29 Jan 2010


Gerry McCann: "We thought it
was possible this could hurt her.
Her abductor might do something
to her eye.
But in marketing terms it was a good ploy."

Carlos Anjos, President of the PJ's Union ASFIC:

"If that situation had been of an abduction,
it would have been terrible for the child.
Because if that child were to be sold, or
something else
... She was as good as...
it was her death sentence. That situation,
that day, advertising that photo,
was simply the death sentence of that child."

What does this say about laughing, smirking, suing, Gerry McCann? Madeleine's own father?

This was the most important evidence in the case in Portugal recently and I believe, what the Portuguese Judge hearing it will be most influenced by. He was the lawyer in charge of the case, he does not exaggerate or cogitate, he only states the facts. H

11:23 : It is the attorney who was in charge of the original inqury into Madeleine's disappearance, Jose Magalhaes e Menezes

11:25 : His testimony is marred by a high-pitched whine of feedback from the microphone - and the fact the screen can't be seen by the public

11:26 : The McCanns can't see the person giving evidence. Mr Amaral can, but doesn't seem to be looking at him. This indicates to me that although (perhaps) Goncalo had summonsed Mr Menezes to give evidence on his behalf, he knew he would not be particularly supportive of Goncalo's insistence there was evidence of "death".

11:26 : Mr Amaral's lawyer is cross-examining the witness.

11:37 : Mr Menezes is saying that English police sniffer dogs were brought to Portugal to help in the search for Madeleine.

11:38 : He says that the decision to make the McCanns 'arguidos' - suspects - was taken by the police and then confirmed by the public attorney.

11:39 : The decision to designate Kate and Gerry as 'arguidos' was taken after the sniffer dogs carried out their searches.

11:40 : There were several possible charges that could have been brought against the McCanns: kidnapping and selling a child were among them. s. This clearly suggests to me that the prosecutor actually believes it is more likely this is what the McCanns did with Madeleine.

11:48 : The witness was asked what the probability was of Madeleine still being alive. He replied that he thought it was 50/50. This clearly implies that he thinks it is at least as likely that Gerry carried Madeleine off alive, as I do.

11:55 : Mr Menezes said that a claim made by the McCanns on the first day after Madeleine's disappearance was not true

11:57 : He claimed that although the parents had been checking on Madeleine, it was not as often as every 30 minutes Both of these comments confirm that the prosecutor is perfectly happy to say quite categorically, the McCanns have told lies, and the McCanns are not challenging this statement.

11:56 : The witness said that Kate and Gerry's report that they had been checking on their daughter every half an hour was inaccurate

12:01 : Police intercepted text messages sent by the McCanns because they were suspicious of the parents' role in Madeleine's disappearance. Suspicious of "their role" in Madeleine's disappearance, he is not saying they killed her although that could clearly be included.

12:02 : The text messages sent by Kate and Gerry were never admitted as evidence gathered as part of the investigation. It is unfortunate we do not get an explanation as to why they were not admitted but I would suggest that is because they are admissible in a British court and the decision had been taken to deal with the McCanns in UK. As a prosecutor he would have been involved in this and his position would not allow him to offer any comment in a public hearing in a civil court.

12:08 : Mr Menezes said he has not read the book written by Mr Amaral that triggered this case, Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie. He is not a close and supportive friend of Goncalo Amaral that much is obvious. Neither did he think he could learn anything by reading it but that is hardly surprising given the knowledge he obviously has which would be far more than Mr Amaral.

12:18 : A report signed by Chief Inspector Tavares De Almeida said that Madeleine died in the flat in Praia da Luz, the witness adds. He is merely confirming Mr Almeida wrote this report but is not confirming or denying the content of it or offering any opinion at all on the content of it.

12:19 : Now it's the turn of the McCanns' legal team to cross-question the witness.

12:24 : The McCanns' lawyer makes the point that 'evidence' usually sightings - has suggested Madeleine is still alive

12:25 : He says that the McCanns are not responsible for generating any of this 'evidence' that their daughter is not dead. I am assuming this is a comment by the McCanns' lawyer and really it would have been better if he had not said it because it is utterly damning to the McCanns given it clearly implies there is suspicion against them that they are responsible for false sightings of Madeleine. He let a new cat out of the bag we had not heard before!

12:26 : Another of the McCanns' lawyers moves to quiz the witness - literally. She gets out of her seat and walks right up to the video screen This clearly implies total panic in the McCann's legal team at this point. I am assuming the male lawyer who just made the above pretty serious gaffe is junior to Ms Duarte who it would appear sprang to her feet.

12:33 : She says that the McCanns were always totally prepared to come back to Portugal to take part in a reconstruction of the disappearance This is a typical remark for a desperate lawyer to come out with, say something good about your client that cannot be argued with. Of course, what she does not mention is, the McCanns friends refused point blank to come back for the reconstruction so that put paid to it without the McCanns seeking to defy Portuguese Police (given they were arguidos they had no choice but to attend) They defied them in a more subtle way with a little help from their friends.

12:34 : The McCanns' lawyer asks the witness whether he understands the title of Mr Amaral's book to imply some sort of dishonesty by the McCanns. That is the problem with this, we are getting questions but not answers and vice versa on occasions where the writer could not keep up with the exchange.

12:38 : Who suggested the checking of the McCanns' text messages, Mr Menezes is asked. The police, he replies. This was a dumb question for the McCanns lawyer to ask, in my opinion. I suppose she hoped the answer would be Goncalo Amaral because she wants to imply this one officer was just victimising the McCanns. As it is, all she has done is draw attention to the fact the police were so suspicious of the McCanns they were intercepting their communications with a view to obtaining evidence against them.

12:39 : The text messages were never considered as part of the investigation because the judge did not allow it, the court hears So here he is telling us that Portuguese Judges refused to admit this evidence as part of the investigation. This may inform us as to why he states the McCanns could have been charged with kidnap and trafficking. Remember Gerry received 14 text messages the day before Madeleine disappeared and four the day after, all of which he wishes to completely deny. I believe this does confirm that it had been decided there was strong evidence to indicate Madeleine may have been kidnapped, may still be alive, it may have been arranged by the McCanns and for her safety this MUST BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. British Police confirm this investigation is ongoing. I believe that Portuguese Judges knew exactly what was suspected against the McCanns, knew the British would deal with this and internationally, and Goncalo Amaral just had to be stopped, including leaks to the press when he was in charge of the investigation. Why else would Portuguese Judges, seemingly be deliberately frustrating the investigation. In my opinion they were not, they were preserving the confidentiality of the investigation and thereby the safety of Madeleine.

12:45 : The senior lawyer for the McCanns has approached them on the front bench of the public gallery for a quick huddled conversation. This demonstrates just how crucial this evidence was, she was seeking further instructions from her clients. It might have been something along the lines do you wish me to ask him any further questions, clearly they did not!!

There is so much that is incredibly damaging to the McCanns that has come out of this court hearing. I believe there is a very strong chance that when Mr Smith saw Gerry carting Madeleine off she was drugged but still alive. Gerry feels he can sue Goncalo Amaral for saying they disposed of her body because maybe that is not what he did. Thus he reasons, I have been libelled and I want money. But it just shows what a perverted and arrogant fool he is to open such a nasty can of worms.


viv said...


viv said...

and the demented Kate tells us in an interview with Expresso, September 2008, yes, a full 18 months after Maddie had been "stolen from her bed" by these "lurking predators":

Q – Do you still believe that she’s alive?
Kate – There are great possibilities that she is alive, isn’t it? There is nothing in the process to indicate that something bad has happened to her…

What on earth could these "great possibilities" be for your daughter Kate and how do you personally define "bad"?

hope4truth said...

Well there we have it then

Gerry McCann: "We thought it
was possible this could hurt her.
Her abductor might do something
to her eye. But in marketing terms it was a good ploy."

I will get a T shirt printed with that on the back and a picture of them on her 4th Birthday on the front with a few words of my own....

If they belive she is alive in the depths of hell with a peadophile how could they play games with her life and look so happy 9 days after telling the world thanks to their negelect she has been taken by a Peadophile Ring?

I have read that comment a 1000 times and can only assume the celebz who attended their bash cant have read a single thing from the files or their own mouths because if they know 10% of what we have read against them they are very wicked people to give them the time of day....

I am all for a fund to find Madeleine if I am totaly wrong and she is alive somewhere she deseves a chance to be found but it should not be paying a board wages to get it so wrong especialy when it is made up by their family and the only people suspected of the crime....

Even if they just negelected her and left the door unlocked and then lied to the police about the time line and shutter these two have put her at greater risk with all their spin and lies.

viv said...

Hiya Hope

Even if they knew she may be alive at that point, they immediately signed her death warrant, so they could cash in.

There are just no words really.

Like you, I wish those few people who actually do support the McCanns would just read the reality about them and what a senior and qualified lawyer thinks.


viv said...

“I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleine’s disappearance in the long-term” (G McCann, 28 June 2007).

You continue to give me no doubt you were not only involved in your daughter's disappearance, you planned it. I am so sorry the millions you thought you could earn from the Americans "Maddie the Movie" turned out to be yet more of your theatrical dreams and visions of being a wealthy star, Mr Narcissist/Psychopath McCann.

I understand you have no insight into how others perceive you, that is probably just as well for you.

viv said...

Oh lol, check out this picture of the Pink Spinner at the do, looking utterly crestfallen and sporting a cold sore. Those darned things always crop up when one is feeling rather low about things.

Cannot copy to the blog as the photographer has asked we respect his right to copyright, which I do:


viv said...

Oh dear, The Times readers, including a doctor herself are not the least bit impressed by the McCanns, their party, or their specially commissioned poem. Somehow these two still do not seem to realise that the more they lash out trying to defend the indefensible the more disgusted people are.

Clarence Mitchell's face says it all, spin does NOT WORK. And quite how he can live with himself for his own part in this dirty mess, I just cannot imagine, but I hope he is satisfied now when he sits and peruses, not what is in The Daily Mirror or The Sun, but what more educated readers in The Times think. In short Clarence bad feelings towards the McCanns infect the whole of the British population.

viv said...

susie porter wrote:
To Madeleine.
I feel so sad,
You were left alone.
This should never be,
you were only three....
how you suffered
no one knows,
but you are sweet,
as a precious rose.
January 28, 2010 10:19 AM GMT on community.timesonline.co.uk
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Peter Cressall wrote:
I have just read The Beacon. Touching prose, but it seemed to end before any sign of a poem.
January 27, 2010 9:07 PM GMT on community.timesonline.co.uk
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Heather Dews wrote:
So this posh frock farce is to raise more funds to help in the search for Madeleine is it? The PJ would do it for nothing if the parents were to request the case be reopened. Is what is remaining in the fund not enough, as their very own PI says she is within 10 miles of PDL.
A couple of EasyJet flights and a cheap BandB whilst they search this area will find her, if what their PI says is correct.
But no, there will be another grasp for "funds", sorry Madeleine, Mummy and Daddy may find time sometime to make that trip and rescue you.
January 27, 2010 2:28 PM GMT on community.timesonline.co.uk
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jillian scholes wrote:
So while their daughter languishes in a hell hole within PDL, according to Dumb and Dumber, the private dtectives, they party with celebrities in London. Its about them and the money yet again, always has been.
Can anyone explain why Gerry was thinking of a big event one year on, when Maddie had only been missing a month? They are sick, both of them. Their disciples and their big bucks are even worse, any normal person would maybe give a donation, but at the same time tell them a party is not really a good idea.
And why DID they wait till it was light to search?????? So many unanswered questions with these wannabe celebs.
January 27, 2010 1:50 PM GMT on community.timesonline.co.uk
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Martin Peel wrote:
If my own daughter had been missing for 1000 days and someone I employ at great expense had told me where she was (in a lair 10 miles from Praia da Luz), would I be partying in London?
Would I be raising money (for what?) when the police can do the search free of charge if I asked them to reopen the case?
Something isn't right in this case.

January 27, 2010 10:52 AM GMT on community.timesonline.co.uk
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Sandra Stone wrote:
Good morning TimesonLine..I have to say speaking from a Doctors point of view I am truly shocked with those in my profession. Doctors behaving in this way. We take an OATH and that oath is to care for the sick. We are also trained to look out for child abuse and neglect .Protocol is what we live by.

I am sorry but a party to celebrate the alleged abduction of a child , any child is in very poor taste. I have yet to see proof of this alleged abduction. I am however witness to two Doctors spending their time trying to convince others of their innocence in all of this.

viv said...

Dr.Sandra Stone.

January 27, 2010 10:48 AM GMT on community.timesonline.co.uk
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Johnathan tires wrote:
In what way do the comments above help Madeleine? You focus on the parents and forget the child. While the parents made a mistake why should Madeleine suffer.... and by your comments that is exactly what is happening.
And to the poster saying the Parents bear the responsibility.....would you allow the abductor to go free if found? is he/she completely innocent? and what of the PJ officers incompetence as well? erased out of all your memories maybe?
You need to move past the parents error for Madeleine as you do her no favours what so ever. If you were concerned about Madeleine then you would be supporting the parents search not gossiping like old ladies over the back fence.
January 27, 2010 9:17 AM GMT on community.timesonline.co.uk
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Pete Collins wrote:
I have three children all over 20 and two married. NOT once in their childhood years were they left alone. If my wife could not be present, I was and vice versa. In our book having children is a life commitment. Not once were we ever tempted to leave our loved ones and goout on the town for a 'JOLLY' I know we are not alone in this form of parental thinking as the majority from all social backgrounds feel the same as we do. Life without one of my children would be a 'No Life' and altho' it would never ever have happened, if I had left my child and these terrible consequences ensued then I could not continue my life without them. Responsibility?? Mine as a parent, no one else shares this responsibility and I would never ask anyone to share it. I love my children and NOTHING would tempt me away !!
January 27, 2010 8:45 AM GMT on community.timesonline.co.uk
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Anne Guedes wrote:
"those terrible hours of darkness before they could resume the search"
The police, tourists, inhabitants, Ocean Club staff searched up to 4:30, yes, but the parents didn't.
As well as they don't search now, even after their PI found that Madeleine is in some lair in a 10 miles radius of PDL.
Many would be happy to collaborate in the search but isn't it obvious that the parents should be searching too ?
January 27, 2010 4:52 AM GMT on community.timesonline.co.uk
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Andy Davis wrote:
Is there nothing that Mr and Mrs "Everyone's to blame but us" McCann won't do to keep thier ames in the press and the money flowing in.
January 27, 2010 12:52 AM GMT on community.timesonline.co.uk
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viv said...

I was sure immediately that she didn't walk out of that room. (Kate McCann)

You are telling the truth Kate, she was carried, we know that.

Now go to the Police and tell them a few more truths, like this one, where I believe you are also telling the truth. But I do think you will need to admit, leaving them asleep was very important for Gerry.

I know that what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances.

viv said...

Some interesting comments from West Midlands Police Inspector for West Midlands Police, who blogs and tweets.

He is flagging up my own concerns in relation to the McCann case, where he says that too much comment, or sometimes any comment in the UK media, can have an adverse affect on live police investigations. It is a pity there are still so many who just do not want to listen to what LP repeatedly do tell us, this is a live investigation. Surely people can see that from the look on Kate McCann's face and their continuing and incredibly desperate behaviour?

viv said...

.....I have first hand experience of working with the media at the coal face with varied results. For example, I used a newspaper appeal to trace a crucial witness to a murder, and I have also found the media to be really accommodating when there are important messages that we need to get out to the public.

I have also found myself on numerous occasions having fairly heated disagreements with journalists when they want to publish stories that would have a detrimental impact on live investigations.

I have always struggled with the concept of a journalist insisting they want to publish a story, when the police are telling them that doing so would make it more difficult to either arrest or convict the offender. My instincts as a police officer are all about getting the bad guy locked up, whereas journalistic instincts tend to be to get the story out before another media outlet. This is often the cause of friction between police and media.........

full article on his blog at:

Police and the Media


Joe said...

This is interesting

John Terry gagging order lifted by High Court

John Terry
John Terry's lawyers had secured the injunction last week

An order preventing the media from reporting details of England football captain John Terry's private life has been lifted by the High Court.

Mr Justice Tugendhat removed the injunction, taken out by Terry, which banned reports about the Chelsea star's alleged affair with an unnamed woman.

An interim order had been granted at a private hearing in London last Friday.

It had banned publication of details of the alleged relationship and barred the use of photographs relating to it.

However, the judge said the information was in "wide circulation amongst those involved in the sport in question, including agents and others, and not just amongst those directly engaged in the sport".

Justice Tugendhat said he thought Terry's real concern was the effect on his sponsorship contracts, in which case, payment of damages would be an adequate remedy if he succeeded at trial.

The judge said: "Freedom to live as one chooses is one of the most valuable freedoms, but so is the freedom to criticise".

The very last paragraph of the text is the bit I like. Its a pity any injunctions of the duo et al ere not lifted so we can all see where its at.


viv said...

Hiya Joe, it is great the judiciary in the civil courts are increasingly recognising that injunctions to shut the press up are damaging to the right to freedom of speech and the press to report on public figures.

But that is very different in an ongoing criminal case where the press reporting on the details of allegations and evidence against the suspect would not only damage the police investigation but prevent the accused person from getting a fair trial. If the right to a fair trial has been seriously prejudiced by such reporting that would mean the guilty go free. I am sure that is not what any of us would want to happen in the case of Gerry, Kate and probably others.

viv said...

So much for all this support, a couple of signed books! All that press telling us they were actually attending, who told them that? The only way the McCanns even got these gifts linked to their names is by cleverly involving other charities!

Sir Richard Branson, who owns the exclusive venue, was believed to have donated a week's holiday plus Virgin Atlantic flights to his private retreat, Necker Island.

Author JK Rowling was also said to have given signed Harry Potter books to the fund-raising effort.


viv said...

Had it been reported that Branson and Rowling refused to donate it would have been real bad press for them. I wonder how long it took Kate and Gerry to figure out how they could persuade the public, look, see, we got these two back on board.

Not from where I am standing, they have not said one single word to support the gruesome twosome and neither have any of the others. Maybe they just wish to be associated with charities supporting Missing Children as I believe Peter Bowles does, loved him in To the Manor Born xx

hope4truth said...

Thanks for the link Viv another picture of Kate trying to look desprate but her eyes just cant carry the look off can they,,

She said... "It's difficult sometimes to understand how we've been able to keep going and survive without Madeleine, especially since nothing has changed since that terrifying first night"

We we we us us me me me that is all we ever hear from these poor excuses for parents if they found the night terrifying (the night they never searched as it was too dark although the evil people of PDL and the evil PJ were searching) just how terrifying would it have been for the VICTIM Madeleine???

Remeber her kate the child who has caused you all this pain the one you could not be bothered to stay in or look after... Or could you???

I am begining to belive that the children were not neglected and something happend to her that created a need to invent this wicked story....

Doc Mac's words come back to chill me to the core....

we know Mothers kill their children a few days ago that is tragicaly exactly what happend.. We also know that mental illness is usually responsible and no matter how abhorant the crime of murdering a child is are not cruel to the person who for want of a better word snapped....

When you turn your crime be it neglect disposing of a body or murder into a chilling game then I am afraid the sympathy is gone....

They blew it in the first few days (hours in my case) they just did not know how to behave as the emotions were false (fear rather than raw dread) and the eyes the window to the soul were just not distressed at all...

hope4truth said...

So will we see more pictures of the celebz that are so into the McCann's in Hello or is that it 4 of them (sorry 5 there was an old MP)....

I am surprised Gloria Hunniford was there the death of her Daughter Karen was so tragic and hit her so hard maybe she feels they are suffering the same as her and still feels raw and trusts them?

Peter Bowles and Jack Dee were a surprise yet some people buy this so why not them???

Fiona well we know she neglects her children she is a very proud child neglector so she is right at home... Just thought if it is ever proved they never neglceted their children and something more evil happend she is going to look bloody stupid laughing about the fact she did it as well when actually even these scummy people did not....

viv said...

Hiya Hope

I agree this was a terrible remark to make and the same we have been hearing from them from day one, no empathy for Madeleine, no concern for what she may be suffering, it is always designed to get sympathy for them. I do think this is what normal people find so repulsive about this couple, their need to just forget about Madeleine and concentrate on themselves and just how much THEY are suffering.

"It's difficult sometimes to understand how we've been able to keep going and survive without Madeleine, especially since nothing has changed since that terrifying first night"

What I find really difficult to understand is why they keep on putting themselves in the public domain. When are they going to finally realise that people are just sick of the sight and sound of them?

I can remember making comments 18 months back, why don't they just shut up, that would be a smart thing to do. But they are not smart, they are desperate, they just thought they were smart enough, to con the police, ordinary people all over the world, even Oprah Winfrey.

I do believe this was planned and it is so wicked and evil they can just never give up the pretence or admit what happened.

People keep talking about them answering the questions, attending a reconstruction and getting the process in Portugal opened again. How incredibly unrealistic, do they seriously believe this couple would do that! What the Portuguese are saying to the McCanns is, well you just bring us some evidence that Madeleine was taken by a stranger and we will re-open the process for you, but they know the McCanns are never going to be able to do that. The Portuguese want proper evidence, not well Hewlett was there and now Hewlett is is Germany but Madeleine is still in a lair 10 miles from PDL. What absurd and outrageous rubbish. It is like a further ridiculous allegation against the Portuguese Police, the British two for that matter, are Maddie is right there and they will not even bother to look.

I just feel utterly repulsed by the McCanns, all their sick lies and money grabbing legal actions. I just hope and pray some day real soon British Police give them that knock on the door that they so richly deserve. But maybe they are just waiting for Kate McCann to finally crack up. Tell the truth or crack Kate, we are a bit past caring!

viv said...

But Hope,

There is a small chink in the armour, something we could even laugh about.

Racist Rosiepops who sounds so much like racist Tony Parsons has not blogged on that foul place since the first day of the McCanns trial in Portugal where it came out just what Portuguese Police and the Prosecutors think about them. A guilty couple of liars.

Rosie's forum has also gone into closed session, "you are banned from this forum", no matter who IP address on cares to use:-)))

I wonder is Rosie in wedded bliss with the repugnant Tony Parsons, and why has Tony Parsons not been arrested for what he has written in the Daily Mirror inciting racial hatred?

How typical that a couple of racists would leap at the chance to create complete war between Portugal and Britain who have, in reality, worked solidly together to net these two and their filthy, money grabbing and abusive hangers on.

There is no problem with the police and there never has been, in either country, but those who are in fear of the police would like to tell us there is.

Wizard said...

The judge said: "Freedom to live as one chooses is one of the most valuable freedoms, but so is the freedom to criticise".

Married John Terry’s shenanigans with Wayne Bridge’s partner is something the media are now able to comment on. Perhaps the forthcoming World Cup and the atmosphere in the England dressing room is important enough to the nation to allow criticism. The shenanigans of the saintly McCanns’ is of course beyond criticism and banned from the British press. Hmm… something very wrong there.

viv said...

Nice to see there are some sensible commentators on this case, well said "Blacksmith"

Heading for Rothley

On the very first page of this blog, we asserted that the McCanns had lied about the case from beginning to end. Perhaps readers thought, oh this is blogland, people make all sorts of claims.

No. We repeat, and it is a matter of record, that Kate & Gerry McCann lied from beginning to end of the investigation into their daughter’s disappearance, a claim that will stand up in the libel courts because it is undeniably true.

It began, as we said, with the parents failing to tell the police the truth in their very first interviews. As the case prosecutor, Mr. Menezes, stated in court, in Lisbon, this month: “the couple lied to police about how long they had left Madeleine alone.”

And it ended with the McCanns claiming through their spokesperson that the final report from that same Mr. Menezes concluding the case in August 2008, “cleared” them. That was also a lie, not a misunderstanding, one which they later embellished by claiming that “the courts” had cleared them. Nowhere does the report clear them.

Now, this is not just a problem for Kate & Gerry McCann. It is a very real problem for their friends, the so-called Tapas 7. Why? Because most members of the group confirmed in their own statements the accuracy of what the couple had told the police. And they did not do so by accident, nor by hearsay.

Hearsay? No, couldn't be. They unequivocally confirmed the parents’ claims from their own observation of who did what when they all shared a meal in the so-called Tapas bar that night.

Accidental misinformation? How could it be? We know that they discussed the claims of who checked whom on the night of May 3/4 and then wrote down what they had agreed, on two separate pieces of paper which the police seized. A few days later, and before their second police interviews, the group produced a third, fully detailed, printed document again confirming that the parents had checked the children at the times they said they had. The times which Mr. Menezes, with the benefits of the investigation papers behind him, states are lies.

It is worth remembering what a witness statement is designed to do. As a UK legal guidance document puts it, in plain language:

“In general a witness statement should only contain information on what the witness saw, and not what others have said to him/her.”

viv said...

The reason for this is simple: if everyone sticks to a frank description of what they themselves, and nobody else, did and saw then the statements can be compared to build up a picture of the truth. If, however, witnesses discuss what others have done, or if they describe what others are supposed to have done, the statements actually obstruct a picture of events emerging.

The May 4 statements of the McCanns are not only untrue but they present a devastating breach of witness good practice. From the start both of them describe what others were doing that night when out of their sight, i.e information that they could not possibly have known was true, but which fits in with their own version of events. And, equally damning, even though the statements were taken independently, they use almost exactly the same words for long passages: they have clearly discussed and agreed and memorized what they are going to say.

It would take months of police work to unravel the mixture of confusion, untruth, and collusion which these statements by the group provided, information, it’s worth reminding ourselves, which was vital for the effort to trace the child during the first forty eight hours. When they had done so – and after Mr Amaral the "discredited cop" was removed from the case - they pinpointed the areas of inconsistency in the statements and decided that only by making these witnesses actually repeat their supposed movements that night – the so-called reconstruction – could the confusion be clarified.

So much for the claims, repeated again recently, that the case against the parents was "old stuff", an absurd idee fixe of Goncalo Amaral and his few colleagues in the early days of the case. On the contrary it was the new team led by Amaral's successor Rebelo who put the whole process of trying to get the truth out of the nine into action: if, as it appeared, the parents’ version of their movements that night was untrue and the other seven had confirmed that version, then the investigation could go nowhere until the inconsistencies were confronted.

And then? It was certainly not impossible that the inconsistencies would be ironed out and the credibility of the witness statements strengthened – in which case all nine probably would have been “cleared” - genuinely cleared - of suspicion. That in turn would certainly have led to a re-focusing of the case onto different lines of investigation.

Why should anyone object to such an idea? And what did the Tapas 7 think about it?

Posted by john blacksmith at 05:24

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

I see the accounts have been published for the Find Madeleine Fund. They can be viewed on JM if you have not already seen them.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz

Or is it just the difference between the rights of the press to comment on immoral conduct of those in the public eye, but who are not being investigated for a serious criminal offence and at best, could only sue the press for libel or breach of their right to privacy...which clearly are courts are making plain...if you put yourself in the public domain, expect the press to report on it.

The press are reporting on the McCanns little sojourns into the public domain, but they cannot and will not prejudice a serious criminal investigation.

viv said...

Accounts! Cool Wiz will go and have a look, will you be giving us a detailed breakdown like you did before, it was really good!

This is what is has all been about, money, but I am not expecting any great revelations in what I can imagine are a particularly creative set of accounts.

HOw do they explain hundreds of thousands getting Halligened, lol!

viv said...

I am rather furious about my keyboard keep printing are when I mean our:-)))

Wizard said...

INCOME 629,18\ 1,846,178
Merchandise and Campaign Costs (974,786) (673,366)
GROSS SURPLUS (345,605) 1,172,812
Administration expenses (30,865) (141,747)
OPERATING SURPLUS 2 (376,470) 1,031,065
Interest receivable 21,585 33,424
Tax on surplus on ordinary activities (6,878) (12,462)
SURPLUS CARRIED FORWARD (361,763) 1,052,027

viv said...

Thanks Wiz, got a bit sidetracked reading this:


I do not know whether it is true this blogger went to the conference but stating Shannon was drugged for 30 months beforehand with the use of temazepam sadly does fit with what I think she was systematically subjected to.

It also says the main motivation for these crimes is money and publicity. Something I have always been clear Gerry need to feed his personality disorder.

Then the writer says cannot post any more about Gerry...legal advice but suggests he was being quizzed.

I think the legal advice would be you had better shut up, getting too close to what British authorities really think and damaging the investigation but it will be interesting to see if he posts again.

One thing is for sure, Gerry is not bragging about attending and lecturing to this conference, he is completely silent about it, shucks poor Gerry!

Re accounts, if I make you an administrator would you like to put a new post up on this?

viv said...

So they accept there is a reputational risk, ROFLMAO There is a lot more I could say about this!

The directors have agreed a risk strategy for Madeleine's Fund, namely:

"The risks that Madeleine's Fund faces are assessed for both the likelihood of occurrence and the impact on the organisation should they occur.

In order to achieve its objectives Madeleine's Fund must accept a certain amount of risk taking. An important part of the risk management strategy must be to be clear at an organisational level about the types and levels of risk the organisation is prepared to take. Therefore, the identified risks are also assessed for the organisation's attitude."

The risks facing the Fund were assessed in four categories:
• reputational
• financial
• information and communications technology
• human resources

Current controls in place to mitigate each risk were identified, together with additional controls required. The resulting risk register will be reviewed annually.

viv said...

"They are also responsible for safeguarding the assets of the company and hence for taking reasonable steps for the prevention and detection of fraud and other irregularities."

Well Mr Halligen appears to have seriously defrauded the Fund, what action will they be taking about this then?

viv said...

This report was approved by the board on 6.1.10 and signed on its behalf, by: [hand written signature] Brian Kennedy Director

Why is John McCann no longer signing the accounts off and when did Kennedy become a director, maybe I have it wrong but I do not think he was one last year?

Why is the Company Secretary not one of the members of the Board as is usual?

viv said...

oh sorry I forgot, there are two Brian Kennedy's!!

This is not the millionaire supporter of the McCanns presumably, just his in house (you are specially dodgy just for me ) solicitor is on the board of directors :)))

Blimey Smethurst could sue me for this :-))))

Wizard said...

Uncle John tells us in the accounts that the legal costs for the Lisbon fiasco were met by the fund. 5 star hotels all round as well then if the fund was paying.

It would appear most donations from the public have dried up but who needs them with the income from libel damages.

The fund has now a section of money set aside for risks one of which is reputational risk to the fund. Hmm….. not specifically fraud then?

Wizard said...

Uncle John refers to Amaral - Amoral – what a wheeze he is.

Rumour has it Uncle John is none other than Rosipops – well I never.

viv said...

hiya Wiz

I did note the deliberate typing error to make Mr Amaral amoral. I do not think he is. I think he is quite naturally convinced the McCanns are culpable in the disappearance of Madeleine, frustrated they are not immediately prosecuted and is taking the moral highground, rather than following more usual legal constraints!

viv said...

Wiz, my latest theory on Psychopops is a clear connection to that vile, odious, hurtful and misleading man who works for the Daily Mirror, a paper I do not mind confessing I just hate for the sickening rubbish it prints and how they deliberately mislead the public with their sickening lies.

But John McCann, another very good candidate. This person whoever it is, just knows too much and is jst about as perverted as they come!

viv said...

Which newspaper was it that Gran Cooper kept talking to, and had to be warned by British Police to shut the flip up, oh The Daily Mirror!

Wizard said...

Hi Viv,

Accounts for 2008 list directors as follows:-

Corner, Linnett, Smethhurst, Skehan, J McCann, Hubner, B Kennedy (appointed 16 May 2007)
Tomlinson, BWB Ltd, McVey.

As directors resigned their positions were filled by er...um McCanns. Kept it in the family.

viv said...

Shower and out, BBL!


viv said...

Hiya Wiz, well indeed, keep it in the family after the ex coroner and Esther McVey, thought, no way, and in walks the Muckas themselves and that odious excuse for a solicitor who works for millionaire Kennedy, Mr Smellhurst.


Will make you admin if you want to put up sep post.

Wizard said...

John Mc has a financial interest in perpetuating the stranger abduction saga – his well paid job. If money from libel action dries up its round to the Job Centre for Uncle John.

viv said...

Hiya Wiz, I am just going off to look for some suitable John McCann quotes as I know there are some.

One I particularly recall, something along the lines of:

"Why are we having to spend ALL of our time negating rumour and speculation"

This was in the very early days, and to quote Rosiepops, I thought it was simply priceless!

You have a Fund set up, where ostensibly its whole raison de etre is to Find Madeleine, but you have one of its chief architects admitting at all they are actually doing is defending Kate and Gerry McCann. Not that we were ever in any doubt what the Fund's real aims and objectives are.

Allowing those "in the know" family members, like this sick little chappy to make a real good little earner out of Maddie and perpetuate rumour and speculation, sometimes a lot worse besides, like pure racist nastiness and the notion that all cops involved in this case, whether they be Portuguese or British are just as bent as a nine bob note! The only saintly persons out of this whole shambles are of course, the poor bereft parents, Kate and Gerry McCann :-))))

hope4truth said...

John McCann Rosiepops OMG what an image....

I am sure there have been more than one or RP was powered by white powder sniffed up ones nose as it never slept and was ready day or night to pounce on any scum who dared to post a negative unproven comment...

Problem for it an its band of bullies is now all those unproven comments have mostly been proven...

viv said...

Below is my attempt to translate some GerrySpeak, original GerrySpeak below that. Somehow they both seem a bit garbled but the basic message is in there:-(((

For me, no, let's make it we, otherwise it sounds like I am controlling all of this, lol, but anyway me, I mean we, me and me brother, have really rammed this message home even better than we ever planned it, and I am going to be honest here, and speak personally, it has actually gone beyond what we or me planned, to the point where people even think we abducted Maddie or we killed her, but killed her I could use that one, so that would be within the terms of the original plan, it is all a question of what I will and will not allow to happen. And I know that, I mean know that sounds wrong, I pray that people dont start thinking again what we have done but if and when they do, I now have in place a template, a plan, that will be my planned response, oh sod, I should not be talking about that.... so I will change midtrack and say something godly again that I know all these do gooders creeps love to hear, how about goodwill and yes humanity, that can restore me and Kate in the eyes of the world because I know there are a lot of gullible fools out there with really deep pockets, so, in the end, MY ONE EVIL ACT has actually resulted in so much good for me, and I need to be in control.

GMcC: For me, we know the media coverage is not going to last a long time. It has lasted a lot longer and we have been much, much more successful in driving a message out than we could ever possibly have imagined. Personally I think it’s gone beyond that at the minute and there is a feeling with many many people out there that they will not allow this to happen. And we know that and we pray that it doesn’t happen again but when it does, the speed of the next response and the template we have set will [??] and there has been so much goodwill and humanity out there that it really has restored, one evil act actually has resulted in so much good.

viv said...

full interview here and it is really fascinating, there is so much they were saying back then, they do not want to talk about now. Plans change. Same goes for Rosiepops really,

I can recall it raving on its blog, how dare I call Gerry a Narcissist and a Psychopath, it is actually me who is a sickening Narcissist :-))

Now Rosie, I just want to know, why are you so frightened to say that now? Why don't you tell us what a nice guy Gerry is? Why don't you blast off about all this wicked things me and my bloggers are talking about on here, you know, what the Portuguese Prosecutor is talking about, about Gerry selling Madeleine and what Goncalo is now talking about the GASPAR statements, I mean, Rosie, it is just not like you to go all shy on us!

viv said...


viv said...

Hopey Hello!

Well if Rosiepops was powered by white powdered stuff one sniffs up ones nose, then I will have to revert to my original and say why it was no more than Gezzy McCann himself, he who just knows too much and lies to all those silly little bloggers, that dwindling faithful and so very few bunch of true believers. Just recently I posted up on Missing Madeleine where it was telling its faithful ones (which are probably all Rosiepops, lol) look at the size of that window in the picture, an abductor could quite easily climb in and out of there. Only trouble it was the patio door it was showing and prior to that it did display a picture of said bedroom window but with the shutters down which I just thought was absolutely hilarious. Like the police say quite adamantly, it cannot be operated from outside. Just in case Goncalo got that wrong, we saw Rebelo and his merry band of men checking it all out again. And then the Fund paid about ooooh I dont know ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND was it to have this translated, only trouble is I don't think they got the Rebelo bit, funny they do not call him a liar as well. Maybe that would draw attention to the belt and braces approach from the Portuguese Police, we looked at it all, we got rid of that officer and then we looked at it all over again. I think Rebelo agreed on some of the basic facts, like no fantasy abductor opened that shutter and window, but disagreed on a few assumptions that could be made.

viv said...

and Rebelo's speciality, sex offenders.

viv said...

or friends and family, who have no need to access the little one by climbing through any window like some lurking predator, they just walk in and out of the door.

Poor little Madeleine, where are you?

Is she even alive?

It is not really a joking matter.

viv said...

It is very ominous to me that the one thing the Prosecutor picks to highlight of all the lies of Kate and Gerry McCann, they did NOT check their children even 30 minutes.

Poor little Madeleine cried for one hour and fifteen minutes, just two nights before she completely disappeared.

viv said...

Just how would Kate McCann feel if she now knew exactly what happened to Madeleine and she never once chose to get off her backside during that holiday and see if little Maddie was OK?

The way she feels now I would suggest!

viv said...

Kate McCann from that interview with Ian Woods of Sky News on 25 May 2007:

KATE McCANN: As I think people are aware, we were checking regularly on the children and it was during one of my checks that I discovered she had gone. I can’t really go into any details about that. I’m sure any parent will realise how that felt.

IW: Did the panic set in immediately?

KMcC: Yeah [whisper], very much.

viv said...

and the Portuguese Prosecutor has just told us quite clearly, that was a LIE KATE.

A lie that your lawyer never even bothered to try and challenge and neither have you!

viv said...

Just like Tony Blair a few days ago, on Iraq, self preservation to men like him and Gerry McCann, who are personally responsible for the most terrible things, saying I was wrong I am sorry, just cannot happen. Gerry even shows the true politician in him as he avoids directly answering the question, deflection, that is the technique, never admit you were wrong. Even resort to statistics...even if they make you look like even more of a liar, they are a technique for the desperate who have no way to explain the inexplicable, the unspeakable.

IW: Is there a lesson, do you feel, to other parents?

GMcC: I think that’s a very difficult thing to say because if you look at it, and we try to rationalise things in our head, ultimately what is done is done and we continually look forward. We’ve tried to put it into some sort of perspective for ourselves. We’re in a very safe resort. If you think about the millions and millions of British families who go to the Mediterranean each year, really the chances of this happening are in the order of a hundred million to one.

viv said...

Just not one little word for Madeleine or for any children, we have tried to rationalise it to ourselves, what is done is done, we try to look forward.

He never wanted to look back and think just what he did to that little girl and on his own account was still happening.

viv said...

GMcC: If we did we wouldn’t tell you [laughs] because it may be important information but we didn’t. (whether he saw any suspicious characters) You know, it was such a relaxing holiday. In fact as a family unit, up until that night, I know for friends who were here and certainly for us, it was as good a holiday as we have had with the children – up until that point.

"as a family unit.....as good a holiday as we have had, with the children up until that point"

So how in the mind of Gerry McCann does he define as a family "unit". Does that mean where every possible hour the adult unit can get rid of the child unit they do so? From 9 am to 5.30 pm every single day, save for enforced lunch breaks when the creche was closed. These children were doing their working day in the creche, they did not understand this holiday as being part of a family unit, surely, even Madeleine and the twins were apart, never mind playing on the beach with mom and dad. Was the best he ever had when he got rid of Madeleine? Was it such a great holiday for Madeleine when she was left alone to cry for one hour and fifteen minutes?

That is what really pains me about Gerry McCann, he is just so utterly repulsive and he just will not shut up!

viv said...

worst nightmare would have been all three, well on his account it is hard to fathom how it was not or indeed why it was not the twins who got taken.

He cannot grieve just for one..we DID grieve of course (as you do when you have just dumped one of your kids for a couple of days at least, after that onwards and upwards with the campaign? I suppose we never really did need Gerry to repeatedly tell us he needs to be in control and in control of the investigation!

GMcC: I think that’s, you know, something that is many people have said to us that this is a parent’s worst nightmare and it is, it truly is and it’s as bad as you can possibly imagine but, you know, if all three of the children had been taken it could have been even worse than your worst nightmare and we’ve got to be strong for them. You know, they’re here. They do bring you back to Earth. And we cannot grieve one, we did grieve of course we grieved but ultimately we need to be in control so that we can influence and help in anyway possible. Not just Sean and Amelie but the investigation

viv said...

need to be in control..not just Sean Amelie but the investigation, and Kate?

viv said...

GMcC: Certainly, you know, at the end of that first week there was so much emotion that we had spent and we actually had a period where we discussed this openly that we felt devoid, completely devoid of emotion.

Pretty candid there, he cannot help but just let it slip out, completely devoid of emotion, one can understand Clarence Mitchell strongly advising, you, Gerry McCann, need a media spokesperson.

viv said...

but there again, he had to offer an explanation for the cameras having caught both him and Kate, completely devoid of emotion, in fact in high hilarity as £260 per hour was flooding into their fund on Madeleine's birthday. This couple will go down in history.

viv said...

Setting up Madeleine’s Fund
Rosamund McCarthy and Philip Kirkpatrick were involved with setting up Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned within 48 hours and helping to present its launch live on BBC and Sky TV.

To people who say this was just a little accident and it was not planned, I say, you better think again..

viv said...


viv said...

this case certainly attracts its fair share of fantasy weirdos (he was mulling this over whilst off sick)Did Mr Halligen escape from custody? "I was talking to the FBI about this case"!! :

And never mind the fact that Maddie is a Ward of Court and would not be returned to the McCanns anyway (in the unlikely event she is still alive)

DGSx on Mon 18 Jan - 21:47

Yep that's pretty much what I was implying. I was actually talking to the FBI about it earlier and an Agent there commented how dangerous it would be to have her around the twins....

viv said...

From Fiona Govan, Telegraph:

A third witness said the turning point of the investigation came following a tearful call from Mrs McCann who, after a dream, told police where to search for her daughter’s body.

Police Inspector Ricardo Paiva, who acted as a liason between the McCanns and Portuguese police in the days following their daughter’s disappearance told the court he had received the phone call in late July 2007.

“Kate called me, she was alone as Gerry was away and she was crying,” he said. “She said she had dreamt that Madeleine was on a hill and that we should search for her there.

“She gave the impression that she thought she was dead – it was a turning point for us.”

The senior detective said the land was searched but nothing was found. “That is when we decided to send the specialist dogs in. British police informed us about how they could detect the scent of death.”

He admitted that the police had been suspicious of the McCanns from the start of the investigation. “They disobeyed our request to keep quiet about the details of their daughter’s disappearance while we conducted our investigation. Instead they turned it into a media circus and that gave rise to some suspicions.”

He said that the McCanns should have faced prosecution for leaving their children alone. “They should have been pursued for neglect. People have been arrested for far less – even in the UK.”

Of course, as we know, Gerry came out of court and categorically denied that Kate had made any such call. As if he would know, when he was off to America on one of his jolly hollies, what did he say "looking at the wider political issues" ummm never mind his own daughter eh, I feel an Amber Alert coming on :-))) still, at least the McCanns dropped trying to take the credit from the EU for that one, hijacking it or kidnapping it, as it were.

Kate stopped mentioning she has aspirations to become an International Ambassador for Children too, wise that Kate.

viv said...

Just cried me way through each sentence, by "Malena Stool"
If you want to look at the pic of Clarence that he is referring to:

"Clarence, not that I give a damn but, Who dressed you for the great night out? That is the most dilatory outfit I've seen outside of a Help the Aged Charity Shop, and that tie, bejesus, McAlpine's Fusiliers wouldn't be seen dead wearing a knot like that, it hangs round your neck like a bull frog's penis.... it is a tie isn't it?

Seriously Clarence, as an investigative reporter you were an incompetent, a complete and utter Ambulance Chasing Tosser. As a spin doctor you were obviously extremely well thought of by your previous employer, as he so ably demonstrated by 'Letting you go'. As a spokesperson, take away the UK government control of the media, you wouldn't get your 'Family Bulletins' printed in the Beano.

But, as the photograph shows, you do make an ideal advert for selective birth control."