They say the camera never lies and looks can kill, well fair play, Kate

I see that in some papers it is being reported Kate and Gerry stand defiant and still intend to proceed with their defamation action, in spite the Supreme Court in Portugal now ruling that Goncalo was simply exercising his right to freedom of expression and opinion under the European Convention on Human Rights.  That being the case, I fail to see how this can be actionable "libel" they are entitled to be compensated for.  But other reports including this one from Sky that includes their disgusting image of Madeleine posed and made up, aged three, do  not mention that defiance.  They are surely doomed to what they deserve, utter humiliation.  There has to be a limit to how far anyone can be allowed to cashin on a daughter they got rid of, which is nothing short of downright disgusting.  As the Supreme Court have just pointed out, it was them who courted the media, and thus invited comment and opinion on the case.  Goncalo has given his opinion which is recognised as an expert one, citing his 26 years of experience.   They were seeking to seize even his jointly owned home, now they can pay their own bills and keep their hands off other peoples' property and money which is all they have ever been about. 


Madeleine Death Book Ban Is Quashed

11:45pm UK, Tuesday October 19, 2010
Alex Watts, Sky News Online

Kate and Gerry McCann have suffered a legal blow (and wasted countless thousands in legal costs from their erm Find Maddie Fund) after a Portuguese court overturned a ban on a book about their daughter Madeleine's disappearance.

Madeleine McCann
Picture released of Madeleine on the third anniversary of her disappearance

Goncalo Amaral's book Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie claims she died in the family's holiday apartment in the Algarve and her parents covered up her death by faking her abduction.
Mr and Mrs McCann strongly deny the claims, and are pursuing a defamation case against the former detective, who led the initial investigation into the Madeleine case.
In February, a Portuguese judge upheld an injunction banning any further sale or publication of his book and DVD documentary.
But now a Portuguese court has overturned the ruling, saying the ban had broken "a constitutional and universal right: that of opinion and freedom of expression."

Former Madeleine case detective Goncalo Amaral
Mr Amaral was taken off the case after slamming UK detectives

"The contents of the book do not breach the basic rights of the plaintiffs," the court said, according to the Jornal de Noticías newspaper.
Mr Amaral was delighted by the decision, telling Portugal's Lusa news agency: "The book is an exercise in freedom of speech.
"Portuguese democracy has won, as banning the book was unconstitutional."
A spokesman for the McCanns was unavailable for comment.

Kate and Gerry McCann
Kate and Gerry McCann are suing the detective for libel

Their lawyer Isabel Duarte said: "We must return about 8,000 copies of the books to the editor, which will probably go on sale."
When the initial injunction was upheld, the McCanns vowed to continue looking for their daughter and appealed once again for help from the public.

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They said Mr Amaral's "painful and personally damaging" allegations had caused "significant, ongoing damage" to the hunt for Madeleine.
Mr and Mrs McCann believe their daughter, who was three when she vanished in Praia da Luz on May 3 2007, was snatched and is still alive.
She disappeared while the couple dined with friends at a tapas bar some 90 yards from the apartment.