24 Aug 2008


Brian Kennedy, what exactly is he paying for personally and why? What does he have to hide? How can he make decisions about the Find Madeleine Fund?
Hi all, as will be seen from the three articles below, we now have a remarkable volte face from Kate and Gerry McCann in relation to instruction of private investigators to find Madeleine. Presumably in order to shield Kate and Gerry McCann we are told the decision to axe them was taken by Brian Kennedy who is underwriting the fund. If the Fund consists of public donations and under the control of a board of directors how can Brian Kennedy be making the decisions and why would he do that?

Immediately after the release of the files on 22 July you will see the third article from the Liverpool Echo announcing their private investigators will take over from where the PJ left off and of course we had endless hype about this from their spin doctor, Clarence Mitchell. Then in the Telegraph as recently as 13 August it is announced the McCanns have instructed an American firm to lead the hunt. But now, just a couple of weeks later they announce this firm has been axed. Clarence told us the Fund only had £500,ooo left but now it seems that is one of the reasons being offered for this firm to have got the chop, but it also says the firm have drained £500,ooo!

Well I would like to put forward another reason. The McCanns only like private investigators who pursue their bizarre agenda, that Madeleine is alive and can be found, in spite of the police concluding 'it is inevitable Madeleine died in the apartment on 3 May'. So the compliant Mr Marco stayed the course without offending against Gerry's agenda even after his ridiculous outburst last December which had he genuinely been on the trail of Madeleine would have quite obviously either led to her death or further concealment.

As ever, we are getting conflicting stories from Team McCann, did they hire the American investigators six months ago or did they hire them just a few weeks ago as the two earlier reports clearly suggest. Did the American investigators tell Gerry something he just did not want to hear, we think you are responsible based on our enquiries and there are no leads to follow from the PJ file in relation to any abduction. I am thinking it just has to be something like this for such a complete turnaroud in the space of a couple of weeks. They told us in these stories they would never stop looking for Madeleine, but apparently on the decision of someone who is not even a director of the fund, do precisely that a few weeks later. Why is there all this confusion about the role of Brian Kennedy and what he is paying for? If the money for the investigators was coming out of the fund as the article suggests how can he conduct a review and axe them? Why is Mr Kennedy involved at all, what does he have to hide? I am going to keep asking this question and I would really like to know what the police wanted to talk to him about, exactly, but I suspect I can keep waiting for the time being. Rest assured there is something seriously wrong here!

The McCanns have half a million pounds to "look for Madeleine" donated by the public for that precise purpose but they are not spending that money doing so any longer it would seem and have wanted to make this decison very public although shielding themselves from blame for actually making it. Why all the sickening lies from Clarence Mitchell ...our private investigators will be following up every lead etc. I predict that something big has happened (involving the police investigations) and the McCanns are running very scared. Seeking donations from the public and frittering their money on private investigators who are clearly never going to find poor Madeleine is a very serious criminal offence. I do not blame the Americans for getting out!

Viv x

The Daily Mail, another very McCann friendly paper.....

Madeleine fund in chaos as private eyes are axed after draining £500,000
By Daniel Boffey and Miles GoslettLast updated at 10:14 PM on 23rd August 2008
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The fund for finding Madeleine now has only £500,000 left in its coffers
A team of private investigators working behind the scenes to find Madeleine McCann has been axed after being paid £500,000 from publicly donated funds.
The Find Madeleine Fund quietly engaged the services of a US-based company which was awarded the lucrative six-month contract earlier this year.
The company, Oakley International, which boasts former British security service and FBI contacts, was hired to monitor the Madeleine Hotline, carry out detective work and review CCTV footage of possible sightings of the missing girl around the world.
A source revealed that the company had also spent resources in an attempt to infiltrate a paedophile ring in Belgium.
However, the company’s contract will now not be renewed. The Mail on Sunday has learned that double-glazing tycoon Brian Kennedy, who has been underwriting the fund’s search for Madeleine, has conducted a review of the agency’s work and has become unhappy with the progress it was making.
The deal was abruptly ended following a meeting last week after the fund brought in independent monitors to assess how the money was spent.
The cost of employing the agency - run by a Briton, Kevin Halligen - has drained the Madeleine fund and there is now less than £500,000 left.
The development is likely to dismay the thousands who gave to the appeal, and raise questions about how the fund has been administered.
Mr Kennedy, who owns Sale Sharks rugby club, was said to be ‘angry’ because he believed Oakley’s bills, estimated to be more than £80,000 a month, were too much for the results they achieved.
A source said: ‘There is a sense that they were meaning well but hadn’t got as far as they should for the money involved.
'Brian Kennedy thought their work was far too pricey and wanted to know where the money was being spent. He wasn’t satisfied with their answers and the contract was not renewed.
‘Madeleine’s parents, Gerry and Kate, have been kept informed all along and agree with the decision. A lot of people were asking questions about where the money was being spent.’

Kate and Gerry McCann agree with the decision to drop Oakley International
Oakley International won the contract after an introduction by another company, Red Defence International (RDI), based in Jermyn Street, Central London.
Listed as being involved with both companies was Mr Halligen, 47, a communications expert. He is given as the ‘contact name’ for Oakley International Group, a company registered in Washington DC as the manufacturer of search and navigation equipment.
The company says it has annual sales of £33,000 and only one employee, who appears to be Mr Halligen.
The address given for the company is 2550 M Street NW Washington, which is the downtown office of Patton Boggs, one of the largest and most powerful law companies in America.
A source at the law firm said last night that the lawyer who represented Mr Halligen was unavailable for comment.
RDI, formed in 2005, bills itself as ‘an experienced provider of crisis prevention, management and expertise’. It claims to have a presence in Washington DC and Virginia and representation in the Middle East, Africa and Central America.

Brian Kennedy, who has underwritten the search for Madeleine, is dissatisfied with the agency's work
However, its latest set of accounts is two months overdue and it faces being fined by HM Revenue & Customs.
Among the main players working on the McCann contract were Mr Halligen and Henri Exton, 57, who headed the Greater Manchester Police undercover unit until 1993. He then worked for the Government before moving into the private sector.
One day after a crisis meeting last week with the Madeleine fund administrators, Mr Halligen resigned as a director of RDI.
Mr Exton, of Bury, Lancashire, has the Queen’s Police Medal and an OBE. During the Seventies and Eighties his work included uncovering organised crime rings and recruiting supergrasses.
He also infiltrated football gangs, at one stage becoming a leader of the Young Guvnors, who followed Manchester City, and was forced to take part in organised incidents to preserve his cover.
Previously, the McCann fund had employed a Spanish detective agency called Metodo 3. However, the fund lost confidence in them, especially after they announced they would find Madeleine by last Christmas.
She had disappeared from the resort of Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007, nine days short of her fourth birthday.
A spokesman for the McCanns said yesterday: ‘Kate and Gerry, the fund and their backers have always sought to employ the very best people and resources in the ongoing search for Madeleine.
‘Kate and Gerry, via the fund and the backers, continue to employ many such resources and it is true that Red Defence and Oakley were part of those resources.
‘I simply will not comment on any personnel, financial or operational details whatsoever.’
No one could be reached for comment at Oakley International or Red Defence International.
Mr Kennedy, estimated to be worth about £250million, became involved after being moved by the plight of the McCanns during the period they were made formal suspects – arguidos – in Madeleine’s disappearance. Portuguese prosecutors dropped the couple’s arguido status last month.
The 47-year-old made his money in double-glazing and home improvement ventures with companies including Everest windows. His Latium Group business empire has an annual turnover of about £400million.


Madeleine McCann's parents hire US private investigators
Madeleine McCann's parents have hired a US private investigator firm made up of former CIA and FBI agents and special forces veterans as part of a renewed push to find their missing daughter, it was reported.

By Aislinn Simpson Last Updated: 8:47AM BST 13 Aug 2008
The team are said to be taking over primary responsibility for the investigating into Madeleine's disappearance, although the Spanish firm Metodo 3, which has until now spearheaded the search, will continue to follow up information from Spain and Portugal.
The news comes shortly after Portuguese police shelved the case and released a 30,000 page dossier detailing their investigation.
The dossier has revealed thousands of potential sightings of the three-year-old following her disappearance from the family's rented holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve on May 3 last year.
The US firm, which has not been named, is said to have been offered a £500,000 six-month contract by the Find Madeleine Fund, which has received donations from several wealthy benefactors and wellwishers around the world.
However, according to previous reports, there is only £500,000 left in the fighting fund.
A friend of Kate and Gerry McCann said of the hiring: "It was felt that a truly international firm was now needed to lead the inquiry. These really are the big boys."
Last month, the couple, both doctors from Rothley in Leicestershire, had their status as suspects in the Portuguese police inquiry lifted.
The release of the police dossier revealed that police tried to elicit a confession from Gerry McCann by telling him that conclusive DNA evidence that been found linking his daughter to a car the family hired after her disappearance.
The dossier also included details of sightings around the world, including in the Caribbean, Belgium and Holland.

Liverpool Echo, presumably printing just what the McCanns want them to print..

Madeleine McCann: Private detectives take over search
Jul 22 2008

Yesterday’s announcement that the inquiry is being shelved is a milestone, but not the kind the McCanns wanted.
But they have privately expressed dissatisfaction with the Portuguese police for some time and pursued their own investigation.
The couple felt the search for Madeleine had stalled while they were at the centre of the inquiry.
This is one of the main reasons why they have since September employed their own private investigators to look for their daughter.
Now the police have stopped actively investigating Madeleine’s disappearance, these detective agencies will lead the worldwide hunt for the missing child.
At present they are not short of resources - the McCanns have several wealthy backers and a “fighting fund” with a healthy balance.
And these private detectives will receive a major boost when the family’s lawyers gain access to the Portuguese police files this week.
This will give them both an idea of what has been ruled out and many new avenues for investigation.
Mr and Mrs McCann have vowed that they will never give up looking for Madeleine.


viv said...

‘Kate and Gerry, the fund and their backers have always sought to employ the very best people and resources in the ongoing search for Madeleine.

Yes a dodgy one man band who does not pay his taxes and has now resigned from his "company" and prior to that of course, Mr Marco..no words need for him, the PJ said it all and so did Mr Marco in his interview with The Times. Vast sums of money have been paid to these two and for what exactly? I would not describe it as lack of progress, I would call it a sham and a farce x

viv said...

These "American investigators" "really are the bigs guys" just do not exist, do they, only in the vivid imaginations of Kate and Gerry McCann!

They say that pathalogical liars live the lie so much they start to believe it themselves, but somehow I do not think the gruesome twosome are that stupid! Get
"friends" and Brian Kennedy to do the talking for them, then they can do what they do best, deny it!

viv said...

I wonder if LP would like a word with Mr Halligen? Hardly a big boy in locating missing children is he? Strange he started his company in 2007, what for Kate and Gerry McCann, the more you dig into this the more it really stinks! One employee, himself, you could not make this up!

Why did he resign from Red following a meeting with the Admninistrators of the Find Maddie Fund?

Mr Halligen Company No 1

Red Defence International – RDI – is an experienced provider of crisis prevention, management and expertise.

Our aim is to safeguard our private and corporate clients and their revenue by creating conditions for them to live and conduct business safely and profitably in challenging and emerging markets and countries. This is achieved through a combination of human, procedural, physical and technical means.

RDI is based in central London, with a presence in Washington DC and Virginia, and representation in the Middle East, Africa and Central America.

Mr Halligen Company No 2 :

Detailed Oakley International Group Llc Company Profile
This company profile is for the private company Oakley International Group Llc, located in Washington, DC. Oakley International Group Llc's line of business is mfg search/navigation equipment.

Company Profile: Oakley International Group Llc

Year Started:2007

State of Incorporation:N/A


Location Type:Single Location

Stock Symbol:N/A

Stock Exchange:N/A

Also Does Business As:N/A


SIC #Code:3812

Est. Annual Sales:$67,000

Est. Employees:1

Est. Employees at Location:1

Contact Name:Kevin Richard Halligen

Contact Title:N/A

viv said...

Ah so hang on, Mr Halligen was helping to find Maddie by helping to protect the McCanns from media attack, well the directors of the Fund probably feared their own position, Mr Halligen..
I see he also protects against property loss, what like Maddie..sickening sickening sickening! Intellectual property loss, oh like the value of Madeleine's image to Kate and Gerry McCann, that is what this means, intangible property, something they and their sickening sidekick Mitchell have always fiercely defended their right to the monies from the Fund that they set up in the name of their dead daughter. Soon I hope their time will come! Perhaps Mitchell knew of this goon with all his government contacts!

Through the proven experience of
RDI’s staff and the uniquely integrated capability of our partners we are able to mitigate and respond to such risks as:
Product contamination
Malicious product tamper
Maritime piracy
Physical and intellectual property loss
Media attack

hope4truth said...

Wont they have to submit their accounts soon? If it is 18 months for a new company that will be around November worth purchasing an Equifax report will be intresting to see what their hightest paid Director earns and how much is paid in total to other staff...

When a child goes missing all our hearts go out to the childs parents and we worry about the child. The Soham case haunts me to this day and seeing the parents before and after their little girls were found was devestating. I really believed there may be a happy ending and when watching the breaking Sky news report when the detective anounced they had arrested someone for Murder I sobbed and sobbed. My eldest at the time was about a year younger than them and I was devestated my children also had seen the news and were upset that someone could hurt those little girls and we spent a long time talking about why something so evil happend.

Then there are the cases of missing children that are reported for a few weeks and every so often something else is mentioned about it and we think are they still missing poor child and go on with our lives.

This is diffrent people donated money for Madeleine but very soon after she went missing it beame all about the parents. I cant understand why anyone would want to hang around outside a church with flowers to give to someone they dont know (then I cant understand a group of people hanging around outside a police station to heckle when the parents are taken in for questioning either) they should have been left alone to get on with it (although in some respects those joyus pictures outside the church show thier true feelings of Joy on what would have been their daughters birthday 8 days after they say she was taken) People who have not seen them are shocked to say the least.

But what the public cant abide more than anything is being ripped off. When the accounts are released people will want to know where the money went. They hired an American firm who cost a fortune. I do hope this firm paid all it's taxes on the £500k they wasted and have a full set of books to show how the money was used as the FBI are very intrested in how companies are run and financed.

nancy said...

Good morning everyone:

Viv - a sham and a farce indeed! thanks for that very interesting and revealing thread mainly concerning the multi millionaire Brian Kennedy! Is he in this for the fame? He certainly isn't in it for the money. Why has he never come forward to help in looking for other missing children for example? And just why has he been back to PdeL? Just for the pleasure of talking to people, or would it be trying to buy them off?
It's not as if he's a relative of the McCanns.

Personally, I think all this business of paying agencies to find Madeleine is a distraction from the truth which IMO is Madeleine died in the apartment on the 3rd May,2007, backed up by the PJ's, the BP,s and the cadaver dog evidence! No evidence whatsoever has been found of a predator entering the apartment and kidnapping Madeleine!

The fact that this US firm has been given the elbow so quickly leads me to think, as you do, that they have come to the conclusion the whole thing is a farce and a complete waste of time - they could spend more than they are paid trying to find a child who for all intents and purposes is no longer with us.


bath theory said...

If only the political will was there to delve deeper, then this lot would be where they belong.

The SFO (Serious Fraud Office) would surely have enough already to dig further. It is miraculous how huge sums seem to have been 'eaten up' or would another angle be 'syphoned off'.

Do you remember Tony Blair and his tennis pals had 13 million quid in an account that the Labour Party Treasurer knew nothing of. When it was found out and leaked to the newspapers the 'evidence' was not enough to charge TB or Lord Levy etc and they managed to wriggle out of any charges as it could not be proved they were 'hiding it'.

So we are meant to fall for the fact that another 500,000 pounds has been spent badly. Well where are the receipts because who knows maybe just maybe all this money is sitting somewhere gaining interest in an Andorran bank account. My wife's uncle the Ambassador says the place to hide money now is Andorra.

If only we knew a little kid who donated then we could get them to write a letter to the SFO asking them to investigate their £5 pocket money donation and then they would at least be obliged to answer in writing. I personally know no one who donated in the first place.

dylan said...

Good morning Viv, Hope and Nancy.

This is all very strange. If the company "really are the big boys", there is no way they wouldn't have earned the money they were paid. Why can't we just be told the truth for once?? Maybe the company did discover soemthing the McCanns didn't want finding out. The question is - what will they do now? Who will they hire? Professional agencies with a good reputation won't come cheap but neither can they leave the fund just sitting there. It is supposed to be used to find Madeleine. How do they know that this company wasn't doing enough? Is Brian Kennedy an expert in this field?

Yet again, the actions of these two and their surrounding spin raises more questions than answers as to what happened to Madeleine, but then again, that is what they want, isn't it?!

Have a lovely Sunday all.


dylan said...

Hi BT,

Good to see you back! I don't know anybody who donated either but then the majority of my friends aren't pros! I'm really interested to see what they do with the fund next. Maybe they will go and look for Madeleine themselves and have a nice round the world trip in the process!


bath theory said...

Hi Dylan

In terms of the fund I would love to know who is still sitting in the 'control room'

A while back there was talk of many resignations wasn't there. I also think it very strange that we no longer hear anything from her mum and dad. They seem pretty simple grounded people who would be appalled by a family member hurting a grandchild. It does seem strange. I would like to see them on television urging their daughter and son in law to open up the fund accounts and also publically ask them to go back to Portugal to carry out a voluntary reconstruction.

PS. KH, I understand you spend a lot of time on computers, well if you are reading this ... it is never too late to start to tell all about what you know about that week and to find peace and comfort for your soul. Ask Viv for my e-mail and I will personally put you in contact with people high up in the legal establishment who will assist and protect you.

bath theory said...

How many points did South Africa score last week. I was driving up to the beautiful North of England and missed the result?

docmac said...

Greetings from Jhb. It's huge and it's kak.

Hi BT. None, you bustard :-))
They lost yesterday to the Wallabies for the first time in 8 years too. I think they're pretending to be England after the previous World Cup. World chumps :-)

Cláudia said...

Hey, Doc.
It seems everyone was waiting for you to leave so the story about the 'big boys' being axed broke. Glad to 'see' you're ok! :-) I have just read that the detective company was actually a one man band! LOL If that's true, it's just hilarious!!! Can't people in the UK just file a complaint and have the fund checked? Don't the people who donated have the right to know what has been done with their money?

docmac said...


"These "American investigators" "really are the bigs guys" just do not exist, do they, only in the vivid imaginations of Kate and Gerry McCann!"

Could not agree more.

docmac said...

It's money laundering, Claudia. Just like lots of people were saying about M3.

Cláudia said...

Doc, if so, then my complaint questions is even more relevant.

docmac said...

Exactly Claudia.

Joe said...

Team of private investigators abandons the case after receiving over 600 thousand euros

The team of private investigators that was investigating all the leads that the PJ didn’t value in the Madeleine case, abandoned the case after six months. Until now, the fund that was created to find the child has already paid 500 thousand pounds (over 600 thousand euros) to this team

Have they got some answers that are too close for comfort? Hmmmm

mandarinn said...

Good morning all!
Couldn't BK be the tapas nine?
The interest of this tycoon to spent money in this case look to me very suspecious...millionairs don't spend that amount of money without an interest behind IMO

nancy said...

Joe - Yes!

Mandarinn - Yes!

I've always had my suspicions about the McCann philanthropist BK! As I said in my post earlier, why just help the McCanns find their child when there are many thousands of children lost all over the world?

Very strong smell of fish here!

Joe said...

If the Tapas 9 are going to be excluded from being questioned by any other detective agency then they too will come up with zero. That is the nub of the case IMO. Until these 9 are prepared to fully assist then the case will always stay unsolved. We all agree that these detective agencies are a sham to distract and deflect attention plus give kudos to the clan.

With regard to BK, what is his game?
Power, fame, control, altruism, or maybe this is an investment in the McCann machine? Payback is fame,funds, film and book deals,and whatever else? All in my IMO.

nancy said...

Di -

You asked yesterday if I read 3a's. Yes, I do and I've just been reading Ecolab and others with their tongue in cheek very clever and witty stories on the McCanns and Clarrie!

I'm not registered though, but perhaps I should be!

Viv's blog seems more personal to me and I know everyone on it so it will always be my first choice.

Dylan -

You don't have to explain yourself and your actions to that insulting viper on the ST blog! That's just what she/he wants you to do. Just ignore them and they might go away!!


mandarinn said...

Is this smell what britons call "red hearrings"?
polititians use to behave the same way...it is why the protection given them by Home Office and that lady judge who told they had a good parenting behaviour.
It smells fish also IMO

ratonthebeam said...

Viv, in your interesting little list above, you left out risk management, control risks and homeland security. Almost as good as M3 at finding missing children, then....

docmac said...

I notice that Clarence has claimed that the FMF is down to around £500k for quite some time now, so these huge amounts of money are not coming from the fund then. Or are they? I personally believe that the fund has been exhausted, but that very little money has actually changed hands other than buying several thousand laundry businesses. When are the books of the FMF to be audited? Wasn't this due at the end of July?

The involvement of BK is very interesting however. He pays Clarence. Why? I think Mandarinn is spot on.

Cláudia said...

Rat and Doc, if this wasn't about a little girl who is missing, it would be the most hilarious 'story' ever. But since there is a little girl missing, it's revolting. The plot thickens...

ratonthebeam said...

Go to This is London and read the comments!!!!

docmac said...

Highly recommended read. Wow!! Nancy, you'll have to sign up for this one. There are just too many links to post here.

hope4truth said...

I left a comment on the Mail and no surprise it was not published The This is London post that Rat posted is not at all pro (yet)...

The Audit should be good when they go in and look at the books when I had mine just after year end they went back forever so it is a good job the admin was good...

A one man band set up for a year get's 500k for 6 months work I am sure I can take the next 6 months out for that kind of cash and solve the case for them (but that would require cooperation from all 9 adults that were on the holiday) if I am to get anywhere so dont think I will be hired somehow....

Cláudia said...

"A spokesman for the McCanns said yesterday: ‘Kate and Gerry, the fund and their backers have always sought to employ the very best people and resources in the ongoing search for Madeleine.

‘Kate and Gerry, via the fund and the backers, continue to employ many such resources and it is true that Red Defence and Oakley were part of those resources.

‘I simply will not comment on any personnel, financial or operational details whatsoever.’"

"A spokesman for the McCanns said yesterday"? How many have they got? Wasn't it the pink one? Hmmmm

docmac said...

Well it wasn't Rosie, Claudia. That English cannot be faulted.

hope4truth said...

I guess the Board of the Madeleine Fund will get the blame when all the cash is gone....

As long as no blame is attatched to Gerry and Kate all is well sickening isnt it...

docmac said...

A little pearl of wisdom from a McCannFan:

"I take it they are on about the fbi and cid/???.......thats the only usa detective agency I knew worked for them."

docmac said...

dianeh said:

this is truly sad. Caylee has been missing for over a month, and her mother didnt report her missing. The grandparents confronted the mother who admitted the girl was missing, and then the police were called. Caylee is 2, nearly three. And the police believe her to be dead. The US have their own wonder dogs, but in this case, they just may be correct. What is truly bizarre though is that a witness has come forward saying she say Caylee boarding a plane and spoke to her, and the child told the woman her name. Whether she is credible or not, who knows.

The mother will not co-operate with the police. And there is some bizarre story going around that if the mother - Casey- says where the little girl is,then the girl's life will be in danger. Apparently, the girl was dropped at the babysitter and when Casey went back to collect her, they were all gone. But instead of reporting it, she did nothing.

I really dont know but I believe if Caylee were still alive that the mother would be co-operating with the police. And why wait weeks before reporting your daughter missing. I wonder if she did leave her with a babysitter (but I dont believe she did) whether or not she didnt come back for weeks,so the babysitter took her and sold her.

Says it all, doesn't it? The pros spot the holes in other cases yet they remain rabidly pro McCann.

Cláudia said...

Doc, LOL (about Rosie).

Even a louder LOL for the McCannFan. Yep, I heard the FBI and the CID work exclussively for the McCanns! PMSL!

Cláudia said...

"believe if Caylee were still alive that the mother would be co-operating with the police. "

I agree with her. Entirely. In fact, I can't imagine a MOTHER doing any different. All MOTHERS cooperate with any police forces to have their daughters back. Glad to know the dogs are reliable. I never doubted it. Dogs do not lie.

docmac said...

Oh, hang on. The lady changed her mind. She now blames the dogs that scented the smell of death in the boot and says the police overplayed their hand. Now where have I heard this carp before?

She does think the mother sold the child though...

Cláudia said...

Doc, maybe the McCanns could hire her now that they axed the one man band. She wouldn't come up with more. But she wouldn't come up with less either since they all came up with zilch.

Zodiac said...

Hi all,


Well said! You certainly put 'it' in it's place. Pity 'it' cannot crawl back under the stone it crawled out from in May 07.

Sometimes when one reads the dross the UK press print, somethings do jump out. Below I have copied and pasted what jumps out at me.

By Daniel Boffey and Miles GoslettLast updated at 10:14 PM on 23rd August 2008

'The fund for finding Madeleine now has only £500,000 left in its coffers'


A team of private investigators working behind the scenes to find Madeleine McCann has been axed after being paid £500,000 from publicly donated funds.


The Find Madeleine Fund quietly engaged the services of a US-based company which was awarded the lucrative six-month contract earlier this year.
However, the company’s contract will now not be renewed. The Mail on Sunday has learned that double-glazing tycoon Brian Kennedy, who has been underwriting the fund’s search for Madeleine, has conducted a review of the agency’s work and has become unhappy with the progress it was making.
The deal was abruptly ended following a meeting last week after the fund brought in independent monitors to assess how the money was spent.


The cost of employing the agency - run by a Briton, Kevin Halligen - has drained the Madeleine fund and there is now less than £500,000 left.


The development is likely to dismay the thousands who gave to the appeal, and raise questions about how the fund has been administered.


‘Madeleine’s parents, Gerry and Kate, have been kept informed all along and agree with the decision. A lot of people were asking questions about where the money was being spent.’


One day after a crisis meeting last week with the Madeleine fund administrators,


the McCann fund had employed a Spanish detective agency called Metodo 3. However, the fund lost confidence in them, especially after they announced they would find Madeleine by last Christmas.


By Aislinn Simpson Last Updated: 8:47AM BST 13 Aug 2008

'These really are the big boys."'


Wizard said...

Hi All,
What’s Brian Kennedy’s rational in all this. My belief is originally his involvement was to do with him, like Branson, being self publicists. This has now been achieved we know who he is and what his companies are and what they do. The McCanns are no longer arguidos and nearly 16 months has gone by since Madeleine disappeared - but he still foots a lot of the McCanns’ bills.

Some people are like a dog with a bone, of course, once they’ve got hold of something they will not let it go even if it is prudent to do so – could this be BK? Sometime ago it was mentioned by a well respected blogger on 3A’s that M3 were well known in Spain for money laundering. We are now told a huge sum of money given by BK to an American, one man band agency, have now been dropped. Does putting 2 and 2 together make 5 or does it make 4?

Zodiac said...

Forgot to add. All the other money they make for their stories and appearances to the Fund. Did their spokesman not say everything goes to the Fund?

Joe said...

So if £500,000 was paid to this Oakley outfit for doing nothing and fired just as the PJ files have been released (in effect a lot more info to go on) which is bizarre in itself, which leads to my question is this Oakley outfit a front to syphon off money from the fund as metodo 3 may have been? Nobody knowingly or willingly pays big money for 2 bit outfits not up to the job or even with a proven track records unless they are dummy set ups or fronts to coin Americanisms,
and then take the money. It looks very dodgy to me. All IMO of course.

hope4truth said...

I suppose if all these investigators are rubbish and cant find Madeleine although they have been so close it shows the PJ were doig a really good job.

After all they never got paid £500k only to work looking for Madeleine they spent a fortune of the Portuguise tax payers money to try and get to the truth...

Hold on tight guys Gerry and Kate are doing an interview next week in Ireland and they like the new status they have even the Panorama programe made in their favor showed them in a bad light so let them think they have rehersed well but the camera never lies but every time they speak it is clear they are...

Within the bounds of reasnoble parenting and having dinner in the back garden were a coupld of the first lies they told and When their friend had to zoom his camera in on the apartment across the trees and the pool they blew it...

Keep spending and washing the fund and please keep talking the people protecting you must be pulling their hair out and begging you to shut the hell up...

bath theory said...

Hi Hope
Agree the camera never lies. Peoples eyes show more than any words that utter from our mouths don't they. I think it is an old Jewish saying that says 'Words are cheap'

RE : Madeleine Sitings
Despite seeing many little girls who looked simialr to a 3 yr old Madeleine and what she may look like now I didn't ring any of the numbers recommended.

WHY? because I believe Eddie and Keela rather than Clarence

docmac said...

24 hours since the past post appeared on ST. I guess he is in a meeting...

docmac said...

Finger trouble on the paptop. That would be 'last' of course :-)

hope4truth said...


Yes eyes are very good at showing what people are really about...

I believe the dog's as well it is all so sad...

I hope KH takes up your offer but I doubt it guilt is a terible emotion... x

Cláudia said...

Doc, maybe it was also axed! LOL

docmac said...


I hope so.

Cláudia said...

Doc, if it was, two would be born soon. reptiles exist in large numbers.

Zodiac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zodiac said...

'24 hours since the past post appeared on ST. I guess he is in a meeting...'


I wonder if he is on first name terms with whoever he is in a meeting with.


As discussed.


Or perhaps he is now

docmac said...

Hope I'm right, Claudia.

Dyl, there is a poll up on ST that seems to have been constructed to discredit you. I have to say I would try to get Nicholas, Lesley, Neil and Callum to cast their votes, but I fear the first three would just laugh and walk away. The last-mentioned is just too young to even comprehend that crap.

Wanna bet this post naming my kids will make it to ST's site? See if I give a shit! What is wrong with these people? I frequently go out with my yongest and strangers ask him what his name is and I would not even think of preventing him from replying. Is everyone a paedophile now or what?

docmac said...


Ginfer problems again :-)

I need a vigger jeyboard.

docmac said...


As they would say here in SA, "I scheme he does".

Cláudia said...

Doc, well, maybe they hang out with people different from the people we hang out with. It would not surprise me given their tendency to defend convicted child murderers. It would explain a lot.

Zodiac, probably on a first name basis, yes. :-)

Cláudia said...


Hope so too.

mandarinn said...

Can anyone tell me who is that so called supertroll? please

Zodiac said...


Are you of Scottish descent? Your childrens names have a Scottish ring to them.

Zodiac said...


I am not entirely sure who Supertroll is. I would bet though, he is male, has a whiny annoying voice, the ability to make decent peoples skin crawl and the biggest give away would be that he has huge pink person/thing attached to his ass by it's lips or maybe even it's tongue.

docmac said...

Claudai, they love those child killers, don't they?

Mandarinn, ve hef der name but vill not post it on der open vorums.

docmac said...


Born in Edinburgh. Raised in Tobermory. Moved to SA aged 8.

Zodiac said...


Tobermory, Isle of Mull. Do you get the kiddiewinkle prog Balamory in SA?

docmac said...

Yes :-))) The theme music drives me nuts!

Zodiac said...


My daughter is 9 this month. She stopped watching that prog years ago and I still have that song in my head. When she was 4 we took her to see the show in Glasgow what a load of expensive bullpoop.

My sons are all now adults and I also still have the Postman Pat theme song singing in my head. Anyway those songs bring back a lot of happy memories.

It must be nice for you to see Tobermory though.

Cláudia said...

Doc, yes, they do. I wonder if some of the inhabitants of the sewer have something in common with characters like João and Leonor Cipriano and Mr Cook.

Di said...

Good evening all

Just going to have a quick read back.

Di said...

Good evening all

Just going to have a quick read back.

mandarinn said...

Thank you Zodiac and doc mac. Zodiac you are very funny as usual.
I know SP is a nick but it seems to have a blogg or forum to badmouth people from this blogg. Does he/she a owner of a blogg or comes from Rosips & companny?s blogg?

Zodiac said...


I would not be at all surprised if ST, RP's and many more are all the same person just different ID's.


docmac said...


Baaaalaaamory, what's the story in Balamory, wouldn't you like to know? Crikey, you've put it right back into my head now :-))

I was in Tobermory to scatter my aunt's ashes in Tobermory Bay just before Madeleine 'disappeared'. It is a truly beautiful place.

Claudia, Mr Cook?

Cláudia said...

Doc, Cook is the guy who was convicted for the murder of Rachel Charles, in the Algarve.

Mandarinn, don't forget the oxygen mask. And after visiting, take a long, purifying bath.


docmac said...

Thanks Claudia. Is that another one they are defending then?

Cláudia said...

Yes, Doc. Another they have defended in their quest to convince the world that child neglect is a 'terrible judgment error'.

Cláudia said...

Comments on This Is London, up until now. Really, really interesting.


There have been several concerns about this fund, which is a private limited company and NOT A CHARITY.
I recall the McCanns said they'd be running out of cash a couple of times, once referring to the costs of the Spanish detective agency.
Now we're hearing about a USA company that apparently comprises one person and which has creamed off half a million Pounds.
Exactly WHAT is going on? We, the public, many of whom donated money to help find dear Madeleine, have the right to know.
I have felt uncomfortable about this entire case for over a year now.
I read that the spokesman Clarence Mitchell is paid £70k a year by a private individual (not from the fund).
The McCanns and their relatives at one point said they would sell their homes to raise money to search for Madeleine; did they do this?
Such a tragedy!

- Michael Smith, United Kingdom

Unbelievable! They hired one company whose expertise was listed as corporate fraud and now a one-man-band in America who has some connection to navigational systems! Who approved this scandalous waste of public donations and why? I think this needs some serious investigation and the public deserve answers.

- Margaret, Alva, Scotland

This whole thing stinks! the McCanns have made a lot of money from
interviews and the T.V. Documentary and should not need to claim any
expenses from the Fund now that Gerry is in full-time employment. Just
why is Smethurst, Kennedy,s Lawyer on the Board of No Stone Unturned? Why is Kennedy so involved in this case? it was he who recommenced Metodo3 in the first place. Also Metodo three are claiming
they did NOT receive the £50,000 pm + £8,000 pm (supposedly paid
by Kennedy) but E60,000 for 6 months work, plus E40,806 expenses.

Let"s hope this latest leads to the Fund being immediately suspended
pending investigation.

- Val, Cardiff, South Wales

Quote: "Kate and Gerry, the fund and their backers have always sought to employ the very best people and resources in the ongoing search for Madeleine."
If this is true, then why on earth have they employed organisations that have no recorded successes in finding missing children. Their activities seem far removed from this criteria and can easily be checked online.

- Edward, Notts

The entire sum in the fund should have been offered as a reward for Madeleine's return--dead or alive--within a set time period. A million pounds is a lot of money, and less has made people cooperate in the past.

- Karvictho, Denmark

Yet the Spanish outfit, M3, who squandered a LOT more money and made huge fools of themselves, are still on a retainer by the McCanns. And what has it all got to do with Brian Kennedy - not a relative or member of the Board of the Fund - anyway?

- Caretta, Dalyan, Turkey

What does Brian Kennedy have to do with money donated by the public to find Madeleine, for a double glazing tycoon he seems very involved with the whole scenario he interviews witnesses and he hires and fires the detectives. At the end of the day us dafties who gave to the fund will never know where our money went

- Helen Brown, lanarkshie uk

Organised chaos

- Tina, uk

The McCanns should STOP money raising by means of decidedly shady organisations for following up distant 'sightings'... it's getting to be as ridiculous as flying saucer reports. If they are trying and find out what happened to Madeleine, they should return with their friends for the reconstruction that was initially spurned, to try and sort out a proper time-line. The one sighting that should be followed up is the one that hasn't been given any McCann attention... the one that happened late on May 3rd, the evening Madeleine disappeared, when the Smith family saw a man carrying an inert child toward the beach and actually spoke to him... though he didn't answer.

- Kaz, UK

Research indicates that Oakley International aren't quite the "Big Boys" Mr Mitchell would have us believe. Why would he deliberately attempt to mislead the public on this issue ?

- Cindy Walker, Sheffield UK

I find the whole thing strange, why hire detectives why didn't they return to Portugal and take part in the reconstruction when they were asked to do so?
I also find it disgusting that the fund has been used to pay their mortgage on at least 2 occasions and also the villa they rented in Portugal before they were made Arguidos and came home.

- Gillian, Swansea

Did the many children, pensioners and others who gave to this fund in good faith realise that it could be used for mortgage payments and to pay private detectives' of firms with no experience in this line of work?
I suspect most believed this to be a charity which it is not. A look at the names of those administering the Fund says a lot. This whole case has been an exercise in 'spin' and, sadly, may stop people from giving to genuine good causes in the future. How much better that money could have been spent if it had gone to established charities searching for missing people.

- Diane, Newport UK

I don't understand this fund. This is a fund run as a charity to find Madeleine McCann.

Many others, like Mr Kennedy are paying for other expenses, like the salary of Clarence Mitchell. Also he is paying towards the investigation. Equally it would seem flying to Portugal to interview Robert Murat - rather amazingly!

So, what as the fund & the investigators to do with Mr Kennedy ? Would have thought Mr Gerry McCann, Madeleine's father would have acted appropriately if the investigators weren't up to the job, is this not the third team they have employed ?

- Uneek, Stroud, UK

"Whoever she's with she'll be giving them their tuppenceworth"
Kate McCann.

Unlike the donors to the fund then.

- Marion Stone, Perth WA

Am I right in thinking Oakley is a partnership with only one employee set up in 2007? Halligen is a lawyer not an investigator, why would he win a contract as a PI?

- Anne Hurtado, York uk

Am I the only one to question why they employed this company when they have such high profile advisors. These advisors would have checked this one man company out. How can one man look for a child worldwide? Very odd his company at same address as top law firm and it was only set up last year.
Something not right with this whole case.

- Gaynor, Cardiff

Have I read correctly?
Because Mr Kennedy is not satisfied with the results of 6 months´ expenses by this year old agency, their services have been discontinued?
Can there be any result but solving the case of Madeleine Beth McCann´s disappearance?
Why hire a detective agency with 1 employee and only 1 year of experience?
Doesn´t Madeleine Beth McCann deserve better than this?

- Ana Lopez, madrid spain

A fool and his money are soon parted.

- Casper Slides, Ibiza, Spain

When interviewed on Talksport by James Whale why did Clarence Mitchell not correct James when twice he referred to the fund as a charity - it is not a charity

- Cherry, england

Yet another half a million quid donated by the good hearted widows and orphans of the world, flushed down the loo.

- Lorretta, Either will do

You couldn't make it up! Why after employing the totally useless Metodo 3 did the administrators of the Madeleine Fund then go on to employ (and pay £500,000 to) this one-man band who (like Metodo 3) has no experience of finding missing people? I'm sure that the many people who contributed to this Fund will also be asking the same question today.

- Pam, Manchester

This all sounds very disturbing.
I hope the Fraud squad are monitoring this situation.
Was this company registered before of after May 2007 I wonder?

- A.K.Westwood, Nuneaton England

ratonthebeam said...

Doc, I always thought Archie's gaff would have made a good home for Clarence. Now there's a nice job for him when the paycheques from BK run out!

docmac said...

JANEGT said...

ha ha gina

a day cheap return to gambia??


it just keeps getting better and better....ha h ha ha haaaa...

don't come back on our account doc. he eheeeeeee ;o))))


I WILL HAVE WHAT YOU ARE ON. It makes true shocking facts seem 'fun' like an innocent child not being looked for, police corrupt enough not only to get sacked/leave, people on blogs to out their children at 14 as having illegal sex, and tell all they need a man argh.....and more

well thank god I am 'me'....is all I can say.

what's your excuse docnot??????

24 August 2008 17:26

Janet, my excuse is that I am neither a drunkard nor a liar. Here are the two of the 'milder' posts you made. Think about it eh? And see your doctor.

26.01.08, 6:57pm

don't know if he was banned or just left.

He often has comments referred on here, and a couple of nights ago, there was a link to the 3 arguidos site, which I went to - where he said he was 'too upset to post 'but he 'now knew for certain Madeleine was never coming home.' Horrid.

Now today, a lump was copied and posted from Lizzyw1 I think on similar comments and more regarding the DE site and members. It's a few posts back.............have a look.

Like it....docquack. Must remember that.

He is upsetting to read as there are really sweeping statements with no source, backup, proof or links.....that's what's so horrid about it.

sorry you're going to die in 3 hours. doc

but what have I got? patient

JANEGT said...

well it bloddy isn't mine is it?

of course it is not doc's vest......

for Mrs 1-5 to ffffforensically examine ..............

with him in it - with exceedingly sharp instruments...no less.

30 March 2008 22:47

Now post this on ST during an alcoholic moment. Please get help. Your child needs you to be a real mum.

docmac said...

Hi Rat


Cláudia said...

Doc, don't be too hard on her. I really believe she has no recollection AT ALL of posting that. Really.

Hi, RAt! :-)

Football time! :-))))

dylan said...

Good evening good people!

So ST has a poll dedicated to discrediting me?? Ooooh, how exciting!! A poll, about little old ME? I have never felt so important in my life ;-)))

I have to go and get on with some cleaning. The loo first, I think. Wonder what put that thought into my head?

I'll refrain from commenting further about the latest fund news and axing as you guys and the ones who commented on "This is London", have put it so well, there's nothing to add except for - spot on!!

Nancy, not bothered about the "Thing". I haven't been back except to say something nice about the plane crash which I learnt from Claudia after, that her remark was sarcastic anyway!

Zodiac, well I do try ;-)

Docmac, don't let your children anywhere near that site, it's toxic! Hope your trip is going well.

Happy bank holiday weekend for those of you over here and happy weekend for those that aren't. Claudia, I hope you are having a deserved break from translating.

BFN xx

atardi said...

Hi all,

Wow,a lot of comments today.


Your view on the article is very interesting.
Why was it necessary to let the public know this?

Will there be a new sighting next week? And Kate and Gerry willing to go and see this child in South America and escape from England?

Or is it too much fantasy?

mandarinn said...

Thank you. I will take your warning and use a mask and after a warm bath with thik salt... do you think is enought?

viv said...

Hiya all

I believe Mr Halligen is a Brit, not an American, his original company Red is clearly British. Those who keep opening up new companies are usually laundering money or some other shady dealings. He gave his address as that of an American law firm but they have refused to comment! I do not think it is unheard of for firms of solicitors to allow their address to be used as the registered office of a company. Purporting to have links in the US would be useful because it would enable the McCanns to say, look we are using a big American agency. But we now know that is a complete lie - like everything else they tell us.

Atardi asks:

Why was it necessary to let the public know this?

I would not be at all surprised if Mr Halligen has not been arrested. Remember SOCA are also involved! Did you try searching that name on the internet guys, funny there are no other people called Halligen, maybe even that name is a fraud!

Going to put some more plants in the garden!

docmac said...


Please do not post unfounded or unproved allegations against a person, organisation or group. Your posts must not contain swear words or language which may offend, break the law, or encourage/support breaking the law. This includes libel and breach of copyright. Posts must not contain racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive comments or include personal details (yours or someone else's such as phone numbers and addresses). We cannot be held responsible for the content of such posts, however we will do all we can to remove any such posts, but there may be a gap in them being observed and or reported and removed. If you see any such post, please alert the board's admin thank you. Admin Team.

Come on, post some more unfounded or unproved allegations about me. Don't let me hold you back. Err, hold on, you already have. You are all setting ST up for a fall aren't you? The above is not a credible defence by the way. But you already knew that Rosie, eh?

viv said...


I predict I get a right savaging again on ST's blog, Splendid!

Wait for it....oh and of course others amongst you who clearly see where this is going!

We are doing some great work between us!


docmac said...

Enjoy your gardening, Viv.

To 'Anon' and ST, I've been waiting 3 months now for the letter to drop on my doorstep. I'm getting anxious now. It seems I am not as famous as I thought I was :-))))

docmac said...


Mr Halligen is a lawyer who currently works in America and is just another money launderer IMO.

Di said...

There is so much to take in today.

One thing I can tell you which has been reported incorrectly on 3A's about where Brian Kennedy lives.

Brian Kennedy lives in Bowden, Altrincham, Cheshire.

Trust me, he lives about 4 miles from us.

One thing I have been told, is that he would not be stupid enough to get involved with money laundering, as mentioned on 3A's, it is also very difficult with a Ltd Company, unless he was duped which is very doubtful. I am sure Viv can confirm this, money laundering that is.

Sorry, I do not know anything else, for the time being.


Register on 3A's... but promise to come back, we seem to have lost Eco and Stella :o(((

docmac said...


Cheshire's nice. I have a number of friends living there.

In the pics I have seen of BK he looks thicker than the average brick tbh. As you say though, I should not judge a book by it's cover.

docmac said...

Have to get some sleep time as I have to be up at 4am. Goodnight all.

Di said...

Hi Doc

He could be, I am just listening to village gossip!! However, many people seem to know of him..

I have my ear to the ground so to speak :o)))

My hubby has just said nobody as well known as Brian Kennedy would involve himself in anything dubious.

OMG.. is my other half going over there!!!

Dubious Di...AAaaaarrrgggghhhhh

atardi said...

Goodnight Docmac,

I hope you will enjoy your trip tomorrow.

Di said...



Take care..

atardi said...


Do you have any idea why BK is "working" so hard for the McCanns?

Have you seen Mandarrin's post about BK possibly being the 10th Tapa?

mandarinn said...

He is already mixed in something dubious, isn't he?
Aterdi it is a guess ... because everything he did , including come to portugal and offering Murat a job IMO

mandarinn said...


Joe said...

I am sure that BK is a smart and astute businessman and would not be involved in anything criminal such as
money laundering. The questions I would like to ask are 1) why would he and the fund hire Metodo 3 to find a kidnap victim when as we all know they are fraud investigators? 2) Why hire Oakley with no proven record and again not specialists in finding kidnap victims. For a smart business man it does not make sense. In reality only the best that money could buy would be hired and specialists in the field. Unless you dont want the truth, then hire the 3 stooges.

There is one other factor IMO in that the more people are involved are the all above board and even honest people get sucked in then. Its all looking very dodgy. Of course if it goes pear shaped it will be nothing to do with poor K&G or uncle John or McGuinneas.

Joe said...

Thats another point if its true why would an honest businessman interview witnesses and offer Murat a job. Altruism is one thing but why put your reputation on the line for people you hardly know?????

Cláudia said...

Doc, have a safe flight.

Zodiac said...


Hi all,

Just popping on and off. I saw the above posted by otleepseely from 3 A's: Is this what Pinky will be like at his next press conference.

PMSL imagining him standing there. What a pr**k, especially when I cast my mind back to the phoney toothman conference.

Di said...

Hi all


I honestly do not have any idea if BK is involved in anything untoward.


No I don't know WHY BK is working so hard for K & G. but I will keep an eye open:o))

Just looking back in, not here for long.

Sorry, I do not have the answers. but agree this does not make sense.


Village talk of cause :o)))))

Off now see you all tomorrow.

viv said...

Doc Halligen is not an American, from The Mail report:

The cost of employing the agency - run by a Briton, Kevin Halligen - has drained the Madeleine fund and there is now less than £500,000 left.

Halogen bulbs, bright, powerful enabled me to carry on putting plants in, even when it got a bit late. I do not think there is anything so bright and powerful about Mr Halligen! Just another wannabe rich powerful man, good team mate for Gezza...

Have a good trip

Viv xxxxx

docmac said...

Viv, haven't sleep yet. See the link I posted at 13:37. He is a lawyer and works in the US.

Nite x.

docmac said...

sleeped, slept, slopped, slipped. Whatever.

I need some sleep now :-(

mandarinn said...

Atardi i meant he is envolved with maccns,

mandarinn said...

Sorry the answer is to DI

atardi said...


That's for sure. Otherwise he wouldh't take so much risk,

viv said...

Doc, I have had a look at the link you provided and could see no evidence that he is an American lawyer. The only connection with the American law firm appears to be that he is using their address as his r/o in US.

His original firm Red is registered in London and is the only one with a web-page, London.
Viv x

viv said...

From Mr Halligen's Red webpage:

RDI is based in central London, with a presence in Washington DC and Virginia, and representation in the Middle East, Africa and Central America.

Cláudia said...

Sleep well, all.

viv said...

Hiya all,

Maybe this fairly new offence would be the right one to charge the McCanns, given it cannot be demonstrated (it would seem) which one actually killed Madeleine.

It is a good change in the law, where previously, if the prosecution did not know which one actually killed the child, the parents could only be charged with perverting the course of justice.

IMO both these two knew for sure they were placing their children at risk of serious harm and wilfully went and did it again and again. They also know for sure that Madeleine is dead, hence this fiasco with private investigators. I would also be keen to learn whether action will be taken against Clarence Mitchell for aiding and abetting them in this. He came back to Portugal with Gerry in May, he has always been around. Stepped aside for Justine and then when the McCanns were clearly in very serious trouble and Justine (quite naturally) no longer wished to be involved, he stepped in again. He has worked in London as a government spin doctor and must have know of this Halligen character and put his name forward as being of potential use to Kate and Gerry in defending their reputation. Halligen set up a further company in the US in about July 2007, Gerry McCann made a visit to the US in July 2007. His comments at the time shocked me, he wanted to look at the wider political agenda surrounding Madeleine's disappearance. It clearly suggested, as he has on a number of occasions, that he had written off finding Madeleine and was off on his own publicity/money seeking adventure.

It is just like they "needed" to fit in a visit to their friends in Amsterdam in early June, then we have all these false sightings emanating from there and very nearby, Belgium. There are just too many coincidences IMO for all of this to have any kind of innocent explanation. It smacks of a scheming conman who thinks he is mastermind. But he is not, and has the full force of the law against him, just wait and see!

Viv x

Mother allowed baby son's murder

'Hatred' for baby death mother
A 21-year-old woman has been found guilty of the new charge of familial homicide by failing to prevent her baby son's murder by her partner.
Rebecca Lewis's 13-month-old son Aaron Gilbert died from brain damage in May 2005. He had suffered 50 injuries.

Her partner at the time, Andrew Lloyd, 23, pleaded guilty to murder at Swansea Crown Court. The pair are due to be sentenced together at a later date.

Lewis denied familial homicide. She is one of the first to face the charge.

As the verdict was delivered, she broke down in the dock and held her head in her hands.

Four weeks before at the start of the trial, the prosecution alleged that although Lewis was largely absent when the violence was inflicted on her son, her silence allowed it to continue.

Paul Lewis QC, prosecuting, said Lloyd had caused a "constellation of some 50 injuries" to Aaron's body.

Lloyd pleaded guilty when presented with medical evidence

"Andrew Lloyd systematically and violently assaulted a defenceless child and ultimately killed it," he added.

"Aaron's mother, Rebecca Lewis, who should have protected and cared for her son, allowed the injuries and ill-treatment to continue until, eventually, her inaction cost Aaron his life."

The jury heard Ms Lewis had begun a relationship with Lloyd following the break-up of her relationship with Aaron's father, Gareth Gilbert.

Lewis told the trial that Lloyd had initially been "brilliant" with the baby but that within weeks of him moving in problems emerged. Eight weeks later Aaron was dead.

The court heard that Lloyd declared he hated the child and threatened "to smash your little head in".

Lewis acknowledged that the baby became terrified of Lloyd. She had seen Lloyd flicking his ears and feet when he cried, picking him up by his ears and ankles and throwing him onto a bed and settee.

But, she told the court, in spite of that she had trusted Lloyd.

On the day before Aaron died on 5 May 2005, Lewis left the baby with Lloyd for about 15 minutes to go shopping. When she returned, Aaron was lying on the kitchen floor. He was grey. Lloyd was bent over him trying to administer mouth-to-mouth.

Aaron Gilbert died of brain damage with 50 injuries on his body

Doctors at Swansea's Singleton Hospital and later the University of Wales Hospital, Cardiff, tried for 18 hours to save Aaron's life but he died of brain damage.

Lewis admitted in court she had let Lloyd mistreat the baby because she was frightened as he had threatened to kill her if she left him. But, she told the jury, she did not think he would hurt Aaron "seriously".

The court also heard that neighbours began to notice bruises and injuries on the baby.

Lewis' cousin Sharon Hurlow made two anonymous calls to Swansea social services, who wrote to Ms Lewis.

She was asked to attend an appointment. It turned out it was booked for the day Aaron was taken to hospital, fatally injured.

He said if I left he would kill me or my ex-boyfriend

Rebecca Lewis

However, the court heard, the letter had been sent to the wrong address.

The charge of familial homicide came into force in May 2005 under Section 5 of the Domestic Violence, Crimes and Victims Act 2004.

The Act allows any person in a household to be prosecuted for failing to intervene to protect a child victim of domestic crime.

Lewis denied allowing her son's murder and said she had thought about leaving Lloyd but was afraid of what he might do.

"He said if I left he would kill me or my ex-boyfriend," she said

The jury also heard her explain that she loved Lloyd and had trusted him, and did not believe he had murdered Aaron until she heard him admit it in court.

Lloyd initially denied murder but later wept uncontrollably when he changed his plea after being presented with medical evidence.

Judge Mr Justice Langstaff told Lewis a prison sentence looked "inevitable".

Lindy123 said...

Hello everyone!

I really don't know what to make of the latest "fund" nonsense - they're always down to their last half million aren't they. The "fund" is a monster that has run out of control - if they knew Madeline was dead all along then this is a fraud on a massive scale. When there are professional police forces investigating a crime why would anyone really need money? I believe that well meaning family members started the fund and the public, moved by the plight of the McCanns wanted to donate ... things escalated and it became a rollercoaster that they couldn't get off. I hope it is the chink in the armour that causes the whole charade to unravel.

BTW just had to put these thoughts down :

If the McCanns had been charged with neglect then that would have been saying that something happened to Madeleine in the parents absence. By lifting the arguido status and not charging them was I believe, a real surprise to them and IMO a spectacular move by the PJ. The story changed very quickly and neglect was their "charge of choice", better that than be charged with manslaughter/murder, concealment and disposal of Madeleine's little body. Why do they still need their mouthpiece? Surely, if the UK press is to be believed they have been "cleared" ... but wait they know, as we do, that the suspicion is that Madeleine died in the apartment and that there was no abduction. So they continue to hide behind the pink pimp - for now - this can't go on forever as time marches on and a year turns into two then ten. Until the truth about what happened to Madeleine is told the McCanns and their friends will never be able to live a normal life, forever watching what they say and worrying that someone breaks ranks. What sort of existence is that? Will anyone let their children have sleep-overs at any of their houses? Will anyone exchange chit chat whilst queueing at the post office? What about the twins as they get older and begin to question their parents about their big sister, google their sister's name and get hundreds of thousands of hits all pointing to the fact that they were left alone.

This case isn't going to go away, people will continue to question the facts as they become known and Madeleine Beth McCann will get justice someday. I thought it would be over much sooner but one thing I have learned is that patience really is a virtue!

bath theory said...

It is more likely that the 'missing monies' is being used to pay journalists in my opinion. It may well not be 'missing' as such but now sitting in the bank accounts of those who earn their money in the world's second oldest profession. This does not come cheap if you are attempting to sustain front page headlines etc.

I certainly don't believe that it has been allowed to vanish into thin air. It was reported M3 were being paid 50,000 a month and yet they themselves have declared around that figure for all the work they have done, and yet they were retained for nearly a year.

Thus, it is not hard to work out that it has been going somewhere - so my possibilities are

1)Money held secretly in Andorra or somewhere like that where no questions are asked.

2)Money used to pay journalists to 'ensure' positive PR in the media.

viv said...

Hiya BT

Doc, myself and others have previously commented that the astronomical fees supposedly being paid to private investigators looks like money laundering. An a/c in Andorra is not such a bizarre idea!

The two firms that the McCanns have used have demonstrated a distinct lack of propriety from their owners. Mr Marco, associates with crooks and is no better himself, clearly paid to say what the McCanns wanted him to say. Then we have the next one who appears just as dishonest, a one man band with a turnover of £33,000 p.a and has now resigned as director of his own company/does file accounts and pay taxes. He claims to have input from America when it turns out he merely uses a law firm as a registered office address.

To say we are unimpressed with their attempts to find Madeleine and the disappearance of huge sums of public money in the process would be something of an understatement! The McCanns might just as well have set up the save Kate and Gerry/help us get really rich Fund!

viv said...

In a report dated 25 July Mitchell states:

"Mr Amaral will face immediate and swift legal action if he in any way implies, either directly or indirectly, that Kate and Gerry were involved in the disappearance or harming of their daughter," McCann spokesman Clarence Mitchell said.

Well Mr Mitchell, that was a month ago, Mr Amaral clearly has directly stated the McCanns were involved in the death and disappearance of Madeleine, so when can we expec this promised writ to be filed? Of course it is not libel to speak the truth, so have you put your foot in it again?

Are you still intent on spending the rest of your days hunting down bloggers etc who have accused Kate and Gerry McCann, well I am still waiting Mr Mitchell!

Mr Amaral is on the side of truth and justice unlike her wicked parents!

Viv x

docmac said...

Hi all. Stopped in Sao Tome to check the oil and tyre pressure and refuel. I had no idea this was on the cards until the captain announced that he was commencing the descent. Never been here before but I must say it's very pretty, from the air at least. Been a very uneventful flight thus far :-) Ah well, had a look at you know where too.

Have a bag of Walkers Doc. said... Not available in SA, but just for you I'll have a look in Janjanbureh.

So Docmac thinks he's a solar powered sex machine. That's what the wife says actually. We get LOTS of sun too :-)
How many garden gnomes think the same, does he light up the path for Claws? Dunno, ask the gnomes. They can talk?
I bet there's more sex in a bag of crisps. I bet you've been intimate with many bags of crisps, so I'll trust you on this one.
You know what they say docnot "the ones that talk about it are the ones that never get any". Have they heard of Hugh Hefner? :-)))

Got to be up at 4 night ,night. Don't forget to charge your batteries. Sorry, can't read Urdu.

25 August 2008 01:33

bath theory said...

Watch out dude the enemies are around you !!!!!

In terms of all this money stuff my mind reverts to that great A4 sheet that was entitled

anyone got a link?

docmac said...


Never heard of that one. You owe me an e-mail, mate :-)

bath theory said...

You owe me one now !!