29 May 2011


I would say you are faking it Kate...
I grew more curious as I read this from the webpage of Hideho.  

Kate offers her own "diarised timeline".  She says that Gerry 
was talking to Steve at 9 pm and at 9.30 Matt did a check.  
She also says Russell was missing for a long time and on each
night makes a note of who was present at the restaurant, from
what I can gather the only time everyone was present, according 
to Kate was Monday night.  

Everything we have ever been told about this case features Tanner
going back to do a check immediately following Gerry and at around
9.20 supposedly seeing Madeleine's abductor.  But Kate tells us 
something very different here.  What is more she seems to want 
to draw the reader's attention to who was missing from the restaurant 
each night.  I cannot help but wonder though if her first observation of
Matt not being there on there on the Sunday night had some special
significance to Kate.  

Is she deftly trying to suggest that some of these men may have
been responsible?  Strange she does not mention David Payne then,
if anything she seems to be more pointing the finger at Russell.  

I do not think there is any love lost at all between the McCanns and 
Russell/Jane.  It surely will not be that difficult for detectives who are
so experienced in the Met they were approaching retirement to figure
this lot out and what is undoubtedly a set of varying accounts from 
them as they each try to shield whatever it was happened to little 

Russell was very angry in his rog, almost in an obsessive rage when
he was asked about returning to PDL for a reconstruction subjecting the
police officer to a very lengthy tirade.  And did he
stand on the steps of the HIgh Court with the rest of them, well no.
Whether that is because he actually is involved in the disappearance
of Madeleine or whether certain people are intent on trying to suggest
he may be is another matter.  If that is the case, one can understand 
him being upset! 

Another interesting thing, Kate says E "felt" sick, she does not say
that she actually was..as we are led to believe.  When all of this group
are telling inconsistent lies and then refuse to re-attend for a 
reconstruction it is hardly surprising the Pt said to UK, over to you! Both 
the UK and Portuguese Police would have obviously desperately wanted
them to do it, it would have been fun to see whether Jane was coming 
or going or never there at all.    Why would Jane go on Panorama and
tell a lie, at least according to Kate?  Surely there could only be one 
reason for that, fear of Gerry or covering for her partner. Probably both! 

Twice Kate tells about washing her hair, it almost seems like she is more
concerned about cleanliness than normal maternal feelings for her daughter 
which should have been along the lines of, "I need to be caring for her oh
how I long to be able to do that so I can make sure she is not suffering" 
I do not think that came very naturally to Kate, as with her husband, her
natural concern and hence the label narcissist is for herself. WE are not
impressed with your wrist bands Kate or you sniffing a cuddlecat that
you mercilessly threw in the washing machine, supposedly with the 
touch, smell and feel of Madeleine on it, something you should have
cherished rather than use as a press prop to say you are "normal".
The need for press props demonstrates the complete antithesis..  


Three years later its worth revisiting the diary to see what she WANTED 
us to believe....

Does anyone know the approximate date that Kate 'created' this curiosity?

Thanks to...... 

The Diary
Duarte Levy Wordpress (Portuguese)

By Duarte Levy
04 May 2009
Translated by Nigel Moore, with thanks to Astro

Kate's "Diary" is one of the most curious pieces of a puzzle that the men 

of the Policia Judiciária tried to reconstruct in order to establish the facts 
surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine. The report of the first days 
spent in Praia da Luz was written after the event and reports a kind of 
"agenda" detailing what the McCanns and their friends allegedly did.

Two years later, day by day, it is interesting to compare Kate's 

report with what is known in the process. An exercise that reveals 
contradictions and surprises in its content.

Sat. 28.04.2007
Arrival O.C. 15:00
Apartment 5A
Swim with M
Meeting with M.W. officials and have a drink
Rest. Millennium with kids (only night) (Note: 'Rest.' = Restaurant)
Return walk - difficult for kids
Bed Bath →
Bed early

Sun 29.04.2007
Breakfast Millennium Restaurant
? pruning of hedge
Morning Kids Club
10:00 morning talking over coffee, I went along to tennis
Lunch sandwiches →
→ F balcony and Dave
Kids Club afternoon
Seated in deck-chairs F A A
K and G run - Beach 16:00
High tea
Recreational area
Rest.: No Matt

Monday 30.04.2007
Breakfast apartment? apartment cleaning
Kids clubs:
Tennis 09.15-10.15 K
G 10.15-11.15
*? washing machine / blinds
Lunch - our apartment then → balcony F and Dave
Kids club?? beach
+ / - 16.00 K run 25 min.
16:30 Tennis lessons
High tea
18:30? tennis night for women
Recreational area
Afternoon: K and J Supermarket
Rest. - everyone

Tuesday 01.05.2007 (holiday)
Breakfast apartment
Kids club - mini-tennis ↓
09.15-10.15 K ↓
G 10.15-11.15 ↓
Madeleine and Ella
* Get camera
Lunch → apartment
Kids club beach, sunglasses
Ice cream
13:30 → 15:00 ish
Kids club? 15.15
? time not so good
? G tennis lessons - ok
High tea 16:30
? recreational area
Restaurant? object tennis
No Russell, Evie felt ill
(5D) Russ remained in apartment
Food was brought up

Wednesday - 02.05.2007
Breakfast apartment? apartment cleaning
Kids club
Tennis → postponed wet courts
→ Millennium K and G - meet F, D and D
+ / - 11.30 Kate run with Matt
+ / - 40 min.
Get kids
Lunch - apartment, recreational area
Kids club
G Tennis 14.30-15.30
K 15.30-16.30 tennis? tennis lesson
? G Tennis lessons 16:30
Launching speed
? object tennis

High tea → recreational area

Rest. - No Rachael (5B)
Apartment next door
- Slightly later bedtime? 24.00
→ to bar after dinner

Thursday 03.05.2007 - The day of the disappearance
Breakfast - Apartment
Comment Madeleine "Where were you (was I) when me and S cried?"
Kids club, time - check registration
09.00-09.30 → 12:30
Sailing (beach)
Wash M top of pyjamas - big stain
Lunch? apartment? tea
Tennis lesson 09.15-10.15
conversation on the grass w / Russell and Nigel (the video camera)
[?] Minutes of tennis
? get Madeleine
J and Fiona (Scarlett)
Then pick up S and A
(? Meeting there with G)
Breakfast - apartment -? balcony
? recreational area - ok
Afternoon / Kids club - a bit later
K Ella already there
Swimming - indoors pool
K and G - practice tennis then lesson and coach Dan
15.30 - 16.30
Julian appeared - continued to play with Gerry
I went to run → beach
(rest of the group on the beach)
Gerry went to meet the kids for high tea at Tapas. I joined them after running.
+ / - 17.20-17.30
[Strikethrough text illegible]
M very tired and quiet
Since Ella was taken from the KC → beach. I was a little worried that she 

was sad to have been alone. (Not realised that the group had gone to the 
She said she was fine.
She asked me to pick her up and said she was tired.
I picked her up and carried her to the apartment with G and S and A
Prepared bath as kids tired and men's tennis night at 18.00.
I considered returning to the recreation area with the kids but decided to 

stay in the apartment after bath and hair wash.

G men's tennis night
B pyjamas
Biscuits and milk for the kids - left them with this and books and games 

and went to take a quick bath / wash my hair.
I got out of the bath and David was knocking on the patio doors.
I wrapped myself in a towel and went into the living room.
He asked if we wanted to go to the recreational area, since he could help 

me take the kids.
Refused - since kids ready for bed.
I dressed myself.
Ate some snacks with the kids
M tired - sitting on my lap - read story of MOG
Brush teeth
To bedroom with kids
G there too - I think.
[Children's music] - M telling story
M removes and lowers head on pillow

S + A good-night kisses for M
From S and A → cots x2
K gave a good-night kiss to M
Leaned the door as much as possible without closing it.
? dry hair
Glass of wine
20:35 → rest. First to arrive
21:00 → G, Conversation with Steve
21:30 → Matt, Carolyn (Note: Carolyn is a witness who says she heard 

someone calling Madeleine's name, around 21:30, as she walked back to 
her apartment)
22:00 → Myself, 20:40 Jane next
20:45 Matt and Rachael
Evie feeling sick
R went for a long time
Jane replaced him

[Three pages with drawings]

Undated, at the Hilton in Berlin

Scared wants to return
Fears for her fear
Reality suddenly binds
Never loved anyone this much (Note: this is written in the third person, 

as in 'he/she never loved anyone this much')
Never again able to be completely happy / enjoy something. I'm sorry to 

be asking some of these questions, but I am sure you will understand that 
our despair, particularly given the lack of information and resulting 
helplessness, may be somewhat mitigated if it gains some trust.

1. The following people were heard?

(I) teachers and all other officers of the school across the street from our 

(II) all staff working in the Ocean Club Tapas bar / restaurant;
(III) [text cut]


the "reward"? (That was offered without our knowledge!)

5. How is the information from countries other than Portugal and the 

United Kingdom being processed? Is it being handled by local police 
forces in their countries of origin and then passed on to you? Is there 
a "route" for this information?
6. Was significant data collected by experts in mobile phone communications?


1. Inquiries
- School - ok
- Tapas restaurant - ok
- Child maintenance - ok
- Yvonne Warren - not that I know of

2. Rbt Murat? evidence? forensic results
why still under strong suspicion if forensic results were negative

3. Info relative to Madeleine? no

4. Reward - OK

5. Route for information from other countries?

(Translation [from English original to Portuguese] the responsibility of the 

'Area of Documentation and Translation' of the Policia Judiciária)

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Kate's Diary TV Mais (no online link, appears in magazine edition only)
Under the magnifying glass
(Note: 'TV Mais' is a Portuguese television magazine, similar to 'TV Times' 
in the UK. This article appears in this weeks issue and is an analysis of "Kate's 
Diary" by a Portuguese psychologist.)
Thursday August 14 2008
Thanks to 'lisbonirish' for translation
Narcissistic, immature and predictable. As if she were
writing to lead the reader on. This is the conclusion
of an analysis of the writings know as "Kate's Diary" 
by psychologist Quintino Aires.

"I need you to come back." That is one of the sentences 

repeated most by Kate McCann in the journal she wrote 
that is commonly referred to in the media as "Kate's 
Diary". We showed the writings to Quintino Aires, chair 
professor of psychology. "She seems to be more 
concerned about herself than about poor Maddie", he finds.
TV Mais has established that Kate only began writing the 
journal almost two weeks after Madeleine McCann 
disappeared. But the "diary" looks as if it was begun 
before 3rd May 2007. One only has to look at the 
diverse appearance of the writings, with different 
colours of pen and writing styles, for example, to 
understand that it was written in different stages 
and in differing emotional states. Written and added 
to as she deemed convenient.
"It's the Kate McCann we already know", explains Quintino 
Aires. "The narcissistic personality of this woman, which 
has already been alluded to several times, comes out very 
clearly in these writings. Her complaints about the negative 
effect the physical exertion is having on her body, which 
"annoys" her; how she feels very tired at the vigil on the 
25 May, which she thinks is too long (contrary to what a 
mother suffering the loss of her daughter would feel, being 
buoyed up by the joint attention of others…); the 
enthusiastic way she refers to the photo session or even 
the conference in the British Consulate, which, she 
highlights, ended in applause from the media. Kate's 
venting about the difficulty she has in answering questions 
in moments that are less controlled and not predicted. In 
her writings one can very frequently identify traits of an 
immature and narcissistic personality", the psychologist 
explained to TV Mais. Instead of "I need you to come 
back", which Kate repeats so many times in her notes, 
Quintino Aires says that one would normally expect to 
find "how are you feeling?". In other words: Kate is more 
concerned with herself than with her daughter.

Relevant or not?
On 12 September 2007, "Público" reported on its website 

that "the PJ has seized a copy of Kate McCann's diary, a 
document that could contain relevant information that 
would help to clarify the case of the disappearance of her 
daughter Madeleine". The report turned out to be true. 
The seizure took place during a search of the house the 
McCanns had rented in Praia da Luz. Amongst other 
things, Maddie's mother complained that her children were 
hysterical and that her husband didn't help her as much as 
he should.
The PJ already considered Kate's notes to be important for 
the investigation in its interim report and Prosecutor's 
Office filed a request that the diary be added to the case 
evidence. But the criminal instruction judge presiding over 
the investigation in Portimão rejected the request, as did 
the Évora Court of Appeal.

Little emotion

The events following Maddie's disappearance, her mother's 

anguish and despair, the solidarity of her friends and the 
media impact of the case are other aspects referred to in 
the notes. Quintino Aires explains that writing things down 
helps us to organise our thoughts, especially when we are 
going through trying times.
"Many people use this as an instrument to deal with the 
anxiety. So it is nothing out of the ordinary that Kate has 
written the notes, regardless of whether she did so on her 
own initiative or at the suggestion of a friend or specialist. 
What is surprising is the structure and content of the 
document, given that it does not follow the normal format 
for texts of this kind.
"By this I mean, when we open a diary of a mother who is 
suffering the loss of her daughter (who is completely 
vulnerable, not least because of her very young age), we 
would expect to read about her feelings for her daughter, 
her fears about the suffering her daughter might be going 
through and that she (the mother) cannot prevent because she is not with her.

"But what can we read in Kate McCann's journal? Endless 

lists of the time she got up, what time she went jogging, 
what time she had lunch or dinner and what time she went 
to bed at. Who she met and who she talked to. Extreme 
concern and detail as regards names of people and the 
companies they belong to. In terms of emotions or 
feelings, only references to who she likes, because they 
talked or behaved the way Kate wanted them to, and 
who she doesn't like (especially Portuguese and German 
"The journal goes into such detail in matters that have 
nothing to do with emotion or feeling that, throughout the 
text, I have the feeling several times that Kate is writing 
with the aim of guiding the thoughts of the reader. The 
messages to Madeleine are so short and coincidental that 
they go under, and many times they only come following 
a comment or attitude by someone who Kate is describing. Judging by the way it is written, the journal can be divided into four phases.
"One can note the improvement and adaptation along the 
way. Whoever wrote it got better at it with practice…", 
explains the psychologist, who concludes as follows: "On 
the basis of all this, I am not surprised to read "I need you 
to come back" so many times and almost never "how are 
you feeling?". She seems to be more concerned with 
herself than with poor Maddie… It's the Kate McCann we 
had already got to know".


viv said...

Lady Meyer probably is a good friend of the McScams, she helps run a "charity" called PACT, but pockets nearly all the income. That must be a great help to Missing Children.

viv said...

Her husband Sir Christopher Meyer chaired the Press Complaints Commission when the Daily Mail, Express etc were launching forth into the McCanns with doggy stories galore "proving" Maddie died in the apartment.

In an interview with Mr Neale he stated that he repeatedly contacted Gerry McCann throughout this period offering to intervene and stop the press stories, but Mr McCann would not let me, he wanted a libel action, at that Mr Neale promptly intervened and shut him up. Presumably being the experienced journalist that he is, he realised that was getting far too near to discussing and perhaps damaging a serious police investigation.

I am not pretending I understand the Meyers or what their priorities are, other than in Lady Meyer's case, I think she is a friend of Cherie Blair, so probably enough said.

viv said...

It is for reasons like this that I have always believed Gerry McScam absolutely loved those doggy stories, the diversion they created and the money they made him. "Evidence" that is not actually evidence is good, confusion is good, being in the media is good even if they are calling me everything, do I get them to stop it, heck no! Not until I can scam half a million for it anyway and get all those bloggers talking a load of unprovable rubbish about me, great!

viv said...

the "reward"? (That was offered without our knowledge!)

If your child had been abducted would you be thrilled to bits by the News of the World getting a gang of rich celebrities together to pledge a massive reward for the return of Madeleine?

Or would you be cross and indignant about it as Kate appears to be here.

It was OK for the McCanns to go against police advise and advertise the defect in Madeleine's eye (according to her passport just a fleck) that was them being in control, issuing pictures for people to look that did not look anything like Madeleine.

But say you were involved in her disappearance and others knew that, they had the dirt on you, how would you feel about some bunch of do gooders offering millions of pounds for information leading to Madeleine. Well, I think in those circumstances you may be pretty paranoid.

The beauty of the McCanns is they never learned to just keep their mouths shut. They are so narcissistic they genuinely believe in themselves and their ability to con everyone, even Portuguese and British Police, it would seem. Three Home Secretaries, come on we are the parents of a Missing child, where are our support services, why are you not telling us what you are doing about the ongoing search for her. It never even occurred to Kate and Gerry that by so publically turning on every figure in authority and telling us there was no search by British and Portuguese Police that was so obviously because the police formed a view about them. Quite obviously the three Home Secretaries, just like Mrs Justice Hogg, know all about that.

When talking about the review or the case being re-opened in November 2010, Gerry again demonstrated what an utterly chilling and calculating man he is.

It is not right this case will just get solved by chance, when another child gets abducted.

What are you going to do Gerry, arrange for that to happen from the Algarve just so people finally believe you are not the wicked abductor? Or are you just waiting until some poor child does suffer in that way in that area, no matter how many years you have to wait for something that terrible to happen?

Is this why he likes to cite those cases where children have come to light so many years later?

She is mentally ill, he is just plain psychopathic.

viv said...

Widowan on MM points out that Gerry and Co were using no less than five separate dumps to deposit rubbish from their villa and storing up smelly nappies rather than just putting them away quickly in the nearest dump.

It is also suggested this is so that police cannot get their hands on the twins nappies to test their urine for traces of sedatives etc.

That does seem very logical to me. If he was carefully storing piles of stinking nappies to take them to various dump sites (come on PJ guess which place to look) it is no wonder their car absolutely reeked.

But the interesting thing is Trish Cameron claims that as PLASTIC bag containing shrimp fish been LEAKED BLOOD into the car, they left it to ferment and then gave the car a thorough clean.

Well ummmmm. this may well suggest that Gerry was wanting to prevent vital evidence being gathered and I am quite convinced all THREE children were drugged, but it is still not evidence of Madeleine's death, is it?

IN her book apparently Kate points out how sweetly the twins spoke at that time. As you would expect smart kids aged two years and three months to do, and yet, the McCanns would not allow them to be interviewed at the time, claiming they simply wouldnot have the language skills. This is rubbish anyway because a trained child pscyhologist would not just rely on their language but with the use of dolls etc, i.e. what was mummy doing show me with the dolls and this is daddy doll, what was he doing, and this is Maddie doll, was she crying, show me what happened to the Maddie doll. I am sure this was somethign else the McCanns were just not going to allow to happen.

viv said...

This stain Kate refers to in her diary and again, I believe, in her book....on Maddie PJs that she had to wash out.

She appears to be seeking to imply that some chemical was spilt underneath Maddie's breathing apparatus the night before. She says it was a brown stain, I think. I am sure Kate knows all the chemistry as to what this substance may have been. YOu can be too clever for your own good when seeking to lead the police and everyone else up the garden path.

Maybe something like chloroform is sometimes coloured brown, rather than colourless, but who but an expert like Kate would know that?

viv said...

and how precise of the abductor to just get it on the dead right spot on Maddie's PJs this "big" stain, not on the bedclothes or the pillow. So precise in that very dark room eh?

If Maddie was lying in her "foetal" position, you would think this would be quite impossible really, but there again, most of what the McCanns claimed happened is. Still I suppose the covers were very neatly turned back and that must have helped! Very hospital like that!

viv said...

I wonder if Kate is so incredibly barmy, she is trying to tell us that this abductor chap gave Maddie a big does of sedative the night before, spilt loads of it on her PJs, Kate did not pick up on the smell of that, well anyway, even the next night Maddie was so tired she had to carry her from high tea to the apartment, Maddie crashed out and then the abductor was able to just pick her up and take her, benefitting from drugging her the previous night.

You could not make it up unless you were Kate McCann, wife of Gerry McCann.

Oh to be a fly on the wall when she explains this to the Met homicide detectives, they will just lap it up, I know it, lol!

viv said...

Has anyone ever been given a sedative by a doctor and slept right through the following morning or for an unnaturally long period of time?

But Maddie was all bright eyed and chirpy early the next morning, ready for creche.

It is almost like exploitation by The Sun and the publishers of this book, I am sure they are not concerned how guilty Kate makes them look, or how mad, they care about the money they are making by her writing it.

If she feels used now, maybe she can try and think how Maddie must have felt.

viv said...

Sounds promising (for Justice) and very ominous for Messrs. McCann, no mention of any abduction and let us see what happens next ( I am sure he knows) :

The National Assistant Director for the Polícia Judiciária (PJ), Pedro do Carmo, told me: “We are in contact with the Metropolitan Police. They have informed us what they want to do, to recheck the files. Our colleagues in the UK are fully aware of our commitment and interest in trying to solve this case, to know what happened that night. At this point we have talked and we have a very open relationship. Let's see what comes next.”

viv said...

From The Times
August 22, 2007
I’m not a suspect in Madeleine’s abduction, says friend of family
Paulo Reis in Praia da Luz and David Brown
A doctor who was on holiday with Madeleine McCann’s family when she disappeared 111 days ago insisted yesterday that he is not suspected of being involved in her abduction.

Russell O’Brien, 36, was dining with Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry, when their daughter was taken from the bed of a holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.

Portuguese newspapers reported yesterday that police were about to arrest a man in Exeter, where Dr O’Brien lives with his wife, Jane Tanner, a key witness in the police investigation.

In a statement, Dr O’Brien and his wife said: “These reports in the Portuguese press are completely untrue and extremely hurtful. We have spoken to the police today, and have been assured that our status as witnesses has not changed.

Madeleine police investigate burglar lead
“We would like to request that the privacy of our family and our police testimony are respected by the media. We just hope that the police’s considerable efforts to find Madeleine are successful.”

Portuguese police said yesterday that there was no basis for the allegations about Dr O’Brien, who moved to Exeter from Leicester soon before the holiday in Praia da Luz.

Ms Tanner told Portuguese police that she had seen a man carrying a child away from the McCanns’ apartment about 15 minutes after Mr McCann had checked that Madeleine was asleep.

Mr O’Brien, a father of two, left the tapas restaurant at about the time Madeleine is believed to have been snatched. He told police that he was looking after his young daughter, who was vomiting. The girl is the same age as Madeleine, who disappeared six days before her fourth birthday. Mr and Mrs McCann, both 39, from Rothley, Leicestershire, are understood to be deeply upset about the allegations about their friends and have said they do not believe any of them were involved.

When he and his wife were also the subject of allegations in the Portuguese media earlier in the investigation, Mr McCann said: “It’s incredibly difficult when people are implying that your daughter is dead and that you may have been involved in it.”

viv said...

Meanwhile, Portuguese detectives were still hoping for a breakthrough in the case. The magistrate in charge of the investigation is studying the findings of tests on samples taken from apartments in the Ocean Club resort, where the McCanns were staying, and from various vehicles, which have been analysed by the headquarters of the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham.

The Times revealed last week that the initial test on traces of blood found in the McCann’s apartment had not come from Madeleine. Mr and Mrs McCann have been advised to remain in Portugal after police, who have now concluded that Madeleine is likely to be dead, said they hoped to make a breakthrough.

Inspector Olegário Sousa, of the Polícia Judiciária, said that detectives hoped the samples would help to confirm what had happened on the night Madeleine disappeared. He said it was now believed that more than one person was involved in Madeleine’s disappearance. “It’s natural that in a crime of this nature more than one person took part. This analysis is not based on anything concrete, but rather on logic,” Mr Sousa said. “If it was committed by only one person, it would be even more difficult to resolve the case because he or she is the only person who knows what they did.”

However, Mr Sousa said there was “little hard evidence to work on” and that officers were attempting to reconstruct what had happened “largely on the basis of witness statements”.

The Times revealed on Saturday that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has signed warrants authorising searches at locations that may be linked to Madeleine’s disappearance. Police are also reported to have been reviewing two burglaries that happened shortly before the family arrived at the resort.

Meanwhile, a cinema advertisement urging people to look for Madeleine has been cleared by the advertising watchdog over claims that it scared children. The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the advert did not breach its code of practice, despite 22 complaints, nine of which specifically stated that it had upset children in the audience. Some cinemas refused to screen the advert with Shrek 3 after The Times revealed parents’ concerns.

viv said...

This early report in The Times, also confirms that Jane Tanner did not do a 9.15 "check". She did not even come out until 9.30 and saw this man with a child wrapped in a blanket. Presumably Stepher Carpenter, the timing is just right.

Of course when her story gets changed and she saw Gerry McCann it gives him an alibi.

This early report also seems to confirm what Kate says in her diary. She got damages against the News of the World for publishing it.....

viv said...

Gerry has commented how amazingly quickly the media were there, he always gives the game away by mentioning what is really troubling him.

They were reporting this story before he got time to properly spin it. That is why he knew pdq one of his many purchases from the Find Maddie Fiddle needed to be a press planter with is version of the facts. Many are still fooled by them now, or are they just spinners? I.e. the tired story about how Kate encountered 6 dead bodies/took CC to work with her.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense would find that pure rubbish and a check of the official files confirms she had not worked since before the birth of the twins. That, IMO, is also a key to what happened here, cash starvation.

If you take on a £2K a month mortage, maybe that was done with Kate's earning be desperately needed, but I think she was too ill to work and help pay it, but Gerry needs a big flash house, how to get it...