19 Dec 2010


Amid their unarguable desire to defend themselves at all costs

 (and they can be high) the McCanns do what they are

 now extremely good at (as opposed to their parenting skills)

 as they find it within their hearts to publically deny the undeniable.

Wikileaks have done no more than accurately report a cable between
 Ambassadors where the British Ambassador quite simply states British 
Police are building a case against them.  

Last week this story was running about fourth on The Guardian
 website in terms of popularity,  and was also in many other papers. 
 In short it had dealt the McCanns a body blow as they continue to
 insist they had nothing to do with the disappearance of their little girl
(aside from continuing to leave her alone after she complained about 
it that is, at least they left the door open for her).  

So, the media mad McCanns have an agonising choice in their
 desire to favourably manipulate public opinion, Clarence Mitchell
 having done his best, "it is purely a historical document"
 (as though that somehow diminishes the force of what is stated? 
"" Who  thought it appropriate to speak out on top of Mitchell utters on 
their behalf.  I would hazard a guess it was the less intelligent one, who 
is so well endowed in terms of angry mood swings and aggression, 
not to mention the overwhelming desire to bully and control.  Oh, and 
on his own admission likes to pursue high risk strategies, even if 
that apparently means "abductors doing something to her eye"

So putting this denial of the undeniable in the Sunday press so that it 
runs on for another week?  Nice one Gerry!  Please keep, like the true 
blunderbuss that you are, "Leaving No Stone Unturned" in educating 
the public as to what you are really like.  (I still really enjoy the video 
of you bullying the diminutive Ms Filgeuiras outside the court in Portugal, so 

Oh and by the way, have the Daily Express asked for their money 
back yet or are they waiting until you are convicted ( that would be 
the best idea), as they did with dear old "Lord" Archer.  

I am sure being locked in yet another bitter civil dispute will help to 
bring Maddie back, well to the McCanns and their entirely perverse 
form of logic anyway.  

Of course we have not forgotten the McCanns also sued the Chief 
Constable of Leicester Police for having the audacity to refuse 
to hand over his criminal investigation files upon them, and they 
lost.   Then they sued Goncalo and they lost, whoever said crime 
pays?  They will never get the chance to enjoy the Maddie blood 
money they have "earned" they will always be too busy defending 
themselves, even after Gerry is placed in a cell as a convicted prisoner.  

So shut up Kate and Gerry, you are your own worst enemies...

Even David Payne told Gerry to shut up on that fateful holiday bus 
"fu$% off, I am not here to enjoy myself" he sweetly mouthed with 
all the wives and babes sitting by.  Nice chap!  (I am here to get rid
of my daughter and have some good copies of 6 x 4 pictures of her, ready 
to hand to those dopy Portuguese cops as soon as she gets "abducted 
by lurking predators"  - the one of her in her Everton top should net me a
small fortune...and the one of her aged two will make sure no bugger has
a clue what she really looked like.) 

As for the Win a Luxury Cruise stuck in the middle, priceless!    
I have always enjoyed the Daily Express sense of humour 


Story Image

VANISHED: Madeleine McCann.
Sunday December 19,2010

By James Murray

KATE and Gerry McCann have reacted angrily to revelations by WikiLeaks that alleged British police had been helping to build a case against them over the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.
In a statement on their Find Madeleine website, they said: “The WikiLeaks ‘news’ this week has led to the repetition of many unfounded smears. This has been seized on as an opportunity by those who wish to compound our suffering and hamper our efforts, including the very person who was entrusted with finding our daughter.”
The couple are locked in a bitter civil dispute with former ­Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral over claims he made in his book, Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie.
Earlier this year the McCanns met Home Secretary Theresa May and were hoping to persuade her to order a review of all the known evidence but the attempt was unsuccessful.

Their statement adds: “Those who could help Madeleine but choose to do nothing are also complicit in this injustice.
“Madeleine is the person who suffers most from all of this injustice. It is that fact alone which causes us the most distress. It is absolutely heart-breaking.”
Last week newspapers published information from Wiki­Leaks about a meeting between US ambassador to Portugal Al Hoffman and the British ambassador Alexander Wykeham Ellis in September 2007, four months after Madeleine disappeared from an Algarve holiday apartment. In a diplomatic cable the US ambassador reported: “Without delving into the details of the case, Ellis admitted the British police had developed the current evidence against the McCann parents, and he stressed that authorities from both countries were working cooperatively.”


viv said...

So the UK Police and their boss Theresa May are perpetuating this "injustice" to the McCanns and of course so is Goncalo Amaral.

My heart really does go out to them. They cannot get anyone to play their game of "Looking for Maddie" the real cops just keep saying well tell us what you did with her then, how awful for them

JUSTICE FOR LITTLE MADDIE as her parents perpetuate the true criminal mentality of blaming the police. That is bog standard.

viv said...

and the Portuguese Attorney General is equally unsympathetic as he accuses them of baseless media spinning as opposed to finally being prepared to offer any proper co-operation and evidence as to what they actually did with Madeleine.. fair comment I would say.

The day they get on a plane and do the reconstruction requested by the Portuguese Police along with their equally dishonest little TAPAS mates and Kate gives a proper interview as opposed to no comment one in answer to valid police questions is the day the public will start believing the gruesome twosome had nothing to do with it.

Of course, that day will never come.

viv said...

Lisbon, Nov 13 (Lusa) – The Attorney General’s Office considers that there are no “new, credible and relevant” facts in order to reopen the investigation related to Madeleine McCann, the English child that disappeared in the Algarve in 2007.

In a reply that was sent to Lusa agency, the Attorney General’s Office recalls that “it has been repeatedly stated that the inquiry may be reopened if new, credible and relevant facts appear”. Nonetheless, “so far all that has been known are opinions, abstract thesis, divagations, baseless reasoning and publicitary maneuvers, which is not enough to reopen the inquiry”, the note reads.

A telegram from the USA embassy in Lisbon, dated September 2007 and released on Monday, mentions the disappearance of the English child in May that year, pointing out that it was the English police that discovered evidence against the parents.

Di said...

Hi Viv

I really have a feeling that Kate & Gerry are going to need Carter Ruck next year, the question is, will they by then be able to afford them. I doubt their book will raise much money so it will be down to the likes of Brian Kennedy to help them. It is also interesting to see another director left the fund recently making it three in short succession, oh dear it's not looking good.

Imo they are mad to say the wikileaks are untrue, we all know they are not and there still could be more to come. The public are no longer stupid, well a few might be, but reading all the press comments people are waking up and more importantly the press are allowing anti comments.

viv said...

Hiya Di

I think the major discourse now is those GASPAR statements and it seems to me the McCanns and David Payne just do not wish to respond to those for two reasons:

a) Dr Katerina Gaspar is obviously telling the truth about the imaginary scenario of sexual abuse of Madeleine Payne and Gerry were engaged in.

b) There is no possible prospect of a libel action in UK in respect of statements to the police, made in good faith.

I agree the prospects of Kate's book selling well now are also very limited due to the disclosure made by Wikileaks. The McCanns whole thrust has been to try and portray that it is just Goncalo Amaral essentially who believes they were involved in the disappearance of their daughter. This is nonsense anyway given the investigation continued well beyond his removal from the case.

But Wikileaks has hit UK national press and been read big time. That means the public are in no doubt that it was actually British Police building a case against them and that will obviously make the public realise it was not just those so called "bungling Portuguese Plods".

I think it entirely serves them right that their media campaign, built on straw and paid for with Maddie blood money is literally falling apart at the seams.

I read her book got removed from the net, I am sure she needs more time to desperately re write a lot of chapters. Having to remove all this talk about the bungling PJs is going to make it less salacious and no one is going to be interested anyway.

If the McCanns had a genuine case for libel Carter Ruck would do as they did with Daily Express and act for them on a no win no fee basis, those days are clearly over and I would say the Daily Express hang over their heads like a praying mantis, ill gotten gains driven by a desperation for cash.

mandarinn said...

To VIV and all the bloggers I use to read here my warm wishes of a CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR with HEALTH; PEACE AND LOVE.
PS- Thank you to share all the information you all provide here.

viv said...

hello Mandarinn and how lovely to hear from you again, I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas and New Year with your family.

I just wanted to share this from T4Two on Missing Madeleine, what an hilarious comment but the hard hitting reality for the McScamster:

Gerry knows more than we do. Gerry knows more than the British government. Gerry knows more than the US government. Gerry knows more than MI5, MI6 the FBI and the CIA. The problem Gerry is that he doesn't know as much as the Leicestershire police.

Have a christmas chuckle on Gerry and a great time all you bloggers and we will be back next year continuing to be the perpetual thorn in the side of two serial erm ^_^(_T^$$$

Viv xxxxxxxxx

viv said...

Tommy Sheridan now stands convicted of perjury and the Judge has leniently granted him bail until he is sentenced on 26 January.

In 2006 he chanted "liars liars liars" as he raged against "the much the News of the World have been throwing at me". In spite all the evidence that he was a conniving liar, the jury awarded him £200,000 damages.

Not only does he face prison, of course the News of the World we be going for their cash back, plus interest plus costs, that will cost him a lot more than his ill gotten gains.

In this extract, he talks about how he did not see his child for five weeks as he fought his erm case, now who does that remind me of...£££££££ and of course he was raving on about how he will fight for the poor, well the McCanns are still raving on about looking for Maddie.

And then there is Assange who promptly did a runner when the Police wanted to question him about abusive behaviour towards women, sure the Wikileaks are good but there is some pure Gerry in that man, who is now staying in a nice plush house with his bail paid for him. So what do Gerry, Sheridan and Assange have in common? A lust for POWER MONEY REVENGE.... EGOCENTRICITY I could go on but they are not very nice! Did he have to be apart from his daughter for five weeks or is that what he chose to do as he tried to attack the News of the World for printing the truth about him and steal their money? Gerry should have gone straight into politics.

"I assure you that we will retire for a few days to spend some quality time with our 14-month-old daughter, whom we have had to be apart from for most of the last five weeks and that's been the largest and most difficult thing to countenance.

We'll spend some time, quality time, with our daughter Gabrielle over the next few days but then I guarantee you, the people of Scotland who believe in their hearts in justice"

viv said...

"that's been the largest and most difficult thing to countenance."

Playing on the child to scam sympathy and money, YUCK Mr Sheridan, you do sound just like Gerry.

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

Seasons greeting to you and all your family. Thank you for the consistently high level of information and comment you have given to us through the year - not to mention, of course, the opportunity to have our say too.

Have a great Christmas Viv! Wiz

Wizard said...

Listening to last night’s news it was interesting to see how often abduction has now crept into scenarios when someone goes missing.

I’m referring to the missing architect in Bristol whose parents, in despair, having pushed to the back of their minds the more logical scenario about what might have happened to their daughter.

The parents were very upset and crying with difficulty speaking because of emotions. Prior to their interview, the very upset and crying boyfriend of the missing woman was on camera and was is such a state couldn’t put a sentence together.

I can’t help thinking the boyfriends behaviour mirrors more KM’s directly after the alleged abduction of her daughter. In my opinion, they have a lot a common they both know more than they are saying.

Tommy Sheridan shenanigans – well I’m not surprised at his wife’s reactions to all this – she says she will ‘standby Tommy’.

Politician’s wives who’s husbands have their unacceptable behaviour disclosed always say this, six months down the line their suing for divorce. Such is life - say one thing and mean something else.

Di said...

Merry Christmas Viv, Wizard and all.

Enjoy your festivities.

Take care everyone. x

viv said...

Hello Di and Wiz.

I just wanted to say that without the continuing support and excellent comments from you both this blog would be a lonely place to continue.

Your loyalty over three years is really appreciated.

So a really big thank you to you both and I hope you and your respective families have the wonderful Christmas you deserve and I will join you in wishing all our blogging friends past and present a great time with their family which is what Christmas is all about.

Viv xxxx

viv said...

Wiz, I have read about the tragic case of the missing architect and share your observation that it does seem to be a strange new phenomenon in cases that are quite obviously a murder to label it as an abduction.

Of course those parents desperately cling to hope rather than facing the inevitable, they can hardly be blamed for that. Taking on board such trauma needs to be dealt with in stages, I just could not watch the video of them, but the partner of course says it all. As you say, like Kate, he is just not wanting to face the reality. I think he looks very disturbed...

I also watched a video posted on MM of another male who had murdered his partner and then moved his lover straight in, burning her stuff. The police authorised the press to ask him directly if he killed his wife, in a pure Gerry moment he just glowered and scowled prior to mouthing "what do you think"? Years went by, the police knew it was him, but no body, no evidence. And so they set up a sting. The deceased's sister rang him and said something like, they have found her body, I hope they get you, you bastard and hung up. The police had not found her body at all but they had bugged the house he now shared with his lover. Then they sat and listened to where the body was and what he did. The only problem is the jury simply found him guilty of manslaughter rather than murder so he only got six years, but I am sure that in the case of Gerry, even that would be something!

Evidence from bugging is totally admissible evidence in UK!