18 Feb 2009


Weird! But not, I suspect, us continuing to be told this case is ongoing, of course it is!


Correia de Manha, google translation


02 February 2009 - 00h30
Madeleine: British never showed the
Auditors' secret 'of Kate and Gerry
The Judicial Police has never had access to bank accounts of Gerry and Kate McCann. This is because the British authorities have never responded positively to both requests made by Portuguese investigators this.

At the beginning of the process was made a first request for the parents of Madeleine and the friends who spent holidays with them in the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz The intention was to obtain more information about those who were nine people. If seven friends were on the data as the place where they have bank accounts and credit cards, Kate and Gerry on the UK authorities have said little.

"Do not keep any record of a current bank account," said the English on the father of Madeleine, adding that "there is no record of credit cards or loans." That goes on the mother of the girl disappeared on May 3, 2007 at the Ocean Club apartment in Praia da Luz The only information is the bank where the mortgage of the house. And note that there are delays or defaults registered. IS THIS A TYPO??

In the letter sent in November 2007 for England, and asking where various approaches to British police, was once again requested information on bank accounts of McCann. And once again nothing came to Portugal.

The British authorities refused the request and simply said that as a justification not provided financial information on the couple. And the information never arrived.

"Ongoing investigation"

"The Home Office [Ministry of Foreign Affairs English] can not confirm or deny" that McCann had 25 bank accounts between April 2007 and September 12, 2008. AGAIN IS THIS A MISTAKE OR WHAT!!25??? Blimey now that does sound like a fraudster:-)))

This is the answer, in January this year, British journalists who tried to clarify this situation. More strange is the argument to justify the answer. The British say that "the investigation is ongoing and this information could" jeopardize the investigation, international relations and endanger the health and safety "of Madeleine. This when the case was officially closed in July last year.

"Given that the UK authorities are lying to their subjects," said the CM Gonçalo Amaral. "The Attorney General said the case is closed," added the former coordinator of the PJ.


Wizard said...

Viv, 25 bank accounts has to be a mistake. Two provincial salaried doctors whose main income is via their employers might well have a few different accounts i.e. mortgage, isa's, current account, saving account but 25 is ridiculous. As you quite rightly suggest if this figure is true the only reason for 25 different accounts is to squirrel away money in different locations to hide or blur the source of this money which strongly indicates some kind of fraud.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

I just thought it was worth posting but it suggests mortgage default and a lot of bank accounts. This could certainly be a reason why the LP thought no we have got something here and we are going to keep on digging, you know motive for a crime. But it is just one newspaper report and I do not think we can give it more credence than than at the moment, we shall see, but as you say, having loads of bank accounts is definitely something fraudsters do. It just seems unlikely he would be that barmy though..

nancy said...

Hi Viv and Wizard

My computer crashed yesterday morning just as I was reading through, so I missed all the excitement yesterday about the Mirror article on this case and National Security!! Wow, what a development.

It sounds to me like the McCanns were in much more serious debt than anyone thought, otherwise why would the authorities disallow any details to the PJ's on their accounts and credit cards.

Could they have really used Madeleine to get over their drastic financial situation? Kate saying that someone had taken her, and the fact that they've always maintained she is 'somewhere out there, alive and well'! Gerry saying 'find the body and prove it' when asked if he thought Maddie was dead.

At least one newspaper had the gumption to print something which doesn't make them out as saints at long last!



viv said...

Hiya Nancy

I agree the Mirror article is a great development and makes people start believing me a bit more!

I am not sure it is quite as simple as just using Maddie to get over their financial situation, but wanting to own a big house without the burden of a £2000 per month mortgage had a lot to do with it. I have always thought that as you know.

I do often think about Kate's comments like 'I just feel she is out there somewhere' and 'she knows I love her'. It is very pointed they way she say I, not we, and clearly Kate does know she is out there somewhere and she did nothing at all to stop that which is why the lady is in a huge amount of trouble. I think it is just such a basic issue at the end of the day, if you really love your children, then you keep them with you and you keep them safe. Kate did not do that.


viv said...

Interesting precis / comment on Payne grilling.

Also particularly interesting to consider that Payne used to be a close working colleague of Gerry's in the Leicester medical research field, but by the time of the rogs last year, he had, the previous week moved away from that working relationship to go and work for a Derby hospital, a different area.

You know it is funny, but Gerry is like a really bad smell people want to get away from!

New postPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 3:30 am
Mafia Boss

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Just read Payne's exhausting rog interview. My Gosh, they really grilled him, more so than even Jane. I was surprised - they pushed him on the phones quite a bit. And don't seem to have bought into the story he saw the kids or at least madeleine, at 630. And was shocked at how much exactly the same as Jane's, his depiction was of them staying at the farm house. These people HAD to have rehearsed this. They are similarly unintelligible in discussing where they were when they went to check on the kids, staying 'near by' - ? Or down stairs?

Payne is the closest friend to Gerry - the one most likely thus far to stick up for him for the sake of friendship - or to help do anything if anything needed doing - the only one thus far to emphasize how normally he was behaving and how he broke down privately to him, David, etc. even though was quite stoic otherwise. How the person jane saw had to be the kidnapper. How Madeleine was 'bright' therefore would not leave the apt on her own, how he knew from the grief in Kate's eyes at ten pm that Madeleine had been taken away. I guess because Kate claimed the gate was shut and a child leaving would not shut the gate behind her. Would a kidnapper with his hands full bother to shut the gate behind HIM? Why? Oh yeah, he'd gone in and out the window.

I was also interested to hear that when they woke up at 6 ish, Gerry and Kate, who'd had a bed made up on Payne's floor, had gotten up and gone out, been out. No one was there to help them - ? - or notice where they went and what they did.

They were so interested in who Payne was calling at close to midnight at the Crime place, a long cal he couldn't remember making. But says it was to try to get help, advice. All the texts on these special phones they got in PT, to talk with each other on. A shame the phone records weren't released by these parents. Probably just felt it wouldn't be 'helpful' to answer questions about those texts and calls.

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New postPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:43 am
Mafia Boss
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When Payne noticed that G&K had gone out, where were the twins?

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New postPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 11:03 am

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Amaral's placing of the last sighting of Madeleine by an independant witness at 5.30pm on 3 May strongly suggests he either did not believe in the 6.30pm visit to 5A by Payne, or did not consider him an independant witness

either way Payne seems to have been treated as a hostile witness, more than the other Tapas7

nancy said...


I'm sure the police have their suspicions about Payne bearing in mind there has been talk of he and Gerry's salacious tendencies!
I shouldn't think he has any convictions though because it would have all come out by now!

The more I think about this lot the less I would trust any of them - they have all done their best to play around with the truth as can be seen from their feeble statements.

Bring it on!

bath theory said...

IS the date April 2007 relevant? It may well be for the holiday was in May wasn't it. mmmmm gets deeper by the minute.

As you are aware I mentioned my ambassador uncle informed me Andorra is the place to hide money these days and Metado 3 is very close to Andorra being based in Barcelona isn't it. I mentioned this a while ago and hope the authorities read my piece then.