4 Feb 2009


A rather useful compilation of super mummies who lost their kids I thought, sent to me by our Niki, thanks! I dont think these supermummies need any naming! Two down one to go...

Michael Wright, John McCann and Trish Cameron hold the family fort at Maddie's anniversary do in PDL which Kate and Gerry were indisposed to attend...
Michael Wright and Gerry engrossed in confidential discussions, away from any listening devices!
Michael Wright and Gerry have a confidential chat away from prying ears, and Gerry taps out one of his "texts". As ever, Wright, catches the camera pointing his way...

Michael Wright and Kate McCann on 9 May 2007, just 6 days after Maddie's "disappearance"
If you look at the early reports of who was rallying business, rugby and football clubs etc to make the Madeleine Campaign truly massive, there are two other names that constantly figure besides Gerry McCann, Michael Wright and John McCann.

Michael Wright is a relative of Kate's by marriage, his wife's mother is the sister of Kate's mother and lives in the Isle of Man, lots of people think this is Rosie? In the pictures above we see him walking breezily with Kate McCann on 9 May just 6 days after Maddie went missing, we see him eyeing the camera lens as he stands in the sea having a private chat with Gerry away from the prying ears of bugs and microphones, we see him with his fund raising pal, John McCann at the Anniversary event, complete with balloons of course, that Maddie's parents sadly could not manage to attend.

In his rogatory interview below we see him deny he was there on 3 May, clearly the police must have thought he might have been. He explains how he went over to assist Kate and Gerry on no less than 6 occasions. WE see him slyly suggest George from the Pizza place saw a man with a child. It is not surprising people view this man with intense suspicion and very much a major player in Team McCann.

Occupation: Director of Finance
This statement (consisting of 4 pages and signed by me) is true and in line
with my understanding. With evidence that, once proven otherwise,
be subject to be sued if you witnessed something voluntarily with
known to be false or does not correspond to the truth.
Date: April 16, 2008
Signature _____________________________________________
I am the person above refrenciada and live with my wife Anne-Marie and our children,
K (13 years old) and P(11 years of age) at the address previously provided to
My wife is from the press and I know Kate McCann to Kate since their 8 years of age.
She used to spend holidays with their parents in Isle of Man where I lived. My wife and
Kate arrivals are quite familiar. I know Gerry McCann since 1997 when left with
Kate and the first to marry.
I have seen the Gerry and Kate very often, but always in encontravamo us
Festive family events such as weddings and christenings. Does not attend the wedding
them because the Anne-Marie was sick and also not attended the christening of children
because we were away on vacation. However, since the birth of twins Sean
Amelie and that we have found more frequently. In August 2006 visit came
in our home for a weekend and was very pleasant. For our part,
visited the Gerry and Kate in Rothley in November 2006 and they repeated the visit
Again in February 2007. The dynamics of the group works very well together and
It makes us all very well. We are planning a vacation in family in June 2007 to
Center Park.
I never was in Portugal on Thursday, 03 May 2007 at the height of
Madeleine's disappearance. Around the 23:00 that night, I received a phone call from the mother of
Anne-Marie told us very embarrassed that the disappearance of Madeleine. The aunt Nora
Canada was in Skipton and would return to Canada the next morning. My suggestion
Nora was lead to a return to Liverpool. All of us believe that Madeleine would appear in
hours, so that drove the Nora back to Liverpool in the early hours of Friday
Wednesday, May 04, 2007. I was in Liverpool. I talked on the phone with Kate between 10.00 and
the 11.00 that morning and confirmed that she wanted the presence of the mother, the father of Nora and next
her. The family got Liasion shape of the mother, the father of Nora and travel to Portugal

that same afternoon. I went with them to the airport in Manchester. Kate's mother asked me
who were in Portugal and I agreed on condition that the first talk with Gerry and Kate.
On Saturday, 05 May 2007 caught the plane at the airport from Leeds Bradford to Faro and
I caught a taxi from the airport to the complex of Mark Warner. Initially I was staying
in the same apartment complex where Kate and Gerry were. The first days were
very hectic, always surrounded by the media and the situation seemed very
transitory, relatives and friends slept where they could. On Friday, May 11, 2007,
back to home and spent the weekend with my family.
After that made five trips to Portugal on the following dates:
From Monday May 14, 2007 to Friday May 18, 2007. Traveled alone and
when it was helped in my power to campaign for Madeleine.
From Friday June 8, 2007 the day Wednesday June 13, 2007. Traveled with my
wife Anne-Marie. This movement aimed at taking care of twins Sean and
Amelie while Kate and Gerry did a brief passage by Morocco.
From Thursday July 12 2007 to Friday July 13, 2007. Traveled alone and returned
with Kate, and San Amelie to attend the baptism of my children. He had spoken with Gerry
before the phone and learned that was in the United Kingdom in meetings and asked me to
would help Kate and the twins so they could be present. Kate, Gerry, Sean and
Amelie returned to Portugal on Sunday morning of July 15, 2007.
From Wednesday August 22 2007 to Saturday 01 September 2007. Out with Anne-Marie
and our children, Katie and Patrick to replace Sandy and Trish CAMERON. During this
period previously spoken with Kate and Gerry about the best time to return to the Kingdom
Kingdom. Was provisionally established the second week in September and I contacted a
the removal firm in Lagos on my behalf and collected boxes and tape. We started
then to encase everything that could be saved, such as letters, postcards and so forth.
From Friday September 7 2007 to Sunday September 9, 2007. The Gerry called me
the night before and told me he would be interviewed the following day. Traveled alone and
Sandy Cameron met at the airport and get a taxi to the villa. Kate, Gerry and
twins, Sandy and Trish Cameron and Eileen McCann left Portugal on Sunday morning and
I returned alone to Britain that same evening after making a clearing to
During my first trips to Portugal I was staying in apartments in the complex
Mark Warner. In July, August and September is the villa rented by Kate and Gerry. No
I remember nothing strange in any of the places where they remained. Not tried
particularly anything suspicious or strange but I remember paying attention to
apartments of the complex of Mark Warner, and consider a hypothetical sites which
intruder could use as a hideout.
During my first two trips to Portugal, I remember that Kate and Gerry
went on a swing, but spent much time with them, particularly at night
meals. Often seen with the more mundane Sandy to things such as check the
correspondence. Received many emails regarding the campaign and there were many who

were grounds for discussion, but our meetings with Kate and Gerry during the day was
very irregular. During my stay in the villa, our time together was more
For the behavior of Kate and Gerry after the disappearance of Madeleine,
presence in its desperation first hand, how they cried and were destroçados
where they were not in official meetings or giving press conferences. Was
embarrassing to watch. They also saw how they remained organized and controlled in
meetings and in front of the media, and I felt proud and impressed with his power of
self-control at those times.
At the time I traveled with Anne-Marie on June 8, 2007, to Kate and Gerry had
a vehicle for hire. It was a car of seven seats, I believe that a Renault Espace. The Gerry
suggested putting me on the list of policyholders so that I could drive the car while
they would leave for Morocco, but I thought not necessary because would be
out just a few days. When I went to Portugal on July 12, 2007 was received in
by Kate airport that led the Renault Espace.
It was then on our trip to Portugal to August 22, 2007 that Gerry suggested that I was
added to the contract of rent a car and driver extra and I accepted. The Gerry and I
We went to Lagos and was included in the contract as additional drivers.
Drove the car regularly in August and September to make the purchases of
supermarket, take the trash the house and the garden area for recycling in Praia da Luz and
also take the twins to kindergarten and the beach, and trips to the airport. I was also passenger in
car on several occasions, especially during the months of June and July when Gerry or the
Sandy led.
There were several areas of dump / recycling of garbage in the area and we used the following:
Two containers of garbage in the ownership of the villa, one in the main entrance and another at the top of the
An area of dumping of garbage / recycling on the road from the cemetery, an area of
dump / recycling on the road above the complex of Mark Warner and an area of
dump / recycling on the road between the village and the church.
The waste was generated in the garden where the gardener visited us and usually consisted
by the palm leaves and grasses. Gerry and I used to take this garbage containers
at the top of the property.
I never noticed nothing strange in the vehicle when it traveled.
I noticed some unpleasant odors numerous occasions that I believe are caused by
diapers of twins. The diapers were placed in rubbish bags and waiting
to be discarded in containers, causing odor.
I am not aware of any spill of any articles or the cleaning of
vehicle after the hypothetical spill.
I know the twins traveled in space in more than twenty occasions. For example for
creche, beach at Sagres, airport and Burgau.

I am absolutely sure that Kate and Gerry were not able to hide the body of
Madeleine and then move it to dump.
For additional information and would like to add that on Sunday May 6
2007 went to Pizza in Praia da Luz and bought a large quantity of pizzas. I was
answered by a girl from Liverpool. Explained to him my relationship with McCann and her
told me that his father "George" had sighted a man to carry a child in the lap
early hours of Friday May 04, 2007 in the resort. I asked him if her father talk
with the Portuguese authorities. I do not know if this information was ever investigated.
I have no further information considered relevant or irrelevant.
On Wednesday, April 16, 2008, between 10h11 and 11h18 I was interviewed on the DVD
Dc xxxx Police in Leicestershire in FHQ. I am on my honor that the
I witnessed in the interview is true according to my knowledge.
This testimony was prepared by me is true and according to my knowledge

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Processo pdf16 page68
Email from Stuart Prior on 23 April 2008 to Ricardo Manuel Gonçalves Paiva

Synopsis re statement of Michael Terrence WRIGHT 16th April 2008

Michael's wife (Anne-Marie) is the cousin of Kate McCANN but has known her since she was about 8 years old when she used to holiday on The Isle of Man where he used to live. He has known Gerry since 1997 when he started to go out with Kate. They now generally meet up on key family events.
The families stayed together in each others homes in 2006 and February 20117 and were planning a family holiday in the UK in June 2007.
He received a phone call around 11pm on 3rd May from his wife's mother informing him that Madeleine had been taken from her bed. Between 10am and 11am that morning he again spoke with Kate who wanted her parents to join them in Portugal.
Michael went out to Portugal on 5th May and initially stayed above Kate and Gerry on the Mark Warner complex. He returned to the UK on 11th May but made five further trips to Portugal;
14th May to 18th May, 8th June to 13th June with his wife and they looked after the twins when Kate and Gerry, went to Morocco.
12th July to 13th July he returned with Kate and the twins to attend the christening of his own children while Gerry was already in the UK. The McCANN'S returned to Portugal on 15th July.
22nd August to 1st September to replace the CAMERON family. Here he assisted in arranging the return of Gerry and Kate by booking a removal firm in Lagos in his name. 7th September to 9th September. He helped clean up the villa as the McCANNS with the CAMERONS and Eileen McCANN returned home on 9th September.
In August and September he stayed in Gerry and Kate's rented villa.
Michael assisted with the running of the Madeline campaign and describes Gerry and Kate as distraught, and how they crumbled and sobbed when not out at official meetings or media conferences.
Michael was aware of the hire of the Renault Espace; he was collected from the airport by Kate on 12th July in it and drove the vehicle regularly in August and September. He used the vehicle for shopping, and to the rubbish/recycling area in Praia for the removal of gardening rubbish. He drove the twins to the beach and kiddies club and also for airport runs. Other times he would be a passenger when Gerry or Sandy Cameron would drive.
A number of refuse sites were used. Two areas on the villa estate, at the main entrance and at the top of the hill. A site on Cemetery Road, a site on a road above the Mark Warner complex and a site between the villa and the church.
On a number of occasions he noticed an unpleasant smell in the vehicle that he put down to the twins used nappies which had been discarded with the general waste. He was not aware of any spillages in the vehicle or anyone cleaning it.
Michael further stated that on 6th May he purchased a large quantity of Pizza's from the pizza shack on the beach at Praia da Luz. The girl serving him was from Liverpool and after introductions she said her father "George" had seen a man carrying a child in the early hours of 4th May in the resort. He is unaware if "George" has ever spoken to the authorities.



He is not a director of the Fund however, they are:

* Peter Hubner; a retired consultant;
* Brian Kennedy, a retired head teacher;
* John McCann, a medical representative;
* Edward Smethurst – A Commercial lawyer;
* Doug Skehan, clinical director in cardiology at Glenfield Hospital;
* Jon Corner – Director of a media company;
* Michael Linnett, a retired accountant

So, we have a couple of doctors and friends of Gerry McCann, a salesman/his brother, a commercial lawyer, an accountant and a media and film man, Jon Corner. If the objects of the Fund were to make a lot of money, protect that money and the Funds interests and use the media etc to promote that Fund one could easily understand such people being chosen, including of course to protect Kate and Gerry McCann. But when we think of the title of that Fund Leaving No Stone Unturned to Find Madeleine it becomes clear what a farce this is.

Do accountants, lawyers, media and salesman have any expertise whatsoever in locating missing children? Would their approach be the right one, or would their approach only be the right one for Kate and Gerry?

Who is the main director of this Fund, Gerry's brother, the one, who with Michael Wright from the very outset was such a massive Fund organiser.

Has this ever been about finding little Maddie or just creating a Fund of massive wealth?

I would argue the intention was to make it even more wealthy than we have seen. The McCanns Arguido status from September 07 to July 08 clearly had a major impact upon the Fund's earning potential and the dismay this caused among Team McCann was only too clear.

Gone were their plans to court American film makers, Oprah Winfrey etc given they were told, this story has to have an ending and the McCanns have to be innocent.

But this has not entirely stopped them amassing a very wealthy Fund, just in the first ten months alone £1.8M and as the accounts reveal just a small percentage of this being spent on the purported "search for Maddie".

A search that as we have seen has been perpetrated by a bunch of crooks, Metodo 3 run by Mr Marco who is now being investigated for embezzlement and money laundering. Then there was his associate Mr Jimenez a former senior police officer, oddly enough on the anti kidnapping unit and now languishing in custody in connection with dealing in £25M worth of lethal crack cocaine. Along with the McCanns only remaining major benefactor, Mr Brian Kennedy, these two men arranged a meeting with Portuguese Police and presented their false evidence trying to implicate Michaela Walzchuch and Robert Murat in Madeleine's abduction.

There were far fetched stories about a bundle being seen by a lorry driver being passed over a wall, of course the lorry driver pointed out he was travelling at speed and certainly could not say that bundle was a child, let alone Madeleine.

It was worthless timewasting lies, designed to frustrate a major police enquiry into the disappearance of a little girl by a man who has his solicitor employee sit on the board of directors of the Find Maddie Fund.

Just like social workers, police officers have to follow up every piece of information they are given, no matter how worthless. So, they tell us they were desperate to have Maddie located whilst at the same time diverting the police in this disgraceful way whilst stockpiling a massive "Fighting Fund".

See below for an article about the sheer size of this planned Fund.

Multinationals get behind hunt for Madeleine

· Europe-wide poster and text messaging campaign
· Money pours into fund set up to help search

* Giles Tremlett in Praia da Luz
* The Guardian, Friday 18 May 2007
* Article history

The hunt for Madeleine McCann rolled out across Europe yesterday as some of the continent's largest multinational companies launched a poster and text messaging campaign and money poured into a fund whose website received 25m hits on its first day.

Donations were made at banks and sent by internet as Madeleine's Fund looked due for a spectacular start and the McCann family said they would hire professionals to run campaigns across Europe. "We want to make sure that if Madeleine isn't in Portugal that the rest of Europe is aware of the image of this little girl," family member Michael Wright told reporters outside the apartment complex in southern Portugal were the four-year-old girl disappeared 15 days ago.

Posters of Madeleine are to be put up in aircraft and at restaurants, petrol stations, supermarkets, banks, airports and car hire offices. From BP to McDonald's and the French supermarket chain Carrefour, Madeleine's face was set to be the focal point of an unprecedented publicity campaign. Telecoms companies such as Vodafone, O2 and Spain's Telefonica will also send out text messages to clients calling for help in seeking Madeleine.

Mr Wright said the campaign was being led by Madeleine's parents, doctors Gerry and Kate McCann, who have stayed in the Praia da Luz resort with their two-year-old twins, Sean and Amelie.

"Gerry and Kate are taking immense strength from the support and good wishes that they are receiving from all over the world," he said.

"Their purpose is to turn hope into action. We want everyone to have an image of Madeleine in whatever country in Europe they visit, which can only help in bringing her home," he added.

"Our target is to reach the saturation that we know has been achieved in the UK and certainly in the Algarve."

Mr Wright said the family had been overwhelmed by offers of help from individuals, small companies and multi-national corporations. "Whilst we are not experts in campaigning, the situation we have found ourselves in has galvanised us into action," he said.

The campaign was announced on the day that the Russian Sergey Malinka, whose home in Praia da Luz was raided by police on Wednesday, was released without charge. Police did not consider him to be a formal suspect and Mr Malinka insisted he had nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance.

The only named formal suspect remains 33-year-old Briton Robert Murat, who was yesterday still inside his villa, Casa Liliana, just 150 metres from the site where Madeleine disappeared.

Mr Malinka confirmed yesterday that he had worked on a website for Mr Murat, but said that he was questioned because his name was in Mr Murat's phone. "They have been questioning everybody in his phone book," he said. Their relationship was "strictly professional", he said; he had been surprised to be questioned. "I've invested seven years of my life in this country trying to succeed, and suddenly in one hour it's all fallen apart," he said.

Posters protesting Mr Murat's innocence appeared yesterday pasted around the Norfolk village where his estranged wife, Dawn, and three-year-old daughter live. It is not known who put the posters up. One was placed on the front door of Dawn's home in Hockering and another at a nearby bus stop.

Mr Murat denies involvement in Madeleine's disappearance but friends said he risked jail under Portuguese law if he spoke out. "There is nothing Robert and Jenny [his mother] can do right now," said a friend, Tuck Price. "If they say something, they can be thrown in jail."

Police were yesterday reportedly still following other lines of inquiry, with residents of the nearby village of Burgau saying they had once more been shown photographs of a Polish man who was reported to have been photographing small children. He had been driving a car with false numberplates, according to the Publico newspaper.

A day after MPs in the Commons sported yellow ribbons to show their support for the McCann family, England's cricketers followed suit yesterday in the first Test match against the West Indies at Lord's.

Who's helping

The multinationals involved in spreading Madeleine's face across Europe include BP, Shell, Texaco, Esso and TOTAL/ELF, which will be distributing posters at petrol stations. France's Crédit Agricole and La Poste banks and Spain's Banco Santander will also put up posters and McDonald's will put up posters across Europe. Carrefour supermarkets will display posters in France, Spain and Portugal. British Airways, Budget Car Rental and BAA will have posters at airports, car hire centres and on flights. Text messages will be sent out by Vodafone, O2 and Spain's Telefonica.


viv said...

Not exactly on topic but another great post from Weary:

Psychopaths inflate their CVs; didn't Gerry let on that he was a heart surgeon early on? Heart surgeons have a good deal of status, even among doctors. He's not a heart surgeon. I'd also love to find evidence that he saved the life of someone during a plane flight, other than his word on it; you'd think that the grateful person and the adoring press in the UK would be trumpeting Gerry's praises to the skies. Perhaps he was just misquoted about these things; it's certainly possible, but it's also possible to suspect an inflated CV--which is an instance of lying, something that psychopaths are given to.

I don't know if the files make clear whether the McCanns originally claimed that an abductor got in the window, which, like the shutter, was open, or if it is a long-held myth that they changed their stories and later announced that they'd left the doors to the flat open (and that sounds like a total song and dance to me, but perhaps I live in one of the other places in the world--places where people know that opportunistic thefts occur, and lock their doors accordingly). Psychopaths do have a tendency to violence--Gerry walking out of several interviews angrily certainly isn't violent, but suggests he's a hothead. (Of course, many people are, without necessarily being violent.)

Psychopaths are sometimes able to convince themselves that the alternate, self-aggrandizing version of reality they've told others--their lies, that is--are true. The McCanns DID leave their children alone, out of their sight and hearing, for nights--and who knows, perhaps in Rothley and/or on other holidays, too?--and have never admitted that they were in the wrong to do so; to the contrary, they seem to see themselves as advocates of children, and traveled to the European Parliament in order to flog an alert system that would be irrelevant in a country with open borders, like Portugal. Kate seems to see herself as such an advocate of children that, without ever admitting the wrongdoing which led to her own child vanishing, she spoke of wanting to be a board member or figurehead of an organization for the parents of missing children, if I remember correctly. (Funny, they didn't seem to want her.) Now THAT's delusional thinking. Even if Madeleine was abducted, the parents have a great deal of responsibility for that. They're not the ideal advocates of child welfare.

I think that the fact that SS visited them indicates that there was serious concern about their fitness as parents; contrary to the lie the McCanns told, the SS is overwhelmed with cases, and they do not drop by for biscuits and a friendly chat as the world press looks on. They showed up, and it was because they worried about Sean and Amelie (and so much for a government cover-up; the government seems to have been concerned about the two people who were most at risk of being neglected or harmed. That's who the government wants to protect.) Immediately afterward the McCanns stopped circulating pictures with the twins' faces on them. I'd imagine that wasn't a coincidence. SS may also have laid down other rules designed to keep the twins safe, such as an arrangement so that the parents are not left alone with the twins. I don't know. Claiming that SS dropped by for a chat? A self-serving lie of the kind psychopaths tell in hopes of tricking people.

I don't know the McCanns, but I do have a family member who was a psychopath, and I don't see them behind every door, believe me, but I have wondered from time to time if the McCanns might have tendencies towards that and/or other personality disorders. I do know that a psychopath is the last person who sees himself as being mentally ill or in the wrong; it's crucial to speak to family members and other frequent contacts--friends, employers, employees, and so on--to even start to diagnose one (or decide the diagonosis is wrong.)

Their T7 "friends" don't seem to have been that fond of Gerry, from what I can gather, though if Gerry actually is a psychopath he wouldn't ever have realized it. He'd think he was the life of the party and the group leader whom all the rest admired.

nancy said...

Hi Viv -

Thanks for the new thread and info on just how Michael Wright fits into the picture. It's amazing how all these long lost cousins and other relatives and friends have come out of the woodwork and jumped on the media bandwagon since Maddie went missing. I notice that Madeleine hardly got a mention in his statement. Just like the McCanns and their pals, Madeleine seems to be the least of their worries.

I couldn't believe the words that Kate and Gerry came out with. Gerry saying it was just as if he was mowing the lawn and the children were in the bedroom. Is he delusional or what? There is no comparison to that and going out eating and drinking without being able to see the apartment and what was going on!

As for Kate's pathetic statement about if she had put the children in the car there would be a greater chance of an accident than someone taking them from their beds. That's just rubbish, because the reason she was taken, that's if she was, is because they went out and left them all. When we take children in our cars, we put their seat belts on and do all we can to protect them. If there is an accident, unless we are drunk or something, it is certainly not our fault!

Those remarks just show how out of touch with reality those two are. What they are trying to do is make excuses for their appallingly neglectful behaviour, instead of facing up to their wrongdoing and advising others never to do the same.

Why the hell these two were in Belgium promoting the Amber Alert is something I'll never fathom!

And just how can Sandy Cameron justify his remark that they are not offering a ransom for the return of Maddie but that they don't rule it out if something comes up to warrant it, or words to that effect?

If they really thought that Maddie was out there somewhere, that would have been the very first thing any parents would have done.

In fact, most animal lovers who lose a pet immediately put up a reward for it's safe return!

And most parents would have sold all their possessions to add to the reward but not that selfish, heartless pair of child neglectors. They just spend a minute amount of the vast fund on looking for their child. How can they justify that and why is it that some people swallow their lies.

Just who are they all trying to kid?

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time, as they say!

dylan said...

Good morning all,

Nancy - very well said! Kate's comments were particularly ridiculous. I cannot believe that a doctor could be so persistently obtuse as to not realise that leaving your young ones behind to look after themselves is dangerous because they could have had an accident!! I don't know what the probability is, but I would say that an accident is around a thousand times greater than the chances of being abducted! Small wonder that Kate encountered 5 deaths in her part time work!

Viv, I think that the extended family, all tipping up to help, is a case of safety in numbers ;-)

Have a good day all. xx

Zodiac said...


Wizard said...
Evening All,

This is a reply from findmadeleine.com to pamalam regarding the reward. It is their explanation from Sandy Cameron as to why they do not promote the reward.
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 00:09:28 +0000
Subject: RE: Reward

Dear Sir/Madam,

In answer to your questions:

As far as I know the rewards offered by the ‘News Of The World’
and other benefactors are still available.

However, we have had varying advice about the possible benefits
and problems of rewards.
So after consultation, a decision was made not to push the rewards
on our website - although the situation is constantly being reviewed.

In the meantime, if anyone has any information that may help our
Investigation Team, they should contact:
Email investigation@findmadeleine.com
Tel +44 845 838 4699

Thanks Di for the link.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009 21:26:00 o'clock GMT

Hi all,

'As far as I know the rewards offered by the ‘News Of The World’
and other benefactors are still available.'

Well the above comment from Sandy Cameron speaks volumes, IMO! There is no "as far as I know" when talking about reward money for the safe return of a missing child. You either know or you don't, it either exists or it does not!

'However, we have had varying advice about the possible benefits
and problems of rewards.
So after consultation, a decision was made not to push the rewards
on our website - although the situation is constantly being reviewed.'

Well that sounds like the advice don't cry or show emotion to the supposed fact your child has been abducted that the plebian public are supposed to swallow by the plastic pink blamange spoonful! And after consultation a decision was made not to push the rewards
on your website although the situation is constantly being reviewed for a reward that 'as far as you know' still exists!

nancy said...

Zodiac -

Thanks for that comment and well said to Wizard!

They don't exactly try to endear themselves to the public do they. It almost sounds as if they are thumbing their nose!

Always excuses for their behaviour and trying to convince everyone that what they did was perfectly normal behaviour, when only a tiny minority of the public would behave as they and their friends did.

I wonder what else is on their agenda (I can imagine them all laying in bed at night trying to think up something else to get the loyal peasants to cough up their hard earned cash)!

Not that it will help poor Madeleine of course - perish the thought!

nancy said...

Hi Dylan,

If ever there were 'Notdocs', that lot certainly fit the bill!

Have a good day, but don't try skating on the ice (I know you like trying your hand at stuff)like the ducks in front of us are doing at the moment, slipping all over the place!

Looks like lots of snow in the sky too!

viv said...

Hiya all

Do you notice that both the McCanns and Clarence Mitchell completely stopped asking the public for cash which he used to almost demand keep telling us the fund was actually going to run dry? That was a really terrible lie, but could there be some other reason they have stopped all means now of trying to make that fund get bigger? I think there is!


Zodiac said...


I do not think that when in Portugal recently he appealed for donations to the Fund. Prime TV and no appeal for cash! Hmmm! No blogging since Nov. 08 not even to say thank you to all who have made donations since our Xmas 08 appeal!

Zodiac said...

Hi Nancy,

I watched CDWM I now see what you mean about the red wine on the sofa. Poor Lisa! She is lovely and her house is gorgeous. She should have had them all eating in her lovely kitchen; there was a big table and chairs in there.

The bottom part of the copied post from the other thread is my response to Wizard's article. The more info we read the worse they look. No wonder GM was harping on in Portugal that he felt there was too much in the public domain. Wonder what will be available throughout 09!

nancy said...

Hi Zodiac

If they have stopped handing round the begging bowl there must be a good reason for it.

Uncle John is still sending out pictures via e-mail of little Maddie (I received one yesterday) and although not actually asking for money, they're not telling people to stop contributing either!

Maybe they've got more than enough to keep them going right into their old age already, or they know that many people who did give have had their eyes opened and won't be taken in again!

I'd be interested to know what Viv thinks the reason is!

hope4truth said...

Hi All

Philomena: “Can I just tell the whole audience out there. This is a complete fabrication. Gerry and Kate have got nothing to with the disappearance of their daughter. It has been them pushing this investigation from day one. It is just not true.”

Yes Philomena they have been pushing this investigation their way since the day they say Madeleine went missing...

Shame they did not know the day you were interviewed that Kate cared so much for your Niece that she was being a real bitch and not answering a single question for her...

As for a friend seeing Madeleine being caried away she either saw your brother doing the carrying or she lied...

Poor Madeleine was only 3 and your family have condoned neglect lies spin and only 13% of the total fund being wasted on a fraud investigation firm but it was the only searching they have done...

Shame on the lot of you how do you hold your head up I love my nieces and would never condone half of what you have I would want to know why they need to spin and refuse to answer questions and more than that would want to know why when Kate first said she was missing did no one bother to spend a single minute looking for her????

What a bloody unfortunate child Madeleine was to have a family like hers... It just gets worse and worse...

Wizard said...

Hi Nancy,

In your earlier post you said:-

“Thanks for the new thread and info on just how Michael Wright fits into the picture. It's amazing how all these long lost cousins and other relatives and friends have come out of the woodwork and jumped on the media bandwagon since Maddie went missing.”

Well in the words of a famous song, ‘money makes the world going around, the world go around ……..ah that clinking, clanking sound. Money, money, money….’ Not to 'mention 'money, money, money in a rich mans world....'

Wizard said...


Great post.

Its interesting that Philomena says:-

“Can I just tell the whole audience out there. This is a complete fabrication. Gerry and Kate have got nothing to with the disappearance of their daughter. It has been them pushing this investigation from day one. It is just not true.”

Well this begs the question was she there – no – well she is not in a position to state the above on national tv. It’s just an opinion from a non-independent source with very close family ties and allegiances.

Wizard said...

Hi Zodiac – re the award – I totally agree with you. Why do they assume no one can see through the lies.

Zodiac said...

'Well this begs the question was she there – no – well she is not in a position to state the above on national tv. It’s just an opinion from a non-independent source with very close family ties and allegiances.'

Wizard - Exactly!

Hope as usual 'little clapping hands icon'!


Wonder if it is for legal reasons it has to be something stopping them asking for the public's money imo or otherwise it would be the same old same old such as Wizard's song choices depict!


Zodiac said...

'Hi Zodiac – re the award – I totally agree with you. Why do they assume no one can see through the lies.'


Perhaps they think we are all as thick as their keyboard monkeys and others that hang onto their every word!

Wizard said...

RP is from the Isle of Man and as you point out some think she is Michael Wright …well could be. I would think she is certainly associated with him in someway hence her claims of being in the know.

hope4truth said...

Hi Wizard and Zodiac

did you see the excelent site Di posted a link to yesterday???


It is facinating and I have been reading it on and off since last night (also sent the link to a few people)...

We all want Madeleine found alive and happy would be the best news in the world but I just cant see how Parents who have never bothred to search once have spent a mear 13% of the fund on searching can be held as credible...

By us the pros or their own families I know for a fact my Mum would be outraged if I was chancing her Grandaughters life by not searching or answering a single question and would need to know why I was paying people to spin for me in fact I dont think she would ever forgive me...


Wizard said...

Hi Hope,
Yes Di’s link is a mine of information. That is where I got the quote about the reward from.

viv said...

Hiya guys forgive my absence

I have had an arduous day on 3 As exposing some little Pro McCanns which I think was a worthwhile task!


viv said...

Ah Wiz, I bet the hedgehogs get all the insects they can find in Isle of Man right through the winter hence one hears that constant scratching around:-)))

RP is from the Isle of Man and as you point out some think she is Michael Wright …well could be. I would think she is certainly associated with him in someway hence her claims of being in the know.

Wizard said...

Viv, LOL

Wizard said...

Quote of the day from Joana Morais,

“Kate and Gerry have nothing to hide. Any evidence that is found here, or in Portugal, can be wholly and innocently explained.

None of the results have been put to them so they do not even know what they are supposed to be. Whatever is put to Kate and Gerry, at whatever time, can be totally explained to them.”

Clarence Mitchell, about DNA results in The Telegraph, October 9 2007

Of course Clarence that is why Kate will not answer the 40 questions put to her by the PJ. Not forgetting the 15 years she might get if she did of course.

viv said...

Lol what Wiz the plethora of insectivora in IOM when they should all be dead/curled up somewhere or a bonny scots lassie:-((((

Wizard said...

Steady on Viv - lol

viv said...

Is he not admitting in that barmy quote then that there is indeed evidence, it is just that we are such a clever bunch of liars we will come up with some poo nappy excuse for it, brilliant:-)))

15 years sounds pretty close to me Wiz, for her anyway:-)))

viv said...

oooh I know Wiz, a day on there and I have got conspiracy theories and some very flowery language coming out me flippin ears:-)))

viv said...

are the British Government Guilty of re-programming the hedgehogs and did Tony Blair issue a D notice about it?

Wizard said...

Not forgetting Dr Kate sitting on 6dead bodies whilst wearing cotton check cut offs the week prior to her holidays.

viv said...

did SOCA, Detective Superintendent Stuart Prior, Mrs Justice whatever and Dr Goncalo Amaral orchestrate a sickening cover up and deliberately lose the DVD evidence of said re-programming of hedgehogs?

viv said...

Come on my lovelies, give me your scent:-)))

Wizard said...

No doubt any card carrying Labour hedgehog member would cause Mr Blair to issue a D notice.

viv said...

Cheers Wiz rolling on the floor!!


Di said...

From the GNR report, first on the scene.

During the search he did not find anything strange apart from the bedclothes on Madeleine’s bed, which were too tidy, it appeared that she had been picked up of had left the bed with great care. There was a mark on the sheet that appeared to be made by a child’s body.

Di says, perhaps that is why Gerry says in his statement, Madeleine was lying down on her left hand side ON TOP OF THE COVERS, he did not bother to cover her up even though we know it was cold! JT says so. Gerry always covers his tracks imo he never says anything without a reason.


He found the parents to be nervous and anxious, he did not see any tears from either of them although they produced noises identical to crying. He did not feel that this was an abduction, although this was the line indicated by the father.

No tears but noises, oh and I missed out the part that they were on the floor crying etc., and don't forget Kates bruises!

Come on!

If that was my child, who I thought had been abducted, I would be giving the police my full co-operation. Not in this case, we have to have the full dramatics.

No wonder the GNR were suspicious from the start.

Di said...

How rude of me

Hi all

viv said...

Wiz seriously though do you have a view as to why Michael Wright when back on no less than 6 occasions on one occasion for just one day to pick Katie up?

viv said...

Hello di and forgive my idiocy, just going to have a read of your post


Wizard said...

Di, Gerry says

“Madeleine was lying down on her left hand side ON TOP OF THE COVERS” and if you remember he add to that “in the recovery position”!

Wizard said...

Michael Wrights visits. I think initially it may have been family ties and allegiances. But human nature is human nature and I believe he sniffed out a business opportunity and took it.

viv said...

From the GNR report, first on the scene.

During the search he did not find anything strange apart from the bedclothes on Madeleine’s bed, which were too tidy, it appeared that she had been picked up of had left the bed with great care. There was a mark on the sheet that appeared to be made by a child’s body.

Di says, perhaps that is why Gerry says in his statement, Madeleine was lying down on her left hand side ON TOP OF THE COVERS, he did not bother to cover her up even though we know it was cold! JT says so. Gerry always covers his tracks imo he never says anything without a reason.

Viv says, as ever Di you make some very astute observations. I had picked up he said that but had not got to the reason why, but like you say he does inadvertently drop out what is on his mind or what the evidence is leading to. It was a cold night according to Jane and yet he carried her off just in her PJs this again led me to think she must be alive and much of what they are saying is actually true, "she was taken from her bed". Quite literally she was, but by him. Why bother to put her back when in about half an hour he was going to get her out again!


He found the parents to be nervous and anxious, he did not see any tears from either of them although they produced noises identical to crying. He did not feel that this was an abduction, although this was the line indicated by the father.

No tears but noises, oh and I missed out the part that they were on the floor crying etc., and don't forget Kates bruises!

Viv says, I just do not think beating the walls up and lying on the floor etc making animal noises is what you would have been doing at that moment in time, I believe you would be frantically racing the streets, probably with tears rolling and screaming Maddie, Maddie, but not that! I also agree particularly with a couple of professional doctors that arenaline would also help them to focus and think right time is precious calm down and help the police right now, not filling them full of what you know full well had just happened to her!

Come on!

If that was my child, who I thought had been abducted, I would be giving the police my full co-operation. Not in this case, we have to have the full dramatics.

No wonder the GNR were suspicious from the start.

Viv says, yes incoherent silly stories and no evidence of any breakin whatsoever!

Wizard said...

Its very difficult to act normally when you are covering up the truth and have to remember your script. Very high stakes were in play here and RADA trained actors they ain’t.

Di said...

Hi Wizard

Good point. I really feel there is more to this hence the bedclothes not being disturbed. I feel Gerry had to get his point across, he always does when something is released that he is not happy about.

Several tapas and witnesses said it was cold during that night. If that was my child I would have put her in the covers. I really believe this has got something to do with the GNR statement and Gerry covering his tracks.

viv said...


" I looked down at her and thought how beautiful she is"

What a good marketing ploy, or even worse?

Wizard said...

Di I was watching the dog video again yesterday they paid no interest to Madeline’s bed at all. I think she was never in the bed when she was taken from the appartment.

viv said...


Would you agree that the best liars usually incorporate a lot of the truth into their scenario?

viv said...

But if the Smith sighting is correct Wiz she actually was in her PJs and not covered up in any other way? Do you think the Smiths are lying, given it is the whole family I would find that extraordinary!


Wizard said...

Viv, yes I would hence Gerry adding “in the recovery position”. Dr or no Dr that is a strange thing to say - imo probably the truth.

viv said...

So you both think she was dead right, can you tell me where you think she was, what happened?

viv said...

Most people do sleep in the recovery position for a doctor to use that phrase I would not find particularly odd, if she was dead what position would they have put her in?

Di said...

Hi Viv/Wizard

That is exactly what I think the GNR are getting at, Maddie was never in that bed.

Then we have to consider which bed did she sleep in. Could it have been the bed by the window? but that of course was contaminated by Kate, she slept there after having a row with Gerry, or so we are told as he does not remember this row. Gerry also mentions Maddie slept in his bed when she woke up.

I am throwing everything around at the moment, as I just don't believe anything they say and always take the opposite opinion.

viv said...

What part if any do you think OB had in this?

Wizard said...

If the Smith’s did see Gerry carrying Madeleine it would not surprise me if she was wearing pj’s. She was got ready for bed very early in the evening but not necessarily in bed when whatever happened to her occurred. Plus if the abduction was staged her pj’s would have to be missing to divert suspicion and add weight to the fact that she was abducted whilst sleeping in her bed.

viv said...

Di I cannot just think of a specific for instance but often when I have been on 3 As the comment will go oh that part is missing from the DVD evidence. They just must have forensically analysed that bed, when did the cleaners last come in can you remember? I would imagine that report is missing..

Actually I think the cleaners came in the previous day Wed so would have changed the bed then I suppose. Then they were due in again the following day Friday, that in itself has made me wonder..the day there were no cleaners..I am by no means set on this kidnapping theory I just think it is possible

viv said...

Wiz the blood splatter pattern picture we saw marked up by the PJs on two separate walls looks like the scene of a murder. But it could have been there years, it could be someone having a domestic fight even a bad nose bleed or something.

If Maddie was carried out just in her PJs and looked fine it does not sound like she got violently assaulted. Keela and Eddie marked in that area, so this is why I tend to discount that evidence particularly after reading Grimes stressing Eddie will alert to human blood not not just cadaver odour.

Do you really think it is possible that she could have been dead for two hours to leave cadaver scent in the apt but then be carried out be Gerry looking fine what about her pallor, rigor mortis etc? surely not?

Di said...

Hi Viv

I think it is good to keep an open mind and discuss all possibilities.

I have seen many people on 3A's who have had a hardened line look for new angles and consider new theories, not always pleasantly I must admit!

As my daughter said to me today, it is good to blog it keeps the braincells active, WHAT!!

Apparently it is good for the elderley to blog to stimulate the brain. Well thanks and I love you too :o)

Wizard said...

Viv, with the dog evidence i.e. scenting a corpse - they picked up the scent behind the sofa and at the bottom of the cupboard in the Mc’s bedroom. So what does that tell us. Firstly, the scent can only be given off 2 hours after death. We are told that M was alive at 6pm approximately when she was bathed and got ready for bed. I think for this to make sense M was hid firstly behind the sofa then just before they went out she was moved again to the bottom of the cupboard for better concealment. Gerry later in the evening when he was making his alleged check on the children was in fact moving the body. Therefore M died between 6 and 6.30 that evening. Again if witnesses are to be believed Gerry was playing tennis therefore Kate was the adult with her. When Kate says “I wish we had been with her when she was taken” I think she was telling the truth as this could well mean imo if Gerry had been with Kate at the time whatever happened would probably not have occurred. So if both had been present she wouldn’t have been taken…by God? Imo Kate lost control with a difficult child for a few moments and then a plan was hatched probably by Gerry to conceal the facts.

Di said...


I have to say your theory is very plausible, I myself have always thought it to be a tragic accident.

I remember Kate took a shower, whilst Gerry was playing tennis, how can you take a shower leaving three small children to their own devices. This is when I think something could have happened.

Gerry said when he returned Kate had another shower or words to that effect. Covering for something imo.

Di said...


I have just read my last post and think I have probably been taken in with everything they say.

Has this whole thing been one very clever HOAX!

hope4truth said...


These caring parents and JT who thought that bundle man was a bad parent as his child had no socks on and it was cold..

Yet Gerry could not even be bothered to cover Madeleine over with a blanket...

How stupid do they think we are?

I know how stupid they want us to think they think we are but I dont care they are sick vile evil people who blog at what a victim Leonor is they bloody worship this evil woman...

If I was guilty of something and was trying to cover it up I would not want a single one of them to open their mouths. IMHO if it had not been for all the spin and loud mouthed finger pointing relatives and fluffy pink bloggers this would have been buried long ago.

Ok we would have still had our doubts and never been number one fans but if people are not spinning what is their left to talk about??

Whoever their marketing team or Media prats are I would not hire them on for free with their tactics any busines would be bust in no time...

Then I guess any firm worth it's salt would not touch a couple of child neglecting liars with a barge pole.... Those pictures on Madeleines 4th Birthday should have sent any decent person running to be sick at the realisation they had been had...

Di said...

Hi Hope

Thanks for bringing me back to reality. Those pictures said it all for me.

Off for a while


viv said...

Hiya Wiz

Just playing devil's advocate with that, forgive, and I know you are only saying what I have previously thought might have happened myself!

But as to moving the body from behind the sofa to in the cupboard for better concealment..

We have two doctors who are presumably going to be very forensically aware. So the more they move that body around the more forensic traces it will leave and the more intense cleaning up they must do to remove those traces. I could buy she died in the region of the sofa area and they left the body there. Marley tiles that could be scrubbed etc and near to the patio door to remove the body at some later stage. I can see how something could have happened in that area too, Kate leaving them to go shower, Maddie fell over the back. I think this is one of Goncalo's theories as to what may have taken place. But I cannot see why they would have removed the body to the wardrobe area in their room. If there was any death scent the dogs were picking up on it makes more sense to me the dog was picking up on Kate's clothing that was in there, or picking up on the scent of blood in there that was on something. We know that they can pick up the scent of blood even off clothes that have been washed and blood that may have been there literally years. So far as completely dismissing this evidence what I cannot get my head around is it is just the McCanns stuff the dogs hit on! That does kind of defeat my argument because it is just as likely there is old blood on others clothing as well..womens things especially without getting too personal!

If Gerry carried her off and he was wearing that bundleman outfit and she was dead, how come the dogs did not hit on any of his clothing, this is weird in the extreme! Everyone seems to agree that even if it was Kate that killed her, he was the one who "cleared the mess up".

Then I just keep coming back to Kate wailing we have let her down, repeatedly, was this a contrived remark? Well yes, I suppose it could be. They have clearly wanted to play up their own negligence to say a predator got in there and took Maddie, so shouting this repeatedly would go along with that I suppose. But somehow I just have this picture of her genuinely being quite hysterical, and that is not a natural reaction unless she knew what had happened to Maddie at all IMO. If she was innocent all she would have know at that time was Maddie was missing and Maddie needed her, normal parental behaviour would say she would have just swung into action to try and rescue Maddie, not go hysterical at that point. They have taken her again, there are two ways you could interpret that also, trying to stage an abduction or knowing who could have taken her. I have Kate down as a pretty scheming and intelligent woman and I am just really struggling that she would have deliberately shouted that to stage an abduction, it would have been a pathetic thing to do. I just kind of feel that was an involuntary cry of horror at the finality of what she had allowed to take place. Whether that was taking Maddie's body or taking her alive I am still not sure other than she knew!

viv said...

Di, a clever hoax, well it does seem bizarre but I have to admit when I really think it all through that is just what it looks like to me. The motive money and they know Maddie is OK.

I just believe there are so many indications this was planned and deliberate and ther are so many family members even that are helping them, I am just struggling to believe they would so so if they believe they murdered Maddie.

The other alternative hardly bears thinking about in relation to her being taken alive but again, I do think that is possible also and it kind of fits with the Mcs being so adamant they could get her back, but it is almost more sick than them dumping her corpse.


viv said...

Really good post by Beachy and could not agree more!

Post subject: In Defence of Stuart Prior
New postPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 11:06 pm
Mafia Boss
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As I've posted before, I do not come here for popularity, but for justice for Madeleine.

I was dismayed earlier today when two Portuguese newspapers reported that that cretin Leandro Silva said that "British police" had investigated Goncalo Amaral and he knew Amaral was going to be removed a week before it happened and many people seemed to accept that statement at face value, and moreover to blame the situation on Stuart Prior.

Here, from Correio da Manha and Joana Morais's excellent blogspot, is what Goncalo Amaral himself had to say about that:

“A community of psychopaths.” That is how the former PJ coordinator, Gonçalo Amaral, classifies Leonor Cipriano and her lawyer Aragão Correia, while reacting to the direct accusations that had been made by the defense lawyer at the Court in Faro on Monday.

“That gentleman is not defending Leonor’s interests, but rather those of other persons that are unrelated to this process. He’s on someone’s orders”, Amaral accuses. At the same time he alerts towards the fact that the lawyer has “a strong connection to Método 3”, the detective agency that was paid by the McCann couple to investigate the disappearance of Maddie. Aragão Correia revealed that he knew that the British police had carried out a private investigation on Amaral and even spoke to Leandro. At the time, he was informed that the policeman would be removed from the Maddie case – one week before the fact was made public. Amaral says that 'it wasn’t the police, it was Método 3'”.

I think Dr. Amaral has nailed it. If they were not misquoted, apparently the lovely Leonor has got herself both a boyfriend and a lawyer who are either outright liars or so stupid that they do not know the difference between a group of Spanish-speaking PIs and British policemen. Good. That's exactly what she deserves. Hopefully, her performance in court will continue to enrage the judge and she will wind up serving a sentence for perjury in addition to the 16 years she's already got for Joana's murder.

But I think Stuart Prior and the vast majority of the UK police who worked on this case deserve better than an assumption that they are guilty merely because a lawyer who took money from an outfit working for the McCanns and a man who, at the least, tolerated child abuse and probably much worse under his own roof accused them of spying on/investigating Amaral.

Stuart Prior, let us remember, was the one who, in essence, blew the whistle on the FSS for what he apparently perceived as irregularities in their reports on the DNA analysis. If the fix was in and he was on side with the McCanns, why would he have picked up the phone and shouted at John Lowe? He has many years to go before retirement, and he will inevitably have to deal with the FSS on many more occasions during his career. He cannot have endeared himself to them by what he said to them about this case.

I do not defend the police when I believe their actions are not defensible. I think that the policemen who shot Jean Charles de Menezes should be in prison somewhere this minute. I heard a news report today that a policeman who works near Washington, DC and caused an accident that killed two people and seriously injured 15 others whilst pursuing a motorcyclist at 105 mph on a busy highway with his police car's emergency lights and siren turned off was acquitted by a judge. I consider that an OUTRAGE. But just as firmly as I believe that those policemen were absolutely in the wrong and should be severely punished for what they did, I just as strongly believe that Stuart Prior (and other Leics policemen, for that matter) have done more to try to get justice for Madeleine than the collective lot of us on this forum will ever achieve altogether.

We should beware what we wish for. I should not blame Prior at all if he were to say, "F*ck-all, no one needs this" and wash his hands of the case. If he does, Madeleine will lose someone who truly is trying to find the truth about what happened to her. I would stake my own reputation on it.

Flame away. There are many people here that I have come to care deeply about over past months, but at the end of the day, that's not why I'm here. I am here for justice for Madeleine, the one person in all this who cannot defend herself.

viv said...

I think there may be two reasons they are no longer asking for money from the Fund, one, we can see the article below was one big rip off lie and two the police are on to them!

Any current negotitions ongoing then Clarence for £2M deals that they clearly will not be wasting on looking for little Maddie, what a sick excuse for human you are!

We think this was all one big fund raising con and would really like to know what you did with little Maddie?

Kate and Gerry 'plan £2m film deal' as Madeleine Fund dwindles
Last updated at 09:06 09 January 2008

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Kate and Gerry McCann could make £2million from a film deal over the story of their daughter's disappearance, it has been claimed.

Representatives of the couple have begun negotiations with the world's largest entertainment agency, IMG, over selling the rights to their story.

They hope a lucrative deal would fund the continuing search for Madeleine amid fears that the £1.2million raised from public donations will run out within months.

Scroll down for more...
Madeleine McCann

Missing: Madeleine may become the subject of a film that would raise funds for the McCanns' search

* Fears police are ready to charge McCanns as investigators prepare to re-interview Tapas Nine
* Blood found in McCanns' hire car 'DID come from Madeleine'
* ALLISON PEARSON: What CAN Kate and Gerry be thinking?
* MAIL COMMENT: Madeleine the movie: One step too far

But Gerry McCann was quick to deny the story.

In his latest blog entry on the official Find Madeleine website, he wrote: "We can categorically deny that we are considering a movie about Madeleine's disappearance.

"This is simply untrue. We are approached by a huge number of media outlets regarding a myriad of projects, only a tiny proportion of which we agree to.

"Each proposal is considered on whether it is likely to have a positive effect, either directly or indirectly, on the search for Madeleine.

"There was a preliminary discussion between a production agency and a representative of Kate and I to discuss the possibility of a documentary about the issues we have faced since Madeleine was abducted.

"Clearly Europe is a long way behind the USA in terms of its response when a child goes missing."

Gerry's statement follows warnings that the McCanns would risk a public backlash if they were perceived to be cashing in on the eight-month tragedy.

So far the McCanns, both 39, have turned down offers from big-name chat shows and television dramas as they were anxious to avoid being seen as celebrities.

Scroll down for more...

Kate and Gerry McCann: Negotiating over a film of Madeleine's disappearance

However the flood of donations after Madeleine went missing on May 3 slowed to a trickle when they were named as police suspects in September.

The couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell confirmed that their representatives began talks with IMG last month, and said they would consider only "something done sensitively and considerately".

At the same time, however, Portuguese police are preparing to fly to Britain to oversee fresh interviews with the couple and the group of seven friends who were on holiday with them in Praia da Luz when Madeleine vanished.

Even now, leaks from inside the inquiry have suggested that police believe they have enough evidence to charge the couple, possibly with 'accidental homicide', hiding a body or faking a crime.

A publicist, who asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the high-profile case, said: "It seems extraordinary to be negotiating film rights while they are still suspects in the investigation. It's a huge risk."

The McCanns set up the Find Madeleine fund in May to finance the search for their four-year-old daughter. It has been used to fund a private detective agency, Metodo 3, and to pay their living costs while they both took extended unpaid leave from their jobs as doctors.

But it hit controversy last year when it was revealed that they had used the public donations to pay two £2,000 instalments of the mortgage on their £500,000 house in Rothley, Leicestershire.

The directors of the fund - mostly friends and colleagues of the McCanns - control how the money is used. They are due to meet today and are expected to discuss the film deal proposal.

If the deal goes ahead with IMG, it would involve the same team which made Touching The Void, the award-winning drama-documentary about two British mountaineers' fight for survival in the Peruvian Andes. It interspersed interviews with the mountaineers, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, with a dramatic reconstruction of events, using actors.

A film about the McCanns' search for their daughter could use a similar format, but only if Mr and Mrs McCann were formally cleared as arguidos, official suspects, in the inquiry. While they remain arguidos they are banned from speaking publicly about the events of May 3 and the police investigation.

Scroll down for more...

The company which made Touching the Void, Darlow Smithson Productions, has sent Mr and Mrs McCann a tape to show them how it would treat their story. A spokesman said the firm "had a preliminary meeting with representatives of the McCanns about the possibility of an observational documentary following the ongoing search for Madeleine.

"Discussions are still at a very early stage and the issue of money has never been raised."

Jonathan Dean, of the magazine Total Film, said he believed the movie rights could go for up to £2million. Disgraced banker Nick Leeson earned a reported £450,000 when he sold the rights to his autobiography, Rogue Trader.

Offers to Austrian kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch were said to have topped £1million.

Clarence Mitchell said: "We've not agreed anything, we're not about to sign anything. We like the proposal, we thought it was fair, but there are others."

He added: "It would be commercially naive if we did not ask for a donation to the Madeleine fund. We would be giving up the rights to a lot of money which could help to find her.

"Any money raised that way would go to the fund, which Kate and Gerry do not control. This is not about personal gain for them.

"Madeleine's Fund is spent on investigators and advertising. It's dwindling. The money is going. I would imagine we've got a few months left. It's not going to last the year unless we get more money in."

Mr Mitchell said a book deal was also being considered "at some point down the line". He confirmed reports that one of the directors of the fund, former GMTV presenter Esther McVey, had resigned from the board, but denied it was because of any rift with the McCanns.

He said she wanted to concentrate on her role as a Conservative parliamentary candidate and was also about to start studying for a demanding MBA qualification.

viv said...

about the issues we have faced since Madeleine was abducted.

Gerry McCann 2008

viv said...

Post subject: Re: In Defence of Stuart Prior
New postPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2008 12:27 am
Mafia Boss
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ashbrooke wrote:
If I may add to your comment beachy, sometimes people are most definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I've often wondered what that experience must be like, and hope like many people it won't happen to me.
For Stuart Prior it did, and in life's lottery he was dealt a difficult hand. If he is a strong man with a conscience he will live to tell the tale.
We can be critical of certain individuals and critical of how they conduct themselves, but caught up in this hellish masquerade would we do anything different, would we succumb to the same powers and be afraid to stand up and tell the truth?

Ashbrooke, I do not know Stuart Prior nor anyone else currently working at the Leicestershire constabulary. All I know is what I have been told about them by people I trust.

I do not know exactly what is afoot here, but I do not believe that anyone is stupid enough to call in any UK policeman and give him directions to throw the Madeleine McCann case. There are things that have been done, however, that may have negatively affected the case but that also could be perfectly justified by the authorities.

Example: The decision, which Dr. Amaral mentions in his book, to withdraw the UK police from Portugal after the McCanns were named arguidos. (Though there were, in fact, UK policemen, including Prior, who went back there from time to time afterwards.) Was this done to deprive the PJ of desperately needed help? Or did someone in the Leics constabulary decide that, since the criminals of Leicestershire had doubtless not been obliging enough to stand down whilst members of the force were seconded to Portugal, there was a backlog of work at home, and that the McCanns' having been named arguidos, the dogs having done their work, and the forensics having been sent off for evaluation, the PJ should have been able to take it from there? I cannot say, and I do not think anyone else on here knows the answer to that either. I should not be surprised if even those Leics police who were affected by these orders cannot say for certain what was behind them.

Even with the suspicions I have that the McCanns were, at a minimum, accorded special treatment that might not have been available to ordinary citizens without connections in the same situation, I cannot say that it was the wrong decision to make to withdraw the UK police from Portugal at that time.

I have read everything I can find on the internet that has come from the DVD, and frankly, the biggest gap I see in the investigation is that the PJ themselves did not separate the tapas 9 and interview the hell out of them individually as soon as they realised that important aspects of their stories were not matching up. It is not unusual for investigators to flounder around at the beginning of a case whilst getting the lay of the land, so to speak, but the fact is that this lot were going to be leaving Portugal sooner rather than later, and the window for penetrating interviews with them was beginning to close even as early as 4 May.

It was inevitable, as I've also posted many times before, that if Madeleine's body was not located, this case was only going to be solved by testimony from a witness or a confession. The best chance to make that happen, in my opinion, was in Portugal immediately after Madeleine went missing, when all the tapas 9 were still present. Interview them separately so that they cannot confer with one another before their stories are set in stone. Go over and over and over the facts IN EXCRUCIATING DETAIL again and again and again no matter how long it takes till either (1) you are convinced they have told everything they know, and it is the truth, (2) someone confesses or provides vital information, or (3) they refuse to talk to you any more and you have no means of compelling them to do so.

That could have accounted, in my opinion, for the "nervousness" that Amaral said he observed in Prior. Prior, Chris Eyre and the other Leics policemen on scene may not have felt comfortable with what they were seeing coming out of the interviews, but you are always loathe in that position to try to impose your ideas on somebody else's case, particularly in another country where you don't know the laws. I know if I had been there, my impulse would have been to sit down at an interview table and say, for example, "Okay, Jane, let us cut out the sh*t and talk about what really happened that night. Gerry and Jez Wilkins are not blind. How do you account for the fact that you walked almost within arm's length of them, yet they do not report seeing you?" (I myself might have wound up in jail in Portugal for my aggressiveness, LOL.) That wasn't done that I can see, and I think it was of crucial importance, but at the same time, the PJ was the cognizant investigating authority, not the Leics police, who were there merely to assist.

The PJ, to their credit, sent statements to Lisbon and some inspectors in the DCCB analysed them and used computer programmes to identify inconsistencies. But by the time that information got back to Portimao, the tapas 7 were long gone and no longer available for questioning. Two or three policemen can do the same thing in the middle of the night with copies of statements spread out on a table in a conference room at the local police station, a couple of yellow legal pads and a handful of government-issue pens. It doesn't always point you towards the answer, but sometimes it is a big help. I have done it many times.

Wizard said...

Good Morning,

Having read statements and looked at the evidence in the public domain I now feel the T7 did not have anything to do with Madeleine disappearance. I think they did pervert the course of justice by lying about events on 3rd May but the lies were not to cover up in anyway for the McCanns – their priority was to lie and misdirect to cover their own backs.

Tanners statement regarding Bundleman was imo a blatant lie to cover for O’Brien who was absent at a crucial time in the alleged ‘taking’ of Madeleine. This absence gave him the most opportunity within the T7 to be involved in this crime. Hence to ensure suspicion did not fall on him she lies with a description of man the exact opposite in appearance to O’Brien. She needs then to set a time for this sighting - she know Gerry was talking to Jez as when he returned to the Tapis Bar he announced this in a loud voice. GM also says all was well at just after 9.00pm when he checked on the children, therefore, she says that just after G has left the apartment she sees both Gerry and Jez and also sees a man carrying a child which could well have been Madeleine. This time frame thus diverts attention from a crucial period her partner does not have an alibi.

The rest of the T7 lie because their priority was to cover for themselves. They were aware the checks they made on their children were not adequate and they could face charges and they simply lie to give the impression they were checking more often they than they were. They were aware of how the neglect of their children would look and lie to give the impression they were more diligent than in fact the case. This is the reason their times and movements do not match up and cause confusion.

Would the T7 now own up and give a correct account of their movements on the night of May 3rd? Well no – because initially their fear was they might have been charged with child neglect now their fear must be they could be charged with perverting the course of justice or both. Imo the best for them is to keep their heads down and say nothing.

nancy said...

Hi Viv and everyone -

So many theories:

1. K&G overdosed Maddie and she died after they tried to revive her.

2. Maddie got out of bed to look for them, fell down those steps and had a tragic accident that Kate discovered on her final check.

3. Maddie was climbing on the back of the sofa look out of the window and had a massive fall on the marble floor.

4. Kate or Gerry lost their temper after coming home drunk and had to listen to their upstairs neighbour have a got at them for leaving their children alone and Maddie died.

5. Maddie has been handed over to someone else to look after because Kate can't cope.

6. They didn't make the checks, or at least very few, and an abductor did take Maddie through the open door, (if it was open) not the window - too small and too high and there were no fingerprints other than Kates. I very much doubt that theory though.

7. It is a massive scam - they know she is safe and well and it was all to make lots of money and fame, hence everything went like clockwork.

I'm sure there are more theories, but that's enough for now!

Be back on Monday everyone - friends are coming for the weekend. You can be sure I'll discuss this case!

Have a good weekend!


viv said...

Hiya Wiz

Was that a theory to rule out Kate and Gerry McCann who have swindled the public out of millions of pounds:-)))


True to say there is no definitive theory as to what happened, that is probably locked up in British investigation files/ the other two third of the PJ file that we are not allowed to see!


Wizard said...

Hi Viv,
"Was that a theory to rule out Kate and Gerry McCann who have swindled the public out of millions of pounds:-)))"

Well… no, I must be slow today I don’t understand.

viv said...

Well, yea erm, you know, tut, erm, actually no, well erm, like, tut, we are all thick, nutters on here Wiz:-)))

viv said...

Meanwhile on 3 As, things are as amusing as ever and poor Tony has developed a cough:-)))

Tony Bennett
Post subject: Re: Bennett, Lies and Sacrilege
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viv wrote:
Let me put it another way so that it may aid your understanding, why have all the British agency investigation files been withheld, not just from the general public, but from Kate and Gerry McCann as well?

er, because, as I thought you would have known from your previous legal experience (cough), that is what happens in all criminal investigations in the U.K.

See Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and
Freedom of Information Act 2000, especially Section 30 which states:

30(1) Information held by a public authority is exempt information if it has at any time been held by the authority for the purposes of:-

(a) any investigation which the public authority has a duty to conduct with a view to it being ascertained-

(i) whether a person should be chargeb with an offence, or

(ii) whether a person charged with an offence is guilty of it

(b) any investigation which is conducted by the authority and in the circumstances may lead to a decision by he authority to institute criminal proceedings which the authority has power to conduct..."

...also Section 40 of the same Act...


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Oh dear Tony did you miss these, look before you leap, that will be the day when I need anyone to explain PACE!

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Understudy wrote:
Is it usual, in criminal cases, for the police files to be freely available to "interested parties" if the case is shelved?

Hi Understudy, in UK police investigation files are never available to suspects because that would compromise the ongoing investigation. The only time they can have the files is after they have been charged to prepare their defence and even then they do not get the whole police file, they just get the evidence the police intend to use against them.

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To be honest that is what I found extraordinay about the McCanns application to the High Court last year demanding UK agency files. I think they probably knew they would get the Portuguese files but they wanted the British ones too, that is where they lost!

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There is a complication in this case though.
Considering that it was a Portuguese Investigation, (I say was until it is unarchived), and the UK Police, particularly LP, were merely assisting the Portuguese Investigation, which is what Jacqui Smith has confirmed and the LP have also confirmed, wouldn't any documentation which the UK Police had on the case, be the rightful Property of the Portuguese Authorities ?

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OMG I am not going to answer that =)) =))

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Post subject: Re: Bennett, Lies and Sacrilege
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viv :

Are you disputing that the LP were assisting a Portuguese Investigation ?
If not, try to respond intelligently.
It is a valid query.

hope4truth said...


I am normaly a person to give people the benefit of the doubt... I normaly always see good in people which is why this whole thing has been strange for me...

My thoughts on JT were that she was so worried that no one was taking Madeleines abduction seriously and as a friend she was worried sick so thought by inventing a kidnapper the police may start to do something?

As time has gone on and I have read the statements I am not sure she could have been protecting her husband he would be the obvious suspect as he was missing for so long...

I could never belive that any of the T7 knew anything but as time has gone on something is so obviously wrong I cant belive they think they are all going to get away with it...

It is tragic that something evil happend on a holiday and probebly did not involve anyone but the McCann's now it looks like 7 more lives will be ruined as perverting the course of justice is a very serious offence...


bath theory said...

Imagine if a fraud is proven one day you can just see so many pathetic reporters saying 'of course hindsight is a wonderful thing.'

How many times do you hear that nowadays when you literally say to the television 'codswallop, any two bit no brainer could see that from the start.'

This is an important point because reporters allowed themselves to show unbalanced reports. A clever intelligent person can use words to show that a balance has been taken in a story and too many journalists have either been bought off or been lazy in work.

I think this case clearly highlights how PR has completely taken over our society at all levels. A sad indication but not as sad as the fact that a toddler went missing and a mother refused to answer police questions and further to that she wants us to blindly beleive without question that she is the victim.

Moreover, a sustained bigoted campaign against anyone who wishes to probe and inquire as to why a mother would say wash a child's most treasured toy or perhaps how a father can casually play tennis just days later or wear smiles of joy a week after such terrible news of your oldest IVF child's vanishment.

It will not be hindsight it will be common sense and professional policework that will uncover the full facts one day. One day soon me thinks too.

bath theory said...

House of cards?

bath theory said...

or more likely ... a Villa of cards

viv said...


I am inclined to think that most of the T7 were not involved in what happened to Maddie. The statements we have been allowed to see demonstrate Kate and particularly Gerry were not popular members of the group and did not socialise with them. I think it is fair to see what friends they have emanate from Kate far more so than him. Their odd behaviour where they simply failed to interact with the group in a normal way leads me to conclude they were planning something. The only time they did interact with the group was at night, that again, I am afraid, demonstrates they did not want to be bothered with their children, whereas the rest of the group quite clearly did. Take the last day on the beach where the rest of the group are doing a very normal thing, having beach fun, as a group and with their children.

But the TAPAS group only have themselves to blame for wanting to cover for Kate and Gerry and that quite possibly emanates from their own lax arrangements for child care at night and fear of themselves being locked up. In Portugal from what I can gather they are stricter than UK on this and that was a very real threat. Hence their fears about not going back for the reconstruction, but those fears are compounded by perverting the course of justice, a very serious offence which would get them more time. So I ask myself why have they done that and prevented the recovery of little Maddie by fully assisting the police.

So, unfortunately, it brings me back to maybe some of them actually are involved. I personally think Tanner probably did see someone like Gerry but not at the time she states, it was later when she went to "relieve" Russell.

OB in interview was at great pains to point this out and it again brings suspicion back on himself together with his very clear nervousness in interview.

I am afraid I keep going back to Gerry Payne and OB desperately seeking to cook the timelines together before the PJ arrived and I ask myself why on earth were they doing that , furiously scribbling away on Maddie's book. I also recall OB did a very defensive thing when he went for his initial interview with the PJ, he wanted to hand them a group timeline that had by then been actually carefully typed out among them all. Of course the PJ were most upset by this and said you just cannot produce that, we want your evidence here and your evidence alone.

The waiter says both Gerry and OB were missing at the relevant time for a lengthy period and I do think this holds the key, together of course with the Smiths seeing someone just like Gerry.

Then of course there is the e-fit of another witness describing a man who again looks just like Gerry hanging around that night!

viv said...

Hiya Hopey

The burning question is why would the Tapas 7 ruin not just their own lives but any prospect of getting Maddie back, that is the pressing mystery and why people just cannot stop looking at this case and just hoping for a chink, some detail to emerge, where is little Maddie?

I wish we knew!


Di said...

Hi all


We must not forget all the tapas meeting in the hotel prior to their LP interviews.

I for one would love to know what they discussed, I am sure timelines were high on the agenda.

viv said...

Hiya Di

Well yes, most of them may not have been directly involved at the outset, but they made themselves part of a serious criminal conspiracy and ruined their own lives in the process. As I said above that may well be because getting banged up in a Portuguese jail for child neglect would have had that same effect.

I find it really odd there are so many people on 3 As seeking to insist British Police are just not investigating this case and that does fly in the face of what was said in court copied below, of course they are!

viv said...

By John Hirst
Court 20 Before MRS JUSTICE HOGG Monday, 7 July, 2008 At 10:30 AM IN OPEN COURT FD07P01121 McCann Applications/Summonses in Court as in Chambers IN THE MATTER OF MADELEINE BETH MCCANN

Mr Tim Scott, Q.C., International Family Law Group, acting for Gerry and Kate McCann: Madeleine McCann is a ward of Court. She had her 5th birthday on 12 May 2008. Gerry and Kate are not here as they are on holiday with their twins, Sean and Amelie. Who could deserve a holiday more after a period more traumatic than any family should have to cope with.

Mrs Justice Hogg: I did not expect to see them.

Mr Tim Scott continues: As the world knows, Madeleine was abducted from an apartment at a resort in Praia Da Luz in Portugal on 03 May 2007. No one has ever been arrested or charged in connection with her abduction. Her whereabouts are completely unknown. There is no proof that she is alive, but there is not a scrap of evidence that she is not. After the abduction Gerry and Kate McCann set in motion their own search with professional assistance. A Fund was set up to finance the search and many people, often those who could barely afford it, have given generously to that fund. Simultaneously a massive international police search was launched. Since the McCann family lives in Leicestershire, the Leicestershire Constabulary has been the lead force among UK law enforcement agencies. Gerry and Kate would like, through me, to acknowledge the enormous effort which has been devoted both by the Leicestershire Constabulary and by other law enforcement agencies to the search for Madeleine. They would also like to thank many individual officers for the kindness and concern which they have shown to the family throughout this terrible time. Proceedings were started in this Court by a summons dated 17 May 2007. The sole purpose of the proceedings has been to call upon the extensive powers of the High Court to require assistance to be given in the search for a missing child. It is of course quite routine in the Family Division for such Orders to be made. For example in an appropriate case (though not this one) an Order can be made against a mobile phone company to produce the call record of a phone. It was never the parents’ wish that the proceedings should become adversarial. On 22 May 2007 an Order was made by you in very wide terms requiring any person on whom the Order was served to disclose to the parents’ solicitors any information which might assist in identifying Madeleine’s whereabouts. The Order contained a clause entitling any person served with it to apply to discharge or vary it. Among the bodies on whom the Order was served was the Leicestershire Constabulary, who immediately expressed doubts as to whether the Order was intended to or could properly extend to them. In due course the parents’ solicitors issued a further application seeking clarification of this. On 02 April 2008 you gave directions which were intended to lead to a hearing at which this question would be resolved. This is that hearing. As the preparations for this hearing advanced, it became clear that the Leicestershire Constabulary and other law enforcement agencies, while personally sympathetic to the position of the McCann’s objected on principle to the disclosure of at least the great bulk of the information in their possession. They raised a number of legal arguments relating among other matters to the public interest in maintaining the confidentiality of police investigations. Both the Serious Organised Crimes Agency and the Attorney-General intervened in the proceedings in order to advance their own arguments on issues of public policy. It became clear that if today’s hearing proceeded on a fully contested basis a number of areas of law of great interest to lawyers would have had to be considered. However Gerry and Kate McCann are not lawyers and so far as they were concerned the legal proceedings were moving further and further from the only matter which concerns them: the search for Madeleine. The proceedings were in danger of becoming a distraction from rather than an aid to that single goal. Also there have been two recent developments which have greatly affected Gerry and Kate’s views on these proceedings. The first is that the Leicestershire Constabulary has now agreed to release an important, though limited, part of the information which they have been seeking; I shall come back to that. The second is that, as has been widely publicised, it is expected that Gerry and Kate’s status in Portugal as arguidos or suspects will be lifted soon. When that happens it is hoped and expected that a substantial further amount of information will be released. Since Gerry and Kate have always wanted to work with all law enforcement agencies on a cooperative basis, they decided to withdraw the application against the Leicestershire Constabulary. We therefore come to Court today to ask you to approve an Order which all parties consent to. The first part of the Order recites that the Chief Constable of Leicestershire has agreed to provide by today a document in accordance with Paragraph 50 of the Skeleton Argument which has been presented to the Court on his behalf. That Paragraph is at 34. It says that the Chief Constable is currently preparing a document which will provide the parents with the contact details of persons that have been forwarded to the investigation by the parents or those acting for them. This document will also contain a brief resume of the information that it is believed the person informed the parents or those acting for them that they wished to pass on to the investigation. I said earlier that this is an important but limited amount of the information which Gerry and Kate had hoped to obtain. I would like to explain why it is important. Although the Leicestershire Constabulary were quick to set up a major incident room and to provide a telephone number which anyone with information could call, there was a period of time before this became widely known. During that time Gerry and Kate’s solicitor, Ms Ann Thomas of The International Family Law Group, who sits in front of me, had already been retained. Her firm’s number was publicised and a large number of people called in. All of these callers were given the number which the Leicestershire Constabulary had set up for the purpose. The solicitors thought it right that the police should be receiving it. In fact with few exceptions the solicitors did not even retain any notes on what the callers were saying or even their contact details. So what the Chief Constable is now voluntarily providing is the contact details and a summary of the information provided by a substantial number of people who were among the first to try to help the investigation. It is because these were on the whole people who came forward to volunteer information in the period immediately after the abduction that it is likely that the information which they provided will be most helpful. So on that basis Gerry and Kate McCann are content to withdraw their application for any wider disclosure. Paragraph 4 of the Order provides that the documents in the case shall remain confidential to the Court. This of course is completely normal in wardship. An exception is made to enable the Chief Constable at his discretion to reveal the contents of his evidence and the legal arguments advanced on his behalf. The parents understand that the points of principle which have arisen are of wider interest to law enforcement agencies, and they would not want to restrict proper discussion of those matters which might have a beneficial purpose in future investigations. They are confident that the Chief Constable will exercise his discretion in a responsible way. The search for Madeleine continues. The fund which was established in May 2007 known as “Madeleine’s Fund – Leaving No Stone Unturned” remains closely involved in the search. It always has been and remains Gerry and Kate’s purpose to leave no stone unturned. This was why they asked for the assistance of this Court in the first place, and this is why, in the light of developing circumstances, they now withdraw their application. We hope that you will accept, and will feel able to say that they have behaved completely properly and responsibly at every stage.

Mr James Lewis QC, for the Chief Constable of Leicestershire: We would like you to approve the Order. As the Court heard, any person served with the Order should disclose any information that would help to find Madeleine . We wish to make it clear that the primary aim is to ensure that no stone is left unturned. There must be a balance between the rights of Plaintiffs to have as much information as possible and the risk of compromising the continuing criminal investigation, damaging future international co-operation, and a potential breach of Portuguese law. The parents get information that emanates from them and there is no breach of Portuguese law. The Chief Constable asks the Court to make clear that previous Orders don’t apply. The case is not closed. The Chief Constable wishes to reiterate anyone with information should come forward to the police. The amount of information is 81 pieces of information out of 11,000 pieces of information on the computer system.

Representative of the Attorney General: The Attorney General intervened as Guardian of the public interest and has no further comment to make.

Mrs Justice Hogg: Madeleine went missing on 3 May 2007 just a few days before her 4th birthday, while she was holidaying with her family in the Algarve in Portugal. On 17 May 2007 Madeleine’s parents invoked the jurisdiction of this Court under the Inherent Jurisdiction of the Court, and The Child Abduction and Custody Act, and the Hague Convention. They sought various orders and directions aimed at ascertaining the whereabouts and recovery of Madeleine. I became involved with the proceedings shortly afterwards. On 2 April 2008 Madeleine became a Ward of this Court, and since that date has remained a Ward. At all times jurisdiction was assumed by the Court because, there being no evidence to the contrary, it is presumed Madeleine is alive. She is a British Citizen, and like her parents habitually resident here. The current application was made on 2 April 2008 by the parents seeking disclosure of information and documents from the Chief Constable of Leicestershire to assist them and their own investigations in their search for Madeleine. Such are the complexities of the issues involved other interested parties were invited and joined to the application, and directions given for the hearing today. The parties have reached an accommodation whereby the Chief Constable will provide to Madeleine’s parents contact details of members of the public who had themselves contacted the parents or their solicitors, and which on receipt were immediately passed to the Chief Constable, together with a brief resume of the information given. The parents do not wish to pursue other aspects of the application, and save for the draft consent order being approved by this Court wish to withdraw their application and seek leave to do so. I have no criticism of the parents in making this application. They have behaved responsibly and reasonably throughout. I have considered the documents provided to this Court by the various parties, and have concluded that the agreement reached by the parties is entirely appropriate, and that the parents should be permitted to withdraw the balance of their application. I will make the Order by Consent as sought. In particular paragraph 1 of the Order made on the 22 May 2007 shall be varied with the words: “The terms of this paragraph shall not apply to the Chief Constable of Leicestershire or any other United Kingdom law enforcement agency. And for the avoidance of doubt all the evidence submitted to the Court and the Case Summaries and Skeleton Arguments remain confidential to the Court save that the Chief Constable may use his discretion to disclose his evidence, case summary and skeleton arguments filed in this Court and the Orders of 22 May 2007, 2 April 2008 and this Order. Any other documents and their contents are not to be disclosed to any person or published save in accordance with Orders already made by the Court or further Order of the Court”. It may be noted that neither of the Parents is present today. I let it be known last week that providing their legal team was fully instructed neither parent need be present, and I would not criticise or bear any ill-feeling towards them if they chose to stay away. It was my decision as they have suffered enough, and I wished to ease their burden. I know the police authorities and other official law enforcement agencies in this country, in Portugal and elsewhere have striven and will continue to strive to trace Madeleine. I urge anyone who has any information however small or tenuous to come forward now so that further enquiries can be made. There is, of course, as least one person who knows what has happened to Madeleine, and where she may be found. I ponder about that person: whether that person has a heart and can understand what it must be like for Madeleine to have been torn and secreted from her parents and siblings whom she loves and felt secure with, and whom no doubt misses and grieves for. Whether that person has a conscience or any feeling of guilt, remorse or even cares about the hurt which has been caused to an innocent little girl: whether that person has a faith and belief, and what explanation or justification that person will give to God. I entreat that person whoever and wherever you may be to show mercy and compassion, and come forward now to tell us where Madeleine is to be found. I hope and pray that Madeleine will be found very soon alive and well. I confirm the Wardship and Madeleine will remain a Ward of Court until further Order of the Court. The case will be reserved to myself subject to my availability.

Di said...

Hi Viv

Sorry I have been on Joana Morais reading about Gerry's visit to Portugal. If you have not seen it, worth a read.

I will read the above now.

Di said...

Hi Viv

On first reading the above which I have yet to finish, corrie is calling.

There is no proof she is alive but there is not a scrap of evidence that she is not.

I disagree with this, from every thing we have read there appears to be more evidence that she is not alive, if we are to believe what we read.

LP release an important, though limited, part of the information they have been seeking.

So LP are keeping back more important information, that does sound promising.

K & G have always wanted to work with all law enforcement agencies.

I think Kate should think long and hard about this.

Off now hope to catch up later.

viv said...

sad video someone just posted on 3 As ..it is out of control..all I can do is say I am sorry


viv said...

Hiya Di, it is interesting to read what the McCann's own highly expensive QC says about British investigations isn't it, and of course he is biased to what his clients wanted him to say.
Almost like they are now trying to deny that!

I will go have a look at Joana's have not been there today which is unusual!


viv said...

Hiya Di, well this is complex and having read it once I would like to read it again, after we have been out and eaten and I an not so hungry!

I love the turn of phrase, have some sense gentlemen, do not make fools of the Spanish Police! I think the Metodos only make fools of themselves!

Mr and Mrs McCann you are bad parents, get some counselling, well that is easy enough to digest:-))))

06 February 2009
Maddie and Joana Again? Amongst the Bad Parenthood, the Hazelnuts Liars and the alleged Dog’s Injustice

The second half of January was, as I expected, very interesting.

The Maddie case came back in full force! The Joana case was interrupted by a rocambolesque and, I believe, unprecedented legal event. The Metódo3 showed its teeth. And the Freeport distracted us.

by Dr.Paulo Sargento

The last time I wrote, I recall that Dr Gerry McCann had returned to Portugal for the first time since September 2007, allegedly for, together with one of his attorneys, the illustrious Mr. Rogério Alves, have a reunion with His Excellency the British Ambassador in Lisbon [Alexander Ellis], to know what could still be done to find Madeleine.

The trip indeed happened! Mr. Rogério Alves was, as everyone could see, with Dr Gerry McCann, and to what is known, they met with the Ambassador.

Well, it happened! So why to repeat myself?

As I had previously said and now I reaffirm it: the argument used by Dr Gerry McCann is illogical. By his own words, he assumed he had not still read the whole process (which includes ALL the diligences made), because the process had not yet been fully translated. I repeat the question that intrigues me: How can you want to know what you can still do about anything when it is not known, entirely, all that was done? It makes no sense whatsoever! I reiterate that this escapes any logic.

Now then, what was the purpose of Dr Gerry McCann’s visit? Without anyone asking, it was guaranteed that he did not come to meet with anyone from the government or anyone connected to the government. But, what government? The current one? Well, here is something that can not escape the logic. Nor, contrary to the previous statement, we can affirm (without a pejorative assessment of the awareness of the statement) that it is a lie.

It even makes sense that Dr Gerry McCann has not come to meet with people connected to the ACTUAL government (and I swear that I am not using rhetorical imagery to induce the reading into the Freeport case). However, nothing was said, and in truth, nothing was asked regarding meetings with elements of previous governments or related to them.

Right! Nice trick! In some corridors, with hushed loudness, it has been made possible to pin point someone to the fourth chair of the said meeting: the first name, truly Lusitanian and the surname, clearly Gaul [Gaulês]! And I stop right here.

Do you know why?

Because, from this time on, not even Mendes Bota was able to save the honour of the monastery: the Man who, according with all the polls, would guaranteedly win a City Council was rejected by the Directorate of the Party of which he is an active militant, allegedly for not corresponding to the appropriate profile for that Town Hall (well, at least, from the mouth of the censors, pardon, of the decision makers, did not came a even more ludicrous story, the lack of political experience). Of course I am talking about Gonçalo Amaral.

Besides of cowardly, of shameful and, obviously, manipulated, this act of refusing Gonçalo Amaral candidacy, is the most naive expectation of a ‘currency exchange’ that I have seen in Portuguese politics (besides I only have 43 years old and there are political alliances that are secular).

Meanwhile, in the Joana case, after the confession, pre-announced by the Illustrious lawyer of Madam Leonor Cipriano (I recall the interview with Dr. Marcos Aragão Correia, in the weekly "O Crime" of December 4, 2008), our courts performed one of the strangest scenes unprecedented in the Portuguese memory: the expulsion of a lawyer from the Court chambers for being suspended by the Bar Association, allegedly because of the failure to communicate his change of address.

This event made a flow, desirably for some, of more ink lines in multiple newspapers. Relatively to this, we have yet to understand what really happened. However, the confession of Leonor Cipriano, that Dr. Marcos Aragão Correia referred to have been written by is own hand, but dictated by the lady is, as I had a chance to say, is another point in detriment of Leonor Cipriano herself: it’s another one among nearly a dozen versions, all different.

What can we conclude here? Two things. The first is that Leonor has lost more of her, already diminutive and very doubtful, credibility of testimony. Secondly, calculating the highest common denominator of the various versions, we find a high consistency of one element in the different versions: Joana, who unfortunately, died, or rather was killed, as most of the forensic evidence indicates.

The letter, in addition to have been written by Mr. Marcos Aragão Correia, was not dictated by a person born in the Algarve area, with a very low level of education. Somehow the statement denotes a kind of legal concern, to the level of its content (namely, the legal possibility of the adoption as it is referred and the insistency on details that could, potentially, constitute evidence for the accusation - pants with blood). But as I reiterate, the excessive use of the gerund [verbal noun] and the reversal of possessives and demonstratives add up to an aspect of linguistic expression more usual in Madeira, or with some effort, in some parts of the Alentejo. Who dictated the letter? A person from Madeira? Or, being in Odemira, a person from Alentejo?

Still in the Joana case, following the aforementioned "confession" a new search was encouraged to the place where, allegedly, the body of Joana was buried. But, after several searches, conducted by the lawyer for Leonor Cipriano and family (which family?) it was assumed the impossibility to continue this task due to the deficiency of cinotechnical means [K9 units]. Indeed, this argument deserves some reflection.

Dr. Marcos Aragão Correia says, like many others, that in Portugal there are no dogs trained to detect the cadaverine scent. Nevertheless, some people said the opposite, some time ago. It is, therefore, a debatable issue. But, then, why was a search and rescue dog taken? Here, for sure the theory that those who “don’t have dogs hunts with a cat” is unfounded. So, I repeat, why would there be a need for an ERVD dog that detects the scent of cadavers?

Although I accept that I am completely uninformed regarding the major aspects of the qualities of those animals, I must, however, present some speculative arguments that have emerged in the consequence of the proclaimed affirmation made by Dr. Aragão Correia: “In the Maddie case a dog was brought from England to search for evidences against the parents. Why they don't do it now to find Joana's body?”

Let’s try to reflect upon it.

I would not be surprised and even would agree, absolutely, with Dr. Aragão Correia if the argument of Equalitarian Justice that he pretended to use wasn’t betrayed by its content. Let us see what I want to say, illustrating how I think that the argument should be exposed:

a) “In the Maddie case a dog was brought from England to search for evidences against the parents. Why they don’t do it now to try to get evidences against the mother and uncle of Joana?”, or alternatively,

b) “In the Maddie case a dog was brought from England to try to locate her body. Why they don't do it now to find Joana's body?”

Indeed, if the issues were raised in this way, I would be in complete agreement with the thesis of Dr. Aragão Correia.

Still, we would have, in my modest and, again I repeat, little sustained opinion, a methodological problem: in the case of Maddie, we had precise locations and objects which allowed to draw a methodology that is virtually beyond reproach as to the results observed (the dogs visited several apartments, several cars, smelled different pieces of clothing, BUT, I repeat, BUT there were control and “placebo” devices, if I am allowed to exploit these terms, so it is easier to understand).

In the Joana case, in addition to the search area being much larger and that there are no types of markers, the search should, in my opinion, begin with archaeologists and geologists who would attempt to define areas where signs of intervention not due to natural phenomena existed (ex. erosion of wind or rain in the modification of topographical accidents) and from then on proceed to search with other methods.

I admit that is much more difficult to detect the smell of dead bodies after almost 4 years, than after 2 months. I also admit that it would be much more difficult the discrimination of odours in outdoor areas than inside houses or in clothes dressed recently. I should, therefore conclude the arrival of the friendly and competent dogs (who have 200 positive identifications), in these conditions could constitute a failure.

Actually, allow me one more metaphor: the conditions described for the “monte das figueras”[figs hill] (which, in itself, involves a number of variables, of difficult, or even, virtual impossible control) and after almost 4 years are have gone by since the tragic death of a girl, the probability of the dogs (even though they are competent) to find the corpse of Joana is, certainly lower the likelihood that someone would have to win the Euromillions in 3 consecutive weeks, betting on the same combination key numbers.

However, to whom would help the failure of these dogs?

Exactly! You guessed it! To the defenders of Madeleine McCann abduction theory. Thus, one of the strongest evidences of the death of little Maddie would be attacked and the headlines would be as expected: Dogs who identified cadaver scent in the Maddie case didn’t detect any clues of Joana’s corpse. I admit that the confession of Leonor would likewise not be in ‘good sheets’. But I do not know why, I think that the media, would basically, belittle the image of the friendly dogs, and consequently of the sardines munchers.

Another issue which has come to light, and about which I have spoken [on TVI], concerns the recent news regarding the involvement of Método3 in the subject that I will only designate as Hazelnuts Traitors. This Agency has shown that it has within people who are: LIARS, SWINDLERS and SKILLFUL COINCIDENCE MANAGERS.

For these not to be just empty words, I begin to explain:

a) LIARS! They promised that Maddie would appear by the Christmas of 2007 – IT’S A LIE! They even guaranteed to have identified the kidnapper of Maddie - IT’S A LIE! (If it is true then report it to the authorities, to not be accountable of any crime in that regard, and I’ll give at that time, publicly and humbly my apologies for having said this sentence, but I’ll keep the previous)!

b) SWINDLERS! They take advantage of the work of others. The Hazelnuts had already owners. Copying sites is shameful. Exploiting the work of others is disgraceful.

c) SKILLFUL COINCIDENCE MANAGERS! They stated that while working in the Maddie case, 13 paedophiles have been arrested. Don’t make the Spanish Police a bunch of fools. Have some sense gentlemen.

Let me say that institutions should not be confused with some people who belong to it. Of course, everywhere, there is good and bad. If I am being unfair to the agency Método3, I will apologize publicly after the agency brings to an end its connexion with the acts committed by some of its elements.

To the McCann Couple, I would like to start, exactly, here.

For how long do you intend to keep the link to the agency's Metódo3 in the Find Madeline site? Even after all the information regarding the said agency, it still keeps a privileged spot in the “Investigation” tab at the site where many people still want to help and contribute? For how long?

And the online store? Is to maintain, even losing a real fortune, as we were able to see, in the accounts of the Madeleine Fund? Who manufactures the T-Shirts? And the bracelets?

If it is true that you have no accounts or credit cards on your behalf, how do pay for your travels? And the expenses at the Ocean Club? How do you live without financial liaisons with any bank? And the mortgage of your home?

And the price of the site? In Portugal, a site maintenance costs 50€ per year. When we have no money, we draw our own pages or we ask some solidarity to friends who are competent in that area. To spend a thousand times more is unwise. I am sure that there are thousands of web designers that would help you for free. There are caring people in this world, if they believe that it is for a good cause.

The translations of the process should not be the PRIORITY to be able to know what was done, Dr Gerry McCann? There is STILL enough money in the fund. Please translate the process. It is urgent. It is imperative!

Dr. Kate McCann, we all understand your suffering. I do not want to believe that the idea that you are depressed and obsessively reading for 3 hours a day the process, is an idea of your own. I believe that this is a story of the evil tabloids. Please, sue them because they are giving of you an awful motherly image. A mother of a daughter who has disappeared and who does not rest for more than three hours a day, spending the remaining 19 hours reading. Yes, it could be assumed as worrying and it would translate an emotional disturbance in which the person is, in fact, obsessed and not thinking in anything else, not even in the other children.

And speaking about, the other children.

In the first days after the disappearance of Maddie, where some people weaved considerations to the poor parental quality of the McCanns, I tried to devalue that idea on several occasions, interpreting benignly the various and more carefree parental educational practices of the Anglo-Saxons.

I even conveyed and, today I acknowledge that, stupidly, in the defense of the couple, saying that a culture of greater autonomy and its relationship with the educational development in some countries were in part, the result of parenting practices which promote more autonomy and are less over-protective, saying that the super-protection and affiliation were more common in southern Europe, in particular, and in the Latin people in general.

When I recognize the stupidity of what I said, I must confess that is not in relation of what I said. I stand by it! The stupidity was not to have thought that the educational practices that the McCann demonstrated were predictors of one of the biggest wickedness that I have witnessed against children: to give gifts to the twins, saying that those were sent by Maddie.

Mr and Mrs McCann:

Do not make of Maddie a Santa Claus who gives gifts to the children and that never, I repeat, NEVER, appears or will appear.

Let the twins do the mourning of their sister. You both know she will not appear.

Even if you believe that you had no intervention in the disappearance of your daughter (which I do not believe and I have that right as a citizen), you have been warned that the excessive media attention would increased the likelihood, in the hypothetical case of abduction, that the putative kidnapper would kill the girl. If you do not want to face the grief of Maddie, you have that right and you have your reasons.. But please, let the twins do it.

The girl, unfortunately, will not return. Do not give hope to the little ones because they will not remember her sister. They will not have a memory of Maddie, unless through the pictures and for what is told to them, and unfortunately, for what they will know and understand when they grow up. Do not build false memories through deceiving illusions. Tell the twins that Maddie is a little star [in the sky]. They will know what that means. Until then, do not let any pact to use the twins as a means.

These children live in a strange ambience. “Where is Maddie? Will she be back? And if we are taken to that place?” Children do not think like us. They believe they are stolen by the boogeyman. And what if one has gone already?

Mr and Mrs McCann

I have never made any criticisms to your parental qualities.

However, given what you did with the twins I have to firmly say:


Get some counselling!

See you soon!

Courtesy of Dr. Paulo Sargento

Dr. Paulo Sargento is a Forensic Psychologist and a University Professor