27 Jan 2010


'It's obviously difficult but we are trying to move forward to help Madeleine and all missing children.'

Well it has taken you a long time to get around to that Kate, but still, I suppose you could not have got guests to arrive and fill your coffers a little more, otherwise?

As for star studded bash, where are they hiding? And where are the fabulously wealthy and much vaunted JK Rowling and Richard Branson?

As for Gerry McCann, I nearly threw the computer out the window when I saw that predictably nasty little school boy pout on his lips and leer in his eyes. Is this what he calls a result?

I hope Gloria Hunniford who is now "famous" for telly commercials can spend some time this evening, having a heart to heart with Kate and asking her about the "Abductor" putting all those bruises on her that were immediately apparent, the moment little Maddie "disappeared"

What a load of boring old B listers eh, needing to get their pics in the paper in case it gets them a bit of cash.

As for the Charity bosses, given they are beneficiaries they could hardly refuse, and, when all said and done Madeleine is a Missing Person, but Frances Herbert, Missing Children Europe looks decidedly uncomfortable. Understandable.

Kate and Gerry McCann host star-studded fundraiser to mark the 1,000th day since their daughter Maddie went missing

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:28 PM on 27th January 2010

Kate McCann tonight said she was "trying to move forward" as a charity event was held to mark the 1,000th day since her daughter Madeleine went missing.

Mrs McCann and her husband Gerry were joined by celebrity supporters at the £150-a-head fundraising dinner, raffle and auction at Kensington Roof Gardens in west London.

Speaking on the steps of the venue she said: 'We are hoping for a positive night.'

Fundraiser: (l-r) Gerry McCann, Martin Houghton-Brown, Chief Executive Missing People, Kate McCann and Francis Herbert, Secretary General, Missing Children Europe at a Madeleine McCann fundraiser held at the Kensington Roof Gardens

Fundraiser: (l-r) Gerry McCann, Martin Houghton-Brown, Chief Executive Missing People, Kate McCann and Francis Herbert, Secretary General, Missing Children Europe at a Madeleine McCann fundraiser held at the Kensington Roof Gardens

Gloria Hunniford
Charitable celebrities: Gloria Hunniford and Fiona Phillips were among the famous guests lending their support to the McCann's fundraising event

Charitable celebrities: Gloria Hunniford and Fiona Phillips were among the famous guests lending their support to the McCann's fundraising event

Asked about her feelings on the sad anniversary, she added: 'It's obviously difficult but we are trying to move forward to help Madeleine and all missing children.'

Madeleine was nearly four when she disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in southern Portugal on May 3 2007 while her parents dined with friends nearby.

Comedian Jack Dee, television presenters Fiona Phillips and Gloria Hunniford and actor Peter Bowles were among the guests.

Peter Bowles
Support: Peter Bowls and Lord David Steele at the Madeleine McCann fundraiser held exactly 1,000 days after Maddie went missing

Support: Peter Bowls and Lord David Steele at the Madeleine McCann fundraiser held exactly 1,000 days after Maddie went missing

Madeleine McCann went missing in May 2007, 1,000 days ago today

Madeleine McCann went missing in May 2007, 1,000 days ago today

The couple will mark the sad anniversary by organising the launch of 1,000 glowing paper lanterns into the night sky in Leicestershire.

The McCanns said it sometimes felt wrong that they were coping with life without Madeleine - but added that otherwise there would be no search for the little girl.

In a poignant statement they said: 'Today marks 1,000 days since Madeleine was taken from us. It's hard to even say the number.

'We remember the first few days after Madeleine was taken, watching the clock and counting every hour. Now we've reached 1,000 days.

'It's difficult sometimes to understand how we've been able to keep going and survive without Madeleine, especially since nothing has changed since that terrifying first night.

'Madeleine is still missing. Sometimes it even feels wrong to be coping.

'And yet if we weren't, there would be no search and no campaign to find Madeleine and that just doesn't bear thinking about

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1246595/Kate-Gerry-McCann-host-star-studded-fundraiser-mark-1-000th-day-daughter-Maddie-went-missing.html#ixzz0drNO5yz1


viv said...

Oh how cute, Kate and Gerry are once again wearing their tacky little marketing rubbish, yellow wrist bands. Not that they bothered with that for a long time. But I am sure these things can bring Maddie back.

viv said...

I wonder if it was Gerry's idea that frail Kate should have a green ribbon tied around her? It really does look a mess!

I am surprised he did not make her carry some green and yellow flowers as well!

janf58 said...

I think this will be in next weeks Hello magazine titled "HOW TO LOOK A BAG OF SHITE"

Wizard said...

Fiona Philips, Peter Bowles, Gloria Hunniford and David Steele. All past their sell by date - you would think with the collective time on their hands in between looking for work they would have researched this case. Apparently not, but in the land of La La - the entertainment business - could anything more have been expected. As for a ex Liberal politician showing support to a lost cause – nothing new there then!

Wizard said...

Reading today’s news a couple things caught my attention.

The tragic case of a mother arrested on suspicion of murdering her two young children – a boy of three and girl of two. Their bodies were found in the boot of her car inside two separate sports bags.

Which brings me back to Gerry’s blue sports bag, that he said he didn’t own but was pictured walking along with in the company of Mr. Pink. If the Smith’s sighting was incorrect it would have been so easy to dispose of a small body without raising attention. So easy.

In another article today Leicestershire police are again criticised. Joanne Butler was battered to death in her flat after making two 999 calls to the police who failed to respond apparently too busy to come to her aid according to a damming report.

This is the second time Leicestershire police have been hauled up over their alertness to take action after last year they missed dozens of opportunities to tackle yobs who drove Fiona Pikington to kill herself and her teenage daughter.


viv said...

Hiya both,

The UK press do not seem to be interested in this little bunch of has beens turning up for the admitted serial child neglectors.

After the hype, and clearly that is all it was, about Richard Branson and JK Rowling, we get the fall.

The McCanns have had everything they are going to get out of the UK press and very soon it will be back to Portugal for their very ill advised further stunt to grab the cash.

Do they deserve this fall from grace? I really rather think so!

viv said...

Wiz, I am very sorry to hear about another case of a mom killing her kids and dumping their bodies like that.

I am sure there is nothing suspect about the Smith sighting, as several of them saw him and Maddie! Additionally officers report he is a cogent and honest witness who actually took legal action to stop him and his family being harassed. He is only prepared to talk to the police.

We may contrast this with the health worker from Notts, Gran Cooper, who had to be warned by Leicester Police to stop chatting to the Daily Mirror!! Jane Tanner then quite amazingly told us, well actually, no, he was not Murat as I first thought he had masses of hair and I think that was him.

There is something very credible that comes from the lips of proper police witnesses and those who like to lie for the McCanns and chat to the Daily Mirror.

I think that nationally, the police response to calls for help from women suffering domestic violence is an absolute disgrace. This is why two of them die every week. The problem is not peculiar to Leicester Police but it is true to say their resources have been particularly stretched by Team McCann!

Di said...

Hi all

Viv the look Francis Herbert is giving Gerry says it all to me, I think he has Gerry very much sussed. Kate to me looks very uncomfortable also worried and so she should be. Celebrating her daughters disappearance with a party is abhorrent, especially with the situation that they said, Madeleine finds herself in.


Very interesting about the sports bags, but what a sad story, those poor children. At least the mother did the decent thing and confessed.

Kate, it is never too late.

viv said...

Hiya Di

It is hardly surprising Frances Herbert gives that disconcerted look towards Gerry given he obviously knows he is standing right next to the ocuple that caused little Maddie to be a Missing Person.

Whether Kate deliberately dressed down for the occasion or whether that is an expression of how she is feeling I am not quite sure. But brown sandals in the dead of winter, teamed with bronzy black tights, cheap looking black and white dress, cheap looking blue cardy and green ribbon looked absolutely dreadful. This is clearly a woman who can afford and has the looks and figure to look an awful lot better than that.

He is smartly dressed although I am not sure about the pink tie. Knowing him, it was a sardonic joke towards all of us who refer to the Pink Spinner. He is very good at putting the two fingers up! He also looks as though he is playing rather more golf than jogging and tennis these days. Like he at least, is feeling the benefits of the affluent high life the Fund provides, even if Kate chooses not to eat. In short, he seems to have put a lot of weight on!

So, we have a couple who are presenting very differently. One looks arrogant and defiant, well dressed, smugly over confident and sporting the middle aged spread and another who looks half starved, poorly dressed, and just cannot even look the camera in the eye.

If he is just covering for Kate, what does he have to be so smugly amused about?

I really do agree, whether she is a battered wife or just as scheming as him, this certainly, on the face of it, is not a game she enjoys playing and it is high time she put a stop to it and went to the police for her own sake even if she cannot think of Madeleine and the twins!

hope4truth said...

Hello All

So tragic the Mother who killed her children she must be very very ill to have done something like that. At least she went to the police and did not start to play games with their memory. I know what she did was unthinkable and there really is nothing positive to say but her family can get on with grieving and not have false hope or doubt....

It must have been a kick in the teeth to the 1000 days childrens bodies in sports bags these things just do not happen and we are all sick to belive they ever do...

Sadly this is where the pro McCann's got it all wrong trying to say we were something we are not just to give credence to the McCann's tale of woe...

No news today about the big night and so far only 5 celebz named i wonder who else went? I am sure we will see all their beaming faces in Hello or another rag but does anyone really care?

Nothing on SKY the BBC had a small article under local news and that was that....

Kate looked dreadful she is not a well woman and who would be waiting for that knock on the door. She does not know how she should be feeling who tells the press they are going to try and move forward now a 1000 days have passed???

I wonder what tasteless stunt will acompany the 3 year anniversary of the night a child was left home alone and vanished into thin air while her parents went on a world tour and never bothered searching for her but created a fund so they could miss direct everyone and say she was anywhere they could not possibly have taken her...

Mothers and Fathers sadly sometimes kill thier children why this is so hard for some people to understand is beyond me...

if they really belive she is alive they have made sure she wont be found with their vile actions

viv said...

Hiya Hope, estranged from her partner, house sold? This has all the hallmarks of a lady who has been sent around the bend, self harm injuries.

It sounds like a real tragedy and I hope she gets sympathetic treatment, whatever happened. As I believe Kate would have done, if she did kill Madeleine and had done the right thing and actually confided in Ricardo Paiva who I believe was put in place of that purpose.

The children looks so incredibly beautiful, these things are always a terrible tragedy and not necessarily the work of someone who is pure evil. It is often the one who did not do the foul deed that is evil.

Yes Gerry I continue to look in your direction. This is not an amusing game that you can carry on playing, there will come a judgment for you.

I think Kate is utterly distracted and very unwell Hope, why cannot some sensible person step in and sort her out!!

viv said...

Car boot child murders: Mother 'known to police'
Elise Donnison
Two-year-old Elise Donnison was found dead with her older brother

Police had previous contact with a mother suspected of murdering her two young children, it has been revealed.

Sussex Police did not give details of its dealings with Fiona and Paul Donnison, whose children were found dead in Heathfield on Wednesday.

The bodies of three-year-old Harry Donnison and his two-year-old sister Elise had been placed in two large holdalls in the boot of a car.

Fiona Donnison, 43, is being treated for apparent "self-harm injuries".

She is in a stable condition at Eastbourne District General Hospital and police are waiting to question her.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: "We are aware of previous contact with police in relation to this family.

"This will be reviewed, in liaison with appropriate agencies, as a matter of standard procedure and also in order to help inform the current police inquiry.
Fiona Donnison
Fiona Donnison is in a stable condition in hospital

"We cannot release further information at this time as it could prejudice the investigation."

Ch Supt Robin Smith, of Sussex Police, said officers were not looking for anyone else in connection with their deaths.

The car, a silver Nissan which was discovered in Mill Close, was towed away for analysis.

A cordon has been in place around a three-storey detached house in nearby Sheepsetting Lane which has a "Sold" sign outside.

Ms Donnison, a former Lloyds syndicate worker who also has two teenage sons, had previously lived in the house with her husband, but police said they believed she was now living in Surrey.

The family's former nanny, who identified herself only as Jo, said the children were "lovely, normal, happy kids" and Ms Donnison "doted on them".

Neighbours said the couple had lived together in Heathfield but had separated and the house was put up for sale before Christmas.

Post-mortem examinations on the two children are due to take place at King's College Hospital, London, to determine their cause of death.

viv said...

Of course, victims of domestic violence often are known to the police, due to the number of calls they keep making asking for help.

viv said...

It reads as though she was not living in the former matrimonial home with the sold sign on, where, presumably, the children died. She had moved out. Did she leave the children with him and did he force her to move out because of the way he treated her?

Of course the police are saying no more now. We will have to wait and see. I wonder who put the children in the sports bags in the car? This could be so similar..

viv said...

Speaking of the McCanns overstretching resources and costing the taxpayer a fortune Wiz!

By the way your comment earlier about Gerry's sports bag, seen to be using it with Clarence Mitchell. Would he really be using the bag he disposed of a body in! I don't think so. I have never given this much credence because the Smiths obviously did see the erm "abductor" carting Maddie off. As Goncalo says those witnesses who place Gerry at the dining table around that time, are not credible!

viv said...

this is yet another way in which they have done that Wiz!

3 lanterns seen in North West Sutherland and maybe a few more spotted by the coastguard!


CHINESE lanterns set off on Wednesday evening in north west Sutherland in memory of missing Madeleine McCann, sparked an alert involving police and coastguards.

A woman reported seeing three bright orange lights in the sky at around 9pm in the Scourie area. She feared they were flares which had been set off by someone in distress.

Police called out the local coastguard unit who spotted more of the lights. But enquiries revealed they were Chinese lanterns set off to mark the 1000 days since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Lanterns have been released across the UK in support of Jerry and Kate McCann's search for their missing daughter.

But local police have now asked to be informed if anyone is still planning to release the lanterns in the Sutherland area.

viv said...

I think we need to know whose idea all these lanterns were and whether they are of sound mind?

If she is dead Kate, nothing can bring her back, please go to the police and do the best you can for her now.

viv said...

and the lanterns could not be lit and let off in Rothley either. This may have a bad effect on Kate who was perhaps just wanting to send her little girl something. It is quite sad and pathetic really. As Kate's mom said she had been working hard for all of this and her party was a flop too without JK Rowling who made her feel so much better by offering support in those early days. Kate knows that support has now very seriously dwindled.

It really is the end of the road for lies, Kate. Never mind what Gerry says, do the right thing for little Maddie and your twins.

viv said...

Flames keep hope alive on 1,000th missing day
Thursday, January 28, 2010, 09:30
An emotional ceremony marking 1,000 days since Madeleine McCann disappeared from a holiday apartment in Portugal took place in her home village of Rothley last night.

Family and friends gathered at the Rothley Court Hotel, in Westfield Lane, to say prayers and light candles for the missing youngster.

About 300 people squeezed into the hotel's chapel to listen to a short service led by Madeleine's great-uncle Brian Kennedy and the vicar of Rothley Rob Gladstone.

A poem called The Beacon, written specially for the occasion by contemporary British poet Simon Armitage, was also read out by Madeleine's great-aunt, Janet Kennedy.

She said: "Every word in the poem expressed exactly what I wanted to say – it's beautiful.

"The flames we lit here today are much like the candle we have on Cross Green, which has been burning since Madeleine disappeared, and symbolises the tremendous hope we feel for her safe return."

The candle stands at the Cross Green war memorial in the centre of Rothley.

The family had originally intended to release 100 lanterns last night as part of an international co-ordinated event to launch 1,000 glowing beacons into the sky – one for every day the youngster has been missing.

However, strong winds meant it would have been unsafe.

Instead, the family handed out candles to all the well-wishers as they listened to the family's words in the chapel.

Brian Kennedy said: "It's a shame that we couldn't light the lanterns, but the important thing is we remember what they symbolise. The flames represent light and hope and never giving up."

Residents from Rothley and the surrounding villages attended the event to show their support for the family.

Hannah Harvey, 14, from Rothley, said: "It's good to remember her and it's respectful to the family. Tonight will help people remember Maddy – it's important to never forget."

Frank Hull, 75, from Cropston, said: "The service was very beautiful. Tonight was about remembering a lovely girl and showing Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry that they have our support."

Jo Willars, 47, said: "I live in Rothley so all the news about Madeleine is literally very close to home.

"The village will always do what it can to help Kate and Gerry."

Chris Wright, 44, from Rothley, said: "I'm Kate's hairdresser and she used to come in all the time with Madeleine – she was such a lovely little girl.

"The events in Portugal have really had an effect on the village."