the eve of Pope Benedict's departure for Britain, a unit of the Italian revenue guard alerted prosecutors to an anomaly in an account owned by the IOR at the Rome branch of Credito Artigiano, which has close historic ties to the Catholic church.

Of the €28m deposited, €23m was destined for transfer to JP Morgan in Frankfurt and another €3m to another Italian bank. But in neither case, it is alleged, had the Vatican's bankers supplied details of the individual or corporation for whom they were acting, as required by a 2007 legislative decree.

The sources said the president of the IOR, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, and another senior executive were under investigation. It was not immediately clear whether there was any connection between this inquiry and another in which the Vatican bank has been named, which concerns suspect property dealings.

The Vatican has a long history of withholding co-operation from Italian investigators seeking access to its bank's books. The IOR was involved in a major scandal in 1982 arising from the fraudulent bankruptcy of Banco Ambrosiano, then Italy's largest private bank.

viv said...

Is it money from paedophilia that means the Catholic Church as such a huge amount of dirty money to wash.

Who advised Kate and Gerry to go and see the Pontiff, maybe it was done a bit tongue in cheek!

Di said...

Hi Wizard

That coffee sounded good.

Hi Viv

Yes Pennylane has hit the nail on the head.

Re: Halligen, didn't Clarence say K & G were more than happy with his services, or something similar, mind you it could have been a newspaper report.

Sorry to have to ask but what is PFA2?

viv said...

Hiya Di, You are not mistaken about Clarence's glowing words (and another family friend) in relation to Mr Halligen, see this report from August 2008.

Funnily enough, Gerry also did an update supporting Mr Halligen/Red Defence/Oakley and then he was sacked! I checked the updates on their official Find Madeleine site and guess what all removed prior to May 2009. Something to hide as ever? Too right. I will get this update from Pamalam and post but her blog seems tobe down at the moment.

PFA2 stands for Pro Fence Anti but the reality is, it is populated by sick Pro McGangsters.

viv said...

McCanns hire crack team of ex-FBI agents to find Madeleine Daily Mail

Last updated at 12:25 PM on 13th August 2008

Kate and Gerry McCann have hired a team of crack U.S detectives to lead the hunt for their missing daughter Madeleine, it has emerged.

The unnamed US firm is said to have been offered a £500,000 six-month contract by the Find Madeleine Fun to help spearhead the search.

A friend of the McCanns said: 'The hunt for Madeleine is becoming more and more international and it was felt that a truly international firm was now needed to lead the inquiry.

"These really are the big boys. They are absolutely the best, but they are extremely secretive and cloak-and-dagger about what they do.

'Since their appointment, Metodo has very much taken a back seat and they are now concentrating primarily in Portugal and Spain and across the Straits of Gibraltar into north Africa, where they have their main contacts.

'The American agency is pretty much handling everything else.'

The secretive firm is said to employ ex-FBI, CIA and U.S special forces, according to the Daily Mirror.

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell, said: 'Kate and Gerry made it clear from the outset they would leave no stone unturned in finding Madeleine and that means employing the very best people in any given field.

'It is correct that an international firm of investigators have been appointed.

'But I am unable to say anything at all about them because of the covert nature of their work and the need for secrecy, not only in looking for Madeleine, but also in relation to previous operations.'

The McCanns now have detectives working around the world at a reported cost of £166,000 a month.

Among the possible sightings they are following up, apparently ignored by Portuguese police, is one by a British yachtsman on the Caribbean island of Margarita last May.

The appointment of the U.S firm comes after it was revealed that a suspected sighting of Madeleine in Brussels was ruled out by police.

viv said...

these really are the big boys, an international firm...employing the very best

Those words to describe conman Kevin Halligen will come back to haunt Team McCann.

viv said...

The earliest report of them appointing these erm cough, American big boys seems to be in the (no doubt McCann friendly) Liverpool Echo in July 2008, but so soon afterwards we get this:

So, it would seem, the McCanns were very happy with Halligen for about a month, paid him at least £300,000 and then got Kennedy to sack him, well come on that may sound odd but this is Kate and Gerry's earnest search for their daughter we are talking about...

viv said...

The Daily Mail, another very McCann friendly paper.....

Madeleine fund in chaos as private eyes are axed after draining £500,000
By Daniel Boffey and Miles GoslettLast updated at 10:14 PM on 23rd August 2008
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The fund for finding Madeleine now has only £500,000 left in its coffers
A team of private investigators working behind the scenes to find Madeleine McCann has been axed after being paid £500,000 from publicly donated funds.
The Find Madeleine Fund quietly engaged the services of a US-based company which was awarded the lucrative six-month contract earlier this year.
The company, Oakley International, which boasts former British security service and FBI contacts, was hired to monitor the Madeleine Hotline, carry out detective work and review CCTV footage of possible sightings of the missing girl around the world.
A source revealed that the company had also spent resources in an attempt to infiltrate a paedophile ring in Belgium.
However, the company’s contract will now not be renewed. The Mail on Sunday has learned that double-glazing tycoon Brian Kennedy, who has been underwriting the fund’s search for Madeleine, has conducted a review of the agency’s work and has become unhappy with the progress it was making.
The deal was abruptly ended following a meeting last week after the fund brought in independent monitors to assess how the money was spent.
The cost of employing the agency - run by a Briton, Kevin Halligen - has drained the Madeleine fund and there is now less than £500,000 left.
The development is likely to dismay the thousands who gave to the appeal, and raise questions about how the fund has been administered.
Mr Kennedy, who owns Sale Sharks rugby club, was said to be ‘angry’ because he believed Oakley’s bills, estimated to be more than £80,000 a month, were too much for the results they achieved.
A source said: ‘There is a sense that they were meaning well but hadn’t got as far as they should for the money involved.
'Brian Kennedy thought their work was far too pricey and wanted to know where the money was being spent. He wasn’t satisfied with their answers and the contract was not renewed.
‘Madeleine’s parents, Gerry and Kate, have been kept informed all along and agree with the decision. A lot of people were asking questions about where the money was being spent.’

Kate and Gerry McCann agree with the decision to drop Oakley International
Oakley International won the contract after an introduction by another company, Red Defence International (RDI), based in Jermyn Street, Central London.
Listed as being involved with both companies was Mr Halligen, 47, a communications expert. He is given as the ‘contact name’ for Oakley International Group, a company registered in Washington DC as the manufacturer of search and navigation equipment.
The company says it has annual sales of £33,000 and only one employee, who appears to be Mr Halligen.
The address given for the company is 2550 M Street NW Washington, which is the downtown office of Patton Boggs, one of the largest and most powerful law companies in America.
A source at the law firm said last night that the lawyer who represented Mr Halligen was unavailable for comment.
RDI, formed in 2005, bills itself as ‘an experienced provider of crisis prevention, management and expertise’. It claims to have a presence in Washington DC and Virginia and representation in the Middle East, Africa and Central America.

Brian Kennedy, who has underwritten the search for Madeleine, is dissatisfied with the agency's work
However, its latest set of accounts is two months overdue and it faces being fined by HM Revenue & Customs.
Among the main players working on the McCann contract were Mr Halligen and Henri Exton, 57, who headed the Greater Manchester Police undercover unit until 1993. He then worked for the Government before moving into the private sector.

viv said...

One day after a crisis meeting last week with the Madeleine fund administrators, Mr Halligen resigned as a director of RDI.
Mr Exton, of Bury, Lancashire, has the Queen’s Police Medal and an OBE. During the Seventies and Eighties his work included uncovering organised crime rings and recruiting supergrasses.
He also infiltrated football gangs, at one stage becoming a leader of the Young Guvnors, who followed Manchester City, and was forced to take part in organised incidents to preserve his cover.
Previously, the McCann fund had employed a Spanish detective agency called Metodo 3. However, the fund lost confidence in them, especially after they announced they would find Madeleine by last Christmas.

viv said...

and now the McCanns would like another million to further invest in these hapless liars, masquerading as the big boys who will bring Maddie Home.

I am sure I am not the only one that wishes Goncalo Amaral the very best of luck in resisting those ridiculous claims.

Kate McCann tell us on her webpage, they knew Madeleine had not walked out of the apartment so only the abduction thesis is credible for them. Given you say in your police statement you left the patio door open Kate and you were not there, I would be keen to know how you "know" she could not have walked out.

Had she already been gotten rid of by you, or was she too drugged up to move, just like your twins?

S.B. said...

Hi Viv....,

Don't be daft you already know that Kate and Kate alone knows what she knows because she was there so she must know. Knows what, that is the question she should be answering! Along with the other 40 odd outstanding questions.

If I hear that blinking cliche 'Kate and Gerry will leave no stone unturned' once more I think I'll go completely barking ~ whoops, the dogs again!

S.B. said...

Hello again Viv....,

By again highlighting various press reports, quotations and Mccann machinations in relation to the employment of FBI style super- sleuths, I think you rekindle just how many irregularities exist within this complexe case.

Imagine all those documents in the hands of the British police, those documents that Gerry would so dearly love to seize. All that detailed information, damning to the Mccanns that will eventually lead to their incarceration.

I sometimes wonder if Gerry regrets his endeavours to maintain a high profile coverage of his daughters disappearance. An impossible task over a period of 3 years, to remember everything you have previously said and done.

Makes you think exactly what is going on in Castle Rothley doesn't it................

viv said...

Hiya SB and great to see you back, I was beginning to think you had left us!

I do wonder if Gerry regrets employing such hapless firms of defectives. I think his cynicism and overwhelming belief in himself and his long term strategies and wider goals, his scoping exercises, probably just got the better of him. When we look back on it, it all looks a bit of a disastrous "campaign". And what was that campaign all about? Perpetuating a wicked lie? I am not sure that Goncalo gives us the truth of exactly what the McCanns did to Maddie and what fate befell her, but one thing he did get right. The title of his book. It is a rhetorical question that any police officer looking at this case must answer, what is the truth behind their lies? Because the police do have the advantage of starting from the point of knowing the McCanns have told some pretty serious lies about the disappearance of their daughter and that just has to spell guilt, being involved in her disappearance and wanting to cover that up.

But to me, it has always been so much more than that, I believe the police have a great deal of evidence of very complex schemes being run by Gerry McCann, always looking at the longer term agenda as you suggest. How he can both make money from his venture and maintain public interest as you say. If he cannot keep the public on board, he cannot keep cashing in. This is why he even has "bloggers", clearly being cute enough to realise the power of the internet.

I still wonder if he does have Madeleine somewhere and desperately seeks a way he can recover her but without the blame coming back on him. Just imagine the film rights to that. But of course only a narcissist would actually believe he could pull such a scheme off and fool the police. Gerry's biggest failing is his lack of ability to respect the intelligence of others, his superiority complex, if you will.

viv said...

but maybe even Gerry realises he has made some terrible mistakes. Why else would he remove all of his updates and blogs prior to 2009, including him supporting Halligen and his snidy little jokes about the twins getting hair cuts and Sean developing a taste for sea bass.

I have a lingering vision of Sean's t shirt, the red one, with the picture of the plane on it and the words "up, up and away".

I wonder what he will think of his father when he grows up, this father who was training him at two, to fight off the monster who took Maddie.

S.B. said...


My god, what filthy obnoxious b******s are allowed to walk this planet. If this particular case was inspired by the Mccann’s then they have got a whole lot more to answer for than mislaying their own little daughter. Just how despicable can anybody be? I sometimes wonder if there will ever be an end to the repercussions created by Madeleine Mccann’s dreadful fate ~ I say fate because whatever actually happened there could never be a happy ending to this saga for Madeleine.

Viv me a deserter? Never, you can’t get rid of me that easily lol! You wonder if Gerry regrets employing such hapless firms of detectives? Well, apart from the fact that he wasn't 'actually' looking for competent 'detectives' to help find little Madeleine there seems to be an ongoing discrepancy as to 'who' was responsible for the employment of these exceptional, highly acclaimed super sleuths. Was it Gerry? Was it Kennedy? Was it the Home Secretary? Was it Gordon Brown? I'm inclined to think the one with the most cash, what do you think?

I wish I could agree with your thoughts about Madeleine still being alive somewhere but that scenario still begs the question ~ where is she?

Yes, Gerry clearly has a problem with the way in which he perceives his own worth, 0% in my estimation, but he must now be able to realise that he has not outwitted the police or the majority of the populace nor ever will he. Even their extended family appear to have jumped ship. As you rightly say, why else would he destroy on-line evidence of all his contradictions and lies.