17 Jul 2010


and because it is so lovely I thought I would share it with you



viv said...

Imagine being lucky enough to have one of these sculptures in your garden!

I think the owls!

Brill Doc!


docmac said...

You're welcome :-)

Di said...

Those are fantastic, thanks for sharing them with us Doc & Viv.

S.B. said...


Viv and Docmac ~ Art in its true form, thanks for sharing with us! (Are the photos genuine?)

I don't think you need statistics or case studies to highlight the glaringly obvious; I refer to cases of parent abduction/child abuse. With the exception of the absent minded Gerald and Kate Mccann, what parent in their right mind would leave a small baby or child vulnerable to unknown predators. The answer is ~ they wouldn't! A true loving, caring parent would be in constant vigilance over their offspring within the domicile and outside so the likelihood of being abducted by a chance predator is virtually nil.

Nor would a potential predator be spontaneously 'on the spot', should a parent/guardian just happen to turn away from their charge for a split second. One can liken it to a bank robber walking into the high street bank and deciding there and then to carry out a robbery just because he/she is on the spot. Again, a chance in a million ~ these things have to be carefully planned well in advance and all eventualities thought out in order to effect a smooth operation. Isn't that so Mr and Mrs Mccann?

So unless the parents are extremely careless and absentmindedly leave their very young children exposed to danger, with or without locked doors, there can be only one alternative ~ the involvement by one/both parents, family member or a friend of the family. Elementary really!

Reverting back to the Mccanns, they persist with their claim that Madeleine was abducted by a stranger but why would a predator target Madeleine Mccann ~ on one week’s holiday? If the abductor be a paedophile, as suggested by the Mccanns, why Madeleine Mccann ~ asleep in a holiday apartment, alongside her little brother and sister? The gallery of photographs shown to the world maybe a paedophile fantasists dream but the real Madeleine didn't actually look anything like that. The nearest we have to a true likeness is a very ordinary little girl with very disturbing bags under her eyes ~ not what you would call a marketable child for a paedophile ring nor a Turkish delight. No, her marketable value was elsewhere, much nearer to home ~ and I don't necessarily mean Rothley!

S.B. said...

Moving on to your comments Hope about Amaral, I have said before that I don't believe for one second that he was sucked-in by the Mccanns or their friends.

Being such a seasoned detective, experience alone would be enough to suspect their behaviour, without all the contradictions, discrepencies and blatant lies.

I maintain my belief that from the very outset this case was being pursued by British authorites and unfortunate Amaral was detailed to pursue the abduction theory but otherwise left largely in the dark. That is to say the PJ were undertaking the necessary ground work whilst the Mccanns and their friends were being thoroughly investigated by higher authorities. Of course in line with any serious crime investigation, the public nor the suspects are entitled to knowledge of the investigation details.

As for Amarals subsequent actions, IMO he was thoroughly humiliated by the Mccanns and acted in accordance with the rules of human nature - revenge! If he has otherwise been a 'bad boy' or if he has tried to make money that in no way makes the Mccanns any less guilty nor does it influence public opinion in their favour.

The so called 'pros' are a typical example of the guilty themselves. They have no tangible argument they can only spit venom!

docmac said...


Just Google randall boni wildlife artist

docmac said...

Here are some really nice ones.

docmac said...

Here is a video of him 'performing'. Amazing.

viv said...

Hey Doc, the music is not bad either!


docmac said...

How parents can protect children from abduction

Know where your children are at all times and who they are with.
Never leave your child alone in a public place, stroller or car.
Always accompany younger children to a public restroom.
Teach your children not to accept rides and gifts from strangers.
Always accompany your child on door-to-door activities, i.e. Halloween, school fundraising campaigns, etc.
Establish a routine for picking your children up from school or other events.
Agree on a simple code word for emergency situations. A trusted adult who knows the code word can pick up your child if necessary.
Make sure your child knows their full name, address and phone number.
Teach your child how to reach you (home, office, mobile)
Teach your child how to call the police.
Have a plan in case your child gets separated from you in public.
Teach your child to stay in groups of friends when going anywhere .
Tell your children about child abductions in simple and easy to understand terms. Awareness can help them protect themselves.
Avoid clothing and toys with your child's name on it. A child may not fear someone who knows his/her name.
Promote an environment in which your child feels free to talk to you.
Let your child know that you will pick them up at any time, any place.
Listen closely when your child talks about friends or aquaintances they spend time with in your absence.
Check all potential babysitters and older friends of your child.
Teach your child to recognize suspicious behavior and collect descriptions.
Urge your child to think escape / survival if he or she were ever abducted.
Speak to your local law enforcement agency to find out about neighborhood watch.
Get to know your neighbors and the children in the area. Make sure your child's friends know your house is safe and they can seek help from you.
Check with your local law enforcement to find out if there are sexual offenders in your area.
Use a system such as KidSave to organize your child's photo and child ID card with pertinent descriptive data.
Keep up-to-date medical/dental history and finger print cards.
Teach your child that there is always someone to help them, and they have the right to be safe.

These are, of course, excwllent guidelines for protecting children - and especially girls - between the ages of 9 and 16, who are the most frequent targets of paedophile predators.

Note to the absent minded McCanns: When your kids are very small, there is really only one rule. Can you guess what it is? Only kidding - that was a rhetorical question. That you have had so much support after ignoring that simple rule is astounding, and has some, like me, wondering what kind of world we live in now. I mean, some would probably have you as high up their pop charts as Paris Hilton, ffs!

As there was no abduction, however, none of the above really matters. Except to the twins whose names may no longer be mentioned.

docmac said...
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viv said...

SB, I do think you are right in stating that from the outset the McCanns were always being investigated at the highest level by UK authorities.

The sort of very serious crime that we believe they committed abroad is exactly the sort of thing CEOP would be involved in and I am not the least bit surprised they have wanted to get very close to Gerry McCann.

I also agree with you that Amaral was angry and frustrated by the Brits keeping a lot of the detail to themselves. It was Portugal's job to positively rule out the prospect of a stranger abduction and that is what they did. But Goncalo was not satisfied with that, he wanted to actually prosecute the McCanns. Hence he was removed from the case and a more senior and more discrete man, a specialist in sex offending put in his place, Paulo Rebelo. I believe Rebelo did work hand in glove with the Brits and they were satisfied his discretion could be assured.

It still amazes me the way many posters bleat well we have never even seen Maddie's medical records or the McCann's financial records. I would like them to name me just one single case where the Brits would ever release such information into the public domain. Have they never heard of "confidential information"!

docmac said...

Oh, I'm double posting again :-(

docmac said...

Yep! I love my music, Viv. Set to the background noise of angle grinders here for the past couple of days :-)

viv said...

Doc, what are you angle grinding?

SB, I often think Amaral is much more intelligent than he cracks on. Did he really believe the lame scenario of what happened to Madeleine, as suggested by him in the documentary? Surely not???

docmac said...

I would love to see those medical records, Viv. We've been down this road before...

docmac said...

Pipe to the shower popped. In the wall. House looked like Edinburgh on a summer's day when we got in :-)

viv said...

Hiya Doc, I am sure we would all love a sneak peep at Brit agency files, but there again, so would the McCanns. That is one of the major reasons investigations have to be conducted in confidence and as for childrens medical records becoming public property, what a dreadful prospect. Maddie is officially missing, not dead.

viv said...

Oh that is weird Doc, we are just having a new shower fitted/bathroom revamped etc and the old one had been leaking a fair bit!

docmac said...

Yes, Viv. The records are private, as they should be, But I'd just love a look...

docmac said...

This was not a 'fair bit', Viv. We could have irrigated a wine farm or two. But no warning signs. Grrr! It's not the wall and the plumbing that's costing. It's the flooring.

viv said...

I think it was elementary to the Mccanns plans to get rid of Maddie that they simply could not be seen to be acting like normal parents and properly caring for their children. Had they done so, they would have no one to seek to blame because nothing could have happened to her. Their specially chosen low grade private dicks have never been instructed to actually find Maddie, just to generate fake "leads" which in turn, it was thought would continue to generate millions of pounds. As the Mccanns used to keep telling us, shucks it will run out in a few months/what a downer we are on our last half a mill (quite a lot to normal people who think it is a police matter)

docmac said...

I think it was elementary to the Mccanns plans to get rid of Maddie that they simply could not be seen to be acting like normal parents and properly caring for their children.

Spot on.

viv said...

Oh crikey Doc, that sounds awful! We were getting damp marks on a structural beam in the kitchen below, the concrete slab under the shower was soaking wet and not smelling very nice when my nice Polish workman ripped it out!

Fortunately the flooring is otherwise fine.

docmac said...

I hope there's no pinhole leaks in them pipes, Viv.

The wife has just found a spot that serves up 2 eggs, 4 rashers, fried tomatoes, 3 slices of toast with butter and jam and a coffee for under a pound!! Catch - you have to be in before 8.30. Now she has always been a bargain hunter, so I guess I'll have to do a lid shut soon :-)

viv said...

Hiya Doc

I think it was more to do with sealing by Viv and Luke:-))) This guy is making the most fantastic job of my bathroom, he even cleaned all the old sealant off the bath, which I thought was the most awful job!

The new shower is a bit bigger than the old one, that is kind of appropriate for
me if you know what I mean lol!

Dont get me started on fantastic large breakfasts!

hope4truth said...

Hi All

I have posted this before but Extreame Makeover Home Edition on Home is about the mother of a missing child and her family. Totaly heartbreaking and I belive shows the McCanns actions as totaly false...

I cried all through it last time and is the true story of a Mother searching for her child it will be on Home plus 1 if you miss it this hour xxx

S.B. said...

Afternoon all.......,

Docmac, I've had a bit of a google and have to agree Randall Boni is truly remarkable ~ what talent!

Viv, I recall a while ago you mentioning farmers killing thrushes in your area. Don't the RSPB get involved? Considering they were originally set-up to counter the use of feathers as fashion accessories favoured by 19th century women, in the 21st century I would think that such practice has been eradicated.

Change of subject....
Have you guys actually got 'a man that does' that actually does! ~ Or even turns up!
As for breakfast ~ what's Bacon?

S.B. said...


Thanks for explaining your employment dispute probably because I am 'naturally inquisitive' (some might say nosey) I found it very interesting.

Not intended as a comparison, I too experienced victimisation during the latter years of my working life. Our Director died and was replaced by a smooth talking, hypocritical philanderer who tried to entice me into revealing details of alleged internal corruption. First it was the boozy lunch which failed so we then went onto the 'hand up the skirt' tactic. That also failed so the only option left was to try and sack me. Being a very busy man he didn't have time to do his own dirty work so he employed a nigerian woman, an ex-midwife with absolutely no managerial skills whatsoever, to hound me into submission. She was appointed to a very senior managerial post, my department was merged into a newly created department with her at the head, with the seemingly sole purpose of getting rid of me. That also failed but being a rule unto myself I didn't exactly encourage support from my colleagues who thought I should tow the line ~ in other words grovel!

I've always enjoyed a challenge so that didn't upset me; in fact it was quite satisfying to be able to outwit her every time. However for another reason I was eventually pensioned off on sickness grounds, with a very meagre pension and a new found freedom. Possibly my condition could have been slightly attributable to the treatment I was receiving but I could never have proved it so one day I left to go to my doctors and never went back. In the early days I loved my work but once the rot set in I was only too pleased at the prospect of being an idle beggar!

So here I am, idle, virtually skint, exiled ~ but I still have my character intact!

viv said...

Thanks for sharing your really interesting story with us SB and it does sound incredibly similar to my own.

In the early stages I was offered sick leave retirement and then they offered me £10,000 to just go!

I believe the deterioration in my health is most certainly due to the way in which I was treated, but it cost them a heck of a lot more than £10,000. But that route is not for the feint hearted or those who do not either have very good legal skills or the bank balance to afford the fight.

I do think that in many jobs, sometimes you are looked upon as just being too clever. I was not the sort of probation officer that they wanted, knowledgeable and wanting to do a proper job, they wanted tick boxing clones who had no concern for the safety of the public or the welfare of offenders.

I was getting older and less than fit, fair game for just being got rid of, it really does serve them right.

viv said...

Hiya again SB

I am sorry you are skint and lost your job. I suppose it makes me realise that in some respects I am one of the lucky ones because I won such a big legal case. I really miss my job and it is true that when I was constructively dismissed because I could stand no more of their vile behaviour I was absolutely broke, living on my credit card and incapacity benefit. Luke does not earn very much but he tried to help out.

Now money is not an issue for me, but it has certainly changed my life. I do grin when I drive by the large and horrid new building which made it so difficult for me and think I am paid for not working there!

As you say, we still have our integrity and that is something that simply cannot be bought.


viv said...

hiya SB

I think the thrushes are wiped out around farmland due to use of pesticides poisoning them and their prey, they like to crack snails open and eat them, but of course snails damage crops.

The RSPB are pretty powerless against the farmers who are always strongly supported by the government. I think their approach is to try and encourage other areas to be set aside to try and help bird numbers to recover and of course, to encourage gardeners to plant for birds and feed them also to try and bring on healthy new broods. Britains gardens do represent a vast area that can be a haven for a lot of wildlife, if people stop covering it over with decking and pretty bricks! They do a lot of work in seeking to educate the public as to how important it is to try and protect our precious wildlife, even the sparrow is now endangered and totally wiped out in many areas of London.

I can remember when I was a child that thrushes were in large numbers thronging in my garden to my complete fascination. It would be wonderful to see that again, but I suppose those days are long gone.

But it is sad that animals like foxes and many birds can only flourish, not in the countryside where they belong but in towns and cities, if the residents are kind to them.

docmac said...


Bacon is a rather pleasant meaty early morning snack found in many countries outside of Morocco. Although I believe in certain countries - the USA being a good example - it is an all day meaty and rather oily snack. Sorry to hear of your previous medical woes and I do hope these have been resolved.

Yes, my 'man' turned up. And 'did'. I hope for Viv's sake that her man completes the job without much fuss. I remember her having problems before!


Sounds very sad. Can I watch this online? We do have Extreme Makeover Home Edition here, but I'm not sure how far we are behind and I don't usually make a point of watching it.

docmac said...

Yes, Viv.

I do know what you mean. Big enough for two. Dirty old... :-))

docmac said...

And Viv

We have had big problems with farmers here too. The endangered and protected Cape Mountain Leopard - a very shy and quite beautiful animal and much smaller than its more famous Big5 cousin - has been targeted by farmers using traps and poison for many decades now. Of course, many other species were affected by these methods too. Luckily, there has been a sea change in attitude amongst the perpetrators, though the occasional unfortunate animal is still found :-(

docmac said...

Lastly - as everyone is asleep

Another SA winner in the British Open. Well done, lad!

And a belated happy birthday to Madiba. I do hope he scores a century, but he does not look well.

From the city of inexpensive meals (if you know where to look) and booze. Ideal for British doctors. Just don't tell those with kids...

docmac said...

You could see those leopards here, Viv. Get saving.

Goodness, I must show the good wife this in the morning. Looks fantastic! Voted best hotel in the world. And just a couple of hours away by car :-)

docmac said...

Very interesting, if true.

Besides this, I just read the one of the funniest comments I can recall on the Maddie forums - that Rachel sounds like Vicky Pollard. LOL!

viv said...

Doc, I wish the reason for the larger shower were as you suggest,those were the days:-)))

I certainly have had some trouble with workmen but this one does seem to be very good. Fussy and thorough which I like!

viv said...

erm yea but you know Rachel, the commercial lawyer (is this how she explained matter to her well heeled clients??) does echo Vicki Pollard rather well, but from this extract she also has the low cunning of a fox:

Fiona Payne rogatory............

“Alright. Do you recall on the Tuesday night, I believe, Madeleine crying or somebody from the McCANN’s apartment crying?”

“I thought that was Wednesday night. You see, I mean, I only knew about that because on Thursday night Kate had said, erm, as we were chatting at the table ‘Oh’, you know, ‘I wonder’, you know, ‘what’, ‘what she cried about’ or, you know, she’d asked Madeleine, erm, because I think Madeleine had said something ‘Where were you mummy, me and Sean cried’ and, you know, ‘where were you’ and that had obviously worried Kate and she couldn’t get anything more out of Madeleine, Madeleine had sort of moved on and, you know, didn’t say anything more than that and wouldn’t say, you know, whether she’d heard anything or been woken up or whether she had just woken up herself”


“So that was on her mind”.

“Right. So Kate told you that that happened on the Wednesday?”

“Well she told me about it on the Thursday”.

“Told you on the Thursday, yeah”.

“So, yeah, thinking now, I just was thinking it was the Wednesday night”.

“But you can’t remember whether she said it was Wednesday night that it happened?”

“No, I can’t say that she said it was the night before”.


“But I know I heard about it on the Thursday night when we were sat, sat down”.

“Did you hear any shouting or crying at all?”



“I mean, I know, I mean, there was lots of, you know, at bedtime there was lots of children’s noise, kids crying, because sort of kids do, but”.

“Uh hu”.

“Erm, I never heard any crying after they’d gone down”.

docmac said...

lol, Viv! Re both of your above posts.

viv said...

Well yea Doc, erm but you know, erm I just noticed, that is not Rachel, it is her equally highly educated little mate, Fiona, I have got a strange husband, Payne. LOL

docmac said...

Erm, you know, erm, other than the name, there is really no, erm, difference.. How did this lot ever get the chance to attend, erm, uni?

hope4truth said...

Rachel is worse than Vicky Pollard as she is uneducated and stupid Rachel is supposed to have a brain....

Not only does she sound like VP her actions of sniffing through the door to see if her sick baby had soiled itself is enough of an admision of child neglect as to warant the baby being removed from her until she learns how to look after it....

Fiona oh so smug Payne has the world looking at her in horror as it may be possible her husband is a peadophile and still not a word in his defence....

Well if true there are no words to say in defence of a peadophile and as she has small children she should be anywhere but with him to protect them....

Then again none of them can split can they if they do loose tounges may get wagging and before you know it 9 pathetic uncaring parents in jail for perverting the course of justice or worse....

viv said...

Hiya Hope

As you say, genuinely uneducated people have an excuse for speaking that way. When uni bods to it, on such a serious subject to the police and make it sound like they are on mogodon, it is just sickening rubbish.

Fiona is so incredibly sly in the above post, she knows something was happening to poor little Maddie on the Tuesday night but is lamely trying to suggest it was actually Wednesday.. I am willing to bet she has a very good reason for that. Who was on babysitting patrol on Tuesday, I wonder..someone who loves to bathe little kids by any chance?

I think you have completely hit the nail on the head, these sick women cannot breathe a word about what they are married to, because they would be in the dock themselves also and can certainly kiss goodbye to their lucrative lifestyle, which is clearly more important to them than any mere toddler.

What about David Payne saying they hid on the beach when their children arrived, so as not to cause them "distress", words f..ing fail me, they really do. I just adored being on the beach with my toddlers. This whole thing positively reeks of people who had to emphasise just how incredibly uncaring they were.

viv said...

Out of interest Doc, I checked which are the best Med Schools. Dundee where Kate went is ranked Number One. Leicester is seventh, so still pretty high. Glasgow is not in the top ten.

I have always thought Kate was a wee bit smarter than Gerry.

In the original statements she lied straight away saying the rear patio door was open. Gerry said they entered via the front door with their key, thereby making it impossible for any predator to enter, then on 10 May, 6 days later, and no doubt after Kate had told him how stupid he is, he changed his statement, insisting they used the rear patio door to check the children.

I believe that when Wilkins saw him leaving via the patio door route he was setting the place up ready to state there was a stranger abduction and only just going out, just before 9 which his friends originally stated as their arrival time. The Paynes also arrived just before 9 and Dianne Webster admits Gerry was not there.

I think he probably fluffed his lines in the first place due to fear that PJs would arrest them anyway for child neglect if he said they left the patio open. They should have done!

S.B. said...

Afternoon Docmac.....,

A tasty meaty snack? Is it made from pigs bits? Can you get it on-line or do you have to go to a porchery?

No, I have not recovered from my medical woes. Its not sumink you can stick a plaster on or take thousands of pills to be rid ~ I actually went a bit deolali. In fact I make a nice little case study for you guys that delve into the human psyche. At the time it was called 'anxiety neurosis' but nowadays it has probably been given a syndrome all of its own.

In short I went to this very dark place that I don't ever want to visit again. Having overcome the first hurdle cold turkey it left me with just about every phobia known to man, continued panic attacks and a fear of just about everything, more to the point nothing! With the help of I don't know what and my trusty supply of Bach Flower Remedies I can say in the last few years I have greatly improved. ( Don’t scoff, I would recommend them to anyone). I can even go into the hypermarket without immediately throwing a wobbly ~ now that’s what I call progress.

Still a long way to go but any progress is o.k. by me! The heat don't help.

Perhaps you kind folk have some useful advice ~ I've tried everything in the past, yoga, hypnotherapy, aerobics, acupuncture, anti-depressants but as I've said I am a rule unto myself so nufink worked!

Enough of me ~ You mean to tell me you can actually understand the strange noises emanating from the orifices of the Tapas 7? I've tried reading over and over again but it remains a mystery as to how they ever earned the accolade of being called 'intelligent professionals'!

S.B. said...

Evening Viv.....,

I think you are right when you say that in many jobs you are looked upon as being too clever. I occupied the same position (achieved by promotion) for a number of years and so became rather adept at my job which led to boredom so I undertook a number of tasks which were not within my job description which tapped my more creative side. I could have been paid more for the same basic job if I applied elsewhere but job satisfaction was more important to me ~ at least at that time!

I think this is why they found it so difficult to stitch me up, because I knew very many people, I knew my work inside-out, I knew the system and I knew exactly how to survive their persistent attacks against me even with the dreaded syndrome!

It makes you wonder just how many people suffer as a result of discrimination in the workplace, despite the existence of laws to protect employees. Then there is always a way of circumventing legislation if the victim is unable to exercise their rights. In your case I am delighted you won your battle ~ perhaps they will think twice next time!

For about six months I did receive disablement allowance but of course once I left the country this was no longer an option. Here, we managed to survive financially until the world economic crisis hit us. Our small investment reaps no interest, the exchange rate has plummeted by about one third and my indexed link pension has not been increased this year. Net result? ~ Skint! I bet Gerald and his lot gloat when they read some of your blog! Sorry to disappoint you Gerry ~ at least we've got a clear conscience.

I'm guessing Luke = Son?

docmac said...


"Then again none of them can split can they if they do loose tounges may get wagging..."

Never a truer word spoken...

docmac said...


Can you Email me that list of med schools that you found?

docmac said...


I'm the last person to ask about that sort of thing. I remember sweet nothing about it. And wasn't very clued up on it way back when either.

Regarding the meaty snack - I get it wherever I can find it. From my fridge mostly :-)

Wizard said...

I just wonder if Dr Fiona yes but no but yes but Payne talks to her patients in the same lingo as she talks to the police. Hmm….

docmac said...

Or her parents, Wizard. Oh yes, maybe she does.

After all, her own mother, on hearing that Maddie was 'gone', thought to herself "Should I watch the drinks? Eeny meeny miny moe..."

docmac said...

From the details of the programme that Hope spoke of earlier - the bold type is mine:

What started out one night as a beautiful, picture perfect summer evening for Colleen Nick and her children quickly spiraled into a horrible tragedy that would haunt the family and their community forever. Colleen and the kids had traveled to Alma, Arkansas, to watch their friend's son play in a little league game at a brand new ballpark. Several innings into the game, six-year-old Morgan was bored and asked her mom if she could join her friends in catching fireflies. Colleen remembered thinking how happy Morgan looked to be set free. That's the last memory she has of her eldest daughter; Morgan suddenly vanished. A massive manhunt got underway quickly, as this parent's worst nightmare came true.

At the time, the Nick family was living 30 minutes away from Alma. When law enforcement officials advised Colleen to stay near the abduction site, she ended up first living out of a fire station and then, later, bought the only house in Alma that she could afford - going to all lengths to be near the last tangible trace of Morgan. Unfortunately, it's now ten years later and Morgan has yet to be found, though the investigation is still open. Despite all of Colleen's best efforts, the police still don't know what happened to Morgan Nick that summer evening at the little league field in Alma.

Colleen hasn't let the search for her oldest daughter destroy her. Instead it has inspired her to prevent this terrible tragedy from befalling other parents and their innocent children. She started the Morgan Nick Foundation (MNF), which works tirelessly with law enforcement officials and parents to provide education designed to prevent abduction. Colleen is committed to making sure that other families don't have to wait ten years (or more) for answers, and was instrumental in the Arkansas State Legislature's passage of the Morgan Nick Amber Alert Program.

See, Kate - that's how a real mum behaves.

Good luck, Colleen and family.

docmac said...


Blogger is messing with the posting tonight. Al those deleted comments are copies of the previous one. No Farter-Kuck involved :-)

viv said...

Doc, this is the link that I quoted from, sorry too thick to know how to post proper links, lol!


viv said...

I Farter Cucked them for you Doc :-)))

docmac said...

Oh bless! Thanks, luv :-)


viv said...

Hope and Doc

Thanks for details of Colleen's sad story. She worked closely with law enforcement officials and even lived out of a fire station to be near where her daughter disappeared from.

But Kate and Gerry were instructing "Control Risks Group" immediately to control the risks to them of being found out and arrested. Kate could not even manage to go back to PDL. We do not need them to draw us a map.


viv said...

Well indeed Wiz and Doc, pity the anxious patient, maybe bordering on a heart attack with fear as Dr Fiona comes around to do her pre-op, are you sure I will be OK, I will wake up again won't I?

Erm but yea but maybe, I think I have only had about 10 die on me this year, but erm, maybe it was more, you see, I mean, I am not sure now. Call the crash team.

hope4truth said...


Bet she answered all questions put to her as well...

To give up your home and live in a fire station then buy a run down house just to follow the advice of people who know what they are talking about is selfless where as Kate expects the world to pay for her defence and would never dream of selling her house or doing a damn thing she is advised to do as she knows best...

One Mother is Selfless the other Selfish one sold her home the other sold her sole....

Madeleine never stood a chance...

viv said...


A recent court of appeal ruling has now pronounced that anyone who has been stigmatised on the job market as a result of discrimination and having to take employment tribunal proceedings against the employer can claim extra loss of earnings/pension to cover that. This is a breakthrough but so many people are just not familiar with this law and genuinely do want to work again. Especially much younger people. There is a real fear that if you take ET proceedings you will not get another job anyway. I knew that when I embarked on that course of action, but that ruling was just after my case was decided, otherwise I would have got even more.

For the most part UK employers do get away with it, but for Warwickshire Probation, things have really had to change as a result of my proceedings. Both of my more immediate line managers got demoted, the Assistant Chief herself done what she was telling me to do, bugger off and retire.

But of course her index linked pension will be a very nice one.

What made you decide to go to Morocco?


viv said...


yes, Luke is my youngest son who still lives with me, he knows the bestest place to live, lol!

viv said...

Hiya Hope

You are so right again, very sadly, little Maddie just never stood a chance. Her fate was sealed before she even got on the plane and grazed her knee, there was so much worse to come.

What utterly wicked people.

docmac said...

"Well indeed Wiz and Doc, pity the anxious patient, maybe bordering on a heart attack with fear as Dr Fiona comes around to do her pre-op, are you sure I will be OK, I will wake up again won't I?

Erm but yea but maybe, I think I have only had about 10 die on me this year, but erm, maybe it was more, you see, I mean, I am not

sure now. Call the crash team."

lolololol!! Oh flip, ROTFL!

docmac said...


I bet she did. She did everything else right too. Just as one would expect of the mum of an abducted child.

viv said...

nite nite doc xx

Wizard said...

Dr Fiona’s patient consultation/bedside manner - lol Viv!

Wizard said...

Good Morning All,

Can anyone tell me the purpose of word identification when logging-in. Many sites use this and recently on one such site the word to be identified was so difficult to read, because of the typeface used, it took me three attempts to get it right. LOL

I have to say I'm mystified why this is necessary does anyone know?

Wizard said...

Have you seen the T9 timeline video on JM? It’s set to the Benny Hill tune heard at the end of his TV programmes. Lol no wonder people doubt the alleged timeline of the T9 it’s a farce worthy of Mr Hill himself.

docmac said...

Morning Wizard

The thing is designed to prevent automated spamming. Computers can't read it - yet. Though why Viv has it enabled on a members only blog only she would know ;-)

If you get another one that's hard to read, just refresh the page (press F5) and you will get another one. Trust me, I've done this hundreds of times, lol!

docmac said...

Have to run along now, but what is JM?

Wizard said...

Hi Docmac,

Thanks for the info.

viv said...

sorry guys, irritating word verification step setting now turned off, hope that helps!


viv said...

Doc, JM - Joana Morais blog.

viv said...

Oh thanks Wiz, I just love that video, it is simply hilarious, esp the bit with three abductors standing behind doors as hapless Gezza stood there thinking heck I need a big strain, and erm now which angle should these doors be at? Erm wait there, where the flipping heck did that high shelf come from and how did cuddle cat fly up there, if Maddie has been lobbing toys again when we are out she is in trouble. Good job he did not squash one of these apparitions trying to get his angles right eh?

viv said...

the lob and the squash, notice how I crammed a sports theme in there for Gerry, I am so kind to that lovely guy:-)))

I have picked up on his tennis themed holiday and particular boys tennis themed evening on May 3rd 2007. He is such a cutie.

Di said...

Hi all


Great video love bundleman carrying the missing blue bag, lol.

Di said...


Thanks for posting about Morgan Nick and also to Doc for giving the details of Morgan's disappearance.

I have looked the case up, as I have not heard about it before. It would seem a man was spotted watching Morgan and his car disappeared at the same time as Morgan was reported missing.

Colleen Nick Morgan's mother has worked tirelessly to find her daughter. It's a pity Kate & Gerry cannot take a leaf out of this mother's book. No fund, no expensive lawyers, no tacky merchandise, why because Colleen knows she is innocent.

S.B. said...


Why Morocco? If you have a moment to refer back to your post of 14th June 2010 " Gerry's Favourite Rag Says Gay Killer Took Maddie", the very last comment, submitted by me on 27th June, I think answers your question.

I will just add that I did visit the country as a tourist two or three times a year for about ten years before taking up residence, during this time I became very friendly with a big cheese (a hotelier) which was handy because I was able to live at the hotel for about 9 months before finding an apartment. All these little perks somehow made the prospect more alluring at the time.

That was then, this is now!..........

N.B. Thanks for getting rid of that irritating 'word verification'.

S.B. said...


It 'aint yer professional skills I'm after ~ it's yer bacon!

docmac said...


I'm a little far away here down south, so I hope this poem will suffice for now - and not leave you too feeling too hungry.

It's by Edgar Allan Pork:

You taste so good,
With fat a-drippin'
And in the pan
You're finger-lickin'
I never cook you
In portions meager
You hiss and pop
Which makes me eager
To chomp you down
With eggs and toast
But I love you bacon
I love you most

docmac said...

Hi Di

I believe Colleen's behaviour is exactly that of an innocent parent who has no idea of her child's fate.


docmac said...


I know you are not much of a Tony Bennett fan. I don't really care about him much either way, though I do admire his tenacity. I have read a number of views on the C-R cease and desist 'requests' addressed to him. The content of the letters suggest that these must have been drafted at the insistence of the McCanns.

I would be intrigued to hear your views as to why there has been no action other than the drafting of letters. And why, in the most recent instance, they have singled out Mr Bennett when the same information on the 48 unanswered questions remains easily accessible, even on mainstream news sites. Why has he spooked them so?

docmac said...

From the potty mouth of Mr Nigel Nessling aka Vee8:

And let's not forget, bennett, the disgraced cowardly, lying attention seeker, trying to gain fame on the suffering of this family; amaral, the fat idiot of a failed cop, who desperatly tried to frame the parents; havern, the stupid gulliable fool, who blames he McCanns personally for the tragedy in her own life; clawdia, the filthy smear on the face of humanity, who claims to actually be proud of the fascist torture chambers; and all the other assorted paedophiles, murderers and criminals who claim to be the voice of this child, but who in reality long ago forgot who she was, and never cared a damn about her anyway.

Mr Nessling:

The terms and conditions of the (thankfully) almost defunct forum on which you posted this clearly state:

"Forum Golden Rules ~ Please Read and Observe ~Many Thanks For Your Co-Operation. Please do not post unfounded or unproved allegations against a person, organisation or group. Your posts must not contain swear words or language which may offend, break the law, or encourage/support breaking the law. This includes libel and breach of copyright. Posts must not contain racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive comments or include personal details (yours or someone Else's such as phone numbers and addresses). We cannot be held responsible for the content of such posts, however we will do all we can to remove any such posts, but there may be a gap in them being observed and or reported and removed. If you see any such post, please alert the board's admin thank you. Admin Team."

Kindly report yourself. I know exactly who you are and where you live. Kindly publish a retraction.

docmac said...

lol, Viv!

Checked in a few times today, as I was always fascinated that Feedjit did not seem to be that accurate, but seemed to be getting it together.

Maybe it does in England (hello Rosie :-), but in the past I used to see myself popping up in places as remote as Durban and Pretoria. I mean those are 2 hours and more away by plane! ST once showed me popping up in Accra!! I have no idea how many hours that would be in the allytube.

It seemed much improved since I came back onto your blog. Thought it was because I'm now on wireless, rather than the monopolist fixed line operator. Or should that be oligopolist - Telkom and the government?

I thought it was going really well. It 'saw' me in Cape Town, Parow (ie Cape Town), Cape Town, Parow (ie Cape Town)... You get the picture? Now I'm in Port Elizabeth, lol! At least it's only one hour in the plane. Jeez...

docmac said...

I do see a Casablanca there too now. Rosie and Frostyballs would dispute that, of course, placing me in some nudist resort in Germany or something. Oh sorry, that must be SB!

Gotta get some rest soon. Whale weekend :-)

S.B. said...


Oink! Oink!

docmac said...

lol, SB!

I thought a German lad might be squeezing your hooters till I realised..

Get back to the land of snouts in trough :-)

viv said...

Hiya guys, I did some posts last night, one quite a long one and they just disappeared, so just testing..

viv said...

SB, Thanks for telling us about Morocco, it sounds like a developing love affair and from what I have seen and heard about the fascinations of the place that is understandable.

Having somewhere nice to stay must have been really handy. That is always the difficulty I suppose with someone as brave as you trying to relocate, finding a base.

I hope you still get on well with your accommodating big cheese, have not heard that expression before, lol!


viv said...

Doc, in relation to Bennett I still believe the same as I have always done.

His actions are calculated and deliberate, borne out of being part of a PR campaign rather than any concern about little Maddie.

He appeared in 2008 when the McCanns were really launching their offensive on public opinion. Firstly, he wanted to prosecute them for child neglect. To me this was done with the aim of saying to the public, we did not kill her or dispose of her body, we just neglected her. After all that is precisely their story. No qualified solicitor is going to publicise himself being a real prat taking court action that he knew was doomed to failure. It was done for effect.

Then we had him calling Clarence Mitchell a Master Media Manipulator, the man who he admits to chatting on the phone with. His posts on 3 As were literally glorifying this odious character's "qualities".

Then his "sources" told him about a "house in Knutsford".

I do accept that those letters from Carter Ruck that he made such a point of publishing were genuinely on the instructions of Kate, Gerry and Brian Kennedy. But for the same reasons they do anything, the good spin, not because it has anything to do with them looking for Maddie.

The leaflet drop was the most obvious of all really. If the McCanns had genuinely been upset about that they could have simply and quietly complained to the police that he was clearly pursuing a deliberate campaign of harassment. But instead we had Debbie and him all over the papers being "hateful" to the McCanns. This was designed to discredit bloggers on the case.

Bennett firstly insisted Maddie is dead, that was at the stage where the McCanns wanted that put about because they were making a fortune out of libel actions.

Now he even suggests Maddie may have been abducted, pretty alarming about turn.

What he never ever suggests as a possibility is that Maddie was abducted, arranged by her own parents. Now why is it that an educated man cannot think of that one? Would that be too near the truth. And, why is it, that he never gets around to mention some pretty serious evidence against Gerry McCann and David Payne, the statements of the GASPARS or the statement of Yvonne Martin. Again, that is what his paymasters want him to spin right away from IMO.

As SB says, he is pure virulent bacterium, not going to change my mind on that one.

Not once did I ever see him write a post that showed emotion and concern for Madeleine, all that rubbish on 3 As, petitions etc, to show up the bloggers for the prats many of them are, believing in him and his government conspiracy theories. Why is it he insisted there was no ongoing investigation? Is that not exactly what Kate and Gerry would want people to think? Because lets face given there clearly is, and Maddie disappeared in Portugal, that means the UK Police are after them personally.

S.B. said...

Evening Viv....,

I trust you did read my previous post, Morocco relating thereto! If so you will realise that I am now somewhat disillusioned - the dream vanished as always and left the harsh reality.

As for me 'big cheese', that went the way of all flesh! It came with a very heavy encombrance and therefore had to be disposed of after another harsh reality crushed the paradisique fantasy.

Such is life - but then I have never had the inclination to devote any percentage of 'me' to another! Freedom is more important than a five minute wonder.

viv said...

hiya SB

Yes I have read your prior posts and know that you are disillusioned now. But is that not part of life?

We move on to new pastures and new adventures, it is great for ten years or so, but then, the itch comes back, the need for a new project.

I currently feel this myself, although I am not as brave as you to simply upsticks and go abroad.

I have loved my current home, spent a lot of money, the garden is lovely, but somehow, after 14 years, I feel the need to go and explore something new. So I am looking for a new home.

I also empathise with what you say about the flesh, I lost interest way back in 1997. I also feel the same way as you, no one will ever really be an intimate part of my life, I am very much my own person and do not really want to share anything at all. Maybe it is selfish, but that is the way I feel.

To me freedom is about just jumping in my car and going looking for badgers at 3 am or going off and exploring some new woods. Going and buying what I want and exactly when I want. Eating where I like and when I like. No routines, no one telling me what to do. Suits me fine!

S.B. said...


Don't drag me into it! It wasn't me outside that petrol station in Rabat. CCTV? What camera, I didn't see any camera must have been feedjit. No, that wasn't in Nador. Thats where that farmer man and family was, yeah the peasant woman with the little Maddie girl. No not where they grow the cannabis, thats the other place, this is where we, sorry they hid the kid cos nobody ever knows how to find the place, yeah you know about 100 kilometres from Fez where the 'ats come from.

Casablanca? No, thats not where we saw the great big yatch, it was that other place - Marrakech - yeah you know where that Beckham footballers missus goes, was that it, no thats not a port is it? No eh yeah, that must be the other port, or is it the other petrol station. No I wasn't there so it couldn't be me somebody saw. Its a lie. Yeah it must be because erm erm, I know what I saw, I know I wasn't there. If you think it was me find the evidence and prove it........

And leave my 'honkers' out of it!

S.B. said...

Evening Viv......,

Wonderful sentiments! I don't think pleasing yourself as to the way you live should be deemed selfish. You, above all do not give that impression, otherwise you would not bother to keep this blog up and running!

I seem to automatically veer towards a change of direction about every 15-20 years. (Another shock for Docmac ~ 'honkers' at the nudist colony and only 120 years old). Ideally to return to England if it were possible. I miss the countryside, the food, gardening, wildlife ~ in fact just about everything except the raw winters and persistant rain. One major problem if I could ever manage it ~ from what I read moving back to the UK would be a little bit too much like being here in some respects! A bit off-putting.

Whatever you decide upon just make sure you are covered from all angles otherwise, as I say you could end up like me ~ Exiled!

viv said...

Hiya SB

Well maybe you could come back, so long as you can pay the air fare and have money to pay a bond and some rent up front/digs until you find somewhere. If your pension money does not cover your rent and council tax you can claim housing benefit on it, which is the big advantage to buying.

Many rental properties are furnished.

Think about it!


viv said...

Since the conception of the Asset Recovery Agency, they have confiscated almost all the permutations BMW have ever made of the 3 Series. Recent auction lots have included a 320i coupe and a M3 convertible.

Set up in about 2003 to seize the assets of money launderers and drug dealers who obviously love BMWs.

I wonder if Gerry has bought himself one? :-)))) Or did it all get Halligened?? Hope he can recover his assets, that just may be a tad difficult...

Very quiet on the Halligen front, that means something big is going on that they will not let the public know about, now why would that be, hummmm..

viv said...

The McCanns have also developed entirely uncharacteristic shyness in relation to their plans to get one million quid of Goncalo, so they can find Maddie, of course.

viv said...

Doc, I have just read the latest Carter Ruck letter to Bennett, available at the Migraine inducing Pink Parlour or whatever you so aptly called it:


The letter does sound pretty genuine to me. It would seem that Bennett gave an undertaking to the court, proceedings having been actually issued against him to refrain from further libelling the McCanns.

Giving an undertaking to the court is enforceable against you if you breach it in just the same way as a Court injunction against you. Proceedings for Contempt of Court could result in either a fine or imprisonment.

So whether I am right in my beliefs written above, who knows!

But it does seem extremely odd to me that they would just allow him to repeatedly breach the undertaking that he gave which he has been doing, non-stop ever since he gave it. I can see no good reason why they do not immediately instruct Carter Ruck to issue contempt proceedings, unless of course, I am right. This degree of leniency is clearly not the way they normally proceed. But then again, why do they just pick on him?

This blog has clearly and often referred to the seriously damning evidence against them concerning possible sexual abuse, they never say a word about that, do they?

viv said...

Rarter Kcuf also required Bennett to remove his video from Youtube, which I had not seen, concerning the 48 questions. It has gone!

But was the video libellous, I do not know, but if carefully worded, probably not because Kate did refuse to answer the 48 questions. But the problem for Bennett is he has probably given a pretty wide ranging undertaking to the court to just stop commenting about the case, full stop.

Maybe that is the reason they do not pursue him further, some of what he states is actually based upon the truth!

viv said...

Another thought, Goncalo Amaral is frequently referred to throughout this letter. Maybe that is what is seriously rattling Kate and Gerry's cage. They took such a bruising when he sought to appeal the injunction, they now require everyone to just shut up about the subject.

Sorry Kate and Gerry, not on here.

You said you were going to take him for 1.2 M Euros, now we want to know when you are going to be pressing ahead with that, please.

docmac said...

SB, you are one seriously talented woman. You make me LOL every time I read you :-)

"honkers' at the nudist colony and only 120 years old" Oh, my goodness! ROTFLAMO! Thank you for brightening my evening. It's been a stressful day.

Viv - re your last post:

Yes... ?????

docmac said...

Erm... I meant 22:27 post

Took my time posting there!

hope4truth said...


I believe that Bennett is on the side of Clarance.... Clarance is a prat who has ideas of grandure thinks he is a very important man who people want to listen waffle on.... Bennett has craved that kind of hero worship since he meddled with the Lubock family and got his picture in all the papers...

By printing his letters he is saying I am not worried about being sued but I could loose everything (so any of you out there blogging can expect the same thing)....

The leaflet drop played right into the pros hands this odious little man and his orange friend distributing hate to the supporters of the McCanns near their home town....

The truth is most of the neighbours of the McCanns are not bloody stupid and can see through them just as the rest of the world can...

Good Spin though.....

As for the 48 questions on youtube I did not see it but picked up somewhere he has been told he must not talk about them ergo we must not talk about them?

Why is that then the list was in the press for anyone who bought it to see it is all over the web?

Just because the person who should want to talk about them could not be bothered to answer a single one of them it does not make them unimportant.

Kates supporters yell she did not answer them on advice from her solicitor my words to those child hating cretins are "If my child had been abducted because I was elsewhere and could not be bothered to keep her safe and my solicitor advised me not to bother with her by answering some questions I would sack the bloody solicitor"...


If I am wrong about that someone please tell me what they have done because neglecting a child is wicked to play games with a "Findable" Child and leave her to rot while you cover your own back is pure EVIL....

Hope the Home Sec looks into this on behalf of the Victim and I am sure Halligen if offered the right Carrott could prove to be very useful as he is facing extradition and I am sure would rather stay in a jail this side of the pond.

docmac said...

Hi Hope

Halligen. Just one of a herd of elephants in the multi-roomed Rothley Towers?

docmac said...

This is one helluva read. Save it to your desktops, then dissect it over and over again. Well done, I say! Top marks.