14 Feb 2009

Who's a cheeky boy?

A few more badger pics, for Mandarinn xxxx Just walking through the woods looking for these tell tale signs of these prolific diggers is great fun!

Speaking of foxes and badgers how about this for a cute pic:-)))

I thought I would just share the latest pics of Nanday.
Caught being a little naughty but looking intensely cute, I just had to get him down and give him a little cuddle. As I write he is watching his favourite TV channel, Cartoons, squealing loudly with excitement, interjected with hello good boy and of course ringing the phone. Sometimes he is a bit distracted from his cartoons as a little gang of goldfinches have been bombing around the garden eating seeds off dead flower heads and he thinks they are his little cousins! Lovely morning xx


Di said...

Hi All


Thank you for sharing the pics of Nanday, how cute is he. He likes to watch cartoons LOL.

I would love to know what his reaction would be to a few of the McCann's videos ;o)

viv said...

Hiya Di

I just thought it would be a nice break from blogging about this case which can be pretty unpleasant!

As the Mc videos feature so much music and a cute little girl he would probably sing along happily, but he is only a parrot:-)))


mandarinn said...

thank you for sharing with us the pictures of cute Nanday.
I have to tell you that till some weeks ago i thought Nanday was your daughter; reading something on a post I realized it was a cat but... now :O it is such a cute bird, a parrot who likes watch TV.
You british ladies never stop to surprise me .. it is "farden centers" hedghogs, foxes, owls and all kind of animals i like but i don't have close to my home. Here i only can see sparrows and blakcbirds. and my neightbours walking the dogs...

viv said...

Hiya Mandarinn

He is certainly cute and likes plenty of cuddles but only when he says so, if he is in a playful and excited mood like when watching his cartoons then this is not appropriate cuddle time.

I am very lucky to live in an area with abundant wildlife, recently I have managed to pull up and watch both a barn owl and a tawny (which is more difficult because they are shyer). But last night I almost hit a badger and it is the first one I have seen this year. He just came straight out from the wood in front of my car causing me to do a full on emergency stop and I think I just avoided hitting him. Luke got out to check but there was no sign of him so assume he is OK. I have seen loads of badgers and it has always been my worst nightmare to actually hit one and that came very close. I always drive very slowly around our roads and lanes for that reason! They are much slower than foxes who have sprinted straight across the front of my car many a time, badgers also but not at a sprint and not usually quite so close!

I could actually talk for hours about all the wildlife I have seen and sat and watched, which never stops being the greatest joy, even if it is only sparrows and blackbirds!

Actually I must check my pond because the frogs become active now and start mating which is a great spectacle!


bath theory said...

I wonder if the parents ever taught Madeleine the beauty of nature. There was something that Madeleine had not even been down to the beach during that week before she disappeared. If that is true it seems very strange indeed. Every January 1st or just after my clan pile into the car and we drive to the beach and wear about 7layers to keep warm. All done to just see the power of the waves and nature's beauty in the middle of a cold winter.

viv said...

Hi BT, I just get the impression these are not "parents" who have any feelings just for the beauty of nature or the true joy little children can bring. I cannot envision them allowing their children to love and cuddle animals either. That develops a kind soul with empathy. I still believe the SSD have greatly failed these two little ones in denying them a normal life.

The McCanns did not bother to take Maddie to the beach but Nannies report she was taken down for a boat ride, but cried, I am frightened, I don't like it. I find this particularly horrifying given what I beleive happened to her and certainly not in accord with Gerry insisting she is such a brave and outgoing little girl. It seems to me she was a little girl who was left to cry in terror, in the dark, with no one to offer her any genuine comfort.

I think people who genuinely love wildlife, art, nature are pretty decent people possessed of a heart and a soul.

Those who can truly understand that what Maddie was going through in that apartment was most certainly "abuse".

viv said...

The first thing they did for seriously disturbed, unloved and traumatised little Shannon was buy her a kitten to cuddle and feel wanted by. These child psychologists do know what they are doing xx

mandarinn said...

Thank you for the lovely picture of the cub fox and the badger (i never met a badger "in person", but i would like).i use to goto UK newspapers looking for pictures of animals and animal stories.
Related to Shanon , i remenber, when the police was looking for her, something touching.They asked to a Shannon's best friend , if she had some secret place where she used to go. And the answer was " Yes she use to visit a fox's hole".
About Maddie's case there was yesterday in portuguese tv a report about the try to connect Joana's and Maddie's cases.
I got surprised how Aragão Correia can be so stupid and naive, his performance was like to shoot his own foot.

viv said...

viv said...

Hiya Mandarinn

The little badger and fox were orphans at a wildlife sanctuary, perhaps their parents killed on the road or something I am not sure. But if they can be released back to the wild that always happens.

It is only possible to get really close to a badger that has become tame because it must now live in a sactuary due to injury. You can hide out in woods to watch them or see them as I often do in my car but they do not trust humans and are very shy animals. I think that is why so many people in UK find them fascinating and love them so much, apart from they are so handsome!

There was a very sad policy in UK of killing many of them to see if it would try and reduce TB in cattle but it was found it actually increased it. Badgers mooch around in cow pooh and hence they catch the TB from cattle, not the other way around. We had a great politician Tony Benn and now we have his son Hilary Benn and he took the decision against farmers no more badgers would be murdered which made me a lot happier. It is illegal to kill badgers but that does not stop some farmers who are only concerned about making money rather than protecting the land and the wildlife on it that they are lucky enough to own. But there are other farmers who realise how lucky they are and do adore wildlife, we just need more of them! They can even make money by charging people to holiday on their farm and see real badgers which is a great joy.

I hope Shannon's early and sad meetings with foxes and where they live can be developed into a true passion for wildlife and that she grows into a normal and happy human being who maybe could even work for our wildlife and look after them when she is older.


viv said...

Hope you like few more badger pics Mandarinn xxxx

nancy said...

Viv and Mandarinn

What adorable animals those are. So sweet and yet you get people who want to bait badgers and chase foxes until they can run no longer and get torn to pieces. How could anyone see such adorable creatures and hurt them.

There are some cruel people in this world. It just makes no sense - it's as if these people are born without any sense of human decency and feelings -children of the devil in fact!

mandarinn said...

WOW VIV such a lovely pictures to my colection. Thank you.
Nancy,i like anumals, some are cute but have their own beauty.

mandarinn said...

Thank you Viv, it's very nice of you to put these pictures of beautiful animals.They make companny to gorgeous Nanday.