11 Jun 2009

Nursery Worker sexually assaults tots

Vanessa George, arrested at her home address
Presumably this vile woman actually perpetrated the assaults on tots in her care so that images could be offered for sale. There are no words I can think of to express my revulsion at her conduct, other than my heart goes out to all the parents who trusted this evil woman with their tiny tots and I hope she gets a very lengthy sentence for seemingly being at the top of the "chain of supply". It is noticeable the male charged is in connection with distribution of the images, not actually perpetuating these terrible assaults.

The trauma to the parents who may not even know if their child has been assaulted and are having to fill in questionnaires about any distinguishing features is just unimaginable. And what of the little children themselves, what a truly wicked and disgusting woman. She is going to get one hell of a tough ride in custody!


From The TimesJune 11, 2009

Little Ted's nursery worker Vanessa George charged with child abuse
Vanessa George
Simon de Bruxelles
Alpha Mummy: every parent's fear

Dozens of parents are waiting to discover whether their children were among those allegedly assaulted by a nursery worker charged with sexual abuse of those in her care.

Vanessa George, a mother of two, will appear in court today charged with seven offences, including two of sexual assault by penetration and two of sexual assault by touching. She was also charged with making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children.

Mrs George, 39, was arrested on Monday night after indecent images of children taken at Little Ted’s Day Nursery in Plymouth, were found on a computer disc seized by police from a suspected paedophile in Manchester.

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Police said yesterday that the photographs included pictures of children’s torsos taken on a camera phone at the nursery, where Mrs George is believed to have worked for the past two years.

So far, none of the children has been identified, and the officer leading the investigation said that some of them might never be. Parents of the 64 children, aged between 2 and 5, have been asked to complete a questionnaire and list any features that could help to identify individual children from the images.

Computers and other equipment seized during raids on the nursery, in the grounds of Laira Primary School, and on Mrs George’s home are being examined by experts from Devon and Cornwall police.

Chief Superintendent Jim Webster, the police commander for Plymouth, said: “It is a disturbing situation. As we go through the painstaking task of identifying who may be concerned, we are focusing on communication with the families we believe are involved.”

Russ Middleton, the head of Plymouth CID, said: “At this time we have been unable to identify any images of individual children and it is right to say some images may never be identified.” The number of photographs being examined by the computer experts could eventually run into thousands, Mr Middleton said, though he could not say how many had been taken in the nursery.

He added: “We have specially trained officers looking at the images. We have a large number taken from laptops and PCs but the starting point was from a camera phone. Some of these images were clearly taken inside the nursery but it is impossible to say where others were taken.”

Mr Middleton would not disclose in what capacity Mrs George was employed at the nursery or whether she had undergone a criminal records check.

Plymouth City Council said: “As a private day care nursery provider, the unit’s management would have a duty to ensure all staff had the appropriate CRB [Criminal Records Bureau] checks carried out.”

Paul O’Sullivan, the director of Health Services for Children and Families, said that a support line had been opened to provide advice to concerned parents.

Mrs George’s arrest followed that of Colin Blanchard, who appeared at Trafford Magistrates’ Court yesterday charged with possessing and distributing indecent images.

Officers searched a caravan that Mrs George owns at Harlyn Bay near Padstow, Cornwall, in addition to the family home in the Efford area of Plymouth. Police said that her husband, Andrew, and two teenage children had been taken into “protective care”.

Police will be speaking to the nursery’s 15 other members of staff but say they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the investigation.

BBC report
Woman charged with sexual assault

Vanessa George was arrested at her home
A nursery worker has been charged with four counts of sexual assault and three counts relating to the distribution of indecent images of children.
Vanessa George, 39, of Plymouth, Devon, was arrested at her home in the Efford area of the city on Monday night.
Police said they believed some images found may have been taken inside the Little Ted's nursery where she worked.
Ms George is in police custody and due to appear before Plymouth Magistrates' Court on Thursday, officers said.
As well as the sexual assault charges, Ms George faces one count each of making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children.
Little Ted's nursery, in Laira, remains closed.
Russ Middleton, head of CID at Devon and Cornwall Police, describes the investigation
About 40 police officers are working on the case, including internet crime investigators. Children's care specialists are also involved in the operation, police said.
At a police press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Ch Supt Jim Webster of Devon and Cornwall Police said officers realised it was a "very sensitive issue" and a "significant and distressing situation".
Police said work was under way to identify the children in the images, some of which were found on a camera phone, but added it was possible that not all of them would be traced because some pictures were only of torsos.
However, Det Ch Supt Russ Middleton, head of Devon and Cornwall CID, told the conference: "It is safe to say we believe some of the images were taken in the nursery, but others... it is impossible to say where that may be."

The nursery remains closed
Police added that they were to carry out investigations on computer equipment that had been seized, and that a caravan near Harlyn Bay, near Padstow in Cornwall, had been searched as well.
Plymouth City Council and the NHS in Plymouth said that support would be provided for the children and families who used the nursery.
The council's director of Children's Services, Bronwyn Lacey, said about 95 families were being contacted.
She said: "Our plan is that today every family that we know about will have had either a phone call or a visit by a social worker and a police family liaison officer."
Police said they were continuing to speak to staff and parents of children who used the nursery.
About 100 people attended a meeting on Tuesday evening held by police and local council child care staff for parents whose children attended the nursery.
Bronwyn Lacey, director of Children's Services, says they have contacted families
Ch Supt Webster said: "Last night's meeting was well attended by those people associated with the nursery and we took the opportunity to allay their fears where possible and also further the police investigation into the allegations.
"We will continue to liaise with local groups and people associated with the nursery and are committed with our partners to update concerned and interested parties at the earliest opportunity."
Police gave no indication as to when the nursery, which caters for about 60 children, would reopen.
Ms George was arrested after Devon and Cornwall Police were contacted by officers in Manchester after a 38-year-old man from near Rochdale was charged in connection with the investigation.
The man, from Littleborough, appeared at Trafford Magistrates' Court on Tuesday charged with possessing and distributing indecent images.


viv said...

More detailed report from The Times above which sadly includes the fact two of the children were actually penetrated. Given their ages, 2-5 this is particularly horrific.

viv said...

From The TimesJune 11, 2009

Analysis: Soham loopholes still not closedRosemary Bennett, Social Affairs Correspondent
The investigation into alleged child abuse at the Little Ted nursery is likely to consider whether the worker who was charged yesterday was subjected to the correct vetting process.

Loopholes in vetting came to light after the Soham murders of 2002. Yet a new system designed to strengthen checks has yet to come into force, although ministers say they are confident that they will meet the latest deadline of this October.

In the meantime, nurseries are covered by Ofsted, the schools inspectorate, and staff by checks with the Criminal Records Bureau. Every nursery must be registered with Ofsted before it opens. It must then be inspected every two to three years and the reports made public. Although the quality of care and learning is the main focus of the inspectors, they must also ensure that staff are qualified and vetted.

All staff must have a Criminal Records Bureau check. While applications are processed, nursery staff can work. But they must never be left alone with a child unsupervised or change a nappy.

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However, there have always been concerns that a criminal record check is not comprehensive enough, especially in the area of sexual abuse. Those fears were confirmed by the Soham murders. Ian Huntley, who had no criminal record but who had faced repeated allegations of abuse, was hired as a school caretaker even though social workers knew of four incidents of underage sex. He went on to kill Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

The new system will cover not just prosecutions, but record any police investigations or allegations. Those “enhanced” checks will be administered by a new agency, the Independent Safeguarding Authority, which will check data held by agencies such as social services. It will allow complaints or concerns that stop short of formal action to be recorded. If a nursery worker has acted suspiciously but leaves the job before action is taken, a note can be made on the record. Taken with any other evidence, it may suggest that the person is a risk.

Given the Government’s lack of success with IT projects, though, doubts remain as to whether the system will be set up in time or whether it will be able to cope — 11.3 million people must be registered.

bath theory said...

Repeated post as it may be nothing but it may link in some way, who knows. Dreadful story.

By the way Plymouth is not that far from Exeter is it.



Di said...

This is a truly shocking case. The anguish that these poor parents will be going through must be unbearable. Sadly most of them will probably never know if their child was a victim. My heart goes out to them all and their children.

Wizard said...

This case stands out from similar cases because the perpetrator of the crime is a woman.

Although it appears she was making financial gain from selling these pictures the unnamed 38-year-old man charged in connection with this investigation is probably Mrs George’s love interest and has put her up to all this.

He no doubt selected and groomed her for attention because of her job.

This, of course, hasn’t been mentioned yet but I bet this is the case. What amazes me is the gullibility of some women and the depths of depravity they are prepared to sink to hang onto a man.

Words fail me.

Di said...

I don't know whether any of you have seen the topic today about Anna Smith(journalist) who has got it in for the PJ and bloggers, especially 3A's and wants the site shut down.

It is now thought she could be Rosiepops, and this is who GA is going to out.


Soda said...

Well well well another sick Peadophile is taken to court in England and the whole defense of the McCann's is now there were 7 cases of child abuse with the rife peadophiles who live in Portugal...

One attack on a child is one too many but to try and bolster the discuting parenting style of the McCann's with this story is sick and very very wrong...

People need to wake up and realise their are sick Peados everywhere and the poor parents of the children in Little Teds nursery must be in bits...

Are the pros shouting Innocent until Proven Guilty over this nasty bitch??? No I doubt it very much...

If Madeleine was abducted the circus her parents have created has done everything to make sure she is never found and I cant belive a Mother of a missing child would put their child at risk by acting the way she has...

What kind of world do we live in it is getting sicker by the day and England is a breading ground for Peadophiles and parents who dont give a damn...

viv said...

Hiya all

Wiz, I am not so sure about them being lovers because she comes from Plymouth and he, Manchester, which must be about 300 miles! Maybe it just shows the extent of the links across the country for people who wish to perpetuate what must surely rate as the most vile business possible.


How interesting, the raving verbosity is truly very similar! No wonder the NOW is Gerry's favourite paper. I have noticed that just recently Rosie seems to be really laying into the 3As and yet just a few months ago, she was cooing it was just that bitch (me) I do not want to fall out with anyone on 3 As, I just want you to understand what she is like.

Well up yours Rosie, I understand what you are like, child abuser defender!

Will go across and have a look at the topic. If this is right I cannot wait for Goncalo to blow the whistle, that should really liven things up. As for getting 3As closed down, flipping no chance!

Oh also Rosie, is very upset about us saying Payne and
Gerry are paedos. The truth hurts!! I would just add, let us not forget Russell OB


viv said...

Hiya Hopey!

Well the Pros have repeatedly defended Madam Cipriano the child abuser/murderer who likes sex with her own brother. Repeatedly Rosie insisted Goncalo would be sent to jail and poor Madam Cipriano could restart the search for her missing child. Strange that given both of them admit to murdering the child! But no behaviour is too perverse for Rosie!

I agree there is a selfish culture in UK where it seems any crime goes so long as it makes money. The culture that spawned such evil people as the TAPAS kid abusers who do not manage to bring one home again.


Do you remember that no matter how vile and abusive Rosie was on the DE she never got banned, apart from once when she clearly went way over the top with her little crones attacking me in the early hours of the morning like the little coven of witches they are. Speaking of witch, one of them has disappeared following rumours of a fall out, Bum21, who claims she is a friend of Richard Branson lololololololololoxxxxxxxxxx

viv said...

This TV station were virtually accusing the McCanns of fraud. I won't shilly shally about it, they are FRAUDSTERS using their little girl as a cash cow and well done to this TV station for refusing to hand any money over to them. How dare they be FURIOUS?

Well done to Ironside too, for digging this one back up, I wonder what they have done with the money. I am sure it has helped children whose parents genuinely need help!

I am just glad I never gave a penny to the Kate and Gerry Charity, which obviously could not have legal status!

Sunday Mirror , Dec 2, 2007 by STEPHEN MAGUIRE
ShareEmailDiggFacebookTwitterGoogleDeliciousStumbleUponNewsvineLinkedInMy YahooTechnoratiRedditPrintRecommend0MADELEINE McCann's family are furious with TV3 bosses who froze a bank account which was meant to be used to help find the missing girl.

Almost EUR25,000 was raised by viewers of the TV station, based in Dublin, when it launched the Missing Maddie Fund in June. But station bosses decided not to hand over the cash because the main Maddie Fund was not a registered charity.

Last night Kate and Gerry McCann's family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said he was very disappointed at the station's move.

He said: "We would appeal to them to think again and forward the cash on so it can be used for the purpose it was intended.

"In relation to the charitable status of the fund we took legal advice on this issue and were advised not to do this.

"But we want to assure people, including TV3, that every penny of the fund can be accounted for." The TV3 Maddie appeal was launched in a blaze of publicity on June 1 after huge viewer interest in the plight of the missing four-year-old.

Donations of EUR24,345 soon flooded in, and the cash remains in an account at the Allied Irish Bank headquarters in Ballsbridge, Co Dublin, gathering interest.

A spokesman for the station said earlier that if a registered charity is not set up for Maddie the money will be donated to a registered child protection caus

Sunday Mirror , Dec 2, 2007 by STEPHEN MAGUIRE
ShareEmailDiggFacebookTwitterGoogleDeliciousStumbleUponNewsvineLinkedInMy YahooTechnoratiRedditPrintRecommend0MADELEINE McCann's family are furious with TV3 bosses who froze a bank account which was meant to be used to help find the missing girl.

Almost EUR25,000 was raised by viewers of the TV station, based in Dublin, when it launched the Missing Maddie Fund in June. But station bosses decided not to hand over the cash because the main Maddie Fund was not a registered charity.

Last night Kate and Gerry McCann's family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said he was very disappointed at the station's move.

He said: "We would appeal to them to think again and forward the cash on so it can be used for the purpose it was intended.

"In relation to the charitable status of the fund we took legal advice on this issue and were advised not to do this.

"But we want to assure people, including TV3, that every penny of the fund can be accounted for." The TV3 Maddie appeal was launched in a blaze of publicity on June 1 after huge viewer interest in the plight of the missing four-year-old.

Donations of EUR24,345 soon flooded in, and the cash remains in an account at the Allied Irish Bank headquarters in Ballsbridge, Co Dublin, gathering interest.

A spokesman for the station said earlier that if a registered charity is not set up for Maddie the money will be donated to a registered child protection caus

viv said...

oh lol, just started to read the thread on 3 as and there is an excellent comment here from Swati:

Now,I am "concerned" by the big silent coming from rothley....what can we make out of it?I wonder.....are they looking for a new paedo? or setting up a Madeleine"s new sighting?

Joe said...

I have to disagree with Wizard and the belief that this woman was selected and groomed by the man charged. The fact is some women are capable of paedophilia on their own volition. Men on the whole are blamed for the small percentage of men who are paedophiles. No woman would do such a thing as this woman to hang on to a man. Why on earth would a woman want to hang on to a man that is a paedophile, and do his bidding? No way. There are bad women as well, up to now society always considered that women were mostly unlikely to commit acts against children. Not true anymore as this case proves. Beverly Allett killed her patients. The motive of this woman may be for financial gain or sexual gratification or both. More stringent measures are needed to safe guard innocent children and that this time it is a woman throws the whole notion of paedophilia being restricted to males up in the air.

Soda said...

Hi Viv

Yes I remember how she and some others were never banned on the DX...

She could not help herself either by trying to hint she knew what was going to happen next..

I think that is Team McCann's main problem they think they are really clever when in fact if they had hired the right team would have got away with it... Then people who could have offerd that kind of advice cant be bought...

viv said...

Hiya Joe

I suppose, to an extent, we have to come an open mind on this because we only have the most basic details and it is likely we will not find out the full circumstances until they are actually tried.

But from what I can see, I also tend to disagree with Wiz on this one. This woman is a long way from Manchester and she has to face far more serious charges than him, of actually sexually abusing the children, two of them by penetration. He is only concerned with the distribution, which is serious but not nearly so serious as what she has done.

Given their distance apart it seems difficult to imagine they are a West and West or Brady and Hindley type who abused children for their mutual gratification. It seems to me this is more to do with money, but of course you would have to be a very perverted person to actually assault tots in the way that she has.

I do think it is wise to remember that women can be just as evil as men, but statistically they still only represent a tiny fraction of the offences committed by men. But when money and fraud are involved it is not unusual to see the woman being the ringleader and I wonder if this is what we are looking at here. It is a bit like the canoe man and Rose West, they are acclaimed to be the main motivation behind the offending. When Rose turned her back on Fred and snubbed him after their arrest, it is stated he could no longer face life and hung himself. But I think there is another way to look at this, people like West and Sutcliffe are undoutedly control freaks, like Gerry McCann, when they are in control, they are fine. Taking their own life as they both did is the final act of control, taking their secrets with them and knowing how much the victims suffer by not hearing them apologise and explain just why they did what they did.

viv said...

Hiya Hope

Well there is nothing clever about Rosie and Bum, saying things like, if only you know what we know, only a few weeks, just wait and see.

Rosie even pointed out she had made the drive between PDL and Huelva on many occasions. On another just before the McCanns went to Brussels if I remember correctly she was bragging she had just had some really productive meetings. No doubt with that smarmy tory snake, McMillan Scott. Who would actually believe they are clever by snuggling up to him!!

If Goncalo is going to take the lid of this lot, we will just see how clever they really are!

Just cannot wait!!!

If it can be proven that a NOW reporter has acted as Rosie has, how much incredible and further damage is this going to do to Kate and Gerry McCann. I have always said Rosie was their worst enemy and sometimes mused Gerry ought to pay her to shut up! He will begin to wish he had done just that.

I do not think Goncalo will necessary fight fair with these two, they do not deserve that, they deserve to be just be exposed for the manipulative and abusive liars that they are, who disposed, mercilessly of their own little girl and then done everything they could to avoid prosecution and cash in. No stone was left unturned in looking for their next money grabbing project. But if and when it all comes out, watch the Daily Express go for their jugular, just like they did with "Lord ARcher" who also had the audacity to con them out of half a million, he paid it back three times over and got four years in the nick for his trouble;. This is what cheats and liars whose only motivation is money truly deserve.


viv said...

What did it take to make Clarence Mitchell furious? People wanting to change their lines! Police "certain" Tanner never left the poolside during dinner

McCann story switch duo named Stewart Maclean in Praia Da Luz 9/11/2007

Madeleine McCann (PA)
The friends of the McCanns who allegedly want to alter their accounts of the night Madeleine vanished were named yesterday.

Newspaper 24 Horas said Dr Russell O'Brien and his partner Jane Tanner had contacted police to "correct" their statements.

Detectives leading the six month probe into the missing four-year-old said the move could lead to a major breakthrough.

A source was quoted as saying: "The investigation could be changed dramatically if the two witnesses decide to clarify what happened."

The paper said that Dr O'Brien, 36, and Ms Tanner, 37 - part of the socalled Tapas Nine - asked to be seen anonymously for fear of pressure by Kate and Gerry McCann's supporters.

Ms Tanner commented: "I'm sorry, I don't want to say anything."

But 24 Horas claimed the couple, from Exeter, Devon, want to change key parts of their statements - which could include Ms Tanner saying she saw a man carrying a child from the Ocean Club on May 3.

The paper said police were now certain she had not left the poolside restaurant during dinner.

Detectives have also queried Dr O'Brien's statement, including why he was absent from the meal for up to 45 minutes.

Other alleged "inconsistencies" include how much wine they had and childcare arrangements.

Kate and Gerry's spokesman Clarence Mitchell furiously denied Dr O'Brien and Ms Tanner had contacted the police.

He said: "They are categorically not the couple. There is no couple."

viv said...

BT this is getting weird.

This pervert woman operates from Plymouth.

Yvonne Martin thought she recognised David Payne in her professional capacity as a child protection worker. At her rogs, it was pointed out one of the areas she worked in was Plymouth.

Russell OB and Tanner left Leicester to go and work in Exeter for the University of Plymouth.

and that is without even mentioning Robert Murat. See posts from way back below on this blog below:
Dr Russell O'Brien: 36Ms Tanner's partner, he lived near the McCann's in Leicester before moving to Devon. He left the dining table for 25 minutes to look after his young daughter, who was ill. In August 2007 he had to defend himself against "untrue" reports in Portuguese newspapers that he was to be named as a suspect. LINK-------------------------------------Dr O'Brien, who works in the Peninsula Medical School at the University of Plymouth's Exeter campus, lived near the McCann's in Leicester before moving to Devon with Miss Tanner Jane Tanner: 36 She provided the most crucial evidence, saying she saw a man carry a child from the apartment wrapped in a blanket at 9.15pm. She thought nothing of it until the alarm was raised an hour later. Her description of the child's pyjamas matched Madeleine's.---------------------------------------- LINK LINK LINK LINKThe mother-of-two She said the man was 5ft 10in tall and aged about 35. Her description of the child's clothing matched Madeleine's pyjamas.

David Payne: 41David Payne is a senior research fellow at Leicester University. he helped run the Find Madeleine campaign. Last week he spoke for the first time to say: "We know they didn't do it. One of our party saw Madeleine being abducted. We were waiting for something to happen but didn't in our worst nightmare think it would be this." -----------------------------------------David Payne is NOT a senior research fellow at Leicester University. That was a temporary post which ended in 2003. He is a surgeon at Leicester Royal Infirmary, specialising in strokes.,

viv said...

Some bright spark on 3As claimed Blackpool is a haven for paedos, I am beginning to think it is Plymouth!!

viv said...

I think all anti McCann bloggers should feel proud that we and The Daily Express, stopped McCann from going ahead with Maddie the Movie etc and banking about ten million as he clearly planned to.


viv said...

and flashing his new Ferrari or Maserati, no doubt. Tough luck Gez! All that scheming and the cup runneth dry, justice!

Now stuck with the cheap and useless lawyer, Smellhurst. Jack of all trades master of none!

bath theory said...

You should feel proud because you set this one up and it helped feed those who came after you. The DX should never have backed down. Whoever Rosiepops is she or he was simply weird in their answers. lacking of balance and integrity. I really did feel RP was a family member - it seemed like blind bigotry.

bath theory said...

Exactly - I felt straightaway there is a connection here with plymouth and Exeter. This sort of thing could be the start of a wider way of getting at the McCanns. If there is this sort of thing behind the case then this would soften the public and then BIF BOF the prison awaits for the dynamic duo.

bath theory said...

Time will expose it all and I firmly believe they will be exposed fully.

viv said...

Hiya BT

That has been my thinking for a long time. These "doctors" are into sexually abusing tots and the police lack sufficient evidence to immediately arrest. But these chains go all over the country and I do feel links will be made back to Payne, OB and Gerry in particular.

I have also felt that if they cannot get them on one particular charge they will go for something else. The British Police have played this very close to their chest, that is the way they operate. In the end I just know we will see a result!


viv said...

I believe that thanks in no small part to the blogging community, Gerry had to give up his perverse ideas of convincing the public they are innocent and cashing in.

If he no longer feared the police he would long since have just shut up. Various detective firms as Marco admitted are not to find Madeleine they are to generate sightings in an attempt to exonerate Kate and Gerry McCann. The Find Maddie Fund, has been one big fraud, from Day 1, and as Goncalo says, the McCanns have been prime suspects from day one. Nothing Gerry ever does will change that situation. I just hope Goncalo plays his cards very carefully because I think he has given them some room for criticism due to the lack of hard evidence as to exactly what they did with her. I suspect that before a Portuguese Court, neither Goncalo or the McCanns would come out of it smelling of violets. If I were the judge I would say how can you care about your reputation, when you just encouraged the media circus, and how can you try and maintain you are good parents when you claim you knew your children cried for you, but you just continue to leave them in danger?

Maybe we have a long wait for this apparent court battle, will it ever happen?


viv said...

this is interesting on the different types of child molester from:http://www.missingkids.com/en_US/publications/NC70.pdf

Situational-Type Child Molesters
The situational-type child molester does not usually have compulsive-paraphilic
sexual preferences including a preference for children. He may, however, engage
in sex with children for varied and sometimes complex reasons. For such a child
molester, sex with children may range from a “once-in-a-lifetime” act to a longterm
pattern of behavior. The more long-term the pattern, the further down the
continuum he may move. He will exhibit more and more of the behavior patterns
of the preferential-type offender. The situational-type molester usually has
fewer child victims. Other vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly, sick, or
disabled, may also be at a risk of sexual victimization by him. For example the
situational-type child molester who sexually abuses children in a daycare center
might leave that job and begin to sexually abuse elderly people in a nursing home.

(could not post the rest, too long)

But I wonder if that woman had not been caught where she might have worked next, would she have moved to onto abusing elderly people and stealing their money?

Anonymous said...

where is every one?????

Anonymous said...

OMG are people allowed to post in this wonderful site again!!!!

Anonymous said...

So this woman, charged but not yet had a trial is slagged off, and Hewlett CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST is stuck up for and the McCanns accused of framing him. Unbelievable!!!!!

viv said...

The woman has been charged because there is clear evidence against, her moron!

Hewlett has not been charged in the McCann case because he was extensively investigated and found not to be involved. As such, he was never even a named suspect, unlike Kate and Gerry McCann, who were suspects from day one and ARguidos for a year until the case got shelved due to lack of evidence at precisely what they did with Madeleine.

No one is sticking up for what Hewlett did to teenaged children back in the seventies. It is your side who stick up for child abusers and murders stating that Cipriano who has admitted killing her child along with her brother is innocent and should be freed to find her child, a child she admits whose body was dumped. That is just plain sick.

It is not up to the McCann defectives to just go through the PJ file variously trying to pin the blame on those who have been investigated and eliminated. It is up to British and Portuguese Police to take any action they consider appropriate and both have confirmed they will not be interviewing Hewlett in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine. That is because they know who is responsible. The principal Arguidos, Kate and Gerry McCann. Just as soon as further evidence comes to light, they will get what they deserve for doing far more than the serious neglect they freely admit to.