17 Jun 2011


This is Gerry on 8 June with Sean in his red to shirt that the
cadaver dog subsequently alerted to.  On the same date he
blogs, Sean has developed a taste for sea bass (cadaverine).
This picture is from the Portuguese Police file, it is Sean's
oversized red t shirt, with the chilling words "Up Up and Away"
and a picture of an aeroplane on it.  It is the ONLY item of
childrens clothing seized from Kate and Gerry McCann that
the cadaver dog Eddie alerted to.
The McCanns are reported to have requested the dogs be
brought over to look for Madeleine.  I believe Gerry knew
they would scent some cadaver, he put it there.  I believe
he was prepared to use his own little boy Sean putting
him into that t shirt and blogging about it.  Is he fit to be
a father?  or in fact to be anywhere near children, and
is she, Kate any better?   She smirks at Gerry as they are
photographed, this is just a month after Maddie was "abducted
by paedophiles, do you think they look like distraught parents
or a couple without a care in the world who just won the lottery? 
Because that is the way it has looked to me for a 
long time and this post from Hideho is
really good, I just think she draws the 
wrong conclusion, being preoccupied with the hiding
of Maddie's body.  I think Gerry has been 
preoccupied with hiding himself getting rid of
Maddie to cover up what sort of a daddy he really is 
and what he has in fact done with her.
Enter Jim Gamble CEOP, people may notice, 
there has been a massive campaign to rubbish
him and Leicester Police.  Now hands up any 
sensible person who believes they actually
are on the side of Gerry McCann.    If you 
believe that, I suggest you get back to infant
school and start afresh.

HiDeHo wrote:We don't know whether the clothes were were exposed to a cadaver during the holiday or after when Madeleine's body was moved, so I created a clothes timeline which has turned into a
compilation of activities, pictures, blog and diary events and phone pings for each day they were in PdL.

June Calendar


So far, I have not obtained a pic of Kate wearing the chequered trousers and the white tshirt at the same time (which may indicate the day she was exposed to the body) and I find it highly unlikely that Sean's tshirt would be exposed to the cadaver outside of the apartment (and likely just after death) but the day the photo was taken of Sean wearing the tshirt was during a very curious time when the timeline is studied for those dates.

This is a summary of activities around that date, compiled by a forum member. I have not confirmed all of the details but worth looking at to see some very suspicious activities.

If you Google "sea bass and cadaver odour" up come lots of scientific papers, many of which contain the name W M BASS in their references. This is how I found out about his book Death's Acre.

As Gerry had a number of forensic books as his bedtime reading it is not inconceivable that he knew all about WM Bass and his work at the Body Farm, including all about cadaver odour.

If the blog entry was a code for the above then I think it was possibly to let someone know the reason for the TRIP they were on that day.


Day 36 - 08/06/2007 - Friday

Quieter day today. This was a good chance to catch up with campaign e-mails and phone calls after the trips to Berlin and Amsterdam. At lunchtime we went to the release of 1000 yellow balloons at the beach carrying cards with Madeleine’s picture on it and information in 5 different languages including arabic. There were similar launches in Manchester and Madrid. The event was organsied by the Sun who, like almost all of the media, have been incredibly supportive. I told Nick, the Sun journalist, that we are happy to support all strategies which increase the chances of finding Madeleine. Later in the afternoon we went down to the beach and had dinner in one of the restaurants which Sean and Amelie really enjoyed. Sean, in particular has acquired a taste for sea-bass! Kate and I did a short interview for BBC East Midlands to thank everyone for their support and it is likely that this will be shown around most of the regions, certainly Northwest and BBC Scotland. Kate and most of the family headed down to the church for the regular Friday night vigil but I was just too shattered. Tommorrow will largely be a family day although I am not sure what we will be doing yet.

8th June ..... just back from AMSTERDAM ..... 8th June just a day or two before De Telegraaf received the letter + map re whereabouts of M's body.... 8th June was this a coded message to let someone know something had been (or had to be) moved?



Gerry's blog: telegraf letter, Amsterdam trip, Sean-sea bass

WM Bass : Body Farm, Death's Acre + cadaverine

scientific papers about storage of fish: putrecine + cadaverine

press pics of sean in red aero T shirt dated 8 June, Bruno Press + Daylife Press

Sandy Cameron rogatory : fish in the boot


edit to add

MO allegedly at Euromedlab Conference, Amsterdam 6 June

The following details are from Gerry's blogs and press reports.

20 May - Gerry flew to England. (PILLOWCASE EPISODE)

23 May - Gerry and Kate do their trip to the Fatima shrine (with driver and car)

29 May - G & K flew to Rome. Start of TOUR.

Wednesday 6 June 2007

Gerry and Kate leave Berlin and arrive in Amsterdam.

... flight from Berlin to Amsterdam delayed due to anonymous phone call from an unidentified man to police saying he knew where Madeleine was and wanting to speak to the McCanns personally. The man reportedly made no further contact. K & G reportedly stayed in the Consulate or with the Ambassador while awaiting further news.

Thursday 7 June

Gerry 'catches up with old friend' attending medical conference in Amsterdam, almost certainly Oldfield.

Kate and Gerry fly back to PDL early evening, then drive to Lagos to attend concert in aid of Madeleine.


Gerry's blog "Sean, in particular has acquired a taste for sea-bass"

Bruno press and Daylife press publish photos of Sean wearing red aeroplane t shirt

9 June

- Drive to Sagres.

10 June (Sunday)

- Mobile phone call is tracked between Gerry and O'Brien on this day. Tracking shows the two were possibly 28km apart at the time of the call.

G & K attend mass in the morning.

Late afternoon they drive to airport to catch flight to Casablanca [Clarence Mitchell travels with them on the flight]

Monday 11 June

- De Telegraaf receives the anonymous letter allegedly identifying where the Madeleine's body has been buried. De Telegraaf passes this on immediately to the Amsterdam police.

13 June

- PJ informed regarding letter received by De Telegraaf.

First PJ search is carried out near Arao in the evening. A further search carried out at dawn next day (or possibly day after). On one of the searches a light brown beach towel found and sent for forensic examination.

14 June

- K & G drive to Faro to meet a friend 'helping with the campaign'

Very interesting time here,trish & sandy were helping with the twins,while still there, michael wright & his wife arrived 8-13june to help,while kate & gerry flew to morocco,with gerry saying in his blog about reassessing the campaign after morrocco, is this a sign of... lets say a weight of his mind?michael wright & sandy cameron were insured to drive the scenic,hard to believe but what a way to avert the worlds eyes ?



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viv said...

Bonnybraes was simply furious with me on 3 As if I ever suggested sexual abuse or the McCanns "sold" Madeleine. Shrieking at me I must not "diss the dogs". Now that is weird for someone who then goes on to open the most abusive "pro" blog ever. Now shut down.

I believe Gerry's campaign was to ramp up the death of Madeleine and he even fingered Kate as the culprit. I am even beginning to think that was with her full permission and maybe she is just as bad as him. She could not care less about Madeleine, she cares about staying out of prison and with her twins and the money to buy a nice new designer frock when she feels like it, all off the back of her own little girl.

I think Goncalo got the push because Gerry conned him, hook, line and sinker. It never has been a part of police investigation to simply makes the evidence fit your hypothesis.

viv said...

But Goncalo is getting his own back and I wish him and his family the very best and a prosperous life. I think they deserve it and they look after their children.

Di said...

Maddies parents sue Goucha, Sargento & Hernani Carvalho

Duarte Levy

Manuel Luis Goucha, Paulo Sargento and Hernâni Carvalho have been made arguidos yesterday, Wednesday, in a libel action started by Kate and Gerry McCann.
The criminal complaint, initiated by the couple’s lawyer in Portugal, also affects the TVI administration. It was during a talk show broadcasted by TVI that the alleged crime has occurred.
The psychologist Paulo Sargento – arguido since yesterday – confirmed the information and stated “that he did not speak yesterday but that he intends to do so during the proceedings because he has knowledge of elements which may lead to the reopening of the inquiry related to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.”
An interesting detail is that the process is not under the law of secrecy of justice.
A source close to Maddie’s parents has confirmed the complaint and added that “other complaints may still occur”.

Di said...

Hi Viv

I don't know if it is just me but I am unable to read your new post. I can see the first paragraph and the last but the rest is illegible.

viv said...

There is a PJ photo of those discarded beige trousers on Gerry's bed.

I wonder if Kate found she had been "abducted" at 9.30?

viv said...

Hiya Di, I have struggled to remove formatting used by Hideho (which is completely beyond me) and tidy this post up, hope it is legible now!

I continue to believe the death in apartment theory is just one big con all round. Goncalo persists with it, I believe, just to wind the McCanns up. He was clear in his book he would do nothing to damage the real investigation of this case, so clearly he would not write what actually took place.

I believe Maddie was abducted, by Gerry and his wealthy mate was no doubt of great assistance here.

Gerry and Kate can sue anyone who says they killed Maddie and disposed of her body because they did not! What they did, IMO, was even worse than that.

I do think Goncalo and his friends are just winding them up.

viv said...

Copied from previous post due to its relevance here:

I was just reading MM about the red t shirt, that is far too big for Sean, and has the chilling words on it

"up, up and away"

Which seems a very sad prophecy of what happened to little Maddie after she went on that flight to Portugal.

But even more chillingly I noticed something else, those words in Gerry's blog:

Sean has developed a taste for sea bass.

It was his red t shirt that was found to have the cadaver odour on it. I think this man is far beyond sick.

I still find it very possible he went back to UK, maybe even bought Sean that t shirt with the logo that he would have found so amusing and then got it contaminated with the scent of sea bass, or cadaverine. Gerry does his research, to suggest he did not know all about cadaver odour is very naive IMO, and not just because he is a qualified doctor. He is also a fully qualified psychopath.

viv said...

The one thing that pleases me is I do not believe the McCanns are smirking now that the London Met are involved and are not conducting the sort of review this couple had in mind. They are not looking for a paedophile who "broke into" that apartment, that they left both doors open to, they are looking at who the McCanns handed little Maddie over to and that may well be paedophiles.

Di said...

Hi Viv

From my earlier post, what to you think about the following?

Maddies parents sue Goucha, Sargento & Hernani Carvalho.

Di said...


they are looking at who the McCanns handed little Maddie over to and that may well be paedophiles.

Viv, I do so hope you are wrong.

viv said...

Hiya Di

I think this couple were perfectly happy to run with the death theory for a long time whilst they cashed in on all the money they could make from it.

I also think they are still quite happy to make money/defend themselves by suing people who persist in that one because it is not true. That is not how they disposed of little Maddie. The actions and conduct of British authorities do not suggest that. Neither did the Portuguese Prosecutor when he said there is a 50 50 chance of Maddie being alive and they could have been charged with kidnapping and trafficking her.

I think that many bloggers comments are just as sick and bizarre as the McCanns themselves. Not once are they prepared to accept that CEOP and JIm Gamble were simply doing their job, trying to find an exploited little girl. She was and still is exploited, by her own parents.

So far as exploitation by paedophiles is concerned, ongoing, yes I too desperately hope that I am wrong about that, but it is clear that is the concern of British authorities.

Some posters on MM are just macabre and sick, the McCanns did not move into the villa until July, but still they insist that smell in the hire car came from her body that they had been messing around with for no less than eight weeks! I often have to pinch myself when I read the repulsive rubbish they come up with as though it is some sick joke, they talk about her body as though it is some piece of hot gossip and a fun subject. It just makes me recoil in horror. Their complete idiocy is compounded when they tell us that no less than 3o murder squad detectives are all, yes every single one of them involved in a coverup/whitewash for Kate and Gerry McCann.

There are a lot of sick people about, and it is not just the gruesome twosome that deserve that title!

Sorry, rant over!


viv said...

and just to follow on from that Di, they are demented and absolutely have no shame whatsoever. When I studied to become a probation officer I can recall a lecturer who was very interested in the role of shame in working with offenders. It was something one needed to develop in them as it were. I suppose it is to do with developing a conscience, a bit like we normal folk might think, oh, if I go playing about in the garden at 2 am (this could be real life lol) what will the neighbours think? We think normal thoughts like that, we have a concern for the thoughts of others and our own impact upon others. Criminals, often have no such concerns.

So, they lost a lot of money going after Goncalo, it did not rubbish him, it did not bankrupt him, they lost. I am sure he is just taking the mick with those two, knowing they were cashing in on those doggy alerts and for that, he has ultimate power over them and they hate him. All they can do is have a go at some more Portuguese people. They themselves made the Portuguese people their enemy when they made their wicked plans. I am still not the least bit clear that Kate was always a willing party to everything, but she is one sick lady.

viv said...

The theory came from Braithwaite and he called it "reintegrative shaming".

McCanns could do with a large dose of it!

viv said...

Di, In relation to what Sargento says, he has knowledge that could lead to the re-opening in Portugal. It has never been closed in UK and I do not believe it will ever be opened again in Portugal. Shelving is a formality IMO, to leave way for the McCanns to provide them with evidence they were not involved and hence Portugal would then be obliged to look for this "stranger" to Madeleine.

It was no stranger, it was her British father and British Police will bring him (and others I believe) to justice for that wicked crime.

viv said...

Honestbroker, Rosiepops, Bonnybraes, Gezzy McScam, come on Doc is there any difference? They have all gone quiet, lol!

viv said...

I think Brenda Ryan, Photon and Ambersuz are different characters though. So many are retiring now, poor Gerry.

viv said...

In addition to Kate's book enabling them to get lawyered up (like the new phrase I have learned off the net) in Portugal again, what is the betting Gerry will be able to do his long bike ride (for his Find Maddie Fiddle/his own personal enjoyment/it is longer away from the kids than popping off to the TAPAS) in the summer that he could not afford otherwise. Well maybe he will fall off in the Atlantic or something. Let us all pray for his safe passage. Maybe London Met will not let him out of the jurisdiction :-))) here's hoping!

viv said...

I would be prepared to assist others in hauling him off a cliff *suitably weighted£*, his bike could go too!

viv said...

I must watch my tongue, thank goodness we do not have criminal defamation actions here any more. There again, mention Gerry is a sex offender or talk about the GASPAR statements etc and he threatens no one, he does not even want to talk about it, odd that!

viv said...

Seriously Di, I suppose if the Pt Police receive a criminal complaint they are duty bound to look at it. As we know, being an arguido, much like being a suspect in UK does not mean you will actually face charges.

My understanding is, they are under investigation for abusing cuddlecat and the Pink Blanket (shocking), whether this could be said, ultimately to amount to criminal conduct is a bit debatable. The precedent has already been set by the highest court in the land of Portugal, repeating what the PJ thought at that time, based on the investigations and the hypotheses they developed is not defamatory, so what is the difference.

Kate appears to be so cash rich, she will do what is worrying her to death, trying to get her reputation back. Sorry Kate, that went, most particularly when you went "whoosh" on Panorama (referring to your daughter abducted and most particularly in May 2008, when you went on British TV to explain how Maddie complained about crying whilst left alone so you went and done it again. Then you wrote that dreadful book, reputation? Forget it lady, even your neighbours all moved out and no doubt lost a fortune on the value of their properties in the process. Whether in Portugal or UK you two leave a trail of disaster behind you and all around you. Genuine victims, quite different to what you see yourselves as. You know, like all the Ocean Club staff who lost their jobs? The priest who became seriously depressed, formerly a lovely happy go lucky chap, tending his flock, till he met you two!

viv said...

On MM they all seem to be referring to the McCanns "suing", but they are not, they have made a criminal complaint. Although not sure about Port legal procedure that must surely mean the police investigate their complaint and if there is sufficient evidence of CRIMINAL defamation, the police will PROSECUTE.

So often people mix up criminal and civil law. Criminal means the State take action against you for matters that are considered a crime, i.e. theft murder. Civil means the state will not take action, it is up to you to sue, i.e. ordinary defamation or someone injured you in a car crash and you want damages for personal injury.

People keep saying oh is there a super injunction on the press to stop them talking about the criminal case. Again, that is not possible, a super injunction is a CIVIL action bought about by a private person, not the state. The press are prevented from damaging an ongoing criminal case by legislation, i.e. The Contempt of Court Act, Administration of Justice Acts etc. The press are also prevented from identifying any (living) child subject to sexual abuse. There is no proof that Madeleine is dead.

viv said...

And apparently Carter Ruck have been really busy dealing with a criminal case the McCanns have complained of in Portugal. Well actually Carter Ruck are English lawyers and cannot act in Portugal!

viv said...

Oh fab an intelligent post at last, I love this one, lol!!

It seems there is some difficulty among some posters in taking on board that in Portugal, to defame someone can also amount to a criminal offence, that also used to be the case here.

In UK, if you can get the police to take action for you with a criminal prosecution, rather than you taking a civil action, that saves you all the legal costs. Whilst it is clear they are using Duarte to keep firing blanks with civil actions and criminal complaints that go nowhere, at least with the criminal ones her fees would be a heck of a lot less. In short the McScams probably know they will lose again (they like to keep being humiliated) but at least they are not wasting the huge pots of money they wasted on repeated civil action against Goncalo which they lost, lost and lost again.

Anyway, this is real good humour!

Re: McCanns launch CRIMINAL defamation case against Goucha, Sergeanto and Hernani Carvalho
almostgothic Yesterday at 4:37 pm

"I put it to you, your honour, that this blanket should have played no part in this TV show - which is why we are demanding a blanket ban on any future reference. Neither it nor Cuddlecat have any familial connection to Clarence Mitchell despite the common pinky aspect.
This vicious media innuendo which hinted that Mr Mitchell had indeed fathered this fluffy animal on the wrong side of the blanket was beyond the pale. I intend to call witnesses to testify that he has never eaten Whiskas for his tea, nor will he ever be seen licking his bottom in public. He does that within the privacy of his own home like the rest of us."

viv said...

Oh I forgot, they got Duarte to file criminal complaints against Goncalo as well (hell hath no fury like a McCann scorned) they got thrown out too.

I just imagine these Portuguese guys chuckling away! I mean abusing Kate and Gerry, serious, but cuddlecat and the blanket, outrageous.

There is something about those two bits of evidence that is clearly rather worrying for the McScams. How clever of them to draw attention to it!

How clever of Goncalo to get Mr Menezes to come along and give evidence, about how they could have been prosecuted for kidnap and trafficking Maddie. He did not have to say a word...

Quite when these two fools are going to get back under that stone I don't know, but the more they keep angrily lashing out, the worse it gets for them in UK and Portugal. So do keep it up, Kate and Gezzy McScam. Thank you!

viv said...

Oh lol, they really do ask for this kind of ridicule, read it and weep, Scammers:

Re: McCanns launch CRIMINAL defamation case against Goucha, Sergeanto and Hernani Carvalho
kitti Yesterday at 4:42 pm

Will the 'missing' blanket turn up to testify?

viv said...

Mystery DNA Found In Madeleine's Room
Updated: 18:27, Friday June 01, 2007

A mystery sample of DNA has been found in the bedroom where Madeleine McCann was abducted, according to reports.

Gerry and Kate McCann are now in Madrid
Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas claimed the DNA does not match that of Mr and Mrs McCann or their three children.

Neither does the DNA match that of the only named suspect in the case, property developer Robert Murat, the paper said.

It was reported that The Portuguese police, Policia Judiciara (PJ), have handed the sample to the national forensic laboratories, the Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal.

The newspaper quoted a source from the laboratory who said: "There is a new suspect, there is DNA which does not correspond to the family.

"It is an important step in the investigation but the truth is that the DNA collected does not have a name.

"In other words we cannot make any connection between the material collected and the suspects which we already have."

Reports say the new DNA sample does not match the McCanns
The newspaper said the DNA would be compared to all the evidence gathered by the PJ to see if a match could be found.

But, the source continued: "This does not mean that Robert Murat could not be incriminated but there is a person who was in the room who as yet it is not possible to identify.

"There are a lot of things already concluded but there are a lot of things still to do."

It is now 29 days since the four-year-old girl was taken from her bed in the Portuguese coastal resort of Praia da Luz.

Today, her parents spoke of their hopes and fears about what has happened to their daughter during a series of interviews in Madrid.

Mr McCann said: "We pray that she is being looked after and it is someone who wanted a little girl for their own who would look after her very well.

"We also pray that the person who has her gives her up voluntarily and drops her at a church or a safe place."

viv said...

Anne Harrison, Detective Chief Superintendent from the NPIA said
“We also want anyone who took part in the initial search for Madeleine that took
place before the Portuguese police arrived at the scene of her abduction but who
have not yet come forward to contact us on 0800 096 1233.”“Similarly if anyone out there thinks they may have seen something suspicious or
have suspicions as to who may have taken Madeleine or believe they may have
seen her then ring us now.
“Finally to anyone who believes they may know where Madeleine is being
concealed or hidden. We do not know the reason why she was taken but the
Portuguese authorities have searched extensively around Praia da Luz and she
has not been found. It is possible she is being hidden or concealed in some way
and if you know where then by now you may have realised it is in everybody’s
interest that she is returned to her family”.

viv said...

I think this is interesting Di, in that it suggests that British Police were/are very interested in what exactly was going on at the time Maddie was originally noted to be missing.

This is no doubt the sort of information the police have and the McCanns want those witnesses to also contact them. The timing in particular could cause the McCanns a great deal of terror if many witnesses confirm that Maddie was indeed already noted missing well before 10 pm that night.

I do tend to agree that it may well be possible, Gerry knew he had been seen carting her off just before 10 and so had to say he was still at the restaurant at that time, but was he? Not according to many Portuguese staff on duty that night!

viv said...

I can recall Jane Tanner, I think on Panorama, when asked what time it was, looking a bit worried and then going around 10 something like that but not sure. Not wishing to commit herself to what she knew was a lie?

viv said...

After the usual round of hero worship for Pat Brown, I think people are now starting to spot something. Apparently, all she talks about is abduction or accidental death.

I am sure that is just the way the McCanns want it and how would those people feel if they knew that say every pound from that book was going to Kate and Gerry McCann?

viv said...

I am struggling to know what to make of this from Kate's book. Is she concerned that if Maddie is found, she will recall being sexually abused in her bedroom? She is not actually saying these are reports Bill Henderson told her about "I guessed that", that seems to leave her a getout clause if she is wrong about that. It is hard to imagine Mr Henderson would have said such a thing to her.

Details of child sexual abuse, I believe, were omitted from the released versions of the files and so we cannot verify what she is talking about here. But it is of some concern that it would seem the McCanns may have been given more than was released to the media.

9th August 2008

I read of five cases of British children on holiday being sexually abused in their beds while their parents slept in another room. In three further incidents, children encountered an intruder in their bedrooms, who was presumably disturbed before he had the chance to carry out an assault. I guessed these were the reports that Bill Henderson, the British consul at the time of Madeleine’s abduction, had told me about. These incidents had occurred within an hour’s drive of Praia da Luz over the three years prior to Madeleine’s disappearance. The PJ had never mentioned any of them to us. In fact, I gathered from the files, some of them hadn’t even been recorded by the authorities at the time they were reported (evidently, they were not considered to be actual crimes). So they might never have come to light if the parents of these children hadn’t been brave enough to come forward to the British police after Madeleine was taken and relive their nightmares.

viv said...

Children being sexually abused in their beds sounds much more like family and friend abuse than anything else. I have never heard of any stranger getting in and doing this to children whilst the parents slept.

Maybe Kate does not realise that normal moms have this gut instinct when their children are in trouble in the night. I have always been a very heavy sleeper and yet, if they were frightened or about to be sick, they only had to call "mom" and I was instantly awake.

viv said...

Notice here, how the following morning both Kate and Gerry are telling the police this is the FIRST time Maddie had ever mentioned such a thing. Notice also they are not saying it was her that was crying but the twins.

This is what they are so defensive about, it was Maddie that was crying and she could not have mentioned it for the first time on the Thursday morning because it was actually the Tuesday night she had been crying, from 10.30 until 11.45.

So, they do not want the police to know that it was Madeleine that was crying and they do not want them to know it was on the Tuesday and she was alone for at least one hour and 15 minutes, other than the person she was repeatedly crying Daddy Daddy to, I would have thought that must have been Daddy.

If Madeleine had been in the same room as the twins when she was crying she would have woken them up. Was she in daddy's bedroom with him? He admits she slept with him. Revolting man. Were the twins drugged that night to keep them quiet or were they elsewhere?

Witness statement of Gerald Patrick McCann, on the 4th of May 2007, at 11.15 a.m.

on the morning of May 3rd, MADELEINE asked her father, GERALD, why he had not come into her bedroom when the twins were crying. The deponent had heard nothing and therefore had not gone into the room, yet he thought his daughter’s comment was strange, even because it was the first time that she made it.

Witness statement of Kate Marie Healy, on the 4th of May 2007, at 2.20 p.m.

She reports only one episode where, on the morning of Thursday the 3rd, Madeleine asked the witness why she had not come to look in the bedroom when the twins were crying. The witness states that she had heard nothing and had therefore not gone into the bedroom, nevertheless she found her daughter’s comment strange because it was the first time she had made it.

viv said...

When the cleaner entered the apartment on the Wednesday, she noted there was a cot in the McCanns bedroom which they both deny. Was Maddie put in that cot? Note this is the following morning after she had been crying for one hour and fifteen minutes the night before.

In his statement Gerry says he does not know the day the cleaner comes in, clearly the police were asking him about this.

I continue to wonder why people do not see just a little clearly what was really going on here and what Stalker means when he says this group are hiding a big secret but they did not murder Madeleine. I think it was actually worse than murder.

Only a paedophile would suggest that a child could be with one and not come to any harm because paedophiles do not accept they are doing any harm to the child. Only a mad person like Kate McCann could state, in relation to a child she says has been abducted by a paedophile, "there is no evidence she has come to any harm". How crazy would a mom need to be to say that about her child who she has not seen for four years, in fact longer than the time she actually spent with Madeleine? I would say completely crazy because a normal mom would be convinced their child had come to some terrible harm within hours, but no, four years later and Kate still insists she is unharmed, pure lunacy.

viv said...

With thanks to "Panda" on MM:

(I would say that on 10 May the police hit Gerry with, well why are you telling us it was the twins that were crying, we know that is not true. We have a witness who says it was Madeleine, and so now he says:)

By the 10th the lie had changed

Witness statement of Gerald Patrick McCann, on the 10th of May 2007, at 3.20 p.m.

On the day that MADELEINE disappeared, Thursday, 3 May 2007, they all woke up at the same time, between 07H30 and 08H00. When they were having breakfast, MADELEINE addressed her mother and asked her "why didn't you come last night when SEAN and I were crying?" That he thought this comment very strange given that MADELEINE had never spoken like this and, the night before, they had maintained the same system of checking on the children, not having detected anything abnormal. When he questioned her about the comment, she left without any explanation.

viv said...

The statement I am referring to where Gerry says he does not know what day the cleaner comes is his arguido statement in September being the third time Portuguese Police interviewed this, Peter Pan Man.

viv said...

Kate says in her book that Maddie looked so cute holding her tennis balls on the Tuesday morning that she rushed and got that famous picture of Madeleine.

But come the Tuesday night poor little Maddie was sobbing for one hour and fifteen minutes. I do not believe their is another genuine picture of Madeleine after that time.

As a mom, desperately seeking to recover your stolen child would you use that tennis balls pic in all appeals for Madeleine, on the front cover of your book? Or would you do what Kate McCann does an completely ignore it? The tennis balls picture is acknowledged to be a genuine one, it features on the Portuguese Police file. Why would Kate ignore it? Is it just too incriminating, it looks just as he genuinely would look? Or is it just too painful for her to be reminded of that cute little girl still all in one piece at that stage (perhaps) and what she then allowed to happen to her, that same night?

If she was collapsing in horror the night ~"they have taken her", maybe she should have been just a little more careful with her precious little girl, rather than telling us now, four years later about her enticing and expensive clothing, that even attracted this "predator". Well you know him better than we do Kate!

viv said...

In her book, Kate does not seem to leave that many gaps to be filled in really:

In extracts of her new book published in the Sun, McCann describes the night she discovered Madeleine was missing. She said she went to the apartment and discovered the door to the children’s room was open before realising her daughter was gone and the window was wide open. She says she ran outside to where she, Gerry and friends were having dinner shouting: “Madeline’s gone! Someone’s taken her!”
Kate McCann said she has “vivid” images of her daughter crying and calling out for help.
She says she is tormented by thoughts that Madeleine was taken by a paedophile. She said “one of the most concerning and upsetting pieces of information” that emerged early on in the investigation was the record of sexual crimes against children in the area of Portugal the family was staying in.
McCann doesn’t think Madeleine was taken at random or on a whim: ”I think it was someone who knew out movements. I don’t think someone was passing by chance and took a child,” she said.

viv said...

Maybe Kate's vivid images of Madeleine crying and calling out for help include that Tuesday night before she disappeared, whilst Kate sat with her mates, drinking and demonstrating no concern as to who was in the apartment with Madeleine that they say they left all the doors open to.

What a sick woman.

mandarinn said...

Hi VIV and all
I wish you are all doing well.
About the defamation news I found it a bit odd: goucha runs a morning progamm in TVI and Paulo Sargento and Hernani Carvalho make regular comments in a morning program, but in SIC.I tried to look in portuguese news papers the confirmation but i saw nothing.
Have a lovely senday

viv said...

Hello Mandarrin and how lovely to hear from you again.

Are you saying there is no criminal defamation action in Portugal or just that the press are not reporting on it?

We have all this talk on the internet about further actions by Kate and Gerry but none seem to come to anything. People keep saying they are going ahead with the libel action against Amaral, I cannot believe this, they already lost.

People keep saying Murat has a criminal complaint against Jane Tanner, again I do not believe that.

I think the problem is we get spun by the Goncalo camp, not just the McCann camp and both want to say the dogs were right, but, I think, both know that is not the truth.

Di said...

Hi Viv, Wizard & Mandarrin

Some very interesting posts Viv, and I also wonder if there are any actions going on in Portugal. Spin spin and more spin perhaps, each side winding up the other.

I have now read Pat Brown's book and thought it covered most aspects but it left many out. I was hoping it would give a final conclusion but it did not. We are still left with abduction or death in the apt. Reading MM people are saying this is because Pat does not want Carter Ruck knocking on her door, maybe that's true. I could be wrong but I thought being in America Pat was safe from the likes of Carter Ruck? Your thoughts Viv.

I am going to read the book again as I am sure there are many aspects I have missed. One thing I will say, Pat does write well and holds your attention throughout the book.

Di said...

Pat repeats thoughout her book that she believes both Kate and Gerry are showing true emotions when they have realised Madeleine was missing. She does not believe they are acting, and that they were both devastated.

Pat did not find the bedroom scene, when both K & G were bent over the bed and crying, unusual behaviour at all.

Personally, I would go with the Gnr who found it extremely odd behaviour, lots of wailing and no visible tears!

What was it in that bedroom the McCanns were so desperate to keep the authorities away from?

Pat also states that Madeleine disappeared on the 3rd and not an earlier date.

Di said...

All credit to Pat, she is prepared to put her neck on the line.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown.
If you know any media, have a blog, FB or Twitter, or post on a forum, spread the word about the Profile! For it to have any clout, it needs to become something to contend with. I AM willing to speak up and I will not back down.

viv said...

Hiya Di

I am sorry and I know this may not be a populist view but Pat is spinning us a McCann line.

It is the same old theme, there are (apparently) only two possible scenarios of what happened to Madeleine, she had an accidental death in the apartment or she was abducted by a stranger. From the outset we had Tony Bennett pursuing some phony action for their apparent neglect that he knew he would lose, it was the publicity effect that was important. This couple were negligent, nothing more.

You are right Pat, does miss out the vital evidence in this case and you can see those important themes the PJ were running through with Gerry in the last post. Like this for example, they are clearly putting it to him that he did not go to the TAPAS on 1 May, he was in the apartment with Maddie and she was pitifully crying Daddy Daddy.

I am completely fed up of bloggers who have one simple aim to sell books to swell the coffers of either the McCanns or themselves. Anyone who is honest about this can give an honest opinion and they do not need to charge for it.

"When asked if on the night of May 1, 2007 he went to have dinner at the Tapas with Kate, he says yes."

In addition to this Gerry is also questioned about the photos, this is the sort of vital evidence the genuine police will be looking at. I believe when Goncalo wrote his book, just like Pat, he ignored what this case is really about.

viv said...

They are also clearly putting it to him that Kate has pscyhiatric problems, has given up work due to that and was considering giving Maddie over to a relative. All of which he denies of course.

I am not going to bother to read Pat's book, or get too het up about her Facebook page (just like Kate McCann isn't it). But I am willing to bet this lady leaves the serious issues I am mentioning well alone, her book is worthless.

I have never been some hero worshipper who is going to get behind some character and chant how wonderful they are, that blog started this way and when I indicated to Claudia and Docmac that was going to change now I read the file, off they went, now what does that tell you. What real comment do they ever give on this case?

I do not need hoards of posters on here, I just need to stay true to myself and my firm belief in safety for children and justice. Justice for a little girl amid all the cash grabbing, agenda pursuing adults, they all make me sick. I believe there are 30 good officers in London who will seek to right the wrongs and bring the balance back in favour of defenceless little children who have an absolute right to be protected from serious harm dished out to them by disgusting adults. Whether they be passive aggressive like Kate McCann or just outright aggressive like her sickening husband.

viv said...

Pat authoritively tells us how much kate has made from her book, she says she had a £250,000 advance fee - where did she get that information from? Was she meant to drop that one out?

I think some people will do anything if the price is right.

viv said...

I see Pat is already talking the talk using some favourite McCann buzz words, "Pro McCanns" "Haters". Blog wars were started by Kate and Gerry, it is one scheme they dreamed up to keep themselves talked about and in the media spotlight.

Pat Brown's Recent Posts

If you know any media, have a blog, FB or Twitter, or post on a forum, spread the word about the Profile! For it to have any clout, it needs to become something to contend with. I AM willing to speak up and I will not back down.
3 hours ago · Like · Comment

Thanks, Cutty! If we can start a groundswell, or get this this to go viral, we have a chance of major media picking up on it and helping it make an impact.

The haters have struck! If you are from the UK and haven't posted a review at Amazon, I could use your help! If you go to post one, refer to "Hotrod" in your post, the one who just put up a FIVE STAR review called, "Ignore the Official Files"! The review is NOT a positive one, but a cleverly disguised attempt to discredit me and ruin book sales.

A good review above Hotrod mentioning his deception would be fabulous! (wish I could nail him, but I can't!). Got to admire, though, this smart move of the part of the pro-McCanns! Pretty sneaky!
Yesterday at 6:44am · Like · Comment

viv said...

and of course if Pat gets her wish and this goes "viral" (oh gosh another McScam buzz word) what effect will that have on the McCanns right to a fair trial. I am sure their defence barrister would be pointing to the groundswell against them by American criminal profiler, Pat and saying there is no chance of a fair trial now so this case must be dismissed.

To me, this smells really bad of the McCanns leaving no stone unturned to defend themselves from the efforts of London Met. They are even asking those who have give evidence to the police to tell them all about it.

I think they are smart enough to work out that clever as they undoubtedly think they are, a case is being built against them.

viv said...

Why does Pat actually feel the need for her book to have any "clout" and why does she not mention the case is now being thoroughly investigated once more by 30 top murder cops?

Your efforts are better, are they Pat? I really do not think so!

mandarinn said...

Hello VIV & DI
About the reported defamation case , i saw nothing in portuguese newspapers and what seems odd to me is the names together. Actually GOUCHA runs a morning program in TVI and PAULO SARGENTO and HERNANI CARVALHO are regular commentators in a morning program BUt from SIC.
These 3 names together don´t make sense...


viv said...

Hiya Mandarinn and thanks for putting us straight on this.

There are so many people spinning on this case, it is a good job I have a lovely garden where I can just disappear and forget it!

Seems to be it is a bit like we were authoritively told that Murat had made a criminal complaint against Jane Tanner, nothing has ever came of that. We are also often told the McCanns libel action against Goncalo will continue, I do not believe that! He has already won.

Di said...

Hi Viv


I just need to stay true to myself and my firm belief in safety for children and justice. Justice for a little girl amid all the cash grabbing, agenda pursuing adults, they all make me sick.

Well said Viv, I totally agree with you. I think sometimes people forget the real reason we are pounding away on our keyboards, it is to get justice for Madeleine and put the people who are responsible for her disappearance behind bars.

viv said...

Hiya Di, Just a few days ago, I looked at all the years this blog has been running and it kind of shocked me.

There is just one thing really that makes me want to carry on, a lovely little girl who does represent other abused children, she has become iconic. I think I believed back in 2007 we would see justice in the relatively short term. That was when I believed there was hard evidence against Kate and Gerry that would convict them at that stage.

I think there was a year when I felt quite laconic, so that is it, cold case, they walked. But since London Met were put on the case I do feel we will get what we all want so much, justice for little Maddie and a signal sent out to all parents, do not treat your children like this, or you will suffer the way you made them suffer.

viv said...

Kate was ringing her friend early on the Wednesday morning, following the night where poor little Maddie cried for one hour fifteen minutes, Daddy, Daddy. She was ringing insistently to get hold of her.

When CEOP put out that message you may be family or friends, now tell us what you know, I think it was very well meant. What would a real friend do if Kate had shared such a terrible confidence with her. We know she texted "I need help".

Unfortunately, as ever, Kate always seems to put herself before little Madeleine. If she felt that Maddie may have still been alive at that stage should it not have been, "we need help".

I would still urge Kate's friends and family to come forward now and do what they know is right and that includes for Kate.

viv said...

(Thanks to Margaret on MM)

From Kate's book:

"Then a lady appeared on a balcony – I’m fairly certain this was about 11pm, before the police arrived – and, in a plummy voice, inquired, ‘Can someone tell me what all the noise is about?’ I explained as clearly as I was able, given the state I was in, that my little girl had been stolen from her bed, to which she casually responded, ‘Oh, I see,’ almost as if she’d just been told that a can of beans had fallen off a kitchen shelf. I remember feeling both shocked and angry at this woefully inadequate and apparently unconcerned reaction. I recollect that in our outrage, Fiona and I shouted back something rather short and to the point."

viv said...

I am not sure about a "plummy voice", Mrs Fenn looked like quite a down to earth lady to me. I suppose the short point is, from a scouser it is meant to insult.

"given the state I was in", here Kate does what we know she is good at, forgets all about little Maddie but enjoys regaling us with her "suffering". I wonder how many thousand times kate does this throughout her book, to pad the pages up with what she really wants to say, feel sorry for me, pay me.

The sarcastic and bitter rhetoric continues and Kate once again displays that so much of the really bitter, twisted, nastiness we have seen from the McCanns is most certainly coming directly from her.

IMO, when an older person uses that expression they are saying that something of seriousness has just been conveyed to them and perhaps something that does not entirely surprise them. So Kate is apparently conveying Maddie is missing from her bed, well to the lady who knows that Maddie had been sobbing pitifully, left on her own, this probably came as no real surprise.

The lists of furious adjectives to hammer the aggressive point home reminds me of someone,( I remember feeling both shocked and angry at this woefully inadequate and apparently unconcerned reaction. I recollect that in our outrage, )Rosiepops. This person wrote with an aggressive rage and hatred, particularly in relation to Goncalo Amaral and when reading it you could just feel the fury as though that person could hardly pause for breath as the vituperative bile stained the page. If that is actually Kate, sorry Gerry, but there again we know what you are like, you do nothing to hide your own aggression.

Shouting obscenities, well maybe Kate does not really belong in that big posh house in Rothley, she would probably be more at home on sink estate, trading abuse with her neighbours and thumping them if they went too far over the top. Kate and Gerry do have very working class roots, and it shows! But even so, their childcare arrangements are a source of fury to the average working class parent, most of whom would not dream of leaving their children exposed to terrible danger in a strange place night after night, nor would they dump them at any given opportunity. That conduct is reserved for the pure dregs off society who need social workers to tell them how to look after kids.

viv said...

Mrs Fenn, RIP, has left a lasting legacy to little Maddie McCann. She has given her evidence and made it quite impossible for the McCanns to keep on conning the public, let alone the police.

What a lovely lady and damn you Kate McCann. I hope your hatred of those that speak against you occupies your life and leaves you with nothing else.

viv said...

A BUSINESSMAN whose firm helped look for Madeleine McCann has failed in a last ditch High Court bid to escape extradition over an alleged £1.3m fraud.

Kevin Halligen is now set to stand trial in the US accused of defrauding a London law firm.

It is claimed he took the money to secure the release of Dutch business executives arrested in the Ivory Coast but instead spent it on a mansion.

The 49-year-old’s company, Oakley International, was employed in 2008 by Allerton-born Kate and Gerry McCann to find their three-year-old daughter, who disappeared in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007.

But after six months, his contract was cancelled by the Find Madeleine Fund after he delivered little to the investigation.

Halligen, whose firm was based in Washington, was arrested in 2009 after months spent evading police.

He was found staying at the plush Old Bank hotel in Oxfordshire, where he was known under a number of aliases.

Halligen would spend most of his evenings getting drunk in the bar, witnesses said, and caused consternation over unpaid bills.

In December last year, Home Secretary Theresa May ordered his extradition to stand trial in America, but lawyers for Halligen challenged the move at London's High Court.

However, his case fell at the first hurdle yesterday when top judges ruled he had left it too late to lodge an appeal against the extradition order.

They also dismissed claims that the tight time limit violated his human rights.

Mr Justice Stadlen concluded: "The court has no jurisdiction to entertain Mr Halligen's appeal."

Kate McCann this month said she was confident that her daughter can be traced after Scotland Yard was called in to review the investigation.

viv said...

News on Halligen

He was ordered to be extradited to the US by Home Sec Theresa May, last December but lodged an appeal.

The High Court have today ruled that his appeal was lodged too late and therefore they cannot deal with it.

So he is as good as on his way, not too late, I hope, for detectives currently investigating this case to interview him. The timing certainly seems right for that.

viv said...

Sorry guys, just cannot resist this, "Honestbroker" has a A level law, a grade C pass, don't you know, so erm, apparently, Portugal can just drag anyone like they like from UK over there to take part in a reconstruction all they need to do is issue a warrant for their arrest!!! FFS you just could not make this stuff up! I take it his A level was pre human rights lol!

I only have a humble little LLB Hons but it was certainly my understanding that before any country can get someone extradited by issuing a warrant for their arrest to be executed in another state they have to be able to provide details of a serious criminal case against them. But then again, what do I know. Maybe Halligen or Assange know what I mean.

If Portugal could conduct some fishing exercise and have the TAPAS gang arrested to take part in it, I would say go for it. Unfortunately European law applies, not the law according to "Honestidiot".

As an aside, I was surprised to get this post given the site has been shut down for being so foul, it was still on the cache though.

viv said...

I wonder if Gerry managed to get an A level at Grade C in law, whose a clever boy then, lol!

« Reply #967 on Feb 25, 2011, 11:21am »

Feb 24, 2011, 5:19pm, bonnybraes1 wrote:
They don't want him extradited, as far as I can make out, Sabot.

I can't actually follow their reasoning - they think the McCanns should actually be arrested and extradited for non-existent crimes the Portuguese authorities made clear they didn't commit.

But they don't want AssAngel extradited for offences the Swedish authorities believe there is evidence he did commit.

Oh, and they want Halligen extradited to the safety of the States so he can speak freely about all the plots and stuff he was involved in with Evil Team McCann.

The fact that Halligen doesn't want extradited as he has no desire to spend the rest of his life wearing an orange jumpsuit doesn't enter into it.

You know what the nasties are like, logic never was their strong point

Actually, there's an interesting side point here, connected with the McCanns and the reconstruction. It has long been argued that the McCanns have obstructed justice by their refusal to participate in the reconstruction.

I argued on Raptors just before it closed that if the Portuguese authorities believed a reconstruction might solve the case, they'd simply have to force the McCanns and their friends to return to Portugal by raising an EAW. Someone (I suspect, Midas, certainly someone of that ilk) started demanding that I reveal my legal qualifications and insisting that I was talking rubbish. Her argument ran that the EAW can only be used in respect of people to be prosecuted and none of them have been charged, so it couldn't apply.

My argument ran that a reconstruction would only be of use in implicating the friends, not identifying any third party, and is used in Portgual as part of a prosecution. Joao Cipriano, for example, carried out a reconstruction only after he had 'confessed'. The reconstruction formed part of the prosecution.

Assagne has not been charged with anything. That's his defence. And the judge has said: too bad, son, you gotta go!

So I repeat. If the Portguese authorities really believe a reconstruction could solve the mystery of what happened to Madeline (implicating the McCanns or their friends) they only have to raise an EAW.

And just in case Midas (or whoever) looks in, I have an A level in law (grade C) obtained in 1980 but have never practised law in my life.

Read more: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:l6QuV2oWUK8J:justathoughtyouknow.proboards.com/index.cgi%3Fboard%3Dguests%26action%3Ddisplay%26thread%3D765%26page%3D65+halligen+extradition&cd=16&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk&source=www.google.co.uk#ixzz1PvzyZ2Go

viv said...

So hang on a minute, all these foul little holes that "support" Kate and Gerry McScam seem to have been closed down now, just how sad is that?

"Raptors" and "Justathoughyouknow"

How can we live without them?

Waves to you Bonnybraes, Honestbroker, Psychopops, Kate, Gerry or whatever you are called.

viv said...

*Honestbroker* (I think the stars help people who like to shout) may have been shut up on Justathoughtyouknow, but he is still waxing lyrical on Amazon..He argues so vehemently against the dogs anyone reading it could be forgiven for thinking the dogs must be spot on and Eddie really did smell Madeleine's corpse.

Our Grade C, A level law superstar is still telling us all about the law, funny that I have degree level law and would be the first to admit, I know very little about the laws of libel. You would actually need to be a specialist solicitor or barrister to really understand and give a proper opinion on it. This chap is so stupid he does not even realise that an honestly held "opinion" can never be libellous, there is no malice there! If you are looking in, I suggest you research the Portuguese appeal case of Amaral v McCann. I think it was a very sensible decision, but probably also based on the premise that criminals should not benefit from their own crime, or, and maybe you actually learned a bit of Lord Denning, "He who comes to equity must come with clean hands". I do not think the McCanns are very clean at all really, as parents, they suck:

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Jun 2011 23:24:39 BDT
honestbroker says:
A highly libellous opinon if you know anything about libel.

viv said...

The Home Office correspondence unit are writing letters to people who actually seem to believe they are going to get a bloggable answer, saying they want to do everything they can to support the search for Madeleine. They do not state whether that would be a dead or abducted Madeleine. But there again, I would not expect them to compromise an ongoing investigation.

I will eternally wonder, how can the McCanns be innocent when they tell us they not only left those kids day and night, they never even bothered to lock the doors, it was safe. To me that is like setting them up to be abducted. It is certainly not being a nice mummy and daddy as they would have us believe, is it?

Whatever happened to poor little Madeleine, she would still be here if she had not been unfortunate enough to have the gruesome twosome for "parents".

Whatever the answer, I am confident that London Met will do their very best to unravel it.

viv said...

So just beware of those who even feel the need to attack London Met, in fact anyone who does not buy the Amaral theory. Like Kate and Gerry's that is all it is.

We do not know what Rebelo actually thought because he behaved with the discretion one would expect from a senior police officer.

viv said...

I must stop reading these Pros and Antis slogging it out, look she is dead, just ask the dogs, no look she was abducted by a lurking predator and Kate and Gerry are a couple of saints. Human beings?

What about little Madeleine and all innocent little children who have a right to safety, to life, to love and care, dignity, yes even in death if that is the case?

Human beings or people who should hang their heads in shame, either side of this stupid fence.

viv said...

Cannot resist just one more, this is just priceless: IMHO, the rear patio door that they say they left ajar is quite obviously a slider we have seen Rebelo and his men sliding it, and the front door that Gerry later claims he probably ALSO left unlocked was a hinged type that he could have deadlocked to make sure his kids were safe. Only trouble is, had he done so, the wicked predator could not get in. How could anyone think they are innocent? Leicester Police have witness statements from other occupiers of 5A confirming that just like normal people would, they locked the patio door when they went out and locked the front door also. When they came back they used the front door, but not Kate and Gerry McCann. No wonder Leicester Police were telling Mrs Justice Hogg, these two are not having our files! And, no wonder she agreed with them and reversed her earlier order. If Honestbroker actually is Gerry McCann he has totally lost the plot now!

21 Jun 2011 21:42:15 BDT
honestbroker says:
Do we know whether the doors of apartment 5a were sliding or on hinges?

viv said...

Not that Mrs Justice Hogg would think that a couple of two year olds and a three year old left in an apartment on their own was safe anyway, but at least if the apartment was secure from "predators" they would have been a wee bit safer!

Kate and Gerry know their mates are innocent. Ummm How would they know that if they were all apparently traipsing in and out of a completely unlocked apartment to erm "check" their kids?

Oh please London Met, result please!

viv said...

These are the same mates Kate writes about in her book, trust me we do not want to be with you McCanns!

p 66
3rd May 2007
Having arranged for Gerry to meet the children, I opted to go for a run along the beach, where I spotted the rest of our holiday group. They saw me and shouted some words of encouragement. At least, I think that’s what they were shouting! I remember feeling fleetingly disappointed that we hadn’t known they were all heading for the beach, as it might have been nice to have joined them, especially for the kids.

I had finished my run by five-thirty at the Tapas area, where I found Madeleine and the twins already having their tea with Gerry. The others had decided to feed their kids at the beachside restaurant, the Paraíso.

viv said...

Do you have to have mates on holiday to tell you to take your kids to the beach?


viv said...

To: Ricard Paiva
From: DC 1756 Mike MARSHALL
Ref: David Payne
Date: October 24, 2007

Leicester Police Constabulary


As requested, appended are the statements of Arul and Katherina Gaspar.

"I read carefully the written document/questionnaire provided by David Payne."
but was not able to extricate any other information besides what is already known. He declares that he saw Madeleine, for the last time, at 17H00 on 3/5/07 in the McCann apartment. Also present there were Kate and Gerry. He did not indicate the motive for being there or what he was doing. He also cannot indicate how long he stayed.

When asked with whom he was on the afternoon of May 3rd, he declares that this information was already offered to the police and cannot remember if anyone else was there.

He does not remember what he was wearing that afternoon.

He took part in the searches, having carried out most of them alone. He was at times accompanied by Matthew Oldfield.

He did not partake in the searches realized on the 4th of May, because, on this day, he spent to majority of time in the police headquarters.

For many questions, he does not give a complete response, affirming simply that he has already given this information to the Portuguese police in his declarations.

I examined once again the declarations of Fiona Payne. In her depositions, she states that she went to the McCann apartment, around 19H00, on the 3rd of May, together with Kate. She states afterwards that, 10 minutes later, the husband arrived; it is not clear which husband she refers to.

Her responses to the questions are vague. She continued to respond to questions with "they conform with my earlier deposition" or some similar statement.

viv said...

Portuguese and British Police do not seem to trust your bessie mates the Paynes, do they Kate?

viv said...

Were Gerry and Payne in the apartment with your kids whilst you went for a nice run, Kate?

Why did Payne originally tell Police he came to the apartment at 6.30, why do you say that too when he now admits he was there at 5 pm.

What are you all trying to cover up Kate? Is it something to do with what Dr Katerina Gaspar is referring to, when she explains about Gerry and Payne having a conversation concerning a fantasy about apparent sexual abuse of Madeleine, then aged just two? Was it the right choice to go on that holiday Kate?

Why did you write that book, Kate?

Why don't you just go to the police and act like a responsible adult for once, concerned about children, your children?

viv said...

Why all the lies to the police Kate about Payne supposedly being at your apartment at 6.30 when he later had to admit the last time he saw Maddie was at 5 pm. Who do you think you are fooling Kate? What was Payne doing in the apartment with your husband and Gerry, Kate? Why can he not tell the police how long he stayed and what he was doing? Why dont you tell them? What kind of a mom are you?

viv said...

Why would David Payne not want to give a "complete response" to questions from Leicester Police, Kate?

Why is Fiona afraid to answer the questions of Leicester Police also saying they conform with my earlier statements to the Portuguese Police. Is she afraid of telling a different story, Kate? Is she afraid of Leicester Police, Kate? Is this helpful to finding Maddie, your best mate?

If you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.