22 Oct 2010

Pics my new garden

Hiya all

Di wanted to see some pics, these are the estate agent ones, when I get some of my plants in and the pond will have to do some more!

I have already noticed lots of wildlife going on, three cheeky squirrels, buzzards overhead and when Luke and I were there the other day we noticed a mouse after he opened the garage scampering around, but next thing it was being shredded by two magpies which I have never seen before, quite an awesome sight. They killed it on the lawn and then we saw one fly off with a large shred of mouse in its beak.

I sat in the empty house yesterday waiting for new oven to be delivered, just watching the squirrels scampering around and around the tree trunk which always looks great. One came right up to the flower border near the patio doors where I sat. I know I am just going to love this garden. Especially when I see the woodpeckers!

Hope you like the pics Di xx


Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

Your garden and bungalow looks great, the garden certainly has the wow factor. It will be lovely to see when you have the pond in. I hope you are settling in ok but with such an inspiring outlook it must be a pleasure to get up in the morning and open the curtains looking out onto the garden.

I’m jealous!

viv said...

Hiya Wiz and thanks, I am very lucky, I know.

I will update when we have got the pond done but not sure how long that is going to take, Luke has some mighty big ideas LOL!

We are moving over the weekend so I am just having a rest from packing and cleaning. The kitchen cupboards here look like brand new again after I cleaned and polished them for the tenants! I wish I could take them with me!!


S.B. said...

Hi Viv,

Congratulations on finally achieving your long awaited move.

That garden in superb and your bungalow looks very tasty as well. I wish you health and happiness in your new abode! I will drink a toast to you and yours ~ Cheers!

Don't forget the suet log!

viv said...

hiya SB and good to see you back!

I have missed you.

I will not forget the suet log, that will be a great treat for my feathered friends over the cold and horrid months ahead lol!

We have moved most of the house contents today and the bungalow is looking pretty tidy already so doing well. Mainly plants and garden stuff to move tomorrow.

Took my three lovely lads for a meal and a pint, then came back and conked out for an hour and a half on the sofa with Nanday perched on my shoulder.

On second cup of tea now since waking up and just tuned in to this superfast broadband, it does not seem any different to me, but Luke likes it so that is all that matters!

My furniture all seems to look really nice here and so I am very pleased, just a bit squashed for bedroom space because they are smaller but hey there is always that loft! Fine office room mind you which I am settling into nicely.

The neighbours also seem nice and friendly one even sent us a card and others offered help and invited around.

The couple who sold us the bungalow are on their way to Australia!


Di said...

Hi Viv

Thanks for the pics. What a lovely bungalow and the garden looks wonderful, I can just imagine you sitting on the tree seat. I bet you can't wait to put your own stamp on it and I look forward to seeing pics of the pond, when you and Luke get round to it.

I have never heard of Magpies killing a mouse before, what an awful sight that must have been.

It looks like the move is going well, you sound settled in already. I wish you and Luke every happiness in your new home.x

S.B. said...

Hi again Viv,

Just passing by to feast my eyes on your garden again ~ you lucky beggers!

Is it holiday time soon? If so you no doubt need it after the hastle of moving.


viv said...

Hiya Di and SB

Di, I am dreaming about sitting on that tree seat in a hot sultry garden, but I tried it and got earache lol!

The patio and other places too are now covered with plants I have brought with me.

We were too tired to try and get the fish/pond plants etc yet so the tenants are OK to look after them for us. They move in tomorrow and Luke and I made sure everything is lovely for them.

I could actually enter the ache for England contest and win I am sure.

I was a bit shocked about the Magpies with the mouse but there again I love owls, they do just the same, that is nature so I can accept that is just part of life and the food chain. I know my frogs get gobbled up.

I absolutely love the living room at this house, it is just so cosy and lovely.


Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I look at the garden and think is that really mine, it is just so lovely. I saw a squirrel about 5.30 shinning up the middle tree to bed!

I am going to Egypt on 4 November so yet you got that right. I am just placing the relevant clothing and suntans creams in places I know ready to skim in the case, it will be wonderful to just go and have a rest because I am working much harder than normal of late!

It has been years since I have holidayed with my big sister so looking forward to that. My parents will also be there but they go on the 2nd and stay for a fortnight.

Just sorted all LUke's clothes out for him, I did not realise just how many we both had until we tried to move them all. Also his flipping wires and cables, a pecularity with Luke. If I see him trying to sneak anymore in, he will get the sack, lol!


S.B. said...


Enjoy your holiday!