11 Mar 2011


Sadly, perhaps, it would seem the baby's body has now been found by fishermen.  Meanwhile the father continues to reside in a German jail.

One thing seems very odd to me, if Portuguese and other posters can accept that this German man will be tried in Germany for murders he committed in Portugal, with the Portuguese and German police working in harmony for justice,  why is it they cannot accept the same logic in the case of McCann? Now that is a question I would really like an answer to.  ....... Why is there a perceived need to even refer to Rebelo (who cracked the Casa Pia case) as the Shelver.  I will continue to believe that it was Portugal's duty to thoroughly investigate whether Maddie had indeed been abducted by a stranger and to that end, Rebelo stayed in UK to listen intently to the account of Jane Tanner and her supposed abductor sighting, having heard it he had no reason to further stay in UK.  He, along with Leicester Police were satisfied this was not the work of any strangers to Madeleine - she did not unprotestingly get removed from her bed that night, she was never in it!   The rest is down to Leicester Police - to deal with Leicester criminals including one David Payne who likes to arrange holidays where he can have access to lots of tiny little girls.   Portugal only need to assume jurisdiction in this case if what the McCanns say is true and they have repeatedly challenged the McCanns, bring us your evidence and we will re-commence the search.  They are not holding their breath waiting for any response from them.  Maybe they can only wait for the fishermen..

There is of course something terribly sad about this lovely picture of a glowing mom and beautiful baby, they were murdered by the same man who fathered that lovely little girl.  He took them to Portugal to do it, did Gerry inspire him?  What an appalling legacy that man leaves.  I continue to hope that some day the police will get the breakthrough they need to put him right where he belongs, and the rest of them.


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by Paulo Marcelino

The PJ believes that the bonés that were discovered at
 a cliff near Beliche beach, in Sagres, belong to Alexandra,
 the 18-month-old baby that was taken by her father after
 he murdered the child’s mother at Canavial beach, in Lagos,
 on the 10th of July last year.

The skull and a femur were located on a cliff ledge,
 15 metres away from the water and at a distance of 
20 metres from the rock’s top. They were discovered 
on Tuesday evening, at around 11 p.m., by two 
fishermen who were descending a narrow path. 
Yesterday morning, vertebrae, ribs, a part of another 
femur and the lower jawbone were found, approximately
 10 metres away from the path.

The dimension of the bones and the residues of 
black, curly hair point towards the baby’s mortal
 remains. The bones have been taken to the
 Forensic Medicine Cabinet of Portimão, where
 the body of Georgina Zito remains unclaimed. 
An autopsy and a DNA test will be performed 
in order to confirm the identity.

Gunnar murdered Georgina four days after the 
couple arrived in Lagos. He simulated a drowning 
at Canavial beach and fled with the little girl. 
The baby’s remains were now found 35 kilometres
 away, in Sagres. The man returned to Munich on
 the 15th of July and was detained, after which he
 opposed extradition to Portugal.

in: Correio da Manhã, 10.03.2011


Di said...

Hi Viv

Glad I have now caught up, I don't know why I have not been able to see updated posts.

Viv & Wizard I hope you are both well.


The finding of Alexandra's remains is so sad, but thankfully Alexandra can now be laid to rest unlike Madeleine.


Does this mean that even though Madeleine went missing in Portugal, action could be taken in this country if the Portuguese Police work along side our Police? I hope the fund is being investigated, that would be a good place to start.

Di said...

I now know what has happened, my google account was closed, but have no idea why.

viv said...

Hello Di and how lovely to see you back. I must confess I did think the blog has just about come to its natural conclusion with hardly any one posting any longer, but there have been some of Wiz's typically great posts quite recently.

I think with the advent of Kate's book and the whirlwind of publicity it would seem she plans to do, there is still a purpose for this blog. I believe I was got rid of by Team McCann on the ~Daily Express due to my outspoken and frank views which were counteracting their spin, that was what motivated to open this and that is what has motivated me to carry on.

I am not one of those lame brains who has the temerity to believe that I personally bring justice in its full sense to Madeleine, I remain clear that is a matter for the police, not those who think they can take the law into their own hands and simply ignore the very clear letter of the law designed to protect justice by the integrity of investigations and the right of unconvicted citizens not to simply be convicted by the public.

British Police have always had the clearest of jurisdiction in this case, if, as I firmly believe, her own parents/ their friends were responsible for her disappearance. That was the "solution" Portugal were referring to. Those people are here and they need investigating and bringing to trial here. It is not an option for Portuguese Police to investigate historic claims of potential paedophilia against these English men. Neither is it an option for details of that investigation concerning tiny children and as yet unconvicted men to be within the public domain. To this day, Kate and Gerry continue to demand details of the investigations into their actions which would obviously include others and their actions not just during that holiday, but prior to and since. Quite how any sensible poster expects the Portugese Police to be able to do this is simply beyond me.

The reality is that European countries in particular, by law and by popular convention always work closely together to protect children in relation to crimes that cause them terrible harm and have no jurisdictional boundaries.

As you say Di, the Fund would be a great place to start and of course money is so often the prime reason for such serious crimes against little children.

I think that Kate's book will be a flop. I also think it was a quick response clearly in the plans since at least 2008, to replace the millions they wanted to extract from Goncalo Amaral and his publishers.

They were ordered to pay the costs of that failed action, that must have been a terrible purge on the Fund along with paying their own. Isabel Duarte clearly will not work for nothing. I believe this so called libel case in Portugal has long since been abandoned for what it was. Something driven by the hatred of Gerry McCann in particular for Goncalo and by the McCanns love of grasping money wherever they think they can off the back of their own little girl.

It seems to me like all the initiatives by Gerry we saw in 2009 have been abandoned as hopeless, he is quiet now, but Kate, mad as she clearly is, marches on in her new cashing in on Maddie career.

How utterly repulsive to be claiming she is looking for her and put the two year old with the red tinted hair on the front cover. Does this look anything like the Maddie who disappeared as shown in the tennis balls pic? Of course not, I continue to believe that woman does not deserve the title "mother".

viv said...


This is a brilliantly researched and composed piece on the case against Team McCann and to sum up:

No, they never were actually "cleared" by Portuguese Police of being involved in the disappearance of their daughter, Madeleine. Only a court could do that!

viv said...

In fact what couple who claim they left their three little kids alone every night, one of them a clearly very mobile four year old, with the patio door left ajar to facilitate easy checking, erm doctors who could not be arsed with babysitters or security measures, erm doctors who say Maddie complained about her and the twins crying whilst alone, just go out and do it again.

When you think about it, that just has to say they most certainly were involved!

Do you go out from your room whilst abroad, leaving your money, your camera your mobile phone and the patio door open? Survey results, 100 per cent NO! And that is just the insured replaceables, but there again there is always IVF which the McCanns were once again engaged upon, contrary to the clearest of UK medical guidelines, when Maddie was less than 6 months old! Hence they went to Amsterdam? How long were these plans in the offing?

viv said...

I'm sure I once heard Gerry say Maddie was "almost perfect", but would "almost" satisfy a narcissist? I suspect not, in the long term, but it could be a "really good marketing ploy". Esp with the wide eyes and red tints to the hair...

mandarinn said...

Hi VIV & all
I feel glad to see this bolg is active.
I use to pop here and see if something is new.
Great post and comments.
I wonder if the german criminal got ideias from McCanns case.
Related to McCann case they stay very quiet humm what it means? In the last times i only saw on Uk newspapers that Kate Atend a vigil made by Claudias Lawrence family.This case has nothing similar with Maddye.

Have a nice day all

Di said...

Hi Viv & all

Great post from spudgun and I am glad he is taking an interest again.


Good to see you again hope you are well.


Nobody, unless completely stupid, whilst on holiday would leave their valuables in an unlocked apt, let alone their children.

I personally do not believe they left the apt unlocked. IMO, after it was proven the shutters had not been broken into they were in an absolute panic and had to quickly come up with another scenario.

We have been told over the years Madeleine has been taken by a childless family, why take Madeleine and not one or both of the younger twins. We are now told she has been taken by paedophiles, and the McCanns are glad to hear she may have been taken by paedophiles to America. These are two unbelievable parents. Oh but I suppose it helps the book sales. No doubt Kate has several appearances there.

viv said...


Wizard said...

KM’s new book to be published in May – I was just wondering who the ‘ghost writer’ was. As we know Kate and all the rest of the T9 have difficulty stringing a sentence together. I’m sure they have employed a good fiction writer to fill in the erms and silences etc. LOL

Di said...

Hi Wizard

Let's hope the ghost writer is not Rosiepops lol.

viv said...

Hiya guys

How lovely to see you all back, including our Portuguese friend Mandarinn!

I did a couple of lengthy posts trying to respond to Di and Mandarinn but both times I got "sorry cannot comply with your request" and annoying to lose them both times.

So this time am copying one I just put on Jo Morais which is where I also go and sound off from time to time as you know. Wiz, I would just say that it was recorded in our press in 2008 that a book was being ghost written for the McCanns. I do not believe Kate would be capable of this although I also recall in the accounts there was talk of a full time sec/administrator working for Kate, I doubt she can even type! All this of course is being lavished from the fund that is supposed to be finding Maddie.

viv said...


My take on this is, if you are travelling abroad as a married couple, likely you will have matching suitcases. But the PJ photograph shows only one in the wardrobe. Martin Brunt is adamant that one is missing and I can understand the logic of that.

IMO Maddie had to be gotten out of that apartment prior to them going out that night without anyone noticing. So if she was put inside a suitcase in an area where suitcases or tennis looking bags are ten a penny who would notice and of course she would easily fit. Handily, at 5a you can just walk down the steps and into a waiting car parked in the street (remember Gerry had ten texts the day before which he denies but they are a matter of record) and of course it was very quiet at that time of year. Suitcases are often used to even put adult victims inside - the only thing I cannot be clear on, was she dead or alive at that point. I ponder her being disposed of alive primarily because the McCanns put out all those confusing pictures and to this day rely on the red dress one, which is actually the apparent picture of Maddie, complete with red tinted hair that looks the very least like all the others. So, a picture of a two year old with red hair when you are actually looking for a four year old with dark blond/brown hair? Not very helpful. Why did they not used the tennis balls pic which is on the PJ file? That is the picture normal parents would use and cling to, isn't it!

Some might even say that was odd behaviour for a couple who want their little girl found. About as odd as seemingly wanting her to get lost by erm apparently leaving the door open every night for her to toddle off to wherever the fancy may have taken her. That any loving parent could possibly do that, absolutely beggars belief! It also beggars belief that any loving parent (as opposed to a merciless cash grabber) would go on TV to brag about how she/they just went and done it again. Maybe it is a bit sexist of me, but as a mother &^*, I will never get over watching that woman sit on TV and say that (and get paid for so doing), or Gerry's stupid smug face.

Come on Goncalo, you are too quiet of late, it is time to let this couple have a bit more of what they so richly deserve, this couple who lavished themselves with the most expensive lawyers and spinners money could buy, but lavished little Maddie with the crappest, most dishonest and absurd private investigators money could buy. It has always been about these two and just how much they can scam.

Criminal psychologists explain that when an offender has been interviewed by the police but then released again, they cannot quite nail him, he becomes even more emboldened and aggressive. That is why he thought suing Goncalo was such a good idea, but it was a disaster and we can see just how angry that made him. This man who is or was so convinced that with enough lawyers he can just shut everyone up, but aha, not those Portuguese journos, bless them! I wish the same for this book with the little red dress and the oh so posed eyes on the cover, the so called mother of this lovely little girl. If she already had to go about Rothley hanging her head in shame, once that book gets released she is going to have to crawl.

Wizard said...

I suspect a suitcase and a waiting car is the most likely scenario for the removal of Madeleine. After all, who would think it odd to see a man or woman with a suitcase in a holiday resort? Since we have no real certainty of what time Madeleine went missing this would muddy recollections of any possible witnesses whose attention would be focused on a later time.

I was just reading on JM about GM’s loss of his wallet at a cash point in England, this was during one of his visits back to England, during the first few months of M’s disappearance. Credit cards are mentioned as missing. Am I wrong in remembering that the Leicestershire police in their report to the pj said the Mc has had no credit cards?