8 Jun 2009

Tunisia will never be quite the same again:-)))

luke gets a few more tips off the professional photographer

luke helps give a very professional performance of Riverdance!

Mom repeatedly nicked all the best toy boys
my yacht that my ex employers bought for me, which was nice x
Luke and I are encouraged to become the entertainment!


Di said...

Hi Viv

Thanks for posting your holiday photographs, it is easy to see you are all thoroughly enjoying yourselves and each others company.

How fantastic to see three generations holidaying together, and more importantly spending the day and evenings together as should be.

Di said...


Thanks for the link to the video I have not seen that one before.

The reason I asked whether Clarence is a Freemason, is because I have found out through a family member they will do whatever is necessary to cover a brothers back.

Who was it who said Clarence lies with as many teeth etc. Just a thought!

viv said...

Thanks Di and yes we are a close family who have always been happy in each other's company. My kids were not dumped in bed at party or holiday time when they were little either!

viv said...

Stay on other thread for Maddie comments x

mandarinn said...

Very nice hollidays:In which place in Tunise where you?I use to spend some summer hollidays there, iswarm water and nice people. Of course portuguese beaches are more beautiful but the water is not as warm and the cost of life is higher.
I will go there for 2 weeks, aug/sept. and i'm loooking forwo rds for that...Isn't nice they call you ".. toi la gazelle.."it cheers yuo up xxx.
You have a lovely family and i can see you look like your mother, younger.
Did you read the news about Maddie's case over there?
I'm going to see the other thread.

viv said...

Hello Mandarinn and how lovely to hear from you. I think that is the secret put some photos on and you arrive (not of the McCanns of course).

We stayed at Hammamet, Yasmine which was a lovely place about 6 kilom from the town centre where I enjoyed doing some bartering the Medina but look could not cope with the hassle!

Luke was happier paragliding off the beach or some other white knuckle ride. Mom has been to
Tunisia about 15 times now but for Luke and I it was a first, but we would definitely go again. Weather people and scenery, different way of life were all lovely. Swimming every day has really done me good. It is just not the same in UK having to get ready to go to the swimming baths. There was also an indoor pool in our hotel and a couple of times Luke and I went for a midnight swim as the pool was very nearby. Just fantastic and lovely strawberries for breakfast!

I did not find the water quite so warm as in Egypt but this did not matter, some days there were terrific waves which I just love to play in but could not persuade mom to join me!

I actually look a lot more like my late father (big and blond) but think I am just like mom in my ways, love to play up and have a laugh! I wish I could go as brown as my mom who has much darker skin, so does my sister. My brother is fair like me and again, just like my dad.

Mom may not look young but I am so proud of the way she does look at 82! She is still incredibly vain, oh no look at my hair etc and wears some fantastic clothes, bless her.

Unfortunately my step father had a nasty fall down some steps at the hotel, but we looked after him. He still has masses of bruising all down his forearm and so they paid someone to come and do the lawns for them, which he normally does. They also tend a very large flower garden and veg patch, keep the house immaculate, they are both amazing but like Luke and I to go with them now as George struggles with the cases and gets flustered at airports. We are happy to do that!

bath theory said...

By the way Plymouth is not that far from Exeter is it.



viv said...

Thanks BT and get the inference, new post!

Not helpful for the image of Kate McCann!!