24 Jun 2011


Above the official version, I think, how they want us to see them, now look below...

Not for the first time, The Daily Express seem to be taking the mick of the McCanns here.    They "burst into laughter" as they promote their latest Maddie money spinner.  

I am not expert on smiling but have this feeling I read about it somewhere and a faked smile is pretty easy to recognise.  Their mouths look a bit "staged" in this smiling shot.  

I am still waiting for them to explain to us, why they still need all this dosh given the government are stumping up the funds for one of the best investigate teams in the world to review the evidence into the disappearance of little Maddie.  Ah, maybe I answered my own question, they are reviewing the "evidence" as opposed to looking at the Kate and Gerry files including Poshalike etc, I guess that would not be classified in official circles as
"evidence" or am I just being an old cynic again?  

I think Gerry should write some more letters to the PM and Theresa May explaining they have got the terminology wrong, they should be saying they are "looking for Maddie", not "reviewing the evidence".  

Anyway, as ever, Kate demonstrates her superior intellect by remembering her medical degree and the facial muscles required to do a proper smile.  Gerry's pursed up mouth, does what he is so good at doing, making me think
he could star in a horror movie.  

It is strange though, those places in the world where they have some mates, NZ, Australia, Amsterdam, that is where they are peddling their book.  So their mates must be key to finding out where Maddie is.... I just knew it! I mean are they peddling it in Morocco?  Enough fund monies expended there methinks...I think the Metodoes completely ruined that one for them!  



Friday June 24,2011

Kate and Gerry McCann ay they have new hope that she will be found   DO NOT LOOK AT THIS PIC, THE MCCANNS HAD IT CENSORED OFF THE DAILY EXPRESS

By Daily Express Reporter

Story Image

FOR once, grieving Kate McCann can find something to smile about. So often pictured as a sad, withdrawn figure, she and husband Gerry burst into laughter as they promoted her book about their lost daughter Madeleine.
The couple were in Amsterdam to launch the Dutch edition of the book which they hope will help to boost the search for Madeleine across Europe.
The heart-rending memoir has already topped the best-seller list in Britain and Australia, and hundreds of thousands of copies have flown off the shelves.
A spokesman for publishers Transworld said: “We hope it will reach number one across Europe and that somebody with important information will read it and be moved to come forward.”
Copies have been snapped up in Portugal, where Madeleine, then three, went missing from a seaside resort on the Algarve during a family holiday in 2007. The McCanns, both 43, from Rothley, Leics, have been given a boost by the amount which the book has raised towards their fund to back the continuing search for their daughter.
They say they have new hope that she will be found after Scotland Yard agreed to review the investigation into her disappearance.


viv said...

and of course "Sad Kate McCann" in the headline is a bit of a contradiction to the painted smile in the picture. It is subtle and they cannot be sued for it, but cleverly intended to give the public the right impression.

Well done Daily Express!

But somehow I think even the money cannot make this couple look genuinely happy as they did four years ago in Praia de Luz. The laughs and smiles were spontaneous and so natural back then..Now they have the London Met to consider.

That must take some considering, especially when they still cannot get their mitts on the police files, oh the agony, the fear of the unknown, how can they buy their way out of that one? I am not thinking it is the police intention they should!

viv said...

and Leaving NO Stone Unturned in the public image stakes, Kate even seems to have got a nice cleavage and the right tops to demonstrate it, or at the very least a super bra!

Well done Kate, how mumsy!

viv said...

From the very beginning of their "campaign" four years ago, there is one common denominator, that picture of Maddie in a red dress, aged about two, tinted red hair, eyelined eyes, adult pout, looking nothing like Maddie.

Not once have they ever wished to show us the tennis balls pic, Maddie with long brown hair, looking like a child nearly four, looking like she actually looked when she disappeared, odd that!

Neither did they ever want to mention the massive reward kind celebrities/the very rich pledged. Anyone would think they do not want her found, again, that is very odd.

I think wht Kate and Gerry actually wanted the rich celebs to do is "support" them by telling everyone what a shame it is for Kate and Gerry (never mind Madeleine) and of course hand them bucket loads of cash. Well done Branson, Rowling, the Beckhams etc for seeing sense here and not doing that.

I would not mind asking Posh Spice what she thinks of Kate, as a mother, but suspect I would get a right Essex answer.

viv said...


How curious, The Daily Express have now removed the above smirking picture from their online story.

Did Kate and Gerry set the dogs on them again, I mean why, it was a picture of them lapping us the adulation and cash, what is wrong with that?

viv said...

but they still carry those terrible words

.. she and husband Gerry burst into laughter as they promoted her book about their lost daughter Madeleine.

viv said...

A read of the comments on Amazon shows what an utter disaster Kate's book was in terms of their image. But hey ho, they still get the cash and that is what counts.

Even so, when you think of the countless thousands they have squandered on lawyers and image consultants, they just rub people up the wrong way with all that jazz.

Read what the public think and weep McScams. I doubt the Judge will think that would damage your trial, after all, you wrote the book and that is what people are commenting upon!


Di said...

From Amazon David Bret

"Several of my books have been serialised in the Express, along with articles I've written for them on commisson, therefore last week I submitted a piece regarding my letter to Cameron--nothing nasty or even controversial. I just wanted to know if it was morally and legally acceptable for the McCanns to be using money from the Maddie fund to pay for libel action they are allegedly taking. Number 10 responded favourably, but the sub-editor of the Express explained over the phone yesterday that no papers will print anything regarded as unfavourable regarding the McCanns, and that the couple's "office" had complained that a picture of them laughing was unfavourable at it is a "misrepresentation" of how they feel, which was why they insisted it should be removed. As happened with Canada, the press have now been instructed NOT to publish any more pictures of them which do not portray them as looking sad, or on the verge of tears.
All of this will of course only go towards making matters much much worse for them if this case turns out as many of us suspect it will--we will see some of the most poisonous headlines in publishing history."

Viv I have been to David Bret's website and I copy some of his points...

I do not like this couple, quite simply for the way they have conducted themselves during this enquiry. I find them arrogant, rude, and totally unsympathetic to what has happened to their daughter. Any other couple persistently leaving their children unattended while off wining and dining with friends would have found themselves pilloried to the highest degree. This couple have not, so far as I am aware, expressed the slightest regret--or apology--for doing so. In filmed interviews, their body language (and studying body-language was an integral component of my previous profession) tells me something that I will not and dare not write here. What other couple would hire a public relations man and spokesman for an alleged £75,000 per year? And why would they wish to do this? Ben Needham's mother didn't--neither have the grieving parents of Claudia Lawrence. Do they have something to hide, that they may not speak directly to we mere mortals?

This arrogance, in my opinion, peaked when the McCanns asked Prime Minister Cameron to review the case--they did so by way of a non-impartial tabloid newspaper, and, rather than having the good manners to thank him personally for his action, chose to do so via their spokesman. Yes, even the country's leader is from the way I see things beneath these two.

I have an uneasy gut feeling on how this will all end. It is a feeling shared by many many people throughout the world, who like myself believe that there is allegedly much more to this case than a missing child. Again I dare not repeat this here--but I do wish with all my heart that I will be proved wrong.


viv said...

That is extraordinary and thanks Di, he clearly seems to think along the same lines ..I understand what he means, it is terrible to think that Maddie was suffering that on her "holiday". Simply terrible. If I could be wrong and think she just died an accidental death, nothing would please me more.

viv said...

Hiya again Di

Whilst it would be nice to believe the Daily Express let him into such a major confidence on their reporting policy with the McCanns I an rather doubting they would do that. But I am sure the McCanns did complain in the manner he suggests, getting that photo removed as it misrepresented the way they wanted to appear.

I do not think it is just the McCanns that are restraining the press, I think it is also the police and has been for a very long time. We were told that Leicester Police reminded the press of the law and their duty way back in October 2007. That does not stop people wanting the McCanns publically lynched in the newspapers, but it will not happen. Mind you, if they were ever convicted, as this author suggests....!!

su said...

perhaps if they don't want photographs of them looking happy they should refrain from the false smiles.

seriously though, you gotta wonder who took this photo. must have been someone they knew and trusted.

viv said...

Hiya Su

I wonder if it was a Daily Express photographer, or at least someone who sells phtos to them. I do recall Clarence Mitchell declaring the hatred of the DX back in 2008 in radio interviews he was giving. The silence now the London met are on board is erm interesting!

Aside from the burst into laughter as they promote book comment, I wonder if Kate, the narcissist, feels that gummy shot of her is not the least bit flattering?

I mean, the last four year have not been kind to her and she does have her public image as a celebrity author to consider. ummmm she does.

viv said...

The interview with Kate, translated from Dutch and so clearly some of the meaning has to be guessed at:

If she tells us once more about this 30 minute system of checks they devised and therefore Madeleine was "safer", )%*^%)^_oh dear when is she going to realise no justifying the completely unjustifiable.


viv said...

Kate Mc Cann wrote a book about her missing daughter
"I hope someone looks like Madeleine '
Wednesday, June 22, 2011, 5:00Author: Mark Eeckhaut

© Freek van den Bergh

"As a parent, you already feel guilty if your child falls on her knees and you can catch her. How do you think we now have four years to feel? "
From our editor Madeleine McCann was eight years old today. But in the meantime she has been four years without a trace and so far there are only about her disappearance but many questions and no answers. What has happened to Madeleine? She is kidnapped and she's dead? Or she lives and she is still locked away somewhere? The media storm has died down, but the questions remain. Kate McCann (43) wrote a book about it. The Standard spoke with her ​​and her husband Gerry (43), and explained to them a series of quotes from the book. "I wrote this book because I wanted to tell the truth. It's always been my intention to fully report on what has happened to our family, our children, Madeleine, Sean and Amelie, so that the facts before them stand in a row when they are ready to read about it. " 'The started as a diary that I kept. But ultimately it is a book. It was not a simple decision, because I re-involve our entire family and because I have tried no difficult question of the way to go. " "I have long doubted, but it is also intended to collect money, so the search for Madeleine to continue. It has pulled me over. " "We were sitting in a seemingly safe, child friendly holiday, filled with families like ours. The children were asleep, and every half hour someone came to them looking. " "Even if there is a baby monitor service have been, it would thus our children have been safer than with our own visits. "Later we heard that many other parents for us in such resorts as well have addressed. I bet that nobody after us will do so. " "We were both so desperately guilty. Whatever we had done well or not, we were Madeleine's parents and in our eyes, we failed because we had given her no safety. We struggled with that guilt that we should always continue to bear. " "We were just one week with our friends on holiday. We were carefree. Way too careless. We thought we did well to our children to their rhythm. At the same hour in bed at home. " "The system we had worked out with a check every half hour, then seemed perfectly justified. In retrospect, we have the perfect chance abductor. As we struggle for years. Some people say openly that it is our fault. But who could think such a thing? " "If we, or rather, if I confess Madeleine by accident in the apartment was deceased and that we had hidden her body somewhere and then were dumped, then I could get a much lower penalty get. That the police said. Two years instead of the much higher punishment that I could get if they would accuse me of murder. " "It was not bad enough that we felt guilty. Like a dog had detected an odor in the apartment. In the car we rented three weeks after the fact would have found Madeleine's DNA. Subsequently proved that all wrong, but the damage was done. " "The media pounced suddenly upon us like vultures. That the researchers put us on the schedule, I can understand. We were finally potential offenders. But what the media was all written down, it was terrible. And the worst thing I found was that everyone suddenly assumed that Madeleine was dead. "They stop looking, because they think she is dead. That was what I was thinking. " "Our relationship with the media is still in a fragile and precarious balance. We depend on them to ensure that Madeleine is not forgotten. But cooperation with them is like riding a tiger in the hope of not being swallowed up. " "I have been naive. We're both naive, even though there is something more realistic in Gerry. cont'd..

viv said...

I thought the media really wanted to help find our daughter. But ultimately it's them just to the tall stories and selling. At first they stayed at a respectful distance, but gradually we were no longer safe. " "When we came back from Portugal, they have our house for months camped in Leicestershire. Whenever I use the twins went to the supermarket, they crossed their lenses into the car. Only at Christmas, they are gone. " "And then there is really nothing more to write, they began to think of terrible things. It was not until we have two newspapers sued. Then it stopped. " Madeleine would have been the first to stabbing her finger if someone would shorten her name. "My name is not Maddie. My name is Madeleine. " "The newspapers know her name and her name is still stubborn. Maddie or Maddy. I think a lack of respect. " "I do not know how it came suddenly. Suddenly newspapers began to talk about Maddie, but none of us has it ever been mentioned. " "It happened in the first days after the disappearance, when we were still in Portugal. I went quietly to the people of the press continued to hold fast to the holiday. Or they wanted to please write and talk about Madeleine and not about Maddie. " "I was worried that someone would meet her in the street and" Maddie, would cry, she would not even respond, because her name is. But it has not helped. "Madeleine, was too long for a headline, and so it was Maddie." "People ask why we continue. Our answer is that we still hope, sincerely hope. Madeleine is alive until someone proves otherwise. " "You were in Belgium Sabine Dardenne no one thought she would be alive. But she came alive after eighty days from the cage of Dutroux. In Austria there was Natasha Kampush. Jaycee Lee Dugard in the U.S.. It is really that she's alive. Specialists tell us that it is statistically not often happen that children from pedophiles abduct four. Maybe she's with someone who really ended for her. A woman can not have children or something. I fervently hope that I would rather than anything in the world that Madeleine comes back. But until that happens, at least I hope that someone like her is her looks. " Kate McCann, Madeleine. The disappearance of our daughter and the ongoing search for her. The Meulenhoff Boekerij / Lannoo

Di said...

Hi Viv

Kate wanted to tell the truth, I am still waiting, but as you know I won't hold my breath.

viv said...

Hiya Di

Over the years as you no doubt recall I have often said, Kate should get herself a really good lady solicitor and get herself down the police station and tell the truth.

I do not bother to say that any more really, she is clearly in self protect mode. If she actually believes Maddie may still be alive, she has never once demonstrating any concern for her, she would have to put Maddie first for that and I do not believe she is capable of that. It is very much, me, me, me. Having read that piece of Brenda Ryan they must be best mates!