14 Jun 2009



Maddie case: GNR suspected of receiving 120 thousand eurosHe was one of the first agents to arrive in Praia da Luz. PJ is already investigating the handover of “live” moneyOne of the Guarda Nacional Republicana agents who was first to arrive at the resort in Praia da Luz and at the McCann couple’s apartment is suspected of having received over 120 thousand euros of “live” money, a short time after Maddie’s disappearance. This GNR officer is essential to the entire investigation, given the fact that he was among the first to arrive at the location where the little girl disappeared, and also one of the first people to get into contact with the parents.TVI has established that the case of the sudden 120 thousand euros in the GNR officer’s hands is being investigated by the Polícia Judiciária (PJ).On the night that Maddie McCann disappeared, the first authorities to arrive on location were the GNR officers. It was their task to search the apartment, to perform the initial searches, to speak with the McCann couple, and to direct the searches on the beach and in the village, namely the open areas where sewer and piping works were under way, only tens of metres away from the resort that the British family had booked for their holidays.Gerry’s suspicious walkAccording to depositions that were made within the process, the GNR agents even witnessed a walk by Gerry McCann, late in the night, near the church in Praia da Luz. All fundamental moments to understand what happened to the missing child.TVI knows that one of the first agents that took care of the event is being targeted by an inquiry. The issue is an amount of over 120 thousand euros that were received in cash, on two bank accounts under his name, one of which at Caixa Geral de Depósitos. The most serious coincidence is that the money started being deposited, on those accounts, only a short time after the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann.This amount is much higher than that of a GNR officer’s salary and was deposited on “live” money, according to investigation sources, in parts of over 10 thousand euros.Officer denies depositsThe investigation into these deposits is being carried out by DCICCEF [Central Directory for the Investigation of Corruption and Economical and Financial Crime], which tries to understand the reasons for these payments. Even if their illegality is proved, a connection to the Maddie case may not exist, despite the strong temporal coincidence and the high amount of money.Contacted by TVI, the officer denied the existence of said deposits, having offered the possibility that his name was unduly used to open those accounts. Police sources in the area manifested their strangeness concerning the possibility that this officer, whom they consider of honest reputation, could be involved in illegal actions.source: IOL Diário, 19.06.2009Last edited by astro on Fri Jun 19, 2009 8:13 pm, edited 1 time in total.

Portuguese police 'don't have enough evidence to charge Madeleine's parents' Last updated at 22:52pm on 14.09.07
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• Police admit there's 'nothing concrete' for prosecution
• 'Madeleine died from an overdose of sedatives'
• Kate's diary says 'she struggled with hyperactive children'
• Holiday friends to be interrogated by detectives again
Portuguese police do not have enough evidence yet to charge Kate and Gerry McCann over the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.
Senior sources admitted there was "nothing concrete" to bring a prosecution.
A source at the Policia Judiciara said today: "There are lots of indications but without more elements it is impossible to determine what has happened in the almost four hours vital to the case from 6pm [on 3 May, when Madeleine vanished].
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Kate (with Madeleine's toy Cuddle Cat) and Gerry McCann were today driven for talks with their lawyer at a secret location
"Even if we confirm the blood and other remains taken from the car or the apartment correspond 100 per cent to the girl's DNA that does not prove anything.
"These elements would only just about confirm that the girl was in the apartment, which is obvious, and in the car.
"In either of these two cases that would not prove homicide, just that the body of the girl had been transported in the car.
We don't know if Maddy is dead and if she is how it happened. We have nothing concrete."
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Hire car: A senior source has said even if 'evidence' found in the car corresponds to Madeleine's DNA 'that does not prove anything'
Police in Portugal are still awaiting vital test results from the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham on blood stains found at another apartment.
The Mail's sister paper, the Evening Standard, has been told the apartment being scrutinised is next door to the one from which Madeleine disappeared, (THE APT OF RACHEL AND MAT OLDFIELD) and police believe it may hold the key to where her body could have been stored in the hours afterwards.
Today's development came after reports that Madeleine died from an overdose of sedatives.
Police are working on the theory that she was repeatedly drugged by her parents, the Evening Standard reveals.
Murat denies joining the search for Madeleine on May 3, when she went missing
Detectives in the Algarve have asked British forensic experts to look for evidence that the toddler was given pills on the night of her disappearance and on earlier occasions.
The aim is to show that an alleged overdose that police appear to believe killed Madeleine was not a "one-off" accident or caused by the child mistakenly taking the drugs.
Instead, police want to show that use of drugs on the four-year-old was part of a pattern of behaviour that would have ended with her death.
Today's revelation follows the claim by a French newspaper that forensic results show Madeleine died after taking a "large quantity" of sleeping pills.
It would also explain why detectives this week applied to seize Kate McCann's diary, which is understood to describe how she struggled to cope with her "hyperactive" children.
Alleged extracts from the diary, published in two Portuguese newspapers, say the 39-year-old GP found it difficult to control Madeleine and her twin siblings, and the effort sapped her strength and emotions.
The McCanns have always denied sedating Madeleine and have described such claims as "ludicrous".
Police have asked scientists who have been testing samples from the McCanns' Renault Scenic hire car, rented 25 days after she went missing, to check for traces of drugs.
The samples allegedly include Madeleine's bodily fluids and hair, and the test can be done by examining strands of hair which absorb drug traces.
As they grow, the hairs create a "timeline" of consumption that can date back weeks or months.
Sources close to the investigation expressed caution about the claim that forensic tests "proved" Madeleine died from an overdose.
Preliminary tests carried out at the Forensic Science Service laboratory in Birmingham, sent to Portugal last week, are understood to give "indications" that Madeleine had ingested drugs.
Further results have been sent to Portugal this week.
Today the McCanns were driven from their home in Rothley, Leicestershire, for talks with their lawyer at a secret location.
They left in a silver BMW driven by solicitor Angus McBride
Immediately afterwards Gerry's sister Trish Cameron drove the couple's two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie away.
Earlier it emerged that close friends of the McCanns will be interrogated by detectives in coming days.
Senior police sources say officers want to question further at least some of the seven friends who were holidaying with the McCanns when Madeleine vanished from the family's apartment on 3 May.
It is thought Russell O'Brien and his partner Jane Tanner are among those who will be quizzed.

Questions will be asked on alleged confusion over timings as the party sat down for dinner at a tapas bar, yards from where Madeleine was sleeping in the Mark Warner complex in Praia da Luz.
Ms Tanner has already told police she saw a man carry a child from the apartment wrapped in a blanket. (she no longer mentions this blanket which the police found still in the flat)
Mr O'Brien said he left the dining table at one point to look after his young daughter, who was ill.
The friends could be asked to return to Portugal early next week.
Police are also looking at either travelling to Britain, or using British officers to carry out the interviews.
However, it is understood nothing has emerged in recent days to shift the focus of the inquiry from Madeleine's parents.
There is growing anger among those close to the McCanns. They claim police have bungled, are making Madeleine's parents "scapegoats", and are determined to find the couple guilty at all costs of killing Madeleine.
Today they accused detectives of failing to investigate fully the only other formal suspect in the case, Robert Murat.
Close friends of the McCanns remain convinced Mr Murat is still the most likely suspect, although he denies any involvement and the police investigation into him appears to have drawn a blank.
(yes, yes and now they are convinced it is the dying Mr Hewlett after they have done their extensive paedo search of any in Portugal at the time to hang the blame on_
Robert Murat was named as an arguido - an official suspect - early in the investigation
Like the McCanns, Mr Murat has been named an arguido - a formal suspect. Sources close to the couple insist he lied about his whereabouts on 3 May.
Mr O'Brien, Fiona Payne and Rachael Oldfield - all friends of the McCanns - and a Portuguese local have testified they saw Mr Murat helping the search for Madeleine on 3 May.
Mr Murat, who was born in Britain but grew up in Portugal, lives with his mother in a villa in Praia da Luz near the McCanns' apartment.
He is said to have introduced himself to the three friends on the night of the search, saying: "I'm Robert. Can I help?"
But he has denied this and insisted he spent the evening with his mother and girlfriend.
"I cannot believe Murat is no longer being investigated," said a source close to the McCanns.
"He is lying about being there on the night. They cannot understand why it hasn't been followed up why Murat lied. Kate and Gerry are being scapegoated."
Mr Murat, 33, insists he is the victim of a smear campaign.
He acted as a translator in the early days of the inquiry until suspicions about his behaviour began to grow.
No forensic evidence has linked him to the girl's disappearance.
Friends of the McCanns also cast doubt on the ability of Portuguese officers to carry out proper forensics work.
Today, a source suggested to the Standard that labels for findings from Mr Murat's vehicles may have got confused with labels from the McCanns' car. "They could easily have got the labels mixed up," said the source. (such a ridiculous allegation by "sources close to the McCanns just fairly beggars belief and does indicate they know they are guilty IMO, otherwise they would not make such an outrageous claim to try and frame Murat)

Smirking, scheming Gerry McCann, the only major suspect, along with his wife, the Police have ever been interested in for the disappearance of the daughter they chose to repeatedly neglect and leave to cry, no matter what she said.

Just like they did with Robert Murat and many others, but this time it would seem they intend the mud to stick as the latest McCann Patsy is close to death. Good move Gerry? I hardly think so. It would seem this man was investigated and eliminated from supsicion by Portuguese detectives, unlike you!

I think Gerry becomes increasingly desperate to try and shake off the horror of what he did to his own little girl.

Maddie suspect Raymond Hewlett admits he doesn't have an alibi for night she disappeared

EXCLUSIVE from Simon Wright in Aachen, Germany 14/06/2009
Convicted paedophile talks for the first time about Maddie investigation, but says he did not kill her.

Broken, frail, with only weeks to live, Raymond Hewlett is the man the McCanns fear could take the secrets of their daughter’s disappearance to the grave.
The convicted child rapist – who has been catapulted into the frame over the hunt for Madeleine – sits hunched up in a squalid German flat, gasping for breath as he finally breaks his silence.
“It’s obvious why they’re interested in me,” croaks Hewlett, 64. “But they can all think what they like. I didn’t kill the McCann girl. It’s the truth and it’s never going to change.”
The man jailed three times for sex attacks on girls today speaks out for the first time in a bid to clear his name amid the mountain of circumstantial evidence against him.
Hewlett, who has been in hiding ever since he was named in connection with the case, admits he was in the Algarve at the time Madeleine was snatched and, as our pictures show, that he looks strikingly similar to a sketch of a suspect with a pock-marked face seen lurking around the apartment.
And five weeks after she disappeared, he left Portugal for Morocco for a two-month-long “business trip”.
There, he told Peter Verran, a tourist he had befriended, that he’d become obsessed with the case and he admitted being outside the McCanns’ holiday flat in Praia da Luz “many times” and parking his van close to the complex.
What’s more he is refusing to give an alibi for the night Madeleine, three, vanished.
“I have an alibi but why should I share it?” he says, struggling for air with each syllable.
“There is a person who can say where I was that day, but why should I bring them into this? I’ve done nothing wrong. Why should I have to prove it?
“My life’s been made a misery for something I know nothing about and a crime I’ve not committed.
“I’d take a lie-detector test. I’ll take any test you like. The only time I’ve seen Madeleine McCann is on missing posters. And I saw her on TV in a bar once. But I’ve never seen her in real life. Yes I’ve been to Praia da Luz, but not since 2002.”
But those claims contradict what former Scots Guard Mr Verran, 46, says Hewlett told him – that he was in and around Praia da Luz at the time Madeleine disappeared in May 2007.
The McCanns’ private detectives first became aware of father-of-six Hewlett in February this year when his name was given to them during local door-to-door inquiries.
His distinctive live-in Dodge truck, large family and bizarre nomad lifestyle singled him out.
Further checks into his past revealed his previous convictions in Britain, including the rape of a 12-year-old girl he lured into his car and then drugged with paint stripper, an attempted rape of a 14-year-old girl he snatched from a fair and threatened with a fake gun and the abduction of a 14-year-old newspaper delivery girl.
The McCanns’ investigators began searching for him, keen to eliminate him from inquiries.
Portuguese detectives told UK officers they were unaware of his existence until the McCann team uncovered his name.
But bizarrely, Hewlett tells the Sunday Mirror he was visited twice by Portuguese police over the Maddie case and gave detectives a DNA swab and fingerprints, although he was never arrested or quizzed.
The McCanns’ investigators are unsure whether to believe him or the detectives in Portugal. Hewlett says that Portuguese police, acting on unknown information, swooped on his truck while he was had throat cancer treatment across the border in Spain in August 2008.
He also says that local police helping in the search for Maddie visited him, wife Mariana and their children in the summer of 2007.
He says: “They checked that all the children living with us were ours. Our youngest girl looks a bit like her. But they saw everything was OK and they left.
“The police came again in August last year and told Mariana it was about the McCann girl. They asked for me and Mariana told them I was in hospital. They came to see me and asked permission to take DNA and fingerprints. I was very sick and barely able to speak to them. They asked where we parked in the Algarve in the first half of 2007.
“I told them, ‘You know where we’ve been because you know us round there.’
“I knew why they were asking, because I’d seen the TV and newspapers. By then, that McCann kid’s photo was in every shop and supermarket you went in to. I’ve got previous convictions for child-sex crimes so my heart sank. I thought, ‘Oh no, here we go again.’
"I was miles from the UK but it didn’t make any difference. I’d tried hard to build a new life. But the reality for me is that my past convictions will never go away.
"I have to put up with it because it’s always going to be this way. I gave them their DNA and fingerprints. I knew they were just doing their job but I was angry. I had enough to cope with. I had cancer and no money.”
At the time Madeleine vanished, Hewlett and his family were moving between three towns in the Algarve – Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Fuzeta and Tavira – all within 60 miles of Praia da Luz. They scraped money together by picking up unwanted jumble and old car parts, then selling it on.
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Hewlett, originally from Todmorden, West Yorks, and Mariana first arrived in Portugal from her native Germany in the summer of 2002. They had been together five years after meeting in Italy. He was a mechanic on a tourist boat and Mariana worked as a cleaner for the boat’s owners on the Mediterranean island of Elba.
They embarked on a tour of Europe in the converted Dodge truck. He had installed beds for their children, a sink, cooker and shower.
At that point the couple had four children – David, 10, who died when he fell from their moving truck in December last year, Michael, nine, Anya, eight, and Jobe, seven, who were all born in Germany. Yanina, six, and Paul, three, were born during their travels across the Algarve, and the youngest Daniel, now six-and-a-half months, was born in Spain.
“We’d stop in various places and decide whether to hang around there,” he says. “It would depend on the weather and how easy it was to make money. I used to busk on the street, playing guitar. I can’t really play but people would give me money anyway.”
Hewlett says he was 60 miles away – in Vila Real de Santo Antonio – when Maddie was taken. Crucially, he says he cannot specifically remember being there that day.
“May 3 was a Thursday and I was always in Vila Real Santo Antonio on Thursdays,” he says. “My routine never altered. That’s 100km from Praia da Luz.
“If you asked people there if we were there on that day, I don’t know what they’d say. Maybe they can’t remember. If you ask them if we were normally there, they’d say yes. If it wasn’t for the fact that we were living the way we were, I wouldn’t be able to say so clearly that that was where I was.
“It’s only because of the way we live that I can say it. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have to prove anything.
“Our truck was our only vehicle. I didn’t have another vehicle to go anywhere in. It’s a high-profile vehicle. Once you see it, you never forget it. It was like that purposefully because I wanted people to see us. I didn’t want to be hiding.”
But he claims that a female friend who shot a home video of him and his family on May 5 – two days after Maddie vanished – could vouch for his whereabouts on May 3.
The 30-minute video – seen by the Sunday Mirror – shows Hewlett, Mariana and their seven children laughing at the camera and playing games with each other at a market they regularly attended in the Portuguese town of Fuzeta every Sunday, less than 40 miles from Praia da Luz.
His youngest daughter Yanina bears a striking resemblance to missing Maddie.
He says: “The friend who made the video would remember where I was two days earlier. She could tell anyone where I was. But I haven’t asked her and I don’t intend to.
“Why should I ask her? I don’t think I should involve anybody. Why should I keep dragging people in to this. I don’t like being in it, so why should I keep putting people’s names forward so that they get bothered with it too?
“I could ask her, but if she says no, then sorry, the answer is no. Then people will just have to carry on speculating.”
A month later, on June 10, Hewlett left Portugal and took his family to Morocco.
He said: “A friend gave me a broken old Mercedes and I stripped it down into parts.
“I knew they were worth a fortune in Morocco because I’d been there for a couple of months in 2005. You can even get good money for Mercedes nuts and bolts there.
“I knew people on the docks at Faro and I got the captain of a ferry to take us over for free. We stayed in Morocco for two months and came back in the August. I made 300 euros from the car parts.”
His voice so weak it is at times barely audible, today Hewlett is holed up in his cramped, sparce apartment, with Mariana, 33, and six young children.
The family arrived there six weeks ago as his health deteriorated, and Mariana is able to get state benefits.
Hewlett was last month tracked down by the McCanns’ detectives to a hospital in Aachen, Germany, where he was undergoing treatment. The detectives had hoped to put a series of questions to him but he refused to see them and they were forced to return to the UK empty-handed.
This week, they travelled there for a second time but he was deemed too ill to undergo intensive questioning.
Today as he wastes away on the fourth floor of a tower block, Hewlett is close to death. Doctors discharged him from hospital, telling him there is nothing more they can do for him, and his weight has plummeted to just 45kg. Instead of expressing sympathy for Kate and Gerry McCann, he insists people should feel sorry for him.
“I would say to the McCanns that I know what it’s like to lose a child because it’s happened to me recently,” he says.
“I’ve been through hell and now I’ve got another hell which I don’t deserve. I know for a fact that I didn’t do anything wrong, but if people aren’t listening, what can you do?”
Shaking with pain, he repeats: “I didn’t kill the McCann girl.”


Wendy said...

Just like they did with Robert Murat and many others, but this time it would seem they intend the mud to stick as the latest McCann Patsy is close to death. Good move Gerry? I hardly think so. It would seem this man was investigated and eliminated from supsicion by Portuguese detectives, unlike you!

I think Gerry becomes increasingly desperate to try and shake off the horror of what he did to his own little girl.

Dream on Viv. How much more nastier, disgusting and far fetched can your false statements get?

Is this some kind of record attempt?

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why anyone would be sticking up for a man who has inserted his man sized penis into a SMALL CHILD??

Your hate for the McCann parents is blinding you all.

Tom said...

Some people are so obsessed and consumed with envy and hatred towards the McCanns that they would sell their souls to the devil in order to see them suffer for something they didn't do. In the meantime selling their souls to defend a paedo will do.

Anonymous said...

You are confusing to defend paedos with seek the truth.
I can't conceive what are the MacCann's uncaring parents that loose a child because they abandonned her to envy!!!!If they hadn't leave Maddie and her siblings alone to wine and dine with friends, Madeline will be with them. Shame on this kind of parents and who support them.

bath theory said...

The point is the McCanns have actively obstructed the investigation into their own IVF first born child. Statements have been given to the police regarding a closr friend of them who was on holiday with them which infer a link to this sort of disgusting thing.

The unusual way the McCanns acted has only fuelled the concerns of the majority who find them somewhat strange, cold and distant.

I dont know of many people who defend such monsters ALL people like us do is say 'we must not discount the parents.'

That is prudent, logical and given the statistics of such cruelty to young children it is statistically overwhelmingly valid.

bath theory said...

The AA route map shows the distance between Plymouth and Exeter to be 44.5 miles and shows a time of 57 minutes to carry out the journey.

Di said...


I am sorry but have you not read the Police files. Hewlett has already been eliminated as a suspect.

This whole sorry saga is being twisted to fit very nicely into the abduction theory, which imo never happened.

We had an expert this morning on Sky News saying, Madeleine woke and wandered and just happened to fall into the hands of Hewlett. Hewlett who was an hours drive away.

This whole situation is laughable and makes the PI's look even more stupid, if that's possible. So now we are to imagine Hewlett ran around PDL with Maddie in his arms so that every sighting was possible, oh please give me strength.

Wizard said...

Hi Di,

I was just reading today’s Mirror story.

According to them Portuguese detectives told UK officers they were unaware of Hewlett’s existence until the McCann team uncovered his name.

However in the Mirror interview (same article) with Hewlett, he says: “..the local police helping in the search for Maddie visited me, wife Mariana and our children in the summer of 2007. They checked that all the children living with us were ours. Our youngest girl looks a bit like her. But they saw everything was OK and they left.”

“The police came again in August last year in hospital and took my DNA and fingerprints.”

I am no expert in paedophile behaviour but I would think they kept to a similar pattern. Previously in ’77 Hewlett was interested in 14 year old girls, therefore, is it likely he would switch to a 3 year old?

Very unlikely imo.

I think Hewlett is probably correct to say he had two visits from Portuguese police and was eliminated from their enquiry for no better reason than it would be easy to discredit his story.

So who are the useless police force the Portuguese or the British?

Di said...

Hi Bt & Wizard

Exactly, the McCanns themselves have caused so many distractions it is incredible. Why are they so quiet now? Obviously they are waiting for Hewlett to pass away and then a storm will brew.

This will not go away though because too many people know the truth, and the internet is a wonderful tool to get the truth out there.

Many people, who I knew were sceptical, have now turned because they themselves are finding all the discrepancies a joke.

It was only a few weeks ago that their PI's said Madeleine had been abducted and placed with a childless couple who were desperate for a child and was being well looked after.

What I find unbelievable is why the PJ have not stepped into this mad circus and brought it to an abrupt halt. They know Hewlett is not a suspect so why not come out and say it.

Wizard said...


You say:-

“Some people are so obsessed and consumed with envy and hatred towards the McCanns that they would sell their souls to the devil in order to see them suffer for something they didn't do. In the meantime selling their souls to defend a paedo will do.”

Tom - are you sure that the McCanns are just a couple of naïve feckless parents?

It would, of course, be wrong to defend Hewlett a paedophile who historically shows interest in 14 year olds. However to blame him for Madeleine disappearance is to seek a miscarriage of justice.

Blaming Hewlett would let the McCanns off the hook but there is no point if he was not involved is there?

Di said...

Also to add

If Kate & Gerry believe Hewlett is responsible for the abduction of Madeleine, WHY are they not begging the PJ to reopen the case?

Wizard said...

Hi Wendy,

Is Viv’s opinion so far fetched?

It is difficult to dispute what is the truth as I like you DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE – neither of us was there!

Or perhaps you were - back up your opinions with facts not blind faith.

Wizard said...



Di said...

Hi Wizard

Sorry forgot to say, i have no reason to believe Hewlett is lying with regards to the Police visits DNA swabs etc., as he has nothing to lose.

As much as i abhor paedophiles, i do believe Hewlett is telling the truth in this case.

Wizard said...

Hi Di,

I was just thinking of the British medias’ handling of this case.

As this story started to unfold they were willing to condemn the McCanns but then the Mc’s bit back and sued.

The British media criticism of the Mc’s has had to stop and they have been silenced but still have a story that sells newspapers.

So in timeless tradition they run with it – changing their angle to the McCanns being innocent – saying other than this means they will be sued.

Everybody likes a mystery, to be shocked or scared and this story trundles on with the thrills of a roller coaster ride.

I really can’t decide whether the press is taking the p**s out of the McCanns theories by editing stories to be more extraordinary than those of the Mc’s. Or that Madeleine sells newspapers and printing pro-McCann rubbish means they will not get sued and still sell their wares.

Anonymous said...

Hewlett is child raping scum.

Anonymous said...

True. And you are child neglecting scum.

viv said...

Hi guys,

I opened the blog briefly just to see how quickly Psychopops would notice and as you will see from its comments below that was immediate.

Now I have their filth recorded on here, I wonder how much longer they will try to tell us what normal decent people they are! They are actually proud of such graphic writing about what paedophiles do...Stop trying to pretend you are normal "Rosiepops", people can read for themselves what you approve of and how obsessed you are with my blog!

Rosiepops said...

Who knows? I very rarely go there in fact the last time I was there I inadvertently clicked on a link that took me there and I came straight off, I did not want to catch anything.

If it is open again, perhaps she is touting for trade in case anything happens to the 3 A's. It is a ghastly place and only ghastly vile obnoxious people would post there.
13 June 2009 23:25
Anonymous said...

It looks like Viv's re-opening of her blog has been a huge success so far, here are the latest comments:

3 CommentsClose this windowJump to comment form

Wendy said...
Just like they did with Robert Murat and many others, but this time it would seem they intend the mud to stick as the latest McCann Patsy is close to death. Good move Gerry? I hardly think so. It would seem this man was investigated and eliminated from supsicion by Portuguese detectives, unlike you!

I think Gerry becomes increasingly desperate to try and shake off the horror of what he did to his own little girl.

Dream on Viv. How much more nastier, disgusting and far fetched can your false statements get?

Is this some kind of record attempt?

Sunday, 14 June 2009 10:51:00 o'clock BST

Anonymous said...
I'm wondering why anyone would be sticking up for a man who has inserted his man sized penis into a SMALL CHILD??

Your hate for the McCann parents is blinding you all.

Sunday, 14 June 2009 11:06:00 o'clock BST

Tom said...
Some people are so obsessed and consumed with envy and hatred towards the McCanns that they would sell their souls to the devil in order to see them suffer for something they didn't do. In the meantime selling their souls to defend a paedo will do.

Sunday, 14 June 2009 11:40:00 o'clock BST
14 June 2009 12:17
Rosiepops said...

Viv/Vile put a SOCK in it. No one is interested in what you think, you lost all credibility ages ago. pretendy moronic solicitor bin emptier.
14 June 2009 13:10
Rosiepops said...

Has Vile viv not learned anything from the 3 A's?

Apparently not because here she is committing libel yet again!

And no doubt yet again her comments have been harvested by interested parties, it seems she is hell bent on donating her compo money to the Find Madeleine fund.
14 June 2009 13:13
Rosiepops said...

She may be but you are not, fool you walked right into it and I'll let you work that one out.
14 June 2009 13:17
Viles Mole said...

Oh anon do you think we were born yesterday?
Why do you think Vile has opened to non member posting?
I'll let you into a little secret shall I? Nah! all I will say is if you go on there, check your computer for worms after.
Brencardi trusts her doesn't she? Stupid cow.Well played Vivvy lolololol.
14 June 2009 13:27

viv said...

As for my own money, Rosie, I think it is you who had better dream on, and keep your filthy little McCann money grabbing hands all to yourself!

viv said...

Could this be what the McCann's latest Defectives lifted from the PJ file, which does accord with Hewlett claiming he was investigated in summer 2007 as well as 2008?

I like the way the McCanns clarified the Fund was not paying for their accommodation, no just their mortgage of course and let us be fair, that was not their current accommodation. So they were not lying or misleading us, were they? Not until one of their "directors" wanted to tell us all the truth and stand down anyway!

Do people remember Jane Tanner, stating what really stood out for her was the hair, masses of hair, several months down the line of course. I think it can be categorically stated that neither Gerry McCann or Hewlett have masses of hair, Jane.

Do people remember Kate McCann saying this is the suspect we are interested in, the one with no face, wishing to distance herself from Cooper man? Well of course, Kate, your defectives were still on the lookout for a suitable Patsy to fill the face in with, but I cannot see any pock marks on Hewlett's face, or that he was within 500 yards of the apt, running off with Maddie to that distinctive blue van of his. You could not make this stuff up, could you!!

New suspect in Madeleine McCann case

By Richard Edwards in Praia da Luz
Published: 12:01AM BST 20 Aug 2007
Kate McCann, new suspect in Madeleine McCann case
Kate McCann on her way to church in Praia da Luz

Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are following a new line of inquiry which could see them carry out a series of searches in the next 48 hours.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1560785/New-suspect-in-Madeleine-McCann-case.html .

viv said...


Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are following a new line of inquiry which could see them carry out a series of searches in the next 48 hours.

The developments mark the first departure from investigations centred on Robert Murat, the only formal suspect in the case, who has been ruled out and will be cleared of his "arguido" status within weeks.

Every detective in the Algarve is on standby today. Search warrants have been signed and police are awaiting final orders to start an operation believed to be linked to a new potential suspect.

The Policia Judiciaria, the Portuguese equivalent of CID, has been on alert since Friday. The details of the lead are a closely guarded secret and detectives have been warned that they are being monitored for any leaks.

The warrants are only vaild until the end of tomorrow, but could be extended if police believe it is worth pursuing.

The Public Prosecutor's Office, which directs the police inquiry, signed a series of documents on Friday, ordering the PJ in Faro to put detectives on standby and authorising search warrants at locations that may be linked to the disappearance of Madeleine 109 days ago.

Staff from the Ocean Club complex, where Madeleine disappeared on May 3, will be also be re-interviewed today. A police source said: "We are re-interviewing several witnesses in order to clarify details that may be relevant to the new line of inquiry in light of facts we have found."

Pamela Fenn, 70, who lives in the apartment above where the McCanns were staying, and her niece, who is flying to Portugal from the UK, will be among those spoken to.

Mrs Fenn has said that in the weeks leading up to Madeleine's disappearance she scared off an intruder in her apartment.

There was no apparent sign of a break-in and it is thought the man may have had a key to let himself into the flat. She will be making a formal statement today at police headquarters in the city of Portimao. There was also another burglary in the complex a few weeks before in which police also suspected the intruder had a key.

Mrs Fenn's niece was staying with her aunt in the week that the McCanns were on holiday. She saw a suspicious-looking man hanging around the McCanns' apartment about the time Madeleine vanished.

She has spoken to British police and told them that he matched the description of a suspect seen leaving the scene with a child wrapped up in a blanket on the night of Madeleine's disappearance.

The police are working on the assumption that the four-year-old is dead, but that "strong theory" is not believed to be related to the new lead.

Unconfirmed reports in a Portuguese tabloid claimed that British police are also awaiting instructions from the Policia Judiciaria relating to an English resident.

Kate and Gerry McCann have still not been briefed on any developments but hope to meet detectives this week.

Over the weekend, friends suggested that the family would stay in Portugal until the end of the summer, pending developments.

The fighting fund launched to help the search has raised more than £1 million. The McCanns clarified this weekend that they are not using it to pay for accommodation.

johnfrank said...

i am just wondering whereone is tonight,miss reading you all,as you know i am just a lurker.Keep up the fight for justicepeople it wil come.By the way viv your family look fab very happpy
as families should on hols .
best reguards jf

viv said...

Hiya John

I do not think any of us post so much as we used to. To an extent I think it has all been said. But keeping up the pressure on Kate and Gerry is important and we will never give up showing them up for what they are. I also contribute to the much larger forum 3As.

Their current conduct is particularly abhorrent I think in just hounding some dying paedophile who has already been eliminated by the police. Having quite properly been supplied on a list by British Police as a person of possible interest to the investigation. I just wonder how much longer the McCanns are going to persist with this ridiculous conduct, including telling us that in spite some wicked paedo took her, she is still alive and well. Are they completely mad!

Holidays are a wonderful time and I did really enjoy being with both young (Luke) and my mom Joan and stepfather George. We all know how to have a good time and thanks for your kind comments. I am just planning the next one now but wonder whether to just sneak off for a week on my own as it is something I have never done and would mean I do not need to get a parrot sitter! I long to go back to Turkey but my mom does not seem to want to go there again but I loved it, so maybe in September, I will just dash off. The other one I adored is Dominican Republic but I just dread the length of the flight but hey ho, 90 degrees in January does take some beating!

Great to hear from you

Viv xx

viv said...

I have received an email from Di that she has been unable to sign in. If others are experiencing the same problems could you contact me by email, either my personal one or


Viv x

Di said...


Di said...

Hi Viv & All

It seems as if everything is now ok.


I have been reading today on 3A's about whether Hewlett could be framed by the McCanns after his death.

I wonder what your take would be on this, considering the PJ and I believe also LP have already eliminated him from their enquiries. In fact, the PI duo also state he is not a suspect, yet they want to interview him for 5 hours!

Do you think this is a diversion, or could they pin something on Hewlett after his death which could frame him and close the case?

Would this be allowed with everything that is known?

viv said...

Brave Chief Constable defies the Judges in an attempt to retrieve illegal images of children from a so called "defence expert's" computer, but he has now backed down and complied and been dealt with leniently by the judges. But I think the law is in a sorry state when the rule on legal professional privilege takes precedence of a Chief Constable's right and duty to protect innocent children. This man, just like the McCanns obviously had very expensive and powerful solicitors who were even allowed to browbeat a Chief Constable. I can think of no good reason why the Judges could not have done a Denning and set a new precedent, stuff legal privilege when a Chief Constable is trying to do his job and catch paedophiles. He should have been allowed to fully examine the computers and then hand them back complete with the privileged material concerning other cases.

Di, have seen your post and wll now answer that, just needed to get this off me chest, I am annoyed. Bring back Lord Denning to had the guts to stand up and do what was right!

Chief constable Colin Port returns computers to controversial expert witness
A chief constable threatened with jail for defying a High Court order has backed down and returned computers suspected of holding a collection of child abuse images to a controversial expert witness.

By Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent
Published: 7:27PM BST 16 Jun 2009

Chief constable Colin Port has returned computers to controversial expert witness
Colin Port, head of Avon and Somerset police, was cleared of contempt of court after handing over the impounded hard drives to solicitors acting for forensic computer analyst Jim Bates.

He had been ordered to do so by the High Court after judges ruled that a search warrant carried out by his officers was illegal.

Related Articles
Paedophile caught out by the freckles on his hands
Air ambulance paramedic who watched child porn spared jail
Cambridge University 'paedophile' freed over fears prison would ruin studies
Former embassy official staged cover up after hit-and-run killing
Burglars spared jail despite being photographed in actBates, one of the founders of forensic computer analysis, was convicted in March last year of falsifying his qualifications and given a suspended prison sentence.

Police and prosecutors were concerned when, despite his conviction, Bates obtained a copy of a hard drive of a man from Bristol charged with possessing child abuse images.

He said he was an assistant to a defence witness but was investigated on suspicion of conspiring to possess indecent images of children.

Police obtained a warrant from magistrates to search his home and a haul of material – hard drives, memory sticks and hard copy images – was seized from Bates's home by Mr Port's officers in September last year.

Judges later ruled that the warrant was illegal, because the magistrates who granted it were not told that the material might include legally and professionally privileged records relating to court cases in which the expert had been involved.

Mr Port put his 35-year career on the line by refusing to comply with a High Court order made in May to return 87 hard drives and 2,500 photographs of abuse.

However he handed over the seized items on Monday night.

Mr Bates's legal team pressed ahead with an application to have the chief constable fined or imprisoned for contempt over his delay in complying with the court order.

Lord Justice Stanley Burnton, sitting in London with Mr Justice Wilkie and Mr Justice Calvert Smith, ruled there was no contempt because the order did not specify a date by which compliance was required.

The judges also rejected a claim that Mr Port was in contempt in respect of newspaper articles reporting him as saying that he was seeking to avoid compliance with the order until police had examined the seized material with a view to preventing further abuse of the children depicted on it.

viv said...

Hiya Di

I just typed a really lengthy response to your post and lost it, so this is the short one I am afraid.

From April 2008 when the McCanns applied unsuccessfully to the High Court for British Agency files we have been hearing from Clarence Mitchell that their investigators wanted to follow up leads from the files. What their investigators have actually been doing is seeking to pervert the course of justice by blaming every paedophile they can find that was in the area at the time. I recall they even tried to blame one young lad who had not even been there for two years! Marco has admitted his brief was to find witnesses to sightings and Clarence has admitted they were paid. In UK we will not allow witnesses to testify in a criminal case if they have been paid to give evidence, e.g. by the press to tell a story. Remember that huge spread we got in Gerry's favourite paper the NOW on Gran Cooper's ridiculous claims about goofy in the rain!

I think this time the McCanns do intend the mud to stick against Hewlett and they will then claim he has taken the secrets of what he did with Maddie to the grave with him. I can just see all the dramatic press headlines. But the Police will not be taking any notice of this at all. It has been confirmed that Brit Police were not prepared to interview Hewlett about Madeleine even though they were interviewing him on other matters. That is because they obviously know for a fact this was the handiwork of McCanns et al. Portugal have also confirmed there is no new information sufficient to re-open the investigation. Clearly if there was and the McCanns were innocent the headlines we would actually be reading are:

McCanns implore PJ to re-open case and further investigate Hewlett. Quite obviously they are not demanding that either UK or Pt cops do so because they know they would be told where to get off. I think they just wish to influence public opinion so that they can continue to cash in because their defence fighting fund that they know full well they are going to need is running dry.

IMO, Gerry's latest public campaign started in January is for that purpose and to fix blame on Hewlett. He believes that the culmination, appearing on Oprah will cause American film makes and interviewers to beat a path to his door and get the coffers overflowing again, but I have a distinct feeling the Americans just think the McCanns are a couple of pathetic liars and they have current cases they are far more interested in. Gerry's Kate and Gerry show is just a figment of his money grabbing imagination. Rosie is telling us they will sue everyone including me, well shucks I know times are hard, but you can just do one, Rosie.

So overall Di, no, no way which it influence the real investigation other than to make matters worse for Gerry when they ultimately do feel his collar, which they will and he knows it!

Copying this in case I lose it again!

viv said...

Police are getting increasingly cleverer to net paedophiles, linking him by his freckles. The recent lady paedo can expect 6 tears too I would imagine as her case is pretty similar.

Note also police can tell electronically when a photo has been created and altered, so that last pic of Maddie which I am certain Gerry photoshopped will surely be part of the case against him! This is what the Pt Prosecutor meant I believe by a host of indicative evidence but still insufficient to actually charge. The fact that Gerry did this, does not tell us what he did with little Maddie, but it tells the police they are looking at the right man, Di, without any shadow of doubt. They did not mess around keeping him a suspect for 12 months (officially, actually from Day 1) for no good reason! )

This man also went abroad to commit his filthy crimes, I hope you are trembling Gerry McCann, we have already seen the Police have the capacity to wipe that sick smirk off your face!

Paedophile sentenced after hand evidence secures conviction

In the first case of its kind, the Crown Prosecution Service in London has secured the conviction of a paedophile by using expert analysis of photographic evidence of his hand.

Dean Hardy from Orpington in Kent has today (23 April) been sentenced to six years at Southwark Crown Court after admitting two counts of indecent assault, four counts of taking indecent photos of children and one count of possessing indecent photos of children.

On 24 September 2007 the 50 year old was arrested by police at his home address, on suspicion of downloading indecent images of children. When Hardy's computer was searched five indecent photographs of children were found. The memory cards from two cameras which had also been seized were analysed and on these home-made indecent images of children were found.

The majority of the 63 photos found on the memory cards showed young South East Asian girls being abused by an adult whose hand was visible. Investigations showed that Hardy had travelled to Thailand in December 2002 and in March 2004.

CPS London lawyer Peter Zinner said: "There is no facial image of Mr Hardy in any of these images but it was clear there was an adult hand touching a young girl aged about eight.

'A forensic anthropologist, Professor Sue Black, was consulted. She was presented with a picture of Hardy's hand from when he was arrested and with the indecent images featuring the adult hand. Professor Black thoroughly examined the images and concluded they were the same hand.

"Following this advice the CPS concluded there was sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction and charged Mr Hardy."

A so-called sex tourist provision in the Sex Offenders Act 1997 (now replaced by a similar provision in the Sexual Offences Act 2003) allows courts in England and Wales to prosecute a UK citizen for sexual offences committed in another country, if they are contrary to that country's law.

Peter Zinner continued: "This case, once again, demonstrates that the CPS and police are determined to protect children from sexual predators, irrespective of where they offend in the world.

"As well as today's sentencing we are also seeking to obtain a foreign travel ban against Dean Hardy to protect children generally and ensure that he does not commit further offences abroad.

"Hardy admitted all the offences he had been charged with when he appeared for his plea hearing and I think this is testament to the quality of the police investigation and the strength of evidence put in front of him."

viv said...

Di this is also a good exchange on 3 As that sets out my feelings pretty plainly!

Post subject: Re: Evidence of abduction
PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 11:06 pm
Mafia Boss

Joined: Sun Dec 30, 2007 10:58 pm
Posts: 2468

Can you explain how Gerry using a deliberately out of date picture of Madeleine where she looks nothing like she did on 3 May equates with the theory of the McCanns being responsible for Madeleine's death that night or earlier?

You see that just does not make sense to me. It is like the McCanns do not want anyone to be able to recognise Madeleine, which to me explains why the Police were also investigating them for abduction.

DIBarlow wrote:
Remember that this was in the first few days, when the shutters had definitely been jemmied and the window used for escape purposes.

I do not think this is correct. My reading of early reports in the press from Gerry's friends and relatives who he clearly used to get his story out in the press was that the window and shutter had been jemmied to gain entry and the front door was left wide open, indicating the means of exit. Of course this is at odds with Kate McCann's story, she makes no mention of the front door being open. Apart from an almost immediate feeling there was something seriously wrong with this couple it was these major anomolies where the following week it was announced, oh well actually we left the patio door open, that absolutely convinced me they were involved in the disappearance of Madeleine.

As for saying there is no evidence of abduction. There is no evidence of any STRANGER abduction in that the flat was not broken into as both Kate and Gerry have insisted. But there is most certainly witness evidence of a child being abducted, Jane Tanner and The Smiths. Of course we do not know whether even the Smiths may have been got at by Team McCann to provide evidence of an abduction but there is no indication from their evidence that Madeleine was dead. If she had been dead for some hours there is no way he could have carried her through the streets in that way, what of her pallor, rigor etc! I continue to believe she was alive at that point, but, just like the twins, heavily drugged. Kate knew they had been drugged, she could not stop herself from keep on checking to make sure the twins were still breathing. What kind of mother does this make her? I have to say an absolutely terrible one! One child down, possibly two more to go and still she will not tell the truth to save her children or allow the police to examine them. Why not Kate??

viv said...



There is no correlation, that is just my point. If Gerry or Kate killed Madeleine and then disposed of the body, why did they put out old pictures of Madeleine that would prevent her from being recognised. The fact that they did clearly suggests they did not want her recognised because they were responsible for her being abducted. I would also ask you, why did they never publicise the reward monies on offer? Could it have been a fear that some criminal underworld type may decide to actually cash in and say where Madeleine is, the McCanns worst nightmare IMO. They could not prevent all those do gooders from putting together a nice big reward for Madeleine could they? The McCanns were not interested in this because they know where Madeleine is. What Gerry has always been interested in is the huge pile of money he can make, having got rid of her. Whether eventually "finding" her again was on his agenda, I doubt, but it is possible IMO. But there is no doubt British authorities have been intent on finding her.

viv said...

Rage, fury and utter despair as the charges are read out including assaulting a one year old baby, there really are no words for this incredibly vile woman:

'We want nothing to do with her,' say family of nursery worker charged with sex abuseBy Colin Fernandez
Last updated at 10:43 AM on 12th June 2009

Add to My Stories

Vanessa George's husband and teenage daughters cut all ties with her after she was accused of sexually abusing children and taking pornographic pictures at a nursery.

Andrew George, 41, said he and his family were shocked and devastated by the allegations.

He is under police protection at a safe house after fleeing the family home with his two daughters.

A close relation, who did not wish to be named, said yesterday that the whole family had broken off contact with George.

Parents were in tears as the charges were read out

more at:

Mum21 said...

viv has left a new comment on your post "The Enigma of the Twilight World Of Dr V*****a S**...":

hello psychy

seems you are getting a bit of an outing on the 3 As. What a great thread, is Gezzy still not paying you to shut your big ugly gob up yet, lol!

Never mind eh, just have a few more of your dreams and visions about shutting me and the 3 As up, fat chance, tee hee, which reminds me, have you buried Bum under the patio, or was she abducted? Are you going to start a fund for her>>> lolololol


Anyone got a shovel?????????

viv said...

What's up Bum, have you decided to start posting here with your rubbish because you have fell out with Rosie?

Well make the most of it because anything else you post will be deleted, but I do find your current effort quite funny!


viv said...


He was one of the first officers arriving at scene. The Judiciary Police is investigating the supply of 'live' cash.

One of the officers of the National Republican Guard [GNR] who first arrived at Praia da Luz resort and to the holiday apartment of the McCann couple is suspected of having received more than 120 thousand Euros in «live» cash, shortly after the disappearance of Maddie. This element of the GNR is essential to the whole investigation, since he was one of the first ones to arrive on the scene from where the girl disappeared and also one of the first officers to make a contact with the parents. The TVI has learned that the sudden case of the 120 thousand euros at the hand of the GNR officer is being investigated by the Judiciary Police(PJ).

first part


Can I visualise Gerry being arrested on TV, well yes, but maybe we should just wait and see:-)))


viv said...

it has... doesn't say explicitly but my guess his that this man was paid by the McCanns or by the hired 'detectives'.

let me finish the translation, please.


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viv said...

Maddie case: GNR suspected of receiving 120 thousand euros

He was one of the first agents to arrive in Praia da Luz. PJ is already investigating the handover of “live” money

One of the Guarda Nacional Republicana agents who was first to arrive at the resort in Praia da Luz and at the McCann couple’s apartment is suspected of having received over 120 thousand euros of “live” money, a short time after Maddie’s disappearance. This GNR officer is essential to the entire investigation, given the fact that he was among the first to arrive at the location where the little girl disappeared, and also one of the first people to get into contact with the parents.

TVI has established that the case of the sudden 120 thousand euros in the GNR officer’s hands is being investigated by the Polícia Judiciária (PJ).

On the night that Maddie McCann disappeared, the first authorities to arrive on location were the GNR officers. It was their task to search the apartment, to perform the initial searches, to speak with the McCann couple, and to direct the searches on the beach and in the village, namely the open areas where sewer and piping works were under way, only tens of metres away from the resort that the British family had booked for their holidays.

Gerry’s suspicious walk

According to depositions that were made within the process, the GNR agents even witnessed a walk by Gerry McCann, late in the night, near the church in Praia da Luz. All fundamental moments to understand what happened to the missing child.

TVI knows that one of the first agents that took care of the event is being targeted by an inquiry. The issue is an amount of over 120 thousand euros that were received in cash, on two bank accounts under his name, one of which at Caixa Geral de Depósitos. The most serious coincidence is that the money started being deposited, on those accounts, only a short time after the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann.

This amount is much higher than that of a GNR officer’s salary and was deposited on “live” money, according to investigation sources, in parts of over 10 thousand euros.

Officer denies deposits

The investigation into these deposits is being carried out by DCICCEF [Central Directory for the Investigation of Corruption and Economical and Financial Crime], which tries to understand the reasons for these payments. Even if their illegality is proved, a connection to the Maddie case may not exist, despite the strong temporal coincidence and the high amount of money.

Contacted by TVI, the officer denied the existence of said deposits, having offered the possibility that his name was unduly used to open those accounts. Police sources in the area manifested their strangeness concerning the possibility that this officer, whom they consider of honest reputation, could be involved in illegal actions.

source: IOL Diário, 19.06.2009

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viv said...

I remember this story coming out in the press in 2007... I wonder if any of this is related?

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... eople.html

Police 'looked on as Madeleine crime scene was trampled by circus of people'By VANESSA ALLEN
Last updated at 14:50 06 November 2007

Two Portuguese officers among the first to investigate Madeleine McCann's disappearance yesterday blamed their superiors for allowing the initial crime scene to be contaminated by a 'circus' of people.

Breaking a six-month silence, the pair said the behaviour of senior detectives in the first few hours of the investigation had made Portuguese police an international laughing stock.
Speaking for the first time about the night of May 3, the rank-and-file officers said they looked on in horror as potential evidence trampled underfoot in Kate and Gerry McCann's holiday apartment.

Two Portuguese officers have been highly critical of the failure of their senior officers to close down the scene of the crime in the hours after Madeleine's disappeared.

Madeleine: Case against the McCanns 'based entirely on UK forensic tests'
Witness who saw 'Madeleine' in Morocco receives Mafia death threats
McCanns pledge to keep on searching for Madeleine in Morocco
Bag of clothes dumped near Portugal airport shows DNA links to Maddie

Portuguese police: Were Kate and Gerry drunk on night Madeleine vanished?
Total strangers were allowed to wander in and out of the two-bedroom flat when it should have been sealed off as a crime scene, according to the duo's damning accounts.
One said: "It was chaos. The world and his dog were in that room just to look under a bed. It was crazy allowing so many people to trample through.
"There was nothing we could do. The damage had already been done."
The officers, who spoke on condition that they were not identified, arrived at the Ocean Club complex within two hours of Mrs McCann raising the alarm that Madeleine, then approaching her fourth birthday, was missing.
Referring to the senior detectives, one of the men said: "They know they mucked up. They regret it because now the whole world's laughing and pointing fingers in disgust, saying how incompetent the Portuguese police are.

continued next post

viv said...

/cont'd from above

The crime scene at the apartment in Praia de Luz where Madeleine went missing was allowed to be contaminated by a 'circus' of people, including members of the Tapis 7
"The world's eyes are on us and we mucked up big and there's nothing they can do to change things - it's too late."
Both men are officers in the Guarda Nacional Republicana, the Portuguese force which acts as the country's rank-and-file police.
The duo, who between them have 35 years' experience, said they were horrified by what they found at the apartment in Praia da Luz.
Other GNR officers and their superiors had allowed the McCanns, their friends, other police officers and total strangers to walk through it and even pick up items.
One officer told the Mail: "It had been completely compromised before we arrived.
"There was nothing to protect. It should have been done.
"To arrive as back-up and find a circus walking in and out of a possible crime scene, well... it's ridiculous."
His colleague added: "It's not brain surgery and probably, in this case, could have saved a lot of speculation, heartache and unnecessary investigation time and money."
scroll down for more

Members of the McCann's dining circle - The Tapas 7 - (clockwise from top left) Fiona Payne, Jane Tanner, Russell O' Brien, Rachael Oldfield
The pair said "hysterical civilians" were running in and out of the apartment, and said their colleagues had called the Policia Judiciaria - the country's equivalent of the CID - because they felt "something wasn't right".
One said of the McCann group: "They were upset, panicking, wideeyed, the usual, but there was something else.
"They were scared - not the usual scared, they were jumpy, nervous. It wasn't normal. None of it was normal."They'd all been drinking. They weren't falling over but it was hard to deal with them. They were hard to get sense out of."
Mr and Mrs McCann, both 39, and their seven friends have always denied any involvement in Madeleine's disappearance.

Kate and Gerry McCann will be 'suspects for ever' according to a Portuguese police officer
But one of the officers said he thought the parents would be "suspects for ever" because of the bungled investigation.
He said: "This case has no end. It'll get filed away with an open verdict. The parents will be suspects for ever."
In a telling insight into opinions within Portugal's police forces, his colleague added: "They left their babies alone every night. Now they'll forever be known as 'that couple who got away with it'. That's a fair price."

viv said...

Jeanne d Arc wrote:

We heard about a mole in the PJ. But this is GNR I think. They would not be involved much once the PJ took over.

dismiss the PJ mole - that was Levy's story


viv said...

and from BigL:-))))

MMMMMM :-? who was the M3 detective who said they were instructed by the mccanns to pay witnesses for sightings allegedly etc could this have been a bribe ?

I think it could Bigl, MAYBE to say, no Gez we never noticed your late night walkabout by the church and no Gez we do not want Madeleine's clothing, go and hide it do what you like, anything for 120 grand, hola!

viv said...

big_l wrote:
MMMMMM :-? who was the M3 detective who said they were instructed by the mccanns to pay witnesses for sightings allegedly etc could this have been a bribe ?

Joana Morais is pointing out we can believe nothing from Duarte Levy, I have to confess I have found some of his stories rather incredible! Paulo Reis too for that matter..
Antonio Jimenez, an ex police officer associated of Método 3 agency. Unfortunately the story was advanced by 'Duarte Levy'. sigh ...


viv said...

Jeanne d Arc wrote:
dismiss the PJ mole - that was Levy's story

I refuse to abandon everything we focused on for months just because of one report, sorry.

This is a quote regarding the mole reporting:

When contacted by TV Mais, Gonçalo Amaral says that he knows what we are talking about, but that he believes this is not the time for clarifications.

They are too closely connected, if you claim DL is a fraud in every respect you are dragging in GA as well. They worked together and one does not "die" without the other. You must have known about the consequences your post would have in this respect.

Well, Johanna, TV Mais article is written by a good journalist, no doubt, though that magazine is nothing more than a TV schedule magazine, with soap opera synopsis, etc. Regarding the story of the mole, unfortunately, DL could also have been the source of Hernâni Carvalho article. Who knows? I was with Paulo Sargento, Hernâni Carvalho and Duarte Levy several times, and saw the vast amount of information that Duarte Levy was ‘giving’ them, and to me at the same time.
Joanna Morais
DL also told me the story, with a few more details implicating a superior officer of the PJ. There could be some truth about a mole - like the latest news.

As usual, Duarte Levy bases his stories in 1% fact, the other 99% are complete fantasies and lies.

Also, I was very aware that pro-McCanns, could use my warning message in other ways. So yes, I considered the pros and the cons, and evaluated the situation very carefully. I also verified with various persons the stories that Duarte Levy wrote and spreaded. None were confirmed. In fact, if anything was confirmed where his lies and misleading articles.

As I said, it is time to erase the knowledge of someone who has lied opportunistically just to create a professional career or to make money swindling others. It's time to read the process and start with a clean slate.

Dr. Gonçalo Amaral has my full support, always had and always will. And he knows that.


What to believe or disbelieve, alas, I think to keep an open mind Viv x

viv said...

Ricardo Paiva, I believe, who was very much involved in investigating allegations of sexual abuse during October, after the removal of Goncalo Amaral, he received the GASPAR statements from LP on 24.10.07 about Payne and Gerry fantasising about sexually abusing Madeleine a few years previously (when she was 2!)

How silly of Kate to think she could trust a police officer!


It was in the Panorama programme (Nov 2007). From the transcript:

BILTON: As Kate McCann sits down in the interview room she recognises one of the detectives.

SUSAN HEALY (Kate McCann's mother): They'd had a meal with this guy, with his family, and the children have played together, and she talked to me about this particular police officer as being as if he was a friend, and she felt quite comforted by having this guy who spoke English as well, and he was in the interview and he didn't make eye contact with Kate at all.

viv said...

How would man of straw, Gerry McCann have £120 grand to offer, confidence in his Fund, that is certainly believable or was it is financial guarantor, Brian Kennedy?

Payment by instalments of £10,000 and the shyness about updating the balance incoming/outgoing together with the look of delight on Gerry's face on Maddie's birthday as £160 per hour was flying into the Fund, may explain a lot!

That look also contributes to my utter loathing of Gerry McCann. I hope this can be linked to him and long to see him, arrested!

viv said...

Prof Moriarty on 3As pulled this out the bag to confirm the GNR, like all police officers really can be prone to accept the odd bribe:

GNR condemned for corruption
13 Dec-2007

TWO MEMBERS of the GNR were given over three years suspended sentences each by Portimão Court for corruption, white slavery and aiding illegal immigration.

António Sapateiro, Lagoa’s GNR commander and former commander of Portimão GNR, was given three years and five months suspended sentence over his involvement in a prostitution ring that was run by the owner of the Paraíso da Música bar in Alcalar, Portimão.

It was proven in court that António Sapateiro received free sexual favours from prostitutes working at the bar in return for not carrying out inspections and ignoring what was happening.

Another member of the GNR, corporal Inácio Duarte from Portimão GNR, also received three years and two months suspended sentence for having accepted money from the bar owner in return for his cooperation.

The judge, Alda Casimiro, who read out the sentences, highlighted the “serious unlawful behaviour” of the two, especially because they are GNR and “have a greater responsibility to act correctly”.

Maria Fernanda dos Reis Silva, owner of the Paraíso da Música bar, received the heaviest penalty being condemned to a total of six years in prison for white slavery, aiding illegal immigration, falsifying documents, money laundering and corruption."

viv said...

From the GNR statements, it looks like Palma, Da Costa or Jose Roque can be considered as the first officers on the scene.

Palma seems to state that he was in Odiaxere with Nelson Costas and took the first call.

But 'Nelson Costas' states that he was with Jose Roque... Roque confirms that he was with Costas and that they arrived at 23.00 and seems to be the superior officer.

Officer Morais also states that he arrived at 1.55 with Lacao, while Lacao says he didn't get there until 2.30

Miguel Goncalves Da Costa Palma
Date/Time: 2007/05/07 18H45
G.N.R. Military Personnel

Concerning the issue of the process said;
. In the sequence of facts, he was with the patrol of the GNR that went to the Ocean Club Gardens establishment (situated in Para da Luz) on night of May 03, 2007, with the goal of investigating the circumstances that surrounded the disappearance of a minor, of British nationality, that was installed there temporarily, together with the rest of her more direct family – knowing these to be, the respective parents, and two siblings, twins, minors, whose name do not need to be clarified;
. Clarifies that the occurrence in question was transmitted to the above referenced patrol via radio, at time when they were located in Odiaxere;
. The patrol of which he took part, and now as a witness, went immediately to the principal reception of the aforementioned establishment, where there was encountered the father of the missing child;
. Following, this patrol went to the residence where the family of said minor was staying in the ‘Ocean Garden’ together with the father;
. At reaching the location, the two elements that made up the patrol , the current witness and his colleague, Nelson Costas, proceeded into the interior of the apartment, with the goal of investigating the contours which eventually surrounded the disappearance of that minor;

Nelson Filipe Pacheco da Costa

Date/Time: 2007/05/07 18H45
G.N.R. Military Personnel

Concerning the issue of the process said;
. In the sequence of facts, he was with the patrol of the GNR that went to the Ocean Club Gardens establishment (situated in Para da Luz) on night of May 03, 2007, with the goal of investigating the circumstances that surrounded the disappearance of a minor, of British nationality, that was installed there temporarily, together with the rest of her more direct family – knowing these to be, the respective parents, and two siblings, twins, minors, whose name do not need to be clarified;
. Clarifies that the occurrence in question was transmitted to the above referenced patrol via radio, at time when they were located in Odiaxere;
. The patrol of which he took part, and now as a witness, went immediately to the principal reception of the aforementioned establishment, where there was encountered the father of the missing child;
. Following, this patrol went to the residence where the family of said minor was staying in the ‘Ocean Garden’ together with the father;
. At reaching the location, the two elements that made up the patrol , the current witness and his colleague, Jose Roque, proceeded into the interior of the apartment, with the goal of investigating the contours which eventually surrounded the disappearance of that minor;

Nelson Filipe Pacheco da Costa

He comes to the process as a witness, as an officer from the Lagos GNR, he has worked for the Guarda for 13 years.

He confirms the integrity of his previous statements.

Regarding the facts on 3rd May, when he was on patrol with his colleague Roque in the Odiaxere zone, they

Nelson Filipe Pacheco da Costa

Date: 2007-05-16

Occupation: GNR Officer

This is his second statement, in the first he gave a detailed description of police intervention at the site of the events.

He has been a GNR officer since 1994. He is a soldier, currently employed at the Lagos GNR post.

On the 3rd May he arrived at the resort in P da L at about 23.00, accompanied by officer Roque.

viv said...

Antonio Henrique de Conceiçâo Duarte

Comes to the process as a witness GNR officer.

He has worked at the Lagos GNR station for 7 years.
That he confirms the integrity of the previous statement he made to the PJ and has nothing to add to it.

Upon questioning, he states that he arrived at the site of the disappearance of the young girl on 3rd May of this year, about 25 to 30 minutes after the patrol.

José Maria Batista Roque

He comes to the process as a witness. He is an officer with the Lagos GNR and has worked for the Guarda for 21 years.

He confirms the integrity of his previous statements.

As regards the facts on the night of 3rd May, when he was on patrol with his colleague Costa in Odiaxere, he received a radio communication from the central telling him to go to P da L, specifically to the reception of OC resort where the father of a girl who had disappeared was.

Paolo Jorge Fernandes Neto

GNR Officer

He has been a GNR officer since 2002.

On the night of 4th May at 01.00 after having begun duty at his post, he first heard, from the Patrol Commander, Officer Casimiro, that a girl had disappeared and that he to go and join his colleagues who were there.

At about 01.05 – 01.20 they arrived at the site. They went to Sergeant Duarte, Commander of the Lagos GNR division, who was on the corner pavement between Rua Agostinho da Silva and Rua Francisco Gentil Martins, where they were informed about the disappearance of a little girl from an apartment at the OC tourist complex.

viv said...

Antonio Henrique de Conceiçâo Duarte

Comes to the process as a witness GNR officer.

He has worked at the Lagos GNR station for 7 years.
That he confirms the integrity of the previous statement he made to the PJ and has nothing to add to it.

Upon questioning, he states that he arrived at the site of the disappearance of the young girl on 3rd May of this year, about 25 to 30 minutes after the patrol…Upon arriving and finding out about the situation with his Chief Roque, he carried out a search

Rui Sergio Lópes Silva

Occupation: GNR Officer

He has been a GNR officer since 2004. He is a soldier and currently works at the Lagos post.

On 3rd May it was his day off, however he was drinking coffee at the Lagos GNR bar. He does not know exactly what time this was but he was when he was in the bar with other colleagues that he heard about the events.

Together with his colleague, Santos, he immediately offered to do all that was necessary to help.

After having helped his previously mentioned colleague prepare a message to distribute the news, he left for the OC in his own car. He arrived with his colleague Santos between 00.00 and 00.01 and presented himself to the GNR post commander, Duarte.

He was immediately sent to one of the search zones, initially accompanied by the post commander.

Paolo Jorge Carvaihosa da Costa

Occupation: GNR Officer

He has been a GNR officer since 1996. He is a soldier and works at the Lagos GNR post.

On 3rd May when he was at home, he was contacted by the GNR post commander who asked him to go to P da L.

He arrived at the OC at 00.05 on 4th May having contacted his colleague Nelson Costa who informed him about the situation.

Antonio Henrique da Duarte Conceição

Occupation: GNR Officer

He has been a GNR office since 1982. He holds the post of sergeant and is currently the Commander of the Lagos GNR Post.

At about 23.10/23.17 he heard from a telephone call from the Patrol Commander, Officer Roque, that there had been a disappearance at the OC resort, P da L.

Roque was on duty that day with Officer Nelson Costa.

He arrived alone, in his own car at about 23.50 and went to the apartment (to the entrance hall) by means of the front door

viv said...

Joao Vasco da Silva Casimiro

Occupation: GNR Officer

Ha has been a GNR officer since 1991.

He is a soldier and works at the Lagos GNR post.

On 4th May 2007 he entered into the service of the events occurred at 01.00, having received orders from the commander to go to P da L. He arrived at the OC complex at 01.10 and went to join Commander Duarte, who updated him on the situation and sent him to Rua da Ramalhete.

Armando Augusto Morais

Occupation: GNR Officer

He has been a GNR officer since 1982. He currently works in the Portimao Territorial Group, working within the forensics service.

On 4th May he was called at about 01.15, he arrived at the OC at about 1.55, accompanied by the officer Laçao.

Carlos Manuel Carvalho Lacao

Occupation: GNR Officer

He has been a GNR officer since 1988. He holds the post of soldier and currently works in the Portimao Territorial Group, working within the forensics service.

On 4th May he was called at about 01.15 when he was asleep at home, requesting him to appear at the Lagos GNR post as a small girl had disappeared. After arriving at the GNR post with his colleagues Morais and two dogs (Numi and Kit), German Shepherd dogs, which made up the search team, they immediately left for P da L. They arrived at about 02.30.

José Carlos Leal Pimental

Date: 2007 – 05 – 16

Occupation: GNR Officer

He has been a GNR officer since 1992 and is currently stationed at the Lagos GNR post.

At about 00.00 on 4th May, he received a telephone call at his home from Officer Costa, informing him that a child had disappeared from P da L. he was also informed that the post commander had previously tried to contact him, which had been impossible as he had left his home, forgetting to take his mobile phone with him.

He immediately left for P da L in his own car and met his post commander, Sergeant Duarte who accompanied him to the site of the events in the resort in P da L. Officer Costa was on site. The witness arrived at 00.10 - 00.15

viv said...

Brief report of the story in today'
s Correo de Manha. I must say, suggesting it was not me guv, someone has the same name as me, seems a bit of a feeble excuse for that filty pile of lucre landing in your account! Praying this gets linked to Gerry McCann!!

20 June 2009 - 00h33
Maddie: Military research
The DCIAP is investigating a cable from GNR for several deposits in two bank accounts to about 120 thousand euros. The military was the first to come to Praia da Luz where Maddie disappeared and the deposits in cash, began shortly after. Argues that the money is not his and that there is another person with the same name.

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

Reading your last posts, by inference they suggest the payments received and the disappearance of Madeleine are linked.

Could this mean the Mc’s paid them to keep quiet either directly or via their private detectives?

This might explain why the affluent McCann’s had difficulty paying their mortgage, of course, and had to dip into fund.

All their spare case, at the time, being siphoned off to pay a bribe? Speculation of course but who knows.

Very interesting breaking story – I’m waiting to see how this pans out.

Wizard said...


You mention in one of your previous post Duarte Levy.

He was reporting a few days ago the McCanns were asking for £100,000 – £150,000 for deformation from Amaral.

Levy is, of course, a journalist and this information could come from an unsubstantiated tip off or just creative speculative writing.

Another story we will have to wait and see what develops.

Di said...

Hi All

Viv thanks for the above, very interesting.

I would like to know how these two deposit accounts came to the PJ's attention. This officer had to be under investigation for this to happen. Could it be that all along the PJ have been quietly working away in the background, I would like to think so.


I don't know what to make of the reports on Levy. As has been mentioned on 3A's if we can't trust Levy then we can't trust the rogatory interviews.

Joe said...

This thing with the deposits into the GNR officer's account can go one of 3 ways IMO. 1) He is innocent and mistaken identity eg id theft etc 2) He is on the take and corrupt and nothing to do with the McCanns 3) The Metodo 3 paid him off for whatever reason. It all appears highly irregular. Could this be the unraveling of the mystery? Did he see something or hear something? I fear that this will be closed off too. Too much influence was brought to bear to assist the McCanns both in PT and the UK, I cannot see that stopping now. If the man is dirty then it may be that the Hewlett witch hunt/frame-up is really annoying the PJ and that some insider has leaked the info? There was something in the piece about McCann's walk in the middle of the night observed by the GNR agents, whatever that means?

Nothing in the UK press about it so far, but if this officer was corrupt and paid by the Metodo 3 then nothing negative will be printed in case it upsets him and he reveals all. Just speculation of course and my opinion.

Wizard said...

Hi Joe,

You say: -

“Nothing in the UK press about it so far, but if this officer was corrupt and paid by the Metodo 3 then nothing negative will be printed in case it upsets him and he reveals all. Just speculation of course and my opinion.”

Well nothing is likely to printed in the UK press - but the foreign press will lap it up!

Di said...

I assume "live deposit" means someone actually walking in and depositing cash, or am I wrong?

If I am correct, it will be difficult to do a trace on who deposited the money. If it is connected to T9 and M3 I am sure they will have covered their backs, but I live in hope. That is assuming there is a connection at all.


Good point, upset the McCanns in our press, not likely, well that is until the tide turns then I think the piranhas will be picking at every little morsal so to speak.

If this news has taken Clarry and T9 by surprise, then I am sure they are busy little bees at the moment working out which way this best suits their agenda. If it can be spun then we will definitely be hearing about it, if it can't, then perhaps we will hear more about Hewlett. Either way the papers get their sales.

viv said...

Good to see you back guys! I was beginning to wonder if my penance was to blog it out with Bum21 who seems to fit in nowhere these days. Oh well I whooshed clunked her and let us hope she is as good as her word.

This is a very exciting development and it looks like it may be one of the two officers first on the scene Roque and Costa who may also be the ones who gave the interview to the Daily Mail. It is strange they were apparently saying there was nothing they could do, it was their senior officers fault, the crime scene was trashed. Does this sound like it has the hand of Gerry McCann all over it, aided and abetted by Clarence Mitchell, well too right it does.

I think we have previously speculated that if there was any way the McCanns were going to get caught out, it would be via their dodgy financial dealings, M3 etc.

The story is obviously genuine given it even features in Correia which I have always relied on as a very reliable news sourse. But am I counting my chickens by hoping this is connected to the McCanns, well yes, I suppose I am, but that is the way it sounds!

I know we all long for the McCanns to come unstuck, could this finally be it? Could this be why they are currently so desperately spinning all this rubbish about Hewlett? Well yes, I think it could well be.

It all seems to tie in, no money left to even pay the mortgage. Legally, you have to be at least two months in arrears before the building society/bank can start possession proceedings. Supposedly those two instalments were to cover the July and August payments but what if they were actually to pay the May and June instalments to stave off possession proceedings because Gerry had been using up his spare cash in some other way?

I have a feeling the British Police know a great deal about the McCanns that is unsavoury and clearly connects them to the disappearance of Madeleine. They would have been able to gain access to their financial records and their phone records which they did not wish to disclose or talk about, this just gives me confidence that sooner or later Gerry is going to find himself sitting in a cell, wailing for the Duty Solicitor!

It is strange but I had just started to comment on 3 As about how hopeless it seems when Goncalo admits mistakes were made in the early stages, Madeleine's clothes were not seised or indeed any of the other TAPAS clothing and belongins, because, he says, he did not want to forewarn them they are suspects and there was so much pressure to follow the abduction scenario. That is a pretty lame excuse for failing to follow standard police procedures in such a case. I am still uncertain about Goncalo but want to hope that he is all knowing and holding an awful lot back, sufficient to cause the McCanns real terror. I do not really understand the logic in announcing they were to take action against him for defamation. Surely neither they nor their lawyers would be so stupid to think he would just roll over and cough up, but even so, he is playing a dangerous game. There is no evidence to prove the McCanns killed Madeleine, or even that she died through neglect whilst they were out. A partial match to blood from Madeleine, in minute quantity proves nothing.

As you say, we await developments with baited breath, but it does seem far more likely the McCanns situation is every bit as desperate as we could have hoped it might be. Having said that, Gerry McCann is not stupid. Would he leave a trail of evidence to paying off officers to neglect their duties in gathering evidence and spin in the media for him, well hardly, but British Police are very good at following complex fraud trails to trace the money. Paying the money in, in cash, means of course it cannot be traced back, perhaps, but it must have been taken from somewhere. I think their accounts are going to come in for some very serious forensic accounting.

viv said...

JOe, good point, after a very hard day, cleaning this morning, gardening this morning until this evening, including helping Luke hack down some trees at the bottom of the garden (I even had a play with the chain saw under Luke's careful supervision, now come on mom, put that down:-)))

I had forgotten the vital bit in that report, witnessing Gerry's late night stroll by the church. It has always seemed like there was some connection with the church and then as we concentrated more on the Smith sighting it was like that idea kind of died away. I wonder if that was how Gerry planned it. I am sure we have, at times, been unwittingly taken in by their own media spin.

As for Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis, I have been thinking for a long time, there is something odd about both of them. when you see some of the stuff they write and the distance between posts etc. It would be wrong to suggest they are on the Mcs side, but neither are they on little Madeleine's side, IMO, maybe, at best, they are just out for themselves and saw this as a good little earner.

Joana Morais has clearly fell out with Duarte big time and wrote and lengthy piece on 3 As about how he conned and defrauded her. It was a brave thing to write about. Good for her that she has seen the light and is letting others know. I think she is a trustworthy lady.

viv said...

Oh well yes I agree, this is hardly likely to hit the UK press. The Mirror are too busy with this ******* who now says ah well Hewlett told me he had a white van at the time.

You know Rosie, only you could make this up, but seriously I do not think your literary career is going to take off any time this century. But do not despair, give it a few centuries and the sort of language and literary style you have, capacity for telling a ripping good yarn, full of pathos, you could be acclaimed as the new Shakespeare.

Just go to that place in your head little sweetheart, hang on darling, daddy is coming! No Rosie we will never forget! Or how Maddie was apparently performing the services of a little Maid in Morocco, you seem to have gone full circle and be moving back to the original yarn!

viv said...

Di, I have thought for a good while the Spanish Police seem to be working on the case at pretty full tilt. Laying into the Metodos and arresting scores of paedos, with Marco even dumly claiming he assisted. Of course we know his mate is banged up. I remember Bren on 3As saying she thought that M3 / the Spanish connection could be the way into the McCanns armoury and I think she was right.

We had no clear indication until now really that the PJ were still on the case, but why would they tell us they were! Maybe it is because the McCanns have just been pushing their luck and so this has been deliberately leaked out to slap them down again. One thing you can say for Gerry McCann his arrogance means to him, if no one else, including Kate, I suspect, Hope springs eternal. Maybe that is not quite right. He probably just desperately carries on plotting thinking, what have I got to lose. His confidence took a terrible bashing, on I think it was 7.9.07, my favourite pic of Gerry where he finally managed to demonstrate that emotion we had all been patiently waiting to see, utter grief and despair. Oh woe is me these PJs are not as stupid as can be:-)))

Quite funny the way they kept commenting in the press, oh we are so pleased now someone sensible has taken over, Rebelo, we can get back to the search for Maddie, ha ha, he did not even answer Kate's really very ill advised letter to him. I do not things got a whole lot better for the Mcs at that point, just a whole lot worse.

Oh but Di, what of this top lady cop who is in charge now, I cannot remember her name, but she is something of an expert in child abuse, sex offending and murder, how handy! She could well have been doing a huge amount on this case, that could well be a fact!

viv said...

But were Portugal going to be really kind to the McCanns and say well actually no I do not think we investigated Hewlett properly, no, Goncalo and Rebelo were just rubbish, and the English (oh they are so useless) we are going to re-open the process because of what the McCanns supercops dug up.

Hum, no Gerry, I do not think so, but please carry on with your comedy circus, it is nice to watch you slither, just like the snake you are!

viv said...

Sorry now guys just one on the light side, just had a look at
Rosie's blog to see how the spin is going to pan out, seems their heads are still spinning, but this had me rolling on the floor:

Anonymous said...

Pay attention, did you not realise that Viv is a sock of Brenda Ryan's?

well it is a new theme on I AM BRENDA RYAN OR BRENDA RYAN IS ME OR I BOUGHT 3 AS

What a bunch of paranoid twerps!

Did they not notice sometimes me and Bren actually disagree with each other, clever that xxxxxx

viv said...

Well would you believe it, the McDramas realise the latest cous went awry and their detectives look like trainee cadet plods bragging to the whole world about what they are, ahem, cough,erm ...... investigating, so now they are going to see a convicted murderer, they have dropped their dying paedophile but ner ner na ner ner, we are not telling you PMSL XXXX What will this Comedy Circus dare to say next!

Madeleine detectives in new move

7 mins ago
Press Assoc.

* Print Story

Private detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann want to speak to a man who is currently on remand in a British jail. Skip related content
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Madeleine McCann went missing in Praia da Luz, southern Portugal, on May 3 2007
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* Paedophile denies seeing Madeleine
* Madeleine Detectives Fail To Quiz Paedophile
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Have your say: Madeleine McCann

The man, who is accused of murder, is one of seven people the team hired by Madeleine's parents to hunt for the little girl hope to interview, a source confirmed.

Madeleine, from Rothley, Leics, was nearly four when she went missing while on holiday with her family in Portugal two years ago.

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCanns, refused to comment on the revelations, saying: "A number of individuals remain as persons of interest to the Madeleine investigators.

"However, the investigators will not be naming or identifying any of those persons of interest.

"No competent investigation would be expected to do so whilst the inquiries continue."

Madeleine disappeared from Praia da Luz in the Algarve on May 3, 2007 while her parents Gerry and Kate McCann dined with friends nearby.

Despite a massive police investigation and huge publicity worldwide, she has not been found.

viv said...

Remember way back we spoke about M3 perhaps laundering money for the McCanns. £50K per month plus expenses was a huge amount to be paying them and boy what a lot of expenses they had. Clarence has already admitted witnesses were bribed to tell a McCann friendly tale about sightings. No UK court will accept such evidence. The McCanns fantasy comedy investigation has the aim of keeping people OUT of court not putting them in it.

So, say £10,000 p.m. to keep some police officers happy, but I think we should not Portuguese investigators say they are surprised believing the suspect who has been receiving the money to be an honest officer.

Then there was also the constant anomoly of Kennedy saying he was paying the Retardos and the McCanns claiming they were paying them out of the Fund. That seemed very suspicious at the time, why is it they could not clearly account for where the money was coming from, only of late has it been more clear it is coming directly from the Fund and Kate and Gerry have become more accountable by becoming directors. Were they left with no choice ?? Perhaps the other directors saying we are not going to be made liable for any offending behaviour. But, no doubt, Kennedy was a major donor to that Fund! Still begs the question, why, Mr Kennedy! I still wonder if it is something to do with his interest in boats and goodness knows what else..

viv said...

Well it seems we were wrong, the suspension of the GNR officer due to a £100,000 payment is reported at the end of this article in the Daily Express BUT if you click on the link for this article:


it went whoosh clunk! My goodness the McCanns lawyers were quick on that one:-))



MCCANN: Still missing, 2 years on

Sunday June 21,2009
By James Murray and Tracey Kandohla

DETECTIVES believe a man being held in a UK prison on a murder charge may hold vital information about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

They say he was in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz on the day Madeleine vanished in May 2007, just before her fourth birthday.

The investigators working for the McCann family are now trying to build up an extensive picture of his movements in the Algarve resort at the time.

They are anxious to learn if he was staying near the McCanns’ holiday apartment and if he had any contact with the family.

The astonishing development came in the wake of huge international publicity last month which included a televised reconstruction of Madeleine’s disappearance and an emotional appeal for help from parents Kate and Gerry McCann.


viv said...

continued Express article (now whooshed)

The man in the spotlight cannot be identified for legal reasons because he is in jail accused of a murder which took place in this country.

Retired Detective Inspector Dave Edgar, who is heading the McCanns’ investigation, would like to question him about his movements in Portugal but recognises that he may not get an opportunity to speak to him until after his trial.

The Sunday Express can reveal that he is one of seven potential suspects Mr Edgar is trying to rule in or out of his complex investigation.

He has recently been to Praia da Luz to try to check the alibi of a British paedophile who strongly resembles a the description of a man seen looking intently at the McCanns’ apartment shortly before Madeleine disappeared.

The man, who lives permanently in Portugal, was interviewed by Portugese police two years ago because of his child-abuse past.

During intensive questioning he told detectives he was visiting the capital Lisbon when Madeleine was went missing on May 3.

To back up his alibi, he produced receipts showing he withdrew cash from ATM machines in Lisbon that day which he said proved he was hundreds of miles away at the relevant time.

However, Mr Edgar understands the man regularly stayed at an address in the Praia da Luz area during the summer and had once rented an apartment there.

He is trying to discover if there was any CCTV operating at the machines where the man withdrew the cash, which would conclusively prove he was in Lisbon at the time or whether someone else withdrew the money.

Confidential information on him was gathered by Portugese detectives who wrote several pages about him for their 14-volume dossier on the case.

However, their vital information on the potential prime suspect was among 100 pages withdrawn from the dossier just before it was released to the public last year.

He, too, cannot be identified for legal reasons, but he is said to bear close resemblance to the description of a man seen peering intently at the apartment where Madeleine was staying shortly before she vanished.

The news came as Kate and Gerry made a fresh appeal to travel firms and holidaymakers to help “increase the chance” of finding their daughter.

The doctors from Rothley, Leicestershire, said yesterday: “We have recently been planning a summer campaign in the hope that holiday makers, travel companies and transport agencies will help us again in our search for Madeleine.”

In their internet appeal Kate, 41, and Gerry, 40, wrote: “So far, things are looking promising and we will soon have ‘travel packs’ available via the website for anyone willing to help.

“We greatly appreciate the continued help and support we are receiving from the general public.”
In Portugal a police officer who attended the kidnap scene on the night Maddie disappeared has been dramatically suspended over allegations of a suspicious £100,000 payment.

He and a colleague were widely criticised for failing to seal off the crime scene or keep people away, potentially destroying vital forensic clues.

The uniformed officer is now under investigation It is not yet known if the payment he allegedly received was in any way connected with the Madeleine investigation.

http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/108 ... -in-prison

viv said...

I am just wondering who the McCanns are going to claim bribed this officer not to seal off the crime scene and allow all of those forensic traces of Gerry, whoops I mean the kidnapper to be permanently lost.

That will be another comedy circus given Clever Boy Gerry McCann said he shut the window as he did not want the twins to get cold!

Funny they only found a hand print of a GNR officer and fingerprints of our Katie on the inside of the window, did you put your surgicals on first Gezzy? Oh no, they were no glove marks either, they can check for them:0((

Watching the McCanns squirm is going to be entertaining, but knowing as them as we now do, they are finding we know the script before they have played it out, hence they had to withdraw Hewlett and the evil Paedo Monster who took little Maddie and sold her, having had a similar offer to sell his own little girl which quite naturally gave him the money making plan. It was of course reasoned by the Lightning Brain McCann Defectives, that Hewlett's family could not live on the 300 Euros claimed to have made in Morocco, oh no, he made much more out of Maddie, oh well, just another McCann fantasy plot gone west. Let's keep second guessing them, it keeps them on their toes coming up with new ones:-))

Wizard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wizard said...

I see the man the pretendy detectives want to speak is currently on remand in prison and is one of 7 they are interested in.

Well in these hard times of redundancies, repossession and bankruptcy it nice to see the pretendy detectives will be in employment for at least the next 7 months. LOL

Speculating on this angle every known criminal, in the vicinity of PdL when Madeleine went missing, ranging from shoplifters to murderers could come under the scrutiny of the pretendy cops.

I think they deserve an award for ‘innovative business practice’ in these difficult and austere times.

Wizard said...

Viv - you really made me laugh about Rosiepops’ book.

You must have walked passed theatres and seen the rave reviews they print on their posters outside to lure you in to buy tickets. On reading the actual review from the newspaper the critique would not be so glowing and was taken out of context.

So you had me really laughing this morning when you hailed Ms RP’s witings as the “new Shakespeare.” LOL

Careful Viv she will be using this comment on the book’s back cover.

As we know from following this case its all in the 'spin'.

Joe said...

I just wonder how long more this McCann circus is going to continue? One would think that they would have been operating quietly behind the scenes and if anything significant was gleaned pass it on to the Police. Its like the louder we shout the more innocent we appear, only it is doing the opposite as people see it as cynical, manipulative and yet so transparent. I do believe modest McCann has released another blog where he is pushing travel packs at a price no doubt.

So the Express mentioned the GNR officer and removed it. Its in the print copy I do believe. If it has nothing to do with the McCanns it will be used as ammunition to show how corrupt the PT police are or as soemone joked on 3A's that the Police abducted Madeline. Mithell has spun so many lies now that he has come full circle many times that he is a laughing stock to the informed. On to the second suspect now out of 7. Hewlett seems to have been discarded for the minute as he did not conveniently die.

viv said...

hiya Wiz

I think I just had a "dream or a vision", something Rosiepops, Supertroll and Gerry McCann seem to happily share; that in a few hundred years time, some pseudo intellectual would hail Rosie's work as that of great genius and reflective of life way back in the early part of the new millenium.

You know it is just like Picasso isn't it, no one really appreciated him until it was too late, poor chap. So, I hope Rosie can take some small comfort from this. Having said that of course, the McCanns themselves will be in the history books:-))


viv said...

Well Joe, they do make you laugh, that is true.

How long did some ex University body with a degree in Media Relations and Advertising sit dreaming about the McCanns latest, let's persuade the World we are Innocent Theme, and just how much did that cost, you know:

"Travel Packs" to help people Find Maddie

Simply priceless!


viv said...

Wiz, love this one;-))) and let us not forget all those media and advertising people they are keeping in work. In these austere times, some businesses may get depressed, when seriously having to reign in costs, they may say to themselves, stuff the media and advertising bods, what good did they do us, that is a cost we can save, but the McCanns, no, they are keeping them all afloat, bless them. I think Gordy will probably give them some kind of additional business Venture Capital to keep Britains (in)famous and truly fantastic service industries afloat! Why, maybe even a tax payer funded expense account may be appropriate and I am sure we would all be happy to pay a little extra tax on that basis:-)))


I see the man the pretendy detectives want to speak is currently on remand in prison and is one of 7 they are interested in.

Well in these hard times of redundancies, repossession and bankruptcy it nice to see the pretendy detectives will be in employment for at least the next 7 months. LOL

Speculating on this angle every known criminal, in the vicinity of PdL when Madeleine went missing, ranging from shoplifters to murderers could come under the scrutiny of the pretendy cops.

I think they deserve an award for ‘innovative business practice’ in these difficult and austere times.

Di said...

Hi all

The thought of having to wait months whilst these pretendy cops trawl through endless suspects is quite daunting, do they not realise that the public are starting to see through their charade.

I do love this bit though from Clarence.

"However, the investigators will not be naming or identifying any of those persons of interest. No competent investigation would be expected to do so whilst the inquiries continue."

Exactly what we were telling you Clarence, glad to see you are getting upto speed.

viv said...

Gerry just cannot help but brag, on this occasion about his 20 supporters, including family and friends. Jolly well done Gerry, I am sure the millions spent have been all worthwhile. As for Hewlett, I guess you must just say au revoir and we move on:-)))

I though summer campaigns were more about selling swimwear and suntan products, you give it a whole new meaning,Gez but I look forward to purchasing my erm "Travel Pack" that will no doubt be stuffed with the entirely unexpected holiday musts! x

On the serious side, strange how when the publicity had gone seriously bad for them, we suddenly get another little bit of repartee from the Great McCann one. The last occasion being his erm MI5 and CIA investigators, who turned out to be just one Mr Halligen who had seriously illuminated his life with half a million quid from the Find Maddie Fiddle, lucky chap! Now, let us play Hunt the Halligen, I am going to box clever and rush over to Rothley to see if I can find him :-))) Which reminds me there a couple of pads for sale in Rothley, just under the two million mark, do you think Lord and Lady GezzaKatie are due for a move?

General Update - 19th June 2009
There has been much reported in the media recently about Raymond Hewlett. As far as our investigators are aware, there is no evidence to link him to Madeleine –he is a person of interest to the inquiry rather than a suspect. Following the sensationalised reporting in certain sections of the media with regards to Mr Hewlett, our investigators wished to interview him in order to eliminate him from the inquiry. Despite our investigators requests via Mr Hewlett’s lawyer, their attempts to conduct an interview were unsuccessful as we were simply unwilling to pay. It is very disappointing that certain elements of the media felt it appropriate to pay a convicted paedophile (whether that be directly or indirectly) in order to obtain a ‘story’, whilst those people who are qualified to carry out such enquiries and who are genuinely looking for Madeleine were unable to do so.
On a more positive note, we have recently been planning a summer campaign in the hope that holiday-makers, travel companies and transport agencies will help us again in our search for Madeleine. So far, things are looking promising and we will soon have ‘travel packs’ available via the website for anyone willing to help in this way. We greatly appreciate the continued help and support we are receiving from the general public. It’s incredibly reassuring and uplifting that over two years down the line so many people still want to help. Without doubt, it will increase our chance of finding Madeleine.
On Tuesday evening, we took part in the Rothley & Soar Valley Lions 10K road race here in the village. Twenty of us (family and friends) wore our Madeleine t-shirts and that together with cheers of encouragement from spectators, made it all worthwhile. It was a really enjoyable evening and a fantastically well-supported event. We’re already talking about next years run! Hopefully we wont be needing to wear our t-shirts for that one


viv said...

Hiya Di!

and yes credit where credit is due for the now seriously underpaid Clarence Mitchell. He listens to us and he learns from his mistakes. He is no longer going to sell us what the McDefectives are doing.

In a way I just feel a huge sense of relief, but in a way perhaps the odd little snippet he is dropping will just prove yet more tantalising. I am thinking of becoming a Prison Visitor so that I can play let's spot the next McCann suspect!


Di said...

Hi Viv


Joe said...

The most daunting bit indeed going through suspects one after the other and then perhaps inventing new ones and then more sightings etc. What struck me today is that the latest venture in travel packs, tee shirts and other paraphernalia to raise money to keep this private fund going. So in 20 years time they will still be looking for Madeline and still hawking the goods on her identity. Its sick IMO. Its an online Madeline store like Barbie doll. It is probable that they will have even more merchandise, maybe even games and books, maybe even a Maddie annual. Its all money and more money that's what its all about complete exploitation of their own daughter. Just think if she ever turned up how her life would be ruined her image everywhere posters, mugs, travel packs etc etc. No normal parent would exploit their own child's image in this way unless.....

Di said...

Hi Joe

How right you are, to exploit Madeleine in this way is unbelievable and disgraceful.

The problem is, I don't think Gerry sees it that way, he is on a roll and loving the attention. As you point out above, they are now focusing on new merchandise and for what other purpose than to top up the fund. Madeleine is always added by Gerry as an afterthought, that is if it is Gerry who is writing his blog, I do wonder!

I do hope the real Police are keeping a very close eye on them.

viv said...

Hiya Joe and Di and well said

Another sickening sales campaign with more of their tacky sales talk and merchandise. To normal people the concept of selling tacky goods in an online store in the name of your missing child is just pure anathema to normal parents.

But one thing that has always stood out about Kate and Gerry McCann, any children unlucky enough to be born to those two are just cursed with parents who are the complete antithesis of "normal".

I know the real police are watching them and doing what they can, but for the sake of the twins, I just wish they could hurry up and also for little Maddie, if there is just one chance that little girl is still alive, somewhere.

What a pity they cannot just give Gerry McCann the Star Chamber treatment and forget about his human rights and concentrate on little Madeleine's, if only the right to be laid to rest in a proper burial place where decent members of her family can mourn and love her for what she was.


Wizard said...

Hi all,
The article below is from yesterday’s News of the World.

I see they published this without the permission of the pink one.

The article appears without CM’s usual spin – someone down at the NOTW forgot to ask him – well, well this is almost an example of unbiased reporting.

"Maddie Cop in riddle of Bank Account £100K"

One of the first Portuguese Cops on the night Maddy VANISHED** is under investigation after 100k appeared in his bank account days after Maddy went missing, he has been suspended while senior detectives probe his finances. Kate and gerry are aware of the new turn of events.
Suspicions were raised after a corruption inquiry uncovered 12 large payments under the cops name. The payment started just after Maddy disappeared from PDL on the 3rd May 2007."

viv said...

hiya Wiz and thanks for that

But I find it a little misleading. If one payment of say £100,000 went into his account within days that could indicate a payoff from a newspaper for a scoop.

But if 12 payments of say £10,000 went in that indicates he was being bribed. Newspapers do not tend to pay in that way!

We do know two GNR officers apparently gave a story to the Daily Mail and that would obviously be a matter of corruption. But if that is the case why has it taken until now to come out?

I know what I want it to be and I suppose we still have to wait and see. But one thing is for sure, the NOW are not always helpful to Team McCann. If I remember correctly they published Kate's diaries, erm, apparently without her permission and they made a payout to her.

The CC story being on a high shelf some 6 weeks in clearly did not do the Mcs any good, because we later saw there was no high shelf.

But I do think they paid Gran Cooper for that ridiculous scoop.

It is also interesting that it is the NOW that publishes that massive reward that K &G have been so loathe to even mention. I would say because the last thing they wanted was someone recognising Maddie and seeking to claim the reward.

In short whether NOW are actually on side and whether they are apparently still Gerry's favourite paper, I am not too sure.

I did post on 3A last night a report from The People, who Rosie used to like to quote wholesale who, IMO, were the most xeonophobic of the lot!


Di said...

Hi all

I do wonder what is going on with this supposed bribe. Another GNR officer has said no one is being probed.

If this is true could it be that TM have put this out to further discredit GNR and Portugal. If so they could not sink any lower. On the other hand, could they have leaked this information because they know something is going to come out.

I would like to think there is a probe and the PJ are going to come up with something. Time will tell.

Wizard said...

Hi Di,

You mention that the pj might come up with something.

Recently there has been a lot of glove puppet activity which is usually the prerequisite for anti McCann news.

So perhaps.

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

You might have a point. The NOW are pro McCann but of course that all depends on which way the wind in blowing.

Perhaps some negative news is on the horizon for the Mcs.

viv said...

Hiya Di and Wiz

I think there is some very bad news around for Team McCann because firstly they splash Hewlett all over the papers and tell us he is the one, explaining all the apparent reasons why. Then all of a sudden, firstly it is announced he is not a suspect, just a person of interest and then we are told there is no evidence linking him and they are on to some murderer. Clarence having the temerity to piously tell us it would not be professional to name suspects and tell us what is going on. To me that sounds like a massive climb down and a realisation that particular plan just did not work. Of course we do not know how strong Hewlett's lawyer is. But it is like their blasted cheak. They were prime suspects in the disappearance of Madeleine for a year but then have the cheek to sue people for suggesting they are involved. Of course they did not apply those same considerations in relation to Hewlett.

They are clearly trying to get it out there, there are major suspects to look at which of course deflects from them. At the same time we get this revelation about a dodgy Pt cop. Di, you could have a point, it is just McCann spin, because it does just what we know they have always wanted, discredits the police. But somehow I do not think this is them, it is the PJ they have really wanted to discredit.

I think the McCanns and Co did deliberately trash the crime scene at the time, and I can find it very credible they bribed those first on the scene to allow them to continue to do that, prior to calling out the PJs which if I recall was not until around 1 am. Did they managed to remove all the clothing etc in that time phase? What of Gerry's late night walk? I think the issue of the crime scene being deliberately compromised at the time is what they fear the most coming out and that is what is happening.

The story the two GNR officers gave the Mail was perverse. They were blaming more senior officers and yet at the same time telling us the state of the T9 and how they were all milling in and out. I just think this is what it is all about and the McCanns are trying their best to bury bad news and put others in the frame. They seriously came unstuck with Hewlett and I think they do take notice of what people are saying on this blog, 3 As etc and we were clearly saying they intended to frame Hewlett, I am sure they did. But Gerry and Clarence repeatedly get things wrong in their desperation.

helmylin2 said...

Hmmm, that kind of money dosn't just appear from nowhere. So someome somehere has either bribed him or possibly he is blackmailing someone. Most strange.

viv said...

hi Helmy and welcome!

It is great to see someone new posting on the blog xx

Some people on 3 As have been suggesting this was not very much money but like you, I seriously beg to differ.

£120K or Euros and on exchange rates there is not much difference now clearly is a lot of money. Given I hear wages are low in Portugal I would hazard a guess this was about 10 times the salary of a GNR officer and even in UK where I think salaries are higher that is a very large amount of money. You could buy a cheap house/flat in UK with that sum which is four times the average salary of a UK PC.

It is the sort of very high sum a newspaper would pay for an important story, i.e. about the McCann case or the amount of serious bribe money on a regular basis. If a GNR officer was suddenly receiving about £10K per month he would be incredibly rich compared to his normal income.

I think some on 3 As are trying to downplay the amount of money to detract attention from this story which I have a feeling is going to be a big one and the McCanns want to try and bury.

Hopefully, it is not going away, and the GNR officer is going to find himself in very serious trouble if he has either blackmailed the McCanns or took bribe monies from them and damaged the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie and exactly what the McCanns did with her. There being no doubt in my mind, they were involved in disposing of her.

I also think the Spanish Police are very active on this case and for the McCanns, bad news is not going away. It is just what they deserve!

Wizard said...

Good Morning Viv and All’

If we speculate and say the GNR officer was receiving a bribe or blackmailing the McCanns.

It would make sense that the money was made in instalments rather than a one off payment - as would have happened if it was a payment from the press.

Private individuals couldn’t lay their hands on the readies at such short notice and would have to pay by instalments.

If this money is to do with the McCann case then the GNR officer is the key to opening the case again and gaining a conviction. He would have had to have seen something extremely incriminating on the night or early hours of the 3 or 4 of May 07.

I think Viv to point out the money is quite a large sum to anyone is important.

Obviously if accepting a bribe or black mailing someone you could only ask that person for money that you reasonably believe they have or could raise. I would have thought the Mc’s would be able to raise this sum.

It will be interesting to see if the link between the money and Team McCann can be established.

Wizard said...

Re my above post - it will be interesting to see if the link between the money and Team McCann can be established.

If it can – case solved and charges could be brought.

It would also be interesting to know who blew the whistle on this GNR officer and how they found out he was receiving these payments.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

I agree £10,000 in regular instalmens is clearly not a payment by a newspaper, it is the sort of payment that Gerry McCann would feel able to offer on the spot as it were. It also explains the incredible effort he put in to immediately get the public to ahem, pay his ongoing expenses as it were.

Remember how flummoxed he was when asked immediately by Jane Hill BBC what use are you putting the Fund monies to er well it has enabled us to get a really good legal team together. I will never forget those words, because an innocent person who just had their child abducted would have no need of a team of lawyers, but Gerry McCann, as he knows full well, really does need them and why should the public pay for the costs of his defence, this payment to GNR, and I accept we are speculating being one of them!

viv said...


re your second post, as we know, Portugal just like UK really has "secrecy of justice". Any police officer found to be speaking out to the press about an ongoing investigation without authorisation would be in very serious trouble in either country. As we know, the Daily Mail claimed they spoke to two GNR officers to get their scoop about how the crime scene was trashed and they blamed senior officers whilst also acknowledging the conduct of the T9. Yes, a bit of an anomoly given the PJ did not get called up until the early hours.

So I think the Daily Mail report in itself would be enough for the PJ to take this up as a point of investigation and clearly they would start checking all the GNRs bank accounts to find out which one it was.

That is one possible source of why they started to investigate. I suppose generally they may just think, things did not happen properly at the time and some GNR witness statements appear to be less than helpful.

We know the PJ are highly educated cops and so it would not be difficult for them to smell a bit of corruption and help offered to the McCanns. Perhaps when they released them from being ARguidos, that was an ongoing source of inquiry?

I also wonder about the top lady cop replacing Rebelo, were they lining her up to really put this case to bed?

viv said...

Simply priceless prose from the lovely BigL, how could we cope with this case, without him, I do not knowL-)))

seemingly the next one to sue is auntie phil mccann she told gmtv today that she has instructed her lawyer to sue the makers of the biggest loser dvd.
" ah watched the telly wi ma wee brother gerry and the advert popped up and gerry said ,"... "aw phil you could do wi loosing a few pounds ha ha ha " smart ar_se little f ucker..."aye gerry like you lost a lassie and a blue bag ya c_nt", any way i ordered it anyhoo and it arrived four weeks ago and i haven,t stopped stuffing ma face wi pies and kebabs since and i,ve no lost a f_cking pound "....."a pound shouted gerry?".... "calm doon gerry i meant in weight not a f_cking donation ya eejit"..."i was on that program" said Kate Garraway" did you not like it ?.."nah kate, everytime gerry came hame i couldn,t watch it because he couldn,t bear watching pounds just being wasted away"

Wizard said...

Hi All,

I see big L is on form. LOL

Things have gone very quiet from camp McCann at the moment and not too much to discuss.

Still waiting for further news from Portugal on the investigation into the GNR officer.

viv said...

hiya Wiz

Yes, I think we should all lie back in our sun loungers and wait for the news that I think the McCanns sought to suppress with the silly antics of their private defectives.

Too right Clarence we just do not need to know because their remit is not to find out what happened to Madeleine.


Di said...

Hi all


I had totally forgotten about Jane Hill's report. Gerry saying the fund had enabled them to get a really good legal team together.

I wonder if TM knew from day one they had trouble ahead and could not afford the legal costs that would be incurred. What better way to fund their expenses, the gullible public!

The fund is born, very clever.

Joe said...

I don't think that the GNR money will amount to much as nothing in the news about it since last weekend. I may be wrong and the PJ are conducting a proper inquiry in confidence as it should be. Time will tell.

As for the creep Mitchell being quiet it may be because he has been violating the human rights of the so called suspects of whom he has tried to fit up in the press. It may be news to the creep that even the odious Hewlett has rights as well. Clearly there has been a word in someones ear over the conduct of the pretendies. I am sure though the quiet period at the minute will be short lived.

viv said...

Hiya Di

Well that was certainly what Gerry's conduct and comments in immediately amassing a small fortune to get a really good team of lawyers together implied.

He had done something really bad in some way disposing of his own little girl and yes of course, he knew that with the very senior British Police there also, he could expect trouble at some point in time. As he also said, he needed to stay in Portugal "to control the investigation". So often, gormless Gerry has given the game away with his thinking aloud, otherwise known as "Freudian slips".

Without incredibly people on board that he clearly planned to have on board, Green, Branson, Rowling he must be a very worried man these days as he costs mounts up in conducting his barmy public defence and his coffers run dry. Shame, shame Gerry. Police budgets are always there and I am sure they will be smarting at the hole he put in some of them and wanting to justify that level of expenditure as it were. When they put the two most senior detectives of Leicestershire in Portugal that was at the xpense of other crime in Leics of which there is plenty. It is all in the files that they refused to hand to desperate Kate and Gerry who want to know, just how bad things are. They will know when they get arrested!

viv said...

*incredibly RICH*

viv said...

Hiya Joe

I have no reason to think that the PJ would not be conducting a proper inquiry and this matter is obviously very serious given the officer has been suspended. We just have to wait and see as to whether the timing in being just after Maddie disappeared is no more than a coincidence, but it would be a pretty incredible one, given it would appear he was an officer on the case.

I entirely agree that all these people the McCanns are hounding do have human rights, including the pig farmer etc. We have certainly heard enough about theirs and how, apparently they intended to case their case to the European Court, although I could never quite see why. I do not think it occurred to Rosie that the police are perfectly entitled to investigate parents who insist their daughter has been abducted but they cannot actually find any evidence of that, and where the parents themselves are obviously telling contradictory lies.

Kate and Gerry did that from the very start and in the most fundamental way.

Their statements of 4 May 2007 read almost like facsimiles which clearly informs they got their heads together rather than just telling the truth. Obviously not the actions of innocent and intelligent parents who would both just try to remember as much as they could without being the least concerned what the other said.

But in one vital respect they were very different. Gerry who gave his statement first the following day, stated that he and Kate both accessed the apt via the front door with their key, but bizarrely he also states Mat Oldfield did a check through the open patio door.

Kate who gave her statement that afternoon, entirely contradicts Gerry in stating that she went through the open patio door to check Madeleine and so did Mat. Clearly sly Kate realised that otherwise they would have been asked, then how come if you went to the front door to get into the apt did you not notice the open bedroom window right next to the front door!

And so to the police, as Goncalo confirms, they were contradictory liars from the off, and that obviously made them prime suspects.

No matter how they abuse others with the antics of their Pretendy Defectives nothing can change that and I agree with you, the real police may have warned them as to their conduct because it is a criminal offence to seriously harass people!

helmylin2 said...

Hi Viv and all,

Here is a hypothetical thought. The Mc Cann's paid £100,000 for translations,that seems like an awful lot of money for translations. What if that £100,000 sudenly became €120,000 and found it's way to a Portuguese bank account? Just thinking out loud.

viv said...

Hiya Helmy

I am glad you are able to post because Di, again tells me she is having problems.

I access this site by clicking on "my account" from a google page, if that helps others!

I think you are right to consider that the Fund is being used in a dishonest way to "launder" payments to others that they obviously wish to conceal.

"The Poster Campaign" I think probably means paying people to post pro-McCann posts, attack those who consider them guilty etc. So many people commented that they just never saw these so called posters.

£50,000 per month to Metodo 3 with Brian Kennedy their wealthy backer also claiming HE was paying them! Clarence admitted witnesses were paid, which would render their evidence inadmissible in a British Court. The McCanns have the benefit of legal advice and so would obviously know that such information could not go towards a prosecution of anyone else! In short they know no one else is going tobe prosecuted because the police know it was them.

And yes, your suggestion of the so called translation fees being used to launder an actual set of payments to a dodgy Pt cop! But I wonder about the timing of this, would this not have been in last year's accounts, given payments started immediately after Maddie disappeared.

Generally I have pointed out before that the Fund is one big Income Tax Fiddle. By setting it up as not for profit company the Inland Revenue do not charge tax! And so, those large libel payments etc get paid into the Fund for Kate and Gerry to use just as they wish but of course, it does not account as Income in their personal tax returns. Not very clever really all this guff about we are not having the money, we have asked for a donation to the Fund. Yes, THEIR Fund!!!

viv said...

and I can just hear Gerry saying, I do not see why we should have to pay tax on it!

viv said...

Oh and it is official UK is getting a right royal roasting.

I just checked the current temperature for Warwickshire 81 degrees at 6.20 now it has cooled down. And the current temperature in Tunisia where I went on holiday for a warm, and has the same time zone as UK, an identical 81 degrees!!!

Only trouble is, there is no sea in Warks for me to jump into xxx

Wizard said...

Hi All,

I read on 3A’s this comment by Ratonthebeam and in the light of recent activity by glove puppets, I thought it something worth copying here.

“Dogs rarely bark up the wrong tree, but chimps will lead you a merry dance round the forest. And may I also point out that if you are lost in a forest, they send in the sniffer dogs to find you, not trained monkeys.”

viv said...


I see that Stevo/Tony have set up another site called Three Arguidos where people, apparently can talk intellectually and properly about nothing but Madeleine McCann and according to Bugalugs 1970 they can "work on the case".

I asked her who should be working on the case besides the police but she did not want to answer me.

I asked her if she was suggesting we should really act like the McCanns do with their Pretendy Defectives.

The 3As is quiet, and this blog and others are deserted. It is summer and there is no real news on the Maddie front. I wish Stevo and Tony Bennett the very worst of luck with their Pretendy Work on the Maddie case!


viv said...

Yet more of the McCanns "Summer Campaign" from the NON newspaper, The Sun: The only thing I find interesting is why did they slip in the word INITIALLY hired? Are they trying to clear up my point about they seem to have been laundering funds in suggesting they were paying M3 £50K per month, when Brian Kennedy also said he was paying these Pretendy Defectives?

Cops let Maddie suspect off hook


Published: 29 Jun 2009
A SUSPECT in the Madeleine McCann case was let off the hook — after a private detective tailing him was deported by cops.

The detective was told to leave Portugal after the suspect complained.

It is illegal in Portugal to run a private investigation into a crime when a police one is still active. As a result of the deportation, the suspect had nearly a year to get rid of any possible evidence against him.

The man lived near the holiday complex in Praia da Luz where Maddie, three, disappeared on May 3, 2007.

A source close to the McCann family last night accused Portuguese cops of “hindering” the investigation, adding: “It’s a disgrace.”

The detective was working for the Spanish firm initially hired by Kate and Gerry McCann. Their British investigators are now looking into the man.

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

Things are very quiet at the moment. With the recent death of Michael Jackson the newspapers are full of it and will run and run with the story.

The weather at the moment is beautiful but oh so hot. I can’t understand when I go away on holidays the temperature is sometimes 40C + and although it is hot I can cope but in London at 30C it’s just draining.

Well I shouldn’t moan.

The Sun article was a bit confusing they are reporting that Spanish detectives are still working this case I thought they had been sacked? Surely they are not doing it for free!

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

I understand the Sun article to mean that a McCann mouthpiece has just commented that it is a disgrace M3 were drummed out of Portugal a year ago and their defectives are now looking into this, ahem, vital lead!

I know you are in the London area Wiz where typically in UK it is the hottest place of all, esp built up areas and so you have my sympathy..

About 7.30 this evening it was 86 here and 82 in Tunis and I find it so mauling I cannot stay in my small south west facing officer for very long. As you say if we were in Tunisia we would cope with it, but here the humidity just makes you melt and it gets a bit much. I reckon today was the hottest so far.

I read that taking an aspirin can help because it thins the blood so have been trying that, I just wish I could dive in the sea but no chance in WArks!

Take care and chill out Wiz have a half hour shower! Oh and not stone cold because that invokes the body shiver response and makes you even hotter!


viv said...

You get arrested by the Police for a brutal child murder and develop chest pains and have to go to hospital for a checkup. That is a likely and common enough scenario, even murderers suffer from stress sometimes. Quite how that will be evidence of Goncalo torturing him, I just do not understand, but I am sure Mr Correia will explain all, in his, ahem, lucid way.

01 July 2009
Marcos Aragão Correia wants 500 thousand €uros from Gonçalo Amaral

The Lawyer of the former companion of Leonor Cipriano wants the former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral to compensate his client with about 500 thousand euros for allegedly assaulting Leandro Silva.

The Public Ministry accused the former inspector of the Judiciary Police of aggressions to Leandro Silva, who will be defended in the process by Marcos Aragão Correia, the same lawyer who won the conviction against Gonçalo Amaral in the case of the aggressions to Leonor Cipriano.

According to documents of the Public Ministry that the news agency Lusa had access, Gonçalo Amaral is accused of torture as a co-author, of a crime that has been perpetrated on the 13th October 2004, in the premises of the PJ in Faro.

In statements to Lusa, Marcos Aragão Correia said it will request in court for compensations from Gonçalo Amaral for the torture inflicted to Leandro, a value that is still being calculated, but might ascend up to 500 thousand euros.

According to the lawyer, the testimonial prove will be reinforced by a report from the Clinical Hospital of the Barlavento Algarve in Portimão, where Leandro Silva entered hours after the alleged torture.

Leandro Silva entered the emergency room of that hospital with chest pains, on the dawn of 14th October 2004, the same day that Leonor Cipriano was assaulted on the premises of the PJ in Faro.

According to Aragão Correia, the medical reports will allow the case against Gonçalo Amaral to be "once again won."

"I am extremely pleased to see that the Public Ministry worked competently," said Aragão Correia, regretting only that it was not possible to identify the other perpetrators of the attacks to Leandro Silva.

According to the lawyer, the identification of Gonçalo Amaral was easier because he is a media personality and has physical traits more "easily identifiable".

The accusation states that the former inspector grabbed the neck of Leandro Silva, then struck two punches in the abdomen area and two slaps on the face while asking him to indicate where the child (Joana) was.

As a direct result of the assault, according to Public Ministry accusation, Leandro suffered several injuries, including a "contusion of the dorsal grid" which prevented him from working for five days.

It was proved that Leonor Cipriano was attacked in the PJ by unidentified Judiciary elements and that she did not fall on the stairs, as it was once claimed.

However, the court failed to determine who were the perpetrators of the aggressions.

This case dates back to 2004 and is related to the 'case Joana', which refers to the disappearance, on 12th September of that year, of an eight year old girl in the village of Figueira, Portimão.

in Jornal de Notícias

*Note this complain was made at the end of 2008 to the Public Ministry, after a criminal complain for defamation and vilification against Marcos Aragão Correia which was filed by Dr. Gonçalo Amaral in April 2008. Read more here: Addendum to the Criminal Process for Defamation Against Marcos Aragão Correia

by Joana Morais


Thanks Joana astro & Kazlux.

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

I have just come in from the garden where I took some paper work and thought I would sit under a large garden umbrella to do it. I lasted less than 5 minutes and had to come in.

I just read your post about the heat and aspirin so I thought I would give it a try – I’ll let you know how I get on.

I have a small dog that is lying flaked out since his return from his walk an hour ago, I think he is suffering more than me!

I am not a great one for conspiracy theories or paranoid based plots. But from Joana Morias’ article today it does appear to me there is a game plan afoot to ‘get Amaral’ or should I say shut him up.

A week ago we heard from Duarte Levy an unsubstantiated story of the Mc’s claiming £150,000 in compensation from him and now Correia wants 500,000 for his client from him as well.

I have yet to hear anything from Amaral on either of these stories – I just wonder how he is going to react.

This is yet another angle in the saga we will have to watch and wait to see what develops.

I’m still waiting on news of the investigation in the alleged unexplained deposits in a Portuguese officer’s bank account. Nothing further heard on this since it was announced.

viv said...

Wiz I hope the aspirin works, it seems to stop my ankles swelling quite so much in the heat!

I lay on the patio about 5 pm with nanday in his little cage to give him a cuddle, and I just Oh Damn, I wish that blasted sun would go in, it was just so flipping hot, even then. I do stay out of it 11 to 3 pretty much because my garden faces south, so is quite unbearable around that time if it is hot. But still looks fab, so I look from the window.

I just had a eureka moment when I read that one comment of yours:

or should I say shut him up.

I think you are probably right there. I have always thought it is an odd thing for an ex senior detective to do, to blow all the details of what continues to be an unsolved investigation into the disappearance of a little girl.

Maybe it is payback time for Goncalo for doing something that not only the British are pretty miffed about?

But even so, it seems to be a "cruel and unusual punishment" to quote human rights law.

Could they not have shut him up in some more civilised way?


viv said...

Oh and yes Wiz, news on that apparently wayward GNR officer keenly awaited.

I still believe Portugal did a quiet deal with UK, we will shelve it, we will not release vital details of the investigation and we will leave it for you to take over. I would stake quite a lot of money on that being correct and both sides would see Goncalo's revelations and theories as a great irritation I think and maybe even a threat to justice itself?

On the basis that I think he is probably wrong and a lot of stuff has been held back, I continue to hope that he has not prevented a trial from taking place.

Di said...

Hi all

Another day of trying to sign in, I wish I knew if anyone else is having the same problem.

Hi Viv/Wizard

The powers that be are certainly desperate to totally discredit Goncalo Amaral. Sophia says he is very strong and will fight for the truth. Whether Team McCann are behind it or the Portuguese Government along with our own in some sort of deal,I am not sure, but I do hope Goncalo Amaral has stepped up his security, as I feel whoever is behind this plotting will not stop until he is silenced. Someone seems very worried about what he may reveal.

Di said...

Finally, I hope that is the end of my problems.

viv said...

Hiya Di

As we know the Team McCann hope was that Goncalo would get a custodial sentence.

I wonder if their request for an injunction to stop him has been denied and hence this? Whilst it does seem a bit far fetched it certainly seems like people are out to get him. Correia as we know full well due to his silly dreams and visions and connection to M3 is just a McCann dummy.

I mean what about that guff he was spending his own money to search that damn and m3 just happened to be there. This is the sort of ridulous piece of stage management IMO that M3 were being paid a reputed £50K per month to put on and money from Brian Kennedy as well who also claimed to be paying them. Why would they both be paying such a Team of Idiots. Money laundering in itself is a serious offence and always goes to fund serious crime. I hope that whether they find little Madeleine or not, eventually there will be Justice for Kate and Gerry - prison!

viv said...

Oh and finally Di, I hope it will be the end of your problems too! I don't know it seems like there is a concerted effort to stop this little blog too.

Love your emails but it is great to see you back on the blog!


viv said...

Maybe we should look again at what Jon Gaunt was telling us:

Our security forces obviously do work on very serious crime and bugging people etc!

I hope Kate and Gerry are duly paranoid and have to keep throwing away their latest pay as you go mobile:-)))

Who was listening to Kate and Gerry McCann?
By Jon Clements on Feb 18, 09 02:55 PM in McCann

A few days ago I received an interesting letter from Leicestershire police about the Madeleine McCann investigation.

I had asked them, in July, if they had got any warrants (under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) to use surveillance powers - such as phone tapping and email interception on behalf of the Portuguese police.
The force initially stalled saying it needed to "consult other Agencies" before replying.

After a six month delay, Leicestershire has now claimed it is exempt from Freedom of Information laws in this case due to "national security".

I've put in dozens of FoI requests to police forces over the years, some you get and some you don't but "national security" is a new one on me.

To make matters even murkier, Leicestershire claimed a second exemption because the information I requested could relate to "the Security bodies".

A quick look at the FoI Act reveals "Security bodies" are MI5, MI6, GCHQ (pictured above), special forces (such as the SAS) and the Serious Organised Crime Agency.


Despite claiming these exemptions, Leicestershire seem at pains to neither confirm nor deny they hold any information relevant to my request anyway.

Check out (slowly I suggest) the tortuous conclusion to the three page letter explaining their stance.

"It is our decision that the Leicestershire Constabulary must maintain a position of neither confirming nor denying that any relevant information is held and that this response, which neither confirms nor denies that information is held, should not be taken as conclusive evidence that the information you have requested exists or does not exist".

Thanks, but I think that is a rather long-winded way of saying Foxtrot Oscar.

However, it does beg the question just who was bugging the McCanns after they returned from Praia da Luz?

And what has the answer got to do with national security?

viv said...

We do know that SOCA was involved and CEOP comes under their umbrella..

All this talk about "other agencies" besides LP being involved in UK must be a terrible worry for Gerry McCann. No wonder he still needs Mitchell to help him feel his way.

viv said...

As Jon points out it has nothing to do with proving UK security services KNOW what happened to Madeleine. But has everything to do with proving they are certainly trying to find out/ keep very close tabs on Kate and Gerry McCann. It is interesting the way Jon drops in the bit about CEOP and paedophilia. This, I believe is just as far as any UK journalist is now allowed to go in this case and it is not the McCanns that are stopping them!

The McCann national security documents
By Jon Clements on Feb 20, 09 10:45 AM in McCann

Thanks for taking so much interest in my post about the McCanns and "national security".

I have to say I'm a bit surprised that some of you think this proves that much about what happened to Madeleine, though.

From my point of view, it suggests Kate and Gerry may, I stress may, have been subjected to an unusual - perhaps unprecedented - degree of surveillance after the returned to the UK.

I'm not sure it indicates that much about what has happened to her and where she may be now.

I've made some more inquiries and it it would appear that the most likely agency involved in any bugging would be the Serious Organised Crime Agency

They provide a lot of "technical assistance" to small police forces who don't have the skills or equipment to mount a major surveillance operation.

As some of you have pointed out, they work closely with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP) who carry out some very complicated and delicate operations against paedophiles.

If you click below you can see the letter from Leicestershire police.


Di said...

Hi Viv

I suppose if there is an ongoing investigation, as George Osborne tells me there is, into money laundering or paedophilia, then we are just going to have to be very patient. I assume it can take years to get the people right at the top rather than rush and only get the small fry. Mind you, George was probably not wanting to get involved, so saying there was an ongoing investigation could have been an excuse.

When Kate & Gerry returned home they had a sofisticated security system installed in their property. I remember reading about it, but probably in the press so perhaps have to take it with a pinch of salt, that LP were involved. Now just suppose, if this is true, it was for their benefit and not Kate & Gerrys.


I hope the drop in temperature today is more to your liking. I have to admit, I love the heat but it really has been unbearable during the last few days.

Di said...

What was I saying about the heat, sorry sophisticated.

viv said...

When Kate & Gerry returned home they had a sofisticated security system installed in their property. I remember reading about it, but probably in the press so perhaps have to take it with a pinch of salt, that LP were involved. Now just suppose, if this is true, it was for their benefit and not Kate & Gerrys.

Di, it is for reasons like this that I love your sharp mind on this blog and you too of course Wiz and others!

Very well said!

But I would just point out that LP were obviously aware there was a lot of anti-McCann sentiment about and the police do sometimes have to go to great lengths to protect criminals from vigilantes etc.

I think it is very likely a view has been taken to watch Gerry in particularly very carefully over the long term in the evidence gathering process. He is clearly a worried man and does make many mistakes. The police know that the more they play cat and mouse him the more nervous and silly the mouse becomes..

viv said...

Tony Bennett has been pretty quiet for quite a while. But now he is back insisting there should be a full public inquiry into the, ahem, incompetent Leicester Police.

Then we have Rosie writing her book about how incompetent the Pt police were/are and demanding, ahem, a full public inquiry.

Well this looks like a strategy to me borne out of fear that those incompetent police (apparently) are getting an awful lot closer to arresting these two (dozen?)


viv said...

It is currently 75 here instead of about 86 and I would say that is just purrrrfect for lazing the the garden.



helmylin2 said...

Hi, It is a lovely cool 17 degrees C. here in Lancashire. Just thought I would try to post as a whole diferent format came up on my screen. No probs posting though. :-)

viv said...

Hiya Helmy - well it is lovely and cool here too, but it is 5 am! and my parrot is just tuning up, and being a lot less boring than the local cockeral who I would like to..!

Why do I think Russell is a pervert:

Reply “Well the bit about the, erm”.
1578 “So those two paragraphs”.
Reply “The chap on holiday, you know, feeling, erm, you know, awkward, taking a photograph of his daughter”.
1578 “Yes, they want to be slipped in?”
Reply “They need to go at the end of ‘I went outside to watch Jane play tennis’ full-stop, because everything else is at lunchtime, this was actually before lunchtime. I think the wording here is a bit, is a bit, erm”.
1578 “In between ‘play tennis’ and ‘I believe I saw Madeleine at lunchtime’?”
Reply “Yeah, yeah, so that’s coming, ‘I saw Madeleine at lunchtime’ and ‘Me or Jane collected El*from the Ocean Club’ will be a kind of, a later paragraph. No, this is wrong. Erm”.
00.54.54 1578 “Just bear with me a moment please”.
Reply “I mean, the essence of it is right, but, but the”.
1578 “So we now go to?”
Reply “’I recall’, I mean, it’s a bit, it doesn’t need the ‘I recall’. ‘After’, it’s actually ‘After Jane’”.
1578 “Are these the two paragraphs that we want to?”
Reply “That we’ll be moving to, at the end of that (inaudible)?”
1578 “Yes”.
Reply “It’s actually going to be ‘After Jane’s tennis lesson’. Erm, you can actually delete ‘Madeleine was playing tennis’ at all, because, erm, it wasn’t Madeleine, Madeleine and E**a had done this the day before, erm”.
1578 “Okay. So I shall take out ‘I recall that Jane was having a tennis lesson’?”
Reply “It’s just ‘After Jane’s tennis lesson’”. And then you can actually delete ‘Madeleine was playing tennis, they were having a lesson’, because that, well it wasn’t Madeleine that day at all. Erm, it says ‘After Jane’s tennis lesson’, I’ll try and preserve it as much as possible, ‘I recall that one of the guests’, erm, ‘a man from Southampton came up’ full-stop. ‘His daughter’, it was his three year old daughter, ‘his young daughter was having a’, this, it may be word perfect, ‘was having a’, erm”.
1578 “We have got ‘His daughter was playing tennis’?”
Reply “Well, yeah, his, his daughter was having a tennis lesson, you know, a kid’s tennis lesson, I mean, she was only, she was probably the same age as E and E, they were in the same, they were all at the same clubs but they had, there were, there were a certain number of children so they had them in two groups, so they didn’t always do the same thing, you know, Beavers and the Lobsters or something. Erm, and, yeah, she was having a, a sort of, well kind of a kiddies tennis lesson”.

viv said...

and on and on he goes, explaining why it should be ok to take any sort of pics you like of your own kids and suddenly Russ starts talking about his Dad...hummm

He wanted to take out what he had clearly said in a video interview with police officers, "this made me feel very uncomfortable". Yes, we know Russ!


00.56.50 1578 “Yes”.
Reply “And the question about Madeleine then, this is exactly the same as Madeleine and E had done the day before. Erm, and that’s where that very famous picture of Madeleine with the tennis b*lls was taken, so. But it wasn’t Madeline on this day, Madeleine and E were in the same group and I think they’d been done on, you know, the Tuesday or the Wednesday, they had come up, so they all, there were two kind of mini kid groups, mini club kid groups and they did, you know, they were on like a rota and they did things at different times and on different days. So Madeleine was not there at that point at all. And I think that’s important, particularly, because of what the man said, if Madeleine was potentially being photographed by anyone, it was absolutely clear that Madeleine and E were not there that day. It says ‘I recall that a guy from Southampton came up, his daughter was playing tennis, he wanted to take a picture’, erm, ‘but casual’, maybe ‘casually expressed to us how uncomfortable he felt in doing so’”.
1578 “’But casually expressed’?”
Reply “Yeah, you know, he wasn’t, he just. And it might be worth saying that, you know, he said that the, you know, something like, you know, ‘These days you feel like a pervert’ or maybe just extending that, you know, ‘You feel like a dirty old man taking a picture of your own daughter’ maybe just to make it a bit more explicit, because that’s what he said, you know, he didn’t just come up and say ‘Oh I feel like a dirty old man’, you know, sort of, you know, ‘In this’, you know, ‘The way things are these days’, erm, you know, ‘you feel like a criminal’ or ‘a dirty old man taking a photo of your own kid’”.
1578 “’The way things are these days you feel like a’?”
Reply “Yeah, you know, it, it was, it was a, it wasn’t just a ‘Oh I feel a bit dirty taking this’”.

viv said...


1578 “Did he use the word ‘pervert’?”
Reply “Huh, we had a whole conversation about this and whether those were his first words or whether this was what, you know, because there was Kate, there was myself, Jane, Rachael, him, there was a small group, you know, around, and I think he felt a little self-conscious because he was walking past another group of parents taking a photograph of several kids at the net of the tennis”.
00.58.58 1578 “Yeah”.
Reply “I don’t know if he used the word ‘perv’, but the conversation went round on this and, you know, that, that society, you know, makes, can make normal parents feel uncomfortable doing what ten, twenty, thirty years ago would have been considered an entirely innocent thing, like taking a photograph. Erm, I think it would be ‘a dirty old man’, ‘feel a bit of a perv’, phew, I don’t know what his first words were. But then we actually had a conversation and I think, you know, we, probably as a group, kind of said, you know, said ‘It’s ridiculous isn’t it, you know, you take a picture of your own kid and you’re made to feel like you’re a pervert’ or something like that. Erm, and I don’t like the next paragraph the way it is, I think its, erm”.
1578 “Just a moment. And present at that conversation were?”
Reply “Well certainly myself, Jane, Kate and Rachael, erm, I don’t know if there was any, erm, I think it was kind of generally a sort of women’s tennis lesson that had gone on, there may have been a partner of one of the other, of the other guests, there were a couple of people who were, who Kate and Rachael and Jane had played with, I, I forget the names. I’ve got this vague recollection there was a lady who, probably in her mid-forties, blonde hair, who may have been there as well, I, I never really spoke to her really. But there may have been one person like in the group as well who had been playing tennis. And this chap who, who, erm, whose name is in my original statement, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten what it was, erm, but he, as I say, he lives in Southampton, he was there with his wife and a young kid and, erm, and had lived in Exeter about fifteen years before, which was one of the conversations we had, erm, at that point. Erm, but, yeah, those are, those, certainly Rachael, Kate and myself, Jane and this man”.
1578 “Okay”.
01.01.23 Reply “And the next paragraph just doesn’t, I know it’s been cobbled together, it doesn’t read, erm, actually I think, erm”.
1578 “’I found this most uncomfortable’?”
Reply “Well, no, I think, not”.
1578 “Or are we going down to E?”
Reply “No, no, no, ‘I found this most’, I mean, huh, it’s my recollection that at the time it seemed, erm, like, huh, a slightly lamenting conversation about the state of modern day, you know, Britain, you know, so maybe, erm. I think it might be worth just to clarify, we then, you know, something like ‘We then had a conversation about the seemingly’, erm, ‘ludicrous nature of’, erm”.
1578 “Okay”.

viv said...

AND ON,, 3 posts whilst you try to unburden yourself on this one Russ!

Reply “’Of, you know, ‘that you couldn’t take photographs of your own children’”.
1578 “’We then had a conversation’?”
Reply “Yeah, that ‘the ludicrous pressure on parents that they can’t take photographs of their own children’, because I think that was the essence of it. And certainly the other, the other aspect of the conversation that was made, which kind of, you know, is, huh, is doubly haunting, was that, you know, we said that, you know, ‘You’re far’, you know, ‘You’re far more likely to get clobbered by your uncle or your neighbour than some’, you know, ‘random stranger’. Erm, which in light of the way that the Police investigation has gone, erm, it feels like, you know, erm, a real kick in the nuts”.
1578 “’Far more like to get clobbered by’?”
Reply “You know, you’re far more likely to have, you know, you know, to have a problem with somebody, from somebody you know, and we actually said, and that was actually sort of said, you know, we all worry about, you know, a small number of fairly kind of sick perverts”.
1578 “Rather than a stranger?”
01.03.14 Reply “Rather than a stranger, yeah, but, huh, erm, which of course, you know, of course statistically is true, erm. And the bit here that says ‘I found this most uncomfortable’, is that, you know, since, since this happened, you know, ten or eleven hours before, before Madeleine was abducted, it just seemed a really, it’s really, you know, a very, very uncomfortable coincidence, you know, ever since I found this, you know, this whole pile of things that are nast, you know, are really kind of unpleasant, but the fact that we actually had this conversation, you know, within twelve hours of her going missing was, was, erm, well, haunting, you know, that men were, erm. You know, it’s just, erm, I mean, it is just a coincidence, it’s not as if, within the space of a year in Britain, you know, you don’t hear of, you know, a school banning cameras and, you know, it’s quite, it’s not an uncommon conversation I think for, you know, for parents with young children these days to think, you know, you know, has it gone too far, you know, is there too much, is there too much kind of worry and protection and are we, you know, damaging children’s upbringing, by by not allowing them to, you know, to, to run free a little. Erm, and I think, yeah, and the last statement, I definitely want that there. I mean, as far as I was concerned, this was, this was an entirely reasonable comment from this man, he’d just walked past a few parents, some of whom he probably didn’t know, erm, and he was taking photographs of his daughter, who was on this tennis court, but there were adjacent children in, in, you know, in shot. Erm, and I can, you know, particularly as a, as a man, can particularly understand how he might have felt going up there because clearly, erm, you know, this is, this is something that, you know, you need to be aware of. And my dad, you know, we’ve had a conversation about this since, you know, when I was little and growing up, in the street he would freely talk, he would freely talk with my friends and people going by and he says, you know, just, you know, these days you just, you just ignore people, you ignore children because you wouldn’t want anyone to sort of think that you were, you know, you were kind of, erm, trying to entertain them with an ulterior motive. So this did not feel bad and I would hate to think that me saying this that anyone would think that I was trying to implicate this man, I do not think that there was anything untoward in it”.

viv said...

In my experience of having met many sex offenders they prefer the word "pervert" to describe themselves and what people are accusing of than "paedophile". It seems like they can just suggest with the word pervert people are just being plain nasty minded, whereas paedophile is painfully explicit, to them!

viv said...

In another part of this session where the police had interviewed him on the Tuesday and then typed out a statement for him to sign, of course Russ is wanting to change everything he said on the video and being incredibly picky.

He is deliberately vague about whether he was missing on the Tuesday or the Wednesday but having actually rehearsed what he thinks other people will say and by admitting he does not remember the quiz, finally admits that yes it must have been the Tuesday night he was not at the restaurant. Strange, that was the night Madeleine was crying for one hour and fifteen minutes.

The way he goes on at great length to explain about the double locking of the front doors and initially they were not checking each others children but oh then yes they were and no I mean actually we were going through the rear patio doors to well no did I go in and check the McCanns kids, erm no I am not sure if I did or not. Yea right Russell, but I am sure Gerry was at least pleased you put the bit right about going in through the patio doors rather than having his key and going through the front door, I mean easy to slip your mind, I am sure, whether you had his key and whether you even went in there. Somehow I think you did!

I wish people would stop just trying to blame David Payne, this one is at least as bad! And then there is Gerry........


Wizard said...

Hi All,

Cooler the last couple of days so I feeling better but asprine at the ready.

Did anyone see yesterday's Sun it has to be seen to be believed - well another way to keep the Maddie story alive.


viv said...

Well maybe this man sees that a mention of Maddie will be great publicity for his new book and then of course The Sun, will publish any old guff with Maddie in the headline!

I take there is no major breakthrough to report from the Circus Antics of the McMad Pretendy Defectives and their attempts to break into prison and have a little chat with a murder suspect. That could have been even more of a challenge than getting into the cancer ward to see Hewlett. True, you could not make this stuff up!

viv said...

This is interesting from the process files on Pamalam's site. When the PJ stated they no longer wanted the assistance of Robert Murat who had been closely involved for two day, he did a very McCann type of thing, went and spoke to a lot of journalists. Some have suggested, and I tend to agree, that perhaps Robert was deliberately used by the McCanns as a diversion tactic and just think how helpful he would be being there with the police as they worked! I believe that it was always part of the scheming of Gerry McCann that there would be large libel payouts after he himself had made sure the press got media fever. Robert Murat has profited from this even more than the McCanns perhaps!

I do not think I can ever discount or forget Gerry's imperious and clearly rather furious reaction to that question and do you know Robert Murat...and then he almost pulled Kate's arm out the socket as he dragged her off!


I make it known that on 04.05.2007, about 09h30, in the company of my colleague Irene Trovão, I went under higher orders to the "Ocean Club", in order to, among other things, establish contact with GNR officers who were in the area, from where the minor Madeleine had been abducted.
--- One of the objectives would be to put off the track of [clear up?; resolve?] possible useful information for the discovery of the whereabouts of the minor, that in the meantime had become known to those officers.
--- An individual named Robert Murrat was already in the area, who had presented himself to the GNR, making himself available to help should he be needed, particularly as an interpreter.
--- When I asked he told me that his mother is English, hence he knows that language perfectly having spent much time in England. He added also that he had a daughter more or less the same age as the missing girl.
--- That this individual collaborated [worked] with the police on 4 and 5 May 2007, namely in the Mobile Police station based in the area.
--- That at a certain time, when we made it known [to him] that his collaboration with the police was not required, he made contact with numerous journalists who were in the area.
--- On 06.05.2007 the undersigned was contacted by some of the journalists who said they thought the behaviour of that individual was suspicious during his contact with them, namely he always displayed extreme curiosity, and when they tried to take his picture he refused vehemently, showing much fear [alarm] stating that he did not want his photo taken because he had a daughter the same age as the missing child and was in the middle of a divorce.
--- Later, when confronted with [questioned about] his behaviour, Robert Murrat was extremely nervous, affirming that it was our choice, immediately left the area and did not come back.
--- Given the suspicions raised it was thought convenient [appropriate] to keep him relatively close, for the purpose of, simultaneously and immediately, beginning a detailed investigation into this individual to confirm or dispel the suspicions raised about him.

viv said...

and whilst it is difficult to generalise about sex offenders, here are some of the noted characteristics, that I would say are shared by Gerry McCann, he does display poor coping skills and inappropriate responses that he clearly does not have the capacity to perceive are inappropriate, laughing on Madeleine's birthday, laughing when asked about whether he ever gave the children calpol or something to make them sleep, laughing when Paxman suggested her just created and used the media circus to suit himself, getting angry when asked if he knew Murat, ripping his microphone off and storming off a TV set when asked about blood found, that is just to name a few. This is not a man who has good interpersonal skills or normal human reactions and emotions, it it? And then what of a litany of crass remarks, for one totally lacking in empathy this rates very highly, demonstrating his cold and impersonal attitude to what I would say is someone he perceives as his victim rather than a beloved child, "the situation Madeleine finds herself in" and " we realised the abductors may even do something to her eye, but it was a good marketing ploy", I think Gerry quite unwittingly told the world just what a dangerous thug he really is with some of his behaviour and remarks.:

Social, interpersonal, and intimacy deficits

Another cluster of characteristics that seems to be fairly common among sex offenders involves problems in the social or interpersonal realm, with issues such as ineffective communication skills, social isolation, general social skills deficits, or problems in intimate relationships; and some experts believe that these characteristics have some role in the development of sexually abusive behavior.10 And a few of these issues, such as problems establishing and maintaining intimate relationships, are also associated with an increased risk for sexual recidivism.11

Victim empathy deficits

A specific interpersonal problem that is believed to be common to many sex offenders is that of empathy deficits. This concept is about putting oneself in another person’s shoes, so to speak, or the ability to feel what another person may be feeling. For some time it was believed that sex offenders lacked the ability to be empathic in general, although later it was suggested that their deficits were more specific to their victims.12 While it may not surprise you that victim empathy deficits are common with sex offenders, and that it may be related in part to how individuals are able to engage in sexually abusive behavior, you may be surprised to learn that this specific factor has not been found to predict recidivism among sex offenders.13

Poor coping or self–management skills

When looking at other descriptive research or literature about sex offenders, a lack of healthy or effective coping skills is often mentioned.14 For example, some offenders have difficulties managing their emotions appropriately, and some are highly impulsive and tend not to think carefully about the consequences of their behaviors before they act—or they may have difficulty resisting their urges from time to time. We all know that many people in the general public have difficulties managing certain emotions at times, and many of us can and do act in impulsive ways occasionally. So, although these kinds of problems or features are seen commonly among groups of sex offenders, it does not mean that they are unique to sex offenders. Nor does it mean that these kinds of variables cause people to commit sex offenses. Nonetheless, the research and literature does indicate that some of these factors—specifically emotional and behavioral self–regulation difficulties—may be part of what leads someone down the path to sex offending, and they are also associated with reoffending.15

viv said...

Kate is just not lacking in these social skills like Gerry is she, when he behaves in this way, she just looks embarrassed and tries to make excuses for his impulsive and angry behaviour, most notably when he stormed off the television set.

And on the Spanish interview he looked like a fish out of water when she bent over, ahem, apparently crying at the end, he does not know how to respond to emotion in others. On the Oprah show, Kate is putting on a reasonable show of sadness and grief, he expansively stretches back away from her, looking suitably irritated and well frankly, bored! Almost like you could hear him thinking I dont know the crap I have to go through for this lot, there had better be plenty of cash rolling in for this...I am not sure Kate is putting it on very well....useless woman!

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

Yesterday you said: “The Sun, will publish any old guff with Maddie in the headline!”

Well not to be out done the Sunday Express lead with a Maddie headline.

“Will Maddie Now be Found?

This story although on their front page no longer appears to be in their on-line edition.

I was reading recently Andrew Marr’s excellent book “My trade” he says any headline followed by a question mark is a lie. Hmmm…

Wizard said...

Off topic here but I was just looking at Anna Racoon’s blog – she has unfortunately been ill with “swine flu” so called she says because of the swine who gave it to her. LOL

Di said...

Hi all

Just looking in, busy weekend.

Wizard that is an interesting comment re headlines. I will be keeping an eye on those.

viv said...

Hiya both

I will be looking for those attention grabbing but false headlines. I am sure The Sun and the Daily Express know that and their attempts to still cash in on Maddie headlines is pretty pathetic, just like her parents!

Hope you had a great weekend!


Wizard said...

Good Morning,

I was just thinking about the McCanns actions in regard to the PJ investigation.

Not only did Kate not answer the questions put to her by the pj, the McCanns would not sign a release document for their bank accounts or medical records to allow the Portuguese police a sighting. The also refused to return to Portugal for the police re-enactment of the night their daughter went missing. The list goes on.

They made things very difficult for the Portuguese to remove them from their enquiries.

As parents of a missing child the finger of suspicion is bound to point in your direction - especially if you were the last person to see the child alive and well and there is no evidence of a stranger abduction. It is, therefore, imperative you clear your position ASAP to allow the police investigation to continue searching for the unknown person/s who you know are involved.

The McCanns did not do this they went out of their way to thwart the Portuguese investigation.

Can the McCanns really complain about their vilification when their actions compound and strengthen suspicion of their involvement?

By saying it wasn’t us is just not good enough.

Di said...

Hi all


I totally agree with you.

They also said they trusted their friends 100%. Friends or not I would still want the police to thoroughly investigate them all, if they had nothing to hide they would go out of their way to help. However, reading their interviews we know that is not the case.

If they were all innocent, and really believed that Madeleine had been abducted, they would have begged the PJ to quickly clear their names so that the search could continue. Did this happen? no.

Their only agenda from day one has been to save their own necks. Sadly Madeleine was not important.

Di said...

Hi Wizard

I see your post earlier, saying a ? after a newspaper headline indicates a lie, has been proved with the headline on the front page of yesterdays Sunday Express.

Thank you for sharing that information with us. By the way is Andrew's book a good read?

Newspapers take note! we are not fools, and if this is McCann spin, shame on them, and more fool you for printing lies.

viv said...

Hiya Di, I continue to believe the Daily Express do nothing but scoff at Team McCann and the question mark is one of those innocuous little things, they can say to Carter Ruck (who apparently regularly phone the press to keep them in check, or wind them up to do it a bit more so they can get another easy buck whilst laughing at their sick clients) what moi?

I think Team McCann are running scared at the moment, I just have this feeling something bad has happened for them. Call it one of my dreams and visions.

Now come on LP I have been defending you to the hilt, do not be letting me down!

Di said...

Hi Viv

It has gone very quiet, not like TM at all.

I do hope you are right with regards to LP, fingers and toes crossed. After two years, we need to see something moving forward for justice for Madeleine.

viv said...

Hiya Di

Well I think for one thing the McCanns are stung by the adverse publicity their attacks on Hewlett earned them.

They thought he was an easy target to attack, people do not like paedophiles. What the forgot to realise is people do not like injustice either.

Clarence Mitchell's subsequent remarks that it is not appropriate to name suspects they are investigating was pretty staggering in the circumstances. I would not be at all surprised if they have not been warned about harassing people. So much for their Summer Campaign.

I remain convinced that the police have more than enough evidence to know that Gerry McCann and his accomplices are responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine. That, together with the hefty fraud he then indulged in is not going to make the police forget about him. The crime was just far too serious. To me that is obvious and I mistrust people who are politicising this and trying to blame Gordon Brown. The lack of any prosecution so far is nothing to do with him, it is to do with the fact the police need to build a concrete case against the McCanns that will not enable their lawyers to evade their prosecution on the basis there is an element of doubt. That is the purpose of Kate trawling the files and looking for others to stitch up, but it will not work.


viv said...

Interesting article esp:

(given I think Kate and Gerry launder money they pilfer from people through the Find Maddie Fund so that they do not have to pay any tax on it)

A new pilot project involving officials from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), Soca and Acpo will launch later this year, aimed at increasing the number of gang bosses prosecuted through tax laws.

Criminal gangs 'costing UK £40bn'
Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson says criminal gangs are evolving their tactics

The UK has about 30,000 criminals who are members of organised crime gangs, and who cost the country up to £40bn a year, a report says.

The Home Office is planning a new strategy to tackle criminals, using tax powers to prosecute them.

And the joint Home Office and Cabinet Office report also said criminal gangs were using new technology.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson said the strategy "goes further than ever before" in fighting organised crime.

The report also warned that gang violence would increase during the downturn as gangs battled for market share, and said the recession would create "new opportunities" for organised criminals.

And it also suggested there was an increasing level of co-operation between organised gangs and failed states such as Somalia.

This strategy goes further than ever before in taking the fight to organised criminals
Alan Johnson, Home Secretary

The report includes plans for a new strategic centre within the Home Office, which would improve monitoring of efforts to tackle the problem.

And the new strategy includes plans to use tax powers to pin down elusive criminals, shutting down "front" businesses like saunas and massage parlours used for criminal ends, and seeking to block the use of mobile phones in prisons.

The strategy would also investigate the UK-based assets of overseas criminals and step up the approach to international organised crime through better co-ordination overseas.

This will target the emergence of criminal networks in weak and failing states, the Home Office said.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca), set up in 2006 with the specific aim of tackling the problem, estimates there are 6,000 major criminals in the UK.

But Soca admits not all can be prosecuted for their crimes, which include drugs and people trafficking and money laundering.

As a result, ministers plan to target criminals for non-payment of tax.

Pilot project

A new pilot project involving officials from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), Soca and Acpo will launch later this year, aimed at increasing the number of gang bosses prosecuted through tax laws.

Mr Johnson said the UK is known as a "world leader" in the fight against serious organised crime.

He also said the threat of criminal gangs "continues to evolve and it is right that we update and strengthen our response to match it.

"This strategy goes further than ever before in taking the fight to organised criminals - from the hard-to-reach criminal bosses to the lower-level players that are harming our communities."

But deputy chief constable Jon Murphy, of the Association of Chief Police Officers, said political decisions could be behind the "gap" between the scale of the problem and the ability of law enforcement agencies to tackle it.

Mr Murphy said: "I think we all acknowledge that gap does exist. Why does it exist?

"Arguably, it could be because it's a political decision. I think equally it's because of the changing nature of criminality."

He added: "British organised crime gangs are fluid, flexible and opportunistic. There are no set ranks, rules or structures which you can see with international crime gangs.

"At the very top level, the number of 'Mr Bigs' is relatively small, and those individuals and groups associated with the most harm are subject to the highest level of enforcement and intervention."

viv said...

But Soca admits not all can be prosecuted for their crimes, which include drugs and people trafficking and money laundering.

I do hope this does not include Kate and Gerry McCann due to lack of sufficient evidence.