29 Mar 2010

Does cold Gerry McCann really believe in Psychics and Mediums?

What do child abusing, cash grabbing, hoaxters look like, here is a clue:

My special compliments to Himself for some excellent erm art work, even if it does make me feel just a tad nauseous

and what do the Pinkish/Bluish Team McCann snorters supporters look like? Here is another clue

Tory MEP Edward McMillan-Scott expelled, Tony Bennett Solicitor expelled, Andy Coulson former News of the World bully boot promoted by David Cameron and then of course Clarence Mitchell monitoring the media for the tories, that is the least of his crimes!   I suspect what Gerry has in common with this assorted bunch of riff raff is an unnatural passion for money, whatever it takes to get it, some unnatural passions and the only belief they have in dreams and visions is to con and deceive people they think are not as smart as them.

Does cold Gerry McCann really believe in Psychics and Mediums?
or was this nothing more than a cynical ploy to continue to send the Portuguese Police on a wild goose chase looking for Maddie when he knows all along where she is and what he did with her?

In his book Goncalo Amaral says that the McCanns were playing in the swimming pool with the twins in August when the police arrived with a search warrant and were surprisingly calm.  On Kate's side of the bed a shrine to Madeleine and page of the bible opened about a child dying and the parent moving on but not being able to do so whilst the child was ill but living.

On Gerry's side, the nerve centre of his busy schedule where he writes his blogs and deals with his campaigning,rine but some strange reading material.  Mark Harrison could not explain how he got his hands on  Missing Children a Law Enforcement Guide and CEOP manuals Making Every Child Matter and "Training Courses".

Pretty matter of fact stuff really suggesting someone who clinically wants to know what CEOP are up to, an Agency that have been insterested him and this investigation from the outset, a bit like saying in order to know your enemy you have to get into their mind and figure out how they work.  Intelligent, logical, plotting, analytical, cold and predictable, probably just what we would expect from the Gerry McCann that we know and see.

But in complete contrast to that, the police also find this book:
As expected of a seventh son of a seventh son Gordon Smith displayed his psychic abilities as a child but did not start to develop as a medium until he had a dream of the death of a close friend that terrifyingly came true. Gordon started giving public displays of mediumship at a prodigiously young 25 years of age and has gone on to become one of the most gifted mediums in the world bringing comfort to thousands of people with his messages from the spirit world. To keep both his feet on the ground he still works in his barbershop in the west end of his native Glasgow. Always happy to work with the scientists who have wanted to research psychic abilities Gordon has achieved extraordinary results under laboratory conditions time and time again. One of the researchers Emeritus Professor of Astronomy Prof Archie. E. Roy at Glasgow University has become deeply impressed by Gordon's abilities: 'Gordon Smith provides exact names addresses events and descriptions sharply relevant to a person's life and the lives of the people they have known'.

Category: Biography
Condition: New

ISBN: 9781401903930 Published: 2004
Author: Gordon Smith
Publisher: Hay House Inc

Tags: Spirit Messenger Spirit Messenger Spirit Messenger

I would suggest that this is yet another example of Gerry using someone he knows, note the Glasgow connection to develop a cunning theme to defend himself.  Surely this clinical, cold, calculating man does not actually believe in all of this stuff?  But this is the same man who was insisting to the PJ there were still hundreds of leads from "psychics and mediums" that the PJ needed to laboriously work their through.  In short continue to give Gerry a bit of a laugh whilst he sat back and watched them completely waste  their precious time.   A bit like when  he got back from Leicester Police  the 81 pieces of information "sightings" that Gerry had handed to them in the first place, Leiceser Police had thoroughly  investigated, but Clarence Mitchell smugly annouced these will go to our private investigators for them to work through.

Then if we turn to Rosiepops blog we can see how seriously it also takes these mediums and sightings I even get a mention.  Did they put a voodoo spell on me!   Then  if we turn to Joano Morais blog today she cleverly puts together the clear link between occultist /medium/lawyer Correia, who had that disturbing dream and vision about Maddie being raped, murdered and flung in the Damn of Arade and "Rosiepops".   Of course Gerry's favourite employees at the time, Metodo 3 had to be there to assist Correia with his important "non work", creating this imaginary feeling in everyone about Madeleine's "death".  I believe what he arranged for that child was even more sinister.   We even had the Supertroll blogspot, now defunct, and which if anything was even more obscene than  Psychopops blog as I like to call it, more apt!  Notice especially the one in the middle, that Jo Morais is referring to "A Brief Paranormal Commentary" by Leonor Lawyer (Correia, the man assigned to try and help destroy Goncalo Amaral).  Now, I would say, Gerry McCann all roads clearly lead straight back to you and your light bedside reading material found by the police when they executed a search warrant in August 2007.

I believe that Goncalo's book is spot on in every respect, it is clearly a very accurate description of the police investigation and he is an honest and sincere man, but I believe he is wrong in the conclusion that he draws as to what the McCanns actually did with Madeleine.  It was much more sinister than that in my opinion,  and it was planned.   Mr Menezes was correct in my view when he said the McCanns could have been charged with kidnapping and trafficking her.  My only question is, when is that going to happen?  If Maddie is out there to be found, then I wish the Police the very best of luck, I suspect they are going to need it. 

http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/AMARALS_BOOK_ENGLISH.htm (see chapter 18)


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viv said...

Apologies, I have not managed to reproduce Psycho's bog terribly well, I am not too clever with technology, unlike our Gerry :-))

viv said...

In fact, do you know that the little girl's father got on his knees imploring the GNR police officers to help him when they arrived?

- That man, usually so cold, apparently lost control?
(Goncalo Amaral)

viv said...

No doubt Gerry finds the above Pink Bog an excellent source of sightings in which to engage the Police. Only trouble is, it is clear they are not listening to him, bad luck Gerry!


viv said...

I have always had sneaking doubts about the Smith sighting. Why is it the police were checking to see if he is an honest and believable witness and why is it his wife did not want to make a further statement. Why is it that out of a whole family it is only Martin Smith who says he can identify Gerry McCann? Could it be this family do not want to get in as deep as Martin?

Jane Tanner's sighting was not being accepted by the Pt Police. Gerry's Fund was not getting off the ground, the so called "stranger stole her from her bed" was not being given due weight and the public were immediately pointing the finger at the McCanns. This just would not do. Like a Knight in Shining Armour, two weeks, later, up pops Martin Smith saying he also saw Maddie being abducted. Is it credible this whole family witnesses Maddie's abduction but took two weeks to get in touch with the police. There is the distinct ring of being McCanned here. So called witnesses seem to have this amazing capacity for recall some time after the event.

But what really done it for me was quite recently when Gerry smirkingly announced well there are only two sightings of the abductor, Jane Tanner and The Smith sighting. Now some sharp eyed blogger has come up with this story below, about this property developer, clearly intent on ruining the Algarve whilst making himself a mint. And where does he hail from, Drogheda.

Gerry does still very close to his Irish roots, that seems to have become a fact for me. There are a host of them popping out of the woodwork. But what is really sinister is what else are these property developers so keenly interested in?

If anyone is wondering why it is taking the British Police so long to prosecute anyone they should think of the scale of the investigation and the people involved!

viv said...

Diving into Oceanico
Sunday, September 19, 2004
By Susan Mitchell
Gerry Fagan emigrated to Portugal three years ago. Since then he has built €220 million worth of developments in the western Algarve.
Not bad for the man once dubbed an ``unqualified success'' by his former boss, Pat Campbell of the Campbell Bewley Group.

Fagan is the director of Oceanico Developments, which he bought in 2000. His developments, tailored to investors and holiday home buyers, range from two-bedroom apartments costing €260,000 to large villas priced at up to €1.5 million.

Next on his agenda is Paradise Gardens, a €56 million five-star spa and beach resort, which will overlook a beach between Lagos and Luz in the western Algarve.

Fagan has long had an affinity with Portugal. ``I first went to Portugal when I was 21,'' he said. ``I fell in love with the place and went back there every year, sometimes two or three times a year. About ten years ago, I bought myself a small villa near Almancil [in the eastern Algarve], as I always planned to retire out here.''

Fagan held a number of senior positions with the Campbell Bewley Group, where he worked for 25 years.

``At one point I had about 5,500 employees reporting into my system and was taking reports from 12 different managing directors,'' said Fagan.

``I loved it, but there came a time when I decided to do something for myself. I just wanted to break out of the corporate mould. I missed the personal touch and became tired of travelling so much.''

After he retired, he decided to ``take the plunge'' and move to Portugal with his family.

Born and raised in Drogheda, Co Louth, Fagan was one of five children. He was educated at St Mary's CBS and then joined a local firm where he worked in the accounts department.

``I did ACA exams, but never qualified. I did three parts, or the equivalent of a BComm. That's why Pat Campbell used to introduce me as ``an unqualified success'', which was pretty amusing,'' said Fagan.

Fagan said he developed a taste for overseas property while at Campbell Bewley.

``Part of my job involved identifying good locations, looking at their feasibility, negotiating deals and buying or leasing properties,'' he said. ``I also developed an instinctive approach to developing an awareness of people's tastes, what they liked and what would sell.''

Fagan was introduced to his business partner Simon Burgess four years ago by a solicitor based in Almancil, who was aware that Fagan wanted to set up his own business.

``I don't usually make decisions that quickly, but I knew within two hours of meeting Simon that he was the right guy,'' said Fagan.

Fagan and Burgess were attracted by the ``unspoilt coastline'' of the western Algarve, which has not experienced as much development or tourism as the towns closer to the airport at Faro. A motorway completed last year has also made the area much more accessible.

Their first development, Jardim de Meia Praia, was completed in March and all but two units have sold. Two other developments - Estrella de Luz, a 146-unit apartment development, and Quinta do Monte Funchal, an exclusive enclave of 14 luxurious villas - will be completed next year.

The developments have proven hugely popular with British and Irish buyers. Villa Baia, for example, was launched last spring at the Westin Hotel in Dublin. About 42 of the 96 units launched in the first phase were sold or reserved within five days.

``What generally happens is that Irish buyers follow Irish developers and British buyers follow British developers,'' said Fagan. ``There's a greater level of trust. Having said that, there's a big Portuguese market and we expect to focus more on that.''

viv said...

Fagan said Oceanico is well over the risk factor with most of its developments.

``The Irish are masters at buying off plans. That is great for us, as it allows us to get a lot of properties away pre-launch. The Irish love a bargain, but the English won't buy off plans. They prefer to pay top dollar when the development is complete,'' he said.

Fagan and Burgess invested ``sizeable sums'' in Oceanico.

Fagan's cash injection was funded from the sale of his 10 per cent stake in the Campbell Bewley Group.

Further financial backing came from a consortium of Irish-Americans in New York.

According to Fagan, the shareholding is split evenly between the US consortium, himself and Burgess.

He said it took time for him to fully embrace the Portuguese way of doing business.

``Patience and flexibility are a must. It is a lot less hurried here and I did struggle with that at first. I could not understand why we could not squeeze in a half-hour lunch,'' he said.

``Now an hour-and-a-half is no problem. We get quite a bit of business done over lunch.

"That's the way it's done here and I have found I actually prefer it.

``We have found the Portuguese excellent. But there has definitely been a bit of give-and-take, as we have given a lot back to the local community.

``We have built playgrounds for the locals and roads at our own cost, for example. Few developers have done that here.''

Fagan said that most of the land in the western Algarve has been purchased by overseas buyers, as opposed to the Portuguese.

``They tend to be more difficult to deal with,'' he said.

Oceanico's contracts are designed to prevent investors from doing a turn on the properties, or selling within a year or two of buying off the plans.

``That way, a sale is a sale,'' said Fagan. ``We have followers who have come with us through the developments and sometimes they will ask us to do a turn. We may allow them to do one, but we attach strict conditions to that.

``For example, we may stipulate that the unit cannot be twisted for two years and until 75 per cent of the development has sold. I've seen too much of that happening in Spain. It falsely inflates prices.''

Much of the land in the western Algarve is protected, so Fagan said it will become more difficult to source land.

He is confident the Portuguese will not overdevelop their southern coastline.

Land prices also remain comparatively cheap. ``I don't know what prices are in Ireland for apartments at the moment, but judging by my last experience people pay up to €100,000 per unit land cost in Ireland. It is about half that in the western Algarve,'' said Fagan.

Fagan said that he and Burgess ``roll on any profits made into the next development''.

He said they were looking at ten sites in the area and recently took a trip to Florida but decided not to invest.

This year, they launched Oceanico Resorts, which rents and manages all the parent company's properties, and Oceanico Leisure, which manages the leisure facilities across all developments.

Life in Portugal has been good to Fagan. ``I'm definitely more content here than I've ever been. Portugal has always had that effect on me. You get up nine or ten months of the year and the sun is shining,'' he said.

``You're immediately in good form. Food and drink is about 40 per cent cheaper than it is in Ireland. If you have a reasonable income you can live very well.''

viv said...

AntiCS Today at 2:18 pm

From the OP: Detective Branch, Drogheda, County, Lough

Just noticed that it looks as if Mr. Smith is from Drogheda. Gerry Fagan, the co-owner (with Simon Burgess) of the Ocean Club is from there as well.


Just thought that was interesting!
Elite Member

Number of posts: 307
Location: s. Germany

Points: 527
Registration date: 2009-08-23

Good work AntiCS !!

viv said...

The last witness to see little Maddie was the nanny around 5.30.

It was not part of the normal routine for Kate and Gerry to put the children to bed so early. They usually went to play around the tennis area with the others.

From looking at the email exchange between DC Marshall and Ricardo Paiva it is clear that British Police have been further interviewing David Payne. I read with curiosity the further depositions of Payne says DC Marshall, in short, I do not believe him. We are told that Payne now says he saw Madeleine at about 5 pm and BOTH Kate and Gerry were there in the apt. But we know that Payne was down the beach with the others at that time, he did not come back until about 6.15. Again, Payne is telling lies to confuse the story in which he is clearly involved.

Perhaps the most believable witness out of the TAPAS 9, Dianne Webster says that when she arrived at the table with the Paynes that night, Gerry was not there, that is at about 8.55 according to her.

It seems to me that both Kate and Gerry acted out of their normal routine that night, and that Madeleine went missing from the apartment before they arrived at the TAPAS restaurant that night. They acted out of their normal routine because that is when they planned to get rid of Madeleine.

They then concoct the evidence to make it appear that Madeleine was taken from the apartment much later whilst they were at the TAPAS restaurant with the assistance of firstly Jane Tanner and then Martin Smith.

Gerry has repeatedly sought to confuse the media, the bloggers, everyone with his various plants in the media and he has succeeded. Firstly Mr Smith says I hope this helps the McCanns, then once the McCanns are arguidos, ah well I now realise, but I am only 70 or 80 per cent certain that was actually Gerry McCann. In short, his evidence would not stand up in court, but it does serve the purpose of continuing to cover when Maddie really disappeared.

I think that when in doubt, go back to what the police and the prosecutors have told us, and believe it! DC Marshall and Ricardo Paiva are clear this was happening in the afternoon/early evening and that Fiona and David Payne are a couple of liars.

The only offence the Pt Prosecutor has actually cleared the McCanns of is abandonment. He has not cleared them of homicide or kidnapping.

viv said...

For how long were the McCanns and the Paynes fooling British Police?

AS early as 8 May Kate's camera and a Sony video recorder which I would imagine belongs to David Payne as he was clearly using one were already over in UK and being analysed.

We are told in the report the video camera and its contents were subject to separate analysis and a report which of course we are not allowed to see.

Kate had two memory cards we are told, and about 43 pictures were taken off those cards and placed onto a CD. But of course the police are clever, they also recovered SEVENTY THREE deleted pictures on those cards and they were also placed onto a CD and subject of a report, again of course we are not allowed to see.

It is also clear from the report that Gerry's so called last photo of Madeleine is just a fake. Because that fake has a time and date stamp, but Kate's camera did not have the time and date set and the officer confirms no photos had been impressed with the date. Of course, Gerry did not realise all of this would finish up in the hands of the public! He actually thought he could just keep putting all of his lies into the media and we would be none the wiser, but we are Gerry!

You can attack Goncalo just as much as you like but that does not change what you did, does it?

And the blog where this information is held, why big surprise, Carter Ruck tried to have a go at her as well, Pamalam, but they failed, see photo report here:

and we can see that on 9 May Gerry McCann and Michael Wright deliver their own CDs to the Portuguese Police, there were clearly always two concurrent investigations going on and Gerry always trying to stay one step ahead of both the Portuguese and the British.



"Pamalam has been Carter Rucked" squeals Rosiepops with delight, tough luck Psycho/child abuse defender. You are one very sick person and not very much good at what you purport to do, in fact you are so foul you have convinced countless thousands of people of the guilt of the McCanns, well done! 8000 posts on the Daily Express alone and getting me banned, I will not be forgetting you in a hurry Psychopops, how frustrating you cannot ban me off my own blog or anywhere else I choose to post!

Pamalam's Been Carter-Rucked

Di said...

Hi Viv

I assume this is in relation to the riddle on TTW4 site regarding "doing some homework". It is all very interesting and as you say comes back to Irish roots.

I believe the people in Portugal are very against this development and rightly so.

What I can't get my head round is TTW4's statement. There is one word that will explain all and that word begins with the letter H, do you think he means Hotel or maybe Halligen which I favour, money laundering perhaps imo comes to mind.

hope4truth said...

Hello Both

Rosie has to live with himself as do all her bullying and idiot friends. They shout too loudly about the innocence of theier heros and it has been threats since day one...

Well if Madeleine was abducted her parents and their hired help have made sure there is no way she can be found and have laughed joked and spun her short life into hell... If she was taken they demand we believe she has not been harmed in any way although they want us to belive she has been taken by peadophiles who can only harm children...

I dont belive she was abducted at least not by a stranger and what ever has happend to her is evil beyond words and all those supporting her parents cant give a damn about the little girl who is missing...

I am off to Florida tonight with my parents my husband and my daughters. I am so excited to be with the people I love and we will share everything and even though my girls are 14 and 16 they will not be left alone for a second and come to that none of us will be alone as my Husband and Father will want to keep us all safe and Me and my Mum will want to keep them all safe...

Yet the 8 parents and one grandmother in PDL want the world to belive that child neglect is cool even though they say one child is now in hell thanks to it...

God bless Madeleine and all other children neglected and abused by their parents or carers because from reading the papers recently children seem to be let down all the time and this just should not happen...

Take care see you in a couple of weeks no doubt the sad prat who logs in as me can keep my post count up here and other sites but be kind to them the mentaly ill need love and care not abuse and put downs...


Di said...

Hello Hope

Enjoy your hols, I am sure you will be having better weather than here.

Take care x

hope4truth said...

Thanks Di leaving for Gatwick in about 20 minutes see you soon xxx

Di said...

Safe journey Hope and family xx

viv said...

Hiya both, typical having got fed up of talking to myself there you both are and I missed you!

Di, I gather from reading 3 As it was some bizarre masonic symbol he sees in the building formation but I am not sure if that is right!

There is a lot of prejudicial stereotyping going on against Masons which is not dissimilar to racism and how apparently one particular race are all bad. We know that surely cannot be the case!

I do think Gerry uses some pretty considerable assistance by going back to his Irish roots, there seems to be a heck of a lot of evidence of this. After all that is where he chooses to holiday it would seem, not Scotland! Also noticed a little post to me on J Morais seeking to dispel that and pointing out he is a Scottish lad, deliberately obscuring the point, I thought. There are some sly ones turn up on there, but fair play to Joana for letting them have their say! I have also had the usual attempts to say it was the McCanns who made Maddie a Ward of Court, quickly dispelled that one.

Hope, thanks for your lovely post and have a wonderful time with your family.

WE will keep an open mind on here as to precisely what they did with little Maddie, but are never under illusions it was them that done it!

Viv xx

viv said...

Post I just made to T4's blog

From my own research I am quite convinced this case involves paedophilia and that there are paeodophiles actually blogging defending the McCanns.

If you have the backing of very rich property developers you can stay free as long as this lot so far have. But they will not beat the police. This is a very complex case and it is going to take time.

I know they got rid of Maddie and I now think it was almost certainly early evening, but I am not at all clear that she was dead at that time, although she may well be now, very sadly. Who better to tell us than the Pt Prosecutor, Mr Menezes, they could have been charged with kidnapping/trafficking. I know the response I get when I mention that to certain bloggers and I know why too. It is what paedophiles do with children. It is the subject the McCanns just do not wish to engage with on any level whatsoever, no one who has spoken out is going to know this case better than Mr Menezes. I cannot imagine why bloggers would try to suggest they know better.

I think it is quite obvious it was planned, they even had the pictures ready to hand to the police. David Payne tells lies in his rogatories, clear and obvious lies about the planning for this holiday and the thinking of Kate and Gerry regarding it.

31 March 2010 00:31

Word verification

viv said...

The Gaspars statement in Goncalo's book is I am sure, the thorn in their side.
Monday, 1 February 2010 19:32:00 GMT

Absolutely spot on Di, Goncalo knows that too! When are people going to wake up and realise!

Oh on the funnier side, it was the eye of Horus, now I do recollect Rosie having the eye of Ra as his avatar, oooh shucks that will start a few off. For god sake guys, they are nasty scheming wealthy paedophiles, did you not realise they exist? Look for the truth behind the lie you muppets! Mind you I think most of them who keep saying well she is dead cuz the dogs said so are pros! Only pros could be that stupid!

viv said...

go to that little place in your head sweetheart, that thing has always made my flesh creep

it even had the audacity to insist Goncalo was keeping Maddie a prisoner in tunnels under PDL. Of course like the pros do, it writes some filth then thinks it had better delete it again, but we record and we remember Pyschopops you sick excuse for a human being. How dare you insist parents just do not harm their children. You have one sick definition of harm.

viv said...

We decide to get the Smiths back to the Algarve, for a formal identification of Gerry McCann - by means of televised images, certainly - direct confrontation being impossible - and possibly proceed to a reconstruction of the events of the night of May 3rd. The National Director of the Judiciary police agrees, the process is set in motion, all the details are sorted out; all that remains is to choose the hotel where they will be put up. But the Smiths were never to come back to Portugal. After my departure, the PJ were to change their minds. They asked the Irish police to proceed with interviewing the witness. That decision was to seriously delay the process since the Smiths were not interviewed until several months later. Meanwhile, rumours were to circulate and people not involved with the investigation would be made aware of the existence of this witness; someone allegedly even sought out contact with the family, without its being known to what end. (Goncalo Amaral)

I wonder if new information came to light, that the Smiths were not to be trusted, there was no point paying for them to come back to Portugal. Best to first send the Irish Police to assess them as witnesses? They were not included as part of the rogatories, I think their validity as proper witnesses had been dismissed. But that will put Martin Smith, 58, retired, of Drogheda in a great deal of trouble. Kennedy goes to see the fake witnesses. The Smith evidence was also dismissed in the final report produced. I think I have formed a view and Gerry himself helped me to make it.

Goncalo muses how did this get leaked to the press, well I think Gerry could give us the answer to that one. Goncalo obviously knows so much more now than he knew when he wrote his book, and at the outset he made clear he was not intending to prejudice the ongoing investigation, he simply wanted to assist in the search for the truth by sharing what he knew up to that point. He was very offended by press remarks about him, he wanted to speak out, the PJ would not allow him to, police officers must be silent. He received a phone call from a journalist and made an unfortunate comment. We all do it when we are having a bad day. He did not actually bear any ill will towards British Police officers, he thought they had been great. Then he was almost immediately informed he was dismissed from the investigation. It is very sad to read. The only way he could speak out was to leave his job that he loved and write his book. Life can be so tough.

viv said...

But Team McCann mouthpiece Psychopops is not satisfied with costing a decent police officer his job by such foul abuse of him, that abuse continues to this day and includes anyone close to Goncalo or wanting the truth and Justice for little Maddie like myself. We are all treated to this sickening filth.

But this is not a war that Team McCann can win, decency, compassion, truth, justice, respect for innocent little children who have the right to life, love and safety, that is what will win in the end. Not those who only defend perverted adults.

Di said...

Hi Viv

Excellent post on TTW4.

It would not surprise me in the slightest that paedophiles were posting on many blogs. After so many months you get to know when a poster says something about David Payne or the Gaspars statement the insults start flying. Complete derailing of the thread is their mission and sadly they usually succeed in getting the thread locked.

I also am not sure about the Smiths, we know they were supposedly got at by BK but just maybe Gerry or his family in Ireland know the Smiths. I am at a loss to know why this sighting is completely dismissed by Gerry.

Surely when Gerry & Kate are insisting Madeleine was abducted, they should be continually stating that the Smiths saw Madeleine being carried away by said abductor, but no, nothing which I cannot fathom other than timelines, which I am sure Gerry could have reworked to fit.

However, I would just like to say, this case has made me very sceptical of every missing child case or death of a child I hear about, which is very sad. When Madeleine was first reported missing my heart went out to Kate & Gerry, now sadly it is stone cold towards the lot of them. I am sorry if that upsets people but that is now how I feel as they show no remorse whatsoever.

viv said...

Thanks Di, I think that what is even more insidious those thread disruptors claim to be Anti McCanns. Then we get Rosiepops starting threads to attack them. Do they think people cannot see how false all of this is? A walk over to Missing Madeleine is like a trip to Beirut! What they are in reality are a bunch of sick people trying to demonstrate that anyone who criticises this couple and their strange holiday habits is just hateful and nasty, like the very posts they are so fond of making.

It is interesting that one of the major manipulators, Photon,
Dr Val or whatever she wants to call herself has just disappeared.

I think things really are going very badly for Team McCann and all the mad blog chaos is very much in full swing with Barmy Bennett featuring heavily as usual, not that he ever had anything at all to do with justice! Just a Clarence worshipper who likes playing games and attacking the labour party, oh and of course making a dishonest buck.

His 14 page letter to the Home Office did make me laugh in one respect though, it is certainly Ludicrous enough!

I think it will be a long time before we ever see anything else again quite like Team McCann and their paid "Poster Campaign"!

viv said...

I once described Photon and Laffin Assassin on Missing Madeleine as like a couple of Rhottweillers if I ever dared to mention David Payne etc.

Dare we hope something has actually happened given Photon has gone. She/he goes back to the Daily Express days as I am sure you will recall.

I suspect the number of genuine posters on both Missing Madeleine and 3 As could be counted on one hand, it is a shame if they actually think they are doing anything for Justice!

Himself said...

You couldn't make it up.

viv said...

Oh lol and thank you Hun, can I nick it for the top of this thread?


Himself said...

Please do.

viv said...

Cheers, just arranging a nice little collage for my visitors from Essex, Glasgow, Liverpool, Doncaster and some other lovely far flung vistas in the UK that seem to have a pinkish/bluish tinge, serves the buggers right !

viv said...

oh and I have a very repeated poster from Dublin, very near to Drogheda, is that is you Mr Martin Smith, hiya and when is your wife going to make a £statement£ backing you up!

viv said...

whoops I mean visitor, he never posts on here, now I wonder why!

Anonymous said...

I do so hope your visitor is the man himself. The entire Smith family saw the 'carrying man' yet only Martin came forward, I find that odd.

There's one more statement I look forward to reading and that is on the subjects of the 2 Liams.

Who is Liam, and are there 2 Liams, one in Dublin and one in Praia da Luz or are the 2 Liams the one and the same?

If you really want to help find Madeleine Mr Smith do drop us a line here.

We'd all so love to hear from you.