22 Nov 2010


This is the first article I can remember for a very long time from the Daily Express where they are actually allowing readers comments.  Given how the McCanns quickly set Carter Ruck on the case I thought I would just grab them in case they go Whoosh Clunk just like poor little Maddie did.  

We are all very furious Kate, shame on you.  Mother? 


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JK Rowling helped Kate and Gerry McCann to secure their book deal
Sunday November 21,2010

By Sunday Express Reporter

JK Rowling helped Kate and Gerry McCann to secure their book deal, the Sunday Express can reveal.
The multi-millionaire Harry Potter writer suggested they use her literary agent Christopher Little who arranged a publishing deal with Transworld.
JK Rowling has been giving the McCanns support since their daughter disappeared in Portugal in May 2007 aged three.
The author contributed to a reward for finding Madeleine and in July 2007 she arranged for posters of Madeleine to be made available to book retailers around the world .
Kate has already written 60,000 words, covering the period up to the couple’s heart-rending decision to return to Britain.
The book, titled Madeleine, will be published on April 28 next year to mark the fourth anniversary of her disappearance. Profits will go directly to the fund for finding Madeleine. GP Kate, 42, said: “My main reason for writing is simple – to give an account of the truth.”


22.11.10, 2:49am
1) Goncalo Amaral has NEVER been accused of torture.

2) THREE judges overruled the banning of his book - a book that was based on the investigation carried out by the PJ - and with assistance from the BRITISH police.

3) Goncalo Amaral, until he retired, was a highly respected policeman of many years service.

4) The parents petition only asks for a REVIEW of the files, whereas the petition that I gave a link to is asking the Portuguese to RE-OPEN the case. To claim that it diverts from the parents petition is nonsense.

5) I think you'll find that the Portuguese tourist industry is doing rather better than you think.
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22.11.10, 12:22am
The quashing of the ban on Amaral'a book is still ongoing. A court overruled a previous court ruling to the book ban due to his human right to free speech to say whatever he wants whether true or not. An appeal has been lodged at the Supreme Court, a hearing date awaited. There is also a libel case against him due next year, one of a number of court cases lodged against him for various things he was/is accused of. Why would you put a policeman already accused of torture or covering up torture in the case of another missing child only a few miles away in charge of a case of yet another missing child. Someone with that charge against them should have been suspended awaiting a court hearing not put in charge of another such case. No wonder tourist figures are down in Portugal.


21.11.10, 11:46pm
THE LINK BELOW IS NOT THE GENUINE PETITION SET UP BY KATE AND GERRY **** TO TRY AND HELP FIND ****. That link is set up to try and divert signatures from the real petition and is run by ones who spend their time on blogs and forums harrassing and being vile to the parents of a missing little girl.
Please go to this link and sign if you want to help find **** :


21.11.10, 11:07pm
find the time to write this book? Thought she was busy looking for her child she claims was abducted! What about the bidding war for this book? Did that not exist? Well I shall have to guess it didn't if JK gave, the mother, her agents number. I do hope the UK press report to the UK public that the lawyer of the parents who claim their child was abucted still has Dr Goncalo Amaral's books and refuses to return them to him and his publisher. It is imo hypocritical that someone who has tried to ban a book and also silence that author of the book from speaking about the content to then go and write a book themself! I wonder if anywhere within the 60,000 words there will be a clear explanation of events of that evening? I have seen the Anniversary programmes, the last programme the mother took the place where an actress was supposed to depict her. Why? The mother explained about the door being opened and how she knew just knew it was an abduction. I have listened to the mother several times before her recent programme and after say, how she knew just knew it was an abduction. I have seen both parents doing their media stints and to this day, just like the 4th May 2007, I still think they talk bunkum! Is that what this book will be more bunkum? Will the reader be scratching his/her head at the end and be left feeling, what is this all about? I still don't have a clue! 17 quid for what?

I look forward to real reporting from the Express regarding this matter and especially would like to know more about Dr Amaral and his book. Especially as three Portuguese judges have quashed the ban on his book and gave him his dignity back by allowing him to have his full voice back to discuss whatever he wants whenever he wants in his own country!

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21.11.10, 10:56pm
Yes go sign the petition, its the only one that matters for a real re opening of the investigation. Just like the parents want !

Is it just me that quite relaxed eloquent people are abused and attacked and simply dismissed as haters!

Haters? Simply explain the timelines, why you chose to ignore Police advice on going public with the detail of the eye that it could be a death sentence for your own daughter!

Why did you not answer the 48 questions? Why did the twins not wake up with all the commotion in the room even when they were moved to another apartment? Why you offered to take a lie detector test and then turned down the chance?

Plenty of questions that the backers ignore, i shall be looking forward to reading a free copy of the book online to see what is said about Dr Gaspars statement!
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21.11.10, 8:37pm

21.11.10, 8:28pm

For those who DO really want this child found sign the petition posted earlier by mumbles this is a genuine petition to REOPEN the case to find her not a review that will not spend it's time LOOKING for her.
It will also be given to the Portuguese authorities who are the ONLY ones with the power to reopen or investigate.


No more money to the MC........ who have never used their money, only the donations of well meaning people, who were duped into a search which never took place.
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21.11.10, 8:28pm
For those who DO really want this child found sign the petition posted earlier by mumbles this is a genuine petition to REOPEN the case to find her not a review that will not spend it's time LOOKING for her.
It will also be given to the Portuguese authorities who are the ONLY ones with the power to reopen or investigate.

The only way to help the missing child is to have her case reopened


If you don't ask?
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21.11.10, 7:37pm
Gerry no comment to hide Kate knew ****. Healys know the Murats and Eveleighs.
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21.11.10, 7:03pm
The strangest aspect of this whole sad saga,a little girl left to babysit herself,and 2 even younger siblings,has turned the neglectful parents into "minor celeberaties"!!!! and still they bleat on about what other people have,nt done. What also is unforgiveable ,is the media reports,even the over turning ,by 3 judges,of the ban on the book "Truth of the Lie" was just ignored by our wonderful press,WHY?????
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21.11.10, 6:33pm
will the book tell us why their petition is NOT on the No 10 gov uk site and WHY they are asking for a REVEIW and NOT an RE-OPENING.I just wish some people would read the files before offering to help kate and gerry,then we might see justice for a 3 yr old little girl named **** Beth ****.
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21.11.10, 6:21pm
Is the book going to tell people why the ****'s did not request the Portuguese Judiciary keep the investigation open, which they could have done rather that shelving it ?
Is it then going to expliain why then Gerry told everyone on the Oprah W. show that no police force was actively looking for Madeleine?
Is the book going to explain why Kate sat in an official interview and refused to answer questions ?
Is the book going to tell us why the members of the group involved refused to return to Portugal when requested to do so in order to do an official reconstruction of the events leading up to ****'s disappearance ?
Is the book going to explain the roles of Gordon B, C. Blair ,D.Mililiband , Kevin H. and others ?

I'll only buy a copy if it does.
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21.11.10, 6:13pm
Excellent that Rowling is supporting the ****.

Hopefully they will finally get that complete review of the case by the Portuguese and British police which they are asking for in their petition. **** deserves it. You can access it through the OFFICIAL Findmadeleine website.

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21.11.10, 5:24pm
i hope kate and gerry will tell of the help they had from GORDON BROWN,and what favours were called in,i hope at least one person buys it and puts it on the internet just so we can all see what the truth is to kate and gerry
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21.11.10, 5:10pm
@ JimDay, where can I read about Kate's PDL ex -pat friend? Thanks.
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21.11.10, 4:49pm
"The book, titled ****, will be published on April 28 next year to mark the fourth anniversary of her disappearance."

So they're pretty confident that their daughter isn't going to be found before then. So, why are they currently wasting money on their (apparently incompetent) PIs?? Are they also suing Kevin Halligen to reclaim the £300,000 he acquired by fraudulent means??
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21.11.10, 3:35pm
Has anyone noticed that JK Rowling has a dodgy eye,Kate **** looks as though she's got a dodgy eye,**** had colomba eye hasn't **** got a dodgy eye,and Gordon Brown has a dodgy eye,all involved with the ****,is there anyone else who has a dodgy eye?.
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21.11.10, 3:30pm
I thought there was a "fierce bidding war" between publishers to get the **** memoirs. Now you are telling us that their book deal had to be "secured" with the "help of JK Rowling" who, curiously enough, just so hapens to have a new movie coming out.

Which is it then, a fierce bidding war or touting one's wares round publishers?
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21.11.10, 3:26pm
Kate **** childhood friend of Robert ****. Why did Gerry say "no comment"?
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21.11.10, 3:25pm
This case would of been solved three yrs ago if there hadn't been political interference from Gordon Brown which forced Goncalo Amaral off the case,i have no doubt he was so near to the truth,so why all the protection for the ****,your guess is as good as mine.Where were/are the British media in all this,tiptoeing around the **** as though they were the worlds best parents when in fact they are at least, child neglectors,why have the media never asked an awkward question of the ****,why have they gone along with the fairy tale abduction line,when there's not one iota of evidence to corroberate their version of events,but plenty of evidence to point the other way,like the two sniffer dogs reacting to the scent of cadavar and blood in the **** apartment,like the jogging,playing tennis,not searching for **** themselves,the **** and the tapas crowd agreed to a lie detector test then later refused,why?The 48 questions unanswered,the setting up of the fund and pr team within days of ****'s disappearance,would any normal grieving parent do those things when their precious child had been abducted by a paedophile of course not,wouldn't any normal parent be beside themselves with worry knowing their child would be crying for them,and knowing what their child would be going through,of course they would,they blame everyone else for their actions,they are cold narcisstic arrogant people,who are protected by the British labour government and the cowardly British media which includes the Express.It's about time the press did their public duty and scrutinised the behaviour of the **** and the tapas crowd,if they do that **** will get justice at last.I hope Goncal Amaral's book will be published over here,who do the McCanmns think they are telling the British people what they can and cannot read.
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21.11.10, 3:07pm
From the very first moments of M*deleine's reported 'abduction' the McC*nns embarked on a course of action designed not to help the police investigation into their daughter's disappearance, but to hinder it.

It is therefore difficult to entertain the notion that, three-and-a-half years later, Kate has suddenly decided, with a 'very heavy heart', to reveal 'the truth'. As numerous commentators have already stated, if this is 'the truth' it should be immediately forwarded to the Portuguese authorities to reopen the case - not simply to 'review' it in order to gain access to 'secret' police files.

It is admirable that there are people who believe the McC*nns are 'wholly innocent' of any involvement in ****'s disappearance - not everybody has the time, inclination or energy to watch hours of videos, read through thousands of pages of police files or plough through the often impenetrable rogatory interviews. To those people I would simply highlight the following exhange which took place earlier this year, between the McC*nns and Portuguese presenter Sandra Felgueiras.

The McC*nns were asked if there were any of the reported 'sightings' of M*deleine that they "kept thinking about", that could just have been M*deleine. Gerry initially answers with the Tanner and Smith sightings but when pressed by Felgueiras to answer the question she asked, he says: "there's been one or two I've looked at twice". But when he is further pressed to reveal "which they were", he is unable to remember anything "specific" about any of the sightings of his missing daughter. Kate says she "doesn't know" either but thinks there was one in "Amsterdam or Brussels".

Now, I find that not only truly astonishing but also extremely disturbing. Neither Kate nor Gerry, after three years of 'torment', could remember a single 'sighting' of M*deleine. Surely, for any desperate parent every sighting, small or large, would be painfully branded into their heart forever - if they expected her to be found.

And for the record, Kate, it was Amsterdam.
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21.11.10, 2:51pm
The truth it would appear is that the child was abducted from the apartment, WHILST HER PARENTS, were having a meal in a Tapas Bar, nearby.

The windows, shutters, doors were all found unlocked and open. Rear patio door left unlocked by parents.

The book will be about the truth.

But how does this child's mother know what happened, if she was sitting in a bar, some distance away, out of sight of the frontage of the apartment & childrens room.

X-ray vision? Radar for ears?

The parents by their own admission WERE NOT THERE, how do they know HOW she was abducted ?

Even the friend who checked the child AFTER she was alleged to be abducted, saw nothing untoward, before the mothers check and discovered the child missing.
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21.11.10, 1:31pm
Through three years of ever-increasingly bizarre behaviour and bottom- of-the- barrel fundraising gimmicks I have kept faith with the ****, defending them against slights and smears even to the extent that I was called mad in some quaters but Im afraid even for me this book is a step too far. If JK has recommended her publisher for this literary fiasco then I really do question her judgement which has, until now, been exemplary. Please Kate and Gerry for your sake and all your supporters who are trying very hard to keep faith with you abandon this folly. If you really do have to tell the truth please tell it to the only people who can actually use that information, the Portuguese police. If you have nothing to hide,you have nothing to fear.

Rosiepops1 formally known as Rosiepops x
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21.11.10, 1:10pm
David go peddle your petition somewhere else...

I cant wait to see hentie & hubby on tv tomorrow... i hope all their friends and family get to see just how they both spend their time... hating and hounding the family of a missing child... makes you wonder why they want the poor little child to be dead....

It is great to see that people like JK Rowling still want help the ****... that really must get at the haters so much


21.11.10, 12:55pm
This is a petition that asks for the case to be re-opened.

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21.11.10, 12:54pm
Why is it that when anyone posts up verifiable facts on this case, alleged supporter/believers in the **** version of events attack the character of those that do not: it's really bizarre?

If you believe them unquestionably then do so, but how egotistical to believe that everyone else should do so: simply because you believe it and because of your clear 'belief' you are somehow of a higher moral order because you do?

Well I am sorry if you do not like the fact that the case in Portugal was closed BECAUSE the party's involved would not participate in a police reconstruction to help find out what happened to the child and that they could have PREVENTED the closure: but did not.

That there are witnesses who are 60-80% certain that a man they saw carrying a child on the night of the 3rd was Gerry **** and that fact has not been clarified: as the group would not participate in a reconstruction that could have clarified such an event.

Or that two close (Dr) Friends of the parents gave statements to the Leicester police: casting doubt on the 'character' of two of the Dr's on that holiday when they heard that the child had disappeared or that that statement was not received by the Portuguese until 5 Months later!

Now you may feel morally secure ignoring the unanswered questions in this case, but I do not believe that ignoring ANYTHING: however distasteful it may seem: which may lead to the discovery of that child.

But if you are happy in your ignorance then I will not attempt to sway your opinion, but please have some respect for those who merely show the FACTS as they are in the publicly released files and believe that publishing a book of 'their' version of the truth or their suffering will make the slightest difference to the plight of the missing child, that the only thing that MAY change that: is a reopening of the case in Portugal.
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21.11.10, 12:49pm
most people are neither nasty or unsavoury.
i sense something is not quite right.
i cannot for the life of me understand why parents would just dismiss the dogs findings.

who would get on a plane if the dogs went woof?
most parents would work day and night to get this book printed, if it was to jog peoples memory. why wait till april, it would be published asap,if it really was to find ****.
even if she is coming to no harm,surely you wouldnt want to wait another second to have her back.
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21.11.10, 12:46pm
As a matter of FACT Susana,

Kate and Gerry never searched for ****, they stayed behind in the apartment, whilst others searched through the night and in the days after, whilst these 2 jogged and played tennis.

So put the blame where it belongs.

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21.11.10, 12:44pm
i'm sick to death of hearing of the **** money making deals.
it's high time the whole group went back to portugal,
explain their time lines,
create a reconstruction using their time lines,
and for kate to answer the 48 questions she refused to answer.
it's about time the british press printed some of the portuguese investigation material.
and the good news that dr.goncalo amaral's book has had the ban lifted.
why don't the great british people ever get both sides of this ludicrous story?

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21.11.10, 12:24pm
I wish the **** all the luck in the world and hope that one day that they will be reunited with their daughter. They are not bad people and it sickens me to think that some people have nothing better to do with their time than persecute Madeleines parents.
The people leaving the comments here that are abusive and insulting to the **** should take on board that the **** have not been found guilty of anything. They have not given up their search for little **** and they continually keep their child in the news.
The people leaving these unkind comments belong to forums/blogs and they spend their time being abusive towards the ****. This latest influx of abuse here on the express website is currently being bragged about right now on sky news blogs where many of these unnatural and unsavoury people frequent.
I wish the **** all the best in finding dear ****.
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21.11.10, 12:23pm
As others have said, if the details in this book vary from what we know from the police files the **** and their buddies told the PJ in May 2007 and in April 2008, then they all lied. If the book sticks to those details, then we've heard it all before.

So, what's new? Will Kate **** finally tell us how she knew immediately that her daughter had been taken? Will she reveal how she was sure that **** could not have wandered off? Will she answer the 48 questions? I would be particularly interested in the question in which she was asked if she had considered giving care of **** to a relative. Well, had she?

Were all those friends and relations lying when they said they got phone calls saying the shutters had been 'jemmied.'? They weren't. How come the **** spent most of the night of May 3rd 2007 on the phone instead of out there searching for their daughter?

I doubt we're going to get answers to all those questions that have been being asked for three and a half years. And my final question: why did it take the **** nearly a year to take action against Dr Amaral after his book was published? He wasn;t worth suing before the book looked like a success?
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21.11.10, 12:04pm
From the Portuguese archiving dispatch (shelving of the case)

"In this sense, the legal procedures were followed, according to the norms and conventions that are in force, and the appearance of the witnesses was requested, inviting them to be present inclusively appealing to solidarity with the **** couple, as it is certain that since the beginning they adhered to that process diligence.

Nevertheless, despite national authorities assuming all measures to render their trip to Portugal viable, for unknown motives, after the many doubts that they raised about the necessity and opportunity of their trip were clarified several times, they chose not to attend, which rendered the diligence inviable.

We believe that the main damage was caused to the **** arguidos, who lost the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were constituted arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also disturbed, because said facts remain unclarified."

This is the stone that allowed this case to be closed, why did they allow this?
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21.11.10, 11:50am
I wonder if Kate will mention her PDL ex-pat childhood friend in her account of the 'truth'?
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21.11.10, 11:37am
If Kate **** had any intention of the 'truth' being known, she would have answered the 40+ questions put to her by the Portuguese police and returned for the reconstruction together with Gerry and their Tapas friends.
They are now busy advertising their 'petition' asking for a 'review' of the case.
What good is a 'review' when all the information has already been checked out and found to lead nowhere. For their child's sake, this case desperately needs to be re-opened and the police should be left to get on with the job.
How many people are aware that after the case was shelved they had 20 days in which to ask for the re-opening. They chose not to. Why?
As for the book - what can they possibly write that we haven't already heard from them in the last 3.5 years?
I hope they will finally tell the public, who have supported them so generously, why they told all their relatives and friends that the shutters were 'jemmied' open, when in fact they were intact and the only fingerprints found on them were the mothers.
Also, how did Kate immediately 'know' that **** was abducted?

So many questions and so few answers!
For anyone wishing to learn more about this case, the Portuguese police files are easily found on the internet. No spin, just good old fashioned facts.
Finally, you say that the book deal was 'secured' for this couple by their friend JK Rowling, yet the public was lead to believe that there had been a fierce 'bidding war' for the rights to publish!
So which is it?

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21.11.10, 11:28am
I wonder if Kate will mention her PDL ex-pat childhood friend in her account of the 'truth'?
• Posted by: JimDay • Report Comment


21.11.10, 11:14am
Doesn't anyone remember they wanted to write this book in 2008? I believe the public weren't exactly WARMED by the idea, given the child was still missing and it was and is not clear as to WHAT happened to her and she still is. So what is the story then? I guess it will be more of how THEY have suffered? HOW bad the Portuguese were, How bad the UK government is etc etc.

Doesn't anyone remember this couple a few weeks ago pleading for the public to donate two pounds a month to pay for wrist bands that they ALREADY charge you for, when they ALREADY KNEW there was a million pound book deal on the table?

As for JK Rowling: Well she does like FICTION doesn't she?

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21.11.10, 11:11am
Let's see Snr. Amaral's VERSION OF THE TRUTH in the UK, IT'S ABOUT TIME.

If people reading this column want to see other views go to the MISSING **** FORUM, to read the things the **** don't want you to read.
• Posted by: Sheila11 • Report Comment

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21.11.10, 10:56am
There's more than one, then???
• Posted by: ratonthebeam • Report Comment


21.11.10, 10:52am
Kate says that she wants to give an account of the truth. Haven't we heard the truth before?? The window was jemmied?? Nothing of value was taken from the apartment?? Abandoning the children on a nightly basis was within the bounds of responsible parenting?? Kate was too busy too search for her daughter?? And who cried the night before - was it **** (according to Kate) or was it one of the twins (according to Gerry) - listen to the video interview on youtube. And JK Rowling is happy to be associated with this??

My advice to the **** - ask for the case to be re-opened and co-operate with the Police - and all for free.
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21.11.10, 10:42am
• Posted by: Impartial • Report Comment


21.11.10, 10:35am
The scheming,greedy **** will use anybody and everybody to make the thing most dear to them MONEY,by time Kate went back to Portugal and answered the 48 questions she flatly refused to ,and by time all the lot of them went back and did the reconstruction they also flatly refused to do ,When (and it WILL) the truth comes out what happened to this little girl the like of JK Rowling and others who have back ,and defending this vile duo will feel very silly ,Shame on them all
• Posted by: sunshine • Report Comment


21.11.10, 10:30am
how will they avoid the findings of the dogs
i believe the dogs version of the truth,pity they ignore it
• Posted by: macgee • Report Comment


21.11.10, 10:29am
They have received funds in excess of £2,000,000.

Where has it all gone ?

Enough is enough,

No other missing child has received such publicity.

I feel so sorry for ****.

I don't believe in an 'abduction', never have, and there is no evidence of it.

The only reason we are hear discussing this, is because of two incompetent parents who put their own pleasure drinking free wine at a Tapas Bar above their children's safety, AND THAT'S THE TRUTH.

Perhaps they will sue me now as well.

So will I get CARTER RUCKED ?
• Posted by: Sheila11 • Report Comment


21.11.10, 10:11am
Why not a true account?
Creative accounting, more like it.
Having looked on Amazon and seen all the tags on the book's page, it's obvious that people no longer believe the ****.
Why was there no report in the UK medias that they are in contempt of Court for refusing to comply with a Court Order to return the unbanned books to Sr Amaral's publisher?
What's the point of publishing a book in 5 months' time when their daughter could be found anytime?
• Posted by: Martin1962a • Report Comment


21.11.10, 10:00am
I read Donal's 'report'....either he was having a moment and pointing out how completely ludicrous the abduction theory was or he is slightly unhinged!

There is no hope that UK journalists will have the courage to properly report on this, all the Rogatory reports are there now for people to read, but the press don't even comment on them!

The Express paid out a great deal but even to my untutored eye it seems the time lines (various versions) are the result of collusion, and the Express could have grounds to seek its money back through the courts.

Perhaps investigative journalism may return via the Standard, with the Express growing a spine a few months later?
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21.11.10, 9:30am
"Her book is also an opportunity to explain why she and Gerry did not join the search for **** on the fateful night, yet found the time to delete their mobile phone records".

I couldn't have put it better myself Chared. Apparently they also thought it was too cold to go out that night despite the fact that there were so many people who dropped what they were doing and helped the police search.

I just hope that Dr. Amaral will get his un-banned book back on the bookshelves (which are currently being held illegally by the ****'s Portuguese lawyer) and that that will include the UK too - the sheeples here have not yet been told the truth and it is high time an investigative journalist got to the bottom of what really happened on the night of 3 May 2007.
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21.11.10, 6:46am
why would jk rowling help 2 child neglectors surely she has read the official files before her offer of help kate and gerry?.Is there no one who wants to help ****.
• Posted by: chriss26 • Report Comment


21.11.10, 6:21am
So if kate is going to tell the truth does that mean she lied to the pj??.also the only book i want to read is Dr Amarals,The Truth Of The Lie which Kate and Gerry tried to get banned but lucky the ban has now been over turned.
• Posted by: chriss26 • Report Comment


21.11.10, 1:15am
When in Portugal Kate refused to give answers to 48 questions asked by the police to progress the search for ****. Perhaps the truth will include the answers to these questions? Her book is also an opportunity to explain why she and Gerry did not join the search for **** on the fateful night, yet found the time to delete their mobile phone records.
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viv said...

I would just like to ask Kate why she did not actually transfer custody of Maddie to a relative, instead of taking her on that "holiday".

Had she done so, Maddie would be happy and loved living in UK, we know that Kate.

Seems to me Kate, doing the right thing is just not your strong point. You just want to continue to lie and cashin, like your husband planned. Shame on you lady! You earned all those comments in the Daily Express, what are you going to do, set Carter Ruck on all of us!

Di said...

Hi Viv

It is very unusual for the DX to allow so many anti McCann comments and it certainly shows public opinion is turning.

Good post from Nigel Moore and great to see Rat is still around.

viv said...

Hiya Di

It is certainly unusual for DX to allow any comments and yes there are some good ones, especially Nigel, as you say. It was also good to see Rat is still around reading up on the case.

I cannot for the life of me understand how Kate thinks this is a good move, but hey I suppose that big advance for yet another of their cashing in schemes that was always in the plans paid the massive legal bill they are faced with from both Goncalo's lawyers and their own - for a hapless attempt to state they are innocent victims of libel. I mean those poor McCanns do not want to have to go dipping into their own pockets now do they!

Wizard said...

I get so frustrated with meddlers like Rowlings. God help us from nice people who try to be helpful but fail pitifully. In Ms Rowlings busy life, it is unlikely she has time to research the facts of this case in the true sense of the word and blindly goes where the wise would not think to tread.

I have to release a deep heartfelt sigh at times.

Well done Viv for grabbing the DX comments before they disappeared into the swirling black hole of cyber space.

Bye the way did anyone read the article in The Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine, ‘What Drives a Parent to Kill.’


Ms Rowling’s obviously did not take time out to do so but fantasy rather than fact is after all her bag.

Wizard said...
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viv said...

Hiya Wiz

I am always just a little cautious about what the Express tell us, but if JKR is really giving any advice or assistance at all to Kate McCann you have probably given the most charitable reason for it, just pure ignorance of the facts freely available on the PJ file. As you say, he is probably too busy coining it by writing words to have time to read any!

Lol, well yes, I had a certain certainty those comments would attract a little call from the McCanns retained lawyers, Messrs Carter McFuckWit.

Whoosh Clunk, Alas, they are no more, the Express now plaintively tell us Have Your Say is not available for this story.

So I just want to say a huge big SORRY to Kate and Gerry McCann for being such a nuisance and catching those comments before they got CENSORED.

Having done my good deed I can now just have a little chuckle thinking of sweet little Gezzy McScam banging himself off the walls and screaming Fu$%ing Daily Express, and in quips Kate and Fu%$ing nasty bloggers.

Fu^&ing nasty parents, laughing on Maddie's birthday at their slick disposal of such a lovely little girl. Crime does not pay!

viv said...

I think the Daily Express continue to play little games with Kate and Gerry. How astute of them to accurately gauge the public opinion of their latest little money making venture. As one door bangs shut in their face, the incorrigible McCanns rip another one open, sheer hard work keeping us with the cashing in scheming scams, but that Fund just cannot be allowed to run dry, Gerry wants another company car.

What actional damage reason the Daily Express? As soon as we get the expected call from the Carter Fuckwits we say, oh dear sorry, we had not noticed, are people being nasty again about your clients, we will remove it IMMEDIATELY. Tough one there Gerry, no money it it!

viv said...

oh dear my spelling, actionable, I bet Gerry can spell that better than me, lol!

Di said...

Hi Viv & Wizard

I really do wonder if J K Rowling has been used by Kate & Gerry for their own ends. Let's face it if she has been duped she can't come forward and say "I have nothing to do with their forthcoming book" etc., she would be vilified by the press for withdrawing her backing from the McCanns, she is in a no win situation imo.

I would also like to know why Brian Kennedy, who said he would support the McCanns financially for as long as it takes, has not come out and reiterated his support, he has gone very quiet, why?

viv said...

hiya Di,

You make some very good points there as ever.

JKR is in the business of being popular and selling huge numbers of child friendly (well yes I know adults too) books and it has made her incredibly rich.

So if she spoke publically and said now hang on a minute I do nor I do not support Kate and Gerry, as you suggest, she is clearly smart enough to reason that either way she is likely to make some enemies on such an emotive subject. Could it be that Kate and Gerry just play on this to cash in on her big name? I would not put it past them. After all, they carry on with their money making scams knowing that British Police and Social Services will not say a word against them for fear of damaging any future prosecution/normal rules on confidentiality of child abuse investigations. But having said that, privately, it does make you wonder if things are just a little different.

I did wonder about how British authorities would feel about Kate and Gerry taking a load of money off Goncalo Amaral. I would not be surprised to hear they were behind Goncalo getting the injunction decision overturned to stop the McCanns from obtaining further funds on the back of the daughter they disposed of. I am sure they were very interested in this litigation, not least because I am sure they want Goncalo not to speak any further and let out unknown facts. Stopping the McCanns cashing in would probably stop that also. But on that we will have to wait and see how talkative Goncalo wants to become. He does say in his book however, he would never do anything to harm an ongoing investigation and is clearly well aware of potential child abuse being involved in this case. He carefully makes veiled comments about it, but then says little more. I am sure the McCanns find that duly intimidating, good for him!

Ah and then Brian Kennedy, well we know that Gerry's own brother and boss have left the stricken ship, seems like he has also. I wonder if that could mean the police are just a little too close for comfort for this apparent "rough diamond" to even start feeling a little concerned about his own well being. I have received quite a lot of not so veiled threats and abuse for mentioning his name. Put it this way, I would not put him in the same league as JK Rowling! I think a lot of money is the only thing they have in common and she clearly has much more. Gerry probably likes to think she may be a replacement to fulfill his dreams and desires, and you know what a fool he is!

Wizard said...

Shaking out the mothballs and oiling her casters Philomena McCann is wheeled out into the public arena to comment of KM’s book to be published on 28 April 2011. Auntie Phil says the book is truthful (that will be the day) and scathing (it’s all the pj’s fault) and currently being edited.

‘Publishing this book has been a very difficult decision and is one that we have taken after much deliberation and with a very heavy heart,’ advises PM. (Difficult decision helped made no doubt by the clink of cash registers)

I just wonder if the McCanns feel so vilified recently they’ve had to call out the big guns in the form of Autie Phil to do their talking.

viv said...

Oh Wiz Please,

Wheel out the Big Guns, Rofl!

I wonder if it is they are just a little cash strapped at the present time due to massive legal bills to pay, and therefore have to wheel their original mouthpiece back in, because Clarence won't do it unless he gets paid?

Di said...

Hi Viv & Wizard

Desperation comes to mind to bring Auntie Phil back out.

The book is being edited as we speak yet not due for release until April next year. It must be all those umms and errrs that are taking the time.

viv said...

Hiya Di

That is one thing I hve noticed, we are getting a few words from Kate, and now Silo, but Gerry must be so utterly miffed about that nasty Goncalo and those silly up theirselves, what is more and really even worserer, Portuguese Appeal Court Judges, he just cannot spit it out. I think it does take something to shut him up really.

Kate gave up work a long time ago, I am sure Gerry is now reminding her, she has to do some serious catching up.

Maybe we could offer her a really simple format for her book, simply take the 48 PJ questions and answer them. I am sure those answers could easily swell to full novel size if she really wants to tell us the truth, but ho hum, this is Kate McCann we are talking about. The one who was getting her rehearsed lines right better than her dopy hubby right from the start.

Yes, Kate, those patio doors were open and the curtains went WHOOSH, ERM ERM, but you could not face trying to reconstruct that without some kind of turbine handy I guess. Indeed couldnot even let an American actress try it.

It is the leisurely pace of the McCanns so called search that gets me every time, first we must sue Goncalo that will really help, oh erm, no, we must write a book that will really help. Let us launch this book not right now, but on the 4th anniversary of her being taken by some sick Portuguese paedophiles, yes Kate, you have always rushed to help your little girl I will say that for you, ahem.

viv said...

Oh and of course prior to that, the Magnificent Parents of the Year McCanns had to clear their names of any involvement in Maddie's disappearance prior to being in a position to look for her. Never mind, that was only a year and three months wasted, and even after all those legal costs which the Fund so handily paid for, they still did not clear their names, never mind find Maddie.

I think someone ought to write a book, how to blow about THREE MILLION QUID IN PRETTY RAPIDLY. Just get yourself "a really good team of lawyers - attributes Portuguese civil law, Portuguese and English criminal law, English family law, reputation management, extradition, Charity Fund Raising when it is not really a Charity, Company Formation whilst keeping the objects of the company TOP SECRET", several bent firms who pretend to be private detectives, a dishonest former newsreader, and a few has been coppers who are no longer employed by any reputable police force, an interesting cast of McCanns employees who jointly cost a fortune. Oh and then there is Fantasy Poster Printers, and tacky wrist band/ t shirt manufacturers, oh, oh and of course webpage designers and internet posters, preferably with a personality disorder who will do literally anything for hard cash.