3 Oct 2010

Yet more Private Detectives? Oh and Kate is back to "Pray" !

It is interesting the Daily Mail head this story up as being about the McCanns former holiday apartment remaining unsold, but finish with what is surely the real story, yet more private detectives are apparently operating in Portugal.  How do they know this and why do they not explain?  When are Kate and Gerry going to tell us about this, or could it be they are nothing to do with Kate and Gerry?  Unlikely I know.  Maybe Brother John and Gerry's boss, Doug Skehan had to go because they thought yet more private detectives is just going to look a little odd.  It is a bit like, "I don't like that one, I want that one" and on it goes infinitesimally, until such time as they can play the record Gerry wants to hear.  It all started with Gerry's handpicked Spanish Metodoes, Mr Marco plaintively telling us, we know who the abductor is and we will have her home for Christmas (2007) that is!   Prior to them Gerry employed "Control Risks Group" an outfit who manage corporate risks to large concerns including governments, ever the inflated sense of self.  At the same time as Metodo 3 were operating, apparently in Spain, Portugal, Morocco etc, Hogan International were also employed, he just quietly disappeared after suing the Daily Express I think it was.  I mean, just because a private investigator is hired by a criminal that does not make him one!  but I could stretch the point for Mr Marco and co (languishing in a Spanish prison).    So the Metodoes were hunting down McCann friendly witnesses in the Med and of course likely paedos to blame, whilst Hogan was doing the same in UK.  Perhaps he spoke to the very helpful Mr Martin Smith who later claims it was actually Gerry he saw carting Madeleine off.  I mean, I always find people like him who happily chat away to the Daily Mail such totally credible witnesses.  Of course the real police witnesses are warned not to talk to the press, or else! 

So then next, we get the equally honest and entirely credible Oakley Internation and Red Defence International on the case in early 2008 as the MitcCanns are subject to international investigation and are getting just  a bit desperate.  These are the American FBI, the big boys the McCann "friend" tells us.  Then reality strikes, both of these firms are run by an Irish conman, sometimes calling himself Kevin Halligen, now in custody and wanted in the US on serious fraud charges.  

So then enter another Irishman, Mr Edgar, he again, was totally credible as he sweated away, holding up a pic of a posh spice lookalike and telling us how he totally believes in the McCanns innocence, just a little hesitation in answering mind you.  

So in this continuing saga do we now have some more?  

Finally, not once in this article do the Daily Mail say that Madeleine was abducted by a stranger from her bed as the McCanns sat in the TAPAS restaurant (their story) and which picture do they use to show us the holiday flat, the one with the expert in sex offenders on who was brought into further investigate after the removal of Goncalo Amaral, Dr Paulo Rebelo.  

I know we often think the Daily Mail are incredibly Pro McCann and sometimes they certainly are, but this article?  I really do not think so! 

The Daily Mail's sister paper, The London Evening Standard is one of a long list of newspapers that have been sued by Kate and Gerry and paid up!   Even Gerry's favourite, the News of the World paid up, for having the audacity to print the lady Kate diaries, about how paedophiles make her flesh creep, well you should know Kate! 

It is strange that at the same time as these new, ahem investigators get on the case, Kate makes a very private visit to PDL, not to publicise missing Maddie you understand, just to pray.  Pity she felt the need to give the News of the World the story then, it is also reported in local papers for the ex pat community.   Since when did this couple do anything and fail to look at the good PR angle?   Gerry stays at home to look after the twins, I suppose Sean has his sword out killing the Maddie Monster whilst Amelie is on the phone to Maddie...It is all good healthy stuff for parents who, like Gerry McCann who are so into good childcare practices for tots...

Kate McCann back in Portugal "to pray"

Mum returns to the scene of Madeleine's disappearance

ALONE: Kate yesterday

KATE McCann made a solitary pilgrimage this weekend to the Portuguese resort where her daughter went missing "for emotional reasons and to pray for Madeleine".

Yesterday morning the anguished mum went to the Nossa Senhora da Luz church, five minutes walk from the flat where the McCanns holidayed in May 2007.
Kate is staying with Praia da Luz's Anglican priest Father Haynes Hubbard and his wife
Susan who have become close friends.
Passengers who saw GP Kate, 42, on a flight from East Midlands airport to Faro on Friday morning said she cut a lonely figure.
One said: "Kate looked very sad, she was by herself. It is clear time is not healing the pain."
Husband Gerry is thought to have stayed at home in Rothley, Leics, with twins Sean and Amelie.
As Kate revisited the scene of Madeleine's abduction aged just three it emerged that there are new efforts to find her.
Three British ex-cops have joined Dave Edgar's team in Portugal.
"Gerry and Kate have some very experienced people working for them now and they will also pray for a miracle", said a pal.

Madeleine McCann disappearance flat still has no buyer after two years

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:39 PM on 2nd October 2010
The Algarve holiday flat from which Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007 is now a ‘mausoleum’, a neighbour said yesterday.
The two-bedroomed apartment in Praia da Luz was put on the market more than two years ago by the owner, a retired Liverpool teacher, but has not been sold and remains empty.
Madeleine was nearly four when she vanished while her parents dined with friends in a nearby restaurant.
On the market: The apartment in Portugal from which Madeleine McCann disappeared
On the market: The apartment in Portugal from which Madeleine McCann disappeared
Still missing: Madeleine McCann
Still missing: Madeleine McCann
The neighbour said: ‘The flat has never been used again since the little girl went missing.
‘The shutters have stayed down and it is more like a mausoleum than the happy holiday letting it once was.
‘I still remember the night she went missing and a young female Portuguese officer saying, “She must have just walked out – there has been no break-in and the doors were left unlocked”.’
Meanwhile a new private investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance has begun in Portugal.
It is being run by three British former police officers: Nigel Brown, who was named Investigator of the Year after securing the rescue of a kidnapped oil company executive, Dave Carter, who worked in Northern Ireland, and Ray Cooper, who investigated war crimes in Bosnia and gang murders in Trinidad and Tobago.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1317029/Madeleine-McCann-disappearance-flat-buyer-years-on.html#ixzz11FJUrEbW


viv said...

‘I still remember the night she went missing and a young female Portuguese officer saying, “She must have just walked out – there has been no break-in and the doors were left unlocked”.’

I am not going to listen to anyone telling me about how helpful the Daily Mail are to Kate and Gerry in printing this devastating comment from a neighbour, this is the same dis-ingenuity we are seeing from The Daily Express.

Do they smell the McCanns blood?

Wizard said...

What we all have learned in the past is the spin put on the McCanns' actions are usually not what their actions are about.

So we know Kate is making a flying visit to Portugal probably to see the lawyers, Gerry being left at home. The quote from today’s News of the World.

“Three British ex-cops have joined Dave Edgar's team in Portugal. “Gerry and Kate have some very experienced people working for them now and they will also pray for a miracle", said a pal.”

It’s nice to know they have some experienced people working for them now as opposed to the hapless lot they had last time and the time before that, but surely the new bunch would need a miracle to find a positive lead considering the misdirection they are no doubt receiving.

Wizard said...

JM reports

A HOSPITAL doctor and her surgeon partner have been charged with neglect over claims they left their toddler son outside a bar. One witness said yesterday. "It appeared that the child was outside alone on what was a very cold night while the couple were inside the bar."

Hmm….the child was much nearer to his parents than the McCannn kids of course but it raises the question are doctors proportionately more terminally stupid than the general population.

Di said...

Hi all

I don't know the significance of this, but Mark Williams Thomas says Jim Gamble has resigned today from CEOP.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

Well they seem to fit the profile, late thirties and earning a lot of money, time to have a kid accessory to the lifestyle.

But once the kid happens along, they are too selfish to change one single aspect of their lifestyle to suit the needs of the kid.

A paediatrician of all people!

Di, thanks for that news, maybe something to do with cuts to his budget or it may be something more, but very interesting news!

Often it seems these high level figureheads just move around from time to time. He has not got a result on the McCann case to date. I am sure he will be miffed about that!

viv said...

Child Protection Centre Boss Gamble Quits

Home Secretary Theresa May has accepted the resignation of Jim Gamble the chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop).

The resignation follows a long-running dispute with the new Government, which wants to make Ceop part of the new National Crime Agency.
"Those people who know Jim Gamble may not be surprised at this development," said Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt.
"He believes the issue of child protection is so important it merits its own agency and should not be subsumed by a national agency."
More follows . . .

viv said...

Not surprisingly, the public are appalled at a seven year sentence for this animal who found the rape of a three year old girl "awesome". He will serve at most, 3 and a half years and then be on probation for the rest of his sentence. Is this enough to stop people like him from inflicting such dreadful suffering on tiny children, clearly not!

viv said...

Teacher Jailed Over Three-Year-Old's Rape

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7:09pm UK, Monday October 04, 2010
Rob Cole, Sky News Online
A deputy headteacher described as a "pillar of society" has been jailed for seven years for encouraging the rape of a three-year-old girl.

Lennon watched a man sexually abuse a young child on a webcam
Married Patrick Lennon, 58, watched the rape on a webcam and described it as "awesome".
The father-of-two had taught for decades at the all-girl Greenbank High School in Southport, Merseyside.
But he had secretly struck up a friendship with two other paedophiles, Joseph John Hawley, 38, and Phillip Skitt, 54.
Lennon and Skitt, of Wigan, watched online as Hawley seriously sexually assaulted the little girl and broadcast it over the internet on November 16, 2008.
The duo encouraged Hawley, of Bolton, by sending him chatroom messages.
Forensics experts found more than 500 indecent images on his computer - including images of bestiality.
After his arrest, Lennon also admitted to detectives he had pretended to be a 14-year-old girl when online.
Police were alerted to him after he traded paedophile images with a man in Canada.
They searched his computer and found evidence of the girl's rape.
The two other men also received jail terms for their part in the attack.

viv said...

Dangerous sex offenders often become progressively worse as they act out their vile fantasies, it is a pity we wait until it gets this bad, before caging the animal for life.

No one can imagine how much her poor mother and family must feel, knowing how she suffered.

I really do think there should be much tougher penalties for child sex offenders, we should not wait until they get as bad as this, like we did with Huntley. If Jim Gamble wants to do more to protect children, it is a great sadness his resignation has been accepted and an indication that keeping children safe and reforming the law to make it even tougher for sex offenders is not a high priority for the current government. They just want to subsume what should be the most important area of crime to target into one large and no doubt unfocussed and inefficient bureaucracy.

viv said...

Girl's Torture Killing: Uncle Jailed For Life

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7:13pm UK, Monday October 04, 2010
Katie Cassidy, Sky News Online
A man obsessed with violent child pornography has been told he will die in prison for the horrific rape and murder of his 12-year-old niece.

Schoolgirl Tia Rigg was tortured and killed at her uncle's Manchester home on April 3.
John Maden admitted sexually assaulting the girl before stabbing and strangling her to death.
Details of the 999 call he made after the killing were read out at Manchester Crown Court.
Maden told the operator: "My niece has been murdered by me."
When asked why he did it, the 38-year-old answered: "Because I felt like it."
After his arrest, Maden told police he had heard a ''bad voice'' in his head that had told him what to do.
The court heard the unemployed man lured his sister's child to his Cheetham Hill home on the pretext of babysitting.
He drugged her before inflicting an awful catalogue of sexual injuries - some too disturbing to report.
When this nightmare happened, it killed me inside. My heart has been broken and will never mend. All that is left is a big empty hole.
Tia's mother Lynne, speaking outside court
The 12-year-old was then stabbed in the abdomen and strangled with a guitar string.
Passing sentence, Mr Justice Keith said: "This was an horrific crime in which a young girl who had everything to live for and placed her trust in you was inveigled into your lair.
"The terror, the unimaginable pain you inflicted on her, the indignities you subjected her... while still alive.
"It was planned, it was premeditated and her agony must have been prolonged.
"This is one of those exceptional cases in which the only just punishment requires you to be imprisoned for the rest of your life."
The court heard Maden, who was separated from his wife, was obsessed with extreme child pornography and so-called "snuff" films.

Lynne Rigg said Tia 'wasn't just my daughter, she was my best friend'
During the investigation, police found hundreds of images of violent, sexual child abuse on Maden's laptop.

viv said...

Detectives also discovered a CD-rom that contained images depicting abduction, rape and snuff movies.
From Maden's mobile phone, police recovered folders entitled "snuff" and "snuff stories" and "brutal rape".
Prosecutor Gordon Cole QC told the court: "This material and the subsequent discovery of Tia reveals this defendant was acting out a long-held fascination with rape, torture and abuse of children.
"He re-enacted scenes from his collection of pornographic material."
The defendant had been assessed and passed fit to stand trial before he pleaded guilty to the murder.
Maden made no reaction as he was told he must spend the rest of his life behind bars.
Mr Justice Keith said: "It is inescapable that Tia Rigg died because you decided to realise your fantasies about torturing and killing a young child.

The 12-year-old was buried in a pink coffin
"The fact that you chose your 12-year-old niece, who had put her trust in you, makes what you did all the more unspeakable."
Outside court, Tia's mother Lynne Rigg paid tribute to her daughter, who she said had been her "whole world".
She and other members of her family had sat, head bowed, covering their faces with their hands and weeping silently as details of Tia's last moments were read to the court.
Afterwards, she said: "Tia was my baby girl. She was always happy and never sad. She brought a smile to everyone who she met.
"Tia was loved by everyone, family and friends, but to me she wasn't just my daughter, she was my best friend.
"When this nightmare happened, it killed me inside. My heart has been broken and will never mend. All that is left is a big empty hole.
"For me, this nightmare will never end but now justice has been done, at least Tia can rest in peace.
"I love her so much, she was my life. I miss her big smile every morning and her beautiful freckly face. She always laughed when I said that.
"Not a day goes by when I don't think of her. I love and miss her so much and always will."

viv said...

Does it not seem to occur to people that this interest may well have been to do with the McCanns and Co, suspects from day one as confirmed by Goncalo Amaral. Have people actually read the GASPAR statement concerning Gerry McCann and David Payne?

How people just assume that Jim Gamble was on the side of the McCanns never ceases to amaze me. He cannot publicly say what they did, even if Goncalo thinks that is OK!


« The growing influence of British police in the hunt for three-year-old Madeleine McCann was underlined last night when it emerged that child abduction and paedophile behaviour specialist officers had flown to Portugal to help.

Two officers from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) arrived yesterday in what Ceop described as an "unprecedented" move, that comes amid mounting concern over the capacity of the Portuguese police to undertake a missing child investigation of this kind.

Their arrival was organised through the Foreign Office, the point of contact between Madeleine's parents, Gerry and Kate, three family liaison officers and Portuguese detectives. The Ceop has expertise in data analysis concerning paedophile activity.

There are major concerns about the ability of the local police to engage with the Portuguese public. The British Crimestoppers organisation has established a telephone number for information something the Portuguese have not done.»

in The Independent, May 9 2007

Wizard said...

I understand and I may be wrong but Gamble went to Portugal and did an unfavourable profile on Murat. No profiles were done by him on GM or he paedophile friend. I suppose it could be argued that he did but the findings are in some secret file but I feel Gamble might just have jumped on the bandwagon like all those McCann financial backers who suddenly appeared out of the woodwork.

So many people have capitalised on Madeleine and made a nice living out of her, but have they helped find her no - have they raised their own profile yes.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

The only profile I am aware of that is available on the PJ files, I believe it that carried out by Lee Rainbow who identified Gerry McCann as a possible murder suspect.

But you are of course correct that the vast majority of such work carried out by UK and not shared with Portugal would be held on confidential files that we are not privy to.

If there is the slightest possibility Maddie is still alive, but sexually abused, a huge amount of care would be taken to ensure no detail of that gets into the public domain for her protection should she be found. And that is of course standard procedure with any living child.

I wonder if people have ever stopped to consider what may really have happened to the British copycat kidnapping case with "uncle" and then of course there was the step father. These details just do not get released, that particular girl also deserves respect. I think some people are so intent on just writing Maddie off as dead, they naturally raise their hackles to anyone who would dare to suggest otherwise. But insisting Gamble is on the McCanns side just because he is open to the concept of Maddie being alive is absurd. There is not a shred of evidence as to what they actually did with her!

In fact I believe a lot of these bloggers are Pro McCann because I am sure Gerry would hate people to think what Dr Gaspar is implying, he would rather they waffled on about the dogs...both of whom could just be smelling stale human blood and that is a fact, confirmed to the PJ by Grime. Of course some people think they have a better handle on the facts that the PJ, Leicester Police and CEOP all put together, which just shows how pathetic they are. Particularly given they have never read all of the British files.

viv said...

'British police said McCanns should be investigated after Madeleine went missing'
Last updated at 7:30 AM on 11th February 2010
Comments (14)
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Gerry McCann was made a suspect in his daughter Madeleine's disappearance after a British expert said he should be investigated for 'homicide', a Portuguese court heard yesterday.
Criminal profiler Lee Rainbow recommended that police on the Algarve investigate the doctor and his wife Kate because of 'contradictions' in his statement.
The report by Mr Rainbow, of the National Policing Improvement Agency, was sent to Portugal in June 2007, a month after the three-year-old disappeared.

Kate and Gerry McCann outside court in Lisbon yesterday. They are suing Mr Amaral for libel over his allegations that the couple faked Madeleine's death
It was dramatically produced yesterday by lawyers for a disgraced Portuguese detective whose campaign of vilification the McCanns are trying to stop.
The couple want Gonzolo Amaral to be legally barred from accusing them of being involved in Madeleine's disappearance.
The detective was sacked from the investigation after he made an outspoken attack on English police, accusing them of failing to investigate the McCanns. He has since retired from the police force.
His lawyer Antonio Cabrita, reading from a Portuguese translation of the previously- confidential report, said: 'The family is a lead that should be followed.

The McCanns want Gonzolo Amaral (pictured yesterday) to be legally barred from accusing them of being involved in Madeleine's disappearance
'The contradictions in Gerald McCann's statement might lead us to suspect a homicide. This is a lead that should be investigated.'
The lawyer added: 'Portuguese police had only considered the abduction theory. It was British police who said they must consider homicide as well.'
Mr Cabrita did not outline what ' contradictions' had been found in Mr McCann's statements and refused to give any further details after the Lisbon hearing.
Mr Rainbow, 37, leads a team of five criminal profilers at the NPIA, and specialises in sex crimes and murders.

viv said...

The Home Office agency, which describes itself as 'part of the police service', aims to improve police use of information, evidence and science and to support operations.
It is understood to have provided Portuguese police with a 'checklist' of how to proceed.
A spokesman said last night: 'In disappearance cases it is common for the NPIA to advise officers to consider the possibility of the involvement of family and close friends.
'This is good practice for investigating cases. The NPIA gave similar generic advice to Portuguese police.'
Mr Rainbow, who has worked on major investigations including the Ipswich prostitute murders and the disappearance of Shannon Matthews, did not say there was any evidence the McCanns were involved.
But his confidential report appears to have been a turning point in the Portuguese investigation.
Madeleine's distraught parents were named as official suspects a few weeks later, despite Portuguese police failing to find any evidence against them.

The report by Mr Rainbow, of the National Policing Improvement Agency, was sent to Portugal in June 2007, a month after three-year-old Madeleine disappeared
Mr and Mrs McCann, both 41, listened intently as Mr Cabrita said Mr Amaral should be allowed to repeat his claims that they were involved in Madeleine's disappearance.
The 50-year-old ex-detective has alleged in a new book that she died in a 'tragic accident' and her parents faked an abduction.
Lawyers for the McCanns say he is using the book and the court case to take 'revenge' on them for the end of his career.
Mr and Mrs McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, are suing Mr Amaral for libel over his allegations and are seeking £1.2million in damages and compensation.
They have won an injunction which bars him from repeating his allegations but he is trying to overturn it, claiming it affects his right to freedom of speech.
The hearing ended yesterday, and the judge will give her verdict next Thursday.
Kate McCann, a former GP, admitted last night that she had found it painful to listen to three days of evidence in the court. But she insisted the couple had been right to take legal action.
She said: 'I think this will truly help the search for Madeleine and that's why we have gone through with it. It hasn't been easy but if it helps, then we will go through anything.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1250084/How-letter-UK-police-turned-spotlight-Kate-Gerry-McCann.html#ixzz11W2OaspS

viv said...

The above confirms that Lee Rainbow, specialist in sex crimes and homicide was immediately looking at Gerry McCann and produced a report for the Portuguese in June 2007, it seems clear to me they knew it was Gerry, but did not know whether he had her kidnapped or whether he murdered her.

viv said...

The most major inconsistency I have noted in his statements made on 4 May and 10 May is he originally states that both he and Kate checked the children via the front door with their key. But by 10 May he is saying he is wrong about that and they both left the rear door open and used that.

This is not a detail he could have been at all confused about the very next day, he changed it because he was challenged, well how did this abductor get into the apartment then, it is not possible, you said there was a breakin, that was a lie...(!) He is never going to stop being number one suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine.

If he does not like that label then he should not have done it!

viv said...

Why would Fiona Payne find it necessary to offer an explanation for all of the bruising on Kate McCann about 18 months later?

Because she is covering for a couple of paedophiles that they are married to.

Kate could not have sustained typical grab marks to her arms by bouncing herself of the walls with rage or the injuries to her face! What utter cobblers

viv said...

Oh and I would just like to mention, that yet another incredibly bad story for Gerry McCann is printed in the Daily Mail, a paper so many claim is absolutely Pro McCann, again I can only say, what utter cobblers!

No one knew about Lee Rainbow writing a report about Gerry McCann only one month after Maddie disappeared, but the Daily Mail told the British public all about it, in February 2010. Did Gerry pay them to do that!!

Wizard said...

Press Association article – 19 hours ago

Missing Madeleine McCann's parents have joined the chorus of concerns about the Government's child protection policies after a top policeman quit in protest at plans to curtail his agency's independence.

Kate and Gerry McCann said it was "extremely saddening" that Jim Gamble felt he had to resign as chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Ceop) Centre.
They urged ministers to remember the importance of the "invaluable work" carried out by his organisation to protect children against abduction and abuse.
Mr Gamble believes plans to assimilate Ceop into a new National Crime Agency are not in the "best interest" of vulnerable children.

The McCanns' have a close working relationship with Mr Gamble, who last year launched a new internet video aimed at pricking the conscience of the key witness who knows what happened to Madeleine when she vanished in Portugal in 2007, aged three.

Mr and Mrs McCann said in a statement: "We are certain that he will be a huge loss to the field of child protection. Knowing how committed Mr Gamble is to this cause, it is extremely saddening that he feels unable to continue to lead Ceop, apparently as a consequence of the proposed Governmental changes.

Wizard said...

I feel the McCanns’ join the cause of anything relating to abduction to promote and advertise their version of events on the night their daughter went missing. They will no doubt miss someone who at least appears a tame poodle and of course as they say their close ‘working relationship’with him will be lost.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

I entirely agree that Kate and Gerry will leave no stone unturned in portraying themselves as the innocent parents of some poor abducted child.

How does the old saying go?

"Better the devil you know"

So yes, maybe they will fear Jim Gamble's replacement even more than they fear him.

But as for Jim's appeal to those close witnesses who know what happened, the PJs already told us who they are!

I still believe that people are very foolish to suggest he is on their side, this case is far more complex than meets the eye and dumbly chanting dogs don't lie is rather sad. People should try reading the file, the PJs concerns about the alerts of the dogs, and the reports of Grime, then take the rose tinteds off and stop pretending this gives them all the answers.

viv said...

For me the crucial issue is that British Police believed Gerry McCann was involved in the disappearance of Madeleine and may even be capable of her murder. As we have seen as early as June they were already stating he fitted the profile and looking at both abduction and homicide to discover what he did with her.

Wizard said...

Hi All,

It’s very quiet at the moment with nothing much visually going on but I did read in the Sunday Express about the McCanns’ cough… ‘new crack team of investigators’. The Lisbon based team of three are apparently injecting new impetus into the search for Madeleine.

Well that will be a first and why based in Lisbon – I suppose it does sound more credible than Sydney, Australia or Miami. I thought the fund money was running out but apparently, it still can afford to pay three men’s salary and their expenses for living abroad during their investigations.

Looking into my crystal ball I predict nothing will come of their investigations and feel they will more likely be digging up dirt on Amaral to inject new impetus into the libel case which must be coming to court soon.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

Cannot recall his name but there was another investigator working with Dave Edgar, so what happened to him, lol!

Lisbon seems to be the place the McCanns go to for money, i.e. court and solicitors, I am sure they are not going to find Maddie there.

I fear your comment probably digging up yet more dirt on Goncalo is likely to be spot on. After all, Correia now seems to be in a bit of a mess being taken to court by the police for libel against Goncalo (see Jo Morais site) so likely the McCanns used him up and spat him out pdq. That could be a little embarrassing for them, I am sure!

Moving in about a week so good job it is quiet here and then maybe off air for a few days xx

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

I hope your move goes smoothly talk to you when it's complete.

Take care - Wiz

Di said...

Hi all

I hope the move is going well Viv.

Great news from Joanna that Goncalo's book ban has been overturned.

Is that why Kate was back in Portugal?

Are things finally turning, I do hope so!!

Wizard said...

Hi Di – thank you for posting the good news. I have just been reading about it on JM. Isobel Duarte the McCanns solicitor says it will be hard to appeal against the court’s decision. Is this her way of admitting defeat.

The McCanns 1.2million defamation action against Amaral will be dropped as well as surely the court’s decision means no defamation has occurred.

No wonder Kate McCann was popping back and forth to Portugal recently and spinning it was about her missing daughter – it was about the missing money that they had hoped to get.

I wonder who pays the legal costs for Amaral’s appeal - as he won I wonder if it is the McCanns who have to foot the bill.

Great news lets see if the British media cover the story tomorrow!

Di said...

Hi Wizard

Interesting that Isobel says it will be hard to appeal against the court's decision.

I have been thinking about Kate's recent visit to PDL and I am now convinced Kate & Gerry knew of the courts decision and she went to Portugal to say her last goodbye to Madeleine.

I really do hope it will be reported in our papers, but I won't hold my breath.

Di said...

Hi all

Well I am glad to say I was wrong, Sky and The Guardian have reported the above news.

It is also interesting that Goncalo says he is adding more information to the book.

Wizard said...


Amaral says he will counter sue the McCanns for damages.

Amaral’s publishers are considering publishing his book in England.

Game on!

Wizard said...

Today’s Guardian reports; “Portugal's attorney general, having reviewed the investigation, has ruled there is no evidence to suggest that the McCanns are anything other than entirely innocent.”

Of course, no evidence of an abduction exist either so does that make them entirely guilty.

viv said...

Hiya all

Well I just felt like a break from all the hardwork and so thought I would just check and see if there were any new comments and wow!

What utterly fantastic news, I am thrilled to bits. Di it certainly does sound like Kate was saying her last farewells and obviously would have known of the decision before it hit the press.

I have only skim read so far at JM, but it seems like the court are saying what must surely be right, you yourselves have always courted the media and thus invited opinion on the matter. That is what Goncalo is giving and they recognise with 26 years experience it is an expert opinion.

It is going to be a very hard pill for the McCanns to swallow but suing Goncalo was the most disastrous thing to do. No matter what happened to Madeleine, on any level, they were responsible for that.

Going to read a bit more and put new post on, as this is clearly a monumental breakthrough!

All our Best Wishes to Goncalo and family and may the McCanns remove their sights from his home !!


viv said...

Thanks both for your kind wishes, I got the keys to the bungalow yesterday and my current property was let immediately to the second couple that wanted it!

At the moment I am straggling the two and aching a lot but oh the new garden is just so fab!