30 May 2011


I wonder why the McCanns did not threaten to sue these experts for "libel" or the Daily Mirror for publishing it?  It is hard to attack the truth, their story never has added up and tells both British and Portuguese Police loud and clear, they are not looking for anyone else, no matter how many weirdos the McCanns use public monies to come up with.  At the time, even the FSS commented the inquiry is focussing in the right direction.  

I applaud David Cameron for taking a step for children and for justice.  Who knows I may even change the habit of a lifetime and vote for him!   

Tick tock, Kate and Gerry 

McCanns evidence 'doesn't add up'

EXCLUSIVE THE HUNT FOR MADELEINE Brit team questions Kate's reaction
A team of British crime specialists who have scrutinised the Madeleine McCann case claim there are inconsistencies in her parents' version of events.
The retired experts believe there is a question mark over Kate's response when she discovered the four-year-old was missing.
Forensic scientist Professor David Barclay, part of the four-man team who reviewed the case for Channel Four's Dispatches show, said: "We examined all of the available evidence and the conclusion we came to was that there appeared to be some significant inconsistencies.
"One thing we looked for was any sign of 'staging', the term we use for the actions of someone who has committed a crime and wants to 'stage it' to appear someone else has done it.
"The first words apparently spoken by Kate McCann when she discovered Madeleine had vanished were significant. She is supposed to have said 'They've taken her, they've taken her' - which seems a strange choice of phrase.
"I don't think that would have been my first reaction if my child had gone missing."
Prof Barclay also questioned the McCanns' claims that an abductor got into their Praia da Luz holiday flat through the back shutters.
He said: "We checked the scene of the crime and it struck us immediately how unlikely it would be for anyone to try and access the apartment through the back windows. The shutters there were firmly shut and couldn't be opened and the car park behind the flat was overlooked.
"It could be that claim is consistent with staging, but without full knowledge of all of the facts in the case it would be impossible to say for sure."
Prof Barclay visited the crime scene along with ex-Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Stevenson, the man who caught Soham killer Ian Huntley and psychological profiler David Canter.
The will seen on tonight's show visiting key sites and seeing footage of the police in action.
Prof Barclay, 62, added: "There has been a tendency to criticise the Portuguese police but on the whole they did a pretty good job.
"However, they made two big mistakes. Firstly, they did not seal of the crime scene anywhere nearly quick enough. Secondly, in my opinion they were not aggressive enough with the McCanns in the first stage of the investigation.
"It is actually for the parents' benefit in cases like this that the police tackle them robustly and demand a comprehensive account of their movements during the relevant timeframe."



BRITISH police are to launch a new probe into missing Madeleine McCann after massive failures were found in the Portuguese investigation.
Our top child protection cop Jim Gamble has completed a fresh look at the three-year-old investigation for the Home Office.
He told ministers there were huge holes in the original inquiry that need to be revisited if they want to "come close" to reaching UK standards.
It will come as a bitter pill for Portuguese investigators who have fended off criticism since Maddie disappeared in 2007

Portugese police left 'gaping' holes

But parents Kate and Gerry McCann, both 41 and both doctors, are "delighted" at the move.
Failures in the original investigation are said to be "so gaping" that British authorities feel it is their duty to look at it again.
This time police will review all the leads using technology and standards expected in a homicide or kidnap case in the UK.
Mr Gamble, head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, found a basic failure to collate information and join up links that should have been made.
Telephone records were not properly analysed, missing early opportunities for leads.
And Kate and Gerry McCann were named as Arguidos, or formal suspects, by Portuguese police - something that the review says would not have happened if the probe had been carried out in the UK.
Mr Gamble found no evidence sufficient to make them suspects. His findings have now been formally submitted to the Home Office with recommendations to re-investigate.
The damning review has now set the Association of Chief Police Officers the difficult task of trying to decide who takes on the mammoth task. It is already predicted to be "an extremely costly" investigation that, even if done properly, will probably never be solved.

Damning: Jim Gamble

A source said: "It is something that has to be reviewed. It is only right that the McCanns are given the satisfaction that everything that could be done has been done. It now comes down to who is up to the job."
The Home Secretary Alan Johnson is expected to announce that the new probe will NOT be carried out by Leicestershire police, the McCanns' local force. The review has highlighted failures within their handling of the case and ruled them out of the review.
Instead ACPO are now asking around their top cops to see who could take on the very difficult and complex investigation.
The source added: "It will be extremely costly and sadly is unlikely to result in a positive outcome.
"As much as we would all like this to end with good news for the McCanns, the fact is there have been a lot of missed opportunities and no-one will ever be able to reclaim the time and evidence lost."
Two thousand pages of evidence released earlier claimed Portuguese detectives failed to follow up leads.
Home Secretary Alan Johnson ordered officials to examine the "feasibility" of British detectives having a fresh look at all the evidence back in March.
Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, met Mr Johnson to plead for help in their search for their daughter who vanished aged three from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal.


Rosiepops said...
Well no Leicestershire police then Vile. lol
Anonymous said...
Thank the lord for that Rosie. I see camel breath has surfaced again. I'd ban her IP but its so funny seeing her showing herself for what she is. Her and Bennett 2 pretendy solicitors, 2 of the biggest liars on the blogs. Remember what she had to sell her house for Rosie? The pack of lies she told as Felicity on the Jane Tomlinson thread of the Express
Tinkerbell43 said...
Jeez what is she on ? Mad, absolutely barking!
Rosiepops said...
She loves writing to me, it gives her a sense of purpose in life. However, I think the news that the British police are not, and never have been investigating the McCanns has hit her hard, it seems to have triggered a psychotic episode. Probably realised what an absolute fool she has been making of herself for so long. Yet another time she got it completely wrong. "Tut tut tut calm down dear, perhaps you should phone your CPN"?

30 MAY 2011


viv said...

It is never too late for Kate McCann to do the right thing and get herself around to her local police station.

Just walk in there and do it Kate. I know your husband never would but you could make it just a bit easier on yourself and the Judge when he comes to handing out sentences.

viv said...

I agree the Portuguese Police were very professional, that is obvious from reading their files.

I also agree this is the only way in which they deserve any criticism and no matter who investigates, you can always find something to criticise. The Portuguese Police were under the most enormous pressure to treat these two well and find Maddie quickly, that was obviously their priority.

"However, they made two big mistakes. Firstly, they did not seal of the crime scene anywhere nearly quick enough. Secondly, in my opinion they were not aggressive enough with the McCanns in the first stage of the investigation.

viv said...

I think I am starting to understand just a bit more why the McCanns hate Goncalo so much and need to silence him. Here, he clearly implies that fibers were found in the Scenic. Fibers from the pink blanket that disappeared after Madeleine did, as if it was used ultimately as a shroud. That is a terrible thought.

If that is the case heaven help the McCanns, if they know what sort of blanket it was i.e. a Princess blanket, they can match those fibers.

Kate deals with this in her book apparently by just stating it was on the bed with Cuddlecat.

I do distinctly recall that it was in the News of the World, some six weeks after Maddie disappeared, Kate knew straight away Madeleine had been abducted because cuddlecat had been placed on a high shelf out of her reach. Implying that must have been an act by the abductor.

Of course, since that time we have been given other reasons and this high shelf business got dropped, presumably because when you look at the room, there is no high shelf.

The News of the World is of course part of the Murdoch stable that the McCanns have always spoken to...

The McCanns clearly realised they needed to explain exactly how they knew right away Madeleine had been abducted, and so their trail of lies began.

Anyone who still believes the British Police, Brown, Cameron, Stuart Prior, any of them are on the McCanns side must be quite mad!

The current Home Secretary and CAmeron I believe want to put this one to bed and take the credit for it. I have no objection to that and think it was a brave decision to publically announce the allocation of those resources.

Of course, that is probably meant to crack the McCanns up a bit more. I hope it does. Kate must know where this is heading.

The children were, without doubt, sedated, both Kate and GErry have acknowledged that and provided excuses for it, staggeringly, it was the abductor of Madeleine who drugged all three of them and what is more he was in there the night before doing it and put a large brown stain on Maddie's PJs, right under her airway, a very good shot in the total darkness. How he got in and out that night, I do not think the McCanns are telling us.

But Kate did quite recently tell us the window was a red herring, well you are full of those Kate!

viv said...

Of course this is on the basis this report is accurate and Goncalo really did say that. We do need to be careful because Tony Bennett provides quotes and states "hard facts" when in reality they have come straight from him, the source of many a forum myth. Somehow though I think this is right. I have probably discussed on this blog years back and forgotten again!


Gonçalo Amaral, the former inspector who coordinated the investigations on the case, in declarations to "SP" recalls having seen the blanket in the Ocean Club apartment, on the evening of the 3rd of May, close to cuddle cat (the plush toy), that the child usually carried with her. The former inspector thought that it was odd that that blanket went missing in the immediate days that followed, when searches where made to locate the child. And he highlights, that incidentally, textile fibres (in connection with the cadaver odour scented by the British dogs) were detected in the Renault Scenic that the McCann couple rented in the Algarve and which was used in a long and mysterious trip that they made to Spain.

viv said...

This is a good thread on MM and well worth looking at again, now that Kate wants to broach the subject in her book. Not sure what I think other than they are deep in the mire and this clearly has great relevance.

Kate said hope they are giving her her blanket, pretty damning, if it really did go missing the McCanns presumably at Kate's insistence, saw to it that Maddie got it.

I cannot help but think about that witness who claims Gerryalike was on his mobile on 7 May, "please don't hurt her". He killed her or sold her, that is what I think I suppose. Either way it is the most terribly serious case.

viv said...

Even more curious, an image from Photobucket of the pink blanket seems to have been removed.

Clearing the internet of evidence in this case may be a major task in itself for the Metropolitan Police.

That would have to take place way ahead of any charges to ensure a distance in time between people being able to see it and a jury having to fairly try the case.

But probably, the most important evidence has never been released to the public or indeed, the McCanns.

It fascinates me to read people still demanding their medical and financial records, like the police would allow those on the net!!

I imagine it is Pro McScammers who makes these demands or just plain idiots.

viv said...

When you look at the picture of the room, there is a chest of drawers next to Madeleine's bed.

So I wonder is that what the original report refers to, someone had taken the toy off Madeleine's bed and placed it on there whilst they removed her? Kate could mean it was out of her reach, IF SHE WAS ASLEEP,i.e. it might have fallen on the floor or out of her arms but it could not have jumped up onto the chest next to the bed.

I still think it is very possible Kate really did not know and Gerry/mates did remove Maddie during that evening. Russell being missing most of the night and Gerry for some time apparently (remember the toilet excuse and also Kate's comment, I thought he was watching the football).

But I still think she knew Maddie was perhaps being abused and when she had gone knew exactly who "they" were.

viv said...

It is important to bear in mind that whilst the sniffer dog alerted to Kate's trousers, he did not alert to Maddie's bed and they would surely have found forensic evidence had a corpse been in there anyway!

But there again, it all seems to have been kicking off early evening...Payne. DC Marshall and Ricardo Paiva, but there again, why did we just get this email released and not all the others, there must have been hundreds! Were the police trying to put pressure on to make them talk by what they did release?

I certainly struggle to accept that Jim Gamble who clearly did a good job on Operation Ore (in spite the spin) is completely wrong about the prospect of Maddie being alive, unless again, this is the police playing with the McCanns to trip them up which is entirely possible.

Di said...

Hi Viv

I have had a very busy few days, and have not caught up. Am I to believe that things are certainly moving forward.

Are these fibers from Madeleine's blanket the, stand alone evidence that Goncalo Amaral keeps mentioning perhaps?

I watched the McCann's being interviewed on Irish TV. When the interviewer mentioned Sean & Amelie Kate broke down, at the time I was at a loss to know why. I believe Kate realises this is now going to have an awful effect on the twins which she can't change, the truth will out!!

viv said...

Hiya Di and it is lovely to see you posting, I do get lonely and always enjoys your own interesting thoughts.

I am not sure if they are but that is clearly a possibility. When the police do a forensic sweep I suppose they just pick up every single fibre they can find, and surely there would have been lots of them given the number of people that had used the vehicle.

But on reading the MM thread again, I just noticed something interesting.

There are two GNR statements, one is timed earlier in the evening, after llpm, he says that on this occasion the McCanns offer them a turkish towel for the dogs to get the scent of Maddie. But much later and interestingly when the PJ are there, after 1 am well this time they offer the search dogs one pinky orangy blanket. Looking at the PJ photos it would appear that is what is lying on the bed, near the pillow and with CC next to it. It looks much more like a comfort blanket that little children would suck rather than one that could be put over them to keep them warm.

Still I notice that indentation of someone lying on top of the bed rather than in it. Kate is always careful to state they sat on Maddie's bed and had a story. I mean maybe they did, but I still have this awful vision of a drugged little girl, dumped on there, ready for the off. I never can make up my mind about Kate, is she just as evil as him, that is possible. Did she actually take part in "preparing" Madeleine for the off and was she totally staging when she shouted they have taken her or was she horrified, her abusers removed her completely.

Why did she not want to go on that holiday? Of course it could have been as simple as, I cannot stand the thought of being stuck looking after the kids whilst that animal gets drunk and plays tennis etc...She/he tells us to often how "strong" their relationship is for that to be true. Kate's bruises and being "loud and out of control" sleeping in a different bed with the children clearly tell a different story.

I too thought it was most incredibly significant that Kate just immediately broke down in the Irish interview the moment he mentioned the twins. Like you I think the reason for that is Kate now has to face the most awful facts. She has not just lost one but all three.

Whatever the truth, the London Met will find it and they must already have the most enormous amount of intelligence from British agencies who have dealt with this case over the last four years, evidence of surveillance etc.

I think people still need to take care to attribute to Kate direct quotes from her, rather than 6 dead bodies, taking CC to work etc which is obviously fiction put in the press by her incredibly manipulative husband.

Will Kate's mental health be relevant to all of this and will it get her sympathy? Possibly.

viv said...

I would just add, if the McCanns firstly offered just a towel that was surely contaminated with odour from all of them or at least all three children at just after 11 and only offered something more personal to Madeleine when the (clearly more frightening) PJ were there, they themselves quite deliberately delayed the search for Madeleine and at no stage did they offer the obvious thing, the dirty clothing she had been wearing all day that would have reeked off little eau de Maddie for the dogs to pick up on.

Everything this couple do from the very first moments, is tainted with the most terrible disgregard for their own little girl, now that is fact.

But now, a massive four years later, they are seriously laying into not just the Portuguese but also the British, even Cameron.

I can just imagine Cameron pursing his lips with fury and ordering London Met to leave absolutely no stone unturned to bring this investigation to a close, without financial limit. They really did overplay their hand.

Just reminds me of that Spanish psychiatrist, Kate cries with the face of a poker player or something like that!

viv said...

but with all of our collected years of experience to us it seemed highly unlikely and a very implausible scenario.

Does this explain Kate and Gerry's burning need to recruit some senior ex police officers to their cause, to counter this terrible indictment on what they were telling the world?

I am afraid Dave Edgar just does not match the illustrious experts in the above report.

I also noticed this was "dispatches" on Channel 4, then we had the McCann rebuttal on Channel 4 Cutting Edge. No one case accuse Channel 4 of bias, each side got their chance to tell it like it is.

But Kate nor her actress co-operated in the McCann version, I wonder why not? That hardly added to its erm "credibility", but I suspect the Channel 4 producers found it entertaining.

viv said...

WE bloggers, just like the McCanns, face a really uphill battle of knowing anything like the police actually know, as this extract confirms, Gerry still wants it all put together please, oh lol! :

Di, note the link chart for Tues 1 May has never been disclosed, the night little Maddie was crying for an hour and a quarter. I presume they were noting where each member of this group were...

viv said...


However, there are potentially serious omissions:

* The most important records were not available when Mr and Mrs McCann attended their “Arguido interviews” on 6th and 7th September 2007 and it is doubtful that they were ever reviewed by the very experienced analysts from the Leicestershire Police, whose team left the Algarve soon after the McCann’s return to the UK in September 2007
* There are no detailed call records from the mobile operators for Kate McCann, Russell O’Brien, Matthew Oldfield and Jane Tanner
* When the PJ obtained the McCann’s mobiles they do not appear to have retrieved deleted data or to extract their contact lists
* None of the telecom records show triangulation co-ordinates but are limited to identifying the single primary antenna on which calls were registered
* The details of over 50 UK subscribers contacted by the Tapas 9 in the critical period, as well as their onward local and international call records, was included in the Rogatory Letter request in December 2007. If this information was provided, it is not in the CD
* A critical link chart (Anexo 37) for Tuesday 1st May 2007 is missing from Inspector Dias’s report

viv said...

Given Kate obviously knows that nothing at all has been released to them from Brit files and only extracts from the PJ file, what does she mean when she tells us it is her job to go through it all, looking for leads? Even if the PJ/Brit Police did allow them to see investigations into other suspects, they were quite obviously not allowed to have any details about British sex offenders that may have been in the area at the time. And that could be a pretty inclusive term...

viv said...

Tried to post this several times on Jo Morais blog, without success

RE training of the dogs, this was done at taxpayers expense when Grime was working for the police. T4two - as a police officer Grime could have elected to retire when he liked really, maybe that is what he did? UK police dogs that have trained with a particular officer always retire with the officer. I remain very concerned when Grime retires with these valuable assets (the dogs) and then immediately goes to Jersey and charges a massive £96000 looking for murder victims in relation to a case that was quite clearly about serious sexual abuse of children - unfortunately often so many years back that many of the abusers had since died.

We have not been given any clear evidence that corroborates the alerts of the dogs and that is why the McCanns have so far not been prosecuted. If they did murder her or have her abducted I believe they are now looking at the end of the road, the Metropolitan Police will get them.

I think people should consider just how much money Gerry has made out of the dogs and all of the plants he has put in the papers to hype the story up and his selective suing so long after the stories had been written. He waited twelve months to sue the Daily Express and the same with Goncalo's book. He is far more concerned with the money he can make out of such claims than any personal damage to his "reputation". Whether that is because he knows the dogs are wrong or because he is just so convinced no conclusive evidence of her death will ever be found, I do not know. I am more concerned about Madeleine than him and so will keep an open mind as to whether she was dead or alive when he got rid of her.

01/06/2011 22:04

viv said...

and this one

Kate was a locum GP, that means she just worked odd times as a "temp" to cover for doctors on sick or holiday leave etc.

So it would be quite easy to state she was still on "maternity leave" if the reality was she had been too ill to work since before the birth of the twins. Mainly, I believe, due to her mental health.

I believe it was shortage of money that was a lot to do with Maddie being got rid of by Gerry, Kate, I still think not quite such a willing participant, but I could be wrong about that.

viv said...

There is a poster on Jo Morais called Guerra (I think it is short for Gezzy). Anyway, he insists I am part of Team McCann, I think he wants to book me, lol!

So my story is I am going to stay with my sister for a few days in her new caravan, but of course the reality is I am having a top level conference with the McScams and Clarence. Of course the 30 murder squad detectives from the London Met who I have arranged to continue to cover up for the McScams (come on they are Guerra says so) will be there and Jim Gamble will take the chair, then he is going for a pint with his best mate Dave Payne.

So I may be back Sunday night or I may be detained. Leave it to you, you decide:-)))

Anyway looks like I am going to be lucky with the weather as usual, Kate likes to try and top up her tan as naturally as possible, it is a saving to the Find Maddie Fund.

viv said...

WE have invited the Camerons and are hoping Sam's mum will lend us her yacht and private jet, we may want to pop over and see The Pope.

I have taken some bizarre outfits to try and outdo Theresa but the shoes are killing me.

viv said...

Just about to leave but I was looking at Pamalam's site which is a really excellent resource.

All the friends and family rallying round and having meetings trying to see how they could help bring little Maddie home in 2007. NO mention of them since. How awful they must feel, realising they were had and Maddie is almost certainly dead.

Just how much despair have the gruesome twosome caused, all over the world? But their own close friends and family, it really must be hell for them. The exodus of Fund Directors commenced when they were made arguidos and has continued. So of course the McCanns make themselves directors, that does not seem quite right. I am sure it does not to the Police!


Di said...

Enjoy your break Viv.

viv said...

Thanks Di, I had a fantastic time, Porlock is very beautiful. Wooded valleys, deer, and all the joys of Exmoor. I offered to live in the caravan permanently to look after it for my sister, lol.

It is so strange, there is a little walk just behind the site and we saw two or three thrushes yesterday and were both saying we had not seen them for a long time.

When I got home, what was in and near the pond, two thrushes, I am so thrilled! I think my wildlife bank I insisted on for the birds to drink and bathe really is doing the trick and Luke has actually started to complete the back of the pond so it is looking much better!

He watered and fell all my plants too, almost, just a few clematis he missed!


viv said...

erm he fed them, not felled them!

viv said...

As Portugal seek to put on trial the presumed abductor of Rui Pedro, Claudia is right, you do not need to know Portuguese to appreciate the terrible suffering of his mother over the last 13 years. It is absolutely heartbreaking to watch her tortured face as she speaks about her beloved son.


Endless days and sleepless nights. There will be more than this life Filomena Teixeira, Rui Pedro's mother's face and suffering. Portugal knows her pain and tears. This Monday the judge decided to prosecute the only suspect in the case and the boy's parents Lousada, disappearing 13 years ago, give an exclusive interview to TVI, which has always followed the process.

Years of 'torture'. That's Philomena Teixeira describes the long years I lived without knowing whether the child is alive or dead. An uncertainty that does not lose hope, after having lost almost everything in life. At least, all that one day gave him joy. "A very important day. It's the beginning of a new era and hopefully the beginning of a new hope, "said TVI.

13 years after the Fourth of Rui Pedro is as he left. The father confesses that he sometimes sleeps there and feel better. But Filomena not. The "total despair" of the couple does not give Lousada wondering what happened to Rui Pedro. Filomena says that 13 years after "all failed" and that feels "helpless before all and before all '.

The mother of Rui Pedro, visibly weakened, confesses that he has lived a life of "torture." Lost 'many' pounds and hope is the only thing that the 'powers, though. " A hope that keeps her alive, but it is also the source of torture, hour after hour, day after day. "The more time passes, the more I go into despair. I often wonder if someday I will see it and degasta me. On the other hand I think I have to fight for when he comes, I'm here, "he says.

Filomena Teixeira, Rui Pedro's mother only has one dream and dread to see again and Rui Pedro "finishing day" without knowing who took her son from the arms.

viv said...

But Kate told us it was just the first forty eight hours, as Gerry said, after that she could sleep jog play and get her hair highlighted and plan a multi million pound campaign to cashin, what a disgusting couple who have even sought to cashin and use this tragedy to avoid accepting any responsibility whatsoever for the disappearance of Madeleine.

This genuinely despairing mom tells us what we know the reality would be, "the more time passes the more I go into despair".

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

Recently I have been finishing work on a course and have been tied up; hence, I’ve had little time to post. I’ve also just returned from a city break to New York, which was fabulous, and I’m now catching up on the news.

The statement, ‘… but with all of our collected years of experience to us it seemed highly unlikely and a very implausible scenario.’

I think anyone who has looked in detail at this case and not just read the Mail’s account of it will agree with this quote. The references to ‘staging’ are also refreshing, as I believe this was certainly, what we were seeing in the early days and even now. Nowadays it’s more like gilding the lily though!

I just wonder after all this time whether the reinvestigation will throw new light on anything that would be concrete enough for charges to be brought. We can but hope.

Di said...

Hi Viv & Wizard

Glad you enjoyed your break Viv, and you must be relieved your plants survived.

Wizard great to see you posting again.

Interestingly today a new poster on MM has raised the timeline again. Throwing the time Madeleine went missing back to 9.30pm. I know we all discussed this in detail at the time, but seeing how many witnesses pointed to Kate raising the alarm earlier does leave many unanswered questions.

I have no intention of buying Kate's book, however the many discrepencies I have read on the internet reinforce my opinion that the book was a big mistake.

Pat Brown the criminal profiler has stated on twitter that she has read the book and Kate has admitted what happened to Madeleine. Pat is going to release a profile very soon on her thoughts. I can't wait!

su said...

ahh, someone else who feels kate might not be guilty.
i have watched this so closely for years and attacked you for your views on tony bennett.

be that as it may.

clarence mitchell was brought in to take attention away from ? how he did this was throw kate to the lions. every statement he made pertaining to her was a nail in the coffin.
we thought she was manipulating the press - bullshit none of it was in her favour.

from the moment of the whoosh clunk video to the latest drama via the book i am convinced this woman has been set up to take the full rap.

interestingly enough and i would prefer you did not publish this portion - i found it bizarre that she mentions her fears to gerry about her daugthers...... and that made me google an earlier saying attributed to her which was about her giving them her tuppenceworth. i googled slang for this word and came up with pussy amongst other things.

perhaps something went wrong. a sale to a childless couple soon became apparent to be a fantasy and that they had actually sold her to harm instead. those notes are a warning to people - keep the lid on.

Wizard said...

Hi Di,

I noticed at the airport bookshop Kate's book had been reduced to half price. The book was in the top ten hardback sales a few weeks ago. Sales must now have now tailed off if they are reducing the price.

viv said...

Wiz, I am so pleased to see you back, you were missed, and glad to hear you had a fab break in New York.

As you say it is worthwhile repeating that at an early stage we had senior detectives telling us how implausible and unlikely the McCanns story was. I am sure that is a polite way for a police officer to explain a suspect's "story".

I think Cameron is obviously very politically savvy and clearly adores his job as PM (even though he did not quite win!). So in times of austerity would he commit all that money and police man hours to a hopeless case that had no clear answers? I just do not think he would.

Home Secretaries have had the CEOP report for over a year before acting upon it. I believe there have been further developments.

A charge of murder or manslaughter would not necessarily have to be laid, if that is what happened. There is a new charge available of causing or allowing the child's death and this can also be used to prosecute both parents where it is not clear which one did the deed.

I still think though that CEOP and SOCA were so heavily involved because this is a case of them "exploiting" Madeleine and in that case she may not have been dead when they disposed of her. That is much more serious still of course and hence the delay in trying to bring charges.

They even talk about "Gold Group" minutes, those are convened in cases of "complex child abuse".

I do think Kate has written that book at least in part to put her side of the story knowing it will get twisted by her husband and also probably to have her own pot of cash for lawyers, she is going to need them!

Given the salacious nature of the book, hyped up in The Sun, I am not surprised by a sudden rush for it from a certain group of people who like to read that sort of thing, but maybe that rush is now over and it is not the sort of book that will continue to sell?

viv said...

Di, I too read that thread on MM about the number of witnesses who state that Maddie was noted missing much earlier in the evening.

No doubt this is exactly what the Portuguese meant when they told us the TAPAS group are the "key" to what happened to Madeleine and that there are "serious inconsistencies in their accounts and the timelines given".

As you say, we discussed it at length a long time ago, but there is no harm in looking back, after all that is just what the McCanns do not want us to do, it is all "rather boring" (McCann G, 2008)

I have an almost certain feeling he is going to be forced to look back on everything he wanted to just put behind him and "get back to normal" as a "family of four, rather than five".

This man is going to learn the hard way, you do not just get rid of your child and become a famous happy little multi millionaire having done so.

There was a link to a Portuguese video of the case on MM that I watched. Finally, I found the footage of Gerry, just a few days after she went missing, positively shaking with hilarity... certainly appearing to be hyped up with cocaine or alcohol and enjoying put on a show for his friends.

Goncalo Amaral was also shown, right there with the police. Strange that Rosie always told us he never even turned up there! But there again Rosie knows he is a liar!!

viv said...

Di, I too cannot wait to read what Pat Brown makes of Kate's book!

Roll on, the McScams must be furious about this American lady, is that why they are not peddling their filth there, just NZ and Australia (interesting choices)

And then there is Oprah, a victim of sexual abuse...she will not hold back when the time is right any more than The Daily Express will.

viv said...

The tennis ball photo, well guess what peeeps it was taken on the 1st of May 2007, yes the 1st of May 2007. How do I know well Kate and Gerry told me, you dont believe me, well this is a comment made to the Sun newspaper. For Kate and Gerry the picture of a happy three-year-old clutching a bundle of tennis balls evokes a carefree time before they became household names. Speaking in the documentary about the now-famous photograph, Kate says: "Gerry loves that photo. "As part of the kids' club, they did mini-tennis and she really enjoyed it." Gerry smiles and adds: "One of the tasks was to gather all the balls up and she'd obviously managed to get three in and she turned round to Kate and she's like, 'Look, I've got them all'." http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/press/13apr8/Sun-30-04-08.htm Now I hear you say that proves nothing, but hey lets look at what our Katie wrote in her diary for the 1st of May 2007. Tuesday 01.05.2007 (holiday) Breakfast apartment Kids club – mini-tennis ↓ 09.15-10.15 K ↓ G 10.15-11.15 ↓ Madeleine and Ella * Get camera Lunch → apartment RAIN Kids club beach, sunglasses Ice cream 13:30 → 15:00 ish Kids club? 15.15 ? time not so good ? G tennis lessons – ok High tea 16:30 ? recreational area Restaurant? object tennis No Russell, Evie felt ill (5D) Russ remained in apartment Food was brought up http://mccannexposure.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/kate-mccanns-diary/ Then look at the Kids club rotor for a Tuesday, http://i37.tinypic.com/2rf97cy.jpg Then look at the attendance sheet for that day. http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg238/miffed_album/processopdf01page110-CrecheRecords1.jpg So peeps that was simples as they say.

viv said...

The above post is not by me, it was sent to the blog but I think it is interesting.

Su, I do not bear any real ill will towards people who have attacked me for seeking to point out that just maybe Kate is not the really guilty party in this case.

This case has been spun, big time, I think the dogs are probably a load of old spin too. I would not be the least bit surprised to learn that he planted cadaver odour on Kate's clothing etc. But take the GASPAR statement, now we are starting to look at why Gerry wants everyone to think Kate killed Maddie. Why he even tells the Press Complaints Commission, don't you dare shut the Daily Express up.

People like Gerry, at the end of the day, they know they are repulsive.

viv said...

GM...and er, er, trying to er think of ....just constantly ways where we could improve things or, or get additional things done.

*Gerry McCann in interview with Lorraine Kelly, May 2010. I think what he means is move heaven and earth to get the British government to force the Portuguese government to force the Portuguese Police and prosecutors to stop considering them as suspects and re-open the investigation and well you know, follow Gerry's agenda and look at his only favoured hypothesis, Maddie was abducted and we had nuffink to do with the disappearance of our beautiful daughter.... all we have ever wanted is the "best possible outcome for us.. and Madeleine".

What he means is Kate is too ill to work and earn a good living as a GP and Gerry likes loadsa money, so they need books films fame and fortune and they need to buy the best lawyers around just in case the police get too touchy feely with them.

viv said...

Just how damaging is it to the McCanns case when you consider that Kate had not worked since before the birth of the twins and that must have been a long time before because she was ill all the way through and confined to bed, not much prior to that she just had Maddie, so when was the last time she worked?

Take that in conjunction with even the Payne's admitting Kate really did not want to go on that holiday.

So she is not well, she is not working, they are short of money and Kate does not want to go on another holiday arranged by Gerry and Payne. That is the way it looks.

Gerry was prepared to speculate to accumulate, he even paid for the Paynes flights and transfers, that is a very odd thing to do. Odd for Payne to arrange a holiday with flights that only leave from a London airport also. Hardly convenient. IMO what was exactly convenient was Portugal, and the Ocean Club, open to predators as Gerry likes to call them with some remarkable self appraisal skills there.

viv said...

I notice on Missing Madeleine, there are just 28 pages that only go back to November last year. How is this helping the reader to understand the McCann case and what is the point of anyone writing on there?

With the recent sackings of the best posters I continue to have some grave concerns about what that site's purpose actually is. After all, we know Kate and ~Gerry like to stay in the media any which way they can. It is also true that when I used to post on there, several so called "anti" McCanns were absolutely vile stalkers towards me. God help anyone who wants to give an honest opinion, rather than spout utter rubbish produced for the masses, 6 dead bodies etc. We have even seen the return of the Tony Bennett appreciate society.

Wizard said...

I find it quite interesting to ponder the conundrum the McCanns are in. As I believe, they know exactly what happened to their daughter they continually have to second-guess what parents of a missing child would do. They have a fund that they must be seen to be use otherwise, it makes them look guilty. They also have a need to continually reinforce a stranger abduction and need money for that. I think any peculiarities and deviations in their behaviour are simply down to trying to assess how they would feel if there daughter was really taken by a stranger. A difficult task and how far do they go with it. Well it appears as far as they can to deflect anyone pointing the finger at them.

Jeremy Bamber was convicted in 1986 of murdering five members of his family but still protests his innocence. Even now, he sits in his cell going through papers relating to the case. He is obsessed and I think so are the McCanns.

I have always found it strange the Mc’s appear so confident that their daughter will not be found. They planned fund raising events months in advance and even feel confident of Madeleine’s complete disappearance to postpone the publication of their book so not to coincide with the royal wedding.

The confidence they show does not need speculation it speaks for itself.

Just one more point - it is strange that KM could not string a sentence together originally but now apparently can write a book.

Di said...

Hi Wizard

You make a very good point they did appear to be very confident that Madeleine would not be found. However, in the most recent interviews I have seen, since the launch of Kate's book of fiction, neither of them imo come across as confident anymore. I think Kate looks ill and Gerry is permanently twitching, pulling his ears and smirking. Kate's book has been a terrible mistake and whoever edited it wants shooting, that is mo just from the bits I have seen posted, I dread to think what the rest of it is like.

One piece posted was about Kate's pink trainers and going for a jog and being attacked on her right calf by a dog that jumped out at her. It was very painful but she soildered on.

Have we seen any pictures of an injury to Kates leg? If there was such an injury I am sure we would have seen evidence as she always wore crops or skirts, and if it was such a big deal why no mention of it at the time, it would have made great headlines.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz and Di, It has always seemed to me that the McCanns find it very difficult to play the part of desperately sad parents looking for their child.

That screwed up face from Kate, please pray for her she is lovely, the excuse we must not show emotion, the abductor may get off on it. Words absolutely fail me. I think the way Gerry was guffawing outside the church on Madeleine's 4th birthday does demonstrate just how incredibly disordered he is and that he has absolutely no concept whatsoever of how to show loss and sadness, he simply does not feel those emotions. His smiling face outside The Whitehouse to me also typically demonstrated what this man finds wonderful, power and money. I think he is so preoccupied with that and his own self importance that he often makes the most crass remarks, "we need to get information into the investigation", "we need the best possible outcome for US ...oh and Madeleine". Too often for his own good, he has thought aloud demonstrating what really preoccupies him. I just thought of another classic, "we need to stay in Portugal and CONTROL the investigation".

Then there was the ridiculous smirking on Paxman when he accused Gerry of creating the media circus and just using the media as and when it suits him. Gerry could not hide his pride and amusement at this. Although he did look as though he was on the Columbian Marching powder at the time.... Facing Paxman and getting it right my have been just a little awe inspiring even for one with as big an ego as Gerry.

Good analogy Wiz, Jeremy Bamber and then there is the Deputy Head Teacher, also very similar to Gerry. He asked the Appeal Court for compensation in relation to his years in prison, oh but you have to prove you are innocent to get that they replied. What a travesty they let him out, I will probably recall his flipping name in a minute, the victim was Billy Jo, an attractive child about 13, I think...This "deputy head" also demonstrated the typical dishonesty, the clear willingness to con and deceive with a view to profit, claiming he had qualifications to be a Head Teacher which of course he did not. But these people always need to be in control and have a job where they arenot subject to being supervised, that would never do.

viv said...

Hiya Di

It always seemed to be that the McCanns were claiming they needed to get some hurdle out of the way, then they could get on with the serious business of finding their daughter.

First off they had to clear their names, the Portuguese Police had to release their "arguido" status.

Why would it make any difference to ordinary parents with over a million pounds off the public, why would they need to wait until they were no longer arguidos. The Portuguese Police have never done anything to stop them looking for Madeleine.

Then of course each anniversary we were told the money was running out and they needed some new venture to replenish it, well with crooks like Halligen being handed half a million pounds with absolutely no questions asked it is hardly surprising they kept on running out of cash. They always had sufficient cash to instruct the best investigators in the world as opposed to sleazy characters like Metodo 3 (maybe Gerry wanted to learn more about fraud) and Halligen.

In fact I do think Gerry takes learning his homework very seriously, not just by getting close to those who know a lot about fraud, but by reading exactly how CEOP operate etc. This is what a typically clever person would do. I need to get one over on the police and always be one step ahead, so I need to study and know exactly how they operate. I believe that is what Gerry has always been about, hence his furious application to Mrs Justice Hogg, Leicester Police are ignoring the Order we obtained from you (at great expense to my Find Maddie Fiddle) and are not telling me what evidence they have uncovered.

And yet still we have people pretending they are anti McCann and telling us how bent Leicester Police supposedly are.

I always thought it was a smart move to have that link on their webpage, I am no computer wizkid but am sure they could track the hits!

viv said...

Hiya again Di

I do think Kate's book is about her need to put her own side of the story as her mother said, in short, part of her defence. But even so, it is much smarter to keep quiet, she is helping the police and giving them more to analyse. More for psychologists to see what is really worrying her etc and advise the police accordingly.

Kate's spontaneous tears in the Irish interview the moment the twins got mentioned, Gerry's obvious rage outside court when he was trying to shut Goncalo up but even worse came out. They have got the twitches alright. I do not think Goncalo's hypothesis as detailed in his book is correct at all, and he most certainly knows that now, but I do not think that was his real purpose in writing it.

In fairness to him, he may have felt at that time that British Police were listening to Kate and Gerry far too much, that is because they want to know where they put Madeleine, not because they are on their side. I think British Police generally have a very different approach to him.

viv said...

I also think that Rebelo had the specific qualities the senior officer in the case in Portugal needed, detailed knowledge of sex offenders.

viv said...

Oh Di, to save the trouble I am merging the last two threads, hope that makes it easier, they are similar.

viv said...


viv said...
Erm what's up Psychopops, cat got your tongue?

Tuesday, 7 June 2011 01:14:00 GMT+01:00

viv said...
"The Home Secretary Alan Johnson is expected to announce that the new probe will NOT be carried out by Leicestershire police, the McCanns' local force. The review has highlighted failures within their handling of the case and ruled them out of the review."

Aside from the fact there are no quotes from any official source at all in this article, the above one is very telling, the McCanns do not like Leicester Police.

They knew, even when Alan Johnson was still in power there would be a cold case review carried out by British cops. That is always conducted by an independent force.

I wonder why Rosiepops is not still around bragging about London Met, ahem, erm, NOT investigating the McCanns, lol!

I still believe this obnoxious character who was always one step ahead with its dreams and visions could well be Gerry McCann, it is evil enough. The hatred of me, I take as a compliment, so thanks. I kind of suspect Goncalo Amaral does too.

You may have shut up Psycho, but I will keep on rattling your cage and wishing the London Met and all the other child protection agencies in UK that are involved, God Speed in locking the lot of you up.

Let us see how much spinning you can do from ~Wormwood Scrubs or some equally salubrious estlablishment. But hey, no £2k per month mortage to worry about, it is all at the taxpayer's expense. I do not mind it though to protect innocent little children from further harm and abuse by the likes of scum like "Team McScam".

Tuesday, 7 June 2011 01:23:00 GMT+01:00

viv said...

viv said...
How extraordinary, you now have to pay to read the tripe the News of the World serve up.

I guess it is Murdoch's slush fund to pay all of the litigants against him who want compensation and their legal costs because his dirty little team were listening into their private phone calls and reading their private messages. Just the sort of paper Gezzy McScam would love, including of course its sister rag The Super Sun that serialised Kate's filthy book with lurid detail about what she imagines may be happening to Maddie. I hope they made a loss on that!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011 18:00:00 GMT+01:00

Di said...
Hi Viv

I have posted on the previous thread in response to Wizard.

Yes Rosie has apparently been missing for some time now, it is interesting that you think it could be Gerry, I always swayed towards Jon Corner or Philo.

I have just been reading on Sky about Paul Wilson the nursery worker. When he was grooming girls online he always used a female name, he is one sick individual and hopefully will be locked away for many years. So yes Viv you could be right Rosie could very well have been Gerry, although I have never liked or trusted Jon.

I am glad LP will not be involved in any review of Madeleine's disappearance, I think "call me Stu" has much to answer for, and many of the interviews were shambolic.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011 18:42:00 GMT+01:00

viv said...

viv said...
Hiya Di

Appreciate threads have been a bit muddled and not sure where we are of late so will go and have a look at that one too in a minute.

John McCann or Jon Corner are good candidates for the title Rosiepops. I did feel at one point in time it may be Philo, but it seemed to me when reading those vitriolic threads about Goncalo that new instalments were being posted as further information came in from Portugal about him. So that suggested to me it was someone on the board of directors who are instructing the detectives and getting their feedback.

I do not think it was an error at all that Rosiepops stated he was a man on the Daily Express. This is clearly a technological whizz kid and so would not make such an obvious mistake. Jon Corner is clearly a very odd character, particularly given that video he produced with all the highly suggestive images of Madeleine.

I recall Rosiepops said many times on the Daily Express it knew how far it was from PDL to Huelva because it had travelled that road many times - when suggesting how quickly Maddie could have been over the border and on a ferry to Morocco. There was some talk of Jon Corner having a home in Huelva but I do not know if that is true. Lots of British paedophiles gravitate towards Southern Portugal and Spain.

Rosie did display an extremely poor grasp of geography! Rosie also used some particular crude and masculine type phrases that I had never even heard of before, "squirrels fart" springs to mind. This person is domineering, repetitive, vindictive and highly aggressive. It clearly believed brainwashing was the key and so does Gerry IMO. If he rants on at the Home Secretaries and the police enough times, "well look at all this other evidence from our own private detectives that proves Maddie was abducted by a stranger", they will actually believe him.

But of course narcissists only see their own perverse brand of reality. That is why eventually, they get caught.

I think Stu Prior was trying to develop some rapport with the rest of the group to persuade them to go to PDL for a reconstruction given the PJ could not force them to. But clearly their legal advisers warned them just how dangerous that would be. They were looking for any excuse not to go, I think Stu would have equally been criticized if he had been rude and domineering with them which does not usually work!

Things will be very different now, they simply cannot refuse to fully co-operate with British Police and I hope they are terrified.

Has Rosie shut up since John McCann resigned? "We are having to spend all our time negating rumours".

Rosie's blog seemed to be starting an makeover, with lots of pages "under construction" but it has languished in that state for several months. Things are not good in Team McCann, I knew we would win in the end!


viv said...

Wednesday, 8 June 2011 18:47:00 GMT+01:00

viv said...
Phone-hacking scandal: Jonathan Rees obtained information using dark arts
Freemason set up network of corrupt police, customs officials, taxmen and bank staff to gain valuable information

From today's Guardian which also advises Tony Blair and Kate Middleton were also victims of the Murky Murdoch empire.

Given Gerry is so utterly devoted to The Sun and the News of the World, Clarence Mitchell, whose boss was Andy Coulson former Editor News of the World, I would not be surprised to hear if this scandal and massive investigation now being (I hope) properly undertaken by London Met has something to do with Gerry McCann.

If Mr Cameron is the new broom that wants to sweep clean, it is clear there is a lot of Murdoch Murk to sweep and Murdoch is typically, a friend of the tories. Takes some figuring out but it all seems to be coming out in the wash - a team of 45 at the Met now investigating Murdoch's empire of burglars and crooks and a team of 30 homicide detectives investigating Gerry McScam and Co. I hope they cross reference their files, I am sure they will!

Thursday, 9 June 2011 02:26:00 GMT+01:00

viv said...
It is interesting that although Clarence Mitchell and Andy Coulson were both employed by David Cameron, they are now both ex employees.

David Cameron looks worn out with heavy bags under his eyes, makes you wonder what he got himself into and whether he is now trying to climb back out for the sake of his own political future which surely should not need the backing of bent Murdoch in an ideal world, should it!

I continue to hope he presides over one massive clean up at London Met, in every conceivable way.

Thursday, 9 June 2011 02:32:00 GMT+01:00

viv said...

Di said...
Hi Viv

The phone tapping scandal will not go away, many celebs are seeing to that. I don't think it can now be brushed under the carpet so to speak. People want answers and so they should.

Have I remembered correctly, did Clarence on the McCanns return to UK say their phones would be bugged so they needed to be careful, or was that a forum myth! I remember security was fitted in their home by LP, it would be interesting if this was to actually listen and learn. Mind you they do not need to enter a property anymore to do that.

So many excellent posters have disappeared from MM, I am not sure if it is because they are not interested anymore or whether they have all been banned.

I am not sure which thread I am meant to be posting on, but as this is the most recent thought it would be this one.

Thursday, 9 June 2011 18:49:00 GMT+01:00

viv said...

viv said...
Hiya Di

UK Politics has typically been associated with sleaze and the backing of certain perhaps even sleazier newspapers.

I think the process began under the old Labour government of starting to have a long hard look at all of this. It is probably true to say that London Met were often involved and protective of certain people. They have certainly been clearing out a huge number of those who thrive on backhanders, deal drugs that they have stolen from criminals etc.

I think Murdoch has got behind Kate and Gerry because he thinks they are a good earner and cares not what they did, maybe many of Murdoch's mates are of just the same ilk and creed. Cameron also has the liberals on board and I just hope there is a massive clean up taking place.

It is possible that if Clarence Mitchell really is on their side he would have warned them how British Police operate in relation to serious offenders, by bugging them. But I doubt the McCanns would have actually needed that spelling out to them. As you say the police do not need to enter someone's home to be intercepting all of their communications and generally listening in on them.

It seems to me it is not just the excellent posters that have disappeared on MM but also the excellent threads, what is left at the moment is well, boring and seems deliberately themed. I.e. attack Leicester Police or attack Kate McCann. Gerry, on the other hand, seems to get an easy ride, strange that...

Friday, 10 June 2011 21:33:00 GMT+01:00

viv said...

Hiya Di, still not the best at admin on blogger but hope that is better now those two threads are sort of merged, the comments do interlink and are best all in one thread.


Is Gerry on the sick again, lol!

He would have got about a week's compassionate leave and then unpaid leave, unless he got a sick note, then he would have been entitled to up to 6 months pay. Somehow I do not think he did that, he would not want any further evidence on any files about him than he can help.

At least Kate does clarify she was just a locum so not entitled to anything.

The pink trainers and the dog bite (perhaps to explain blood). Maybe she is getting as good as Gerry at planting red herrings and giving the bloggers something to blog about. I can imagine them both sitting reading it and having a good laugh. People get a bit too carried away, I think! Maybe they should ask themselves, hang on a minute, am I being McScammed??

viv said...

I think this is a brilliant comment on Jo Morais blog, not heard of this poster before ( and no it is not ME pretending to be someone else before anyone suggests such a thing). I suppose I just like it because this poster thinks the way I do and has read the book (unlike me, I will not line their coffers even if it sells for £1)

11/05/2011 14:55
Miss Independent said... 86
I'm becoming obsessed with this case, which is worrying. However, I bought this book to see what Kate had to say. I read it with an open mind over a few days. What I believe about it is that Kates feelings are real. She has lost a daughter no matter what the circumstances may be, but what are those circumstances? Every decent blog (such as this one) has all the theories we already know. But I am searching for something else. I searching for some theories that perhaps Madeleines disappearance was somehow threatened, or expected or something like that. Did something happen in the UK that made Gerry persuade Kate to go away on holiday. Perhaps this is something that they can't disclose to anyone for fear for the twins or for Madeleines life is she is still alive. Is there more to the Madeleine fund then meets the eye? Lots of wild goose chases by expensive detective agencies...why? I think there is more to it than concealing a body.....In conclusion, I enjoyed reading the book but was sorely disappointed by the end when they came up with those terrible photofits. I know someone identical to the ugly man but I know it wasn't him. This whole story is a smoke screen for something a lot bigger. I wish I could get my head around what it could be.

10/06/2011 01:54

viv said...

I am always taken back to that witness who thinks she was listening to Gerry on his mobile, please do not hurt her...

I think people who come up with ridiculous conspiracy theories against UK agencies need their heads looking at.

How about the conspiracy that Gerry planted the cadaver odour, or here is another one. Grime wanted to retire with his lucrative dogs and knew that saying he had worked on the famous Maddie case would be a great selling point....

IMO, people who keep on attacking the police are either pro McCanns pretending to be antis (let's face it Kate and Gerry do not like the police) or they are just barmy non law abiding people who like to attack the police.

If there is any hope of justice for Maddie only the police can bring it, I have said that many times before but it is still true and there is no evidence of what they did with her. But lots of evidence UK not only believe they were involved, but are looking for little Maddie.

How anyone could live with themselves if she has, all this time, been used by paedophiles but they have been chanting she has been dead for the last four years, I do not know.

There is no need to be right or pretend you are clever, in actual fact clever people learn to question things and learn to keep an open mind. Kind people think about a missing little girl and what she may still be suffering rather than hero worshipping someone who claims to know it all against the background of this case remaining a complete mystery.

IMO, the only thing that is not a mystery is the involvement of Madeleine's own father in her disappearance. No one actually knows what Kate may be going through or what he may have threatened her with. But we can look at the statistics of women who get covered in bruises and just try and hazard a guess. That does not mean that Kate is wholly innocent, at the very least she is an intelligent woman and it was her duty to protect Madeleine, in that she obviously failed. At the very worst she is wholly complicit in what happened to Madeleine, why do people try to say they know, when they do not even have the information on British files, that is quite absurd!

viv said...

It is interesting how quite often Rupert Murdoch's Sky News is quite anti McCann, most notably in producing all those transcripts of Amaral v McCann when he originally sought to appeal the making of the temporary injunction against him. I suppose it could be argued Sky did not realise it would be that bad, but that would be a rather naive view. I am sure the press know far more about the antics of the McScams than they dare to mention.

Is it to do with the management below Murdoch of various news titles? Were Kate and Gerry somehow promised pretty good press from The Sun and the News of the World? Even that has not always been positive for them. AT the end of the day, Murdoch needs to keep the story salacious and interesting, otherwise it does not sell.

The piece in my next post demonstrates there is indeed a sea change at London Met, nasty coppers etc who formerly and routinely got away with beating people to death are now being prosecuted. New evidence is said to be coming to light on this case and many others, notably the Stephen Lawrence. Of course this originally got precisely nowhere due to racist coppers.

Women at the helm in very senior positions in the Met, the glass ceiling has been raised and discrimination and corruption driven out with it. I am beginning to seriously believe this is what Cameron actually stands for. His attitudes may well have been shaped by having a severely disabled little boy who sadly died. But bless him anyway.

London Met and the Crown Prosecution Service are now getting stuck in and doing what the public wants them to do, locking up bullying coppers who kill people, racist thugs who kill young black people and locking up I believe a couple of doctors who are not worthy of that illustrious title.

viv said...

Thank you Mr Martin Brunt, IMO, always on the side of Justice for Maddie. As he quips, the CPS are now quoting things from ongoing investigations that he would get into trouble for mentioning. So just keep your powder dry on the McCann case, Martin, we understand.

Police Charge Over G20 Protest Death

Comments (83)

Martin Brunt
May 24, 2011 1:48 PM
Recommend post (46)

The decision to charge the G20 cop with the alleged manslaughter of non-protester Ian Tomlinson must have been a tough one.
I'm judging it by the hordes of Crown Prosecution Service staff who poured out of their spanking new HQ shortly afterwards gasping for a fag.
They quite cluttered up the pavement.
And not all of them using the lovely potted box hedgerows I assume have been provided as ashtrays.
In announcing the manslaughter charge the Director of Public Prosecutions talked about "new medical evidence", just as the Lord Chief Justice spoke last week of "new forensic evidence" in announcing murder charges against two Stephen Lawrence suspects.
Normally, we reporters get into trouble for revealing such stuff before a trial.

viv said...

These comments from Martin are really quite tongue in cheek, what he means is someone very important has said to them, the public are sick of corruption, get your finger out and start charging guilty people please.

I think those very important people are Theresa May and David Cameron.

Watch out Gerry McScam! You were foolish to even attack them.