16 Feb 2009


Marcos Aragão Correia, a lawyer who doubles as a medium and what he ultimately admitted to be the most repugnant "dream and vision" about Maddie being, kidnapped, raped, murdered and flung in the Damn of Arade. With M3 in tow, he dredged that Damn. Around the same time M3 rush to harass the parents of Mari Luz, genuinely done to death by a local sexual predator but of course they thought it would be good to make a further link to the Maddie case, nice people!

The McCanns, heartbroken, clearly, over the loss of little Madeleine, so heartbroken they and their "financial backer" Brian Kennedy, instruct Metodo 3 to find her...


Thanks, as ever Joana for real news on this case, and I look forward to further details about this and continuing hot water for the McCanns and their "private detectives"

Viv xx

Special SIC
Agency of detectives who sought Maddie lawyer recruited to "burn" where Gonçalo Amaral Joana Cipriano
15.02.2009 - 15h23 PUBLIC
The Spanish detective agency Método 3, hired by the McCann couple to find their daughter Madeleine, appointing a lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia - linked to cases of disappearance of Madeleine, and later that of Joana Cipriano - so that it could Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the PJ of Portimão, is the main focus of the case which accused him of failure to report acts of torture during interrogation to Leonor Cipriano.

This story, revealed today in a special information from the SIC, written by journalist Pedro Coelho, explains the links between the people who gravitate around the disappearance of two children.

Joana Cipriano, a girl of eight years who disappeared from his village in 2004 and whose body was never found, eventually result in arrest and sentencing to 16 years in prison for his mother, Leonor Cipriano, for murder and concealment of corpse.

In February 2005 Leonor Cipriano was the headlines of newspapers, after the "Express" has published photos with bruises on his face.

After this episode, the detective Goncalo Amaral and four members of the PJ in Faro, was accused by prosecutors of failure to report acts of torture committed by other investigators during interrogations the mother of Joana.

Leonor Cipriano was supported throughout the process of investigation by the lawyer João Grade dos Santos, but "on the eve of the start of the trial, the client waived the attorney's services", moves the CIS.

Years later, after the disappearance of little Madeleine McCain, 3 May 2007, comes into the scene of detective agency Método 3, which then tried to recruit a lawyer for Leonor Cipriano, João dos Santos Grade, explaining it to your help would be very useful to their research, given the similarities between both cases.

At that time, the Method 3 was very available, even stated that "money for expenses not problem" and pulled to the theme Baila "Gonçalo Amaral." Only months later, after having already refused to work for the Spanish agency, which is realized that the Method 3 had an "agenda".

This "agenda" was, according to SIC, get a lawyer to bring Gonçalo Amaral "out of combat", since in both cases, the detective seemed to want the same: the guilt of their parents.

Given the refusal of John Grade dos Santos, the Method 3 addressed another lawyer - the young Marcos Aragão Correia, who came to participate in the search for Madeleine as a medium and are subsequently involved in investigations related to the case Joana, ultimately accept defend Leonor cipriano trial against the five inspectors from Faro.

"The detectives of [Method 3] came to me and told me - we are very concerned because there is an element common to both cases - Gonçalo Amaral - who is not interested in looking for children, is only interested in the blame parents. Maddie was the case and also for Jane, "said Aragon Correia, cited by SIC.

The young lawyer immediately accepted the proposal of the Spanish Agency to do what John Grade dos Santos had refused to do: "I was angry - remember - I thought Mr. Gonçalo Amaral had a hidden interest in systematically blame the mothers with no evidence against them ".

It was after a visit to the chain of Leonor Cipriano who Odemira Aragão Correia became the defender of Leonor Cipriano. "I was asked to Leonor. He told me that no one had ever defended well. After much reflection decided to accept, and report to Dr. John Grade dos Santos Leonor's decision, "advances the SIC, citing the cause list.

As Marcos Aragão Correia took over the defense of Leonor, the proceedings on the trial of Faro against the five PJ inspectors, has a turnaround. "The greatest nightmare of Gonçalo Amaral was I entered the case," stressed Aragão Correia.

Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, former inspector of the PJ and one of five defendants in Faro, Marcos Aragão Correia accuses of having tried to make a "deal" with the defendants, wrote to CIS. "And that thing was: all the accused Gonçalo Amaral do I do with that Leonor Cipriano say that you have nothing to do with this," he explained.

Marcos Aragão Correia, heard by journalist Pedro Coelho, not deny the existence of the agreement, but explained that it is related to "a bubble of one of the defendants." "This defendant sent an email to a friend of mine pointed out where the blame for Gonçalo Amaral", denouncing the lawyer.

Shield with a "contract of secrecy" that connects to Method 3, Marcos Aragão Correia has not given more details of the team report, but added: "If I am taking advantage of a party, it is clear that this part is giving me moral support. "

Either Method 3 or the spokesman of the McCann couple, contacted by the SIC, refused to testify.

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Comment 16.02.2009 - 01h59 - Silva, Maia
For me I am willing to finance the movie below and I believe will be the largest bluckbuster century, because I know that this is what the Macann want. Obscados live by money.
Comment 16.02.2009 - 00h09 - Tomas de Torquemada, Grunholândia
Already said the Anthony Vieira - "When you see the heart instead of the eyes, even the black crow is white." The dogs falharam.Pelos never seen until today failed in Portugal. Should be the third secret of Fatima. If a kidnapped girl, then there are three bodies in the crime. The Maddie's, the dead person's residence and the person carried in the car rental. On the genetic material, there is much to say, since the girl may be the daughter of a donor of sperm, as the press reported, by the time too long with the laboratory presented the results and would have had the freedom to present the values they found. More a secret, as Kenedys the Olof Palmes, etc.. Tomorrow, I am not surprised to read a report where nuclear energy is the savior of the planet, completely clean, without global warming and where we have to destroy the dams, the wind generators, solar panels, photovoltaic and where pregnant women and Children can enter into new power plants, something prohibited by the rules of safety, but should know. I do not understand, because with less evidence, there are so many people arrested ...
Comment 16.02.2009 - 00:02 am - John, almansil
Goncalo Amaral that still goes to the most xilindro their fellow cops. and is very well done.
Comment 16.02.2009 - 00:02 am - Ui, ui
The church is right. saw so many pages to the news that it would Adérito marry Amaral. Young feiínho more!
Comment 15.02.2009 - 23h54 - Adérito, Aveiro, Portugal
I would like to see this adevogado be admitted to hospital in a shout that is Napoleon. And now there be another with the same mania. After a night locked in a cell, left the hospital earlier that shouting was Napoleon. And then went to the Aragon was the wail that Josefina


viv said...

Some Portuguese posters giving a lot of comment on this on 3 Arguidos, which is helpful as we cannot understand the lingo!


viv said...

Luz: The poor man perspires "like a pig" outside of the court (I don't know if it's anphetamines or cocaine), and he doesn't look very healthy.

Ah, Luz another explanation for the wide-eyed wild look, given these substances dilate the pupils, and there was me thinking he is just mad =)) Of course these substances can also produce psychosis and paranoia, some particularly unpleasant "dreams and visions" and a real need for loads of cash, dear the man needs help ;)

I am sure Mr Jiminez would have been a very helpful little supplier of coke, until he got banged up, maybe that left the unfortunate Mr Correia, quite desperate..

Luz is a very helpful and intelligent source of information and I do not think she would have said this just to be a gossip..

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

I believe that GM’s recent visit to Portugal and Kate’s imminent trips will be tied very closely to seeing their solicitors over the dodgy dealings in today’s thread. As usual the spin the McCanns give for these trips i.e. searching for Madeleine is only secondary to their usual activities - looking after number one.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

You may well be right. Continuing revelations of this nature are obviously extremely bad news for Kate and Gerry McCann. I recall certain "Pro McCann" supporters were wishing to insist to me, that the solicitor they went to see is not a criminal lawyer. I cannot clearly establish this, but producing good vibes for Team McCann is obviously a major issue that concerns Gerry and always has done.

People have flagged up the idea of the McCanns taking out an injunction to try and stop this documentary being aired. I am sure that if that happened the lawyer would have advised that was not possible and if they had tried to do such a thing it would have created even more bad publicity for them in seeking to close down reasonable debate about the operatives that they claimed were so good "operationally".

I just do not believe there is any way that law enforcement can ignore the clear attempts here to pervert the course of justice. This is going to just keep running and it is clearly not nice for Kate and Gerry, but great news for us!



viv said...

From The Sunday Times
February 10, 2008
"Madeleine McCann and Metodo 3: Private eyes, public lies"

Respect to The Times who were giving us the truth a full year ago. There are many subtle hints in this clever report, even down to mentioning Marco's piled up works of art, so favoured by money launderers!

In this article Clarence Mitchell says:

Mitchell says the decision to hire M-3 on a six-month contract from September was taken “collectively” by Gerry McCann, and the family’s lawyers and backers, on the grounds that the agency had the manpower, profile and resources to work in several countries. “You can argue now whether it was the right decision or not,” he says, referring to widespread reports that M-3 will find its contract terminated in March – if it hasn’t been already – and not just because the Find Madeleine Fund is dwindling. “But operationally Metodo 3 are good on the ground,” he insists.

hope4truth said...

Kate once again looks so carefree and happy in the above picture I can understand putting on a brave face for the Twins but she is positivley radiant with joy once again....

When my Husbands Mother died just over 10 years ago he was devestated and I was very sad the girls were 2 and 4 at the time and we tried so hard to carry on as normal and not let our emotions frighten them... For a good few months though I dont think he could have looked as happy as Kate did and it was a long time before things returned to normal and even now there are times when he misses her....

This is a Mother who belives her child is in the hands of a Peadophile ring exactly what do they think that means???

As for the lawyer they have tried so hard to make GA look bad and their scummy friends all worship Leonor so maybe they see child abuse and murder as something to celebrate personaly I find it sickening that they are still alowed to spin themselves as the victims of their own crime whilst Madeleine is just their marketing ploy...

What ever is going on it does nothing to put children at the top of the concern list...

viv said...

Note the dishonest comment there from Mitchell in February 2008,

"the fund is dwindling"

as we now know at that stage they had best part of a million pounds, god knows how much more since and of the almost £2M they had collected by that stage, just 13% had been spent on this bunch of criminal manipulators, chosen by Gerry McCann.

What a rotten liar you are Clarence Mitchell, just a paid liar, what a job eh!

viv said...

Morning Hope

It certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth that all Kate and Gerry's supporters have wanted to do is tell us that all parents who have children go missing are completely innocent, it does not matter what the police say, they are just liars.

Anti Police, Anti Justice and above all Anti Children.

When do they ever trouble to remind us that 95% of children who go missing, do so becaue of the parents or their friends and relatives. Exactly what this case is all about and exactly what they do not want the public to think about.

nancy said...

Hi everyone

That picture of the McCanns with the twins in their pushchairs should convince even the most hardened Pros that there is no doubt about their lack of grief on their smiling faces over the loss of their darling daughter.

A picture taken so soon after Maddie's disappearance that says it all. Poor Maddie, she deserved so much more than that!

How carefree they look while strolling along in PdeL, happy in the knowledge that their lifestyle has changed from hard working doctors with a huge mortgage, to holidaymakers able to pay off their mortgage and much more, and make lots of celebrity appearances into the bargain.

In May of course, the 2nd anniversary of Maddie's disappearance,and her 6th birthday, there'll be more from Gerry and Kate and probably the pink hanger on to try and convince people to part with their hard earned cash.

I just hope the majority have now got wise to them and will keep a tight hold on their wallets!

You can fool some of the people some of the time........


mandarinn said...

Good morning all
I allways interpred the lack of emotion of the parents because they really know she dont suffer anymore. However they are heartless and they look as if to get ride of their daughter was a kind of liberation . i allways asked myself "why""
I put a post for you in the post of your Nanday


viv said...

Hiya Nancy and Mandarin

I entirely agree that is a picture of a couple who just have no concern whatsoever about their own little girl suffering any more. Quite why that can be I remain unsure, but their utter lack of concern has never been in any doubt.

When taken in context of say Gerry McCanns remarks in Panorama in about November, several months later, that some evil predator had obviously been stalking them and taken her, and that made him "sick to the core", I am afraid he will always make me "sick to the core".

There is something truly terrible about this couple and their total lack of concern for their own little girl. It is not just lack of concern, it is hilarity and amusement. Time will tell as to exactly what that is, but I fear the worst, of their "friends" who do not want to tell the truth and co-operate with the Police, also.

Mandarin, bless you darling, I will go and have a look for your comment about my precious little Nanday, how lovely you are:-)))


viv said...

Mandarinn, I put you a few more badger pics up xxxxxxx

viv said...

Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

"I have 150 men looking for the girl. At first it was just a missing girl case. Now I can assure you it was a kidnapping. We have evidence of this. Yes, we believe she is still alive and still in Portugal. We do have witnesses. They have given evidence but I can't reveal much more."

Guilhermino Encarnação, Joint Director and head of the Portimao Directory of the Polícia Judiciária, in 'This is London', 06.05.2007



by Joana Morais

viv said...

viv said...

trying to do a bit of research on a big forum bum, not that I would be calling you a liar, of course:-))

16 February 2009 10:39

I am getting some very interesting and useful comments on this thread if anyone cares to take a look.

The above is a post I made on the blog from hell (it would seem they want me to point this out so here you go):


but I think you will find Bum/Rosie that most decent people just find your blog too repulsive to read!

nancy said...

Viv -

That comment by Encarnacao of the PJ's was only a couple of days after Maddie went missing of course. He said they had evidence of a kidnapping and she was alive and in Portugal still. I wonder what that evidence was. The McCanns must have known what he said at that time, so it rather begs the question as to why the McCanns decided to search in every other country but Portugal, unless it was to try to put people of the scent!

So we are at a bit of a stalemate as to what happened at the moment, as in chess.

Did the McCanns hand over their own daughter to someone they know for reasons known only to themselves and maybe a few others; hence their laid back attitude since it happened, or was she carried somewhere on a ship to a predestined place to be disposed of where nobody will ever find her by persons unknown?

Gerry's remark:

"Find her body and prove it", could apply to either of those theories, and probably to many others.

This case is getting really frustrating. I just hope the current Court investigation in Portugal, involving Metodo 3, will uncover something positive. I just hope G.Amaral will be not be made a scapegoat and comes out with his character not only unscathed but enhanced.

nancy said...

Wizard -

Just reading back - those statistics on child cruelty you posted on the last thread are unbelievably sad.

There is something rotten in a society who treat their babies and children so abominably.

We have Social Services, who on the whole I am sure, apart from a tiny minority, do the best they can with the resources available, but there has to be a better way to protect the very young.

We used to have School Inspectors when I was a child going round to find out why children weren't at school and this helped many youngsters from a terrible fate. It seems it's all cutbacks now, but in my opinion children should be our first priority and their needs come first.

I definitely think all children, regardless of whether there is a record of abuse or not, should be seen at clinics from birth to say five years old when they start school, on a regular basis to ensure any signs of cruelty, either mental or physical,are detected. Of course, there will always be the odd unfortunate child who will slip through the net, but it will help keep those horrendous numbers you describe down I'm sure.

At the moment, it would appear that criminals in prison get a better chance of attention than vulnerable children, who get the thin end of the wedge!

viv said...

Hi Nancy

It is a very mysterious comment and I do not think he would say he had evidence if that were not true.

I am afraid it just adds to my belief that Maddie was kidnapped and they were involved, because if they were not how come they have never chosen to mention this! As you say, rather than do that, they create one massive diversion with their around the globe tour on a private jet, taking in a visit to their friends in Amsterdam - where there have been so many odd reports and sightings. Even an anon piece to a newspaper about where her body may be found. I have an increasingly sinister view of their campaign I am afraid. It seems to me it has ultimately been a campaign where they are quite happy for people to be convinced they killed her, just so long as they do not figure out what really happened. They and their friends are also quite happy to cheerfully go on about how they seriously neglected their kids, all to cover up something far worse than that IMO.

Goncalo is not going to be made a scapegoat, he is far too smart for that and as he says, knows far more than he is prepared to tell because he does not wish to damage this case.

I have thought for a long time that Metodo 3 will provide a way into the McCanns and we can just sit back and wait IMO.

When was the last time we actually saw the Lady McCann in public? If she is feeling ill, she only has herself to blame. It is high time she faced the truth, no matter how terrible that is, for the sake of justice and her little girl, her other two children too.


Wizard said...

The irony of anorak’s comments are so true fraudulenty abtain £4.00 and your nicked but con £M’s out of people and you get away with it. Well so far anyway.

“Madeleine McCann: What We Paid The Police And Fraud
MADDIE WATCH - Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann
Can you put a price on a missing child? Yes.
LIVERPOOL ECHO: Police spent £500k on Madeleine McCann case
BRITISH police spent more than half a million pounds assisting the Portuguese investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance. Leicestershire police’s part in the search for the missing little girl cost £548,477 in 2007-08, the force said.
Is the amount of money important?
But it was reimbursed for most of this amount thanks to a home office grant of £525,069.
A child went missing in a foreign country and the British taxpayer paid… How come?
DAILY RECORD: “Teenagers pocketed Madeleine McCann collection cash”
TWO teenagers who carried out a door-to-door collection for missing Madeleine McCann pocketed the cash.
Gareth Trainer, 19, and Dale Armstrong, 16, managed to get hold of just £4 before police were called in.
Not much money. Not much money at all.
Good job, then, that crime is not means tested - that the taxpayer pays into the big pot and the police decide how best the money spent.
Would you give money to the Maddy Fund now?
Are the police still looking?”
Courtesy of Anorak

nancy said...

Maybe Kate is feeling ill because she can't face the prospect of returning to Portugal. And why didn't she go with Gerry when he went? Could it be he was worried that she might say something to incriminate them all?

Of course she could always take the pink one as her spokesperson (if she pays him enough).

I'm sure they weren't worried about who would look after the twins if they went together because they could always plonk them in the local nursery as they often did in PdeL while making personal appearances.

As Luz says on one of the 3A's threads, the McCanns and their tapas pals were all very fortunate not be charged with child abandonment/neglect in PdeL, as they would have if they had been local women.

I have a feeling they were allowed to go back to the UK to avoid a collision course with the British which would spoil the special relationship they've had for years.

Just my opinion of course!

nancy said...

Wizard -

Good post by Anorak, as usual!

Wizard said...

Hi Nancy,
You say. “And why didn't she go with Gerry when he went? Could it be he was worried that she might say something to incriminate them all?”

Very likely as she would have to be on the top of her game to go back to Portugal of her own volition.

nancy said...

Wizard -

You only have to see how nervous Gerry is when they are being interviewed together. He gets very red and perturbed. That time when he stalked out of the Spanish interview you could see he was worried Kate would give something away!

A man with a mission is Gerry McCann!

Wizard said...

Nancy, I sometimes think with Gerry this is a doctor’s thing he becomes angry when someone disagrees with his very carefully thought through diagnosis. lol

hope4truth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hope4truth said...

Mum21 said...

Morning Rosie, I notice Hope is still going on about the words "They have taken her". How many more times does she have to be told that Liverpudlians use the word "they" in plural...when talking about a person in singular.
This has been confirmed many times by bloggers from Liverpool. It is just the way they speak.

Well lets get one thing straight you foul mouthed old bat I have not been "Told" anything and someone as depraved as you will never "Tell" me what I have to belive... I dont read your foul abuse fulled blog as I respect children and do not respect evil hags who think Evil Mothers like Leonor had every right to murder their daughter hide her body and lie their socks off...

I will say it again you stupid woman in the context I wrote it last time Kate went running back to the bar shouting "They have taken her" while leaving the twins home alone again...

Now I know you have no idea how special and important children are and dont give a damn about childrens saftey but really Kate knows Madeleine has been abducted by a peaodophile ring and is such a good Mum leaves the twins alone again just in case they come back to take them as well...

More happy snaps at the top of this page I see what kind of Mother refuses to answer a single question for her child and laughs it up a few days after she tells the world Madeleine is in the hands of hell...???

Di said...

Hi All

Without wishing to offend the Scots.

Having lived in Scotland and also married to my oh who is half Scot. The men especially, in our family, do tend to be hot headed and have a short fuse.

I can't say this applies to all Scots but it certainly runs in our family.

How do the women in our family react, we ignore them! they soon get the message Lol

Di said...

Hi Hope

Well said...

:o)) claps

viv said...

Wiz, thanks for the comments on Anorak, it is always a good compilation of what is current, the Police and McCann fraud, not something that is going to leave them alone, that is for sure.

Nancy, it is a long time since we saw Kate, having previously always been treated to such a lot of glimpses of her, it must be last May I think, which is a long time.

I think it was a really trying ordeal for her to go to Brussels and you will recall that pic, well it is now on the right of the side panel, where she looks like she could just, well wishes some big black hole would just swallow him up. Clarence, I feel, has a lot of sympathy for Kate and tries to give support given he can she does not get much of that. I recall that video of him bouncing onto the train ahead of her and she struggling behind with the case, also vividly remember the concerned looks Clarence shot to her. Videos and pictures really have told the story of this case. Maybe it is because of her that he just cannot walk away? She needs him, perhaps he would reason, how can I leave her with all this to cope with and.......Gerry! So will they get her on a plane to Portugal, in public, or is she going to stay in hiding? There must be close friends and relatives who clearly know exactly what has gone on and what continues to go on, why do they not do the decent thing, put Kate out of her misery and tell the police the truth? If I was her mum I am afraid that is what I would have to do. This is just not helping her is it?

Di, you would not be stereotyping hot headed hard boozin Scots men would you:-)))

Di said...


Many of the workmen we have employed on our house in Wales are from Liverpool, and very nice they are too. Not once have I heard any one of them use the term THEY.

I certainly will question them when we are next there.

viv said...

Oh Nancy, a man with a mission, Gerry McCann!

and Wiz, no we would not dare disagree with his esteemed diagnosis, Amaral is a wee liar and a prat and I'd like to smash his wee face in he's upset ma woman, she canna cope wi it:-)))

viv said...

Guys, do you think I am a killer:-))) They have been saying a heck of a lot on 3 As which seems to have, ahem, "Rainbowwarrior" lose her tongue..and revert to being anon or even silent..

Anonymous said...

Mum 17.17

They always fly over to any link Viv gives and rush back to thank her for it. They have been here and are not commenting because they are between a rock and a hardplace. If they say they agree with anything over here they have signed their own death warrants and they are finding it difficult to defend the many "turncoat"posts Viv makes on other blogs. Easy way out is to say nothing
16 February 2009 17:25

Di said...

Hi Viv

Heaven forbid ;o)

viv said...

Hiya Hopey:

Well lets get one thing straight you foul mouthed old bat - I wish I had got those little men on 3 As!

Do you mean I am not a "cult leader" or "a killer" then? Oh shucks!

Better luck next time Rosie, I think that is a bit of an American thing, cults I mean and religious zeal, go for it babe!

Di said...


I read 3A's but have not posted there for a while, and I don't post on any other blogs apart from Claudias, sorry Claudia I have been neglecting you :o(

I am happy to post here end of.

Keep up the good work :o)

Di said...

Off to catch up with Corrie


viv said...

Hiya Di,

Well mum21 offered such a good topic for discussion and so I thought I would let her have her say and what a great discussion it was, pity she was so shy:-)))given she can have her say on 3 As, but resolute she ain't coming on here!!


hope4truth said...


6 pages of replies on the 3As to Viv's question about "They"...

Must remeber that this is obviously something "They" dont like being repeated as "They" think anyone gives a rats what "They" have to say???

"They have taken her" say's Kate which means we dont have to worry about searching for her Gerry we can go back check the twins are breathing (if "They" are still there because once again I left the door unlocked)and start to call the media to tell the world "They" had better start to search for Madeleine as we cant be bothered...

Oh that fund is looking so very very wrong 250k spent on searching not good is it especialy as M3 now look even more dodgey than they did at the begining... I wonder who will need to save their skin first????

viv said...

Hopey that is such a good thread, there was some brilliant replies, do you think we should copy it on to here, I am sure Bren would not mind?

It is a really major problem in their case, a fundamental issue, so I think we should keep that?

hope4truth said...

To whom it may concern...

I will post where I like when I like (if the site will have me)...

It is good to know they have to keep on and on about how we are scared of Viv (what is Viv going to do if I say something she does not like e mail me???)

We know the child neglect fan blog called e mailed and told their members what they had to post and what they had to say after they got rid of one of the people who set up their site...

I think all blogs are important a 3year old child is missing her parents want us to belive she is in the hands of a peadophile ring but I cant belive they dont know exactly where she is and anyone who can look at the pictures of the pair of them on her 4th Birthday can belive these are two parents who believe their daughter is in the hands of a peadophile ring???

Because any parent who truly believes their child is missing and in such a terible place would never look that happy again...

And anyone who thinks diffrent is either not a parent or could not give a damn about their child...

viv said...

Hope I just do not believe that old bat as you so aptly call her:

"For a start I have never stood up for Leonor. In fact I have always said I do not KNOW if she is innocent or guilty."

WTF, The woman has admitted it several times in various versions, so has her brother and they are serving sixteen years having been properly convicted by a Portuguese Court you sick cow!

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

The viciousness of the pro McCanns is sometimes quite breathtaking. Although it’s a back handed compliment of course Viv, why do they devote great chunks of their blogs insulting you. Is this really their way of defending the McCanns calling you names like kids in a playground.

You have your opinion and they have theirs – so what. They think their opinion is right and we think there opinion is wrong – so what. None of us were there on 3rd May 2007 when Madeleine was “taken” it is just our opinion - none of us were eye witnesses. This mystery can be viewed from both sides and a good case could be argued for both. I myself like others that post here have looked at all the facts available and come to a considered opinion. We do not take one single statement as the gospel truth we look at everything. We speculate but if we were not there that’s all we can do. I think the truth is there for all to see but again that’s just my opinion.

Keep up the good work I think you are exploring all possibilities and that is how it should be.

viv said...

Her solicitors has just been searching for where mummy says little Joana's body is but you dont know whether she is innocent or guilty, go get a shrink you vile, perverted woman

And yes, after all the insults you have flung our way it is about time you had a few back, I see you had to go slinking off..

hope4truth said...


"THEY" obviously dont like people repeating the bloody odd things that have been said...

Or not said in the case of Kate and the fact Madeleine did not desreve any answers...

When did children not matter anymore when did parents who neglect them get 2 million plus to search for her and spend 13% of it on actually searching?

Madeleine did not need Media Monitors if she really is missing she just needed answers from her parents and a proper search...

The fact there was at one time over a million pounds of reward money up for grabs that was not promoted by her parents is truly sickening...

hope4truth said...


Well said...

It is the pro McCann's that made me believe that something really bad happend with their bully boy tatics....

Some people may really belive that Madeleine is missing as is their right...

But as time goes on and the interviews are there for all to see it is obvious something is being covered up and no one should ever play games if a child is really missing...

Wizard said...

"It is the pro McCann's that made me believe that something really bad happend with their bully boy tatics...."

Very true!

viv said...

Hi Wiz and Hope

and those two evil old bats would not sit there day in, day out writing that obnoxious filth unless there was a good reason for it, all those terrible perverse lies, those wicked racist comments about Goncalo Amaral, that he had wickedly framed Madam Cipriano another mother from hell, they are sick and I think it is very important that thread is recorded on here, been as it got their hackles up so much.

I will attend to that now, and it just serves them right, if they know what really happened they should shut up their foul blogging and get themselves down to the police station, right now!

All this crap about they know something good is going to happen, just before Gerry clears off to see his solicitor again.

There is only one good thing that could happen you sick old bats, finding little Maddie, dead or alive, she deserves that, not your wicked lies for the gruesome twosome and their sick cronies

Justice for all abused little children and may they keep as far away from people like you as possible!

hope4truth said...


They cant be being paid to post can they??? god forbid they latch on to an innocent person and blog on their behalf they will not stand a chance at being found not guilty...

viv said...

Hiya Hope

Well it take some believing that these two are doing it because they got paid!

I think they are doing it because they are desperate evil old bats, I do love that phrase of yours, it is so apt:-)))

But indeed, god help anyone who gets defended by those two, I actually think Gerry would pay them to shut up, if he could, but they know best:-)))


hope4truth said...

Perverting the course of justice is a serious matter...

"The mother of Rhys Jones's killer has been warned she faces jail after admitting lying to police investigating the schoolboy's murder."


It really is not worth lying for people is it...

viv said...

What a terrible woman Hope, I just cannot believe people could do this, if I had sat with one of my son's in a police interview and heard this I would have just broke down and sobbed to think my son could do such a terrible thing, when she gets 4 years *or thereabouts, I would say*, she will sorry the wicked cruel woman, prolonging the terrible misery for parents who lost their lovely little boy:

Mrs Mercer admitted being present in a police interview with her son when he claimed he did not own a bike which matched the description of the one officers were looking for.

She was later involved in the negotiations with an insurance company to replace her son's bike, but did not tell police.

She also admitted lying to police in a statement she made in September 2007 when she claimed her son only owned one bike and that she had no idea how long he owned it for.

viv said...

It also goes to show how wicked people think they are conning the police but over time, the police are merely building a case against them...who do they think they are!!

viv said...

Witnesses said Knox did not appear distressed and was cuddling Sollecito at the police station while waiting to be questioned.

"I found Amanda's behaviour very strange and I found it quite difficult to be around her," said Robyn Carmel Butterworth, a prosecution witness who was a friend of the victim.

"Everybody was upset and she didn't seem to show any emotions. We were all crying. I didn't see her crying."

The witness said Knox and Sollecito were fooling around as they waited to see police.

"I remember Amanda sticking her tongue out at Raffaele," the British witness said. "They were talking and joking, kissing and cuddling."

Rudy Guede in court

Guilty: Rudy Guede

Amy Frost, another witness who was also at the police station, said Knox "made faces," such as crossing her eyes and sticking her tongue out. She was "giggling" and kissing Sollecito, said Frost.

Anonymous said...

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