24 Nov 2008


Hi All, I have just read this on Joana Morais blog and as it is so fascinating and does offer great hope for the continuing revelation of the truth, thought I would offer it up for discussion!

I am going to find the article where Metodo 3 are admitting their brief was never to actually find Madeleine and will post this also.

I hope Kate and Gerry McCann hang their heads in shame for so wantonly fleecing people of money on such wicked false pretences, self serving narcissists, both of them!

Viv x

November 17, 2008

Are Kate and Gerry McCann Innocent or Guilty?

The McCanns in Praia da
Luz Church, Algarve
12 May 2007

This is the question we should be asking at this stage. To answer it, we must ask another essential question: Was Maddie abducted or not? If to legal professionals, who have followed this case closely from the start, it was very quickly evident, as well as to the PJ, that over time, the theory of abduction became less and less plausible, the facts revealed by SOS Madeleine McCann on November 11th have dealt a death blow to the theory of kidnapping.

This is also the admission of one of the detectives of the Spanish agency Metodo3, hired by the McCann parents to find Madeleine, who we learn were not hired to find Madeleine but indeed to direct public opinion (and perhaps the PJ) towards Spain or Morocco, the purpose being to manipulate the media and the public by inventing false leads in both these countries also causing the slowing down of the investigation. (The PJ had to check out these many false leads every time.) Thus, journalists were invited to interview "witnesses" paid by the said agency to say they had seen Madeleine. If these revelations are true, and there is no reason to doubt them, we can, in any case, bring doubt to bear on all of the statements of many of the witnesses who stated having seen Madeleine. Above all concerning witnesses who happened by chance, at some time, to have a connection with the McCann family, notably via the Netherlands.

Abducted or died?

Another question comes to mind: Why weren't the detectives hired to find Madeleine, contrary to what was shouted loudly and clearly by parents broken down by the "abduction" of their much loved little girl? Why did the parents hire detectives to put on a huge media show and slow down the ongoing investigation instead of finding their little girl? The only plausible answer to that question, is that the parents knew perfectly well that Madeleine was not abducted. But, then, what has become of Madeleine? Still on the basis of the truth of statements from SOS Madeleine, there too, the only answer that comes to mind is: the death of the little girl. This hypothesis is the one which has the most consistency and is the track maintained by the PJ investigators in agreement with their British counterparts.

So, guilty or innocent?

If Madeleine died, which seems to be so obvious as to be the truth, it happened by accident. The little girl's parents are not cold-bloodied killers. Two hypothesis are held. The first is death following an overdose of Calpol , of which the proportion of sedative is more significant in Portugal than in the UK. Maddie allegedly awoke in a semi-conscious state, allegedly stumbled, banged herself violently and died of her injuries. Another suggested hypothesis and which largely takes precedence, is the theory according to which Kate allegedly argued with Madeleine. During this argument, Kate allegedly made an unfortunate move, Madeleine was knocked against an edge or a corner of a piece of furniture, she bled profusely and died quickly. ( whiplash in banging herself for example).

In short, a terrible tragedy for the parents. In both cases the parents are facing a few years in prison. Be it for manslaughter, in the first instance: be it for "involuntary blows and injuries causing death without the intention to do so," in the second case. With a major difference with regards to Portugal: in the eyes of the law, if there was negligence towards the child, the couple's other children would be immediately placed with Portuguese social services WITH NO possibility of their being returned to their British family!!! It was clear that as well as the misfortune and pain of losing Madeleine, it was urgent to protect the twins. Also, a member close to Gerry, being the main "financial backer" of the British Prime Minister's political party, was contacted on the same evening as Madeleine's "disappearance" by Kate (on her own admission), Then the media, via sky News, helped to launch an unprecedented media machine at the moment when the PJ's director received, in the middle of his dinner in Lisbon, a call on his mobile phone from the British embassy informing him of the disappearance of a little British girl while the local police were not yet on the spot! In the parents' place, in the same situation, with they connections they have, would we not have done the same thing to protect our two other children?

Was there fraud?

Continuing to refer to the revelations by the detective from the Spanish agency hired by the McCanns, in the eyes of the law, yes there is fraud! Fraud in the creation of a fund to find Madeleine of which the money was mainly used to pay detectives who admit never having been hired to find Madeleine. 50,000 euors a month to divert attention from the investigation. Emotional fraud and that is, surely, the most serious. All those people who thought of themselves in solidarity, affected by Maddie's disappearance,pouring money into a fund which would help to find her. We all fell into the trap.

Ourselves, here, at the association, we cried, like you, imagining that poor child, abducted, alone without her security blanket to comfort her, crying with all her heart, away from her parents, panicked....And those things more truly horrible of which we would not speak here but which justified the creation of our association. To begin with, it played on the heartstrings until we realised that the theory of abduction was becoming hardly defensible, not to mention that the parents didn't hesitate to attack various media and collect considerable sums in "damages" following what was written by them. But those famous words could have been the absolute truth!!!

A mole in the PJ.

SOS Madeleine revealed the presence of a mole in the PJ, informing the parents in advance of various investigative operations that the team in charge of the case were going to set up. It is more understandable why the parents were in the middle of washing Maddie's pink comfort blanket as well as other clothes in the washing machine just before the arrival of the inspectors to seize the comfort blanket and the clothes with a view to DNA analysis!!! We could add a long list of worrying details in the parents' attitude but which perfectly explain themselves when we know that a member of the PJ was advising them of what was going to happen! Is this the attitude of people who have nothing to hide?

Anomalies in the case file on DVD

For some time, a small part of the complete case file (5,000 out of 30,000 pages!!!) has been accessible to the public. We have published some it it here, noting that it is necessary to be careful in publishing its contents. In fact, this DVD is not complete and only represents around 17% of the total. Our association, like probably all the other professionals in the field of police work, detected anomalies in the case file. In fact, some documents appeared doubtful, seen as suspicious. Some signatures, annotations, drew our attention. We addressed them to whom it may concern to take the information back to Portugal. Following that, and even though we had been aware for several weeks, the journalist Duarte Levy, in statements, yesterday on Portuguese television, revealed that there were documents in the case file which had been tampered with and manipulated. It is there, neither more nor less than errors in writing. No comment. So, be careful what you read on various forums.

Death threats!

At the start of the broadcast in which the journalist we spoke about above, Duarte Levy, was participating, the director of the Portuguese television channel informed the viewers that Mr Levy had just, at that moment, received death threats on his mobile phone following his latest revelations. These threats are being taken seriously. According to our information, the journalist received two different calls. One from Portugal and the other from the UK, both threatening to kill him! If the revelations made by SOS Madeleine are false, and as a result the parents have nothing to hide, why threaten to kill people? Why does the McCann clan brandish, at the slightest opportunity, a threatening finger towards anyone who would not say the same things as them? Why try to silence the press?

In conclusion.

If the revelations from SOS Madeleine concerning the Metodo3 detectives and the PJ mole are correct, it could be deduced that the parents were not innocent, that Madeleine was not abducted. That there is fraud. And above all that the hoax is in the process of being shot down - as proof the various death threats - and that the truth will, in the end, see the light of day!!!

Translation Courtesy of AnnaEsse at News From My Big Desk

Original Souce: Enfants Kidnappés 17/11/08


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viv said...

In the last two paras below an M3 investigator confirms he was never asked to look for Maddie, only to divert the investigation. He also points out there was a mole in the PJ leaing information to be fed back to the McCanns and that Goncalo Amaral is "incorruptible" confirming our own very good opinion of him, a victim of the most terrible smear campaign because he simply got too close to what Kate and Gerry were up to!


Maddie: private were using a "mole" in the PJ

Spanish private detective reveals how McCann may have had access to confidential information from the police in case Maddie

According to one private detectives hired by Metodo 3 in the context of their contract with Kate and Gerry McCann, an inspector of the Judicial Police reportedly sent to the Spanish agency confidential information concerning the movements of Portuguese investigators and their British colleagues in the 'investigation into the disappearance of Maddie.

The information thus obtained have enabled private detectives to inform the McCann couple and their entourage of procedures prepared by investigators Portuguese: "Several initiatives Amaral men have failed due to information provided by their colleague ... but there was also information from informants linked to the British embassy, "said the detective.

"Those are the information that allowed us to know in advance what the inspector Amaral and his colleagues wanted to do," says even the private detective in an interview recently in Spain, stressing that "the investigation would probably have a different purpose without the intervention of private, but also some British professionals. "

In his interview, recorded on video in a unique and must be integrated in a television documentary about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Detective Spanish clearly identifies the inspector of the PJ and also advance "that he enjoys some protection in the PJ in Faro. "

The detective goes further and says "only moments of the investigation through information received from the Portuguese inspector, we have created diversions in the media."

"It has not always worked, because I noticed that some procedures have taken place without either preventable ... I guess qu'Amaral must have had suspicions and had restricted access to information to his men confidence, "added the detective.

"The investigation was practically condemned in advance ... we knew in advance what qu'Amaral and preparing the desired objective in its investigations," said the detective that after several months of work for Metodo 3 had even tried to contact the coordinator of DIC Portimão, before it is removed from the survey: "I personally met Gonçalo Amaral few years ago, but he did not remember me and dice he heard that I was linked to Metodo 3 he refused to talk to me if I was protesting that important data for the file, this should be done in official form. "

"He (Gonçalo Amaral) was known among us as a hard, especially in cases of combat drug trafficking ... it is an incorruptible," concludes the detective.

The revelation, which might create controversy within the Judicial Police in Algarve, have also confirmed suspicions raised by some investigators. At least two inspectors of the PJ, contacted by SMM, have directly advanced the name of the inspector who allegedly passed confidential information to detectives of the Spanish Agency. According to them, man enjoys some protection in the delegation of Faro and its behavior is not original, because it has previously committed the same misconduct in other investigations.

"We no longer Maddie ... me, anyway, I've never been hired to do"

According to the same detective, he was never hired to find Madeleine McCann: "We no longer Maddie ... me, anyway, I've never been hired to do. All that I asked to do was to gather as much information used to redirect the investigation in Portugal to Morocco or Spain. "

This former detective - who is no longer able to continue its activities - said that the Spanish agency would have brought British journalists in Morocco in order to meet witnesses to pre-selected and paid: "the aim was to spread in the media and the Moroccan track and confirm that it was a kidnapping, that the Portuguese and British police would not believe, "said Detective stressing that it is unable to say if the McCann were behind this operation.

"The couple never asked me not to lie about anything. Unfortunately, I can not say the same about the agency or the couple's entourage," concludes the detective.

Duarte Levy

hope4truth said...


A very intresting post and again it looks like the poor child is dead.

I did not like Gerry from Day 1 and after a few hours of watching the statement repeat itself on Sky and my first comment to my Mum "they left their children to go and have dinner who the hell does that?" I thought I dont trust him and did wonder at that point if he knew exactly what had happend to Madeleine.

This is why I was very shocked when it was Kate who was accused of killing Madeleine.

This quote from the above article "in the eyes of the law, if there was negligence towards the child, the couple's other children would be immediately placed with Portuguese social services WITH NO possibility of their being returned to their British family!!! It was clear that as well as the misfortune and pain of losing Madeleine," sum's up my first feelings.

If it was an overdose I still have sympathy with Kate if she lost her temper for one split second the loss of her daughter would be horendous for her but no one has the right to hurt a child even in temper and you have to ask yourself how many times had this happend in the past?

I can see how they panicked thought about the twins and had to at all costs cover this up. What they should have done if this is the case is come home as soon as they could and go to a British Police Station so the Twins at least could be placed with a family memeber.

If I killed my child in either of these ways my life would be over I would never forgive myself and Jail would not be any worse than the guilt I would be carrying around with me.

I still think they did not want the story to go as far as it did but how could they refuse help from people if you were trying to convince them she had been abducted?

Gerry loved the spotlight I think after a few days Kate belived their story and started to enjoy the attention as well. So many photo ops of her sitting looking whistful and pretty with ribbons in her hair perfect make up and coordintaing jewelery not the natural look of a Mother who thinks her child has been abducted.

The jogging and worse still Gerry's blogging showed them as selfish people who could only worry about themselves and wanted to talk about their suffering and just how fast they were when jogging???

Then on Madeleines 4th Birthday well my god those pictures not a forced smile of thanks for all the people who turned up to pray for their daughter but pure joy and happiness if ever there was a reason to disbelieve them then all these pictures are it.

Duarte Levy recieves death threats what the hell is all that about he is a journalist yet he is not allowed to report on what is obvious?

Then the bloggers come along and it is clear from my very early experince of blogging that I am not allowed to say neglect is wrong which as this was the reason she would have been taken if she had been cant be argued against.

Who out of any of us would wish a parent with a missing child ill? In fact I still had sympathy for Kate the day she was taken to the police station. I dont think they ever thought the evidence would be released for all to read and the fact Kate was arrogant enough not to answer a single question proves what I allways thought Madeleine was dead and I dont think she cares anymore..

The threats and nasty comments aimed at us show the people making them are IMHO on the payroll but they are not worth a penny as they got it so wrong...

When Troll posted his long article about me from the first few lines about butter not melting (yawn) well why would I go on reading such rubbish but from what I have been told he was also taking the rise out of my spelling (bovered) he can think what he likes about me I know my personality and I know a desprate bully when I see one. I have been led to belive he is a man of god well he should start to pray because defending people who choose to neglect their children and then going out of their way not to help their child who they say is in the hands of a peadophile ring..

Their whole campaign stinks to high heaven and if it was not about a 3 year old little girl who deserved the world and not all these lies it would be funny.

Enough now Justice for Madeleine and all abused neglected and un loved children no excuses and no cover ups surley children deserve no less...

nancy said...

Viv -

I posted a blog to you last night before I saw this latest thread.

Thanks for the new thread and what a revealing article - 'dirty doings' going on everywhere it appears. A mole in the PJ's - Duarte Levy receiving death threats (which is very worrying) because it will encourage other journalists all over the world who might be prepared to put into words what we all believe, just to stay quiet because not only will they be worried about being sued, but about having their lives threatened. These journalists all have their families to protect.

I think the way these tapas 9 have been protected, and especially the McCanns, is an international scandal, and the fact that the McCann's used a bunch of so called detectives who were obviously incapable of carrying out what they promised, is a scandal of gargantuan proportions!

Just what is going on and has been going on? Someone suggested that Madeleine disappeared to get the Amber Alert system off the ground and it was all pre-arranged. I don't know about that but the recent revelations make me wonder just what Gerry meant when he said - "find the body and prove it"!

Just when will these untouchable child neglectors be brought to book? Well, it could be sooner than we all think with all this stuff coming out of the woodwork!

nancy said...

Dylan -

Regarding meeting up some time - I left a post on last night's forum before realsing Viv had set a new one up!


nancy said...

Hope -

"Their whole campaign stinks to high heaven"!

You can say that again - they were on the phone and texting almost immediately after Maddie went missing, without seeing if she had wandered off somewhere. Now if that had been my child, I certainly wouldn't have been worrying the life out of my family back home before making damn sure that the whole area had been combed first. And the fact that they informed Sky News within an hour and various other media groups, tells me that they knew she would not be coming back.

They made damn sure the money would start rolling in right from the outset after setting up their company, selling trash in Maddie's name and laughing all over their dishonest faces a few days after she went missing.

The photo of Madeleine by the pool was an obvious fraud - Gerry's elbow appears in the one he published but is strangely missing in the original.

I hope they are enjoying the money they made, and are presumably still making, from Madeleine's name and disappearance from the face of the earth!

She deserved so much better!


viv said...

Morning Nancy and Hope and thanks for some really good posts.

I had a strange experience with one of my builders last week. He was talking very bitterly about the Baby P case. I therefore asked him whether he thought that Kate and Gerry killed Madeleine. He went very quiet for a few minutes with a strange concerned look on his face. Having gathered his thoughts he said, well from golfing and a friend who actually plays at Rothley, I can say that whilst the McCanns are considered to be very aloof and have never mixed in the community, not one single member of that village believes they killed Madeleine. Oh I said what do you think happened then? - she was abducted and because the over publicised this she got killed. He did agree with me that their behaviour in leaving those three little children was simply not normal and that if anything it is even worse to leave a 4 year old than two year olds in cots. Of course builders play golf, they can afford it and I just got the impression I had come across someone who actually knew Gerry!

I wonder..

Viv x

LittleGreyCell said...


Two things stand out for me:-

1. If Madeleine had died as a direct/indirect overdose of Calpol, would the McCanns have gone to so much trouble to cover this up?

Interesting point about there being more sedative in the Portuguese version of the medication. Would the McCanns have looked on the pack to check the sedative content? I'm not sure I wouldn't have assumed it wasn't exactly the same constituent as in the UK. But they are doctors and I'm not (despite being married to someone who is under the mistaken impression he is one. Apparently).

Regardless of this, if Madeleine had an excess of Calpol sedative (not any other sort) in her blood, and had got up and had an accident, how culpable (resisted the urge to write 'calpolble') would they have been? Would this have been manslaughter? Or just a tragic accident and death by misdadventure sort of thing? Would the custody of the twins have been in question?

Personally, I'm not convinced that this is what happened.

2. It takes a certain sort of person to threaten - and perhaps mean - death to someone, whatever negative things they may be doing to you.

I'm interested in who is sanctioning such threats. Is it the McCanns? In which case, do we assume the threats are not serious? Or others involved in this whole spaghetti bolognaise of terrible and possibly illegal events?

In which case, why would others be acting on their behalf in this way? To keep the McCanns out of jail for a few years? Is this really feasible?

Why don't Kate and Gerry b*gger off to somewhere cosy with no extradition agreement with Europe and start their lives afresh, instead of being complicit towards the potential murder of a human being?

This leads me to the conclusion that the death threats are either a bluff, the last resort of someone desperately trying to put an end to damaging information leaking out, or a real warning that a real assassination will be carried out.

The last scenario is not something I would have expected from two 'nobody' doctors from Leicestershire. Which raises yet more questions...

dylan said...

Good morning Viv, Hope and Nancy,

Thanks for the new thread Viv.

Strange goings-on indeed! I'm waiting for my parents to visit so I don't have much time to comment properly but I will later.

Nancy, I did see your post from the other thread & thanks. It would be nice and I agree, Spring would be a much nicer time of the year. I'm not a great lover of the cold! I can get a train from here to Diss which is quite a nice little town and literally on the N/S border. My son is a NCFC supporter but even he ventured to the Ipswich FC grounds, but only because his favourite band was playing there so I think he'll forgive me ;-)

BBL xx

viv said...

Hiya LGC

It was interesting to note that in fact Calpol is more dangerous in Portugal due to its potency, but given the vast array of dangerous medicines Kate had that were filmed on that video by the PJ at their villa, I wonder whether this is a substance she would have bought and used in Portugal. It is not generally used for sedative properties after all and she is an anaesthitist.

Oh cool by the way LGC to be married to Doc and living in SA. I have seen a picture of you Hun and you are some looker:-)))

I think the issue is that clearly Madeleine also had a nasty head injury. I am thinking of the typical police shot of the wall with several numbers marking up the blood splatter and number one being the tiled area on the floor. This certainly suggests to me she fell on the floor and the blood sprayed across the wall. So there is more than sedative medication to cover up.

As far as the law is concerned if Madeleine had just had an adverse reaction or been given a slight overdose it is questionable whether they would have faced manslaughter charges. However the law requires people to act reasonably and your own knowledge and understanding will be taken into account as to whether you did act reasonably. So, for a couple like Kate and Gerry a far higher standard of care would be demanded when administering medication with a hypnotic effect than a couple who were not medically qualified. So yes there could have been a risk, but I know Doc agrees with me they were covering up more than that. They just could not have a post mortem done on her, and we both also tend to think it is not just because she also sustained a nasty head injury.

Re your point 2 - this is an allegation made by a serious journalist that he has received death threats. Clearly the material he is uncovering against the McCanns is extremely damning to the point where British authorities are going to be sorely embarrassed if they do not act against this couple. So, to the McCanns, he is a very serious risk to their lifestyle indeed and I am not just talking about their ability to continue to make a lot of money out of their dead daughter. I will never forget the remark made by Rosiepops on the
DE where she was likening the case to the sale of lookalike dolls of Princess Diana and that in the same way the Madeleine Fund wanted to patent her image and make sure others could not cash in like this, only her parents who 'have the right'. I am sorry but this really does exemplify the thinking that was going on, very distorted thinking all about money. We also had the comment from Rosie that there was no reason why the McCanns could not demand two million from the Americans for a film because they could afford it! So, what I think I am getting at is, there is no limit to the depths of the McCanns behaviour, albeit they pass this on to others to do in their name in an attempt to distance themselves from some of the worst of it. Their main financial backer is "a bit of a rough diamond" and their millionaire friend in PDL was involved in that overpriced hospital deal. In these circles death threats sometimes are made. I still believe there is co-operation (to a certain extent and confused by national interests) between Portugal and UK in the investigation of this couple but the ramifications run deeper than just the activities of the gruesome twosome. There is still a lot I believe we do not understand and we are not being allowed to, the release of the DVD only dislosed a small proportion of the evidence and, as we know Stuart Prior and others went to Portugal on a mission to make sure there was not greater disclosure. I still do not entirely accept this is because of corruption in governments, I think it is far more to do with the complexity of the investigation and the calibre and fire power of some of the people involved. Money really talks including to a labour government!


viv said...

LGC just wanted to add on the manslaughter point, as you probably know it requires recklessness or negligence. So, on Kate's own admission she wanted to keep going out and leaving Madeleine, even after she complained. In those circumstances, if she had also administered hypnotic medication to Madeleine I do not think the prosecution would be struggling to prove manslaughter, in fact I have previously commented this could be close to murder!

viv said...

If you look at the legal test for recklessness, you can see that by Kate stating she knew Madeleine and Sean were crying the night before but nevertheless went out and left them again, she was reckless so far as the law is concerned. There is a further species of manslaughter "gross negligence" which is a slightly lower level of culpability and again it would be applicable, especially if she had also given her sedative medication!

In MPC v Caldwell (1982) and R v Lawrence [1982] (decided on the very same day) the term ‘objective recklessness’ first appeared. Sometimes called ‘Caldwell/Lawrence Recklessness’

The Test:

Was there an obvious risk which D consciously took or unconsciously took?

This means:-

[Two limbs]

First limb: D does any act which creates a serious [serious = not negligible] risk, that must be obvious

[to a reasonable prudent man] [objectively viewed]


Second limb:

a): has recognised some such risk and nevertheless taken it

[advertant recklessness].


b) he must either not even address his mind to the possibility of there being some such risk and the risk was obvious

[inadvertent recklessness] .

LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Viv,

Yes, I do agree that the McCanns could not under any circumstances afford for Madeleine's body to be found. At the very least, this suggests that if an overdose of sedative was given, it was something far stronger than Calpol, even the Portuguese variety.

I feel that a nasty head injury as the result of an accident would not have been so incriminating had it not been for additional factors such as an excess of sedative.

I also agree with you that Kate would not have relied upon even Portuguese Calpol, with its greater amount of sedative, to put Madeleine to sleep for the evening.

As to the remarks of Rosiepops (great idea for a Christmas book - The Complete Wit And Wisdom of Rosiepops! with a forward from Mark55) - I think they thought well, Madeleine's dead, might as well make the best of matters and see how we can capitalise on her death.

Unfortunately they are surrounded by people who possess few morals, and additionally have some sort of hold over sections of the governing elite. I also think this case is so complex and is composed of so many inter-twining threads, we will all be completely gobsmacked if/when the whole story comes out.

Thanks for your remarks on my looks. So sorry you weren't at Doc's and my wedding, but if it makes you feel any better, I wasn't either.

Pass the virtual wedding cake, RP.



Zodiac said...

Hi all,


'Thanks for your remarks on my looks. So sorry you weren't at Doc's and my wedding, but if it makes you feel any better, I wasn't either.

Pass the virtual wedding cake, RP'


Cláudia said...

Hello, all!


LittleGreyCell said...

Hello Zodiac and Claudia!

What beautiful bridesmaids you'd have both made! I'd have been so proud of you, and brought you both back lovely presents from the romantic honeymoon Doc and I didn't enjoy.

I know some people were a little offended at Mark55's speech, but Doc and I felt it added an interesting dimension to have something a little different from the normal Best Man's effort. Who wants jokes at a wedding anyway? (If we'd wanted someone with a sense of humour, we'd have chosen Rosiepops).

Anyway, so pleased you enjoyed the occasion that didn't happen, as did Doc and I. The day will stay in our memories forever...if only we could remember being there.

X Mrs LGC Not-NotDoc (who's there?!) a.k.a. Mrs LGC Librarising (hyphenated)

dylan said...

LGCmac, hi & lol!!

I am truly sorry I wouldn't have been able to have made your wonderful day. As it would have been, I would have been far away but I would have been there in spirit complete with my box of confetti and herring canapes which would have been duly fed to my cats. It is sad to hear that Mark55 made an offensive speech but I suspect he would have jumped in like a goodun, should anybody have needed their teeth pulled, with a piece of string and a door knob. Bless 'im! Congrats!! xxx

Hi everyone, parents have gone but I'm glad they came. My dishwasher has broken and they went straight out and bought me a new one which is coming on Thurs. I am extremely lucky to have them as parents.

Viv, the new thread is excellent. It is shocking to take in what all of this means but subterfuge from team McCann it definitely on the books. I could think of no valid reason why M3 was hired at the time and this is even worse in that the money that they were paid went towards setting up sightings and manipulation of these in order to throw the PJ off the trail. Not the behaviour of an innocent couple who are trying to find their daughter, but then knew that their daughter was beyond finding, sadly. :(

Thanks for the legal explantion, Viv. I personally think that M's tragic demise must have been linked with a sedative and a subsequent accident, otherwise there would have been no reason to stage an abduction.


LittleGreyCell said...

Hi Dillie!

Oh, how we would have missed you had we been there! Opus would have made the perfect usher too, dressed as he is ready for any emergency nuptuals.

Not so sure about the confetti and herring canapes though - I think Opus prefers plain herring ones...

XXX The Happy Non-Bride

dylan said...

Shame on Opus! Does he not know that confetti and herring canapes are all the rage these days among discerning penguins?? I think he is getting long in the beak ;-)
To compensate for my not having been able to have attended the nuptuals, I will send Opus a book for Christmas: "100 stylish ways for a penguin to look like a million herrings for less". :-))) xx

PS. Does Docmac know that you've sneeked your laptop in your suitcase? ;-)

LittleGreyCell said...


You're quite right! I will immediately pass on your message to Opus about keeping up with the zeitgeist in penguin cuisine. And since that red bow tie is beginning to look a little old hat, I'll also take him off to Top Penguin for a complete new look.

Seeing as it's Christmas (even though he is a Jewish Penguin) I'll consider getting him subscriptions to Good Penguinkeeping, Penguin Weekly and Vanity Penguin so he can update his tastes accordingly.

Thanks, Dyl! This wouldn't have occurred to me without you pointing it out!

XXX The Penguin's Mother

P.S. Shhh! Doc doesn't know I've secreted the laptop away on this trip - but then, he doesn't know I'm his wife either, so what can one expect???

Cláudia said...

Hello, all.

I see there's a very stupid, very ugly and very bigoted poetry author who doesn't know when schools summer holidays in SA are.

LGC, you're making me PMSL.

Some people must be pissed off about yesterday's session of Amaral's trial. :-)

dylan said...

Ooops, sorry LGC! I really should brush-up my knowledge of religion and customs. I'm blushing now! Oh, and please tell Opus I didn't mean to hurt his penguin feelings!

Hi Claudia,
How are you? Where did you see that? I think I can guess who the author of that tripe is!


Cláudia said...

Hi, Dylan. I'm fine, thanks. Already busy with Christmas stuff. Hope you're ok too!
Someone e-mailed me. Yeah, not difficult to guess who it was...

dylan said...

I'm OK thanks Claudia.

I haven't bought any presents yet but we've made some Christmas cards and some chocolates (well my friend helped make the chocs last night) and some decorated jam jars that are being sold at xxxx's school for charity. This afternoon I've upset the kids by making chutney which they hate the smell of whilst it's cooking!! Oh well, I'm not asking them to eat the stuff I suppose!

I usually leave it until December to buy presents as I feel more Christmasy then (and because I'm lazy! ;-))


Di said...

Hi All


Thanks for the new post, especially when I am sure you are extremely busy. I hope everything is going well with the return to your house x


Sorry you are not going to be with us for a while, I will miss your posts. Enjoy your stay and have a great Christmas and New Year.



Brian Kennedy says he will support the McCanns finances for the rest of his life, if needs be, to search for Madeleine.

IMO. No search is ever going to happen, so empty pledge!

Hi Dyl

What great parents, hope you are ok


nancy said...


Does Opus like penguin biscuits?

I can imagine the mess he'd make if he does!

I watched a wonderful film about penguins on a wildlife programme. What adorable creatures they are.

I don't have a pet now - I always had dogs in the past, but I do have a lovely duck pond out the front and feed those gorgeous creatures early every morning! They remind me of myself a bit with their waddle!

What with ducks, a penguin, a parrot, and a few cats and dogs, we could make up a menagerie between us!

nancy said...

Hi Claudia

What is the latest on Goncalo Amaral?

I hope everything goes well for this courageous gentleman.

In view of the threat made to the journalist, I just hope GA is being extra wary and has protection because I wouldn't put anything past those who don't want the truth of Maddie's disappearance to come out!

nancy said...

Dillie -

Just watching a programme showing villages in and around Suffolk and Norfolk, and Diss is being shown at the moment.

I've never been there, but it looks just lovely - it's sure to have a nice pub too!!

LittleGreyCell said...

Hi Nancy!

Well, Hope does make mean choccie herring crispie cakes, but although they taste divine (should you happen to be a penguin), they do leave a bit of a mess on the carpet and have a somewhat 'unusual' aroma. (Free nose peg with every batch!)

Stick with the bread for the ducks, I would!


dylan said...

Hi Di and Nancy,

Nancy, what a coincidence! It is a nice town but I can't think why you are mentioning pubs - I never go near the places ;-))) Diss in the Spring it is then!
I think ducks are really cute too and I'll feed them when I come across them unless there are swans around - they scare me!

Di, I am fine thanks, and you? I am lucky with my parents, they have helped me through a lot recently and are always there for me and the kids.

I am still very suspicious as to BK's motives to support the McCanns. There were things that were posted before about these [motives] but we can only guess and I have my own opinion ;-)

Nancy, you're right about Amaral. I don't think the McCanns will ever sue as that will entail a court appearance to prove that what he has said is libellous, so in the event of them not being able to stop the book coming out here in the UK, not being able to set him up for Leonora's injuries, they are running out of ways to shut him up. I hope he is safe too, if the underhandedness of Metodo3 is anything to go by, the McCann suporters will stop at nothing IMO.


Di said...

Hi Dyl

I am fine thanks, it has taken me a while to sort my laptop out. I will never know what went wrong.

I agree, the connection with BK and the McCanns is extremely suss. Why, would anyone pledge their life's savings to help Kate & Gerry, especially when we now know Madeleine is not being looked for?

Come on BK explain yourself!

dylan said...

Di, I am useless when it comes to computers too! I have to get my son to help me out when things go wrong. I am glad yours is working fine now. x

I've just been playing online Scrabble (my first game online) and got my a*se whooped! Must have been the pressure ;-)


Di said...


Your posts, that I have just read back over the last few days snd today, so touching and heartfelt as always, bless you.


Your post re Eastenders no wheels, LOL.

We have friends coming over tonight for footy, so if I go forgive me and see you all tomorrow.

dylan said...

Di, Hope is always spot-on isn't she? I would say be careful that all these nice comments don't go to her head but then she's not that sort of person :-))

Enjoy your company and have a lovely evening. xx

nancy said...

Hello Di -

And why would that millionaire have paid a visit to see Robert Murat - it was said to offer him a job, but I suspect it was more like a golden handshake!!

hope4truth said...


Dyl go to my head LOL I just rant when I type it's like Catchphrase (Say what you see) what a disgrace this country is whoever is backing these two and their revolting friends are evil beyond belief. How can we get upset about Baby P and in the same breath say let's give a tenner to the McCann get out of jail free fund???

Hi Di Lovely to see you back it is a pain when computers go wrong so frustrating...

LGC have you run out of herring crispies you should have said will put a plastic bag over my head and make some more xxx

dylan said...

Hope, yes but you still have to have the gift of the gab to communicate how you feel! I also think it's the fact that you have a spooky way of saying what's on our mind, before we've said it!!

BTW - plastic bags? As lovely as your herring crispies are, they're not worth dying over - lol! Try a nose-peg ;-)))) xxx

LittleGreyCell said...



Only joking...erm, that doesn't sound quite right...this blog should come with a health warning!

hope4truth said...

Dyl and LGC

I wondered why I felt faint???

have removed bag from my head and out the crispie cakes in the bag hope Opus does not mind me recyceling it???


Zodiac said...



Oh and as you are the Happy Non-Bride, I want my virtual toaster wedding pressie back please.

dylan said...

Hi Zodiac!

We have been having a little bit of a giggle. Must be girlie hour! I don't blame you asking for your toaster back. Well out of order I say ;-)

Hope, glad you haven't suffocated in a plastic bag. Would have been awful to die with all of those herrings around you!

LGC, a health warning, lol!

Since we are on the subject, watch this, it's a scream :-)))


Off to watch telly for a bit. BBL xx

hope4truth said...


I feel awful now I never thought to get them a virtual gift for their non wedding if you are asking for your virtual toaster back I may just buy one of those LOL xxx

hope4truth said...


Death by Herring LOL xxx

Zodiac said...


I watched the vid, very funny, PMSL!


When I get my virtual toaster back from the Happy Non-Bride and Non-Groomdoc I sell it to you for half the original price I didn't pay for it.

hope4truth said...


That is so generous of you how many pretendy pounds do I owe you???


Zodiac said...

Hope my dear, dear cyberfriend I am pretendy paying it up monthly in installments of pretendy £8k per month. So you can pay me pretendy £50k per month until further notice. You know it's worth it, it's the best virtual toaster pretendy money can buy. If it gets lost in the virtual post the pretendy installments cover the costs of recovery of lost virtual pretendy toaster by the best pretendy money can buy, big boy virtual lost toaster recovery experts!

Cláudia said...

Football night here, guys. Had people over. :-)
Boa noite. Will try to catch up tomorrow!

hope4truth said...


Happless Hope thinks that is a cyber bargain and will set up a standing order right this second...

When you get it back could you send it on with a note wishing them lots of happiness for the not real wedding...


viv said...

Hello guys

well I think I have done enough cleaning today to have done a quick turn around Buck Pal but I dont suppose HRH would be satisfied with my efforts. Mom phoned this morning and as I sounded a bit fed up they both came over and gave me a hand which was nice. So now the top half of the living room and the kitchen are shipshape I can get back to decorating the other half of the lving room tomorrow. Hey ho what fun, but never mind christmas is just around the corner and it will look fab.


viv said...

Zodiac and LGC -I have decided you are the resident comediennes and do brighten the place up:-)))

Mind you of course when Doc gets back...oh bugger did I get banned again xxxx

viv said...

Nancy - I wonder if Kennedy visited Murat to see if he could be bought, after all he bought a lot of ahem witness to sightings of Madeleine and clearly has the cash to splash.

I can imagine what Robert' response may have been, I will be doing very nicely out of money I am genuinely entitled to thanks for libel instigated by your mates! So ahem, up yours:-)))

Zodiac said...

Thanks Hope I look forward to receiving your pretendy hard earned cash asap. Just pop it in a virtual pretendy brown envelope every month. As a gesture of goodwill I will not charge you for sending it on with a note wishing them lots of happiness for the not real wedding. I will also pop in a virtual loaf of bread for them to pretendy toast, that way they will not know you virtual bought it second hand.

Good night all off to dream of all the things I am going to buy with my pretendy money from Hope. Mmmmm new 4 wheel dri.....Zzzzzzzzz.

viv said...

Di, if we could explain exactly why BK wants to spend the rest of his days and loads of his cash spinning yarns for Kate and Gerry we would certainly have some news!

I cannot believe it is because he fancies Kate but there again when it comes to Clarence he stopped wearing pink and did stand back and let her get on the train, unlike the uncouth yob she is married to!


viv said...

Zodiac darling I know you get lots of pretend gratis flights. So, when you have been Easy Jettiing did you notice if they sold Cuddly Pink Cats in 2007? I just wondered noting on my last pretendy freeloading holiday they sell all them cuddly things - it would be a mark of the perfect cynicism of the McCanns if they only bought it for her on the flight and, as we know the other two tots just happened to have a fascimile of Maddie's so called beloved toy, that nearly had the stuffing knocked out of it in the wash..prior to slinging it in the cupboard and telling it to shut up. Suppose Kate thought there was no point sniffing it anymore, no one believed her anyway!

dylan said...

Guys, just had a read back & ROTFLMAO! How am I supposed to sleep now??

Viv, glad your house is coming along nicely. You'll have it finished in no time and we can expect to see lots more of your posts :-)) We do come before your house y'know ;-)

Off to bed, once I have finished wiping the tears away! Nite all xx

viv said...

Dillie darling I know you come before my house and came here tonight with much trepidation but then found meself quivering with laughter. I think you gals had a good night on the net tonight:-)))

nancy said...

Good morning all -

Sorry to start the day with doom and gloom, but I have been listening to the radio about the British 'Fritzi' who fathered nine children with his own daughters, can you believe - these are the screaming headlines today and bring great shame to Britain once again. What a vile low life he is and just why was he not dragged kicking and screaming into Court - he refused to attend and no one ordered him to attend can you believe!!

And just where was their mother while all this was going on? Well she apparently left home with one of their brothers, but she should be charged also with perverting the course of justice in allowing her daughters to suffer so terribly. She certainly turned a blind eye to her daughters' suffering.

And the unbelievable thing is this low life will not be named and shamed because of the children involved. I can see the reason for this, to protect the children, but the law is an ass in my opinion because that decision will not stop other perverts from carrying out the same dastardly crimes against their daughters will it? I should think the daughters and grandchildren would want him to suffer humiliation and shame after what he did to them.

And what were the Sheffield authorities, social workers, doctors etc doing while these girls continued to get pregnant at a very young age - just allowed it to go on of course and not one of them bothered to find out just why these young sisters kept getting pregnant.

I hope his name gets into the public domain anyway and he gets what is coming to him inside. Hanging is just too good for these monsters and I hope he suffers torment for the rest of his low life.

Just imagine - his grandchildren are also his children! Those poor sisters' lives have been ruined. They didn't have a chance to live a normal childhood.

They should certainly get compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, and I hope they have a good legal aid lawyer to make sure they receive that.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi Nancy

I endorse everything you have written.

Probably someone has bleated about how his Human Rights have to be protected. The victims always seem forgotten when Human Rights are concerned.

Zodiac said...

Hi all,


Hear, hear!


'that nearly had the stuffing knocked out of it in the wash..prior to slinging it in the cupboard and telling it to shut up'

Thank goodness that little CC did not shut up. That wonderful little doggy heard CC in that cupboard loud and clear despite the several intensive washes! With regard to buying cuddly toys whilst on holiday Viv. My daughter has a plethora of cuddly toys. No matter where we go it is now expected that she gets a soft toy.

Happy decorating Viv soon you will be sitting back in your fab sittingroom admiring all you and your sons hard work. By the way my daughter loves your garden.

dylan said...

Good morning!

Nancy, that is utterly revolting. (but thank you for posting it) I just don't understand that kind of mentality. What drives a person to do THAT? To his own Daughters, let alone another person's child? I am in agreement with you. Let these barstewards be named and shamed and then wait for society to deliver its own justice upon them. I have a personal reason for having that opinion. Let's just say I know a boy who was sexually assaulted at the age of 11. Thank the lord the assailant didn't get any further as he was witnessed before he could. A huge row ensued when the university rag got hold of the story as to whether he should have been named and shamed after he had been charged and found guilty. Tonnes of letters poured in and the majority said he should, on the grounds that he was allowed to finish his course and therefore still at large, because many families live on campus with their children. He was put on sex offenders register but I could never see the point as how does this protect children when the parents don't know who he is?? This man had several children of his own and I often wonder how safe they are. I think we have a right to know, as parents, where these people live. I do not believe that these people can be "cured" no matter what the psychologists say and if society does deal with these people with its own justice - well, I shan't lose any sleep over that. If thse people are allowed to remain at large, the least the government can do is to have them bloody castrated.
As I said, I just cannot comprehend these people's actions and to that end, I do not see them as human beings, deserving to be treated as such. Hope knows of what happened to my daughter online at her friend's house. It was truly shocking. My daughter was very upset and if the perpetrator is ever unlucky enough to cross my path, he would wish that he had never been born - and I'm a pacifist.

On a lighter note, we did have a nice girly night last night Viv! It really cheered me up! ICTOAN - I'm not saying that male imput would have been unwelcome ;-))


lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
Have not posted for a long time now as have been busy moving house, but have still been in reading as often as I could, another excellent article you have posted there,interesting that Metado3 have admitted they were never there to look for Maddie, but there to add credence to the abduction theory, interesting too that there was a mole inside the PJ, which obviously helped the Mccanns, I really hope that the publication of Amaral's book in Britain changes the attitude of the press in blindingly printing Mccann biased stories, it only needs one brave journalist to question things, and this may give them the kick start to do so....hope you don't mind me posting Viv as you are all a close knit group on here and I've been absent for months..but just wanted to say what a good site this is for information re Maddie....Lizzy

dylan said...

Hi Lizzy :-)))

Sorry Viv, for speaking for you but, Lizzy don't be silly ;-)))

Lovely to see you post again and I hope you are all settled in your new home! xxx

hope4truth said...

Hi Lizzy

Welcome back lovely to see you and you are allways a part of our tight knit group...

Hope your new house is ok???

Take care xxx

lizzy said...

Hi Dyl and Hope
Thankyou both for your kind comments, although have not been on much have tried to read all your comments as often as I could, I think this is a great site and Viv posts some really good articles. So would like to post when I can if nobody minds.
Hope your both well, new flat is good but moving is so stressful I always say will never do it again...am now living in Scotland so am getting used to the cold...lol Lizzy

hope4truth said...

Hi Lizzy

There are no rules for minimum posts as far as I am aware so post away when you get a chance everyone will be pleased to see your name again...

I said I would never move again and touch wood have not for 7 years!!!!

See you again I hope xxx

nancy said...

Lizzy -

Welcome back - the more the merrier and we all enjoy what you have to say!

Hi Dylan -

Good post and you are right - castration might put a few of these monsters off their evil crimes.

I still don't understand why he was not made to go to Court and face the humiliation he so deserves, although bearing in mind what he did he obviously would never be ashamed of anything!

In fact he's said he would do the same again and has no regrets!

There always seems to be more justice handed out in our courts to the perpetrator than to the victim!

Damp and cold here today - even the ducks don't want to go in the water. Winter drawers on eh!!

I'm off to read 3A's for a while.

Cláudia said...

Welcome back, Lizzy!
Have a great afternoon all. Work is waiting!

Zodiac said...

'In fact he's said he would do the same again and has no regrets!'

Nancy what mentality does that monster have. Thank goodness for the sake of the daughters he will be locked up and hopefully the inmates that are disgusted by him will use their own judicial system. Thank goodness also for the little ones who are his grandchildren and at the same time his own children, at least they will be safe from him.


Good to read you again and hope to read you more when time permits you. Welcome back.

hope4truth said...


Just been reading The McCann Files and Gerry's blogs... I know they were discused at the time but the one from 12th October 2008 is utter tripe as they all are...

"First of all I want to apologise for not updating this blog for so long. I would like to assure everyone that this gap is not because there is little going on in the search for Madeleine. On the contrary, Kate and I have been incredibly busy over the last couple of months since the PJ files were made public. We and our family have always vowed to leave no stone unturned in the search for our daughter and knowing exactly what has been done and, more importantly, what has not been done is vital in planning our future strategy.

Getting the files translated accurately is a time consuming and expensive process but essential to our search. There is a huge amount of information contained within the files which we have not been party to until now and this needs to be assessed carefully. This is even more important as the Portuguese investigation is officially closed."

No Stone unturned you lying pice of scum why did your bloody wife not answer a singel questions on your daughters behalf?

As for the last line The Portuguese Investigation is Officially closed??? WTF you had the chance to ask them to reopen the case so why diddnt you?

Are you afraid they might solve it.

Anyone giving money to this Fund must support child neglect and may as well throw their money at the Mother of Baby P or give it to Karen Mathews another two well deserving victims of their childs agony...

Zodiac said...

Hope I agree utter tripe as they all are. He blogs this in Oct 08'There is a huge amount of information contained within the files which we have not been party to until now and this needs to be assessed carefully.' then on 9 Nov 08 day 556 he blogs this
'We are not yet halfway through the Portuguese files but there is less information within the files than we were expecting. As I have stated many times, someone has a key bit of information that can unlock this frustratingly difficult and painful situation' imo he thinks we are all stupid, perhaps he should look in a mirrior to see what stupid looks like.

hope4truth said...


I am sure if this ever does come to trial his blogs will work against him no wonder he deleted most of them...

BTW I hear the virtual toaster for the non wedding is on it's way back to you thanks for making an easy payment plan for me a brown envelope will be better than mucking around with the bank...

Off now see you later xxx

Zodiac said...


'a brown envelope will be better than mucking around with the bank...'

My thoughts also it's much easier that way.

dylan said...

Hi Hope and Zodiac,

Hope - well said as always!

Zodiac - I loved this: 'perhaps he should look in a mirrior to see what stupid looks like.' PMSL

Viv has posted her photos from Egypt on a new thread. Have a look - they are stunning!

Have a good afternoon all. xx

viv said...

Cannot stop guys, just wanted to say please carry on using this as the main thread


It is lovely to see old friends x

viv said...

Hope I love it as usual:))))

No Stone unturned you lying pice of scum

Now take that Gerry McNasty

oh and can you write us a detailed and explicit blog (you know by way of a change) explaining exactly how Kate got all those bruises. I know you got Fiona to explain but it is very difficult to self inflict grab marks all up your arms, marks on your face and a split over the eye, was it the wicked predator? Ummm I thought so! Did you know a lot of wife beaters try to claim the wife did it all by herself, or I recall another one, you were just holding her back right and she headbutted you and split her eye oh I mean she headbutted the stalking predator during his 8 minute window of opportunity on 2 May..

Di said...

Hi Everyone

Viv fab photos thank you for sharing them with us. You must be so proud of your Mum and she looks fantastic for her age.

Good to see you again Lizzie.

dylan said...

It is true that men who assault their wives/partners make excuses for the injuries but it is equally true that the women somehow protect the man who inflicted it too. I have no idea why, maybe it is fear but having been in this situation myself, I have done the same.

One year, just coming up to Christmas, my husband punched me and gave me a black eye. I cried off work because I didn't want anybody to see it. I think that there is an element of shame in that, as the victim of domestic violence, you somehow believe that you deserved it. Anyway, we went to his work Xmas meal the next evening. I had covered up my eye bruises with loads of concealer. Later on, husband disappeared and when I found him, he was consoling a very attractive waitress because, (and I'm not kidding here) she had been hit by a male member of staff! I went to loos and cried my eyes out but then had to go home because my makeup had come off.

It must be a similar (but much worse) feeling for children who are abused. For one thing there is the naiivity of the child who believes in the innocence of the world and also the fear that the abuser instills. I have just read The Indepent story about the British 'Fritzl' where it explains that the father threatened the girls with death, killing their children and the state removing the children from their care. It is alltogether a sickening and galling read and one which I hope, I never have to read again. I hope this man and all other men and women that treat children in such a way, meet a really long and drawn-out, painfull death. I am too choked to write more now and off to find something cheerful to do with my kids to take my mind off of it all.

Justice for all abused children and may they find peace and love in their lives.xxxxx

Di said...


I feel for you xx

My closest friend from school days was being abused by her husband for years. Her parents nor myself or her other friends knew what was going on. Every bruise I, or others saw, there was always an answer.

The children were always ill, one in particular suffered incredible setbacks at school.

To cut a long story short, eventually she was given a safe house. Even then he stalked the family and the authorities were useless.

I asked her WHY could you not tell us what you were going through?

Her words, she was ashamed, I was shocked she was ashamed that she was being battered senseless on a daily basis in front of the children. Her husband kept telling her it was her fault and she believed him.

Thankfully, she is now remarried to a wonderful kind gentleman so I have no worries for her.

The children, well that is another story, I am not sure they will ever be able to rebuild their lives sadly.

Take care Dyl.


Di said...

Off to watch TV


mandarinn said...

Good evening
Gonçalo Amaral is in Copenhagen to present his book.
Step by step the world know what realy happened in PDL .Now we will see if the wonder couple and their
mates and protectr tycoons can manipulate the press as they did in UK

Di said...


That is good news. As you say Goncalo Amaral is spreading the news, hopefully far and wide.

Let us hope the press will report as they see it. I sadly cannot say the same about the UK press.

See you all tomorrow

Enjoy your evening.

hope4truth said...


Viv those pictures look amazing looks like you had a fantastic time it is lovley when you can go away with all generations...


hope4truth said...

Bloody Hell my spelling and Typos dont get any better do they LOL xxx

Zodiac said...


You are a strong person. His actions in consoling the other female were as cruel as the punch.


Hi and thanks for the news.

Goodnight all read you tomorrow.

dylan said...

Di, your poor friend. I am glad she has found that there are loving men in this world and I hope her children will be ok. Mine were so young I have no way of telling whether the information is stored somewhere in their subconcience (sp?) but I've done my best and will carry on to do my best to bring them up as decent people.

Zodiac, how perceptive! That's why it upset me so much at the time. He still bullies me to this day and has his wife at it too. What a nasty pair, but these days I don't take any cr@p from them and besides which, his own daughter hasn't been to see him in months because they bully her too. Cowards, both the same and well suited to each other! Goodnight & sleep well xxx

Hi Mandarinn, good to see you. Yes, let's hope the World will all wake up one day and realise that the wonder couple have been trying to take us all for mugs. Good luck GA.

Hope, I didn't notice any typos but then I'm rather good at them myself ;-)

I'm feeling a bit better now. Helped littlest to write a poem for my Nan's birthday (Viv, I wish my Nan would be up for the kind of stuff your mum is, it would do her the world of good :-)), taught my eldest daughter how to make a Moroccan meal for us all which was a real treat (I can see myself putting my feet up in the evenings if I didn't love cooking so much) and watched some rubbish on the telly. It's amazing what vacuous TV can do for the soul :-))

Night all, sleep well. xxx

viv said...

Mandarrin, good to hear from you and I am very pleased that Goncalo is still on the case, as it were, truth and justice for Maddie and in turn all children who have been abused and neglected just like her. Sadly there are so many as the horrific news in the UK has yet again testified, the sooner his book arrives here the better, there is a good message for children that he carries. What a great man! I hope he can soon put this silly trial that I do feel has been set up by Kate and Gerry's entourage to discredit him. It has not worked! Leonora a suggestible liar, full of self pity what easy prey for the likes of Metodo 3 and the octopus like tentacles of their controllers, BK, his ahem solicitor employee and Clarence - how proud they must be feeling to have controlled this bunch whose only purpose was to frustrate the truth being told about exactly what the gruesome twosome did to her. Thank goodness we have a strong and intelligent man like Goncalo to redress the balance and how they hate him all the rest of us who see right throug them.

Dilly, you are a courageous woman to honestly tell the truth about why you are so knowledgeable on domestic violence. I always remember being taught something years ago, women who have escaped violent men for the sake of themselves and their children are not victims at all, they are true survivors. When you know you are being bullied you are strong and can do something about it, getting to that stage is the road to recovery. I think the embarassment women naturally feel is not just because they have been brainwashed to believe it is all their fault, it is also because deep down they are truly ashamed of the man himself and no one could blame them for that.

You have done so well in life getting your MSc and your children have a mom to be really proud of xx

Di thanks for also sharing your friend's story. Men who go on to stalk their partner are recognised to be the most dangerous and it is at this time generally when women try to leave that they are killed, in the UK at the rate of two per week. It is not just children who suffer from abusive psychopaths, women are usually easy to terrorise and control to and it takes great strength and bravery to get away as your friend and Dilly did.

Hope thanks for your thoughts about my mom and those pics. In fact going away with them was pure accident. I told her we were going to Egypt and it turned out I had unknowingly booked the same flight as them but a different hotel. Luke and I went over to see them twice by taxi whilst there and were also able to help them with the luggage as my poor step dad now has a double hernia which they will not operate on as they do not feel he is fit enough.

Must go to bed, so I can work hard again tomorrow.

Lovely to read you all

Viv xxxxxxxxxx

nancy said...

Hi Dylan,

I remember reading your posts before and saw that you had been having a miserable time and I'm so sorry you have suffered at the hands of the person who should having been carrying out his promises to honour and protect you - what b......s some men are to their wives and kids.

However, every stage of life is a learning process and I'm sure you have grown stronger with the help and support of your children - they can be such a comfort when times are hard.

I feel that every one of us some time during our lives suffers traumas, even though they may be different kinds of suffering.

I am very lucky that my husband worships the ground I walk on, but really it's all the luck of the draw - life is certainly a lottery!

The biggest sadness of my life was losing my beloved Mum when I was 17and my lovely Dad from cancer some years ago,and then my younger wonderful brother died of a heart attack.

However, I believe that what goes around comes around and those who make others suffer will come in for the same treatment sooner or later and see just what it's like.

I think your daughter would be well advised to keep her distance from her dad and stepmother because they are obviously intent on making her miserable to get at you.

So hold your head high, and know that you are the innocent party in all this and he is the loser!

Off to bed now everyone!

God Bless


viv said...

Finall, brave words form Gordon Brown - if the system needs change we will change it, but is it the system or the people who manage it and their levels of training, empathy for child welfare and certainty that they are accountable for needy children who come to their attention. Maybe that is what really needs to change, Gordon, systems only work if you have the right people making sure of that!

This is a particularly horrendous case and he is right to be outraged, but children are suffering and dyeing every single day, not just these children, what about Madeleine, Gordon? Are you not outraged that she was neglected on holiday and the evidence indicates she died in her parents apartment, parents who left her alone every single night? It would be good to hear your thoughts on this as I am sure it would never happen to your children so is clearly not acceptable is it?


PM 'outrage at unspeakable abuse'

Mr Brown said people were "outraged" by the "unspeakable" abuse

The prime minister has said any necessary changes will be made to the system in the wake of the abuse by a father who raped his two daughters.

Gordon Brown said people were "outraged" by the "unspeakable" abuse perpetrated against the women.

His comments follow demands by MPs in Sheffield to know how the father's actions went undetected by agencies.

The 56-year-old Sheffield man was jailed for life after fathering nine children by his daughters.

An independent review is investigating the contact health professionals, police and social services had with the victims.

During Prime Minister's Questions at the House of Commons, Gordon Brown said: "People will want to know how such abuse could go on for so long without the authorities and the wider public services discovering it and taking action.

I can't imagine a better definition of being evil than torturing your own children in this abusive way
Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg

"If there is a change to be made in the system and the system has failed, we will change the system."

Meanwhile, Sheffield MPs Nick Clegg and David Blunkett have called for the inquiry to uncover any failings in the system.

The father, who admitted 25 rapes, was sentenced to a minimum term of 19-and-a-half years by judge Alan Goldsack QC, who said the case was the worst he had seen in 40 years.

The attacks led to 19 pregnancies. Nine of the children were born, two of whom died on the day of their birth.

The other 10 pregnancies were miscarried or aborted.

'Big questions'

Nick Clegg, Lib Dem leader and Sheffield Hallam MP, said: "I can't imagine a better definition of being evil than torturing your own children in this abusive way."

Asked by BBC News "Where were the medical professionals? Where were the social workers?", Mr Clegg answered: "Yes, we don't know. Those are the big questions that need to be asked.

"The other questions are for people at school. The girls went to school. Did they not notice anything?

Nick Clegg said the abuser 'moved from place to place'

"The girls were in and out of hospital - did they not notice anything?

"They've got someone from outside to look at it independently and make sure that we know if there have been any major failings in the system that those are brought to light."

Labour's Sheffield Brightside MP and former Home Secretary David Blunkett said: "Those who at least made an effort to do something should not be the ones who are pinpointed - it is those who did not who should examine their conscience."

Sheffield Crown Court heard the abuse started when the women were pre-pubescent.

The father moved the family around, including Sheffield and Lincolnshire, to keep them isolated and to avoid detection.

In 1996 while the family were living near Skegness the youngest daughter went to hospital and received a blood transfusion.

In 1997 the family came to the attention of Lincolnshire Police after an allegation was made of incestuous rape but no action was taken.

The court heard that none of the doctors, nurses or social workers the victims saw looked into why they kept getting pregnant.

Social services criticised

The case ended two weeks after Haringey Council in London came under fire over the death of Baby P.

The 17-month-old boy died in August last year in a blood-stained cot after months of abuse, despite 60 visits from authorities over eight months.

Children's Secretary Ed Balls has ordered an inquiry into Haringey's child welfare services.

Baby P's mother, her boyfriend and her lodger are due to be sentenced on 15 December after being convicted of causing or allowing the child's death.

Peter Duxbury offered sympathy to the victims

James Baird, representing the father in the Sheffield abuse case, criticised social services in both Sheffield and Lincolnshire, where the family had lived.

He said there had been many hospital appointments where staff had "accepted the complainants' case that the father of their children was not their father".

Jayne Ludlam, director of young people's services Sheffield City Council, confirmed a Serious Case Review had been launched, to be led by former civil servant Professor Pat Cantrill.

Peter Duxbury, director of children's services at Lincolnshire County Council and chairman of the Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board, said since the events child protection systems had been improved.

Cláudia said...

Hi and bye, all.

Viv, loved the photos. You must have had a wonderful time. Your mum is one great lady! :-)

Lots of things to do here. Work and Christmas preparations. And the cold is also setting in.

Boa noite, all. Sleep well.
Viv, beijinhos!

nancy said...

Good morning everyone!

Some breaking news in the McCann Files about Goncalo Amaral who has arrived in Copenhagan to promote his new book - he spoke with Lisbeth Larsen in Denmark - her report:

The Chief Coordinator in the case of missing girl Madeleine McCann is in no doubt the parents were involved.

GA said:

"The case is full of contradictions, but everything suggests that the parents were involved in the matter. Evidence suggests that this was an accident" said the former coordinator Goncalo Amaral.

He is currently in Copenhagan to promote his book about the case.

It does not hide the fact that the parents were involved.

"There has been a third person involved, but there are at least two people who know what happened. I suspect that they are the ones who have hidden the body" suggests the coordinator, who arrived in Copenhagan with his wife Sofia Leal.

GA has written the book to give his version of the truth, after he was removed from the case last October and when hung out in the media for his wrong handling of the case.

He is sure that Madeleine is dead.

"I hope that the full truth is known one day so we can get to know everything that happened that night - I have made errors" the investigation coordinator, who has had to endure a torrent of criticism, admits in an interview with bt.dk that he has made mistakes in the matter.

"I have felt that it was my fault that the case was not solved. There have of course been mistakes in the investigation but the book can help to bring some truths forward, and I hope it continues until we know the whole truth" said Goncalo Amarel.


Goncalo Amarel admits he made mistakes - but the point is he may not have made so many had the parents and their tapas pals co-operated right from the very beginning, both by answering all the questions and then returning to Portugal to help in a reconstruction, so don't beat yourself too hard Goncalo!

I note his wife's surname is Leal, which means loyal in Spanish, and probably Portuguese, and she has certainly lived up to her name!

nancy said...

Viv -

Your post last night re GB and the government reaction against child abuse.

PROMISES, PROMISES, - we've heard it all before. They bleat on after every child's death or disappearance with the same old 'get out' clauses - there will be change! All governments have been saying the same things since time immemorial and nothing changes.

Gordon Brown did come out with a few platitudes when Madeleine first disappeared, but has kept very quiet since. Maybe he knows someone who knows something but has been gagged just like the media in the UK!

Let's see if there are any comments from GB if and when GA's book is published in the UK, which I have no doubt it will be in the not too distant future, especially as it is doing so well around the rest of Europe.

Zodiac said...

Hi all,


Thanks for the McCann Files article. Your post of 23.01pm brought tears to my eyes.


'Mine were so young I have no way of telling whether the information is stored somewhere in their subconcience (sp?) but I've done my best and will carry on to do my best to bring them up as decent people.'

Your children have a strong protective mother and I am sure they are very proud of you. Unlike the mother of the two girls who have been in the news of late. Where the fk was she when all this happened to her girls and they produced her husbands their fathers off spring, it is not just the Social Services and Medical profession who have let these girls down it is the very person who was supposed to protect them also, imo, she is as bad if not worse than the monster who has the cheek to say he would do it again.

nancy said...

Zodiac -

In my post last night to Dylan, I was ranting against men who treat their wives and kids so terribly. But we all know by past and recent events that there are mothers too who should have strong nurturing feelings for their children, who just don't give a damn and leave their children to suffer terrible suffering at the hands of real b......s, many of whom have been introduced in the home after marriage break ups.

I think that is what horrifies people in cases like these and there have been so many lately.

viv said...

Hiya Nancy

If the McCanns genuinely believe that the contents of Goncalo's book is libellous then they would be able to obtain an injunction to prevent its publication in the UK.

This, I think, is where Goncalo is being so clever. He is literally throwing down the gauntlet to them. If they do not take action then they are admitting the contents of the book are of course factual and correct.

It would be fascinating to know precisely who these additional characters are. The one other person involved I suspect would be OB, given he went missing at the precise time they claim Madeleine was being "abducted" and given he did not appear on Panorama to declare his innocence and neither did he appear on the steps of the High Court with the rest. This clearly indicates to me he does not wish to do anything at all to further incriminate himself.

Then Goncalo speaks of two who know what happened and maybe responsible for disposing of the body. Someone must have stored the body in Portugal, I can only think of their wealthy businessman, G, who was at church with them and has a villa very conveniently located. When admitting mistakes were made Goncalo is demonstrating what an entirely honest man he is. What senior police officer in charge of such an investigation, with a mole in his own ranks, political pressure and a massive and heavily financed campaign by the suspects to obfuscate and confuse could honestly say he never made any mistakes. Was G's villa and freezer searched. I think it is likely there would have been fear to interfere in the home of such a wealthy and prominent businessman but had they done so this could have provided the vital evidence they needed to proceed, the location of little Maddie. I would stress, could, IMO! They also had the media friend who seemed to be overly helpful driving them around and becoming involved in producing a film for Panorama and making lots of press statements.

Claudia, hello darling and thanks, we did have a lovely break. Kisses xx

viv said...


re politicians repeatedly bleating and wailing what they are going to do to protect children, that is the whole problem, I think!

In this case that is all that we have in this article isn't it, fine words from politicians who know that is how they convince the public they are doing a good job, by having a smooth tongue full of empty promises.

I think the only answer to adequately protecting both women and children is to have an entirely separate department with a large capital budget tasked to do precisely that, without interference from politicians. What qualities does the average local government councillor have to fulfill this task, or is he more concerned with the budget overall and securing his own position, and it is just the same right at the top - GB!


viv said...

I believe what Goncalo means by the evidence indicates she suffered an accident is the blood splatter across the two walls in the corner of the room and no 1 bloodspot on the floor. I think she may have been drugged to ensure she did not wake again, climbed up on the settee and fell. I think it was very telling that we were told the settee had been moved from its usual position to right up against the wall. This to me is a very guilty example of staging and very suggestive of what really happened. By moving the sofa close to the wall it is making it appear that Maddie could not have fell down the back of it. I am not so old that I cannot recall what four year olds are like both from my own children and grandchildren, it is not beyond them to climb up on the back of a sofa when your back is turned and we know Kate left those three little children to go and take a shower. We also know she then left them entirely alone every night in the pitch black, was Madeleine climbing up, crying and confused in the dark, trying to see mom and dad? I think this is what Goncalo is implying the evidence is telling him. There were leaks about Maddie sustaining a serious head injury and we have seen the evidence in that picture as to why they think that why, the blood found by the dogs that had been cleaned. As we know a cleaned area is not a problem to superdog, Keela!

viv said...

oh and Gerry gives so much credence to the validity of the dog evidence by his repeated attempts to discredit it, he demonstrates how much he fears it. As soon as this evidence was in the hands of the press the McCanns announced they would seekthe trial documents of the American wife killer (name I forget - help Bath theory!!)to "prove their innoncence", given the trial judge had ruled the dog evidence inadmissible and unreliable. It must have been a crippling blow when the man admitted that all the places the dogs had indicated his wife's body had been were in fact correct and he admitted murdering her.

Unfortunately the McCanns are not admitting anything and there is no evidence of where Maddie's body went after being in the apartment. I still believe the British Police seek other evidence to properly convict this couple and quite possibly others too.

dylan said...

Evening all!

I don't have time to read back or post much as I have a friend over today, but I just wanted to say to Nancy: I am so sorry for your losses. That puts things into perspective for me and makes me realise that I really am very lucky with what I have in life. Eg. my children, my family and my friends, and i wanted to thank you for having the heart, despite all of the tragedy you have suffered, to be kind to a fellow human being. I can't wait to meet you in the spring and give you a big hug. xxx

BFN guys, and I'll be back in the morning.xx

nancy said...

Dylan -

Thanks so much - lovely message!

Read you again tomorrow.


Di said...

Hi Everyone


Enjoy your evening.


I am with you, I believe Maddie possibly fell off the back of the sofa. Whether she was jumping or climbing with the twins whilst Kate was in the shower and fell or as you say, whilst her parents were out, I can't be sure.

Another theory I have had but probably is way off the mark.

In their statements K & G have admitted to moving the furniture and cots around. On the night Mrs Fenn heard crying Daddy Daddy for over an hour. I have always wondered if Amelie was the one to wake up and Madeleine tried to climb into her cot to comfort her and fell, maybe the cot was by the window who knows. I always feel everything that is said by the duo has a purpose, and it has been stated by Kate that Amelie cried.

I also find it odd in Kates statement, she was surprised she had not been told everyone was going to the beach as Madeleine would have loved to go. Perhaps they were avoiding Kate after Gerry ignored her in the Tapas Bar, maybe there was a row in front of everyone. Kate stated she slept in the bed in Madeleine's room, or they knew Madeleine was not able to go.

Just my thoughts.

nancy said...

Viv -

I must say you never cease to amaze me with the detailed posts you make - you certainly know the ins and outs of this case like the back of your hand. In fact, I think you should write a book - that would put the s...s up those pros!

The McCann's reaction to the dogs' evidence has always been suspect. If they had gone in and found nothing K&G would have made certain that the media reported that on the front pages. As it is they've tried to discredit those amazing animals at every turn.

I tend to go along with what GA says too - that Madeleine was overdosed which led to her having a fatal accident. I'm sure the twins were given something too because Kate was making sure that they were breathing after Maddie went missing.

It is suggested that they bought Calpol in Portugal which is supposed to be more potent. I should have thought that two qualified doctors would have taken all medication necessary for the children and themselves without having to buy it when they got there! How would they know the pharmacy in Portugal sold their particular brand anyway?

What saddens me is that we will probably never learn where little Maddie's body is and she will never be given the decent burial she so deserves.

I too think that the British Police are keeping tracks on this case, waiting for a red light!

Regarding child abuse in the UK.

I agree with your idea of a separate department to protect women and children with no government interference, but with this country's economic situation at the moment, I think we'll be waiting a long time.

What could be a good idea is for the government to have advertisements on the television and on hoardings, the same as they do with cigarettes, drink and drugs, encouraging people who fear children are in danger to get in touch, (with anonimity), with either the local authority or the police. It may not be a panacea for every child but it could certainly help many I'm sure. Childline is excellent for older children, but obviously no good for tiny tots to use.

All we have at the moment is the NSPCC advertising and asking for contributions but never encouraging people to look out for danger signals and report them.

What sort of a world do we live in when the most vulnerable in society are not given the highest priority. And I fear it will get worse now that people are losing their jobs - as they say 'when poverty comes through the door, love flies out of the window' - never a truer word eh?

Di said...

Hi Nancy

I think your idea is indeed worth a look at.

Childline has definitely worked for older children. Although sadly some have taken advantage of it when annoyed with their parents, but in the main it has been very possitive for many children in danger.

I also agree, with people now in fear of losing their jobs, and I am sure there are going to be many over the next year or so, money is going to be very tight. Sadly it always seems to be the children that suffer the most.

I don't know what the answer is as we are in unchartered territory, but I do know we have far worse to come.

Di said...

Oops typo sorry.

I have just had a look on 3A's, several banned pros are making a comeback under different user names and being banned again.

Is something about to happen?

Di said...

Sorry I meant as regards to K & G.

Off now to watch TV

Enjoy your evening all.

Cláudia said...

Hello, all.
Hope you're feeling better than I do. Today is migraine day.
Dinner time.

Niki said...

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well!! Viv, thank you for shearing holiday-pics! Looks great!!

Have not read back any longer than to Vivs post 15.18 and 15.26., (have scrolled to see if Amarals Copenhagen interviu was on) and will not have the time to stay around any longer tonight...
Just wanted to ask: (I don't belive in the accident-theory...) Would Amaral be in trouble if he said out loud: "I belive the parents killed her"?

The Danish press has big headlines today: "THE PARENTS DID IT", with the article that Nancy posted this morning following. There is a second article too, that tells about Amarals children suffering from the absent of their hard-working-father while he tried to find a missing girl he did not even know...

About dogs: A woman was killed in her and her husbands KEBAB-shop in Norway some years ago. She was reported missing, and dogs brought in to search. Body-odeur was marked in the restaurant. Of course the husband defended himself saying it was from all the meat that had been around... He was arrested... Some days later they found the woman in a river nearby,wrapped in a rug, with more evidence of her husbands crime... The dogs alert was enough to arrest him though!
Claudia, get better!
Good night all!

nancy said...

Hello Di -

I think that the government should help finance Childline and any positive answers to advertisements about suspected child abuse could be channelled through them. They could have experts in the field dealing solely with children on the at risk register too. I would certainly be prepared to pay an annual sum to help these poor children. Advertising has always been the best form of selling, whatever the subject, and I think it's long overdue.

It may be there are aspects I havent thought about, but I think anything that could help some poor child like baby P having his short life made a misery and dying at the tender of 18 months, well worth the effort.

I agree with Viv that Social Workers coming fresh out of university need extensive training to be able to face the traumas they will be expecting to cope with day after day. In fact, I think that two social workers together should visit a home where someone is suspected of ill treating a child so there is always a second opinion. I know there is a shortage of people willing to take on the job but they must work with the knowledge that they will not be vilified if they decide to take a child away from the parents or carers and I think then more people will be prepared to take on the job, or I would prefer to call it a vocation, such as a nurse or doctor.

I was pleased to see that the doctor who didn't bother to properly check baby P has been suspended. I hope this doesn't mean that she will eventually get her job back. What parent would trust her looking after their children now!

Have a nice evening - I'm off now myself!

viv said...

Hello again guys, I have been decorating and then working on a statement because my ex employers still choose to dispute the amount I am due for future loss of earnings and pension. I am not sure when they are finally going to give up but it is costing them a lot of money! So I thought I would pop in for a nice break.

Di says:

I am with you, I believe Maddie possibly fell off the back of the sofa. Whether she was jumping or climbing with the twins whilst Kate was in the shower and fell or as you say, whilst her parents were out, I can't be sure.

Another theory I have had but probably is way off the mark.

In their statements K & G have admitted to moving the furniture and cots around. On the night Mrs Fenn heard crying Daddy Daddy for over an hour. I have always wondered if Amelie was the one to wake up and Madeleine tried to climb into her cot to comfort her and fell, maybe the cot was by the window who knows. I always feel everything that is said by the duo has a purpose, and it has been stated by Kate that Amelie cried.

I also find it odd in Kates statement, she was surprised she had not been told everyone was going to the beach as Madeleine would have loved to go. Perhaps they were avoiding Kate after Gerry ignored her in the Tapas Bar, maybe there was a row in front of everyone. Kate stated she slept in the bed in Madeleine's room, or they knew Madeleine was not able to go.


Di I think Goncalo is saying it was either a fall or a shove by Kate, either are clear possibilities. Children being shoved up a wall and suffering serious head injuries are a common form of injury unfortunately. Either way the medication would clearly have put them off seeking to come clean, particularly if it was also a shove by Kate. Shoving or leaving her alone to fall coupled with medication they would reason could not survive a forensic examination of Madeleine, so the idea of disposing of her body and claiming there was an abduction was very quickly hatched I think I have said before although she is a very slim woman she has very powerful looking arms! I also think Kate's state of mind at the time may well have been a factor. Something had clearly seriously upset her, or should I say someone and I know who. There were reports from Mrs Fenn that she was loud and out of control late at night, the night before, 2 May. Women who are being seriously assaulted often are loud and out of control and she had all those bruises. Gerry can sue me if he likes but I know exactly what was going on! Particularly when you also consider she chose to sleep away from him with the children. Again this is typical behaviour of a woman who is suffering domestic violence, sometimes not just to protect herself but to also try and protect the children. So, the following night I think she was one very upset woman, she is aching perhaps and forced to care for the children unaided, she is not a young mom or indeed a devoted one either. He is having a tennis lesson. He has been laughing and flirting with other women, calling attractive ones over to their dining table. These are all things that just could have caused her to snap with a 4 year old who she was considering palming off on relatives because she could not cope with her. A four year old who she was telling the world was a real nuisance when she was little crying for 18 hours a day and shrieking for attention when the twins were being breat fed. To me this was like trying to excuse what she knew she had done. Offenders often try to minimise justify and excuse their behaviour and sometimes they are just not even aware they are doing it, it is self preservation time! Kate goes on to state this caused an inseparable bond between her and Madeleine, again, to me clear attempts at justifying herself from what she knew was a seriously precarious position. The hang dog look on her face at that very first press interview where Gerry read out a prepared speech said a lot to me about Kate's state of mind and feelings of extreme guilt. Although I confess my thoughts were, for a long time, that it was him, not her. I still say if it was her, he was very instrumental as set out above and he knows it!

As regards several banned Pros hitting 3 As, something is about to happen alright and they know it will be shattering to Kate and Gerry, Goncalo's book, because they just cannot sue him, so, particularly given all the stupid threats Clarence has made, that is the same as admitting what he says is perfectly true! The publicity war was always waged in UK, for them this will the final loss, well done Goncalo, love you xxx

Nancy says:

I must say you never cease to amaze me with the detailed posts you make - you certainly know the ins and outs of this case like the back of your hand. In fact, I think you should write a book - that would put the s...s up those pros!


I am very flattered but I suppose that is what I am good at, due to legal training and background, analysing and retaining facts, presenting them in a coherent way, although I would say on this blog I am often less than coherent because I type too fast! I am pretty good at decorating too but it kills me :-)))) WE all have our skills even if they do kill, bugger off Gerry xxx

Niki Hello again, it is great at the moment, all our old friends seem to be returning to us and this always brightens the blog up and keeps it vibrant.

In answer to your question would Goncalo be in trouble if he said the parents killed her..

You have to remember this is a clever man with a law degree who wants to make sure the public know this couple are to blame but does not want to give them any excuse to sue him. He does not have direct evidence to prove they actually intentionally killed her and hence he says what the evidence suggests which he simply could not be sued for because he can back it up in court.

Thanks for the Danish headline#


That is nicely to the point:-)) I wish our press would be that brave but there is the issue of them damaging any potential trial not to mention the lawyers for the McCanns looking for anything at all that could be construed as libel!

It is heartbreaking really when you think just how devoted Goncalo was to his job and the cause of little Madeleine, that even his own children lost out, when you consider the vile words that have been written about such a devoted man from those who seek to excuse a couple of neglectful and abusive child killers.

The body odour picked up by dogs, thanks for another example of how sickening killers try to suggest no I did not kill anyone, it was just the smell of meat. Increasingly Kate and Gerry are aligned with what they are, killers!

Claudia darling I am sorry you are not well and had a terrible painful headache myself for a few days but do not know if it is migraine. However I do know it is very disabling and hope you will be back to your usual self real soon. Take it easy hun, so far as you are able.

Lots of love #
Viv xxx

viv said...


I just meant to say there is no forensic evidence of Madeleine coming to any harm in the bedroom and so I personally do rule that out. IMO she did not even get to bed that night and died in the living room, the dogs also marked the parents bedroom suggesting the body may have been moved there, perhaps to move out later or be more out of sight particular of the twins.

I will always be very perturbed about what those twins have seen and heard, they often seemed to have a lost and wistful look on their cute little faces but of course they lost big Maddie, poor little angels, it is just terrible for them.


Cláudia said...

Hi, Viv.
Thank you. I often have migraines. When they're really bad even light bothers me. Fortunately the really bad ones are quite rare. I've had them since I was a child but only around 15 was I able to understand how different headaches and migraines are.
Having said that, I think it is time to go to bed. I think I need some sleep.

Boa noite, all.

Dorme bem e muitos beijinhos, Viv!

viv said...

Hello darling

I am glad you only suffer really bad migraines occasionally. Do you know what triggers them for you, is it stress or something? Maybe it is a reaction to all the stress of caring for your neighbours and then losing him, that must have been very traumatic for you. I do hope his wife is managing to cope but I am sure this still puts pressure on you because you are such a giving soul.

Sleep and rest sounds like a really good thing to do, take care darling and I really hope you wake up refreshed and well in the morning. It is going to be 6 here tomorrow, I bet it is not that cold!

Love Viv xx

Cláudia said...

Hi, Viv. Thanks.
Yes, stress is one of the biggest triggers. Other times, they just happen.

My neighbour is coping quite well. We have been visiting her quite often and making sure she does not spend too much time alone or that she is home too much. And she has many things to think about (selfish crappy daughter).

Here it is also cold. Predictions for tomorrow here in Viseu say minus 1 to 6ºC. Quite cold.

Now I'm really going.
Dorme bem, querida Viv. Beijinhos!

viv said...

Hiya darling I thought so, it is all about chemical imbalances in the brain or something isn't it?

It is a shame your neighbour's daughter is so selfish, I wonder if she will regret that when she has lost both!

I am amazed how cold it is in Viseu, by the sound of things even worse than here, blimey!

I hope you have really gone now, and I mean that in the nicest way, to bed. I have been offline for a while because my computer overheated and had a serious crash, I now have the fan (big summer one) running by it and the side off the casex Fortunately I had only lost a few lines from the statement I was typing, otherwise I would have seriously cursed!

Beijinhos e ambracos querida Claudia e dorme bem

Com amor
Viv xxxxxxxx

Cláudia said...

Hi, all.

Viv, yes, I think so. I have them since I was a child. I'm kind of used to them.

My neighbour's daughter is an effing bitch and would steal everything from her parents (now only her mother) if she could. I'm just glad my neighbours is a very smart old lady.

Viseu can get quite cold in the winter, but normally it doesn't last long. Negative temperatures happen but are not common. And it doesn't usually get worse than -1 or -2 and always at night. Colder than that is very rare which is why it hasn't snowed here properly for more than a dozen years.

Hope your computer is back to normal.

Have a great afternoon, querida Viv.

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

Saw this article posted on 3 A's by Roasted Arizona. Note what the Police say:


Baby taken into care after clubbing mum leaves tot home alone 28/11/2008

A baby of 11 months has been taken into care after her mum left her alone to go clubbing with friends.

Neighbours saw the mum, 18, who cannot be named, going out and called police. They broke in to see if the girl was safe.

After the mum failed to return in Chippenham, Wilts, by 1.40am, they used an emergency order and placed the tot in care.

Police said: "It's unacceptable to leave a child alone at all, but to go socialising is just wrong." The mum was released on bail.


Hope you are feeling better. I think you must be missing Doc and his mop! (tee hee!)

Cláudia said...

Zodiac, LOL
I do miss both! :-)

Have the police ever heard of the Madeleine McCann case? They should be ashamed.

Di said...

Good Afternoon Everyone


Thanks for your comments last night I was unaware of the statement from Mrs Fenn saying Kate was loud and out of control. Was this the night Madeleine had been crying for over an hour and did Mrs Feen mean when Kate and Gerry returned home that this occured?


I agree with everything you said in your last post regarding advertising etc.,

I too was relieved to see the Dr in baby P's case has been suspeneded and I hope she never practices again. I know Doc will as well.


I do hope you are feeling better:o))


"It's unacceptable to leave a child alone at all, but to go socialising is just wrong"

I hope Stuart Prior reads that statement and hangs his head in shame, at the cover up that is obviously going on. IMO of course.

We have arrived in Wales today, it is soooooo cold. Here for a few days, I will look in when I can.

nancy said...

Hi Claudia,

Sorry to hear you suffer from those awful migraines. My daughter suffered for years but they have stopped thankfully these last few years. She used to be crippled with them and just had to lie down in a darkened room.

She notice that whenever she ate oranges or dark chocolate it could trigger one off, so it can be an alergy too I think.

My advice would be never to sleep with all the windows closed so plenty of air is circulating. Also taking a nice long walk in the fresh air is one of the best remedies.

I hope you soon grow out of them because I know how debilitating they can be.


bath theory said...

Just a thought I wonder if G & K are sleeping in the same room now. How many bedrooms did there house have?

nancy said...

Hi Bath Theory -

I shouldn't think they have much time for sleeping with all the behind the scenes searching for Madeleine they are doing. Gerry hasn't even had time to blog lately what with working and going through all the case files!

Their new 'expert' detectives are keeping very quiet too. I've been waiting for them to surprise us with the news that Maddie would be home for Christmas, as happened with the useless M3 lot last year!

I wouldn't be surprised if another sighting doesn't appear in time for Christmas, so Gerry can send out a plea for more phone calls and cash, all in the name of Madeleine of course!

viv said...

Hiya all

Zodiac, thanks for the article confirming that proper action was taken to protect this tot and what great work by the neighbours too! Another selfish prat who thinks life stays the same once you have a baby to care for!

Claudia, I hope you are feeling better, if the McCanns had been in UK when this happened I wonder what would have happened then. Presumably, due to their position in life SSD would again have listened to their smooth words and afforded them due deference.

Di, I hope you have a nice break in Wales, even if it is freezing. On memory even when very cold I loved to sit in the car and just watch the waves roar at Amroth and Stepaside, very, very beatiful, I must go back after many years! Did you get over all the dust and building work there? I hope so!

The report of Mrs Fenn hearing Kate loud and out of control was the night before, 2 May, and this was also the night she slept with the children. The night Mrs Fenn heard Madeleine crying daddy, daddy for one hour 15 minuts was the night before that but Kate herself states that Sean and Madeleine were also crying on 2 May. In other words Madeleine was crying on both 1 and 2 May. I just find it simply heartbreaking and really hope I never bump into those two!!

BT! How lovely to see you back with such a succinct but pertinent comment.

viv said...

Speaking of how doctors get due deference what about this, the lady District Judge convicts him and then does the justifications and excuses to save his career for him:

Now how about the same violent thug, who works in a factory? I have never heard of a case where it is one isolated act of violence with such prolonged severity, this man has the m.o. shame on this female DJ! I recommend she re-trains!

Delivering her verdict District Judge Bridget Knight said: 'I hope that your professional body sees this for what it is - confined to one fateful day when a private relationship ended - and that the assault followed from a criminal act and severe provocation.'

Top doctor forced lover's head into toilet and flushed it after she confronted him over affair

By Jaya Narain
Last updated at 1:31 AM on 25th October 2008

* Comments (21)
* Add to My Stories

Radiologist Peter Rowlands

Peter Rowlands, pictured outside court, attacked his girlfriend, Fiona Eldean, after she uncovered an affair

A senior doctor attacked his girlfriend and flushed her head in the toilet, a court has heard.

Peter Rowlands, 51, a consultant radiologist, had a blazing row with his lover, Fiona Eldean, after she confronted him with evidence that he was having an affair.

She threw his mobile phone into the toilet and tried to flush it away.

Rowlands, who then weighed 21 stones, grabbed his 5ft 3in, seven stone girlfriend and forced her head into the toilet bowl before flushing it twice.

Last night the highly-respected doctor's career was on the line after he was convicted of assault.

Miss Eldean, 44, said: 'He is a bully and a liar and I wanted him to be accountable for his actions that day. I don't want him to do this to any other women and I want them to know exactly what he is like.'

Halton and Widnes Magistrates' Courts heard that on New Year's Eve last year Rowlands was about to take a shower at Miss Eldean's house in Widnes while she was downstairs making breakfast.

A text message arrived on his mobile phone from a woman with whom he had been having an affair, and Miss Eldean read it.

She stormed upstairs and told Rowlands to leave her house as their relationship was over.

She threw his phone into the toilet, and in retaliation Rowlands flushed her head.

In the violent struggle that ensued a radiator was knocked off the wall and Miss Eldean ran downstairs to get the house phone.
Fiona Eldean

Fiona Eldean: 'I wanted him accountable'

Rowlands admitted snatching the phone, taking the battery cover off and then sliding it across the floor so she was unable to use it.

Miss Eldean, a florist, then reached for her mobile phone.

Rowlands admitted taking hold of her wrists and 'lowering' her to the ground. It was alleged that Rowlands banged her head on the kitchen floor three times and she retaliated by biting his hand.

Rowlands, of Toxteth, Liverpool admitted cheating on Miss Eldean, whom he met on the internet in June 2007, but denied assault, claiming he had merely restrained her by the wrists to pacify her.

But after a two-day trial he was convicted of two counts of assault. Rowlands, a doctor for 25 years, slumped forward in his seat and put his head in his hands.

Delivering her verdict District Judge Bridget Knight said: 'I hope that your professional body sees this for what it is - confined to one fateful day when a private relationship ended - and that the assault followed from a criminal act and severe provocation.'

Rowlands was fined £1,500 and ordered to pay £790 court costs and £500 compensation.

Dr Peter Williams, medical director of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, said: 'Dr Rowlands has been employed as a consultant radiologist at the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust since 1990.

'He is a highly-regarded member of staff whose clinical work is outstanding. The trust will now consider the implications of the case.'

It is understood that Rowlands intends to appeal.

nancy said...

Hi Viv,and good morning everyone,

We tend to think of doctors as being perfect, humane, and sympathetic human beings, and some of them really are, but some of them are just full of ego, selfishness and c..p

I just read on the McCann Files that GA is going to bring a civil suit against unnamed English newspapers for slandering him and for the suffering caused to his three children by the continual criticisms of his handling of the Madeleine case, and we all know what they were.

He also hopes it will make the British public sit up and take notice!

I look forward to the McCann's and no doubt CM's comments!!

Off to the hair dressers - see you all later!


ICantThinkOfAName said...

As the subject is the Medical Profession I wish to pay tribute to the care and attention I received yesterday when I visited Hospital for some Day Surgery.

In the short term its plenty of rest and pain killers and in the long term 6-7 weeks being careful about what I lift.

Cláudia said...

ICTOAN, get better soon. Take care!

It has snowed a bit here! :-)

nancy said...

My post above should have said that the 'majority' of doctors are humane and sympathetic.

I'm glad you were treated by one of the majority OCTAN and hope everything gets back to normal really quickly - is it back trouble you have? If so, bad backs are not funny!!

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi Nancy


Zodiac said...

Hi all,

Keep well ICTOAN.

Lia x

docmac said...


Hi all!!

Hope everyone is well. We drove to the nearest town today to get some meat and salads for a big braai tonight :-)

Well, I spotted an internet cafe and came in to check my mail, so I thought it would be polite to drop by and say hello :-)

It's going pretty well so far. We had a blip earlier in the week when the wife came down with flu (unusual time of the year for this), but things are going swimmingly again.

I have no idea what has happened in the McCann case. Would spend some time reading the latest but we must get back.

The only thing I might comment on is that I received mail saying Bum has slated me for taking my son out of school for a prolonged period. Um, hello Bum, he's only just turned 5. Kids start school here the year they turn 7. He's in preschool and as the last 2 weeks of the current year are play only and the first week next year is taken up by orientation he misses nothing whatsoever. The school calender here is rather different to the UK. Put your thinking cap on before you post just for the sake of trying (unsuccessfully) to have a go at me.

To the nice people:

Ate amanha!

Love, Docmac (you know why I don't use my name ;-), Mel and Callum. Oh yes, hi Supertroll :-)))))

PS ICTOAN: Get well soon.
PPS SC: Ek verstaan jy is nou 'tuis'. As jy wel hier lees, ek hoop jy hou heerlik vakansie!!

nancy said...


Sorry, I got that wrong - hernias aren't funny either - very common though. I think it's to do with picking up heavy and awkward weights.

Take it easy!


nancy said...

Docmac -

Hello - glad you wife got over the flu and you are enjoying yourselves.

Nice to see you, so keep in touch, if you can!

Shame on you, taking a five year old out of kindergarten just for a holiday - if you'd been leaving him at home alone and drugging him before doing so, they would probably not have commented!


Off to a party soon, so have to get ready.

Read you all tomorrow - God willing!

viv said...

Hiya all

Nancy - I really hope that Goncalo does sue some English papers, it is about time we got some sensible press in the UK. Sorry that will so annoy the McCanns, poor Kate after she has taken time out to so publically slate him, oh well happy Christmas Kate, I take it Madeleine will not be joining you, no detectives, no sightings, did you just give up? Sensible that. You know exactly where Madeleine is..

Claudia, snow, well there seems to be some pretty rotten weather worldwide, except Egypt of course:-)) We did not get any of the white stuff here though, just fog!


It is brave to face day surgery I know I have been there, I hope you will soon feel better. Take Care !

Boo to you Docmac and glad you managed to pop in, give Mel my love and glad she is not spoiling the break lolling around aching and sniffing xx

I think Bum must wear size 9s and that is a big foot for a woman:-)))

Hey Bum, Engage brain prior to mouth, simple enough for even you to remember hey?

Nancy, enjoy your party and you too Doc xxxxx

Cláudia said...

Helo, all.

Hi, Viv! :-)
I've been having internet connection problems due to the weather. Let's hope this one goes through. It snowed a bit here, but it wasn't enough and because it had been raining before it melted quickly.

Hi, Doc! Good you were able to drop by! :-) My love to you and your family!

God was not generous with Bum in the brain department.

viv said...

Hiya darling

Well not getting the internet due to the weather would drive me mad, I cannot say I have experienced that. But the Sky box is another matter, it really hates torrential rain and that is annoying because we increasingly seem to get that!

Bum, lol, if the world was full of brainy people we would have a problem! She never did say what she did for a living..


Cláudia said...

Hi, querida Viv.
We have internet, phone and TV by cable. When the weather is very bad (and in the area it snowed a lot today) sometimes there are problems.

You're right, stupid hags have a right to live too. :-)

Fingers crossed for this one!

docmac said...

Hi Nancy

TBH I have a satellite connection in Churchaven which we need for business purposes. I try to restrict it's use to include only business and family emails as I can't recharge the laptop batteries on site. Yeah, sorry to disappoint them, we don't do the drug thing.

Email me, give me news!

Hi Viv

Mel is getting a lot of love. I did pass on your message too ;-) I have placed an old pic of her and Callum as my avatar so OldLGC MacDonald could reminisce about the 'old Macdays'. God, she was attractive then!

Hi Claudia

I waved my magic mop and she fell asleep. I'll pass on your good wishes in the morning :-))

docmac said...

Cherist, it looks like she has no teeth. LOL!

Right click and save the image to your hard drive to have a better look.

Hang on, Mrs NotLibswife is bringing me a bowl of strawberries, grapes, blackberries, blueberries and ice cream. Yum. Opus, get back under your bush!!

Possibly be here tomorrow, probably not. Next weekend maybe. Boa noite all.

Cláudia said...

Hey, Doc.
Send some proper snow here. I want snow! :-)
Beijinhos to all of you!

docmac said...


The email me message was supposed to appear at the bottom of the post :-)

Ate logo all.

Cláudia said...

Até logo, Doc.

viv said...

You're right, stupid hags have a right to live too. :-)

Claudia, you are back to your old self! ROFLMAO XX

Doc, beware angry penguins sticking up for mom xx

viv said...

Oh BTW Doc

Do you have a clue who Pedro Silva is on the Justice Kate and Gerry style blog, insulting them and then apologising profusely, he is very funny xx

viv said...

Maybe journalists have good reason to fear divulging information received from the Police. What was that about access to information, transparency and openness, about as meaningful as the Human Rights Act, only when it suits UK government!

'They said I would go to jail for life'

By Chris Summers
BBC News

A former police officer, his son and two journalists have been cleared of charges in connection with leaking confidential information to the media. One of the journalists, Sally Murrer, recounts her ordeal.

Sally Murrer has been a local journalist for 33 years, and for the past 20 she has juggled her work with being a parent.

Sally Murrer at her desk at the Milton Keynes Citizen
I was told five times that I would go to prison for life
Sally Murrer

A single mother, with three children - one of whom is autistic - she works part-time on the Milton Keynes Citizen, a bi-weekly newspaper.

In May 2007 her cosy, little world suddenly imploded when she received a visit from officers working on Operation Plaid.

"I was arrested, strip-searched and held in custody for 30 hours and because I had just moved and didn't have a telephone at the house, I couldn't contact my children or tell them what was going on," she recalls.


"I was told five times that I would go to prison for life," she says.

Ms Murrer was interrogated about her relationship with Det Sgt Mark Kearney, a Thames Valley police officer who was only five weeks away from retirement at the time and working as a police liaison officer at Woodhill prison.

Mr Kearney was her former lover and they remain close friends.

But the detectives who questioned her were convinced he had been leaking confidential information to her that she had used as a journalist.

She remains staggered by the police's over-reaction to what is a common occurrence on local papers across the country - police officers and journalists gossiping and sharing information.

Jeremy Dear
The NUJ pays tribute to Sally for her bravery and resilience in standing up for her principles throughout the case
National Union of Journalists general secretary Jeremy Dear

Ms Murrer told BBC News: "Over the years I have done hundreds of stories based on information provided by police officers, but that is no different from any local journalists and none of these stories were groundbreaking."

Mr Kearney was later charged with misconduct in public office, an offence that does indeed carry a life sentence.

Ms Murrer, Mr Kearney's soldier son Harry, and a former Hertfordshire police officer, Derek Webb, were all charged with aiding and abetting misconduct in public office.

But Ms Murrer, who lives in Kensworth, Bedfordshire, pointed out that in not one of the alleged leaks, only some of which she was privy to, was any information ever published.

These were the alleged leaks:

• Details about the discovery of a hydroponic cannabis factory at the home of Douglas Belcher, who was murdered in Bletchley, near Milton Keynes, in April 2007.

• Information about former Milton Keynes Dons footballer Izale McLeod being arrested at a party at a hotel in the town. Mr McLeod was never charged in relation to an alleged fight at the party

• Details about an unnamed 15-year-old who had been freed from prison despite telling officials he was going to become a suicide bomber

• Details about a convicted killer who walked out of an open prison in the 1980s

• An internal police memo in which police officers were offered overtime for tracking terrorists

• Information about letter bomber Miles Cooper being transferred to Woodhill prison

• Notes about prison inmates working at a Citizen's Advice Bureau in Oxford

Earlier this year the saga took a twist when it was revealed in Mr Kearney's statement that he had been pressurised by the Metropolitan Police to bug Labour MP Sadiq Khan while he met a constituent, Babar Ahmad, who was being held in the prison pending extradition to the US.

Journalist tells of 'sheer hell'

That led to a huge row about the bugging of MPs, but was unrelated to Ms Murrer's case, which eventually turned on Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights, which protects the journalists' right to protect their sources.

This week the judge hearing the case, Judge Richard Southwell, ruled that Thames Valley Police had breached the journalists' Article 10 rights and that effectively ended the prosecution.

Welcoming the judge's ruling, the general secretary of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), Jeremy Dear, said: "Let's be clear, this was an attempt to make a criminal out of a journalist for receiving information that the state didn't want to get out.

"It was a misguided prosecution that sought to punish Sally for simply doing her job.

"This thoughtless action has put Sally under intolerable pressures.

"I'm sure she will be immensely relieved by the decision, though she'll never be able to win back the past year of her life, throughout which she has been forced live under a cloud of uncertainty and stress."

"The NUJ pays tribute to Sally for her bravery and resilience in standing up for her principles throughout the case."

docmac said...


You and Claudia have mail.


Cláudia said...

Doc and Viv, replied!

Cláudia said...

Boa noite, all.

viv said...

AH just done another decorating stint and you sneak in:-))

Well doc, hombre, are you fessin up or what?

Will go and check my mail:-)))

If you have both gone to bed I said boa noite my lovelies and you can see it in the morning, if not come back:-)))

viv said...

Thanks both for your lovely mail, I have replied.

Umm Doc, I think he slipped up and meant to sign himself Paedo Silva, forgive!


ICantThinkOfAName said...

From today's People newspaper:

30 November 2008
EXCLUSIVE New worldwide appeal as McCanns face second heartbreak Xmas Star gives TV backing
By Tracey Kandohla

Missing Madeleine McCann's mum Kate remains certain she is still alive - and plans a worldwide appeal at Christmas for help in finding the tot.

Kate and husband Gerry, both 40, are facing their second Christmas without Maddie - but they bravely took their twins Amelie and Sean out for some festive fun this week.

A sporting hero, who has yet to be named, will front the TV appeal. The celeb will speak as previously unseen footage of Maddie is screened.

She was nearly four when she vanished from a holiday apartment in Portugal 19 months ago. But McCann spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Kate and Gerry believe Madeleine is still out there. Their faith and hope have helped them through their darkest days.

"They believe their daughter is still alive. The Christmas message will be about finding her. Kate and Gerry do not want to appear themselves but they are keen to invigorate interest in the search."

Sean and Amelie, three, wore Star Wars fancy dress and shrieked with laughter as Christmas lights were turned on by Darth Vader in the McCanns' home village of Rothley, Leics.

Blonde Amelie, who bares a striking resemblance to her big sister, was dressed as Princess Leia.

Sean waved a toy Star Wars light sabre. Kate clung tightly to Amelie. But an onlooker said: "I have never seen her look so happy. She was grinning from ear to ear. It was a joy to see her so content and relaxed."

Mr Mitchell said: "Kate wanted the twins to see the lights. Last year was difficult but this year they are making an effort for their sake."



hope4truth said...

Morning All

ICTOAN hope you are feeling better have only read quickly back as I have been really busy but have you tried a tens machine they are wonderful...xxx

SO "Sean waved a toy Star Wars light sabre. Kate clung tightly to Amelie. But an onlooker said: "I have never seen her look so happy. She was grinning from ear to ear. It was a joy to see her so content and relaxed."

Kate was grinning from ear to ear on so many occasions when on her campaign to teach the rest of us that her daughter was in the hands of a peadophile ring and the most shocking on what would have been Madeleines 4th Birthday she looked as if she was the happiest woman on earth...

Maybe some people do belive that Madeleine was abducted but even if she was the pure Joy on her Mothers Face and the lack of responisibility she felt as it was discusting to leave her to go to a bar that was nothing like having dinner in the back garden with very few checks was as repulsive as the happy couple...

Maybe their sportsperson should do a campaign to get Shannon reunited with her Mother both cases are equaly as sick although Shannon is alive which is more than the Cadavar evidence suggests for Madeleine.

Whoever the sportsperson is (and I am not expecting them to read this) but ask yourself if your child was missing possibly in the hands of a sick evil peadophile ring would you ever say "we have no reason to believe she has been harmed" or as a caring and loving Mother refuse to answer a single question for your beautiful 3 year old daughter? answer yes to either of those questions and you deserve to be involved with such callous people.

Oh and have a read of Gerry's blogs hardley a mention of her...

Madeleine Beth McCann 3 years old neglected left alone for hours to cry for her Daddy responsible for twin siblings under 2 years old.

By God what a sick world we live in when we hear of children being left home alone we are concerned but when a child is dumped abroad and goes missing her parents become the victim and she is forgotten....

dylan said...

Good morning!

ICTOAN, hope you are feeling better, Claudia too. My uncle bought a TENS machine and it really helped him too.

Docmac, good to see you post. Your wife is very beautiful. It's a lovely mother and child picture.

Hope, there are only so many ways I can say "great post", but: GREAT POST ;-)

Hi Viv and everyone else. Have a lovely Sunday. I'll be back this evening. Had a very busy Friday and Saturday so I'm hoping to just relax today :-) xx

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Thanks Hope and Dylan for the suggestion about TeNS Machines. It is a device that I have been unaware of. My reservation about using one is that I may become too ambitious in what extreme movements I may make or weights I may try to lift and thus negate the surgery. I do need to get medical advice on this.

The pain is actually lightening and I only now seem to get discomfort during he action of sitting up or turning in bed.

Niki said...

Hi ALL:-)
Know I should not post for the time beeing, because I'm really not updated on anything... Realise Doc is on holidays, but WHERE is he?
ICTOAN not feeling well? Get better!
If it was not for all those nice Egypt-pictures I would not have known tha t Viv had been on holidays...
I have tried to find if Mrs.Fenn's police-report is on-line anywhere. Have anyone seen it? It is not on McCannfiles.

On my search I found Tony Bennets web-page. Might be interesting reading? Then again, you might have read this looong time ago...


“What really happened to Madeleine McCann? - 60 reasons which suggest that she was not abducted”.

(I have not read it yet, will do later...but looks interesting!)

Have to get family out for a walk!
Have a nice day:-)


mandarinn said...

Good morning all
ICTOAN i whish you to recover soon.

As we are all children lovrs, something to cheer up... did you see the news about siamese Hope and Faith? they look lovely and it seems the surgery to separate them has good chances, because they only share the livr and this organ can regenerate.To get aknowedge of their loving parents is also something that cheer me up.
About the news of the wonder couple ICTOAN posted... it seems they need more money...

nancy said...

Good afternoon everyone!

Viv -

Very interesting and telling article about Sally Murrer and what she went through. It ties in with what Damian Green's wife suffered when police broke into her home unannounced!

I have a feeling it's the tip of the iceberg and nothing new!

I remember some time ago when I was working as a self employed temporary secretary and consequently paid a lower rate of tax than normal because I didn't get holiday or sick pay. Then due to the fact that a lot of Aussies and New Zealanders were coming over, working as temps, and then going back to their own countries without paying the tax owed, the IR decided to stop secretaries in the UK being self employed.

I wrote a letter saying we shouldn't all be penalised because f a few and I was more or less threatened that if I made a fuss about it I would be made to pay all the back tax for years and worst was hinted at I can tell you!
I've never trusted authorities since that particular episode in my working life. They are the masters and we just have to do as we are told or else!

nancy said...


I was waiting for the news of a Christmas publicity stunt from the McCanns and CM - I saw it coming!

They are obviously getting short of cash and are doing this to get people to fill those little brown envelopes - nice work if you can get it!

Will they never stop lying about believing Madeleine is still alive. If they still think she is and is with a paedophile, why are they laughing all over their callous faces - that just shows what type of parents they are!

I hope the reaction to their campaign is a big zilch, and I don't say this because I don't want Madeleine to be found; it's because they and their false tapas' friends are making money out of a little girl's disappearance and it's both immoral and disgusting!

Off to cook Sunday lunch -

back later.

hope4truth said...

Hello ALL

I also hope no one is stupid enough to pay a penny into the fund.

Like Nancy not because I dont want Madeleine found but if she is still alive nothing has been done to find her there is a couple of million in reward money still available (as far as I am aware) but when is this ever publicised???

We hear about her being spotted (usually when something is being said against them) yet again even then the reward is not mentioned???

I know nothing about the pain of a child going missing or thank god the pain of loosing a child.

Someone like me does not spend their time trying to make people feel worse after such a tragedy my usual aproach to heartbreaking news of a missing child is concern for the parents and pray that the child has just wandered off somewhere and will be found safe and well.

But this is just strange not taking responsibility for their children or the fact if she was abducted if they had been there she would not have been??? Kate feeling no guilt and sleeping so well not long after they were trying to convince the world this 3 year old was in the hands of a peadophile ring???

I could go on forever but one thing that has always puzzled me is why they did not just come forward and at every oportunity and push the fact that no matter what kind of scum bag you were if you had any idea who took her or where she was you would be a very rich person..?

A reward would not inspire me to call the police if I thought I had some information that may find her or shop the people who had taken her I would do it beacause it was the right and only thing to do. Unfortunatly the type of people who would grass peadophiles up are probebly the same type of scum but for a couple of million no questions asked would do so in a heartbeat...

The only thing that puzzles me about this terrible crime is why anyone belives she was taken it has only ever been about the parents and spin spin spin all liars keep shouting out they are not when if you tell the truth you dont have to defend yourself.

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

Re: 'New worldwide appeal as McCanns face second heartbreak Xmas Star gives TV backing'

Who is paying for the worldwide TV appeal airtime? What about all the other missing children in the world? Whoever the sporting hero, who has yet to be named, who will front the TV appeal, imo, should be very careful given the soon to be publication of GA's book in the UK in 09. It could be the end of his or hers public support. Or does the 'A sporting hero, who has yet to be named, will front the TV appeal. The celeb will speak as previously unseen footage of Maddie is screened' mean it has not been filmed yet and they are still looking for a person to front the worlwide appeal!

Wizard said...

Hi All,

Zodiac thank you for the information about the new Worldwide appeal. It is so frustrating to know people are still willing to give air time to this. Words often fail me at times like this.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Big L has revealed on 3A the identity of the sporting hero:

A sporting hero, who has yet to be named, REVEALED

by big_l on Sun Nov 30, 2008 2:35 pm
the sporting hero asked to do the next mccann appeal has been revealed sky news can report the spokesman for the said star said" my client is proud to do this appeal for gerry and kate mccann infact my client himself says he feels for the mccanns being a murdering b_stard himself" o j simpsons spokesman didn,t know when it would be filmed though.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

I have just received the following e-mail form my son. I bring it to your attention without comment:

Be Extremely Careful
especially if using internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on.

This information arrived this morning direct from both Microsoft and Norton.

Please send it to everybody you know who has access to the Internet.

You may receive an apparently harmless email with a Power Point presentation
'Life is beautiful.'

If you receive it DO NOT OPEN THE FILE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES , and delete it immediately .

If you open this file, a message will appear on your screen saying: 'It is too late now, your life is no longer beautiful.'

Subsequently you will LOSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC and the person who sent it to you will gain access to your name, e-mail and password.

This is a new virus which started to circulate on Saturday afternoon.

AOL has already confirmed the severity, and the antivirus software's are not capable of destroying it.

The virus has been created by a hacker who calls himself 'life owner.'


Di said...

Good evening all

Just looking in briefly.


Don't worry it is a hoax.

If you get these emails go to Hoax Slayer and click on e-mail hoaxes. If you cannot find what has been sent do a search.

The one thing I have been told is, a virus is extremely unlikely to wipe your hard drive.

Believe me I, as Doc knows, have had many problems with my laptop, thankfully not a virus yet!!!


I missed you going and I also missed you peeking back in :o((

Hope all is well.

Di said...

Just to let those of you who don't know.

If you have a driving licence credit card type. PLEASE check the expiry date. It is in tiny print on the right hand side about a third of the way down. I, like many others thought these lasted until the age of 70.

Not so, they last ten years, you have to pay £17.50 to renew your licence,be warned they don't contact you. 300,000 are due to expire over the next year. The treasury will earn £437 million over 25 years. Another stealth tax, IMO YES.

If you are caught with an expired licence the fine is £1,000.

How many of us read the samll print?

My father-in-law's licence expired in October, he is still waiting for his replacement and he has applied. The system is in chaos!!

Di said...

Of to watch tv.

Enjoy your evening all.


It is still freezing Brrrrrr.

hope4truth said...


LOL LOL LOL Big_L is as on form as ever what a star that is so funny xxx

Cláudia said...

Boa noite, all. Had an incredibly busy day. Can't say the McCanns' Christmas 'appeal' surprises me. It's a good time for 'publicity'.
Read you all tomorrow!

dylan said...

Evening all ;-)

I know which fund I shall miss off of my Xmas list this year! What a shame the GA book isn't out before Christmas so that some poor kids' pocket money isn't going to go into the "let's ask for money to make us rich and pay for detectives to set up sightings to make us look innocent" coffers.

Glad to see Big_L is still around and as cheeky as ever!

Wizard and Niki, good to see you both. xx

ICTOAN, my uncle was told by the pharmacist that you need to have your doctor's ok before you buy the TENS thing, or that your doctor is at least aware of your problem. You can get them as cheap as £35 and they have several variations of treatment, such as pain gate (which prevents your nerves from transmitting the pain signal to your brain) and another (can't recall the name) which stimulates your muscles to produce endorphines which helps to compliment your body's response to pain and ease it. All in all, there are several different combinations of varying intensity and band width and it seemed to help my uncle's long term shoulder pain a treat!

It is also used for women in labour up and down the country but I never used pain control myself, so I can't vouch for it, personally.

Son has got me addicted to "Heroes", despite my telling him I would never, ever watch it as it's rubbish - He has 16 hours of viewing time and I'm now desperate to go out and buy the second series!! Ho hum - kids eh?!

I may be back to post some time within the next few months when we have exhausted all of our "Heroes" viewing ;-)))

Where is Viv, BTW??

Night all. xx

viv said...

Hello guys and sorry I have not been around as I was helping Martin and Luke who have started to put the new oak floor down in the living room. I have almost finished my decorating duties in there but then there is the stairs,landing and Luke's bedroom!


I think you must be feeling a lot better and really enjoyed this one:

"my client is proud to do this appeal for gerry and kate mccann infact my client himself says he feels for the mccanns being a murdering b_stard himself" o j simpsons spokesman didn,t know when it would be filmed though."

Why do they have to wait until Christmas time given they have done nothing to find Maddie at all for several months now. They have not made a request to UK police and asked them to look for her, no prizes for guessing why, and they have no private investigators looking since the last bunch were sacked. Going through the PJ files may help them find out how much trouble they are in, but clearly will do nothing to find Maddie. Even Interpol had joined in the search, if the Police worldwide could have found her then they would have done. The reality is the Police worldwide have seriously had their time wasted in being forced to follow up all these false sightings. I think Kate and Gerry should do time for this alone, it is a bit like the hoaxer who rings the fire brigade, isn't it!

The other thing is why should there be worldwide appeals just for one missing child, what about the millions of other missing children?

If they had a famous sporting hero to front this then surely there could be no reason for not naming him/her, it makes you wonder if they even have one at this stage. Probably again, the sort of thing they need money for - to buy themselves one. What has changed from last year that they are not wanting to fron this themselves, did they finally realise people do not like them!


nancy said...

Good morning everyone -

Viv - you certainly sound very busy; I hope you get it all sorted out in time for Christmas! Talking of which I must move myself - I haven't done a thing yet!

Just why are the McCanns so positive that Madeleine is still alive,(a highly public campaign coming up to try and find Madeleine) when she has been searched for high and low all over the world and is still missing?

Or is their insistence on this opinion to encourage the more naive to donate their hard earned cash to the McCanns?

But then perhaps they do really believe it because Gerry very vehemently said "find her body and prove it", which speaks volumes about his feelings for Madeleine!


mandarinn said...

Hi all
Big L suggestion of "sport heroe" making appeal for mcCanns being Jo Simpson :) FOFLMAO

Di said...

Good Afternoon all

Have finally had time to read back.

Hello Nancy

Like you I am so behind with my Christmas shopping. Every year I say I am going to make an early start, and end up running round like a headless chicken. Mind you I suppose there will be some bargains around.


Thanks for letting us know about Big L's post, it is always good to have a laugh.

Hope you are recovering well.


You certainly have your work cut out. We have put our workmen off until after Christmas, I have had enough of the mess.

Hi Dyl

I hope all is well with you.

I never got past the first two episodes of Heroes, but I know plenty of people who are also addicted so you are not alone.

I can't believe I missed Doc when he went away, and missed him again when he popped in.

I am glad to see there is finally some action being taken in the baby P case, and not before time.

Di said...

I have just had a quick look on 3A's and cannot believe a new poster of Madeleine has been released. She looks about two years old, and they think this is going to find her. They must think we are all stupid.

Posted by james1


ICantThinkOfAName said...

I have accepted the invitation to sent a comment to the news organ concerned and await the decision of the moderator to publish or not.

Di said...


Good point, I had not seen the comment box.

By the way everyone

If you have not watched Zeitgeist -Addendum and Zeitgeist - The Movie I strongly recommend that you do. It is all a real eyeopener.

The movie is very interesting the third part is about microchips.

Are we all being manipulated?

I would love to hear your comments.


hope4truth said...


Thanks for the link the picture looks nothing like her and at 5.5 she will look totaly diffrent. Do the parents think that the most advertised child in the world who has been snatched by a peadophile ring is still alive and well??? It is a totaly sickening thought what may have happend to the poor child but if they dont know she is dead the second they released the image of her eye they signed her death warant...

I am getting really angry now three people in the Baby P case have either been sacked or resigned as they let this poor little boy down so badly yet the McCanns have neglected their own children there is a really strong posibility they may be involved in her death and they are allowed to set up a comapany to pay a firm to basicaly distract the investigation.

Is this 2008 or 1908 where people with money and power could change the law to suit themselves? Although what power the two of them have is beyond me....

I will try and catch that film is it on DVD? The longer this goes on the more nothing would surprise me but to fool the public or put a hair of any of their childrens heads in danger is beyond belief...


Di said...

Hello Hope

You have to watch online. Not a problem though you can stop and catch up when you have the time.

It has shocked many people I know who have watched!

I agree, what is so special about Kate & Gerry?

How come they had favours they could call in?

IMO someone very powerful has something to hide.

Di said...


Should have said you can also order the DVD's off the site.

nancy said...

New blog by Tony Bennett on the 3A's and it makes compelling reading. He talks about his book soon to be published which I shall certainly watch out for.

His thread is entitled:

Kate's recent words:

(I thought they never called her Maddie)!!

They had taken the twins to see the lights:

Sean waved a toy Star Wars sabre. Kate clung tightly to Amelie - pity she didn't cling that tightly to poor Madeleine in PdeL!

An onlooker said:

"I have never see Kate look so happy. She was grinning from ear to ear and it was a joy to see her so content and relaxed".

Presumably it's because they think that Maddie is out there somewhere with a paedophile that makes Kate so happy and relaxed! No need to go back to Portugal, or answer any more questions - it might spoil the glee!!

I'd love to see the smiles wiped from the faces of these two child neglectors. They abused the trust their children should have had in them and as a result little Madeleine has suffered a fate that we can only imagine in nightmares.

docmac said...

Hi Di and Hope

Quick look in from me. You'll find Zeitgeist here too. And enough other thought-provoking free documentaries to keep you going for many months, including Michael Moore's stuff. Save this link and enjoy at your leisure!!

Di said...


I know Maddie is still alive!

Well hopefully the public will wake up to this statement. According to Kate it was the press that referred to her as Maddie, they always called her Madeleine, and I will always remember the look on Kates face wheh she stated that fact.

Lies come back to haunt you Kate, tut tut. Sleep well.

Di said...

Hi Doc

So glad I have not missed you this time. I hope you and your family are well and enjoying your break.

Thanks for the link.

Take care


docmac said...

All well and having a blast, thank you Di. Hope you are all well too.

Di said...

Sorry have to go now, but I thought for those who have not seen Father Seddons statement, you might find it interesting.

See you all tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening.

Posted by Honeybear on 3A's

Statement by: Paul SEDDON
Age if under 18 years old:
Occupation: Priest

3 pages

Date: 16th April 2008
Signature __________________________________________________

I am the person referred to above and I am a Priest of the Roman Catholic Church, a position that I have held for more than 20 years. During the past 18 months I have exercised my functions as a priest in three parishes in the Manchester area and previously I spent sixteen years as a priest in Liverpool. I have known Kate and Gerry McCann for over 10 years. I met them as a couple at the wedding of my friends Mark and Linda, which I presided over at Easter 1997 in Liverpool. Kate had been invited to the ceremony as Linda’s childhood friend and Gerry accompanied her. I remember that after the ceremony I got to know Kate and Gerry seriously for the first time, although I had perhaps already met Kate for short moments on previous occasions as Linda’s friend. During the reception I particularly remember Gerry because of the fact that he was wearing a kilt, which gave him an extrovert air and meant that he did not go unnoticed. I also discovered that we shared an enthusiastic interest for golf and we spent a lot of time talking about this. Since then, Kate, Gerry and I became good friends and they continue to be part of the social circle today.

In 1998 I carried out Kate and Gerry’s wedding ceremony, again in Liverpool. At that time I already knew Kate and Gerry quite well and had played many golf matches with Gerry. I remember that they gave me a set of golf clubs from St Andrews as a present for carrying out the ceremony. I also baptised their first child, Madeleine, but more than being a priest, I consider myself above all to be their friend.

During the last ten years our friendship has been constant and i have always kept in regular contact wherever they have been. I travelled to Amsterdam to visit them when Gerry was working there, and we see each other at least three or four times a year. I have spent other holiday periods with them including one occasion in Stratford upon Avon after the birth of the twins. During the time they were in Amsterdam I was very ill and was forced to spend six or seven weeks without working. Kate and Gerry gave me much support and phoned me regularly. I ended up becoming a very good friend of the whole family.

The first time I heard of Madeleine’s disappearance was in the early morning of Friday 4th May 2007.
I received a phone call from Linda who told me what had happened, and I immediately sent a text message to Kate’s mobile, telling her that my prayers were with them. I received a reply almost immediately and I remember Kate wrote that she felt as if the “world was about to fall apart”.

At about 1.30 that morning Kate called me in a state of great agitation. I tried to calm her as well as I could saying that Madeleine could have had a bout of sleepwalking and that she would be all right. I remember that Kate was worried by the fact that Madeleine was wearing short sleeved pyjamas and that she could catch a cold. I felt that only a mother could think like that and say such a thing. I could perceive the trauma that Kate was experiencing from her voice. I led with prayers and other situations in my role as priest.

Gerry phoned me on the same night and he also seemed to me to be quite traumatised and at the same time very upset and angry. His Scottish accent, which was normally very slight, became so heavy that his sentences were almost incomprehensible. I spoke to them again the following morning and their state was practically the same. Gerry was worried by the fact that the Portuguese police were focussed upon him and Kate, but I tried to reassure him that that would be a normal procedure and that they were only trying to find out the maximum information possible about Madeleine. I think that Gerry already had a notion of this but felt frustrated. I asked them whether they had any kind of emotional support and they replied that Mark Warner had provided them with a professional counsellor. Later I travelled to Portugal with the aim of offering all my positive support. I arrived on the day of Madeleine’s birthday, the 12th May 2007 and travelled with a mutual friend, Linda. Once I arrived, it was easy to note that they only needed having their family and friends close. I knew that there was not much that i could do for them, but just the fact of contributing to an occasional smile already seemed to be a big help. I stayed for a week on that occasion, but returned to Portugal for another week in August 2007, again to lend all possible support.

During my stay I helped conduct religious services in the Catholic Church as well as in the Anglican church in Praia da Luz.

When I returned to the UK I tried to leave it to Kate and Gerry to phone in order not to appear too interfering, given that I knew both of them to be very busy. Every time we spoke, they always asked me to pray for Madeleine. I always did this and on one occasion I organised a vigil in Formby that was attended by hundreds of people. From the beginning when Kate and Gerry told me that “Madeleine had been taken”, however I always had hope that the child could have left (the apartment) alone as she was a very adventurous girl.

On the occasions that I saw and talked to Kate and Gerry since this happened, they reacted with stress and trauma given that what happened to them does not make sense to them and they wish to have Madeleine back instead of all the publicity and press. I have had some difficulties in carrying out my daily tasks because it seems surreal to me that life continues normally while Kate and Gerry are going through this situation.

They are both very different. Kate is a reserved person and finds all this exposure and speaking in public very difficult. I think that she has been extraordinary, mainly in doing things like speaking to the European Parliament recently. Gerry is more extrovert and finds it easier to relate to people. My reading of all this is that both have worked very well as a team and that have been successful in the impact that the campaign to find Madeleine has had. I think that they have acted very well in order to maintain their dignity, in the face of more negative publicity and I know that their friends are very proud of them.

I would also like to emphasise that it worries me that Kate and Gerry continue to be considered as arguidos in the case. The fact that it was suggested that they might have something to do with Madeleine’s disappearance is implausible and in bad taste. This made some members of the press turn against them, resulting in negative publicity. They are just two normal people who want their daughter to return to be with them and are doing everything within their reach to find her. If they thought she was dead they would not continue to search for her. They continue to be focussed upon searching for and finding Madeleine and hope that she will be found.

On Wednesday, 16th April 2008 I was interviewed on DVD between 10.05 and 10.47 by DC 4064 Holliday. I am willing to confirm that my statement is truthful and in accordance with my understanding and belief and that it faithfully reflects what I witnessed. This statement was made by me and is truthful in accordance with my knowledge.

hope4truth said...

Hi Doc

Hope you are having a good time...


I guess friends would find it hard to belive someone they think they know could be lying to them. I find it strange as well that with Madeleine missing they could think or take time to text people.

I am not being cruel but if a child is missing people in England are of no use at all the only thing they should have been doing was searching for their child after all even the priest thought she could have been sleep walking and if that was true every second counted to find her.

I cant imagine doubting someone I called a friend but I think the doubt would have kicked in the second I heard they had buggered off to the bar on several occasions leaving their children to fend for themselves.

The priest said that Kate was worried about Madeleine being cold and only a Mother could think about that well Madeleine told her she and her baby brother had been crying the night before and no one came and this wonderful Mother buggered off again leaving her alone in the dark all over again.

Kate also refused to answer questions never went back for a re construction hired a fraud investigation team to look for a missing child and has not asked for the case to be re opened what a really loving Mother..

I would only say look at the pictures of the two of them so happy and carefree on this beautiful childs 4th Birthday guilty??? Who knows heartless very!!!

dylan said...

Evening Guys!

Doc, good to see you still have your connection :-)

Di, son has gone out to a gig tonight so i am Heroes free! I can't believe, myself, that he has got me hooked! I've been telling him for months it's a load of rubbish! I will have a look at Zeitgeist - thanks to you and Doc for the Link.

This interested me from Seddon's words:

'I remember that Kate was worried by the fact that Madeleine was wearing short sleeved pyjamas and that she could catch a cold.'

Now I am not saying I am in any way medically qualified, but my mother always told me that you don't "catch cold" from being in the cold. If you already have the virus and your defences are down, then getting cold could let the virus get the better of you. I believed this for years until I took Laura (Hi Bum and Rosie - waves ;-)))) to the doctor a couple of years ago. She was suffering from a string of cold and sore throat infections and I asked the doctor if this could be perhaps, because she always refused to wear a coat in the winter. I was told that that was nonsense and that she couldn't have come down with a cold in this way!
Either way, one would think that Kate, as a GP would know better, wouldn't one??!! As we know, Maddie disappeared in May (not really a time when colds are particularly prevalent!) hmmmm....

Hope, well said again. keep up the good work with your posts! x

My friend has lent me a book which i haven't started to read yet and one which she says can't be called a "good" read as it is so heartbreaking. It is part of a trilogy and a true story about an American boy who was horribly abused by his mother who was an alcoholic. It is called 'A Child Called It' by Dave Pelzer.
I've told my friend I'll start it after Christmas but I have been warned it is extremely distressing and so I may not get past the first chapter. I'll let you know how I get on with it.

Off to check out the link Di posted. May be back later. If not, night all and have a good eve. xx (I've missed you guys between friends over and Heroes - shame on me!)

nancy said...

Hello Di -

Very interesting stuff about the Roman Catholic Priest, Paul Siddon. He seems to have practised his statement to make it perfect!

How is it that a priest of the parish has money enough to keep bombing off to Portugal to 'comfort' his friends the McCanns - more likely he wanted a piece of the action and get his name on the 'celebrity' roll along with all the others who came out of the woodwork as soon as Madeleine's name started making loads of money with the world wide publicity! I wonder if his parishioners knew that their hard earned contributions to the church were being used to prop up the McCanns, who had, along with their pals, left their children alone night after night. Not a word about how sad he was for Madeleine - just for the child neglectors - as usual!

If you ask me, he is as pompous as them going to PdeLuz and getting involved in the local church where he was probably received very amicably, but at the same time was thought to be a bit of a British upstart and intruder!

Enjoy your evening Di!


dylan said...

Oh! Forget to say - Hope - 'no time for texting when your child is missing' - YES! Well observed. You run around like a headless chicken and if Kate were me, that would have been until she dropped to her feet and collapsed from exhaustion after searching tirelessly for days on end. Nope! Sleep and then jogging/tennis/media phoncalls/texts would not have been at all possible for a normal parent of a missing child.


hope4truth said...

Hi DYl

I have read all of Dave Pelzers books and the one his brother wrote (the guilt he felt at what he had witnessed and he thought contributed to is horrible)...

Keep a box of tissus near by xxx

viv said...

Hiya all!

Dillie the bit you mention about Kate being concerned Maddie might catch cold in scanty pjs. This again suggests to me staging, I will tell you why - Jane Tanner - I saw this man carrying a child and it was a cold night for May I had a big jumper on (not verbatim of course), and the child had bare feet, and i thought oh what a bad parent to have the child out like that - well when she came out with that I nearly choked on my tea. She has a vomiting child aged 3 that she has just lef on her own again to get back to her meal, or on other accounts she has just come out and left her. Two ridiculous remarks from two ridiculous women who clearly got their ideas synchronised, strange how the truth always sound that bit more believable!


viv said...

The really awful thing about Paul Siddon's statement is it reads like one of those pathetic character references some defence barristers insist on producing in court, it does not change the facts or really help the court or anyone else to understand what happened. They are nice people, they are my friends, making them arguidos was in "bad taste". How does an RC priest rationalise putting the interests of two neglectful adults before a poor little girl who disappeared into thin air, he really almost forgot to mention her. Do they always take the side of criminals rather than accept that where the evidence points to a couple being responsible, then in a just world that means they are police suspects or arguidos, I wonder if people may think more of him, if he could have done what I would have thought God would require him to do, not that I am the least bit religious, no I am too frank and honest for all that..

docmac said...


"Either way, one would think that Kate, as a GP would know better, wouldn't one??!!"



Paul Seddon is a disgrace to the cloth IMO. Still, I heard good news earlier. Sharon Shoesmith was fired. I've not much time for Ed Balls, but he got this one spot on! Well done, sir.

dylan said...

I have just spent a frustrating 1/2 hour trying to watch the Zeitgeist film. Alas, my you tube and buffering etc stops every few seconds and leaves me tantalised - arrrgghh! Anyone know how to keep online streaming going?

Hope - thanks. I will bear that in mind. I'm not sure how much of it I will get through but if it really upsets me from the start, I'm afraid I'll have to give it a miss :-(

Viv, I thought that sounded staged too. What a load of bull! A doctor of all people would know that that's a myth. It sadly seems to me that the T9 really do think the general public is very stupid! I suppose that next the Gruesome Twosome will be telling us that it is bad luck to leave your child unattended during the 5th month of a year that is divisible by 3, in a country whose name starts with a 'P', after having walked under a ladder in March of the previous year - and how the hell were they supposed to have known that so why shouldn't we believe them?? After all, leaving kids alone outside of these strangely unlucky circumstances, is well within the realms of responsible parenting.

If it's not bad enough that they neglected their minors to take care of themslelves, it's even worse that they take the entire British population, the Portuguese and the rest of the sentient beings on this planet as absolute idiots!


viv said...

Hiya Doc,

Well it probably sounds a daft thing to say but when I saw Sharon on TV earlier on, she looked a mean, self centred and vicious piece of work. Yes the sort who even has to be pushed rather than jump and then according to Ed Balls started snarling about compensation. Sod off lady!


docmac said...


Use the link I left earlier.


Surely this incompetenat is not going to get a golden handshake :-(

viv said...

I am supremely confident an Employment Tribunal would say that her sacking "was well within the range of reasonable responses an employer would make in this case" and you can have that bit of legal advice for free lady, enjoy your last month's big pay packet and try £49 per week on the dole where you belong although given the size of your pay cheque you may not get that for a fair while!!

docmac said...

Dunno how that 'a' got in there :-)

Sleep time for me.

Night all.

viv said...

No, Doc, she is not according to Ed Balls, she can just walk but would probably get notice which in her case may be three to six months pay it depends what her contract say. However generally even where notice is payable if the sacking offence is gross misconduct an employer usually has it written into the contract they can sack without notice, so she would just get November's pay cheque. Happy Christmas Sharon, at least you are still alive.

viv said...

Sleep time for me too, boa noite all


dylan said...

Doc, I tried your link too. It must be my laptop :-( I would just get interested in what the film was saying and then it would crash!

Viv, glad Sharon got the push. From what you say, she sounds like a right old moo!!

Ryan is back from the gig (hi Rosie and Bum, again :-))) and has agreed to watch another episode of Heroes with me! He had a great time and has shown me his pics on his phone - all of them blurry photos of special effects lighting that show that he was jumping around, having fun when he took them :-) Typical!

Off for my dose of Heroes.

Night all. Sleep tight. xx

Cláudia said...

Boa noite, all.
Freezing here!

Cláudia said...

Ooops, sorry,

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