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1. Kate McCann
2. Karen Matthews
3. Casey Anthony

All moms had an unshakeable conviction their beloved daughters would be restored to them quite safe and well. All did not wish to discuss matters with the Police, indeed reacted with anger at the suggestion they would know where their kids were or what happened to them. They do not think it is reasonable that a mummy should know at all times where her little girl is and like to point the finger of blame a long from themselves. They do not understand mummies have a duty of care for their little girls to keep them safe from harm (including from themselves). In the case of contestants 1 and 3 cadaver dogs detected an unnatural odour they are specifically trained to find in Mummy's car. Fortunately perhaps, contestant 2 did not have a car. Mummy's 2 and 3 are now in custody, hey ho, two down, one to go. Then their little children will have really achieved justice, until such time we will continue to be the voice of little Madeleine, because all her mum is concerned about is herself and staying away from where mums 2 and 3 quite rightfully belong! Well we know where you and your husband belong Kate, and some of your ahem "friends" too! Children deserve to be really looked after and loved whilst on holiday, especially tiny children and they deserve to come home again, too! YOU never even took Maddie to the beach, did you, your mate Jane Tanner says so!

Victims of abuse and neglect Madeleine McCann and Shannon Matthews but for Madeleine there is no happy ending
Hiya all - Claudia referred me to this highly illuminative new post from Paulo Reis and I just knew you would be very interested. The "bottom line" that Kate was in the apartment with Madeleine when she was crying Daddy, Daddy on 1 May is simply horrifying. I always did think it was a strange thing for her to keep calling..but confess it never occurred to me that was because Kate was actually there. It is really starting to make sense now!

Viv x


More on the deleted call records

Where Was Kate McCann? (*)

The CD issued by Ministerio Publico de Portimao in July 2008, contains a great deal of information on the mobile calls made and received by the “Tapas 9” but it is dispersed, difficult to retrieve and with important pages and charts missing. The main documents of interest from the CD are:

* A 3 page report by the Policia Judiaria (undated, but probably 4th May 2007) listing call records retrieved from the handsets of Mr and Mrs McCann
* A detailed (and excellent report) by Inspector Paulo Dias, Inspector of UNI-Sector de Análise, Lisbon, dated 9th November 2007
* Schedules provided by Vodafone on 14th December 2007 covering a period from 29th April 2007 for Gerald McCann, David Payne, Rachael Mampilly, broken into four separate sections for incoming and outgoing telephone calls, incoming and outgoing SMS traffic
* A second report by Inspector Dias dated 5th February 2008, containing time bars, link charts and maps pinpointing where the “Tapas 9’s” sets were when they activated antennae
* A third report by Inspector Dias dated 2nd June 2008 which includes details of activations of the Luz and other mobile antenna from 28th April 2007 to September 2007
* The Rogatory Letter requests and correspondence dated from 5th December 2007 to May 2007 and responses from the Home Office in April and May 2008

The PJ used a program, called the “Analyst’s Notebook” as well as “Excel” to handle what were very large datasets. Inspector Dias pointed out that “Excel” was far from ideal, because of its limited capacity and it seems that much of the data provided was paper based and had to be rekeyed. Also the main focus of the research was limited to the evening of Thursday 3rd May 2007. But, despite the problems, the PJ’s work is impressive, innovative and very detailed. For example, there is a brilliant analysis (which unfortunately led nowhere) based on the hypothesis of two abductors each working with mobiles in the Ocean Club area immediately before Madeleine was reported missing. There is another excellent piece of work which tracks down a misrouted call, from Swansea, to Kate McCann at 11.21 on Wednesday 2nd May 2007.

However, there are potentially serious omissions:

* The most important records were not available when Mr and Mrs McCann attended their “Arguido interviews” on 6th and 7th September 2007 and it is doubtful that they were ever reviewed by the very experienced analysts from the Leicestershire Police, whose team left the Algarve soon after the McCann’s return to the UK in September 2007
* There are no detailed call records from the mobile operators for Kate McCann, Russell O’Brien, Matthew Oldfield and Jane Tanner
* When the PJ obtained the McCann’s mobiles they do not appear to have retrieved deleted data or to extract their contact lists
* None of the telecom records show triangulation co-ordinates but are limited to identifying the single primary antenna on which calls were registered
* The details of over 50 UK subscribers contacted by the Tapas 9 in the critical period, as well as their onward local and international call records, was included in the Rogatory Letter request in December 2007. If this information was provided, it is not in the CD
* A critical link chart (Anexo 37) for Tuesday 1st May 2007 is missing from Inspector Dias’s report

These omissions make interpretation of the data difficult but what is available provides an interesting picture. First, it is obvious that the memories in the McCann’s mobiles were incomplete and, in Kate McCann’s case, selectively deleted.

Her mobile memory held details of 39 calls from 18.28 on Wednesday 25th April to 16.35 on 27th April 2007. After her arrival in Portugal on 28th April 2007, with the exception of one incoming call on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 at 11.21 (which, very interestingly, was the Swansea “wrong number”), and one call from her husband at 23.17 on Thursday 3rd May 2007, everything else has been “whoosh-clunked” from memory. These deletions could have been accidental, but a high degree of cunning could be implied. Why would she selectively delete everything up to Thursday 3rd May 2007 with the exception of one wrong number and what was her reason for deleting three of the four calls, between 23.14 and 23.17, from her husband on that critical night?. A possible answer is that she wished to avoid alerting the PJ to evidence that details of around 40 calls had been erased and she felt happier leaving something uncontroversial (or misleading) in memory for them to find. Another answer is that, unsurprisingly, she was under the most extreme stress imaginable following the disappearance of her daughter: but why, in that case, give priority to deleting anything. It is the last thing most parents would think about in the circumstances.

The first call found in Gerald’s mobile memory was timed at 00.30 on Friday 4th May 2007. Again matching antenna records to memory suggests that by the time he gave the handset to the PJ the records of 24 calls or SMSs had been erased, including the one from him found on his wife’s handset and timed at 23.17 on Thursday 3rd May 2007. It appears that he had deleted details of the four calls he made to her that night and she deleted just three. It was this simple discrepancy that first led the PJ to suspect interference with the handsets.

If the deletions were deliberate (and it is an “if”) it implies the McCann’s were both “forensically aware” and crafty and wanted to hide something from the PJ. For this reason, it is important to explore the call record data and to match it against other evidence.

On Saturday 28th April 2007, after their arrival in Luz, Kate McCann’s mobile triggered the antenna 9 times. It is not possible to say, from the available records, whether these were incoming or outgoing calls or SMSs or for how long they lasted. The last activations were at 20.55 and 20.59 when (based on their statements) the Tapas 9 returned for an early night after eating at the Millennium Restaurant with their children. All of these records were erased from the memory of Kate McCann’s mobile. Gerald McCann’s mobile did not activate any of the Luz antennae that day.

On Sunday 29th April 2007, the first activation of Kate McCann’s mobile was at 9.23, but again there are no Vodafone logs or time bars to provide further detail. However, by internally matching the antenna records it appears that she called her husband at 12.26 and 17.02.

The crèche records indicate that he collected Madeleine at 12.15. He also picked up the twins around 17.00 but mistakenly recorded the time as “12.30”. Chances are that the calls from Kate McCann were to check that he had picked up the kids. At 10.13 Gerald McCann received a call from a UK mobile xxxxx3899. The last activation by Kate McCann’s mobile was at 19.30 and Gerald’s at 17.02.

A pattern on this sheet (and it applies to all of the Tapas 9) is that no activations took place at any time during the week while they were at dinner. So maybe Clarence Mitchell was right, after all, and that they were so “into each other” that they didn’t want to be disturbed while sardine munching and left their mobiles in their rooms. They were never specifically asked this question, but it is very important and the point will be addressed later.

On Monday 30th April 2007, neither of the McCann’s telephones activated the Luz transmitters. This looks very odd, especially as they were around the Ocean Club to shuffle the kids to and from the crèches. On this afternoon, Madeleine remained in the crèche for only 15 minutes and was picked up by her mother at 15.30. We do not know what Madeleine did for the rest of the day, but it is possible she was being fractious. Interestingly, a friend of Mrs and Mr McCann supposedly told the “Dispatches” team that made a TV program on the tragedy, that “Madeleine was a screamer”. This could be interpreted in one of two ways, but any use of the past tense in referring to Madeleine would be very significant. It was such a past tense referral, to her supposedly living children, that alerted the FBI to their murder by Susan Smith, their mother.

On Tuesday 1st May 2007, Gerald McCann’s handset was silent all day. Kate McCann’s mobile first activated the Luz antenna at 10.16, but all details of the day’s calls have been deleted from the handset and there is no nothing in the CD from her mobile provider. Another activation took place at 12.17. The crèche records show that Gerald McCann picked up Madeleine at 12.20 (a bit earlier than usual) but Kate McCann’s call at 12.17 does not appear to have been to him, (because his mobile was not activated at all that day). Kate McCann dealt with her last call before leaving for the Tapas Bar at 20.35.

At around 8.45pm on Tuesday 1st May 2007, Miss Nejoua Chekeya, the Ocean Club’s busty Aerobics Instructor, held a “Quiz Night” and was later invited, allegedly by Gerald McCann, to join his table which she did sometime between 9.30pm and 9.50pm. She did not say how long she had remained with them, but she is not the sort of woman men would wish see to leave too quickly. Miss Chekeya stated that one dinner setting was unused and that she could not remember seeing Kate McCann.

However, both Jane Tanner and Russell O’Brien have stated that he did not go to the Tapas Bar on the “Quiz Night” (ie Tuesday 1st May 2007), but had stayed in their room looking after his sick daughter. Jane Tanner took his dinner to the room; thus explaining the unused plate setting. Russell O’Brien was not asked by either the Policia Judiciaria or Leicestershire Police whether he had heard Madeleine crying!

Kate McCann’s mobile was next activated six times, in rapid fire, between 22.16 and 22.27, after she had returned to Apartment 5A after dinner. The antenna traffic proves that these calls were not made to any of the “Tapas 9”.

The evidence from the call logs gives the strongest clue that the “Tapas 9” left their telephones in their rooms when they went to dinner. Clarence Mitchell, the McCann’s spokesperson, confirmed this. In an interview, reported on 6th April 2008 by Ned Temko of “The Guardian”, Mr Mitchell said: “You had nine people in a bar without watches on, without mobile phones and absolute panic set in when they realised what had happened…. We would say that, if the police had a perfect time line across nine people, that would be a damn sight more suspicious than the fractured, illogical, composite statements they might have got”

Mrs Fenn, the McCann’s neighbour, reported that Madeleine had cried for her father between 22.30 and 23.45. The evidence shows that Kate McCann was in Apartment 5A 14 minutes before Madeleine started crying. Tuesday 1st May 2007 is the only night (except, of course, for Thursday 3rd May 2007) that either of the McCanns or any of their friends made calls after dinner.

Mrs McCann volunteered to the PJ that on the night of Wednesday 2nd May 2007, she had slept in the spare bed in her children’s room because her husband had not paid her enough attention over dinner. Or put another way, does she mean the amorous Scot was paying someone else (like Miss Chekeya) too much attention, causing her to stomp out of the Tapas Bar before him: ultimately leading to the spare bed in a strop? Gerald McCann said he thought the reason his wife had slept in the children’s bedroom was because of his snoring and that he did not even bother asking her the following morning what the problem was.

Could it be that their timings are wrong by 24 hours and that Kate McCann’s nocturnal shenanigans took place on the night of Tuesday 1st May 2007? It would fit, but why be untruthful about it? A possible reason is that they wanted to conceal both Kate McCann’s state of mind and the fact that she had returned to Apartment 5A, just before Madeleine’s cried for help.

On Wednesday 2nd May 2007, Kate McCann called her friend “Amanda” at 7.36.41 and again at 7.36.45. This was around two hours earlier than any of mobile activations on any other morning: so Kate McCann was “up with the larks”. Amanda returned the calls at 7.50. There is no record of how long any of these calls lasted or whether they were SMSs. They were all deleted from memory.

At 8.07 Gerald McCann received a call from the SMS message centre (447818520047), but does not appear to have responded. At 8.50 Kate McCann received a call from a UK mobile xxxxx27010 and returned it at 8.53, before going to play tennis. Gerald McCann received a series of calls from his SMS message centre between 9.10 and 10.47, again without response.

At 11.21 Kate received a call from what appears to be a landline in Swansea ( xxxxx0023). The report by Inspector Dias researched this call in detail (Page 21 in his report of 9th November 2007) and discovered that it had not activated any of the Luz antennae. But digging deeper, he found that another UK mobile (xxxxx 1583) had triggered the Luz antenna when connecting to the same Swansea number at 14.01. He dug even deeper, tracked all of the calls made from Luz by xxxx1583 and established it had no connection whatsoever with any of the “Tapas 9”. The Swansea call to Kate McCann was simply a “wrong number”, misrouted and thus not logged by the Luz antennae.

What Inspector Dias did not realise was that the Swansea call had become so special to Kate McCann that, when deleting all of the other Portuguese call records from memory, she decided to leave this one intact.

Gerald received five further calls from the SMS message centre and at 15.50 called 91121, probably to collect his messages. He received further calls from the centre at 17.49 and 19.49. The records provided by Vodafone show these calls but that they originate from a different mobile number (0xxxx014310)

At 20.08 Kate McCann received two calls from a UK mobile xxxx7624 and six minutes late Gerald McCann called 91121: again to collect messages before he left for the Tapas Bar. This was the last activation of the day by either of the McCanns; probably confirming that their mobiles remained in Apartment 5A when they went to dinner.

On Thursday 3rd May 2007 (the critical day) at 8.23 and 8.24 Kate McCann’s mobile activated the antenna to call xxxx7624. There is nothing in file to indicate the owner of this mobile but it does not appear to be any of the McCann family or friends.

At 12.24 Gerald McCann received a call from a UK Mobile xxxx1746. Again there is no clue in the file to the subscriber’s name. At 12.31 Kate McCann received a call (or SMS) from her mother’s mobile and responded an hour later.

Neither of the McCanns appears to have had any further activity on their telephones until after Madeleine was reported missing when Gerald McCann called his wife four times between 23.14 and 23.52. At 23.40 he called his sister – Trish Cameron and at 23.52 -Janet Kennedy.

The batch of SMS messages received by Gerald McCann on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 seems to have caused him some anxiety. Although the number “07818520047” is in a block allocated to Vodafone, the company has no record of the subscriber’s name. When the number is dialed, connection is made to a recorded message which explains that changes have been made to the way customers can access their mailboxes and that they can now dial “121” from their handset or “07836121121” from any other telephone.

Thus the number appears to be a message box for Gerald McCann that sends him an SMS when his mobile is unable to accept a call (because it is out of range or turned off). However, when he was asked by “Expresso TV” on 6th September 2008 about the “sixteen SMS messages” received, he flustered:

“No one has ever asked to see any of my text messages. There is no way that there 16 messages on that day or even the day after, you know. You know, the day after, you know that we got…” Kate McCann came to his rescue and interrupted; “Gerry hardly ever sends text messages until the day after, the day after Madeleine was taken”. Gerald McCann continued: “so you know that it is actually rubbish”

Their McCann’s denials were, of course, technically true although perhaps disingenuous - because there were only 14 messages received on the day before they reported Madeleine missing and two on the day after.

There were 16 SMS messages, in total, so why prevaricate and deny an allegation that was never made. The question was about received messages, not those sent, and on the day before not on 3rd May 2007 or the day after! In the field of forensic linguistics you must always concentrate on the precise wording of denials and especially on those of allegations not made. The denials made by the McCanns are suspicious. However, Mrs McCann’s statement about her husband not sending SMS messages, until after Madeleine’s disappearance, is confirmed by Vodafone’s records.

Mr and Mrs McCann were never closely questioned by the PJ about the detail of their calls, but Gerald McCann excused the deletions by saying that his telephone’s memory only retained details of the last ten calls made. This obvious inaccuracy (It already had retained details of 17 calls) does not appear to have been challenged by the PJ and it does not in anyway explain the selective deletions from his wife’s handset.

So the bottom line is that Kate McCann was in Apartment 5A when Madeleine cried for her father between 22.30 and 23.45 on Tuesday 1st May 2007, leading to a unique flurry of late night calls and to unique calls very early the following morning. A forensic examination of the records of Madeleine’s attendance at the “Lobsters” crèche on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd May 2007 is critically important because if they have been falsified, to establish she was there when she was not, this case takes on an entirely new dimension and sets different search parameters.

Secondly, if the memories of the mobile telephones were deleted in way suspected, a level of cunning is implied that would be capable of conceiving plan to deliberately delay reporting Madeleine’s “disappearance”; if for no other reason than to disassociate it from the crying incident on Tuesday 1st May 2007.

Of course, this is speculation and it is entirely possible that further investigation and the much awaited transparency by Mr and Mrs McCann will totally exonerate them. But why don’t they simply produce the SMS messages and explain why call details were deleted?

By Paulo Reis and associates

(*) This report is a result of cooperation with a leading international investigative firm that is in the closing stages of an 18 month intensive investigation that is expected to reopen the case in Portugal and to start new proceedings in the UK.


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hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

That makes intresting reading...

Who would think to delete their phone records when their child was missing. Then again all the other things they did when they thought she had been abducted are odd as well.

It is a terrible thought that Kate may have been with her when she was calling out for Daddy but then the whole case is tragic...

I am sure one day there will be Justice for Madeleine if she was taken by a peadophile the pair of them act in an alien way to this tragedy...


Di said...

Off now from the other thread, see you tomorrow.

I thought you might like to see these figures. K & G have much to answer for, and more money than any of us thought!

Posted by Hideho. 3A's

I have been updating these figures for a while, but felt there is enough included in the figures below to expose the Mc's for receiving far more than is 'believed'.

One only has to make a guess of the amounts in the bottom list ADDED to the £2,275,000 KNOWN amount you can start to appreciate the enormity of the fund they are 'hiding' when 'admitting' to spending approx £1,000,000 on the search for Maddie.

What I find incredible (by my estimate) is that they have received at least £4,000,000..probably in excess of £6,000,000 and yet only ever quote what they have left..usually around £500,000

Please keep in mind that some amounts MAY have been held back for their 'legal fees' and I have NOT included the amounts pledged for a 'Reward'

August 29th 07............Fund rec'd to date .................................£1,005,000
Sept /Oct 07................Fund rec'd ............................................£53,000
Sept 16 ......................Stephen Winyard (defence fund DNA)....£100,000
Oct 3 07 'Leicester Mercury' Wristbands.....................£57,000
Dec 8 07.................Sir Richard Branson.(Legal costs)................£100,000
March 08................Express payout ..........................................£550,000
June 08...................Interest on £500,000 yr.............................£30,000
Sept 7 08.................Brian Kennedy.........................................UNLIMITED
Oct 16 08................Tapas from newspaper damages...............£375,000
Nov 11 08................Liverpool Races..........................................£5000

Above total of FUND RECEIVED...(that is KNOWN) £2,275,000

The above amount does NOT include money received from
Sir Philip Green and Brian Kennedy and the Doctor........................?
or other anonymous backers.......................................................?
or any amounts from the public to the fund since Oct 07................?
or the income from their TV and magazine interviews.....................?
or the envelopes to Rothley...........................................................?
or the income from sales of wristbands and tshirts...........................?
or fundraising events since Sept 07 .................................................?
or any money possibly already received from the book and movie deals that Clarence discussed!..................................................................?
or the 'year-long deal' with Hello magazine......................................?
or the unknown amount from News of the World ref the 'Diaries' article....?
Lets not forget their possible 'deal' with IMG for the movie they were considering.......?

At a guess I would say those amounts could easily run into a further £2,000,000...and thats WITHOUT anything Brian Kennedy has 'donated' and paid....along with other income not added yet!

£4,000,000 (approx) and they continue to claim they need money?

I'll bet its close to £6,000,000 and all we ever hear is £1,000,000 spent looking for Maddie and £500,000 left in the fund...

Thanks to everyone that added their input!There is a lot more to include but I felt with the appeal looming that it needed to be known that they do NOT need money...and haven't spent what they received on finding Maddie..

bath theory said...

Excellent programme on Shannon matthews at the moment BBC 8.00 -9.00 and the comments by friends about the mother are intriguing.

Something like 'I knew soemthing wasn't right as she couldn't even believe she may be dead.'

My first impression when I saw this story was the mother was not telling the truth as it did with the McCann's. Anyway, getting back to it now

hope4truth said...

Good God

Just watching Panorama about Karen Mathews. Note at the begining they played some comments from the Jeremy Vine show and one woman says "She disapeared on her way home from school Madeleine McCann was left alone"...

Also the police are full of how they watched her and could see something was not right with what Karen was saying and how she was acting.

I cant belive the same UK police force are not watching the McCanns and Gerry's blogs and all those happy smiling pictures and dodgey interviews have not sent shock waves through them...

Strange thing is they are saying the papers had to show they cared about a poor child from a rough family when in reality the papers have shown that Shannon mattered and was important where as Madeleine is not important at all and they dont care a damn about her...

Children first every time no matter who the parents are!!!!!!

Cláudia said...

This latest article by Paulo Reis is truly astonishing.
And I have no energy left tonight to say anymore than that.

viv said...

Hi darling, I think the last paragraph is the most interesting and we will have to wait and see but the Portuguese authorities did stress the case had been shelved pending further evidence and could be re-opened again. Personally I think the PJ had enough evidence to hold at least Kate in protective custody and it is a great pity that political pressures stopped that from happening. They could then have intensely watched Gerry..what would his position have been in those circumstances?

I think this is a poignant article about the Shannon case, a senior police officer making the clear link for money to the Madeleine case.."The Fund Money". We should not lose sight of the fact that the fraud by the McCanns is far more serious. The article also exemplifies the fear, grief and sheer emotion of officers involved in the case, fearing the worst for little Shannon, as most surely Portuguese officers did for little Madeleine as they frantically searched, but in their hearts, I suspect knowing they would not find her alive. I hope people remember all those officers involved, fathers mothers grandparents and think just how they must have felt and no doubt still do! It is interesting the way the Telegraph state "Madeleine's mysterious disappearance". The Priest, the papers, now even the McCanns themselves, do not wish to state a lie and use that word "abduction".

I would imagine Donovan and Matthews will be looking at about 8-10 years, minimum, they will be released at the midway point and then supervised by probation for the rest of their sentence, so will only serve perhaps five years. I know most of you will not call that Justice, but Karen in particular will suffer pure hell in a womens' prison, it is nO more than what she deserves! It is a sad indictment on British Society that so often police officers care far more about little children than their own parents:

"I've never seen an incident room like it, everyone was in tears of joy. We knew or we thought we knew she was dead."


Shannon Matthews trial: Madeleine McCann case may have inspired Shannon Matthews’ kidnap
Madeleine McCann's mysterious disappearance in Portugal provided the backdrop for the kidnap of Shannon Matthews on a West Yorkshire council estate.

By Paul Stokes
Last Updated: 1:14PM GMT 04 Dec 2008
1 of 2 Images
Shannon Matthews trial: Madeleine McCann case may have inspired Shannon Matthews kidnap
Shannon Matthews was missing for three and a half weeks Photo: PA
Madeleine McCann case may have inspired Shannon Matthews kidnap
Madeleine was nearly four when she went missing while on a family holiday in Portugal in May, 2007. Photo: PAUL GROVER

As the Find Madeleine Fund grew to one million pounds so did the desires of Karen Matthews and Michael Donovan to make money.

Police believe the pair hatched their plan in the knowledge that the public's generosity could be guaranteed.

Word on the street suggested they may also have been acting out a plot from the Channel 4 drama series Shameless screened in the month before Shannon vanished.

In it a dysfunctional family, staged the fake kidnap of the youngest son in an attempt to obtain a £500,000 ransom. All along, the boy was hidden a few doors away with a friend of his sister.

Shannon, then nine, failed to return from school after her a swimming lesson on Feb 19, prompting Britain's biggest ever search for a missing person.

Her mother made tearful, emotive television appeals, neighbours arranged sponsored walks, candlelit vigils and other events around the Dewsbury Moor estate.

Reports were investigated of people purporting to be members of the Shannon's family approaching the McCann fund for money.

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann, said: “It’s beyond belief anyone could have sought to exploit poor Madeleine’s plight in this way.”

Paul Abbott, creator of Shameless, is indignant over reports suggesting Shannon’s kidnap was inspired by an episode, in which Debbie Gallagher abducted her younger brother.

He said: “There have been 70 episodes, and in every episode Debbie shows how to keep the family together. Well, why haven't they learned that, if that's the prevalent example of behaviour? Why have they only learned the abduction one? I tell you, I was so angry.”

By the time Shannon was found, beneath a bed at Donovan's dingy flat a mile from her home after 24 days, the reward for information leading to her safe return had risen to £50,000. Among items recovered were newspapers giving the details.

Det Supt Andy Brennan, of West Yorkshire's Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, said: "Clearly the McCann case was still in everbody's mind.

"Madeleine McCann gave them the idea - the fund money. Shannon was chosen instead of her brother because she was a girl and more photogenic.

"I believe they were trying to get £50,000, that's supported by the newspapers in the flat and the comments of Donovan. I don't believe everything he says, but believe he was motivated by the desire to get money.

"Where Karen Matthews is concerned, if it was the money or Shannon the money would always have won. I think it's really sad because it's the one person Shannon should have been able to trust.

"Karen Matthews had put her daughter in a dangerous position with total disregards for her safety and the motivation behind that in our view was financial."

Donovan claimed the idea had been for him to release Shannon at Dewsbury market before "finding" her in the view of CCTV cameras and handing her in to police before claiming the reward.

As he was driven away after being arrested, he told police: "Get Karen down here, we'd got a plan, we're sharing the money - £50,000."

When police burst into his first floor flat in Batley Carr they found a couple of bags already packed after he realised they may be closing in on him.

Det Supt Brennan said: "It's my belief that had Donovan taken the opportunity and escaped from Batley Carr on the day Shannon was rescued, I don't believe that we would have recovered her alive.

"Although he's a sad and pathetic individual, he's quite clever because he tried to maintain this persona of a dysfunctional individual incapable of making any decisions on his own. The reality is it has been a charade. He's more than capable of living a normal life."

An elasticated strap with a noose on the end was found in his loft and may have been used as a method of restraint when he went out shopping.

With it around her waist, Shannon would have been able to use the toilet and certain rooms, but not get out of the flat.

Although Donovan denied any knowledge of it, there was a partial DNA match to him found on the item.

Toxicology tests on Shannon's hair found she had been given five different drugs - including ante-depressants and powerful painkillers - during 20 months up to and during her captivity. Four of them were prescribed to Donovan and the other available over the counter.

The effect would have been to subdue her and make her drowsy. It is thought Shannon was drugged throughout her captivity in the flat, leaving her with little recall of what had happened to her.

Although there was no evidence of her being physically abused, several drawings by Shannon found including a penis with a hand around it and below the words: Mummy and Mike.

There was also a list of rules on the television in Donovan's handwriting telling her was she could not do, including not making a noise, banging her feet, going near the window or doing anything without him being there.

She was allowed to have the television on low volume, play Super Mario games and CDs. The A4 sheet ended with the initials IPU, initials also used by her mother signifying "I promise you".

Shortly after she was recovered she was asked if she wanted to go back to her mother and she replied "No".

Matthews was not really interested in her daughter's return after three and a half weeks and had to be prompted to show her some attention by a family liaison officer when they were first re-united.

Det Supt Brennan was walking from a meeting with police authority appraising members about the case that he took the call from the control saying Shannon had been found. He asked "Where's the body?" the reply came: "She's alive".

Experience shows that where children have been abducted and killed, the death almost always occurs within three days and the body found within half a mile of where they were snatched.

There were over 300 registered sex offenders living within half mile radius of Shannon's home. The number was swollen by 50 or 60 on thesay she went missing with up to 60 sex offenders sent from courts throughout northern England to two bail hostels in northern England.

Among the 300 members of Shannon's extended family there were some with convictions for offences involving children.

When he went back to Dewsbury Police station he walked into the room where Shannon was standing and it took a few seconds to sink in that she was alive.

She was wearing a summer dress and her hair had been cut, withthe fringe was short and very uneven. "She just said `Hello', I smiled at her and said `Hello' back. Nothing more needed to be said."

During days of sensitive questioning by specially trained officers, the one thing she was consistent about was that she had been pushed into Donovan's car at the end of her road.

Det Supt Brennan said: "One of the frustration was that we couldn't get any real specific information from her. We thought she could tell us everything, we didn't realise what she had been through.

"The emotion of seeing her alive was too much for some people. The pressure the team was incredible. At times we almost reached breaking point. The vast majority of staff and officers were parents and grandparents themselves. We didn't need to remind them of the consequences of not finding Shannon.

"I've never seen an incident room like it, everyone was in tears of joy. We knew or we thought we knew she was dead."

viv said...

Natalie Brown, a neighbour she stayed with during the search, described her as a “Jekyll and Hyde” character who presented one face to the police and media while appearing unconcerned and joking in private.

Prosecutor Julian Goose QC caller her a “consummate and convincing liar” involved in “a dishonest and wicked plan”.

I am sure a similar epitaph will be written about Kate McCann who inspired miserable Sharon to cause her daughter immense suffering, lie and deceive for money but at least, not to kill..

ratonthebeam said...

I really feel for those police officers, actually. They were all so emotionally involved - understandable, really. I can't even begin to imagine the relief and joy in that incident room when the news came back that she was found alive.

Sadly, it won't have the same "happy" ending in Portugal.

I am just surprised we haven't seen some pontification from The Pink One. Along the lines of "we were happy that Shannon was found alive and that gives us hope we can find Maddie". Errr.... no, on second thoughts, maybe not.....

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

I missed the Shannon programme last night. We were out Christmas shopping when we got home we saw the last minute. The policeman at the end said something like we are expected to pity but we should judge more. That is exactly why I am here and will be until I see justice for Madeleine. The words of that policeman puts these words into pespective for me:

"Gerry spoke of the tidal wave of destruction Madeleine's disappearance caused. It has now been met by a tidal wave of empathy and love which has been turned into hope and action."

I have no pity for the McCanns my pity is for Madeleine and whatever situation she was in or whatever situation she may or may not be in now. I feel pity for the twins having this burden to bear for the rest of their lives, just because their parents chose to leave them then only 2 and their sister then only 3 alone in holiday flat to fend for themselves. IMO whether it was for 1 minute, 30 minutes, 75minutes or longer that is child neglect and is the catalyst to the mysterious disappearance. The parents should be held accountable for their own actions.

I only have to read the article above to understand how GA and everyone involved in the case must have felt then and still feel now. This publicity regarding Shannon and also mentioning Madeleine, will resurface (people who do not follow M's case) people's doubts about the parents and imo, that is good for M. I wonder if the likely world wide TV appeal and likely Christmas message that has still to be narrated likely by a sporting hero or celebrity who has still to be named is likely to reach the screens for Christmas! How many days are left until Christmas? Or is it likely they do not mean this Christmas!

I would also like to add regarding the Shannon Matthews hoax abduction and I do not know if it was covered in the prog last night. I remember seeing a little girl on TV crying, and her father had his arm around her for comfort, appealing for Shannon to come home I think she might have been Shannon's best friend. Well how does that little girl cope with the trauma she suffered regarding this hoax, her life changed dramatically that day as did many others connected to Shannon and the hoax.

ratonthebeam said...

Oops. Looks like I spoke too soon. Apparently the McCanns are "horrified" that they may have been the inspiration for the Matthews gang. And "reportedly shocked that anyone could treat a child so callously".

I'm just amazed that they can say these things with straight faces.

Di said...

Good afternoon everyone


I particularly like Clarences comments. "It is beyond belief that anyone could have sought to exploit poor Madeleine's plight in this way."

Is that not exactly what Kate & Gerry are actually doing.

Di said...

Hi Viv

As I said yesterday Paulo's last comment made my day. Let's hope it is correct and justice is coming for Maddie :o))

Hopefully something will happen soon.

Rumours are flying around that Kate could be pregnant, hence the reason they are not appearing on the Christmas appeal. I remember posting months ago that I feared this would happen to gain sympathy I do hope I am not right.

hope4truth said...

DI and Rat


CMs comment "It is beyond belief that anyone could have sought to exploit poor Madeleine's plight in this way."

Well isnt that exactly what he and her Parents have been doing since the day they Neglcted their children and then had the nerve to blame everyone but themselves.

From Comments about the programe I heard today people are comparing the two and it is very telling that the programe started with a woman on Jeremy Vines phone in saying The McCanns left her alone IMHO that did not need to be on there but I am glad it was...

As I said last night the Papers were behind Shannon and so were all those wonderful police officers and neighbours who wanted her found. It is a shame that Madeleine is not as important as her parents she is the victim and as far as I am concerned her parents are the reason she is missing however that happend...

hope4truth said...

Hi Di

Bloody Hell if Kate is pregnant she must have been for more IVF and really wanted to be pregnant.

If this is true she is a monster she obviously could not be bothered to be a mother to her other 3 children and knows how hard it is to balance life what makes her think she can offer another child anything but heartache...

I know that sounds harsh but a woman who has cried a few crocodile tears over the disapearence of her 3 year old child and been so joyus at the most inappropriate times whist admiting she felt no guilt and slept well is not a Mother she is a cold heartless woman Unreal....

Di said...

Hi Hooe

I couldn't agree more. A poster has also said that the twins have WOC status the same as Maddie.

I remember saying months ago, that it would not surprise me if Kate got herself pregnant to get sympathy from the public. Then any forthcoming trial would be viewed as harsh, dreadful etc.,

Quite honestly nothing would surprise me, they both seem so detached from reality.

Di said...

A good read from Mike Hitchen.

Posted by annavagullers on 3As's

Yesterday Karen Matthews and Michael Donovan were convicted of the kidnap and false imprisonment of Matthew's nine year old daughter Shannon. The British media claim the plot was hatched to cash in on a hoped for £50,000 reward money for Shannon's safe return.

The media had long been claiming the plan was based on an episode of the British TV program Shameless, which many understandably believe is reality TV - everyday life in every day Not So Great Britain - especially when it comes to the safety, welfare and prevention of abuse and neglect of children. A country described in The City Journal published by the Manhattan Institute, as "No Country for Young Children"

However, the same media have dropped that angle and now claim it was based on the tragic disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the little girl whose parents and hangers-on claim was abducted while left unsupervised every night of a family holiday in Portugal.

The media’s Madeleine McCann link is supported by police who investigated the Shannon Matthews case. Det Supt Andy Brennan, of West Yorkshire's Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, said: "Clearly the McCann case was still in everbody's mind. Madeleine McCann gave them the idea - the fund money. Shannon was chosen instead of her brother because she was a girl and more photogenic.”

Through a slick media campaign on a scale never seen before nor likely to be repeated, the McCanns have amassed a fortune for a fund based entirely on the premise of an abducted child - despite the total lack of any evidence to support that theory.

Not only have the much maligned Portuguese police been unable to produce evidence pointing to an abduction, the much publicised private detective agencies hired by the McCanns, (who almost appear to be hand picked for their lack of previous experience in missing persons cases) have also failed to find any link to a kidnapping - despite ultimately worthless paid testimonies from alleged witnesses who seem to appear from nowhere when the time is right and who vanish just as quickly.

The terms of the fund provide for financial assistance not only to Kate and Gerry McCann, but also family members - including those directly connected to the fund. So far the details of the fund have been left unscrutinised - apart from the revelation it was used to pay the mortgage on the McCann's luxury house - and of course the private detectives who have proved so inadequate, one wonders what the real agenda is behind their appointment to the Team McCann Media Circus.

This week it was revealed that the McCanns are to give a Christmas message to the nation, ala Queen Elizabeth. Unfortunately it wont be a case of "My husband and I" as the McCanns prefer not to take part in the appeal - in the same way they -

* preferred not to be involved in a police reconstruction of the night Madeleine allegedly went missing

* preferred not to answer 40 normal questions put to the mother by the police

* preferred not to stay in Portugal despite vowing to remain until the case was solved

* preferred not to return for the anniversary of Madeleine's "abduction" despite their fondness for "milestones"

* preferred not to actively search for their missing mite themselves - even at the beginning and the days immediately following Madeleine being reported missing. In fact they showed as much personal interest and involvement in the search as Karen Matthews displayed during the search for Shannon. While the media relish pointing out that Matthews went to buy beer and fags, the McCann's jogged and played tennis.

No doubt the new appeal will feature a call for donations - despite the McCanns financial comfort that enabled Kate to give up her job as a doctor. She wasn't the only member of the family who reportedly gave up their job once the fund was established.

Other families with missing children - children who were not left unattended while their parents went out drinking and dining with friends - a syndrome now known as "doing a McCann" - are not so fortunate. They do not have the benefit of a compliant media, invaluable address book, or high flying businessmen to back and bankroll a futile search. Nor is it likely that Gordon Brown has their mobile phone number, as another member of Clan McCann once proudly boasted.

In short, the McCanns are not short of money, not short of influential backers, not short of millionaire sponsors - they are just short of a daughter, something that despite their fondness for blaming everyone else for their plight, they are solely responsible for - an undisputable fact that they and their backers steadfastly fail to accept, admit or apologise for.

It is time for a review of the fund. After more than eighteen months there is still no evidence that justifies the soliciting of further donations to a fund established to search for an abducted toddler.

Clarence Mitchell spokesman for Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann, who increasingly sounds as though even he has difficulty believing his own spin, had this to say about Karen Matthews:“It’s beyond belief anyone could have sought to exploit poor Madeleine’s plight in this way."

An interesting statement from a man who is paid a hefty wage by the McCanns to defend the indefensible. A man who has forged a new career as a media guru on the speakers circuit as a result of at the very least, the total disregard for Madeleine's safety by her parents.

Perhaps the tragedy of Shannon Matthews will cause those who were innocently or knowingly blind to the McCann affair to take a closer look at not only what has happened since May 3, 2007 - but also a closer look at themselves.

docmac said...

Hi all

Viv, interesting post. Unfortunately the most interesting point of all ie Kate being in 5A while Maddie cried for so long, is unsubstantiated by any of the facts contained in the rest of the article. I do hope there is some substance to this and that there is further information held or known by the authors and not divulged.

Kate pregnant? Please no!!!

Off to bed :-)

Di said...

Oops Hi Hope :o((

I am glad I picked up on the same point as Mike Hitchen, hopefully others will too.

If the case of Shannon brings Kate & Gerry to the forefront then so be it. Justice for Maddie is what we are all here for.

Di said...

Hi Doc

I agree. I hope further evidence is available.

Sleep well.


Cláudia said...

Hello, all.
Olá, Doc!

Everytime they open their mouths they make me sick. Another Christmas without Madeleine. I hope the food and the company at the Tapas Bar were really, really good.

Di said...

Off for the evening

See youy all tomorrow.


Di said...

youy ?

Cláudia said...

Boa noite, Di!

hope4truth said...

Well Mike Hitchen has summed that up very well (who is Mike Hitchen???)...

What a world Mothers kidnapping their own children and child neglecting parents amasing a fortune to pay their Mortgage and for their trips around the globe spreading the word that everyone had to look for Madeleine because they could not be bothered to do so themselves as they were too busy texting and ripping up Madeleines books to get their story straight...

I havent checked but surley the fund should have been audited by now and the wages and breakdown of the directors should be available on Equifax????

viv said...

Di thanks for a great read from Mike Hitchens...including

"there is still no evidence that justifies the soliciting of further donations"

well indeed and there so called private investigators who would be more aptly described as media manipulators no longer even get a mention. Oh I really loved the bit about them being picked for knowing as little as possible about missing children. Mr Marco certainly came across on TV as a know all know nothing, thrilled with his expensive new office, that Madeleine earned him. It is really repulsive stuff, isn't it Clarence! My, my the things some people will do to get rich quick!

Nite all x

viv said...

Doc Hiya

He refers to a lot of records details of which he has not posted so presumably he knows from those where Kate was/ at what time etc.

I find this very odd, on her first night there she seems to be exchanging a number of texts with someone given that two of the nine mentioned are only a few minutes apart. This night, they actually behaved like normal parents and returned early with their children. Gerry did not use his mobile at all that night, so who was Kate texting or also talking to following the meal? One could imagine a schoolgirl sending /receiving nine texts with her mate, but Kate is no schoolgirl and we know Gerry had a roving eye, did she leave someone special at home? Aside from what happened to Madeleine this could be reason enough to delete those calls/messages? Is she bound to stay with Gerry now?

On Saturday 28th April 2007, after their arrival in Luz, Kate McCann’s mobile triggered the antenna 9 times. It is not possible to say, from the available records, whether these were incoming or outgoing calls or SMSs or for how long they lasted. The last activations were at 20.55 and 20.59 when (based on their statements) the Tapas 9 returned for an early night after eating at the Millennium Restaurant with their children. All of these records were erased from the memory of Kate McCann’s mobile. Gerald McCann’s mobile did not activate any of the Luz antennae that day.

viv said...


viv said...

Born in Edinburgh, the 47-year-old said he was spurred into action after hearing about the “quite literally incredible” accusations being levelled at the couple.

Kate (now aged 40 or 41?) is from Rothley but graduated from Dundee University..

viv said...

Gerry graduated from Glasgow

viv said...

More coincidences, one month later, in June 2007, up pops
Leandro Silva, husband of Leonor claiming Kate is to be set up just like his poor wife, then guess what in June Goncalo is charged, a full three years after the supposed event, now that is what I call proximate:-)) I suppose Mr Silva likes the Fund money just as much as all the other beneficiaries! Why else would he start saying his wife is innocent and got beat up 3 years later! This report of course confirms the review of the case that led to the McCanns being made arguidos WAS LED BY BRITISH OFFICERS. I will say it again, I do not believe they have deserted Madeleine McCann. There have been numerous instances in British legal history where suspects remain that for several years until they police finally nail them. But trust me, it will happen! In the meantime I am sure BK will keep on looking after Kate, and Gerry of course. I think she is a prisoner of her own making!


August 9, 2007
The police are conducting a smear campaign against Kate McCann, says friend
Kate McCann
Image :1 of 2
David Sanderson in Yepoka Yeebo

A close friend of Madeleine McCann’s parents said yesterday that a “hurtful and ludicrous” smear campaign was being conducted against the family.

Rachael Oldfield, who was dining with Gerry and Kate McCann when Madeleine disappeared, was responding to reports in Portuguese newspapers claiming that police believed Madeleine had been killed and her family and friends had information about her death.

Diario de Noticias claimed that intercepted e-mails and telephone conversations between the friends had influenced the police’s new theory that Madeleine had died in their apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3 rather than being abducted.

Mrs Oldfield, 36, said yesterday that she thought Portuguese police were briefing against the family. “I think there are some leaks coming from the police because a lot of what I have read is completely untrue,” she said. “It is very hurtful and it is all rather ludicrous. But it is difficult to defend ourselves because the investigation and everything in it is confidential.”
Madeleine McCann: the key questions

Why are the "Tapas 9" key to solving the Madeleine mystery?
Related Internet Links

* McCanns consider interview bids

* The forgotten victim in the McCann case

* Madeleine parents face new questions

* Madeleine, I’m sorry I left you alone

Mr and Mrs McCann are due to be reinterviewed separately at the headquarters of the PolÍcia Judiciária in Portimão as part of a review of the investigation led by British officers. A sample of what is thought to be blood, taken from the apartment in the Algarve, was due to arrive in Britain for analysis yesterday.

Mrs Oldfield’s comments follow a claim by the husband of a woman serving 16 years in jail in another missing child case in the Algarve that Mrs McCann was being set up by Portuguese police to take the blame for Madeleine’s death.
Leandro Silva, who claimed that the conviction three years ago of his wife, Leonor Cipriano, for the murder of her daughter Joana had been a miscarriage of justice, said: “Joana’s mother never did anything and she was arrested. I am fearful the same thing will happen to Kate McCann.”

Goncalo Amaral, one of the officers co-ordinating the inquiry into Madeleine’s disappearance, was charged in June along with four other officers with offences relating to the inquiry into the disappearance of Joana, who was 9. It is alleged that Mrs Cipriano was beaten into a co

viv said...


viv said...

High time I was in bed but I did find this from an Anorak poster an absolute scream and hum are "we" still working closely with them, Clarissa?

Hang 'em high Says:
November 20th, 2007 at 8:17 am

“Says Clarence Mitchell: “We continue to work very closely with the private investigators. We are encouraged by any developments they feel are significant””

The Police however can go f*ck themselves obviously.

viv said...

or did Brian give you the sack as well, awww shame x

hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

The following.... "A close friend of Madeleine McCann’s parents said yesterday that a “hurtful and ludicrous” smear campaign was being conducted against the family.

Rachael Oldfield, who was dining with Gerry and Kate McCann when Madeleine disappeared, was responding to reports in Portuguese newspapers claiming that police believed Madeleine had been killed and her family and friends had information about her death."

Well Rachel you are in many ways as responsible as Gerry and Kate at the disapearence of Madeleine how the hell do you sleep at night???

The whole of your revolting group thought nothing of neglecting your children to have a good time with each other and you have no right to defend anyone because very simpily you have never tried to defend Madeleine.

Do you remeber her? The little girl who you want the world to belive is in the hands of an evil peadophile ring now I am not sure what you think this means you sick bitch but it means Madeleine is in a place worse than hell.

What have you done for her? You have done nothing you tried to fit up Murat and refused to attend a reconstruction... Unless you really are an evil heartless bitch you cant posibly belive she was taken because if you do belive this is what happend you have along with her parents made sure there is not a chance of finding her...

Hope you see Madeleine every time you close your eyes if she was taken be thankful it was not your own child (although you dont give a toss about your own do you running back with Kate how long was it before you bothered to check if yours were still there?)... Having you speak up for the McCanns is like having Craig Meehan stand up for Karen Mathews...

Enough is enough each of the 9 of you who buggered off night after night to the bar should all have your children placed on the At Risk register because your ideas of child care are sick and twisted.

nancy said...

Hi everyone -

A couple of interesting news items on the McCann Files today.

1. Madeleine and Joanna by Paulo Sargento. Giving his views on certain aspects of the two cases.

2. When Goncalo Amaral went out of the PJ's door, there was no one saying goodbye to him. His wife said it was a very sad day for him and the family because the police force was his life and came before everything.

How fate can change the course of people's lives. If the McCanns and their tapas pals hadn't decided to abandon their children to an unknown fate, Goncalo Amarel would still be in his job today no doubt.

The McCanns have a great deal to answer for. Senora Amaral said she wrote a letter to a friend in Rothley, but has so far not had an answer, and we all know who that 'friend' is!

Off Christms shopping - will look in later.


Zodiac said...

Hi all,

'But it is difficult to defend ourselves because the investigation and everything in it is confidential'

Well Mrs Oldfield it is not anymore. The secrecy law was lifted on the 21/07/08. Today is 6/12/08 and still not a peep about how your friend knew just knew it was an abduction and if she could divulge how she knew just new, then everyone would know just know without a doubt it was an abduction. Mrs Oldfield having read her statement that is in the public domain. It seems she did not even divulge to the PJ, you know the people investigating the mysterious disappearance of her child, how she knew just knew. I suppose that is how she is leaving no stones unturned in her search for her missing child.


Well said! Little clapping hands icon.


Thanks for the McCannfiles info.

'Senora Amaral said she wrote a letter to a friend in Rothley, but has so far not had an answer'

Maybe she will likely get a mention in the Lord and Lady
Muckas likely Christmas message to their nation. Wonder if it is likely they will be giving their Queen Christmas day off.

bath theory said...

On topic but off topic link about propaganda.


I found it very interesting thinking about the shenanigans around this case and how this particular couple have gone about things

mandarinn said...

Good morning all
There is an intersting new thread in Joana Morais blog.

mandarinn said...


bath theory said...

Further point here regarding witnesses etc they are all usually aware that the full picture will not be able to be completed whilst people do not come forward.

The full picture is never complete until people come forward and tell us what they have seen.

Add to the above by thinking what if someone of great wealth was also paying off all those who were coming forward and indeed what if someone set up a hotline to ensure those came to them rather than the police. Added together there would be many layers that stopped facts and the truth coming out wouldn't there.

However, such a line would be extremely deviant and criminal wouldn't it...

hope4truth said...


"Little clapping hands icon."



The more I read the more I am convinced that these two and some of their friends will end up in jail and the truth will out...

The Karen Mathews programe the other night was very revealing they knew that she was lying and could not believe her behaviour.

The McCanns may be slightly more inteligent than she is but their behaviour has been publicly much stranger...

As for setting up their own hotline for witnesses to call rather than go to the police it speaks volumes. I wonder if they have been set up with a police officer calling to offer information that may point to them and it not being acted on or worse still they have been paid out of the fund???

viv said...

Hiya guys

Brian Kennedy was unmasked as the McCanns secret benefactor in September 2007 just as things got so difficult for them. Do you have any thoughts as to who Kate may have been exchanging all those messages with her first night in the resort. Why had he wished to remain anon?

Do you think it is odd that Mr Silva pipes up in June 2007 and then Goncalo and others get charged? If they beat Leonora why did it take three years to make a complaint, why did it take the McCann case to cause them to mention how badly abused poor Leonora was? It emerged that contrary to their denials, from the very outset Kate and Gerry engaged Control Risks Group and they are not private investigators, check it out!

Viv x

J J said...


Re your post of last night.

This is Mike Hitchen

He writes on various subjects, but he has had a lot to say about Madeleine since she disappeared.

viv said...

Thanks JJ! I found another great post from him:

Monday, November 17, 2008
Madeleine McCann: Britain set to see new perspective on the Madeleine McCann mystery
The Independent on Sunday reports, Maddie: The Truth about the Lie is expected to be published in the U.K. The anticipated publication follows the book's huge success in Europe, where despite the customary legal threats from the McCanns, the book was published unhindered, unchallenged and free from interference by other parties.

The book is written by Goncalo Amaral, the Portuguese detective who led the investigation into the alleged disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Amaral - like Lenny Harper, the detective previously in charge of the Jersey care home investigation - has come under intense attack from a British media and British Establishment, eager to destroy his credibility. The book contains factual details of the investigation that have been suppressed by the British press.

From the moment Madeleine, (who was made a ward of court by her parents shortly after the alleged abduction) was belatedly reported missing, an overall strategy was implemented. The key component of that strategy was, and still is, the prevention of availability to the British public of any information that may show the McCanns in a negative light.

It's hard to imagine two people who made a deliberate decision to leave three babies unattended on a nightly basis being shown in anything other than a negative light, but thanks to interference from various parties, the McCanns inappropriately became poster children for responsible parenting.

Another key component of Team McCann's overall strategy is to discredit any individual or media organisation that tries to publicise a point-of-view that doesn't suit the agenda of the McCanns' or their key supporters. "Keyboard monkeys" emerged to attack individuals and new and traditional media who dare to speak out. Robert Murat was belittled and humiliated, while Mr Amaral, an experienced and well regarded detective is portrayed as a vicious, drunken thug.Even two highly regarded and highly insured sniffer dogs became victims of a smear campaign.

Mr Amaral's colleagues also came under attack. The Portuguese police were painted as lazy, incompetent and indifferent to the McCann's plight. They were subjected to racial abuse by the likes of Tony Parsons, a man who despite his lack of genuine media credentials, somehow managed to convince someone with an eye on circulation figures, that he could put two words together that might make sense to someone with the same dysfunctional and dated mindset as himself.

At least the Portuguese police and authorities haven't been responsible for the tragic and well publicised plight of several children failed by police and failed by councils and social services - that black mark goes to Britain, as it does so often despite decades of promises that "this will never happen again."

In short - everyone is disreputable, corrupt, negligent or an oddball - except of course for those who went out wining and dining while three vulnerable mites were left to their own devices. Instead they became media heroes - feted at police awards, patted on the back by disgraced former U.S. Attorney Generals, and welcomed by European MPs anxious to hear their expert views on child protection - a problem the McCanns admitted they were not previously aware of - despite their much publicised occupations as doctors. The sudden emergence of a convenient social-conscience can be a great boon to any media and image protection campaign.

Reports alleging filed complaints from two of Kate McCann's friends alleging inappropriate conversations between Gerry McCann the father of IVF conceived Madeleine and David Payne, a key member of the Tapas Nine, went unreported in the UK media. So too did allegations concerning unethical and illegal behaviour by Metodo 3, the highly publicised private detective agency hired by the McCanns, who along with all the other two-bob agencies they have hired, have failed to deliver.

In fact, all they have achieved is to leave a string of harassed and distraught families in their wake. Even they were discredited by the British media. An innocent family out with their children were widely publicised as poor, dishevelled and living in shacks - all because of the irresponsible and potentially illegal actions of two typical British holiday makers abroad with their, "Never mind the kids - where's the bar?" attitude.

Credible European media sources reporting outside interference hampering the investigation and claims of "moles" close to the case, are conveniently ignored by British publications that would normally be falling over themselves to be the first to publish such details. Many other reports worthy of further media investigation have also been unreported by the UK media and the likes of The Guardian's Roy Greenslade, a self-righteous, pious, McCann apologist, who wont have a word said against two people whose actions would be highly criticised elsewhere.

Mr Amaral is happy for his book to be published in the U.K. He rightly says, "People can form their opinion without the manipulation that we have seen before."

That sentence is the key to this tragedy. Madeleine McCann's fate very quickly ceased to be the core issue. Reputations and other factors became the key concerns. Calls were made, favours were called in (as admitted by one of the McCann's own family members).

Mr Amaral may well be happy but of course the McCanns' are not.

The last thing Kate and Gerry (the man whose on-camera face is quite different to the reality), want is for the book to be published in England's green and pleasant land. A land where centuries old tradition grants those with social-status and appropriate social-networks, a degree of protection not extended to lesser but equally irresponsible and unsavoury members of society.

The McCanns are no doubt angry that people may read the book and start asking unanswerable and previously forbidden questions. Then again, the McCanns are constantly furious and outraged about this that and the other if their reputations are in danger of being tarnished. Ironically, you rarely hear of them being furious, angry or outraged at what might have happened to Madeleine. Personally, I think nasty words by others would be the least of the concerns of the parents of missing children. They are usually to be found actively searching to the point of exhaustion and family break ups.

The McCanns' on the other hand, leave no stone unturned in their search for more money to add to a controversial and questionable fund that so far has only benefited the McCanns - and a host of detective agencies whose business credentials and suitability went largely unchecked by allegedly intelligent,successful and business-savvy backers.

At least the McCanns managed to avoid any messy inconvenience by refusing to get directly involved in the search for the child they failed. Their overall search strategy has involved hiring agencies with no previous demonstrated track record in locating missing persons; printing posters of the world's most recognisable child; refusing to take part in a reconstruction of the night Madeleine went missing; daily jogs along the beach or cliffs; collecting cronies from the airport in Portugal and maintaining a daily happy holiday diary (at least until they fled from the country they vowed never to leave without Madeleine, as soon as the police released them from questioning)

Clarence Mitchell of course was quick to respond to the news that a well trained British public may have access to a non-establishment perspective of the Madeleine McCann mystery.

"Lawyers for Kate and Gerry have been aware of what Mr Amaral has been alleging for some time. What he has said and written before now is grossly defamatory of them. If he chooses to publish them in Britain those words will be studied intensely carefully and they will not hesitate to act if they are defamatory."

The McCanns' have been far more vocal about the potential loss of their alleged reputations than they have been about the actual loss of the child they claim to have loved so dearly, but not dearly enough to ensure her safety and welfare.

Makes you wonder what the McCanns' and their dining companions would be prepared to do to protect their reputations

docmac said...

Hi Viv!

36C here. Off for a sail soon, but I just thought I'd let you know. LOLOL!! Oh God.

And look at the avatar! I think that hound is stuck in that tiny kennel. And the puppy in the stocking has no abdomen or hindquarters. 'Artists' with no idea of perspective. Oh well, it made my day :-)

On a more serious note, you are treading on thin ice with the BK thing. I have already been threatened with action for things I said about him. OK, I didn't take that seriously either, LOL!

To anyone I've missed, have a great day. And keep warm ;-)

docmac said...

Who's ill-informed? Katie Smith says:

I received the following email in response to my previous blog ‘Bennett Watch No. 2′ and felt it deserved a page of its own.

Sharon Bradford said:

"Goodness me Katie you are ill-informed,
The book sale on Amazon is completely unauthorised and illegal, the Madeleine Foundation have contacted Amazon and the book has been removed until such a time that discussions are held between both parties and terms agreed..."

Katie Smith replies:

Goodness me Shaz, I’m extremely grateful to have informed readers like yourself.

Just to clarify; you state that Mr Bennett’s booklet is ‘completely unauthorised and illegal’? You are telling me that this ‘truly remarkable man’, a man who is/was a solicitor; who knows the intricacies and nuances of the law, purposely placed for sale a booklet that he knew to be ‘completely unauthorised and illegal’? Why would a solicitor (or ex solicitor) deliberately do something he knew to be illegal? You see how ‘ill-informed’ I am? I just cannot comprehend why a servant of the law would do such a thing!

Katie, Katie Katie. The fact that you label all 'antis' as amoebas has come to bite you on the bum. The fact that Sharon missed an apostrophe was obvious to this particular amoeba and in that instance you, with your stellar intellect, should have picked it up. Even with the apostrophe absent, the meaning was quite clear. The marketing and selling by Amazon had not and has not been authorised by the Madeleine Foundation.

Perhaps you should stick to synchromysticism and the other cosmic claptrap that you spout. Oh, and stop writing Nigel's blog for him.

docmac said...

Right, wind's up. Well, a little :-))


viv said...

Hiya Doc

Um thin ice,shucks I wish I had not put on so much weight, but hey, sometimes in the name of a good cause, risks have to be taken. If he does not like he can explain, I am sure!


docmac said...

Bye Viv :-)

Did you miss the point? Bum thinks Karen Matthews posts on your blog, LOL!

docmac said...

Sorry, got her ideas from your blog :-))

Kids ready, at last!

hope4truth said...


Are you being serious about Mum??? I know she is vile and a crap poet but I did not have her down as being completley stupid??? (nearly completley stupid as she has learnt how to use a computer the hightlight of her life) but how the hell could Karen I am nearly as good a mum as Kate McCann Mathews post here when she is where she belongs in a jail cell???

I know prison has got easier over the years but using the internet to have a chat is really funny!!!!!

nancy said...

Hi Viv -

Your post of 13.06 with Mike Hitchen's article sums it all up perfectly - he makes an excellent case.

Especially the bit about the McCanns getting angry over everything that actually affects them personally, while hardly managing to shed a tear over what little Madeleine has gone through or, heaven forbid, maybe still going through.

The behaviour of the McCanns and their tapas pals is so false it is impossible to believe the media is keeping silent and turning a blind eye to the gaping holes in their statements.

You can positively feel the frustration in Mike Hitchen's report.

Zodiac -

The McCanns are so full of their own importance aren't they - a big performance coming up Christmas with a celebrity sportsperson going on air for them? I bet they are already making room for the money in their hedge funds!

As a matter of fact, I was half expecting to see them ushered in wearing the ermine when the Queen gave her speech to parliament the other day!

Failing an appearance on Christmas Day following HM The Queen, I can definitely see them on 'I'm a Celebrity...' one of these days, along with the other has beens!

viv said...

Hiya Doc

Well who is going to explain to Bum that prisoners do not have the option of posting on a blog - I always knew the woman was stupid but how many more times is she going to show herself up!! The last time I looked at the purple blog it had gone red, no one was there, and no one seems to post anymore. There was a christmas post box with one post in it, which I imagine Bum or Rosie sent to themselves:-))

As for Supertroll, it looks like the doors are permanently closed, now I wonder who arranged that:-)))

viv said...

Hiya Nancy

I was at Mom's tonight and I am afraid to say they buy The Mirror. There was a picture of Karen in there with a big grin on her face and wearing one of her find Shannon t shirts. That kind of suggests to me she got the idea from Kate McCann. Underneath the picture it said this was the shot that really gave her away taken just two weeks into Shannon's ahem "disappearance". Hummm. Well there we have the pictures of the McCanns on Madeleine's birthday, taken just nine days after Madeleine ahem "disappeared". How smart of the British press to link the two cases together, I think they deserve an International Award for such astute and honest reporting, don't you?

hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

Dont you find it odd that a sight that worships child neglectors and think leaving children outside shops is funny is so deprate to discredit anyone who dares to belive that the McCanns know exactly where their daughter is try's to imply that Karen Mathews would be welcome here???

KM is just the type of loving mother they worship dosent scrub up to well and is very stupid (although she does not say Erm all the time)but she has the morals that they love in a Mother...

Of course Prisons supply laptops and wi fi for all their inmates these days so Baby Ps Mother and Karen will be made very welcome as they will have been reading about them for weeks inbetween playing on line bingo and doing their on line money laundering...

You couldnet make it up could you x

viv said...

Hiya Hope

I did go and have a read of the the Purple blog earlier on. I found a thread where "Clairesy" or something like that was advocating taking someone to a dark place and doing away with him, i.e. murder. They were also discussing a paedophile site and posted a link to it. There is no doubt they spend a great deal of time looking for the most sickening sites and then even post links to them, that speaks for itself so far as I am concerned.

I think for them, Karen is just a little more difficult to hero worship and they probably have some very sick fantasies about Madeleine, all loved up and coming home soon, quite revolting.

Karen will feel right at home in the nick then, because rather than look after her kids she liked to spend all day on the net. She could probably start a poster campaign and I know a site where someone as sick as her would be very welcome!


Claudia if you are around Hun,

I just left a comment on your blog about Correia. Apparently the lawyer who is very pally with Metodo 3, who he now says asked him to discredit Goncalo for the McCanns and the same chap who said the underworld told him Maddie got raped, murdered and dumped in the Damn of Arade which ahem , he paid to search, or did the gullible British Public? Oh and Correio also acts for Leonor, well what a surprise. If this is all true things are about to bite the McCanns big time and they are never going to break the link with rotten Leonor or rotten Sharon, serves them right. BTW did you see that sickening comment from Pink Wan**r, she Kate was so sad for Karen and was just about to give £25,000 but "we" got inside information from the police and were advised not to, oh and how dreadful to use Maddie in this way. I just do not know how he can utter such repulsive trash and then sleep at night, but just like Kate, well after a few days anyway, he manages just fine. Perhaps the booze helps:-)))


hope4truth said...

Morning Viv

I feel there are many major problem with the Pro site one being their total lack of understanding of Peadophiles.

To post a link to a peado site is discusting there should be no free advertising of these sick sites...

I dont want to think of what peadophiles put their victims through but the way they talk about Madeleine comming home happy and care free is so far from the truth it is heartbreaking.

If and I dont belive she was but if Madeleine was taken she would be in a place worse than hell an adult would find it hard mentaly and physicaly to survive yet these idiots seem to think Madeleine will be fine?

When this all goes to trial and I am sure it will one day I fear their supporters words will be used to show the court just how vile and desprate they were to stop anyone saying they are responsible.

How could Kate and Gerry look so full of joy 9 days after they said she was in the hands of perverts? This would have been her 4th Birthday yet for the world the pictures look like they were on their way to pick Madeleine up and take her home...

Posters like Mum have to look in the mirror each morning knowing that they have trashed the memory of a 3 year old little girl.

I have to look in the mirror knowing that I am saying some very harsh things about two parents who have lost a 3 year old child which is so out of character for me but from the begining I felt something was not right and the fact they kept making excuses and trying to pass the buck it was soon obvious they knew what had happend.

Even if I am wrong about Madeleine dying in the apartment the many looks of joy from the pair of them when they themselves are responsible for neglecting their child leaving a door unlocked (In case of fire which of course would not have scared the children senseless being alone in a burning building) is inhumane...

I am outraged at the Baby P case discusted by Karen Mathews sick to death of hearing about neglected and abused children and adults letting them down and Kate and Gerry McCann are right up there with child neglectors and I will not worry about their feelings any more than I would worry about Karren Mathews..

They had their chance to help their daughter and both said they would refuse to answer any questions Kate stuck to it for hours and hours as Madeleine did not deserve any answers from her but Gerry answered.

Lets face it the pro blogs are not that worried about Kate Gerry and his lovely family have managed to put doubt in all our minds about how stable Kate is. She was never alone with the children etc etc and when this does hit the fan Gerry will be giving evidence against her to save his own skin...

No child should ever be left alone while you go anywhere let alone a bar.. There is no defence and to look so happy about what you have done to your child is sick beyond words.

nancy said...

Viv -

Absolutely right - they are now all saying something we said was going to happen long before young Shannon's terrible ordeal, and I'm surprised there hasn't been more evil wastes of space trying to jump on the McScams disgusting bandwagon!

The contempt I feel for them and their equally pompous tapas pals, knows no bounds!

I just hope they all get what is coming to them sooner rather than later so Madeleine at last gets some justice!


Cláudia said...

Hello, all.

Viv, answered your question on my blog. I'm copy pasting it below.

"Hi, querida Viv! :-)
No, you didn't get that wrong. Although Mr Marcos Aragão Correia never said he worked for the McCanns (he's quite stupid, but not that stupid) he admitted he had close connections with M3 which alledgely asked him to discredit Mr Amaral. Apparently that's why he became Leonor Cipriano's lawyer. Let's not forget that her previous lawyer was dismissed without explanation (and caught carrying drugs into a prison).
Just a little something, Mr Correia first said that it was someone from the underworld who told him what had happened to Madeleine but he now confessed he had a vision... No more comments from me...
Have a great day, Viv."

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

'she Kate was so sad for Karen and was just about to give £25,000 but "we" got inside information from the police and were advised not to, oh and how dreadful to use Maddie in this way. I just do not know how he can utter such repulsive trash'


I found the comment above utterly disgusting. Implying that they got inside information from the police regarding an ongoing criminal investigation is appalling. Who the fook do they think they are. Do they forget they are only 2 Doctors who left their kids, then aged 3 and under, home alone whilst they enjoyed themselves elsewhere! I hope this is picked up and dealt with through the proper channels. It is very convenient for them to use the, we were going to give £25k, especially as their likely Christmas message is likely to be shown in their world-wide Christmas TV appeal. Look everyone we were going to give £25k please send us some more of your money. As for the Fund footing the bill. Well having read articles since the announcement of the likely world-wide TV appeal that is going to have a sporting hero or some other celeb. It seems that the Fund is paying for the making of the likely Christmas message TV video appeal and we all know that should cost nothing since they have a friend to make it for them. IMO, they will expect the famous person to do it for nothing, after all they do not like M being used to make money except for themselves. Mmmm so does this mean they are expecting to be paid by the world-wide TV companies to broadcast their appeal for their missing child that they are working so hard behind the scenes to find!

hope4truth said...

Hi Zodiac

You make a good point who the hell would give information to a couple who are strongly implicated in the death of their own child...

If I had no emotion for a 3 year I could have got them off scott free by insisting they gave 25k to Karen Mathews the second Shannon was reported missing "The Caring McCanns" the story of how they were duped by the evil bitch once Shannon had been found and he Mother responsible would have been worth it's weight in gold "How could this evil Mother Scam us?" asks Kate McCann mother of the year to neglected children...

Their PR Team are bloody rubbish Bullying is no way to get people to belive you it just makes them more determind to prove that you are lying....

Go Team McCann you are digging a very big hole for yourself...

nancy said...

Hi Zodiac -

I wouldn't be at all surprised if they don't ask fees from the media for allowing them to broadcast the 'event'!

Of course,it will all go to the Madeleine Fund and they can continue their 'hands on' search for their daughter - that would be a first!

Jingle Bells - Jingle McCann's cash boxes!

nancy said...

McCann Files today.

Duarte Levy reporting onthe Tapas 7interviews in the UK -

Volume 1- SOS Maddie

All seven Britons were interviewed in early 2008 before the Portuguese investigation was put on hold for lack of impartial evidence and brave justice.

It then goes on to put Jane Tanner's nervous and glaringly obvious changes in her different versions of events.

bath theory said...

You may all remember how I have said the national curriculum for primary children deals with teaching pupils about...

'Persuasive writing'

Here are some words on a flyer. This time last year I mentioned I was teaching about facts and opinions and how easy it is to dress opinions up as facts. I stated the Metado 3 statement about being home for christmas was purely codswallop.

Here are some words on a flyer by the department of education about persuasion.

...In everyday life we are bombarded with persuasive texts: advertisements, articles, brochures, leaflets, fliers. Writing such texts ...helps pupils develop awareness of the techniques others use to influence their thinking. However, in order to back up their opinions with convincing evidence, pupils need to be knowledgeable about the subject matter...

... to put forward their case in writing, pupils must select and organise information, usually as a series of major points, each of which may require elaboration, explanation, evidence and/or examples....


I need say no more. There are people in this world who truly believe they are above the law. Like the Mrs Matthhews' of this world they get found out very quickly but the ones in move in different circles are the more deviant. They crawl, cling and sniff around desperate to further their status and desperate to stroke their egos. They are vipers, leeches and pimps. they distort, lie and sneer with no remorse. In short they take no responsibilities for their actions. This sort can often live what appears a 'happy' and 'contented' life but as we know on the inside they die bitter, resentful and deeply unhappy on the inside. The core of the apple is infested by worms.

PS By the way some may remember I mentioned a guy interviewed on Radio 5 quite a while ago who said the place to find the truth these days is the internet. He wrote a book entitled something like 'History of PR' and it has come to mind that his name was something like Mark Markovski. He said money distorts all forms of the media now and it is only the internet that is free from such corruption.

JFM :)

Zodiac said...

If I had no emotion for a 3 year I could have got them off scott free by insisting they gave 25k to 'Karen Mathews the second Shannon was reported missing "The Caring McCanns" the story of how they were duped by the evil bitch once Shannon had been found and he Mother responsible would have been worth it's weight in gold "How could this evil Mother Scam us?" asks Kate McCann mother of the year to neglected children...'

Hope exactly! Although IMO that is what they are trying to do, only it has not cost them a penny. They are using little Shannon for their own ends, imo. They disgust me more and more.


'I wouldn't be at all surprised if they don't ask fees from the media for allowing them to broadcast the 'event'!'

Nancy I do hope the Media do not pay a penny if they do offer to broadcast their appeal. After all how much has this case cost the Media and Press due to libel? Also they do not need money they have someone backing them financially for life lets hope the Press and Media remember that. Surely they should be grateful to have their appeal aired anywhere at anytime without them having to be paid for it and if they are not charged any costs for doing so they should be grateful.

viv said...

Hiya Claudia

So Correia now admits it was a "vision", the grotesque images of what he claims happened to Madeleine. I do not blame the psychiatrist for suggesting he is either pyschotic or just plain dishonest, I prefer the latter. These dreams and visions crop up repeatedly in Team McCann, don't they..Supertroll, Rosie, and Brian's dreams, what a bunch of sick charlatans! In one breath they tell of the most repulsive things happening to little Madeleine, ie Rosie on the DE, she is being used as a "little Maid" in Morocco, but then repeatedly tell us she is also safe and well and will be home real soon. I will never forget those repulsive comments on the DE from Rosiepops, be brave little darling, hang on little darling, what whilst being repeatedly raped. These people are sick in the extreme. This is the extent of depravity Team McCann will sink to, to convince the gruesome twosome did nothing to their child and even, which we know to be completely false she has lived through 18 months of the most appalling abuse= purely to continue to cash in on their own little girl. They are utterly depraved.

I recall the McCanns bizarre reaction to the search of the Damn Arade, they did not want it searched and the were not going to co-operate. We all thought that was very odd at the time, because to normal parents even recovering your child's body for proper burial can be a great comfort. But, in spite of telling us they just did not want to be involved, their useless Retardos were there the whole time and then spoke of rushing off the animal remains for analysis in Spain. We have been told that BK, Clarence and that "solicitor" were controlling M3 - the reason they would want to distance themselves from this Correio who brings lawyers into disrepute now becomes plain. Like all big time crooks they get others to do the dirty work to try and keep their own hands clean, but they all work for Kate and Gerry McCann and he works against the officer investigating = Goncalo Amaral and he works for a child murderer Leonor who three years after her conviction gets persuaded to say the police beat her up. This is a huge scandal and for the McCanns it is not going to die down. I would not even be surprised if there is no Christmas appeal. We have already been told they do not wish to do it personally, well why not? It did not stop them last year!


viv said...

Hiya BT and thanks for a good post, it is about planting seeds in peoples' minds isn't it, so they start to believe what you are telling them. This has been the insidious campaign of the McCanns. Marco brazenly makes the Codswallop statement Maddie will be home for Christmas and this times perfectly with their sickening Christmas video. Then a few months later they try to start distancing themselves from the Retardos, but these are the people hand picked for the job by Gerry McCann himself and who, they claim have been given £1M for the privilege of other's peoples' money that he plotted to plunder immediately after Madeleine's so called disappearance. All his "business trips" to UK, even to doctor a photo where she looks so cute and the US, for the Amber Alert crap. Their campaign has been tacky depraved and pathetic and if those on Rosie's blog genuinely believe in it, then they need to go back and have some primary education from you my friend!


viv said...

Zodiac, I think the other issue that Team McCann and the British press seem to completely overlook is Shannon Matthews is a living child, now aged 10, presumably. What must she be going through given it is clear she can read and write. Not only do the McCanns not care two hoots for the effects on their own little twins they do not care two hoots about little Shannon, either, do they. Of course not, they laughed, jogged and started to make themselves millionaires having lost Madeleine. Not something they could easily do otherwise, even on doctors' salaries. Their financial position was dire with a £2k per month mortgage, not something we should forget because it provides a clear motivation for people to act the way that they have. Remember all the talk about chat shows and films and Clarence jealously protecting their right to have all the cash, never left any doubt at all did it, what they care about!

viv said...

Oh and guys remember, we have stopped the McCanns from making a lot more money that they clearly planned to do, by letting the public know the real truth, with the help of our fantastic Portuguese friends like Claudia, Joana, Alabella. Without decent and honest people like this, and decent Portuguese reporters properly analysing the files how much of the truth would we know from the British press!


Zodiac said...


'Shannon Matthews is a living child, now aged 10, presumably. What must she be going through given it is clear she can read and write.'

My thoughts also. Shannon will also grow up to become an adult. I do hope this little girl (and her siblings) now have a real chance in life. Maybe Shannon will be able use her life experience and if she is able to get a good education she may even work in an area where she can help neglected, abused deprived children.

Zodiac said...

'Oh and guys remember, we have stopped the McCanns from making a lot more money that they clearly planned to do, by letting the public know the real truth, with the help of our fantastic Portuguese friends like Claudia, Joana, Alabella. Without decent and honest people like this, and decent Portuguese reporters properly analysing the files how much of the truth would we know from the British press!'

Yes I agree with the above. Many thanks to our Portuguese friends without you we would all be like mushrooms i.e.: kept in the dark and fed sh!te.

viv said...

Hiya Zodiac, that is a good point, often people who have suffered themselves make the very best people to help others when they become adults. I am sure we all wish little Shannon the very best in life and a much better future. My mom actually made an interesting point yesterday, that in the pictures it is odd but Shannon always looks a very happy child, whereas Madeleine invariably looked very sad. I guess there are degrees of neglect and abuse and different children cope in different ways. Perhaps an older child would have developed better coping strategies as to how to cope with Mom as the writings of Shannon confirm..let us be good and not upset mom and then we might get some dinner or some sweets. It is really heartbreaking that as children grow up they are forced to develop such strategies and entirely understandable that the person who she should love the most in the world, her mum, in fact, she never wants to see her again. That is the best for Shannon in all the circumstances but still a crippling blow to her self esteem.

On an amusing note, loved your comment the British press treated us just like mushrooms, fed shite and kept in the dark xxxxxx

bath theory said...

Hi Viv
McCann files has a good bit from a few days ago

...The unkind have depicted the two mothers as Waynetta Slob — Britain's most famous underclass stereotype — versus Kate Moss — darling of the glamour set. They have compared Ms Matthews' seven children by five fathers and her 22-year-old boyfriend with Mrs McCann's IVF-conceived twins and heart-surgeon husband. The high-minded say these things should not matter; it is the missing girls that are important. But it is clear that the perception of class does matter when trying to capture the public's imagination.

You may not have heard of Shannon Matthews. The little girl, from an impoverished council estate in Dewsbury in Britain's north, disappeared as she walked home after a swimming class. The police have deployed 350 officers and 60 detectives to the search, joined by innumerable local volunteers. A reward of £25,000 ($A55,000) has been raised, with The Sun contributing £20,000.

You will have heard of Madeleine McCann, who vanished from a holiday apartment in Portugal last May. Her comfortable home in Leicestershire, in the East Midlands, became the site of a media stakeout after her parents, Gerry, a cardiologist, and Kate, a GP, returned to Britain.

At this point in Madeleine's disappearance last year, £2.5 million had been raised, with contributions from Sir Richard Branson and J. K. Rowling. Celebrities including David Beckham publicly appealed and the McCanns had begun their sophisticated media strategy: daily briefings, a website, experienced representatives and eventually, a meeting with the Pope and the appointment of a private detective agency.

A distressed Kate McCann: lean, blonde and articulate, clutching her daughter's soft toy and wearing a yellow ribbon of hope, was the figurehead from the outset. Amid accusations of police incompetence, the McCanns were declared suspects but have never been charged. A commentator in the Daily Mail wailed: "This kind of thing doesn't usually happen to people like us."

It was two weeks after Shannon's disappearance before her mother, 32, was put before the television cameras. With no make-up, hair askew, wearing a T-shirt saying "Help find Shannon", Ms Matthews looked the essence of working-class Britain. She, too, clutched her daughter's teddy bear and tearfully appealed for information. But Shannon did not make the front pages. In the first 16 days of Madeleine's disappearance, 519 articles were written about her in Britain. By Wednesday, 16 days after Shannon went missing, she had received 111 mentions.

A former Daily Mirror editor and media commentator with The Guardian, Roy Greenslade, appraises public perception and media judgement. "The mother (Karen Matthews) is unsympathetic. This is a dysfunctional family, and people feel, 'Does she not bring this upon herself? Is she not the author of her own misfortune?' " He says Ms Matthews represents an underclass that Daily Mail readers and their like cannot and do not want to relate to.

But the McCanns, he says, with their seemingly respectable lives, represent the aspirations of Middle England. "It shouldn't matter. But it does. This is a really difficult thing for editors. They don't like talking about this aspect because it really does betray the unspoken way they make their mind up."

In other words there were a lot of people who would appear at best foolish should it be proved that the McCann's were indeed behind an elaborate plot to hide facts relating to Madeleine's vanishment. You or I would simply say 'sorry' or 'I got it badly wrong' but devious, manipulative people are incapable of such language aren't they. So better go further down the lie than expose their 'ludicrous' judgement !!!

viv said...

It became clear that the Americans wanted to ask free ranging questions, not a script prepared by Gerry and Clarence. It also became clear they needed a declaration of the McCanns' innocence. It must be very frustrating to the McCanns that the case was simply shelved and there was no declaration of their innocence, in spite of what their supporters say. We can rest assured that had there been, we would now be facing Kate and Gerry McCann, The Victims, The Movie an American big budget production, predicted to become a blockbuster. We have Goncalo Amaral, other Portuguese detectives, prosecutors and of course senior British detectives involved in the case to thank for the fact that we are not facing such sickening gush!

bath theory said...

I have no doubt that the McCanns will face the music but by then I believe they will be living in another part of the world and it will only happen when the cosy Royal Bank of Scotland directors and ex directors disappear from around Brown and he has gone too. Not forgetting a willingness for the then Portugese leaders to shaft and go for the truth. let us hope they do.

Brown was famous for his leaks . Indeed only today the leak he gave years ago over the nuclear base move has come out. And yet he is trying to stifle leaks that embarass his government. Once again the prime focus here is at hidng embarassment at decisions taken. Grow up GB say sorry in a sincere way and get on with running a government. Allow the
McCanns to face the music and tell CM his days at running covert PR ops are now outside government concerns.

bath theory said...

Well I now it is cuckoo land to believe that Justice could operate at this level of government but these people are there to represent us and not themselves. Why do they forget it so easily.

viv said...

Hiya BT and thanks for that.

I think many of us have expressed the sentiment many times. Why should the disappearance of just one middle class child have everything money can buy thrown at it, whereas other children who come from less affluent backgrounds barely get a mention. We still live in a class ridden Society and it is equally true I think that it does not seem much like Justice that Kate McCann is not a cell mate for Karen Matthews. They are both just women and all children should be equal, sadly they are not. Even the SSD pay due deference to Kate and Gerry McCann, let us give them the benefit of the doubt. But we know, lower class families would have had those twins snatched as soon as they got off that
Easy Jet flight. So in the end, better off children actually suffer even more, that is the system. Shannon is now safe and well looked after, could we say the same about the twins?


viv said...

Hiya BT

I have not changed my view that it is not much to do with Gordon Brown that they have not been prosecuted. It is because the Police needed the evidence of the TAPAS 7 to properly convict Kate and Gerry McCann, but they persist in their lies or otherwise say nothing. There was one final appeal for the TAPAS 7 to attend reconstruction and give proper evidence but as we know they refused to go!

They have always been the key to this case and convicting the McCanns based on their current evidence would be an almost impossible task.


viv said...

If the TAPAS 7 changed their evidence now they would be admitting taking part in a criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and would face custody themselves, hence they say nothing to incriminate themselves and wanted to be persuaded they would not be incriminating themselves prior to attending the reconstruction. Of course Dr Rebelo could give no such guarantee to them.


viv said...

It would be interesting to know how Dr Russell O'Brien is getting on. Doctors may often be tough people who can put their feelings and consciences to one side. But, by the law of averages, out of a group of seven people there just has to be one who would be overly troubled by his conscience. The thing is what would he himself, then have to face. He needs to ask himself the question, well what is my life like now, what do I have to face every single day..

dylan said...

Hi folks!

Sorry I haven't been around for a while, I've had a court appearance to deal with and am currently typing this up from my cell ;-)

Goodness me! So the holier-than- thou pro site (and who the hell is Katie Smith?) are blaming this blog site for Karen Matthews' actions and ideas? Oh dear! I think that there are actually two people from Leics that should be attributed with that honour as everything that this blog is about is pro children and anti neglect. In fact, had Ms Matthews read this blog, she would have seen that there is a section of the public that just do not believe the cr@p that is fed us by our media and our conviction that justice will prevail, eventually. Surely that would be enough for even the most intelligence-challenged person to demonstrate that staging an abduction is likely to be sussed pretty soon, even by us amoebas here ;-) Isn't it amazing these days that single-celled creatures can type? Darwin would have been fascinated!


bath theory said...

Hi Viv
Maybe worth repeating my post of a few days ago re witness statements

...witnesses are all usually aware that the full picture will not be able to be completed whilst people do not come forward.

i.e The full picture is never complete until people come forward and tell us what they have seen.

Add to the above by thinking what if someone of great wealth was also paying off all those who were coming forward and indeed what if someone set up a hotline to ensure those came to them rather than the police. Added together there would be many layers that stopped facts and the truth coming out wouldn't there.

However, such a line would be extremely deviant and criminal wouldn't it...

viv said...

Hiya Dillie darling

Yes, very well put, had Karen actually read this site, then she would have realised that even with the McCann media machine they were being investigated and no one actually believed them. That would clearly have put her off. I think she was actually probably dwelling on Gerry's favourite newspaper The News of the World and believed every word she read, what a twit eh!

Hiya BT, yes it was a belt and two braces approach wasn't it. The crucial witnesses, the Tapas 7 were no problem but what of all the rest, yes ring us, not the police and we will line your palms very nicely to say just what we want you to say. Sadly when confronted with hard cash many people choose to go the wrong way.

I think to anyone with a trace of common sense the setting up of that hotline by the McCanns should have been another big red flag. Who else but criminals wants to stop people talking t the police. What normal couple who had genuinely had their child abducted doing anything other than tell people to ring the police. It is an absolute indeniable fact,criminals do not like the police and we know exactly what Kate thinks of Goncalo and his considerable efforts to find out what happened to "my Madeleine", why she hates the site of him, strange that Kate!

bath theory said...

Trying to link the Matthews woman with this site is an ovious smear. Her lack of balanced thought and intellectual rigour go hand in hand with the 'It has to be an abduction cos I say so' website we all know off. An obvious smear.

hope4truth said...

Hi Dyl

I think if KM had dared to print a word here she would have been told in no uncertain terms to get to a police station confess to everything and start to repent for all she put her daughter and other 6 children through...

Where as the pink and fairy site would have welcomed her with open arms after all Shannon is still alive and there is a very strong chance Madeleine is not and her Mother knows or was involved in what happend to Madeleine and they worship Kate!!!!!!!!!

Lets face it KM is a liar a child abuser and neglector and did nothing to help find her and Kate (oh god just realised they have the same initials)Is a neglecting parent and has lied from day one about timings and god knows what else and has done nothing to find her daughter just covered her own back...

In fact I think they would be proud to have Karen she is another woman who thinks children are not important...

bath theory said...

In terms of policemen and or ladies I have yet to meet one who doesn't think the parents are involved in some way. They all say one thing... evidence.... and then moan about how hard it is to convict anyone these days. Even with CCTV images a barrister can argue the image is not of sufficient quality blah, blah. In other words I reckon it is a mix between your version and mine Viv. I still believe the political influence is there and it is proved in mind by seconding the employee from the COI to those parents. Murat got jack diddly shi**e support but the couple got the HEAD OF THE CENTRAL OFFICE OF INFORMATION. ie the government media monitoring unit internally and the place that has to stamp all requests to film in this country.

dylan said...

Hi Viv!

How is your house stuff coming on now? I do hope it will all be done by Christmas so that you can relax and enjoy it. x

Hi BT too. The McCanns have always made a huge effort to divert and distract the investigation away from them and shift it towards sigtings etc. It is true that this behaviour is contrary to that of parents who have genuinely lost a child to an abduction. They have never been complicit with the PJ, only when it served their purposes. Kate didn't take the lie detector test that she said would and nobody went back for a reconstruction. How sad.I have never understood why they care about what the World thinks of them when the worst that could possibly happen to them has already happened.

I for one am looking forward to GAs book arriving in the UK so that others who have not necessarily followed this case may learn some of the truth as we know it. Good for him!


bath theory said...

Once that is fully realised then nothing else needs to be stated in my mind. But of course add to it another point Eddie and Keela, lack of search that first night, cuddle cat being washed, being fed info by PJ insider, Metado doing what we said all along ie creating a gooseberry chase etc etc then in every way except legally it only points one way. It is in the ethical and moral court that justice truly occurs anyway. I know I will smile the moment I die as I will not be eaten up by any evil deeds and there are those who are alive but with extremely heavy hearts at the moment.

dylan said...

Hello Hope! :-)

Yes, I think KM MkII would receive a pat on the back from the pro site if she hadn't have dismally failed in her abduction staging. Thank god she did and I really hope that Shannon will have a fresh start in life.

Maybe the pros really appreciate cunning with evil intent. Gawd knows they love to call us thick and can't understand why we are so upset that the T9's children were left alone to fend for themselves.


bath theory said...

As a teacher I obviously wish people in general to take responsibility for their actions and then move whatever the cosequences. Hi Dyl by the way. Will pop off for a while to finish my planning.

bath theory said...

... and then move on ...I meant to say

dylan said...

BT - very true. I wouldn't want the weight of that on my mind. I feel guilty enough when I forget a friend's birthday!


dylan said...

BT - good luck with that. I may have to go back to teaching for a while in the new year, but I'm hoping that I can avoid it! I still have nightmares about high school teaching and it's over two years since I last taught!


docmac said...

Good MORNING all:-)

Thanks for the very interesting posts which I have much enjoyed reading for the past few minutes. Battery weak, don't think it'll last for a decent reply. Hope you are all well.

Boa noite x

PS: It was 37C here yesterday, 36 the day before. Send snow. Just for a day :-))


dylan said...

Hi and bye, Doc!

Please cut the temperature thing out. That's so unfair ;-) It's -2 C here! I hate the cold and I think that I'm quite possibly the only person in the entire country that hates the sun in the winter! It's so low that it gets in your eyes, clear sky = cold and the colours (bright green, bright blue and the brown of trees and soil) are the least complimentary set of colours you can get. I just find winter sun so harsh! Bah humbug!

Off to bed to hibernate. See you all tomorrow. Night xx

Cláudia said...

Hello, all.

Olá, Doc! Had people over tonight. Football night. :-) This time Benfica won. 6-0. The reds rule! :-)

Boa noite, all.
Sleep tight.

nancy said...


It seems that we human beings grumble whatever the weather eh?

I must admit I love the winter sun and snow, but not grey rainy weather and dark evenings.

I also love the heat of summer and the delicious feeling of jumping into the cool sea or pool when the temperatures are hot enough to fry an egg!

I really look forward to Spring too - watching the trees turn green again and the bulbs emerging from the soil.

Docmac -

I hope you and the family are having a good time and getting lots of writing or research done.

nancy said...

Hi Viv -

I just read the posts and your opinion that there isn't enough evidence to convict the McCanns.

What about Eddie and Keela's blindingly obvious reactions?

I listened to a programme on Radio 4 today about the use of springer spaniels in the war torn areas of Iraq and Afghanistan. They have absolute faith in the spaniels used there to sniff out evidence of all types of explosives and ammunition. If these dogs are proved to be correct in those conditions,I'm sure Eddie and Keela's reactions in the car and the apartment in PdeLuz should be taken more seriously than they have been. Just why are they being ignored in this case?

If these specialist dogs are taken seriously in a war zone,just why are the McCanns and their supporters dismissing Eddie and Keela's reactions out of hand!


hope4truth said...

Hi Nancy

There may not be enough evidence to convict the McCann's because their friends dont think Madeleine deserves any answers (after all she was just a 3 year old child she did not have a career to worry about destroying and therefor no matter what happend to her the Revolting 7 are doing the right thing for Gerry, Kate and themselves)...

This is what needs to be bought to the publics attention and our newspapers should be the ones doing it.

I read a tabloid yesterday which said there could be 3 more arrests in the Shannon Mathews case. 3 People were interviewed and the police are sure they can get a conviction if they speak to Karen again in prison.

I can remeber other people being taken in for questioning over this and released and I am sure the people of Dewsbury can remeber all of them. The papers are not worried if any of these people who may well be innocent are attacked or loose their jobs (maybe they dont have jobs to loose) but they could be wrongly attacked...

The information needs to be published in black and white for every person to read before dipping their hand into thier pocket and donating to a fund that has basiacaly helped two child neglecting parents who have not tried to find their daughter once get away with whatever happend to Madeleine.

How can the papers be sued if they print facts I would sugest...

Headline "Do the McCanns know where Madeleine is?"

Then print the pictures of them on her 4th Birthday with a title saying This was on her 4th Birthday 9 days after they told us she was in the hands of an evil peadophile ring and ask the question Why are they so happy???

And a few facts...

They never bothered to search for her.

Before the PJ arrived one of the group tore up Madeleines book and wrote a time line on the covers.

Neither of them took any responsibility for the fact they had gone to a bar while their 3 very young children were left home alone in an unlocked apartment which was a good distance from where they were eating and was not visable from where they were eating (and the other Neglectful parents especialy Tanner could not see theirs at all)..

Kate left the twins alone to go back to the Tapas to raise the alarm.

None of them ran back to their own apartments to check if their children were still there.

Murat was not seen by anyone who knew him that night and they lied about seeing him. (why would they need to lie?)

Cadavar scent on Kates Clothes Car Keys Cuddle Cat wardrobe sofa and car (and an explanation of how the dogs work)...

A list of the very simple questions Kate refused to answer and a question for all readers....

If your child was missing is there a single question on the list you would refuse to answer and if so why????

I could go on and on but the above simple and undisputed facts would not allow the McCanns to sue and should they try take it to court and see if they still want to.

Enough now Shannon was found alive thank god and her Mother has been called all sorts by the press long before she was found guilty. No one tried to help her spin her way out of it (thank god) and now she is where she belongs.

The McCann's have been turned into the victims and Madeleine is rarley mentioned by her own Father on his blogs it is all We Me and Us we have been told the most ludicrous things by CM...

Watching Karens interviews was so cringeing so stupid and obviously lying. But Shannon was alive and safe when the interviews were taking place.

Imagine watching Kate's interview when she refuses to answer a single question for her daughter who was still missing and acording to her in the hands of a peadophile ring that would be heartbreaking...

Justice for The Victim Madeleine enough is enough they said they would take a lie detector test and hae never done so if I felt people did not believe me and had stopped looking I would take one every day if it ment looking for my Daughter would continue...

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi Everyone

An interesting thread started on 3A this morning.

"Maddie would have had to be ALIVE for PJ to charge NEGLECT?

by HiDeHo on Mon Dec 08, 2008 4:07 am

Can someone put me straight on this.....Apologies for bring this up again but its been niggling at me when I keep reading of the 'alternative' conviction of neglect that they should have been charged with......

I have always been under the impression that the PJ could not charge the Mc's with 'neglect' for the night of May 3 if they KNEW that Maddie was not alive.

What grounds for neglect would they have?

If that night was 'used' to create the abduction scenario then we don't know if the twins were actually left alone...there could have been someone with them throughout that hour.

I am constantly seeing the issue of neglect being the 'catchall'...the 'alternative' possibility of conviction...and that may be so for other nights of their holiday...but for the 3rd May, how would it be possible to convict them of neglect?

Maybe I have missed something....but I do not see it as a possibility for that hour they were away from the apartment on May 3.

For those that believe Maddie was dead..how could there be neglect?

I have always felt that the Mc's are happy to know everyone is still making the neglect issue important (for that night anyway) I can't help thinking that to constantly 'use' neglect it fulfills their goal of deflecting from what was really happening that night...

Something far more sinister....

If I am wrong, please enlighten me as to why...

I find it troubling to see the constant acknowledgment of 'Well at least they should have been convicted of neglect'...when it would mean the PJ would have to agree to Madeleine being alive to support that charge.....Wouldn't they?"

I'm no lawyer so cannot comment on whether HiDeHo has a valid point.

nancy said...


I would have thought that the McCanns could and in my opinion should have been charged with neglect leading to the disappearance of Madeleine, but as Viv has said, the PJ's probably want to charge them with something far more serious. However, until they actually find Madeleine, or evidence comes to light to confirm the McCanns were involved with her disappearance, their hands are tied. That's how I see it, but others may have a different view.

nancy said...

Hi Hope

Good post and you are spot on as usual.

The McCanns have never acted as though they have lost a beloved daughter and have done the exact opposite of what normal parents would have done right from the outset.

It was clear from the start what their intentions were, i.e. to become world wide celebrities and be seen as the injured parties, (not Madeleine) and the fact that Kate failed to answer those questions, take a lie test, or even bother to look for their daughter when she went missing speaks volumes about how lacking in maternal instincts she is.

If it had been my daughter I would have been begging and pleading for the return of my little girl on each television, newspaper, radio and magazine interview I had the opportunity of being on. Their excuse about not wanting to show too much emotion just doesn't wash with me, because no normal parents would be able to help showing emotion.

What are these people? Are they made of stone?

Justice for Madeleine!

nancy said...

According to Beattie on the 3A's, there is a Portuguese Law 'Neglect causing harm' which carries a sentence of up to 10 years. Since Madeleine disappeared there was definitely a case for the McCanns to be charged. Maybe the PJ's were trying to prove accidental homicide and delayed a charge until it was too late, or there was political interference' - time will tell hopefully!

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi Nancy

The problem I see with the offence 'Neglect causing harm' is that there is no proof that she has come to harm. At the moment IMHO she is legally a 'Missing Person".

Di said...

Hi Everyone

Sorry I have been busy of late. I have read back also just popped over to 3A's and found this very interesting. Sorry if it has already been posted. I wonder who this policeman is? If this is true well done.

SOS Madeleine;http://sosmaddie.dhblogs.be/
added 7/12/2008

"This man in charge in the British police, no longer in contact with this case, is a direct witnesses of the most important moments of the investigation of the Portuguese authorities. Bitter and highly disappointed with the behavior of the British government in this case, this man, in a legal point of view, no longer has the right to speak about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. A ban that he has not met for reasons of professionalism and moral conscience "despite the heavy consequences to come.

"Oh someone is bringing his child to bed"

Jane Tanner, one of the key witnesses which McCann did not allow a lot of space for maneuver, explains again the places and movements: according to her testimony, leaving the Tapas Bar through the door, she mounted the coast, past to Gerry and Jez who were to his right.
"(...) So, yeah, so I passed, um, uphill, and then climbing on top of the road, when I came up, that person, someone crossed the top of the road with a child. And obviously at that point I just thought `oh someone is bringing his child to bed ', as they say."

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

Thought you might like to read the article below. The comments are interesting.


Thousands join East Lancashire group's prayers for Madeleine McCann
2:40pm Monday 8th December 2008

Comments (14) Have your say »

By Emma Cruces »

THOUSANDS of people around the world joined an East Lancashire group’s online prayer day for Madeleine McCann.

Madeleine’s mother Kate McCann is thought to be one of the 20,000 Christians who joined the Accrington and Burnley-based prayer circle in a day of remembrance for Madeleine and all missing children worldwide on Friday.

The prayer circle known as ‘music download revolution’ has been up and running for a year and members say they are becoming increasingly popular.

The core of the organisation is the Christian music download site, from which the group’s campaign to raise awareness of child trafficking has attracted global attention.

John Wearne, who belongs to St Paul’s Church in Accrington and co-runs the site, said: “Eight jumbo jet loads of children disappear every single day for the purposes of sex trafficking and the church has a responsibility, a duty, to impact this evil.

"We still believe that Madeleine is out there and we believe in spiritual warfare and that prayers for her will help bring her home.

“I have also spoken to Madeleine's mother, Kate McCann, who is happy we are promoting this for her lost little angel. She confirmed to me that she would be joining in.”

John runs the site with Burnley man Robert Robinson, a singer-songwriter who promotes the site’s music.

Di said...

Hi Zodiac

Thanks for the link to the comments.

I was very interested to see Edward from Leicester. According to reports on 3A's, he keeps coming up on several sites also newspapers. Many people think he is in the know.

I particularly liked JimDay's post from Rothley.

I see Pedro has raised his head again.

Kate going to Accrington, hmmm now let me think, I don't think so.

Di said...

So I am assuming we are talking about Bob Small.

Stuart prior was in charge of the task-force investigating the Madeleine case, in the Leicestershire Police. On June 12, 2007, Chris Eyre, Assistant Chief Constable for Crime, from Leiscestershire Police and Superintendet Bob Small, from Leicester CID both came to Praia da Luz, for a meeting with the PJ team "to evaluate the level of cooperation between the two police forces: We had the feeling that the kidnapping theory was the 'politically correct one', even if other lines of inquiry were still on the table”, Amaral wrote, concerning the results of that meeting. "As time went on, we realized that not everybody in Leicestershire police knew how the investigation was developing” (Amaral's book, page 97)

Bob Small was one of the first British Police officers to arrive at Praia da Luz, on May 7, 2007 (Amaral's book, page 95) Bob Small was the first "visit" the McCann received, at his home on Rothley, September 12, just after they arrived from Portugal.

Di said...

Off now

Enjoy your evening all.

bath theory said...

Forget about her in Accrington if that is true. If she comes to our church down here in the south she would be turned the back by many.

If she (Kath) was living in a council house in Dewsbury with a hospital porter called (Gez) they would be be banged up by now and their friends the (KFC) bunch would be in the clink too.

We all know it in this country and it is a very sad fact of human life. It happened in Tudor times and before and it still happens nowadays. The funny thing here is they came from that sort of start in life and rose into the ranks of those who are 'on the surface' professionals.

If Kath and Gez are reading along with the KFC bunch please take responsibility for the actions of that holiday.

bath theory said...

I have to say it seems extremely strange that one of the KFC bunch has not broken ranks and gone public. The pressure on them must be humungous. I can't think what stops them from being more open..... :)

Perhaps the answer lays with Andrew Bailey

dylan said...

Hi guys!

BT: lolololol! (sorry Claudia, it had to be done!)

Nancy, we are a country of complainers about the weather aren't we?! I have a very specific tolerance level which is - between 22 and 28 degrees C all year round, except for Christmas eve when I'd like snow please (no sun) so that I can build a snowman with the kids on xmas day! Well I was born in the tropics so I suppose I am programmed to like the warmth (and lower energy bills ;-))

Wrt charging the McCanns with neglect, I recall that Viv said that this would not happen because a) It could not take place in Portugal, it had to have happened here in the UK, and,

b) A lesser sentence would have detracted from the more serious one of manslaughter which would have been completely negated had they have been charged with neglect.

Both the Portuguese authorities and the UK believed that the evidence pointed towrard the former but unfortunately, the former could not be proved.

I hope that this was the right move as I don't see that justice will have been done for Madeleine had the McCanns been charged with neglect, albeit somewhere towards justice.

IMO, we should hold-out for the correct sentencing if justice is what we seek. It may be sometime in comming but I think it will come.

Son is back this eve so Heroes is calling. "See" you all tomorrow. Night and sleep well. xx

dylan said...

Nancy, I forgot to say that I really miss the leaves on the trees too, and I forget (until I hear them again) how much I love the song of the blackbird and skylark! May is my favourite month when all of the best things return. My dad is a beekeeper and I can't wait until his bees are up and about again and collecting nectar :-)

God! I'm sounding like I want to recite poetry so I'll go now! xx

Cláudia said...

Hello, all.
Interesting things happening on SOS Maddie. Lots of interesting reading and even more interesting downloads.
Boa noite!

dylan said...

Hi Claudia,

Do you have a link? I don't think I have that web site saved.


docmac said...

Hi Dyl!

Burning the midnight oil like me, are you? Only I'm using it to SEE :-)

It's Duarte Levy's site, but there seems to be no English version. How frustrating. Maybe Claudia will help you out tomorrow.

Hope you are well x.

nancy said...

Hi Dylan -

Your dad a beekeeper - how wonderful - I just adore honey and eat too much of it really. In Spain we can buy the real dripping honeycomb in the markets - yummy!

I believe that bees are at rather a low level so we must do all we can to grow plants and flowers that they love - honeysuckle and lavender to mention two.

Off to bed now - had a long day. Went to Cambridge where our grand-daugher had an interview at one of the university colleges there, so we are keeping everything crossed that she will get in! She won't know until after Christmas though, but her interview went well she said.

Goodnight and read you all tomorrow!


docmac said...

Night Nancy

Was just having a quick look back and saw your message 7/12 at 23:18. Answers are yes and yes. Thank you! x

Good luck to your granddaughter :-) Heck, I need my sack too..

nancy said...


You are right of course - there is no actual hard evidence that Maddie has come to harm physically, apart from the Keela and Eddie's reactions in the apartment and car which for some unknown reason hasn't been taken seriously, but she must have gone through a serious emotional trauma being separated from her family - whoosh clunk!!

I personally would like to see all the tapas parents charged with abandonment of their children even though it's a lesser charge. At least they will see the inside of a prison which they undoubtedly deserve! And who knows if that might lead to the real truth coming out.

nancy said...

Docmac -

Thanks for your kind words!

I think your wife and baby avatar is lovely - you must be very proud!

Really off to bed now!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Doc! :-) Good to see you! :-)
Dorme bem!

Hi, Dylan!
Here's the link:


It's in French but you can try the downloads available in the last article! :-)

Boa noite, all!

Cláudia said...

Boa noite, Nancy!

docmac said...

Aw, fanks Nancy. You sleep well now.

I lost some work time when my sister pitched up so have been working late for a couple of days now. Back to plan A in the morning methinks :-)


Finished sorting yet?

Night all.

docmac said...

Ola, querida amiga! I'm just off and you get up. Get me coffee :-)

Go Reds! Well done!!!

Cláudia said...

Doc, I'm also going to bed! :-)
I'll get you coffee in the morning! :-)
Dorme bem!

docmac said...

Dorme bem amiga

I'll tell you the fantastic news I got today next time :-)

Cláudia said...

Hey, you e-mail me in the next ten minutes, pal! :-)

docmac said...

OK, done :-)

Cláudia said...

Answered, amigo!
Beijinhos e dorme bem!

dylan said...

Thank you Claudia! I think I know enough French to translate it myself. If not, Elly will help me, I'm sure (waves bum :-)). I'll have a looksee in the morning.

Nancy, my dad will have pure honeycomb by about July, I think. The bees usually start to forage on the earliest flowers in the Spring (March) which are dandelions. No matter how unsightly they make yout lawn look, never cut them down as they are invaluable to the bees!! The Veroa virus kills many of them and threatens an end to honey but we can all help by not spraying insecticide and encouraging wild flowers instead.I usually let my garden weeds flourish until August when the bees have done most of their foraging, they can winter on Ivy blooms but it's not so prolific and so it's best to let nature have its way! I'll bring you a jar of honey in the summer if we still post here together in the summer. I have my dad's friend's honey in my cupboard and it's the best for sore throats and other ailments but even beter for the taste of it on toast!!

Nite all xx

dylan said...

Docmac - news, please???? xx

dylan said...


Ryan went to the Bolton game but ended up in the Bolton goal end whilst his dad occupied the executive box. As far as I can gather, a scrap kicked off and Ryan narrowly missed it as he is so diplomatic - obviously he gets it from me ;-) xx

viv said...

Hiya guys

house is coming on quite well but no internet for a few days and what a lot of interesting posts to read! Man I need to catch up with you all


viv said...

ok google translation from Fren h

The interview Tapas 7 in the UK - Volume I

Imagem1.pngTous seven Britons were questioned in the UK in early 2008, before the Portuguese investigation is pending with the absence of impartial justice, courageous.

In the public interest, recalling that justice is always an achievement of civilization in the violence, calm on vengeance without end, stability in the chaos, the conversations (yes, it was over conversations that real interrogations) were recorded on video and transcripts available for download only in English, at the end of each article. The videos will be appropriately disclosed.

Jane Tanner: selective memory, and other contradictions ...

After eleven months of investigation, despite all that could be said or done about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Jane Tanner, one of the Tapas 9, the officer agreed to Ferguson of Leicestershire police she s That is wrong about the provision that the group was sitting at the table. A seemingly innocuous detail, but still is revealing: "Russell said he was sitting in between, Rachael and Dianne. So I think I Dianne there. So, Russell was there. And I think Dave, I think Dave could have been there and Fiona there. "
The questioning of Jane Tanner, in April 2008, was recorded on video, which I had access and that will be appropriately disclosed in a documentary about the disappearance of Maddie.

According to the new seating plan, Jane would be based, "the way counter-clockwise," next to Kate, followed by Matthew, Fiona, David Payne, Gerry McCann, Dianne, and finally Rachael Russell.

According to Jane Tanner, in his questioning before the British police, Kate McCann was more worried than usual for dinner on 3 May 2007, the night of the disappearance of Madeleine: "One thing I have not mentioned ( ...) It had said that Madeleine, said something strange about where were you last night when I woke up. And as I said, I can not remember how it feeding time said (...) I think she said "when Sean and I are awake, I can not remember if it was not when two of them awake."

"I was wondering if there was no other reason, you know, why perhaps the controls were more often," said Jane Tanner then that Kate wondered if Maddie would be awake.

Questioned about the lapse of time that Gerry McCann would have remained absent from the dinner table, Jane explains: "it should be at least five minutes, if not more, because I think, because he was gone before I am really party there were conversations about that he would be arrested pending. So, I mean, if I think it should be in some way five or ten minutes, five or ten minutes after that it is gone. I can not say for sure, but ".

"(...) I up the road and I can not remember exactly, I know this, I know, I think Gerry think it was a different place where I think they stood, but I Was quite safe, as I walked up the road, they were held, one of them was on the road and the other was right on the edge of the sidewalk, but I thought it was the side of the road where I walked, but I know that Gerry think they were on the other side. But I thought they were more closely, because as I went, I almost went into a kind greet them and I thought at that time `Oh, 'they tchatchent tchatchent tchatchent" and I thought, you know, I do, I did not know if they saw me or not, but I'm is gone and I salute them think they were so far I do not know if I would somehow went almost say hello, "says Jane Tanner that she and Gerry McCann do not agree with the where they were.

"I thought they were, when you get here, I thought they were more, um, again I know this is where me and Gerry are not agree, but I thought that They were somehow closer to the small alley. I think in some way (...). I think that one of them was on the road and I think I thought it was Jez on road because he had the baby. And I do not know to, I can not remember what direction he was shot. No, I mean, I think I remember that in my statement I said But I can not remember now what direction he was shot. And I thought Gerry was almost like on the curb or just, just sort on the road, but certainly some sort of side this in some way rather close to the driveway. I do not think they were near the gate of the apartment, I thought they were somehow a little further down, down the road it, "says Jane Tanner to the police showing - according to the commentary of a British investigators, a curious memory.

"Ms. Tanner testified before the TV cameras, she was questioned by Portuguese ... our colleges today it is unable to remember most details - Police in Leicestershire has been read his previous statements -- But, curiously, it has come to clarify some key points that agree with the story told by other members of this group, "said an official of the British police after watching videos of interrogations.

The head of the British police, no longer in contact with this case, is a direct witnesses of the most important moments of the investigation of the Portuguese authorities. Bitter and highly disappointed with the behavior of the British government in this case, man, a legal point of view, no longer has the right to speak about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. A ban that has not met for reasons of professionalism and moral conscience "despite the heavy consequences to come.

"Oh someone is bringing her child to bed"

Jane Tanner 235 Suspects web.jpgJane Tanner, a key witness McCann which have left large space, explains the provision of places and movements: according to his testimony, leaving the Tapas Bar through the door, she up the coast, passed by Gerry and Jez who were to his right.
"(...) So, yeah, so I passed, um, uphill, and then climbing on top of the road, when I came up, that person, someone crossed the top of the road with a child. And obviously at that point I just thought `oh someone is bringing her child to bed ', as they say."

"I think it was getting night (...) there was not, apart from Gerry and Jez there was nobody else. (...) I have not really seen anyone. I would say, I think, again, which made me think it was more strangely, I think when I went to check other night at that time I probably did not see anyone, it was sooner than you see people carrying their children here and there, "says Tanner saying that everything happened" roughly around nine hours ten ".
"(...) I scampering in a way, because obviously I was trying to go back and verification as quickly as possible too, so I just thought` Oh I'll just go there and take control as quickly as possible ... "
In response to Officer Ferguson, Tanner says that his intention was just to "verify Ella and Evie," because nobody else would have done: "Gerry was there, so I thought it was just to check (his children). Matt had checked when he, uh, been (...). And we never checked Fi and Dave because they had their device, they were quite happy, so they don ' have not checked at all, that is. "

Tanner876876.jpg "Oh, poor parents like us ..."

"(...) Just when I came up, someone had crossed. And the thing that really struck me was, uh, bare feet. And the thought crossed my mind was, I would say when we are at Leicester (...) we used to walk to the house of Dave and Fi for, uh, children, for dinner with children, children play, we put in a bed travel there and we would be sometimes a little later and then bear children at home (...) We enveloppons in a blanket or anything, but still exceed their feet, and you think `Oh they'll catch a cold feet "because they always wriggle. So one thing I thought was `Oh poor parents like us, you know, this child is obviously reduced to the house (...).

(...) It was the only reason I really looked, I think. Because at that time I thought it was one person bringing their children to the nursery or, you know, just a father carrying their own child ... "

Tanner, questioned by the officer, explains that the path followed by the suspect seeing it claims is "stuck" not with the idea of a person bringing her child to the nursery: (...) "I actually thought `Oh a little strange, 'but not in a million years I thought` This is Madeleine. (...) Well, yeah, if I had thought, yeah, you know, if I saw that it was Madeleine you, you know, I will not do is Madeleine `Oh, you know, I screamed, but. But, yeah, I know that the police think I am a witness all well and nice, but I do not know what I can do. "

After a brief moment of emotion - visible only on videotape - Jane Tanner continues: "No, but the best thing that could happen, except that Madeleine is found, someone come forward and was `It was me saying 'you know,` It was me who was passing by here' because, you know, you know, I do not want either Madeleine, but you know, there is no but I am convinced that it was and, you know, people should, so I do not know what I can do to make them believe that. I'm sorry. "

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viv said...

Hiya Nancy

There is hard evidence that Madeleine has come to harm and died and the police have said many times this is their conclusion of what happened. The evidence of the dogs and the blood splatter on the walls and floor in the area where the corpse was. However, this is not evidence of precisely how she came to that harm or who was responsible, and without evidence (honest and truthful) from the TAPAS group or at least one or two of them it would therefore not be possible to bring charges. I have stated before I believe the Police seek other evidence against the McCanns to enable them to bring charges that will lead to a conviction. The Police cannot just charge the possibles and take pot luck i.e. OB Gerry Kate Payne etc they have to have evidence to back up those charges, otherwise the defence would easily be them in court on the basis all they have to do is establish an element of doubt. But one thing there is no doubt about, Madeleine is dead.

Viv x

viv said...

*beat* them in court!

viv said...

In any conviction for murder or manslaughter you always have to have evidence linking the killer to the crime scene..Barry George it was the gun residue and the witnesses who could describe him but when the FSS said the gun residue was unreliable he walked, even though he is clearly the killer. Unfortunately a conviction has to be beyond reasonable doubt! Going to court and saying well we do not have the body and we really think it was Kate and the McCanns have told a pack of lies just would not do!

But the McCanns are in the situation where everyone knows it was them, most particularly the police officers involved and that must be a horrible situation to be in! I hope they think their life, such as it is in the circumstances is worth it! A lot of additional evidence is coming to light and I wonder if a charge of perverting the course of justice might be brought, we must not give up hope, given the certainty the police clearly have. When have they ever said they are looking elsewhere, they are not, they know there was no abduction and they know who is responsible, but sometimes it can take years to bring charges. If I was the prosecutor in this case i would at least go for a big case against them of perverting the course of justice and fraud because that would be sufficient to seriously send them down!


nancy said...

Good morning Viv and everyone!

Viv -

I agree with your assessment and your views and I would dearly love the outcome to be as you suggest it may be.

I still think though, that if this couple had not been the professionals they are, they would have been met at the airport to answer for their actions, instead of given an escort back home to Rothley.

As you say a lot of additional evidence is gradually coming to light and if GA's book is finally allowed to be published in the UK. Apparently it is in motion, and once on the book shelves many more people will hopefully see the McCanns for exactly what they are.

Justice certainly hasn't been seen to be done for Madeleine - yet!!


nancy said...

Dylan -

I really look forward to that yummy honey!!

And seeing you of course!


nancy said...

Misguided A.N.Wilson writing in the Mail on Sunday yesterday with a picture of po-faced Kate McCann alongside a weeping X-Factor competitor.

Heading: Why I weep for crybaby Britain.

"It's a sin of moral emptiness to let ourselves be taken in by cheap tears on television, yet cast those with self control as uncaring villains.


In contrast, Madeleine McCann's mother Kate showed control and among the many haunting things about the case was her extraordinary poise! You could watch her exercising an iron will over herself during the press conferences. There were some thoughts and fears too intimate to be shared with us. They belonged, with her tears in private. Yet the very self control she showed made the more ghoulish members of the public brand Mrs McCann a villain and even hold the palpably false suspicion that she had a hand in the tragedy. The ghouls would prefer her to sob"


If you ask me, the Mail is looking for a free scoop of the McCann's Christmas publicity machine in action.

Di said...

Good morning all

This is worth a read, and he calls himself a lawyer. I wouldn't like to be represented by him, away with the fairies comes to mind.


Zodiac said...

Hi all,


Fingers crossed for your Granddaughter.


Your 00.25am posted filled me with pride. I felt a little guilty when I saw Viv's beautiful garden. My garden is just as you describe in your post. I have left the weeds etc (hoping for a big snowfall to cover the weeds I could not be bothered removing) I was going to remove them in the Spring and do a big garden tidy then. Having read your post I now have to do the Eco friendly thing for the Bees and leave them to flourish until August, Yea yipee! After all a weed is only a misplaced flower.

Di said...

Hello Nancy

Ghouls! oh well we have been called worse.

Would I prefer to see her sob, no. What I would like to see is some normal emotion, even perhaps an apology to Maddie for leaving her and the twins alone and showing some remorse.

What I do see, is an aggression which rears its ugly head when asked awkward questions.

Zodiac said...

'away with the fairies comes to mind.'


The picture of him should have your comment above below his pic.

'Metodo 3 always accompanied the searches closely, and took all of those objects to Spain.'

'How did you appear in the defense of Joana’s mother?

Método 3 asked me to juridically investigate'

Who was it that employed Metodo 3? Mmmm!

nancy said...

Zodiac - thanks and we shall see in January!

'After all, a weed is only a misplaced fower'

How true that is - I always keep wild flowers growing unless they are actually strangling other shrubs and flowers trying to reach their peak. And wild flowers have their own beauty too. That's the way to help the wild life like honeybees, butterflies etc., play their very vital part in the progression of nature. We all have to play a part these days of endless concrete covering up previous wildlife areas.

I know people need somewhere to live, but I think that the overbuilding here in the UK, and I might add in Spain, is a disgrace, and many of them will remain empty for decades to come in my opinion.

The government should house the long term homeless into these empty places and not allow them to stand empty for years. Obviously they would have to reimburse the builders but, at the same time, it would save them building more Council homes that they are always banging on about.

Di said...

I particularly like GA's comment

“I don’t believe that Método 3 chased that lawyer up. What he says is a lie. All he wants is publicity and clowning around. If he was at the Arade dam looking for Maddie after having a ‘vision’, why didn’t he dive into the waters?...”


Wizard said...

Good Afternoon All,

I just been catching up on back posts and it has made me think. Most people believe the McCanns are involved in the disappearance of Madeleine and I like others also believe in the evidence provided by the dogs.

If Madeleine died between 6 and 8pm on 3rd May and the scent of a cadaver is only detectable after 2 hours at 8pm to 8.30pm she appeared to have been moved twice a) behind the sofa and b) bottom of bedroom cupboard. The McCanns left for the restaurant at about 8.30pm so she must have been moved to a temporary hiding place outside of the apartment also between 8 and 8.30pm. These timing seem very tight which leads me to believe she died earlier. This of course causes a problem because of the statements given by the crèche staff stating that Madeleine was at the nursery in the morning and afternoon.

I can’t help thinking the key to solving this mystery is in understanding who the nursery staff believe they saw and who they actually did see. The nursery log imo is unreliable and at the time Madeleine was at the nursery we are told there were 10 little girls all of a similar age and colouring who all looked very similar in situ. Why were the comings and goings in that nursery so confusing the Mc’s were confident the staff would not be sure who was there or not?

This is a bit of an old chestnut but a chestnut that holds the answers.

Di said...

If you have not seen this thread on 3A's regarding a possible link between the McCanns and Murat, I strongly suggest you have a read. Very interesting.


nancy said...

Di -

Thanks for that interesting thread on the 3A's about Kate McCann being a bridesmaid in 1975 to a relative of Robert Murat. It sounds as though it was pretty well researched. But whether it's a proven fact, who knows?

I do remember reading that GM met RM at a Labour party shindig - I forget the location, but that's why people found it strange when GM made the famous 'no comment' statement when asked if he knew RM.

And Robert living with his mother not far from where the McCanns holidayed in PdeL. Was that just a coincidence? I've been baffled about their connection since Madeleine disappeared, but then if they knew him why would they vilify and accuse him, unless they had a long time grudge against him. And, as 'happygirl24' on 3A's says - "why or what is STOPPING Robert Murat from sueing Lori Campbell, and the three 'docs' who identified him as the possible suspect?"

Perhaps he knows he wouldn't stand a hope in hell of winning against the untouchables!

nancy said...

I've just remembered the location of the Labour party shindig where RM and GM met was Exeter.

Di said...


I am sure Viv has never ruled out Robert Murat is in some way connected. Viv, please correct me if I am wrong.

As I posted on 3A's, very rare for me, didn't Robert say he had to rent a hire car because he let the McCann's have the use of his. I can't remember where I read this, can anyone else remember?

I agree Why? is Robert Murat not sueing Lori Campbell and the rest of them. Some have said Max Clifford is bideing his time let's wait and see.

Something I am sure about, there is far more to this than we ever first thought!!

Di said...

An interesting picture

link to picture

docmac said...

Hi all

Really have not had the time to do much reading lately, but I have been receiving emails regularly. I thought I might share a couple with you. Both are funny in a way, but give plenty of food for thought in today's mad world.

Firstly, could this be SA's version of Karen Matthews?

A Brakpan girl goes to Home Affairs to register for child benefits.
"How many children?" asks the assessor.
"Ten" replies the Brakpan girl,
"Ten?" says the Home Affairs worker.
"What are their names?"
"Warren, Warren, Warren, Warren, Warren, Warren, Warren, Warren,
Warren and Warren."
"Doesn't that get confusing?"
"Naah..." says the Brakpan girl.
"Its great because if they are out playing in the street I just have
shout Warren, YOUR SUPPER'S READY or Warren GO TO BED NOW and they all do it..."
"What if you want to speak to one individually?" says the perturbed
Home Affairs worker.
"That's easy," says the Brakpan girl... "I just use their surnames."

docmac said...
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docmac said...

Hi Dyl

You mean Bolton v Liverpool on 15 Nov? Lucky lad!!

You have mail re the good news :-)

Zodiac said...

Hi all,



I received this e-mail today. Thought I would make you aware of it.

Hi All, I checked with Norton Anti-Virus, and they are gearing up for this virus!
I checked Snopes (URL above:), and it is for real!!
Get this E-mail message sent around to your contacts ASAP.
You should be alert during the next few days. Do not open any message with an attachment entitled 'POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK,' regardless of who sent it to you. It is a virus which opens A POSTCARD IMAGE, which 'burns' the whole hard disc C of your computer. This virus will be received from someone
who has your e-mail address in his/her contact list. This is the reason why you need to send this e-mail to all your contacts It is better to receive this message 25 times than to receive the virus and open it.
If you receive a mail called' POSTCARD,' even though sent to you by a friend, do not open it! Shut down your computer immediately.

This is the worst virus announced by CNN. It has been classified by
Microsoft as the most destructive virus ever. This virus was discovered by McAfee yesterday, and there is no repair yet for this kind of virus. This virus simply destroys the Zero Sector of the Hard Disc, where the vital information is kept.

docmac said...

Thanks for the heads up, Zodiac. Most of these warnings are hoaxes, but this was a real virus. It's been around for a long time.I never open 3rd party emails as a rule.

No viruse here. Hilarious stuff :-)) You do need to be able to cut heads out of photos though.

Drove to the nearest town to watch the Liverpool Champions League game but the locals prefer Chelski, so I just sneaked a chance to charge the laptop and must head back to Churchaven soon.

Di said...


This virus was 2007, now it is a hoax


Di said...

Off now

Glad you are enjoying yourself Doc

Take care.

Zodiac said...

Thanks Doc and Di.

Still ROFLMAO Doc. I think Edna might have had something to do with the radio falling.

docmac said...

Should I repost it then, Zodiac? Didn't want to offend older people :-(

Cláudia said...

Hey, Doc!
Always making people smile, uh? :-)

docmac said...

Ola, Claudia. Here we go again then:

This letter was sent to the Lions Bay School Principal's office after the school had sponsored a luncheon for seniors. An elderly lady received a new radio at the lunch as a door prize and was writing to say thank you.

Dear Lions Bay School ,

God bless you for the beautiful radio I won at your recent Senior Citizens luncheon. I am 84 years old and live at the West Vancouver Home for the Aged. All of my family has passed away. I am all alone and I want to thank you for the kindness shown to a forgotten old lady. My roommate is 95 and has always had her own radio; but before I received one, she would never let me listen to hers, even when she was napping.

The other day her radio fell off the nightstand and broke into a lot of pieces. It was awful and she was in tears. She asked if she could listen to mine, and I told her to fuc*k off.

Thank you for that opportunity.



BTW, I'm told the Reds walked their way to the top of the group tonight. They may face Sporting soon :-))))) Hello Claudia's dad!! :-)) You must be looking forward to that game!

Cláudia said...

Olá, Doc! :-)

Nice one! :-)

Well, I'm looking forward to the game. My dad may not be! LOL Sporting also won! :-)

docmac said...

Hi Di

Thank you. Same to you and yours

docmac said...


You're an honorary Red :-)
Jeez, I still can't believe Benfica's score against the team who are 6th in the league. LFC last scored 6 way before Mister (Doctor to the rest of the world, Rosiepops) McCann and his stoic wife played that old mathematical game 3 minus 1 equals another round of IVF.

Cláudia said...

Doc, LOL
Well, it was a good result. But we were playing against 10...

docmac said...
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docmac said...

Night Claudia and all. Sweet dreams.

Cláudia said...

Boa noite, Doc.
Sleep well, all.

viv said...

Hiya all

Re Robert Murat.

OB and Tanner had not long left Leics to go and live in Exeter.

I still tend to think that Gerry's guilty reaction to the question by Sandra Filgueiras (scuse the spelling) must mean that he does know Robert or certainly knew of him, perhaps via OB. If he did not know him and he and his fellow conspirators had not tried to stitch him up then he could have just said (and without looking so angry) no!

Robert will have the very best of legal advice as to who to sue and at what time. I think a lawyer would tell him that the right time would be after any criminal proceedings not before. There are two reasons for this, one, it would damage any future criminal trial and you can bet Robert wants that to take place. Secondly, a finding in a criminal court means a fait accompli in a civil action because the burden of proof is higher in a criminal action. So, if a criminal court had found that the McCanns and Co sought to pervert the course of justice by falsely setting Robert up he would be entitled to judgment without trial in a civil action for damages. Alternatively the criminal court could order that he be paid compensation but he would not get as much that way as a separate civil action. IMO, he has at least a million, he can sit and wait, he will be wanting just what we want, very badly!

Viv x

viv said...

Oh and Robert will probably have been spoken to at some length by the police and warned to keep this confidential, or else and that is the same in both Portugal and UK.

If the TAPAS already knew Robert and I really think at least a few of them did, asking him to hire the car was another way to set him up, and he has not been able to defend himself and explain has he! I think he is just a really helpful sort of man and had a reputation for being rather weird in UK, by all accounts. It does not take much for some folk to think you are weird -having a strange expression because of a false eye would be more than enough!


nancy said...

Good morning everyone -

Hi Viv -

I can imagine also that Robert has used his imagination well and been very canny. He knows that if he brings a libel case at this precise moment in time, when the McCanns are still seen as the injured party, especially by the media, suing them now would effectively make them martyrs and him the big bad wolf! As you say, he is probably biding his time! He will strike when the time is right!

I think thing will be revealed down the line that we never imagined in our wildest dreams.
Off Christmas shopping back later. I hope your home is looking good and ready for the festive celebrations!


viv said...

Hiya Nancy

It is always a dodgy thing to accuse someone of a criminal offence in a civil action, far better to wait for a criminal court to do the job!

Rest assured, what Tanner and Co did was a very serious criminal offence!


viv said...


docmac said...


Just before the end of the year, I wanted to thank you for the e-mails you have forwarded to me over the year.

I must send a big thank you to whoever sent me the one about rat shit in the glue on envelopes, because I now have to use a wet sponge with every envelope that needs sealing.

Also, I now have to wipe the top of every can I open for the same reason.

I no longer have any savings because I gave it all to a sick girl (Penny Brown) who is about to die in the hospital for the 1,387,258th time. But that will change once I receive the $15,000 that Bill Gates/Microsoft are
sending me for participating in their special email programs. Or from the senior bank clerk in Nigeria who wants to split seven million dollars with me for pretending to be a long lost relative of a customer who died

I no longer worry about my soul because I have 363,214 angels looking out for me.

I have learned that my prayers only get answered if I forward emails to seven friends and make a wish within five minutes.

I no longer drink Coca-Cola because it can remove toilet stains.

I can no longer buy petrol without taking a friend along to watch the car so a serial killer won't crawl in my back seat when I'm filling up.

I no longer go to shopping centres because someone will drug me with a
perfume sample and rob me.

I no longer answer the phone because someone will ask me to dial a number and then I'll get a phone bill with calls to Jamaica, Uganda, Singapore and Uzbekistan.

I can't use anyone's toilet but mine because a big brown African spider is lurking under the seat to cause me instant death when it bites my bum.

I can't even pick up the £5.00 I found dropped in the car park because it probably was placed there by a sex molester waiting underneath my car to grab my leg.

If you don't send this to at least 144,000 people in the next 70
minutes, a large dove with diarrhoea will sit on your head at 5:00pm this afternoon and fleas from 12 camels will infest your back, causing you to grow a hairy hump.

I know this because it actually happened to a friend of my next door neighbour's ex-mother-in-law's second husband's cousin's beautician.

By the way....a South American scientist after a lengthy study has
discovered that people with low IQ who don't have enough sex, always read their emails while holding the mouse.

Don't bother taking it off now, it's too late.

Merry Christmas :-)))

Di said...

Good afternoon all

Viv thanks for the explanation regarding RM and why he is not sueing, it makes perfect sense.

I hope you are starting to get straight at home. Hopefully you will be able to relax and enjoy your Christmas.

Hi Doc

LOL excellent.

bath theory said...

Useful article outlining how bad the problem is with regard to deaths of young children.

Heard article on Radio 5 this afternoon whereby it was stated 210children were 'killed' by parents over the 15 months recorded. Chief Ofsted inspector discussing things at a select committee meeting. And listen to this only 2 were being monitored.

So 3 children a week and nearly all were children no way near the at risk stage. Presumably some middle class professionals thrown in there too one does think.


bath theory said...

Another one this time in Daily Telegraph. The net is closing...


Di said...


Thanks for the link.

Miss Gilbert was given a glowing assessment from ofsted 3 months after baby P died, WHAT!!

They were appalled that information gathered for such reports is destroyed after 3 months.

They are appalled I am devastated what on earth is going on?

In my opinion the whole infrastructure of this country has gone to the dogs, everyone for themselves seems to now be the policy.

It was not me M'Lord

Di said...

Off now

Nancy, I hope your Christmas shopping is going better than mine.

Cláudia said...

Hello, all.
These numbers of children killed by those who should be the ones willing to give their lives to protect them is appaling!

Doc, loved you 'e-mail'! :-)

Boa noite, all!

docmac said...

Boa noite Claudia and all

I've had the rogatory interviews of JT and ROB emailed to me and had previously read the DW one. Is this err, umm, may have, can't recall thing a British malady nowadays? The 'partners' ROB and JT (always suspected they were not married) were only away a few days and they can't even agree on the days their own child was ill? Love the way he can't confirm the times of his 'checks' (no watch) yet can give the exact times of Gerry's 'checks'. Also the way he is trying to distance himself from Gerry. Hmmm...

ratonthebeam said...

Haha Doc. YOU never got an offer to see a video of Paris Hilton naked. Mind you, I had to send them my Mastercard number.

Christmas shopping is easy in our house. If it doesn't come off the Internet or QVC then you're not getting a present. Simple!!!

Hope everyone is well and happy. I need to go sh*t in some envelope glue now.

dylan said...

Morning all,

Di - it just doesn't seem right, does it? Ofsted sure wouldn't give you a glowing report if you weren't an effective teacher (and i don't blame them) and I don't blame them, but at least lives aren't lost; just the quality of life is affected. One life lost is too much, trouble is, they are responsible for many!

Zodiac, glad you can now leave your weeds with a clear conscience ;-) I thik mine are quite pretty, no idea what the are called, but they have pale blue, tiny flowers. I also get foxgloves, which I love, but I make sure the kids know not to touch them!

Docmac, I got your email - thanks, and I'm still amazed and impressed about what your family are doing with the 'good news' :-)
It was last Saturday Ryan went to the match & I was sure it was Bolton?? I know they had to go to Lancashire to watch it. I'll have to ask him as i am also sure you know each and every match that L'pool play!

Re the "email" - lol! Maybe that's where my bad luck has come from as I never forward those chain mail thingies!

Hi everyone else, and thanks for the legal stuff, Viv.

Have a good day all. Christmas shopping is calling!


Di said...

Good afternoon all

Dyl enjoy your Christmas shopping.


I read the rogatory interviews on 3A's.

There were rather alot of err umms, RO'B seemed very nervous.

Totally agree they were both trying to distance themselves from the McCanns. I find it extremely odd that RO'B cannot remember when he last saw Maddie. In his first interview she was at the creche on the 3rd then in his 2nd he asks for it to be removed as he can't be sure. Believe me if a friend of mine lost a child, I would remember to my dying day when I last saw that child. I am also at a loss to understand why he was allowed to read JT's statement. Is this normal?

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

'Totally agree they were both trying to distance themselves from the McCanns. I find it extremely odd that RO'B cannot remember when he last saw Maddie. In his first interview she was at the creche on the 3rd then in his 2nd he asks for it to be removed as he can't be sure.'

The above copied from Di's post.

Could this be the couple who wanted to change their statements or have I just had too much flu syrup.


Re e-mails LOL! Does that mean the e-mail I received advising me to stand on one leg whilst opening an e-mail, I consider suspect, will kill any threatening virus and save my hard drive was sent by a WUM. I wish they had said change legs for each e-mail as my left leg is now extremely toned whilst my right leg is a bit flabby.


I am glad you posted about the bees and honey for a sore throat. I just recently developed an awfully sore throat and my voice has almost gone. I had forgotten honey was a natural antiseptic. It is good for soothing and I hope it clears up soon. I can't understand why my hubby has a heavenly smile on his face when I am trying to talk to him aka tell him what to do.

Di said...

Hi Zodiac

You could be right about JT RO'B being the couple that wanted to change their statements. They certainly both had a heavy dose of amnesia.

Sorry you are not feeling well, there certainly seems to be alot of colds going round at the moment. I do hope you recover quickly.

dylan said...

Hi all,

Most of my shopping has been done now - phew!

Zodiac, the antiseptic properties of honey comes from "bee glue" which is called propolis. The bees line their hive entrances with it and their combs to arrest the transfer of infection which would spread throughout the hive rapidly without it! Bees are fascinating, and i agree with Docmac that I don't much like like them as I have a phobia of "buzzy", "stingy" things, but when you read about how much complexity there is to their communuites, you can't help but wonder at it all! Last summer, I stood within about half a meter of thousands of bees, with them all flying about me and my dad was in tears as he just couldn't believe he'd ever see the day! I was unprotected until one got in my hair and then I had to out a net over my head. I'll send Viv a photo if she doesn't mind putting it up. It was a major feat for me to overcome those fears, although I'd never, voluntarily get that close to a wasp nest!!

Hope you get well soon and keep up with the honey. A bit of lemon with it helps too for the vit C value!

Have a good eve all.

nancy said...

Hi everyone:

Just read some more pages on the thread by Palmeras16 on the 3A's

It's been said before but I'll repeat it. A lot of research is going on in the course of this thread about members of the family, including the Healy family.

Kate Healy was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Paul Beneduce and Maureen Sunter in 1975. The page boy was Alfonso Murat, either the cousin or brother of Robert. Robert also attended the wedding but was only a baby at the time. At that time the Murats lived in Darwen and still have relatives there.

There is also talk about the strange likeness between Robert Murat and Angus Symington.

Symington is an Estate Agent and son of the owner of the Ocean Club Complex in PdeL. He and Robert Murat look almost identical, both have similar hairlines, same complexion, facial features and height. Seeing photos of the two together they are very alike. Robert is (or was) in the property business too.

The media have painted Robert Murat as a loner and wierd person but in fact Murat was a privileged child from a very well educated Portuguese family who made their fortune and reputation as one of the Country's oldest port and wine exporters, and it is suggested that Murat and Symington may be related because the Symington family are the world's largest and most prolific port producers. Both families in the port and wine business - coincidence or not?
Also mentioned is how Robert Murat lent his car to the McCanns and had to rent a car because the 'English couple need to borrow my car to put information posters on it'.

Sorry I can't do a link but this is it, or you can see it on the 3A's.


No wonder GM made the 'no comment' retort and stormed off with KM at that media interview! If the above reporting is true and they are distant relatives, then just why did they want to put him through such hell and why did RM not say they were connected in some way? This case gets stranger by the day!

I cannot of course vouch that everything is true, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it is as the 3A's are known for their excellent research.

I know that these facts have probably come to light in the past but it's always worth resurrecting things in my opinion.



docmac said...

Hi all

Rat, don't shit in my batch of glue please.


It is odd that ROB avoids the issue of his last sighting of Maddie. But then they all seem to have done the same from what I have read so far.


Jane Tanner has already changed her statement more times than I care to remember.

Re the honey. Here is some free medical advice for all of you. Only one cough medicine has ever been proven to work. I'm talking about the kind of cough associated with a cold or flu, not that which accompanies asthma or other more serious conditions. Look for the ingredient GUAIPHENESIN (may be spelt with an 'f' instead of a 'ph' there). That's all you need. It is sometimes mixed with other ingredients, but those are a waste of time.

Only one substance has been shown in trials to work better than guaiphenesin; HONEY!

Don't tell the pharmaceutical companies I told you. They don't want you all to know this ;-)

Heck, that's quite a few words I have typed there. I've changed my mind about the free advice now. Stick 5 high value notes in a brown envelope (don't lick the glue) and send it to Docmac, Churchaven, South Africa. Don't worry, they will find me, unlike the letter from Carter *uck which got lost in the mail. I guess it must be in the hands of some Somalian pirate. I'm not going to fetch it then :-)))

Hope you are all well.

docmac said...

Oh, my son wants to type his name. Here we go :-)


dylan said...

Hi Nancy,

I don't understand why, if there is a relationship (as there does indeed seem to be) why Murat would allow himself to be a patsy. Unless, of course, there was an agreement he would be left off, and (more importantly), he was told he would be able to make a fortune in libel accusations. All conjecture, obviously ;-)

Hello Callum :-))) You have a great dad! x

Docmac, the bees will love you for that. I can see them all swarming your way to say thank you for recognising their talents ;-)

Night all, off to a Jazz night!


hope4truth said...

Oh Doc that was careless of you now the whole of cyber space knows your sons name is Callum Docmac there cant be too many of them in SA lol xxx

I had an e mail telling me if you have a cough to rub Vicks Vapour Rub on the souls of your feet put socks on and go to bed aparently it stops the cough in minutes. I have never tried this as I hate the smell of Vicks but would prefer the smell to a really bad cough when I am trying to sleep..

See you all later xxx

dylan said...

Claudia....... the big two-zero-zero is approaching! xx

Di said...

Hi Doc & Callum

Thanks for the advice re: honey.

I always have a hot toddy if I have a cold, whisky, lemon juice and honey, works wonders and a good nights sleep does seem to follow, hic hic :o))

JT is on cloud cuckoo land imo.

She saw no face but can actually describe one, it was dark but she can describe bundleman's clothes down to the colour etc.,

Would I want her as a witness at my trial, no thanks, I wouldn't want her as a phone a friend either!

Di said...

Just watching a recording of Max Clifford from lunchtime.

I am sorry to hear he has prostrate cancer, I thought when I saw him last he had lost alot of weight.

Hopefully he will be ok. He is saying you never actually get over it.

He has just said, most of the stars that employ him do so for protection.

R Murat came to him, he looked at the facts and thought he had been treated terribly, he fought his corner and got him a huge payout from the press and in his words, quite justly.

Di said...

My husband has just corrected me, "the payout was justified"

Di said...

I should just say, my husband won't even discuss this case with me anymore. He is totally fed up with me saying this and that, his words are get over it nothing is going to happen.

So for him to have recorded the lunchtime show for me, and point out where I went wrong, is quite enlightening.

I can tell you this case has caused many rows, with me always backing down and saying we will see.

There is hope yet:o))))

Di said...

Oops prostate cancer.

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