23 Mar 2010

Cashing in on Little Maddie McCann

There are people all over the internet now with blogs and forums about Madeleine.  But so many of them are making money out of a missing little girl perpetuating death theories because it sells. You can be as sick and gory as you like.  Paypal buttons, advcrtising, books. They cannot move on with these apparent opinions now we have the Portuguese Police files or even accept the words of the Portuguese Prosecutor so recently in court, Mr Menezes, there is a 50:50 chance that Maddie is dead or alive and the parents could have been charged with kidnapping and trafficking her.   We have the parents perpetuating a fantasy stranger abduction theory and they have cashed in to the tune of millions. 

I could almost count on one hand now the number of people who are actually concerned about little Maddie herself and open to the possibility of her being dead or alive.  That is a terrible indictment on human nature.

I just opened this blog again so that I could say so and in the hope people can see how repugnant their behaviour is.  People who repeatedly attack the police and CEOP the only people who can actually bring Justice for Madeleine, so what is their agenda?   



viv said...


A new and more sanitized version of the old one, but I am sure we all remember it.

Laffin Assassin who attacked anyone with anything sensible to say and filled the site with obscene rubbish.

Then we had huge Tony Bennett appreciation threads and riveting posts like "A house in Knutsford" or "Clarence Mitchell Master Media Consultant" etc.

Then we have Bren and Photon being exposed for creating posters to attack other posters and argue with each other.

We had Bren signing the most bizarre thesis to the Commons Select Committee and Tony Bennett sending his ridiculous booklet to every MP.

If you click on the word "accident"
on Bren's current version of the 3 As it takes you to the massive National Accident Helpline, I am sure they would be happy to "pay per click".

Of course Bren will repeatedly tell you that what the McCanns did was just a little "accident".

Maybe I am not the only person who sees all of this for what it is, a massive campaign to get the McCanns sympathy from all these horrid oppressors who tell lies about them and an alternative route to getting funding, following the release of the Portuguese Police file.

What happened to Madeleine at the hands of the McCanns and their friends was no little accident Bren and I wonder how you manage to live with yourself.

People should ask themselves when commenting on this site whether they are providing advertising revenue, direct to Team McCann or whether they are just providing it direct to Bren.

The same with Tony Bennett, buy his Maddie rubbish and what are you contributing to?

What an ingenious plan, sell the Case Files and we can get the money, the McCanns are full of such creative accounting and thinking and have a penchant for employing bent people.

viv said...

Come to that why has "Missing Madeleine" removed countless thousands of posts, leaving nothing but inane rubbish, including this one:

Yes, that's right CEOP DO NOT ENDORSE MCCANN CLAIM OF ABDUCTION. Now forgive me, if you were actually "anti" McCann why would you remove that?

Why would these posters keep attacking CEOP, because they are attacking Team McCann, that is why!


viv said...

I put a comment on in respone to Bren not long ago, isn't it strange that Bonnybraes used to get so angry with me for talking about child abuse of Madeleine and shouting at me I must not "diss the dogs" when you are now doing just the same. Particularly given Bonny now freely admits she is a Pro McCann. Of course at the same time "Rosiepops" used to post on her blog, Bonnynobrains and all sorts of abuse about her.

"JJP" who is a "moderator" on both the 3As and Missing Madeleine rushed to remove my comment and sent me a "warning".

Sorry to say this but Bren, JJP, Laffin Assassin, Ambersuz, Photon, Tony Bennett etc are every bit as much "Pro McCann" as Rosiepops.

The McCanns want people blogging about them and they want the dog theories thoroughly vented, it has made them a fortune and detracts from what they really did with Madeleine.

But what the McCanns do not want is someone like me blogging about them, well tough luck!

If there are any decent people posting on those blogs, I hope you can now see sense and realise you are doing just the opposite to getting Justice for Maddie. You have been conned! Just think about all that advertising revenue, going to Team McCann every time someone clicks on one of those irritating little green links on "Missing Madeleine" or "3 Arguidos"

viv said...

and now all becomes clear about Bren's heroic fight for justice for Hollie Greig, see the vital paragraph from a very reliable website called SCUM (!) and also reports in the News of the World article *yes, Gerry's favourite paper* why it is some more paedophiles who the McCanns can accuse of taking Madeleine: (she has put the same paragraph in red ink on Missing Madeleine)

Several years ago, Denis and Greg Mackie went to live in Portugal. On 8th May 2007, immediately following Madeleine McCann`s disappearance, Anne Greig, accompanied by a victim`s support witness, went to her now local police station in Shrewsbury to tell them to alert the Portuguese Police, as despite the proven case of paedophile abuse, neither of the Mackies had a record of any kind. The McCann team has accepted that the Mackies ought to have been questioned immediately. It is now understood that the British Police failed to pass on these details to their Portuguese counterparts.



Well done Bren, if you actually believe in the guilt of the McCanns you have a strange way of showing it, will Rosiepops be running this one next? I am sure you would know!

viv said...

Tony Bennet, Brenda Ryan, Clarence Mitchell, Susan (Ambersuz) and their late night chats etc, as if we needed any confirmation Tony, your fawning descriptions of Clarence Mitchell and trying to get the McCanns off with "neglect" said it all. I had you sussed a couple of years ago but thanks for finally admitting it!

I hope you make zero profit for the McVultures selling your plagiarised version of the Maddie Case Files. Is there anything you lot will not do in the name of this poor child, you are so disgusting!

comment by Tony Bennett

So is it possible that Susan Menez was wrong when she said I 'stole money from people'?

Is it possible that Deborah Butler maliciously fabricated claims that there was any fraud in The Madeleine Foundation?

Is it possible that when Susan Menez and her followers speak of my alleged 'money-making scams' they are in reality speaking of perfectly legitimate campaigning organisations out of which I never made a single penny?

Let's just bear a few points in mind in all this:

1. Debbie Butler's sudden plunge into a hate campaign against me and The Madeleine Foundation began after a series of late night telephone conversations with (a) Clarence Mitchell and (b) Brenda Ryan during September 2009

2. Susan Menez believed all that Debbie Butler told her about me. One day she may soon realise how deceived she has been

3. Susan Menez has organised a deliberate and sustained vilification campaign against me without permitting any right of reply whatsoever to a whole series of false and malicious allegations on her forum

4. A very considerable number of people on her forum who have read the 3,600 or so posts on the 'Tony Bennett' threads have believed the allegations against me - because of the relentless procession of out-and-out lies by Susan Menez and Debbie Butler

5. Eddie has stated: "Susan Menez said Tony Bennett stole money from people". Well, Eddie, that's not true, so I am inclined to believe your version of events here because I absolutely know the extent to which Susan Menez can dish out malicious lies.

Ah well, back to my unfinished articles about Robert Murat and Marcos
Alexandre Aragao Correia - plus processing orders for 'The Madeleine McCann Case Files: Volume

viv said...

Bren, Stevo (yes the one selling the plagiarised book "Faked Abduction" but has just made clear to a radio host, who is much cleverer than him and knows what this case is really about, he does not even understand or does not want to understand the most basic facts of the case.) and erm Tony Bennett and a PR plan, talk about being concerned about children blah blah blah and oh they are using Viv as a mouthpiece, how you underestimate me Bren!

From: Bren
To: Stevo
Hi Steve

I want to discuss something with you and please do not think I am interfering or anything. But I think it might help Tony a bit.

The ex-mods are banned from here, that includes librarising and LGC (who was not a mod but is Libras wife) and I think they are using viv to get at Tony. Jan is very clever as we have found out and can manipulate without even people realising. My god we have witnessed it first hand and when it gets exposed it is a shocker.

Jan, Libra, LGC, etc and Jillycomelatey are all members of Jans new forum. And all these people do not like Tony and that is why I think they are using viv as a mouth piece.

I have thought of a PR plan that might help Tony out. If he could write something on the lines, I do not care who agrees with me or who does not but I will not see any child left alone blah blah blah, and do a speech but emphasise that he will not be holding anymore debate with his objectors as time is being lost in his campaign for Justice. Also if he has time perhaps he could post things or do a bit of work on the Child abuse forum and Baby P case. This to his critics will not be seen as if he is just hounding the McCanns and is really out there for justice against neglect etc. It needs to be personal and it needs him to expose what has made him take this case up, sentimental things, like maybe looking at his own childrens life and his grandkids and thinking what would he be feeling etc.

There are two games being played in my opinion, one by Jans crew to discredit Tony and two one by a more darker force that is picking off long term posters. But I will deal with that one.

Hope you don't mind me PM'ing you with a few ideas and you can tell me to mind my own business and I won't be offended. ) )

Just my thoughts.


viv said...

I think being as bent as a nine bob note is probably what has picked off your "long term posters" Bren. Valuable assets huh, just like poor little Madeleine. Repulsive.

Only the McCanns worry about "poster counts" decent people worry about the truth and justice for Madeleine, not this hideous internet fiasco.