4 Aug 2008


The PJs log of the contents of McCann hire car. Proof if any were needed that someone, or maybe two is an alcoholic!

I cannot figure out what the horrible thing is that looks like a blood bag! Who carries rice crispies in the boot!!

PJ carefully logged stains to floor and walls of McCann apt.

Is this the one the nanny supposedly printed! Or was it sly Gezza at home circa 20.5.07 on his paint pro kit! Maddie does look a real good marketing ploy there, I think! Check out the spiky fringe, whoops Gezza!

Within a few days of 3.5.07 a 69 year old design engineer, Mr Fleck, a man with a good eye for detail, I am sure, gave this e-fit picture of a suspicious man he saw hanging around the McCann apartment just before Madeleine disappeared. He says he had short dark hair, strong athletic build and aged 30-40, height about 5'8". I agree with everyone on the 3 Arguidos this is Gerry McCann and I am frankly flabbergasted the McCanns seem to be carping this image was not released! If we can think, hang on a minute that looks and sounds just like Gerry McCann then you can bet your bottom doller that's what the PJ thought too. No wonder they did not release it to the world or to the McCanns!! As I believe Goncalo has confirmed the McCanns were always under suspicion and rightly so! There is another e-fit said to be a ringer for OB but it seems to me this could be another witness again describing Gerry although it is not such a striking likeness. Anyone who actually saw OB could not have failed t notice his striking height and there does not seem to be mention of this, we keep hearing the same over and again, including from Jane Tanner, short dark hair aged 30-40, 5' 8" in other words, Gerry McCann. I have always said his behaviour in calling that woman to the table at 9.30 was quite deliberate. IMO at this stage OB was missing and had taken over and Gezza was making sure he was not in the frame, but the thing is now we have yet another witness who saw him in addition to Smith. As we know from the Barry George case though such identification evidence is not good enough, there were nine people in that case who put George at the scene but this evidence was trashed by the defence, even in broad daylight some witnesses account were shaken. In this only one person saw Gerry carrying Maddie and he did not say it was Gerry until September when he saw him getting off the plane on TV, carrying Sean. The other man seeing him hanging around would not be good enough to corroborate this. So many pointers but just not quite enough at this stage to actually get them, but they will!

Gerry normally combs his hair across the front leaving no fringe but on this pic and the really evil one to the right you can see that sometimes he is not so groomed leaving that short spiky fringe. Maybe someone who got a lot of alcohol down them and had a lot of adrenaline flowing would not be quite so careful about the comb. I know he is an immaculate and fussy man as a rule. Rigid timekeeper etc, it fits his personality.

Well, if the McCanns thought the allegations against them were suddenly going to stop, just how wrong they were! Another example of how the McCanns staged Madeleine's "abduction".

PJ believes that McCann changed evidence The Judiciary Police has no doubt that the parents of Maddie changed the provision of furniture and objects from the apartment where Maddie disappeared the night of May 3, 2007, in the Algarve, thus manipulating the scene of the crime to better justify the thesis of abduction which has always advocated.

and as though that were not bad enough of course 0n 1 August Correio gave us those 48 questions that Kate refused to answer:

Kate McCann - defensive, petulant, arrogant and rude. Not exactly a woman searching for her beloved child, is she?

She just wanted to "increase the political pressure" on those who sought to investigate her..

Viv x

Research: What the inspectors wanted to know the PJ The 48 questions that remained unanswered September 7, 2007. Kate McCann entered the Judicial Police of Portimão in the morning and interrogation had been to night. It was heard as a witness, but the tension in the air was clear. For the first time, popular concentrated to the door of the premises of PJ and murmuravam words of defiance against the couple. That day the CM noticiara that the dogs had detected the odor of corpses clothes of the mother of Maddie. A proof that the authorities wanted to use as a trump card in a hearing that only the next day changed direction after the PJ not see clarified their doubts. Kate began by answering all the questions, but to be formed defendant left to speak. Remeteu to the silence, in the company's lawyer, provocatively and accepted all the suggestions. Less than 48 hours later, Kate and Gerry travel to England with the twins, leaving behind the investigation to the disappearance of their daughter, which has now had four years. Garantiram after we return if it were necessary - which they never did, but had not been formally intimados to return - and are no longer defendants for suspected involvement in the concealment of the body of the child. Today the CM shows him the 48 questions that Kate did not want to respond in questioning and reflecting the concerns of researchers. More than a year after Maddie disappear, many of these questions remain unanswered. APUPOS FOR THE COUPLE MCCANN The way Kate and Gerry McCann of the premises of PJ of Portimão marked a turning point in the relationship of popular with the couple: the curious who passed on the street apuparam mother and father of Maddie, particularly criticising the "absence of visible suffering" of Kate. It also marked the foreign press presence in large numbers. PASSA PROCEDURE FOR PUBLIC NOW FROM tomorrow As from tomorrow the whole investigation to the disappearance of Madeleine will be made available to defendants, witnesses, lawyers and journalists, because it is a case of manifest public interest. The process, which was filed on July 21, will also be accessible to the general public, a situation that will allow real scrutiny of the work done by the Judicial Police. This decision, which ultimately was surprised because it is a case involving a child, has only just been announced, after the Portuguese lawyers of the family McCann, Carlos Pinto de Abreu and Rogerio Alves, have requested the Court of Portimão priority in access to the file . Already last Wednesday had asked the court to all parties who had previously requested the consultation on file to leave a CD in office since the process will be provided in digital format. The archival research to the disappearance of the girl, occurred on May 3, 2007, in the Algarve, precipitated the lifting of the secrecy of justice, which had been extended until precisely the month of August. APONTAMENTOS OF KATE MCCANN "All policemen dressed informally and smoking. There was demonstrated sympathy. It was far from reassuring." -- May 4 "Left message to Gordon Brown to call us to increase the political pressure." -- May 23 "How do you dare to insinuate that our daughter could be in danger for our cause?" -- June 17 NOTES KATE: SENTADA ON BED The Judicial Police was asked to Kate during the searches on the night of the disappearance was sitting in bed, Maddie without moving. Do not been answered. PRESSÕES: GONÇALO AMARAL The former coordinator of the event, Gonçalo Amaral, account in the book 'The Truth Lie of' the pressures incurred during the investigation, confirmed by Kate in their notebooks. PORTIMÃO: JUDICIAL The process focused on the Judicial Police of Portimao. The interrogation of September 7 forced the special security measures outside the building. 48 THE QUESTIONS OF WHAT TO JUDICIAL KATE NO RESPONDEU 1 - On May 3, 2007, by 22:00, when entered the apartment, which saw, as he did, where sought, which manuseou? 2 - An inside the closet of the room of the couple? (said he did not respond) 3 - (Views two photos of the closet of his room) may describe its content? 4 - Why the cortinado behind the sofa opposite side of the window (whose photo he was shown) is mexido? Someone went behind that sofa? 5 - How long did it take to search the apartment after the detection of the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine? 6 - Why said from the outset that Madeleine had been kidnapped? 7 - On the assumption that Maddie had been kidnapped, that the twins left alone at home to go to Tapas to raise the alarm? So because the alleged raptor could still be in the apartment. 8 - Why not asked the twins, at that time, what had happened to the sister or why not asked them later? 9 - When the alarm has in Tapas specifically what I said and what the words? 10 - What happened then to the alarm in Tapas? 11 - Why was tell their friends instead of shouting balcony? 12 - Who contacted the authorities? 13 - who participated in the search? 14 - anyone outside the group, in the minutes following, was to learn of the disappearance of Maddie? 15 - Some nearby it offered aid after the disappearance? 16 - What does the expression "we let her down"? 17 - The Jane said you have seen a man with a child that night? 18 - How were contacted authorities and that police force was warned? 19 - During the searches, and already with the police presence, where local Maddie was sought, how and in what way? 20 - Why is not the twins agreed during the search or when they were in the upper deck? 21 - For those who telephoned after the facts? 22 - Ligou for SKY News? 23 - I knew the danger of turning to the media because it could influence the raptor? 24 - asked the presence of a priest? 25 - What is the method of disseminating the face of Madeleine, where photo, if other? 26 - It is true that during the search was sitting in bed, Maddie without moving? 27 - What is your behaviour that night? 28 - It sleep? 29 - Before the trip to Portugal made any comment on a pressentimento or a bad omen? 30 - What is the behavior of Madeleine? 31 - Maddie suffered any illness or taking medication? 32 - What is the relationship of Madeleine with brothers? 33 - What is the relationship of Maddie with brothers, friends and colleagues of school? 34 - On your life, in how many and which hospitals worked? 35 - What is your medical specialty? 36 - Trabalhava shift in emergencies or other services? 37 - Trabalhava daily? 38 - In a time no longer work? Why? 39 - The twin children have difficulty in sleeping, are irrequietos and this causes him intranquilidade? 40 - It is true that at certain times felt desperate for the behaviour of their children and that the left much intranquila? 41 - It is true that in England came to mind Madeleine surrender the custody of a family? 42 - In England, gave medication to children? What kind of medication? 43 - In the self you were shown films of inspection cinotécnica, as a forensic, where you can see the mark by these indications of odor on the human body and blood also traces of human and only human nature, and all comments the expert responsible. After viewing, and after signalling the odor of corpses in his room next to the closet and behind the sofa against the window of the living room, said he could not explain anything more than has already stated? 44 - also noted, the dog detection, human blood behind the sofa, said he could not explain anything more than has already stated 45 - Assinalado the smell of corpses from the rented car that one months after the disappearance said he can not explain anything more than already said? 46 - Assinalado human blood in the trunk of the vehicle said he can not explain anything more than has already stated? 47 - Faced with the result of collecting DNA from Maddie, whose analysis was carried out by a British laboratory, behind the sofa and the tailgate of the vehicle, said he can not explain anything more than has already stated? 48 - took some responsibility or intervention in the disappearance of her daughter? Question that said: Are you aware that failure to respond to questions calls into question the research, which seeks to know what happened with your daughter? He said that yes, if the research does so.


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viv said...

There is a lot of emphasis placed by the PJ on the wardrobe in the McCann's bedroom where cadaver scent was detected. This is really horrible. But that odious woman just did not want to explain..

viv said...

The McCanns repeatedly complained about restricted information being leaked, well now, it would seem it is all going to be leaked, so here comes the tsunami Claudia was talking about! Still, I suspect there are aspects of the ongoing investigation that will not be included!

Viv x

Madeleine police files going public
53 minutes ago

Thousands of pages of evidence assembled by the Portuguese detectives who investigated Madeleine McCann's disappearance are expected to be made public.

The police files from the exhaustive inquiry, which lasted more than 14 months, are being made available to journalists after the shelving of the case a fortnight ago.

Included in the mammoth dossier - said to run to 20,000 pages - are witness statements, transcripts of interviews with the McCanns and details of the lines of inquiry detectives pursued.

The files are being made public under Portuguese law after the lifting of the period of judicial secrecy in the case.

From today officials from the public prosecutor's office in the Algarve town of Portimao will copy the documents on to DVDs for reporters who have requested them.

Lawyers for Madeleine's parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, both 40, from Rothley, Leicestershire, were formally given access to the police files last week.

They are studying the dossier for fresh leads that the couple's private detectives can follow up in their own search for their daughter.

Until now Portugal's strict "segredo de justica" - or secrecy of justice - laws have limited the flow of information about the Madeleine inquiry.

The legislation is supposed to ban anyone linked to an ongoing police investigation from speaking about it, but it did not stop a series of leaks to Portuguese newspapers.

The McCanns repeatedly complained about restricted information being made public, and the couple believe there was a concerted smear campaign against them.

viv said...

Well I keenly await reading the statements of neighbours who saw and heard Kate being abusive and aggressive including Mrs Fenn and of course Mr Smith who insists he saw Gerry carrying Madeleine away to the beach..

dolores said...

It will be interesting to see if any of our papers will disclose the files.
Apparently 1000 reporters have asked for permission to have a copy of the files.
Lets see if McCanns will sue them all.

dolores said...

This is truly shocking !!

The investigation Maddie: O'Brien questioned after consulting statements Tanner
On the occasion of his interrogation in April 2008, Russell James O'Brien able to view the report statements by his companion Jane Tanner to respond to questions of the officer Andrew Gierc of Police in Leicestershire About events surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The access of a witness to the statements of another witness, even when it is the same couple, is a disturbing and beyond the norms, especially during an investigation of the importance of the case Madeleine McCann, it is also judged by experts from several police forces in Europe, consulted by SMM, as more than just a professional error: "it can direct the witness or worse, it can answer questions so as to safeguard its position in the investigation, "said an officer of the French gendarmerie stressing" it is a mistake that can jeopardize any investigation and that no professional worthy of the name would do… The only possible explanation that remains is the possibility that the investigator wanted to confuse the witness for a very specific reason. "

"I have been given the opportunity to refresh my memory at the start of the report by Jane Tanner (my wife) and it allowed me to see these documents, which have been done in the presence of DC 1578 Gierc," recognizes O 'Brien.

O'Brien was interviewed twice, on 8 and April 10, 2008, but strangely, his first interrogation could not be recorded on video because, according to British police, there would be a "technical failure" . Yet today, it appears that the video, which was never sent to Portugal, but there would not be attached to the report of the interrogation of April 8.

The second interrogation Russell O'Brien by the officer Andrew Gierc, it was indeed recorded on video, which we had access.

All other "Tapas 7" were also interviewed: Payne was interrogated for 259 minutes by the officer I. Messiah, Diane Webster for 151 minutes by the officer Fergusson, Fiona Payne for 277 min Messiah by the officer, Matthew Oldfield for 157 minutes and Rachael Mariamma John Mampilly, the officer Andrew Gierc during 236 min.

Jane Tanner was interviewed during 279 min by the officer Fergusson, an interview with seven interruptions, the first of very turbulent after only 18 minutes after the fire alarm system.

196 witnesses and 3 arguidos

At the time or the Public Ministry of Portugal has decided to put the inquiry in the disappearance of Madeleine awaiting better evidence, there were a total of 196 witnesses, including the seven friends of McCann and 3 arguidos recorded in the trial. Several witnesses who came forward with

Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, Kate Marie Healy (vulgarly designated as Kate McCann) and Gerald Patrick McCann were the three arguidos.

Among the witnesses, there are a few names already familiar to the general public. "Nanny" Amy Ellen Tierney, Catriona Treasa Sisile Baker, Charlotte Elizabeth Alice Pennington, Emma Louise Wilding, Mary Jacqueline Williams, Kirsty Louise Maryen, Lyndsay Jayne Johnson, Lynne Rhiannon Fretter, Sarah Elizabeth Williamson, Shinead Maria Vine, Stacey Portz, Susan Bernardette Owen and Pauline Frances McCann.

Teachers of tennis, Daniel James Stuk Georgina and Louise Jackson.

Robin George Crosland (manage the Ocean Club), George William James, Jennifer Anne Murat, Jeremy Wilkins, John Elliot Hill, Michaela Walazuch, Isobel Pamela Fenn, Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, Sergey Malinka (friend of Murat), José Manuel Conceição Pacheco, Susan Hubard and Svetlana Malinka.

"Tapas 9": David Anthony Payne, Dianne Webster, Fiona Elaine Payne, Gerald Patrick McCann, Jane Michelle Tanner, Kate Marie Healy, Rachael Mariamma John Mampilly, Russel James O'Brien.

lizzy said...

HI Dolores,
I believe this case has been a Government cover up frm the start and everything that has come out since the secrecy has been lifted has further convinced me, I sadly d not believe they will ever face justice.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Good Morning All


I hope your daughter enjoyed her weekend in Brighton.

The local newspaper has published a report with some short videos included:


Stonemaid said...

Hello ictoan

Thank you for the link to the Argus article on the events in Brighton over the weekend! Yes, our daughter had a good time!

We have just returned from a short break in Granada, to visit Alhambra etc. It would have been even more enjoyable if the temperatures hadn't been over 40 degrees!! We are now exhausted and have returned home for a rest!!


ICantThinkOfAName said...


Lucky you.

I have wished for some time to visit Granada (and Cordoba) as I am interested in the history of the Califate in Iberia. The most southerly visit so far has been Toledo.

Once I have sorted out some health problems I will make the effort. In view of what you have written about temperatures probably away from the summer.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


dolores said...

Surprise surprise,The Daily Mail are allowing these comments,is the worm turning at last?

I want to know why Mrs McCann failed to answer 48 important questions asked by the police.
- paul, DERBY uk, 3/8/2008 19:37
i think your find the smears and inuendos come from the mccanns.
- chriss, london, 3/8/2008 19:43
Who said the Portuguese Police have not worked hard on the case, 11,000 page files of recorded work!
- Chris, England, 3/8/2008 19:45
The lawyers are "discovering what was done, and more importantly, what was not done"
I think we all know the most important thing that was not done.
Madeleine was not put safely in the available evening creche.
- diddy, germany, 3/8/2008 20:00
Brilliant. Now the McCanns are no longer bound by secrecy they can answer all the questions they wouldn't answer previously. I have no doubt they are keen to talk.
- Bazza, Leicestershire, UK, 3/8/2008 20:07
Do our own UK police 'alert borders' as soon as a child is reported 'missing??

Children go 'missing' every day of every week in every country. Thankfully the vast majority turn up safe and well (got lost, was with another family member while one parent was unaware of this, have 'run away', are with an estranged parent, etc.etc.)

Iwould like to know if 'borders' are alerted in every case of a missing child in the UK?

Because if they are it would mean that we would be in a PERMANENT state of 'lock-down'.
The PJ had NO evidence that the child had been 'abducted' either.....which would be a REQUIREMENT before any 'border alert in any country...and in the mobilisation of the much publicised 'Amber Alert'.

Were borders alerted in the Holly and Jessica case? Within 12 hours? I would like to see evidence of this!
- linda, Birmingham, 3/8/2008 20:55
So the case file is being released to journalists.

Will the UK public be allowed to read it??
- linda, Birmingham, 3/8/2008 20:56
You can bet there will be a lot of reports missing, they aren't about to let the world know how badly they screwed up.
- Katie, Penticton, BC Canada, 3/8/2008 21:37
The dossier may have just been made public, but the Correio da Manha has been printing extracts from Kate's diary for a week, with comments intended to turn public opinion against the McCanns and, more important still, support Goncalo Amaral's book and defend him against any possible legal proceedings. And Mr. Amaral has been given his own column in said newspaper. Coincidences?
- John, Coimbra, Portugal, 3/8/2008 21:40
What "police search"? As far as I can make out from radio and TV reports, the Portuguese Police spent almost all of their time trying unsuccessfully to find or invent "evidence" that would help convict Madeline's parents of being in some way responsible for her death.
- Fred James, Worcester, 3/8/2008 22:07
"alert border patrols"?! There are no borders!
- Sara, Spain, 3/8/2008 22:17
Erm...border patrols....Vanessa Allen obviously hasn't been to Europe for quite a while.
- Jean, Blackburn, Lancs, 3/8/2008 22:56
How is this going to help to find out what has happened to that little girl, we all know where the fault lies those children should not have been left alone , looking back over all the information will it do any good , it hasn't up til now, still no one knows what happend to Maddie
- Anon, Bucks, 3/8/2008 23:45
So what if the 'vile smears' turn out to be nothing of the kind? The McCanns and their friends have behaved in the most bizarre manner from the very first day. Each time I've seen them on TV my jaw has dropped still further. I for one am VERY interested to know what the portuguese police files contain, and also what Goncalo Amaral has to say about the McCanns in his book. I might even be persuaded to actually BUY the Daily Mail if it offered straightforward, objective reporting on either.
- Ruth, Wales, 4/8/2008 1:29
Ref. question 41.

Is this in regard to 2006?
- BJ, UK, 4/8/2008 2:20
Since when has it ever been proved that there was an abduction?
- TW, London, 4/8/2008 2:40
I wonder if the UK press will ever report on this investigation without such blatant distortion and bias. Somehow I doubt it. The majority of the public will have to rely on the Portuguese press and media to find out the truth about the case and about the McCanns. I hope that they will take the time to do so.
- Jolie, US, 4/8/2008 5:27
The release of these documents are due process of the Portuguese Law now that the case is shelved.

It was that same law, that is making the McCanns arguidos that protected Mrs McCann from answering a list of some 40+ questions. Why would you refuse to co-operate in an investigation to find your missing child.
- uneekie, Stroud, UK, 4/8/2008 7:01
Why are Amaral's statements "vile smears" and the McCanns' abduction theory the only thing we must believe in even if there is no evidence of an abduction.
- Jayne, England, 4/8/2008 7:53
So the public will now know the nitty gritties of the entire saga, if the newspapers publish it!. I must say i will like to know more about the questions that Kate refused to answer, viz: question no 41. Also what the Leicester police did about the crucial witness statement made by 2 doctor friends of the Mccanns about a member of the tourist party.
- Matt67, Bath, 4/8/2008 8:12
Kate was happy to leave 48 stones to unturned.
- Polly, Ilkley, 4/8/2008 8:37
Too many unanswered questions, can't just forget about this little girl.
- John Smith, London, England, 4/8/2008 8:37
There were no "border patrols" to alert, so why keep on about something that didn't exist?
- Verity, Blighty, 4/8/2008 8:47
Why putting so much effort on the "border patrol", everybody knows that border control hardly exists, try to cross Dover to Calais and you will find out how it (does not) works.
- RA, London, England, 4/8/2008 8:57
Remember all the other children who have vanished, including Ben Needham, who haven't had this much public interest and sympathy.
- Doris, Yorkshire, 4/8/2008 9:00
Let them sink into anonymity, the sooner the better.
- Gerry, Derby, England, 4/8/2008 9:13
God Bless Madde
- John, Askim, Sweden, 4/8/2008 9:23

mandarinn said...

Good morning all
Stone & ictoan, Granda is as cold in winter as it is hot in summer, maybe lase year i was there in june and it was warm and agreable to stay out at night. i was there other times in easter and it warm. BTW with any weather, i think it deserve, both cities.
About mcs case.
Imo K & G will desire secrecy law wouldn't have been lifted ( hummm is this condicional right??)
Now the hight profile case they wanted to create, will be against them. Also in opinion the political will be known soon or later, and it will be another tsunami

ICantThinkOfAName said...


First Sky News, then the Sun, now the Mail which newspaper will be next?


ICantThinkOfAName said...


Thanks for the weather info re: the 2 cities.

As far as the tsunami is concerned I believe that Claudia who loved that word is spending time in internet cafes (and newsagents) despite her saying that she will be without use of a computer.

dolores said...

Lets see if they have the guts to do some real reporting now.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


One of the posters on 3A has predicted that tomorrow 2 of the newspapers will break ranks. I'll be interested to see IF and WHO.

dolores said...

Could The Daily Express be the one.
They say revenge is sweet. :))

ICantThinkOfAName said...


If it is then the Daily Star will almost certainly be the other as they are part of the same group.

Zodiac said...

Hi all,

Not answering those questions. Why?What was in the closet?

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TOOT! TOOT! That must be Boabie. I grabbed my bag and rushed outside. I must admit I did feel a little bit deflated, Boabie had arrived in his Moby to pick me up to take me to the hotel. I wished I had booked a taxi now. I could not take my own car I did not want to miss out on free drinks if there were any today. On the way to the hotel I discussed my brainwave with Boabie. He seemed quite impressed and agreed it would be great to latch onto and pass off as our own idea. I asked him to drop me off near the shops next to the hotel as I had to buy something. Oh! please, please let me go to the shops for you, I’d do anything for you. Normally I would not look a gift horse in the mouth but today I did not want to feel embarrassed arriving at a posh hotel in his manky moby. No, no I said I have to buy some lady products, he blushed. He stuttered, ok shall I drop you off here. Well thank goodness for that, I waited until the Moby disappeared from sight and made my way to the hotel. I was so excited I almost skipped all the way there. It was beautiful just as I had imagined it to be. My suite was luxurious. The assistant from the Boutique was already there she helped me choose an outfit and then we discussed the importance of always having a matching bracelet, necklace and earrings for every outfit. The sandals that I always wear went perfectly, I thought. The hotel had provided coffee, croissants, pastries, bread rolls and a selection of fine preserves. I was delighted to hear that lunch would also be sent to my suite along with Champagne and strawberries, I was right not to bring my car. I was feeling very hungry, when the Boutique assistant left I managed to eat quite a lot before the Hair stylist and Beauty Therapist arrived. I could not believe the transformation. How could anyone improve perfection, well those two ladies did. I felt a million dollars. My heading was spinning not just from the Champagne I felt really, really important. I was ready for my first ever Press Conference. The first of many I thought.

Boabie and Pop arrived. I was so glad Boabie had a suit on, I had hoped he would not turn up in his Moby overall. He did not let me down he looked half-decent as did Pop. That was good cos I did not want anyone looking better than me. That was how I chose my friends. If I thought they were uglier, fatter not as bright as me or sometimes all three, I allowed them my friendship. The chauffeur driven Bentley arrived. I felt like I was a member of the Royal family. We arrived at the Town Hall I could not believe it there was a crowd waiting for us. Boabie handed me the list of names of people he had invited to attend my Press Conference. There were more journalists than I thought attending. We drove round to the rear of the Town Hall, I could hear some people shouting, I thought I heard booing and the usual boring about my kids being left home in an unlocked house. I did hear some cheering and that cheered me up. I put my bag over my shoulder and the pocket at the front had Mousie Mouse clearly on show. When we sat down at the table I made sure Mousie was facing my audience. It was going really well. Cameras were clicking. I was being asked how I felt about someone having the audacity to enter my unlocked home and snatch my laptop. I was also asked when we would be releasing a formal artist impression of the Laptop Snatcher. I was asked how I felt that some highfalutin, ****head thought he and his team could dish out threats to people in the UK. That they could not have an opinion, could not read translations into English from a foreign book and foreign newspapers, and that they were threatened with libel and suing for doing so. That this same ****head thought he had the power to silence people and deny them their right to Freedom of Speech. Well I said my response to that ****head is ‘Find the Laptop and prove it was me’. Things were going well until one journalist her name badge had a German sounding name said what do you have to say to people who criticize you for leaving 3 children in a unlocked property whilst you wined and dined elsewhere. Well I said Gulp! I don’t think there are many people criticizing me. Anyway it was only my laptop that was snatched, it could have been worse cos I had two other laptops and they could have been snatched. That would have been nightmare cos then how would I get onto the Internet with no laptop. I got my list and looked for her name. I put a big line through it and marked in the margin, do not invite her to any of my press conferences again. I was so angry I think might have a ripped right through the paper. Because of her taking up my time answering her stooopid question I did not get to announce my brainwave. Boabie was fantastic he had a big table set up at the door. He had two huge bowls of pink blamange, little paper bowls and plastic spoons. When everyone was leaving he gave them a complimentary bowl they were all scoffing it and enjoying it. Most of the journalists were coming back and saying more please Boabie, it reminded of a scene from Oliver. I was watching and thinking Boabie don’t give that stooopid journalist what asked me that stooopid boring question any. Well I did not have to worry cos she walked straight passed the table and right out the door.
An emergency meeting was arranged for tomorrow at my house. Aw fk I thought the kids are away and I’m going to be stuck listening to all this boring p*sh when I could be out enjoying myself.

My witnesses for all the occassions that my laptop was used without my permission are:

Stu Pidder and his partner Ida Nyit.
Patty O'Furniture and her partner Pop Sickle.
Xavier Breath and his partner Sue Cherself.
Dolly Dimple and her partner Hyman Idiot.
And of course not forgetting my PR rep should I need one Boabie Puller.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Another brilliant chapter.

mandarinn said...

HI Zodiac, fantastic chapter again. You are brillant !!!

Stonemaid said...

Zodiac - I agree, you are very talented and your story-telling makes me laugh every time.

Mandarinn - yes, I am sure Alhambra and Granada are lovely all year round, but we would have enjoyed it more if we hadn't been so darned hot all the time!!!

ictoan - it looks like the slippery slope might be nigh if the press are beginning to break ranks. Very interesting that lots of 'anti' comments have already been allowed.

Some serious UK journalism is long overdue in my view.


nancy said...

Hi everyone -

Back from a wonderful month with family and friends in the UK - I really miss my country, even though we have close to an idyllic life here in Spain. We had wonderful weather and everywhere looks so green and lush!

I saw on television, with disgust, that the arguidos status was lifted from the McCanns, and the case supposedly shelved, but I'm sure it will be kept on a shelf where the PJ's can keep a strict eye on it - let's see if the McCanns can trip themselves up now they are able to speak for themselves!!

As far as the McCanns are concerned, to my mind they are certainly not off the hook and their blatant attempt at concealment in this whole sorry affair will come home to haunt them I'm sure.

Poor Madeleine, the dear little innocent child who has disappeared off the face of the earth has been badly let down by her parents, and those who should be condemning their actions, i.e. the UK media, who should hang their heads in shame at the way they have let this couple take over the world and thumb their nose at everyone who dared to question their integrity and appalling actions in leaving their children night after night - Madeleine would be here still if they had been there for her instead of looking out for a good time for themselves, and they have never really had the guts to stand up and be counted over it!

Shame on them and their tapas friends who should all be on a charge of gross child neglect but who are seemingly above the laws of our country.

I hope they all rot in their own vile juices!


Having got that off my chest, it's been great reading all your posts and getting up to date with everything.

Viv - great idea to have the blog members only - only thing is I keep having to sign in because it doesn't remember me - is that how it is with everyone?

Nancy x

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Welcome back to the blog. Glad you had a good month.

I don't know what web browser you use but I use Firefox which has a tick box to remember my log in details and when I click on by link on My tool bar I am straight in.

I also don't know if you read 3A but tat can only be read by members who must have posted at least once.


hope4truth said...

Evening ALL

Did very little work today spent most of my time reading various news reports and what news (well any news is good news as we dont get a lot of it unless it is pro news)...

Oh dear oh dear now they cant hide behind the secrecy laws they are indeed stuffed (wanted to use a much stronger word but dont want to sink to the foul mouthed leval of the pro girlie gang....

I cant for the life of me imagine why she refused to answer such simple questions? Sadly it shows once again that this woman did not worry about her child but was only worried about herself the Cadavar evidence and their own uncaring attitude says it all..

Trouble is we all know this as we have read researched and talked about it for months and been told by their scummy suporters we are sick and evil to do so...

Read on a site I hardly go to anymore (it was raining yesterday) that a few of us me included only post here because we are impressed there is a Solicitor and a Dr posting here.. Sums up the mentality of that anon no one knows what I am or what I do and I certainly know my fair share of Dr's, Lawyers, Actors, Managing Directors, Council Workers, Social Workers, Teachers, Bank Managers, Nurses, Accountants, Shop Assistants, Cleaners and many other people from all walks of life but because I am not sad and needy I could not care about their profesion I just like them for their personality...

I like it here because of the colective personalitys regd on Viv's and because each of us have one thing in common wanting to know what happend to a beautiful little girl called Madeleine who was neglected night after night along with her tiny brother and sister and who's parents have done nothing that was not paid for by others to find her.

I know why they have not bothered looking they know there is no point but they happily took money from well meaning people many of whom had very little to spare and enjoyed becoming celebs and have lied to the world starting with dinner in your back garden 50 yards away...

God knows what happend in PDL it is horrible to think that Madeleine may have suffered in any way and if it was at the hands of her selfish parents I hope their lies catch up with them and they are never allowed to hurt another child again even if it is neglecting them.

The people who heard about this tragic story last year and may have put their hands in their pockets and donated are soon going to be as shocked as we are when the papers start to print why they made the McCanns Arguidos. When the list of questions apear in the news people will be asking the same questions we have been and will see the McCann's for what they are...

I am not a bitter person but my sympathy for them vanished a long time ago I never believed she was taken but still felt whatever happend they had lost a child and would have to live with it. Their behaviour along with the people who have tried to bully us into being quiet has stopped any sympathy I had as they clearly do not care...

I would like to thank each and every pro who has tried to discredit me put me down make me sick lie about me and call me names because thanks to them I can see what scum these people are and I have stuck around a lot longer than I ever would have done and voiced my concerns to people who may be able to help.

Also handing the list of questions to someone who is intrested today and listening to the shock as it was copied and passed around the office restored my faith that Madeleine will get the justice she so deserves as she was a human being with rights of her own but her human rights have been taken away from her while her parents have been turned into victims.

I saw a picture of Kate and Gerry on the 3As earlier (it is so busy there now it keeps crashing) was going to paste it here. It is on what would have been Madeleines 4th Birthday not many day's since they said she had been taken. The look of Joy on both of their faces is sick this is what should be on the front of tomorrow's newspapers because the only time I would have expected them to look so happy would have been if she had been found.

Thanks to all of you for being here and thanks to Viv for giving us the oportunity to talk and not let this go until the truth about what happend to Madeleine Beth McCann aged 3 is known because if she is not important I worry for all our children..


hope4truth said...

Bellow is the link to the picture of the happy couple on the 3As scroll down about half way. It is on a thread by our very own Rat called Do Pros really defend Child Neglectors...


Sick the pair of them....

Di said...


So glad you enjoyed your break, my husband thinks you are mad to miss this country.

We have several friends who have moved to Spain and Canada, no looking back. We would love to take the plunge, but unfortunately there never seems to be the right time. Plus my sister has said she would never forgive me if we left.

I saw the news report on the McCanns tonight and was very disappointed, when will our reporters stand up and be counted for telling the truth?

ICantThinkOfAName said...


You express in words what many of us think and feel.

I was interested that you descended into the hell hole of one of the pink
sites and found that they now believe that doc mac is a doctor or have I got that wrong?

Di said...

Hi Hope

We hve workmen back in again so I have limited access to the internet.

Apart from looking back here I have looked back on 3A's.

Brian Kennedy approaching several witnesses bothers me very much. I don't know what Viv thinks about this, also the fact that LP let Jane Tanner's husband read her statement before he was interviewed. Is this normal, can anyone confirm this?

hope4truth said...


Not sure if they believe he is I only read through very quickly (and gave up very quickly) but it was an Anon who may have said thinks they are talking to Dr's etc...

I havent been there for ages but it was raining and will use that as my defence LOL...

Rat's thread on child neglect is a good one and those photos well dear god if they are being protected the people doing so must be tearing their hair out... xxx

hope4truth said...

Hello DI

DOnt envy you the work men is there lots of dust???

If there is spray a steamer into the air it makes it heavy so it settles and you can clean it up without it re landing again... Good tip when we had our Conservatory and heating put in....

Yes odd that they got to see the evidence then this whole mess is very odd..

Off to see my parents for half an hour catch you later hope the work is finished soon xxxx

Di said...

Hi Hope

Your post is so heartfelt I am sure it speaks for all of us.

Don't let them get to you Hope you are braver than me, I don't post anywhere but here anymore.

There are so many unanswered questions I just do not understand why our journalists are so quiet. I really do wonder if Brian Kennedy is the answer to that!

mandarinn said...

Di if you can read french, go to SOSMaeleineMcCcann. they consult several nacional polices and all said it is not normal procceding because it can biaise the investigation

johnfrank said...

Hello everyone,
Ijust want to thank viv for her kind invitation to this blog.I dont wtite much but i enjoy reading you all.Ireally missed all the news.

johnfrank said...

OOPS write much.

Di said...

Hope Yes

Loads of dust!! but we are coming to the end of things thankfully. We think another two weeks should sort everything out.

Enjoy your evening with your parents.

Di said...

Hi Mandarinn

Thanks for the information, school french but perhaps can translate.



mandarinn said...

welcome johnfrank, i'm mostly a reader myself

ICantThinkOfAName said...


If you have problems with the french I think I remember a thread on that subject on 3A.

I have tried looking but the site is on overload at the moment. I will keep trying but it may take a while.


We all started as readers, I'm sure you will soon have the urge to get involved.

Di said...


Many thanks.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Now you can compare your reading with a google translation:

The investigation Maddie: O'Brien questioned after consulting statements Tanner
On the occasion of his interrogation in April 2008, Russell James O'Brien able to view the report statements by his companion Jane Tanner to respond to questions of the officer Andrew Gierc of Police in Leicestershire About events surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The access of a witness to the statements of another witness, even when it is the same couple, is a disturbing and beyond the norms, especially during an investigation of the importance of the case Madeleine McCann, it is also judged by experts from several police forces in Europe, consulted by SMM, as more than just a professional error: "it can direct the witness or worse, it can answer questions so as to safeguard its position in the investigation, "said an officer of the French gendarmerie stressing" it is a mistake that can jeopardize any investigation and that no professional worthy of the name would do… The only possible explanation that remains is the possibility that the investigator wanted to confuse the witness for a very specific reason. "

"I have been given the opportunity to refresh my memory at the start of the report by Jane Tanner (my wife) and it allowed me to see these documents, which have been done in the presence of DC 1578 Gierc," recognizes O 'Brien.

O'Brien was interviewed twice, on 8 and April 10, 2008, but strangely, his first interrogation could not be recorded on video because, according to British police, there would be a "technical failure" . Yet today, it appears that the video, which was never sent to Portugal, but there would not be attached to the report of the interrogation of April 8.

The second interrogation Russell O'Brien by the officer Andrew Gierc, it was indeed recorded on video, which we had access.

All other "Tapas 7" were also interviewed: Payne was interrogated for 259 minutes by the officer I. Messiah, Diane Webster for 151 minutes by the officer Fergusson, Fiona Payne for 277 min Messiah by the officer, Matthew Oldfield for 157 minutes and Rachael Mariamma John Mampilly, the officer Andrew Gierc during 236 min.

Jane Tanner was interviewed during 279 min by the officer Fergusson, an interview with seven interruptions, the first of very turbulent after only 18 minutes after the fire alarm system.

196 witnesses and 3 arguidos

At the time or the Public Ministry of Portugal has decided to put the inquiry in the disappearance of Madeleine awaiting better evidence, there were a total of 196 witnesses, including the seven friends of McCann and 3 arguidos recorded in the trial. Several witnesses who came forward with

Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, Kate Marie Healy (vulgarly designated as Kate McCann) and Gerald Patrick McCann were the three arguidos.

Among the witnesses, there are a few names already familiar to the general public. "Nanny" Amy Ellen Tierney, Catriona Treasa Sisile Baker, Charlotte Elizabeth Alice Pennington, Emma Louise Wilding, Mary Jacqueline Williams, Kirsty Louise Maryen, Lyndsay Jayne Johnson, Lynne Rhiannon Fretter, Sarah Elizabeth Williamson, Shinead Maria Vine, Stacey Portz, Susan Bernardette Owen and Pauline Frances McCann.

Teachers of tennis, Daniel James Stuk Georgina and Louise Jackson.

Robin George Crosland (manage the Ocean Club), George William James, Jennifer Anne Murat, Jeremy Wilkins, John Elliot Hill, Michaela Walazuch, Isobel Pamela Fenn, Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, Sergey Malinka (friend of Murat), José Manuel Conceição Pacheco, Susan Hubard and Svetlana Malinka.

"Tapas 9": David Anthony Payne, Dianne Webster, Fiona Elaine Payne, Gerald Patrick McCann, Jane Michelle Tanner, Kate Marie Healy, Rachael Mariamma John Mampilly, Russel James O'Brien.

just listening
Local Lag

Posts: 923
Joined: Sun Mar 30, 2008 8:09 pm

Di said...


Many thanks for that.

I cannot understand what is going on here. In time maybe we will get to know.

Thanks again

Off now catch you all tomorrow.

atardi said...

Hi all,

Back from holiday (no internet) and trying to read back. But it's too much after nearly 3 weeks.

Can someone tell me about David Payne?
I read something about him but don't know exactly what he told the PJ?


How are you, my cyberfriend;)? I'm reading back but couldn't read any post written by you.


Enjoying your holiday?

Alles goed? Je hebt digitale post.

How was your working day?

Must read your "novel".
Do you remember that I printed a post you made to me?

Thank you for keeping the blog "alive".

ICTOAN,BT,Di,Dylan and all posters,

Nice to read you again.

Joe said...

What I find confusing is if the LP gave O'Brien Tanners statement in advance of his questioning (SOS Madeline)then that made the interviews a farce, and is highly irregular and improper. There have been claims on the 3A site also that medical records re madeline and KM were not passed on and possibly financial records as well. It begs the question what the LP are up to, yet go to the High Court recently and refuse before Hogg to give their files over to the clan it does not add up. Who or what are they protecting their own investigating or lack of or their alleged assistance of the McCanns? I do believe that Amaral was anything but happy with the LP at times. What is going on?

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi Atardi

A couple of weekends ago the Portuguese newspaper CdM alleged that David Payne was a paedophile.

This wasbased on the testimony of 2 doctors who were on a holiday in 2006? with the Paynes and McCanns.

DP made a gesture to GM in the presence of the girl children which caused the witnesses to keep their distance from DP.

If you are a member of 3A there is a huge thread covering this subject
(105 pages).

nancy said...


Thanks for your reply. I use internet explorer so perhaps that explains why I cant activate the 'remember me' box! No probs - it only takes a second to type my details!

Di -

Yes, I know people think I'm mad for missing the UK - to be quite honest though, we did find the prices very high compared to Spain, especially the petrol!! I think people are having a hard time if they are on a low income especially!

It's extremely hot here though and I'll be glad when September comes around and things cool down a bit!

Hope -

As always your words echo what the rest of us feel about the way poor Madeleine's disappearance has been treated, and it's amazing that her parents are acting as if they've won the lottery rather than grieving for a lost child; it just beggars belief.

Tonight's news on the BBC (yes, they actually mentioned the McCanns) said that the McCann's solicitors are going through the revelations; presumably with a fine tooth comb! I expect the McCanns will be rubbing their hands together to see how much they can make suing everyone now, especially as funds are low!!

Let's see what happens in the near future over the contents - I think the Tapas 9 or 10 will have a whole lot of explaining to do, especially Kate McCann who refused to answer the most basic and appropriate questions put to her by the PJ's, an action which I think she will live to regret. As you say, she was thinking solely of herself and the consequences applicable to her, rather than what was happening to Madeleine and the status quo in the UK have backed them to the hilt - what other countries must think of the laid back attitude of the UK doesn't bear thinking about - we must be the laughing stock of the world, especially allowing the McCanns to go to Brussels and Prague on the gravy train for the Amber Alert conferences!! Two known child neglectors at the helm for Britain - it's laughable if not so tragic! Only the UK could get away with it!

Zodiac -

Congratulations on your great story - It really gave me a good laugh and everyone else too by the sound of it!! We have some really talented people on here, including Rat, Docmac and LGC!!

I've enjoyed reading all about your various hoidays - nothing like a holiday to give you a new lease of life.

I've been to Granada and the Alhambra - wonderful place to visit but not in the height of summer or depths of winter, although in the winter the Sierra Nevada mountains topped with snow around Granada are beautiful. I've been ski-ing up there; well I tried to and failed miserably if I'm being honest!!

I've never been to Florence, but would certainly love to.

The highlights of my trip, apart from seeing all the family, was seeing the Wimbledon final with Nadal and Federer; fantastic and I bit my nails back to the quick! Also went to see Mamma Mia, and just loved it - in fact my husband is getting sick of me singing all the Abba songs now!! He shrank down in the seat in the cinema because he was surrounded by women and was the only man to be seen!!

I'm going to sign off now and slip to the terrace for a cool before bedtime drink!! Tonic with just a very small splash of gin!!

See you all tomorrow amigas and amigos!

Nancy x

mandarinn said...

It just began, now that the process is available to all jornalist investigators, i believe many things who was secret come to light.All of the people who was so anoyed with "justice secrecy", ( some uk newspapers call it pj secrecy.. ah!!!!) are now happy, mainly kate & gerry .. and mr. pinkpink.
I read today in a uk neewspaper ,CM, say public to be aware the public prosecuter told there was nothing to acuse MCCnns. It only mean that the material accepted in court is not enought to make acusation.Remenber some things judge didn't accept as for ex.: the mails and call made by the group, in the days next to maddy vanishment.
All this can now be investigated, and i believe those who protect maccns ( or themselves... ) can't shut wideworld...Mccans will miss the secrecy law.

mandarinn said...

.... i don't know what happened to the little girl, but i have the conviction , whatever happened, mccan team know much more than they tell...

nancy said...

Joe -

I just read your post - I agree with all you say, especially about O'Brien being allowed to see Jane's statement! Much of this saga has been allowed to be conducted in what could be seen as a wholy illegal fashion it seems. However, in view of the vast content of the PJ's evidence, far from being criticised, they should be praised for trying to make a case at all considering the half hearted attempt by many to assist them in their investigations, least of all Kate McCann. Their hands have been tied behind their backs literally, although it must be said that the British forensic team did assist them in reaching important decisions, even though they had a long wait for them. It's true though that forensic results do take a very long time to finalise. It was after seeing those results that the PJ's made the McCanns arguidos!

I think the media are going to have a field day now that things are out in the open. It only takes one to print something and they'll all follow suit.

However, I think that the world will freeze over before anything happens to the McCanns with the team of top lawyers they have acting for them, both in Portugal and the UK, and of course their many friends in high places!

The McCanns should now be known as the 'untouchables', which is a bit of an insult to some Indians who still suffer the indignity of that lowly status!

Good night and God Bless - glad you had a good holiday too!


Joe said...


What Pinky is saying is no matter what is in the processs files it all means nothing in the end, as no charges will be made against the wonderful couple. Which is true of course legally. Morally though is a different story, if true re the 48 questions that KM refused to answer, it may be difficult to explain to her extended family why she could not/would not answer basic appropriate questions re her missing daughter. up to this point her family and friends may have given her the benefit of the doubt but in the official process if it is confirmed she refused to answer the questions she may never live it down as it defies belief and comprehension. All IMO of course.

Joe said...

Hi Nancy,

Great to have you back.Thanks for your comments.

mandarinn said...

You are right, but the process is open to ne proof if found... 'm reading GA book and it show clear how it had lack of informatiom from uk and obstacles from uk and port...
It all had a bad scent, and it is disgusting related to an innocent child.
What is to me more disgusting how dare this people made obstacles in a criminal investigation of this nature.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


All day on 3A there has been discussion about how Leicestershire Police has progressively sabotaged the investigation.

mandarinn said...

I´m reading GA book and it look clear, mainly after the dogs come. But before 2, they hadn't acess of information to make the proflie of the parents of the child and their friends... during long time they had no feedback...

mandarinn said...

I can't enter in 3 arguidos

Joe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joe said...


Pinky said some time ago that the British Police believed the McCanns and that he was frequently briefed by senior officers. We all thought at the time that he was breathing too much of his own pink fumes, but it is looking like what he claimed was true. Even now he is spinning on ITV, Sky news etc. I maintained months ago that the PJ would be glad to see the back of this case. It was doomed from the start, it appears, thwarted at every stage, 3 year old children do not count. All IMO.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


You have to join 3A

and make one posting.

There is a thread called Introduce yourself which is where most people start.

It looks complicated but with a little practice becomes easier. Even I managed to do it.

Try it and if you have difficulty come back to this blog and I will try to help.

mandarinn said...

Tks ictoan i i«m going to try

Stonemaid said...

Some very interesting posts all...but I was rather alarmed to read the following which, if true, suggests that the PJ made the Teflon Duo arguidos after they had heard from the forensic science laboratory that the DNA samples were inconclusive. This is not going to look good for those of us who wish to see justice for Madeleine:

Well, I don't know what happened to that article I saw earlier - but it has disappeared off the Yahoo News site!!

The plot definitely thickens!!

I just hope that K & G are given enough rope to hang themselves one way or another.


Stonemaid said...

OK, I've now found it again!!

Press Assoc. - Monday, August 4 07:11 pm

A British scientist warned DNA tests on a sample from Kate and Gerry McCanns' hire car were inconclusive just days before the couple were made suspects, official police files have revealed.

In an email dated September 3 2007 John Lowe, from the major incidents team at the Birmingham-based Forensic Science Service (FSS), said it was impossible to conclude whether the material came from their daughter Madeleine.

Four days later Portuguese detectives named the McCanns "arguidos", or formal suspects, in the child's disappearance, citing DNA evidence as grounds for their suspicions.

The revelation came to light after the mammoth police files from the exhaustive inquiry, which lasted over 14 months, were formally made public.

Among the files is the email written by Mr Lowe to Detective Superintendent Stuart Prior, head of the British side of the investigation. In it the scientist reported that a sample from the boot of the McCanns' Renault Scenic hire car, which they rented 24 days after Madeleine went missing, contained 15 out of 19 of the young girl's DNA components.

But he cautioned that this result - based on the controversial "low copy number" DNA analysis technique which uses very small samples - was "too complex for meaningful interpretation or inclusion".

Mr Lowe wrote: "Let's look at the question that is being asked: 'Is there DNA from Madeleine on the swab?' It would be very simple to say 'yes' simply because of the number of components within the result that are also in her reference sample. What we need to consider, as scientists, is whether the match is genuine - because Madeleine has deposited DNA as a result of being in the car or whether Madeleine merely appears to match the result by chance."

The expert noted that the components of the missing girl's DNA profile were not unique to her - in fact some of them were present among FSS scientists, including himself. He concluded: "We cannot answer the question: is the match genuine, or is it a chance match."

Mr Lowe also stressed that low copy number analysis could not determine when or how the DNA was deposited, what body fluid it came from and whether a crime was committed.

Madeleine was nearly four when she vanished from her family's holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on May 3 last year as her parents dined with friends nearby.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


I THINK the point about the DNA samples was made by Amaral in his book. As Claudia has closed her blog for the holidays I am unable to check. I didn't think to make a copy of her summary.

Joe said...


I think the PJ made them Arguidos based on the dogs detecting cadaver smell, on the DNA which inconclusive at the time would hopefully be verified later, also plain Plod suspicion, gut instinct whatever. It is not as if they were arrested and detained. They should have been suspects from day one as they last saw Madeline.

Stonemaid said...

I hope you guys are right - cos if the press make a big thing of this it is going to play into the Teflon camp!

Joe said...

I personally think that the unanswered 48 questions is the real dynamite if true. Its in the Pro Daily Mail tomorrow and one or 2 of the other shabloids.

atardi said...



Thank you very much for answering my question. David Payne a P? Disgusting.

Can you please tell me where I can read about that?

I'm a member of the 3 arguidos but still don't know how to post.

So the McCann's are no arguidos anymore?.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


The thread about Payne is called:

Is it payne at present on p3 of the menu.

To post is similar to this blog.

After the last posting in each thread there is a small panel on the left entitled POSTREPLY click on this and the comment box opens.

Lindy123 said...

Hello everyone!

For months we had the Mcs and CM bleating on about not being allowed to talk. Now they're free to talk the silence has been deafening. IMO the lifting of the arguido status and release of (most of) the documents is a brilliant move. The genie is well and truly out of the bottle. They wanted the arguido status lifted - they got their wish. If they thought it would be the end of the matter they thought wrong, this is just the beginning.

The McCanns were so preoccupied with their "public image" that they didn't realise that the secrecy of justice and being arguidos was supreme protection. Now they are exposed to the elements and can no longer hide behind the Portuguese legal system. A couple of Tuesday's papers are listing in detail the 48 questions - this I hope will be the start of the lifting of the lid on the lies and deception of the Tapas 9 since May 3 2007.

What goes around comes around. I firmly believe that the investigation continues and there will be justice for Madeleine Beth McCann.

viv said...

Hiya Lindy

Great post! I could not agree more :-)))

I think people should remember the McCanns were made arguidos due to the intervention of UK police who brought the blood and cadaver dogs over. Both dogs marked the car key and both dogs marked behind the sofa. Now both dogs just cannot be wrong and if the British Police were out to protect them how come they provided such compelling evidence against them? The only trouble is such evidence is not admissible in a Portuguese Court. As you say this case continues and with even more pressure on the gruesome twosome.

Viv x

viv said...

Well there are some contradictions in this article, Clarence tells us the Portuguese Attorney General made very clear there was absolutely no evidence against Kate and Gerry and they were cleared. As this report goes on to state what he actually said was the case was being closed because there was insufficient evidence but it could be re-opened if further evidence came to light.

It is also confusing in suggesting the Portuguese officers categorically stated there was a DNA match. What they were categorically stating to both Kate and Gerry McCann was look at these videos, why are these dogs going crazy in your apartment and your hire car. We can expect an endless stream of this mindless distortion of the truth from the Pink ***ker x

Madeleine McCann: Portuguese detectives lied to Gerry McCann about DNA evidence
Portuguese police tried to force a confession from Gerry McCann by lying to him about crucial DNA evidence in the investigation, a friend of the couple has said.

By Caroline Gammell in Portimao
Last Updated: 12:19AM BST 05 Aug 2008

Previous1 of 3 ImagesNext Photo: PA
Photo: PA
Photo: PA
Portuguese detectives knew there was no conclusive evidence against the McCanns three days before they interviewed them and made them suspects, official files have disclosed.

Police also released the first pictures of the bedroom where Madeleine had been staying when she disappeared.

Officers had been told in an email from the Forensic Science Service laboratory in Birmingham that no conclusive traces of Madeleine's DNA had been found in the family's hire car.

But detectives went on to tell Mr McCann, during an eight hour interrogation, that his daughter's DNA had been found in the boot of the vehicle, which was rented more than three weeks after she vanished.

A friend of the couple said: "It was pretty clear they were seeking a confession and were prepared to do this (put forward false information) to achieve that.

"Serious questions need to be asked about why this was put to Gerry as fact. It was sloppy at best and deliberately manipulative at worst.

"A number of senior officers went down the route of making assumptions and suppositions and trying to force a confession to something that didn't happen."

This was one of the main areas of suspicion and Mr McCann was made a suspect or "arguido" into Madeleine's disappearance, along with his wife, immediately after being questioned at Portimao police station on September 7.

The couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "There was never any 100 per cent match with Madeleine's DNA. Caution was expressed from the very start.

"Police were wrong to pursue this line so vigorously, and the Portuguese legal system has now accepted that there was no evidence to support it.

"I can confirm that the Portuguese police put it to Gerry as a fact that Madeleine's DNA had been found in both the apartment and the vehicle when it is now clear that the initial FSS report had made no such claim.

"You have to ask yourself what the police were trying to achieve by overstating evidence that they didn't have, nor could claim to have.

"One wonders, under those circumstances, what the motivation was."

The release of the police files came 15 months after Madeleine vanished from her parents' holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve on May 3 last year.

The police investigation had been shrouded in rumour and speculation because of Portugal's strict secrecy laws, but once the case was formally closed the restrictions were lifted.

Mr and Mrs McCann, both 40, and their lawyers were given access to the information last week and their private investigators are poring over the information for any new clues.

The files, thought to stretch to more than 30,000 pages, detail the enormous manhunt carried out by the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) – as well as witness accounts, possible sightings and false leads.

Certain information – such as the details of suspected and known paedophiles in the area – has been removed, while video tapes of the reaction of the sniffer dogs to the McCann's hire car will be released in due course.

The transcripts of interviews with Kate and Gerry McCann came from notes made by a police officer because the sessions were not recorded.

According to the files, Mr McCann was told on September 7 that Madeleine's DNA was discovered in the boot of the rented Renault Scenic, and behind a sofa in the family's holiday apartment.

"Confronted with the fact that Madeleine's DNA was gathered from behind the sofa and from the boot of the vehicle, and analysed by a British laboratory, he said he could not explain why this would be," the officer wrote.

But an email written by John Lowe of the FSS four days earlier on September 3 said the analysis of the samples in the car had proved nothing.

The message - written to Superintendent Stuart Prior, head of the British part of the investigation and forwarded to the PJ - concluded that there were some elements which matched the little girl's profile.

But the email, which was translated into Portuguese on September 4, warned that the samples could match huge sections of the population, including himself.

He said the result was "too complex for meaningful interpretation or inclusion".

The files also included details of the 48 questions Mrs McCann was asked during her time at Portimao police station as well as information about Robert Murat, the only other formal suspect in the case.

The British expat, along with the McCanns, was cleared by the Attorney General last month.

The McCann's spokesman Clarence Mitchell said the files showed the police were making the wrong assumptions.

"The Portuguese Attorney General made it very clear indeed that there's absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing by Kate and Gerry in any way, shape or form," he said.

"A lot of this is historical detail drafted by officers who failed to find Madeleine and who quite wrongfully were going down inaccurate lines of supposition and assumption.

"Kate and Gerry are no longer arguidos. All that matters is the search for Madeleine. Kate and Gerry's lawyers are continuing to examine all of the information in minute detail and where anything that is relevant to finding Madeleine needs to be done it will be."

There is an estimated £500,000 left in the Find Madeleine fund which was set up after the three-year-old vanished to help pay for the private detective work.

Mr and Mrs McCann, from Rothley in Leicestershire, were dining with friends at a tapas bar 40 yards away when Madeleine's empty bed was discovered last May.

Despite Portugal's biggest missing person's inquiry, no trace of the little girl has ever been found.

The case was closed on July 21 after Portuguese prosecutors announced there was insufficient evidence, but said the case could be reopened if credible new evidence comes to light.

Last month, ex-police officer Gonçalo Amaral published his own version of events in a book which maintained that Mr and Mrs McCann were involved in their daughter's disappearance.

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nancy said...

Hi everyone - I'm up and about early this morning - too warm to sleep any longer!

Hello Viv -

Good to hear your voice of reason!

The newspapers this morning are full of the 'friend's' story of the attempt by the PJ's to force a confession from Gerry. Who is this friend, and why has it taken such a long time for this high octane information to come out bearing in mind that Kate made no bones about telling everyone the police had offered her a bribe for a full confession! Why hasn't CM told the world this - I'm sure Gerry must have told him all the details of his interrogation by the PJ's.

The fact that Kate answered only one question and it has come out for all to see will certainly make people sit up and think - it was said on last night's news that she was advised not to answer questions by her lawyers - well, lawyers' advice or not, if it had been my daughter I wouldn't have hesitated to be fully co-operative with the police in order to help find my daughter.

CM looked completely and utterly knackered last night on television - as if he hasn't slept well for months - I hope his conscience is bothering him - it should be with his blatant attempt to paint the McCanns as the victims rather than their daughter.

I suppose he is a tad worried about being dumped now that the McCanns are free to speak, and it will be interesting to see just how many faux pas the McCanns will make when they do start trying to defend the indefensible!

This case has become all about the alleged persecution of the McCanns and Madeleine's disappearance has just been used as their stairway to fame and fortune.

The child neglecters, all nine of them, are probably breathing sighs of relief right now, but they all know in their hearts that they are part of a complete cover up, as we all do.


bath theory said...

This angle is yet again disturbing. It also happened on television last night. One lady BBC newsreader actually stated Madeleine's abduction as if it was a known fact - even now !!

Thus I now believe that whilst many want this couple in court the political interference has been much greater than I originaly thought. I believe it is only that which is propping up this couple. And I believe when Gordan Brown goes it will be much easier to proceed down a fair and equitable channel of inquiry & investigation.

It must be extremely powerful information with regards to the motive of why one would control the media to this extent (using former government media advisor) in order to dampen any other idea as to how Madeleine vanished.

We all know this sort of thing happens but I feel there is a big dark secret being covered here. The only alternative is that the big wigs jumped in to help a fellow Scot in trouble and have got egg on their faces and PRIDE and EGO forces them to carry on with the charade to protect their reputations. (IMO)

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Good Morning

I was interested to read today (not for the first time) that Mr Amaral is searching for redress in English Courts for the libellous comments made about him in the UK Press.

However he has a problem in that the legal profession has closed ranks and refused to represent him.

Another fine advert for British Justice.

Stonemaid said...

It's not only CM who is spinning - my head is too with all the conflicting information we are being bombarded with.

If the scenario is this: Maddie died in apartment 5A, either as the result of an accident, or worse - Gerry then disposed of her body that same night, most likely at sea. This hypothesis makes nonsense of any of Maddie's DNA being found in the hire car, unless by transference. It would explain why the FFS have been unable to establish her DNA for certain.

The sniffer dogs are quite another matter and, given their amazing work in Jersey, this, along with the unanswered questions is the most damning evidence against the Teflon Tapas members.

It seems that the videos of the dogs' reactions will be released soon. Now that is one particular video I really cannot wait to see!!

I still lurch from despair that justice will never be done, to feeling sure it will. This case has far too many strands to it.


nancy said...


That news astounds me!! Call that British justice when these same lawyers will represent the worst criminals, including child neglecters, they happen to come across, especially if the said criminals are rich and infamous too!

Madeleine's disappearance is the lowest on their list of priorities it seems! Shame on them all!

I'm sure there must be Portuguese lawyers in London - I know for a fact there are Spanish and so he should knock on their door!

Goncalo Amaral's crime was because he wrote about his experiences and personal opinion of what happened to Madeleine and for that he is being crucified not only by the press and the tapas 9 but now by the legal brigade!

I shall end up with an ulcer if I hear much more of the xenophobic British behaviour towards the Portuguese in general and especially Senor Amaral!

Stonemaid said...

Nancy - I agree with you. I am alarmed at the way things seem to be going at the moment...even at this eleventh hour the Teflon Twosome seem to be getting it all their own way:

Madeleine inquiry 'proved little'
Press Assoc. - 34 minutes ago

Portuguese prosecutors ruled that the massive Madeleine McCann police investigation uncovered "very little" conclusive about the child's fate, newly-released files revealed.

In their final report, the prosecutors noted that detectives had failed even to prove whether the little girl was dead or still alive.

The document - dated July 21, the day the case was officially shelved - was made public as part of the massive dossier of evidence assembled over more than 14 months.

The Portuguese authorities released the police files on Monday after lifting the period of judicial secrecy in the case. Journalists were handed DVDs containing copies of thousands of pages of evidence from the inquiry outside the courthouse in the Algarve town of Portimao.

The 17th and final volume of the files contains the final 58-page report written by public prosecutors Jose de Magalhaes e Menezes and Joao Melchior Gomes.

They said Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, did not "act with intent" in leaving their children alone in their holiday apartment on the night the child went missing.

"They could not predict that in the resort they chose to spend their holidays they could place the life of any of their children in danger," they wrote.

The prosecutors also noted that the McCanns were "already serving a heavy sentence" - Madeleine's disappearance - for going out for dinner without their children.

Portuguese detectives were unable to achieve any proof which would allow "the formulation of any lucid, sensible, serious and honest conclusion" about the circumstances of the child going missing, the report said.

It went on: "This includes, the most dramatic thing, ascertaining whether she is still alive or dead - which seems the most probable."

dolores said...

From Sol online edition: 5/08/2008

Madeleine case

Public Ministry archived the process because no indicium of guilt of the McCanns was proved

The Public Ministry (PM) sustained that the McCann couple had no responsibilities in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, due to a lack of confirmation of the indicia of guilt

In the archiving dispatch that is part of the process that was made public today, the PM refers that none of the indicia over which the parents of the girl that went missing on the 3rd of May 2007, from a bedroom in the Ocean Club resort, in Praia da Luz, were made arguidos, was confirmed.

The process, which was archived on the 21st of July, was made available during the afternoon today, and is composed of approximately 30 thousand pages, distributed over more than fifty volumes, appendixes, rogatory letters and reports, among other documents.

Among the motives to consider that the couple had no responsibilities in their daughter’s disappearance, the PM points out, in the archiving dispatch, that none of them was in the apartment when the child disappeared.

Underlining that one of the indicia that led to the McCanns being made arguidos were some markings done by the English police dogs that were in Praia da Luz in August, the PM stresses that those markings were not ratified in posterior analyses.

The other element that led the McCanns to being made arguidos, an email that was considered as compromising, would also end up being discarded as an element of evidence.

According to the document, even if the couple was responsible for their daughter’s death, it would have to be explained under which circumstances that happened, namely, how, when, what for and with what help.

In order to justify the lack of support for the couple to hide the body, in a scenario within which they eventually would be involved in the disappearance of their daughter, the PM points out that Kate and Gerry did not know the terrain that surrounded the resort.

On the other hand, it refers that the McCanns had no contacts in Portugal whatsoever, and as proof of that it points out the fact that on the days before, they limited their contacts to the group of friends with whom they spent the holidays.

In defense of the theory of non-involvement, the dispatch also points out that, contrary to what was said during the days following the abduction, the couple did not contact any media before they contacted the police.

Despite discarding the involvement of the couple, the PM laments that it has not been possible to carry out the reconstitution of what happened on the evening of May 3, stating that the surveillance system from the group concerning the children that slept in the apartment block needed to be tested.

The PM also recognizes that there are doubts concerning the contents of the depositions that were given by the group – including the McCann couple – that dined at the Tapas restaurant, and points out the existence of details that were not justified.

Concerning the homicide theory in abstract, the PM defends that the possibility cannot be discarded, but notes that it cannot be more than a mere supposition due to the lack of elements to sustain it in the police files.

Furthermore, the dispatch observes that the process is not definitely closed and that, in theory, all the crime scenarios – abduction, homicide, accidental death with concealment of the cadaver – are maintained, albeit with no credible factual support.

Among several considerations, the PM guarantees that the behaviour of the media during the days that followed the disappearance of the British child disturbed the investigations, and criticizes the anticipated judgment of the arguidos, which, in its understanding, denote little respect for the human person.

The process was delivered today, at around 4.30 p.m., to the dozens of Portuguese and British journalists who required it, in DVD format.

source: Lusa/Sol

Process was handed over to journalists and discards the possibility of abduction

by: Marisa Rodrigues

Zodiac said...
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Zodiac said...

'Kate McCann refused to answer 48 questions when probed by Portuguese cops over her missing.'

That is how it appears in the Sun, not my typo.

Zodiac said...

'It is true that at certain times felt desperate for the behaviour of their children and that the left much intranquila? 41 - It is true that in England came to mind Madeleine surrender the custody of a family?'

Hi all,

Welcome back Nancy. Welcome John Frank.
H4T - Your post of 19.23 last night. Wow! Well said!

The copied and pasted section above from the main thread. Well I was out shopping yesterday and thought I would have a free read of some of the newspapers, as I would not waste my money on them. Well my daughter told me to hurry up. So I had time to have a quick look at that wonderful newspaper the 'Sun'. On pg 12 there is a lovely pic of the poor soul that vanished into thin air on the 3/5/07. Well I ended up buying the paper, I made sure it was well hidden under the 24 pack of T. roll I was buying, just in case I bumped into anyone I knew.

The Sun Pg 12 Monday, August 4, 2008.
Kate 'fell silent' in cop quiz
from Veronica Lorraine in PDL.

Kate McCann refused to answer 48 questions when probed by Portuguese cops over her missing.
The devastated mum replied to some at the start of the interview on Speptember 7 last year.
But she exercised her rights and fell silent once she was made a suspect "arguido" in the case, leaked police files show.
Two weeks ago Kate and her husband Gerry both 40, of Rothley, Leics, were ofically cleared of any involvement in Maddies disappearance.
Details of the Portuguese police probe are due to be opened to the public today.
Maddie vanished in May 2007 days before her fourth birthday. She had been been left alone with her twin siblings at a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz.
Yesterday Portuguese newspaper Correio de Manhas said Kate was quizzed over why she said from the start Maddie had been abducted.
Cops also asked whether she gave the children medication and if it was true that she sometimes despaired of their behaviour and had considered handing custody of Maddie to a relative.
McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said last night "Kate was well within her rights not to answer if she didn't want to".

Well apart from the usual they are cleared I find this article damning. Their child, the one that is possibly going to be handed to a relative's care, goes missing, whilst they are out wining and dining having left the children that sometimes they despaired of their behaviour safely tucked in bed alone in their holiday apt. So she was well within her rights not answer sounds a bit like well with in the bounds of responsible parenting, imo.

dolores said...

Witnesses have "dismantled" the version of McCann about aspects of the apartment

The apartment 5A where McCann have stayed until the disappearance of Madeleine had been occupied by other Britons that the investigation of the Judicial Police found to have all confirmed the good state of shutters, initially described by relatives of Kate and Gerry as old, worn and broken.

Among these witnesses, Saleigh and Paul Gordon, accompanied by their two children, have occupied the apartment 5A before McCann, between 21 and April 28, 2007. The couple, interviewed several times by investigators, said that "the doors, windows and shutters of the apartment were all in good condition," stressing that even given the noise made by the strands of rooms, it would be impossible to open or close without being noticed by neighbours or passers-by.

Les McCann, the first time since argued that the flaps were broken and the door had been forced." This is the version that Kate gave a close friend, Jon Corner, to whom she reportedly said "they broke the pane on the window and took my granddaughter."

The same version is also given by Gerry McCann the grandfather of Madeleine, Brian Healy: "Gerry told me that when they returned, the shutters of the window of the hall were broken (…). The door was open. "(see McCannfiles)

"The room turned to the terminal was also seen by other apartments, saw this I think if someone had tried to open the shutters from the outside, someone would have noticed," says Gordon Saleigh.Her husband, Paul, also confirms that the couple has always felt safe and that the front door was equipped with a double lock, while the rear quit exclusively from inside the apartment.

The man "bizarre" was not a ...

It is also Paul Gordon, who saw and spoke with a man described by several British media, citing sources close to McCann. Yet, in statements to police, Paul asserts that the individual has never "supervised" children or apartment: "I would describe the man as educated, with good appearance (...). I remember him with a clean shaved and with a slight facial down. "

"I went to the man who asked me if I would be interested to contribute with a donation to an orphanage (…). I talked with him and I noticed he had a spat with the identification and he had what seemed to me a book of receipts, "confirms Paul Gordon to the police adding that it would have even received a receipt he had forgotten Portugal.

Since January that Paul Gordon was contacted several times by Brian Kennedy, Kate and Gerry McCann: "There are some moments where I feel like a chess pawn."

viv said...

Hiya all

Well I wonder how the McCanns will be able to maintain their abduction theory, we need money to find Madeleine now the official investigation has definitely ruled that possibility out.

From what I am reading it is clearly the case that by a process of deduction and the evidence they have, such as it is, it is felt the McCanns were responsible, but unfortunately they do not have the evidence to prove exactly what they did in court. For this reason the investigation has not been finally closed. There is a clear rebuke for public comment on this case and confirmation that sadly this has not been helpful. But looking at it in another way, if the Police never do manage to obtain satisfactory evidence to convict, then it could be said there has been a form of justice. The McCanns wanted to use the media to drum up cash and proclaim their innocence and in the end, it will be the media that proclaim their guilt by publishing details of the investigation. They may not be in custody but I would not like to be Kate McCann and suffer the revulsion she must obviously meet by so many people. The mum who wanted rid of a dear little girl, left her to cry for an hour and a quarter, and when she complained, went and done it again.

Maddie has the details in public of how her wicked mum treated her. I think she is getting justice!

Viv x

Stonemaid said...

A quick look at the 3As just now brought this up:

New postPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2008 9:32 am
On Parole
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Location: N Ireland
rainbow wrote:

Just read this morning's teletext thing on ITV. It basically said that K and G and their lawyers/detectives/whatever had examined the files and were very pleased to find out that there was absolutely no evidence that she had come to any harm.

Oh, right you are then! That's that sorted, eh? Where's the 'sarcastic' smilie?

Makes you want to weep with frustration. Why can't anyone look for news themselves? Why do they have to just keep reprinting what Mitchell tells them? It's giving the casual viewer a false impression.

Exactly, and this means the media are not being in any way impartial. By emphasising certain things and downplaying others they are obviously aiming to influence people's thinking, something that in the case of a probably dead child is unforgivable. No one is asking them to point the finger at anyone; all they have to do is to report the case in a non-biased way. Otherwise what is the point of having media at all?

viv said...

Hiya Dolores

Thanks for your very helpful posts as ever!

It is shocking the way poor Mr Gordon has been constantly badgered by the McCanns presumably seeking to get him to change his version of events. Clearly their lies about the shutters and stating they left the patio door open that could only be locked from the inside show not only a couple of liars but also those who have callous disregard for their own beautiful little children, in fact helpless babies x

Zodiac said...
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Zodiac said...


Pictures of the apt on sky from the files.

Well the cots do not look like they have sheets, imo.

Pic 8 - Oh yes now I see how one would think it was like sitting in your own back garden - not! That apt does not look child friendly. Those poor kiddie winkles left there night after night.

I do not wish to sound snobby. That aint a luxury apt. If I walked in there for a weeks hol I would have turned on my heels and marched straight to reception and demand to be moved.

viv said...

Hiya Stonemaid

I would not worry about the perversity of the media reporting. Children who are neglected can and do come to very serious harm. The simple fact is we have not seen little Madeleine for the last 15 months, if Kate and Gerry do not think that means she has come to any serious harm then it just shows what a couple of head cases they really are! If it were my child I would think quite the opposite and would obviously presume her to be dead. They live in a fantasy world and reasonable people are not going to accept what they say, we know the serious harm she was coming to at their hands even before she went, they fool no one!

Viv x

Joe said...

Opening up the process has if anything made the McCanns look like manipulators. If they hoped that they be completely believed re an abduction and that they did everything possible to find Madeline,in K case 48 unturned stones, and it was the nasty PJ then it has backfired badly. It has left a stink that will haunt them and their pals for the rest of their lives. Normal decent people can see through the cr*p and deceit. NO abduction possible = what?. Do they have any shame? We are not dumb. All my opinion.

ICantThinkOfAName said...

From what I have been reading on 3A, the Leicestershire Police have a lot to answer for in their so called co-operation with the PJ.

Delayed witness statements, allowing witnesses to read other witness statements and not providing background information.

To cap it all the Police website has a click on facility to the McCann's site including the demands for donations to the Fund.

One wonders who they are serving, Madeleine are her parents.

If you think I sound angry then you've thought correctly.

Joe said...

I know its speculation but I read that the FSS leaked the DNA results as well to the clan. Somebody should have told the PJ that it was all a sinister game where a 4 year old child is the victim but you the PJ are going to be the fall guys called incompetent, bungling. Had they known that the PJ would not have bothered.

Zodiac said...


Look at this tripe from the Daily Mail.

bath theory said...

At 2.00 and 2.30 news on BBC Radio 5 and now a big item on the Martin Smith info on Radio 5 re the child's father seemed to be the person who carried the child. At least this puts it out there and at least it can be debated.

Stonemaid said...

Thanks for the links to the photos and mail article Zodiac. I agree, the apartment is anything but luxurious.

Stonemaid said...

Thanks for that encouraging news BT. Thank goodness BBC Radio 5 have the guts to say something with less pink spin. I wish I could tune in!!

Wizard said...

The McCanns of course will argue that Madeleine is alive otherwise they would have to give up the fund and that’s not going to happen.

When the British press did speak out against the McCanns they were sued. Nothing has changed since then and the British press, like the pj, can’t prove the McCanns guilty so they have been effectively gagged.

Of course its true to say the British press are guilty of biased reporting, they appear to be cherry picking McCann friendly pieces of information from the released files. It will be interesting to see how long they will keep this up and who will break away from the pack first and risk the wrath of the McCanns lawyers.

As disappointing as this all is I still believe we have not heard the end of this story and given time information will come to light and then hopefully a prosecution can be made.

atardi said...


Thanks for the link about DP. It was a long read.

Will try to make my first post on the 3A's so I can keep my membership.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


I suggest you make your first post in the Introduce Yourself thread, It is in the Lounge section.

nancy said...

I agree with Zodiac that the McCanns will continue to keep up the pretence of Madeliene being alive in order to keep the funds topped up - making money out of their daughter's disappearance has been uppermost in their minds from the beginning and continues to be so.

As far as the two Public Prosecutors suggestion that the McCanns didn't act with intent - that is absolute nonsense. Are we to believe that the Tapas parents, with the exception of the Paynes, went out wining and dining on their own night after night without knowing how vulnerable their children were alone in bed? They are literally saying it's okay to leave your young children alone in bed - what sort of message does this send out to millions of irresponsible parents?

Sky News today made it patently obvious that they are on the McCann's side because although reporting on a few of the issues in the 30thousand page report (and it's claimed the PJ's did no work), the reporters again appeared to belittle the work of the PJ's and when the question of the 48 questions Kate failed to answer came into the conversation, it was swiftly dropped.

We are going to have to wait a long time before any of the media is brave enough to oppose the status quo I fear!

nancy said...

Sorry - I mean't to say that I agree with Wizard, who mentioned about them continually saying they believe Madeleiene is alive so as to top up the Madeleine Fund!

Lovely to see all the familiar names and avatars on the blog and we definitely won't be in a hurry to abandon the search for the truth of what happened to Maddie.


ratonthebeam said...

In fact, there has already been another "sighting" - in of all places, Amsterdam. Of a little girl in a shop. Who said to the saleslady, "My name is Maddie. They took me from my holiday. This is not my Mummy." There are stills from the CCTV in the Daily Mail. Apparently.

Now we know why the Dutch branch of HTFM have been so quiet recently; they have been concocting this bollox as a backup plan. The Fund must be running low again.

Stonemaid said...

Hello Rat

This Amsterdam sighting apparently took place back in May 2007, but the news of this did not surface until now. The DE headlines read:


A LITTLE girl calling herself “Maddy” and claiming to have been taken from her mother on holiday was seen in Amsterdam at the time Madeleine McCann disappeared,

Zodiac said...


Well today was the day of the emergency meeting. It had been organised for 11am. I woke up at 10.30am. I lay in bed thinking, I cannot be @rsed with this meeting today. I just felt like pulling the duvet up over my head and staying there until the kids were returned to me on Friday. My ex had phoned last night to say that he would be dropping them off at 2.30pm, that was 3 hours earlier than agreed. What a cheek he has, to encroach into my ‘me time’, I thought. Well it was almost 10.45am and I was still in bed. I reached for the phone and dialled Boabie’s number. Hi Boabie I said…cough….cough…I am so sorry…cough…cough…I am not…cough…able to…cough…atishoooooo….able to hold a meeting today I am feeling so ill. Oh darling poor you what can I do for you. Well if you don’t mind I don’t think I can go to the shops I feel so atishoooooo…ill. Would you get the guy working on your Moby to spin by my house with some groceries and cough….cough…tell him to just open the front door and pop them in the hall. The door is always unlocked as you know this is such a quiet sleepy area and perfectly safe to do so. Well except for that nasty Laptop Snatcher, I said. Oh don’t you worry I will text him now and tell him to drop everything and deliver what you need and some special goodies to cheer you up when you feel a little better. I will re-arrange the meeting for Saturday evening, OK, Boabie said. Yes that is very kind of you I really cough…cough…atishoooooo…appreciate it, do you think Stu Pidder would have it at his house cos I feel so dreadful and do not think I could physically do anything. I will arrange everything don’t you give it another thought, I will text you the details, Boabie said, bye now darling. Well that was great I did not need to hold the meeting. I was so exhausted I stayed in bed sleeping, eating and watching TV and working on my campaign until Friday. The house was all lovely and clean thanks to Patty doing it all the other night so there was really not much else for me to do.
The kids arrived at 2.30pm on the dot. I put them in the car and set off to do some shopping. My ex had given me £360.00 to buy them some clothes. Well that’s good I will put £250.00 into my savings account. I was saving for a lovely winter coat and boots for myself. I decided I would spend £20.00 each on the kids at my favourite shop for their clothes, Preemarket. That would be enough to get them an outfit and a pair of good PJ’s each. I parked the car and we all walked to the shop. When we got there I put the little ones on the machines at the front door. Sian loved the Dora one and Louis loved the Pat one. It was extremely good value. £1.00 per machine for 3 turns, each lasting 3 mins. Little Marty sat on the low window ledge reading his little book. I gave him another 4 £1.00 coins. He knew when each £1.00 had finished that he had to talk to the little ones for about a minute and then put another £1.00 in to the machines to give me more time to go and buy their new clothes, he was such a clever little boy so reliable. I had about 30 mins, well within the bounds of reasonable/responsible parenting. I could see them most of the time except for when I had to pay at the check out. The Building Society was only two doors up from the shop we were in, I decided whilst I was there I would pay my money in, I wanted to be careful with it, I was worried I may be tempted to spend it or even worse lose it. I gave Marty another 2 £1.00 coins, that gave me about 10 mins to nip to the Building Society and I knew the cherubs would be safe with Marty. They were tired and I did not have a buggy so I thought best leave them there. Well that was a lovely shopping trip with the cherubs, I treated them to a drive thru kiddie meal for dinner with ice cream and extra child-friendly toppings, which they loved. We then headed home. Just before we arrived home little Sian and Louis dozed off to sleep. They looked so cute sleeping in their car seats I decided best not to wake them. I rolled the window either side of them down a little for some fresh air, I gently open their seat belts and hoped when I closed the door it did not wake them up. I left the car unlocked for when they woke up so they could let themselves into the house. Little Marty sat on his beanbag sucking his thumb and rubbing his eyes I knew he would soon drop off to sleep also. They had not had a nap today, I decided to let them sleep for about 1 hour. I changed and quietly nipped out the front door, I checked the little ones they were still sound asleep. I went for a little run, I had timed one of my routes, I could do it in about 19 mins on a good day and I could always see the top of my house at all times. Well I was about 5 mins from home and it started pouring. I got soaked. Just as I was approaching the house I could see one of my car doors were wide open, oh my gawd I hurried ran inside to the toilet just at the front door and grabbed a towel. I rushed outside and dried all the leather interior of the door and the seat. Thank goodness for that I did not want watermarks all over it. The car was empty. I thought the little ones must have woken up and gone inside like they always did. I went inside Marty bless him was still asleep I could hearing him gently snoring. I heard a noise in the kitchen, there was Louis sitting on the floor he had opened the American fridge/freezer and was eating yoghurt and icecream and squishing it in his hands and rubbing it all over my lovely clean floor that Patty had kindly cleaned the other night. I lifted him up and put him in his highchair I looked around and could not see Sian. I opened the patio doors to see if she was in the garden, she was not there. I went out to the car and looked around she was nowhere to be seen. I heard her giggle and realised she had gone into next doors garden. They must have left their gate open I thought how irresponsible of them considering the sign on the gate said ‘Beware Rottweiler Dog’. I tip toed over and peeked in there she was kneeling down at the dog food bowl with her hands covered in dog food and eating it. The Rotti was growling I had my heart in my mouth, if that big brute frightens her she might just get up and stand in the poo right next to her foot. She had her new pink shoes on and I did not want to clean that stuff off of them. I put my finger over my mouth and quietly made a shooshing noise. I waved and eventually she saw me ‘Mummy, mummy’ she shouted and came running towards me. I grabbed her and slammed the gate shut behind me. I had palpitations. Naughty girl! I shouted as I gave her a slap on the bot, she had a nappy on so she would not really feel anything, I just think it is important that children know when they are in the wrong. You have crossed line and you should not have. Look! I said as I pointed to the ground Mummy put these stones in a line and told you all never to cross it, I think she understood, by this time she had one of her shoe off and was sucking it. I took her indoors and put her and Louis in the bath then went downstairs to clean up all the mess. I put the icecream at the top of the freezer and the yoghurt at the top of the fridge. Thank goodness Louis did not go into the cupboard where I keep my bleach, cos that is where I hide my chocolate and after an afternoon like this I needed it! My mobile phone rang it was a message from Boabie, Stu’s tomorrow @ 8pm for drinks, dinner & mtng bring a bottle. Boabie x. I was looking forward to the meeting now.

My witnesses for all the occassions that my laptop was used without my permission are:

Stu Pidder and his partner Ida Nyit.
Patty O'Furniture and her partner Pop Sickle.
Xavier Breath and his partner Sue Cherself.
Dolly Dimple and her partner Hyman Idiot.
And of course not forgetting my PR rep should I need one Boabie Puller

isis said...

What Detectives Asked the Tapas Seven
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Is Woody Back On Form?

The Old Ones Are The Best

Party Sparks UFO Fears

My Wrapit Wedding Woes

Lion Hug Is Big Web Hit

Frasier Star In Hospital

Boost For Chocolate Fans
4:05pm UK, Tuesday August 05, 2008

Detectives in Portugal sent through a series of questions to all those who had dinner with Kate and Gerry McCann on the night Madeleine disappeared.

Kate and Gerry McCann arrive for their press conference in Rothley
Here is a list of what they were sent:

1. How long have you known Gerald McCann and Kate Healy (Kate's maiden name) and in what capacity?

2. Have you seen Kate and Gerald at home with their children?

3. Have you been on holiday with them before? If yes can you describe how they looked after the children of an evening/night?

4.How often did you see Gerald and Kate during your holiday April 28 - May 3?

5. How often did you see their children: Madeleine, Sean and Amelie?

6. Did you have any concerns aobut the children in any way?

7. When was the last time you saw Madeleine?

8. On Thursday May 3 when did you see Kate and Gerald?

9. At what time did you arrive at the Tapas restaurant on May 3? Who was already there?

10. What were Kate and Gerald doing when you arrived?

11. Did you speak with Kate and Gerald?

12. How were they behaving?

13. Who left the table during the meal and to do what?

14. Did you see Gerald leave the table during the meal? At what time? How long was he away? What did he say when he came back? Was his behaviour or attitude different when he returned?

15. Did you see Jane leave the table during the meal? At what time? How long was she away? What did she say when she came back? Was her behaviour or attitude different when she returned?

16. Did you see Matthew leave the table during the meal? At what time? How long was he away? When did he say when he came back? Was his behaviour or attitude different when he returned?

17. Did you see Russell leave the table? At what time? How long was he away? What did he say when he came back? Was his behaviour or attitude different when he returned?

18. Did you see Kate leave the table during the meal? At what time? How long was she away? What did she say when he came back? How did she look and behave? Where you shocked at what she said? What did you do?

19. Did you go to the McCann apartment? Did you go into the bedroom where the children were sleeping? Can you describe what you saw? Did you see the twins? Did you notice anythin unusual about them?

20. What did you do next? Did you take part in any further searches? Who were you with?

21. How did Gerry react when Madeleine was not found in the first 10 minutes?

22. How do you think they were behaving considering Madeleine was gone?

23. What did you do between 10.30pm and 10am the next morning? Who did you see?

24. Who did you speak to?

25. When did you leave Portugal? How often did you see Kate and Gerry? How do you think Kate and Gerald were behaving for parents who had lost a child?

26.Did you see either Kate or Gerry speaking to anyone on holiday that you did not know?

27. Did you see either Kate or Gerald in a car during the holiday.

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dylan said...

Hello everybody & Hi to Nancy, glad you enjoyed yourself. x

Hope great posts, Zodiac - looking forward to the next chapter!!

Well I've been a bit busy the last two days and still haven't managed to sort out my computer display since the kitten pawed it.

I am very pleased that R5 has put out the Gerry carrying Maddie story. I was disgusted to read that article the newspapers are headlining today. All of that incriminating evidence that the reporters now have thier mits on and the only thing they publish is pro McSpam: "The police lied to the McCanns about the DNA evidence in the car boot". My thanks go out to the media for making me feel half intelligent as to not fall victim to skewed reporting!
I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they brought back subliminal advertising just for the McCanns as they might as well label what they are doing as brainwashing!

As for the supposed PJ lie, the papers obviously don't have a science correspondent.

This quote: It would be very simple to say 'yes' simply because of the number of components within the result that are also in her reference sample....

...implies that a match is likely, but statistically, to be certain that it couldn't be a match on the number of markers, by chance alone, a 99% confidence level is required for beyond all reasonable doubt or at least 95%. It's true that we all share a large proportion of our DNA but I suspect that the PJ would have been told that the match was "likely" but not conclusive and given all of the other evidence that was compelling (which the press has conveniently left out) probably acted purely upon "likely".

If the press have their way, we may all become something like "Stepford Wives" only with the McCanns as our leaders. I intend to resist and go underground ;)

As for the pro - boyfriend, well, he's no longer a boyfreind. Same again, as I thought when he didn't text, I got a facebook mail from him saying 'I'm not ready for a relationship....lets just be freinds'. Ha! That old chestnut!
I think he was a plant by the pros sepcifically to bring me down. Well it hasn't worked poops! I'm a bit hurt but nothing I can't recover from & I'm still blogging on Viv's site :))))


Zodiac said...

Hi Dylan

You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince.

Have nice time with your children when they return home tomorrow.

dylan said...


How very true! Would just rather not have to kiss them as I'm not that type of girl. Some men can be very manipulative to get their way. I could go on his site and see when he was last active. That would tell me if he's still searching, but I know the answer to that really and I can't be bothered to go snooping on someone who's that unfeeling!

Plenty more fish in the sea but I'm taking a break from it for a while. My project's been bound today and I'm handing it in tomorrow, then Ryan and Laura will be home at last :))))


viv said...

Hiya all

I am pleased the issue of Gerry carrying Madeleine away is being publically debated because this has always been my own personal theory. That in describing a man with dark hair aged 30-40 with light beige trousers she was describing Gerry. He knew he had been seen and the person who saw him was Mr Smith. As we know her description suddenly underwent a massive transformation several months later to concur with Gran Cooper and she even started to realise it was Maddie /her pyjamas. Miraculous retrospective memory recall!

It is my birthday today, so I have just been out and bought some lovely oak flooring, doors etc for my office. Happy birthday to me:-))))

ratonthebeam said...

aw Dyl, I am sorry to hear that. Obviously he was not The Right One for you. Remember you sometimes have to kiss a hell of a lot of frogs before you find a Prince :-) xxx

J J said...

Hello Everyone
There has been so much spin from the McCann camp, I'm getting dizzy.

Lots of it we already knew, or guessed.
But...the McCanns didn't have a credit card??
And the Portugese police already have the card number because it was used to hire the car after Madeleine disappeared.
What are the Leicestershire police playing at?
What planet do they think we all live on?
Two doctors on holiday in a foreign country and not a credit card between them!
But I'm forgetting, they are part of the tapas 9, who on the night Madeleine disappeared didn't have a watch or mobile phone between the lot of them.
What an insult to our intelligence!

ratonthebeam said...

Hahaha Zodiac, snap! Loved the latest instalment BTW - especially the Pedigree Chum part!!! LOL!

Happy Birthday, Viv! And many more of them. xxxxx

Mazel Tov on the Project Dyl. I'm sure it will be a stunner.

Di said...

Happy Birthday Viv, shop until you drop :o))

I have sent you mail but it is quite sad so don't spoil your birthday read it another time.

I will just have a quick read back.

Zodiac said...

Happy Birthday Viv, enjoy the rest of it.

Di said...


Just before I read back it is great to see you again.

atardi said...


I made my first post on an article from Helena.

Will try tomorrow to make my second post on the Lounge section you mentioned.

viv said...

Thanks all for your best wishes:-))

Have people seen this sickening report in the Daily Mail. It asks if the picture of the little girl in the petrol station is Madeleine and yet the police report very clearly states, they asked Kate and Gerry if it was Madeleine and were promptly told, no it is not.

The report is also very confusing in suggesting that actually this picture relates to the Dutch report when clearly it does not. Clarence and the McCanns seem to have a stranglehold on our press and it looks very much like the sickening smears against the PJ will continue, in spite their very thorough, in fact quite incredible investigation.


atardi said...


Happy birthday. En nog vele jaren!

I knew that you were a lion too, but didn't know it was so close to my birthday. (the 3th of August).

I celebrated my birthday travelling home from Switserland.

dylan said...

Rat and Zodiac,

Jinx! And thank you, both of you. I'm not as depressed about it as I was yesterday. I hardly knew him and now he's revealed his true colours I don't think I like him very much anyway. Men eh??

Happy Birthday Viv! Many Happy Returns of the Day. Have a lovely evening. xxx

dylan said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you too then, Atardi! Three leos on one blog - grrrr!! :) xx

johnfrank said...

Many happy returns viv have a great rest of the day.Thank you to all who welcomed me.

dylan said...


I don't think I can look at it. I'm already very angry about the headlines today. The press needs a collective heads banging together and to be told the British public aint going to take this biased rubbish from them anymore! But thanks for the link anyway.


dylan said...

Johnfrank - welcome! I forgot earlier.

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Happy Birthday and enjoy your evening.

I suppose tomorrow you'll be nailing down your flooring and hanging your doors.

mandarinn said...

Happy birthday to you!!! I wishe to you all kind of hapiness

ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi mandarinn

Did you manage to sign up for 3A?

Di said...


Sorry things did not work out, it was obviously not meant to be.

I am sure you have a soulmate out there, you just have to be patient.

ratonthebeam said...

This arrived while I was in Turkey. I am just catching up on my mail! However the covering letter with it said that the Comissioners had sent a copy of my complaint to the editor of the NOTW, so at least he will know now that not everyone is happy with the standards of his "journalists".

Commission's Decision in the case of O. v News of the World

The Commission noted that three complainants had raised concern that the newspaper's coverage had breached Clause 1 (Accuracy) of the Code in its claim that Madeleine McCann had been abducted. The complainants argued that there was no evidence to support this claim, which had been presented as fact in the article. In the view of two of the complainants, the thrust of the article was intended to mislead readers into believing that Madeleine had been abducted, and that the abductor had hidden in the holiday apartment. The other complainant emphasised that, under Portuguese law, the McCanns were suspects in the disappearance of their daughter.

The Commission considered the complaint under Clause 1 (Accuracy). It noted that the article was a feature about the McCann's apartment in Praia da Luz, containing photographs and a speculation about "Maddie's abductor" and the events of the night she had disappeared. It detailed an "on-site reconstruction" which - the newspaper had suggested - proved that if the kidnapper was already there, he had ten seconds in which to conceal himself after hearing Gerry McCann enter the apartment.

The Commission considered that it would be clear to readers that the article constituted the newspaper's speculative position on this high profile case, which had received extensive media coverage. The Commission was satisfied that readers generally would be aware of the details of the case, including the McCann's position as suspects in their daughter's disappearance. Ultimately, no one knew what had happened to Madeleine McCann; there was no accepted version of events in comparision with which the article could be said to be inaccurate or misleading. It was the newspaper's position - which it was entitled to express - that Madeleine had been abducted from the McCanns' apartment. Readers generally would not be misled into believing that there was no alternative view. The Commission did not consider that any breach of Clause 1 (Accuracy) - which states that the press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading and distorted information, and that it must distinguish clearly between comment, conjecture and fact - could be established in these circumstances.

Sir Christpher Meyer took no part in the consideration of these complaints.

dylan said...

Di, cheers. Don't worry, I'm not about to rush into anything anymore. Got my fingers burnt and after all, he was a Pro ;)

ROTB, I hope you had a lovely time in Turkey and it's good to see the response you got. Good for you. It is about time the press started to report this case fairly and stop trying to manipulate us!

Off to watch the old goggle box for bit. BBL


ratonthebeam said...

Hello Di. I liked the last sentence best!!!

atardi said...

Hi all,

I'm trying to catch up the news from the last 2 and 1/2 weeks. I have never heard before of a sighting in A'dam. Ana Stam From Holland thought she saw Madeleine. In Dutch Ana is spelled with 2 n's.

I didn't translate the article but just look at the photo's.


I think we will have a lot of spin this week. Because everything must be contradicted and they think everyone will believe it. I have sent Viv a mail about ex-pats in Holland , if I can find it I will post it later.

Is this Maddie

Di said...


So, as Chairman Of Press Complaints.. Sir Christopher Meyer TOOK NO PART.. what a cop out!!

atardi said...

first picture of Madeleine's bed.

Di said...

Hi Atardi

I am still trying to catch up, I think I have missed so much, I have still not read the full translation of the book.

I agree spin, spin, spin, the problem is, how many people are fooled!!

mandarinn said...

ICNTOAN I could register but after fighting a lot a couldnt find the box to post

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Log in and you should be on the Board index page.

The second panel down is entitled:
Lounge ] What are you talking about

click on this

Under the heading TOPICS

there is a panel


click on this and go to the last page (at the moment 70}

Under the heading INTRODUCE YOURSELF

is a small panel POST REPLY

click on this and the comment panel will open.

Just say Hello and where you are from and any other information you wish to give.

Di said...


Well done to you for posting on the Sky blog this morning :o)))

ratonthebeam said...

I'm informed that Rosiepoop is now spreading her vile bile on Sky! Di, Sir Christopher is the one that's married to Lady Meyer of the Amber Alert campaign. Not that that would have influenced the Commission in any way.... at all....

atardi said...


I think I have missed too much also. Don't know how K&G reacted when their arguido status was lifted.

Trying to find a link about that. Do you know where I can find that?

Di said...


Thanks for that, I had not connected the Amber Alert campaign. OMG.. The wider agenda!!

Di said...


Not sure where to find the info, it maybe on 3A's, I will have a look.

If anyone else can help out please do.

mandarinn said...

ICNTOAN Now my account is inactive because i couldn't post. i'm trying to register with another nick and mail adress

hope4truth said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Viiiiivvvvv
Happy Birthday to you

Hope you had a lovely day xxx

hope4truth said...


I was hopping mad this morning when I posted. Had an intresting day met with lot's of people who dont really know each other well and when the subject of the questions in the Mail came up all admitted that something was wrong and no parent would not wish to help in the search for their child...

The truth will out..

How is the house??? xxx

hope4truth said...


Dont give up my Sister in Law (now ex sister in law but it is not her fault my brother in law was a scum bag) started dating on line 18 months after he left her and after meeting a few strange people is now in love with a fantastic guy who is 100 x better than my brother in law (even the tart he left her for has said she is lucky as her ex is lazy LOL)...

Dont give up but if you meet George C can I have a go please xxx

Di said...

From 3A's

This gave me a glimmer of hope!!

peanutbutter wrote:
tonto wrote:
The reporter who breaks this case wide open will be world famous. Their reputation is made for life like Carl Bernstein's of watergate fame. Forget about Gerry and Kate's hollywood aspirations, I would lay money that a movie would be made about the case and the reporter (s) who blew the lid off of it.

Over many months there have been allegations on MF and 3A's that journalists have, behind the scenes, been banned from investigating and reporting the Maddie story as thoroughly as they might wish to. All my contacts insist this is definitely NOT the case. They have simply erred on the side of caution, with the possibility of legal action always on their minds

Since August/September last year, when the UK press went silly for a couple of weeks and started reporting every stupid allegation and subsequently got their fingers burned, they have been even more reserved

However, now so much is out in the open abroad, it will be hard to stop a few enterprising freelance journalists from setting out to crack the case once and for all. As you say, everlasting worldwide fame will be their reward. Believe me, some will do their very best - though it may take a while - and in my opinion at least one will succeed in arriving at a solution which, if not provable in court of law, will be convincing enough to persuade 90 per cent of the population

As for legal action against that brave soul, it won't happen - because a court of law is the last place that the target of their conclusions will ever want to be seen

As I have emphasised in other threads, and as has been implied/stated in this thread, the journalists may do the digging but it is the EDITORS (and owners) who determine what gets published.
Woodward and Bernstein would have been nothing without Ben Bradshaw.

Same applies today. Which Editor has the b*lls to break the mould and possibly risk his job by flying in the face of the likes of Murdoch and his ilk?

atardi said...

McCanns outraged over unseen e-fits

1 hour ago

Madeleine McCann's parents have accused Portuguese detectives of withholding potentially crucial evidence from them after police files revealed a series of previously secret leads.

Newly-released official documents showed officers put together e-fits of possible suspects, collected CCTV images and recorded sightings that were never made public or passed to Kate and Gerry McCann.

The massive dossier of evidence included a report that a little girl calling herself "Maddy" and claiming to have been taken from her mother - was seen in Amsterdam just after Madeleine vanished.

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said it was "tragic" this kind of information should only be released now.

"It is harrowing to hear a child saying that. If it was Madeleine, it was a disgrace that it was not passed on," he said.

"We need to know what happened with this. This is exactly the sort of primary information that we need to know if it was followed up properly by the police. If that hasn't been done, that is exactly the kind of information that the private investigators are going to follow up."

Other revelations from the previously secret files include a map sketched by Jane Tanner, one of the friends on holiday with the McCanns, showing the route taken by a man whom she believes was abducting Madeleine.

E-fits of "suspicious" men seen hanging around the Algarve village of Praia da Luz before the little girl went missing were also included in the files, and never-before published CCTV images showing small children resembling Madeleine at two Algarve petrol stations on May 4, the day after she disappeared.
Hosted by Google
Copyright © 2008 The Press Association. All rights reserved.

atardi said...

More spin.

Di said...

Hi Hope

The house, I had a very luke warm shower this morning, our plumber cannot understand why, GREAT. Hot taps working fine showers x 2 cold. Never mind it gets the grey cells back to life quick :o))) I need my wits about me at the moment.

I am sure there will be many more twists and turns in this case, that's fine, as long as it leads to JFM.

Joe said...

As far as I know it is not commom practice to release e fits or other info to the public unless it is to generate a response or to protect innocent people, or not to warn possible suspects like the McCannswho advertized their daughter from day one. The police no doubt dismissed these and moved on. The LP are still keeping their files secret so why should the PJ be different during the investigation?

Di said...


Here we go spin spin spin.. I hate merry-go-rounds..

Off now, hopefully catch up tomorrow.

viv said...

Oh how fab, you even sing to me, what a lovely lot you are:-))

Welcome to JohnFrank, it is always good to see you members join us.

Atardi, belated birthday wishes to you darling, my fellow lion. It is Luke's birthday tomorrow, so occasionally, in my house, as you can imagine the odd roar can be heard!


You made me laugh I will be hanging doors and nailing down floors tomorrow because actually that is just the sort of person I am! As a matter of fact my fingers are now covered in some horrible filler foam stuff I just used in the outer hall, that has dried on like a dirty second skin. I do not do as much diy as I used to or would like to because it makes me ache but still love to get my hands dirty! I suspect either my eldest son or a carpenter will be putting the finishing touches to my office. I just cannot wait to get back in and order a nice oak sideboard or dresser I just cannot decide which but it is very exciting!

I am waiting for the builders to come back to my about knocking my two rooms into one and putting a nice oak open staircase up the wall, that should look nice and of course, yet more oak flooring will have to arrive.

Three cheers for my rotten ex employers who are paying for it all:-)))))

Viv x

hope4truth said...


Hip hip hooray
Hip hip hooray
Hip hip hooray

Go careful with that hammer xxx


Hope your shower is warmer tomorrow (not even like it is hot outside) xxx

viv said...

Hiya Joe

You make a good point Leics police are still keeping their files secret. Not a single word from them. Now you would think if they genuinely believed the McCanns are innocent (what a laugh) there would be some sort of statement from them. We have a statement from the Chief Constable not long back didnt we, I do not want to release information to Kate and Gerry McCann. Mrs Justice Hogg, OK then I am reversing my Order saying you must do so!

I find it quite fascinating and wish I knew one of the senior coppers there!

Viv x

viv said...

Oh Hope thank you!

You just would not believe how useful the hammer has been. I tried to give two sofas away to charity and no one would come and pick them up, so Luke had a great time smashing them so we could take them up the tip. In fact we have been up the tip so many times lately the blokes there wave and shout hello to us. I just do not think they can believe how much stuff we are getting rid of. In years gone by I had a fetish for pine but that has all gone up the skip as I have now decided I like oak much better:-))))

nancy said...

Viv -

A bit late, but I hope you had a really lovely evening on your birthday, and you are a girl after any man's heart choosing a new door for your study as a present for yourself! Just the sort of thing I would do!

I'm a Leo too; we seem to have a number of us very charismatic protective 'lionhearted' Mums on here!! If we have a fault, it's that we are a wee bit bossy at times and very modest of course!! My husband would second that!
I saw on Sky News a copy of the receipt for drinks and food that amounted to about 180 euros, around £120. The announcer stated that there was only two bottle of wine on the bill! Does anyone really believe that 9 people only bought two bottles of wine between them? I don't think so! They must have handed the smaller bill to the PJ's and tore the other one up!! These news people must think the British public are completely deaf, dumb and blind!!!

Never a mention of the neglect of the children by the tapas 7 which led to Madeleines disappearance of course! Nobody seems to think that is important!!

Off to the land of nod now, so see you tomorrow!!


hope4truth said...


Nothing like getting rid of the old and bringing in the new..

Enjoy and let Luke have a day off from the hammer tomorrow as it is his Birthday LOL

See you soon am off to bed xxxx

ratonthebeam said...

There is an "e-fit" thread on the 3As just now, with comparative photographs. It is well worth a look to see just exactly WHO is in the e-fits....!!!!!

viv said...

Hiya Nancy

It is true I am just thrilled to bits with my lovely new oak for my office, even gorgeous new skirting boards:-)0

I have a nicer way to put we are a it bossy, we are just natural leaders. I remember the teacher telling me at school how Luke always organised the games in the playground, and my goodness he was always the engine driver. I was always in the school play and always got to sing the lead role in operettas etc. I am possessive with my kids and do think I am just like a lion, got help anyone who hurts them, I am fiercely protective and know you are the same. I think it is our temperament and nature that really says to us, there is something so dreadful about Kate and Gerry McCann, just how could they!


I have promised Luke a ride to the computer shop tomorrow where I will buy him all the bits he fancies. The eldest one and Luke are real computer geeks and adore all manner of electrical gadgets. The middle one does not like to play computers at home because he programmes them at work to set machine tools etc, so I guess that puts him off:-))

viv said...

Hiya ROB

How lovely to see you darling, it has been a great blog again today with all my favourites contributing and our new poster too.

Sorry, who are the e fits of and can you send me a link because I am hopeless on 3 As I find it such a lot to track through, must be getting a bit past it lol xxxxxx

dylan said...

Goodnight Hope - I'll have to offer George to Viv first I'm afraid! Sleep well.
Goodnight to Di too.

I saw the News at Ten. Disgraceful coverage & I wish I hadn't watched it.

Interesting point about the LP not jumping upon the innocent bandwagon. Maybe we have some inkling of hope there. Also Di's comment about a reporter going for the jugular. I hope one does & I'd love to see the McCanns try to sue. I bet they won't though!

Goonight all, off to bed.

Happy birthday to Luke for tomorrow, Viv.

PS. My new philosophy for dating a decent bloke: Ask if he is pro or anti first. Should sort the wheat from the chaff IMO!

ratonthebeam said...

E-fit thread - about 1/2way down Page 3 is quite revealing!

viv said...

Wow Dillie, stuff the oak, how could I forget gorgeous George, now that would be one heck of a present and I bet I would not complain once about aching:-)

I am sorry about your new man, but it is all part of life's rich pageant and you cannot beat the experience. It is good to be getting out there and meeting new people even if they are not Mr Right.

I am pleased I did not watch news at ten, then, that would have put me in a bad mood by the sound of things which just would not do.

Thanks for your best wishes for old Luke, 29 tomorrow, I will pass those on when I fetch him from work about 1.30 am. I like to spoil him x

Nite Nite and sleep well.


Thanks for that, as you know, I am a bit of a late night owl, so will go and have a good read.


Viv x

viv said...

Made a few additions at the top of this thread guys please check out.

Now let me see, the McCanns needed the files so their team of private investigators could follow up any new leads. And it is like magic, there was this fantastic sighting in Amsterdam, which the Dutch Police never passed on for over a month and even when they did those wicked PJs never even mentioned it to Kate and Gerry.

Now hang on a minute I just got this little snippet from the McCann files:

Mrs McCann finally became pregnant with Madeleine through IVF, and in 2004 became pregnant again with twins. The McCanns spent that year in Amsterdam,

and when they did their European tour they just had to fit in a visit to their dear friends in er Well Amsterdam. Now you can call me cynical if you like but it seems like a very badly written script to me! Their investigators following up new leads my ar**

viv said...


Great thread re the efits one of which in particular has an uncanny resemblance to Gerry McCann and maybe the other one too where he combs his hair across rather than leaving his spiky fringe on show.

I actually posted on 3 As for the first time ever, it was not difficult at all!!

Viv x

viv said...

oh shucks I bet that will really piss Mum 21 @Rosiesweety and Superummmm off, they thought I had gone underground. I like badgers but have no plans on joining them:-)))))

dylan said...

Hi Viv,

Hmmm, the abuse that is being levelled at the PJ is quite disgusting isn't it? It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't keep leaving things out. I was always told as a child that only telling half of a story and deliberately leaving out bits that one thinks might shed a negative light on is telling white lies. Well a lie is a lie in my book so the media are lieing to us!

As for Amsterdam - bit of a coincidence that!

Ok, so my next search on dating site will be:

White Caucasian, 45 - 55
5'10" - 6'4"
Hair: Dark brown/ greying
Distance: anywhere within 10,000 miles
Career: Actor
Appearance: V attractive
Personality: witty,ingenious
Photo: yes please (signed)
Answers to the name of: George

Added message: Please send in large gift wrapped box (with air holes) complete with roses and chocolates to: Viv.

Have a good day and I hope Luke has a lovely birthday.


ICantThinkOfAName said...


That disqualifies me on 7 counts.

Zodiac said...


Hi all,

Have a look at this new youtube video. It is a compilation of pics from 3 A's and has excellent background music (ICTOAN might know what it is) it is funny and I had an overwhelming rush of sadness whilst watching it shows the reality of this farcical couple and Co, IMO.

Hope4truth it has the pic you have mentioned recently.

bath theory said...

Agree completely about the possibility of a Dutch friend helping or being paid to assist.

Yesterday Radio 5 had 4 hrs of bulletins all afternoon with the story about it may have been Gerry who carried Madeleine (although carefully worded) according to Mr Smith and how he went back to Northern Ireland's police when Gerry came off the plane when they ran away from PDL and he saw him exit the plane and walk which reminded him of that night. He went back to the police to say he was 60 - 80 per cent certain it was the Madeleine's father .

So main BBC news programme puts hits head up for once and makes a balanced statemeent. What happens next?

It disappears 4 hrs after it started and is replaced by this Dutch headline that gets into the main papers. In other words Clarence was earning his money with some PR decided to dampen the Martin Smith story.

Right back to painting my house.

Joe said...

So the media are not suspicious of KM not answering 48 appropriate questions, the cadaver scent in the apartment and the car, but they all run with the biggest farce /hoax sightings that there ever was IMO. It is disgusting manipulation, its Pinky trying to emulate his hero Alistair Campbell is it? They are not prepared to let it go but Madeline has to be alive to keep the abduction scenario alive and thus the fund and throw the suspicion away from the the refusal to answer the 48 questions and anything else that may be revealed. I am utterly disgusted at the exploitation of a small child. Its like I saw Elvis.

Zodiac said...


Dear Mr Rebelo,

I hope you do not mind me writing to you and that you will read my letter. I am Madeleine McCann's mother.

I am not sure if you are a parent or not, but for my husband and myself, and the whole of our family, the last seven months has been the most difficult, sad and unbearable time that any parent could possibly imagine. Madeleine is the most precious thing in our life.

As her mother, the pain and anxiety I feel for her is indescribable and the feeling of helplessness overwhelming. The 'accusations' and media smearing, although upsetting, are very much secondary.

I am appealing to you as a fellow human being to work with us (if possible include us) and to remember that we are Madeleine's parents and have needs.

With regard to this latter point, I would be grateful if you were able to keep us informed to some degree as to how the investigation is going - what work is being done to help find our daughter etc.

I'm sure you will agree that this request is not unreasonable and is in fact humane. I am fairly familiar now with the workings of 'judicial secrecy' but even if we could have a little bit of information in the broadest of terms it would help.

Lack of communication and a void of information, particularly as the parent of a missing child, is torture. We will continue to work with the PJ (and are keen to do so as soon as possible!) as we have done since that moment when I discovered that Madeleine had been taken.

This shouldn't be about 'finger-pointing blame', nor should it be about differences in culture. It should be about a beautiful, innocent little girl who is still missing. She is the victim in all of this.

It would be good for Madeleine if we could all work together to help find her and the person(s) who took her. I would be very grateful if you could give some thought and consideration to my letter and look forward to your reply. I can only ask.

Yours sincerely,
Kate McCann

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... olice.html

ICantThinkOfAName said...


Music on the you tube video is very appropriate:

Camille Saint-Saens - Danse Macabre

Zodiac said...


'I saw on Sky News a copy of the receipt for drinks and food that amounted to about 180 euros, around £120. The announcer stated that there was only two bottle of wine on the bill! Does anyone really believe that 9 people only bought two bottles of wine between them? I don't think so! They must have handed the smaller bill to the PJ's and tore the other one up!! These news people must think the British public are completely deaf, dumb and blind!!!'

I think they might have forgot to mention the free wine that was part of the holiday. Do you think they had drunk their free win allowance and had to buy two more bottles?

I remember reading something, way back, about him going to collect his free wine after M disappeared.

Zodiac said...


Free 'wine'.


Reading that title sends shivers down my spine!

mandarinn said...

I remenber someone from OC told the boss had oredered to give them wine to bring home, this when they wasn't OC hosts anymore.G used to collect wine and they used the crech service as well, till OC told them they couldn't use the crech anymore, but i don't emenber why.

mandarinn said...

I think they drunck the wine with that rotten meat they put in hire car together with the durty nappies... remenber?

nancy said...

Zodiac -

Didn't know about the 'free' wine - so that explains a lot then!

Just read in the Telegraph that Kate wrote to the head of the investigation in Portugal appealing to his 'heart' to let her have news of what was going on as it was agony not knowing!!

Why should they be surprised that the PJ's didn't fall over themselves to help them after she failed to answer 48 questions that may have helped things go forward!

The news coverage is getting really annoying because they all seem to be lining up to put the McCann's side and never mention how their neglect of their children that week was the cause of Madeleine disappearing!!

When will some editor or reporter have the guts to say what he really feels and what the majority of the public feel - you only have to read all the blogs in response to their articles to see the antis outmatch the pros by about 10 to 1!!

So hot here today I'm just trying my best to keep from melting!

nancy said...

mandarinn -

So the free wine was from the OC Club!! Why is it that everyone seems to suck up to the McCanns - who else would get free wine when on holiday!!

I should have thought that drinking wine was the last thing they would have been thinking about - better they drank water and looked for their daughter!!

nancy said...

What about this 'sighting' of Madeleine in Holland in the supermarket? I think that was just another red herring - after all any good photographer could superimpose a little girl onto that scene. The PJ's obviously didn't give it any credence either because they decided it wasn't worth following up.

What will we see and read in the McCann's defence tomorrow one wonders.

Just when are the Tapas parents going to be charged with neglect of their children which is the least the public expect.

nancy said...

Viv -

I agree that Mr Fleck's e-fit picture of the 'predator' could be a dead ringer for Gerry as far as the hair, chin, colouring and height are concerned - obviously it's difficult to get every feature right from memory though.

I don't think the PJ's need to look any further myself.

Tell that to the British press though!!

bath theory said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bath theory said...

Agree completely about the possibility of a Dutch friend helping or being paid to assist.

Yesterday Radio 5 had 4 hrs of bulletins all afternoon with the story about it may have been Gerry who carried Madeleine (although carefully worded) according to Mr Smith and how he went back to Northern Ireland's police when Gerry came off the plane when they ran away from PDL and he saw him exit the plane and walk, a walk that reminded him of that night. He went back to the police to say he was 60 - 80 per cent certain it was the Madeleine's father .

So main BBC news programme puts its head up for once and makes a balanced statemeent.

What happens next?

The report disappeared 4 hrs after it started and is replaced by this Dutch headline that gets into the main papers. In other words Clarence was earning his money and spending some of the fund with some PR decided to dampen the Martin Smith story.

Who will be the first to interview Martin Smith?

nancy said...

Zodiac -

"We will continue to work with the PJ's as we have done since the moment when discovered Madeleine had been taken"

Doesn't that smack of utter hypocracy to you - they have done the complete opposite actually!

And why is CM still on the payroll - I thought they could speak for themselves now.

It's time he crawled back in the hole he came out of.

Good for BBC5 if they are at least looking at things a bit more realistically than the rest of the media!

bath theory said...

How about the sun online at the moment


KATE and Gerry McCann rowed and slept in separate bedrooms the night before daughter Maddie was snatched from their holiday apartment in Portugal.
Evidence in the police files released earlier this week says that in an interview on September 6, Kate, 40, told detectives she was angry with her Gerry because he had ignored her during dinner at the Tapas Bar restaurant.

The astonishing claim came as a letter to Portuguese cop Paulo Rebelo was also released in the files, in which Kate begs for the police to join forces with her and Gerry in the hunt for Maddie.

Missing ... Maddie

On the night before Maddie disappeared Kate slipped off and slept in the children’s room with Maddie, then three, and twins Sean and Amelie, then two.

The witness statement reads: “When asked if she ever slept in Madeleine’s room, she said that happened on Wednesday because she had fallen out with Gerry after he ignored her after dinner when they went to the tapas bar.

“This only happened on that day. She decided to retaliate by sleeping in another room in the bed near the window.

“She does not know whether Gerry was aware that she slept in the other room as he was already asleep when she left.

“If in fact her husband was aware of this situation, he did not comment on it.”

Mrs McCann also told police that Madeleine slept in the room she and her husband occupied on May 1 last year.

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ spokesman, refused to comment on the contents of the witness statement......

check it out for more. Couldbe entitled 'Whose been sleeping in whose bed?'

Zodiac said...


Dutch interview in English.

Notice how this little girl said her name was Maddie. Thought she did not like being called Maddie did her own father not tell the Press/Media to stop calling her that. Think this shopkeeper might have a touch of the JT's.

mandarinn said...

Since they had spread wideworld the eye defect of Madeleine, i thougth only a very mad and fearless person would show the little girl in a public place.
BTW it doesn't seem to me the speach of a 3 year old, thraumatized as she would be If abducted.

Zodiac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zodiac said...

“This only happened on that day. She decided to retaliate by sleeping in another room in the bed near the window.

“She does not know whether Gerry was aware that she slept in the other room as he was already asleep when she left.

SHE DECIDED TO RETALIATE BY NOT LETTING HIM KNOW! Hmmmmm....very clever K. Must try that sometime K, the next time my OH annoys me I will retaliate, but he won't know that will be very effective!

Zodiac said...

Since they had spread wideworld the eye defect of Madeleine, i thougth only a very mad and fearless person would show the little girl in a public place.


mandarinn said...

And...i thought, if she was mine i never dare to spread the eye defect fearing it would pressured the abducter to hide the child,or kill her.But i'm ignorant about procedings in those cases

Zodiac said...

'It's time he crawled back in the hole he came out of.'

Nancy, hope someone puts a big stone on top of the hole when he is in it with this written on it

'DO NOT UNTURN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES' well we will be ok if G & K pass by cos they don't do that do they!

mandarinn said...

I can't imagine how someone believe she can be found safe and sound, what me and i think everybody like would be truth.

mandarinn said...

Zodiac lolol

hope4truth said...


More Pro Spin today then... Can you imagine the police sharing all information with people they suspect of comiting a crime?

Kate and Gerry you are still guilty of neglecting your children and you wont even entertain that sugestion you have been photographed on so many occasions with huge grins all over your faces. Went jogging instead of searching and Kate you selfish cow would not even answer questions that may have helped find your little girl.

Why would any mother refuse to answer questions if their child was missing (did you think Gerry was going to refuse as well dear?) he answered most of his and has made sure we all know that in his mind you are unstable and cant cope alone.

Face it if anyone every proves she died in 5A guess who will get the blame?

How do the pair of them sleep at night and all the journalists and other spinners of the truth..

Wake up UK a 3 year old child is missing and her parents left her alone night after night if her surname was Mathews you would have had the pair of them hung drawn and quatered by now...

All children are special sadly many parents are not.

ratonthebeam said...

You may also remember guys, when Gerry had his wallet nicked from his pocket in London. Theone with the sterling, credit cards and irreplaceable photos of money. Then later, some of his friends brought the wallet back. And guess where those "friends" were visitng from, that's right, Amsterdam!

I've never understood how they got hold of Gerry's wallet which was supposedly pinched in London. And the reason I know it was his Amsterdam friends who returned it, came from Gerry himself. It's right there on his blog for all the world to see.

Funny, that....

ratonthebeam said...

Sorry - that should have been "irreplaceable photos of Maddie" not "money".

Hell, maybe it was more accurate the first time round LOL!!!!!

Zodiac said...

'Theone with the sterling, credit cards and irreplaceable photos of money.'


Photos of money! PMSL!

By the way I think they should sue the newspapers that printed there was a credit card in his wallet cos he don't have one, or so the PJ were told when they asked for statements or whatever!

ratonthebeam said...

Well there you go then Zodiac, he tells us in his blog that he DID have one, it was in the wallet he got pickpocketed in London. So either he is telling porkies or Clarence is!!!

Zodiac said...


There will be a wholly innocent reason for him having a credit card in his wallet. Perhaps the thief put it in as a contribution to the Fund or he was minding Clarrie's for him.

Zodiac said...

Posted by Astro 3 A's:

From 24Horas today:

They did not search

Nanny criticizes the McCanns

Katriona Baker, a British citizen who worked as a nanny at the tourist resort Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz, Algarve, and cared for missing Madeleine McCann for several days, does not spare criticism towards the child’s parents in the statement that she gave to the English authorities.

The nanny said that she only looked after the little girl during the day and remembers that Maddie cried a lot during a boat ride in Praia da Luz and screamed “I’m scared, I’m scared”, failing to understand the reasons for the fact. And she adds: she says that as soon as she heard about the disappearance of the child she ran through all of the places where Maddie usually went when she stayed at the crèche that exists at the Ocean Club; she guarantees that she saw neither Kate nor Gerry that evening, only seeing them again on the following Saturday (Maddie went missing on Thursday). One of the questions that the PJ asked from Kate, and to which there was no answer, was related to the reasons why she stayed at home while the searches were carried out.

ratonthebeam said...

I just re-read the blog again- it's day 47, 19th June. It says Credit CardS - plural, so it was obviously a very generous thief! :-)

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