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 This Daily Express article from early July 2007, debunks the myth that senior members of the Labour Party including David Milliband were being helpful to Kate and Gerry McCann.  Milliband entered office and point blank ignored them.  Given what we now know, that as early as June UK top profiler Lee Rainbow was advising that Gerry McCann in particular should be scrutinised as homicide suspect that is hardly surprising.   



Friday July 6,2007

By Padraic Flanagan in Praia da Luz

DAVID Miliband was under fire yesterday for turning his back on ­the parents of missing Madeleine McCann.
The new Foreign Secretary has failed to make any contact with the family.

His predecessor, Margaret Beckett, made regular calls offering support to the McCanns. Mr Miliband could face a carpeting for the snub from Prime Minister Gordon Brown who, as Chancellor, contacted the McCanns to promise to help “in any way he could�?

It is 64 days since four-year-old Madeleine was snatched from her bed as she slept in a holiday flat  rented by the family in Praia da Luz on Portugal’s Algarve.

But the MP for South Shields �?at 41 the youngest Foreign Secretary since David Owen was appointed in 1977 at the age of 38 �?has so far failed to signal any interest in the case.

A source close to Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry, said last night: “It’s true, there haven’t been any phone calls at all from David Miliband, which has been a surprise to be honest.

“Margaret Beckett went out of her way to get in touch, even breaking off from important talks in Washington, to telephone Kate and Gerry and let them know she could count on her help.

“Even Gordon Brown has Gerry’s mobile number and has called in the past,�?said the source. “It gave the family a great boost to know that Government at the highest level cared about Madeleine.

“In the early days after Madeleine was snatched, the Foreign Office provided a lot of vital help to the family, and even now the consulate on the Algarve keeps in touch.�?/P>

But, so far, the new Foreign Secretary has been unable to find time to make contact. The source said: “If I were Kate and Gerry, I would have expected something but there hasn’t been anything.�?BR>
The source said GP Kate, 38, and cardiac consultant Gerry, 39, would never complain about a lack of support, preferring to concentrate on their campaign to find their daughter.

“They haven’t got any complaint with the highest level of Government, in fact they are hugely grateful for what they have already received from senior politicians,�?said the source.

“They would never complain or say anything about it, they are  just not those kind of people. Their only focus is on doing everything they possibly can to get Madeleine back.The parents, who have moved to a secret address on the Algarve to give two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie more privacy, have welcomed the release earlier this week of BBC journalist Alan Johnston after 114 days in captivity.

The family, from Rothley in Leicestershire, said his release  had lifted their spirits while they endure an agonising wait for news of their daughter.

Mr McCann said yesterday: “It was heartening for Kate and I to learn of the release of Alan Johnston after almost four months in captivity.

“Although the circumstances of his kidnapping are very different to Madeleine’s, it still lifted us to see him being freed knowing he will be reunited with his family shortly.

“We also agree with the commentators who have stated his family have acted with tremendous dignity throughout,  and Alan himself appeared incredibly resilient and composed following his release. Our best wishes go to Alan and his family.�?/P>


viv said...

Again, below demonstrates that Gerry McCann was, within the space of probably less than an hour, using contacts he already had on his mobile to get the story into the Telegraph by just turned midnight and get straight through to Gordon Brown, who then almost immediately was seeking to sever his links with Gerry McCann. Gerry planned to use and abuse the British Prime Minister knowing he is a sympathetic man with his own personal sorrow.

This is the measure of just how sick and abusive Gerry really is.

Then we have these so called anti McCann bloggers telling us it is all a labour party conspiracy to protect the McCanns, what utter Gerry Bunkum! They are not being protected at all, and even if they are it is tories who stand alongside them, McMillan Scott at Brussels and Clarence Mitchell, now working as a spinner for the leader of the conservatives David Cameron, shut up LAFFIN ASSASIN and filthy PHOTON you are an utter fools! How clever were you to keep on stalking and bullying me on Missing Madeleine every time I had the nerve to mention David Payne! Thick really..

I am not clear how anyone can keep their rose tinteds on about this case, but many do, even now and this has been reported on this blog and many other places repeatedly over the last few years. People just want to keep bleating on about the dogs/it was just a little accident, failing to see just how terrible this is or perhaps there are many who just want to kid us along, on behalf of Gerry McCann.

He planned to get rid of Madeleine and cash in, that is what I have said all along and that is the truth, anyone who does not see that is not looking. He is sinister, sick and utterly conniving. I have no doubt Gordon Brown is urging the police to do everything they can to bring this man down and all that assist him!


viv said...

(Actually stalking Photon and Laffin seem to have been abducted, that surely must herald some good news, let us hope the abductors were the police! )

Telegraph reported that Maddie was missing at 12:01am British Summer Time or BST for short.This article was written less than two hours after the reported time of 10 pm (alleged time of abduction) on the 3rd May. * Portugal and United Kingdom share the same time, see here

Location Local time Time zone
Lisbon (Portugal) Friday, 4 May 2007, 0:00:00 UTC+1 hour WEST
London (U.K. - England) Friday, 4 May 2007, 0:00:00 UTC+1 hour BST
Corresponding UTC (GMT) Thursday, 3 May de 2007, 23:00:00

Three year-old feared abducted in Portugal

By staff and agencies
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 04/05/2007

The first call of Gerry on the night of the crime was for Alistair Clark, a great friend of the times of the university and diplomat next to Gordon Brown. Clark made various contacts to the highest level and - before the Judiciary Policy - already the Sky News and the British ambassador were informed of the abduction.

The ambassador John Buck was in the Algarve and Brown also gave its personal contact to Maddie's father in the various exchanged phone calls. However, from what the CM has found, the current head of the English government now “is sufficiently disturbed” with the route of the inquiry and, in the last weekend, he removed his direct link to the couple.

Advertising and speedy inquests were the priorities established in the first hours. And, as the CM already previously advanced, John Buck, the British ambassador in Lisbon, called in the night of 3rd of May directly to Alípio Ribeiro, the national director of the PJ - after all an English girl of three years was abducted in Praia da Luz.

All the things were set in motion in the following morning, Friday, and in that weekend an associate national director of the PJ, Guilhermino Encarnação, announced to the journalists that the crime was that of abduction - without any traces or ransom notes.

At the level of the advertising everything ran inside as foreseen and after the Sky News in the Algarve launched the abduction of Madeleine for the World, the case spread to all the international media. It was missing an act at a politic level and Alistair Clark, Gerry's friend from the University of Glasgow - the first one in International Relations and the second in the University of Medicine - was the perfect contact.

Alistair, from whom the CM couldn't contact until the close of this edition, is today a professor in an university in Belfast, Ireland, and also an assessor of the English working government. Gordon Brown was then minister of the Finances and candidate to the place of Tony Blair.

The support of Brown started with the press assessorship, sending to the couple his "right-arm" in Downing Street, Clarence Mitchell.

The ambassador John Buck, meanwhile, was director of the Central Office of Information(COI) of the British Government, to which belongs the Media Monitoring Unit(MMU), then directed by Clarence Mitchell and under direct account to the Minister for the Cabinet Office and the PM.

The route that the inquiry took (of the PJ leads in the last month) left the cabinet of Gordon Brown apprehensive and the first-minister determined to cut to the direct linking to Gerry McCann.