29 Jul 2010


The original full sized last photo. It includes Gerry, Amelie and Madeleine.


On Thursday May 3, 2007 at 2:29pm, Kate McCann took a photo of husband Gerry and daughters Amelie and Madeleine. On the first version of the official Find Madeleine website we were told:
Gerry and Kate McCann have released the last photograph of their daughter before her abduction in the Algarve three weeks ago.
The picture is of Madeleine sitting by the swimming pool on the day she was snatched from her bed.
Kate took the photo of Madeleine at 2.29pm on May 3 – Mrs McCann’s camera clock is one hour out so the display reads 1.29pm. Less than eight hours later, before 10pm that night, Madeleine disappeared.

With grateful thanks to Pamalam

08 03 Outros Apensos VIII vol III Pages 543 to 548
(in English)
Hampshire constabulary

Witness Statement

Statement of: Stuart William Martin

Occupation: Detective Constable 1755

Date: 9th May 2007

1. I am employed by Hampshire Constabulary as a Detective Constable and am currently stationed in the Hi-Tech Crime Unit. I hold a Batchelor of Mechanical Engineering and Management degree from Liverpool university. My duties include the retrieval and examination of evidence from computers and other digital media and the investigation of computer crime. I have successfully completed two courses held by Guidance Software Inc in relation to their forensic software tools.

I have also successfully completed one course held by Access data Corp in relation to their forensic data tools.

2. On 8th May at 21.00 hours, the following was delivered to my home address by PC 178 Barham, requesting they be examined to establish if they contained pictures and video footage of a hotel complex in Praia da Luz.

ID ref Description
NALF/1 Video tape from Sony Handicam Video Camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07

NALF/2 64 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07

NALF/3 32 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07

3. Video tape from Sony Handicam Video Camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 1)

On 9th May 2007 at 08.30 I delivered this video camera in the sealed bag number CD 48113 to the imaging unit at Hampshire Police Support headquarters, Netley for examination. I conducted no examination of this bag and contents.

4. 64 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 2) and 32 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 3).

On 9th May 2007 I commenced my examination of a sealed plastic bag seal number CD48115 with two exhibit labels attached marked 64 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 2) and 32 MB camera memory card from Olympus C50 camera Re Praia da Luz holiday 28/4/07 – 5/5/07 (NALF 3).

5. This bag contained a power lead and cable, a black camera case which contained an Olympus C50 camera and a memory cad holder which contained one card.

6. I identified NALF/2 as the memory card which was installed in the camera and NALF/3 as the card in the memory card holder.

7. NALF/2 is an Olympus XD 64 MB memory card number MXD64P3L922905RN9 0223 MAD.

8. NALF/3 is an Olympus XD 32 MB memory card number MXD32P3RO34505RN20235 MAD.

9. I imaged NALF/2 using Guidance Software Inc computer forensic software called Encase version 5.

10. I imaged NALF/2 using Guidance Software Inc computer forensic software called Encase version 5

11. I examined the data from the two cards and located 43 pictures in the live area of the two cards.

12. I produced these pictures as identification references SWM/3019/01 to SWM/3019/43.

13. On checking the camera I found that the time and date was not set on the camera and it was recording the time and date as 0000 hours on 01/01/02. This did not change during the examination. None of the pictures SWM/3019/01 to SWM/3019/43 have any created dates recorded. The last written time and date for each of them is recorded as 0000 01/01/02.

14. Last Accessed represents the date the file as last examined. Whether the Last Accessed Date is triggered depends on the nature of the examination. Opening a file will trigger the Last Accessed Date, as will looking at the file properties and browsing the file structure with Windows Explorer. Examining a file on “write protected media” such as a floppy disk will not trigger this date, neither will examining a file on a compact disk or DVD.

15. Last Written represents the time and date that the contents of the file was last changed. The Last Written date and time is unchanged by the process of copying a file from one drive to another.

16. The creation date and time of the file is usually when it is written to the surface of the disk, subject to the accuracy of the computer clock that was used to perform this task. When this date and time is seen to be after the last written date and time it shows that the files has been transferred from another media.

17. Starting Extent represents the physical location of the starting cluster of the file.

18. Using my forensic software I was able to locate 73 pictures files in the unallocated clusters which had been deleted and were no longer accessible to the camera user.

19. I produce a report containing each of these picture identification reference SWM/3019/01 to SWM/3019/43.

20. I produce a compact disk SWM/3019/44 containing pictures SWM/3019/01 to SWM/3019/43 and report SWM3019/45. I have also copied the pictures and the folders as they appear on the cards, to this disk.

21. Unallocated clusters

22. Unallocated clusters are clusters on a drive that are not currently assigned to a file. Also called free space. A file may either occupy one or more clusters. The clusters that a file occupies are not necessarily contiguous. Some of these clusters may still contain data from files that have been deleted but not yet overwritten by other files.

23. When the data is extracted from the unallocated clusters there are not imes and dates or file names attributed to the data. My forensic software therefore saved the data in file format and named the files according to the location of the data within the unallocated clusters.

Statement taken by: Self



viv said...

I would appreciate your technical view on this Doc, but to my mind it states very clearly that Brit Police were immediately analysing Kate's camera and she never ever got around to setting the time and date facility on it!

73 deleted pictures and also a video recorder. I wonder if that belonged to David Payne by any chance?

docmac said...

Problem is, Viv...

The EXIF data of the picture itself shows it was taken by a Canon camera.

Martin examined 2 Olympus xD cards. Canon's don't and never have, as far as I know, used xD cards. So where the hell was Kate's camera and cards?

hope4truth said...


I know nothing about the techy stuff on cameras but the "last picture" is of Maddie a year younger IMHO...

She is pale and her hair is lighter thant the tennis ball pic did the police find the clothes she was wearing in the "last Picture" She has a white hat on and a pink one in the tennis ball picture....

I know you can have more than one hat but packing for a holiday these days you need to take as little as possible so why pack an extra hat????


docmac said...


Maybe Gerry's shitty old camera with its tiny memory cards couldn't take decent pictures. Or maybe not at all...

viv said...

Hiya Doc, Well the police officer above is obviously analysing the McCanns seised camera of their holiday as referred to above.

If that picture was taken on a different camera altogether perhaps as you suggest Gerry had another camera that he concealed from the police. I wonder if that is why he stated in his statement of 10 May, my wife mainly takes the pictures. Most things that Gerry says have some forensic reason, that much is clear to me!

Hope, of course I agree, that picture of Madeleine is of a little girl around 3, she looks far younger than on the tennis balls pic which obviously is a genune last pic of Maddie and is represented on thePJ file. But it was not of course taken on 3 May...

viv said...

Russell is given the third degree about the pictures in his rogatory. He lamely states that an old picture of Madeleine was found on the memory card and selected because it was a full face shot, presumably referring to either the Everton or the short blond bob pics Gerry took with him.

The truth is the picture that was there on the memory card is the tennis balls one as he ultimately admits.

viv said...

Oh and of course, as the police officer confirms above some 40 live pictures were extracted, 73 had been deleted but were still extracted by police recovery methods. So Russell would not have been able to access an old picture of Maddie would he?

docmac said...

I agree, Viv.

Where was the other camera concealed? And why?

viv said...

Well indeed Doc, this comment from the police officer would seem to imply that what he found on Kate's camera may have been transferred to it from another camera, i.e. what he intended the police to find.

Of course when supplying the public/briefing the media on 25 May 2007 he would not have been aware of this report although presumably he was certainly aware a camera had been seised for analysis. I think Gerry planned this down to the very last minutiae.

16. The creation date and time of the file is usually when it is written to the surface of the disk, subject to the accuracy of the computer clock that was used to perform this task. When this date and time is seen to be after the last written date and time it shows that the files has been transferred from another media.

viv said...

Oh hang on a minute Doc, he had his laptop out there and one of those plug in memory sticks, he may have selected the images he wanted the police to find on Kate's camera and then disposed of the memory stick which is easily done!

viv said...

I imagine those plug in sticks where the data can be stored on them, rather than on the hard drive much be highly prized by paedophiles, in fact made for them!

docmac said...

Now you're thinking, Viv ;-))

viv said...

it must be the unaccustomed hard physical activity,nourishing me brain cell))

docmac said...

At least it's not unconsummated hard physical activity, old girl :-))

viv said...

Well that is certainly true Doc!

Some people have the most amazing knack at avoiding a conviction, maybe even Gerry would seek this man's esteemed advice on how to be above the law. And Gosh, How Amazing, he is thinking of taking legal action against the Police, now erm let me think, erm deja vous erm..

29 July 2010 Last updated at 18:55

Cheshire businessman cleared of murder for third time
Arran Coghlan Arran Coghlan lives in an exclusive area of Cheshire

A businessman accused of killing a man at his Cheshire mansion has had murder charges against him dropped - the third time he has been cleared of murder.

Arran Coghlan was accused of shooting dead Stephen Akinyemi in a fight at his £2m home in Alderley Edge in February.

But prosecutors told Liverpool Crown Court they were dropping the charges because they could not prove he had not been acting in self-defence.

Mr Coghlan, 39, will now be released from prison.

Mr Akinyemi, of Cheetham Hill, Manchester, was discovered in the bathroom of Coghlan's home on Brook Lane.

The defendant was injured in the fight but Mr Akinyemi - who was known to police - was shot in the head and stabbed to the upper body, despite wearing a stab vest.

Members of Mr Coghlan's family were taken into protective custody after Mr Akinyemi's death.

Mr Coghlan was cleared in 1996 of shooting Chris Little dead at the wheel of his Mercedes in Marple, Stockport.

Seven years later Mr Coghlan stood trial for the murder of drug dealer David Barnshaw, who was kidnapped and forced to drink petrol before being burned alive in the back of a car in Stockport in 2001. He was again cleared.
'Innocent bystander'

On New Year's Day in 2008, Mr Coghlan was stabbed in the head, face and back in a frenzied attack in Cobdens Bar in Stockport.

He said at the time he was an innocent bystander who attempted to break up a fight. It is understood the attack may be connected to Cheetham Hill gangsters.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said: "We have today dropped a charge of murder at Liverpool Crown Court against Arran Coghlan.

"Mr Coghlan was charged on 13 February with the murder of Stephen Akinyemi after an incident at Mr Coghlan's home in Alderley Edge.

"The decision to charge Mr Coghlan was made on the evidence available at the time and it was expected that further evidence would be available."

The defendant, who said he was considering taking legal action against Cheshire Police, faces an assault charge in an unrelated matter and will be back at Liverpool Crown Court for a mention hearing in September.

viv said...

Now come on guys hands up, who wants to be a houseguest, come it is a lovely place surely, Di, is he your neighbour, watch our girl!

viv said...

So the motto seems to be, if you are took short and need to use this man's exclusive bathroom, even a stab vest may not save you from him erm defending himself as he shoots you in the head and repeatedly stabs you. Erm tut!

viv said...

As we were saying earlier, Wiz, just your average Mr Nice Guy, a wealthy erm "businessman",. shame people keep dying in his company though!

viv said...

Gerry did mention in his statement (the second one see previous post)that in about 2001 some unknown demented one entered the hospital threatening him and mouthing pure obcenities, I mean it could not have happened to a nicer chap!

viv said...

2000 actually:

"except one time during 2000 in which an unknown individual entered the hospital where he worked, making incoherent threats without justification and calling his name."

So Gerry never found out/knew exactly who this was?? Ummm

viv said...

What a real mum will go through to get her beloved little girl back, thank goodness it had a happy ending. Did we ever hear of Kate selling anything and getting herself back to PDL to look for little Maddie? Well of course not..

29 July 2010 Last updated at 11:51
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A mother's lengthy search for her kidnapped child
By Dhruti Shah BBC News
Sarah Taylor and her daughter Nadia. Pic: Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor spent nearly three years looking for her daughter Nadia

When Sarah Taylor's ex-husband abducted their daughter and took her back to his native Libya, she had no idea of the long battle she would face to see her only child again.

In May 2007 Fawzi Abu Arghub told Ms Taylor he was taking daughter Nadia, then four years old, to a party, but instead he headed to the airport, with no plans to return the girl to her home in Wigan in Greater Manchester.

It took nearly three years for Ms Taylor to bring Nadia back to the UK from Libya - a country that has not ratified the Hague Convention on child abduction - and she said the process was a long and difficult one.
Preventative action

The 34-year-old civil servant said: "I spent so much money trying to get her back - I even moved to Libya and had to go through the courts there in order to seek custody of her.

"I had to sell my house and my car in the UK and I spent hours just looking for her. It was only when she was finally in my arms at the police station last year that I felt able to relax."
Continue reading the main story
“Start Quote

Nobody asked if he had my permission to take her”

End Quote Sarah Taylor

viv said...

* Rise in parental child abductions

She said she was concerned by Foreign Office figures that show that the number of British children abducted by a parent and taken overseas has increased in the past year, and said she wished the UK had more measures in place to stop all abductions in the first place.

"These countries that are not signed up to the Hague convention - they're unlikely to do it now, so our government needs to do more to stop the problem happening in the first place.

"My husband took Nadia's passport and nobody stopped him at the airport. Nobody asked if he had my permission to take her.

"I saw CCTV footage of him taking her just hours after she got on the plane and it broke my heart.

"She was a British citizen who was born here and had lived all her life here but she was taken."

She said: "It was a real fight to get her back but there was no way I was going to let her live without her mother."

A few months after Nadia was taken, Ms Taylor went to Libya with the help of a charity, and saw her daughter, but she had only two weeks of supervised access.

"It was so upsetting and I didn't want to go home without her but I had no choice."

CCTV footage of Nadia Fawzi leaving for Libya with her father in 2007: Copyright: GMP

"I even dropped the kidnapping charges but it didn't help.

"Eventually I moved to Libya after finding out that as long as I could show I could support Nadia, I would be able to get custody of her. The court granted this but then my husband started hiding her and I couldn't find out where she had gone."

Her daughter was returned to her only after the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi became involved in the case.

"When I first saw her again after two and half years, she only spoke Arabic and it took a bit of time to be able to communicate with her again, but she's my daughter and I would do anything for her."

Ms Taylor and Nadia returned to the UK in February this year and Nadia has now settled at school and speaks English fluently.

"She's a year behind at school because of what she's been through and she doesn't speak about her father, although we do talk about him to her," her mother said.

"I've invited her father to come and see her but I don't want to build Nadia's hopes up. I just never want to go through all that again."

Di said...

Hi Viv

Thankfully Arran Coghlan is not one of my neighbours.

Unfortunately we do have a few undesirables, one of which likes to offer all his worldly goods to complete strangers.

Di said...

I totally agree that the supposed last picture of Madeleine could have been taken a year earlier. Even Madeleine's teeth look less mature than in some of the other pictures of her.

I know we have mentioned this before but what is going on with the reflection in Gerry's sunglasses? I am no photo tech either but something does not look right.

Wizard said...

What ever happened to Halligen well …..

McCann search businessman in court Belfast Telegraph

Thursday, 22 July 2010

An Irish businessman whose firm helped look for Madeleine McCann and who is wanted in the US over an alleged 1.6 million euro fraud is due to face an extradition hearing.

Irish national Kevin Halligen, 48, is accused by prosecutors in America of attempting to defraud a London law firm of 2.1 million dollars (1.64 million euro)

The businessman's firm Oakley International had been employed by Kate and Gerry McCann for around six months in 2008 to look for their missing daughter.

In all the Washington-based firm was paid around 357,000 euro for its services by the McCanns.

The defendant's assets were frozen after his arrest on November 24.

Officers acting on a request from US law enforcement agencies detained Halligen after finding him in a hotel in Oxford where he had been staying under an assumed name.

The alleged crimes for which he is wanted in the US relate to money taken from a Dutch company, Trafigura, as part of a deal to secure the release of executives under arrest in the Ivory Coast.

Instead it was spent on, among other things, a mansion and a gift to his girlfriend, it is alleged.

The extradition hearing will take place at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court.

(Sorry if already discussed)

Wizard said...

Good Morning,

I was just wondering if Gerry has seen this book – published in German and available via Amazon.

'Analysis of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann' by Daniela Prousa Amazon.de
22 July 2010
This new book debates whether the McCanns are victims or perpetrators in the disappearance of their daughter - based on a psychological investigation of their public appearances on media, TV, blog and webpage.

Considerable effort has been made on the analysis of the blog entries, of their form, style and content.

The author concludes that Madeleine died accidentally in the apartment following a fall from the couch, either immediately after the parents left the apartment or after Gerry's check.

It is her conviction that it was Kate who found Madeleine and hid her init

Wizard said...


I haven’t reverted to my cockney roots – last sentence should read:-

“It is her conviction that it was Kate who found Madeleine and hid her initially,

whereas Gerry only came in later in her support.”

viv said...

Hiya Di

I do recall you previously saying you were near to the benefactor of Kate and Gerry McCann. You will have to excuse my flippancy! Unfortunately we do not get to choose our neighbours.

Thanks for your thoughts on the so called last picture of Maddie. It would seem that you Hope and I are all in agreement about that she certainly does look a lot younger. You cannot beat the experience of being a mom and also nan in our own case.

Of course Kennedy set on outfits who clearly operate beyond the law both in Spain and UK and did manage to go public when he wants us to know that he is sacking them which oddly enough seems to coincide rather well with the Spanish Police closing in on M3 and the British Police closing in on Mr Halligen. I suppose his motto would be always stay one step ahead of the police!

Thanks for the update Wiz on Halligen, that link to Carter Ruck and the Dutch firm Trafigura must be really difficult for Kate, Gerry and their generous benefactor who seems to like to pay Carter Ruck to play games to shut the bloggers up. I never did take any notice of Tony Bennett or his letters from Carter Ruck!

viv said...

Wiz, the init was quite amusing actually and you can revert to your cockney roots any time you like lol!

I do not find the explanation credible based upon all the evidence we have available. I am certainly never going to accept that a man like Gerry McCann would take any personal risk at all by simply going and dumping Maddie on the beach, dead and then promptly demanding the police and their dogs! That is complete nonsense, he knew for a fact Maddie would not be found

viv said...

but I do think that Kate and Gerry were upset about not getting regular updates from the police because they feared they may be tracking where Maddie disappeared to and that motivated Gerry to issue that out of date picture, three weeks later. He must have been pretty desperate to do that IMO because it is obviously a fake.

viv said...

He wanted the world to be paying him to be looking for this cute little baby blond, but that was a pure enigma.

viv said...

I am pleased that four former parliamentary fraudsters have not been allowed to use the 1600s Bill of Rights to say they were allowed parliamentary privelege to fiddle their expenses.

The only trouble is Legal Aid (yes the good old taxpayer) paid for highly expensive QC's to argue their case for them. Going on memory and I may well be seriously out of date on this, these guys do not come any cheaper than at least £5000 per day, so what on earth will the Legal Aid bill be alone?

However, it has clearly set a precedent, you commit an ordinary criminal offence whilst on parliamentary business and there are no special rules to protect you. You are just a thief. In thelong run stopping thieving MPs is going to save the taxpayer a small fortune.

I was also pleased to note the police are still investigating many others, because on the face of it, it is hard to differentiate what these four have done from so many others.


viv said...

Oh no!

Poor Portugal have another tragic demented foreigner case on their hands, from Joana Morais blog:

I do hope the baby can be found..

Police search for missing child, presumed dead in Lagos area
29 July 2010 | Posted by astro Leave a Comment

Georgina Zito, aged 30, was murdered by drowning on the 10th of July, 2010, on the Canavial beach in Lagos (Algarve), by Gunnar Dorries, a German man who is the father of her daughter Alexandra. Dorries left the crime scene with the child, saying he was going to fetch medication, but he never returned.

Three hours later, the man arrived alone at the Vila Galé hotel in Lagos, and then left in a hurry. On the 13th of July, he returned to Germany, where he was arrested by German police under a European arrest warrant that had been issued by the Portuguese authorities.

Alexandra, aged one-and-a-half, is missing, unfortunately presumed dead by Portuguese and German police.

Di said...

Hi Viv

Unfortunately we do tend to attract a few cowboys in this neck of the woods.

I wonder if BK pulled his financial support around the time of Halligen's arrest.

Hi Wizard

Init, that made me laugh.

The german book is very interesting, some say this is why Kate & Gerry needed to know what subjects students were taking. Cheap translation etc., also to keep an eye on German blogs.

It is interesting that Daniela Prousa repeats most of what G Amaral stated in his book, yet for some reason they don't seem in any hurry to sue her.

It would be interesting if Halligen talked to save his own neck, but I would imagine a few people have made sure he does not.

Di said...

What a sad situation Viv, I do hope the child will be found alive.

Di said...

Hi Doc

I have been reading your thread on MM regarding the last photo.

Excellent thread, you must be on to something for the distracters to be in full swing.

S.B. said...

Viv / Di...........,

Is it not a known fact that serial murderers, excluding those afflicted with a mental disorder, very rarely undertake their own dirty work. Particularly in gang-land they usually engage the services of a hired killer or use one of their own syndicate to actually perform the murder. This is the most effective way of avoiding conviction!

Do I smell a Gerry?

Di said...

Hi S.B

Good point. I have always thought that if Gerry was cornered he would be more than happy to pin the blame of Madeleine's disappearance on anyone but himself, even Kate is not in the clear. However, as you point out, it is more likely he got somebody else to do his dirty work for him then he has complete control over them.

Check out the comments on Textusa, Holiday thread, very interesting.

S.B. said...


I am technically illiterate so I am unable to offer any constructive opinion about the authenticity of the photographs. Wherever I look the various important photographs vary in clarity. For example the tennis ball picture, sometimes skin colouration appears pale, sometimes sun tanned, sometimes reddish. The hair colouring also differs from one source to another although I agree that in this so-called 'last photograph' all three of them look rather pale but then the weather was reportedly not ideal for tanning. Nor can I examine the photographs in any detail because if you blow-up the images they become so distorted it is impossible to determine minute characteristics.

One thing does occur to me is the total absence of 'family' photographs which one would expect from a family holiday, there was enough group members for someone to have taken a photo of the family together. So here we have this photograph of Daddy, Amelia and Madeleine but where is Sean? In order to fit the requisite bodies within the frame available, is it possible that little Sean was evicted from the original photograph and conveniently replaced with an image of little Madeleine?

Please don't tell me that Sean was playing in the kiddies paddling pool with Kate because she tells lies and leaves us with no option but to speculate!

S.B. said...

Hello Di.......,

Point taken! A very interesting read! If my memory serves me well, quite recently Wizard raised the subject of stress levels when taking a holiday and likewise I remember Viv commenting on the financial problems that the Mccanns must have created for themselves by taking this particular holiday.

Which one of us has not been in this situation, with or without children. You expect a holiday to be perfect in every way but it seldom is if taken as a family concern, or indeed with a partner.

As for Kate's words said to be from the mouth of her daughter ~ "Mummy, I've had the best day ever"! Words from a 3/4 year old? I don't think so! Why would any child make such a statement anyway when they have been sequestered in creche facilities all day every day.

Di said...

Hi S.B

I agree not the sort of thing a child would say especially when seperated from their parents for most of the day, but then again!!

docmac said...

Hi Di, thanks

Yes, it had a lot of views and posts, eh? I see there's a DNA one started now. I expect it will get a lot of attention. The Mucks don't much like discussion on photos and DNA, methinks.

Which gets me thinking...Should I start another one on the DOGS? lol!

Are you posting on there?

Di said...

Hi Doc

Oh go on do. Let's see Santi get his knickers in a twist.

I don't post very often.

docmac said...

I'll give it some thought :-)

Unrelated: very sad. It is more often the mother with the little ones. Father probably not blameless, of course.

Di said...

Oops sorry Doc I meant Sans would be getting his knickers in a twist.

Doc just read your above link, dreadfully sad.

On another note, I think Kate was more than likely unable to cope with three small babies, maybe Gerry was also frustrated that Kate could not cope. I also think Kate was more than annoyed to be left with three small children, having to bath them and get them into bed, whilst Gerry had fun playing tennis. How his achilles tendon repaired itself so quick is beyond me.

Off now, nite all.

docmac said...


Agree with all of the comments in your third paragraph.

Sleep well.

viv said...

Hiya all

Di, in the case of Goncalo Amaral they no longer seem to be in any hurry to sue him either. IMO, the only reason Goncal would have called the Prosecutor Mr Menezes is due to what he knew he would say, the McCanns could have been charged with kidnapping and trafficking Madeleine.

Which brings me on to SB, yes, I do think Gerry is the type of criminal who would arrange for someone else to do the dirty work for him. According to him he was the last person to see little Maddie and she may have disappeared within moments of him doing so. His suggestion of the abductor actually hiding in the flat is utterly bizarre, I believe he handed a drugged Maddie over.

Whilst it is certainly true that some gangland bosses get their minions to carry out acts of violence on their behalf to me the definition of a typical serial killer is one with severe personality disorder who keeps on killing because he likes it.

Mr Coghlan has clearly become very wealthy but also it would seem clear has a definite violent streak. He is not engaging others, there are three murders that the police clearly believed he was responsible for, one even in his own bathroom. He is also on a serious assault charge, that is obvious because it is being heard in the Crown Court. He has also been savagely attacked himself. That illustrates the sort of person he is and the code of serious violence he operates under.

Gerry is a Glasgow lad and I believe has some very rough edges, it is interesting he mentioned that man coming to the hospital after him.

Doc, I was pleased to see you brought Santi out on the offensive, the so called last photograph of Madeleine is one that deserves to be brought up time and again. It is hitting Gerry where it hurts and making him realise that there are things he simply cannot control. Frustrating for him in particular, I am sure!

viv said...

What was it Gerry said, something along the lines of,

"yes, too much information from the police files has been put into the public domain"

Why is that a problem then Gerry, because we can see what a scheming little liar you are?


docmac said...


Kate should leave Gerry and tell the truth IMO. I could almost sympathize with her if she did. Well, except for one tiny detail...

docmac said...

I just found this. Oh, lol!!

Vivs name is Turner- on her(?) emails- perhaps she is a relation?
That would make Docmac what her husband/colleague/Gamble? He is certainly not a doctor- multiple births are recorded on an international register the ones he mentioned werent on it and the Doctor author he claims to be lives on another continent- America.

Turn over, Mrs Gamble. I'd like you to take a note...

Multiple births are recorded on an international register?

WTF is it with these people? What are they on? LOL!!

viv said...

Well as you know Doc, that is not my surname, in fact I think it has a rather common ring to it lol!

Am I Jim Gamble, am I married to him, or am I married to you Doc, am I Warwickshire UK (as I thought) or are my various browsers just playing tricks on me and I am really in South Africa?

Seriously Doc, I am sure Kate and Gerry are on an international criminal register and there should be another for the barmy sods who back them!

viv said...

Doc, as you know I have always been of the view that the only sensible way out of the hell Kate got herself into, is to be very brave, go and get herself a really good family/criminal law solicitor and tell her the truth.

Then, I just may feel the sympathy for her that I know she craves.

Then and only then would she be demonstrating that finally she can put her children before herself and most of all before Gerry and any of his sick schemes. She seriously needs to slam the door in his face and ask for leniency.

viv said...

Docmac to Santi on Missing Madeleine:

My, how you google. It's two xD cards that were examined, not SD. And yes, at the standard (ie rubbish) quality setting I suppose one could just about squeeze that many pictures on there. Not what one would expect of someone who would be taking pictures of a party of 9. Oh sorry, a few more. I forget how many now...

I recently went away for four days with my wife and only one of my children. And came back with well over 400 pictures. My kid was even in some of them

Oh Ouch Doc, poor old Santi LOL!

viv said...

Doc, please don't ask me how Gerry may have hidden his memory stick and transported it back to the UK, it hardly bears thinking about x

viv said...

On his part, John Hill informed us that the printing of large quantities of Madeleine?s photo was carried out by himself with the help of his wife, at the request of Russell O?Brien, a member of the McCann?s group of friends, John Hill stated that the photograph the colour prints were made from a mobile data disk of the ?memory stick? kind that Russell O?Brien gave him on the morning of 4th May.

They both stipulated that these were the only colour printers and photocopiers in existence at the Ocean Club and that there was no other place with the capacity for colour printing.


viv said...

On 6 May 2007 Amy Tierney gives a statement to the PJ, she does not mention anything about printing pictures of Madeleine.

A year later on 16 April 2008 she gives a further statement to the PJ stating that Russell approached her with a memory stick and she used her Kodak printer and her own Kodak Xtralife paper 6 x 4 to print said pictures. When asked by the PJ for the printer she says it is not available, her boyfriend has it in France.

I believe this was the most terrible evidence against the McCanns and this woman is a paid liar. So much counter evidence started to surface in 2008 rather than 2007 after Brian Kennedy and his bent teams of detectives had been on the case for the McCanns. The burning issue remains what is Brian Kennedy's personal interest in Madeleine McCann?

It can be seen by reading the available material on Pamalam's site, the police simply do not believe her and there as talk of the photographs being sent to America for further analysis.


viv said...

The issue really is a simple one, as the police reports state, the photographs were immediately available when the police arrived from the McCanns and they are not in a transportable size, 6 x 4 inches, they would not fit in a wallet. They were old pictures of Madeleine.

There were two copies of each picture (2 x 2). Many copies of Maddie's picture were genuinely printed that night on various printers at the Ocean Club but on large format A4 paper. A year later Ami Tierney claims she printed these at the request of Russell on this odd size of paper that is generally exactly what you buy printed for you.

So if the McCanns carefully packed those two sets of photos to take to PDL with them, that is clear evidence of a premeditated crime against little Maddie and I certainly believe that to be the case, but not necessarily murder, I believe they took part in her abduction, a planned abduction because they did not want her any longer, they wanted to make a lot of money out of her. That is wickedness in the extreme. This is not just a case of a stressed out mom losing her temper..

viv said...

Re: RE: The last photo
The Famous Grouse Yesterday at 10:34 am

OK, let's assume it was an old camera, and couldn't read a card above 32 megs. Does it take three weeks to open the wee door and take the card out, to give to the police?

I love this one! Maybe it was too technical for Gerry and he had to pop home and do some swotting up first? YOu know how to get the angle just right when opening the wee door? How to open the shutters without getting your wee fingerprints on them,just your wife's from the inside, it is all clever stuff lol!

hope4truth said...


I pray for the day the McCanns sue Amaral it will be fantastic.... More people know about their lies from the last court case thanks to the McCanns greed...

Most people I know have never been near a blog even the younger people at work and as far as blogging goes for my girls and their friends BEBO and FB seem to be the things they use....

It is frustrating that Gerry was not detained in Customs and searched on his trip back to England or the police did not search his home before and after he came back...

Then again MI5 dont exactly play by the rules so you never know what will be bugged now or in the future....

I am sure with some facial recognition softwear the picture could be proved to be a fake she looks so much younger in the pool picture....

The new Government seem to be walking all over what the last one did it must be a scary thought for the pair of them that at any time someone will want to shine and show the world how Brown took far too much of a personal intrest in parents who at best were seriel child neglectors....

Maybe soon the Victim will be put first???

viv said...

Hiya Hope

I too long for the day when they attempt to extract ONE MILLION POUNDS from Goncalo because he "LIBELLED" them by suggesting the very mildest interpretation of what they did with Madeleine.

Last time they clashed swords with him in Court, they got exactly what they deserved, Sky News splashing every gory detail onto the world's press. The words of the lead Prosecutor Mr Menezes, they could have been charged with kidnapping and trafficking Madeleine, they lied saying they checked her every 30 minutes.

So come on money grabbing McCanns bring on round two, or did it finally occur to them, this time they went just too far? Did Clarence say, now how you expect me to undo the damage to your own reputations you did there, do you realise you just convinced millions more people that he is right, you were involved in the disappearance of your own child.

Madeleine is the victim of the most wicked parenting one could possibly imagine and the poor twins do not fare much better because they have to grow up and live with it.

I am quite sure every type of sophisticated snooping into the lives of the McCanns has been done and continues to be done, one day they will get what they deserve and it will not be one huge payout from Goncalo Amaral.

viv said...

Parents who love their kids so much they want to tell the world how they dumped them in bed night after night and left both the doors unlocked so that we will believe she could have been abducted. Well even if she was they treated their children, on their own admission, with less respect than most of us have for our purse, mobile phone or camera.

Parents who want to go on TV and actually brag about how Madeleine said where you mummy when we were crying and how they just went out and left her again. What they admit to in itself is incredibly wicked.

docmac said...

John Hill stated that the photograph the colour prints were made from a mobile data disk of the ?memory stick? kind that Russell O?Brien gave him on the morning of 4th May.

Yes, one of Gerry's old sticks. With old pictures on it. Kate's stick had disappeared for a while. Why?

viv said...

That is the really odd thing isn't Doc. If your wife takes most of the pictures and she has two memory cards, sufficient to hold, as we know, at least 43 pictures, just why would Gerry also have photographs of Madeleine available on a memory stick?

The more you look at this, the more you unpack all of his careful planning for this "event".

Can you remember the name of that guy who wrote in The Times, he was a PR guy for Mark Warner, he said he helped the McCanns undertake the "difficult task" of uploading pictures from the memory card.

I will tr and find that article.

What is incredibly complex about this case is Gerry's use of photographs and technology to deceive IMO. I believe he likes the very latest technology when it suits him, I am sure I read his mobile phone was the most up to date on the market at that time. But I also read the police absolutely love crooks with really up to date phones, the easier they are to track/ read etc!

viv said...

Were USB memory sticks new technology in 2007 Doc? I really would not have a clue lol!

When my kids are on about such boring things I tend to switch off..but it is interesting in terms of trying to have a better understanding of the machinations of Gerry McCann.

viv said...

Aha I remember Alex Woolfall, not one that easily rolls of the tongue lol.

viv said...

I saw Kate and Gerry McCanns' despair and if they were acting they deserved an Oscar Timesonline

The PR expert who advised Madeleine's parents in the first weeks of her disappearance offers a new insight into their state of mind

Dominic Kennedy
October 6, 2007

Gerry and Kate McCann's on-screen composure in the days after their daughter disappeared was at odds with their turmoil and dread behind the scenes, a witness says today.

The couple swung between uncontrollable distress and a determination to do what was needed to help to find Madeleine. They gave no indication that they thought she had been snatched, let alone by a paedophile. Their early assumption was that she had wandered off and had an accident or been taken in by a well-meaning stranger.

Alex Woolfall, a public relations consultant for the holiday resort where the child disappeared, was with the McCanns regularly for that first fortnight and is convinced that they are innocent. "That they could be involved and in any way be guilty - to me they would have to win every Golden Globe and every Oscar ever awarded," he told The Times.

viv said...

Mr Woolfall has provided the first detailed account by an insider of what happened to the McCanns during the desperate days after Madeleine disappeared. He is an expert in crisis PR at the communications group Bell Pottinger and flew to Portugal as part of the Mark Warner holiday company’s emergency response team on Saturday, May 5. Madeleine vanished on the evening of May 3.

He met the couple for the first time at their new apartment. "They were behaving exactly as I thought someone in that situation would be," Mr Woolfall said. "They had not slept. They were trying to work out what to do that might help generate images of her. They were desperately keen to publicise her face."

The McCanns had photographs of Madeleine on their digital camera, which Mr Woolfall began transferring to a laptop computer. "I said to Kate, 'Let's try to identify pictures where her face is visible'. Downloading the images was a very difficult process for them. It was upsetting.

"They were trying to do two things at once: one, emotionally deal with what was actually, really happening to them; two, operate in some sort of logical way to help get her back."

Mr Woolfall transmitted the photographs to the Press Association in London, from where they were distributed to the media. The portfolio included the now famous image of Madeleine wearing a hat on a tennis court.

The McCanns wanted to do more. "They were exhausted and despairing but thinking, 'Should we go outside and say something that might get her back?' They said they wanted to head downstairs and talk to the media. They were very tired, but that was one thing they were determined to do."

viv said...

Mr Woolfall went out to alert journalists and returned to the McCanns. "They wrote down what they wanted to say and went out and gave a short statement. After that, they were completely spent. You could tell there was nothing left."

Mr Woolfall was surprised by the reaction of British viewers to the couple's demeanour. "I was struck at the perception of people who had watched Kate and Gerry: that they were very controlled and perhaps were not responding in a way people thought would be more natural. They were not at all controlled. When I was with them, they were between being completely distraught and trying to do what they felt was the right thing." Armchair detectives have leapt to wild conclusions based on the few alleged details of the case to have emerged. One bone of contention has been whether Mrs McCann, when raising the alarm that Madeleine was missing, screamed: "They've taken her." Some have questioned why a mother would leap to the conclusion that a child had been abducted.

Mr Woolfall says that he heard no suggestion in the early days that the girl had been snatched. "Certainly I did not hear any discussion that this could be a paedophile or an aggravated robbery. All the time I was around it was whether she could have wandered off and had an accident or somebody had actually taken her in, perhaps not with ill-intent.

viv said...

"During the first 48 hours the word being used was 'missing' rather than 'abducted' or any link with a paedophile or any sort of crime. Towards the end of the second week I detected a shift towards there being a consciousness that she had probably been taken rather than wandered off, just on the assumption that anybody would have found her by now."

Many theories have emerged from the claim that Madeleine's twin sister and brother, aged 2, failed to wake or cry when she vanished. Mr Woolfall said he had not heard of the twins' alleged silence until he read about it in a newspaper in Britain. The claim was attributed to the Portuguese police.

There has even been a suggestion that Mrs McCann carried her daughter's Cuddle Cat soft toy because it would look good on TV. "For that to have in any way validity, it would cancel out the fact that these two people hadn't got a clue about PR or the media," Mr Woolfall said. "To suddenly be that sophisticated . . . I noticed Kate often had this toy with her. It was Madeleine’s favourite toy and she would go to bed with it. Kate had it with her when she went to church. She had it in the apartment."

viv said...

A lingering puzzle for many is why the couple left three children in the flat. "When I first got to Praia da Luz, I asked Mark Warner to put me in the chair at the tapas restaurant that they had sat in and show me where the apartment was," Mr Woolfall said. "It never struck me that it would be a particularly odd thing to leave your children in that apartment, given that it was so close.

"It is incredibly sleepy and quiet in Praia da Luz. There is no traffic noise. One day when he was standing on a balcony, Gerry was saying how they felt when they first came to the resort. The pool was close, supermarket round the corner. They felt everything was a stone's throw."

The McCanns have sometimes irritated observers with the fervency of their do-it-yourself campaign. "When I came back there was criticism: why is this couple out there publicising this, doing interviews, going in front of cameras, going through photo opportunities? If you look at what would have happened in the UK, you would have had, probably within hours, a proactive intervention by British police, who would have said this is the process we now need to go through.

viv said...

"Kate and Gerry have been largely left to get on with it, with no support in the initial stages, or guidance. They realised the media were a huge potential ally."

Mr Woolfall recalled how the bewildered couple gradually began to recover their composure. "In the first week they were not thinking. They actually did not think. They were in shock.

"In the second week, Gerry behaved very much like a doctor would do. Doctors are analytical. He started to have much more strategic conversations with me about what they might do. They became more aware that getting Madeleine's photograph widely distributed in Spain and possibly North Africa was sensible.

"Gerry said to me, 'We don't want the awareness that Madeleine has gone missing to disappear overnight, and that we are a family whose child went missing on holiday and that is the end of it. We want to try and find her.' When I left Portugal, the beginnings of the idea of having a campaign were probably forming.
"They were actually quite hopeful - far more in that frame of mind than despondent and downbeat. They had gone 360 degrees several times through all the different emotional states, but they soon got some good control on things."

Mr Woolfall left after a fortnight working from 5am to 1am, fending 200 calls a day from journalists as far away as Norway and South Africa. He warned the McCanns that they needed a press officer. "Gerry, I think, spoke to the Consulate and said 'Can you help us? Because there is a lot of media interest and we cannot manage.' As a result of that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office flew out Sheree Dodd [an experienced government spokeswoman]."

At first, journalists treated the McCanns with great respect, but there was a free-for-all when the couple took their first unscheduled walk along the beach. "Freelance snappers started to get quite close to them and one or two questions were thrown at them. That was probably the very early stages of the change," Mr Woolfall said. "It reached a crescendo when the McCanns tried to take their kids to the crèche and were bombarded by snappers and freelancers."

When the McCanns were made suspects, Mr Woolfall was bemused. "I thought it was ridiculous. I couldn't believe it. Completely ludicrous."

Did you suspect them? "My God, no, absolutely not in any way at any stage. I walked into that apartment and just saw two people who were frantic that their daughter had gone missing. Nobody could possibly, if they had anything to do with that, behave in that way for so long.

"It made me laugh rather than be exasperated. From Day One they could not move anywhere without 100 flash bulbs going off. The whole idea that they could have done any of the things the police were suggesting was farcical.

"You could not pick another couple on the planet that would have had that many cameras trained on them."


Note: June Wright, Luz resident, speaking on the Channel 4 dispatches documentary 'Searching for Madeleine':
"I arrived at the Ocean Club reception at around about 10 to 11 and at the time that we arrived a police car arrived - and as the police officer got out a man approached him, who I now know is Gerry McCann and said that his daughter had been abducted. That there was no way that she could have opened the shutters herself, she'd definitely been taken."

viv said...

This is the really relevant bit:

They were trying to work out what to do that might help generate images of her. They were desperately keen to publicise her face."

The McCanns had photographs of Madeleine on their digital camera, which Mr Woolfall began transferring to a laptop computer. "I said to Kate, 'Let's try to identify pictures where her face is visible'. Downloading the images was a very difficult process for them. It was upsetting.

"They were trying to do two things at once: one, emotionally deal with what was actually, really happening to them; two, operate in some sort of logical way to help get her back."

Mr Woolfall transmitted the photographs to the Press Association in London, from where they were distributed to the media. The portfolio included the now famous image of Madeleine wearing a hat on a tennis court.

docmac said...


As I understand it, Gerry had two memory cards, one of which was offered up to have the prints made.

There is no reference to how many Kate had. But by all accounts they were not examined. And the pool picture was taken with her camera.

viv said...

hiya Doc,

Above Mr Woolfall is referring to "their camera", not in the plural and he says that is where the tennis balls pic comes from.

I am not sure how you arrive at your understanding.

If, on 5 May, they were desperate to generate images of Madeleine why did Gerry wait three weeks to produce the so called last picture and why does Mr Woolfall not refer to it.

I believe the tennis balls pic is the last picture of Madeleine.

In the police report they only refer to analysing just one camera,not two, although I do agree Gerry could have concealed one. We are not told who these cameras belong to, including a Sony videocam, but I assume that was either his or more likely David Payne's because we can see that he was videoing the group on the holiday bus.

There is clearly a difference between a memory stick referred to in the statement of Amy Tierney and the memory cards referred to in the statement of the analysing police officer.

It can only be supposition but I would have thought Gerry was reliant on material he had on his apple laptop and memory stick that he brought with him.

There is no doubt that British Police are keenly interested in these photographs he was ablet to immediately produce to the GNR and the pictures generally given the analysis of them and the third degree that Russell Ob and Amy Tierney were given by respectively British and Portuguese Police. This was at April 2008 when they were trying to piece together evidence sufficiet to actually prosecute the McCanns

I believe they have highly incriminating photographic evidence but it is still not sufficient to put the exact facts and appropriate charges before a court as to precisely what they did with her.

At the time that Gerry went home CEOP were stating they wanted all holiday snaps sent to them. No doubt to compare and contrast what Gerry himself was providing and try and build a better picture of what went on, without Gerry himself being able to tamper with that evidence from other holiday makers.

docmac said...

Hi Viv

The poolside photograph was taken with a Canon camera (proven) and was widely reported to have been taken by Kate. The 2 memory cards examined by Mr Martin were xD cards, which are used in only 2 makes of camera, namely Fuji and Olympus. Gerry had an Olympus. The Canon's memory card(s) were never offered up.

hope4truth said...


I have had 4 digital cameras the first 2 worked with batterys (which did not last very long) and had Memory Cards that held about 40 pictures....

They were so slow in fact taking a picture of my daughters coming down a slide I had to click as they left the top to cathch them half way down...

One thing about all the cameras they were so easy to download onto a computer plug in a cable and transfer nothing to it....

My latest cameras each were faster and the last one I bought about 2 years ago holds over 100 pictures and now my netbook has a card slot to transfer even easier...

Clever Gerry must know how to do something so simple even Mr Hope knows how to do that and he is forever breaking his laptop...

hope4truth said...

It is intreting that the MW PR man belived them and could see nothing wrong with eating at the Tapas as it was so close (I am learing a lot about PR he needs to limit the damage to MW)....

But what is intresting is the fact he believed they thought she could have wandered off...

It is probebly only press reporting but I thought Fiona and Co were running about shouting close the borders Morroco peadophile rings etc but this man who was there says they thought she had wandered off????

Have just seen the NSPCC ad asking for money with their images of children portrayed by actors who are being neglected abused and beaten....

I stopped giving out of my salary nearly 3 years ago as to be honest what is it they do???

The McCanns left their children alone neglecting them to go to a bar even after being told that they cried and we know they cried for nearly 2 hours as Mrs Fenn heard them there are 2 small children still in that poisonous situation being fed lies about their sister and no one seems to give a damn/...

Child abuse can take on many forms brain washing is one of them so where are the NSPCC when Maddie needs them to speak out for her?

Does anyone know what they actually do ???

docmac said...

Don't know about that, Hope. Clever Gerry couldn't even perform the simple task of protecting his family. Even insects can do that.

docmac said...

Viv and all

I urge you to read again the wisdom of this remarkable young lady, especially her responses to some of the comments. Fascinating stuff - I wish I was privy to that movie she and her prof have spliced together! Guess patience is the watchword for now.

viv said...

Doc, if the police specifically seized and analysed only Gerry and Payne's camera equipment that looks even more sinister and more in keeping with what I have always thought. It was not really Kate, but she did and certainly has since gone along with it.

viv said...

Hiya Hope

Great posts as ever, it is interesting that Mr Woolfall was there within just two days and that is what the McCanns were telling him, she just wandered off. WE may contrast this with the first Jane Hil interview where they are adamant they were never in any doubt from the first moments, she was taken.

As Mr Woolfall says it was only later they started talking to him about abduction.

Of course admitting she could have wandered off would be admitting they should be in the dock! But I would like someone to tell me how you can stop a four year old wandering off when

A) You are not there and she may well cry for you again, and is smart enough to think I will go and look

B) You leave BOTH of the doors open to facilitate her wandering off - Kate even suggested she could come out and find them!

I think this couple just disgust me so much that is why I often used to say, oh please, why don't they just shut up!

viv said...

and yet on that Tuesday night she cried for such a long time, Daddy, Daddy, I do not think she was actually alone because I feel the natural instinct of an intelligent four year old in that situation would be to go look for mom and dad, unless of course she was just so afraid to, afraid of the darkness etc.

Mrs Fenn heard the patio doors and then Maddie went quiet.

viv said...

and of course why did Mrs Fenn not hear the twins, I think Maddie crying on that Tuesday is the key to what ultimately happened to her and the McCanns cannot even admit the correct night. But very interestingly in his second statement Gerry does say that David Payne of all people checked Maddie on the Wednesday, yes, the same night the McCanns are saying she cried. Talk about trying to cover every angle, Gerry is quite willing and read to let Payne take all of the blame for what was happening to his little girl, but the this is Gerry, you are supposed to be protecting her.

hope4truth said...


It is a very sick and dark thought that if it was only Maddie crying why did she not wake the twins?

Were they somewhere else and if that is true the whole ting gets darker and darker. I wonder where Smug Fionas husband was? He has never defended himself against the Gaspers statements why not?

Di said...

Hi all

Some excellent comments.

Hi Viv, I agree the tennis picture imo is the last photo of Madeleine. It would be interesting to know exactly what time date etc., this picture was taken.

Hi Doc, I agree Paula's post and responses are very interesting.

Hi Hope, Yes, where was Fiona's husband!!

docmac said...

Isn't it just, Di!

How about the new one, by an anon, but I'm guessing it's the professor or another one of his obviously extremely bright students.

In Afrikaans, they would say "Hier kom GROOT kak". Politely translated, this means 'Here comes trouble'.

viv said...

Hiya guys

Di and Hope, I think that you have just hit the nail on the head as to what really took place.

I have learned that there is a law in Portugal, if you are going to sign a legal document you must actually be present there. Hence Gerry told us in early 2009 he would be making lots of trips to Portugal over the coming months. Not to find Maddie of course, just to put in place plans to extract cash from Goncalo Amaral.

Doc, we have always identified Gerry as narcisstic/psychopathic on this blog, that is why he has only ever been concerned about fame and fortune, not his little girl. Striking back at one of his worst critics and robbing him of all his cash would particularly appeal to Gerry. But the thing is with grandiose narciccists, their dreams and visions never quite match the cold hard reality. Gerry was further exposed for what he is as a result of his action against Goncalo, he just could not even keep his temper when things seriously were going wrong and the world was learning yet more about just what this man really is and what he is capable of.

Game, set and match to Goncalo, I would say.

But Gerry will never quite give up, his personality style will not allow that, instead he hopelessly wails, well they should re-open the case in Portugal and sack all of the police officers who think I had anything to do with it. STarting with Ricardo Paiva, the officer who was most particularly looking at that Gaspar statement, IMO so accurately depicting the real problem with Gerry and his mate, David Payne.

Wizard said...

Hi All,

The pj had difficulty getting hold of a whole range of information from Britain, delays and non compliance to requests held up their investigation. With this in mind it was interesting to read last week the Home Secretary Theresa May told the Commons that Britain had decided to opt into the controversial European Investigation Order.

This mean apparently that prosecutors from any EU country will be granted unprecedented powers over people in Britain. They could for example bug phones of British Citizens, monitor their bank accounts and gain access to their DNA if they suspected them of committing a crime in those countries.

If any new evidence did come to light with the McC’s being implicated it would appear the Portugues will not be held back in future in obtaining information from Britain.

viv said...

Thanks for that Wiz which is really interesting. I do recall being concerned by Jacqui Smith's tardiness in complying with requests from the Portuguese and have to confess I was not the least bit sorry to see her lose the job she was never fit for.

But I have always thought that one of the main reasons UK have held back is because of the disclosure rules in Portugal which clearly conflict with our own laws and legal practices. For example, had the full financial and medical details been forwarded the Portuguese would have then been at liberty to open these up to the public. So far as UK are concerned that would then make a fair trial of the McCanns impossible and seriously impede further investigations into not just the McCanns but others who may well be involved in the UK. Often British authorities hold back because they simply do not want those offenders alerted to the fact they are under investigation.

We most certainly will never release confidential information about a child that may still be alive. Imagine if Maddie were recovered but full details of sexual abuse were in the public domain, that would make her life deplorable.

I have always thought that Theresa May will prove a very different HS to Jacqui Smith, and if the McCanns have been seeking to influence her, most likely made another of their catastrophic mistakes.

I think Gerry just cannot resist his natural inclination to be actively seeking to control his own destiny. But when he became involved in the disposal of his own little girl and then cashing in on that crime, he became a very serious criminal and the police and the HOme Office do the controlling, Gerry still needs to learn to accept that.

Any further pressure that is brought to bear upon them by additional powers for the Portuguese to get at them has to be a very good thing.

We have seen that they fairly recently recalled a football hooligan to Portugual to serve out the two year sentence he got. They can hardly be blamed for making it very clear to Brits, you are very welcome in the lovely Algarve, so long as you behave, but if you do not, then you know what to expect!

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

I don’t know if it has already been discussed by I was just reading on the McCannfiles site that currently there is a truck travelling around Europe:-

“The parents of Madeleine McCann never think about giving up the search for their missing daughter. They now have a truck, bearing a message to look for the girl, crossing through Europe.” The ten ton truck is currently (31.07.10) in Belgium.

When I read things like this spontaneously I have the tune and lyrics of Shaggy’s hit song “It wasn’t me” playing through my mind. Cynical as I am I always think “It wasn’t me” is a better name for the Mc’s campaign than the one they use. LOL

viv said...

just starting to read up on it Wiz and came across this:

They would be able to order British officers to conduct undercover-spying missions, and pursue people for 'crimes' which are not recognised in UK law - such as the Portuguese offence of criminal defamation:

I bet that will make the McCanns day, lol. To say they have defamed Goncalo and the PJ generally is something of an understatement.

viv said...

I think that is completely spot on Wiz, I have long since accepted that Maddie well have been abducted, but as Gerry would say, it wasn't me, it was some stalking predator, erm yes, predator that is the right word.

And as I would say, Gerry "sickens me to the core". I wonder if he ever seriously regrets some of the little pearlers he has come out with, whilst trying to insist, it wasn't me?

A high risk strategy, a good marketing ploy, the list goes on as he lets slip just what he really thinks..

viv said...

This quote from Theresa May is really heartening:

"However, I said what I said because the order and the directive are not about sovereignty moving to Europe, but about making a practical step of co-operation to ensure that it will be easier for us not only to fight crime, but crucially, to ensure that justice is done."

I am sure she is well aware that the public want Justice for little Maddie McCann and it is right to say this is a cross border case that the Order refers to and where it is vital that Portugal and UK work together to gain satisfactory evidence to secure a conviction.

viv said...

On the subject of apt songs, as ever Wiz, I can think of a Pink Floyd one that really hits the spot, Money

Money its a gas, grab that cash with both hands and make a stash

Money its a hit, don't give me that do goody good bullshit

I'm in the high fidelity first class travelling set and I think I need a leer jet

They could have almost written it for Gerry McCanns lol!

S.B. said...

Evening all......,

It appears to me that the pivotal factor in this whole saga lies in the bountiful involvement of Brian Kennedy. Initially his alleged unsolicited attachment was a humanitarian act to financially support this poor misunderstood English couple who had inadvertently mislaid their 3 year old daughter. In his words ~ "In the light of the quite literally incredible accusations against Gerry and Kate Mccann, which are clearly exacerbating their emotional torture, I felt compelled to offer, along with other like minded businessmen (Richard Branson?), financial support and the full logistical support of Latium team. That support is principally our in-house lawyer Ed Smethurst and (official spokesman) Clarence Mitchell. This will relieve the Mccanns of the daily pressure of co-ordinating the legal teams that will expedite the clearing of Kate and Gerry’s names, allowing all parties to refocus on finding Madeleine". This was said around the 20th September 2007.

As I have said before, I do not believe for one second that a successful business man would provide unlimited financial support to total strangers no matter how convinced he may be of their innocence.

The Mccanns fled Portugal on 9th September 2007, just 48 hours after being made official suspects in the case of their missing daughter and less than two weeks before the above statement made by Kennedy. Then we have Clarence Mitchell apparently speaking from outside Rothley Castle on 18th September 2007, declaring his intention to abandon a secure, well paid job in order to become the Mccanns fulltime spokesman ~ only 9 days after their leaving Portugal.

Obviously the Mccanns could not afford the full time services of Mitchell or the legal fees of the various lawyers they employed so who is paying for all this luxury? Brian Kennedy of course ~ but why? I have tried to find details of Kennedy's past and present but nothing is forthcoming other than what we already know, however I was rather interested to see a press report from early in 2008 where can be seen Gerald rubbing shoulders with Kennedy and Mitchell at a Rugby match, staring Kennedy's own club.

Over the last 3 years a number of reports have come to light that indicate the extent of Kennedy's involvement. Meetings with Metedo, soliciting interviews with the PJ, visits to Murat, engaging the services of Halligans empire, the appointment of certain dubious private dicks ~ the list would appear to be endless. Not forgetting the never ending string of coincidences and connections with Scotland (Gerry), Ireland (Gerry), Liverpool (Kate), Leicestershire (Kate and Gerry), Sport (Gerry), Amsterdam (both), New Zealand (both).

This is not a chance encounter of an extremely rich man who, like some knight in shinning armour charges to the aid of a Gerry and Kate Mccann because he was so sure of their innocence without having ever spoken to them! IMO he was part of the original plan and has been pulling the strings throughout!

There is no ongoing search for Madeleine, never has been, only an ongoing campaign to save their precious necks when the time comes for slaughter. Mitchell was appointed by Kennedy, not the Mccanns, the same as all the other dubious cronies. One day all will be revealed..........

docmac said...

Perhaps controversially, I think the EIO is a great piece of legislation.

Don't get me started on the songs, Wiz and Viv ;-)

hope4truth said...


Amanda Knox and Father have still to face trial for lying about being beaten up by guards... If found guilty he could be joining his daughter in a jail cell in Italy....

Amaral knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote his book and I would not be surprised to learn in the future that he had been helped by higher ranking officers who wanted to stir up a storm...

Gerry throwing his paddy on the way out of court showed the world what was said was true and he simply cant have anything he has not told the world out in the public domain....

When will they get on with it and sue him so many more things to be said and lets face it the press has little to say at the moment and could do with selling a few more coppies and of course the DX will want a chance to go to court to get their money back....

Lets hope that out of all this Maddie is found I dont think it will be a happy ending for her but she deserves to come home whatever happend to her...

docmac said...

Hi Hope

The DX? What's that?

Jeepers, that was a long time ago! And all this time Maddie has remained unharmed, apparently.

Sadly, you are quite right, of course. There will be no happy ending, but it would be nice if she did come home.

docmac said...

There is no ongoing search for Madeleine, never has been, only an ongoing campaign to save their precious necks when the time comes for slaughter. Mitchell was appointed by Kennedy, not the Mccanns, the same as all the other dubious cronies. One day all will be revealed..........


Thought you had found an illicit stash of bacon. Agreed - however, in the case of the word 'appointed', one could also consider terms like 'coerced'. Or Br*b*d.

hope4truth said...

Sorry Doc

DX Daily Express...


docmac said...

I was only kidding ;-)

Just meant we have been at this for so long. And the DX 'disappeared' from the scene for reasons that we know so well...


hope4truth said...

LOL as I pressed post I thought he is taking the (begins with P ends in S) :o)

Then if you will send bad jokes that make me laugh what do you expect xxx

docmac said...

Yeah, I bet you feel like a real artichoke now, eh? ;-))

S.B. said...

Hey Doc!

Thanks to you I've moved on ! It's sausages now that excite my palate, bacon is so passe!

Gin with or without the tonic to was it down ~ pure ecstasy!

S.B. said...


Who am I to cast aspersions on the illustrious personage of Clarence Co Ltd?

docmac said...

Have a ball, Viv!


Gin and sausages. Then more gin. And sausages. YUM.

S.B. said...


I 'aint getting it ~ just thinking about it!

Glug, Oink! Glug, Oink! Glug, Oink!

docmac said...

I feel for you, SB. Really I do. I'll have a few for you then. Must be awful.

Where's Viv? Seeking an opinion on the link...

docmac said...

Goodnight Viv and all.

viv said...

Thanks for the link Doc, but I had read his stuff before. Classic I would say!

Hope, I have often thought Goncalo is just playing games with the McCanns. But it is a very serious game and they deserve it!

They just never know what he is going to drop out next really, do they!

SB Totally agree with what you say and imply about Brian Kennedy...

viv said...

Erm guys, it is my birthday on 5 August, so do not forget my virtual cards and pressies, lol!

viv said...

With a guy like this in charge, it is little wonder there is such a crime problem in SA...A fallen angel admits when they made a mistake and shows remorse, that much is true, but I think angel is just the wrong word somehow. I will continue to save that for little Maddie and other defenceless little children who deserve so much better :

South Africa ex-police chief Selebi jailed for 15 years

Judge Joffe Meyer: "You were an embarrassment to the office that you occupied"

A South African court has sentenced former national police commissioner Jackie Selebi to 15 years in jail for corruption.

Selebi, a former president of Interpol, was convicted in July of receiving bribes from a drug dealer.

Convicted dealer Glenn Agliotti paid Selebi 1.2m rand ($156,000; £103,000) to turn a blind eye to his business.

Selebi is the most senior official appointed by the country's government to have been convicted of corruption.

The sentence is the minimum recommended for senior police officers found guilty of corruption.

Judge Joffe Meyer in the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg described Selebi as "an embarrassment" and a "stranger to the truth" in the witness box.
Related stories

* Selebi case like a crime novel
* SA's controversial ex-police chief

"At no stage during the trial did the accused display any indication of remorse. The accused lied and fabricated evidence in an effort to escape the consequences of his conduct," the judge said.
'No fallen angel'

Selebi was given 14 days to file an appeal. During this time he will be free on bail.

Wearing a grey suit and a light pink shirt, Selebi sat and listened to the 45-minute judgement without showing emotion.
The scene in court
Continue reading the main story
image of Jonah Fisher Jonah Fisher BBC News, Johannesburg

Inside the courtroom there was silence when the judge handed down sentence. There was no reaction from Selebi's family, including his wife.

Minutes after Judge Meyer Joffe's ruling, Jackie Selebi's brother George protested to scores of journalists outside court that his brother had been sentenced by "an apartheid judge".

Prosecutors said they hoped the sentence would "send a strong message that corruption will not the tolerated".

Mr Selebi refused to comment. But now the man who for eight years was responsible for leading South Africa's fight against crime is destined for jail.

The humiliation is now complete for Jackie Selebi.

The 60-year-old was well connected in the ruling African National Congress government.

He was also a former president of the ANC Youth League, served as South Africa's representative at the UN and was a close ally of former President Thabo Mbeki.

"The fall that the accused already had must have been one of the greatest falls known in our legal history," Selebi's defence lawyer Jaap Cilliers told a court hearing on Monday, as a judge considered Selebi's sentence.

Selebi's defence team had asked the judge to consider a suspended jail term and a fine.

He has already forfeited 320,722 rand ($43,800, £27,500) as the proceeds of crime.

But prosecutors said Selebi had shown no remorse for his actions.

"We don't have a fallen angel here. A fallen angel admits when they make a mistake," prosecutor Gerrie Nel had said.

During the trial the court heard how Selebi had spent thousands of dollars on shopping sprees with the money he was given by Agliotti.

Agliotti, who gave evidence against Selebi in return for immunity on bribery charges, is himself on trial for murdering a mining tycoon.

viv said...

Makes me wonder just when he was president of Interpol given all the duff leads they followed.

No doubt Brian Kennedy could do a lot of bribing in high places!

viv said...

Jackie Selebi

Jackie Selebi, National Commissioner of the South African Police Service, served as INTERPOL President from 2004 until 12 January 2008.

His previous positions include:

South Africa's representative at the United Nations
Chairman of the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations 54th Session
Chairman of the Anti-Landmine Conference, Oslo
Commissioner Selebi was awarded an International Human Rights Award in 1997, and is currently Chairperson of the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster, which co-ordinates crime prevention activities within the South African Criminal Justice System.

viv said...

INTERPOL statement regarding INTERPOL President Jackie Selebi

12 January 2008

INTERPOL’s General Secretariat is aware of the public reports that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) of South Africa intends to charge the Commissioner of the South African Police Service, Jackie Selebi, with corruption and defeating the ends of justice.

INTERPOL is also aware from public reports that during Friday’s proceedings, Pretoria’s High Court concluded that it would not prevent the NPA’s prosecution from going forward.

The INTERPOL General Secretariat is carefully monitoring the situation.

This matter involving INTERPOL President, Jackie Selebi will be discussed by the Executive Committee at their meeting in February.

While it would be inappropriate for INTERPOL to comment on the ongoing investigation in South Africa, it should be stated that President Selebi has significantly helped the organization and its member countries to enhance security and police co-operation worldwide.

viv said...

Young children are killed by their parents in similar proportions between the sexes but when a woman kills there often seems to be this dimension to it, controlled and abused, afraid of losing her child. It reminds of the sad recent case in Spain where a mum killed her two children immediately following her partner being extradited to UK on child rape allegations.

3 August 2010 Last updated at 19:10
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Father weeps over 'smothered' daughter in Stockport
Bethany Marie Kennerley (Pic: Greater Manchester Police) Bethany Kennerley was found dead in Ms Caudwell's home on 3 October last year

The father of a three-year-old girl who was allegedly killed by her mother wept in court as he spoke of the last time he saw her alive.

Helen Caudwell, 42, of Stockport, denies murdering Bethany by suffocating her with a cuddly toy in October 2009.

Mark Davies told Manchester Crown Court he had taken his daughter to the park the last time he saw her.

His affair with Ms Caudwell ended soon after Bethany was born but he still saw her regularly, he told the court.

Bethany was found dead on the morning of 3 October in a bedroom of Ms Caudwell's flat in Redwood Close, Cheadle Heath.

Her Piglet toy was lying next to her. Her saliva and blood were both found on the toy, the court heard previously.
'Perfect' relationship

Mr Davies described his daughter's relationship with Ms Caudwell as "perfect".

However, he told the court he did not know Ms Caudwell was leading a double life, and his daughter called two other men "Daddy".

Ms Caudwell was married to her first husband Ian for 20 years and they had three children, the court has heard.

In 2005 she had affairs with two men - Miles Kennerley and Mr Davies.

The court was told that when she fell pregnant later that year, Ms Caudwell told both of them they were the father.

Mr Caudwell was named on the birth certificate when Bethany was born in July 2006, and she called him "Daddy", the jury heard.

He helped to raise the child until the defendant married Mr Kennerley in May 2009, the court heard.

Ms Caudwell was divorcing Mr Kennerley when Bethany died, five months later.
'Backed into corner'

Neither man knew the real father was actually Mr Davies - proved in recent DNA tests, the court heard.

Mr Caudwell told the court his ex-wife was scared she would lose custody of her daughter to Mr Kennerley, who paid for Bethany's living costs.

He told the court he went to see his ex-wife the night Bethany died and that she was "upset" and felt "backed into a corner" after agreeing that Mr Kennerley could see his daughter the following day.

The jury heard that after he left, Ms Caudwell called her mother and said: "I just feel like doing away with myself."

The court also heard Ms Caudwell had attacked Mr Kennerley with a steak knife in an argument over his access to Bethany, two days before she died.

But Paul Reid QC, defending, denied this and said Mr Kennerley was using the allegation to show people his client was not fit to care for her daughter.

He said Mr Kennerley was "bullying, belligerent and controlling" towards Ms Caudwell.

The trial continues.

docmac said...

Jackie Selebi is only the tip of a very large iceberg I'm afraid, Viv. The police force in general here seems to attract a good proportion of undesirables.

I'll give you a good example. Robert McBride was convicted of planting a bomb that killed 3 people in a bar in Durban during the apartheid years. He was later granted amnesty as the crime was considered to have been 'politically justifiable' at the time.

Now far be it from me to question the validity of that decision, but one would NOT have expected this guy to be appointed as an MP by the ruling ANC. Nor would one have thought he would become the chief of police for a major metropolitan area near Johannesburg.

Still, he did make some more poor personal choices whilst in the job. His lies didn't help and he was booted out in disgrace. I expect he will be back in parliament soon.

Wizard said...

Good Morning,

I have just been reading on the McCannfiles the case that rocked middle class Victorian society in 1860 - the death of Saville Kent (3 years 10 months). The true story was published recently in the book ‘The Suspicions of Mr Whicher or The Road Hill House Murder’ 2008.

The similarity between Saville Kent and MBM’s case is quite extraordinary. The father of the dead child pointed the police away from the family and servants and insisted a stranger had killed Saville. An open window into the sleeping child’s bedroom was the entry and exit point of the perpetrator the family said.
Jack Whicher the investigating police officer was vilified by suggesting who he believed guilty. Of the window theory he was certain no person came in by that window…”I therefore feel quite convinced that the window shutters were merely opened by one of the inmates, to lend to the supposition that the child had been stolen.”

“A cunning and immovable a middle-class murderess could become a figure of glamour and mystery, a kind of heroine and if she kept her nerve she might never be caught.”

Kate Summerscale’s book was published in 2008 but I just wonder if GM read anything prior to this about this very famous Victorian crime.

"Just keep your nerve and you will never be caught" hmm…

viv said...

Hiya both

If Kate killed Madeleine and Gerry covered that up, it is difficult to believe the police are going to be able to prove that now.

As Goncalo admits vital forensic evidence was not immediately locked down and seized at the time, i.e. all of their clothing and most particularly Madeleine's. That could make proving what you believe it to be, quite impossible.

It is notable that it was almost always Gerry who took and collected Madeleine from the creche and there are no pictures of Kate with Madeleine.

If that were the case why would the McCanns carry on? Would they not just be satisfied that they have got away with it?

viv said...

Doc sometimes the promotion of peace and reconciliation seems to broker some unattractive compromises.

We can see the same thing in Northern Ireland with former IRA killers now playing the role of cuddly grandfathers/dedicated politicians.

S.B. said...


Interesting that you should refer to 'The Road Hill House Murder' which I read many months ago and also mentioned to mccannfiles at the time as it seemed to highlight similarities as you say between Saville Kents murder and the disappearance of Madeleine. However, in the light of the information that has been forthcoming since my reading the book I am not sure that I would still hold the same opinion.

Nonetheless it is fascinating to compare the Madeleine investigation with that of Saville Kent, being that the police detective as we know it today was only in it's embryo stage and yet there appear so many parallels.

Do you know, I even wondered if perhaps Gerry Mccann had been inspired by this very book ~ only found out afterwards that it was published after Madeleines disappearance but like you it did occur that he may have read details of the crime elsewhere ~ we all know his preferred bedtime reading!

Wizard said...

Hi SB – I just ordered on Amazon the book by Kate Summerscale I let you know what I think after I’ve read it.


Your say “If that were the case why would the McCanns carry on? Would they not just be satisfied that they have got away with it?”

Well that is the question - McCann supporters use this argument for their innocence - they are not involved in anyway and therefore keep looking. I would have thought because of the backlash the Mc’s have had they must feel very paranoid and perhaps hope they have got away with it but there must be an element of doubt in their mind. I would argue the element of doubt is what keeps them publicising the stranger abduction theory. Say it enough times and people will believe them, say it enough times and they might even believe it themselves. Keep on saying it until the money runs out and then say it again to any one who dares to contradict them.

S.B. said...

Afternoon all......,

Still vaguely on the subject of Brian Kennedy I have again been reading the sketchy details of Gerald’s lightening trips to the UK. Trips 1, 2 and 3 ~ to be sure! to be sure! to be sure?

21st May 2007 (only 17 days after Madeleine’s 'abduction') ~ Main purpose of trip was to search for photographs and video footage of Madeleine for website. He went 'alone' and whilst there also met with 'lawyers' and campaign organisers. A source said he went to do positive things (!?!), collect more clothes and attend to unpaid bills. According to friend Andrew Renwick he was there to attend to 'legal matters'
Next day he returns to Portugal with Clarence Mitchell so he must have been in contact with Brian Kennedy during this trip because he was clearly the one to have engineered Mitchells services.
24th May 2007, back in Portugal the 'last photograph' was produced (!?!).

19th June 2007 ~ Justine McGuinness appointed as campaign spokesperson for McCann’s during trip.
Excluding all Gerald’s heroic exploits he was said to be in UK for meetings with the Foreign Office. Somewhere, possibly the FO, he had 'very good discussions regarding sustaining the search for Madeleine long term'. Only about six weeks after her alleged 'abduction'.
20th June 2007 he had meetings in Leicester but who with we know not. Same day he returned to Portugal minus wallet, credit cards and precious photos of Madeleine.
29th June 2007 said wallet mysteriously reappears in Portugal, content details made public but no mention of the precious photos(!?!)

12th July 2007 ~ Travels direct to London to meet with police. Evening attends 'The Secret Policeman’s Ball' where it is said he received a standing ovation (!?!). For what I don't think has ever been Clarri-fied!
Next day was spent at the CEOP to learn more about their role (!?!) and collect manuals to take back to Luz.
Following Kate’s lightening visit to attend baptism they return to Portugal with Gerald’s mummy and big sister.

Enough to trigger off alarm bells is a very simple quote from Gerald ~ "Today I found out more about some of the techniques used to profile abductors of children". "Kate and I hope this will help us understand more about investigations".

During one on Gerald’s three 'Magical Mystery Tours' to the UK, it is mentioned that he had meetings in Liverpool to discuss the campaign. I am sure Di or someone will correct me if I am wrong but Liverpool and indeed Leicester are not so very far from Brian Kennedy’s place of residence. If not following the crow in flight at least with motorway connections.

So many unresolved mysteries..............

S.B. said...

Hi Viv.....,

If Madeleine was murdered by either Kate, Gerry or one of their friends/accomplices there always remains the possibility of her body being discovered in the future or for a member of the group breaking the 'pact of silence'. I have still not dismissed the possibility of a dead body being dumped in the ocean, not close to the beach you understand but further out where the waters are deep. Heavily weighted it would not likely be washed-up even considering underwater activity. I understand that the extensive wealth of Brian Kennedy stretches to self indulgence in the shape of a yatchs, aircraft, property ~ you name he's got it, that of course excludes exemplary morals.

Agreed about the absence of photographs with Kate and Madeleine and as I recently said the absence of photographs of the family altogether which I would think normal when on a family holiday !?!

How many times have you suggested their ultimate desire to make pots of money out of poor little Madeleine? They cannot do so by skulking into obscurity. Anyhow, we know they have tried to gain access to the investigation files, without success, so I should imagine that they are living in fear of what evidence the police might have against them ~ hence the need to perpetuate the myth!

I say again ~ guilty until proven innocent!

Di said...

Hi all

Just looking in sorry can't stop.


With regard to Brian Kennedy I would just like to say one thing Patrick!!


I look forward to hearing your analysis of the book.


Is it really your birthday?

S.B. said...


If you had held on a bit longer you could have been a Virgo!

Why I bothered to comment on your last post I don't know. I was just hitting the button and realised you've obviously already been at the sauce ~ LOL!

Do not read until after midnight ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Have a few for me if you have the capacity! CHEERS!

docmac said...


I have to be careful when I talk about bombers, especially IRA bombers. I think I mentioned forever ago on the DX that my sister almost married one of the Guildford four!

docmac said...



viv said...



Wizard said...

Happy birthday Viv, have a great day

Best Regards as always - Wiz x

Di said...

Happy birthday Viv, enjoy your day.


mandarinn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you from portugal

viv said...

Thanks again guys! Mandarrin, how lovely to hear from you with greetings from Portugal also!

Just about to dive in shower and go for a meal with my gorgeous kids which is just the greatest thing to do!


hope4truth said...

Happy Birthday Viv xxx

S.B. said...

Come on Viv, ground breaking news (or should that be head banging) has hit the press just waiting to be dissected, ingested and spat out. What am I talking about? Yes of course it's the McCann’s long anticipated 'secret' meeting with the Home Secretary that will undoubtedly lead to a total review of all evidence held by the police worldwide (we've expanded a bit there - our Gerry just does not know where to draw the line).

So where are you? You can't continue your birthday celebrations indefinitely! I used to try to make my birthdays last for a long as possible but now there is no incentive, anyway I've lost count. Of course pubs do not exist here, bars lack atmosphere and are too expensive and restaurants all serve the same unimaginative pigs swill that is overpriced anyway. Mind you I have recently spotted a novelty that might be worthy of note ~ a Japanese restaurant with Tapas Bar?!?

Hope yesterday was perfect in every way and any subsequent days before you exhaust yourself!

N.B. Did you know that Doctor Gerald Mccann is directly connected with Doctor David Kelly? So say anonymous on Morais site! Now there is something worthy of scrupulous investigation, even more innovative than a Japanese Tapas Bar!

docmac said...


Give Viv a break. At her age it takes some time to get the ginger ale out of the system.

viv said...

SB The only connection I would like to see between said two doctors is one sadly executed by the government, and one to go because he is actually proving even more embarrassing in getting rid of his daughter but leaving insufficient evidence of what he did to prosecute him and he just will not shut up.

Doc, I find the ginger beer has rejuvenated me, new post on with the ahem startling new news, the McCanns are still trying to say stop blaming us, stop investigating us and tell the world it was not us. How sad!

viv said...

Once they get the kindly old dear Theresa May onside, they will be able to go for Goncalo's dosh with a renewed vigour, Gerry planned it all out:-)))

What a clever boy!

viv said...

PS It was Luke's birthday the following day 6 August, so I was forced to go eat another great steak, what a life eh?

Now he has cleared off to Bournemouth or somewhere to go celebrate without his mum in tow!