21 Mar 2011


Just like she did to them

Now who said there was no such thing as justice....
I especially like the comment from Goncalo's wife,
 we have no intention of cashing in on the fourth
 anniversary.  What she is implying there is clear 


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Kate McCann publishes her fundraising book called Madeleine later this year
Sunday March 20,2011

By James Murray

FORMER Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral is set for a new legal battle with Kate and Gerry McCann after writing a second book about their missing daughter Madeleine.
Mr Amaral’s book will be published in Portugal next month shortly before Kate McCann publishes her fundraising book called Madeleine.
It could not come at a worse time for Kate, 42. She is hoping someone who reads her book will come forward with information about the person who took her daughter on May 3, 2007.
The McCanns’ private investigator David Edgar is also preparing to beef up his team in Portugal to react swiftly to any new leads produced by Kate’s book. It goes on sale in Britain on May 12 and a week later in Portugal.
The McCanns have already fought a costly legal battle over Mr Amaral’s first book on the case. Called Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie, it was taken off the shelves for several months before being allowed back on sale.
On Friday the McCanns lost an appeal in Portugal’s Supreme Court to stop his first book from going back on the shelves there.

The timing of this new book is just coincidental, nothing was planned
Goncalo Amaral’s wife Sofia said
In the book Mr Amaral put forward the theory that Madeleine had died in apartment 5a of the Ocean Club complex in Praia da Luz on the Algarve. His conclusion angered the McCanns, who insist there is no evidence to suggest Madeleine died there and they still hope she is alive.
Now the stage is set for a fresh legal battle. Mr Amaral’s wife Sofia said: “Goncalo has been working on his book for about six months, spending days and nights assessing all the evidence. He has put in an enormous amount of work. The title has not been decided and a publication date will be sorted out this week.
“At this stage he doesn’t want to say too much, but he will say his investigation was cut short and he will explain what he would have done if he had been allowed to continue. The book is not just about Madeleine. He gives the background to other big cases he was involved with.

“The timing of this new book is just coincidental, nothing was planned. We are not trying to cash in on the fourth anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance and we do not want a fight over Kate’s book.”
Mr Amaral was a senior investigation officer in the case but was taken off it after criticising British police for an alleged lack of co-operation.
After resigning from the Policia Judiciaria, he has become a successful author in Portugal and regularly appears on television news. He has tried to publish The Truth Of The Lie in Britain but no publisher has accepted it for fear of being sued for libel.
Kate McCann is said to have been warned by her publisher to be careful of what she says about Mr Amaral. However, she does chronicle her frustration with him and her anger over the way he looked at the case.
The Sunday Express can also reveal that Mr Edgar has been making regular trips to Portugal to check out leads in recent months.
A source said: “The investigation is very active. There is a hope that Kate’s book will lead to someone coming forward with the key piece of the jigsaw.”

Read more: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/235580/War-of-words-looms-over-Madeleine-McCann-booksWar-of-words-looms-over-Madeleine-McCann-books#ixzz1HC6IGX2r


Di said...

Hi Viv

I do think this is reasonable reporting by the Express, they have at least mentioned that the McCanns lost their appeal against Goncarlo Amaral also that he has a second book due out prior to the McCann's book, and no mention of disgraced cop. Oh dear bet the McCann's are not happy bunnies.

Mind you, I am not holding my breath where the DE are concerned, we have seen unbiased reporting before, only to be shocked by the next piece.

I really fail to see how kate thinks her book is going to find the missing piece of jigsaw after all this time. Don't forget, her pretendy cops think a paedophile has Madeleine and they are living in a lawless area 10km from PDL, well let's hope they buy the book then and all will be well.

Or is she now in America living it up like a princess? it is so very hard to remember all the drivel being put out there.

By the way is anyone else having problems with google signing them out all the time?

mandarinn said...

Hi Viv
It is amazing someone who stayed in Portugal, mainly in Algarve speaking about a lawless area. They mistaken my small country with the USA of cowboys big areas. I can't stop laughing :) :) :)
Tnjoy the coming spring

Di said...

Hello mandarinn

I totally agree with you, but let's give them their 5 minutes of fame. I am laughing with you also.

Happy spring also.

viv said...


viv said...

Hiya both

it is weird but if I do a small test comment like that it works but when I try a full post, I keep losing it, "sorry unable to comply with your request".

But I will try again!

Mitchell made plain in radio interviews in 2008 that he personally feels a great deal of animosity towards the Daily Express. What the Express were writing was no worse than all the other papers, I think it was the Have Your Say that Mitchell and the McCanns were really annoyed with and that is why they got pounced on. They need to control public opinion and here was the public telling the McCanns just what they thought about the news concerning them. WE still are on this blog!

The McCanns relied upon our archaic libel law that effectively says if you cannot prove what you printed is true then it is libel. But now so long as it is made clear that is opinion the law is set to change.

Goncalo has made clear it is and was the opinion of the investigation itself that his book was about. Maybe this time it will be worse still for the McCanns, his own opinion on matters he had previously left untouched.

The Express are never going to be friends of the McCanns!

They like scamming money, but they knew they could not go for all the newspapers who printed this stuff about them, that would have left them friendless and god knows they need friends!

viv said...


I think the figures below demonstrate that actually Leicester can be an incredibly lawless area with some serious crimes like sex offending and violence against the person being committed at double the national average. (The first figure is for Leics and the second the national average, they have not reproduced too well)

So would someone be safer in the Algarve, I certainly think so, especially if they offer their children the most basic levels of care and security.

In fact I suspect Spring would be even lovelier than what we are currently enjoying!

Population 292,600 -
Households 119,000 -
Burglary 17.4 11.0
Criminal damage 26.8 17.0
Drug offences 6.3 4.0
Fraud and forgery 5.1 3.0
Offences against vehicles 15.9 11.0
Other offences 2.6 1.0
Other theft offences 29.9 20.0
Robbery 3.1 1.0
Sexual offences 2.2 1.0
Violence against the person 32.9 16.0

viv said...

But if you really needed a friend, would you want to rely upon Rupert Murdoch, LOL!

I think the McCanns will find it is all downhill, and they were already in a black hole.

Di said...

Hi Viv & all

It has been obvious from the start with this case that something has been very odd. We have not had one person speak against any of the Tapas 9, except someone at uni that commented about watching your back when Gerry passed by. We have had no villagers, old friends, work collegues, shop assistants coming forward. Yet when Robert Murat was made an arguido he was ridiculed by all and sundry.

I have every hope DX have a wealth of information, not just on the Tapas but perhaps their extended family as well, and are biding their time, just like they did with Jeffrey Archer, then heaven help the lot of them.

viv said...

There are people on J Morais who looked up the literal meaning of to beef up referred to in the above Daily Express article, it caused me to laugh until I cried, could they be calling Edgar a wanker? Then I thought of Clarence and Gerry, just erm beefing up as it were, oh lol!

You are right Di, with all the investigators they personally sent out there and Have Your Say, the Daily Express can and will do a great expose when the time is right. I doubt they will leave any stone unturned really!

Well, I did check the urban dictionary as you suggested and it says (quote):

"Function: verb. To perform an act of masturbation with the intent of increasing flaccid penis length and girth. Ex. he felt it necessary to beef up before entering the crowded sauna without a towel.