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DAILY MAIL REPORTED 8/9/07 Terrible nagging doubt the McCanns might be involved

KATE AND GERRY MCCANN, NEVER AFRAID TO FACE THE CAMERAS, SCRIPT AND CUDDLECAT IN HAND "they have taken her", Kate clings to what "they" left behind of little Madeleine, but when the Police visited their villa in early August, had stuffed it in a cupboard. What comfort was Maddie seeking from this toy at the time of her death it just breaks my heart to try and imagine..but Eddie was in no doubt it reeked of her poor little body.

Whilst it has been traditional to bemoan the British Press, especially the Daily Mail, perhaps we should not overlook this very candid piece by a Daily Mail Reporter! Additionally, he makes no secret of who he thinks is to blame, Gerry McCann..."strangely breezy and matter of fact weblog... Her husband, by contrast, strides purposefully between meetings with senior politicians and religious leaders. Zealously banging the drum for missing children, his pugilistic Glaswegian chin juts defiantly towards anyone who dares to question him, or his motives...." It clearly has deflated Gerry's ego when the Police have continued to so closely questions his "motives". Hence he blogs no more! The DM reporter is clearly qualified to give an opinion given he visited many times and became concerned on his very first visit. After a two hour meeting with Robert Murat he felt convinced he was innocent. I think this man talks a lot of sense.

As an aside, I have been reading 3 As again! There is a very useful inventory of the disclosed items from the PJ file contained on the DVD. What jumped off the page for me was they sent a pair of pyjamas to the FSS for analysis. Whose pyjamas and where did they get those from? How can it be that Eddie smelt death scent on Madeleine's clothing? It does seem to me they have the clothes, or at least some of them, she died in and again explains the absolute conviction of both British and Portuguese officers working for Goncalo Amaral, that she died. A conviction that of course Goncalo shares having seen and heard all the evidence. Almost like a cancer we have seen that hatred for Goncalo Amaral spread to other officers involved including PC Grime, not a "bungling Portuguese cop". The file extract that we have shows the most incredible and systematic investigation where unfortunately for the McCanns, no stone was left unturned. There is an easy explanation as to why the McCanns and their followers would display such hatred for men who were simply doing their job, to the very best of their ability. Gerry sticks his chin out in that arrogant way, I am not answering that! He then pulls his ear, smirks and says there is no way we used any sort of sedatives, mind working overtime he then gets a test run on the twins, but it took him such a long time to do that and just why would he bother?

Also on the file there are requests from the McCanns and their lawyers both before and after being made arguidos to be made "assistants" in the investigation so that they can have access to the file, those requests were consistently denied. When you look at the contents of the file that we are allowed to see, there is only one conclusion you can draw, this is a very serious case and the police knew all along who they were looking at in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine, just the same as this refreshingly candid Daily Mail reporter did. How he must have upset Clarence Mitchell and his paymasters! Spin that!


'I have a terrible nagging doubt the McCanns might be involved'
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David Jones

David Jones

Almost four months have passed since I first began to investigate the harrowing case of a beautiful little girl who appeared to have vanished into thin air, shortly after being tucked up in bed by her parents on holiday in Portugal.

Like a great many people in Britain, and millions more around the world, I have since become fascinated, almost to the point of obsession, with the Madeleine McCann mystery.

I have travelled repeatedly to the Algarve to interview potential witnesses and suspects; retraced the abductor's possible escape routes and explored all manner of theories.

And I end most days by reading the strangely breezy and matter-of-fact web-log kept by Madeleine's surgeon father, Gerry.

My curiosity has been heightened at least partly because those haunting last photographs of a beautiful, carefree child playing in the sunshine resemble so many treasured pictures in my own family album.

As a father of four, I can also identify with the dilemma that apparently confronted Gerry and Kate McCann on that fateful May evening in Praia da Luz. How do you enjoy an evening out with friends on holiday, and keep your toddler safe?

Yet something else has kept me utterly absorbed in Madeleine's case, and it is certainly not the McCanns' moth-to-a-flame courtship of the media (their latest interview, with Paris Match, is due to be published imminently).

United front: Kate and Gerry McCann have never hesitated to face the cameras together

* Madeleine: Shattered Gerry and Kate McCann BOTH declared suspects
* The 17 key questions detectives may have asked Madeleine's mother

Nor is it the initially well-meaning, but now ill-advisedly slick publicity campaign being masterminded by failed Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate and party activist Justine McGuinness - a freelance PR who recently had to be dissuaded from arranging a photocall for Kate McCann at a Portuguese orphanage.

No, something far more disconcerting has kept me rapt with the Madeleine story.

From the earliest days, a disturbing thought has nagged away at the back of my mind. Suppose her parents were somehow culpable?

Until yesterday, this was such a terrible notion as to be almost unspeakable, even within the confines of my own four walls, where my wife steadfastly refuses to countenance the possibility the McCanns could be anything other than the blameless, heartbroken parents they present themselves to be.

Malicious gossips apart, everyone appears to agree with my wife. Even to raise the possibility that there might just be more to the McCanns is to risk being pilloried. It places one in the camp of internet ghouls, xenophobic, badly-informed Portuguese newspapers and mendacious detectives.

In the final analysis, of course, my sneaking fear that they might be involved in her disappearance could turn out to be completely unfounded. It might well be proved that Madeleine was snatched from her bed - by some despicable paedophile or a desperate childless couple - as everyone surmised from the outset.

Alternatively, though even less likely, she might have woken up alone and, bewildered that her parents weren't there in the strange apartment, panicked and wandered off to search for them.

Stretching one's imagination, she might conceivably have fallen into the nearby roadwork trenches - filled a few days later - or even wandered more than half a mile through the darkness, into the sea.

However, yesterday's bombshell news that Kate McCann has formally been made an "arguida" - a formal suspect - means we can no longer take their innocence as an absolute, cast-iron certainty, how ever unpalatable that might be.

Last night, Gerry was still being questioned by the Portuguese police, and might also be named as a suspect.

My own gnawing doubts about the conventional theories began on my first visit to Portugal. I am a reporter, not a detective, but some things just didn't seem right.

First, there was the resort itself. Expecting to find a bustling town where it would be easy for a childsnatcher to mingle with the crowd while watching his target, and make off without arousing suspicion, I found instead an almost deserted, out-of-season place. A risky setting for a kidnap, however well-planned.

Then there was the McCanns' apartment. Although it stood at least 75 yards from the tapas bar where the family's party dined, and was completely obscured by a high wall topped with bougainvillea, its location would have presented considerable problems to a would-be abductor.

Scroll down for more ...
Madeleine McCann

Family photo: The couple released a photo of Madeleine snapped by the pool on the day she went missing

The sliding window at the rear faces an alley used as a main thoroughfare for those staying in the apartment blocks, while the front door and windows open on to a frequently used car-park, beyond which runs a well-lit main road.

How on Earth, I have often wondered, did someone walk in, gather Madeleine up in his arms and make off with her without being seen, or waking her twin brother and sister sleeping either side of her? And surely the little girl must have stirred. The neighbouring apartments were occupied. Why was nothing heard or seen?

All this is a matter of speculation, of course, as are the other anomalies too numerous to mention which make me sceptical that this was the work of a predatory paedophile - the most commonly-held theory.

However, in the early days of the investigation, I interviewed Robert Murat, the 33-year-old Portuguese-born Englishman who was, until yesterday, the only suspect. I remain one of only a handful of journalists to have spoken to him at length.

The police took an interest in Murat, you'll recall, only after a reporter felt there was something suspicious about him and told them of her concern.

Robert Murat

Murat: Quickly offered help as an interpreter

With his glass eye, vaguely uneasy manner and injudicious outbursts of self pity (he has compared his own suffering to that of the McCanns) it is easy to see why this self-employed "property developer" has been singled out.

The more so because his mother's house stands 75 yards from the apartment, and, with echoes of Soham murderer Ian Huntley, Murat was on the scene very quickly to offer help as a police interpreter.

One cannot gauge a man's guilt or innocence during a two-hour conversation, as I readily accept.

I believe it is sufficient to form an impression of his character, however, and during my afternoon alone with the chain-smoking Robert Murat, nothing led me to believe that he might be capable of kidnapping a child.

On the contrary, I came away convinced that he will eventually be proved a seriously-maligned scapegoat, as he has always protested.

Whatever the eventual outcome, the Portuguese police were foolhardy in the extreme to focus their attention so narrowly on one man.

And, whether we like it or not, the possible involvement of Kate and Gerry McCann should have been rigorously investigated at the very beginning of the inquiry - as it would have been in Britain, where routine procedure dictates that those closest to the victim are scrutinised and eliminated first.

Now, very belatedly, the spotlight has been turned on them.

If we believe sources quoted in the Portuguese press, the reasons for this sudden change of tack - just as the McCanns were preparing to return to Leicestershire - are disturbingly plausible.

Apparently, detectives started to consider the possibility that Madeleine might have been killed by her parents - albeit inadvertently - after comparing the case with that of a missing Portuguese eight-year-old girl named Joana Cipriano, whose mother was convicted of her murder.

For the watching world, of course, the prospect that there are similarities between the fate of Madeleine and Joana will beggar belief.

Clutching Madeleine's beloved toy Cuddle Cat to her bosom wherever she goes, and so visibly laden down by grief that her fragile body seems ready to buckle under the strain, Kate McCann has become a haunting symbol for despairing mothers everywhere.

Her husband, by contrast, strides purposefully between meetings with senior politicians and religious leaders. Zealously banging the drum for missing children, his pugilistic Glaswegian chin juts defiantly towards anyone who dares to question him, or his motives.

And then there is the relentless publicity blitz.

Originally devised and orchestrated by relatives and friends, with the simple aim of keeping Madeleine's impossibly-cute face uppermost in people's thoughts, it has - to the distaste of many - taken on a life of its own, becoming the focus of an ill-defined global mission.

Scroll down for more ...
Madeleine poster

Fronting the campaign: Kate McCann - and with her husband Gerry (below) did all they could to keep Madeleine's face in people's thoughts
Kate and gerry McCann

At times, it seems that the goal of finding Madeleine safe and well is being lost amid the PR hoopla.

But whatever we might think of the Find Madeleine campaign, surely all this can't be a fake? Surely a couple who have placed themselves under the microscope - and in so doing turned their daughter's disappearance into the most high-profile child abduction case in history - won't emerge as callous frauds?

In the coming hours, after Gerry McCann has completed the same, grim grilling to which Kate was earlier subjected in the Portimao police station, we might be a little nearer to knowing the answer.

For all my scepticism, I pray that the Portuguese police are - once again - careering down the wrong track.

Because if, by some dark twist, it transpires that Kate and Gerry McCann have really known all along what happened to Madeleine - that they were responsible and staged the most elaborate imaginable cover-up - the consequences would be harmful almost beyond measure.

Such an incredible outcome would forever destroy the inherent faith we place in outwardly decent, caring parents such as the McCanns, and with it our very trust in the goodness of human nature.

It would make cynics of us all - and that would be as sad, in its way, as losing little Madeleine.


viv said...

I think I should just offer one correction "never afraid to face the cameras" because they are now!

They would rather let two year old Madeleine speak for herself, knowing this is quite impossible!


nancy said...

Hi Viv and good morning everyone!

A really revealing thread Viv - thanks for your efforts and so early in the morning too!

I wonder what has happened to that Daily Mail reporter now - no doubt, along with all the others who doubted the McCann's innocence, he has been told to put up or shut up!

In my opinion a cover up of huge magnitude has been going on - the team the McCanns got around them from the word go is mighty beyond belief, including a protective team sent out by our own government, Portuguese Embassy officials,the best UK lawyers money can buy, the most respected Portuguese lawyer, millionaire backing from various sources, including Brian Kennedy - all at the McCann's feet within hours of Madeleine going missing - almost as if it had been planned well before the event!

However, even though the silence is ongoing, I think many of those people involved in the first instance are now backing off. What happened to that so called 'sports personality' who was going to front their Christmas appeal for instance?

So I feel that our efforts, and the efforts of all those who want justice for Maddie and who didn't believe the tapas 9 were telling the truth and are still lying through their teeth, have not been in vain.

Having just read through a witness statement by Matthew Oldfield (unsourced) on 3A's (by Cushty - 26843), I wouldn't trust any of them to tell the truth - they are all very selective liars. One thing he did reveal is that when he offered to check on the children for Kate, she told him to go ahead because the terrace door was open and he could go in. He tells how he saw the twins, but didn't bother looking to see if Maddie was in her bed, just about managed to see the sheet on the bed - thinks it was blue! If that statement is bona fide then what a liar he is, 'emming and erring' all through it, just like the rest of them in their statements.

If it is a true statement, then he was very close to Kate throughout the holiday, going off running with her, even though it was not a normal pastime for him - he loves sailing apparently.Talks about when he was out in a boat with O'Brian and it he fell into the water.

I remember how he was consoling Kate outside the apartments when the media were trying to get Kate to talk.

Talking of Gerry and Kate running -would anyone really be able to summon up the energy and enthusiasm to start running just after their child had gone missing, taken by a paedophile according to them? I don't think so - it would be the very last thing on any normal parent's mind.

For doctors' families, they all get sick a lot - Matthew was ill and vomiting the first night, his child Grace was ill and having to have clean nappies all the time, O'Brien and Tanner's daughter Evie was ill and vomiting - my God, just what was going on there?

My personal opinion is the same as yours and that is Madeleine vanished from the face of the earth at the hands of her parents, be it through an accident, an overdose, or worse, and people are beginning to realise they have been taken in right from the start.

Whether we'll ever see justice for Madeleine though is another matter, because too many people will go to the ends of the earth to cover up for them so as to save their own faces and careers.


dylan said...

Good morning all!

Thank you for the article, Viv.

It is very interesting to see the contrast between reporting then and what is printed in the media now. What a shame this man doesn't have free reign to say what he wants to say these days. Unfortunately all those who have negative thoughts about the gruesome twosome have been gagged by the threat of being sued, which disgusts me and I find it alarming that this pair can wield so much power as to silence those that dare to think outside of their shackled box.

It is also quite uncanny that this reporter's 'nagging doubts' seem to have developed at the same rate and time as my own (and probably many others here). Something gnawed away at my thoughts and I couldn't quite put a finger on it until I had that horrible dream which was brought right to my forethoughts when the pair were made arguida. My mother is kindest and most forgiving person that I know. She will never judge a book by its cover and never points a finger at anyone, yet, when I first mentioned to her that I thought the McCanns were in some way to blame for Maddie's disappearance, she told me that she had found it strange from the start, that [they] continually cried "abduction" when M could have simply wandered off, which was something I hadn't thought about before.

I wonder if this reporter follows the 3As. He may even be a poster there. I hope so, he seems to have a lot of sense and intuition. How did you find this article? I'd be very surprised if it hadn't been pulled from an online source!

Hi to Docmac, glad you are still around and enjoying your paradise! What's with all of the water? - You should get that seen to you know! ;-)

Hello to everyone else.



dylan said...

Hi Nancy,

I missed your post, mid-typing as I had a 20min survey to answer on the phone - what a pain! xx

viv said...

Hi Nancy

It would be very interesting to know whether this journalist still has his job and even more interesting to know just what representations Clarence made about the article given there was so much tame stuff printed in their, written by him!

This is not to detract from the fact however, that it entered my head at the time, why are they just suing the Daily Express when there have been so many similar articles written by the Daily Mail. In fact I can recall commenting on the De the one time, they are just constantly copying yesterday's story from the Mail. I wonder if this chap was writing those anti McCann stories? In the Express I can recall it was very cynical, one for the antis one day and one for the pros the next. They clearly manipulated the public to get the furore on their blog pages. So good for business and no doubt they still think it was worthwhile, a libel payout, just an occupational hazard. But still, why did the McCanns just pick on the DE. I wonder if it is because they alone made the perhaps entirely spurious allegations, more so in The Star, about wife swapping. In the above article this man is saying in clear terms he thinks it very possible the McCanns killed Madeleine but there was no threat. There is no serious threat to Goncalo either. The Portuguese AG said he thought it was more probable than not that Madeleine was dead. He is a lawyer and was referring to the civil burden of proof. Just like in the civil proceedings OJ was found to have killed but the evidence was not good enough "apparently!!" in the criminal case. So, if they sued me for example I could refer to the opinion of the police officers that Madeleine died and her parents are responsible, I could insist that on the balance of probabilities that is true, so they cannot sue anyone for saying that, most especially the Senior Officer who investigated them!

viv said...

Re the statements, I just tried to check on Pamalam's page because she has all of them on there, but something strange has happened, it has disappeared!! You can go to another site at windows live but this only lists Gerry's blogs and nothing else!

I wonder what happened because it was an excellant source of information and was certainly OK when I last checked a few days ago. You can get the original webpage up on cache but of course if you click on the PJ file index, whoosh clunk!


viv said...

Hiya Dilly

Well I wonder if the papers actually know something that we only dare to dream of. Frequently they do, but they are not allowed to say so and your post kind of ties in with the demise of Pamalam, although at least we still have Gerry's blogs that he decided he no longer wanted the public to see, maybe I should copy them all before they go whoosh too!

Is something about to happen??


hope4truth said...

Morning ALL

Intresting article Viv and a couple of things have struck me... If the McCanns were suspected as they obviously were and still are what has changed?

There is no evidence of an abduction there is evidence of a Body being in the apartment and if the McCanns dont want to be thought of as guilty why are they acting in such a strange way?

They cant prove they are innocent anymore than any other person in their situation but by refusing to answer any questions and looking so damn happy then refusing to go back for a reconstruction that could only have been a good thing if they were innocent makes them out for the lying people they are...

The other thing that has been playing on my mind is the Christmas Video... Why? Why now? the video is clearly from Christmas 2005 Madeleine is talking but all 2 year olds sound just as cute and by the time they are 5 sound totaly diffrent.

She looks cute the twins look sweet the house looks full of gifts but why that video?

Dont know why it took me so long but it is once again not about Madeleine but about Gerry he sounds lovely on the video so proud to be filming his lovely little girl how could a Man being so loving be involved in her disapearence?

No Kate though so my money is still on that if ever anyone ever gets the chance to ask questions and take them to court he will be passing the buck to his emotionaly unbalanced nutter of a wife who they have all tried so hard not to ever leave alone with the children...

A bit like them both smugly saying they would not answer any questions and Kate staying silent when a single word may have helped find her child and Gerry answering many of the questions which once again makes him look as if he is trying to help...

God knows how long this sorry saga will go on but I have been to a few social gatherings over Christmas and no one is fooled and when the apeal was mentioned people were astounded they have kept this for 19 months rather than use it in the first few days...

Justice for Madeleine in 2009 and let the message be heard loud and clear no excuses for neglect and children first each and every time...

hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

Blimey why is information disapearing? I am sure there are many copies of the blogs and other information kept by many of us so it will not vanish for ever..


viv said...

Hiya Hope

Well I think Pamalam's complete copy of Gerry's blog is such a valuable resource which she has clearly put a lot of work into, I am not taking any chances and am currently copying the whole of it onto this blog!

Whilst doing so I noticed this entry for 12 August 2007, given the PJ had just found Maddie's cuddlecat stuffed in that cupboard this is a particularly cynical and repugnant comment from him. We should remember that he no longer wants the public to see all of this, he removed it all when starting his new webpage, maybe he realises he was just a bit too cynical and smirky. I won't mention what I think that makes him! Oh and why would the twins remain very happy, because he had got rid of Maddie for them? I hope I never run into him, but if he gets to Birmingham Crown Court or Leicester or wherever they decide it would be safe enough to try them I shall be booking my place in the public gallery! Maybe it will have to be the Old Bailey for their own safety!

"A couple of other friends and their daughter have come out to stay with us this week, which really helps. We had a fairly quiet afternoon, spent with the kids who remain very happy. They speak about their big sister frequently and seem to want to look after cuddle cat as much as mummy!

viv said...

If you are reading Gerry, sick, really sick!

Viv x


viv said...

Hiya again hope, you say:

Dont know why it took me so long but it is once again not about Madeleine but about Gerry he sounds lovely on the video so proud to be filming his lovely little girl how could a Man being so loving be involved in her disapearence?

I think we need to remember Maddie is just turned two in this video and the twins have not been around for very long. He had not really had a taste of just what it is like to have three little one around the place. I can remember when my three boys were little and at times, it was bedlum! Why is it that they focus on Christmas 2005 but tell us it was Christmas 2006? I think because by the time 2006 came around Gerry had a big change of heart and really did not like Kate's idea of having all those kids by that stage, he wanted to go boozing and playing golf with his woman and he certainly did not want to be wasting his sport/booze money on three little nuisances! But I feel to him, Maddie was the real nuisance and a big disappointment, I doubt she was quite as outgoing and bright as they would have us believe whereas the twins, perfect!

I am sorry but I think to him, three was very much a crowd!


hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

What I ment by Gerry being so lovely was when the public hear just how gentle kind and loving he was on that video we are supposed to think poor man how could anyone think he is involved...

That is why the video was chosen to show him in a good light everyone has video cameras these days and god forbid either of my children should go missing but I would have hours of footage to go through and I suspect the McCanns have the same (I am now left wondering if he was searching for a clip that showed him or Kate praising Maddie and not just focusing on the twins?)...


viv said...

Hiya Hope

Sorry darling I don't think I read your post properly!

You make a very good point as to why they selected that particular video, or rather he did, perhaps the one occasion where he is being nice to her. When you look at the collection of pictures of Madeleine, particularly as she gets older she looks a very sad and miserable child. So far as being confident and outgoing, a statement from one of the nannies says she was taken on a boat that morning but was crying I am frightened, I don't like it. I know I am only used to little girls as a nan, not a mom, but to me this suggests a timid and nervous child with many hangups, one who has been frightened and shouted at. Again I can remember playing in the sea with one of those cheap dinghies when my boys were little and they were thrilled to bits, not frightened, but of course they always had me and my husband there!

When they were a bit older and I had split up with my husband I went on holiday with the younger two, Martin stayed with his dad and the private detective I was going out with. I sat on the beach with Keith watching Neville swimming and luke playing at the water's edge with the dinghy (yet another one). I realised he was panicking badly trying to hold onto the boat as waves crashed over him. I strode down the beach to him in a matter of seconds, grabbed Luke with one arm and the boat with the other hurling them both out of the water. I think kids remember things like that, when they are frightened and they are in trouble, there is mom! What would little Maddie remember even if she were still alive, hence she was a miserable and nervous little girl. It is terribly sad.

hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

Yes that is what Parents are for to make their children feel loved and safe...

We know from Kates own words they did not really care about making the children feel safe and beig dumped all day and night while your parents do what they want to do is hardly a loving family holiday (well not even a family holiday)...

Whenever we are filmed we either run away from the camera or smile and say nice things (so maybe Gerry did not realise he was being filmed on the bus? who released that anyway it did not make him look good)??? So I believe it was released after lots of searching and it was the best happy moment with Daddy he could come up with....

I could be wrong but unless we get an avalanch of similar footage I still think it was as usual all about Gerry...

viv said...

Hiya Hope

That is my firm conclusion too, it is all about Gerry, I am sure the police sussed that one too , BBL


bath theory said...

Reading his blogs reminds of a programme a long time ago now starring Hwyel Bennett in the main roles. They were murders and the show was something like 'Malice aforethought' Anyone else remember them or is it my imagination?

ratonthebeam said...

Aha - so this is where everyone is! Well done for preserving the blogs, Viv; I have copied them too now, and can host them if anything happens to this blog.

Actually the removal of Pamalams blogs has served a useful purpose. It has forced me to re-read Gerry's blogs again, from Day 1, and I have come across a few oddities that I didn't see before - also a lot of early stuff that now makes sense, given what we know now. In fact I might print the whole thing out tonight and make some notes, just to get some stuff straight in my head.

I have been thinking and dreaming about this case a lot over the past few days, and I keep coming back to the two mobile phone videos - of Maddie's first and last plane ride, and the airport bus. I am convinced that the key to the whole thing is in there - somewhere - if only we knew how and where to read the information. Who made these videos, and why? Why woould you deliberately video somebody else's child getting onto a plane, using a mobile phone and not a proper camera? Were they trying to film unobserved? If so, why? Then why put them on YouTube? What is that person trying to tell us? Why has the original upload long since been deleted?

Did the film maker know in advance that that would be the last known video of Maddie?

The more I think about it, the more questions it raises for me. I don't think I will ever rest until I find an answer.

As an aside, G-d bless that poor family who really did lose a child - on Christmas Day - after the Dad accidentally dropped a TV set on her head. A tragic, tragic accident that could never have been forseen, poor wee thing.

bath theory said...

Channel 5 US at the moment. One of the deaths is of a 2 yr old left in a car by parents.

Investigator getting really pissed as he has a 2yr old himself.

Lady says 'Cases like this dont often get into court... any greater punishment than losing a child..'

Annoyed investigator replies 'Yeah jailtime I'm making sure this comes to court.'

Lets hope this guy gets seconded to real world and straight into Leicstershire Police as Chief constable !!!!!

bath theory said...

Did you notice how the tv death family came clean and told the truth and the examiner has already declared it an accidental death - being honest and taking responsibility.

For those reading this blog who do not know the meaning of the word HONEST I suggest you look it up in a dictionary.

I also suspect this bloke who accidentally dropped the television and fell onto it killing his daughter wont be playing tennis within a week or smiling like the dynamic duo did.


ratonthebeam said...

Evening, BT.

For many years I ran a TV repair business with the first Mr Rat, and I have spent more years than I care to remember, repairing computers. So I know first hand about the weight of CRT tellies and monitors; it always catches people out, how heavy they are if you aren't used to handling them, and the weight isn't evenly balanced either. They are extremely awkward and dangerous things to lift and transport and I can fully see how such a tragic accident could happen. That poor family will always be reminded at Christmastime, too. My heart goes out to them.

Now supposing Kate killed Maddie - accidentally. Why not just own up? Even if it was in a blind rage, or while drunk, or something. Yes, she might have been pilloried or even jailed. But she would have gotten profssional help and people would eventually have been sympathetic.

Instead, they went on to lie, to con, to make money out of it, to try and turn themselves into celebrities, to deliberately try and ruin someone else's career, to frame an innocent man, and goodness only knows what else.

When it all comes out - which I believe it eventually will, one day - they will never be forgiven.

Hell, even the odious Karen Matthews had the balls enough to own up and do her time. The McScums don't even have the integrity of Karen Matthews IMHO.

nancy said...

I think this blog from Kate McCann shows the utter lack of emotion and feeling she has or had for Madeleine - the words could so easily have been written by a stranger.

Saturday 3rd November 2007.
(6 months landmark)

"Six months is a long time for a little girl to be separated from her family. We believe that our Madeleine is out there somewhere and retain hope that we can be reunited.

Madeleine is a beautiful little person who deserves a loving and happy life.

There is no doubt that the best place for her to be to ensure this is with her family"

What is she, an emoticon? If it wasn't written down, you wouldn't believe it possible that those words could come from a mother whose child had been missing, believed abducted, for six long months!

And yes, you are right in one thing Kate, Madeleine did deserve a loving and happy life, but it's a bit like closing the stable door when the horse has bolted!

I have a feeling the time is approaching when we will have

viv said...

Hello guys

Re who took that last video?

The statements confirm that the McCanns only travelled with the Paynes, so I believe it must have been David Payne who was taking that video, particularly given we see his wife and mother in law on the bus but not him, it must have been him saying come on Gerry, we are supposed to be on holiday. The only thing that baffles me is the other little girl with Maddie on the plane steps. I had always assumed it must be Evie, Tanner and OB's little girl but they travelled from Gatwick. I am going to see if I can find out if the Paynes also had a little girl around this age, as I cannot remember. If it was Evie then this video is not even from the same holiday! I have read that the McCanns went on a large group holiday earlier in the year as well!

How terrible for the family who have killed their own little child accidentally but as you say no need for lies and coverups. I am sure that he was a dearly loved little boy and my heart really does go out to them. We all know that genuine serious accidents can happen to children and in that respect we have been very lucky but of course parents are not prosecuted for this!

We only have one third of the PJ file, so we can take it that what the McCanns are putting out now is excusatory of what they know but we do not. So, it is very interesting that as Hope pointed out this video shows Gerry being so sweet to Maddie, aged 2!

RAT thanks for your offer to save this blog as well if needs be, who knows!! But, as I have always said, if they are actually charged we would seriously have to cool it anyway, I would certainly want to respect their human rights and make sure they get a fair trial, they deserve that and the fairness that follows that trial, for their victim.



viv said...

From Gerry Blog 27/5/07

"We will also be releasing a very short video of Madeleine taken at the Airport on the day we left for Portugal, Saturday 28 April."

The thing is, why is he only contemplating releasing this moving picture of Maddie as she was right then almost a month later??

Oh well, we get pictures released of her on another video aged 2, almost four years later! Gerry clearly has to contemplate things very carefully before he does a release. There has to be a Gerry reason for it, rather than a Madeleine reason! Nothing knew about us knowing where his priorities lie!

viv said...

I swear my computer has a mind of its own and keeps misspelling things guys, honestly I do!


ratonthebeam said...

The second thing is, why did it only turn up on YouTube and not the telly? It was not like Gerry to do anything discreetly or quietly at that point; I would have expected it to be trumpeted all over Sky and the papers.

Plus the bus video didn't exactly conform to the happy family picture we were led to expect; I can't exactly see Gerry being too happy about that one being released. A bit like the BBC interview when they switched in a heartbeat from being the poor, devastated parents, to smirking and laughing when they thought the cameras were off.

viv said...

Hiya RAT

Anything that he released to TV had the potential for them to be questioned upon it and Gerry must have had some grave misgivings about this one but was also being tugged at by the fantastic marketing/money making potential of it.

Perhaps rather oddly some might think, Youtube became part of their official campaign with a string of choreographed and rather sickening videos given that choreography and music that was chosen to go with them! He perhaps decided this was the correct forum to generate lots of money from it, whilst not being required to answer any questions!

I have managed to ascertain the Paynes have two children so my assumption is that little girl must be theirs, not OB and Jane's Evi.

It is odd they all lived in Leicester but once the McCanns arrived in 2000, save for the Paynes it would seem the other two couples promptly moved away! Mat going to Kingston, Surrey and Jane and OB to Exeter. Payne stays there in his job as a (relatively low paid) Uni medical researcher in spite of being a qualified surgeon, close to Gerry. It is all rather odd, isn't it.

I suppose if you are suspected of something rather nasty but want to stay on the medical register the thing to do would be to become a researcher - no patient contact would satisfy the powers that be, I am sure!

Finding out a little more about just why both the Oldfields and the OBs moved so far away from the Paynes and the McCanns could be very interesting. It might even hold the key as to what keeps them from doing the right thing, indeed what encouraged OB and Jane to do such a terrible thing!

viv said...

RAT you know I am still unclear about who this little girl is, because Jane, in her interviews only mentions Maddie and Evi together at the tot club. I suppose the explanation is the Paynes did not leave their kids in the tots club at all!

I have already posted that only morning sessions were included in the price, afternoons as well incurred an additional cost of £150 per child which the McCanns, unlike the rest who actually wanted their kids in the afternoon, must have paid in addition. I believe Gerry thought that was enough cash paid to get rid of them, at night why bother, they are asleep and I need................better not go any further but you know what I mean!

hope4truth said...


No wonder they want rid of those blogs cold as bloody ice the pair of them ME ME ME who would need reminding as a parent it is actually about YOUR CHILD who is according to you in the hands of a Peadophile ring because you went to a bar and left her alone in an unlocked apartment...

It must have really scuppered their plans when it was obvious the big part of their story (the shutters being smashed) was proved to be totaly wrong... Not an easy thing to mistake when they are firmly closed...

Their family and friends were all told the same story that turned out to be 100% a lie then the doors are sudenly unlocked and Kate's prints are on the shutters......

Kates clothes also had the Cadaver smell on them no wonder the PJ were convinced she killed Madeleine...

My Mother would be so angry if she found out I had Neglected my children to do anything god forbid her Grandaughter was missing and the first thing I told her turned out to be a lie and then I refused to answer any questions or help in any way she would be on to the press herself telling them something was not right...

She loves me but her Grandchildren are loved in equal measures and adored there is no way if she believed they were in the hands of a Peadophile ring she would stay silent if I was not helping to find her...

If she thought I had anything to do with her death or covering up an accident she also loves me enought to know there is no way it is healthy not to face up to what I had done...

My own conclusion is Madeleine means nothing to any one in her family as not a single one of them has fought for her just mouthed off about how poor Gerry and Kate have not been supported shame they never supported their children instead of being selfish and going to the bar with their friends.

viv said...

Morning Hope

That is the lasting impression you do get, isn't it, of a wider family who just do not care about Maddie, all they care about is lying for Kate and Gerry. Most especially his side of the family, John and Philo.
At least her mother agreed they were very wrong to leave the children!

I have just been reading I think the fifth rog int statement of Jane Tanner and I do not think she realised quite how much that clever detective was setting her up. At one point she gets her to point out that as she walked up the hill Gerry had his back towards her, in other words, had there actually been an abductor he would have been looking straight at him! Jane also continues to insist that contrary to what Gerry would like to say they were on her side of the road, near to the alleyway leading to the poolside entrance with the open patio door. She walked literally straight past them but Gerry insists he did not see her! She is just not a clever liar at all.

She goes on to explain how there were actually two Detective Superintendents there immediately, not just Stuart Prior but Bob Small as well. This places into context the McCann sychophants statements about how the PJ supposedly cocked things up. It was actually D Supt Small who arranged for Jane to go and have a look at Murat to see if she recognised him as the phantom she saw, which of course she did not. He told her she must not mention this to anyone, not even Russell but she did! It is a fascinating read... In any court case the opposing barrister will seek to discredit witnesses, DC Sophie has already done the most excellent job of discrediting Tanner, who also does a great job of discrediting herself, I just do not know how she can live with that. At the end of the day, it is not just the McCanns' family who are seeking to prevent justice for Maddie, it is all their ahem friends too, the question is what were they up to that causes them to lie?


hope4truth said...

Morning Viv

I think JT was told what she had to say and say it she did.... She is a sniviling woman who is bloody terified of the McCanns as she apeared in the Panorama trash and convinced me futher she was lying through her teeth...

If she had a backbone and common sense she would have told them how it could only make her look worse if she repeated her tail on national TV....

Who made that show BTW because after watching it especialy the bit where they are sat in the bar saying "there is a very clear view we are responsible" whilst thier friend zooms in and out on the apartment which is not visable unless you have a telescope and looks futher away than I ever imagined it...

To me the weired toung clicking Mad Kate waving her hand around talking about how "Click" she was gone made her look like she was either drunk or high... I think the guy who was making it left because it was not going his way???

In fact it looks like something one of us would have made because it really showed them for the neglecting uncaring weirdos they are...


viv said...

Hiya Hope

I think Jane is also bloody terrified of her own partner's sinister involvement in the disposal of little Maddie and goes on to tell an absolutely ripping yarn replete with so many ums you knows you completely lose the thread of what she is trying to say.

She says that around 9.10 she really did not want to do a check was hoping Russell would but anyway she went and of course she just happened to walk by Gerry who says that she did not! The waiter says only men got up to check during the week, sinister in itself. She says she thinks but she is not sure, (a tactic she uses repeatedly throughout this interview to try and avoid prosecution for telling lies) that around 9.30 Kate said she needed to do a check, odd really because on her account Gerry would have only just come back! I guess it must be the fantastic sex appeal of Kate because at this suggestion up jumps both Russell and Mat Oldfield who offer to do that for her. She explains how she is not sure how they checked on the McCann children at the poolside door because they both checked from the "rear door", in short they did not go through an open patio they did what you would expect and went through the main door with their key. Anyway, somehow, Mat does a check on the McCanns kids and also gets the message from Russ that Evi is not well and comes back and relays that message to Jane. So she then wolfs her dinner down so that she can go and relieve Russell (apparently a little joke they all enjoyed throughout the week). She "thinks" that Evi had actually been sick and oh these silly people going on about the sheets well of course he had put them in the washing machine and he actually had Evi in the bath when she arrived to ahem relieve him so then off he went again. She says that later on at 3 am to be precise for the first time ever she enters the McCann flat to talk to the PJ about her miraculous sighting. Guess who are there with her, Gerry, Russell and the PJ man. Gerry apparently shows no reaction when she tells of this abductor. Kate is upstairs with the Paynes crying. I can believe Gerry showed no reaction, I can even believe Kate was upstairs crying, but I cannot believe she does not know whether or not her own daughter had been sick! Quite amazingly she goes on to state that she just did not talk to Kate or discuss it with her over the next few days because she did not know how to deal with her grief and anyway hardly knew her!!!

It really is the most staggering read!

ratonthebeam said...

Good point about the fsmilies, Hope. My mother would have skinned me alive if I had left her preccious grandkids alone in a foreign apartment. And quite rightly, too.

I also think Jane is terrified of the McScums. Which immediaately begs the question as to why.

Indeed, Christmas has come and gone and no blog about how they are all suffering this festive season. Either the blogging has outlived it's financial usefulness, or Gerry has finally twigged that he is digging an even bigger hole for himself with the self-serving rubbish he writes.

Let's hope 2009 finally brings Payback Time for Robert Murat and Goncalo Amaral but most of all, for poor wee Madeleine!

viv said...

Oh Hope just remembered at one point I almost cried, she referred to doing a check on Sean and Amelie and forgot to mention Maddie, that said it all really! She uses the wrong tense in places too!

viv said...

Hiya RAT it is eerie, the silence, isn't it, even Pyschopops has shut up. No more talk of fat lardarse Gonc going to jail even, how very weird!

The calm before the storm we all think, we all hope!


hope4truth said...

Hi Viv and Rat

The fact what we know as a fact is so bloody strange would normaly mean the whole bloody lot of them were in the dock...

The police are hoping to arrest others in the aftermath of Karen Mathews normal people do not accept it is ok to lie to the police...

If either side of the family have any compasion or love in their bodies they would be demanding a full investigation into what happend to their niece/grandaughter but they seem to believe she means nothing...

Or do they? I cant beleive everyone can be bought and paid for or that people can just carry on the cover up not everyone is evil and maybe some of them have already spoken out against them...

viv said...

Hiya Hope and RAT

As we have already alluded, grandparents have a ferocious love for their children. Kate and Gerry's parents are extremely quiet. How can that be? They do not support them in making appeals for Madeleine's safe return? I think the American nan with Caylee has also been caught between her love for her little granddaughter and I guess a mother's natural protective instincts towards a wayward daughter, but in the end, it would seem she has been somewhat helpful to the police, to the point where she will not see her mom whilst in prison.

I doubt either set of grandparents can provide direct evidence but if what I believe to be true in the McCanns case, if I were Kate's mother I would be speaking up because in the end she will be doing Kate one big favour and to me she still looks like a pretty fit woman who maybe could look after the twins properly.

Just keeping quiet, if that is really what they are doing is very wicked. But, one thing I do know, Leicester Police will not let just one little scrap of information out into the public domain about this case until it actually reaches trial and the press are in the public gallery. So I am afraid what they know, we can only surmise!

viv said...

Other than the fact of their arrest and charge of course but as we know, even when that announcement is made, details of the case are still kept confidential. But we would be so pleased I guess that would not matter.

If I was Jane Tanner I would be one extremely worried woman because I cannot see them letting her get away this. It just does not get any more serious to casually lie in a murder enquiry about a little child, does it Jane!

hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

Jane Tanner may have already told the police all she knows... If she hasnt she is a very stupid woman I know neglecting her child did not seem to bother her but is she really prepared for a long prison sentence for perverting the course of justice???

She would not see her child for years a very big sacrafice to cover for 2 very selfish people who would sell her down the river if it would get them off the hook....

Jane surely your daughter is worth more than the McCanns to you???

hope4truth said...

Bellow is from the Mirror....

Madeleine McCann: ‘Police’ follow new leads

By Rod Chaytor


Callers claiming to have fresh information on missing Madeleine McCann have come forward after a new appeal by her parents.

Potential sightings and other leads are being followed up by a British team of former detectives who specialise in cold cases.

Parents Kate and Gerry, both 40, were delighted with the public response to their Christmas appeal, when they released a previously unseen video of their daughter.

Thousands logged on to http://www.findmadeleine.com to hear the couple's message: "This is our second Christmas without Madeleine. Please help us make sure we don't have a third."

Their spokesman said yesterday: "Kate and Gerry are pleased because the new material has achieved the desired response."

The couple spent Christmas at home in Rothley, Leics, with their twins, three. Madeleine vanished in Portugal days before her fourth birthday.

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-storie ... _page.html

All I can say is where have all these selfish people who have called up been for the last 19 months??? We have seen so many pictures of Madeleine looking just as she did in the video over and over again surley they never missed them???

All the money that was spend on the poster campaign did no one see any of these????

Because the only other alternitive is each and every person who has called with "NEW" information could not be bothered to call over the last 19 months how selfish is that???

THe retired police man hopefully has a brain and cant be bought because the apeal cant be that important if it was the fact there is nearly 2 million in unclaimed reward money still up for grabs would have been plastered all over it...

bath theory said...

Just to update the CSI episode about the parent killers.

The parents had an older child who had a serious gentic disorder and he passed away from it. They then had another child who started to show the same symptoms. A medical test was done, the mother flipped out and they killed the boy with a chemical fertiliser. The mother said she couldnt cope anymore to the husband with another child who would wilt away.

Now the twist being the initial symptoms in the second child were not present in the test. Thus the parents had killed the child when it was a perfectly healthy boy. They had panicked before waiting for the medical tests to confirm their thoughts.

WHY do I mention this?

Well it occurs to me that as far as I am aware the Portugese asked for and did not get any medical records whatsoever for Madeleine or for the parents.

Also, none of us can work out why so much of this case almost seems staged and planned but what could be the motive?

I am not stating it as a fact or a contender but what if a certain child was suffering from a genetic disorder and the mother couldnt cope with watching her erode away. Could it be this episode of CSI could explain
a) motive
b) The lack of medical files being given to the Portugese
c) The clinical way other Doctor friends have closed ranks when it does not seem to add up. Certain Dr's - usually those with big egos-can be very snotty about weaker or seriously ill children.

Of course CSI is not real life but it bases its writing in the real world. Just a thought to ponder on. Now where would Madeleine's medical files be now?

bath theory said...

Good to highlight the grandparents again as they have been extremely quiet in the last year. I wonder what they have asked their children behind closed doors and the other grandchildren too !!!

Standard format of complaint to the media organisations that are behaving like the Stasi ops in eastern Europe. Brown will bring in a new organisation soon to indoctrinate the youth and it will be under the guise of 'being green' to save the world !!! He is truly an odious man with regards to his mannerisms and tv presence -along the lines of Nixon in the US. Lacks credibility on almost every issue.

Once again I am outraged that so much airtime is given to this couple's PR machine without a BALANCED report appearing!!!!!!.

Amaral's book needs to be mentioned whenever this couple's antics are aired as it provides a counterpoint to this couple and their media machine.

Many people like me who work in a caring profession need to know that Madeleine's voice is being put first.

The BBC/SKY/Mirror etc is a major news organisation who have cosied up to this couple and their pr machine. Usually when a young girl (actually she was a 3yr old toddler) disappears the parents are involved so please start to probe and delve their words more carefully.

It is not too late to let yourselves do a job properly by representing a voice that highlights the inconsistencies, the bloodspats, the deleted phonecalls, the lack of searching the first night, the cuddle cat being washed, the smiles and joy on there faces one week after the 'disappearance' etc etc etc COME ON BBC/SKY/MIRROR etc - START REPRESENTING MADELEINE not the parents !!!

... "There were signs of death in the apartment. It was concluded that that cadaver odour could only came from Madeleine McCann"...

bath theory said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ratonthebeam said...

Their spokesman said yesterday: "Kate and Gerry are pleased because the new material has achieved the desired response."

That probably means that some mugs have sent money.

dylan said...

Hi all!

Good God, Hope! That Mirror story is pathetic. I expect that they probably "bought" some "sightings" with the funds that have been generated as a result of the video. It's not as if they haven't done it before!
So here we go again.....private detectives who specialise in 'cold cases' (it doesn't say what kind of cold case, I see) will, no doubt, go gallivanting afar to investigate such sightings and there will be another "we will have Madeleine home for Easter" promise.

It's all spin that is put out to the public to make us believe that that Madeleine is still alive and out there somewhere. Obviously something contrary to their scheming is due to come out (maybe GA's book here in the UK). The pair of them make me sick. How can they carry on claiming she is still alive an well, when sadly, they know that she died in the appartment. I still have absolutely no comprehension as to why, if they are innocent, are they not desperately trying to find out exactly what the cadaver odour means. The very fact that they have chosen to ignore it and deny it, reeks of guilt.

Sorry Hope, I'm not aiming anger at you, I have just had enough of the cr@p that the papers keep spewing out. BT is right. Where is the fair and balanced reporting? Why are we, as the British Public, being denied the other side of the story? What happened to factual reporting? This perpetual brown-nosing to the McCanns is nauseating!

Hi BT, Rat (good to see you posting), Viv (thanks for saving the files) Nancy, Claudia and anyone else that I have missed out.

Anyone know where ICTOAN has gone? I'm hoping his absence is because he is having a lovely time with his new lady.

BFN xx

bath theory said...

Talking of ladies I am still waiting to hear from Claudia who told us a few days ago she was preparing for New Years Eve and that meant about 5 days preparation. Blimey and I thought my wife took ages to prepare for a good night out. Claudia, what have you been beautifying?

nancy said...

Hope -

I notice that the Daily Mirror reporter made it clear that Madeleine had 'vanished' and didn't say she had been abducted this time. That's certainly an improvement!

Regarding Jane Tanner's statement when she said that Oldfield had used his key to get entry to the apartment - this contradicts what Oldfield said in his statement, namely that he had suggested looking in on Madeleine and the twins instead of Kate going, and she said 'yes, go ahead, the terrace door is open. Not that he made a very good job of it has it happened, because he failed to check if Madeleine was in her bed; well that's his story!

Having read a few of these tapa's statements, I'm convinced the whole lot of them have got together to get their stories to gel but as can be seen by their many hesitations they obviously have to think about what they are saying most of the time and I don't think the police who interviewed them have been at all taken in by their lies.


bath theory said...

In terms of achieving the desired response it is once again dressing an opinion up as a fact. Tell us what the response that was desired is and tell us exactly how much monies have been raised and by whom with area codes etc. Be open to where monies have been spent. They dont even have all the files and it is clear the public are being fed by the same spoon. I dont believe it is working because if it was they would not have to try and state it would they.

It is my opinion that these monies have been used to buy the writers off and thus to control the news as that chap who wrote the History of PR stated. He told us all on Radio 5 that the media is dominated now by those with huge money who can use it to control the story.

Remember, he said the place to go to find the truth is the internet. Huge money controls the news and the internet is the place to find the real story. mmmmmmmmm

bath theory said...

I believe GCHQ bugged them when they all had that KFC gathering and I believe they have been bugged from the moment they came back to Rothley. I also believe that for every police person in Leicester who for whatever reason wants to assist them there are 4 or 5 who want to see them answer serious questions.

How many people on this planet like turning a blind eye to 3 yr old girls going vanishing ?

nancy said...


An interesting theory of yours - if it was an Agatha Christie novel, this case couldn't be more baffling!

It's possible, in view of the fact there have been no medical records produced, but I reckon highly unlikely, that maybe Madeleine did have an incurable disease and they were all in on the idea of ending her life painlessly whilst on holiday and then mounting a huge media campaign and cover up,realising they could get the whole world on their side by saying she was abducted and acting the grieving parents.

The only hole in the story is they would surely have used as humane a way possible, i.e. an overdose so she didn't wake up. But then what about the cadaver dogs' evidence and the blood spatters in the apartment?

It get's curiouser and curiouser!

bath theory said...

How many people on this planet like turning a blind eye to 3 yr old girls vanishing ?

I suggest very few. As shown by the huge amount of people who went looking for Madeleine that first night minus a few careless/insensitive souls.

ratonthebeam said...

I do hope you are right BT.

A while back on the 3As there was a journalist who said that we would all see a big change in the way the story got reported, after the New Year. I do hope he/she was right as well and that this is the beginning of it.

ratonthebeam said...

Nancy, then why not take her to Switzerland where assisted suicide is legal?

nancy said...

BT - I agree! The majority of people now I am sure, are very suspicious of the McCann's actions and the tapas' silence!

I personally think they are lying through their teeth again about the amount given. I reckon they are just trying to get the public over to their side before GA's book comes out in the UK.

Of course, it could be the forerunner to more 'sightings', especially as CM seems to be back in the fold.

nancy said...

BT - I agree! The majority of people now I am sure, are very suspicious of the McCann's actions and the tapas' silence!

I personally think they are lying through their teeth again about the amount given. I reckon they are just trying to get the public over to their side before GA's book comes out in the UK.

Of course, it could be the forerunner to more 'sightings', especially as CM seems to be back in the fold.

hope4truth said...


Nancy yes they did say vanished which is nearere the truth...

Dyl I know it is so annoying the way it is reported and as BT says sureley a 3 year old child deserves some protection and justice especialy when the parents have already negelcted her and may have even been trying to palm her off on relatives hardly a loving family Dr or no Dr???

As for this producing new leads I have never heard of anything more ridiculous in my life Madeleine looked very much the same in the video as she did in all the other pictures that were released of her so anyone comming forward now cant of given a damn about her for the last 19 months and if they see a little girl who looks just like the video then they have the wrong child as Madeleine is nearer 5 now than 3....

I am sure there are people out there that know exactly what happend to her and one day Madeleine will get the justice she deserves...

ratonthebeam said...

I personally think the rot set in for the McScums with "why didn't you come Mummy when me and Sean were crying". At that point, people realised that not everything was as it seemed and they started to question. Pinkie also went very quiet from then on and I wonder if he actually knew before that point that the kids had been left every night. He certainly went very silent all of a sudden and IMO he was looking for a dignified exit route from then on.

atardi said...

Hi Viv and all of you,

Very interesting reading today.

Have been very "busy" last months with my health, children and work. But I was a "silent" reader during those months. And as you all know ...sometimes I can't find the right words to write.


When I read about new sightings I thought : "Oh No, Not Again." But after a moment I realised that in the past when we were confronted with new sightings that this meant that "things" were happening in the background. It is their way to leave stones unturned.

About the family. Of course they know what happened if they had done their honework. But the consequences are too big. That's why i.m.o they can't inform the police about their daughter.

nancy said...

I seem to have pressed the button twice but never mind!

Hi Rat -

I think you said that with tongue in cheek! I see what you mean though, but can you imagine the huge outcry if they were found out! Doctors backing assisted suicide of their own small daughter! I think those two would never do anything on purpose to undermine their status in society, especially Gerry!

No,I think it was an accident that went terribly wrong but instead of owning up to it they have tried to cover their backs by lying and pretending she was abducted. Most intelligent people can see that but gullible people will believe every word they say, and that's what they rely on.

Viv -

It certainly is a mystery why the tapas pals are keeping their mouths closely buttoned up all this time - I think they are being rewarded hansomely for their loyalty personally and of course, they have a lot to lose themselves if they told the truth of what went on that night! Evie was ill and the Oldfields left her - O'Brien's daughter was ill and he and Jane left her, so it seems only the Payne's kept a tag on their children but even that wouldn't have kept them 100% safe if they had started to vomit and choked!

They were all completely and utterly irresponsible and if the Gods are kind, they will all one day pay for their self serving and callous behaviour.


ratonthebeam said...

Nancy,I think that the pair of them would stop at nothing to remove anything or anyone that might cramp their style. They did leave their three kids alone, night after night - out of sight and out of mind.

viv said...

Hope, what an entirely misleading headline from The Mirror, Police follow up new leads, just when is this sickening spin going to stop? Are Mirror readers really that stupid! Who are these so called cold case detectives? And, as you say, why did these people not come forward nineteen months ago! What utter garbage!!

Just going to read the rest now!


viv said...

Hiya BT

In fact there is a report on the Pj file from the McCanns doctor but he does not even mention Maddie, or the twins I dont think,he says if I remember correct Kate never had any sedative meds and Gerry never consulted him at all. He gushes about what super parents they are and how they have kept him informed at all times of developments.

I am not sure whether there was something genetically wrong with Maddie, or whether she was showing the signs of being an abused and neglected little girl. I think it seems very ominous that Gerry was keen on her it would seem and she looked much happier when she was two than when she got to about three. There is a very good reason I think for the latest con over dates!

RAT, does it mean mugs have been sending money, well OK there are a few idiots on Psychos blog and no doubt the world over there will be more, but is it more likely the McCanns are just plain telling lies again, making out they have got a response when in reality, anyone who had any credible information would have long since given it. No one could possibly know what happened to Madeleine and not let them know, even if they were only motivated by that reward money. Of course there are people who know what happened but the McCanns told them what to say!

viv said...

Dilly, Nancy, we seem to be in like mind as ever.

Atardi, I am glad you had a good read and hope you are feeling a little better with your health. It is great to know you are always with us anyway and it is always so lovely to hear from you.

Must get back to my boys, one is tiling the hearth and the other one painting the kitchen where I left off, great to have my helpers!
Great response again guys and thanks!



dylan said...

Hi Atardi,

It's great to see you post again :-) Happy New Year to you! x

Viv & Hope, yes it's utterly revolting, the entire article and what it is trying to say. Obvioulsly will only appeal to those with about as much intelligence as the cold case detectives have on leads! I sometimes wonder if this country's obsession with celebrity comes before the need for truth and if G & K are anything to go by, people are just lapping it all up for a chance of a bit of gossip and they don't care for the truth at all, or poor little Maddie who was abandoned to her own fate, alone and scared in the dark, in a strange place.

Madeleine's face is the most famous little girl's face in the World, so I agree with Hope, it is ridiculous to think that after all this time, people would suddenly realise that they'd spotted her. Honestly, the Mirror must think its readers are idiots, or maybe they are!

I'm off out for a bit. My children are all away and I'm missing them already. Hasve a good eve, all. xx

Cláudia said...

Hello, everybody!

That article in the Mirror is absolutely pathetic. It would only be more pathetic if it said 'abducted' instead of 'vanished'.

Hi, BT!
I certainly haven't been cooking for the last 5 days but yesterday and today, I have. The pictures are on my blog! :-)

I cooked so much I think I don't have the strength to eat any of what I cooked! :-)


bath theory said...

I am somewhat deflated now Claudia. I was expecting you to be preparing yourself for 5 days and it was purely cooking. Shows you the state of my mind !!

Now latest CSI input from the scripts tonight.

Goodie to Baddie tonight says ...'You know what you did and I now know you did it.'

Goodie to Goodie ...'We are scientists. We analyse evidence and determine whether someone is guilty or not...TRUST ME WHEN YOU SOLVE IT NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES ITS WORTH IT.'

Goodie to Goodie '...following the records of the telephone call made all the difference.'

I just love all those CSI thrillers.

atardi said...


A Happy New Year to you too.

Hopefully you will enjoy your evening.


I will tell you later about my health if I can find the right words. But I'm doing o.k.


Today I have read an interview in a tabloid, from the beginning of november 2008, with EH from the pet crematory.

The highlights:

* 2 Weeks ago he had to report again to the police, because there were indications that he used the oven in the crematory in June 2007.last year had been well ovens burned. This was illegal because it was sealed.

* The police told him they knew he used the ovens in june.

* At this moment he is a suspect but not a formal suspect.

* Officially, the police indicated that the investigations into the disappearance of the girl stopped, but they are still working. I notice it; my phone is tapped, they follow me and sometimes they just are making pictures in my garden.


So this means that EH didn't refuse the request from the PJ like the parents and friends did and was there in october 2008.


Will try to translate more highlights.

Cláudia said...

BT, preparing myself for 5 days? Jesus, do you think I'm as ugly as Bum? I get ready in half an hour. 40 minutes if I have to wear make up and do something special with the hair. :-)

Lindy123 said...

Day 80 - 22/07/2007 - Sunday
Spent the whole day travelling from the Algarve to Washington where I will be visiting the National and International Centers for Missing and Exploited Children and meeting politicians involved in recent legislation on missing children. The flights for our campaign manager and myself were kindly donated by an airline.

There is a very upsetting story on the front page of a British National Newspaper today. The headline suggests that Kate and I face prosecution for neglecting our children by dining 50 yards away and checking on them regularly. We know that there has been criticism in some quarters of our actions but at the time, we felt our actions were responsible. We were essentially performing our own baby listening service although we have talked of the guilt we felt at now being there at the moment Madeleine was taken.

We have been advised that legally our behaviour was well within the bounds of responsible parenting and subsequently been assured that no action will be taken. These types of criticism, particularly at this stage, as well as being hurtful are extremely unhelpful in the search for Madeleine. From the moment we discovered Madeleine missing Kate and I have done everything in our power to try and help get her back.

Our opinion now is completely clouded by what has happened to us and of course has sent shock waves through thousands of families. The real issue is that we should not have a constant fear of abduction of our children from their bedrooms, gardens or streets for that matter. What Kate and I did was at worst naïve and no one should forget that the real criminal is the predator who has taken a completely innocent child in such a premeditated fashion. It is this act that has wreaked havoc on our family and affected millions of other people


This blog entry was a defining moment for me. Who told them that their actions were within the bounds of responsible parenting? Their expensive lawyers, who worked on their defence from the beginning? I didn't believe the McCanns from the beginning but this was the point that they started to take the p***.

"We have been advised that legally our behaviour was well within the bounds of responsible parenting" said the nominee for Scotsman of the year 2007.

I am proud to say I've worried and fussed around my two boys all their lives. They're grown up now and when they go out I still don't go to bed 'til they're home. They have their kiss (in front of assorted mates) and laugh at me - I don't care, it's my job. Love you, take care, look after each other, stay together kiss kiss kiss. And I know for a fact that all their friends kiss their mums and have to text to say they're safe if they're not coming home!

I just feel great sadness for the children of the tapas group and others like them. Those that don't rejoice in the wonderful, fulfilling, heart bursting feeling of a parent that loves their child.

I hope that soon, very soon, Madeleine has peace and rest.

Happy new year Viv and all of you.

Lindy xxx

bath theory said...

Yes the charade is becoming less and less sustainable isn't it.


ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi everyone

Happy New Year



Thank you for the enquiry. I have been readind but not posting as I have nothing fresh to say at the moment. What I read really says it all.

I have been busy along with my lady friend in Ringing Out our respective Old and planning to Ring In an adventurous New.

Details of the adventure will be posted at a later time but I can give a clue: "Georgie Boy".

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

Just a quick post to wish everyone a very Happy Hogmanay and Good Wishes for 2009!

Read you all in the New Year.

ratonthebeam said...

Just popping into wish everyone a great Hogmanay and a prosperous 2009. And I hope the Credit Crunch does not bite you all too hard, except of course the McScums Fraudulent Fund!

rat xxx

ratonthebeam said...

Hahaha, nice find, Dyl! "Ring out the false, ring in the true!" A Happy New Year to everyone on the blog, and do check out the Tennyson poem on Dyl's link, it is very appropriate! :-)

dylan said...

Good morning all!

Hi Rat,

It was a very apt link but, alas, I can't claim credit for posting it - it was ICTOAN!

ICTOAN, thanks for posting again. Glad you are well and happy & long may it last!

Just in case I don't get a chance to pop in again, I'd like to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009. Have a lovely eve guys, whatever you are doing and wherever you're going to celebrate!


viv said...

Hiya Lindy

Well indeed, what reasonable parent relies upon legal advice as to what they can get away with, rather than what is normal and decent behaviour. Even the words themselves at the moment she was taken are simply sickening - I believe they are meant to clearly imply that even if they had been there in their rooms asleep, these noiseless, DNAless, sweatless, fibreless, ghost of a predator could still have slipped in and taken a peacefully sleeping Maddie without a peep!

I am sure this was a defining moment for millions of people in making up their mind about Gerry McCann. Hence, no doubt also on legal advice, he removed all these blogs from the public domain. Too late, I am afraid, Gerry? BTW, you did not interfere with Pamalam's blog did you!! Forgive, Gerry, but we simply do not trust you.

Oh and Lindy, you sound just like me with my boys, how dare they try and sneak off without a kiss eh! I find it extraordinary actually that there are normal people like me and you who demonstrate more love and concern towards their adult children, than the McScums (thanks RAT) could manage for three tiny, dependant little tots. I maybe a probation officer etc, but at the end of the day, I really cannot understand how you cannot just do what even animals do and love, guard and protect your tiny offspring! It should be instinctive!

BT, Zodiac, RAT, Dilly, Have a fantastic time tonight and a truly fantastic year, you deserve it, and to ALL of my posters of course, and everyone who loves children and supports JUSTICE FOR MADDIE IN 2009!


I am thrilled you are having a great time with your new lady, you deserve it and that we are expressing your sentiments so well! But it is always lovely to hear from you, when you get chance:-)))

viv said...


Love you loads and hope you have a fantastic New Year

Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

viv said...

Atardi, how lovely to hear from you again, and I really hope you are OK!

It is truly horrifying to contemplate that the McScums may have used a pet cematory to get rid of the evidence against them, their own "beautiful little girl" but I am afraid I would not put anything at all past Gerry McCann, in particular. Hence his sickening words:

Well find the body and prove we killed her.

How clever he thinks he is.

Clever is not quite the word we would use, Gerry!

Lots of love to you too Atardi, Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cláudia said...

Hello, all.
Have a fantastic 2009, full og Health, peace, Love, Happiness and JUSTICE!

Viv, thank you, darling!
Have a very happy New year!
Beijinhos, Viv and Doc.
Feliz Ano Novo, all!

viv said...

Hello Claudia minha amiga!

Feliz ano novo, how lovely it sounds in Portuguese and I am sure it will be for all of us here, but not for some, that is what they deserve!

Beijinhos e ambracos



viv said...

Claudia, some misguided idiot on the "Maddie" site (full of vindictive hatred for Goncalo, us etc) seems to think I have posted on Bum's site:

I can only say that if they think I would say anything nice to a racist child abuse supporter they are very much mistaken!

Chris said...

I have to say how nice it was of Viv to have a change of heart to put such a nice post on Kayes site, i must say I am surprised but its the gesture that counts.
29 December 2008 22:31

Cláudia said...

Viv, LOL
They now need to post to themselves to get posts. How sad. I wish them a less pethetic 2009. And a lot of luck to their children and grandchildren.
Off for a cappuccino!

mandarinn said...


I will read all next year

Angel (+ina) XD

viv said...

Lol Claudia!

In fact they seem to have given up posting altogether, I wonder why:-)))

Have a great cappuchino hun xx

Mandarrin my Angel how lovely to hear from you!

have a great New Year darling!

Luv Viv xxxx

viv said...

forgive my spelling guys

and to all our other bloggers, Nancy, Di, Hope, LGC, Lizzy, and others I cannot think of at mo:-))


Luv Viv xx

nancy said...





bath theory said...

Dear Mr & Mrs McCann and all those who read this site on their behalf ie those who are paid to try to highlight one and only one possible viewpoint of what happened to a little girl when there are many too be considered.

I write here because I wish for a BALANCED and just court investigation to happen in this issue over the disappearance of a vulnerable 3 yr old girl who you would say was left alone and I would say was neglected whilst a holiday was occuring.

We speak as people who merely wish all angles to be covered and we speak as individuals of mankind who are skeptical when we come across information/evidence such as that when the mother of a missing child refuses to answer police questions, we feel it is worng to dismiss bloodspats in the apartment when they are found and we rightly feel aggrieved when inconsistent stories of the group appear etc.

We speak as human beings who find it strange that a blog gets written and the writer barely mentions the missing daughter. We speak as human beings who find it strange that a joyful open smile can be found on such parents faces when only a week or so has passed when an IVF baby, the first of the family, has vanished. We speak as people who are usually open in the conduct of our lives and thus when we come across such info we naturally question. Indeed, history has taught us that those who evade questions and who use words to accuse are often hiding something.

Thus you may wish to label people like us as rascists or other unkind words in order to smear but we are the type who represent the opposite of bigotry, hatred and narrowmindedness. We stand for openess and discourse and debate. In short, we have nothing to hide in our lives and thus we are open to debate over how a 3yr old child has vanished. Furthermore as parents we cannot understand another parent who is not.

I personally do not see my family I was born into now as they showed an evil/wicked degree of the bigotry described above to my partner when we met. She was from a culture not disimilar to that of the Portugese and different in some ways from that of us here in Britain. Her dad was a Minister in the government and her uncle owned the main newspaper in the country but still my parents used foul narrowminded words and accusations against her. Seeing her as something inferior. It split my family but I found the courage to move away from such bigotry. Thus I find it very easy to see injustice and inconsistencies in the way this story has been planted in the press. I have also spent over 7 yrs taking a government body to court and succeeded and thus understand how the legal process works.

But the bottom line is that whatever truly happened on that holiday a sense of freedom can be gained in life by leading it without leaning on our own ego, without encouraging material jealousies and without aspiring to need to earn big money in jobs where one has to wear masks and encourage words to be manipulated and carefully coded.

May I suggest you consider your actions and think about how the short time we all have on this planet can be spent whilst being true to our inner core or soul if you like. Living a life being open and honest to yourself can have far reaching consequences. Better to take responsibility, take the consequences of our actions and move on with a clean slate.

I wish those of you who are currently being very clear in wishing to be narrow about how Madeleine disappeared a quiet and peaceful new years eve but I wish for justice for Madleeine to occur in an open courtroom in 2009. It will set free many a soul and spirit.

nancy said...

Hi BT -

I just read your last blog and want to say I found it very moving!

In my opinion, you were very brave in marrying the woman you love irrespective of whether she found approval from your family or not. If you hadn't followed your heart, you would have spent the rest of your life regretting it.

Not all matches are made in heaven it's true, but we all have to make such decisions ourselves and not be dictated to by others, however close you are to them.

Good luck to you both in 2009!


bath theory said...

I very much appreciate your comment Nancy. May your year be peaceful and calm x

viv said...

Hiya BT and Nancy

I just wanted to echo your sentiments Nancy, that BT's post is very moving. I think it is about respect for other human beings and that is what we share on here. That is what we find upsetting when we see comments from the McCanns and their supporters that seem to place children as somewhere far down the social strata, as somehow not deserving to be treated equally, their needs to be fully met just the same as adults. I am just reading the statement of Fiona and I am afraid she highlights the difference. The ethos of the Mark Warner holiday was very important to them, a distinction between adult fun and leaving the children out of that. She says that her and David argued with Mark Warner about the lack of a baby listening service. It is like they want to hark back to the 40s and 50s and what was then considered acceptable childcard by leaving children in a room with a bluecoat or something doing the rounds listening for crying, just what century do the come from. They are much younger than me and I just cannot understand their attitude. I do not think it is really what at face value it appears, a Dickensian attitude to childcare, it is a rotten selfish attitude and in many respects that is very modern! Child neglect and abuse does not gradually become a thing of the past, certainly in UK it gets steadily worse.

Going back to BT's post again the same can be said for racism and again it is an attitude we cannot really understand and we do not want to. We love people for what they are, not because of what group they come from. I applaud you for standing against you family Bt and doing what your heart told you was right, rather than listening to blind prejudice. For that you deserve every happiness.

I know you also firmly believe in justice and have fought a government department for many years and won, just like I have myself, that is the sort of people we are! People who want to see the likes of Kate and Gerry McCann lose in a court of law, simply because they deserve to and a court will properly determine everything about that conduct that is wrong and unlawful and let the world know about that, and that they are NOT celebrity figures to be looked up to by anyone, including Karen Matthews. No doubt she now rues the day she sought emulate their conduct, thank God it did not go so far!

Viv xxxxxxx

LittleGreyCell said...

Sadly, BT, something tells me that those responsible for Madeleine's disappearance ARE being true to themselves. Not everyone possesses the morality necessary to sustain a just and fair society, unfortunately.

Hey ho.

But I'm so glad to know everyone on here.

Happy New Year, everyone!


hope4truth said...

Happy New Year All I hope you are all with people you love or at least like xxx

Cláudia said...

Feliz Ano Novo, everybody!
Doc texted me and asked me to wish you all a great New Year!

nancy said...

Happy New Year everyone!

May you and your families all have good health, happiness and prosperity in the coming year!



nancy said...

Happy New Year's Day everyone -

The picture of the McCanns at the top of this thread is so false. Just before this was taken they were walking hand in hand ready to face the cameras with a smile on their faces, then their demeanour changed rapidly when they are posing for the camera with Kate trying hard to force a tear, without success, and Gerry looking his normal beligerant self.

Reporting like this opening paragraph in an article by Marisa Rodrigues on the 28th December (McCann Files) is what is missing from our media here. Just why are they so scared of telling it like it is - it can't just be fear of being sued because they would recoup that money over and over again with sales hitting the ceiling! Surely they can't all be McCann sycophants!

Marisa said:

"Subservience to England and excessive media exposure dictated the failure of the investigation that made rivers of ink flow. The trace of Madeleine Beth McCann was lost at the age of 3 on the 3rd May 2007, in PdeLuz near Lagos."


hope4truth said...

Good Morning All

Nancy a good quote from Marisa and IMHO The UK should hang it's head in shame at the lack of respect given to a neglected and more than likely dead three year old child...

How can anyone dare to stand up in Parliment or report the death of Baby P with shock and condemnation of the departments who should have taken care of him and ignore another child who suffered at her parents hands is discusting.

All children are equal what happend to Baby P at his Mothers hands was discusting and heads should roll because of it hopefully the Mother and all the other people who were involved are sent down for a very long time or forever would be better...

Madeleine was neglected night after night and her parents have laughed their way through her supposed abduction could not be bothered to look for her (as they knew there was no point) and have lied to the world about what happend.

Her Mother refused to answer a single question and with the best lawyers money could buy if she was innocent there is not a single she would not want to answer so the PJ could focus on looking for Madeleine...

We are sold an image of Kate McCann whistful sitting on a rock trying her best to look sad (and as Nancy says the picture at the top of this page is forced anguish as they could not hide their joy before it was taken) yet this woman poor victim was almost proud to tell us how they nearly took the children with them as Madeleine told her she and her baby brother had been crying for them the night before but in the end she did what she wanted to do and neglected them all over again (so what if a 3 year old child is terrified in a strange room alone Mummy and Daddy need to go out)...

It makes sense why Kate seemed so happy to tell everyone just what a bitch she was to her daughter the night she was taken because she thought it would stop anyone reading Mrs Fenn's statement when it came out in the files and asking questions about just what it was she heard (she thought wrongly we would all say "Oh we know all about the crying Kate told us") the public are not stupid and any loving parent or person for that matter found her comments bloody odd and very cruel...

The McCanns neglect on that holiday is shocking their actions since have been even more shocking and the fact that so called inteligent people are backing them all the way is more than shocking...

Gerry's blogs show just how little she was thought of it is all about them and just how wonderful they are hardly a word for Madeleine who is the victim of their selfish behaviour and god knows what else...

If they are responisble for her death then they are evil then again if she was abducted the lack of help they have offered the way they have behaved especialy Gerry' odd ball comments "FInd the body prove we killed her" "We have no reason to belive she has been harmed" "We belive she is in the hands of a Peadophile ring" well all I can say is it is a shame he stopped blogging as people cant believe how bloody strange he is...

I wont be voting Labour next time and I come from a very strong Labour family and for the first time in my life dont care that they wont be governing our country. Something is not right and if the Labour Party can back Gordon calling parents of a neglected child who may well have been killed by one of them then something is very wrong...

Did he call Karen Mathews? Does he call every parent who says a child has been taken? NO dont think so the question is why are they so important?

I can think of no reason that is decent.

nancy said...

Hello Hope

You are right about them receiving preferential treatment.

Normally, when a child goes missing or, more tragically, is killed, the parents are the first suspects and so it beggars belief that they were fawned over, made into celebrities overnight and given 100% support by those in power, while the PJ's were made to look inadequate and bumbling.

I just hope we don't have too long to wait for GA's book to come out here in the UK and then perhaps more people will sit up and take notice.

Will the McCann's sue? I don't think so somehow! They are keeping a low profile right now, apart from that bogus Christmas appeal.

hope4truth said...

Hi Nancy

I am looking forward to reading the book and also cant wait to see if the McCanns Sue it is win win if they dont when they have sued everyone else people will ask why? If they do sue GA will relish seeing them in court as there are many questions they wont want to answer...

Been looking through the net this morning and the amount of appologies that have been given to the 9 Adults is discusting when did any of them apologise for leaving their children alone in danger...

If Madeleine was abducted then each of the 9 Adults on the holiday should never rest until she is found as they are all responisble for making it seem ok to neglect their children...

If she was Killed and hidden although they are still moraly discusting for choosing to neglect their children Madeleines death is not on their hands (although what happend afterwards may be)...

Their own children will grow up very quickly and as all children love a secret will no doubt read all they can about the holiday. How will they forgive their parents for what they did?

I still dont want to belive people would cover up the death of a child or anyone could be bought to stay quiet. I do belive people can be terified and afraid to speak out (JT looks like a victim of a bully) but I could not live with such an evil secret and I love my own children enough that I would never risk going to jail and leave my children in the hands of social services for anyone...

Emmerdale has a story line at the moment where a nice girl killed her boyfriend (who was a drug dealing scum bag) and along with two friends covered it up. The body has just been found... I asked my girls what they thought and both said call the police better to go to jail than worry about getting found out for the rest of your life and how would you ever be happy again knowing what you had done...

Happy New Year xxx

Di said...

Good afternoon everyone

Just looking in to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Like Nancy, I hope this is the year we see justice for Madeleine.

Wizard said...

Hi all - here's wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Best Regards as always - Wizard

dylan said...

Hi all,

Happy New Year!

Before I read back, I would just like to warn you guys of a possible scam!! -
I have just got home and opened my inbox, found 20 failed deliveries and that somebody has used MY hotmail contacts to send a "Best good best service" ad out to ALL of them as if it were from me!! Sorry to Hope, Doc and Viv, I didn't send it.

I am seriously freaked out. Ratty, have you any idea how this could have happened? Should I shut down my email address and make a new one?? :-(


dylan said...

It gets worse.

Now I can't send an email without having to read and type a code thingy because Hotmail has marked that I have sent loads of spam. Arrrgghhh!

And I thought this year was going to be a bright new start for me too!


Wizard said...

Apologies if you have already seen this but I was looking at Anorak and the asides he gives to Tracey Kandohla’s article in The People. I copy below the article for your information.
Madeleine McCann: Introducing Amelie, Celebrity Kate and Xmas Marks the Spot
THE PEOPLE: “KATE: I KNOW OUR MADDIE IS ALIVE -EXCLUSIVE New worldwide appeal as McCanns face second heartbreak Xmas Star gives TV backing
Little news of Our Maddie, the missing child who is still missing. But Christmas is approaching, another landmark.
Writes Tracey Kandohla:
Missing Madeleine McCann’s mum Kate remains certain she is still alive - and plans a worldwide appeal at Christmas for help in finding the tot.
Merry Christmas, everyone! It’s panto season:
A sporting hero, who has yet to be named, will front the TV appeal. The celeb will speak as previously unseen footage of Maddie is screened.
Who is it? Any clues? Says Clarence Mitchell:
“Kate and Gerry believe Madeleine is still out there. Their faith and hope have helped them through their darkest days. They believe their daughter is still alive. The Christmas message will be about finding her. Kate and Gerry do not want to appear themselves but they are keen to invigorate interest in the search.”
So let’s all focus on finding Madeleine McCann; discovering what happened to her; looking for a crime.
Sean and Amelie, three, wore Star Wars fancy dress and shrieked with laughter as Christmas lights were turned on by Darth Vader in the McCanns’ home village of Rothley, Leics.
Surely, this is the one place we know Madeleine McCann is not. Keep looking:
Blonde Amelie, who bares a striking resemblance to her big sister, was dressed as Princess Leia.
It’s Maddie!
Sean waved a toy Star Wars light sabre. Kate clung tightly to Amelie. But an onlooker said: “I have never seen her look so happy. She was grinning from ear to ear. It was a joy to see her so content and relaxed.”
Who needs a celebrity, when for The People Kate McCann is enough?
Says Mitchell:
“Kate wanted the twins to see the lights. Last year was difficult but this year they are making an effort for their sake.”
Do you see the light?
Well I do Anorak.

bath theory said...

I had a wedding today and so started the year with a pleasant vibe. Happy new year

bath theory said...

One day the twins will 'see the light' when they grow up and start questioning.

ratonthebeam said...

Hi Dyl. Do a full virus scan with an up-to-date AV. RIGHT NOW. Sounds like you might have a worm. (Not you personally, sorry, your computer). A full scan should clear it.

dylan said...

Thank you Ratty,

I am runnning a scan right now.
Fingers crossed!


bath theory said...

One of the things to watch with people is when they use the words ...I KNOW. So the headline used in that newspaper THE PEOPLE: “KATE: I KNOW OUR MADDIE IS ALIVE -EXCLUSIVE New worldwide appeal shows that a lie is taking place.

If she did KNOW she would calmly get on a plane and go and get her. Words are cheap and this once again dresses up an opinion as a fact. Persuasive language that 8 yr old children learn in our national curriculum !!!!!!!

It is the same when you here people who are religious say I KNOW... Immediately, you realise these are insincere people wanting desperately to convince either themselves or yourself of something.

So my humble opinion says they have gone on so long with this charade and any PR person worth their salt knows that there is only so long you can brainwash the mass of the public. Maybe they know it but they just keep saying the same old thing hoping to keep convincing the influential. It is a trick politicians and manipulative people use. Keep saying the same old thing and hope it all goes away !!!

Well I believed the easily brainwashed of this country were forced to start THINKING by their continued antics and wouldn't it be nice to think that their could be JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE in 2009. Maybe we could employ Metado 3 who could then put out a campaign to say The parents will be in a courtroom being probed by intelligent barristers before christmas - I promise.

Wizard said...

Todays London Evening Standard tells us:-

”As readers will recall, since Madeleine McCann's abduction in May 2007, The Evening Standard has covered the story extensively and reported developments in the police investigation and search for Madeleine.

During the last few months of 2007 we, along with much of the media, published a number of articles which may have been understood to suggest that Kate and Gerry McCann may have been involved in Madeleine's disappearance. We regret this and wish to make clear, for the avoidance of any doubt, that we fully accept that there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Kate and Gerry were involved in the disappearance of their daughter.

We continue to support Kate and Gerry in their search for Madeleine. There is no evidence that Madeleine has come to any harm and clearly there are people out there who know where she is.

Therefore we are today calling on Evening Standard readers to redouble their efforts to find Madeleine. We have now made a very substantial donation to assist with the search and are continuing to run adverts in the foreign editions of our sister paper, the Daily Mail, asking for information which might lead to Madeleine being found.

We wish Kate and Gerry all the best and will continue to work with them to help find their daughter.”

http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/ ... article.do

Ho hum – more money entering the fund without frightening Claudia the Mc’s will soon have enough money to buy a property in Portugal for the purposes of having a bases to orchestrate their own search for Madeline in Portugal – of course. By the way the Evening Standard is part of the Daily Mail group.