19 Feb 2009



Thanks as ever to Joana Morais!


El Mundo Journalist Arrested for Alleged connections to Drug Traffickers

Nando Garcia, an El Mundo journalist, acknowledged before the judge that he asked drug dealers to borrow him money

(PD)- A judge in Martorell (Barcelona) ordered yesterday the imprisonment - avoidable with a provisional bail of 18,000 Euros - of the El Mundo journalist Nando Garcia, for his connection to a drug trafficking organization.

Nando Garcia gave a statement on the early hours of Friday to Saturday as a suspect for the alleged crimes of fraud, conspiracy and slander. During the questioning, the judge showed him the contents of several emails and telephone calls, which according to various sources imply him in those crimes.

The arrest order was issued at almost four o'clock in the morning. The journalist, who has been suspended from his work and without pay until all the facts are clarified, has to pay 18.000 Euros in the next few hours, to be set free. This is the harshest measure imposed amongst the nine suspects involved for their alleged links with a gang of criminals, which, over last Friday gave statements as suspects.

The session was a marathon. In the early afternoon of the day before yesterday arrived to the court, located in the basement of an apartment block, the lieutenant colonel of the Guardia Civil Alfonso López Rubio.

Lópes Rubio caught on camera

The judge also ordered him into prison, but with a paid bail of 12,000 Euros, he was released. López Rubio tried to escape the cameras, without success, with his brown leather jacket. Security guards prevented the entrance to the building of López Rubio because the judge had not yet arrived. To his misfortune, he had to wait a while on the street.

The judge issued with prison with bail, in addition to a former chief inspector of the National Police Force and a civil guard, and unconditional imprisonment for another of those involved. The remaining four were released, but with charges. *All are being investigated for links with a criminal gang to whom it is attributed the theft of 400 kilos of cocaine in January 2005. The drugs were in a container at the port of Barcelona and under the supervision of the Guardia Civil.

* Read to understand the connections between Metodo 3, Nando Garcia, Marcos Aragão Correia & The McCanns

Madeleine: McCanns' private investigator arrested for cocaine smuggling
The arrest of António Jiménez, one of the private detectives working for the McCanns, showing implications in the disappearance of several hundred kilos of cocaine and corruption of the public civil servants, has served to reinforce the authorities’ suspicions in connection with the agency’s work.

Metodo 3 under investigation in a case of Embezzlement and Money Laundering
Metodo 3, the Catalan detective agency hired by Kate and Gerry McCann to find their daughter Madeleine, is quoted today in a large-scale investigation launched by the Spanish authorities to a half-dozen ministries of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Maddie Case: McCanns had Access to PJ's Secret Investigation
A former detective from the Spanish Agency Método 3 guarantees to have had "access to confidential informations" during the investigation done regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. According to the detective, at the origin of this alleged leak is an element of the Judiciary Police who "is protected" by the Directorship of Faro [the Director is Guilhermino Encarnação].

McCanns: Questions That Need Answers
Why were the Barcelona based Metodo 3 investigators, experts of frauds not of missing persons, allowed to do an uncontrolled investigation in Portugal if it is illegal for private detectives to work on cases which are being investigated by the proper Judicial authorities? Given their antecedents, for previous arrests of Francisco Marco and his mum, and the drug trafficking (400kg Cocaine) arrest of one of their detectives who worked between Malta, Morocco and Spain why were they still allowed to investigate in Portugal?

‘Spanish detectives asked me to arrange for evidence against Gonçalo Amaral
In the book that he is launching this week, Dr Marcos Aragão Correia, the lawyer who defends Leonor in the process in which Joana’s mother accuses five PJ inspectors of having tortured her, reveals how his facet as a medium became important, namely in the discovery of the truth in the Maddie case, allowing «o Crime» to learn about some data, this far kept under secrecy, about the investigations that were carried out by Spanish detective agency Método 3, stressing the highly likely intervention of secret services and satanic sects in the disappearance of the English girl.

Related & Sources

EL Mundo - Un periodista de EL MUNDO reconoce que pidió dinero en préstamo a una fuente informativa

Un periodista de El Mundo reconoce ante el juez que pidió dinero en préstamo a los narcos

El País : Una juez ordena prisión para un teniente coronel por supuesta corrupción

El Periodico de Aragon : Un robo de coca en el 2004 destapó una trama de corrupción policial.

More news in the Spanish press here: Wikio

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Post subject: Re: Important to read : El Mundo Journalist Arrested
New postPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 12:28 am
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to read again & as well : McCanns and Metodo 3: The Spanish Connection?

Today, the Spanish newspaper ‘El Mundo’ published an article that reported on the alleged intervention of detective agency Método 3 in the interception of a paedophile network that shared child pornography files on the internet. What today’s article forgot to mention was that this operation was carried out in mid-December 2008, when the Spanish police decided to act upon several investigations that had been ongoing throughout the year, namely operations "Malkone" and "Lolita E-10yo". The article also forgets to mention that Método 3 is no longer employed by the McCanns, after failing to bring Madeleine McCann home for Christmas. The journalist who signs the article, Nando Garcia, has contacted this blog in the past, offering ‘privileged’ information in exchange for background data on the Madeleine case.

there's more...

wish you all good night, morning or afternoon[depending on your time zone :D ]


nancy said...

I smell a few large rats here Viv!

Brian Kennedy's connection with the Metodo 3 bears close scrutiny and why he advised the McCanns to hire them to find Maddie.

I think there is a lot more to his connection with them than meets the eye!


Wizard said...

No wonder Metedo3 were so keen on international paedophile rings. An opportunity to travel in North African countries and do a bit of business!

viv said...

Hi Both

The anti just keep getting upped!

Drugs fund terrorism. I always had a feeling there was so much more to this case, hence all the different British agencies involved and the "shelving" of the case by the Portuguese. An agreement I feel to leave the British to just carry on leading the investigation on many fronts. I have no doubt Portugal, Spain, Holland, Morocco may well all be involved and no doubt more too. Gerry has had a lot of involvement in the US and clearly many of his "bloggers" originate from there, then there are Canadians and Australians. If anyone is wondering why this case is taking such a long time to bring charges, then they really should not wonder any longer.

But the fundamental issue in all of this, where is little Maddie and what on earth did her parents do with her and just what are they involved in. How does Brian Kennedy seek to top up his business empire? You could speculate about this case in a pretty mammoth way but it seems to be truly international and it seems to involve the whole gamut of very serious international crime.

Developments keenly awaited but I still think given our gov are now starting to allow some FOI requests to at least get a partial answer things are happening.

I certainly felt the activities of a certain retired lawyer were very silly and well what a daft dabbler!


viv said...

By the way, what do you think about Jacqui Smith claiming £116,000 per year expenses on her family home?

Don't know whether you saw the news last night but me and mom were giving her a right going over:-))

She lives in a property in London in between two and four nights a week according to neighbours that belongs to her sister (I think or some relative) and she pays market rent, apparently. Meanwhile back in Redditch her husband and children live in the family home which is what she is claiming for on the basis her main residence is in London, so she can claim for this as her second home! But the neighbour who says she only stays in London 2 nights a week shopped her!

I do not know what her salary is but would hazard about £150,000 plus perks plus this £115,00. What family home costs £2000 per week to run? Just the £115,000 alone is about four times the average wage. I just think it is an absolute disgrace, when you hear of families living in poverty on Income Support, children who have to live on chips and beans. What does her husband do for a living, it is not hard to imagine this family must be sponging the state to a massive extent and coining thousands of pounds a week, I bet her children do OK!

It certainly does not say a lot for her integrity when she quotes the stock phrase, I have not broken any "rules". This parliament gravy train and labour being just as bad as the tories really makes me sick! Hard up families do a bit of benefit fraud and get fined, given community service or even prison, but you have the Home Secretary ripping off another £2000 per week, it sounds a lot like white collar theft to me..but they put a better label on it. She does not need to steal either, does she?

Wizard said...

Viv -Richard Timney is the husband – Smith uses her maiden name. Timney gave up his job as a civil engineer to look after their 2 children – a house husband. Well he doesn’t have to work with the wife’s salary not to mention the lucrative perks! I’ve always thought if you like the sound of your own voice politics is a very lucrative job – power and perks.

Wizard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
viv said...

Thanks Wiz, so hubby is one very expensive au pair:-))) I suppose with a wife who can coin in like that, as you say, why bother!

I looked at it on BBC on web earlier and the pic of her, she just has that guilty kind of oh you got me look:-)))

She does not seem overly bright for that job either, or is it that a wrong impression I have? No Harriet Harman..Mind you a lot of the responsibilities have been taken from her to what the old job used to be, in fact I sometimes struggle to wonder what she is responsible for these days??

Wizard said...

Viv, most politicians are self serving windbags. My confidence in their intelligence and ability went to zero when a couple of years back I saw Edwina Curry in “Hell’s kitchen”. She couldn’t follow simple instructions and started to panic over boiling an egg. This woman was in the cabinet!
I think the country runs relatively smoothly because it’s senior unelected civil servants that advise and make the decisions and politicians take the credit if things go well. So much for democracy!

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

I used to love that programme Yes Minister with the scheming and clever civil servants, it is so true! But leaves us in no doubt we are paying a fortune in tax payer's money for some pretty useless windbags that just become the figurhead of a department that they have no specific knowledge or skills, more often than not, to deal with. Where in Industry or any for profit sector could someone get such a massive salary package for pretty much not knowing what they are doing, it is a bit of a joke!

I know it is customary for me to defend Brown but this choice, there have been so many problems with this lady..and Mandy the Manipulator, did he really need him back, and what does that say? I do not follow politics like I used to because I find it quite depressing but I can see enough, not that I would vote for the other side!

viv said...

I actually think the Baby P case starts to look increasingly like Ed Balls wanting to conduct a witchunt because he can score political points out of the death of a baby.

I read the GMC just suspended the GP for 18 months, the same as the paedatrician who failed to diagnose a broken back, I think he should have got a permanent strike. But from what I read I could not really see what the GP did wrong. He was not happy with visible injury to Baby P and twice referred him to specialists, so what did he do wrong?

I understand and certainly accept Shoesmith getting the sack though. She was playing the victim mentality on BBC saying she contemplad suicide, looking at that tough facade, I really do not think so. She also came up with some more McCannisms, well say someone got stabbed tonight, not that I am wishing they would, but would you expect the commander to resign? She was challenged by the interviewer really well, i.e. how is that comparable to your department having 60 reports of a baby being systematically abused and failing to do anything to stop that? Some people will protest, no matter how bad it sounds..it is all well within the bounds of reasonable and responsible conduct, just ask Gerry or Shoesmith..peas out of the pod!

viv said...

Maybe the GP delayed in some way the baby being referred, Shoesmith also said well there were signs yes but not sufficient to pass the threshold for care proceedings, I mean we did not know there was a man hiding in the wardrobe, these people are clever! Extraordinary and there are many other procedures that can be undertaken rather than commencing care proceedings that was such a disingenuous remark because had they checked properly clearly would have passed the criteria. What they generally do is say to the parents we want you to sign this, we are placing your child in temporary foster care so that we can assess and if you don't sign it we will just get an emergency protection order. What she was wanting to cover was her staff were just not doing their job. Social workers have to be tough to save children!

nancy said...

Good morning everyone -

Just to add to the political debate -

What about these self serving politicians who bang on about how wonderful our state schools are but as soon as their children reach school age send them to very respectable public schools. Harriet Harman and Tony Blair were both guilty of doing that.

The parasite Jacqui Smith came up with the usual excuse - she is not doing anything wrong, but then you only have to listen to politicians to know they can worm their way out of anything.

We now have Tony Blair being paid a fortune despite his infamous interference, along with George Bush, in Iraq - of course weapons of mass destruction, which never existed, was there excuse.He and Cherie, who is earning a fortune as a barrister and other personal appearances, articles, etc in her own right are laughing all the way to the bank, while much of the rest of Britain, who voted him in, are desperately trying to find money for the mortgages and every day expenses.

Just how do these trough snufflers sleep at night!

Wizard said...

Viv, as I mentioned before I live in the same London Borough as Baby P. Unfortunately it is not just Shoesmith who was out of touch - it is across the board. This council makes crass decisions in all departments that adversely affect people’s lives but usually no one dies and it goes unnoticed to a wider audience. Thus the scandalous strategies employed go unnoticed. I often wonder whether the council actively seek poor performing staff at recruitment level or whether people when employed by them drop their standards to fit in as otherwise they have to leave. It is amazing what they can get away with before anyone takes notice.

I think the McCanns employ a similar strategy with scandalous claims that have little bearing in reality. But as we see they have got away with it – well so far anyway. They operate like my council on the fact that most people cannot be bothered to take things further when hurdles are place in front of them and eventually drop their concerns. Unfortunately for the Mc’s there is still a body of opinion that will keep this case alive and hopefully justice will eventually be done.

Wizard said...

Well Nancy with the politicians you mention its. “Do as I say and not what I do”!

viv said...

Hi Nancy

I am struggling to criticise about the choice to have children privately educated if you can afford it. If people have money to pay I would be a hypocrite if I said they should not because everyone wants the best for their children that they can afford to give. Additionally there may be an argument that frees up state resources in not having to provide for those children. Of course I know the counter argument, the private sector gets the best teachers. I think if I could have afforded to have my children privately educated I probably would have done, because the state schools were so poor. Of course if private schools in UK were got rid of altogether in UK that probably would drive up standards..
Private schools do perpetuate the notion of giving just a few privileged children a much better start in life and there is something inherently wrong in that. A difficult one!

Wiz, I had not noticed it is your actual London Borough, sorry!

I think there is an issue generally about the sort of people who get selected to be managers. Certainly, in my own experience in the Probation Service, it was not the best probation officers. It was those who lacked empathy and were self serving who got promoted. Decent probation officers do not want to be managers and become part of the system they just want to do the job. I have met characters exactly like Shoesmith in the Service. Somehow there needs to be a less managerialist culture and a more caring one, where you do not have people there just because they like power and money. They are prepared to bend managerialist rules, budgets, strategies and just try and provide a good service, whether that is to offenders and the public or to little children. If you have a whole authority permeated with such people, it is bound to spell disaster.

viv said...

I would just add the London Probation Service is is just as much of a mess as the Social Services. Part of it I suppose is expecting people who often have a couple of degrees work for rather low salaries in London, in other words, pretty poor! What can you buy in London on a salary of about £30,000?!

Wizard said...

What can you buy in London on a salary of £30,000 pa. Property wise nothing. I was reading that the house next door to the Mcs was up for sale, it looks quite nice selling at £450K approximately. In London that sort of money would pay for a small 2 bedroom terrace house and in not one of the nicest areas. I suppose it is all location unfortunately as you point out the salaries in London do not always match property prices but everyone has to live somewhere. I’ve seen a property similar to the one mentioned above up for sale locally - price £1.8M . Well I doubt I will be running round to put in an offer.

Wizard said...

I’ve been looking at statements from Fiona Payne and Rachel Mampilly they both say that on the evening of 3rd May at the Tapis bar Kate tells them that Madeleine had been crying the night before and she highlights the fact that the patio doors were left unlocked and she expresses concern about this.

Is it just me - it’s seems so obvious what she’s doing it’s almost embarrassing – subtlety isn’t her middle name! She is setting the scene for the plausibility of an abduction. I.e. a crying child would attract a passer by, plus of course they left the doors open to allow easy entry for an abductor. Staging prior to the 10.00pm alarm - in my mind there is not much doubt why she was telling anyone who cared to listen this.

hope4truth said...



Your comment "Just how do these trough snufflers sleep at night!"

What a wonderful expresion I cant wait to use it in the future I have been LOL for ages xxxx

nancy said...

Hi Hope -

Glad that gave you a laugh!! I can't take credit though because I saw it posted by someone else and adopted it myself!


nancy said...

Viv -

If I had the money (these days) with questionable state education and MRSA in our hospitals plus long waiting lists, if I had young children and the money I would definitely opt for the private sector.

However, the Labour party has always advocated using state schools and the NHS and, as I said earlier,they go on about how we should all have faith in them when going the rounds before elections, and then the couple I mentioned (Harman and Blair), who were the only ones as far as I remember, did the exact opposite for their own families which doesn't really give the public much confidence at the end of the day.

Is there really an honest politician I wonder, or do you have to be a bit Gerry McCannish to qualify?


hope4truth said...

Hey Nancy

Nothing wrong with a little plagiarism now and then lol xxx

nancy said...

Wizard -

I've just been reading on the 3A's about Fiona's Statement and as you say Kate had told her she had left the patio doors open and Gerry said it would be alright.

So if they left the patio doors open why did they insist the window blinds had been broken and that the abductor had gone in that way?

It should be obvious to everyone that any abductor would have tried the door first before climbing into a relatively small window!!

So many of their statements contradict each other; could it be that they are trying to confuse anyone trying to sort out the whole sorry mess?

It's also on the 3A's that in Payne's statement he says that Madeleine went missing much earlier - about 9.20pm, which is an hour earlier than the rest of them say.

Here we go again then!!

Wizard said...


“So if they left the patio doors open why did they insist the window blinds had been broken and that the abductor had gone in that way?”

Well possible 3 reasons - forced shutters/window etc looks like a break in whereas walking through an open door doesn’t leave any evidence. Tampered or forced windows add credence to an outside predator. Secondly, they were saying they could see the patio window from the Tapas bar so if a perpetrator got in that way it places them on the wrong foot. Thirdly the unscheduled meeting of Gerry and Wilkins throws a spanner in the works, GM never had the opportunity to tamper with the windows and hey who knows perhaps Tanner was meant to say she saw someone along the top of the road and it wouldn’t have been possible for an abductor to come from the patio windows because Gerry was standing there talking to Wilkins.

nancy said...

I've just been reading Joana Morais and a post from the Portugal News regarding a hotline number being used in parts of Europe - 1160000.

The EC has argued that implementing 116000 everywhere in Europe would make search campaigns and international cooperation easier and more effective.

Hotlines would be able to act in a more coordinated way to resolve border disappearance of children.

Despite the well publicised disappearance of British toddler, Madeleine McCann, in May 2007, the UK has yet to initiate any move to have the hotline introduced there.

I suppose this is something along the lines of the Amber Alert which I believe is still on the shelf.

While backing anything that would help to save vulnerable children, it is a sad fact that more children are killed by their parents than by kidnapping.

viv said...

Hi Wiz, Hope and Nancy x

Wiz, well yes impossible London house prices. I think it is very interesting the house next door to the Mcs is up for sale and I would love to know the reasons why. Given it is empty and the price is very low the obvious assumption is it has been repossessed. I think the last price I saw for it was only £425 which is low even though prices have dropped. A year ago the price being quoted for the Mcs house was around £525. They have not dropped by that much!

I will try and have a look and see if I can get some comparable prices but that does seem very low to me. I wonder if one of us dare be cheeky enough to pose as a buyer because when purchasing property before I have never been shy to ask is it repossessed and you will generally get a frank answer. I got a flat for my son in this way. It would be interesting to speculate maybe they just cannot hack living by the Mcs, know they will be charged and got out before their house suffers an even bigger devaluation or before the press deluge? After all if you buy a nice house like that in a small Leics suburb/village it is not because you want hordes of people around is it!

Just going to read rest.


viv said...

Wiz, maybe Fiona and Rachel are telling the truth when they say Kate was setting the scene in that way for an abduction, Maddie was crying the night before and telling the door is left open as well. Even so I just do not know how Fiona could say that so frankly to the police, because any normal person would have said to kate, what the heck do you mean she woke up crying last night and you are leaving her again and the door open, you must be stark staring mad! Putting yourself in that position, I would have thought that could have led to a major row at the dinner table! But Rachel as we know, was ringing her mate at the BBC without even troubling to go and see Kate and Gerry! I keep coming back to why would they keep insisting the crying was the night before, rather than admitting when it actually happened. I know, it was obvious from seeing Kate on TV she is trying to suggest an abductor could have been in the apt the night before and Maddie woke up and disturbed him but it still does not quite explain why they changed the night. I wonder if it is something to do with who was on baby sitting duties the night the crying actually took place, because I am beginning to think the children were not really left alone at all, but Maddie was left exposed..

viv said...

Hope, I think we could all adopt that one:

"Just how do these trough snufflers sleep at night"

It is a good un! Thanks for that Nancy !


viv said...

Hiya Nancy yes

Sadly the major time when Amber Alert is useful is due to parental abduction. Stranger abduction is still a very rare event. The really serious danger to children is from parents and next to that friends and other family members who are able to acccess the child. The sort of abduction the McCanns are trying to allege is almost unheard of! Strangers only need to hang around on the street looking for a child to grab and this is what they do, with far less risk of being caught than burgling a home!


viv said...

There is quite an interesting debate on 3 As, on a thread started by Tony Bennett about a leaflet he has but you can only have it if you email him!

Clarence was seconded by the Foreign Office for just 25 days apparently in May and then did all this work whilst still in his government post, prior to immediately going to work full time for Kate and Gerry when they became arguidos. Very odd! It seems like he fell flat on his face in being a pretty disloyal government employee because the post he had with Kennedy he clearly lost that too, seems like no one really wants him, other than Kate and Gerry McCann and that is a sure route to prison. Well done Clarence!!

Info office to monitor blogs

* Track this topic
* Print story

Will brief UK.gov on major online debates

By Kablenet • Get more from this author

Posted in Public Sector, 21st August 2007 09:07 GMT

Free whitepaper – Email as part of a business continuity strategy

The Central Office of Information is developing a media briefings service to inform government about major online debates.

The COI's Media Monitoring Unit (MMU) is working on an online monitoring product to track public debates from blogs.

It aims to highlight those that generate significant debate on government policy and send them out in the form of an MMU online campaigns briefing to government departments.

The move reflects concerns within departments that government is largely ignorant of much of the debate taking place online.

MMU director Clarence Mitchell said: "Clients have told us that campaigning and debating are taking place online to such a degree that there's a whole new medium out there. They don't want to be blindsided by material appearing from the web out of the blue in the external media, so the online monitoring product we've been working on over the last year is really going to help."

It has been working with internet intelligence company 23 Ltd, which uses software to trawl the web electronically searching for blogs that are generating significant public debate. Blogs that generate a significant number of threads and posts register on the system. Human analysis then takes place to consider issues such as how many positive and negative comments have been posted.

Mitchell told GC News: "What we're trying to do is provide a service on a more organised and widespread basis.

"If we get five or six departments to contribute via their regular subscriptions to the MMU service, then we'll be able to launch it."

About 100 blogs could be monitored in the first phase, and these will largely be specified by individual departments. Mitchell said he hoped the briefings would eventually become a daily alerts service.

Several trials have already taken place, including one directed at the "silver surfer" community, and another at debate generated from counter terrorism measures.

"We looked at an online debate among pensioners in a recent budget. The debate looked at how the budget impinged on pensioners, their council tax payments, winter fuel allowances, and so on," said Mitchell.

The MMU is also digitising its equipment to capture incoming media. This will allow it to replace a lot of VHS and DVD recording and enable faster searching and distribution of media to government officials.

It is also at an early stage in developing an electronic cuttings service to complement its regional newspaper monitoring service. This, however, has some way to go, said Mitchell, as the COI's Government News Network regional managers are concerned that such a service could jeopardise the income they gain from print cuttings.

This article was originally published at Kablenet.

viv said...

Anyway Clarence, if you are doing a bit of media monitoring, waves xxxxx

I will keep posting on 3 As too, just to keep you happy xxx