26 Mar 2011


Maybe it is about time, people refrained from trotting out that tired old cliche, expert "cadaver dog" proves Maddie died in the apartment... there is no other evidence of a cadaver in there ergo  !!!  That demonstrates about as much intelligence and logical reasoning power as my (admittedly rather clever) Parrot called Nanday, bless him, he says thank you and hangs invitingly off his cage when there is food in the offing and can say hello using the accents of myself and two of my sons.  Particularly in
the early morning he rings the phone and answers it "helloooo" then he will chant hello good boy.  I hope any Bennettite readers get the overall picture and learn to grow up.  Evidence the McCanns were involved in her disappearance but no precise evidence of just how they made her disappear.  She may be still alive, and that is a fact.  Maybe Kate does know that, if so high time she talked to Leicester Police.  But there again, that would be demonstrating concern for Madeleine, something she has always been decidedly lacking in.  

Sniffer Dogs 'Can Hinder Police Work'

8:57am UK, Thursday March 24, 2011

Gerard Tubb, Sky News correspondent
Police sniffer dogs used to find missing people and dead bodies "urgently" need better training and monitoring, according to an official report.

Sniffer dog Eddie was relieved of his police duties

The Government's National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) said specialist victim recovery dogs are not trained to approved standards, with no way of gauging their competence.

The NPIA reviewed the use of the specialist sniffer dogs two years ago, but its report has only now surfaced following a request bySky News.

"There is no consistency in what the dogs can do and how it is done," the report states.

"Furthermore, there is no national standard for accrediting dogs and handlers or record keeping of the success rate they achieve."

The report added the dogs, which are trained to detect the smell of dead bodies, have "the potential to cause complications in an inquiry".

"There is an urgent need to have national policy on their training, accreditation and deployment," it concluded.


"There is an urgent need to have national policy on (police sniffer dogs') training, accreditation and deployment."

National Policing Improvement Agency report


The review uses a kidnap investigation to highlight how dogs have tied up valuable police time.

The animals detected human remains in old furniture that had been bought from houses where the owner had died.

The use of victim recovery, or cadaver dogs, has proved to be controversial in a number of high-profile cases in recent years.

A South Yorkshire Police spaniel called Eddie was said to have sniffed out the "scent of death" at the Haut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey and the apartment from which Madeleine McCann disappeared in Portugal.

But in both cases nothing more was found and South Yorkshire Police say Eddie is no longer working with them.

Sniffer dogs hindered the police probe into Shannon Matthew's disappearance

Victim recovery dogs from four different police forces were used during searches for kidnapped schoolgirl Shannon Matthews in Dewsbury in West Yorkshire in 2008.

The dogs found evidence of dead bodies, but officers later discovered the corpses were nothing to do with her disappearance.

"The properties searched contained a high level of second-hand furniture bought from dwellings where someone had died," according to the NPIA report.

"This resulted in numerous indications that required further investigation to confirm whether they were connected to the investigation, or to previous owners of the furniture."

The Association of Chief Police Officers told Sky News it was consulting individual police forces and hoped to have national training standards for the dogs later this year.


viv said...


viv said...

ABOVE: Goncalo Amaral claims that Madeleine McCann died in a Praia da Luz holiday apartment in Portugal
27th March 2011
By Daily Star Reporter

THE police chief sacked over the bungled hunt for Madeleine McCann is trying to get his once-banned book published in Britain.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star Sunday, Goncalo Amaral said he is desperate to have his account of the search on sale in the UK.

And he welcomed Kate McCann’s book about her daughter’s disappearance, which is to be released soon.

Mr Amaral claims that Madeleine died in a Praia da Luz holiday apartment in Portugal.

Earlier this month he had an injunction banning the sale of The Truth Of The Lie lifted by the Portuguese courts.

He said: “I have the right to publish any book in the UK and the British people have the right to be able to read and know about what may have happened on the night of May 3, 2007.”

It was then that Madeleine, aged three, vanished from the apartment and has not been seen since.

Last night the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said they would be making no comment about Mr Amaral’s plans.

Mrs McCann’s book, simply titled Madeleine, is due out on what would be the child’s eighth birthday, May 12.

Any proceeds will go towards funding the family’s search for Maddie.


Di said...

Hi Viv

About right for the Daily Star, still calling Goncalo sacked, which we all know was not the case.

I love the final sentence though, the McCanns are actually going to use the money to search for Madeleine, what a pity it has taken all this time to realise what the fund is for!

However, imo any money raised from book sales will be paying outstanding court costs.

Madeleine is long forgotten, it is the survival of the McCanns now, at all costs.

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,
Last week I mentioned a ghost writer for KM’s shortly to be released book; the article below from today’s Express informs that no ghost writer was used. All I can say to this is ‘Transworld’ (the publishers) must employ some really good editors!

Monday March 28 2011 by Tracey Kandohla and David Pilditch
HEARTBROKEN Kate McCann has been overwhelmed with emotion writing a book about her daughter Madeleine’s disappearance, friends revealed last night.
Kate is now close to finishing the deeply-personal account of her nightmare, which she hopes will raise millions of pounds for the dwindling fund set up to find her daughter.
Any money will pay private detectives to continue the search for Madeleine, who went missing at the age of three in May 2007, during a family holiday in Portugal.
Last night a close friend said: “At times it has been heartbreaking for Kate.
“Not surprisingly, there have been many tears. But Kate has been strong and carried on for Madeleine’s sake.”
Kate, 42, a doctor from Rothley, Leicestershire, has been using extracts from her personal diary written in the days after Madeleine vanished.
She has also been relying on family and close friends to help jog her memory.
The friend told how Kate had been overwhelmed with emotion at times as she re-read the chapters.
But she insisted she had to carry on to help her desperate fight.
The friend said: “She is adamant it will be her very own account – written in her words – and has turned down offers by her publishers of a ghost writer.”
Kate has been helped by her husband Gerry and close friend Fiona Payne, who was also on the ill-fated holiday in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.
The book was originally due to be published on April 28 – just before the fourth anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance.
But publishers Transworld postponed the release date by a fortnight because it would clash with the “media frenzy” surrounding the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29.
Heart consultant Gerry, 42, has also postponed his own money-raising event – cycling from Portugal to England – because of the royal wedding.
Kate’s book, simply entitled “Madeleine”, will now be published on May 12. That is the day of Madeleine’s eighth birthday, underlining the book’s central message that her parents are convinced she is still alive.
The couple, who have five-year-old twins Sean and Amelie, have publicly told of their fear that lack of cash could make it impossible for them to continue searching for their daughter.
Gerry’s marathon fund-raising cycle ride from Portugal to England has been put back until the summer.
Gerry and three friends were due to begin the gruelling 2,000-mile journey from Praia da Luz to Rothley on May 3.
A family source said last night: “Gerry is disappointed because he was looking forward to the challenge to continue raising awareness and funds.”

viv said...

Hiya both

I sometimes wish the McCanns would just give us one credible reason why they are "convinced she is alive". Even if I were a sympathiser of theirs, surely the question has to be asked, well where is the evidence that she is still alive. All we have ever had is false leads and press statements from an array of hopeless private investigators that almost turn this case into a comedy turn.

Within minutes of her disappearing Gerry is heard on his mobile telling relatives she has been abducted by a gang of Portuguese paedophiles. So does this educated man still believe that and if so that they are still treating her well! Surely not...

Also, I would like the McCanns to explain why on earth it is apparently reasonable for them to need countless millions to look for just one missing child, which even if she were abducted clearly happened as a result of their admitted parenting from hell.

It is all just nonsense, do they not think the public see through them by now, or maybe even are just downright sick of them.

Why has Gerry put off his run from Portugal to Rothley, I can see no reason other than the weather would be nicer. Does Gerry not think Portugal are in enough trouble, and maybe that financial trouble is something he personally contributed to in large measure. Does he not accept the Portuguese people just want him to disappear, like he made his daughter do?

viv said...

It would be really helpful and interesting if Goncalo were to publish full details of what his court costs are that the McCanns must pay, we could then probably more than double that figure to understand why currently the McCanns are so strapped for cash Gerry cannot even go on a nice long bike ride.

Why should the government waste millions fixing potholes, they probably do have their uses.

Wizard said...

Viv - the strapped for cash McCanns need for extra money is summed up exactly by your last post.

All the money, which allegedly has been spent on private detectives, has amounted to zilch in teasing out clues, to find Madeleine’s whereabouts. However, these fruitless searches, paid for by others, can bolster the credibility of these celebrity victims. Which imo is their only purpose.

Di said...

Hi Viv & Wizard

Quote Viv

It is all just nonsense, do they not think the public see through them by now, or maybe even are just downright sick of them.

I have asked myself this many times Viv.

I don't think Kate and Gerry do understand. I think they are both living in a virtual world along side reality. I honestly believe they have convinced themselves they have done nothing wrong, and Madeleine has come to no harm.

The sad reality is far different, as we all know, and more and more people are asking questions and many people are sick of hearing their names.

If Madeleine was truly abducted, the McCanns only have themselves to blame for the lack of public interest. I know several people who I could not raise Madeleine's name to anymore. The reply would be, how many children go missing everyday, do they get the same help and funding, do they parade themselves around at every opportunity.

I can't argue with that, because sadly it is true.

viv said...

Hiya both

I am trying to equate the McCanns legal actions Portugal with the equivalent here.

So they applied for an interim injunction and got one but after an initial failure (like our High Court);

Goncalo then appeals (like our Court of Appeal) he wins, costs ordered against the McCanns, not clear whether for the whole of the court hearings or just the cost of the appeal, the former I suspect.

The the McCanns appeal again (like going to our former House of Lords law Lords, now the Supreme Court also called the Supreme Court in Portugal) and the McCanns lose again.

I can say with confidence that the costs of all those actions in UK would be several hundred thousand pounds and of course they must pay Goncalo's also which in UK could well be approaching about a million in costs to go right up to the Supreme Court.

This couple were clearly very desperate to win to go to those lengths. To quote Gerry " a very high risk strategy".

I believe that is because they are intent on becoming multi millionaires whilst at the same time defending their reputation. Indeed the ones goes with the other, they cannot do books, films and interviews if they are guilty, they would gain no sympathy and they would not sell. So Goncalo putting the counter argument forward is very bad for these two.

Now things are so bad for them financially that in spite of what was reported to be a hefty advance on the book (if that is true) and £300,000 left in the Fund ( I am sure that is minus now) Gerry cannot even fund his bike ride jolly - he must wait until the summer. The meaning is clear enough, when they have yet more money from Kate's book.

I am afraid I get the same response now if even trying to mention Madeleine or the McCanns, people just do not want to hear it. If she actually had been abducted they have obviously done her a grave disservice and from the outset made it impossible for her to be safely recovered as a result of their self serving greed.

I note there are people still wondering when is the libel action going to happen, they do nake me smile, talk about naive - I mean what does it take for them to realise the McCanns do not actually have all this so called high level help and that Goncalo has single handedly hammered them and their grasping aspirations.

CEOP wrote a report about them for the government, they are not allowed to see it!

Di said...

Hi All

I find it strange that Brian Kennedy has not come forward and paid off these court fees. After all he, feels they were treated unjustly by the PJ and offered to help them financially no matter how long it took.

It has also been reported that the McCann's sent out begging letters for financial help recently, I wonder if Brian Kennedy was on their list.

viv said...

Hiya Di

I suppose the strange thing about Kennedy is his employed solicitor still appears to sit on the Board of the Maddie Limited Company Fund.

I have always had some rather dark thoughts about why Kennedy would put his head above the parapet and go way beyond the point in defending the McCanns when it had became obvious to other high profile figures the McCanns themselves were involved in Maddie's disappearance.

Why would he personally go around cajoling and bribing witnesses, meeting with the PJ to feed them some wild story to divert them from the real investigation?

I also recall rather a lot of threatening comments directed to me personally from the likes of "Mum21" etc for daring to suggest he may be involved. But he is obviously involved in fraud and misleading the police, those are serious issues in themselves.

The McCanns via their spokesman have admitted that wider family members have benefited from the Find Maddie Limited Company they set up with public donations. John McCann was surely the first family employee to jump on that particular bandwagon. So why is it he has recently stepped down again? Around the same time as Gerry's boss, did he have a row with John McCann?

If the McCanns still need to beg it can only be for two possible reasons:

1) They went into this eyes wide open and it was a business venture where their unwanted eldest child would be sacrificed. A lengthy police investigation against them that floundered at least in Portugal and the lack of any prosecution to date coming from UK cops is not going to stop that single minded determination. People like this can convince themselves they actually are the victims.

2) And probably linked to number one, they know that in UK they continue to be investigated and they have a very real and genuine fear of what evidence there may be against them and just when that knock will finally be arriving at their well to do door. They know that when it does they will need every single expensive lawyer and defence expert will can buy and they also know those well heeled big wheels like Branson, Rowling and query Kennedy (as I think he may be involved) will not be around to bail them out.

viv said...

I just watched a heart rending true story about the real life abduction of Natalie aged four months from Wales 20 years ago.

The woman who stole her came from up North and executed a careful plan to steal a little girl. She had serious mental health problems and diagnosed personality disorder (psychopathy). She had fantasy babies and tricked men into marrying her.

When she snatched Natalie it was realised from witnesses it was this type of woman who had kidnapped Natalie and that the best way to get her back would be to flood the UK media, make sure the family were on the front pages every day. Sound familiar?

It worked, the woman's estranged husband (who had just about had enough of her increasingly bizarre behaviour and phantom miscarriages), said he just thought it all fits, the e-fit provided by Natalie's nine year old sister and the behaviour - he contacted the police and the parents were driven through the night by police to an emotional reunion with baby Natalie, dressed in a boys romper causing the distraught mum to think it was not Natalie in that first few moments, but Dad knew!

The mother stated that the first night she just did not sleep, and each day just got worse and so by the time it got to the fifth day, the day they got her back she was in the most terrible state. But Kate liked to tell us how the first forty eight hours were the worst "we were almost non functioning really as Gerry has said" in some quite obviously well rehearsed lines (first interview Jane Hill, BBC). That just never sounded right, you do not start to recover after just two days, you actually descend into an ever decreasing black hole as any genuine parent would know.

I think probably both Kate and Gerry researched this well, but they both lack the empathy to actually play normal parents. Watching real ones, makes our normal human instincts about Kate and Gerry just that bit more certain. You may say to yourself but this is just too far fetched this just cannot be right....but there are people like Kate and Gerry.