15 Nov 2010


Himself ponders whether Gerry has been on Nitrous Oxide or Colombian Marching Powder, I would say both, £The Tapas Cocktail£

DISTRESSED: Kate McCann has criticised the Home Secretary
After a very lengthy, careful and well documented investigation, the only prime suspects the Portuguese Police could come up with as being involved in the disappearance of little Maddie McCann are her own parents. The harsh statistics tell us they are right to reach that conclusion, let alone the overwhelming evidence against the McCanns to form that view.

The Portuguese Supreme Court have just vindicated the view of a senior officer who investigated them, that they were involved in that disappearance and cancelled all hope of them grabbing yet another million pounds from Goncalo Amaral and his publishers for simply giving his honest opinion of what may have taken place, based upon hard evidence. It is right that these parents should be stopped from their media circus, designed to cashin on a terrible crime, that they were orchestrating from the very first moments with their calls to the media and complaints about Portuguese Police the very same night. Normal parents would be supporting the police in their desperate bid to recover their daughter, not Kate and Gerry McCann.

It is high time they accepted, that no matter how much they rely upon lawyers, media manipulators and reputation management consultants, nothing changes the hard facts. They left their three little children night after night with the door open and then tell us the apartment got broken into and Maddie was "taken". The lack of any breakin proves the wicked lie. They told us they were checking their children every 30 minutes, Pamela Fenn, their neighbour directly above, proves the wicked lie again, Maddie cried pitifully for one hour 15 minutes two nights before she completely disappeared.

Lee Rainbow UK's top criminal profiler advised that Gerry McCann could have been involved in the homicide of his own daughter. Based upon everything I have seen from this cold, manipulative, money grabbing man, that is a view I strongly support.

The McCanns have been told time and again by the Portuguese authorities, if you bring us credible evidence that Maddie actually was abducted by a stranger, they will re-open the process. That process is not going to get re-opened because there is no credible evidence and it does not matter how many bent private investigators/fraudsters they hire with all the money they have conned, those hard facts will not change.

So when are they going to accept, that they can lobby and even seek to bully British and Portuguese politicians until the cows home, they will not re-open this case on the McCanns false perspective of what actually took place. The Portuguese Police wanted those who actually took part in the disappearance of Madeleine to attend a proper reconstruction, the McCanns and their group of friends. They refused to attend. That is the stalemate and only if one of that group wants to start telling the truth for a change will that situation ever change.

I applaud Theresa May for doing what she considers to be right and that is not listening to a couple of child neglecting liars who are clearly responsible for the demise of poor little Maddie McCann.

Wednesday November 10,2010
By Ann Widdecombe
KATE McCann accuses Theresa May of doing too little to find her missing daughter.
Her emotion is understandable but her attack on the Home Secretary is misplaced.

The ball is firmly in the court of the Portuguese authorities, not the British ones.


Our politicians can comment and make representations but they cannot overrule the decisions of the Portuguese, who in turn have said they will act if new evidence is produced.

The Government is not, as Kate McCann puts it, giving up on Madeleine but rather is accepting its limitations over a crime that happened in another country and which is subject to another jurisdiction. Mrs May deserves credit for meeting these distressed parents, not criticism for making her own judgments about what she should then do.


viv said...

But, oh, big surprise, in recognition of defeat against Goncalo and the cash they could have grabbed, the McCanns are now writing their own book. What a great and informative read that will be, but I will be making sure I do not pay for it!

Simply not prepared to pay for another car for Gerry or his hefty mortgage installments, let alone his bent media campaign to tell us, it was not me guv...

Di said...

Hi Viv

Sorry I have not been around much, I will e-mail when I get a minute, hopefully later.

Theresa May did exactly the right thing, as we all know, the Portuguese are running this investigation and we have no say regarding any review. The McCann's pretendy petition is also not going to be taken seriously by our government no matter how many signatures, many duplicated, they manage to get.

I have signed the petition on Joana's site for reopening the investigation and I hope many more people will as well. I don't know whether it will make a difference but it certainly can't do any harm.

I saw the following on JM's site posted on McCannfiles.com. I had not seen this statement from Brian Kennedy before, or maybe I have just forgotten. So now we know the fund has always been there for their legal fees.

17th May 2007

Brian Kennedy: I would just say this it is not an appeal; the family haven't made an appeal. We've just set up a mechanism for people who said they wanted to do something and contribute, so that the money can be used, errr... for all sorts of reasons but probably, mainly, for legal expenditure.

viv said...

Hiya Di and great to hear from you as ever. It is quiet whilst we await a major break, if there ever will be one!

From the McCanns point of view, they would certainly want Portugal alone to be running this investigation because clearly UK have no part to play in investigating any stranger abduction from Portugal, that would be within their jurisdiction alone. As UK have often pointed out, they can only deal with requests from the Portuguese to investigate aspects of that within the UK.

There is no point the McCanns seeking to tell UK they must look for Madeleine or seek to tell Portugal what they must do. They have conducted a proper investigation of abduction by a stranger and found absolutely zero evidence of that, needless to say, so have the McCanns themselves.

But so far as criminality by the McCanns themselves towards Madeleine is concerned, that is a very different matter. The fact that Leicester Police admit there is a Gold Group involved in this case tells me very clearly there is or has been a Complex Child Abuse Investigation ongoing in the UK.

I will not be signing the Petition because to me it would be counter productive. The only law enforcement agency that can properly investigate the McCanns and Co now is UK because that is where they are and UK clearly have jurisdiction for serious child abuse against Maddie committed abroad, including sexual abuse and homicide.

To me, insisting on having the case re-opened in Portugal is like playing into the McCanns hands because that is precisely what they want, they want to insist that it can only be reinvestigated there because on their account, that is where some stranger stole her. If they managed to get the case re-opened in Portugal on their own terms they have won. The Pt will not re-open the case on either Mr Sargento or the McCanns terms, they have taken matters as far as they possibly can. The only way forward IMO is for Portugal to assist UK in prosecuting the McCanns once it can clearly be established precisely what they did with Maddie.

viv said...

Di, thanks for the quote from Brian Kennedy.

That is very pertinent because the 17 May is precisely when they were launching their action in the High Court, Family Division, to get their mits on British Agency files. They employed one of the most expensive family law firms going and also a QC to do the advocacy in court, and so yes, money for legal costs was precisely what they were after.

Gerry also admitted that in the early stages when he was even looser with his tongue. To Jane Hill BBC, "it has enabled us to get a really good team of lawyers together!", strange how he knew at such an early stage he would need them. I would say only a guilty man could have that certain knowledge within days of Maddie disappearing...

AS we know the McCanns then made a further application to Mrs Justice Hogg the following year and were rewarded with Maddie being made a Ward of Court and having to back down and admit they could not have access to British Agency files. But to this date, that is what they still seek to demand. They want to know just how bad it is!

Di said...

Hi Viv

If, as you say the McCann's want the case reopening in Portugal, why are they only asking for a review? They are the only people that can get this case reopened, without new information coming forward, so why are they not asking?

IMO they do not want the case reopening but are desperate for a review, so that they can get their mitts on the rest of the files.

Out of interest, what is a gold group, I must have missed that!

viv said...

Hiya Di

IMO Gerry is simply anti police and governments whether they are of the Portuguese or British hue. That is quite simply because he is a criminal, involved in Maddie's disappearance who cannot get his own way.

His way is to insist there is such a dearth of evidence now of strange sightings of Maddie's and strange potential abductors, that should far outweigh any suspicion against them. But Gerry's view is a sad and simplistic view. The simple fact is, if he were innocent in the disappearance of Maddie he would have had no need to tell lies about the windows and shutters supposedly being jemmied, he would have had no need to ramp up a media storm that became so bad he was granted government assistance to deal with it under the jurisdiction of the Foreign Office and their duty to help citizens abroad.

If he had not planned to get rid of Maddie in Portugal he would have had no need to carefully choose a place that was so open to outsiders, or a holiday that did not even run the plane from where he and fellow unpleasant man, David Payne actually lived.

He would have had no need, crucially to take with him two identical sets of old postcard sized pictures of Maddie abroad with him. IMO, there is something so insidious about Gerry McCann, something so utterly calculating that he makes it obvious he is a scheming criminal. Those pictures do it for me, and I am sure they do, along with many others crucial pieces of evidence for Pt and Brit Police.

So when Gerry is talking about a review, he is talking about a review of all the crap files of rubbish his lawyer was talking about. Desperate, please think again, wails Gerry and stop looking just at us. But for the police, there would be a certainty that is pointless unless it is to discover accomplices of Gerry who assisted in the process of removing Madeleine from that apartment.

Both Gerry and his lawyer have spoken of the case being re-opened in Portugal but Gerry is referring purely to the legal advice he has received and to me that would be more than obvious. If he and Kate were telling the truth, Portugal and Portugal alone would have to deal with a stranger abduction of Madeleine, from Portugal. So, he wants the case re-opened on those terms, firstly, sacking people like Ricardo Paiva who know for a fact he is involved. But his demands are quite absurd.

Given that this was clearly not a straightforward stranger abduction of Madeleine from Portugal, the Portuguese are simply not going to start looking again at what has so clearly been ruled out. But, out of pure fairness to the McCanns, they have repeatedly said, bring us cogent and convincing evidence that what you say is true and we will re-open the case. They know that just cannot happen.

I do not believe you are correct in stating the McCanns could get the case re-opened there. I see no legal basis for that. They did have the opportunity but needless to say they did not take it because they knew the legal situation. They lost in attempting to "get into the investigation" or "control the investigation" as Gerry would so tellingly put it. Nothing he sought to have included, including all of his time wasting mediums or soothsayers made a scrap of difference to level headed investigators.

IMO, the decision was taken to shelve the investigation in Portugal because they had by that stage conducted a very thorough investigation of the McCanns claims which they would have to do, to comply with their human rights and of course Madeleine's. The obvious way that the case against the McCanns could progress at that stage was by a prosecution in the UK if and when there is sufficient evidence. Hence Gerry has sought to influence the media to even stage Leicester Police are off the case, he does not like them! But the law is clear, they are responsible for what he did abroad to his own daughter.

viv said...

The Gold Group are involved in UK when a investigation includes or entails a complex child abuse investigation. The Minutes of those meeting were clearly referred to by Leicester Police in the material that they would not disclose to the public. There is a link top right of this page that explains this in detail if you wish to read it, but basically it confirms there has been one in UK in this particular case. That does say it all for me. But people need to accept, it is not something that would ever be publically discussed or commented upon by UK authorities.

The McCanns are utter fools in almost every move they make. That is borne out of desperation at their situation, the one they placed themselves in when they took such a dreadful decision to get rid of their own little girl and cashin. Mrs Justice Hogg, Theresa May, did they really think these two women were their friends? Since when does such a judge or a Home Secretary befriend such people or assist them? Their only concern is upholding the law and protecting vulnerable children, not the rights of the most sickening excuses of "parents". And as for seeking to rob Goncalo of his book money, greedy grasping and downright stupid.

Gerry can try and play the scales of justice, it does not matter how much he puts on the side of it being someone else, nothing will change the basic facts and the knowledge that any decent police officer would have about him.

viv said...

From a poster on Joana Morais site, sounds interesting!

19/11/2010 11:58
Anonymous said... 182
Joana, do you think that it is possible to put in a link of Gonçalo Amaral's appearance on TVI yesterday? From what a poster has written on another site, he said that Guerra e Paz is taking ID to court in order to get the books back.

viv said...

Goncalo Amaral "Madeleine's abductor"!!! "supports Kate and Gerry wanting a review/re-opening of the case"
"he walked the route the person who snatched Maddie took"

Then what of his book?

I am willing to bet the apparent sighting by erm Martin Smith would be very important in solving the case though, just wander how much he made out of the erm Find Maddie Fund? Follow the money eh!


Sunday November 7,2010
By James Murray

Link To Sunday Express Story

THE detective who led the initial investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance believes her abductor was caught on camera – but revealed that the film was wiped before detectives saw it.
Yesterday controversial figure Goncalo Amaral backed Kate and Gerry McCann’s demand for a review and reopening of the investigation.

The Sunday Express took Mr Amaral, whose book Maddy: The Truth Of The Lie was banned briefly from bookstores, to Praia da Luz to ask him to reveal where mistakes were made.

He walked the route he believes the person who snatched Madeleine took. It begins at apartment 5A of the Ocean Club, from where the three-year-old disappeared on May 3, 2007.
Mr Amaral believes the person would have crossed a road leading to a poorly lit road alongside waste ground.

Standing at an entrance to the waste ground, Mr Amaral said: “This area was thoroughly searched.”

He walked a few steps and looked up at a CCTV camera and sighed loudly. The camera belongs to the Estrela da Luz resort hotel. “I believe that the person carrying a child in his arms was captured on film from that very camera,” he said.

“I asked my officers to gather all the CCTV footage in Luz but, by the time they got to this hotel, the film from this camera had been wiped over. It was a mistake and I will always regret it. I do feel Madeleine was let down.”

Walking alongside the waste ground, he enters a narrow street called Rua da Escola Primaria. “This is where there was a significant sighting of a man carrying a child in his arms,” he said. “He was seen by a witness, Martin Smith from Ireland.”

The man with the child continued down the hill and would have come to a crossroads. Opposite the junction is an empty villa with a large garden. The wooden door leading to the garden is open.

“It was open at the time and the villa is still empty,” Mr Amaral said. “My officers spent a lot of time here.”Mr Amaral concludes that any new investigation should fully consider the statement of Mr Smith. “I hope this is seriously examined because it is an important aspect of the case,” he said.