2 May 2011


McCanns mark Madeleine anniversary

02 May 2011
Kate and Gerry McCann are to mark the fourth anniversary of their daughter Madeleine's disappearance
Kate and Gerry McCann are to mark the fourth anniversary of their daughter Madeleine's disappearance
Kate and Gerry McCann are to mark the fourth anniversary of their daughter Madeleine's disappearance
 privately with family and friends.
The couple are keeping a low profile as Mrs McCann, 43, prepares to publish her account of how the little girl vanished on a family holiday to Portugal in 2007.
Proceeds from the book - which is simply entitled Madeleine and goes on sale on May 12 - will boost their dwindling fund to search for their daughter.
They also hope that the publication of the work will prompt people holding vital information about what happened to the child to come forward at last.
The McCanns, from Rothley, Leicestershire, are not giving any interviews to mark the anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance this year, although they will do some to promote their book.
Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "It will be a private day marked with family and friends. The anniversary is normally a very low-key occasion at home for them."
He added that there were no plans for them to return to Portugal for the sad four-year landmark.
The 384-page book, which Mrs McCann has written herself without the aid of a ghost writer, has a recommended retail price of £20 and is expected to become a best-seller.
It was originally due to be published last week but publishers Transworld postponed the release date by a fortnight to avoid clashing with the royal wedding.
Extracts from the book will be serialised by newspapers from this weekend before the book is published on Madeleine's eighth birthday.

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Where was Gerry during the hour after Madelaine was

supposed to have disappeared? Tracker dogs went to

the supermarket car-park, this was dismissed as

following Madelaines 'live' scent but the dogs passed

directly by the supermarket entrance doors, completely

ignoring the doors, and went to the car-park. The Irish

tourist Martin Smith stated he saw Gerry carrying a 'sleeping'

child. Next day in a statement given to the Portugeses

police in the presence of Gerry McCann, Jane Tanner

said she had seen a man carrying a child. Jane Tanner

should be re-interviewed, only this time NOT in the

presence of Gerry McCann. Why did Gerry and Kate

make no attempt to search for Madelaine? Why do they continually refuse to answer questions? Why did they lie about the apartment being broken into saying the shutters had been forced when they hadn't? Why did Kate selectively delete records of phonecalls from her mobile? A lot more questions than answers, and I hope Gerry and Kate will one day provide the answers.

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It is understandable that they should continue searching for their daughter, however, it is unlikely that she will remember her parents. Therefore, I hope she is happy with her new parents who should be suffering with a very guilty conscious.

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At least now Bin Laden's dead she can officially claim the world Hide & Seek record!

Sick? Yes, I'm sick of seeing these two continue with their money making scam (sham) when it's clear to me they know exactly what happened to this girl.

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I see she has never practiced as a Doctor since this happened even though she said her training was in the field of child care. If that was so she should have been fully aware of the dangers of leaving children alone. it was not the same as being downstairs in your own home, they were some distance away and could not possibly have heard the children if they were distressed in any way.

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anyone else would have locked up for what they done

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what would have happened if joe blogs had left there 3 children to go out boozing?you see so many parents in the uk being named in papers for neglect leaving kids while they go out drinking,then they get prosicuted,but not the mcannes,its all about who you know and how much money you have,in this country lots of children go missing,alot of the parents donot recieve publicity like the mcanns have had and dont recieve the help. i feel its one rule for one and the normal joe bloggs.sorry for ranting

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You would think these people would let go . A very strange couple ... they as doctors did use sedatives on their children when they went out ... how many normal parents would do that . Also they were guilty of leaving such a young child at night and were some way away from the apartment ( not overlooking it ) . A very , very strange case this one .

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1 reply to hawksmoorlondon's comment


They never used sedatives on their children. That's simply a lie. It beats me why you folks do it. But hey, it's the internet, pepple say and do all sorts of awful things. Reading some of the comments here make me feel physically ill.

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I often wonder, reports said Maddie was a handful,(as a lot of 3yr olds can be) and that having twins unbalanced the number of children in their family, maybe one less balanced it out!! Just a theory.

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Someone help me understand why,Maddie has an unmistakeable marking in her eye.She will be 8 years old this year if, God willing she is still alive.SO , why isnt this being banged out again by the media, unless she is not alive or the people holding her have her hidden away, how come no-one has noticed this. There cannot be many would-be 8 year olds with that kind of mark. Just a thought folks.

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Someone out there knows what happened why not come forward and tell the truth and put an end to all the speculations Please please do the right thing

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viv said...

Just over a year ago now, so brash and so bold as they jetted into Portugal to trash Goncalo Amaral and relieve him of all his cash.

Four years ago, Kate, so pretty and alive, smiling and posing in her pretty tied up hair, suntan, freshly tinted hair and cute jewellery.

Now Clarence tells:

The anniversary is normally a very low-key occasion at home for them

I have to say that caused me a sharp intake of breath!

Could it be that neither British or Portuguese TV want them and with comments like the above being typical of what they can read on the net, the penny has finally dropped, getting rid of Maddie was a vile thing to do that the public are just never going to forgive them for. Strange they needed to be told that really, or have to so painfully learn it is not going to make them mega rich celebrities, just very pre aged nasties.

viv said...

I was interested to note that "extracts" of the book will be published this weekend in newspapers.

Presumably a marketing ploy by Team McCann to whet the public's appetite and cause them to go buy the whole thing.

Unless you want to pay them for getting rid of Maddie, please do not do that!

viv said...

Got the McCanns taped...self interest, self preservation, media manipulation all being concerns innocent parents do not have, just the need to search and assist the police in that process, not manipulate that also with their own bent "detectives" paid for with money they scammed.

Anonymous said... 154
The following passages are snipped from ‘Statement Analysis’:

What do investigators look at first when a child is reported missing?

The single most important element of a missing child's family is truth.

When a child goes missing, an innocent family will do anything to help find the child. (these principles apply to missing persons cases in general, not just children). Embarrassing facts about affairs, drug use, stolen money, etc, all come to light, quickly, as every possible lead is followed up, and the family, desperate to find the missing child, are often fractured by the disclosures. Sometimes, for example, an affair comes to light, and police must investigate the love interest in spite of embarrassment. Innocent families always tell the truth, regardless of social embarrassment or consequence.
Any lie is a powerful indicator that someone has the ability to place their own needs above locating the child and brings immediate suspicion upon the family member. Even a single lie will indicate guilt, as the need to lie highlights greater issues in the home.

4. Post Missing Behavior

Innocent parents or family members have a drive and intensity to find their child and nothing will hinder them. In the first 24 hours, they will search until exhaustion and those around them often must force them to get some rest, in the least. The drive, or intensity is so acute that no embarrassing disclosure to media will hinder them and the innocent family will pester the police to no end, often 'camping out' outside the police station. The lack of intensity is noted by the guilty. They seek to manipulate the press, and often speak of the impact to themselves, not the missing loved one. (see Scott Peterson) The guilty are concerned about how they are portrayed in media while the innocent care nothing for it; they only want their loved one returned.

Police or investigators know that if a parent/loved one has caused the child's disappearance, there will be signals that will reveal a trait within the guilty: an ability to put their own needs/concerns above the missing child's.

Interviews will often find the guilty party talking about himself or herself, rather than the child. (this is another reason why defense attorneys don't allow the client to speak). The guilty will often focus on how this has impacted them, their bills, their health, etc, But when the family member begins to berate media for how they are portraying them, the red flag turns red hot: Innocent family members don't give a damn what anyone thinks of them: they just want their child found.

The "me" factor, when present, is a red flag for guilt. When it is coupled with other red flags, police will not seek the "stranger" suspect as they know who is responsible for the child's demise.

viv said...

They seek to manipulate the press, and often speak of the impact to themselves,

"As Gerry said for the first 48 hours we were almost non functioning"

Kate McCann, May 2007

No turning the clock back lady!

Di said...

Hi Viv

Some interesting posts on the article above.

I agree since when has the disappearance of Madeleine's anniversary ever been low-key? In fact when has anything the McCann's have ever done been low-key.

I certainly won't be buying the book, but if it is posted on the internet I am sure I will have a look to see the repeated untruths and confusion.

I wonder if it is true, that certain supporters are getting the book on the 7th, so they can read and digest the book then be ready to attack any negative comments on blogs. It would not surprise me in the least.

Your previous comments are interesting about certain posters on Amazon, it would not surprise me at all. I really do wonder if this book is a huge mistake and could be their final downfall.

viv said...

Hiya Di

It would be nice to see Clarence's nose just come streaking out when he makes such fantastic and contradictory statements.

I think that things started to go seriously wrong for the McCanns in the war they are waging for public opinion and hence cash, when they triumphantly announced their intention to sue Goncalo Amaral for defamation.

As they desperately grasp like blind men in the dark for another fantastic money earner the strain continues to etch itself on their faces. Oh woe is me says Kate, we really should not have done this. And I think you are right Di, she really should not have written that book.

Take the Paynes, now both consultants and with an approximate annual gross income of £200,000 a year. I think Kate and Gerry wanted that income and that lifestyle or better, but realised Kate was not going to cope as a doctor to earn it. With just half of that consultant income they always need to try and find something else, but Kate? A successful career as a writer on the disappearance of her daughter that almost everyone thinks she had a hand in, that exemplifies her mental health position.

Prior to that we were told she wanted to be some Mother Therese or Princess Di type advocate for children. This couple actually have the emotional intelligence of a fish. She lets her aspirations be known at the same time as her anniversary do where she goes on TV to explain how she just ignored Maddie crying and alone and went and left her again. To say she is completely mad would be something of an understatement if she just cannot understand how the average member of the public, the average mum may feel about her.

Like you Di, I will wait until her book or at least extracts are freely available and not lining her pockets and then heaven help them!

viv said...

Why does Kate HAVE to tell HER story? Why is it that throughout this comment Kate's mum does not mention Gerry once? How is the book going to FORCE someone to come forward?

To me this could almost imply that Susan Healy knows Kate is in big trouble and knows the police may be in the process of locating little Maddie or her body. It could also imply that she knows that Gerry is the one who actually got rid of Madeleine but Kate is going to need all the help and protection she can get. After all, it is a mother's duty which most take to quite naturally without the law needing to be brought to bear, to love, honour and cherish their child, protecting them from harm.

Liverpool-born Kate's mother Susan Healy said of the book: "Kate has to tell her story, even though it's been the most terribly painful process over the last nine months.

"We just hope that something will come from the book. It's something that may just force someone to come forward. It's also an account for Madeleine and for the twins [six-year-old Sean and Amelie]."

viv said...

and to have subjected your child to such terrible harm that they actually go missing without trace for over half of their life and then repeatedly claim there is no evidence she has come to any harm really does take some explaining.

How do Kate and her mum define "harm"?

Why did Kate tell Yvonne Warren Martin, the social worker who tried to help the following morning, " I dont know why a couple have taken Madeleine"?

As we know, David Payne then removed the very tearful Kate from Yvonne Martin and told Yvonne to clear off. Why did he do that? Was he afraid of what Kate may blurt out in her obviously distressed state?

Why did Leicester Police get further statements/a questionnaire from David Payne? Of course, we are not allowed to see this, this was Leicester Police conducting their own inquiries into the disappearance of Madeleine.

But it is interesting that the statements of the GASPARS did get disclosed along with the Portuguese Police file. Even though it was Liecester Police who obtained these statements, they were then forwarded to Portugal (Officer Ricardo Paiva who Gerry clearly hates). In those statements Dr Gaspar relates a conversation taking place between Gerry and Payne depicting typical paedophilic fantasies of sexual abuse of Maddie, then aged 2.

Just how horrified must Kate's mum be? She seems a level headed and sensible woman, a pity Kate did not confide in her about the predilections of her husband and his friends.

viv said...

I was watching a crime channel and to my amazement there was a lurid advert by the Sun plugging their serialisation of Kate's book, even featuring a video of Kate carrying Maddie around as a baby.

There is something utterly repugnant about Rupert Murdoch, it is purely what sells that matters, not human taste or decency.

I can remember Gerry lecturing a bunch of lawyers and becoming almost evangelical when singing the praises of The Sun as he went through a kindly article they had penned. That is because he shares their common goal, it is what sells that matters, plainly little Maddie has never mattered to this man and his long term and carefully planned aims to be rich and famous.

Sometimes words really do fail. But you need a mind like Gerry McCann has to behave as he does.

viv said...

Will Kate go into detail in her book or media interviews and explain exactly what it is the police must review? Could it be their general view of the evidence, that the McCanns themselves were responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine and that they have told many inconsistent lies to try and cover that up?

Will Kate explain to us why she is now escalating the search for Maddie, FOUR YEARS ON AND NEVER BOTHERED TO SEARCH FOR HER THAT NIGHT OR IN THE DAYS THEREAFTER?

Somehow I doubt it, the sooner this couple realise how sick, guilty and desperate they look the sooner they will shut up, perhaps! But their bizarre behaviour is driven by their goals, to make money, to be seen as innocent. They need to get back into the real world and understand one thing, narcissists do not actually dictate to the police or anyone else how it is going to be, but they sure do try!

viv said...


Kate McCann said the family’s efforts to find Madeleine McCann were increasing

Wednesday May 4,2011
By Daily Express Reporter
THE mother of Madeleine McCann yesterday said the family’s efforts to find her were increasing.
On the fourth anniversary of her disappearance, Kate McCann said she and husband Gerry would not give up on finding their daughter. She again called for a review into the case.
The couple spent the anniversary with family and friends.
Madeleine was nearly four when she disappeared from the family’s holiday flat in Portugal in 2007. Mrs McCann, 43, from Rothley, Leics, has written a book about the case, which will be published on Madeleine’s eighth birthday, May 12.
In an update on the Find Madeleine website, Mrs McCann said: “Our efforts to find her are not diminishing. If anything, they are escalating.
“The need for a review of Madeleine’s case remains and our desire to achieve this unwavering.”

Read more: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/244596/McCanns-four-years-of-agonyMcCanns-four-years-of-agony#ixzz1LbgmLRAA