18 Apr 2011


From reading this post from Jo Morais blog it would seem the McCanns got their lawyer to file a false and vindictive criminal complaint against Goncalo stating that he obtained Legal Aid to fight them by fraudulent means.  

I believe this was done at the stage where he produced his witnesses in court to prove that he was not actually libelling them in his book, he was merely reporting what the investigation thought, based upon the evidence available to them at that stage.  The McCanns to put it mildly bit off far more than they could chew.  Just how narcissistic do you need to be, to actually be responsible for the disposal of your own little girl and they start trying to sue people for millions if anyone actually dares to say so?  

The McCanns are mean, nasty and vindictive.  Their education was seemingly so bereft they did not even learn it is a parents job to love and protect their child from harm, no one else.   Demanding millions of pounds from anyone they can think of after they at best seriously neglected  and lost her, does not turn their parenting clock back.   They say she complained about crying and being alone, they say they went and did it again and left the door open.  They can sue me if they like, it will not stop me saying they got rid of her.  

Maddie Case: McCanns lose another legal complaint


Maddie Case: McCanns Lose

The Public Ministry of Portimão rejected a complaint made by Isabel Duarte, the lawyer for the McCann couple, which accused Gonçalo Amaral of giving false statements to the Social Security in order to obtain legal support. The Public Ministry considers that Gonçalo Amaral did not commit any crime.

“ This is another defeat for the McCann couple. It is another setback in their attempts to destroy me civilly [i.e. civil action].”

in Correio da Manhã, April 16, 2011, page 14, paper edition (with thanks to Caroline)

Caso Maddie - McCann perdem

O Ministério Público de Portimão arquivou uma queixa de Isabel Duarte, advogada do casal McCann, que acusava Gonçalo Amaral de ter prestado falsas declarações à Segurança Social para obter apoio judiciário. O MP considera que Amaral não cometeu qualquer crime.

“Isto é mais uma derrota para o casal McCann. É mais um revés na tentativa de me matarem civilmente.”

in Correio da Manhã, 16 Abril 2011, pág. 14, edição em papel


viv said...

Jane Tanner is to be congratulated on just completing the London Marathon. Particularly given her chosen Charity was not the grasping Kate and Gerry McCann.

Di said...

Hi Viv & Wizard

Things do not seem to be going the McCann's way at the moment, and more money wasted from the fund.

Do we know if Goncalo's books have been returned yet?


I did not know Jane Tanner ran in the London Marathon, I am sure everyone would have expected Jane to raise money for Madeleine's fund, the fact that she has not would indicate a parting of the ways.

Let's hope one of the tapas conscience finally gets the better of them.

viv said...

Hiya Di!

I have no idea about the books being returned, Goncalo does seem to keep his own counsel far better than they do, there is clearly so much he could be saying, in fact bragging about but he does not. That does say a lot for his character IMO.

On Kate and Gerry's recent fundraising page on Virgin, Fi and Dave has sponsored them, but not Jane, Rachel and Mat.

When it comes to Jane's page she has been sponsored by all Fi and Dave and also Rachel and Mat. But not the McCanns.

Fi and Dave seem to be loyal to both sides but that aside it is interesting Jane/ Russell and Rachel/Matt do not sponsor the McCanns. And perhaps predictable the McCanns did not sponsor Jane!

If I were Kate I would be very fearful of the Southern group and what that may some day decide to divulge. But having said that, to do so now would leave them personally open to an awful lot of trouble.

There was a photo of Jane with her two daughters but she removed it, possibly due to comment on Missing Madeleine site. She looked good with her girls. I think she is much maligned, she did see a man carrying a child, Mr Carpenter and Fiona, Gerry etc took it from there to transform it into some fantasy abductor sighting.

Di said...

Hi Viv

Thanks, I have not read anything about Jane's run and yes it would seem from what you say there is a north south divide.

I actually felt sorry for Jane during the McCann's mocku, I really believe she was hung out to dry by Gerry and the pretendy cops. When Jane cried I do not believe she was acting, I think Gerry changed things to suit his purpose, because he realised his story was not working out. Let's also not forget the actress playing Kate had to also be dropped because they just could not fit her into the scenario at all.

If anyone breaks their silence I have always believed it would be Jane, I don't blame her and imo it is never too late.

Yes Jane would be in trouble, but maybe she was being manipulated and could prove it.

viv said...

Hiya Di

Your comments remind me there was a report that one couple wished to change their evidence to the police.

I remember it was also said this person was extremely fearful of Team McCann and the pressure that could be brought to bear. Perhaps, as a result of such pressure it was decided best not to put the McCanns in a position of seemingly getting close witnesses to provide less than candid evidence.

I suppose if you have someone like Brian Kennedy on side, people may feel something awful could happen if they do not toe the line.

I cannot remember what the actress who was to play Kate actually said, other than it was to the effect she did not have an opinion on their guilt or innocence, I think. Clarence Mitchell was acting like her guard dog and was so remarkably quick to pipe in with a remark along the lines she is not allowed to comment, I think. Bit hazy now, but then, as you say, this lady does not actually play the part of Kate seeing the curtains go whoosh or whichever version they were going to use - guess that was the problem. It is like some black comedy really is it not! ~Save that these two play actors really have gotten rid of their lovely little girl and there is absolutely no sign of her, she just disappeared without leaving a trace. How contrived.

Di said...

Hi Viv

Exactly, disappeared without a trace. That is something I just can't get my head round. Madeleine spends several days in apt 5A and there is not a trace that she was there. No hair, fingerprints, absolutely nothing.

My grandchild was here yesterday for a couple of hours and due to the good weather most of the time was spent outdoors. When I finally sat down last night the first thing I spotted were his fingerprints on the coffee table and also the tv screen.

I find it impossible to understand that no dna of Madeleine's was found in the apt.

viv said...

Hiya Di

It is a pity the Pt Police were not pushy enough at the time to demand Madeleine's clothing that she had been wearing that day. I am still utterly nonplussed that Sir Gerry demanded tracker dogs and then handed them a bath towel which no doubt had an amalgam of family odours upon it. I find it very unlikely that all five members of that family each had their own clearly identified bathing towels. Surely they were the standard white handout?

Interesting report from Brunty today, posted below, even though our guys arrived in 48 hours that would have been too late to prevent Kate and Gerry getting the washer whirling etc.

Just one child, your lovely little grandson, and as you say, his presence is obvious. Just how organised were these two with their packed surgical gloves and what was that drum of chemical that Rebelo was wheeling across to the apartment?

What exactly did take place in that apt that they needed to clean so thoroughly? Specks up the wall, a bit of a red herring as Kate would say given they came from a European male.

viv said...

Madeleine Advisers Are Gone

Comments (106)

Martin Brunt
April 20, 2011 5:09 PM
Recommend post (19)

The first UK specialists parachuted in to help Portuguese police find Madeleine McCann have left their jobs.
Det Supt Graham Hill and psychologist Dr Joe Sullivan helped the investigators narrow down a list of potential suspects and offered interview techniques.
They arrived in Praia da Luz within 48 hours of Madeleine's disappearance nearly four years ago, but diplomatic sensitivities delayed confirmation of their presence for several days.
They and colleagues later advised Leicestershire police who pursued British leads in the hunt for Madeleine.
The two men led the Behavioural Analysis Unit at the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre and are the latest in a small exodus of its staff.
CEOP insists the the unit is being retained and even expanded to improve the range of expertise it offers police forces around the world.
The unit has been at the forefront of dissuading certain interrogators from the 'Life on Mars' style of questioning.
Det Supt Hill is returning to Surrey Police, from where he was on a long secondment and Dr. Sullivan has not had his consultant contract renewed.
CEOP says both men will be missed and replaced and denies it is scaling down its child-centered operations as it prepares to be absorbed into the new National Crime Agency.

viv said...

Hello Casablanca!

You have been missed!!

Viv xx

PS How did UK authorities know so quickly that CEOP needed to get out there? What intelligence did they already have on this group?

What is it that Goncalo knows that he will not discuss for fear of prejudicing ongoing investigations?

viv said...

I believe that right away they had a man in mind whose behaviour Graham Hill was sent to analyse....Maybe two, Gerry McCann and David Payne. Why else would they send him other than to do what he is qualified to do, analyse the behaviour of those suspected of having a sexual interest in children. We know from the released statement of DR Katerina Gaspar Gerry and Payne were behaving as paedophiles are known to do, sharing an imagined scenario about sexual abuse of a little girl, her name, Madeleine McCann.

Graham Hill, Detective Chief Superintendent, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre Graham is currently the head of CEOP‟s Behavioural Analysis Unit which is unique in that it specialises only in understanding the behaviour of people suspected of having a sexual interest in children. Graham brings with him
25 years service, the majority of which have been spent within the Criminal Investigation Department, Major
Crime and specialist teams.
Since 2001, Graham has assisted with law enforcement training on the issues of understanding, interviewing,
preparing strategies for interviewing child sex offenders and investigating serious sexual crimes against children.
In addition to providing training in the UK, he has undertaken training internationally for European law

viv said...

I wonder why people fail to consider the real reason CEOP must have been so heavily involved in investigating this case. Is that what the McCanns pay bloggers for?

Di said...

Hi Viv

These two phrases jumped out at me.

diplomatic sensitivities.

They and colleagues later advised Leicestershire police who pursued British leads in the hunt for Madeleine.

I think there is alot more to this sad case than meets the eye.

Wizard said...

Hi Viv and Di,

Max Clifford on super injunctions:

‘They do not protect the innocent but protect the guilty.”

Hmm.. something we have known for a long time following this case

viv said...

Hiya Di and Wiz

Aside from CEOP and SOCA being so heavily involved in this case, representing sexual abuse and fraud, the striking thing about British involvement is the failure to ever publically state Madeleine was abducted by a stranger. Clearly because there is no evidence to support that view. The McCanns have hassled both Home Secretaries and it seems clear to me there are simply not on their side. CEOP were asked to prepare a confidential report and the McCanns are not allowed to see it.

I think it is incredibly plain there is far more to this sad case than meets the eye. The twins were clearly drugged, that is a very serious issue in itself and to me, indicates as other pieces of evidence do, including the photographs, the McCanns actually planned all of this, it simply was no accident.

And, as you say Wiz, the guilty, the grasping and the corrupt rely upon the super injunction, Max Clifford puts that so simply and so well IMO - they are not to protect the innocent. Trafigura for example - then there are those legal and Dutch connections, to Messrs McCann and of course the man they chose to throw half a million quid at, the fraudster Halligen.

There is an awful lot more to this than meets the eye and I think it will come out in the wash eventually, that is what the McCanns fear and why they want lots of cash, but I think they do realise Goncalo will not be the supplier!

Just how far dare he push it in his next book!!

viv said...

More on Dr Sullivan, it is certainly interesting that word the McCanns favour, "taken".

There are people who think CEOP, all these senior police officers are in the plot to protect the McCanns, apparently, they are either quite mad or being well paid to write such utter rubbish! The simple truth is the McCanns did arrange for Maddie to disappear and there is no proof she was dead when they did that.

Dr Joe Sullivan

Dr Joe Sullivan at a CEOP training course in Sarajevo, 13-14 December 2010

Highly respected forensic psychologist Dr Joe Sullivan arrived in Praia da Luz within 48 hours of Madeleine's disappearance (according to Martin Brunt - reports at the time stated 08 May 2007), as part of a so-called 'Cracker' team with Detective Superintendent Graham Hill. He returned to the UK on 09 May 2007.

He later helped in the production of, and personally narrated, the A Minute for Madeleine campaign video; An appeal directly to the person who is keeping a 'secret' about Madeleine, 'who knows who's involved in her disappearance' and who may have been groomed by the perpetrator(s) to stay quiet.

In January 2010, he shared a stage with Gerry McCann at the CEOP conference entitled: 'Taken: Sexually-motivated child abductions', although Gerry McCann, despite being booked as the closing speech, spoke earlier in the day and would have missed the speech by Dr Joe Sullivan.

Tackling Child Sex Abuse: A Challenge For All, 21-22 February 2007

Tackling Child Sex Abuse: A Challenge For All vgtconference.com

21 - 22 February 2007
Renaissance Mayflower Hotel
Washington D.C.


- Extract -

Joe Sullivan MA (Crim), BA (Hons), CQSW, Dip Psych

Joe Sullivan is a recognised authority on this subject now seconded to CEOP. He is an Honorary Lecturer in Forensic Psychology at the University of Birmingham. He has assisted police forces in the UK and in other European countries on major crime enquiries involving the sexual murder of children, child abduction, organised child crime abuse and the sexual abuse of children on the Internet.

viv said...

Why would the McCanns doggedly stick to a picture of Maddie about two with dyed red hair? Why would they put out a confusing array of old pictures, rather than just stick to the tennis balls one which actually represents what she looked like at the time. The truth is they do their very level best to completely ignore this one.

If Maddie is dead and they got rid of her body what have they got to fear, why all this obfuscation with old pictures? Why even release pictures that would appeal to paedophiles and clearly imply the McCanns were dressing Maddie up for the part, are they afraid of what may come to light and seek to get the ammunition in first. The internet is a big place!

viv said...

and what did happen to Maddie's arm and her legs on this picture? The twins had no trace of "sunburn"...hardly surprising really given how cool it was on that holiday!

viv said...

Well I must admit I have been known to strongly suspect both Robert Murat and Christopher Jefferies, the problem with being a bit odd and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, sorry guys and hope you enjoy all that cash!

21 April 2011 Last updated at 19:32 Share this pageEmail Print Share this page

306ShareFacebookTwitter.Jo Yeates' landlord Christopher Jefferies to sue papers
Mr Jefferies received "terrible treatment" from the press, his lawyers say The landlord of murdered landscape architect Jo Yeates has launched libel and privacy claims against a string of newspapers, his lawyer has said.

Christopher Jefferies is suing papers including the Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Daily Express and Daily Star.

Mr Jefferies, from Bristol, was the subject of media scrutiny after he was arrested last December on suspicion of murder. He was released without charge.

None of the papers contacted by the BBC has so far commented on the action.

Mr Jefferies is "seeking vindication of his reputation for the terrible treatment he received" at the hands of the press, his lawyer Louis Charalambous said.

Madeleine McCann

The partner at Simons Muirhead and Burton said he was hoping for a swift resolution to Mr Jefferies' case.

Miss Yeates vanished after returning to her basement flat in Bristol's Clifton area on 17 December.

Her body was found on a grass verge about three miles away on Longwood Lane in Failand on Christmas Day.

Another man has been charged with the murder and is awaiting trial.

In 2008, Mr Charalambous represented British expatriate Robert Murat, who received a record settlement in 2008 of £600,000 and an apology over "seriously defamatory" allegations in nearly 100 newspaper articles concerning the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

In Mr Murat's case, the settlement was reached with the Sun, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star, Daily Mail, London Evening Standard, Metro, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, News of the World and the Scotsman.

He later also settled out of court with BSkyB, for an undisclosed sum.

viv said...

Simons Muirhead and Burton seem to buck the Carter Ruck trend, they actually act for the wrongly accused!

My compliments to a decent law firm then, doing a decent job and may the British media get their facts straight first!