7 Jun 2008


This is the latest pic in 24 Horas and appears to be an up to date one with Kate showing her more polished and expensive look, she can afford it now! To those who have a problem with me quoting from 24 Horas I would just say this, a read through their articles will show them very frequently directly quoting from Clarence Mitchell and so it can hardly be said their side of the story is not also being told here! He probably even supplied the latest picture!
Natascha and the attendant, cable Rui Cortez, are part of the criminal investigation team of GNR

6/6/08 Correio de Manha

Seems the GNR were so impressed with the work of Eddie and Keela in the Madeleine case they now have their own dog Natascha who has successfully passed a nine month training course after key contacts were made with the English company who supplied Eddie and Keela. Of course it is confirmed that Eddie and Keela discovered biological traces of Madeleine. I was interested to read about the container used to put article that have scent on them. I wonder is this what Rebelo and his team were rolling back into the apartment in October? Could this have solved the mystery as to what it was? Cadaverine is an extremely expensive chemical that is used to train dogs to detect the scent of human corpses. It is great news that we have assisted Portugal to develop further techniques in solving their own crime cases, in addition of course to "Brits abroad" which certainly contribute their fare share, unfortunately for the host country.

I am sorry the translation is poor in places, maybe Claudia can help.

Viv x

Crime - If Maddie accelerated training of Natascha GNR has dog that detects blood Natascha is five years. It is a bitch Labrador Retriever and started his career in the GNR to detect drugs. The case Maddie in the summer of last year, led the Command of Cinotécnica Company (CCC) of the GNR reaproveitar its capabilities, making Natascha in the first canídeo Portuguese capable of detecting traces of blood. The disappearance of British girl Madeleine McCann in May 2007, in Praia da Luz, led the Judiciary Police to launch a major investigation. The need to find traces of the fourth venture of which the less disappeared forced the PJ to consider the use of dogs-pisteiros. But both the PSP as GNR did not have animals capable of detecting traces of blood or the smell of corpses. Three months after the start of the investigation, the British police who helped in the Algarve Portuguese researchers suggested mandar come from England to Keela and Eddie - the race Springer Spaniel. The dog detected traces biological, as the dog learns smell of corpses. The GNR decided entãotreinarumcão paradescobrirsangue. We kept the groups specializing in protection and assistance and was criadaumaequipa of investigaçãocriminal. 'It sedeuma team with nine dogs trained in this area', dizaoCMocomandantedo Company Cinotécnica, captain Costa Pinto. In this group 'canine', only the Natascha - born on the premises of the CC, School of Guarda, in Queluz - is capable of detecting traces of blood. 'The other animals are specialized in other aspects, including the detection of cadaver odours, helping assimàlocalização of sites where these corposestiveram', added the official. ANataschafoi initially trained to detect narcotics. A more thorough analysis of its capabilities ultimately lead to end targeted for the detection of blood. 'Three dogs, all of different races, started training for targeted search for traces of blood in places of crime. Only Natascha managed to succeed ', recalled the captain Costa Pinto. After nine months of work, the dog training ended in mid April. According to the commander of the FA, 'was the key contact with the English company that formed the Keela and Eddie, the springer spaniel used in the Algarve, in search of the case Maddie McCann. " For now, the GNR has not yet received any formal request another force of security for the use of Natascha. 'Soon, we hope to have a Cocker Spaniel to do the same work', says captain Costa Pinto. TICO DECISIVE IN ODORES The work of Tico is decisive. The German Shepherd, seven years, was trained to detect human smells and the result of their work helps the police in complex criminal investigations. In a case of murder, in which the weapon is seized, Police technicians is to examine the scientific evidence of weapon. When a suspect is identified, Tico enter into play. 'He fareja the traces collected the weapon and the traces of the suspect. If coincide, takes a seat beside the container containing the sample collected with the odor of the suspect ', the captain explained to BC Costa Pinto, the Company Cinotécnica of GNR. RUCA PERSEGUE CONTRAFACÇÕES These are chemical particles scattered on the surface of the CD and DVD that attract the attention of Ruca. This black Labrador, in five years, is the first canídeo a force of security specialist in detecting counterfeits of audiogramas and videograms. The training of the animal was triggered, according to the captain Costa Pinto, the GNR, 'because the needs expressed by organisations such as the ASAE or the Inspection of Cultural Activities. " 'The Ruca is trained to act in areas of trade fairs and markets ", concluded the official. DETAILS COSTS The captain Costa Pinto, the Company Cinotécnica the GNR, not to BC estimated the cost of training of Natascha. However, the official adds that in the dog food and treatment costs around 1.5 euros per day. The GNR has 310 dogs. CADÁVERES The purchase of new odors produced in the laboratory led to the GNR strengthen the training of dogs specialising in detecting corpses in putrefaction.


viv said...

05 June 2008 - 15:00 Correio de Manha

I am not sure if that is just the translation but "a mouthpiece" seems like an eminently fair way to described The Pink ****er (to quote the Americans) Another holiday then "for the sake of the children". Well words really fail me! But I do agree with Mitchell "this is the reality that they have to face", I will just say the last bit of that for him, a final holiday with the twins before they are arrested for killing Madeleine. I am glad they finally see the reality they have to face.

Notice also it is confirmed suspects for the death of their daughter, not just negligence, I will keep filling in the gaps for you Clarence, do not worry about that.

Viv x

A mouthpiece excludes Portugal
Parents of Maddie go on holiday
Nine months after they had returned without Maddie to the house of Rothley, Leicester, when they were oficializadas suspected the couple for the death of their daughter, the McCann return from vacation.

The destination this summer is yet to be announced, according to the spokesperson, 'but one thing is certain - they do not go to Portugal', Clarence Mitchell assures the English newspaper "Daily Mirror". Kate and Gerry 'only occasionally spent a few days away from home since returned to England in September,' justifies a friend of the family newspaper.

Parents' decided they should go out for the sake of their two other children ', brother of three years, Sean and Amélie. 'It will be very painful to go outside without Madeleine, but this is the reality that they have to face', says Mitchell. It is recalled that on the night where Maddie disappeared, she and the brothers were left to sleep, in Praia da Luz, while parents jantavam with friends.

Henrique Machado

bath theory said...

As I said after the Zapata story broke when a certain father gets puts behind bars I will send him the finest dog biscuits and food as a tribute to these dogs.

His ego thought he could get away with it and his legal team used the Zapata case to throw doubt on these incredible animals. And yet when Zapata admitted he did kill his wife after all can you imagine Gerry's first thought.

Yes, those dogs biscuits are waiting for him. If he had been a caring doting father like he wants us to believe he would still be feeding little Madeliene rich tea fingers and jammy dodgers and chocolate digestives for tea.

viv said...

Hiya BT

There have been so many serious mistakes in the McCanns oh so public campaign. I have said all along, even if they are guilt, then why the heck dont they just shut up!

Jumping on this Zapata case and stating they hope it will also prove their innocence just has to be one of the most catastrophic moves they made. They have helped the police quite a lot, we should be grateful they have been so utterly foolish!


bath theory said...

Hi Viv

There is that lovely quote isn't there...

You are a genius until you open your mouth.