23 Dec 2008


Notice Amelie, aged approximately five months? So Madeleine is aged just two years two months here, what she looks! date about July 2005. SHE IS NOT 3 AND THIS IS NOT CHRISTMAS 2006!!
The twins play with Madeleine's shoes, but do they look new!! The twins have baby fluff hair still and can barely walk, estimated age 10 months to one year, born Feb o5 so at the latest, Feb 06 which would make Madeleine two years and 9 months, at most! SHE IS NOT 3 AND THIS IS NOT CHRISTMAS 2006!!

Eddie and Keela Report

Inspection of the apartments.

July 31st 2007 - 8pm. Report:


PJ: Tavares A. & Ricardo P. Inspectors
UK: Mark Harrison, Martin Grime (UK Forensic Canine P SM Expert),
Eddie & Keela (English Springers)
Silvia B. Manager of the Ocean Club complex.

On that date, inspections were conducted in the apartments occupied by members of the McCann family as well as the group who were with them at the time of Madeleine McCann's disappearance. It was only on that date that the apartment, identified as that of the parents, was empty allowing further investigation which was authorised by the respective occupants. Thus, at the appointed time, the search with the dogs began, covering the following apartments:


8.30pm to 9.20pm, the dogs go through.
8.20pm: The cadaver dog, "marks," the couple's wardrobe area in the bedroom.
8.22pm: The cadaver dog, "marks" an area behind the sofa in the sitting room near the window overlooking the road.
8.47pm to 9.20pm, the blood detecting dog goes through.
8.10 (should it be 9.10?) The dog, "marks" an area of floor behind the sofa in the sitting room, near the window overlooking the road.

9.24 to 9.27pm: The cadaver dog did not alert on anything.

5D: 9.29 to
9.34pm: The cadaver dog did not alert on anything.

5H : 9.35 to
9.38pm : The cadaver dog did not alert on anything.

4G : 9.42 to
9.45pm : The cadaver dog did not alert on anything.

Garden belonging to
apartment 5A (with access via the balcony and the steps):

9.49 to 10pm: The cadaver dog "marks" an area of the garden immediately below the window.

Date: 01 août 2007 - 06h00

Inspection of the surrounding areas.

Date: August 1st - 6am

After evaluation of the area surrounding the Ocean Club tourist village, based in Praia da Luz, taking account of the characteristic topography of the ground and the distance from where the small child Madeleine McCann disappeared, an inspection was carried out with the help of dogs specialised in the detection of cadaver odour, in various places, such as described:

1 - At 6.40am, an area between the "Piteira" road and the "Oliveira" road, was inspected. At
7.15am the inspection was completed with nothing being detected by the dogs.

2 - At 7.25am, an area adjacent to the "BEIJAFLOR" property on the "Figueira," road, defined by the "Ramalhete" road. An inspection of the whole area was made and nothing abnormal was noted. The inspection was completed at

3 - At
7.55am, an area between the "Casa Azul" residence on the "Figueira" road and the "Casa Pandora" residence as well as a dirt road on the left of the "Figueira" road was inspected by the dogs without anything abnormal being noted. The inspection ended at 8.05am.

4 - At
8.20am, an area between the residences "Casa Pandora" on the "Figueira" road, "Quinta Mimosa" and "Casa Ladeira" without anything abnormal being noted. The inspection ended at 8.40am.

A photographic report of the places inspected is attached.

Initial conclusion.

To the coordinator of the criminal investigation.

Faced with new elements revealed by the dog handling unit's search, attached to the report, and on the basis of Mark Harrison's report, there is every reason to believe that the small child Madeleine McCann died in
apartment 5A where she was spending her holiday with her parents at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz. Following the markings by the cadaver odour detecting dogs and traces of human blood inside the apartment from which the child disappeared, we have done further extensive research, revealing that there was never a death, or a body, notified in this same apartment before. In this report, several places were marked, signalling the presence of cadaver odour and human blood. In addition, we can observe that a cadaver odour was detected in the garden adjacent to apartment 5A. Nothing was detected in the other residences.

It follows from this investigation that there are indications, in practice and in the facts, of the crime of murder such as defined in ArticleQI310 of the Penal Code.

So as to go further with this lead, of which certain results may reveal new evidence, we request authorisation to carry out further inspections, within the legal framework, in two distinct places:

1 - Rue des Fleurs no...The McCann family's current residence in
2 - Rented vehicle Renault Scenic, registration ...DA - 27.

We suggest that this inspection is entrusted to the PJ and ask the Public Prosecutor for a 20 day mandate. Thus, we consider that there are indications that consolidate strong suspicions according to which, there are elements of evidence of a crime, inside the vehicle used by the McCann's and, moreover, likely to reveal important details of fundamental importance for the investigation.

Villa rue des Fleurs.


August 2nd 2007 -6.14pm - 27 Rue das Floras- Praia Da Luz - Lagos


PJ: Ricardo P & J. Carlos P., inspectors.
UK: Mark Harrison, Martin Grime & Eddie.

On that date, within the context of a residential search, carried out at the McCann couple's current residence, an inspection by a dog handling team was made. Thus, at the time indicated at the beginning of the report, all areas of the property were inspected and the following results obtained:

6.36pm - The dog Eddie, who detects cadaver odours, "marked" the area of a cupboard in the living room. On checking, the dog was indicating a pink soft toy belonging to Madeleine McCann.

The clothes.

Date: August 2nd 2007 - 11.20pm

On that date, following the home visit made to the McCann's' current residence, on the Rue des Fleurs, various items of clothing were laid out in an appropriate place for this purpose, to carry out an inspection by the dog handling unit.

The collected items of clothing were set out individually with the agreement and under the directions provided by the British technicians, the dogs having previously covered the space where the clothing was laid out.

1 - 11.20pm: Prior reconnaissance of the place by the two canine units to guarantee that the space was clear of all odours being sought. The reconnaissance was completed at 11.30pm without anything being signalled by the dogs.

2 - 11.30pm: An initial inspection by the human blood detecting dog, began with the clothing packed in the box bearing the notation: "Living room." At 11.40pm, the inspection was completed without the dog showing anything abnormal.

11.41: The canine human remains recovery dog started its inspection and "marked" various clothes. The inspection was completed at
11.52pm. The clothes were returned to their box for later use.

From 12.02am until 1.30am, (03/08/07) all the other boxes, containing clothing from the twins' bedroom, from the friends' bedroom, from the bedroom of the couple labelled 1 & 2, as well as the empty luggage, was inspected by the two dogs without conclusive results.

Apartment 5A - OCEAN CLUB

As joinder to the procedure. It is made known and according to superior orders that today at 8pm, specialists from LPC (Police forensics lab) Fernando V. and Lino R., after having seen the recorded images resulting from the inspection by the dog handling unit on 31/07/07 in apartment 5A, duly mandated, proceeded with the collection of whole floor tiles where the dogs used in the inspection indicated the possible existence of traces of human blood as well as the presence of a body in the apartment. The tiles were lifted so as to preserve possible samples to be analysed by the appropriate laboratory. This entire action was filmed in order to illustrate the way in which the lifting was accomplished and with what tools so that the experts had a better idea of the work.

Robert Murat/Casa Liliana


August 4th and 5th 2007.

Casa Liliana, residence of the suspect Robert Murat, situated on "Ramalhete" road - Praia da Luz -


PJ: Tavares A., chief inspector, J. Carlos P., Ricardo P, inspectors
UK: Mark Harrison, Martin Grime and Eddie.

On that date, within the context of residential visits, which were carried out at the home of the suspect ROBERT MURAT, an inspection by the dog handling unit was made in the gardens and inside the residence of the accused.

August 4th 2007 - 7.28pm: Start of the inspection of the gardens of the residence. Eddie, human remains recovery dog, covered the whole perimeter outside the dwelling and nothing abnormal was signalled.

August 5th 2007 - 3.22pm: The same dog inspected all rooms of the residence and nothing in particular was signalled.


To the coordinator of the criminal investigation.

In the context of the investigation, we have collected information concerning a vehicle used by RUSSELL O'BRIEN, friend and member of the group who spent their holiday with the McCann family in the
Algarve . At the time of the request for vehicles considered important to the procedures that follow, we were not aware of the identification details of this vehicle. Meantime, our investigation has led us to establish that it may be a vehicle of the "Opel" range, a "Corsa" model, registration....AG - 62. At the present time, we do not have a mandate to search for and seize the vehicle to allow us to add the vehicle to the planned inspections. As a consequence, we request such a legal mandate in order to be able to realize the planned inspections.

Samples sent to the lab.

3pm on August 4th 2007 and 6.30am on August 5th 2007, the following samples were recovered in the living room of apartment 5A at the OCEAN CLUB where a murder probably took place.

Samples 1A to 3B: recovered on the floor.
Samples 4A to 13B: recovered on the wall.
Samples 14A to 15B: recovered behind the sofa.
Sample 16A: recovered from the blue curtain.
Samples 16B: recovered from the white curtain behind the blue curtain.

All of these elements have been handed over to the Birmingham Forensic Science Services. (FSS)

Samples recovered in the car.

Between August 6th at
9.30pm and August 7th at 4am, the following samples were recovered in the grey Renault Scenic car.

From the driver's side:

1A: Hair
1B: Fibre and hairs
1C: Fibres and hairs
1D: Fingernail

Front passenger side:

2A: Hair
2B: Hair
2C: Fibres and hairs
2D: Fibres and hairs
2E: Fingernail

Between the seats:

3A: Hair

Back seat:

4A: Hair
4B: Fibres and hairs
4C: Fibres and hairs

Centre seat:

5A: Hair
5B: Fibres and hairs
5C: Fibres and hairs

Right-hand seat:

6A: Hair
6B: Fibres and hairs
6C: Fibres and hairs

Luggage compartment (rear boot)

7A: Hair
7B: Fibres and hairs
7C: Fibres

8A: Hair
8B: Fibres and hairs
8C: Fibres and hairs

9, 10 and 11: Hair

12: Car key

13: Control samples of seat fabric

All of these were handed over to Birmingham FSS for analyses.


viv said...

Hiya all!

The report above is extremely sad and leaves us all in no doubt that the police firmly believed that Madeleine was murdered in their holiday apartment. I firmly believe that too and hope that in 2009 the police will bring this cynical and self serving couple to justice for what they have done and the cynical money grabbing lies they continue to tell.

Note also they wanted to search the car of Russell O’Brien, the man who was not on Panorama with his lying wife and was not on the steps of the High Court either, he has more sense than further incriminate himself. Nothing we have thought or said about this couple and their group of friends was unfair or untrue was it, but what happened to a lovely little girl was an absolute tragedy, the horror of which is compounded every time we hear further lies from Kate and Gerry McCann, even if they do not want to speak directly any more. They say please help US. Well they help they will continue to get from me, is this blog, where people can share what they really did and the public can be better informed and thanks to all of you for your continuing great contributions to what has now been a full year of this blog!

I know you will all have a lovely time with your families as I will. We know what Christmas really means, true joy for little children, a time for children, not self serving adults. We will all spare a thought for a little girl who cannot enjoy Christmas, it is just that her parents would like us to believe that she could, they know different, we know different, so why do they not do the decent thing and just crawl back under that stone?



Love Viv xxxxxxx

Just a reminder of their rotten self serving conduct which is truly despicable!

At this time of year, we will all be celebrating Christmas. Cynically Kate and Gerry McCann release a video which they claim shows Madeleine at Christmas 2006 aged three.

There is a picture of her in a little pink fairy outfit and one of the twins is attempting to crawl on the floor, perhaps four to six months old. The twins were born in February 2005 and Madeleine was born in May 2003. So, if we say the twin is 5 months in this picture, the date would have been approximately July 2005 and Madeleine would have been aged just 2 years and two months which is plainly what she looks.

Then we have a short video which they have broken up into clips of the three children at the bottom of the stairs. Here the press release issued by the McCanns states Madeleine holds up her new pink shoes. But if you look at these clips, initially the twins are holding the shoes, they have one each (is Sean's a boot?) there is a break in the clip, but suddenly Madeleine has them and she is saying they are my shoes. Clearly she took them from the twins (remember it is all about what makes a good marketing ploy). She says “they are my shoes”. We know it is quite normal for two year olds to get the grabs and be a bit possessive with their things! They are most definitely not new shoes, take a close look at them, the dirty and well worn soles. They are old scruffy shoes. If this was Christmas did they give her a pair of old shoes? Where is the tree and the presents, not a trace in this clip, just a pair of old shoes. Take a close look at the twins in this clip, Sean just about manages to stand up, they only have baby fluff hair. They can only just about walk. Remember, they were born in February 2005. Babies reach this stage of just about walking on average in between 9-15 months. So this could have been no later than about February 2006. It most certainly was not Christmas 2006 (it might have been 2005!) because the twins would have been almost two which they clearly are not in this picture. So, the McCanns are not showing us pictures of their children at Christmas time at all, they have already done that. Neither are they showing us pictures of Madeleine aged three in both of these picture she is quite plainly just two.

So what is the purpose of the McCanns, at Christmas time, suddenly producing a video where Madeleine even speaks, but contains pictures that are three years old? I will leave you to consider their motivations for this, and to also consider just how much they really care for their children, two of whom are still alive, at Christmas time.

viv said...

This is interesting that British Police got experts from Bramshill College (where they send only elite police officers to be trained) to interpret Kate's body language and of course with the clear conclusion she had something to hide, well indeed!

9 September 2007
Exclusive by Andrew Gregory

British detectives secretly listened in as Portuguese police grilled Kate McCann over daughter Maddie's disappearance, The People can today reveal.

They hid in a room next to the interview suite at the police station to watch the mother's every response to her gruelling interrogation.

It is understood the Brit officers even fed the local cops with questions through tiny earpieces - and used body-language experts to monitor Kate's reactions.


The People has discovered that Kate and husband Gerry were made official suspects after:

Local cops set up surveillance teams to monitor their movements 24 hours a day for three weeks.

Kate was hauled back in for a tough second interview after they claimed she had dramatically CHANGED her version of events.

The body-language experts compiled a secret report which is thought to suggest her demeanour indicates she has something to HIDE.

Emails and computer data are thought to have been closely examined.

The dramatic twists in the case of four-year-old Maddie come after Portuguese investigators received guidance from Britain's FBI, the Serious and Organised Crime Agency.

A dossier of covert electronic and physical evidence coupled with forensic reports led to the McCanns both being labelled suspects.

A source close to the inquiry revealed: "Following the request by the Portuguese to the British police to get involved the pace of the investigation has massively increased.

"Many of the failures made by local cops have been highlighted by the Brits and they are now working hard to find out what exactly happened to Madeleine."

The source explained: "It is common practice for those closest to a missing person to be watched closely and the McCanns are now no different.

"They, like all suspects, are being closely monitored as no stone is left unturned."

But GP Kate and cardiologist Gerry, both 39, fear they are being FRAMED over the disappearance and possible death of Madeleine - missing for 129 days. Police launched their round-the-clock surveillance operation last month.

The couple were taken in for further questioning last week after it was claimed that forensic experts had found traces of Madeleine's blood in the boot of a Renault Scenic car hired 25 days AFTER she went missing.

Detectives suspected Kate might have accidentally killed her daughter in the family's holiday flat in Praia da Luz and hid the body - which was later moved in the car.

Kate was grilled by Portuguese police for 11 HOURSon Thursday and for FIVE MORE HOURS on Friday.

It is understood she was forced to return for the second day of questioning at the police station in Portimao after cops claimed she changed her story - making them suspect she was being untruthful.

The British cops are also thought to have arranged for Kate's demeanour to be constantly monitored for any tell-tale signs during the long sessions of questioning. The People can also reveal that body language experts from Bramshill Police College in Basingstoke, Hants, put together a report on the McCanns' behaviour after studying hours of TV footage.

The specialists scrutinised every interview - live and recorded - given by the couple since May 3.

Asecret dossier of the findings has been handed to detectives leading the investigation.

It is believed the report concludes that Kate's body language and facial expressions in interviews show she has something to hide. Our source said: "Technology and policing methods have advanced so much in the last fewyears that officers can nowcall on all sorts of techniques in their investigations.

"Reading suspects' body language and their facial expressions is one such device. Both Kate and Gerry would have been looked at and their actions analysed."

But the source stressed: "It must be made clear that their movements could indicate they have not done anything untoward rather than helping to prove they have." Since Madeleine disappeared the anguish of her parents - who also have two-year-old twins - has been laid bare for the world to see.

At the first press conference, after the tot had been missing for only a few hours, the couple were visibly shook up and stressed.

Gerry did all the talking. Kate stood with her head bowed, clutching her husband's arm and saying nothing.

Since then, the confidence of the parents has grown. They put their careers on hold as they organised a massive and slick publicity campaign and even met the Pope. The McCanns rarely faltered as they gave interviews to media from around the world.

But as the Maddie investigation enters a dramatic new phase, the couple have now dropped plans to return home to Rothley, Leics.

Pals say they will stay in Portugal to clear their names.

A spokesman for the Portuguese police refused to comment last night on British involvement in the case.

But a source said: "We will continue to work with the British until we reach a satisfactory outcome."

Di said...

Hi Viv & all

Sorry can't stop, may get a chance to look in later.

I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to RAT & LGC.

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

Hope you all have a lovely time at this time of the year with family and friends.


Very interesting thread will read it all after Cristmas Day.

Why are this pair allowed so much air/press time spouting their propaganda? Any parent/s with a child missing would be so grateful for any press/air time to send a message to the public that their child is still missing and would use this to also send a message to their much loved missing child. They do not do that. Why???

Zodiac said...


Wizard said...

If we take that M died in the apartment, when did she die and how was she concealed? The perpetrators of this crime would have known it is possible to determine with some accuracy a time of death. Therefore if Madeleine died between 6 and 10pm and was found shortly afterwards an autopsy would be fairly accurate time of death. Gerry tells us M was alive and well at 9.00pm. As the apartment was search a little after 10.00pm for the eau de corpse to be present she must have died at 8.00pm or earlier. It is difficult to believe that M was removed from the apartment at 10.00pm therefore she was either removed when Gerry alleges he did his 9pm check or much earlier in the evening. Which means M died at 7.00pm or earlier?

It would be imperative to the abduction plan that M was hidden with little or no chance of her being found for at least for 24 hours to eliminate and cloud an accurate time of death being made. To be found earlier could put her parents firmly in the frame.

I think it possible GM was removing the body via the patio doors when he placed it in the small garden area by the stairs to check whether the coast was clear – hence the dogs picking up the scent. Unfortunately at this time Gerry sees Jes Wilkins who engages him in conversation. Gerry has to delay his task until Wilkins has left and the coast is clear. If this scenario is correct GM had very little time to hide the body unless of course one of the others did it for him. Could O’Brien have been with him at this point?

Wizard said...

Viv and all posters,

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and stress free Christmas.

God bless - Wizard

nancy said...

Hi Viv and everyone -

I left a message on yesterday's blog saying the same as you Viv that those photos must have been 2005. Something very strange going on!

I also wished everyone of you a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I hope to be back blogging this coming weekend when all the festivities are finished.

Love to everyone.

Nancy xx

ratonthebeam said...

Hello everyone,

A very joyous Xanukkah, a merry Christmas and a spiritual Solstice to everyone on the blog; you choose it, and I wish it for you and yours!

May 2009 see justice for Madeleine and all other neglected or abused children, everywhere. In the words of a Christian carol,

"Bless all the dear children, in Thy tender care".

Blessings from rat and family xxxx

hope4truth said...

Hello All

A very Merry Christmas to you all I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families and friends...

Lots of Love Hope, Mr Hope, the two little Hopes 2 x Hope Bunnies, Hope Dog and Hope Puppy xxx

viv said...

Hiya all

Have a fantastic Christmas with your families and children and a great New Year tooxxxxxxxxxxxx


I think it is from 5.30 onnwards that Kate and Gerry's stories start to really change and disagree ie.

Kate was running on the beach alone it was definitely before 5.30 (Jane)

Gerry insists he was playing tennis throughout this period and sent Payne to check on Kate

Kate says she took a shower and left the kids on the sofa

Kate says he rang Payne
Did Payne go missing for a few minutes or a lot more

It is all highly confused and this is not an accurate resume but I really do feel one of them killed Madeleine or she had a terrible accident in the early evening. Kate makes a point of saying they drank wine and relaxed prior to going out, I really do not think so and I really do believe the twins were drugged whilst all this cleaing up was going on. Was poor Maddie removed to their wardrobe at this time. It would be the obvious place to get her out of sight of the twins but they must have seen what went on IMO and the SSD are a disgrace to let this family still care for them.

I really do think you are right about the rest though, 9pm was the time when OB and Gerry had much to do, Maddie's body needed to be removed and hidden, and yes, it was placed in that flowerbed for a time perhaps due to Wilkins appearing. It is pertinent that Gerry even mentions before that he never saw anyone. You can get to the real thought processes by what a suspect inadvertently drops out. I believe Gerry also perpetuated a lie about being back at the table by 9.30 when it turned out the instructess being invited to the table was a few days before. He was also trying to say that Maddie was abducted about 9.40 to put himself in the clear, I think in Panorama but has since brought it back to agree with Tanner but I do not think he is happy with Tanner, she has not always got things right. After all Wilkins places him around the apartment at 9.15 just when Tanner says she was being taken. Tanner's timing is pretty accurate. OB was missing from the table all night I think according to the waiter. Notice Kate says in her above statement to the police the next day, Jane will tell you better about it herself, details still needed to be worked on but I think the police were clever and got to Jane before the McCanns got chance to brief her further!

The case was all set really, prior to the disappointing results from FSS, and I note this is not the first time they have disappointed. Maybe they are telling things just like they are from a scientific point of view, ie this piece of evidence can only be taken as indicative rather than certain but that also put BARRY GEORGE back on the streets to stalk and terrorise more women. Are the FSS fit for purpose in this post millenium era and given the write up they have? It would seem not!


dylan said...

Hi all,

Just popped in to wish my fellow bloggers a truly lovely Christmas, and to your children too. xxxxx

Also, thank you Viv for all of the hard work you've put into this blog over the year.

Lots of love and best wishes from Jackie and children. xxx


ICantThinkOfAName said...


Lindy123 said...

Hello everyone!

Just a short message to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful 2009.

I hope that soon Madeleine will be able to rest in peace and those responsible for her demise are brought to justice.

viv said...

I just could not resist posting this having just read a thread on 3 As "At least 41 cuddlecats then", given all those apparent M3 operatives had one to squeeze on the orders of Kate McCann every time they felt disenchanted with their impossible (money squandering) task in Morocco.

Sometimes it is good to look at the light side of the barmy McCann behaviour! Going to put the pork in the oven now:-)))

McCanns are 'wasting fund cash on Madeleine hunt in Morocco'
Last updated at 13:15 25 januari 2008

* Comments (37)
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Madeleine 228 sunhat

Missing since May, 2007: Madeleine McCann

Kate and Gerry McCann were accused today of wasting ?astonishing? sums of money raised by public donations by looking for their missing daughter Madeleine in Morocco.

Private investigators, paid £50,000 a month to find the girl, have always maintained she is alive after being kidnapped to order by a paedophile gang and taken to north Africa.

Barcelona-based agency Metodo 3 has invested huge sums in teams checking out reported sightings of Madeleine in the Rif mountains of northern Morocco and in Marrakech in the south.

One theory is that the three-year-old was abducted and brought here after vanishing from the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz while on a family holiday on May 3 last year.

But an Evening Standard investigation shows this suggestion is almost certainly a myth fuelled by tourists who have mistaken blonde local girls in Rif for Madeleine.

Blondes are quite common among the Berber population but rare enough for them to stand out among the dark-haired and dark-skinned majority.

Sources close to the McCanns conceded today that Metodo 3's investigations in north Africa were based purely on sightings but insisted each one had to be checked out.

Scroll down for more...
Gerry and Kate McCann

'Wasting funds': Kate and Gerry McCann pay investigators £50,000 a month to search Morocco

Meanwhile, the Madeleine Fund, set up to find the girl, is running out of the estimated £1million raised from donations.

Mark Williams-Thomas, a former detective and managing director of child protection consultancy WT Associates, said: ?It is an astonishing amount of money that is being spent focusing on Morocco.

"There is a big difference between a sighting and information. Unless you have definite information that suggests she is in Morocco then it seems pointless.

?The likelihood of Madeleine being taken out of Portugal is very slim. I would be concentrating more on Portugal than anywhere else. To me, it holds the key.?

George Joffe, a professor at King's College London and an expert on north Africa, said: ?It strikes me as wishful thinking that Madeleine is in Morocco. The fact is, blonde, blue-eyed children in northern Morocco are not uncommon. It is not an indication they are stolen.?

In the town of Chefchaouen, a reporter spotted Aya, who is the same age as Madeleine. Her father, a farmer, was amused when showed a photograph of the missing girl and pointed out her similarity to his daughter.

He said: ?It is easy to see how a tourist might think this is Madeleine but there are plenty of blonde children here.?

In the village of Souk-el-Arba-des-Beni- Hassan, men gathered round to view posters of Madeleine and an artist's impression image of a moustached man of north African appearance who had been a possible suspect.

He has since been ruled out of the case. The drawing produced almost hysterical laughter.

?There are a million men who look like this,? said Mustafa Ben Dris, who was about the only man there without a moustache.

Looking at posters of Madeleine with Arabic writing on, which we downloaded from the Find Madeleine website, Mustafa said: ?We have never heard of Madeleine McCann but she is not here.

"She doesn't have an African face, she has a European face. You could not hide her here.?

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, admitted the hunt for Madeleine in Morocco was difficult.

In the remote mountains, the main industry is growing marijuana, controlled by armed gangs.

?It's a needle in a haystack,? he said.

To date, all reported sightings of Madeleine in Morocco investigated by Metodo 3 have drawn a blank.

The agency's boss, Francisco Marco, said in one interview that Morocco was ?the most likely place to find her [Madeleine]? and that she would be rescued within months. He has also claimed that a blonde girl in a Moroccan family was a ?symbol of social status?.

Metodo 3, whose contract expires in March, has 40 investigators working on the case, here and in Portugal and Spain.

Each has a replica of Cuddle Cat, Madeleine's favourite toy, which they are encouraged to squeeze when they feel demotivated at the size of their task.

Repeated requests by reporters to witness the agency's team in Morocco at work have been turned down.

But Metodo 3 and the McCanns ? desperate to cling on to any vestige of hope ? will persevere in the country.

One million posters of the artist's impression were to be distributed in Morocco and in Spain and Portugal - paid for by the News Of The World in exchange for its exclusive last Sunday revealing details of the man.

The response led to a series of leads being followed by Metodo 3.

But the chances of finding Madeleine here are almost nil.

As interior minister Chakib Benmoussa, who met the McCanns when they visited in June, said: ?There is absolutely no evidence Madeleine is here.?

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How lovely! Merry Christmas to you too & thanks again Viv - go get on with your pork!!!

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LittleGreyCell said...


Many thanks, Di, for your Chanukah wishes!

Libs is cooking the turkey and I'm preparing herring for Opus and our lovely new addition to the family, Big Opus, who has been sent to us by Hope. He's Little Opus' cousin, and has a red bow tie with hearts on it. (Not to mention a red satin under his arm with 'Penguin Lust' embroidered on it. Can't imagine what that means).

Can't get any sense out of the pair of them, they're discussing penguins they have in common and favourite ways of cooking fish. :>) :>)

Wishing you all a time of love and peace and thanking you all for your friendship this past year.

XXX LGC and Libs

LittleGreyCell said...

Missed out the word 'cushion' in that last post...a mince pie to the first person who guesses where it should go...

bath theory said...

It's Christmas time and there is no need to be afraid... Well that's two christmas' gone by and still the same old trollop nonsense is being spoken of about lack of evidence blah blah.

There is enough to put these in a courtroom as this article shows and as I keep mentioning the local police and GCHQ will have bugged this lot too.

So if you are reading this Mr or Mrs or M's influential (note I say influential not important!)then remind yourself it is christmas day and Madeleine's voice needs to be TRULY represented not the parents.

Get them in a courtroom and let them face the heat of a smart barrister or two. If they hold their head up high and they are truly honest the sincerity will show itself clearly in their eyes and in their words. If not then the case will have been cracked. Justice for Madeleine.

PS I am not going to say Merry Xmas because there are thousand s being verbally and emotionally abused at this time but I will say keep smiling, there is always hope.

Mercedes y Mila said...

Merry Christmas Viv and all readers.

Hopefully next year will bring a just and happier world. A world that we can be proud to leave to our children.

bath theory said...

One day when I travelled around South America I sat on some stairs in the town of Cusco, Peru. I sat peacefully for ages and ages when a girl suddenly asked me 'What are you waiting for?' I replied 'For the world to change' and she answered 'You'll be waiting there a long time'

PS We then went for a drink together.

Point of story - We need to wait until Brown and labour are out of office and then in terms of tghis story the world would have changed. ie The people with the influence will have changed. If nothing happens then which is likely to be 2010 now then there really is something more sinister underpining this imo.

Feliz navidad

atardi said...

Hallo Viv and others,

I wish every blogger who really wants JFM a Merry Christmas.

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
I am so sorry meant to leave a message like this one but have put my comments on as if a new topic please can you move them, sorry to have messed up your blog, was just trying to wish you and allposters a good Christmas and New year but am so useless on computers I have started a new topic....all the best Lizzy xx

viv said...

Hello guys and thanks for all your lovely Christmas wishes and Justice for dear little Maddie!

Mandarin, you are an Angel and how lovely to hear from you my friend!

Dilly, having a break from the cooking today and going to mom's for "nibbles" which if it includes a nip of Baileys, chocs and trifle will suit me just fine, sod the weight!


I really hope you and Mr Libs have sorted out a discrete place for the red cushion and your lustful penguins, but hey these deserve a good time too, such a nice gift from our hope, if you can put up with the wet fish throwing, slapping of excited wings, banging together of beaks etc! Due ceremony must be observed:-))

Ha, just had to break off and pop downstairs to check on Nanday, Luke lays in his bed (YES I KNOW 1.06) saying mom what is Nanday up to I can hear him wingying around. I will have to give Luke the cold water treatment if he does not get out that bed and in the shower soon. Nanday was back on the top of his cage going hey mom I never did a thing!

BT, I think if the Pros put the Mcs on trial on the basis of what we currently have they would be taking a grave risk because the rule is generally you cannot keep putting someone on trial. They have to way up the strength of the opposition and know the MCS have a big financial backer (apparently). It is a consider, I am afraid in any court case - just how good are the defence going to be. Shannon was never going to do that well, now was she! It is not just the backers the Mcs have but they themselves, they will undoubtedly make much better witnesses because they are a lot cleverer. What the police, prosecution tend to do in such a murder case is wait until they have all that vital evidence that will make their case simply unstoppable, we do not want to see the Mcs put on trial and the pros lose, now do we. I am afraid we just have to be patient and always remember if there is one thing the police hate, it is child killers! At present we cannot get away from the fact that the FSS evidence is just not very good and that is nothing to do with GB, would he have intervened to get Barry George out, no, but thanks to the FSS he did get out!

So cheer up and remember they will be taken to court, eventually! As the police would say, they are not looking for anyone else. Those final interviews of the Mcs and the TAPAS lot confirms that, they need look no further than Gerry, Kate, Payne, OB, and Tanner in particular although I believe they have all been obstructive and deserve to be charged for that. When it comes to a charging decision careful analysis will be made as to who ought to go down and who would be better kept as a witness in the case! Inevitably that will mean someone will avoid prosecution and personally so long as they get the major players I do not have a problem with that. But Tanner, although she personally did not have a hand she had a wicked hand in the cover up for others and wasting police time looking for a phantom abductor which they just had to do and she definitely deserves the same treatment that Maxine Carr got!


How lovely to hear from you again too, I firmly believe that just getting Obama instead of Bush will make the whole world a better and more humane place, where the rights of children will move far higher up the agenda than mere capitalist agendas and where do we get the oil from ! We in the UK can stop doing what that ahem I better not say Bush tells us to do! BT it may be a politcal thing but Cameron says we need a change but he supported keeping the Republicans in, in America and that most definitely would not bring a change to abuse of human rights IMO! He is just Mrs Thatcher in a much nicer outer package, from where I am standing anyway, but I doubt anyone fancied Thatcher! At least he has proper tory roots!

Atardi and Lizzy you have both been greatly missed and lovely to see you back. Lizzy you are not messing the blog up at all darling!

Love you all loads and Luke is now in the shower:-))))

viv said...

oh Lizzy that was qucikly sorted:-)))

Sadly it is of course true and how we all wish we and the police were wrong, Maddie did die in that apt.

What may be involved in this case sometimes just does not bear thinking about but unlike the Pros we understand such things do happen to children and you cannot just pretend we live in Utopia!

For the sake of all children who are still alive but maybe suffering terribly, we need this case to go on!


Hi Viv,
I hope you and your family and all posters on this blog have had a good Christmas so far,
after reading the Eddie and Keela report there is no doubt that little Maddie died in that appartment, sadly the truth has been supressed but with all the questioning people ,including the former Police chief Amaral who has bravely wrote and published his book. lets hope that one day the truth will out....I can't believe how the Mccanns have made a Christmas appeal for help to the public obviously that help is a request for cash...I only hope that people are not gullible and tempted to give them any money, I also feel that as the media continues in their biased reporting re the Mccanns that there has been interference from the Government, maybe one day the real reason for this will come out too, anyway Viv I know I don't post here often but do read frequently and love your blog,have a great New Year and rest of Christmas....Love Lizzy xx
Posted by lizzy at 12:10

hope4truth said...

Hello ALL

Hope you all had a lovely christmas???

We had a lovely day and were all thourougly spoilt...

Still Christmasing on Mum and Dad are comming to us today off to my cousins tomorrow then off to see LGC and Libs on Sunday it has been a lovely long Christmas this year with so much to look forward to each day....


I think Tanner has lied through her teeth and has let Madeleine down in a very very bad way but to me she looks scared to death like a child who is being bullied and although as an adult she should do the right thing if she is easily intimidated her life must be crap... How can she enjoy anything anymore she must be waiting for a knock at the door all the time or for a grim discovery to be made which will shatter the rest of her life..

It is such a shame she cant get a backbone and go to the police along with her partner and tell all they know and make sure they cover themselves by leaving a full wad of evidence and statemnets in several diffrent places to be used as insurance should anything they hand over get lost...

Let's face it no one will be fighting for them and it would not even surprise me if one day we read about it was them or any of the others who took Madeleine and killed her and how Kate and Gerry have been fooled by the people they called thier friends...

What I still cant understand about this is how 7 people can go along with a couple who's child is missing and not think to themselves something is wrong unless they are involved in some way? As for the family they must have their doubts poor Madeleine was a memeber of their family why are they not pressing Kate about refusing to answer any questions?

Maybe they are and have been labled sick scum just like we have but if this was my niece or grandchild I would never stop asking questions....

I guess it is hard to stop the lies and deception this far in but have noticed thier Christmas Message was put out and soon dropped no Z list Sports personality or anyone speaking for Madeleine but most damming of all there is a huge reward for her return and it was not mentioned...

Such a sad story and the worse of it is if she did die accidentaly people would have forgiven them the neglect was very very wrong and very very odd but "There but for the grace of god go I"

The longer this goes on I wonder just how she died and if Doc was right then then it is more evil and sick and twisted than I want to believe...


bath theory said...

I dont know why HOPE but reading your post reminds me of the time a few years ago when a camera crew were with some plain clothes coppers knocking on a door early in the morning. A rather stuck up aloof lady appeared at the door and said something like 'Go away or I'll call the police' a reply came back after knocking the door again 'We are the police, let us in' You are right to say that there are people in this case who must not sleep well at night awaiting the early morning knock at the door.

bath theory said...

It was a Maxwell who was awoken early, the daughter in law of a bullying thuggish criminal who threatened to sue virtually everyone but never did. mmmm

bath theory said...
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hope4truth said...


Hope you are enjoying Christmas...

Yes I remember that some people do believe they are above the law and threaten to sue at every oportunity...

Strange how they have not sued TB or GA yet when they have written far worse about them than the DX...


dylan said...

Hi Guys,

Glad you are all having a lovely time.

Viv, don't feel guilty about indulgences at this time of year ;-) Just enjoy :-)))

I'm a bit confused and am losing track of the days. I could have sworn that last time I posted was Xmas eve, yet I see that I sent a post yesterday! Oh, and I keep thinking tomorrow is Friday!! It's a good job I'm not on shift work!

It is very encouraging to see that so many of us believe that there will be justice for Maddie in 2009. We can only wait and hope, and just going on a "feeling", I think things are changing and the tide is turning.

I still haven't got over this virus. Cold is gone but I still feel poorly, so I'm off for an early night tonight.


Cláudia said...

Hi, everybody!
Hope you're all well and hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.
I had a great time with my family.
Just need to sleep! :-)
Read you all tomorrow, I hope.

viv said...

Hiya Hope

I do agree that Tanner seems bullied and afraid. Her statements are redolent with the odour of Gerry McCann, how she does not wish to disagree with him.... I know Gerry says but; how she insists that Kate was running on the beach before 5.30 it was definitely before 5.30. To me this only says one thing, she wanted to make sure that the police did not know that Maddie was left alone with Gerry. If it was before 5.30 Maddie would have been quite safe with nannies but after 5.30, that is another matter.

At all times from 5.30 Maddie was either with Gerry or Kate or with both of them. There is no way they are not involved in her death but I just get this awful feeling that perhaps others were too, I may be wrong. I think what has really worried me is the number of witness, serious and credible witnesses who express extreme doubts about Payne. The female doctor and also a female social worker. She thinks she may know him in a professional capacity as a former child protection worker. She says that he was with Kate and Gerry, very protective towards them, stopped Kate talking to her, ushered them away and then told the social worker they do not want to talk to you. She also said that one moment Kate was crying, in public in the street with Gerry and Payne and then she was rude and aggressive. When someone is under extreme pressure and has a lot to hide these reactions are typical. This woman was trying to help! Then there is also OB who left the dining table at the same time as Gerry at 9 pm and did not return. As Claudia pointed out a long time ago, it gets dark at about 9 pm. Reading Mathhew Oldfield's statement I can sense the fear and he is clearly trying to distance himself, most especially from Kate and Gerry.

Claudia, Dilly and BT, I ate all the chocs:-))

I think there will be some movement in 2009. The McCanns show every sign now of living in great fear. Their conduct is very different to what we have previously seen, as for Tanner, she really should know better and you Fiona!

I think perhaps the most decent person in this group is Mat Oldfield and he needs to do the right thing, so that he can start living with his conscience again but standing on the steps of the High Court looking so awkward and out of place was not the most auspicious of starts!


viv said...

By the way, I do not believe, for one single minute they are working with detectives on the PJ files looking for leads. Why not tell us who they are! I believe they are working with lawyers on their defence and this is what they need the money for, lots of money. What they talked about in the first place and what Gerry could see no reason it should not be for, until people warned him otherwise, their "Defence Fighting Fund". This it has always been, the name tag just slipped off!

viv said...

I do not think there would be anything unlawful with their friends getting those libel damages and them handing the monies to Kate and Gerry for their "support". I suppose they see their situation as very desperate and felt this was the least they could do! Personally, no matter how good a friend, I would not dream of helping them fight the police in such a situation. Maybe they also realise they are not exactly safe either, but O'Brien staying away really does speak volumes!

viv said...

I have been singing along to this one, simply brilliant!
I would love for Kate and Gerry to read this, it really does say it all in such a humorous way, but hey I have this impression of Gezza pulling that dreadful face again - what a psycho eh? Come on Gez, it' s Christmas, maybe you can get a ride on a prison bus and really have another good cuss:-)))) Sorry guys I know that was rubbish!

Post subject: Re: Post your special Christmas carols and messages here for K&G
New postPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 4:26 pm
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Kate and Gerry´s Jingle Bells

Jingle bells jingle bells
Kate and Gerry sing
Send your money to our house
and make our coffers ring

We´ve worked so hard
To lie and cheat
Now we have staff to pay
You folks out there should give your cash
To really make our day

We are so good
We go to Church and on our knees we pray
That we can keep the truth from you until our dying day

Our rich and famous friends will help
To keep us from all harm
A millionaire on our list
Really works a charm

Our little girl was good to us
Her name is so well known
We wish we could remember it
But somehow it has gone

Still, never mind she brought us fame
And lots of lovely money
Its much more fun counting that than counting jars of honey

On Christmas day we´ll beg again on national TV
We´re taking over from the Queen you will be glad to see
The reason we are begging now I think it very clear
We need new cars, school fees and clothes with which to start new year

What´s that you say, Madeleine?
Why bring her up now, she´s gone, forgotten by us here
So send your money, bring us cheer
Next Christmas we might be in clink
So this year lets hear that money chink.

dylan said...

Morning all,

Viv, that's a very cheeky take on Jingle Bells ;-) Did you get to have a bit of a rest yesterday? Glad you enjoyed the chocs. I must say I do love chocolate but I only have to look at it and it gives me spots! I wouldn't mind if the spots made me look like a teenager again but, alas, the wrinkles tend to give the game away!

Have a good day.

viv said...

Hiya Dilly

I think what really amused me was imagining Gerry's reaction to this, the furious twitterings he does, just like on that holiday bus, and so what would he be like if carted away on a prison bus...they are making a really big mistake here, they will be sorry, my financial backers will sort this flipping lot out.
Well maybe not flipping but I try to keep this blog decent!

You have a nice day too!


bath theory said...

Merry Xmas Viv and Dylan

bath theory said...

My thought for the day is ...

They didn't fool the Pope did they, their stuff disappeared very quickly from any 'official' websites etc

bath theory said...

In terms of chocolates Viv I am somewhat partial to soft centred ones. Especially chocolate orange type ones.

PS Hope is your piccie of the lead singer of A-Ha in the old days when he was very good looking. Morten somebody?

bath theory said...

Also must say hi to Di as Arsenal are playing so badly, hi to Claudia as we never speak these days. And of course Docmac who is probably camped out in some african desert in the middle of a sand storm

bath theory said...

And Zodiac, Wizard, Rat, Hobby Nobby, LGC , who I hope have a most prosperous new year.

bath theory said...

Well I was in need of some discourse and discussion but alas the silence is a sign to depart - farewell fellow thinkers for now

bath theory said...


...Madeleine’s mother Kate McCann is thought to be one of the 20,000 Christians who joined the Accrington and Burnley-based prayer circle in a day of remembrance for Madeleine and all missing children worldwide on Friday.

The prayer circle known as ‘music download revolution’ has been up and running for a year and members say they are becoming increasingly popular.

The core of the organisation is the Christian music download site, from which the group’s campaign to raise awareness of child trafficking has attracted global attention.

John Wearne, who belongs to St Paul’s Church in Accrington and co-runs the site, said: “Eight jumbo jet loads of children disappear every single day for the purposes of sex trafficking and the church has a responsibility, a duty, to impact this evil.

"We still believe that Madeleine is out there and we believe in spiritual warfare and that prayers for her will help bring her home.

“I have also spoken to Madeleine's mother, Kate McCann, who is happy we are promoting this for her lost little angel. She confirmed to me that she would be joining in...”

So confirmation that the parents believe that prayers will bring 'home' Madeleine ? I wonder if this John Wearne character has even read stuff about Eddie and Keela and the bloodspats etc. Some caring folk get sucked into all sorts of things by being narrow to a cause.

Missing children and the parents agony is plain to see but alas not on this couple who were able to jog, play tennis, chat merrily away about football scores and join in joyful hilarity only a week after the vanishment of their first born.

How about having a prayer to raise awareness of just how many children are horribly abused and emotional torn apart by parents who dont show they care or at a minimum the pressures parents face in these times eg material pressures to constantly buy new things etc.

Why do so many children go missing?

Because most have had enough of their parents and leg it. Simple as that.

Yes, some get taken for wicked acts to be committed and the rest are killed by their parents.

So let that group say a prayer for the parents of this world who neglect their children and then wonder why they disappear when they have had enough. Ask sweet thoughts for them because many have younger children left behind in the home who could have a happier life if the parents changed their ways.

bath theory said...


hope4truth said...

If John Wearne is a true God Fearing Man maybe he really believes that the McCanns and their revolting child neglecting friends are telling the truth..

Peadophiles are evil sick scumbags who should all be physicaly castrated the first time they are caught abusing a child (although my own sense of feeling still says it should be done under anasthetic) although they dont give the children they abuse the same thought when they torture them and put them through things any adult would find destresting and may never get over...

All I can say to John Wearne and any other person praying is God see's all and he knows the truth of what happend to that Angelic little child...

John may think that butter wouldent melt in my mouth but I am a very forgiving person. The McCanns dont need my forgiveness I am nothing to them but normaly when a child goes missing no matter what the parents were doing at the time I feel very sorry for them and cant imagine the pain they are going through and the worry for the child missing is heartbreaking..

But these two well from the second day something did not run true about them. It was Gerry who I thought knew more than he was letting on and although I did not want to think the worse I believed at the time he had killed her..

In the weeks that followed with the ribbons in her hair the jogging and trips around the world to chat to important people was just bloody strange? No one could help find her in Washington but off Gerry went?

As things went on rumours and theorys were talked about I joined the DX and some of the theorys and words were out of order others seemed viable...

I was told I was scum and it has been sugested that this site is full of Peadophiles as soon as mud throwing starts you can see people are desprate to shut you up as nothing must be said about the McCanns that shows them in a bad light?

Because the begining of this started with serious neglect of young children and because they eventualy said they left the door unlocked then they are responsible for putting Madeleine in very grave danger...

Kate said very early on she was sleeping well and did not feel any guilt? I feel guilty when my child is sick even though there is nothing I can do to stop them I would take the illness on myself if I could but here is a Mother who was not where she should have been when her child was suposedly taken feels no guilt at all?

Many of the things speculated over the year I have been blogging have proved to be true when the DVD of the interviews and evidence was released.

The Dogs were damming but most damming of all is the fact Kate refused to answer a single question for her child and the fact neither Kate or Gerry ever bothered to look for Madeleine there is no way they could have been 100% sure she had been abducted with an unlocked door the chances are she could have wandered off trying to find the parents who had left her to cry.

John and anyone can judge me for my discust at the way Madeleine has been forgotten because at the end of the day a 3 year old child will always be far important than any adult and any single person who is holding back information about what happend to her or went on that holiday will have to face God one day and he is one being that 30 pieces of silver or power will not impress. Children are a gift from God he is very forgiving but you have to confess your sins and praying for forgivness is not enough you have to really want to repent he see's all...

ratonthebeam said...

G-d ALWAYS pays His debts.

Just not with money.

Cláudia said...

Rat, I completely agree.
Hi, BT! Hope you had a great Christmas. Starting to prepare New
Year's eve! :-)

viv said...

Hiya all

I just echo what Jim Day from Rothley has to say in response to Mr Wearne's piece on the blog of Pamalam:

How does Kate manage to pray to God, when she cannot even find it in her heart to speak the truth to the police, loving your children, doing your very best for them, speaking the truth, those are fundamental tenets of christianity IMO. She has not demonstrated herself to be a christian at all, she is a hypocrite. Let her pray with her friend Mr Wearne, it will not change reality for her. She knows what happened to her little girl and exactly where she is, if she wants forgiveness then she must tell the police and allow Maddie to be brought home and properly buried. If not, she deserves eternal damnation. As a mother, I find her conduct unforgivable. Her sarcastic comment when reminded her silence would not help to find Madeleine,

"if the investigation says so", but now she wants to pray, only for herself..because in spite of her lack of co-operation the police will not leave her alone. They never will Kate, you tell the police who gave you all those bruises and the rest should follow on from that. Do it for Madeleine, your little girl!

JimDay, Rothley says...
4:36pm Mon 8 Dec 08
My prayers are with Madeleine McCann every day and also for Kate McCann to find the strength to return to Portugal and respond to the 48 questions put to her by the police, which still remain unanswered.
My prayers are with Madeleine McCann every day and also for Kate McCann to find the strength to return to Portugal and respond to the 48 questions put to her by the police, which still remain unanswered.

ratonthebeam said...

That piece in the Blackburn Citizen is nothing more than a shameful piece of self promotion for John Werne's music website - which is run as a business. Bands pay £35 per album to host their music on it. Except the only music actually on it at all is played by the two guys running the site, so it doesn't look all that popular to me.

It's also one of the worst designed sites I have ever come across in my life - sorry John, but didn't your lecturers tell you to avoid funerial colour schemes?

Either way, it's disgraceful to use a missing, probably dead, child to promote a website. I'll bet his god is REAL proud of him.

nancy said...

Hi Rat -

I hope you had a wonderful Xanukkah with your family.

Regards to your post above,it really beggars belief that anyone would try to cash in on a little girl's disappearance. But when you think that even her parents have done just that; their main concern has been to make as much money as possible since the day Maddie went missing and they knew it was being turned into some sort of celebrity event.

For instance, the well publicised 'collection' in Liverpool earlier this year when Gerry said 'well done' to everyone for helping to raise £5,000. They must be laughing all the way to the bank.

And now this latest Christmas exercise - I wonder how many gullible people will be taken in by them and hand over hard earned cash believing the McCanns are genuinely going to use it to look for Madeleine. Pigs might fly!

More likely for their mortgage payments!


nancy said...

Hi everyone -

I hope you all had a really enjoyable Christmas. I did but after having said I rarely get colds and flu, would you believe it I went down with it on Christmas Day itself - not full blown flu, but bad enough to make me feel well below par. However I still got into the Christmas spirit, in more ways than one!

Lovely to see Mandarinn, Lizzie, Mercedes, and Atardi on the blog.

Viv -

Just to add my thanks to others for all the work you've put in to try and achieve justice for Madeleine!

Hopefully, someone who knows the truth will be reading this blog one day and decide it's time to stop all the pretence!


nancy said...

Reading the McCann Files -

GA tells of the sad cases of a policeman's life. (translation by Joana Morais) - one sentence of which is ...."Christmas reminds me of children that have already left through violence or negligence".

If only the world's governments put as much effort into making sure children are the top priority, as they do in waging wars, it would certainly be a great step forward for mankind. The problem is there is no money in it for them!

docmac said...

Hello to all

Just letting you know I am still alive and kicking (well all of us are). Seems like you all had a good Christmas. Still seeking JFM too, fantastic!

Some old names have popped up again. Nice to read you all! No, BT. No desert in sight. Just water everywhere I look :-)

A special hello to our blog host Viv and to my very good Portuguese friend (no names, no pack drill :-))

Cláudia said...

Good to read you, Doc.
Beijinhos, Viv!
Boa noite, all!

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

Just a quick post to wish everyone a very Happy Hogmanay and Good Wishes for 2009!


'Especially chocolate orange type ones.'

My favourite also. I have over indulged although one of my New Year resolutions will be to eat healthy and lose weight for 2009. I make that one every year but this year I really really mean it, honest!