26 Apr 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton's dress rehearsal

Royal wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton's dress rehearsal?

Kate Middleton (L), Prince William (2nd R) and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (R) lookalikes pose with photographer Alison Jackson (2nd L) for the launch of her book entitled 'Kate & Wills Up The Aisle: A Right Royal Fairy Tale' in central London
Even the Queen's corgis didn't want to be left out of the action
Picture: PA

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Di said...

Hi Viv & Wizard

This lookalike couple are certainly having a good time doing the rounds, good luck to them it brought a smile to my face.

I watched The suspicions of Mr Wicher last night, as you said Wizard there are many similarities to Madeleine's disappearance, quite unbelievable really. I have not read the book, would you say it was a good adaptation?

I hope you have both had a good Easter and enjoyed the welcome sunshine.

viv said...

Hiya Di

They made me chuckle to, I mean what more people having the audacity to steal Kate's publicity that she needs to make a milllion! Shame on them!

I did not see Mr Whicher, have been working in the garden until I drop most days, very heavy clay and lots of clematis and other goodies I need to get nice and comfy. Also Luke has put my greenhouse up and built some nice staging so I am well pleased and comfy in there when the wind gets up a bit!

But he still has not finished the pond and disappears to Turkey on Friday to see his Dad. Erm tut! I am thinking it will be a slowly developed work of art, lol!

I know you love your garden and the wildlife also Di and hope you are having a great time. One of my granddaughters handed me a newt from their pond for my Easter treat, which was well just fantastic of course

Viv xx

viv said...

Another thing that causes me a bit of a wry smile, Rosiepops has gone completely quiet and so has Gerry, strange that! I mean two of the cutest little sweeties you could wish to meet, or read for that matter.

viv said...

On Amazon, Kate's mighty money spinning tome has been further slashed in price, now cut by 50% to just ten quid.

Meanwhile there is the old system of posting to defend the McCanns on there. One who is educated, a Psychopops erm Gerry type of character and then there are his usual drones, ignorant bullying little thugs. Oh dear Team McScam, not really much cop are you? No new ideas, not even for the poster campaign, but there again, I am sure money is a bit tight after the multi million pounds spending spree, " just trying to defend ourselves" as we were told on the Daily Express. The big question is why you feel the need to do that eh?


viv said...

Honestbroker - Gerry God - the just like dining in the garden idea never did work with the public but it is getting another airing.

Solomon, Puterman and Maggs (Drones, probably all Kate not trying too hard to dumb herself down/be a little thug)

viv said...

Too much information from rent a thugs about Goncalo Amaral, like he is apparently a wife beater, now that is rich coming from McScam!

I mean who else would go to the trouble of delving so deeply for duff information in Portugal? No wonder they cannot tell us what Eddie gets up to, it was clearly not checking the Marina for where Poshalike whisked her off was it, lol!

viv said...

HONEST BROKER: In the world of politics, an honest broker is a 'neutral mediator.~

ummm, well do not let us stop you from getting your flip chart out Gezzy and having another look at the wider political agenda and doing a "bit of a scoping exercise" in Portugal.

Forgive us if we do not find you honest or neutral though.

Your enduring fan,
Viv xxx

viv said...

Sorry about being off topic, I think the royal wedding is "really a bit boring", lol!

and sorry about the McScamisms, he fascinates me...in a truly macabre and intellectual way, that is.

Wizard said...

The Royal Wedding – in the 21st century it seems to be something verging on a parallel universe. To see the peasants waving and doffing their caps to their betters is very strange. The theatre of the royal wedding I suppose is worth watching for its pomp and history, but it has cost the taxpayer a fortune in these austere times to produce. Mr Cameron is busy cutting all services to the bone however, it's ok to spend millions on a couple getting married.

The bride has never done a days work in her life and hung around waiting to catch her meal ticket. A bit like many footballers’ wives but with higher class totty involved. What an example of British womanhood her mindset hasn’t moved on since the dark ages.

The Prince is quite a likable chap but again as privileged as they come. His world operates again in the parallel universe of the elite.

As you can see, I am not fan but then I didn’t get an invite to the wedding lol. I see ex prime minsters Blair and Brown didn’t get one either. Only conservative politicians invited - well they look after their own as we can see from the latest incumbents appalling policies.

Up the republic – Wizard - lol

Wizard said...

Hi Di,

'The suspicions of Mr Wicher' was something I wanted to watch but had to go out.

I'm going to have a look at it on iplayer.

The problem I have with these catch-up tv web sites is slow download. It usually ends up with the sound track running in real time and the pictures running 10secs behind, which rather spoils the programme.

ITV is the worse it works ok up until the first set of ads then goes into free fall.

Unfortunately in my area we can't get faster broadband its very slow.

I'll let you know what I think when I've seen it.

viv said...

Hiya both

Wiz, I am amazed you cannot get fast broadband in London, I thought you got the best of everything.

Did the trees in the fantastic and towering architecture of the abbey look right, or were they on a stop over to Highgrove, their eventual resting place we were told?

I think William at least hast he capacity to understand, thanks to his mother, that his life is one that if just full of excess and privilege. So did the open top ride in Dad's Aston Martin from one grace and favour palace to another do the trick for him and let the public know he has that compassionate and common touch, what with the "just wed" number plates and all?

Unfortunately not, IMO, it just exemplified, he is the son of a man who will insist on having the very best of everything, what with it being his birthright apparently.

We can only hope that once William and Kate get the job it is one where there is more understanding the rest of the UK is struggling for cash, brides and grooms have to go without etc! Maybe that will be the legacy of Princess Diana who did try to instil this in her children.

I thought Camilla looked slightly tearful, maybe that was for the absence of an old adversary. I hope she really is sorry.

It is always sad for Beatrice and Eugenie with their mother not being allowed to be present.

I hope Kate does not dwell too much on the two former young brides who were absent from her own, it may frighten her.

viv said...

£9000 per year tuition fees Wiz.

I am sure the Queen would agree with Mr Cameron, it is vital that less people get an education in UK so that more know their place and can doff their cap.

It would be interesting to know what the Queen really thinks of those who turn out, even sleep on the pavement, just for a glimpse of her and the pageantry???

Maybe that is why we can see that Gerry also is a tory, he wants people to revere him, tough luck mate!

viv said...

But it is the same scenario really, the McCanns put on a puppet show for the public and the public pay them for the privilege, well if they are stupid enough they do!

So how many hard up people are going to buy Kate's book and get scammed for the peasants that they are?

viv said...

I just love the cart wheeling verger and contrary to the Daily Telegraph who (apparently) found her most stylish, think Princess Anne actually deserves a stint in the Tower for that most atrocious floral outfit.

viv said...

I wish people would look up what locum GP means, it means you are a self employed GP who works at any practice who needs a "temp" due to their regular doctors being off sick, on holiday etc.

This is the listing for Kate Healy

Kate Marie
Not attached to a particular practice
Locum GP

She was NOT employed by Latham House Surgery although may well have temped there and she never did say she has been around 6 dead bodies in her former work for that practice. The report by Leicester Police confirms that in May 2008 she was still on "maternity leave". Given her self employed status that would have been unpaid leave. The McCanns had also just moved to a big expensive detached house. Why is it people cannot work out why little Maddie had to go missing and why they have been doing their utmost to cashin on that disappearance ever since.

The so called scentings of Eddie have made the McCanns a huge amount of money, is it beyond peoples wit to think that Gerry arranges plants in the newspaper via his sister/ "friend of the family" etc?

And another thing 15 markers of DNA - 7 of those could have come from Gerry and 8 from Kate they would each attribute DNA to Madeleine, that does not mean that what was found is her DNA at all, it has to be a complete match to her for that to be the case and it was not! Mixed DNA samples from her parents or her siblings are not much use to the police, when are certain people going to stop being so thick and give up playing very amateur detective!

Read the police reports!

viv said...

So according to the above, Kate became a locum GP in September 2003 when Maddie was just 4 months old, not long after that she fell pregnant once more with the twins - it would seem having gone to Amsterdam for treatment because it would have been unlawful and unethical in UK due to the tender age of Maddie and the serious effect of treatment upon the mother - a proper break from the is needed which plainly Kate did not have.

If people are wondering why she did not work and why they looked to other means to fund their lifestyle and £323000, £2K per month mortgage they should have a look at what is staring them in the face and consider the mental and physical state Kate would have been in. She was ill right the way through the pregnancy with the twins and confined to bed apparently. Was this when she was doing all that apparent bonding with Maddie that she rushed to tell newspapers and magazines about c July/August 2007 and when she clearly realised they were prime suspects (this fact having been hidden from the by British and Pt Police hitherto, but Pt press were making it obvious via leaks) In fact Kate and Gerry started legal proceedings against one newspaper for stating Pt Police believe they were responsible for the death and occultation of Maddie's body, the McCanns dropped this action, it was true!

If the McCanns were always prime suspects, from the first few moments, as is clear from Goncalo Amaral and a rush of heavyweights from UK within a few days, including those expert in sex offending and fraud, the question could be asked why wait until end July/Aug to bring in the dogs? I believe because they thought the McCanns had disposed of Madeleine via an abduction and I still think that is far more likely the answer as to what happened to her. If the McCanns were that worried about Grime and the dogs there is now way they would have sued Goncalo Amaral. They would have been far too fearful if Grime had in fact exposed the truth IMO. The truth, I believe is far more sinister still.

viv said...

But killers do temporarily hide bodies and then move them again at a later stage. The finding of the body is clearly something they are quite terrified of and will avoid at all costs and go to extraordinary, sick and bizarre means to avoid, that can include messing with a decomposing corpse and the odour it leaves behind.

It would seem that Eddie alerted at 5a and at the villa they ultimately moved to, but not at the flat they stayed at in between times. That does figure.

It is not clear what they did with Madeleine, I think people should keep an open mind, otherwise they may miss what could be staring them in the face by trying to bend what they know to try and fit what they think they know. That is not very good police work!

viv said...

Accusing just about all British agencies of being "bent" and shrieking conspiracy as some salve for what they cannot understand and will not try to understand is pretty sad.

Why do people not look at things another way and remember criminal justice especially concerning children in UK is a secret closed shop, what they know about the McCanns they will never tell us, to them that would be to perhaps assist known/suspected sex offenders or child killers and prevent them ultimately being put on trial and under UK law and European Human Rights law which we are also subject to that would be true.

viv said...

But I think it has always been a difficult balancing act for the McCanns. On the one hand they need continuing publicity because the aim has always been to stay out of the clutches of the police and in the clutches of film producers and other media organisations who will pay these "celebrities" lots of cash. Playing up to the dogs, emphasising it has enabled them to make a lot of money, from libel damages, including from Goncalo Amaral or so they thought, that has clearly gone awry for them. To me that is about justice and how judges work. I do not think they are necessarily stating Goncalo has got it just right in his book, but what they do know is when he confines himself to stating the McCanns were involved in her disappearance he has. So, in some way, judges have to stop a wrongdoer from profiting. That I believe is what has happened to Kate and Gerry, I never did believe they would actually gain damages from Goncalo and his publishers in Portugal.

But they have played up so much to these dog findings, particularly Gerry, that it has become a grave nuisance to them. There is the real risk that people actually believe is and will now pay for brand McCann, so whilst being happy to take the bounty of the dogs with one hand, they have to go about trying to dispel and take apart what the dogs supposedly found with their other hand.

Gerry is quiet, although I am not sure that he is in terms of the internet, Kate is writing her book. This couple are the authors of the most terrible mess any two humans could have gotten themselves into, and it is a dirty mess they richly deserve. All ideas of profit, gradually have to fade from their grasping minds. To think that judges, prosecutors, police officers are not watching this, even involved in this and making sure they cannot really win would be naive, I believe.

Do not criticise Mrs Justice Hogg or the Portuguese Judges unless you genuinely understand what they are about, justice for little Maddie McCann in the best way they can achieve that whilst also knowing the parents are entitled to the presumption and treatment of innocent people so long as there is insufficient evidence to actually nail them.