7 Jan 2010

Wildlife in the snow ..

It was minus 7 here last night and a few nights back I had the most horrendous time to get home, having to skid past people who had given up, over an icy hump back bridge etc which was terrifying. I actually cried when I got in the house, I think it was just sheer relief. I had been on a mercy dash to take my mom out shopping as their car is off the road and she was completely fed up!

But my friend who lives in Compton Dando near Bristol just sent me these fabulous wildlife shots she took of her garden including as you will see the most fantastic shot of her resident great spotted woodpecker so I thought I would share them with you as we all continue to suffer the worst winter in memory. But hey ho, I just booked for me and Luke to clear off to Dominican Republic in February where I think it will be about 28 and surrounded by coconut trees, now that is better!


Di said...

Hi Viv

Thanks for the lovely pics of your friends garden. We also have a resident woodpecker, they are lovely birds to look at but not when they decide to drill a tree at 5 in the morning. I have been feeding the birds everyday and the fighting that has been going on between the blackbirds and thrushes has been unbelievable.

Your car journey sounded very scary. We have at least 6 inches here which I would not like to be out in. Hubby has been doing the shopping and he said the roads are lethal. I have a cold so it's a good excuse to stay in.

It's always nice at this time of the year to have a holiday to look forward to.

viv said...

Hiya Di

I am so jealous, I regularly used to see a woodpecker and much more besides at our last house but have not seen one here. Although there were bullfinches and I think fieldfares this morning among others.

It sounds like we are all the same, putting on a veritable banquet for the birds at this time of year when they need it so much to survive. It is wonderful to watch them but my camera does not seem so good at catching them! I think the closeup of the woodpecker is brilliant!

Now stop moaning about him drilling at 5 am you should consider yourself honoured by his majestic presence lol!

As you know I got rid of hubby and to my shock I have just heard his second wife of over twenty years has left him in Turkey and come back to UK. It took her a long while to realise! I suspect she will have a long wait for him to get around to selling the house and giving her half!

But they do have their uses, I was outside this morning with an extension cable and hairdryer to thaw a frozen pipe because I wanted a cup of tea about 7 am! That is one thing here we have stil not got around to sorting but it is now definitely on the list.

I have had cold and flu for what seems like ages, back to the docs on Monday for some more penicillin I suppose so I thought I would do something that I know will make me much better. In the meantime I have now got plenty of food in!

Let us hope it starts to clear up soon but the forecast does not look good at the moment.

So, we will keep on feeding our lovely feathered friends, bless them!


Di said...

Sorry you are also under the weather Viv, keep warm. Hopefully this cold spell will kill off all those nasty bugs.


viv said...

Thanks Di xxx

How is your lovely little grandson and your daughter? I hope he is not under the weather!

Di said...

Yes both under the weather but not caught from me.

Bless him, he still manages to giggle and smile no matter how he feels.

Hope you are feeling better x

viv said...

I hope they are feeling better Di, and so glad he is now adept at the gorgeous giggling and smiling, how lovely!